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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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twitter, we e werere looking for trump p steaks for the governor but t no one seems to sell them ananore. melissa: to be fr,r, when he w s eating t those eggs,s, nobody gs between n me and my brake fast. i don't know, don'n't interrupt me. david: i can't imamagine donald doing anything litittle. "risk & reward" " starts now. >> did you see they joinined forces? [booing] i've been dog g this for 10 monthshs and these two guys, they're politicians all theieir lives, t that is all they do and now w ththey joined forces and u kept hearing oh, they're doioing well, they're dodoing well. i have millions ofof votes more than each one of them. we have -- [cheering] despite the fact system is tolly rigged and it is r rigged, it a badad system, we have hundreds and hundrededof delegates more. this i is supposed to be an incredib w weekend. you must go out and votete tomorrow. it's a rigigged system.
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it is a crooked d system. it is as crooked almost asas hihillary clinton.n. she crooked h hillary. shshe is crooked hillary. [cheering] did you see e ththe poll just ce out? we're tied with hillllarclinton all ofof sudden. th didn't take long. i get a kikick out of kasich. he goes arouound saying he is beating her in the p polls. by t the way, did you ever see a man eat likehis? i'm alwaways working with my so. little tiny piececes, baron, little tininy pieces. this g guy is shoving pancakes - i negative s s anything like it. it is pouring out of h m mouth. and cameras are on him.. i don't know. lo, that is not t presidential, i cacan ll you. >> usasa, usa, , usa! deirdre: momen agogo donalald trump p finished up an event in west chesssser, pennsylvania. thisis i is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. tetension creaeasing. gop p rivals, senator cruz, governor kasich teaming upup to
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beat donald trump in the delegate dash. here is the idea of ththis deal. senator cruz focusinon indiana. he will nonot direly compete in oregegonr new mexico. on hisis pt governor kasich canceleledlans to campaign in indiana. >> i don't see t this as any big deal other than thfafact i'm not going to spend resesources in indiana.a. he is not gog to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> after discucussns with the kasich campaign we made e a additiononal locating resources. we decided to allocacate our tie and enener and resources othe state of indiana. vernor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. this is enenly about the will of the people. this is about winning the votets of the hoosierer state. giving indian gngnat opportunity to c choe. deirirdr tomorrow, super tuesday 3. you have 118 gop deleleges up for grabs. donald trump favororedo win all five states ththat are casting theieir r oices tomorrow. connell m mcsne is on the
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ground in n one of those states, nnsylvania. with the very latetest from a trump rally. connell remind our v viewers, pennnnsylvania, i can sate it, m from therere, is the aziest state in theninionon wh these unbounund delegates. this will be a big wildcarard totomoow. >> a absolutely. it is interestining,ow the t trp campaiaigndeirdre is now attackg that, justst as the cruz campaign was last weweekhich wewe'lspeak about in a momenent. it has been n a busy day for trump, as he w wraed up five minutes ago, secondd rally of te day. at west chester university y and another pennsylvania event scheduled later totoday. they had a p packed house. college e ki, even more energy than your usual l or average trp rarall we g gotore reaction to the news of the dayay, the story of the y with cruz and kasich togogether. somethinyoyou st talked about. hehere is what trump had to say. >> if you cocollude in business, if you collun business, or
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if you collude in thststock market, theyey put you in jail t in pololitics, because it's a rigged stem, bauause it is a corrupt t enterprise, in politi, you're allowedo o collude. so ty y colluded and actually i was ppppy because it shows how weak they arare. it shows howow phetic they are. [cheererin reporter: doesn't sounund li trump is v very impressed by the new cruz-k-kash plan. you also menentioned that he h s been makaking fun, as he hasone at both rallies the waway john kasasiceats. wewe he a literal food fight onn our hands. i n'n't think there is any need to play that agagainecause you ayed part of it. what i is somemething interestig about pennsylvania, yoyou' right, deirdrere. this is fascinating ststate. mae to say it's a strange state. they havave delegates around the state of pennsylvania a t only 17 go to the ststatide winner. flyer r at trump evevent. wewee it on in mymy hand.
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tells s people to vote for trump on t tueay, april 26th. but it says, cast yourur vote nt only for trump b but trump delegas s our congressional district. if you live in pennsnsylvania congressioional district 3, dond trump would like you to vovoteor somebody named lynn ryan apparently she wl support him atonvention. that ithe idea. lbert cox is the trump pick congressional dirict 13. whats not interesting that trump is doing it,e is also doing it something similar from theruz cacampaign. its a fight not only for votes but delegates heren pennsylvania. back to you. deirdr c connell, exactly what i watalking about as y said. vote are going to see the three gop names that we l know but then they are going toee a lot other basically random names. so it isood at least for the trump te that the ground game is more ganized in pennsylvania seems t t be. good tunes in the back. connell mcshe in
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pennsylvania e heat is ron rivals senator cr and governor kasich are colluding to block him. >> if you collude business, if you clude in business, or if you collude in e stk market, they put you in jailut pololitics, because it is a gged system, because it is a corrupenterprise, in politics, you're allowed tcollude. so they couded and actualllly i was happy. becausit sho how weak they ar ithows how pathetic they are. [cering] dedre:ruz campaignational spokesperson ron nehrings wi now. n, welcome back. collusiomeans seet. so, i'm just curious as toto yor intereretation of donald trump's comments? >> well, you know donald trump, who fashshions himself as mr. unpredictable and mr. exexible and the great nenegotiator and the like, certainly rereacted in very ededictable way. the guy has been the most predictable peonon in this campaigno o r.
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he flips out. ststarts throwing insults arou.. he iacacting like a confident peperson? isomomeone really on track to the nomination like hehe claimse isis, would he really behave ttt way? or wouould he pivot to be more presidenti, , a little calmer, a little more ratialal and like? that is what he would dodo. that is whatat he was trying too for a coupuple of days last wee, be morore presidential and less insulting and the likeke. true to form h he reverts back o bebeing insulting and petty and small because he knows h he is n real troububle. he knows he is not on trtrack to get marityty of the delegas he eds. on a second ballot you w will se a mamax exodus of degates awayay from donald trumump toward candidate who cacan actual win in novembeber that will be ted cruz. deirdre: ron, in frness s to him hehe clearly thinks system is unfair. hehe came out and said it is rigged obvioiously you disagreen at point. what i wt to ask you a a little bit momore strategic and tactic. you probably heardrdrom my colleague connelell mcshane on e
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ground in pennsylvania. iteems as if donald trump'p's ground team isis lot more ganized d based on what cononnel told us than ever before.. soso, if he is able to get, for example, pass out t these flyers where the nanames of delelegatee correctly spelled, t that was a problem for him in othther stat. and -- >> ing improvement. deirdre: i if he isis more oanid that will haveve to make you fit harder. >> i see no o evidence of a more organized trump caaign.. clearest evidence of that t what happened this pastst weekendnd e he had multitiple state party conventions s around the country and total nunumber of trump delegates whwere elected a at every state conventionon this pt weekend was one. exactly one. from the state of maine anand it was the e gornor ostate of maine who had to runun in his on cocongressional district because he probably y wouldn't have runf he stood foror one at lalarge s.
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old staff taking over ththe campaign and one delegegate was elected this pasast weekekend. lookt ththis list, you had up on screen thererevious reporter did, there are three d delegates per congngressional district. go back k and check did you see three names s per congressional district. in 16t6th district you only saw one na. that i is example how the team doesn't have it totogether. deirirdre: i want to ask you quickly, ron, beforee e let you go, seems if carly fiorina m may be under considerationr maybe considering a vp to senatotor cruz. is that right?? >> carly fiorina has beeeen outs surrogate speaker for senatorr cruz. endorsed senor c cruz. been valuable atatetet to the campaiaign. at same time our campapaign is going ththrough thprocess which any seririous candidatate is gog through to identify vice-predentl nominee. and that is all i have to say about that. deirdre: ron, glad to have you. thank you. > thaou so much. >>on nehring, with me there, cruzign national okesperson. cruz plus kasich pps equal a
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better chato stop trump. at least that's at the other two candidates think looking at conlidation what is coming up in indiana, seni sor for the trump campaign foer "apprentice" contestant hannah gtz is with me now. welcome to the program. glad to have you. hank you. deir what happens if this strategy works? thatto say cruz, plu kasich, exceeds trump? >> it's a not into happen. ths just their last desperate attempt. actually, to keep themselv both othem relevant, and out in the public eye, mean, this is, this is their st chance to try to, try to smr. trump it is not going to happen. hecompletely unstoppable. and american pple are going out and voting and their voice ei heard. i mean will of the pe is being hearbecause they're vovoting and we willee that morrow in esday's primary. deirdre: so, tara, i have e tosk
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you particed in "the appntice." what do people n know, that is to sou had a lot of access to donald trump, you workewith him closy, what do people not know? the i'm talking abouople who saw that show,ollowed it and every single voter in the s., what iit if you had to say o one thing that's importa ize about him? >> that's great question. thank you for asking. and is that mr. tmp is actually a very,y nice man. he is sur generous. he caresut people. he loves people. and he helps people. theverage layperson all the way up to very, very wea people he genuinely c and i i is so nice it w such a great experience. deirdre: it was a grt experien. so a as u look at your life, i'm assuming top five? >> top five w what? deirdre: top f fivexperiences in your life so far? >> oh,h, absolely -- my top five? havingng mchildren.
5:12 pm
marrying thehe man of my dreama. opening up a a vy successful bubusine. definitely going on "thehe apprentice" and now working for mr. trump'p's presidentitial campaign. wewe'rmaking history together. it's awesome. deirdre: all r rig, tana. thank you very much. we're e glad to have you here.e. >> t thank you. have a g gre day. deirdre: with me t the. tune in tonight toto hannity on fox nenews bothonald trumump d ted cruz are scheduled toto aear tonight, 10 p.m. eastern time.. soso, super tuesdayay 3 that is tomorrow. neilil coo v view toe, lou d do, myself, we'l'll all be here. have you covovered at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. rnc is passingng the buck, saying it t is not its responsisibility to manage campaign strategegy. mymy political p panel back wite in jusa minunute, one person highly agrees. the ototheher person highly disagrees. stay tuned for o our debate in a few w minutes.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we said thihis for a long ti. evevery campaign has to run its own strategy. it is really not our jobob at te rnc to handicap it as much too insure we have fair andd transparent process for r whicho compete. deirirdrdre: the rnc's communicn direoror made that comment. for their take whether or nonot there is a level plalaying fie. we want a gogood debate. here it is cruz supporter r kurt
5:17 pm
slickter, and trump supporter,r, boriss e epstein. boris on the trump side is the systemigged? it irigged, broken, whatever yont to call it. sterday's deal shows the who thg is such a joke. cruz and kasich acti so desperate exactly wh voters are turned o by. seeingt in the polls. even before the deal was announced trump waup by over 30 in rhode island. right about 30 iconnticut. huge numbe pennsylvania and maryland. tomorrow will be a b day. inndiana we're up by eight points. after this deal a lot of ce si s supporters ll not go to cruz, who istabbing kasich in the back, sang one way decision to ll o of indiana. those kasich suppoporters are overerwhelmingly going to donald trump. donald trump will win indianana. deire: b boris, with all due respect nono one has a crystal ball i t take your opinion to heart. senator cruz once e said if a candididate didn't have mathematatical chance he should
5:18 pm
drop out. now he is in that positition. shouould he take the advice he publicly gave when he e thoughtt was only a about kasich? >> look, deirdre, ted d cruz is going to win t this nomination. gogoing to win it the second ballot. he is going to do it by dodoing whatat donald trump couldn't do. donald trump has, you know, substituted squirrel chasingng d ninicknamefor hardcore s stratey and hard w work. thatat is what tedruz did. therwere 11 candidatates to start. there is really y two left. ted cruz is dodoing hard work of convincing delegates. he learned thehe rules. hehe is using the procedures. he is dodoing the things that is going to take to win.n. not only against donald d trtrup but agagainst hillary clinton. trump just wants t to get on tv and popontificate. ted d cruz is doing hard work. that is why he is s going to bet him.m. deirirdr boris, i want to bring this in ---- >> wrong. deirdre: do yoyou want to respod to t that directly. >> sure e about 3 million more people will hahave voted for donald tru t than ted cruz after tuesday. that is a huhuge difference. about two million people ved
5:19 pm
mo thann m mitt romney in 2012 p to now. people are speaking. repupublican party need to list, not listenen to ted cruz doing anything h he can to get the nonomination. deirdre: what is youour respons? >> bororisthat really doesn't matter. i had chinese chickcken salad fr lunch. that is ju as relevantnt. >> a amount of people vote foror trump doesn't matttter. >> who gets s delelegates, win e nomiminaon. win the d delegates. >> s se recalls. people donon't matatter. ththat is whatat cruz says. deirdre: donalald trump is the only candidate with h a mathematatical path to getting that magagic number, 1237. the rnc communications d directr also said if trurump, he said if he, implication was trump, f fls short of that bound dedelegate number, then we will head to contested conventionon. it looks l likthat is the strarategy of the other two candidates. so, boris, to whwhat extent do u see the rnc as part of thehe stp trump momovement? >> i don't really see em as part of th movovement.
5:20 pm
right now thmovevement is actuly made up of only two people. it is uz and kasich. i'm rprised kasich didid that before this move. he h a chance to be a vp pick potentially for trump. now he dsn't. he could be a vp pick focrcruz maybe 2024 whenever cruz runs next te after he loses this time. rnc is not part this quote, quote copiracyf you want to cacall it between cruz and kash. despate move by two losing caidates. cory did not answer the qution, cruz saiaid if you c't get 1237 should get t. take his own opinis what he suggesd kasich should do t get ouof the race. deirdre: thank youoth. >> cruise wi get to 121237. st on second ballot. >> he won't get it on secone either. first on secon a lot of people will stick with trump. don'worry about any of that. trump is getting there by e time convention star. deirdre: boris, curtththank you. thank u both. gl to have you here. tune in tonight, donald trump,p, tecruz scheduled to appear
5:21 pm
10 p.m. eastn n ti. you will notot want to miss tha. speaking of nonot ssing momorrow, super tuesday 3, election covagage,ou dobbs, neil can view he t m myself, the whwholteam, we are here. results immediately y and d anas as well, starting g at:0p.m. easter time. billnairand influential donor charles kochompares donaldrump's f foreign policies ideas to nazi germany.. trump's foreign polilicy advisor walid phphares, , reacts. here's's the plan. you wanta fa, bubut most of the time you feel like you're trying to wranglgle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they'ree asasleep. then one day, hr schchedules a meeting with you o out of the blue. and it's the worst 1 19 minutes ofour career.. but yoyou don't sweat it becaue yoyou and your advisor have prprepared for this.
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deirdre: all right. ahead of this supetuesday 33 there are five northven states in conteion. so that is 118 gop deletes up fograbs. yoheard earlier from my coeague in pennsylvania on the ground, connelmcshane, saying tt pennsysylvania is the biggest wildcard.
5:25 pm
loophole primarynd they go to pepesylvania. you have three gop candates, names we know ofourse. then se other random names that could change thoutcome in pennsyania. so oncagain, senator cruz could actual lose the popular te but gain more delegates. so we'llertainly be something to watch tomorrow. weave coverage for you starting at 7:00 p.meastern time inhe meantime conservative billionae and influential gop donor charles ko highly critical of donaldrump backounds? last yeatrump actually unveiled a proposal toar most muslim immigrants and toists from enting intohe u.s. he also seemed open to thidea of creating aatabase to track slims who are already living in t u. later on trump said a rereporter made thatuggestion, not him. what did you thk when you first heard nald trump's oposal to put a temporary ba
5:26 pm
on all muslims cing into the uned states? >> well, obvusly t that's, that's antithecal to our approach but what waworse was this, we'll have tm all register at's rememiniscentf nazi gegermany. that is monsterous. deirdre: donald d trump's forein popolicy advisor walid phares wh me now. walid, welcocome back. >> thank y you. >> donald trump made his immimigration stance clear. soso what is the disconnect? >> first of all, the what t is clr r about mr. trump's f forein policy w with regard to immigration is not the actuall community isissue. it is security. he saiaid in his second seent whenen he made that statement bk in decembeber i believe, as long as we don't know what is goioing on. so h his concern is that the agencies of gogovernment of the cucurrent administration are not acaccepting to create a measuremement by which we are jihadistnd which a are not. that is when he mamade the statement.t. he will have the next popolicy,
5:27 pm
we'l'll hear s some of this wee, how to determinene who is radicl who o is not radical. not abouout communities. deirdre: koch brothers, wawalid, arare not supporting any gop candidate because theyhihi none of the cacandidates focus n issues. chcharles koch he shocked a lotf people saying it was posossible that hillary clinton could b bea betttter option than a republicn candidate. so, how do you see thahat tepid leaning on his part?t? then the implicatition i should say just for allll business peoe watching, that h he made a follow-up commmment which plied ththat what she would dodo in oe is dififferent than how she is campmpaigning now? > wl, number one, probably many of thosose critics of the trump campaign bically are not seeieing clearly in terms of policies. they want to seeee clearly in terms ofof policies. of course they may have otheher motives but policy is comiming. there will be a speeeech this wednesday.y. there wiwill be multiple other speeches. his campaign is orgaganizing to show the arirican public and votersrs that there is a rationl
5:28 pm
straragy being established first in t terms of homeland security. second in terms of foreign policy and third of f urse with regardrd to the onomy. all of that is a ahead of us. dedeirdre: all right.. wawalid, president obama in germany today y announcing an increase in u.s.ilitary personnel to syria. hold on. >> small numbeber of special operionsns forceces are on the ground in syria. theieir expertise has been critical as locacal forces have driven isil out of key areasas. gin the success, i approveved the deployment of f up to 250 addititional u.s. personnel in syria, including spepecial forcs to keep up this momentumum. deirdre: walid, is 2500 additional personnel enougoror is this too little, too late?? >> all depends on n the big picture. what is the goal off those 200? toto train a force of 10,000 oro basicalllly attack with special forcrces arrangegements targets among isis? what i is the actual big p picte who are going to be forces onn the ground.
5:29 pm
in europe he madade that statement, hours before, he e sd i don't bebelieve we need to deploy in syria. i don't believe wewe need to protect refugees in n areas in syria. no troops on the groround a few hours bebefore. then i'm sending 200 or 30 forces ttrain the kurds and shmerga against isis forces. the question is at is the long-term projec how are you going defeat isis? how will y bring back refugees to free areas of syria we don't have answers for that. deirdre: as always, waliphares, ump foreign licy advisor there. trump is responding sayi collusion is illegal in business. lis wiehl, our leg eagle explains t difference in potics. > nfl wins the "deflategate" appeal. tobrady's suspension reinstated. we'll talk aut what iteans for the new england st quarrbrbk. >> first of all, let's srt by
5:30 pm
sayingng, leave m brady alone! leave him alone. lee m alone. he is a grt guy.y. that's eugh.h. th's enough. [cering] small siness edition. oh, no i'm up to neck in operating cts! i'llave the day! she's t customized coverage you cacount on. you chipped my birath! now u'reonna pay! noso fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ actioion flo did somebody say " "insurance? chilildren: flo! ♪ aion flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? oo they got smoothies? for me.
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duda a federalal appeals court ruling that doing withth patrios courted that -- quarterbrbac mut serve a four-game sususpension o the decision overturned d a lowr court ruling the decision sides with the league.
5:34 pm
"fox news" legal analyst r here with me now. what is yo takeway from a legastandpoint? coulthis case be appealed again? >> of course he can be appled. it could actually go the way supreme cour i dot see that happening here are eierould be a settlement basicalllly what this threeanel judge held a 2-1 decisiois that the cmissioner really had that broad discretioion say brady was given fl treatment he. he hasl due process. they want to read a couple o thgs that are ry important here the languages so criticacal that bradreally was, the evidence s compelling if not overwhming.deirdre: thas importt language because it'sot beyond a reasonable doubt. but compellg information is not a wrong that he,rady knew abt it thehe tampering of the football, consted to it and enurage encouraged it.
5:35 pm
it's not that hugh is righ there with the football icking them in and enuraging them. critical he and there is thgh that he did what with his cell phonehen it was clear that he had to turn er the ce phone. he desoyed it. don't know wt rob is 10,000 mails. we don't knowas in that cell phone. it could have just been pickp the undry, take up -- ta out the dog would not know but t the fact is en they said turnovever they cell phone he d did what we all of hiding s something. deirdr the b bescase scenario is he you didn't want to deall with the hassle and the worst cacase he did actually have something. >> thohose judges said hey you d a chance you had to press re what did you do, youlew w it to dohrough over at cell phone. that was it. deirdr i want to ask you this, not th it's not fair in a
5:36 pm
business application but sator uz and governor kasich tryin to pvent donald trump from clinching that 1237elegates before theuly convention. trump is accusing the ndidate of collusion saying it'sllegal in business t as a quick refresher --. >> is hihiding informationon deg with antitrust implications.s. they areoing to collude and collusion is i in the rkneness f night. it's's going t to hurt you and e the consumer. they are out thehere we are not going to campaigign. they cououldn't be more open abt it. it's not illegal.
5:37 pm
they are just sing this is our strategy and where out a open about it. deirdre: we lo you for the clity. "fox news" legal analystthan u lisa. democrat governor restores voting 200,000 violent convict felon this swing state of virginia. my next gut says that is a stake. he was the chairman ofillary clinn's 2008 campaig were going to be talking a littleit more about that and moremportant how it could swing e vote in virgin. also former reag economist steve moore will be wi me. says it's a biproblem that is to say ththe republicans w we essesentlly uniformly rerespsible for the housing crisisis and theecession that followed. i was a a statement made by hillary y clton. ststeve moore says nothing could bebe furthther from the truth. we will break it a all down for you. >> now many p people had jobobs
5:38 pm
during the great recession i in 5 million hohomes were lost andi put the responsibibily squarely on t the republicans. there are two billllion peope who don'n't have access to b basic banking, thebut that ichan.llion peope at temenos, with the mimicrosoft cloud, we can enable a banknker to tral to the m most remote locations with nothing but a a phone and a tablet. everywhere wherere there's a phone, you h hava bank. now a persrson is able to start a bususiness, anand employ somebody fofor the first time.
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>> this reclosure crisis, 9 million people ltheir jobs becaus the great recession and llion homes were lost and i put the responsibility rely on the republicans and i don't y that to be partisan. i say it because during those ght years, there were a lot things that coulbe done that were not de to try to help people. deire: hillary clinton plang the amame for the 2008 crisis and reces that followed on the republblican party noteing partisan. steve moore beside me. goodod to see you . >> now w nott all partisan. deirdre: she got to do it but i mean there's enough h blame to
5:42 pm
go around. bankersndnd at the institutional level and mortgage brokers a and people n not taking reonsibility for their r own budget but do yu think k she saying aside from obviouously the campaign trarail that she doesnsn't blame anybody on walall street? >> a couple of t things about this.. one isis that t a big american people have forgotten ouout what happened in 2008 lot of repupublicans would like to pretend that it't's all forgottn and it's not fororgotten. i actuallyly don't really blame republicans so much for thee crisis because m mortgage banke, fannie mae,eople who took out mortgages. republicans still haveve aroblem in expinining to the american people what they did andhy they d it with all the bailouts. those bailouts to thisay are not populawith the american people. hillary, deirdre: whyon'the republics come out and say you ow what taxpayers you dn't lose mey. people are possessed witth id but actually the tpayers
5:43 pm
gave the money. >> now whole idea thatl street gotailed out and a lot of community banks and so on that sufred, think it t was a miake. i think at t the bailouts for bg prproblem but i will say this hillary saying it's s all republicans fafall, wait a minue her husband was partisan wh w we did glass-steagagall reform. her husband was s the one who expanded the comninity reinvestment a.. i was a federal l law that acactuly encouraged and requeded banks to mee loans to marginal lenders s and it turns out a lot ofhohose went sour. plenty of f blame to go around. think it was foolish and i d dot think mostmemerins think it was ju t the republicans. years later the demomocrats are stilblblaming everything on george w. busch. deirdroo your point though clinton anheher husband just uch of an architect amount > i've been writing about th,
5:44 pm
fannie mae, freddidie mac foror federal l housing investors abot these federal agencies doining exacactly e same things. so you gotot a lot of mortgages thatat are carrying 100% taxpayr guarantees for foror banning freddie and fha, 3 3% jump paymt momortgages. >> why can't't ben bernanke forr chairman of the e fed get a mortgage? >> i went toto the same thing. i coululdn't get a mortgage andi was putting 25% down paymement n a loan. the only people are e getting mortrtgages were people that qualified under the normal - --a used to be 10 years ago alyoyou had d all you have to do is walk and a bank and y you got a mortgage a announced the exact opposite so it's really difficult to get a ln n from a nknk. deirdre: i'm glad you coecected me on theifafannie mae and freddie mac cocould i forgot the big three and the banking. >> d freddie and fha are doing exactly what thewere doing in 2006, andeven.
5:45 pm
i watch thmovie e big short. did you see it? actualally did we len any lesss from what happened in the swer ino. deirdre: c comback steve moorer. more to o talk about as always steve moore. more than half a million peoe are protestingarget over its new pro-transit gender babathrom policy. we will give you more dedetailsn a minute and frorom the entertainmenent world beyoncé doubling down on black livives matter. the supeper bowl black panther tribute. rememberer that? now shshe is featuring michael brown'n's mother and a music ad. exececutive director kevin jacon says beyoncé does s not t have e facts because the fererguson polilice officer was exonerated. >> if you u and i talked to the sameitnesses and theojoj talk to the same wiwitnesses and they don't agree and u anand i toto t dodoesn't make us wrong. >> but you donon't talk all the witnesses and the doj j es.
5:46 pm
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deirdre: b beyoncé doubles downn the black lives matterer cter new visualal album called lemonade. in the video the mother of michaell brown's is shown. michael brown's baileyey shot by police offfferer in 2014. the police officer w was exonerated of any wngdoing. the department of f justice rulg readad the evidence does not support t the findings that officer wilson was unreasonable and his fear that michchael bron woululd once again attempt to hm hianand gain controlf his gun. executive rector and author r of race - -- kevin jackson is with me.
5:50 pm
kevin what do yoyou make of artists whether they are singers, educators of f any form stepping into o politics in this way? >> in a word gear drive ththey e sellouts. they maka a lot of money and in the time whehere pop c culture s used and t to be hest t the beyoncé and jay-z-z are the do flacco black presint and f first ladydy of hip-hop music and blak culture. you have seen how they havave kd of combined with barack obama and mimichelle obama and the leftist agenda. essentially the narrative is thathe cops arare out shooting young black kids and d the mothers ofof these children are not to blame for what's happening in black culture.. deirdre: to your poioint they do have a l lot of power and they have a lot of reach.h. >> absolutely and lilike i said theyey are the de facto presidet if you will l an fact jay-z
5:51 pm
made a a comment about a year ao that just t hipresence, he and barack obama's presesence is charity,y, just them showing upo an event is charity. they really think highghly of themselves and whether they y gt it rightht or wrong is not the issue.e. beyoncé and jay-z do a terrible disservice to blacks bececause they d don't tell the real stor. just like what is happening ferguson they arlylying about this. look, the other part of ththisnd this is a little bit a afield of whatat we have been talking abot here but anothther part of t ths a business movemt. beyonceé, her album is effectively at issue between her and her husband where she is accusising him of being unfaithfulul. deirdre: she releleased a music strereaming service which seems conflicted at best butut i take your pointnt. whwhat were you going to say kevin? >> it paysys the bills but the feminismide of it is t they are treatiting these young black mothers is that they are t the martrtyrs of f present-day amera
5:52 pm
when in factct it's very different. these mothers areunfortununately racing subculture kikids and its happppily sad that this is going on in the black commmmunity and bebeing promoted polite - -- by pepeople like beyoncé and herer husband. deirdre: kevin i want to asksk u about another ctural questionon. more than 500,000 0 people are pledging to boycocott target. has s it check -- transgender bathroom policy so target announcing tnsgender employees and customers will be wed to use the bathro that correspondwith tirir identityy. this is another ar where essentially money anpolitics e mixing. consumers wa to voteith theifeet and they are but what does that say toou? >> i think i it's grt that pele are from a king a stce. the bigger iss around transgenr bathrooms bathrooms and i'vesked this question my radio show what did we dbefo today? where do thego to the bathroom
5:53 pm
ickly went to e bathroom of their choi. this is an lgbt strongld where they are saying you kn i've been on have anything el to talkbo because w we have taken overarriage rate where efctively playing gestapo with calism forcing them to baker cakes and perfmer weddings or whatever else so what elses there do? body has ever asked me and i doubt you ha been asked to show me your private pts beforeou go to the bathroom. deirdre: i am certaiy not spking to strangers next in me but it's moneye have a share ofun and i was asking him from securities dam point because ansgender where peoe identify as transgender .3% of the populion and the eriffs, to me was in no oth time have rules beenstablished for a minority. ghtly orrong but he just brought up that point >> it's a eat point and everybody brings in howl many transgendeand how many people
5:54 pm
are in this xual predator list it'slloot. with mfour sons when they were baes or youngsters i went to the bathroom with them or their mom did whatever and it was that type of a thing b here's a situation where there habeen no -- there'nothing here great it's just become an sue because the lgbt communi h decideto make it one. irdre: kevin jackson, we tha you. executive director a author with me ere. a new repo shows that fran could lose more an half of his estate to the irsaid we will tell you how the govnment does it and how y can protect yourself and in this case yourur heirs, after this.
5:55 pm
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deirdre: legdary musician prce died last week. nce has no spouse or
5:58 pm
childr, there are question about s estate. the government couldakover half. for a lot people who don't ha a $300 miion estate but who want to leave money toheir ildren or grand children, it can be a heavy burdensen. many states ha a state taxes th are at much lower levevels. deirdre: if you are givin somebody less thanan $5 million you are not subject to thehe estate tax. > roughly speaking. deirdre: but that sasaid, it t a double taxation. becacause people have paid every single tax during theieir woing lives. >> in many cases that' accurate. in some cases peop might have
5:59 pm
ut s stock for a dollaand it appreciate but me of these e assets hav not been taxed a all. deirdre: h has one full sist. we don't know if the is a will. but what ihe were going to donate money to institution. >f it's a charity the estate gets to deduct those ims. but the rule issue ihow are you gointo value this. there are soy unique. >> i nsary this estate. deirdr he was particular with his copyright and d famously fightingitith warner overt. jeffff levine with me there,e, x experts. thank you for joinining on "r"risk and reward."
6:00 pm
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