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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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lodobbs. donaldrump appea ready to pivot toore presidential demeanor and to focus on the genel electio and the democrat's presumpti nominee the republican front runner telling a town hall meeting today he's going to act s presidtialthat, quote, you ll b t bored,d, end quot andrump is so commied to making that pivot that ange, he's now p pcticing delivering at least some of his spehes withhe help of teleprompts, a tool tha president obama, of course, relies on nstantly, bu a tool tt trump has ud as far as i know, only once over the past ten months. the change in trump com as he
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builds o his campaign team bringing on morexperienced campgn leaders and among themm trump convention manageraul manafo manafort. manafort will be our guest tonigh from hollywo florida. that's where republican natiol mmittee officials have been wrangling over wheth to change rules thatrump says are rigged against him. >> politics is a very dirty, dirty dishonest business, folks, and i havave never seen anythin ke , and we're runni now for office and it's a rigged deal. this who thing with delegates gged. it's a rig. where i win louiana and i don'n't t as many degates as some guy that lost? >> the newewest franklilin and rshall college poll s shows trump on topop 40% supporort, ts 14 points ahead of ted cruz, ad
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cocongssman from pennsnsylvania lieu barletta and mino -- well, thesese two congressmenen leadingg the effort to line up trumpupporters t to be electcte as dedeletes. 54 of the safee 71 delegates wil be unbound, not pledgdged to support anyone that emerges from this primary tuesday, it's quite a system and jusust part of wha hahas been an adventurere in th primary season. joining us now is the topop tru campaign official, his the convtion mager, strategist paulmafort. paul a veteranepublican strategi strategiste's worked with presesidents ford, reagan, b and joini us from hollywood, fla, i should say the site of thernc spring meeting. to have you on the i know tha and rickileyey talk to o the rn membs. do y feel you were successful in conveyinghe msages that
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you waed? >> well, donald trump thought it was important becse he could not attendhis weekue to e facthat he's out there campaigning in the pmari th the campaign have a presence hereo answe any questions the rnc members have and to also let them know that as far as donald trp is concerne you know, as bemes t presumptive ninee of the par he's looki to work witthe rnc and wk with th other leadersf the state parties to bin to put tether the framewoor what will be a united republicanffort in th fall. >> and, paul, the -- working what would we say acrimony between the rnc, the man that will be leading the convtion, paulry,nd donald ump of courseeing extremely critical of the primary -- primary st at leastany of the primaries i thiscountry. is that being smoothed over? is thatrocess under way?
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is there a com together, if you will, betweenonald trump an the rnc? >> i believe there i is a comin together, yes, and really a lot of the acrimony a as you calll isis really a lot of misundererstanding. donald t trump always understoo as the nominee of thee republicn party h w would be working with republican nationanal committe the s senator y'allll camampaig committee, c congressional commmmittee rga a and other instititutions because as leade of the party his goal is n not only to ee likt himsmself but ensusure a republican majity in the cones and help elect governors and other downstream members as well. >> i want to turn to -- it unded though -- as though that there was a pledge of deeper operation certainly than there s been. at may note a terrific amount, but a pledge of a traditional relatiohip between e nominee and the rnc
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incling fundraising, organizati, campaigning for caidates. isishat aair -- fr stent? >> donald trp has been talking to the chairman of th party over the cours of the lastew ek and has had verery good phone calls as recently as sterday and he has made it clear that he' looking forward to working with him to pull the party tother. as fars he's concerned as he bemes the presumpve nominee he uerstands that the cirman of the partyas an responsibility really to work to help bri the uty as well toth with trump. and so this -- it's process, is an going press, we're gettingloser to presumptive nominee a then the nomin nominee. we bieve that there will not be a consted cvention in cleland and we don't want t wait until clevend to start puttg togetheher the apparatus necessary to run anid republic nomination ithe fall. you have two candididate out
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the, governor kasich with very w delegates, about 300 points behind -- delegates behind your ndidate is ocourse t cruz. ted cruz is -- if anynything ha raisis thentensity of his attacks on donald trum ur thougs about that and the appropriat response as even the candate isalking aut being more presidentialn the fe of such -- such attacks. >> well, he is raisi the level of aack becse he's losing and he knows he's losingnd he's trying to change the narrative but he's failining. had a great d in n york tuesday, we will have another great day on tuesday in the northeast stas where we expect to do ver well i pennsylvania, rhode island, delaware, maryla, connecticut. so cruz is trying to dis strakt from what's gng o by makin a t of noisise.
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the noise is notoing to affect thncreased differencen e vote count between trump and uz both o total votes received as well as on delegates. we will have anotheroo day on tuesday andt'ss going to get us closer to the magic numb. >> you aretill condent you ca hit sometng -- 1,237, the numbers have en reported a little higher tha that because of internal memonda, b that you can hit 1,23 say, by june 7th? >> we thinkt's critical for the republican party to come together bore july. if we areighting in ju, if theonveionn is fractured in july, then our chaes of winning in november will be dramaticly impacted. from our standpointe are the only one who can nominated on the fir ballot and we thk that the voters in the republican party are indicating where they want to be. you have 66% of republicans sayinghat theeader in total votes and delates should be theminee. that's alrdy finish. we kw who is going to finish
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first in bot of those categories. now is the time to starthe aling process withhe leadership of the party, now is ththe timeorhe trump organization a mr. trump has told us this to begin t reach out to republica groups to gin with bring together a a of the elements of the campaign structes so that we can merge the psidential campaign wh th commiee campaigns. >> and those efforts are going tontensify in the day ahead? absotely. >> all rit. paul manafort, thank for taking the time. i know you've had a busy, busy day. thanks so much. >> thankou very much. >> a huge hometown victory moves trump closer to the presidential nomination. >> thank you, ever and thank you, new york. we love newyork. we love new york. thank yo very much, everybody. k you. >> ed rollins, tammy bruce and pat buchanan among our guests tonight. they'rmiming up.
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only with xfinity. > more good news for donald trp tonight. a new quinnipiac universityoll shows trumpith a strongead no in connecticut. trump leang his rivals by8 points, he has 48% support, gogovernor case i can %, cruz
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19. the c connecticut primary t tak placace next tuesday, 2 28 d des at state. >> joining us tonight r republin washington times columnist radio host tammy bruce, bothox news contritors. great to ve you here. >> thank you. >> you i've got to sta with you, ed, justive you allhe credit in the world. ed calledhe race in new york and didid so early. >> i missed -- i missed the 12th congressional distririct, upper east sidede, trump lost that by0 votes.s. >> isn't that amazing. >> unbelilievable. he reallyy swept the s state no spending any money. >> it's stunnining to look at. i mean, everyone was sort of playing expectations games --- y the way, both trump, cruz - -- well, not so much thehe cruz, t cruz people just wantetedut of the ststate. your reactionn toit. lookok, i think that this is not necessasarily a surprise.. we'vee seen that this s is what ever -- look, when he started winning evangelicalals the bell should have been g going off around the country, mr.r. trump
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has affected every section. women, gays, black, white,e, differenent economic frame work the evangelicals, the atatheist because we have onene t thing t common,, we care about the ture, we want t to have a job thatat we can be proud of, w wet our children t to have jobs, w want t the n nonsense to stop, e given them 1 years since september 11th to get security dodone, it's not happppening. suddenly there is a man w who where there's maybe a 20 or 303 chanance even thatt somethihingt mimight happen a he will beest with the economy and the jobs, this is the wake-up call and i don't ththink you can deny it anymore. >> tammy, say that's -- you foundd affufusive. >> i'm t the partisan f for the ununited states, i have e had m vorites that have not included mr. trump but if this is wheher peoplele are going i'm getting education about the nature of whatat's important to him and,
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dammit, he is goingng to have t deliver. >> i applaud affusiveness. i would much rather see affusiveness than t the receipt sense thatt we seeee for whatev reason -- >> i'm italalian. >> -- the rnc. as tammy lays out the panoramam of possibilitities for everyonen the countryry t there is reince priebus, paul ryann and the rnc going,g, y you kno we've got rules. >> dammit. >> what are we goioingng to do , ed? >> we're gng t continue proces here and trump certainly ha mentum, had a tremendouous victory a he will have a b victory nex tuesday, what we call the acella caucuses, maryland nnsylvania, delaware connecticut,e's gog to do well in all of thos i think there's twowo spots he s to worry about in the futur here, one is indiana, there's not enough data o in iiana to know. >> to his edit, though, he is inia and hee has got mike
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pence -- he has his hand clasped saying i am donald ump -- >> that's important because rememb that's the one ste th swung back and forth. >> definitively bate ground state. >> it is a battlground state so it's an impmportant ste. thenf course californi which is the alamo. at the end othee day her he either gs enough votes there get theomination ore doesn'tnd that's- no e else has a chance, he is t on one that has a chance, everything at this point has stped him. >> do you think this is a rning point. >> yes. >> there talking 1400 delegas by the time they get to convention and that one vote as paul mafort says, t that's l they need isne ballot. >>hat's what they're goingo have to do. if i goes tthe second ballot it meanshat theyid didn't work so they knowhey have to at t same time you saw in the speechast night, sen and a half minutes lo, tald abo jobs andheeconomy, called senator cruz senat uz. t also a wng to senator cruz, they haveeen in califoia for a year b donald
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trump's teamow is putting tens of millis of dollars and int television ads for thestate. that is new wch means it will be a more controll, more consistent message. that you can't'tet when you get the free med from rallies. >> mbe a losing strategy since he has not had any media so far andas done any well. >> it will be a coinatn, i don'think he's going to ge up one for the oth it's going to add into this messaging and think that willork in california. >> what do you think, ed, you t to calling california. >> haets will errear it. >> conrvatives that are left in the republican party in california have pretty muc been r cruz, is goingo be a trench warfare. i'm notredicting in any way, shape ororm cruz is going to california but he may deny -- >> we have a lot off time. >> i will getlose when we get furthe down the roadere but i am saying next week addo the trump momentum after that i thin he'sot -- >> fiv states next tuesday, it will benteresting to see. d by the way, trump favored in every one of them at is point.
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>> remember pnsylvania has 52 that are not pdged delegate >> 54. >> 54. that's going to a game all the way to the convention. >> that'sittle b of the private clubbishness of the gop. >> i can't't get o ove that. ed rollins, again, great c cal n new york. look forward to yr next one. tammy bruce, thanks for being here. > if you thought riding a hoveoard was dangerous on the street, watch this. this russianaredevil iss you can tell living on the edge, on the top of a skcraper. theoung man no stranger to danger or such exploits and institutes, ts is not something i can imagine anyone ever doing but there it is. upext speaker pau ryan loves to talkbout how he may or may not be -- aou kidding me? do i -- o okay. destined f the white house. gi me a break. >> as a visitor. >> are you - e everunning from presiden >> no,ut i don't think that
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far dow the road. i made a decision i in in cycle for 2016 not to run for president. >> you know, therere presesumptuous and there's just out of your mind. i will have a a few thoughts abt that in my commentary t tonight. stay with h us.
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a f thoughts now onn the games or at least somee of the games being played byepublican leaders and the gop estatablishment. speaker pauaul ryan whoho i rea like, i think he isis a very likeable fellow, he justtappens to belong in both camamps and seems u unable these dayays to control himself.f. ryan infuriatingng hse repupublicans with his spendini bill thatt wld raise the deficit, offending m many by reachingng deals with president obama before reachining deals wh go house members orr even letting t the know what's going on.. and then injecting himself into
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presidential politics, attttacng donald trump and then making his first latee nht tv appeararance and playing cute with steven colbert. >> letet me say it in clear english. no. > okay. how about cleargermrman? >> clear russn. >> [ speaking foforeign languag] > wow, y seem to know a lot of foreign languages, that kind of expererience will come inn hy if you decide to accept the pupublican nomimination. >> his latate show appeaearance a p particularly bright move by the speaker whoho i annoying jut about everybody thehese days except of course mr. obama and the democrats. ryan's appeararance certainly didn't help him offset his graph tass defit. some might be forgiven for thinking the s speaker appearina triefl silly nld a the speaker seems alwlways to be lacking a sense of pportion a as y yestery
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whene rather transparent lie tried too boost the beleaguered chrman of the rnc. ryanan's good pal reincnce prie invited to capapitol hill to brf house republicansns on the delegate process. declaring that priebus has receiveded, well, an extremely favorable warm r receptionon by house. ryan also adddding he isoo pase that had someone like priebususs in charge of thee rnc, making sure the rulules are fofollowed. you nn only imagine donald trtrump's delight as he listenso such triep. alall ryan accomplished was to leavave eveveryone shakingng th heads at his naivefivete and so might s say his boldness a and he wasn'tt ready i in any way f ththat job he didn't seekk but holds.s. mitch m mcconnell trying meeklko walk back his anti-trump remarks saying he spoke, a as he put it
4:26 am
ininartfully. they talalk like that in the senate, you know, when he said he w was increasinglyy optimist that there will be a second ballot at the conventionon. he has decideded that was probay too much. with all thehese s so-called les lacking an obvious tact, constraint, intellecect, conviction,, graphph t tas and chchacter it is no wononder dond trump unsettless them so profoundly. ifif the gop loseses seatsn the house or senate it will clearly be the fault of their leaders and it appears t the only way my of those threatened seats will survive in fact w will be on t strong coatt tails of a true leader who has yet to o be welcomed by t the weak. now o quotation of the evening, this one from pj o'rourke who said, there a are o parties, the silly party a and e stupidid party.y. i'm too o old for the silly par so i had to join the stupi
4:27 am
paparty. in my opopinion,f i mayay say, e two parties it seems to me have a lot in common with each other, don't you think? follow mee on twitter @"lou dobs tonight," like me on facebook, followe on facebook. we will get t to "lou dobbs tonighght," links for everythin are there. >> a hollywood stunt manan peperforming a m maneuver he caa leleap of faith. damian walters showi o off -- oh, myy gossss. look at that. i don't careowow that t was don that's -- i mean, that's just craz you've got a lot of faiaith in e fellow o whoever he hasas yelle jumpmp. it was going, by thehe way, 60 miles an hour. walters is no strange tooves likethis, he serve a a stunt double to daniel craig's james bond in sky fall. u up next, p priebus says t system is n not rigged. .
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>> the nominee has to have a majority of delegates supporting that pererson and when somomeo gets a a majorityy of delegates they are going to be the nominee of o our party, thehe same t th that abraham lincoln enjoyed, it's the same thing thass going to happen in 2016. >> repubcan campaign attorney charlie sps weighss in us with us collect. he ds sak for the establishment. we will hear what the establishment has totay for itself he joins me next stay with us.
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speece, vetereran pololitical campaign attorney, former election law counsel for the republican national committee acti ass cfo and counsel foror mitt romney's 2008 presidentia campaign. charlie, g great to have you he. >> thank you.u. >> i know your heart has to be bursting wh pride andnd great and good will that the rnc and paulul manafort representingg m trumpp have seemed to have begu the coming together. i am correctly desibing your emotions, am i nonot? >> well, i d't buy the premise that because mr. manafort say evne should f fall in lin whate's calling the esumive nominee that that won anybo over >> actually he wa not calling him presumpti nominee. >> . >> i am >> okay. >> because we took a pol and
4:33 am
our audiencnce bs that he should called tha at this point and i hade a bgain with mdience as i often do thatill do what they say. >> traditionallyhe nominee earns that. >> yes, ihink so, but these are not traditional times, are they? i mean, how we going to see the republican party nowecause they have mad progres obviou that emanates from both t c itself, reince priebus, and paul mant representingis candidate. this should be a time of considerableonfidencend good feelings. i don't get that senserom ther senator cruz or governor kasichch or charliespeeeece. >> or donald d trp. imean, if he was cfident that he was going to winin thise wowouldn't be sayining the systm was rigggged. th's a tup t to thehen cpaign for when he doesn't win. >> to clarify, he did say that - paul l manafort said tha
4:34 am
trtrump never intendedd to sugg thatat the individuals were corrupt only the systems itlf archchaic, byzantinine, arcane i mention and d sometimes to the reesentative of the will o of the people. you don't disagree with that. >> t that's a verery good atttto clean up for his candidate butu his candidate spepent the lasttw wes attackingng the rnc and i thinkk iyou were -- >> feel lik i should p put my hand over myy heart ass you say the rnc.c. >> well, the rnc has68 publblican activisists and pple who hahave toioild in the field trying to get canandites elected. >> therere ia reciprocacal bibilaral relationship he, th is, reince priebubus who was exaordinarily hososle toward nald trump, the mananhole be running the conventntio speaker ryanrititical and severelely s f trump. thesee were supposed to be neutral people. u can understan why thehere might be a shared misasapprehension on thehe part both the rnc and the trump
4:35 am
campaign. >> with due respect ihink ththose might be trump t talng points. >> yeah. >> r reie priebus -- >> the part about trump or the part abo ryan - >> that priebus hasn't been- let's notfence. is there going to be good blood an sensible coming together here on the part othe c because the rnc is supposed to be the leader re, neutral in the -- in an absolute sense, raraisingmoney, organizing the party and going out and winning in november. >> the rnc has been neutraral, th've fairly apped the rules and today the rules committee, the standining rulesommittee met and they declinedo change the rus mid course. >> goo going. so that it's fair a a keeps everybody on the same playing field. >> right. >>ut now -- >> i hope that's a commitment for the next several mohs. we're going to ha to go. very quickly. >> over the next couple of mont donald trump has toarn the support by winning t delegates and establishin himsel as -- >> well, i think he has
4:36 am
mmitted to doing that, he' spending more money do it, campmpaigning likhell. what are you doioing to prepare for the neral? >> well, hillary clintons not who we want. >>amen, brother. anks for being here charlie speece, good to have you hehere. come back soon. >> love to. >> you gotot itit. j joining me tonigight form u.s. ambassasador to the unitet natitions, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also a fox news contributor. great to have y re. ambassador, t the royal familyy decided to stiff presidedent oba when he got to riyadh sending out the governor of riyadh inn tell of king salmon. is there any insulult that isis much for this presidident? >> well, maybe they're toppingn the cubans who didn't bother to send out the castro brothers to greett him. i think it's a mark of obviously the dissatisfaction the saudis feel given what presidentbamama hahas done on iran, ththere are lot of issssues between us and
4:37 am
saudi ararabia, but, you know, he w went -- i if obama went to israelel who do you think bibi netanyah would sendd to the airport. >> anybody. anybod b but a twtwo-hour meeting and hehe's telling the preresident the presisident is telelling np that the saudis now are on board with his iranian deal. >> he hasas been saying that -- >> that's stunning. >> -- for some time. of coursrse they are not on bo. they acknowledge thehe reality that the deaeal is there and oba planans to enforce it. obamaa said just the other day n response to a queststion that t saudis, the other arabs need to haveve to share the regioionith iran. let's like tells the polls to share the region with nazi germany. i thinink it's att best a naive viview but more likely pernicio. >> and suggesteded the french perhaps could usese their strtr for pararades. >> pla flflowers. you know, get used to it. . >> is there a any -- i mean, th
4:38 am
man is -- he's gone b beyond strange, he'ss gonee into absurdrdit itself and people ar just shaking their heads, yeteto one wants toay anythingng. >> yeahah. well, i think t they're afraid the consesequences if t they do what i heaear from people, ouru friends around the world, is they j just want to g get to jay the 20th, 2017, and get past thisis. from their perspspective anythi else would b be better becauaus there w would be some dedemonstration of american strength they think withh almos any successor. >> do you thinink anyone in the white housee n notices that everyone elsee is holding thehe breath here?? >> i think they arare in a bubb of their own creation. they think they're building a legacy, reaeally they're just making a a mockery. i ththink it's as if the presidt has retired already,y, which ha itss benefits, by t the way. >> i was going to say i thinknk you can get - -- you can get a t of support -- >> for that, absolutely. >> -- that particularar petitio. it's'slways great to have you re. >> thanks so much. a college softball game a
4:39 am
stunning halt to it, a dust dedevil interrupting a game between the lynchbuburg hororne and eaglgles. look at that. the dust up o only momentariril halted the action. may have even benefefitited thee team, t the hornets rallilied f five runs in ththe bottom of th inning. nothing like a little curveball from nature. up next, donald d trump, eaking of curve balls, he has decided to towow aradiditional campaign at them. why fix what's not brokenen? eboni williams, chris plalant jn us next. stay witith us.
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joining us tonight host of the chris plante show o on mlal chchris plplante and attorney r talk show host help knee lliam williams. >> eboni, charlie speece, oneo the most accccomplished electct law attorneys in thth country defendining strongly the c.c. your reacaction? >> wewell, look, t think that serves to h help donald d trtru. certrtainly the biggest thing tt i th t trump has goingng for hi is the f fact that he is a politicalututsider and going into in general e especiaially certainlyhihink it looks like itit's going to be a against hiy clinton, that's the narrative he has to stitick wi.. the minutute he starts -- and i understand there is a
4:44 am
neceararily at some point tgeget some of these cgrgressional insiders on his team for the delegate purposes andhihings that will h happen at the convention, butut look, when he make it, she has been a part of the problem, i b bring the solutions, i'm an outsider that's the strongestst narrativ for trump. >> chris, your reaction? >> you owow, the rnc i is in an impopossible situationhihis yea i don't think there is a a winng path for themm and if it cocontinues to appear that d do trumps at odds with the r i agee with eboni that actually helps donald trum b because the represen of cour the establishmhment and he dss not. so if they are at logger heads, odod for him, bad for thernc. dodon't think there is a w way t fo them. they shoul not chahange the rules, they were wise to not start changing the rules now, that wouldn'tt have passed the smell test, that wouould have bn very bad form m for them. they should conontinue to not change the rules. >> i agree with you i if going into the wkk before the conventition suddenly they are taking a a strong look a
4:45 am
adjuststing rule 40-b or some o the othss then y are going to be a compoununded efctct, y a a going to haveve a stench not a smell result. >> you bet. >> is it too early, eboni, for dodona t trump he says as we' listening to himnn harrisbur tonight he sayss he's pivivotino presididential, preparing to. do you think ts s is the time? >> i think it's early. i think you tease -- lou, you taeded about not fixing soththing that's not broken. regardlessss of his unfavorable regardleless of the challllges atat he faces and he doesavave many,, i thihink he is stillhehe front runner for reason.. we're n not even in m yet, still ays offff fro july t to start becoming more off a, quote, trtraditnal candidate. tradaditional candidates are no doingelell this year, ask marco rubio. >> paul manafort, he e had talk with the rnc, hendnd rick w wil
4:46 am
were down there inhollywood, florida, where t rncss meetining and, y kn,,aiaid they're goi to shift more traditional cacampaign, do fundraisin f forhe rn itit soundnd warm, itouounded gd and p paul manafort said they' done the process of coming totogether. do you believe it? >> i it is happening it'sserery reluctant. it's's reluctant on everybody's part. if donald trump does becomome t nominee t the obviously that's going to have to happen. i don't see it happening before he becomes the ninee i in earnest anyway. i thinink they'rere going throu ththe tions, it's kind of a rst dance. that's finene, that's good news because if he does become t the nonenee then the party i is goi to havave to apt to the fact that he is t the nominee. for donald trump becomomin more presidential, i agree witi ebononiagain, it mightht be little too earlylynd as you said if it ain'troke don't fix it, t at some pointnt perhaps afterr he becomes thehe nomineeee i he does he i think is going to have tohange up t the routine a bit
4:47 am
and becomee more at t let in se respects traraditionally presididenal. >> and too chris' pointnt that' where he has more leverage, dodona trump. just finish strong, don't cow tail, f finish strong and make them take the bitter pill of donald trtrum don't do itt the other way around. > i don't think any of us ha the slightest concern in that regaga i think i it -- with t tedruz seem to o go step upp his attac on trump since he got walloped in new york, ihink it is welll established it't's a little ear yet. eboni williams, chris plantete,s always g great to have y you gu here. >> thananks, lou. >> x gamesold medalist rerecently setting a new world record. you have to see it. tom wallish completing t the longest raiail slide on s skis succsfully.. going down a rail f for 424 fee ththe previous record w was 404 ththat was a year old record. 10,000 pounds of steel welded
4:48 am
together to complete that custom rarailnd he usesed every i inc it. u.s. officials have uncovered a new drug tunnel connecting mexico to california. the tunnel outfitteted with veililation, electricicity and rail systemm is the third such tunnelel to be found in ththe rn since march. six people have been arresestedn san diego, they're c charged wi crimeses involving drugs anand,, constructition of that tunnel. the discover bolsteriring the ce for ththe trumpmp claims which says as presidentnt he would straraighten out forth with. up next,onald trtrump says the delegatate game is rigged, e rncc is rieded, i it's time to it a and h he's just the felell do that. we take up thehe looked system d the folks who are, wewell, pullg e lelevers. i will be talking w with conservative author, bestt selling author, pat buchanan.
4:49 am
here next. stay with us. p?p?h
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♪i see trees s ofof green ♪red ses too ♪i sesee em bloom ♪for me and y ♪and i think to myself ♪what a wonderfulorld ♪music ♪the colors of f the rarainbow ♪soso pretty in the sky ♪are also on ththces ♪of people going by ♪i see friends shakin hands ♪saying how do u do? ♪ththeye really saying ♪i loveve y you
4:52 am
♪i watch them grow ♪they'll learn much more ♪ththan i'll ever know ♪and i thinink to myself ♪what a wonderful world ♪music ♪oh yeah > donald trp's campan adviser sayin trump iss n the prohitive favorite in th republicanresidential race. trump's conventionanager paul manart talking to sean hannity last night about the prospect of a contested convenon.
4:53 am
>> there's n goingbe a second ballot. ere is not an issue. you're convinced? >> we have several ways to get to 1,237 by ear jununend today was a giant stepforward, w thin we're going to have othe great week next week, butt me importantly what you saw -- you saw record turnout day in new york and a recd out with a primaryhat everybody knew donald ump was goingo win. >> a great point a leaked internal memoranda showing the trump campaign is nowredicting trump will secure 1,400 delegates to take the nomination on the first ballot in cleveland. joinings now pat buchanan, he has been aenior aiser to three presidts, twice a candidate for the republican presidential nominio mself, he's nationally syndited comnist and in between a all of that one of the untry's leading best selng authors. pat, great to have you whus. >> good toalk to yo ain,
4:54 am
lou. >> l start by the victory by donald trump in new york, paul manafort talking about 400 is theirprojection. i wouldn't sgest there's any marketingn th, but do you think that's a realistic number >> that snds to me like a little bit of sigh war, lou, it's signal to all t legates saying in effect, look, fellas,et aboard this ain is l lving the station and make sure youe on it. but i do thinha the possibility exists that dond trump couldake this thing pret handily on the fir ballot, but 1,400 sous a little bit out of the range for me. >> 1,4000 or 1,30 you know, these still bome workabl numbers. let' turn if we n to the party itse. i have ner seen the par -- and i have covered cventions from '76 forward -- i have never seen a party taken their front
4:55 am
runner the way the elites of e have you?aken on donaltrump. no, i he not. and to aegree some of f e elites i 19 out at the palace did this whe golater was taken and his agents were taking thearty away f from th. i thkk the same thing obtains here, lou. the elites s in a trump run for the nominatn and a successful run really the eclilipse. hick tg over party. him moving on a new direction on trade deals, him securing the bords and no amnesty. and evenn the interventionll over t rld, these military interventions which manyf the neo cons favor there may be no more. i think they all see their agenda,hey all see their rice wls brokeken a theirgenda caeled. >> when y mentioned the neo cons, i mean, t strong -- the surpriseere to me the strongt surprise ofll has beenhe evangelical, the
4:56 am
religis c cservatives in this countr who are embracing donal trump even as theeoons react in fear and rejection at the anticipation of a trump ag, others are eracing and a new bance is being, if you wi, projected by the trumpmp cand y candac >> i think the engelicalals are owing a measure of sophistication here look, eryonone agrs the cotry is in realtrouble, trump, whateve you say, he's do the diana mil, energy abo him and he'soing to dl with thes things. i think what they're saying s look, we tru trump not because we believe he is a sococial conservati or evangelical christian, but wthink he will do what is in h interest and the party ierest and we believe him when h says he will put scalia-type fellasn the supreme court. so i think it's a sophistated response o the par of th evangelicals. >>ou talked in your most recent column aut the gop
4:57 am
risking suicide here. do you believe the elites are going to at let at some point come t to their sses and say -- and acknowlge the fnt runner and begin a hling process and move toward unity? >> i think the elites are aosost out of thegame, lou. i ink thehe real chaenge and the onl challge to trump comes from cruz. but i will sasay this,f t this party gathersn cleveland and trtrp has theost victories and the mos states and the mt delegatesnd millions more votes thannyone else and the bigges crowds ever and the partyn tns and says, now we present to americaur winner, our nominee, ted uz, i ink that isealllly not crible for the party to say at that point. but ihink the elites rlly they have been feeble he in washington, d.c.,hey seem to have nocontrol, wealk about the estaishment, it's been
4:58 am
shoved aside in a battle beten trump and cruz and i don'tnow what cru is saying, but he's never seeme to me to have been rely a beloved figure up o capitol hill >> that is what they call a kd ription for the senat o capil hill. lete turn, pat- >> su. >> -- tthe agenda. you have paul ryan,he speaker, who will be rnining the convention as is aditional, t i have never seen a speak be both --nterject himself into the ce, attack a candidate and simultaneously say he is goi to put forwa ann agenda that will cpete with that othe nominee. this is unhnheard , especially when that nominee is bringing i millns and milons of people into the tent tha has been woefully, woefully attende over the coue of the two previous election cycles. >> b you are rhtbout what trump h done in ter -- he has brought people into the publican primaries by the
4:59 am
millio and millions they have hadhe largest turnout i think they havever had in any kind primaes in state aft state. >> correct. i would rlly admonisd paul ryan take a lk at one exame. back in 1964 wn goldwater won the nomination, rockefeller a romney and scranton they all cut two people went out f k. goldwater allver t country at year, richard nixon and ronaldeagan and the future belonged to t them f standing by someone they knew was going down to defeat in aorrible deat andeing t there beside him. if i wer paul ryan and he's obously got a futuren the pay i wld sasay, look, i'm goiningo support the nominee for this par and go out and w for him because i'm the lear of the fces onapitol hill. > pat,reat to have you here. come back soon always good to talk wityou. >> goodd to talk to yo my frfriend. >> pat chchanan. thankss for joining us tonighght. goodnight fr n new york.
5:00 am
>> these rules are 0 "war on t e little guy." each and everyne ofhis is incomprehensible to o m >> i have no idea w what its in this b boo and i'm a constitutitionalawyer. >> the government adadds thousas of payments of new rules.s. >> tough refoforms to protect consumumers. >> they sasay we need morore. >>re are certain timimes we shououldnfringe on your freedom. >> we have to depend on the federal government to prprott ourhildren. >> but they keep paing more laws. now wewe're d drowning in red t. >> i can't eat the y i want, drink waterer the way i want,


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