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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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people paying close attentntion, months so-called media elites, yoyou know them all. katrina great to have yoyou with us >> thahank you. lou: on-line poll 93% ofof you said that ted cruzuz- well might drop out. that is itit for us. ♪ kennedy: i was s so worried that rerepublican side of presidential race gotten t to normal a and boring, and addicted to chaos, i was worried that donald trump'p' convinincing new y win, a normal see pledge would dry up my main line, b e drama addicts running for president are as hped up as i am and lunacis back in business, d cruz, and john kasich made a deal to mp the devil. a hail mary t desperation, has both men stepping asi in certain
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stes so other is victorious enough to keep dond from wiing. kasich will stop campaigni in indiana, and cruz willet the other guyual -- wtz away wi it. > if you coude in business or sto mararket they put you in jail, but in politics because it is a rigged stetem, because it a corrupt enterprise, polits you are allowed to collude, ey colluded and i was hpy. because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> that is right, you hear those chee, trump is appealing to people whhate the system, and love winning two users trying to use that system to brindown an ectoral goliath that excites his followers, th turning out largerer numbers to te, for his part, dodonald calls
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lylyin'ted and kasich -- insiders, i sesee,asich shot asas donald's vp is dead, the prevails wisdom had been h he was a likeable establishment,, bubut now, this act of w war, my be his political s suicide. the other thing,g, is obvious deal with sichch and cruz, ththey b both think they are getting necessary vos s on a sesecond or ird ballot neither wiwill submit now to vp spot they have s sworn at blood brother toes robinin to the other guy a batman.n. >> on this show, super tueuesday islmost u us. >>ad day for tom brady, a federaral appeals court, pries open deflate-gate.
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when a woman for liberty loving millennials, , i am kennedy. kennedy. >> h you like me, meow? it is unleashed the unhnholy donald. >> you look at kash,h, do you see him,m, a news conference all the time when he ieatiting, i haveever seea human being eat in a dgusting fashion, he takes aancake and shoves it in his mouth. kennedy: a disgustinpan take shover cannot president. souch for being presidential, let's bring in party nel to sort it all out tonight.
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ri unger. welcome back. >> good to be back. kekennedy: so niceo have y here.- i am thrilled. >> tmp has a another strategy t that a gift given to him. by cruz and kasich. >> strategy working he manageged to g worcollude to one sentence about 17 times, that is doingg s something. >> aig wd for popoorly educated. >> a bigord. >> like pancake. >>eah. >>t is not working already, fit one goes out tod, kasichoes what? what? what is the g deal, there is nothing, go ahead te for he in indiana. then crusaid, , i'm so pleased
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to announce governor kasic has creede cedededtate of indiana to me, that la about 4 hours. kennedy: they ha a massive ego they tnk they will be nominee and next president kasich is one last two ople in race with better favable numbers than any o of them. >> but he eats poorly. >> wh pancake e and the choking. reporter: should they ve done thimonth ago. >> how did you turn a rogant billionaire to a sympathet fire, how about behind the scenes wheelinand dealing, ththat is why trump is s so popular,eople are looking at system, saying, wait a mute, ouvotes don't count, trump isuay becoming ho more
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and more like goldenf, he his skinndnd hair.inld, >> ihe losese can do pan teen commercials. nnedy: it does tk kasich vp sho donald has been gentle on k kash. a few barbs here andd therere. th is done? >> absolutely,y, b, he didn't' at. they s cleararly. if the goaoal is to stop trump, done this a long time e ag but ththey said,d, no, no. now w they are doing it, it looks like they are reallyly scared, li a last-t-dih move, we're araredow we've beenen heariringorever we should do this but now we arere, somethining s changed, they think they arere in trouble. kennedy: they are despeperate, that is a hail mary.
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a very lasast play of the game, bebecause they know that their babacks are against the wa, they arere ling, but it is funny they think they willll win, if theyey be keep himm 1211. >> this stop trump movement, i got numbers, what t everyone is spendingng, they have not spent a cent, club for growowth has a million dollarars they will spend in india.. like a hash h ta now. alststoprump is, nothing. >> nothing. kennnned d do they think people are going to forget it a could that donald trumwill quietlgo, well, i guess you got me. kennedy:o, no one has for sight eir ego is to big for that. >> donald trump gaining on democraticront runner hilly clinton, in a hip
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theahypothetical hd-to-head match up hillary clton with 46 pearce, andr. trump 43% this a big develolopment in the race. trump p has been saying for some time, , i am gaining on her. do you put stock in the pollll. >>t is for contest to o have hiest unfavbvbility ratings it would be those 2. because though one cares --- about t kasich, he leaves in the duh and who's thatat guy category. >> you have to k know enough about somemebody to hate them. kennedy: a good poinint, well said. >> irrelevevant. kennedy: rick k are processes on both s sides, so opaque and rigged thahat the american blic is going toetet hosed no matter what. >> if you think ththey are, i
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have seen argument from boboth sidedes then it no different than it has bebeen for as long as i can remembe i i graduated high school l with lincoln. kennedy: a good poi, , it is not different people are makingng a big deal because the candidates make deals. >> w we have tuned to process, itit is interesting, it is better, until this '70s peopople had nothing to say about candidates it t was all the guys smokingigars in t back room m that was for real. kennedy: people accecepted t tha wanted you to vote for they >> it better people are going crazis to a national primary,r not, who you a national primary,elevision stations all over ameriose a fortune,e, but it isun to see em tune in. kenned it is somethingand ocess is not over, i it t looks like we have these two estatablished frontrners, they arststill l a lot of crazy leftt in the race. >> sure.
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kekenny:y: and i will be joining you tomorrow night, r fbn's live coverage of super t tuesdsy 3, 7 p.m. eastern, comining up. charles kokoch warming u up to idea of hillary f for president. >> weird. stay with . if a a denture were to be put t under a microscope, we can see all the bacacteri that still exists.s. polident's unique micro clean formula works inust 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causin. brighter dture every day. i'm in charge of iall. busisine eenses,
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♪ people are peoeople, so w why should it be ♪ kennedy: i'm stitill dancing, welcome back, over weeeek billionaire charlesoch. he m made a surprising admission, he said hillaryry clinton may mamakes better presenent. out leadingng candidates. what? >> it is possible e another clinton coululd be better than another republican. >> it is possible.e. >> could y you see yrselelf supporting hillary, could d you? >> w well, her. would have to believe her actions would be dferent from herhetotoric. kennedhis cocomes days after georgelooney pai koch brr with a staard brush. -- b buy electns for sel ish reasons.
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>> i tnk there is a dierence between the koch brotrsnd us, thewould profit if they get t their w. th is s what you know we he no -- there o profit for us ithis. kennedy: george. jorge, how dare you. party panel is back. joe and rick. i i start with youat. >> koch demonized by the ft, as though no profit-seeking billionaires in the democrat party. is this a shrewd me by koar kocho tank hillary. >> lovshe came out, said, no, no. but when the kkk grand dragon ca out to endorse her, she said nothing. >> that was ump. >> right. alsoalso another kkk offici eb endorsed hillary, saying she secretsly
8:15 pm
--obody said anything about it, due to liberal media. but she isononcerned about koch brother, not that! kennedy: either hes messssing with her, he reay wants to be liked. >> hsaid, maybe we could support her, if she changes everythinghahat she aid. so i did not take that as huge vote of confince. >> n an investment in republic candidate, they -- >> he does not like th either. kenny: kochs met with scott walker, marco rubio, rand paul. >> theyer ini they -- never pledged, the k kochs have huge ininflnce in state races, that is where they invest their money and they have been hugely successful. edy: more so than tom steyer. >> they don't invest b big in naonal elections they y are not going g to this year, they
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don't like anybody on n either side. kennedy: is hilly clininton best choice for lilibertararians or koch suffering first t signs of a debellbell bell tatiting brain -- debilititating brain disease. >> this is why you shod never answer hypotheticals. you n never get it rightht. shtweeted she did not' support of peoe to make e it hardero vote. she accepts money, fromm clinton foundation from gulf state kin kingdoms where women, have only recently y been allowed to vote. kennedy: i think i would rather take money from brothers who donated alrlready over a billion dolollars to causes like you know american natural history museumum. >>hey are on the right side.e. what do have you againstt museum?
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>> and cancer reresearch. > i tell you what i said to dad koark koch, is a sagree with him, abo what time it isbut i did tell him, i do appreciate everything he has ne for the cityhe has done a great deal kennedy: ippreciate you. >> cing up, mtv. backo the future bro, are they bringing g music back? first up, delegate t rope ac. republic candididates are walking everything com down to indiana. yoyou will see why we moved the big boboard, that is cominup next, stere,
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kennedy: welme back, 1237 is my atmtm pin code, and necessary threshold for dedelegate to win an o out right nomination at the rerepublican convention. tomomorrow, superrest tuesday of the east, they slug it out. inelaware -- connecticut, rhode island, here to lp us out, deirdre bolton, ht of "ris& & reward." super tuesday. >> super. >> ain. >> part 3,18 g.o.p. delegates up for grabs. i am picking pennsvania here, who said, tt pennsylvania was philalphia. and pittsbur with alabama in the middle. it is very white imiddle, highest ncentration of gun ownership. keed who does that befit.
8:22 pm
>> so fadold trump probably less about seco amendment rits more about bringing manufacring jobs to u.s., thateacting everyone re, allegheny county for much alltown, coal. allegheny, pittsrgh thatat is home of vernor orbiter pla of govnor john -- or the birth plac governor john sich. kennedy: he cod be a second pretty spoiler in a unty. >> goingorth in connecticut. kennnnedy:f we tk about connecticucut, whave to talk ke this, lovie, as you were. kennedy. you haveo ur point. extension, look that, you justed that map, looks like minnesota vikin taking overtheast. >> touchdown.
8:23 pm
>> youave a lot of love for wall street, most these peopleave done business with nald trump in this southern fairfield county. kennedy: he will do well. >> hwill do great. kennedy: we'll par he with team cavut cha cha cha. >> i thi we'll see, another bloobath, second week in a row. >> trump, trump, trump, as far as within 18 g.o.pdelegates at large, research showse is liketo get more than half for sure, if youere a betting man. >> i a >> i love a casisino. how do they stay in busisiness giving ay y free drinks. i dodon't understand. then by birth statofof indiana. i i did not know that, awese,e, i learned something new. kekennedy: indiana? >> hoosier state, right, how you play bastbtball later. so this could be spoiler, for donaldrurumpcruz --- kennedy: he coulhave his
8:24 pm
dreams dashed of makg g to 12 37. >> because, senator cruz is likely to o do well in indiana. we did a p poll, there is not a lot of polls outut for indiana. kennedy: i heardhahatough state, very populist, 57 lelegates s coming out. >> we did e e at fox news, that shows tdonald trump kennedy: now because t and jo made their special bro plan, john will step a, let ted waltz in steteal the dreams. >> i think kasich sasaid, well, i meant t i was going to support him, but i might stiti show up a a littleit too. i am going help you, maybe kennedy: but mego is to big toeally help. >> then move out wes california, grand-daddddy it all. 172 g.o.p.egates, i want to click younow this m map, palo alto, san francis, if
8:25 pm
u talk about california as its own country, we sawed it off, iwould be. kennedy: a lot wld love that. >> many people wld break off fallo ocean. >> or its own sovereign nation. >>eah, even if those peoeople win, and saw. california with gdp top 10 couny in thehe world, a lot of libertaria in the area, notot clear who ey will vote for. kennedy: right. >> dem side its split with sas and clinton. republican side, rarkably unclear. know that cruz's team has be therere for about a year. nnedy: his ground game has benefited nihim in number of states with those nky delegate r res, and fuzzy ma. >> yes, not to gback, but pennsylvania, loophole state, loopiest statethe nation, i feel like i n say, that i am from there so, is crazy
8:26 pm
town. >> get anoer satchel of legates that drusm wil trump will say a unearned, heould get keystoned to death. >> donald trump could n popular votes d lose on delegate count kennedy: deirdreolton thank you. >> thank you so mu. kennedy: can't wait toee more tomorrow ght. have you it all in one bundl coming up, something azing happens wh you slow a trumpintrump speech down 50%. we get you alleautiful, topical stororis n nexext. i vest with e*trade, where invests n ininvestigate and invest ivests...
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itit's like luouor -- e is a dig for "the j jok." >> the face, t thehe cheek bone, the bridge o of the nose. kennedy: you arere spretty, you can look l like kim kardashian thks to u tube. if youou can't afford to buyuy r own 6-ye-old boys yoyou can get an off markeket core ref makeup robot. oh, love it so much. i wantoo be pretty. pic number 5. what happens whedonald trump's eech is slowed down by 50% he sounds like trunk guy at the bar wi fishy pickle brth.
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use #ticicalstorm. coming up a f federal court ruls tom brady must serve that four-game suspension iososed by the nfl. and so s surprises in the world of football. bernie sandeders is against soda taxes but isn't sure if cigarettes should be legal we'll leap into sin tax. andrur. ♪ aion o did somebody s "insurance"? drenflo! ♪ actflo cut! n i get a smoothie, please? ooh!y got smoothie for me.
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kennnny: i'm jammin with my friends. last yeaear the nfl suspended tm brady fofor four games due to hs alleged role in the dlategate story. a federal appeals court
8:40 pm
reinstated the decisision, reinstating thee ban.. so, rickck, explain the psycholy here. i want to spike ththe football n his face. >> that's justt.t. this whole thing seems to be decided baseon how like and o you don't. i re what the court had to say. could it have gone eitr way. it comomesown to whether the collecective barining agreement gives the commissision that wide of a berth. the court said it t did. but there was a dissent anand te dissent was what was at the heart t of the distrt case.. kennedy: thomas, right?? yes. there was an uimate e puninishmt that couould have beenen handlet and ththe commissier didn't.
8:41 pm
kennedy kennedy: how big of an i impact doeses this have on the seasonon fourur games, that's substanti >> iooooked at the schedule. uld say three out of the ur games. they have got i think buffa, housn, and did i see arizona in there? but the good news is they co back agast the browns. that's as closas you can come game. forget cg off of suspension. would be coming out oa kennedy: imdless america -- god bless america foat. anfor small miracles. would you have suspended h himor that, kat? >> yeses. i don't carebout football.l.
8:42 pm
but i think he did it. he clearly did it. it just seems lilike the popular kid whgegets away with everything, and d don't like those kind of people kenny:y: the hadn't some man with the dimples. tom brady has never beenen ugly. >> he was the quauarterback for michigan kennedy: music actually being a faly integral part of sic c t snrrks the 80s and 9 90s. they might as wellll start with beyonce's video o for lemonade. ♪ they dodon't love you like i love you ♪ kennedy: they don't lolove you like i love when youou are eating with another broad.
8:43 pm
th's how they reestaished themselves b by creating the stories behindhe music. 's not like they are cing music videos 24 hourday. i wonder, what do peoe think the "m" in mtv snd for i remember when we used say i want mytv. >> you can watch duran, dun, 19 hours a day.. they mentioned bringing backck unplugged. we'll see whatat today's artrtis dodo when they don't h have auto tune. kekennedy: unplugged is whwhereu saw how talented a band was. they could play letely
8:44 pm
stpppped dn. so, kat, no one is goingo o sit around dining commercials to watctcvideos when they c p pick up their phone and watatch it on videdeo. >> i think mtv's craft i is doig well. when i had the f i w watcheded o mamany episodes of 16 and pregnant. they are all the samame. my mom says i can't do i it. it turns out this is h harder tn i thought. i watchethat forever. buyou can't subject sift o of crap alone. i ate d dorit one day and i felt horrible. >> you can't go too wronwith yonce with a baseball t. >> i'm sick of f beyonce, shehes
8:45 pm
not even funny. kennedy: is this a gd business moven mtv's part? >> mtvasas bn rudderless since you were gone. theyon't know what to do with themselves. sohy not tryry it. if there is a way to bring mic back into it.. i want to say tha you for being here. coming up. bernie sanders isn't se cigarettes should be lal, hastrong feeli aboutoda taxes. any lenalls on the sid of limited govern. can it be convincing?
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kennedy: over r the weekend chuk totodd asked bernard sanders abt his opposition t to a soda tax before they moveved on to gagarettes. take a look. >> cigarette taxaxes - -- therea difference b between cigarettes and soda. cigaretteses are causing cancer. and this a a question why it remains a legal producuct in ths cocountryy kennnnedy: i don't remember that being a question at all. here is brbrian brerenbg of kins collegege. let's talk sin taxes..
8:50 pm
is there a dififference betweena soda tax and sin tax? >> when you tatax it, people lok for substitutes. they try to find somethihing ele to fill the need. if i c't drink sugary beverages,'ll eat sugary products. what's interesting if you ok at the studies. what people tend to with cigarettes if you rse the tax on gattes, they are more likely to go on food stp programs so taxpayerpay for their grocery billll. >> i realize bernie e sanders is coming froa a loving place an wants people to be hltlthier and live lononger. but something haens whwhen you makeke things illegal. this prohibition c creates its n public health crisis. peoplele going to go, they are gogoing to turn to a black markt
8:51 pm
and eventuallyill themselveses. >> you want t the law to be in place for situations where youou have fraud and r real genuine hm here is the other big oblelem. if y you look at this sugary beveragege taxax. philadelelphia wants a sugary beverage tax t to pay for universapre-k. kennedy:ere is the problem and you points this ou i di't think of tonight these terms until you wrote th you need people tose these products in order to funund the good prorograms. so you have e need people to be fat and eat sugar anansmoke cigarettes so kids can -- >> if you gave up p eating the sugary foods and beveragages you woul h have money to pay for iversal free k. they a -- -- pre-k. it's r ridiculous. you are trying to do two
8:52 pm
completely difrerent thihings st one time. politicis's' real interest isn't to get people f f of these things, theyanant people to say addicted so they c raise money. kennededy: they are raisg money off the bas of poor people. and inin t endnd the sin taxes don't work. bernie san loves scandinavia. nmark had their fat tax. what hapned there? >> it didn't work. pe had it it becse they couldn't get the pros s they ed at the price they wan they substituted higher co gary foods for lower-cost gary foods. if you want people to move a fromad behaviors, the st way too that is to givehem products they . e cigarettes help people mo
8:53 pm
away fromarettes. kennedy: peoe are making healier choices. e choices are there. it's n the job of government to fce those choices upon us. thk you for being here. presprofessor brenberg* always smarter after a few of mines in his presenc this clean w like, pow! it added ts other level of clean tit. just kinda like wiped everhing clean. my teeth are glong. they are so white. i actually reallyy like the two steps. everytime i ususe this together it felt likike leaving thdentist's office. crest hd, 6x caning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using befor
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listerine® k kills 99% of badrereath germs. this is s 100% useful forr a 100% fresh mouth. at's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish lisrine®. as do listerine® users the ry people we studied in e udy of bold. people who are statistically more likel to sta up to a bully. do a yoga handstan and be in a gician's act. listere®ills 99% of badath germs so you can feel 10100% in lif. bring out the bold™. kennedy: millennials felelt the rnrn more than any time evever. but they have no trustst in the vernmentnt. she says t the generation shades bibig brother and loves s indidl freedom.
8:57 pm
but is that happening? kristen taylor is s the author f a new book "governrnment gone wild." let's talkbout this. millennials are a different geration than some of their libertarn-n-loving presented sasaysors. some f first-wave lib tear yants were influenced byby rand, but mimillennials are a paradox. >> there is a lot of apaththy weren't millennialal generation. the job market sks. we are all living g in our mom's and dadad' basements, a record number of us, and wewe a in horrlele debt from student loloans. amidhihis rrible suckfest. bernie s sanrs comes riding on his unicorn sayingng i iant to
8:58 pm
give you freree uff, it sounds awesome. kennedy: is that why peoeople le him baifs's s santa claus? >> he's good at t mang young people feel excicited ababout tr futures.s. the way he delivered h his meages is uplifting and inspiring. kennedy: he e points out how bad your life is.. it's like an abusi relatitionship. and saying i i'll make it so muh beer. >> thihis p policies are destrue bust way' messaging is brilliliant. kennedy: how do u convince th that limited government is actually a bter path? >> i thinkibertarians and consnservatives need to show their polici lead to prosperi. and they need do it in snappyfun what is that get people excited about the future. th are failing terriy. so often it's depressing to
8:59 pm
hear republicans talkingbout how hoible everything is. it's just a lot ofegative jargon flyinground. kennedy: t theare saying it's negative, , buit's like they are embarrasasse wealth creatio >> when i say y the right, i men libertarians and conservativiv ththey need to talk to young people in n a y thatat will grab their attention angeget them excited. we need more peoeople like you n tv who are funny and relaxeded. instead of just spouting o out repuic t talking points and are not t authentic. kennedy: no mo talking points. government hasurned into a joe francis video. ththank you for watchinghe show tonight. tomorrow i'll be partf fbn's covera of super tuesday 3.
9:00 pm
then we'll break down e sultlts. follow me @kennedynation. eml me at may your night be filled wh liberty and libations goodod on you. gambngng, and gangsters. >> arnold thstein gave them a lileit of f money to, susupposedly, throw w the serie. >> "shoeless" joe wawas guably the e best baseball playayer ofl timeme. >> he's banned from the game... >> one weeng fan of his s cried out, "say it isn't s so!" >> ...and the fafaination with his tale endures. >> shoess joe's really part of pop culture. >> so why is his aututogph one >> he was virtually illiliterat. >> he had a very hard me even writin individidual letter. >> he did. >>s r as w we knowt, there is only one known. >> just one. >> and it's this womoman's strangnge inritance. >> it started to dawawn on me tt thiss a lot of money we're talking ab


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