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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> so the ththing that is consistent amongng across our ininvestors is they invest in busisses in n areas they know. [closising bell rings] investst in industries they're miliar with. liz: that is buffett way investing. there is the clolosing bell. dow stilill under 18,000. david, m melissa, pick it up wih "after the bell." dadavid: stocks closing in the red. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francncis. this i is "after the bell."" new at this hour? nope? all right. donaldld trump set to take the stage e in west chester, pennnnsylvania. the keystone state p playing a major role in ththe five states primary. a crucial win for trump on ththe way to securing his ninination. meanwhile d d cruz and john kasich announcing a unprecedented atrtrategy. teaming up to try to revent trtrump reaching magic delegate
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number needing to reacthee nominaon. trump has been hitting t them bk hard. david: fir b before that, trump is set to take ththe stage in a univerersity due west of philelphia. any momentnt he will be out the. gogo to straraighto connell mcshane. connell looks like he isis about to arre. reporter: he is about just t to take the s stage right now, dav. so he is coming out t to a packd arena dodona trump. i will step out of the w way and let them show you mr. trump coming out of west chesser, univerersity, hour out of philadelphia. as he comes out this is nonot te average donald trump c crowd. on crew they are holding upp trumump placards. trododuction is playing, trump was toto the crowd. they told usus capacity of this arena a was 3500. i'm telling g you they probably packed them in h here to that numberer, p possibly exceeding . mr. trump gets set to addresss the second rally of the day.y. he was up in rhode islandd
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earlier. ththere are about 300 protesters outside of thihis evenent. donald trump g getng ready to adaddress this crowd. >> we lolove the state of pepennsylvania. spend a lot of time in pennsylvaniaia. i went t to school in pennsylvaa ani went to penn. i wewent to wharton school of finance e and i'm very hapappy. i have my daughter tififfany rit now up i in pennsylvania going o school and my kids all wenent to school here. and we love it. the hills scschool, does anybody know the hills school?l? [cheering] they did a great job with my boys. eric went toto the hills school and don n went to the hills school. eric is here someplace. where is eric? come here,e, eriric. [cheerering] he's here. they didid a good job. >> eric, eric. >> eric, eric. >> eric, eriric.
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[cheering]g] >> wow, wow. guguys we are so proud of our father. he has done such an n incredible job. we're gogoing to make america great again. there is no ququestion aut it. [c[cheering] he has been such an amazazing father to me.. he will be an amazing presidenet to this country.y. thank you so much. [cheering] >> good kids. nice to have good k kids. we always think ---- who knows f theyey're good. we think they're good becacause they're our kids right? they w will always be kids to u. thank you very much, eveverybode exactly. trying to get in. so that means you folklks are better at real e estate than thy arare. that is all it is. [c[cheering] well, , it is an honor. we are g going to make america great again. there e are some things we can o so quickly. you knowi i look at the numbers and d numbers, whether it is pennsysylvania, whether it's
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new w york state, we had a tremendous vicictory last week n nenew york, tremendous. [cheering] far greater ththan all of the didishonest media predicted. even said they was trendndous. theyey are dishonest. no question abouout thatat. riously. i always come out give mee information on e eve state. we were in delaware. we'r're all over. wewe spent yesterday in ryland t was unbelievable.. we had unbelievable crowd.d. we had this massive e airplane hangar. it was packed withth people that couldn't even get in. there e is something going on, folks. there is a movement going onon like they have n never seen. sasay it. [c[cheing] bibill o'reilly last week said,n his lifetime t this is one of te most important -- actually s sad ththe single greatest political event hehe has ever seen. itit is you. i'm a messssenger. it is you, believeve me. bebelieve me.
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it is you. we'l'll ke our country back. we'l'll make great for e everyb. we'l'll make great for everybod. we're e going to bring jobs. we're going to bring our companies back. we're e not going to let foreign countries steal l our companies and dedestroy our jobs. we'll l not let it happen anymo. we're not going to let it hahapn anymore. here is the ststory. we'll go throughgh this quickly, becae e this is s extremely depressing but that will be okay. see all the red hats and eveven white hats, says make amamerica great? because we're goining to do it. it is s a message of optimism. somebody said, welell that is sh a depressing messasage, make america greaeat again. no, no. it is nonotepepressing. it is the exact oppoposite. ththat is what we' going to do.. we're makingng a arica great again. and he s said, yeah, i guess that's true. [cheerering] so penennsylvania, has taken haer hits. this is statisticicians do thih. i don't do this,s, tl me a
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littttle bit, how are we doing n pennsylvania? [shoutg] that's all right. she looks likeke a nice person. shshe can't scream too loud. always my pepeop that make the noise. we have sosomebody that does a littlele screaming. always my people.. go ahead. are you okay? are yoyou ok? she wawants to make a little noe [shouting] [booing]g] houting]
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by the way, i have to o tellou, the popolice in our country do n incredible job and they shshould be givenore credit. [cheering] so, here's thehe story. pennsylvlvania has taken hard ts. we alreadydy know. the state of pennsylvaninia has lost more than 35% of f its manufacturing jobsbs since 2001. that is unacceptable. we're going to b bring jobs bac, bigg league. 2001, that w when cocongress voted, 2001, ved to put chinina into the world tdede organizationon a they're sucking the life out of us. and that is going to stop. i don't blamame china. i don't blame chinina. i do biness with c china. they're great, w wonderful we can n i've done such great deals withth china. i don't blame china. i blame our politicians fofor being incocompetent, okay? [cheering] and this guy,ly inch ted cruruz
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supports -- lyin' d d cruz sports china cururrency cheatin. kasisich is just as bad. oh, by t the way, did you see ty jojoined forces?s? [booing] i've been doing thisis for 10 momonths and these two guys, they're politicianans all their lives.s. ththat is all they do. now they jn foforces and you kept hearing, oh there doingng well, they're doining well. i i have millions of votes more than each h one of them. we have -- [cheering] despite the e fact that the e sm isis totally rigged and it is rigged. its a d d system. we have hundndreds and hundredsf delegates more. this is the supposed to be a an incredible weekendnd. you mustst go out and vote tomorrrr. you must. and, and, you knowhat you gogot to do? you have to vovo for that trump sle. this is a little morore complicated overer here. we have a slate of people andd you have to vote for t the slat. look, oh, mr. trump, couould you
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mention n look at this, can you believe it. you used to be just cocould vot. i lilike to just vote. they say votote for the slates. ey have three votes. my sonric said please e do that, dad. am i okay wiwith that, eric? goodod. it is crazy.y. look, when you have millio o of votes more, supposed to get, supposed to be yours. it is a rigged system. it is a crookerrrred system. it as crooked d almost as hillay clinton. she isrookeded hillary. she is crooked h hillary. [cheering] so vote for the slate. ju to finish this up, , so with pennsylvanania, in other words, you u are losing your jobs. you're losing your basase. you're losing your manufacturing. we're going to turn n it around. it is not going to happen anymore. foreign-born population, y you know a a lot of that, bringing n people from syria. you don't know i it. it is comingng all over the country. we don't know where theyey're from. we don't knonowhere they come
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from. there is no documentation. there is no paperwork, n no nothing. whwho knows where they're from. we all have big hearts and w we want to build safe z zones in syria. i wiwill get the gulf states to papay for it. they have plenty of money. this countryry doesn't have pley of mononey, believe me. we owe $19 trillion. we'l'll owe $20 trillion very soon. i will getet -- we'll turn our country aroundnd so fast. our mimilitary is going to be amazing. it is being depleteded. it is being depleted.. [cheering] at the worst p possible time. you look what china is doioing buildiding sigh lands in the s h china sea. you look at russia, they're buililding forts all over the place, expanding tirir nuclear capabilityty. we don't know if our stuff evevn works. maybe more than everer before, we're undeplete our r depleted military.. we'll make it t bigger and bettr
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and stronger than n ever before. nobody is going toto mess with . you knknow what? wewe're never going to ve t to e it. other than we'e'll havave to knk ouout isis. we h have to knock it out. [cheering] >> usa, usa, usa! >> we're g going to do so many things but we do. you know s some people said, you know trump is the totough guy ad he is the e toughest. i'm sortrt of honored. did you see the poll that t just came out.. we're tieditith hillary clinton all of suddeden. that didn't take lonong. i don't like being tied d with her. but you know i get a kicick outf kasich. he g gs araround saying, he is beating her in the pollsls. by the way, did you ever see a man n eat likeke this? i'm always w working with my so. little tiny pieces, baron.n. little tiny pieces. this guy is shoving pancakakes,i nenever saw anything like it.
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itit is pouring out of his mouth and cameras are on him. i don't knowow. that is not presidentitial, i cn tell y you. not presididential. so, , so what happened, so we'ee going to straighghten this out, these are all l bad statistics. i want to tell you folksks, see that, doesn'n't an a thing. [cheering] because we'r're not going to let your jobs disappear anymore.e. companieies want to move out and go to mexico and other countntr, want to fi allll your people so people nowow, you know wages, wn people s say it is unbelelievabe what is happeng to trump, itit is rlllly not. wages from 18 8 years ago, you have people that d did better 18 years ago, y you have people tht now have two jobs and d ey did betterer 18 years agago than the doing right now. they're woworking harder. it is supppposed to be the opposite, right? they're workining harder now thn they have e ever worked and makg less money. ththeir wages are effectively dn whathey werere m many years ago. guess what, folks.
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we'll tu it around. we'll turn it around fast.t. okayay? wewe'll turn it around. we're goining to turn it -- i think it is disgustingng. i'm m going to i indiana after . that will be bigig. inindiana is a great place. hope we get bobby knknight's endorsement, the great bobby knight.. that would be goodod. i would think that i ithe gold-plated endorsement of indianana. he was so o nice to me on somemething. hopefufull do. we're going to indndiana. they have a company inin indian, asas you know. what is the nameme of that air-conditioning company.. >> carrier! >> carririer. i don't t buy them anymore. wowon't buy them anymore. some upper midlevel mamanagement guy firiring 00 people saying we're moving to mexico.. it w was, one of people had cell phones going. the guy y end up being all over the world onon television, f fig viciously 141400 people. they come to my rallllies indiana. they have been theherere for ye. one was there 27 years.
4:14 pm
one was therere r 16 years, four years, five years,s, these are grgreat jobs. these e are important peopople. you have to explain to these companies, you leave us,ouou fire a all of our people, you think you're going to go too mexico and other places, makake equiuipment and sell it back acroross what will be very strog borders, there will be consequences to pay.y. there will be consequencnces. you won't dodohat. you're not doing i it. now ifif i see, we'll build a wall. don't worry abouout it. don't worry.y. we'll build a wall. thatat wall. [cheering] no, i see lyin' ted cruz saiaid the otr daday we must build a wall. this guy. aye yi yi. i watched him this morning. so thehey bind together and i wrote out a a little thing. i thought it wasas great. i was s happy. get a call 13030 last night. being a non-sleeper, a lot off you folks are non-sleepers.. lelet'do something. we wrote it out, donald trump's stement. crcruz and kasich. kasich is doing worse thanan may
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of t the people thatat left mons ago. i mean, if you look k at marco rubio, he did mumuch bettr than kasicich. he had more, he to thihis day hs more delelegates. this is justst a g who is a stubborn guy, who eats likee a slob, and shououldn't have press conferenences while he is stuffg ststuff down his throat. honest, i never seen anythingg like it. but this is guy whwho is stubbon guy. i'm m not leaving. i'm nonot leaving. he is one for 42.. i woululd have won the one but i was given a dirty poll by nbc, they came up with a a poll, i thought i was winning flfloriday a lot. this is a dirtrty business politicscs. i used to think al estate e is tough. realals state is babieses. nobody lieies especially like se people i see, lilikely inch ted. he is n not a good got killed in
4:16 pm
new york. what is he getetting, 13% of the vovote. not even, you're right. alall d does is say, i don't ce i'i'm staying. don't ask me that question again. people say, oh, isn't he a a nie guy. because cruz and e eye and othes marco, we all went at t it prety tough. nobody cared about k kasich. all of sudden he started getettg image hehe is nice guy. look at t early debates way he said to me, yoyoheaded up hman brothers. lehman brothers almost b brought brought down the compapany. you were on n lehman brothers wn lehman brothers crcrashed. he was managing g director. lehman b brothers almost brought down the country, what t are the hell are you d doing running for prpresident. almost b brought down the count. amazing thing. i never heard from him again.
4:17 pm
he was very ninice during the debabates. i love the debates, cruz says si wa to debate donald trump. i debabated him 11 times. we have beaten h him 11 times accordining to every single pol. yosay how many timeses can you answer thehe same queson about the e same people but i'll tell you what. i tchehed thisis morning both of thesguys, who doesn't even talk about jobs. they didn't ev t talk about the econonomy. theyey didn't even talk about te wallll or they didn't talk about -- a all of sudden i watched, i w watched cruz this morning. i will bring back jobs. jobs. hehe doesn't know what the word mean. this guy is s in favor of china nip lating theheir currency and devaluing theieir currency which is the singlgle ggest problem our cocountry has in terms of trade. that's why chihina h has 505 billion-dodollar a year, we have deficit witith china. okay. think of it.
4:18 pm
$5$505 billion. mexico, 8 8 billion. japan, you wouldn't belilieve te number. i won't eveven say it because yu will start to crcry. we don't make good deals. our country doesesn't mama good deals anymymore. you know, i will tell you whwhat -- david: donald trump p in west chesser university a a few miles wewest of philadelphia proper. pennsylvania hasas a big p prim, 71elegates at stake. the problem only 1dedelegatetes are committed to any candndidate -- 17. that leaves 54 freflfloating. donaldld trump was referring to prprotesters inside and outside. a little dust-up. melissa: that is vidideo you're lookining at here. protesters o outside yelling bak and forth with other peoeople trying to geget inside to see donald trump. so that's that. ananother top republican shunngg the gop convention. why y charles koch may prefer hillary clinton for prpresent? wow. david: q quite shocking. donald trump fightining ck as hirivals teaeaming up against hihim.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. memelissa: cruz and kasich joing foforces to try to stop trump fm getting to his delelegate goal. blake buanan is on the trail in maryland followiwing kasich ande joins us with the latetest.. blake? reporter: : hi, th melsa.. good aftfternoon to yoyou, whole never trump groundswswell got st the a arm when the campaigns of john kasich, t ted cruz, annound atat 10:00 at night, with prss rereleases minutes apart from eh other they e essentily will be coordinatetes over three upcomig states, indidiana, oregon and new mexico, , letting ted cruz y to go after trump in indiana a d johnhn kasich go after donald trumump in oregon and new mexic. kakasich who we were w with in
4:23 pm
maryland here, earlier todayay, didn't realllltouch upon it. he did so in pennsylvania andd tried d down play that whole arrangement whilile ted cruz trd to t turn it around on trump. here were kasichch a cruz earlier today. >> i don't see this as anyny big deal otherer than the fact that i'm not going to spend resesours in indiana. he is not going to spendnd themn other placaces. soso what? what's t the big deal? >> u understand that donald will whine. that is whwhat he does. donanald is sore loser. reporter: meantime news ouout tf the cruz campapaign, melissa, in last hour or so. campaign manager jeff roee tweed out campaigngn indeed at this point vetti a potentialal vpvp nomominees if ted cruz ould he getet the nomatioion. jeff roe, ththcampaign manager, tweeting i'm quoting, we narrowed a vp candidates to o a short list goingng through the normal processeses associated wh pipicking a running mate. there has beenen some speculatin carly fiorina could d be potentially atat top of the ticketet.
4:24 pm
no mention fm the cruz campaiaign about fiorina. back to you. melissa: interestiting stuff. blake burmanank you so much. david? david: president obama nouncing he will send five mes as many troops to sir don'to fight isis but critics say this isn't enough. plus the food t that is taking over the mpaign til. you heara little bit of it from donald trump. thime it is much more than eatingza with a fork. strange thing to do.
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melissa: new details in ththe fight against isisis. presesident obama announcing t y that he wiwill be boosting the number of amererican troops in syriria. here to weigh in, reretired lieutenant colonel james carafano of the heritage foundation. ththank you so much for joining us, sir. whwhat do you thinknk of this p? n not much. firsrst of all it is 250 troops, there is no way y th number could be any kind of game-changer. we don't k know where they are. we don't know what t they're gog to be dodoing.
4:28 pm
very hard to m make military assessment of this. announcement comes frorom the president the in germany anand trying not to make his t trip lk ridiculous and uselessss. so announcemement of something. normally this is the kind of thing you would get fmm aress officer r at ctcom on 4:00, frfriday afternoon. getting g it from the president, sound like i'm trying toto say m doing someththing. i'm sorry, the way it sosound. melissa:n n top of it he announced again, we're m moving forward and we're goining to retatakeosul. which isis something he has said in the past. what do you keke of that? >> well, here's my c concern abt that.. itit is very clear that the presidenent has ratcheted up his rhetoric and the optics, this will a all get done before i lee office. i don't know what the politicscs are behind that. but he foes to the c, , haa big p photo-o-o look at me, i'm workrking on this look, we wouou alall love to see isis c crushed wowould be thrilled to happen before he left office bubut if
4:29 pm
this is throwiwing peoeople out there to preretend i'm doing something to distract opople or pushing people t to do something before they're reaeady and pushg them into a meatat grinder, that is who are risk. if you look atat -- my only concerern lookok at prident's track record f for years on thee issues. he has been wrong. he has been late. he has been risk-aveverse. he has b been political. now to hear the presidenent say i'm doing, this is ground d truh in reality, , i have to sit in e skeptic campmp until somebody shows me somethihing different. melilissa: yeah. he said he is adding troops s to help keep up momentum. do you feel we have momenentum t this point at all? >> not r really. isis is balloon, you push something, and they pushsh someththing out and get somethig back. we've seen o oil revenue, for examample, go down, that's good. see them look for o other sources of revenue, that's b ba. salaries of foreign n fighters s gogoing down, that igood. but we seeororeign fighters
4:30 pm
ntinue to ock there in increasing numumbe. we've seenraqis s move out, that's's good but haven't seen them be veryry aggressive. nonot a a picture where you can coconfididtially say, don't rry about this. it is in the rear ew mirroro as a a military analyst i don't feel confide s saying that yet. melissa:a: unfortunate. lilieutenant colonel carafano. appreciate youour sight. >> you bet. david: back to politics, the last stand for bernie sanders.s. why does the vermont senator h e is staying oevenen if he loses it all tomorrow? we'l'll take you live to the campaign trail coming g up. melissssa: a double-team against donald trump. the e gop front-runner firing bk at new particicipate to keep him frfrom the nomination. ththat is coming up next. >> i i don't respond to donald trump. i mean, what are you kidding m . > is this collusion? >> collusion? what d does that even mean? does he know what t thateans?
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lilissa: ted cruruz and john kasich teamaming up against donald trump. the o o candidates focusg their efforts on dfeferent states to keep trump from m the nomination >> we decided to allocate our time and energy and resoururcesn the state of indiaiana. governor kasich decid d to alcacate his resources elsewhere. >> howow is that a solution. >> from both c campaigns. >> ionon't see this as any big deal. otheththan the fact that i'm not going to spend resoueses in indiana. he is not gointo sndnd them in other placaces. so what? what's theigig deal? memelissa: yeah, right. dodonald trump slamming their ww
4:35 pm
partnershijujust moments ago. >> i've enen doing this for 10 months and these two guyuys, th'r're politicians all their lives and that's a all they do d now th j join forces and you kept hearing oh,h, they're doing well, they're doing well.. i have milonons of votes more ththan each one of them. melia:a: here now, ed rollins, former reagan politill director, fox news contributor. ashleyey pratte. political reportrter. adolfo franco, formeadadvisor to hnhn mccain. ed, let me startrt wityou. he souededess emphatic than ted cruz. i remember when kasichasas supposed to be teamingp p with rubio. you remember that? vote for me e in florida and voe for him in ohio. kasich didn't keep u up his endf the babargn. are we sure in allll this. >> doesn't matter. reality, indiana is ththe y thing here.. you have 1 172 delegates being picked tomorrow in the fivive states. 112 being picked in calilifoia
4:36 pm
and you ve to win indidianin between. if you win indndia, one of them, obously case headaches a better shot there, you s slow hm down. otherwise it doesn't matter. >> ashley, e ed kes a great. we heard d dond trump at beginning of thehe sw. one of thehe fst things he mentioned d waindiana. he talked about a compmpan carrier air-conditioni t tha proudly sent 1400 jojobs he said down to mexico. he brought t thaup right away. he is not inin iiana. he is s talking ababout indiana. clearly he g getit. will tir strategy woworkgainst him therere? >> w well, t tru has use ad different game method th time. he met witith governor mike pene in indiana. he has b been showing more of an effort l loooong to wothe establishment in i indianana soo speak, electctedfficials there which h isomething cruz been typically very gooood . now it is head-to-headad mchup betwtween cruz and trump it is going to be closose but what i think is r really interesting, thesese two men, cruz and case i can came to ththe game a little too latete forming an alliance. this plays right into trump a as
4:37 pm
handnd being victim of very corrupt and ririgg system, or so he thihinks. >> adolfo, does lookok to the outside theyey a playing into hinarrative. that it is this idea t thait is the system againinst him and thy n't do it on their own soo they're teaming up. >> well l i absolutely agree wih that. i thindodona trump's right when he e twted that this is an act of desperation and i t thi most repepubcans and frankly most americans will see e its such. unfortunately this is s ththe st of, not ththe last, one of many oys that are being used toto try to either r sl him dowown or derail himim. they seem m to be unfair to pepeop. governor kasich h possssibly nea dictionary. collusion is w whatwo people come together r toonspire to do something with a c common goala. memelia: in secret though. actually. >> including in secrcret melissa: they're supposed to b e doining secretly. what they normalally do. they said itit o loud. >> how is this possiblbly positive thing? i ththinyou know, ed rollins is right.
4:38 pm
if it has result, everyoyone wil ththinit is wonderful. i think it wl hahave detrimental effefect i think donald trump's m marn will increase in i indna as a conseqequence. melissa: ed, you s saiindiana is thkey here. trump in the speech, y you can e him on t thecreen. is going after bobby knigight's endorsement. he thinks that i is the thing to have in n the state of i indna. what do you thinink? >> i think bobobbynight is hero there. also governor pence and formerer governor mitch dananie. all three arare ry popular. he playeto, trumump has bonn and mewith pence. i don't know that he m metitch daniniels recently. mitch is now thehe president at purdue uniniversy. i think at end of the day,y, a very ski state. swing states gone backck and foh with two obama electionsns. if he wins t there,er take a state. you can't stop h him. he will get the majorityty. if you stop him there then youou will shout. melissa: thahank you very much. david: have toto nail down those chchairs.
4:39 pm
got to p promise do to that. cocould be bernie sanders lalast stand as the senatoror fhts for susupporahead of tomorrow's crucial races in five e states. joining me now is chuck rocha. solidarity strategy presidenent. he is bernieie sanders supporte. chuck great to see you agagain. i have to o play the tape from yourur cleague rosario dawson, another bernieie supporter. brought t up a name from the pt. lelet's play the tape. do we have it? all riright. the sound bite wasas rosario dawswson essentially bringing up the name of f monica lewinsky, suggggesting that in fact she doesn't want to be a victitim aa lot of bernie sasanders's people are victims ththe same way thaht momonica lewinsky y was. now we h have the sound bite just play it. >> we're really fendg g for oursrselelves right now. we are literally under attack for not just supupporting the other candidadate. now i'm with monica lelewinsky with this, bullyly something ba. dadavid: all right.
4:40 pm
what do you mamake of that, bringing up monica l lewinsky? >> it was a po yiying to draw a contrast. i mean, i run campaigngns for livingng. you want to o know why it wasn't wise thing to do? wewe'rtalking about it, insteadd of talking about berninie sanders's recordrd compared to hillary clinton's record.. it is nenever great thing to do. there is g good way to draw a contrast. she chchose the wrong way when there arare a lot of ways. we donon't want to be here talkg about rosario dadawson or monica lewiwinsky. we want to talk about t issues ofrage americans care e abou every day, l's talk k about the numbmbers, chuck. could bebe tomorrow night hillay clinton has number of delelegats she e needs s t bernie sanders said he is g going a the way to california. would he go o to california even if she gets th232383 tomorrow. >> it will hard to belieievehe would make u witith thisis almot matally to eliminate u us out of the race tomrorow. we'll have a verery good day. trying to o grow the party. no matter what party you're
4:41 pm
trying to grow, we have six millioion contributions. people redefining way y we run polititical campaigns, every democrat across the amererica he with emutete, taking money out of politicics and lifting off voices aveverage working people. will be good day for b bernie sanders tomomorrow. david: new pol we made reference to it, gegeorge washington university, head-to-head, hillary veversus trump. shows they're virtually dead heat given margin n of error? does that surprisese you, bernie sanders polls betttter agagainst trump thanan hillary does now. >> he does. s s message is strong. i'm afraid if it is s hillary againsnst trump a lot of people will sit o outhis election. i'll trying toto get more people in. i will give dodonald trump credt for this. hehe brought a lot of faces to this. i disagree with his entiti platform. he e energized people just likee bernieie sanders to make a p paf the process. wewe need more people paparticipating in amemerica wih our politics. david: quickly, chk,k, sanders suort rerequires going to vote
4:42 pm
now for trumump considering that they thihinknk sanders has lost. do you know ananybody is sanders supporter now w that could vote fofor trump? >> i haven't talkeked to anybod. most of my frienends are democrats. most of my friends d do not want to see donalald trump in the white house. i don't know whoho those folks e talking to. they hanging out. david: harlan hillll? you don't know harlan hill?? big bernie spoporter. been here quite a bibit? >> hanging out in the redndneck part of town, i tell you t that. david: we like rednecks s ound here. chuck, thank youery y much. apprecia it. melissa. melissa:a: ted cruz speang a moment agogo about the deal with john kasich wherere cruz would focus on indiana and kasicich would focus on ogogon and new mexico.. let's listenen in. we're not. >> state of indiana, i wouould k you to please susupport ouour campaign. if youou don't want to see donad trump as nomineeee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton n as the presidident, and nominating
4:43 pm
donald trump i insures tha hiary clintoton wins the general, thehen i would ask governor kasich's supporters t o stand with u us stand united, because it is onlyly in standing uniteded that t we can prevail,n the e nomination, and it is only standing united as a countryry e can prevail and win the genenerl election. >> senator cruz, are you considering -- david: all rightht. he had his say melissa: tre you go. david: y know longer need 10 mililon bucks to open a account th goldman sachs. coming up goldman'new bank, lieve it or not, for everyon tornadoes tearinthrough nebraskand two other states. more states now are brinfor twisters tomorrow. more oth coming up next. whenen it comes toto small buness, she's in the know.
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david: wall stetet icon is now opening its doors to main street investors. goldn n sachs offering services to the masses with aononline bank requiring one d dollar to
4:47 pm
open a savin a aount. this coming as pt t of f financl giant's ge capalal to buy the bank deposits and web p platfor. being launch as gsbank.cocom. melissa: we're h herto give you power to prosper and for uririch is not a fr-r-letter word and rtainly isn'tt for our own gerri willis w who literally wre the book on it. she joins us now. whwhat le the most about yourr ok, you talk about how the licies we know are working against our viers. then y telell people how to do something about it. one ofhe chapters i think is the best, how flooding the mamarket with college lo money has just driven up the pri. >>ackeup prices. so you can't afford . all the solutions hear abt aree more free money. let m me tell you what you can to cut t price of college for your kids. melissa:kay. a, numbeone, son or daughter goingnto college, fresan year for first time, you ve to tell them this, is
4:48 pm
foear gig, not five years, six years. four years.ids graduate in melissa: that is unbelievavable. w. >> scaryry. negotiate e the price. yoyou did this, righght. melissa: yes. once you get in anyou say, y you know w what? i don'n't know that i can afford this semester amamazing they wat to help you on you've been acpted right? >> dirty littlsecret, college fices that handle applications. thproblem isn't getting into college. the problem is payg for college. theynow you're strugglg. ow this is difficult particular which private colleges. % of people who ask for cut-rate pce get it. ink about that. melissa: tt is amazing, shng. >> fally need to know how much should i pay? what is reasonable amot of money i should pay f my college educn. think of it thay, the day u graduate, when you have th cap on your head and rea to throw it intnto the air, your dt should equal what t you will ean first year.
4:49 pm
you may make 60,000 as engineer, 30,0 as journalist in t first year. debt should be no more thathat amount. th is what you can pay off in 10 years. yohave to plan ahead. think ahead. no one will bail you out athis point. make yr own decisions. >> gri, greabook. rich is not a four-letteword. hehelpful ti. i love i it. thank yoyou. david? da w we have weather to te you about. we're embracing g for extreme weatather and tornadoes ineveral states. dadamaging storms are slamming e midwest. experts are warning g of a very rorough week aheadad. tornadoeoes touching down in nebrasaska and kansas. officials are still assessining the damage but those vidideos don't look gooood. melissa: wow, look at pictures. republican infigighting could be sending one major gop donor r to the other sidede of the aisle. you both have a
4:50 pm
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will not being attendi theo republican nnal convention iswing. now includes the koc brothers. nservative candidates s to causesr the years, they could even be loing towards the r side of the aisle. hley, adolpho are back to weigh in. ashley, rst of all, how quickly in the mainsm media the koch brothwent from devils in karn gnat to ang because ey don't like donald trump. isn't funny >> no kidding. llary clinton was quick to tweet she dit want their dadavid: yeah, right. she disagrees with allhehe time inclg wall street. vid: right. >> twas fascinating. interesting how thisrative completely spun. they had said they would consider backing her now they do have iues with donald trump they have me that david: sure. >> that is shing, to really look at here. they haven'toned to anyone.
4:54 pm
stayed out the 2016 ce and how does that imct the election moving forward. david: adolfo, does matter koch brotherwill not beary clino matter what they s you have to read the artrticle totality. they are notot givmoney to democrs. this is significt warnining they're ging republican party, frankly the candidates. when youd thinterview, entirety, you see that it is basically cng for scipline and message and really compont within the republican party togeth, to garner their support as well - - about how you should criticiz the way people eat food? i mean you know whatifference is it gointo makethey have sosomething written out abou comportment. nald trump will do -- even manafort can't control h. how the hell will e koch brotheontrol him?
4:55 pm
in november, we to attract inpendent voters. david: inow. bua loof independents and democratare cong over in spite of all that rancor. >> well david: let me finip with ashley. the is a very interesting point, one delegate, kinof a per delegate, i guess he o e of those committees. curly hugland, ashley, h suggested that even ifif donald trtrump gets 1237 dell pats by d of the season after calififorni, he stillight notot be nominee. is there somome kind of master plplan even if he gets 1237 and beyond to prent hihim om beming thehe nominee? >> i suppose anything can happppen. chairman priebususe out multiple t times says whoever gs 1237s the e rule. if he amasses 1237 i realllly dodon't e how that happens ass much as they would like to takae it from him.m. theyould be denyny will of the peoplele. david: i heard adolpho a aee. >> thahat would be disaster if theyey take it away from him.
4:56 pm
david: thank youou we have a t of breaking news. good to see yo both. >> thank you. melissa: donaltrump slinging mud at rival john kasich accusingim of some poor personal habits. but mo on that coming up. but i keep it growinby making every dollllar cou. that why i have the spark cashard from capital one. everything i buy for mymytudio.on ♪ anand thatat unlimited 2% cash k omom spark means tusands of dollarsrs each year going bak into m my business... that's huge for my bottom lilin. what in your w wallet? [bassistst] two late nights in blew an amp.but goodigights. sure,music's why we do this,s,bu it's still our businesess.s. we spend days booking gi, then we've gottautut in the bubut it's not without its perk. lilike seeing our album m sale through the roof
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4:59 pm
you. melissa: if you thght candidatesolled in the mud already, sorry, that went to fast listen the front-runnnner for repupublican nomination, dodonald tru, calling out rivall john kasich on his manneners. >> i get a kicick out of kasiche is beating h her in the polls. by the way, did you evever see a man eaeat like this?s? i'm alwaways working with my so, little t tiny pieces baron. little tiny pieces - -- this guy is shoving panned cakes. it is pouring g out of his mout. david: that was a couplele minus ago. it has b become a theme. at least for the d day. kasich campaign fifiring back, n
5:00 pm
twitter, we e werere looking for trump p steaks for the governor but t no one seems to sell them ananore. melissa: to be fr,r, when he w s eating t those eggs,s, nobody gs between n me and my brake fast. i don't know, don'n't interrupt me. david: i can't imamagine donald doing anything litittle. "risk & reward" " starts now. >> did you see they joinined forces? [booing] i've been dog g this for 10 monthshs and these two guys, they're politicians all theieir lives, t that is all they do and now w ththey joined forces and u kept hearing oh, they're doioing well, they're dodoing well. i have millions ofof votes more than each one of them. we have -- [cheering] despite the fact system is tolly rigged and it is r rigged, it a badad system, we have hundreds and hundrededof delegates more. this i is supposed to be an incredib w weekend. you must go out and votete tomorrow. it's a rigigged system.


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