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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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lauren: breakingng ns this morning.g. president obama in g germany expecteded to announ today he is sending an additional 250 u.u.s. military personnel no syria. he will deliver a a speech in about t half an hour from now. we wl l haveve it for you live. good morning, i'm laururen simomonetti. cher: : good morning, i'm cheryl unprecedented move, tecruz and john kasich age to double-team donald tmp to deny him the gop nominations fore the summer's convnvention lauren: trump and hillar clinton thig leads in pennsylvan, super tuesday 3 just a day away.y. we will have theumbers for you.
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cheryl: after posting slight gain, let's check u.s. sto market futures ahe of opening bell dow pointing lower by 71 pnts in theremarket and s&p lower by 9, nasdaq by 22 and a half. uren: japan's nikkei index down .7%. shanghai composite falng almost hf of a perce. cheryl: check where udoil is, about 1 and a half rcen lauren: get ready from rults om twiwitter, apple, facebooooks well as amazon, we will tetellou what to exexpe cheryl: cleveland cavaliersrs sweep detroit pistons, butut warriors saw st everyoyone opinn ch curry on the bebenc again.
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>> welcome to o fbam, first look at morning markets, breaking news and what to expxpect for te day ahahea eryl: : u.s. is sending an adtional 250 mility personnel yria. presidident obama expected to announce a a dion in germany inin about 30 minunutefrom nowo. will increasaspersonnel inside syria a from 50 to 300. wewe a going to carry the presidens speech r rig heree fox business network. laur: teted cruz and john kasich double teaming to o st donald trump.p. ey will coordinate effortsts i threree upcoming states kasich willull out ofof indiaiao give crcr alear bath d cr willl step aside in oregon as s well s new mexico lettingng kich potentntiay win those states. th spoke about a contested convention ding a town hall event hosted by fox newsast nigh lien. >> eveone would rather see the
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blican party unit early on by a nominee. i uld love to have 1237 delegatetoday. that hasn't happened. what igood for the gop is to nomite a candidate who can win and who acally have has a real substante agen. >> we are gointo an open convention. people are saying, he esn' know wi'm talking about. turns oui'm right. thdelegates are going to think who can win inhe fall. lauren: trump twteted this, just announced th lying ted allude from winning nomininatn. des s sepation. cherylyl: eet wars begin. donald trumpmp and hillary clinn are leading in pennsnsylnia, the wawall street journal nbc news poll ss that trurump gets 45% support while crcruz has 27% and closely behi cruz isis john kasisichhas 24%.
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17 republican delegates are a at ststak trump criticized the system as well a as rival ted cruz. >> it's a rigged system, i it'sa rig. and i readad you probably where cruz is g goi, wining and dining and dinners, h he's bribing peoe essentially to vote. now hehe c't do nit the first ballot because they y are cked into me in the first ballolot. [cheers and applplau] >> that's all l i re about. lauren: on the democratitic de hillary clinton gets 55%5% suppt while bernie sanande has 40%, pennsylvania will award 189 delegates in tomomorw's imary. inintodid campaign in pennsylvanania yesterday. > president obama dug us outf ththe ditch that we were dropped into in the great recession soso we are standing butut n we've got toto srt running.
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and so we need those j jobs ande needed tse incomes, we have to pay special attetentn to parts of thesese city, state and couny that have bebeeneft out and left behind. lauren: when while w when asked why he lost contest th states with higincome inequalaly, quote, because poor peopople do not vote. chereryl: wow. alall right. you u want to make sure to tunen tomorrow night for our supuper tuesesday, starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern time r rig here on the fox business network, all the stars going to be there. lauren: they surure are. billionaireoch, made a comment on abc's this week >> so is it possle another clinton could be betr than anothepublican? >> it's possssible, it's possib. >> you couldn't see yourse supporting hilla clinton, could you? >> weler -- we would have to
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believe heactions will be quite different than a rhetoc, let me put it th wayay. lauren: in reactn, this is what hillary cnton tweeted. not interested in endorsemts for wheemho deny climate science, he also criticized ted cruz pposal to bomb syria. cheryl: clinton campaign releasing ad, it's calleled love d k kindness. > we ne to make sure he gets a chance howdo tt. america is stronger when we all pporting o anoth [laughte ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm hillaryry clinton and i approvthisis message. cheryl: 60-sond ad will airr
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daday in primary states, maryryland andennsylvania. trying to soften her imamage. lauren: seems so. apple expected to report over-year dedecline after openig bell tomorrow. twititter reports after the bell tomorrow. revenue ththere expect today jup 39%. investors have been n on edge afteter twitter struguggles, wel also hear from facebook. amazon rololled out numbers on thursday. we w will have the numbers as sn as they y cross and will move te market. all big names. cheryl: of course, t that's goig to a affect your market this is week. let's get you caught up on global market t acti overnight, fifirst to a asia, all over the major asian rkets looking lower. nikkei in japan down abobout 3
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quarters of a percent.t. hang seng, hong kong, 3 quartrtr percrcent. spi down just a fraction.. >> looks like theyey are followg asia's's lead to the dowownside. dax x in germany down 1 and a third percent. german business moraral unexpecd fafailed t this month. you haveve the numbers for us, cherylyl. cherylyl: a lot of earnings comg out this week. that's's going to affect the markets here. right now you have thehe dow pointing lower by 75 p points. s&s&p re than nine pois. nasdsdaq down 22, but again, wih all the big g numbers coming out this week, the story cldld really change.e. >> checking mmodities,s, oil trading to the dowownside. 42.86, golold is up 4, 12.34 a
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oy ounce. cheryl: policy meeting tomororrw but t no ratate hike is expecte. at the fed's march meeting, janet yellen reducuced to two quarter kes ininstead of four due tolobal environment, weakness, won't raise rates before june raisingenchmark for the first ti since finaial crisis. lauren: poant week for valuim phaaceuticals. work to go finale the hirings. pierceson is schedule day testify on wednesday. it intendso file the delayed 10-k annual port by friday which would allow ito avoid potential default billions of llars in debt.
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valium shares have dropped in stoc cheryl: wow,igig news in the spororts. former nfluarterback johnny manzel h been indicted aininst -girlfriend. formal annncement of indict expect to come today, this is aftea grand jujury hea the case just last week. laurenhehere is a look at the heheadlines in today's editionff the llll street journal. sears arststill affective. new rereport says some continueo raise money and attracact follerers despite being targeted by the treasury deparenents. a a research firm says this move is required if the stos s want to raiain the productivity they have a decade ago berere the are start to go buy onhehe phone. apple's watch ououtpays iphone n
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first year, ple sold twice as many watches, buthe watctch has challengeso overcome and they never give us the exact numbers. cherylyl: the e watch has been a ststruggle for the company, absotely. weant to give you sosome of the stocks that wewe are watchching today. first to xerox. lookoking g for a slightly proft from a year ago wiwith slight decline in revenenue xerox isis splitting into two dodocuments. the pharmacycy benefit's manager expected to reportrt hher earnings and revenue. it's invololved in a better bitr contract. and furniture retetail expectedo post higher ea negotiation revenue comparedo st year. a lot of remodeling ing t ere in america. lauren: that's a good si
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the economy. unintetended consequences of a minimum wawageike. >> small businesses in california are laying ofoff workers to switching to o machie ahead of $15 mimum wage. i'm will carrn fresno and i have all the detai coming up. lauren: president oba to speak in gerny and announce 250 personnel are going to sia. will have that speech for y live. u're watching fbn:am, firs look at morning rketand breaking news. it's about2:00 a.m. right here in new york. you chipped my birdbath! now you're g gonna p pay! not so fasast! i cover more than j just cars and trucks.
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chererylyl: it is 5:15 a.m. in w york. hahappy monday. let't's get t you caught up on whatat's hapning right now. president obama a expected to annonounce from nerm any today that wilill sd 250 pepersonal syria. that wilill bring the total to 300. prpresident's speech liv it's about ten minutes away.y. senanator ted cruz andnd john kh are double-teaming donalald tru. the two have dececided to split efforts inin primary states in n effort to op trump. trump cacalls it desperation. apple e and twitter among high-tech compananies reportrtig eaearnings. apapple expected that revenue dd
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iphone saleses are first down. first drop in 13 years. twitter expected to repoport revenue as an inincrease and thatat's tomorrow. checking u.s. stock k market futures s ahead of the opening bell. there you go. right there, we arare pointitino a down open on your monday. this is what's happening on right now, lauren. laurenen: ready to absorb minimm wage hikes, smaller commumunitis are feeli unintended cocoequeuences. >> fifte-dollar minimum gauauge would beevastating. californ raised minimum wage from 8r9o $10 in nuary owner has been force tod raise taxe layoff a cook and replaced tm with cheer
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ffle machines. every time let somebody g i let go of a fend. replace hi job with 0-doar machine. this is about economic justice. >> trying to swaowhe 15-dollar minimum wage tt was faced d in by 2022, could furthr damage the city's alalready frailed economic.. >> there s still double digit unemployment in fresnono. raising minimum wage to $1$15 an hohour is not going to help tha. >> thousands march a across the city as part of fit for 15, push to help low-income workeres like vickie, makes 10.0.25 an hohour. >> it's happening.g. i'm m going to see my check grow bigger so i cann hopefully, i am going to plan to buy a h house. >> a tough sell forr donald.
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>> strugglgling like cities want more exceptions. a minimum wage increase doesn'nt math if you don't havehehe jobs to begin witith. laurenen and cheryl. >> thank y you so much. >> well, coming up. e weekend boxff. become my hunn., you will >> the huntsman lls as the film f to dent disney's jungle box. we will have the b office winnerfor you. we are waion apeech from ident obama. he's in germany, expected to announce more mitary personl. we will ve those comments live whhe president takes to the ste, a live picture right there. chng u.s. stock market futuret now, we are looking at a negative openg this monday.
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w pointing lower by 72, s&p lower by 9. nasd lower by 22 and a half in the premarket. you're watching fbn:first look at rning markets and brkingng news thank you for caing. we'll be with you ortly. yeah right. xerox predictive analyticselp companies provide better and faster ctomer experience. hellmr. kent. can i rebook y yr flight? and fasti'm here! experience. custom care can work better. with xerox. wait i'mere! mr. kent? (gasp) shark ding! xerox personalized employee s make benefs simple and accessible. from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff mping! man resources can better. th xerox.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> what are e you going to do, beathe hero? >> pretty much. lauren: ow white sequel could not beat the latesadventure at e box office, the jungleoo mained king for the second weekend. cheryl: right now w would like
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o to president obama and st started speaking in germany,e is just wrapping a six-day tourhrough the mide east and eure. les listen in r a few nutes.s. >> on matt of law of american people i want to thank anga for alliance and i wou to thank for the coitment to freedom and inequality and human rights, which is reflection of yourwn inspiring life, i truly believe you've shown us the leadership for stey hands. how do you call ithe merkel -- [lghter] >> and o over the last seven yes i've relied on your f fendship and counsel and your compass. to the memembers, prime minister vile, mayor shos, thehe ak,
5:24 am
distinguished guests, peoplele f germrmany and i'm spially please today see the young pepeople h e from gerermany and across europ. we also have some prproud amamericans here. there you go. i have to admit that i have developea special placin m my hearart for the german peop. backck when i was a candidatfor thisis office you welcomed me wh a small rally in berlin whwhe i spoke ofof the change that's possible when the world ststands as one. as president you've trtreated me and michelle and our daughtersrs to wonderfrful hospitality. you've offffered me an excellent beer and crune. my only y regretet is that i hae never r been to germany for oktoberfest so i will hahave to
5:25 am
come back and d i i suspect it's more fun when you're not president. [applause] >> so my timing will bee good. anas always i bring the friendship othe american people. we consider e german people d all of our european allie toe among our closest friends the world because we sharso mu experience in -- and so many of the saalues, we believe the tion's of the pe should live in security and peace, we lieve in creating opptunity that lift up not justhe few but the . ani'm proud to be the fist rson president to be able to me and say that in the unid states hh care is not a privilege, it isow a right f all, we share that as we. [applause]
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perhs most importantly we believe in the equality and diitof every human being. totoday inmerica peoplple have e freedom to mry the person that ey love. we believe in justice tho child in theorld should ever die from a mosito bit that no o should suffer from the ache of an empty stomach, th together we can saveur plat and the rld east most vulnerable pplfrom the worst effects of climatehange. these e thgs that we sha. it's more of comn experience. and this is what want to talk abt today. the future that we areuilding together not separately but together. and that startright here in europe and i want to beg with
5:27 am
an observation thagigiven the challenge that is f face in the world d the headlines we see every day maseem improbable but it's true. we a fortunate to be living in the most peaceceful, most prospero, mo progressive era in human history. that me surprise y young people o are watching tv or locking at youphones and iseems like only bad news comes thugh every day, but consir that it's beedecades since the last war between mar powers. more peopllive in democracies, more wealthier, anhehealthier d better educated with a glob economy that's lifted up more than billion people from extreme poverty d created ne middle csses fm the americas tofrica, t to asia.
5:28 am
think about the health of the erage person in the worl tens of millions of liv that we se frodisease and infant mortality and ound the world we are more tolerant with re opportunity r women. and ys and lesbian as we ph bag on bry and prejudice. around the world there a new generation of people like u created technology and driven by your idealism and stt adventes and the whole government is mo accountable and advanced h dignity. if you had tchoosese a moment in time to be born, any time in human story and you didn't
5:29 am
ow ahead of time what tionality you were or what gender, wh your economic status might be, you'd choe today, which isn't to say at there is not still ermous suering and enoous trtragedy and so mh work fors to do, it is trerember that the trajajectory of our history o oe the e last 50, 100 years has b remarkable. and we c c't take that for granted d d we should take confidencece in our ability to e able to shape ourr own destiny. now, thadodoesn't mean that we can complacent because today dangerous foeses due threaten to pupull the world backwards and r progress is not inevitae.e.
5:30 am
these challenges threan n europe and they threaten our transatlantic community. we are n i immune from the forcrces of change around the world.d. as they have elsewhere,. elsewhe slaughteredeople in istanbul, san berndodo, california, and we see trageeses iour daily lives, airport, coffee, workplace or a theater and unsettles us, it mak us unsure our day-tdayives, fearful not just for ourlves but the ones we love. conflicts from sth sudan to syria to afghanistan he sent millions fleeing seeking t retive safety of european shores but tt puts new strains
5:31 am
on countries and local communities d threatens to didistort our politics. russn aggression has flrantly violated the sovereigntof european nation, ukrae and that unnerves our allies in eastn eupe threatening of a visioof europeho is whole free and at peace and seems to threan the progress that's been made since the end of cold war. slow econoc owth in europe speciallin t the south has left millions u unempyed including neration of people without jobs and who m l look to the future with diminishingng hop. and all these persistent challengesave lesome to question wheth european integration canong endure, whether u might be better off
5:32 am
separating off redrawing se of the barriers the walls between nations that existedn the th century. across ourountries including the unit states a lot of works and milies are still ruggling recover from the worst economic crisi again --enerations and that trauma from millions who st homes and savings is stillelt and meanwhile therare profnd ends underway that have been gogog on for decades, globalization, automation that inin some cases haveepressed was anand made worke in a weaker positn to bargain for bett-better working nditions. wages havetagnated in many advanced countries whi other costs ha gonup.
5:33 am
inequality has increased a more many peop it's harder an ever just to hold on. this is happening inurope, we see some othese tren in the united states anacross the advanc enomies and these concerns and anxietiesre real, theye legitimate, they cannot be ignornd they deserve lutions from those in power unfortunately in the vuum if we do not lve these problems, you start seeinghosese who would y to exploit theseears and frustrations andnd channel tm in a destructivway, a creeping of politi that s found today reject on us versus them mentality, t try to blame our problems on the other, someby who doesn't lo like or
5:34 am
don't pray like us, whethe it's immigrant, or muims or somebody whoeemed different than us. and u see increasing intolerance inur politics. and loudoiceget the most attention. it reminds y of the poem by the great irish poet wbates the best le all conviction and thworst of all intsity. so this is a defing moment and what hapns on this continen has consequenceses for peoe around thelobe.
5:35 am
if a uni f fied pceful liberal plural listic europe begins doubt itself, begins to question the prprress made over several decades, then we can't e expect the progress that is jusust now taking hold in many placaces ound the world will continue. instead ify those that say n work and organizing ourselves against ethic line and restriions on the press,
5:36 am
that those a the things that the challenges of today demand. so i've come hertoday to the heart of eure to say that the united stas and the entire world needs a strong and prospero and democratic and united europe. and perhaps you need a outser, somebody who is not europeano remind you of the magnitude of what yohave achieved. the progress that i descbed was made possible in lar asure by idealthat iginated on this continent.
5:37 am
of course th progrdidn't travel a saight line in the last cenry, twice in just 30 yearars the forces of empi and extreme nationalism nsed this continent aities like this were rgely reduce today rubble. tensf millions of men and women were killed. but from the ruins o the second world war, r nation set out to remahe world, to build a new institution, a united tions to prevent another rlrld war in peace. a more and just lasting rnational financial institutions like e world bank and international mory fund to promote psperity for all of the declaraon
5:38 am
d here in europe giants like chcell setut to bind old adadversaries through coce and throtrade. euroan unity was a dream of a few, it be a hope for the many, it today it is aecessity for all of us. [applae] >>nd iwasnsn't easy. d animositi h to be overme, national pride had to be joined with a commient to a common gooomplex questions of sovereigntynd burden shing had to be answe d at every step e pulse e to pull back foeach country to go its owway had to be resistant.
5:39 am
mo than ones sptics predict it had dise of this gre prect. but thdivision solded on amera stood with you every step of this jouey. a marshall plan to ruild an air lift to sa berlin, nato allianceo save our way of life, america's commitme to europe was captured by a young ican president john f kennedy when he stood at freedom is indivisib. when one man i enslaved, all are not fre with strength and resolvand the por of our ideals and a belief in a unified europe, we
5:40 am
didn't simply enthe cold war, freedom won germany s reunited, you welclcomed new democcies into an even ever-closer union. you may argue over whohose football clubs are betteote for a differt singers on eurovision, but your accomplishnt more than 500 million people speakin24 languages in 28 countrie 19 th a common currency in one ropean union remains one of the greatest politicalnd economic achievements of modn time [alause] yes, european unity can reque
5:41 am
frustrating compris it adds layers of govement th can slow decision making, i understand, i've beein meetings with e european mmission. [laughter]r] >> and as anmerican,n, we are famously distainulf govement. we understand how easyt is to vent at ussels and compln, but remember that evy member of your union is a democracy. that's notn accidt. remember that to is as strong ast's ever been. rememb t that our market economies as anga and i saw this mning are the greaters
5:42 am
innovators of weal and opportunity in history. our freedom, ouruali of life remain iis envy of the world. so much so that parents ar willing to walk across d deserts daughters or sons seasas on make-s-shi rts, risk erything in the hope of gigiving their childrenen t blessings that we, that you e enj. blblesngs that you cannot take for grantnted. this continent in the 20th century was at constant war. people starveded o thiss continent, families were separated on that cocontent and nopeople desperately want toto
5:43 am
come here precisely becacausof what you've creaeate you can't take that fofor grant. d today more than ever, aa strong uniteted europe remaiains adnar said a necessity f forll of us. 's a necessity for the uniteted states because eururope's secury and prospererity is inherently indivisiblble om our own, we can't cut t ouelves off from you, our economies a are integrated, our cultures a are inintegrat, our peoples are integrated. you saw the e rese of the american p peoe to paris and brusse, , it because in our imaginatioionshis is our cities. a strong uniteted europe is a nessssitfor the world because it remainsns vital to our
5:44 am
international oer. europe helps too uphold the nors and d rules that canaintain peace anand omote prosperity around the wororld consider what we've donene i recentnt years, pulling the glol onomy back from the brk k of depressionon a putting the world back in the path to recoveryry, comprehensive al that's s cut off every singlele one of iriran toto auclear bomb, without nuclear weapapons, in paris the most aitious to fight climate change. [applause] >> s stopping ebola in west afra sang countless lives and
5:45 am
including goal to o index eatment povty, nonone of those things could have happenened if, if the united d states did not hahave a partnership with a strg and united europe. it wououldn't have happened. [applause] >> that's -- that's whatat's possible when eueurope and amera and the wod stand as one. and that's precily what we are going to need to face downhe very real dangerous that wface today. so let me just l out the k kind of cooooperation that we are gog to nee we need a strongururope to bear its share of the burden rkrking wiwith us on behalf of our collectitive secitity. the united states haanan
5:46 am
extraordinary lilitary, the best the world has ever knownbubut the naturere of totoday's threas meanwewe can't deal with these challenges by ourselves, right now the most urgent t threat to our nations is isil and d that's why we areninited in our determrmination to destroy it ad all 2828 nato allies are contributing touour coalition whether stringng targets in syriria and iraq or training loc forces in ir a are providi crcritical humanitarian aid. and we continue m make prressss, pushing isil back from territorththat it controls. just as i i have approved addititional support for iraqi forces, i decide todayay increae u.s. support for local forceces fighting inyryria, a small number of spececial operations forces in riria and their expertise has been c critical as
5:47 am
lolocal forces have driven isili kearareas, given success i've apoved deployment of 250 additional u. . personnel in syria to keeupup this momentum. eyey're nonot going to be leadag the fight t on the ground, but they will be essentiainin providing the aining and assiststlocal forces that continue to drive isil back. terrorists will learn e same sss as others before they haveur hatred is no mah for our nations ited and our way of life, and just as w remain relentless we not going to give upup oplomacy to end the civil war syria because the ering of syrian people has to end and requires an effectivpopoliticacl transionon. [applause]
5:48 am
but this r remains a difficult fight and none of f us can solve these -- this problem byby ourselves.s. even as europeanan countries mae important contributions against isil, europe i incdiding nato cn still do more. so i've spokenen to chancellor merkel and i will be meetiting later with the presidents s of france a and the prime ministerf -- prime ministers of great britaiain, i italy and syria inq we need more natations contribue to go their campaiaign, we need morere nations contributining trainers to build up fororces in iraq, we need more natioionso contribute economic assiststan to iraq so i it n stabilizee liberated areas anand eak the cycle of v violent extremism so that isil l caot come back. the e teorists are doing anything possiblble to strike or citizezensso we need to do everythingng in our power toto p them and that includudeslosing
5:49 am
gaps so terrorists c c pull attacks like tsese iparis and brusseselswhich brings me to one otothepoint, europea like americans chererish your privacy and many are s skeical ant governmements collecting information n fogood reason and that skepticism is healthy. germans remember their historyry of government surveillance, soo do americans, by the way, rticularly those who are fighting on behalf of civill rights. soso it't's part of our democras to make sure our governmnments e accountable. but i nt to say this to ung peop that value their priva and spend a lot of time in tir phones, the that of terrorism is real. in the united stat i've work
5:50 am
today reform o surveillance prrams to ensure that they are consistent with the rulef law and upholdinour values like privacy, and by thy, we includehe privacyf people outside of the uted states, we care about european'rivacy not ju america' privacy but also in worng on n these issues have co to recogne that security and privacy don't have tbe a contntradictio we can proteoth and we have to. ife truly value our liberty, then we haveo take the steps that are necessary to share informion and intelligence within europe as well asetween the uned states and europe to stoperrorist from traveling and crossingororders and kilng innocent people and as today teats of all our
5:51 am
allianceas to evolve, so we are gointo have a nato smit is smer and insist that al of us have to meetetur responsibiliti united together, that means standing wi the people of afghanistan as they build secuty forces as they pusback against violent extremism, me ships to shut down criminal networks who are profiting by smugglingesperate familiesnd that said, nato's central missio and always ll be our so lem duty, our article 5 commitmento our coon defense. and that's why we wi continue bolt- bolster ourllies and we havto make sure nato caies out its traditional missiobut also to meet t thats of nato's southern
5:52 am
flank. we havto defend the security eve all that's why we need to ay and make sure invest in new capability cyber def and missile defense something that doesn't alws happen. sometimes europe has been co -- come mplacent of their own dense. tions like ukraine have the right to choe their own destiny. remember it was the yuik ran for a future with euro thatt prompted russia send in its miry.
5:53 am
after althat europe endured in the 20th centurye st not allow borders toe redrawn by grou in 21st century. we suldeeukraine and modernize its forces tprotect its independence. we need keep sanctions on ssia in place until russia implements the agrments that chancellor merkel d president and others have worked to hard to maintain and provida path for political resolutiti of this ise. and ultimates our hope not b bullying neighrs but n our
5:54 am
collective security s on a fountion of prosperity, so that brings meme to next point. world needs arosperous and owing europe. not just a growing eure but prospero. as i mentied before, the economic anxieti many feel today on both des of the atlantic are real. the disrupti changes brought by theconomy, unfortunaty somemes are hitting certain groups special working-class communities more heavily. and if neither the burdensf economy e ing irly distrited it's no wonder that people rise up a reject globalization. if there are two few wners and
5:55 am
too many loseras the global ecomy integrates, people are goining to ph back. so all of usn positions of power have aespoibility as aders of government and business a and civ society to help people realize thpromise of economimic and security inhis integratedconomy. and the odews is we know how to do it, sometimes we jt lack the polical ll to do it. in the united stat our economy is growing again but t united states can'te the sole engine of global growth and cntries should n have to use between respondingo crises and investg to peoe. all of our countri, for example, could be vesting more in infrastruure. all of couries need to invest in science, researchnd
5:56 am
development. all the counies have to invest in young peoplto make sure th have the skills and the training and the educati they need tadapt t to this rapiy changing w. all of our countries need worry ouinequality and make sure that workers are getng a fair share of the credible oductivity that technology a glob supply chains are proding, but if you're really concerned out inequality, if you're really concerneabout the pli of workers, it's m firm believe that you cat turn inward, that's nothe right answer, we have increase trading ase create jobs for
5:57 am
the , we need to keep implementingeforms to the banking and fincial systems so that the excses and abuse that is trier financicial crisis never happengain, but we can't do that individual natioion by nation because fance now is transnational. if ware not coordinating between n europend asia, t thent wot work. as the wld has been reminded in rect weeks, we need to close loopholes to avo paying eir fair share of taxes throug tax sa -- heaven but do that we verify to dohat. re in europe as you work to strengthen yr union including banking reforms anduyinyou will have thsupport the
5:58 am
unit states, butou're gog to have do it together because onomies are too integrated to try toolve these oblems on your own and i wanto repeat, we have to confront the injusticef wideng economic inequality but that is gog to requirire collecti work because capital is mile and if only a few untries are worrying about i then a lot of sisses will head towards places thathey don't care quite as much. for years countries had to choose, now know the truth. when weah is increasingly coentrated among the few at the top, it'not ononly a moral challenge tos but actually drags down a coury's growth poteial. we need growth that isroad and lifts everybody up.
5:59 am
we need taahassee policies that do ght by working falies. and those likee who support ropean unity and free trade al have a profound responsibility to ampion strong proteions for workers, a livi wage and the right to organize and a strong safetyet and a commmmment to protect coumers in the envirment uponhich we all depend. if we really want to reduc inequali we have to make sure that everyone who works rd ts a fair ot andhat's ecially for young people likik you with good wages d making sure there's eal pay and equal wo foromen. [appuse] >>hehe point is we have to reform my of our enomies, but the answer treform is not
6:00 am
to start cutti ourselves off from each other, rather it to work together. and this brings me back tohere i begin. world depends on a mocratic that upholds the principles of pluralism d diversity that our areommon creed. as free peoples we cant allow thforce that is i've describe fears about security to und mind the security to universal lues to the source of our strength . dedemocracy can be messy andlow, i know that. i have to deal with a congress. [laughter] >> we ve to constantly work


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