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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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woulhillary need to hire a food tester if that actual happened? [laughter] could marco rubin n on the republican side? t me know. go on to or show page @trishintel. liz an is next. z: trish, thank you. the republ front-runner facing a game of two oe as cruznd kich announce a plan to play hardball. cruz and kash, as you have heard alreadeaming up to stop the bilaire businessman,ut the team has ready madee moves today. and so has donald trump, say he is unstoppable. by t way, trump is still the only candate who is thematically a in this race for7 delegates needed fonomination. hecalling cruz and kasich and that alliae desperate and weak, en suggesting it's collusion anuld be illegal. look, 's a strong accusation is it reallylusion, or is all ir in love and politics? t a lot of love though. ove there. [lauter]
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wewe a rululing from former presidential cdidate, governor mike hucbee. he with us live and exclusive right here. hillarinton joining trump in the tantl lead category headinto the five state imarieies we're calling super tuesday 3.0. she not even ntioning her mocratic opponent today in dere, instead aiming her sights directly hat she of toucd at have landed a docratic w has yo 'll ask congressman brendan nders oras clinton and ether he's leaning in one diron or another. on wl street week of big earnin and polstatements by the fed aloith bank of japan making investors very you see the dow jones points? down about 62 we we down 148, not bad,
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right? we'rsshan an hour to the cling bebell, les start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz:uce up because it's going to be a wild week on wa street and certaly main street. tomorrow creatconfence numbs come out, then on wednesday thferaral reserve reasing its federal rate desion, gdp numbers on thursday, and friday we gethe chicago i numbers. right now thbulls are fighting a losing bate toake back dow 18,000, we'rat 17,940 at this very minute. weak o not helping equities at all. in ft, even though oilas enjoyed a threweweek-long rally, the weakness sin last year, on thisis one-year chart, is sling in oil-related names, and at's bringing down the s&p. take a look at t oil and iron ore prucer announcing it's cutting its dividend b75%. the company has suffered dueo
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commodity price op particularly oil 's down about 4.5 itnly mirroring what we have hed from manotr names here, that ty've either had to cut or eliminate theidend. sot the moment that's no bhp billiton with a dierence there. mining for delates is a roughh and tumble enterprise righnow. we've got you ve team fox buness coverage of the race for the white house. coell mcshane is live in westchesr,ennsylvavania, where donald tmp is expected to hold a rally at the topf the hour. he's had back toack llieies, and je fck is in columbus, india, where he just spoke t senatotecruz when the senator stoppefoice cream. but we're going to bin i pennlvania because donald trump fighting f this twpronged attack at this hour, gornor kasich and senator cruz grouound over the weekd looking at a comn enemy, and that's donald trp.
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they're coordinating the mpgn strategies to try t to take dn e billionaire frt-runner. under the let'call it an arrangement, kasich llake a step back from campaning in diana in o order to let his supporters back ted cruzwhile thtexas senatois doing the t same for kasich in orego anand nemexico. d trump? could he aually be getting a little nervous, hiring yet another degate advdviser to shore up the23delegates necessary to cnch the nomination borthe conventi? connell mcshanrit there in stchester, pennsylvania, whe trump will take the ste i guess,ha about an hour from you now. connell, the olddage is apparely coming to life here. rorter: isn't it, liz? it's bn a fascinating dayo watcana big one for donald trump ahd of what he hopes will be a bigg one torrow. all five stateincluding this on pennsylvania. en he was up in rhode island for thfirst of his three rallies toy, he got right to that story, kasi and cruz.
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as you point out, withhis arrangemento work together. here's trump. >> it takes twguys, longtime politicians, to try and ge together to try anbeat trump, and yet the way behind. [cers and applause] and i id to myself, that's pretty bad. that'sretty bad. and hehe's the key: i've only bebeen doinghis for ten months. honestly, it sho such total wenessand it's patheti when two longtim insider politicis, establishment guys whether you like it or n, have to clude, have to get togeer try andnd beat guy that really speaks what the peopl nt. >> reporter: all right, we don't thinink he's big fan of that parcular strategy. now, athis second event, it's worth pointingut that mr. trump willncounter a much younger owd than what he's used to. it's aunch of f college kids here on thcampus of westchter iversity, maybe
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3500-4000 people, but st of th are young people. outside of the event there's group of student protesters gathering at thihourur, so we'll monitor that. no we did speak to some the studentsarlier today, and some were upset that trump is en wed on their campus, but n eryonene felt that way. re's a sample. >> he promotes v violencnce at s rallies, a and i'm kd of scared of that, so i'i'm not going. >> i saw on facebook t they started a a petition, and i thik 5,000 opople signed it for him not to come. i am a trump suprter, , so i ththink people n need to be opeo diversity, andnd that's somethig all colllleges, i think, need to do nowadays. >> it's good to see the schoolol doing that. at thehe end of the day, we're susupposed to be a facility tha, you know, we havave to offer soe sosort of open-ended discussion. and we a always have to be openo other people's interpretatioion, so it's good. we're e giving him his freedom f speech. >> reporter: allll right, liz. one hour to go or r thereabouts, less than an hour r until trump
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appears herere. remember, ststrange delegate system herere, if you win the state, you only get 17, 54 f fre agagents go to the convention. trtrump is favored here and the other four states that votote tomorrow. this could be interesting rarally given the younger crowd, you nenever know what'll happen. liz: those kids sounded prettyty smart and memeasured there. connell, thank you very y mu. by t the way, we'll jump back to connnnell when he begins speakig just to o see what's happening ther here's a a little hint: : sad, k anand desperate. those are just some e of the adjectives republilican front-runner d donald trump is calling rival senator ted cruzu. i guess you could also add all-out vivicious dog pile headg into tuesday. the texas senator cacampaigningn indiana at this hour, , setting his ghts on n what could be a last stronghold agaiait the billionairirbusinessman. but a brand d new fox news poll shows donald trump is ahahead of cruz and certainly aheadad of jn kasich, ahead of c cruz by an eight-point mamargin here.
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fox busineness' jeff flock liven columbus, indiana. he's following the senator.. what do they thihink of cruz in the hoosier state atat this hou? >> repororteter: some have been critical of what happened. in fact, ted cruz totoday, i'll tell youou, i think he was tryig to convert i indiana voters oney e today. spent a lot t time talking to people, people that werere skeptical. he actctually spent five minutes with o one woman who was clearla trump supporter r and criticizig him, but, , you know, he talkedo heher, and hsaid if we were at a trump rarally right now, you'd e thrown out of here. i talked to him, w with this del on the t table, does this make indiana a must-winin state? here's what he said. >> i it is critically important, ththe fact that john kasich has pulledut of indiana gis s usus a raight f forward, head-to-head contntesbetween and donald trump. and i think the people of indiana are going to choosose get behind a positive, optiststic, forward-looking coervative campaign based onon real policy y solutitionto the chalnges f facing this country raer than getting behind a
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campaign that's based onon yellg and screamaming and cursing and sults. and i could not t be more encouraged. >> r repter: maybe you see a little bit of f that behind us. thisis w a cruz appearance, but perhaps the only folks lefeft ae those who are trp suppororte. it's going t to be a a tgh row o hoe in indiana, , but he's got a weekek. we'll see, liz liz: a whole w week. jeff f flo with the cruz campaign. nonow,ith gop candidates ted cruz and john n kach teaming up against t trp, hillary c clinton also went onon the attack, not calling g ouher adversary -- at w wou be senator bernie sanders -- but calling out thehe bibillnaire businessman at an rlier event in wilmington,n, delaware, fofor r ing out of toh with the american peopople. >> you dononust fly that big jet in and lanand it -- [laughr]r] go make a big speech and insnsul everybodody you can think of. aughter] and then go back, get on thatt big jet and d back to, you know, your countryry cbhouse in florida or your penthoususe in w york.
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i somehow w don't think that kid of puts you u inouch. liz: is hillary y inouch enough to sweep all fivive imary states totomorrow, or will senator bere nders manage to eke out a a win or two joining me now is pennsylvania's super delegate and alsoo democratic congressmsman brendan boyle. and let me just geget the very p to the m minute comment here. you have not committed to either beie sanders or hillary clinton, is that correrect, representativeve? >> yeah. hey, liz, , great to be back wih you. that is cocorrect. i'i've really been focusing the titime in my district campaigni, actually, for my brother, kekevi boyle, who's runningng for state senate.. anand that's beeeen of the main race that i've beeeen cused on when not occccasionally enrtained by what's been goioing on in the presidentialal race, especially on the e republican sidede. liz: well,l, you're a good brotothe you're a g goobrother. aughghter] >> no, he did it for m me. wouldn't be here in congreress if it wasn't for kevevin popularity in his statououse distririctnd will make a great state senator.r. liz: okay.
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>>o that's been my primary focus. i wiwillay that, you know, regardless of how w the super delegates go, i think itit's unfortunate that the sysystem, that even the conversationon o per delegates takes place,e, bebecae it gives the perceptionn that on ththe democratic side te actual v voters aren't making te choice when, in fafacthillary clinton has a very large l leadt this poi.. i think teter tomorrow she'll probably have a lead of clososer to 400 delegates. and at that point the race wilil , for all intents and purposes, , ov. liz: right. bubut yet you are in the catbird seat. the super delegate votes t truly do matter,r, cgressman, so is the one candidate you're leaning g tord? at this point as y youeeee real disaay or, certainly, , a major dogfgfight as we're calling it n the repupublican sidide, would t not help to coalales behind one of the two democratic c caidates fromom yr perspective so that there's a jump ahead for t the democrats? >> you know,w, i thinkt depends hat kind of race that llllary inton and bebernie sanderers ntinue to have.
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so far this race has beeeen largely a substantive rarace. you've not gotten inintohe same sortrt o name-calling and silliness that you'v've seen on the republblican side with donad trump and ted cruz and even now lumping in somometes john sichch. so i think as long a as the democratic race stays subsbstaive, then i don't see any harm in n it continuing all the e wathrough june. that said, the m matis the math. athis point bernie sanders woululd have to win something le 70-30 foall l ofhehe contestsjkt race here when you looatat t emotions behind it. d, of course, it hasasn't bebeen wiout strife.
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you've hat hillary clinton andnd bernie disagagreeing on a bunchf inings. sanders masker of courur, attackckedillary clintonecause he says ththere's large amountn money flyiying around that makes it less of a d democracy and me of an oligagarchy. listen. > democracy is under assaultn america right now. when billionaires arabable to y electitionththh super pacs, when w wall street and the fossil fuel indust a a the drug c companies are able p por huge amounts of moneney into the political ococes that is not democracy. that is called oligahyhy. liz: congressmsman, i y you. you did d not come from a lot of money. yowon your seat probably not fromom billionaire investments o super pacs. soso does atat message resonate with you, and are yoananing rere toward hillary each thoug bebeieie sanders -- even though bernie sanders may have sosome f thsosort of same emotional fabric here for yoyou.
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>> yeah. so, first of all, you're rhtht in terms of myerersonal background.. i won my fouour-way congressionl primartwtwo years ago despite the fact i raised the e least amount of money in t r race -- z:z: bravo. >> -- which turned out tbebe the most expensive in the country. i happeno o agree with bernie sanders' pntnt o on that. i gagave a speech last week on t house floor when i said, ironically, i think it'sn n area wherere you could see donald tru supporters and bernie sanderers' supppporters agreeing th we ne toto dramatically overhaul theay campaigns arfifinanced in this coununtry. i llll for public financing of elections. yes, it d cost public money, but i think it's tisest dollars we wou spend. at said, i do think it's fair to somehow present it a if hillary cli is the big defendf this system. i think when it comes ublic financing,y both probably agree on it. the erence is that bernie sanders has madet the centere of hisampaign wheas hillary has focused on a broad array ofssues. liz: well, youa super
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delegate hold some powere. tomorrow is the biday in pennsylvan going to guess you're leaning towa hillary clinton. am i right? i -- liz, you are a wise person, and always enjoy jog you for your deep insights -- z: and yet -- >> i will say, by the way,ust a quick pointhough. i do thifter this race we do need to re-emine the super delegate situationnd find a way in which superelegates are required to vote howheir state votes. liz: okay. a super delegate who wan a a closer look.stem or at lst good to see yo congressman. join us again. >> thank you, liz. z: brendan boyle, pennsylvia congressmaemocrat. and super delegate. by tay, is it collusion? will get the sition of experience at least loing and pointing and finding whether that is exactly what it . former governoke huckabee
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who is a forr presidential candidate for, of course, ce. we shall s. closing bell ringing in 45 minutes. rox bleeding rednk today ththe printer and coer maker set for s worst day in seven years. look at this los2.5% after reportina 4.2% op in revenue. a stro dollar and poor sales copiers and printers riting to the first quarter miss. that wouldproblem if you ll printers and copiers. the dow 30 ht map not doing much better,he little bit of heaat the top is mcdonaldwalmart and walt disney. t possible sell in may and go away has started a we early thisr? "countdown" is cing right back, t move. thdow is down 70 points. they say that inin life,e,
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liz: oy. 7 is pois away from -- 71 pointsway from dow 18,000. way off market lowof t sessioiowhere we were down 148 points. with t dow jones showing some real red here, it's a biweek for economic dat at's the play? let's takeket to the floor show, traders at the new york stk exchange, cme group and, o course, scott redler, toou.. looking at march n home sales, they were slightly dn, but
3:21 pm
last week existingome sales soared the data's noisy. we have a federal reserv meeting g totomorrownd wednesda. the decision comes wnesday. we're not expectina rate hike, but suddenly thearkets dumped, going down. why? what happened day that spooked ththhorses, i guess? >> well, you know, lt week it actuly started more thanthe noisy da that's been coming in. we've been getting noisy earnings. ght now everyone's more focuse earngs season. last week we had a few big nes come outand they were dippointing. microsoft was mewhat set up to break out, and they miss tir quarter. google wasight, starbucks was light, ibm was uimpressive. the leership and momentum of the rket was taken out. so we're looking at the s&p d the s&p, you know,as support around075, and the dow jones has it closeto 1800. we're not downnough where people s i want to buy this
3:22 pm
dip, but earnings have n been exciting enough to buyigh,o sell hher. at this int 're in a wait-and-see mode. liz: it'interesting because microsoft and google we down friday, and now we have microsoft up and alpbebet google movingigher. it's appt the top here, alan nuan, that people are watching tremely closely today,ecause morrow we get second quarter rnings after the bell. what's expected d is first iphone sales that theye seen since the creaon of the iphone do that thenen color the markets red if one comny, apple, doesn't do well? >> well, it's psychological ovhang. ople are looking for this. anit's interesting because you've got to remember ty justst had the all-time greates corpore quarter history as r as profit goes. so it's what have you ne for me lely. if you rook at t options markets, they're prici in a 5% prsure move many apple stock. i think it something that le are going to pay atntn to and, yes, iphe saleare e expected to decline,
3:23 pm
but if you look atarnings in general, more than 70% of e reports stks in the s&p, which has been about 25%, mo than 7 p 0 of -- 70% of thehave beat on earnings per share. we're dog better than excted, but we have a low bar, and the markethave rallied on em. liz: lowered expectation. as i'm looking at oil, o certainly lor ju by about 2.25% at $42 and change, but thats not helping equies day. sct, a alan, stick around fo todas countdown closer. why? u may not have $100 million, let alonee $100,0, but we can ll you howhe pple who do have thaarinvesting ghght now. some of america's richt all use one-person seices to get eas. we've got barbara goodstein coming up, tiger 21, a she's going to reveal how ey are investing righnow. the closing bellinging in 37 minus. the nobel peace prize wier
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opts for more boots on t ground. former nato commander admiral james desee d.c. on whthe commder in chief has opted to sendore americans to syria to fight the islamic ste terrorists. is that a good idea? adral that' d.c., he's coming up next "cotdowown." >>e no mistake, these terrorist wis learn the meless so osons that others ve which is your hatred is n match for our nationited in our dens o our way of life. i am benedict arnold,the i. and d i ow a thingor two a. so i tde with e*trade, where tr traders tde on a trademarked traplatform . get off the computer traor! so i tde with e*trade, where tr traders tde i won' bility iy importt to me.
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liz: president obamaasas just changed up the numbersrs in the middleasast. nunumbers of u.s. troops. president obama inin germany wih european leaders this rnrning where hehe announced the biggest expansion of u.s. grouound troos nce the syri civil war began. this, of course, dealing with the threat posedy is. rht now the most urgent ththreat to our nations is il, and th's why we're united in
3:29 pm
our determinat destroy it. just as i've approved adonal support for i force against isili've decided to increase u.s. support for local fces fightingsil in syria. liz: by 250, yes. admiral james that s d.c. is notranger to military conflict having oversn operations in afghantan, syria and lya he joins us w in a fox business exclusive admira adding 250 additional u.s. tops as sort of a shirttail to whas gog on already, is that going tke a dierence? >> don't think it'll make any immediate tactical diffence, liz. of course, ts is a bususess show. ink of it as leverage. en you bring 250 more, the levege is the training, the mentoring ey can do with these syrian opposition. that's hardly been a success story thus far. over timit might impact. in the srt term, don't look r any big twist in the story liz: yeaeah.
3:30 pm
training takes a l of time, doesit? i sit therand i think to you've got the russianimime when descending, the irania are makiki all kinds of chess moves as well. help me e see whhis will do. >> i think it will do ry little, to be ndid with you. rely we neededo take this in an earlier step, which is aq. we need get mosul back from e ismic state because that where their fundinand finance is coming from. liz: why then dithe president there has to be some pnt. >> i thinkt is a strategic gnal he was in europe. he's trying to encrarage the europeans to come in this with us. and so hs ststepping it up. although i think it is t little. it's not too late, butt's to little and too incremental, z. we need toove more boldly. liz: ds that encourage nato, u having been the suprem heer of nato? >>hink it does. evevery big nato operaon,
3:31 pm
including afghanistan, lya, the baans, piracy, all the things led as the supreme alli commander require u.s. leadership. this wl be no different. i dot think 250 is enough of a leap, but it better than zero. liz: okay. you know, erics are touchy about ese kinds of tngs because you rember as well as i what happened in 1970 when richard nixon, of cour, sent more troops in what ma called covert war into cambodia, the viet cong was amasng along that borr between vietnam and cambodia. ishis that? help us see roh h thisis, becae we wt to make sure that ts is nothe beginning of something tt resembles what happened in 1 1970. >> let me giveve y a couple of didifference,. first is what we'r're ing right now.w. it's the enormous s chanange in transparenencyt's provided by not onlyly network coverage 24/, but soso the social network, cyber and everything e els
3:32 pm
secondly, the islamimistate does pose a direct threat t to e ununited states in a way that, frankly, is very hard to draw wa line from the cambodian/vietnamm conflict. and thirdly,y, le it or not, we've got experience i in is partrt othe world at this point. i think we can be rereasonably effective, but not if f we're going to do ththisncrementally and with suctimidity. liz: the belgianetro station st reopened one month after being attacked by is mpathizers and people who ha beenrained by isis. you know, have these eopean naons done what they really need to do, the hard but sma work to prevent anotr attack li the one we saw in wuss else? russels? >> no, they not, liz. and they've not done it inwo dimensions. in terms of europe, they're still not aring intelligence properly. they're not transferring information easily. they're not connecting the various organs of th gornments that need to be talking together.
3:33 pm
it's sti 28 different cultes, different nguages. ey are not making thosose connections. the second faires what we stiscussed. the end of the daday, we're n going toolvehe islamic state europe. that treating the symptoms. we'vgogot to goo to the cause we'vgot to go the cau. that's raqqa, syria. z: do you think we should pu thousandof troops on the ground in syria? >> l'seeit in perspective. had 150,000 troops in iraq, 140,000 troops in afghantan. i would t vocate a deployment remotely rembling that. but i would say 10-15,0 troops. you can probably get 5,000f those fr the allies. ye we should put those troops onheround in iraq and bleed them into e isis in syria. it's a two-part problem. gotta starin iraq, but we're going to hav get it done in syria. liz: air james that see d.c. not making us feel more
3:34 pm
comfortae, but that's not your job anyway thanks for joining us. >> thanks, l. liz: closing bel 2minutes aw. the w is down 64, not nearly bad as down 148 where we were. but at 17,940, that's ing to take a lot to get usbove 18,00000 oncagn, as we saw lasteek. nt, the r republican party's version "me of thrones" taking its last turn just oneay before voting begins in five crual states. former republican presidtial candidate and formrmer arkansa governor mik huckakae on who he inks will be the last man standing and whether this liance between kasich and cr is tly collusion? governor, we're gog to ask you that stay tuned, 'rcoming right back ♪ ♪
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liz: the stop ump campaign has taken a w turn at this hour, seing into the race itself with sator ted cruz and govern john kasich. what ty've done over the weekend is they deded d to coordinate that it their campaign sategies, hoping to clip trump's delegate vantage thate has right now. anwhileverybody wonders if this ismart or perhaps even legal, the republican tional mmittee has no intention of stopping it. communicatio director for the rnc sa this morning they're not getting involved. >> we've saithis for a long me, every campaign has to ru its own stragygy. it's reay not our job at the rnc to handicait amuch as just to insure we have a fr and transpart process for which th can compete. liz: wre jned by somebody who shared a sge with all three of these menen former republican presidential candidate and form arkans vernor mike huckabee joining us elusively. i amying to know what you think of this strategyight off the back, governor.
3:40 pm
>>ell, liz, it's not illegal. there's nothing untowardbout it in thsense that it's ethical. it's just that i'm not sure 's going to be effectiv because what they're doing is th're making it very clear we n't win. all we cano is try to stop nald trump. this is noan effort so that eith one of them can win, this is an efrt so that donald trump can lose, and i don't think it's going to be efeffective. liz: we're looking at a li shot of where donald tmp is about to speaknd, governor, you n unrstand why he'd be frtrat, because he feels like they're gng up him. however, h ponce -- his ponce toet's just pick out joh kasich in rallearlier was to rip hn kasich, a, for something atat is true -- he has only won one primary sta. so thadoesn't indicate he has a huge grounwell of support t on the republican side, bute also started critizinthe way john sich eats, calling it, quo, disgusting. and, you know, john kach is a
3:41 pm
mawho's done great things for the ate ofhio. healanceed the budget when he was a congreman for many year both his parents wererkilled by a drunk iver. he has been advocate on many levels for imptant issues. why isn't that turni people at least againsdold trump in certain ways wn it seems ininappropate at best? >> look, i think dd trump does this kind of thg for his own amusemt and for that of his crowds. it's n the kind of thing he would most likely say if he we at a presidential press conference. but i would advise himstayay awayrom that stuff. look, stick to the fact th this is a collaborationetween twguysys whose delegates together't match donal trump's,nd the fact they seeeem to be more focus okeepin trump from winninghan they do from keeping hillary fm winning. and i think if trump hdled it that way, frankly, it's bett. i n't think voters are going to say, oh, wow, cruz and sich are voting together.
3:42 pm
i ink'lvote for one of them. it doesn't work li that. liz: how do you fe a about the tone this s all taken? and i'not ju talking about criticms and name-calling, but tone f the entire republican party. charkoch, the billionaire who is somebody that a lot o real conservates listen to, s now said -- and i'm sure y heard about th -- he said to george stephopoulos over the ekend on abc that he realllly almost grappled when georg askehim, would you vote for hillary over donald trump? he didn't say no. he didn't say no you knowhow much do, how much sway do the koch broers have at this point? >> i don't kno bui think it would be believably disastrous for somemebody to honestly thi that llary clintowith all of th challenges of corrupti that she faces, of all of t the inser deals, the fact at she's basically aa wholly-owd suidiary of the big corporate inrests s and wall street
3:43 pm
interests, to say that somow she would be terrific for america? this wld be an epic battlele. and ift's hillary and donald trump, i think donald trgets voters that bernieasas had, i think 's going to get a lot of traditional repuican voters. i thinin that race donald trump wipethe floor with hiary. i truldo. and i know a l of people think he can't beat hillary. actually, i think heost certainly can, because he' ing be able to challenge r in a way i don'tnow anyone el who will or can. liz: will he get your te, governor? >> well, absolutely. whoever the repuican nominee is, is going to t my vote. that's why i've said'm going to vote more our pty's nominee. and if it's not tru, i'll vote for that per i'm a reblic. but i'm not e of these repupublans that say, gee, if i don't get my way, i'm noing to play. i'll just goe. at bothers me. a lot of people in thiner trump movementthat is deructive not ju to trump's campaign, at's destructive to the party and, ultimaty, to
3:44 pm
the conservative cau. liz: boy, it's great to ha you on the show. thank you, govnor, so much for ining us. >> thanks, l. great to be with y. liz: governor mikeuckae. be surto keep it right here for all yourlection 2016 covege. fox business begsuper day three coverage 7 p.m. eastern, tomorw w night. we will be right bacas the dow cls another ten off the losses. 're now down just 50 points. ♪ wrong insurance an." no, pick the wrong insuranccompany. with new car rlacement, we'll l replace the full vale of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insuranance.
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3:49 pm
lolooked like both knees were slslamd there. awful.l. this was yesterdayay's game against the houston rockckets. this timetable means that currry will miss the rest of f thnurse rounund -- first round of playoffs. there are reports s staed weeping because e he's so to this, and theyey'vdone so well. give us s twweeks, and we'e'll ha more news on steph curry.y. in the mntime,e, arought deal l mang. mergers and acquisitions thiss year is so bad that it c could force e a big merger involving o high profile dueue teak invest - boutique investment babas. charlie gasparino breaks it.t. >> i wasas on the beach, and my tatan was -- liz: a beach with a pnpny pack? >> y - -- fanny pack? >> yes, i took some piurures. [laughteter] the two firms are tudor pickering and weweinberg. they're inin discussions to mere together. tudor pickering g is a firm that speclilizes largely in oil patch and energyeals.
3:50 pm
they're very big, housn n base. pear win- - perella weinberger, goldman sachs alumni. what sources are t telling the x business nwowork is merger discussions between the oo fifirms toto possibly join toge. nonow, these are discussions. they may bakak up, but there's a lolot of stuff that's going on basically, create economs of scale by merging twowo invnvestt banks togethther because there's just not enough deals going g o. that's the one, i guess, econonomic ratioionale for this. the secondnd economic rationales tutudor pickering is very big in oioil m&a. oil m and a right now is not doing vevery well. but -- because oil pririces are down. but, i if you take a look at the oil charart, it'll show you why, you knknow, there aren't -- liz: okay, that's an i intraday, but if y you lked at a one-year, for example -- >> yeah. now here's the business opportununity re that perella sees.. restcturings of these fifirms
3:51 pm
that arere tied to the oil patch whether it's because they'y're n bankruruptcy, they have too chch debt, , that's going to be a b deal making, and that's what they're hoping to o capitalize n if t they -- liz:z: i would think that there would be more m&a becacause u haveve a lot of flowppedderring- >> t that's restructuring. and here's the oerer part of the deal.. as y k know, m michael kramer, pell la weinbergers forormer restructuring -- as you u know, this i is a multigazillion n dor lawsuit -- liz: which you have covered righgh here. >> $100 mimillion n for impropey dismissising him, perella weinberger hasas said he was soliciting businesess for his nw firmrm. without hihim, they need a restructurining department. this is one e way make that up. liz: whohose name, if they did merge, w would it be tudor perea weinberg tudor?? >> we shouould point out that mr. weinberg is one of the finil
3:52 pm
goldman sachs partners, right?t? liz: yes. >> bobobby tudor who runs tudor pickering g is also one of the last goldman sacachs partners before they became a pubublic company. so who knows? and d does joe perella stay with the firm? whwho knows? there coululbe a lot of combations here. thiss an economics deal, i believe. ye, it's really good, bring these e two firms together, but this i is a deal about economic. look at last wee goldman sachchs' earnings, if yu ththink that's bad for a big ba, imagine what it isis from a boutique.. and th of these banks madede a lot of money over the e years, o the boutique bananks are getting squeueezed -- liz: andech m&a hahad thee driest s season in a long time. >> and oil m&a. remember, tudor pickering allegedly has the contts too basically go in erere and get the restructcturing business. i would say this, read the f ful story on, texs exclusive tooxox business -- 's's exclusive to fox business. no other media outlet t has this storory. liz: charlie gasasparino, he breaks it.
3:53 pm
he's back and better than n ever right here on n "countdown to te closing bell." [lauaughter] ththank you, charlie. >> anytime. liz: c closing bell ringing in extltly six minutes, seven minutes. up next, wanant to invest like warren buffett, bill gate, m mak zuckckerberg, insert billionaire here? well, you don't even have a spspare 100,000 or 10,000 let alone million or billionon? stick around. we've got the ideaeas on how the super rich are investing rigight now from somomeone who advises ththem. that's next o on "countdodown te closinll." ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
liz: w we need to look at homebuildeststocks. getting haerered on couple thingsgs. mamarch new home sales looking weak. news of potential, we ststress potential becae e the market doesn't expepect it, possisibled rate hike in june. adam sndnding by with stocks taking h hit. adam?
3:57 pm
reporter: liz, we t t number on nenew home sales down 1.5%. avaverage new home median at let was $288,000. that iss down 1.8% from y year . what is happppening with home bibillers? home is d down today. recovereaa bit. pulte group do, , toll brothers, they're alsoowown. year-to-date, bibig hit for homeililders. totoll brothers down 14%. dh hororton is down 3.5%. so you he otrsrs whichch are down as well. one thintoto keep in mind, federal reserve, averageatate for 30-year fixed rtrtgage is 3.6% nioionwide. nobo i is expecting a rate increase. mohammeded el-erian he set the stage. they are setting stageoror increase in june yoreremember years ago ben bernananke talked abou the taper tantrum.
3:58 pm
perhaps we'll see mortga r rates to gupup as well. liz: mohammed elririan from allianz and mcmco. he knows his stuff. he is saying that sets stage for possible rate hike. hexpxpects one to two rate hikes this year. get to how wealthy invesngng with all t questions swirling arouound. we have tiger 21lulub barbara goodsteiein with us. explaiain what your company do for the uber wealtlthy. >>iger 21 peer-to-peer learning network wherere theheyt together for invnvesent ideas and philanthropy. peopopleearning from each other. liz:these people comprise $4billion in assets. these are uber wealtlthy who get togeththern tiger r 21, they tak about the next big thin.n. they s say rich are fferent. i would love too know how the wealthy are invevestg. whatat a t they looking at at ts
3:59 pm
moment? >>ew news s fothe first time ever our membe arere investing higherer re in private equity than public equity. private e eqty for the firstst time eclipsed public equity. the bibig private equity investment has increased dramicically over the past few years. in 2010 private equityty investment was 9 9%. today it is at 23%. that is really big n news this s prettyty dmatic shift where our investorors members are taking a t of money out of fixed incomeme a putting it into private equiuity primarily becae that is the space they know.w. theyey're investing in businesss they understand.d. liz:z: for the little guy or retail investor who cacan't giva huge chunk of money toto private equity outfit,t, kkr is pupublicly-traded, blackstone is publicly-traded. there are etfs, we just sho them, that comne a and coalesce names together. that is popossle way. what is number one chararacacteristic quickly the h do what they invest?t?
4:00 pm
>> so the ththing that is consistent amongng across our ininvestors is they invest in busisses in n areas they know. [closising bell rings] investst in industries they're miliar with. liz: that is buffett way investing. there is the clolosing bell. dow stilill under 18,000. david, m melissa, pick it up wih "after the bell." dadavid: stocks closing in the red. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francncis. this i is "after the bell."" new at this hour? nope? all right. donaldld trump set to take the stage e in west chester, pennnnsylvania. the keystone state p playing a major role in ththe five states primary. a crucial win for trump on ththe way to securing his ninination. meanwhile d d cruz and john kasich announcing a unprecedented atrtrategy. teaming up to try to revent


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