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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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t aside their lives and set sasail into thor lou u dobbs. donald t trump appearsrs ready pivot to m more presidential demeanor and to focus on the generaral electionn and the democrat's presumptive nominee the repepublican front runner telling a t town hall meeting today he's going to act soo presidenential that, quot you will bee too bored, end quote.e. and t trump is so committtted t making that pivot,, that chchan he's now p praracticingeliverin at least some of his speeceches with t the help of teleprompter a tool thatt president obama, o course, relies on coconstantly, butt a tool thahat trump has us as far as i know, only once over the past ten months. the change in trump comeses as
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builds out his campaign team bringing on more e experienced campaiaign leaders and among th ump convention manager pl manafo manafort. manafort will be our guest tonightrom hollywood florida. ththat's whereepublican nationa coittee officials have been wrangling over whether change rules that tmp saysre rigged against him. >> politics is very rty, dirty dishonest business, folks, and i have nevereen anything like it ande're running now for office and it's a rigged deal this whole thing with delegates is ried. it's rig. where i win louisna and i don't t get as many d delegates some guy that lost? > the neses franknn and marshall college pollhohows trump on t 40% suppt,t, that's 14 points ahead o of tedcruz, ad
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congressman from penylylvania lieu barletta and m marino -- well, the two congressmen a are leadin t the effort to line up trump supporterso o beleeded as delelegates. 54 of the safe 71 delegates will be unbound, not pleeded to support anyone t that emerges fm this primary tuesday, it's quite a system and justt p part of wh ss been an adventure in this primary season. joinin us now is the top trump campaign official, he the convenon mar, strategist, paul manart. ul a veteran rublican strategi strategist,e's worked with presidenents ford, reagan, bus and joining us from hollywood, flora, i shod say t the site of the rnc spring meeting. its great to have you on the show. inow that yo and rickiley talkedo the rnc member do youeel you were sucssful in conveying the mesges that
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you want >> well,ald trump thought it was important becaue could not attend t fact t he's outre mpaigning in the priries that campaign have a presence h here t answer any questions the rnc members have as far as donald trums hat concerned, know, as h beco thesumptive nomee of the partys looking to work with e and wor with theer leaders othe state parties to beg to put togher the framework f what will be a unitedepublican effort in the fall. >> and, paul, the -- working with thernc, so much public what would we say acrimony tween the rnc, the man that will be leading the convenon, paul ryan, a donald trump of course bngng extremely critical of the primary -- primary system, at least myy of the primariesn this country. is that being smoothed over? is that pcess under way?
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there a comin together, if you will, between dald trump andhe rnc? >> i believe there iss a coming together, yes, and really a lot of the acrimony ass you call it is r really a lot of minderststanding. donald trurump always understoo as the nominee of the republican party he wouould be working w w republican nationall cocommitte the senenator'all campapaign committee, conongressional commitittee rga anand other institututions because as leade of the party his goal is notot only to ee likt himselelf but ensurere a republican majory in the congrs and help elect governors and other downstream members as well. >> i want to turn to -- it soded though -- as though that there was a pledge of deeper coeration certainly than there ha been. th may not b a terrific amount, but a pledge of traditnal relationsp between th nominee and the rnc
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including fundraising, organization campaigning for candates. is tt a fr -- fai statemt? >> donald trum has been talking to the chairman othe party over the coursee of the last f weeksnd has hadery good phone calls as recently as sterday and he has made it clear that he's looking forward to working with him to pull the party togeer. as far as he's concerned as he becos the presumpti nominee he undstands that the c chairman of thearty h an responsibility reay toork to lp bring the unitys well togethererh trump. and so this is -- it's a process, it' an oningg procs, we're getting cser to this point where he will b the presumptive nominee andhen the nomin nominee. we belve that there will not be aonteed conntion in clevevand and we don't want to wait until clevela to start puttin together the apparatus necessary to r a uted republican nomination in e fall. >>ou have two candidates out
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there, governor kasich wh very fe delegates, about 300 points behind -- delegates behind yr caidate is of course tedcruz. ted cruz is -- ifnything has raisedhe intensity of his attacks on dond ump. yo thought about that and the appropriateesponse as even the candide is tking abo being more presidential iththe fac of >> well, he is raisinghe level of att becau he's losing and he knows he's losing a he's trying to change the narrative but he's ing. wead a great day in newk on tuesday, we willave another eat day onuesd in the northeast state where we expect to do very well in pennsylvania, ode island, delaware, marynd, connecticut. so cruzsrying to dis strakt om what's going on by m making a lo of noise.
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the noise is not gng to affect the ireased difference ithe vote count between trump and cr both on total votes reived as ll as on delegates. we will have another gooday on tutuesday and i going to get us closer to the magic number >> you are sll confint you can hit somethi -- 237, the numbers have be reported a little higher than that because of internal memora but that you can hit 1,237, say, by june 7? >> we think is critical for the republican party to come together befe july. ife areighting in july if the conventn is fractured in ly, then our chanc of winning inovember will be dramatical impacted om our standpoint ware the only one who canominated on the first ballotnd we thin thathe voters in the republican party are i indicati where they want to . you have 66% of republicans saying tt the lder in total votes and deleges should be the nonee. that's alrea finished we kno who is goi to finish
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rst in bothf those cacategories. so now is the timeo start t heing process with t leadership of the party, now is the time for t trump organization andr. trump has ld us this, to begin to reach out to republicacan groups, to ben with bring together a allllf the elements of the campaign structur so that we can merge the predential campaign wit the committee campais. >> and those efforts are going to iensify in the days ahahead? >> absoluly >> all righ paul manafort, thanks for taking the time. i know you've had a bubusy,usy day. thanks so much. >> thank y very much. > a huge hometown vicry moves trumpser tohe esidential nomination. >> thank you, everyby, and thank you, new york. we love new york. we l love new york. thank u very ch, everybody. thk you. >> ed rollins, tammy bruce and pat buchanan among our guests tonight. they're mingng up. poor mouth bather.
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19. the cononnecticut primary takak placee next tuesday, 288 deleles at state. >> j joining us tonightepepublin strategi e rollins, washington times columnist radio stammy bruce, both fox news contriburs. great to ha you here. >> thank you. >> you i've got to start with u, ed, just ge you all t credit in the world. ed calledhe race in new york andid so ea >> i misse -- i missed the 12th congressional dict, upper east , trump lost that by 70 vos. >> isn't tha amazing. >> unlievable. he rea swept the state not spending any money. >> it's stuing to lookat. i mean, everyone was sort of playing expectations gam by the way, both trump, cruz- well, not so muchhe cruz, the cruz people just wted out of theate. your reactn to it. >> , i think that this not necsarily a surpri wee seen that ts is what every -- look, when he started winning evangels the bell should have beoing off
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has affected eve section. women, gays, black, wh diffent economic frame wos, the evangelicals, the atheists, because we havene thing this comm, we care about the future, we wanto ve a job wcan be proud of,e want our childreo have jobs, we wa the nonsense to stop, we've given them 15 years since september 11th to get securit ne, it's not ening. suddenly there is a man who where there's maybe a 20 or % chance even tt somng right might happen and he will be best with the economy and the jobs, this is the wake-up call and i anymore. you can deny it tammy, i say that's -- you fo sive. >> i'm the partisaor the iteded stes, i hhad many favorites that have n included mr. trump but if this isre pele are going i'm getting an education about the nature of 's important to him and,
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dammit, he is g to have delive >> i applaudaffusiveness i would much rather see affusiveness tha the receipt sense tt we for whateve reason -- >> i'm alia >> -- t rnc. as tammy lays out the panama the cou theres reince veryone in priebus, paul rn and the rnc gog, you know, we've got rules. >> dammit >> what are weoing to dohere, ed? >> we'reoioing to continue t process here and trump certainly s momentum, had a tremendous victory and he will have a big victory next day, whate call theacella caucuses, maryland,pennsylvania, delaware,connecticut, h goin too well in all of those. i thinkhere'swo spots has to worry aboutn the future not enough data o in ind to know. o his crit, though, he is in iiana and has mike
11:16 pm
pence -- he has his hand clasped saying i am donald tr -- >> that's importantause remberhat's the one sta thatng back and forth. >> definitively a battl ground state. t is a battlound state so it's anmportant stat then o ourse californiahich is the alamo. at the end of e day here he either get enough votes there toet theomination or h doesn't a that's no onon else has a chance, he is the only that has a ance, everything at thisoint has stopd him. o you think this is a turnin point. >> yes. >> they' talking 1400 delegay thehe time they get to convention and that one vote as paul manort says, that's alhe need is o ballot. >> ts what they're going t have to if it goes to second ballot work so the know thave to. at thee time you saw in the speech l night, sev and a half minutes long talked about jobs and the economy, called senator cruz senator cr. bulso a warning toator cruz, they have b in californ for a year donald
11:17 pm
trump's team n is puttingens of millionf dollars and into levision ads for the state. that is new whi means it will be ae controlledore consistentmessage. that you can't g when you get the free media fromrallies. >> maybe a losingtrategy since he h has not had any media so f and has done any well. it will be combatation, i don't k he'e's going to giv up oneor the other it's going to add intohis messaging and i thinkhat will w in california. >> what do you think, , you t to calling california. >> haets will r hr it. >> conseives that are left in the republican party in california have pretty mucheen fo cruz, it't' going tbe a trench warfare. not pdictingn any y, shape or f cruz is going to wiwi california but heay deny -- we have a lotf me. >> i will get c when we get furthern the road her b i am saying next week add tthe trumpomentum after that i think he's g -- >> five statetes next tuesday, will be ierting to see. and by the way, trump favored in every one of them at th point.
11:18 pm
>> remember penvania has that are not pleed delegates. >> . >> 54. that's going to be a game all the way to the convention. >> that's a ltle of the private clubbishness of the gop. >> c't get over that ed rollins, again, great call on new york. look forward toouour next one. tammy bruce, thank for being he. >> if you thought riding a horbrboard was dangerousus on t strereet, watch this. this russian d daredevil is as u can tell living on the edge, on the top of a ysyscraper. the y young man no stranger to danger or such exploit and institutes,hihis is not something i can imagine anyone ever doing but there it is. u n next speaker pll ryan loves to talk a about how he ma or may not be -- are y you kiddg me? do i -- okay. destined foror the whitehouse. giveve me a break. >> as a visitor. >> are you --- ever r running f presidt?t?
11:19 pm
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a few thoughts now o the games or at leastt som of the games being played by r republin leaders and the gop esblishment. speake pl ryan w i rea like, i tnk he a very likeable fellow, he jus happens to belong in both cps and seemsnable the ds to control himsel ryan infuriati house reblicans with his spendg bill tha would raise the deficit, o offendingany by reachi deals with president obobama before reachg deals wit gop house members or even lettinghem know what's goi on and then injecting himself into
11:24 pm
presidential politics, aking donald trump and then making his first lat night tv appeance and playing cute with steven colbert. english.say it in clear no. okay. how about clear geanan? >> carrussian. >> [ speaking reign language ] wow, you seem to know a lot of foreign languages, that kind of expience will come i han if you decide to accept the reblican nomination. >> his le show apppprance not aarticularly bright move b the speaker w is annoying just out everybody tse days except of course mr. obama and the demoats. ryan's appeance certainly didn't help him offset his graph ta deficit. some mig be forgiven for thinking thepeakaker appearing a triefl silly nld a the speaker seems aays to be lacking a sense of proportionsesterday
11:25 pm
when he rather transparent lie triedd t boost the beleaguered chaiairman of the rnc. ry's good pal reie priebus ininvited to citol hill to brief house republica on the delegate process. declaring that priebus has receiv, well, an extremely favorable warmeception by the house. ryan also aing he is s please that had someoneike prieb is in charge of th rnc, making sure the res are owed. you ca only imagine donald ump's delight as he listens to such triep. l ryan accomplished was to lee everyone shaki their heads at his naivefivete and so mightay his boldnessnd that he wasn' readyn any waway for at j he didn't see but now hold mitchcconnell trying meey to walk back his anti-trump remarks saying he spoke,s he put it,
11:26 pm
artfully. they tk like that in the senate, you knknow, when he sai heas increasingl optimistic that there will be a second ballot at the conventi he has decid that was probably too much. with all tseo-called leaders lacking an obvious tact, constraint, intellt, conviction graas and araracr it is no wonder donald trump settles them so profoundly. the gop los seats in the house or senate it will clearly be the faultlt of their leaders and it appearshe only way many of those threatened seats will survivee in factill be onhe strong coa tails of a true leader who has yet tbe welcomed byhe weak. now our quotation of the evening, this one from pj o'rourke who said, trere two parties, the silly partynd stup part i'm toold for t silly pty so i had to join the stupid
11:27 pm
rty. my inion, if i m say, the two parties it seems to me have lot in common with each other, don't youthink? tonight," like me on facebook,s follow me on facebook. we will geto "lou dobbs tonit," links for everything are there. > a hollywood stunt m orming aaneuver he calls a ap of faith. damian walters showi o o -- oh, my goodneness. look at that. i don't care h thawas done, that's -- i mean, that's just crazy. you've got a lot of fth in the fellow or whoever he h yelled ju. it was going, by t way, 6060 miles an hour. walters is no stranger to movov like is, he served as a stunt double to daniel craig's james nd in sky fall. p next,riebus says the system isot rigged
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>> the nominee has to have a majority of delegates supporting that pson and when seone gets majorit of delegates they are going to be the nominee ofur party, t samehing at abraham lincoln enjod, it's the same thing tt' going to happenn 202016. >> republicacan campaign attorn charlie spies weighs in u us wi us collect. he does speakak for the establishment. we will hear what the establishment has totatay for itself he joins me next. stay with us. it's true what they say.chnologn ever. the all-new audi a4, with h ape carplay integration.n. when you di't know we had hundreds othousands of plas to stay all er the world. or tt we searched billions oflights to get yoyou here.
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♪ speece, veteran pitical campaignattorney, former election law counsel for the republican national committee acting a o and counsel f mitt romney's 2008 presidential campaign. charlie,reat to have you re. >> thank yo >> i know your heart has to be bursting with pride a great and good will that thee rnc and pa manafort representin mr. trum have seemed to have begun the coming totogether. i i am correctly describibin yo emotions, am i not? >> well, i don't buy t the preme th because mr. manafort says everyoyonehould fall in line what h he's calling the presumptivive nominee that that won anybody over. >> actually he was not calling him presumptive nominee. >> okayay. >> i am. >> okay. >> because we took a poll a and
11:33 pm
our audience believeves that he should bee called that at this point and i had madade a bargag with my auaudiencece as i often that i w will do what they say. >> traditionally t the nominee earns that. > yes, i thihink so, but the are not traditional times, are they? i mean, how arere we going to s the republican party now bececae they have made pgress obviouslyy that emanatesrom both the rnc itself, reince priebus, and paul manaforort representingisis candidate. this should be a time of considerable c confidence and gd feelings. i don't get that sense from eieither s senator cruz o or go kasi or charlie spce. >> or donaltrump. i mean, if he was confident that he was going to w this he uldn't be sayg the sysm was ried. that's a setupo t campaign for when he doesn't win. >> to clarify, he did say that -- paumanafort said that
11:34 pm
trump never intende t to sugges th the individuals were corrupt only the systems itself araic, byzante, a arcane did i mention ansometimes to the representative of the willf the people. you d don't disagree with at. >>hat's a vy good aempt to cleanp for his candidate b his candidate snt the las few weeks attacki the c and i in if you were- >> i feel like i shouldut my hand over m heart a a you say the rn >> well, the rnc has 168 repuican activts and people who have tld in the fields trying to get cdidates elected. >> thehe is a reciprol lateral relationship here, that is, reince pries who was extraordinarily htile toward donald trump, the mhole be running the conveion speaker ryan crical and severelyo of trump. thes were supposed to be neutral people. you can understand why tre might be a shared misapprehension on t part of both the rnc and the trump
11:35 pm
campaign. >> with due respect i think ose might be trualking points. >> yeah. >>eince priebus -- >> the part about trump or the part about r rn -- >> that priebus h hasn't been - >> let's not fence. is there going t to be good blo and sensible coming together here on the part of thth rncc bebecaus the rnc is supposed to be the l leader herere, neutral the --n an absolute sense, raing momoy, organanizing the party and going out and winning in noveer. >> the rnc has been neutral, they'v've fairly apppplieded ths and today the rules committee, the s snding rules committee met and they declined too change t ruless mid course. >> good going. >> s so that it's fair and keep eveverybody on the s same playi field. >> right. >> butut now -- >> i h hop that's a commitmen for the next several monthshs. we're going to have to go. very quickly. > over the next couple o of months d donald trump has to ea the support by winning the degates and establishing himself a as -- >> well, i think he has
11:36 pm
commmmitted to doing that, he's spending more money do it, campaigning like hell whwhat are you doing to prepare for the general? >> well, hillary clinton iss no who we want. >> amen, brother. thananks for being hehere. charlie speece, good to have you re. come back soon. >> you g o. nining me tonht forme u.s. ambasr to the unid nas, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also a fox news contributor. great to have you here. ambassador,he ral famil decided totiff p presint obama when he got to riyadh sending out the governor of riyadh inn ll of king salmlmon. is there any ins that too much for this present? >> well, maybe they're toppi the cubans who d didn't bother send out the castro brothers to greet him. i ink it's a mark of obviously theissatisfaction the saudis feel given what president oba has done on iran, ere are a lot of is between usnd
11:37 pm
saudi abia, but, youknow, i het --f obama went to israho do you think bibi netanyahu would seno the airport. >> anybody. anybody. >> a o-hour meeting and 's telling the psident -- the predent is tng npr that the saudis nowre on board with his iranian deal. >> he h been sayinghat -- >> that's stunning. >> -- for sometime. of cou they are not onboard. ey acknowledge t reality that the dl is there andba pl e enforce it. obam said just the other day in response to a quenhat the saudis, the other arabs need to ha to share the regn with an. let's like tells the polls to share the region with nazi germany. thk it's a best a naive ew but more likely pernicus. >> and suggest the french perhaps could u u their seets for pades. >> plant owers. you know, get used to it >> is thereny -- i mean, this
11:38 pm
man is -- he's goneeyond strange, he's gon into absusuity itself and people are just shaking their heads, y no one wants to say anything. >> ye. well, i thinkhey'refraiaid of the conquces ifhey do and what ir from people, o friends around the world, is theyust want toet to january the 20th, 2017 and get past th. from their perecve anything else woulde better becse thereld be some monstration of americacan strength they think wit almost any successor. >> do you thk anyone in th white housotices that everyone els is holding tir breath here >> i think they e in a b bubbl ofheir owncreation. they think they're building a legacy, rlly they're just making mockery. i inkt't's as if the president has retired alread which has it benefits byhe way. >> i wasoing to say ihi you can get- you can get a lot of support - >> for that, absolutely. >> -- that particul petition. it always great to have you herere. >> thank you, lou. >> thanks so much. a clege softball game a
11:39 pm
stunning halt to it, a dust vil interrupting a game between the lynch hornets and eagles. look at that. the dust upnly momenta halted the action. may have even benited the home team, the hornets raled for five runs in e bottom of the inning. nothing like a little curveball from tu. up next, donaltrump, speaking of curve balls, he h decided to thr a trational campaign at them. why fix what's nbrok? eboni williams, chris pnt join us next. stay wh us. if you're takiking multiple medications, es your mouth ten feel d dry? a dry y mouth can be a side effectct omany medications. buit can also lead ttoothh decay and bad breath. th's why there's biote, available as an oralal rse, toothpaste, spray y or g gel. biotene e can provide soothing relieff and d itelps keep your mouth healthy too. doing you good,le a drmoutist.ion is biotene, f people o suer from a dry mouth.
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joining us tonight host of the chris plante show o mlal, chs plplante and attorney radad talk show host help knee william williams. >> ebi, charlie speece, one of the most accccomplished electio law attorneys in ththe country defendining strongly the rnc.c. your reacaction? >> wewell, look, i t thi that serves to h help donald trtrump. certrtainly the biggest thing tt i think t trump has goingng form is the f fact that he is a political oututsider and going into in general e especially -- certainly thihink it looks le itit's going to be a against hiy clinton, that's the narrative he has to stitick with.. the minutute he starts -- and i
11:44 pm
understa there is a necessararily at se point to get some of these cgrgressional insiders on his team for the delegate purposes and thihings that wl h happen at the convention butut look, when he makes it, she has been a part f the problem, i b bring the solutions, i'm anutsider that's the strongestst narrativ for trump. >> chris, your reaction? >> you knowow, the rnc i is in impopossible situation thihis y i don't think there is a a winng path for themm and if it continues to appear that d dona trump is at odds with the rnc i agreee with eboni that actually helps donald trump b because th represent of course the establishment and he doess not. so if they are at logger heads, goodod for him, bad for the rnc. i dodon't think there is a w wat for them. they should not chahange the rules, they were wise to not startt changing the rules now, that wouldn'tt have passed the smell test, that wouould have bn very bad form m for them. ththey should conontinue to not change the rules. >> i agree with you i if going into the weekk before the conventition suddenly they are taking a a strong look at
11:45 pm
adjuststing rule 40-b or some o the othersshen you are going to be a comununded effectct, you a going to haveve a steh not a smell result. . >> you bet. >> is it t too early, eboni, fo dona t trump he says as we' listening to him inn harrisbsbu tonight he sayss he's pivivotino presididential, preparing to. do you think this s is the time? >> i think it'searly. i think your tease --lou, you talkeded about notixing someththing thas not oken. regardlessss of his unfavorable regardlelessf the challllenges thatat he faces and he does hav many,, i think he is still theh front runner for a reason.. wee not even in may yet, still a ways offff from july t to sta becoming more off a, quote, trtraditional candidate. tradaditional candidates are no doing welell this year, ask mar rubio. >> paul mafort, he e ha talked with the rnc, he andnd rick w w
11:46 pm
were down there in hollywood, florida, where the rnc iss meetining and, you knknow,, sai they're going to shift more traditional cacaaign, do fundraising f for thehe rnc. it soundnded warm, it sououndedd and p paul manafort said they'v done the procecess of coming totogether. do you believe it? >> if it is happening it's vere reluctant. it's's reluctant on everybody's part. if donald trump does becomome t nominee t then obviously that's going to have to happen. i don't see it happening before hehe becomes the nominee i in earnest anyway. i thinink they'rere going throu ththe motions, it's kind of a first dance. that's finene, tt's good news because if he does become t the minee then the party i is going to have to adapt to thee facact that he is t the nominee. as for donald trump becomoming more presidential, i agree witi ebononi again, it mhtht be a little too earlyly and as you sd if it ain't broke don't fix it, but at some pointnt perhaps aer he becomes thehe nomineeee if h does he i think is going to have
11:47 pm
to change up the routine a bit and become more at t least in se respects traraditionally presididential. >> and too chris' pointnt that' where he has more leverage, dodold trump. jujust finish strong, don't c tail, f finisish strong and mak them te the bitter pill of donald trtrump. don't do itt the othther way around. > i don't think any of us ha the slightest concernn that regagard. i think i it t is -- with t ted seem to o go step upp his attac on trump since he got walloped in new york, i think it is well establishedt't's a little early yet. eboni williams,hris plante as always gat to have y guys here. >> than, lou. >> x gamesold medalist rently setting a neworld record. you have to seeit. tom llish completing t longest rai slide on s ss successfully. going down a rail f 424feet, th previous record w 40 th was a year record.
11:48 pm
10,000 pounds of steelelded gether to complete that custom rarail and he usesed every i in it. u.s. officials have uncovered a new drug tunnel connecting mexico to california. the tunnel outfittetedith ventililatn, electricicity and rail systemm is the third such tunnelel to be fou in ththe regn sincemarch. six people have bebeen arresestn san diego, they're ced with crimeses iolving drugs anand, y, constrtition of that tunnel. the discover bolsteriringhe case for ththe trumpmp claims which says as presidentnt he would straraigen out forth with. up next, donald trtrum says the delegatateame is rigged, the rncc i riggeded, i it' time to a a h he's just the felellow t dothat. we take up thehe lked system and the folks who are, wewell, pullg theleleve. i will be talking with conservative author, bestt selling author, patbuchanan
11:49 pm
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donald trump's camampaign adviser saying trump isow t prohibitive favavorite in the republican presidentiaial race. trump's conveveioion manageraua manafort t talking to sean hanny lastight abouthehe prospspect of a contetested convenon.
11:53 pm
>> there's n goingbe a second ballot. ere is not an issue. you'r're convinced? >> we have several ways to get to 1,237 by ear junend today was a giant step forward, w think we're going to have otr great week next week, but me importantly what you saw -- you saw record turnout day in new york and a recd rnout with a primaryhat everybody knew donald ump was goingo win. >> a great point and leaked internal memoranda showing the trump campaign is nowredicting trumpill secure 1,400 dedelegates to take the nominatn on the first ballot in cleveland. joinings now pat buchanan, he has been aenior aiser to three presidts, twice a candate for the repubcan presidential nominatio mself, he's natioionally syndited coist and in between of that one of th ununtry's leading best selng authors. pat, great to have you whus. >> good toalk to yo ain,
11:54 pm
lou. >> l's start by the vicictory by nald trump in new york, paul manafort talking about 400 is theirprojection. i wouldn't sgest there's any marketing in th, but do you think that's a realiic number >> that snds to me likike a little bit of sigh war, lou, it's signal to all t legates saying in effect, look, fellas,et aboard this train i lving the station and make sure youe on it. but i do thinhat the possibility exists that dond trump couldake this thing pret handily on the fir ballot, but 1,400 sous a little bit out of the range for me. >> 1,0 or 1,30 you know, these still bome workabl numbers. let' turn i if we n to the party itse. i have n seen the par -- d i have covered cventions from '76 forward -- i have never seen a party taken their front
11:55 pm
runner the way the elites of the gop hav taken on donaltrump. have you? no, i he not. and to aegree some of e elites in 19 out at the palace did this when goldwater was taken and his agents were taking thearty away from th. i thk the same thing obtains here lou. the elites s in a trump run for the nominatn and a successful run really the eclipse. hick ting over the party. him moving on a new direction on trade deals, him securing the bords and no amnesty. and evenn the interventntionll over t rld, these military interventions which manyf the neo cons favor there may be no more. i think they all see their agenda, they all see their rice wls brokennd theirgenda caeled >> when y y mentionedhe neo cons, i mean, t strong -- the surpriseere to me the strongt surprise ofll has beenhe evgelical, the
11:56 pm
religis cservatives in this coununtrho are embracing donal trump even as theeoons react in fear and rejection at the anticipation of a trump agda, others are eracing and new bance is being, if you will, projected by the trump candid y candidac >> i think the engelicals a owing a measure of sophistication here look, eryone agrs the cotry i is in rea trouble, trump, whave you say, he's do the diana mil, energy abo him and he'soingo dl with thes things. i think what they're saying s look, we tru trump not because we believe he is a social conservati or evangelical christian, but wthinke will do what is in h interest and the par ieres and we believe him when h says he will put scalia-type fellasn the supreme cocourt. so i think it's aophistated response o the par of th evangelicals. >>ou talked in your most recent column aut the gop
11:57 pm
risking suicide here. do you believe the elites are gog to at let at some point cocome to their sses and say -- and acknowlge the fnt runner and begin a hling process and move toward unity? >> i think the elites are aost out of thegame, lou. i ink the real challenge and the onl challge to trump comes from cruz. but i will say this,f this party gathersn cleveland and trp h has the most victories and the mos states and the mt delegasnd millions more votes thannyone else and the bigges crowds ever and the partyhen tns and says, now we presento americaur winner, our nominee, ted uz, i ink thahat iseally not crible forarty to say at that point. but i think the elites really they have beeneeble he in washington, d.c.,hey seem to have nocontrol, wealk about the estaishment, it's been
11:58 pm
shoved aside in a battle beten trp and cruz and i don'tnow what crus saying, but he's never seeme to me to have been rely a boved figure up o capitol hill >> t that is what theyy call a d scription for the senat o capil hill. lee turn, pat- >> su. >> -- tththe agenda. you have paul ryan,he speaker, who will be rng the convention as is itional, t i have never seen a speaker be bothh -- interject himself into the race, attack a candidate and simultaneously say he is goi tout forwa an agenda that will compete with that othe minee. this is unheard , especially when that nominee is bringing i millions and millions of people into the tent tha has been woefully, woefully attende over the coue of the two previous election cycles. >> b you are rightbout what trump h done in ter -- he has brought people into the reblican primaries by the
11:59 pm
millio and millions they have hadhe largest tuout i think they have ever had in any kind pmaries in state aft stat >> correct. >> i would rlly admonisd paul ryan t take a lk a one exame. back in 1964 wn goldwater won the nomination, rockefeller a romney and scranton they all cut him gd-bye and goodluck. two people went out f goldwater allver t country at year, richard nixon and ronaldeagan and the future belonged to them f standing by to defeat in aorrible dt ng down andeing there beside him. if i wer paul ryan and he's obously got a futuren the pay i would say, look, i'm goingo support the nominee for this par and go out and wk for him because i'm the lear of the forces onapitol hill. >> pat,ato have you here. come back soon always good to talk with you. >> goodd to talk to you, my frfriend. >> pat buchchanan. thankss for joining us toghght. goodnight from n new york. for time life's music collection.
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