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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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to thiss day. as you've just wnessed there are strong reasons to look back and continue the investigation intoto the secrets of 9/11. for fox news a a a a a a a a a o go. fox news a a a a a a a a a o as hot s spots arise around the rlrld, our military is powering down. >> most of you in t army know is that e army is s recing its size.. >> i worry about the c capility and capapacity to win in a majo fight. >> with the a armed forces gettg new mamarching orders -- >> malee rotc cadets were pressured by the military to walkround in wen's high heel >> i found that entire iident just kind bizarre. >> is the u. military ready to fe new threats? >> ye seing the message to threst of the world you're sically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threats, sinking
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military." here's bt baier. >>he iwo jima memorial r rinds of many things. first of course,f the uncommon valor of the oops but it als reminds ushat it n be a dangeusorld out there anr military never knows when it will be called upon to travel overss and accomplish mission. and itan remind us, as well, at as much as we may desire peace, there's no replacent for a milita that is strong d ready. >>et us ay. ♪ etnal father, strong to save, as we bid fair winds and following seas to the fighting 56 -- >> sepeptember 2015 we're witnessing a military y funeral. not of a psoson but a navy ididay inaugurate,he uss simpson is decommissnining. >> there's a feeling of sasadne
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say good-bye to a ship as important to the profeion as all the rest thahave gone before her >>he simpson was the last u.s. warship to engage in ship ship combat in 1988 ring "operationreying man tis." three veels and at least two small boats sunk or very serely damaged. they must know that we'll protect our ships anifhey threatens, they'll pay a price. >> not tt long ago, navy had many of th class of frigate. noththey're all decommissioned. it's not just the navy t that's saying gd-d-bye to all friends. in march 201 t the army bid farewewello the warrior helicopter, a a workhorsofof tir air cavalry y in iraq and afananistan. >> all the pilotots willgone. all the rcraft will be gone. it's onlnly going to be in the history bos that people ar even know the role it ayed. >> in the air foe, the
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president s capped the number of f2 stealth fighters. far short the number originally envisioned. >> our budget is a zero sum m ge and if more money goeses to f-2 it is our troooops and citizen o is lose.e. > these actions reflect a trend. numerous military prprograms ha been scrapped,d, including the combat s search and rescue helilicopter, the army's future combat vehicle program, ththe navy's next generation ciser and several missile defee systems such as ththird site missile defee plan for poland and the ech republic. alalonwith this down sizing, is a mar r reduction in the troops themselves. fofor instance, the army's acte force is expected to drop t the smallest since b before world w ii. 450,0 0 soldiers. >> we have cut theililary to its lowewest levels, yet we are facing a world that is thehe mo complex vivironment we have faced since at leasthe end o of
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world r ii. >> retired three sr general michaeflynn ran the defee intelligence agency dung the obama adnistratition. >> frankly, the united states of americis in a less strong position today because of th readiness and the sizeze oour armed forceses. >> i spokeke to robert gates, secretary of defense i in the lt years of the b bush administratn and the earlrly years of the oba administstration. he t td me president obama promised him there wouldn't t b any significant changes inin th military budget for a a while. overal did he keep to his word? well, i think that began to fray, fray may btoo gentle a wo. >> before too long, gas found himself cutting ndre of billions frothe dense budg. and d at was only the start. gates was informed the psident wanted to noce even more cuts. >> over the la two years,
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secretary bob gatehas courageously ten on wasteful ding, saving $400 billion current and futu spending. i belie we can do that again. >> what was your reactn? >> well, i guess i'd havto say i felt doue crossed. after all thosyears in washington, i was naive.e. >> to many, the cuts werenen't about economomic efficiency so much as a a strategic change in throrole of the military. you told presidentbama staffe tt the defense cuts send a bigtrategic message abroad. the united states is going he, cut a deal witir and china whilyou can. >> i t thi overall it has had that impact. u'u're sendiding the message to the rest of the world that you're basically retreining. >> later you meewiwith president obama and u u tell him the way to comnsate for force cuts in theexex war is wi blood. more american kids wildie because of o decisions. whatas h his response to that? >> i think hacknowledged it. what was pitching at a minimum was the world doesn't se to be getting beer.
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before youead down a path of deep cuts in defen, why n't yotake it kind of slow? it was one of ose things where lost the argument. >> i think that he sees e military actually asomething that is more danangerous to the world and i i think that he loo at us s -- i actually . i think he looks at the unitede ststates military and sees it ta threatening applicication aroun the world thanan actually as a ususeful tool. >> how much moreangerous do you ththe worlrld is now than it was seven, eight yearo? >> i think more dangerers. far moreoius. >> the obama administration s been tightening thbe of the military. is this being done tmatch a slimmed down version of american foign policy? we'll look at that when we turn.
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our diminisheded military didn't c come e about simply du cost cutting measures. some see it as parart and parce of this admininistration's particular view ofofmerica's place e in the world. >> the nexext first family of t united states of america.. >> on the night he was electcte barack obama p promised a differenent sortf foreign policy. >> the new d dawn american leaderership is at hand. >> i it didn't take long to see this new leadersp in action. on march 6th, 2009, secretary yf statate hillary clinton pressed reset button with russia. promising new era of betetter relations. and on j june 4th, 2009, presidt obobama gave a speech in cairo promising a new begiginning wit the mumuslim world. >> tension has beeeen d by colonialalism that denied right and opportunities to manany muslims. >> he had a confidence coming in as president 200009 that he cou
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alter fundndamentally our relalationship with the muslimi worlrld. >> joe lieberman was chahairmanf the senate committeeee on homeld security fm m 2007 to 2013. >> unfornately, i think the memesse he sent was that the united states was no lononger ing to exercrcise its leadership of the world whi incidentalllly ththrough democratic and republican presidential administrations omom the end of the r riright up until this time had bebeen the great guarantor security and prosperity y and freeeedom in the world. >> jeffrey goldberg, n national correspondent fofor the atlanti who inrvieiewed barack obama on his s foreign policy tried to explain the president's approach. >> he refers to o the washingto play book, t the washington playbookok is something happensn coununtry "x" and therefore we have to send 50 cruise missisil to deal with that problelem and what he wantntto do, he says, is break washingtonon of the habit ery proboblem overseas comes with a potenalal military solutionon.
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>> it wawas cleaear he had a ne takeke. buthe questition remaine w what would presidenent obama actuall do? he was agastst the war in iraq. but his s mitary people warned agaiainst a hasty withdrawal. >> it was really imptatanthahat we try to maintainin a military esesence there in order to make sure that the gas s that had been achieved d with a lot of bloobyby the united states, as well airaqis, that tho g gains could be maintntained. >> leon panetttta was president obama's sesecretary of defense frfrom 2011 until 2013. >> that's why the pentonon supported maintainining a presee there. >> t k key to preserving an american military presen i in iraq was to negotiate a stay behind force. the president wowould have to te ththe lead. >> t the only chance we would ha had for an a agreement would ha beenen h i intensive involvemen
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personally, and that didn'n't happen. >> and so, on december 18th,h, 2011, the last cononvoy of u.s. troops p pulled out of iraq. while all that was happening, , the arab spring was sprereadadi througho the arab world. demonstrations a rts and civil wars of f people challengg their leaders. on january 2h, 2011, egyptians quaer g gathered in cairo's tahr square to protest the policies of egyptian p president whose kw mubarak, the u.s. ally. >> i've always considedered egy to be critical to o our abilityo provovide stability in the mide east. >> when it b became apparent mumubarak had to go, the milita urged d caution. but the president pushed for h s immediate removal. >> litererally, the entire national security team
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recommended unanimimously handlg mubarak k differently than we d. and ththe president took the advice of three junior bacack benchers in terms of how to treat mubarak. one of them saying, mr. . president, you gotot to be on t right side of historory. and i would d be sitting there the tablble and i say, yeah, ife cocould just figure that out we would be a long way y ahead. >> i don't think h he believes that gererals should be trying to influence policy makingng. >> on february 11th, mubararak resigned. >> the wheel of f history turne atat a blinding pace. >> t the happiest day in the whe housuse as it relates to the middle east probably thehe day that mubarak left. >> in june 2012, egygypt electea new president, mohohammed momorf e e muslim brotherhood. in february y of 2011, egypt's xtxt door neighbor libya also went up in flames. the country's didictator moamma gadhafi was cocooperating with e u.s. since the invasion of irar
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in 200 many voices ararnd the world were demananding he be removed fromowower. oncece again, the president's t mimilitary advisers counseled caution. when he sided with thosese that urged him to supportrt the overthrow of gadhahafi his secretary of d defense resortedo extraordinarary measures. didid you actually tell your subordinates to limit the amouot of information they gave t to e white house on militararoptions available in libyaya? >> allll i said was, i don't wa anany military plans or opoption going to the white house i haven't seen. >> i mean, you write i it more bluntly. you say don'give t the white house staff too o much informatn onon the m military options. they don't understanit. >> pretttty much. >> a litittle more bluntnt. you had concern about that. >> absolutely. >> about running milary operations o of the white hoe. >> yeah, yea the e experience that we had had wiwith that in vietnam didn't rk so well.
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>> on march 19th, 1111, president obama cititing humanitarian concerns dered the american mility to lead a coalition to cfront gadhafi. october 20th, 2011, the libyaya ader has captured and killed by a mob. eliciting this response fr the secrety of state. >>e came, we saw, he died. >> then there's syri august t 20th, 2012, after th syrian regime led by bhar al assad threenened te chemical weapons nst its enemies in the cotry's civil war, president t obama put him on notice. >> a red line fous is we start se a whole bunch of chemical weapons movinground or being ilized. >> t psident ordered the military to prepare to stre ifif assad di indeed, cross that red line. on august 21st, 2013, the asd
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regime used the chemicaleapons to kill hundreds ome women and chilen. how woulamica respond? presidenobama ordered his military to stand down. >> they used chemical weons against thein people and we did nothing. we demonstrated wess instead of sength. >> we'll he more on the res of president obama's foreign policy later buen we return, we look at how he's transforming our military from the grnd up. my hband drinks with friends ter work. he has a coue of drinks at home with dier and a w more while we watch t a counlor rerecommended i try alnon family groups. i didn't want to go al-anon, but i'm sure glad i is someone's drinkin i didneaking your heart?anon, you might be sised at what you can len from pcall 1-888-4al-anon,, or go to al-anonrg.
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>> when you' standing side by siside in life or death situatns ne to her warriors, you have to knonow from the bottom of yo soul that those warriors are going to stand with you. >> mike waltz a former special forces comommander as well as special adviser to vice president cheneyy is referring o what is sometimes calleled the warrior cultlture. >> watch each other's back. >> you have to have e that bond. anything that interfereres with that bond d needs to be treated very, very, very c cefully. >> which i is why some critics barackck obama oppose and fear e way y the president utilizes th ararmed forces. they feel he's more comfmfortab with sociaial change than mility command. >> this prpresident has imposed political agenda on the military. >> elaine donnnnelly is presidet for the cecenter of military readess. >> he's done it by refining the military as a cil rights ststitution rather thanhe institution at defenends its
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untry. >> you wro that president ama showed rl passion on o issue concerninghe military. his deteteinatn to overturn dot ask, don't tell. what didou mean by that? >> ts was one area where i saw him become angry when thin weren't moving as quicy as he wanted them to me. i didn't seehat anger at the lackf progress on really any otr issue that i dealt with, certainly. >> ending don't ask, d't tl was one of the firocial changes on t military by the obama admistration. it wasardly the last. recently at ft. gordon, georgia,undreds of soldiers summon to a powerpoint prestation about whi male heterosexual prilege and the need to discusoppression and e patriarchy, and then an excise required of some rotc cadets just last yr. we have heard some interesting things. the factt male rotc cadets
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were pressed by the military to walk add in women's hh heels in order to done in stlat their dapproval of t "rape" " culture. >> i found that cident kind of birre. when i was rotc cadet, i was doinpushps and runng until threw up if my bts weren't shined to the lel they n needed toe. >> even mo controversially on deceer 3rd, 2015, the obama ministration removed all restrictions on women seing in ground comt uns. >> will be able toerve as rangers and rets, s.e.a.l.s, marine corps infantry, air force pajumpers and everything elseveviously open only to men. >> by opening g ththatoor you'r simply sayining if that's someththinyou're interested in dodoing, here's the standards. >> congngreman tulsi gagabbert, memberer o the hawaiaii army tional guard sererved two tours i ira >> if you meet those s standard then youou suld be allowed to serve there, whethther man or a womaman. >> critics sayay is not that
3:24 am
sisimp. >> the idedeahat m m and women aree inteterchangeable, especia in that m muc higher levelf the combat arms it't's utterly absu. >> the sergeant t eaton served withth t sececond marine expeditionary force in falluluja >> the standarar lowered formalallyr informly. there is n s such thing as gendr neutraral. the sexes are nonot utral. ngresswoman gabbe contends that by lifting t combat restrtion theilitary isimy recognizing reality. >> women sving incredibly in oumiliry for a very lo time. wee seen over a decade ago a woman who's actually in the national guard was award the silver star for hebravery in close quarters cbat. >> a l of the advocates for women in comombat sawomehave beenighting in combafor decas en's just not true. i was out there with the infantry on the outsrts of fallujahnd we would frisk women for explosives.
3:25 am
we were in danger all y ever day we we dointh. the enemy where heivives, house to housese. cave to cave mostly on foot.. >> criritics also point out tha unundethe new law women will be ordered into combat.t. whether they want to boror not. >> i'm sorry but america needs to think abobout t their daughtn a hando o hand fight in a cage no rulules again an isis figter. >> when t the ayy did an officil survey, the results came back that 92.5% of the army women n surveyed wanted nothingo witith combat assignments. >> what concerns me with t this administration in deining with this warrior cululture, so critical to o e success of our military, , they don't understa itnd oftentimes s they mistrust it. if you turn the litary into kif a social experiment rather than n fighting force that haso meet certain andardand have a certain leveof readiness to defend th natation, that's incredibly
3:26 am
ngerous for the united state and frankly as the leader the free world it's dangers for the world. >> some fear socl changes required of e military may cause trble some day. othe fear they already have. th's next.
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♪come let me love youou come love me again♪ so far, we have seen howhe obama administraration a at lea according toto its critics view the militatary in a different w. and d those critics maintainhis nenew attitude has already cost us one ing we know the obama administration has changedbout the u.s. military the words theyse to describe ctain acvities. what did you make of t fact under the administraon the pentagonequirered to refer to military actio against islamic terrorism asverseas contingencerations? >> yea
3:30 am
and that the actual acts of islamic terrorism were to be referred to as man csed d disasters. >> it t completely exemplifies e approach of thisdministrion th we' not even going to call the enemies whathey are. which e islamic terrorists. >>ritics sayuch language is part of the litical correctns this administration requires of the military some thi it's harmless. others wonder. >> at fthood in texas, on a clr day in 2009, major nadal hassan, a doctor in the s. military, stood up oa table, shoud allu akbar" and thenn began to fe. he killed 13 a wounded many other. it was a scking event. >> sta s serget alonzo lunsfordrd, e of the 32 american soldierss hassan woundd that day > i blinked. heischarged the weapon.
3:31 am
the first round went in ririgh here. above my left eye anand un me around.. and i hit the e floor. came up on me a shome again. >> as the sergeant laytill in a pool of his owblood, he watched majohassan train the weapon on -year-old army prive francesca valence. >> hwas gearing to shoot her. she said "i'm pregnan i'm pregnant." heired anyway and her last words s was "oh moorks my baby,y bababy, mybaby."." >> privatete valezz and h her b died that daday. a horrific e eve and some belilieve a preventable one. >> h hassan, the ft. hood terrorist killer, was communatining aanwr awlaki, the radical cleric that was in yemen. in one of the 18 e-mails exchanged, hassan to him, i can't wa to join you in the afterlife.
3:32 am
lieberman, who ledhe senate inveigation in the ft. hood ssacre, spects the blame may residen the environment evailing in obama's military >> political correctnessan't lead you to close ur eyes to a clear and prest danger to the u.s. and to your colleueues in the u.s. armrmy. >> that air ofololitical correctnesononly thickened as the oba a administration ininsisted that what happened . . ho was not an act of isislamic terrorism, but rather an example of, quote, woplplace violence. >> how could you sayay a terrort murdering 13 amemericans was workplace viviolence? that's just ridiculous. >> as for sergeant lord, he's still hurt by the government's lack of franknenes >> what hurts more t thathe wound itself ia a sense of betral becauause a sense of betray i is when you wake up, it's thehere. whenen you sleep, it's there. it's something that never leavas me.
3:33 am
it never leaves me. >> the divide between the e oba administration and many y in th military only widened d over th handndling of the case of army private bowe bergrgdahl. bergdada bergda, a man the obama administration led a p.o.w., was released by the taliban in exge for five of their top leaders. e ceremony announcing his release was supposed t a celebration. >> this morning, calleled bob and jenny berahl and told them after nearly fivers in ptivity their son bowe is coming home. >> w what was your reaction president obama hosted bergdahl's parentst the rose garderemony? >> i was pissed, autely. in my viewrgdahl should have never been label p.o.b. >> did theen you served with consider him a soldier whoad be captured or a man who had >> we knewmmediatelylyhat day the circrcances of the disappearance.
3:34 am
he deserted thpost. we were mad hell about it but we didn'diminish the efforts to get back. >>altz ordered to lead special forces teams to search for bergdahl. >> it was the number o priority in thentire theater of afghanistan. and the tan immediately knew it a they began feeding false formation into our informant networks to try toait usnto am bushes. one of my special es t teams went into anfghan compound and ought bergdahl might be an the enti thing rigged with explosives. by grace of god it didn't plode but those are the situations we found ourss in night aftenight after night r months. >> president oba responded to the controveby dispatching one of hop aides to praise bergdahl. >> hrveded the united states wionor and distinction. >> when president obamsend out national security ser susan rice and sheays that, in fact, boweergdahl served the unit states with honor a distinct-- >> w i about threwew my television out into the ya
3:35 am
both me, his fellow platoo mates, my men,y fellow g green berets that nelyly died looking for him weutraged. it sho how tone deaf this ite house can be to how military members think andeel. they take words like t served with nor r and distinction, very ririously. >> frankly, the whwhite house probably sululd have made no ststatement whatsoever. >> ln n panetta told us he was dismsmayed by how the white hous handled the bergdahl cas >> i don't mind, obvbviously, t effort at negotiations, t you don't justalk in and say, oh yeah, we'll give you fe bad guys. these are inviduals who killed in many cases our own soldie. wh assurance do we have that they're not going wind up blowing up american innocentnts? >> demoraling?g? >> incredibly dedemoralizing an toto the men and women in unifo, as well.
3:36 am
when you're out there in harm's way and your comommander in chi releases the taliban's top five drafaft picks, itt sends a bad messssage to the trtroo and the afghan allies to be serving alongsiside and encouraging. >> how has this new vision of the u.s.s. military aying g out acro the world? that's next. announcer: alvin and the chipipmunks want to remindnd yo-
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earlier we saw the diplomatic overtures thebama adminiraon made when it took office. today, w we casee hothose pocies played out. the esident had promised a plomatic reset with russia. even scrapping a missilele defee system in n europe as a concililiatory gesture. after his re-electn, he pulled america's mainattle tanks out of germany, tanks that hadeen there since rld war ii. all eyes were on vlamir putin to see how he'd spond. anand,n february 2014, putin sent in troops to seize ukraine's crimean pepeniula. >> in europepe, we envioned a different kind of relalationshi than whahat has actually emerge. we didn't anticipate that ia would illegally anneimea.
3:41 am
we didn't see thatind of destabilizing vity. >> next,in's forces began menaci ukraine itself. >> the fundamental point of dealing with a bulully likputin is y cannot allllow bullies too gett away with w wt they want t . >> but the president rejted calls foa scular response, instead announcing limit sanctions. >> i belie the's a a path to resolve the siatioion diplomatal in way that address the ises of russia and the ukraine. >> i think the preresident shoh have taken some very strtrong steps to make very c clear to putin that this s was unacceptable. he should haverovided arms to e ukrainians. >> but hdidn't. and today, russia is emboldened, thatening to spreaits spherere of influence even n wider. cretaries panetta and gatetes and others told us thahat you c let bullies geawayay wh h
3:42 am
bullying or yoyou pay a price. >> i was t talking about ukrain. with t theresidedent. anand he told me, very bluntly, th ukraine as a non-nato country living in the adow of russia will also be subject russian meddli and domination and what he's s ing there is basicalllly signaling this is n woworth the united states' investment. >> tn there were barack obama's overtures to the muslim world, where he hoped to change e images of america. he had pulled american t troops out of iraq q without a stay behind force that hahad been recommendeded by his military advisers. buwithout a u.s. presence, violce immediately returned across the country. niall fergusonon, a professor o history at harvard university,y rememberers talking to veteransf the war. > they had turned it around. to be totold the mission was beg aborted must have been a a shattering blow.w.
3:43 am
>> the iraqis, of coururse, couldn't leave. some found anotherer cause. >> many ofof tm wound up eventually working with isis.. to create the foforce ththat ultimately came baback and invad thatat part of iraq. and hold today. >> in egegyp presidentbama had suppd the overthrow of amera leangng hosni mubarakk anand s administration applaeded when aewew president was elelected. the mumuslim brotherhood's mohammed morsi. >> i have come to alexandr t to reaffirm the strong support ofo the united states for the e egyptianan people and for your democrcrat future. > wl, this was hilariously wrong in the egyptian case because the muslim brothhood turned out tbe the most extrtreme group cable of winning
3:44 am
large numbers votes.. >> o once in office, morsi grand himself unlimiteted powers and imposed a constitution based on sharia law. egypt, the admistration seemed welcome the ouster ofof mubarak. >> yeah. >> and more morsi. egyptas a classic case of you owow, hope, hope and change not actually coming f fruition. >> egypt desceed into chaos. morsi, iturn, was overthrown in a coup. libya had been the one natatn where president obama s willing to takaction. with an intervenon supported byhe u.n. soondictator gadhafias gone which only lead to the queion of what happens next? what happened nextasibya fellntnto chaos, a fact brought home t tragically by an attkk i benghazizi which killedour americans, including ambassasad chris stevens.s. soon, warring factionsns includg isis and al qaeda wewe fighting
3:45 am
for popower. >> it was a mplete mistake to go in to libya. i was a key job in the admiministration and i can't s here and tell you what was- what were our goals for at operation. i have -- i al don't know. to elimina gadhafi? that was severely dumb cision. >>e said v very bluntly to me ouout the libya intervention, quote, it didn't work. >> wasn't he warned d by people like secretary g gates about libybya's tribal history and dangers of taking out gagadhafi? >> there was a huge fit in t the administration.. tuturns out the gates side was right but i think obama now isi on the side of, you ow whahat? i should not have e let myself pressured intoto this inteterven and thatat influenced the way h dealt wi syria the nexext couple of years. . >> syria, you will recall,l, whe president obama drew a a red li and then it was osse the president d his advisers agreed on attack plan but he pulledack at the last moment.
3:46 am
>> i use thehe term stunned because i i was stunned by that. > cck hagel served as prpresent obama's secretary of defense from 2013 to 25.5. >> it reversed a a vy comprehensivive, completdecision that hadad just beenade a few hours s prior to that and the president had made the fininal decision and a few hours latere we're pulling that down. we're reversing that. >> secretary hagelel told us th presesident's decision damaged america's credibility.y. >> it was s all ovover the worl our allies would ask me,owow can we have confidencen n whever else he says? >> it's an old principle tha the president should be ry careful about drawg lines. but once he drewhat line, then the unitedtates is obligated to eorce that red line. >> for a lotot of people in wainington, a bunch of other places around the wod,d, this is
3:47 am
a a weak moment for the united states. a weak moment in his p presided. what he told me was s t only was it not a weamomoment, , it was quote, proud momenent for him because it's thehe moment that brbroke with the washington playbook. >> so d doesn't see it as weakness at all? >> h he sees it as a moment of great prudence. he sees it as the applicatationf smartsts. he does not see it as s weaknes. he sees it as strerength. >> but if it wasas a proud mome, others asksk, what has it prododuced? > in the end, what do you ha? you have middle east that will be devastated. momore suffering. momore killing. more distrust. more hatred. >> so the man whwho prpresented himself as theheeace presided over much more violelence in t muslim world tn what happened under his predecessor. >> when we retn,e talk to men in uniform a ask them if wee e prepared. boy: once there was aoy who did the same thing
3:48 am
agn n and again. one day, he was totold he had autism. he got help and slowly lenened how to live with it betteter. announcer: eay y intervtion can make a lifetime of difrence. arn the signs at
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america lucky that it's been separated from the resest the wld by t oceans. our worlds getting smaller, but is it a a good idea for the united states to get smaller? last year, vdidimir putin tested his missiles ainstst nato.
3:52 am
>> it was of several such ll such incidents, and it was very much like t dri you're seei right now. >>ecause of the vasistances here in alaska. >> this colel pilots this s-22 stealth raptor, fully armed a ready t t got a moment's noce. >> we can get closer and identify whatever is out there. >> what they hav seen o there, russi c-2arrier bomber caple of carrying clear wes. these encounters have become common enoug latetely, that errr n norad placecesed plaques on the wall when thers an interct. >> rsia represess the
3:53 am
greate thrt to our national security. >> rsia is the only country on effortrt that h has the ability destro the united states. >> we'reonfronting aussia that has nowered aew chapr in thed war. >> las summer rush tt seembeber five wships t alaskan waters. >> wead to prepare for any evt that mightht happen understanding thahathe president would be here a that time. >> so w we moved forces arounun that we were able to track them withth the utmost confidence th we wouould know where they weret that time >> when the russians were offshore, e p president visititd alaska. >> thishreat is veryy much in the present.t. >>t t wasn't talking about a lilitary threat. >> capable of disisrupting lifes
3:54 am
wewe kw it. >> ichina, builds u its ld and sea foes, t the pentagon i reviewingt't's ability to cutut ckck up to 71% of an aboborne paratrooper brade based in alaska. >> everyenior governmental official that comes up here knows that this is a vital part of the army. . >> ourenenior leaders are h havg to makake tough decisionsn the vironment we're in right now. >> but such decisis are all part of our newer smaller military, in it's newer, intrusive role. to neil ferguson, there's a leon in all of this that wre the lesesn is wn areat power withdraws the conflictss
3:55 am
most likel to escalate a and that's what's happened, andt t is indeed a sobering one. >> the armyy has p off its decision to cut the 425 by other year until another presidenent takes off at kd of a wld will the next president, he orhe ce? >> the president president will ce a worldhat is more challenginhan any psident that i h served. >> this is about whe onot canromote a wld that ultimately can sharethe values that the u united statess all ouout. if the united states doesn't provide t thatleadership, nobod else wl.l. >> i think it's v very fair to y that president obabama is a retrenchmentnt president, he doesn't wantt the u.s. to overcommmmitment. if you're obama you argue, hey ththe military is i in a lot be
3:56 am
shapee than when i got it, because i don't't have troops i afghanistan and in iraq fighting wars that are unwinnable and not that portant. >> the readiness o ourur forces to deal wh g great powers of war, with one of three countries, w we're talking abou china, rurussian, iran and nort korea. >> we'e're talking about a war that wilbebe far greater tha we haven the middle east. >> genen everythinghat the president of the united d state has be t told about the mpmplexity and the danrr that economists in n the world totod st t the bleeding that you are causing t tour armed forceses. >> the u.s. h has been involvedn nononstop milary a action abroa for more than a aececade and a hahalf. and americans are widely thought to be war weary, but we all kw it i s still a veryanangero world. our first president, george wawashington famously wardd his
3:57 am
yoyoung country agagainst forgn entanglements, b but he did say entanglements, b but he did say the most effective i thought everything wouldld go back
3:58 am
3:59 am
to how it t used to be. [music playingng] but that wasn'n't realistic for him or ourur family. make thehe connection helped me realalize that we are not alon. other families are deaealing with similar challengess and working towardrd the right solutions togethther. visit to see stories like e ours anlelearn how your family can stt the journey towardecovery today.
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lodobbs. donaldrump appea ready to pivot toore presidential demeanor and to focus on the genel electio and the democrat's presumpti nominee the republican front runner telling a town hall meeting today he's going to act s presidtialthat, quote, you ll b t bored,d, end quot andrump is so commied to making that pivot that ange, he's now p pcticing delivering at least some of his spehes withhe help of teleprompts, a tool tha president obama, of course, relies on nstantly, bu a tool tt trump has ud as far as i know, only once over the past ten


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