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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we'd love toto hear it. send me anan e-mail or go to our weitite, thanks f watching at home. weave been doing extraordinary well because of you. also lou dobbss next. lou: good evening, i'm l dobbs. we are less than 11 hours to the pos opening in the next primary contest. there is lot o of polling, it's going to be a owout r donald ump. tomorrows set to be th ggest day so far for donald ump is presidential primary season. t the five 8 that wilte torrow, connecticut, pennsylvania, maland, delaware and rhode island, tru has a clear dole-digit lead. and the republican race fo presidennever -never ceases
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aze. it's governor john kasich and ca have teamed up and ted cruz have tmed up to stop trump. nothinthey are doing is aimed at change the outcome of morrow's elections, anonly donald trump can win the 1,237 deletes necessary to win the gop m nice. do cruz d sich add zero and zero andnd couplwith h higher nuer? trump pounceced on the news of their combination anand he accud his vavalsf f collusion. >> honestly, it t shows such tol weakakness and it's pathetic. when two long-titime insider popoliticians, establishment gus whether you like it or notot, he to colollude and get together to trtry and beat a guy that speaks what the people want.
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we want oujobs back, we want our military strg. lou: trump liky to take up at cruz-kasichollusion toght. he's holding a campaign rally in wilkes-b, pence veins y battleground state. also ed rollins anmichael and what is charlesoch of the koch brothers thinking? the conservative billionaiai chs koch implying it's possible he e might suort hillary clinton over anythe presidtial candidate. how hiy responded to even e possibility coming up tonight. our top st the publican presidential candidate fighti iout in five east coasimaries. 172 delete at stake for the
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repuans and trump hold a commandi lead eacach of those st. carl cameron with our rt. repo: five stes are voting tomorrow and trump lead e polls in all oem. still the focuhas shift ahead to indiana which doe vote until next tsday. because indiana is winr take all. kasich wilnot compete so cruz will have a bi chance denyg trump delegate >> it's good news that joh kasich hecid to pull out indiana to gus a better chance. reporter: kasich n the collaboration is caper and tactal because he measures the best in the polls againsthe left.
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giving me all this money.cks in this race because up the only one-decause i'm the on one who can beatlary clinton. >> know it's collusion. ifou collude in business, or ifou collude in the stock market, they putou in jail. t in politics because it's a rigged system, becaut's a corrupt enterp. in politicyou are allowed to llude. repoport: cruz added an element toto north carolina's law allows tranenender people to use restrooms asassied to their bih genderer. >> if donaldrump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still cat go to the girl'sathroom. i think the american pple are lolooking r leaders who embracee common sense a and are willingno speak the trtruth.
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>> whihile trump's new c campain team of promises h he will act r presential, itit hadn't started totoday. >> he has a news confeference wn he's eatining. i have never seen a huhuman beig eat in sucuch a disgusting fashion. report:: cas kasasich's team twd they were lookgg for donald trump steaksks, but no one seems to sell ththem anymore. trump ysys it's wishful l thinkg but theyey a serious about it. in wilkes-barrrre, pennsylvania, cacarlameron, fox news. lou: hillary clintonon switching gears, focusing on the geneneral election. bernrnieanders isn't backing off. the senatotor ising eyebrows when he e refused to condemn a comment made by a surrogogatthat
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some felelt t might have gone to far. porter: hillary clinton isis so confident she is on ththe rge of locking up thihis ce, her aide are ruminatating on vice presidential picks. >> come e out of those towers ad talk a and listen to people. you ju flyly that t big jet in d land it and make a bigig speech and insult everybody youou can think .. reporter: : bernieie sanders hat gogoen the memo and won't stopp atta h her. >> secretary clinton has chosenn to raise her money a diffeferent way. she has a number of susuper pac. reporter: a a curious way to reh out to clilinton. it may be difficict with clinton
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am lies like david plouffe pressing sandeders to get out the race by tweetiting outut the senator isis committing fraud by raising more money whehen henows there is little e chance of victory. and sanders' allies likeke row stereo dalton ddrosario dalton. >> we are e literally under attk fonot suppoing the other caidate. i'with monica lewinsky with that. bullyings bad and we are being bullied. >> rosario is a grt actress and she did grt job for us. what i will be doings an issue oriented way. not by personal attks. reporter cli is focused on
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contraing herself with the republican heated rhetoric. a new tv ad feating a song wrn for her. anclton seems to be gettg lot of love from republican charles kochho said she could . >> better president an anyone the gop offe ch added clinton's actions will have e dn't than her rick rick. as for clinton attacking clinton's private jet,ses one on the campaign,oo. lou: hillary c clinton keeps wnplaying her email scandal but thintelligenceommunity is hardly erating. theyre taking matter very seriously. the intelligence comnity is doing wide-ranging damage assessment aft 2,100 clinton emailsere found to contain classified information.
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>> the intelligence commity is rk on determining the coacach any breaches that may have resulted from thhandling of improper classified inrmation. we hadhannels that weren't ziewr on secrety -- that weren't sere on sesecretary clinton's home-bw server. lou: the purpose now to asrtain the degree of damage to national security. president obama annoced today he sending 250 more special opoperions troops to syria to join in the fight againsnst e islamic state. this n new deployment brings the total number in syria a to00. rurussia had 5,000 troops in the country to reducing it to o 800 trtroops. critics including a seninior member of thsaudi royal family
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dismissing psident obama's decision to deploy as ote window dressing. also the obama admintration sending f-22 raptors to romanias show of strength fofor the perceptif the entire ssian military. we'll take more ofhat and much momorep with national security analyst kt mcfarland. trump on the vnal of another big victory in five imary states he's set to liver a knockout blow to john kasich and ted cruz. is the crara cruz-kasisich combination assusurance that trp will be e the nominee? former reagan white house political director michael goodwin joins us next.
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saysys hillary clinton might mae aa better president thahan the republicanans in the republican primary. > you couldn't see yourse suppororting hillary clinton, could you? >> welell, her -- we would haveo lieve her actions would be quite differert th her rhetor. let me putt that w way. lou: i like the what iaid thatat. could yo could you? hillary inton tweeted she quote not interestedn endorsementsrom peop who ny climate science and try t make it harderer for peoplto vote. for the la several months dona tmp has swn an uncanny ability foresee events. ththis weekend he did it a agai.
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>> now we are wn to two. i call it 1 1/2. i now calit one base call it a half and a half because they bothut. lou: that was ump doing math fothe benefit of the fellas hope added zero and d zero a me with a number higher an zero. a day later cruz a kasich did indeed become onor some frtion thereof. joining meow, former. reagan white hse political director ed rollins. and michl goodwin. both f fox newss contribututors. good americans and good . >> it's nice to be with you. lou: doesn't iamaze you trump is playing with you that tmp islaying with it but it turns
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out to presa what theyid. made the case thement is agait him, and to his supporte that's one of the great he ss he has. i think it loo like desperate litics. sich has no money so it doesn't matter. in thease of cruz, cruz knows he has to win ind. lou: he hasn't got a chants s wy it's going. >> if trump wiwins indiana, hehs got a big day tomorrow. he will probably winin 120 delegates. and as you know, 5 54 of those delegagates in pennsylvania are not designated. there is 172 tomorrow. think it will be 11515 to 120 by the end ofof the day and definitely a sweep. there isn't even a c contest.
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>> i think new york rereally stunned cruz. i think cruz expected to get some delegates in new york. you recall date after the e new york prima cruz gagave his long speech where he attacked d the memedia and trump and now we see this strategy of tryrying to partnener up with kasich. i said at the time he wawas panickcking. thisis looks like not only a panicking move, bubut a weak mo. therere is no apparent strnt or advantage. it's not like voters are goioing to be awarare of this probably. lou: i believe cruz took o off before thehe election to califofornia, also was in pennsylvaniaia briefly givining up -- clearly givi up p on newew york. asas w we look toward this impaf this in new mexico and oregogon and indiana, is it going to h he
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an effect or will ththislow up in if the face -- ththis pry mar seasason has blown up in the fae both of these candndidates. is this anotother debt nation. > it puts them both on the defensive. i'm not a defensive player.. and they are playing to o lose n ordeder to make trump lose. i dodon't think lit happen. lit gain more and morere mow in men actual. as far asr as fafar as wil d ass mr. kochch endorsing hillary, i don't think he would. he hasas to give his money to senate candidates and try to hold the senenate. lou: he's a guy with a dferent agenda t than the rank and filef the republicanan party. we are watchina dividede near the republicican party.
11:20 pm
i'm m not talking about just nay politics. i'm talking about you u have got moneney divorcing itself from te voters. you have got the vototers saying to hell l with the establishmen. the establisishment proving itsf incompetent over two previouss electionon cycles. where is t the opportunity for trump to unite this party? >> he has s to build a political campmpaign. the hihillary people will be f l bobore and we need to pull that togegether and raise money. it's easier to d do itnsnside te party than o outside the party. >> we talkeded about the things trump p neneeds to do. he has made progress on ththe delegate count. therisis the question of uniting the majoonone.
11:21 pm
i thinink trump -- he may get me independent, almosrtrtainly in a general election. but you haveo o start with a good s solid base. that raiains to be done for him. lou: where is thatpptutunity riright now?? heot manafort and -- >> this campaign iabout him, it's not abo staff. you can have the best l-star team in the worl this is abt him. as he gets closer and closero putting it away, you don talk about you act esidential. he has big foreign policy speech. he has to show substancesome of these fntnts. >> we are seeing sig o of a growing maturity a and sophistication. starts with the name lllling again. lou: he id he's nogoing to blow it by not beingimself. i give him cdit for that.
11:22 pm
he has to wiand it's working for him. if hillary is looking at thehe geral electionon, i think he shouould, too. >> the man has g got at least fr years to be presidenal. he can be msmself. so thank y v very much. appreciate it t michael. be sure to v vote in our poll tonight. the question is, does ththe exesession two heads are better than one a apply to cruz and kasich? follow me on twitter alolou dobbs anand like me on facebook and follow me t twitter and insta grams. the russianan mitary showing a bomb-proofrmrmor shield that precects a soldier from m a bla.
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the soldieier reveals herself ad the teninician hand r a bouquet oflowers. you u have got to love the contrast, e e juxtapaposition ad ththe irony. up next donald trump setet to te the stage wiwithin the hour. in wilkes-barre, pennsnsylvania. trump says the cruz-z-kasich alliance will not work. >> i it shows they are getting killed. rememember kasich. i have a new nicknamfor him. r 41. lou: we'll explainwe need to in just a few mome i'll have a w thoughts coming up in my commentary. my school reunion's coming fast.
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lo a few thoughts now on one of the most bizarre politica maneers, referring this the crazy cruzand kasich combinatn caidacacy. now one. -- add to th another consertive candidate, who has a fremasenator shut 2013.federal government in whose posions aesty and trade em the to in frequent flukesnd retire explanation to the voters, they have bou themselves tonanotheher, not to win but t to diminish trump's sults in 3 upcoming statprimaries, cruz-kasich has a low opinn of voter inteigence in those three
11:29 pm
states believinghe v voters to dumb enough to not tice the y innocent insincerity of the candidas. cruz and kasich nn 't get their so-called -- what is it? alliance right. here is kasich sounds s like one of t those -- you know. >> ier i ner tolthem not toote fo me. i don't see this is any big deal, other than fact i'not going to spepend resources in inindia, so what. whatat ithe big d dea lou: he asaskeblushing, in say e of indiana early votingg opened april 5, morere than 64,000 b ballots have been cast for a republicanlast month
11:30 pm
marco rubio, told ohio v vots to vote for kasich if f they nted to stop trump, but ruo o suort had evaporated before that. and d kasich has not won a contest since ohio.. soso wt is the deal with their deal? cruz and kasich, look weaker than ever. th look just like the establishment tools thatat tmp has been raiaili against, and this will only dririn my opinion, his voter support enen hher, cruz and kasich have now offended sensnse of fafairay, that is a fufundental value for nearly all americans, certainly w when it comeses to elections, trump is the canandidate, champions faplay. whether agagait rigged g.o.p. imary process that disenfranchized d voters in a mber of states or againstt the collusion ofof t establishment t and two cacandidates, against the parties front t ruer. and i think wewe could call him
11:31 pm
the presumptive knol nominee. someone should rememind messrs. cruz and k kasich ththeir bril brilliant but disastrous liaison gigives, donald trump wh he asked for weeks ago, one opponent at a time, , trump shouldld wte a book, it seems to me onon sucuccessful gotiation and desired outcomes. now quotation of t the evening this one from rorobert knight. he did endorse d donald trump today.y. >> i think we asas a people are always proneo thinink about, tomorrow will be a better r dad. well, why wi it t be a better day? and i think ththat more that we believeve at doing things better, dodointhe right thing ther than hoping that is going to happen, let's makake it happen. > we're coming right back. > pennsylvania voters are leaving the d democratic part
11:32 pm
anand droves and turning to trump and d the g.o.p. >> i really want to fighght hillary, i really y do. i want to fifight her. >> i don't know if she will bebe easier or r harder but that is one that i want t to beat. lou: what will impact t be on tomorrow's primary, congressssman mike kelly will join us with his outok o on the all imimportant pennsylvania election. >> and quick action of thatt poliliceman n at a busy intersection, prevented intersection, prevented commuterers from having a very i am bict arnold, the infamo traitor. ani know a thing or two abo trading. so i trade with e*ade, where true traders trade on a trademarked tradede platatform that has all the.e. get off the computer traititor! i won't. (cannon sound) i won't. if youthen you'll knowow howth, uncomfortable it cane.e. but did yoknknow that the lack of saliva cacan so lead to tooth decay y and bad breath?
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lou: trump maintaining a dodouble d digit lead ahead of tomorrow's pennsvavania primary. trump caaiaign focusused on capturing votess of disgrgruntld democrats or than 60,000 democrs s have abond danned abandod d their party to ve voteoror tmp this year. wehohould point out, 145,000 new registrarations of republics s in penylvania, morehan evious 4 years. >> that is impressive, when ii go homome, i buy my
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prescriptions at kmartrt, do shopping at walmart. people b back home are l looking at t this, saying, i didot reale our votete inot going to couount, we'll have delegates who we elelect, they will not represent us.s. lou: 5of them.m. >> 54. that creat a a pblem, but her -- you look at donaldd trumhehe talks the way p peoe, steel workrkers talk, people who make a living on their feet, using their hands, fararme, miners, , hes a strong candndidate there. lou: why doesn't thehe republblican party get it, why doesn't palele ryan your speaker.r. >> he is talalking about putting up an agenda, thank youou, . speaker, but i d don think we care what the speaeakethinks. st of the people. and we s sure don't want to you
11:38 pm
compete with either the e pay platform or the presumptptiv nominee or t t nominee whewe comes out oflelevevend. what i is that about? >> w well, i think it goes back to t theay things have always bebeen run, i have great respect for the speake the way. lou: a nice felllla. >> but it coming down to youou hahave to know people, what it is at the e end of the day what makes peopopleote for you. what is it you say or doing that makes people geget out and vo for you, people rigight now are excited ththey want to vote, and we're trtrying to tamp them down. lou: we, certainly t the party seems to be.e. the party apparatus. and se e state apparatus, paul ryan is attacking the presumptive nominee,y call h him that, i don't sesee anyway it could d be anyone else, neither does our audience e we polled on this.. i don't get the dedeal with the
11:39 pm
repupublicanans you have a mor formidable pow house in hillary y clinton, it is going to take everything you h have,e, you have people playaying swir y squirrelely games like the speaker, some esestablishment members, give me a break. >> they thinink that opponent right now is d donald trump, for me it is n never hillary, we have t to come together to win. lou: you mean these e peoplele e dumb enough they really think he is the proboblem? >> well i tell you what. lou: he is s so mirroring just in y your words, mirring and resonating the values of thehe american voterer right now, i set amamerican voter, you know. precisely because, he e is talklking to independenc talking to -- you know everyone. not just republicans. >> he had a great traction,, whwhere i am from if it waddles like a duck and acacks like a duck, the republican p party
11:40 pm
righnow is a a duck, they are duckcking the fact they have to beatillary clintonon, not donald trump, you have to beatat hillary, it is neverer, nevever, nevever hillary. we worry too much internally about who are opponent will be. ifif we don't t follow the willf ouour voters we will never win on november 8. lou: i it is the moronic leadership of the republicanan party anand process they guided over course of last two elections cycles t they have been lers. yet we have to h hear them quacking i if i may continue your metaphor, they keep quackiking like a duck that gloatsts, i am giving this -- taphoror a r rest. >> metapho a areood, i think if you talk ababout republican paparty looking at last two presidentitiallections, back home there is an oldld saying, yoyou shoot yourself in the foot and wonder why you a are limping. if we don't ununderstand why
11:41 pm
we're losingng then we l lose again. i i am -- we have got to stop hillary, never hillary is s the mantra. lou: i use a texas expressssion. you u know, this time i think the votersre ready t to burn y'y'all's barn to the groround. that is a metaphor, a figigure of speech. but t this is not a time for to me, a cavalier attutude today the expression o of the people's will, that is represented d by the millioions of people out therere voting weaker have states -- we have ststates they are not givi then a a vote in pennsylvania, 54 u uound delegates, you think that t is wrong? > absolutely young. lou: why isn't it changeged. >> it has gone so longng that way, thedon'n't undederstand it they, you would think k -- >> give me a -- >> in our partrty, listen there
11:42 pm
arare pepeople that run the par. ththat is who they are. but the real winners, fofor republblican party, will be peopleleho come out in vote for our candide, when weeing frofracture inside, if we come out of cleveland, fractured i guarantee we will lose.. lou: i give you u great credit congressman.n. folks, have to statart talking honest about unbnd delegates in the nonsense,e, this rerepublican partyty said that s the way y it has been, that is the way y it has to be. >> thehere is a smell. yoyou and i would agree, unbound and uncommititted, means you don't trust them to o make the choice, so you make itit for them. if they y say, vote my conscious, howow could you go agaiainst that. lou: w who will delegates be >> we don't know, there wiwill bebe a list of names because you don't know, you don't knowow how they will vote, i i will tell
11:43 pm
yoour voters wilill rike a mark w who they want our nominee to be. lou: i have a filing we'e'll see mighty, mighty passionate polls at those levers s and presses on those pens for electronic voting torrow i in pennsylvania. >> never hillary, never r give up, and refuse to losese. >> well, i have e to see it before i b belieieve it. >> listen. u: you are showing us everything but that t right now, i take y your pain, i appreciate your o optimism. >> tnk you. lou: congressman mikkelly, believable video out of china, video with quic thinking cop w notic a crack in the concrete of a busy intersection. st like that minuteafter blocked off the area, that reet collapses into a giant sinkhole, no one was iured amazing. >> u next, president obama sending more oour troops to syria.
11:44 pm
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lou: joinis tonight, kt mcfland. i made ff e dispatch of two f-to romania. veryone is scared. lou: mush russian tary, doing?n the worlare we not any of it. 're president obama wants buy time, he has problem with russia, a probl with iran, a problemh isis and a problem wi china, he will kick the can dthe road, and let the xt president worry about those lem so barack obamaan say, i didn't start this warn iraq that wawas gege w. bush, i didn't lo the wars that is the xt guy. lou: it frightening in yes 92 disturbing. makes me worry a lot, to think that we have p peoplin
11:49 pm
the militaryispatch two aircraft, to roman. general response to a rategy i thin threa that is -- stratic threat. >>t encges putin to take morad vaage it, if this is all we ca to stand up against aggression. all we do is send couple of planes. lou: and a sectary of state whining about a russian je fiter that does barrel rolls a surveillanc135, insteaof sing, we'll show them how to do thabarrel ll. just standnd by. at is not u.s. military? that inot state departme th is not the way to react, this administration ses - me are a group of defeated
11:50 pm
holo caricatures of someing at we don't want to possesess longer than constitutional deadline. >>ce through strength? we're not gettg peace we're not strocarry a big stick, walk softly, wre not doing ather. wehould be doing, is be t about it reenforce nato, reinstitute straim strateg dee. lou: north korea n lhing missiles from submarines russia, china,orking together. are creating a crital mass for strtrategichreat. and there dooteem to be any response oe part of is administration or cry from our ptagon. >> president's responsto that is great tide of histor will help m, he is on the right side of story, andnd whher it is china, russia, isis or -- they are onhe
11:51 pm
wron sidwrong de of histy. lou: nicely has th kind of pressiancend knows where t demarcation line is betwee national scecess and- well faure. kt great to have you her >> thaou. lou: up next, hillarclinton spending more timettacking trump than sanders, how worrieis he, trump spokesperson katrina wson will join next. we go to pennsylvania look in odonald trump and his
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
-- these numbers y have to be. thrilled what is your reaction? >> w we e thril mr. trump s been able to get his messagout inspite of a lot of media filteut there and other campaigns spaparing his woies and creatg their n narrative. mr. ump right nois talking about jobstrade the economy, they are importa to the worker, we finally have a candidate that is putting th american family first for a change. lou: we have a candidate, who has been as you suggestion. candidates a trying to suggestion he lacks expeence in forgn policy, yet every
11:57 pm
ise, of which i am aware he brought on national pololic whether nato or rael, ether it is burden sharing amongst european nationsor regard to nato or otherwi, china,ussia, he has been -- he has not bn wrong a a single issue that i heard hi discuss wiwiins context of foren pocy, that in and of ititself to me is remkable. >> that is bause you have a candidate, that is not speaking on insidepolitics he is nobeing funded by ganizations that benefit fromeeping the system the way it is. that is what haseen so refreshing about this campai, and meeting so many people, who like yourself, i agree with that, evethough you see the fightingn mea with oth campaigns, they know, peoplenow sosomethinis wrong with the system this couny, donald trump can fix that, but not onlyan he fix
11:58 pm
it but he willhe is not belden to the special interestto want to keep things the way they are. lou: t today he was urgingboth kasich and cruz, twithdraw om the race. order to as he put it unite the partythe prospects of that are slim perhaps an none. but it is seems to be an interesting signal to se them, what is your judent on the likelihood of th hea by thepposion, and receceived welell? >> i think whave, are two campaigns, who have been rejected, for the mostart by the voters, they are t institution alcan date only reas ty are still in the race to try torevent for trump from -- mr. trump from winning the notion, he is gog to win the nomination, they should drop o, it is time to unune the party, any
11:59 pm
republican that says i wil never voteor trump, you are not really a rlican, if yournswer is to elect hillary clinton, mbe you are the one that needs to find w party could we're ready to consolidate, join forces and fight for nomber. lou: we'll bring up dona trump in a moment, as we listen in. >> sdam hussein would hit body with gas, somne would colain, then others hit gas,s, they move0 feet, what did we do weestroyed military cape bill ability of one of o nations,ow, rain is takin iran is taking oveiraq as su as you are standing here. lou: donald tmp in lkes-barre, addressing issues so many people nted to jump on him, now he has
12:00 am
people paying close tention, months so-lled media elites, you ow them all. katrina great to he you with us. thank you. lou: on-line pol% of you said that ted crcruz -- well mighdrop outut.. that is s it for us. ♪ kennedy: i wasas so worried that republican side of presidential race gottenen t normalal and boring, and addicted to chaos, i was worried that donald trumump's convnvincing new york primary win,nd normal see pledge would dry up my main line,ut the drama addicts running f president are asopped up as i am and luny is back in businessted cruz, and john kasich made a deal tdump the devi a hail mary acof speration, has both me epping ade in certain


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