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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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people paying close tention, months so-lled media elites, you ow them all. katrina great to he you with us. thank you. lou: on-line pol% of you said that ted crcruz -- well mighdrop outut.. that is s it for us. ♪ kennedy: i wasas so worried that republican side of presidential race gottenen t normalal and boring, and addicted to chaos, i was worried that donald trumump's convnvincing new york primary win,nd normal see pledge would dry up my main line,ut the drama addicts running f president are asopped up as i am and luny is back in businessted cruz, and john kasich made a deal tdump the devi a hail mary acof speration, has both me epping ade in certain
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ates so other is victoris enough to keep dald from nning. kasich will stop campaigng in indiana, and cruz wil let the other guual ---- waltz away wi it. >> if you u coudin business or s stock market they put you in jail, but in polititics because it is a riggeded stem, because it a corrupt enterprisese, politics you are allowed to colludedethey colluded and i wasas h. because it showsws how weak they are.e. it shows how phetic theyey are. > that is right, you hear those chcheers, trump is appealing to people e whhate the system, and love winnining two users trying to use ththat system to brbrindown an ectoral goliath that excitites his followers, , th turning out larger numbers t to vote, for his pa, , donald calls
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lyin'ted and kasich -- insiders, i i see, kasich shot as donald's vp is dead, the prevails wisdom had beenen he was a likeable establishmentnt, but now, this act of war, mayy be his politicalal suicide. the otheher thining, is obvious deal with kasisich and cruz, they both think they are getting necessary votetes on a a send or third ballot, neither r will submit now to vp spot they haveve sworn at blood brother toes robin to the other guy a batmaman. >> on this show, super t tuesday is almost onon us. >> a baday for tom brady, a deral appeals court, pries open deflate-g.
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when a woman for lerty loving millennials, i amam kennedy. kennedy. >> how you like me, meow? it is unleashed the unholy dold. >> you look atasich, do you e him, a news conference all the time when hehe is eating, i haha never seen a human being eat in a a disgusting faioion, hehe takes a pancake and shoves it in his ututh. kennedy: a disguststing pan take shover cnonot be president. so much for being presidential, let's bring g in partrty nel to sort it all out toninitt.
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ri unger. welcome back. >> good to be back. kennedy: so nice to haveve you herere. -- i am thrilled. >>rump has a another strategyha thais a gift given to him. by cruz and kasich. >> strategis working he managed toto get word collude to one sentencece about 17 times, that is ining sething. >> a big word for r poorly educated >> a b word. >> like pancake. >> yeah. >> it is not working alrea,, first one goes out today, sisich goes what? whatat? what iththe bideal, there is nothing, go aheaead vote for he in indiana. then c cruz said, i'm so pleased
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to annoue governor k kasasich has creede ced state of indiana to me, that sted about 4 hours. kennedy: they ve a massive ego theyhink ty will be minee and next preside, kasich is onof last two people in race with betterer favable numbers than anyny of them. >> but he eats poorly. > with h pancake and the chchoking. reporter: should thehey have done this month ago.o. >> how did you turn n a arrogant billionaire to a sympaththetic figure, how about behind the scenes wheeleling and dealing, that is why trp p is so populalar, people are lookinat system, saying, wait a ainute, ouvotes don't count, trump is actctually bebecoming ho more
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and more like goldlden calf, he is physically turnrning gold, his skin and hair. >> if he lososes he can do pan teen commercials. kennedy: it does tank kasicich shot, donald has been gent on kasich. a few barbs he and there. that is done? >> absutely, but, he didn't' that. they so clearlyly. ifhe goal is to stop trump, done this a lo time ago, but they said, no, no. now they are doing it, it looks like they arreally scared, like last-ditch move, wee scared now we've be heang forever we should do this but nowe are, mething has changed, they thk ey are in trouble. kennedy: they ar desperate, that is a hailary.
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a ry last play of the ga because they know that tir backs are against the wa,, are losing, but it is funny they think ty will win, if ththey be keep h him frm 1211. >> this stop trump movement, got number what t everyone is ending, they have not spent a cent, club growth has a milliodollars they will spend in iiana. like hash tag now. all stop trump is, nothing. >>in nothing kennedy: do they think peoe are going to forget and could that donald trump wiwill quieietly go, well, i guess you got me. kennededy: no, no one has f fore sighght their ego is to big for that. >> donald trump gaining onon democratatic front runner hillary clinton, in n a hip theahypothetical h head-to-heaed
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match up. hillary y clinton with 46 pearce, andd mr. trump 43% this a big devevelopment in the race. trumump has been sayg for some meme, i am gaining on her. do you put sto in the poll. >> it is for contest t to have highest unfafavbility ratis it would be those 2. because though one cares - -- about kasich, he leaves in t duh and whs that guy category. >> you he to know enough abt somebody to hate em. kennedy: a gd point, well sa. >> irrelevan kenned rick are processes on both sides, so opaquan ried that the american public is gointo get hosed no matter at. >> if you ink they are, i have seen argumentrom both
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sides then it is no differt thanhas been for as long as i can remember, i graduated highchool with lincoln. kennedy: a goodoint, it is not different peop a making a big deal because th candidates make s. >> we have tuned to proces it is interesting, it is better, until this 's people had nothing to say about candides it was all the guys smoking cigars the ba room that was for real. kennedy: people aced that. >> youoted foror who are they wanted you to vote f for. >> i it is better people are going crcrazy, it is ininteresting, maybe we'll head to a national primarary, or not, when do you a national primarary, television stations all over amemerica lose a fortune, butt t is fun to see them tune in. kennedy: it is somethihingand process is not or, it looks like we have these two established frontrunners, ey are still a lot of crazy lef in the race. >> sure.
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nnedy: and i will be joining you tomorrow nig, for fbn's live covage of sup tuesday 3, 7 p.m. easter coming up. chles koch wming up to idea of hillar for president. >> weird.
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♪ people are people, soo why should it be ♪ kennedy: i'm still dancicing, welcome back, over week billioionaire charles koch. he made a susurprisising admimissn, he said hillary clinton mamay kes better presesident. out of leaeading candidates. whatat? >> it is possisible anotheher clinn n cod be better than another republican. >> it is possisible. >> cououldou see youourself supporting hillary, cocould you? >>ell, her. we would have to believeer actions s would different fromer rhetoric. keedy: this comes days after gege clooneynted koch brother with atandard brush. -- buy ections for sel selfish reasons. >> think there is a
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difference between the koch brothers and us,hey would profit if they get the way. that is what you know have no -- this no profit for us in this. kennedy:eorge. jorge, how dare you. party panel isis back. joe and rick. i art withou cat. >> koch demonized by e left, as though no profit-seekg billionaires in the democratic party. is this a shreove by koar ch to tank hillary. >> ie she came out, id, no,o. but when the kkkrand dragon came out to endorsrse her, she said nothing. >> that s trump. >> right. so, also another kkk ofcial eb endorse hillary, saying e secretsly
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-- nobody said anything abou it, due to liberal med. but she isis concerned about koch brother, not that! kennedy: eithehe is messing with h, or he really wants to be liked. he said, maybe we could support her, if she chans everytng that she aid. so i did not take thats a huge vote of cfidence. not an investment in repupuican candite, they -- >> he does not like them either. nnededy: kochs met with scott paul. >> theyeyer i they -- never plged, t the kochs have huge influence in state races, ththat is where they invest theirir money and th have bebeen hugely successfuful. kennedy: more so than totom steyer.. >> they don't invevest big in national elections t they are nogogoing to this year, they don't like anybodydy on either
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side kennedy: is hillary y clinton best choicfofor libertarians or koch sufferinfifirst signs of a debebelbell bl l tating brain ---- debebilating brain disease. >> this is why youhould never answer hypotheticals. u can never get it right. she tweeted she did not' support ofeople to make it haer to vote. she accepts money, fro clinton foundation from lf state kin kingdoms where women, have only recenently been alloweto vote. kennedy: i think iouould rather take ney from brothers who donateded already over a billionon dollars to causes like you know american natural history mumuseum. >> they are on the right s side. >> what do have yoagaiainst museum? >> and cancecer research.
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>> i tell you what i sd toto david koark koch, is a disagree with him,bout what time iis, but i did tell him, i do appreciate everything he s done for the ty, he has done a great deal,. kenned i appreciate you. coming up, mtv. ck to the future bro, are they bringing muc bac first up, delegattight rope acts. repuican candidates are walking everythingngomes down to indiana. you will see why we moveththe bibig board, that is cing up et] two yearly physicacals dow martha and mildrdred are good . here's your invoice, l ladies. a fefew stops later, and ilooks like big ollie is on the menen.
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kennedy: welcomeack, 1237 is my a atm pin code, and necessa thresholfor legate to win an out right nomination at republican convention. tomorrow, superrest tuesdaof the east, they sluit out. delaware -- connecticut, rhode island, here tlp us out, deirdre bolton,ost "rk & reward." super tuesda >> super. >> again. >> part 3, 118 g.o.p. delegates up for gbs. here, who said,tvania pennsylvania was philphia. and pittsbgh with alabama in the middle. it is very whiten middle, highesconcentration of gun ownership. kenny: w does that fit.
12:22 am
probably less about send amendment ghts more about bringing manufturing jobs to u.s., theacting everyone here, allegheny county for mu aentown, coal. allegheny, pitrgh that is home ogovernrnor orber place of gernor john -- or the birth plof governor john kasich. kennedy: he d a second pretty spoiler in county. >> goi north in connecticut. kennedf we talk about connecticut,have to talk like this, lovie, as you wer kennedy. you have tyour point extension, looooat that, you juripped that map, looks like minnesota vikgs taking overortheast. >> touchdown
12:23 am
>> y have a lot of love for wall street, mosof these peop have done business with naldrump in this souther fairfield county kennedy: he will do well. >>will do great.t. kennedy: we'll partyere e with am cavo. cha cha cha. >> i t we'll see, another blood bath, second week in a row. >> trump, trump, trump, as f as within 18 g.odelegates atat large, research shoe is lilyto get more than half for sure, y you were a bettining woman. >> i i am. >> i lova casino. how do they stayn business givi away free drinks. i don't understand. then by birth ate of indiana. >> i did not know that, esome, i learned something new. kennedy: i indiana? >> hoosier state, righ how you playasketball later. so this cod be spoiler, for na trump, cruz -- kennedy: he could haveis
12:24 am
dreams dashed ofaking to 1 37. >> because, senator cr is lily to do well in indiana. weid a poll, there is t a lot of pls out for indiana. kennedy: i hrd that tough state, verpopulist57 degates coming out.. >> we did one at fox news, that showshat donald trump is in the lead. kennedy: now becauseed and hn made their special bro plan, john will stepside, let ted waltin steal the drea. >> i think kich said, well, meant i was going to support him, but i mht sll show up a litt bit too. i am going help you, maybe. kennedy: buty ego is to big really help. >> then move out wt, california, grand-daddoft all. 172 o. delegates, i want to click y know this map, palo alto, san francco, if
12:25 am
you talk about california as its ow country, we sawed it off,t would be. kennedy: a lotould love that. >> many peopleould break off fa to ocean. > or its own sovereign nation. yeah, even if those people win, and saw. california with gdp top 10 coy in the world, a lot of libertarnsns in the area, n clear whthey wl vote for. kennedy: right >> dem side is split with saerers and clinton.n. onon republican side,emarkably unclea we know that cruz's team has en there are for about a year. kennedy: his ground game has benefited m him in number of states with thosose wonknky delegatete rules, and fuzzy math. >> yes, not toto go back, but pennsylvania, loophole state, loopiesttatate in the nation, i feel like e i can n say, thati am from thersoso, it is crazy townwn.
12:26 am
>> g a another satchel of delegates that drusm wi trumwillayayre uarne cou geteysted t deat >> dald ump ululwin popular tetes and lose on delegate couounts. kennedy: drdrdre bolton ank yoyou. >> thank you so o much. kennedy: can'tait t toee more tomrorow night. have you it all in oneunundle. coming up, somethingng amamazing happens s when youlow a trumpintrump speechowown by %%. weet y a all beautiful, why do some cash bk cards keep throwing obstles at you? first - eyimit where y earn bonus ch back. then - those placechange every few montnths? i thini'll pass... quicksilver from cital one puts nothing in yo wayay.
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kennedy: put your swee lips
12:30 am
little closer to the tv so we can slow it down and hit you withipgloss. the only thin that can make this elect crazier, bad p reading take it from here, weirdoes. >> we may have theame hair and we snicker at home, anwe like ffee that' 3% boiled shrimp and wha -- and bacar -- it's time to act senator sanders. go you had it witthat guy. you just heard a clever pun. you ask the waiter f the check.
12:31 am
he's on the other side. you call oughto youfriend curt who's far away. kennedy: bnisanders need to be o next president if for n her reason than to fuel bad lip reading for fourears stight. please, please, plea. topic number two. here is a mshot monday. don't we this shirt. this guy -- that's joshua who is accused of drivi through a utility pole if you get kckers and decide
12:32 am
to take yourar into a graveyard u will probably get in trouble. this guy need a beer, you mighas well say this guy needs a six pack of months in the slamr. kanye west canften be st descbed as this. he's a jkass. kennedy: for dng thing like stealing taylor ift's m tv award. he sle the mic from the best man so he could drop it a w seconds later. i'm going to let y finish. i i know, 's funny. the audio isoughgh so we
12:33 am
sweetened it and ran it rough a translator. he i a better cp. god web' a genius. pic number 4. if you spent a lotf timen u tube you know it mostly cs, 16-year-olds getting makeup tutorials. but one mom let her-year-old son administer herakeup. watch. >> i can make you u look beautifuful, mommy. >>hahat was a good s start. kenned thas s great.
12:34 am
it's likeuo-- e is a digsing for he joker." >> the f fe, the cheek bones, the brge of the nose. kennedy: y are so pretty, you can ok like kim kardashian thanks to u tube. you can't afford to buy you own 6-year-old bs you can get an offarket co refan makeup robot. oh, love it so much. want toe pretty. topic number 5. what happe when donald trump's speech is slowed down by 50%? he sounds li therunk guy at the r with fishy pickle brth.
12:35 am
be prepareto be helhostage byimimple effect that could make perfect sen of your next prident. >> we haverillions, nobody even knows what a trillion is. these guystud why it. they are so close, did you ever get so close to a deal or a a jb that you d don't really see it. kennedy: i don't e even know, ad then we wewere going to take my mom's miminivan to drive to bele to screw mexico anand china wans to be us and makining giant [bleleep] with chop sticks and [bleep] those g gs. if you have anany weird stories you want to see e in the "topicl storm" tweet me @kennedynation.
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use opicalstorm. coming up a federal court rules tom brady must serve that four-game suspensionmpos by the nfl. and surprises in the world of football. bernieanders is against soda taxes but isn't sure i welcome the world 2116, yoor across the globe in under an hourtes whole communies s are living on mars and lalar satellites provide earth withobe iunlimited clean power. in less than aenry, boeinging took the worldm seaplanes tes space planes, across thuniverse and beyond. and if you tughtht that was amazing, you wait. ♪ my school reunion's coming. ♪ cocod be bad.
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kenny: i'm jammin with my friends. la year the nfl suspended tom brbry for four games due to his alleged role ithe d deflategate story.y. a federal appeals court
12:40 am
reinstated theecision, reinstatinthean. sorick, explain the psychology here. i want to spe the football in his face. >> that's ju it. this whole thing seems to bebe decidebasesed on how like anand who you don't. i reread what the court hato say. coululd it have gone eitither w. ces down to whether the llective bargaining agreemen gives the coisoner that wide of a berth. the court sa it did. but there was disst and the dissent was what was at e art of the district se. kennedy: thomas, rht? >> yes there was an ultate punishment that could havbeen handled out d the commissioner didn't. kennedy
12:41 am
kennedy: how big oan impact does this have on the ason in four games, that's substanti. >> looked at th schedule. i i would say three out ofhe four games. they have got i think buffalo, houston, and did i see arizo in there? but the good news is ty co ba against the browns. at's aclose as you can come to a game. foet coming off of suspension. he would be coming out o of a coma. kennedy: imd bless america -- god bless america fofor that. anand for small miracles. would you have spepended him for that, kat? >> yes. i don't care about fooootball. but i think he didt.t.
12:42 am
he clearly did it. it just ses like the popular kid who gets away with erytngng, and i don't like those kind of peoplele. keedy: the hadn't some man with t dimples. tom brady has nevever been ugly. >> he was t theuarterbackor michigan.. kennedy: music actually beininga fairly integral part of f musict snrrks the 80s0s and0s. they might awell s start with beyonce's deo for lemonade. ♪ t they don't love you like i love you ♪ kenned they dodon't love you like i love wh you are cheatingng with another bro..
12:43 am
ththat's how they reestablished themselves by creatinghehe stories bendnd the music. it's not like they are c creatig music videos 24 hours s a y. >> i wonder, what doeoeople think the "m" in mtv s standoro? i remember when used say i want my mtv. >> you canan't watch duran, dud, 19 hours aay. they mentioned bringinback unplugged. we'll sewhat today artists dohen they don't have auto tune. kennedy: unpluggeds where you saw how talented a band was. they couldy completely
12:44 am
ripped down. so, kat, no one is goi to sit arounduring commercials to watch videos when theyan pick up their pne and watch it on video. >> i think m's craft is doing well. when i hadhe flu i watched so many episodes of 16 d pregnant they arell the same. my mom says can't do it. it turns o thihis is harder than i thought. i watchehed that forever. bubut you can't subject sift o f of crap alone.e. ateoritos one day and i felt horrible. >> you can't go toonong with beyonce with a baseball l ba >> i'm sic of beyonce, she is
12:45 am
not even funny. kennedy: is this a g good busins moveve on mtv's part?t? >> mtv has b been rudderless sie you were gone. theyey d't know what to do with themselves. soso why not try it. if there is a way to b music back intit. i want to say thahank you for being here. coming up. beie sanders isn s sure cigarettes should l lal, by has strongeeling about soda taxes. any lenalls on t side of limited vernmement.
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kennedver the weekend uck todd asked bernard sandede about his oppoon to a soda tax before tmoved on to cigarettes. take a loo >> cigaretteaxes -- there is a diffence between cigarettes and da. cigarettes are causingancer. anthis a question why it remains a legaoduct in this untry kennedy: i don't remember at being a question at a. hes brian brenberg of king'g's llege. let's talk sin taxeses. a d difa
12:50 am
soda tax and sin tax? >> when you u tait, people look for substitutes. they try to find sometethi else to fill the need. if ian'trink sugary beverage i'll eat sugary products. what's interesting if yolook at the studies. what people tend tdo with cigarett if youaise the tax on cirettes, they are more likely to go on food amp programs so bill.ys pay fofor their grocery >> i realize berninie sanders is coming from m a loving place an wants people to be heaealthier d live l longer. but something happens s wh you mamakehings illegal. this prohibitionon creates its n public health crisis. peopopleoing to go, they are going to turn to a black markekt d eventually kill themselvlves.
12:51 am
>> you wanant the law to be in place for situations where you have fra andnd real genuine harm hehere is the other big probobl. ifif y look at this gary verage tax. ililadelphia wants a sugary bevera tax to pay for univerersal pre-k. kennededy: here is the problem d you points ts s out. i i didn't think of tonight thee terms until you wrote e that you ne people e to use these products in ordedeto fund the programs. so y have need people to be fat and eat gar and smoke cigarettes so kids can -- >> if you up eating the sugary foods andeverages you wo't have money to pay for iversal free k. theyre -- -- prk. it's ridiculous. you are trying to do two
12:52 am
complelylyifferent things sat one time. policis' real interest isn't to get people off of thehese things, ey want people to say addicted so eyey can raise moy. kennedy: they are raraising mony off the e backs of poor people. and ininhe end the sin taxes don't work bernie sdersoves scandinavia. denmark had their fat tax. what hpened there? >> it didn't work. ople had it it because they couldn't get the pducts they wanted at the price they wand. they substitut higher st sugary foods for lower-cos sugary foods. if you want people to moveway fr bad behaviors, thbest w way to do that is tgigive them products thehey like. e cigarettes help pple ve
12:53 am
away from cigarettes. kennedy: p people are making hehealthier choices. the choices arthere. it'sot the job o of government toce those choices upon us. thank you for being here. profofessoprofessor brenbererg*y smarter after a few of m minutes in his presesence. [pluer] i need to be where the pipes are. so i use quibooks and run my entire busess from the cloud. even down here in the da i cann. still see we're having a grereat month. and celebrate accocordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's howoi own it. listerine®ills9% of bad bath germs. this i is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? this i is 100% useful for a 100we don't know. we swish listeririne. as do listerine® users. the veryry pple we studied in
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say eyey'll save youfor every bywitching,i insurance companies you'd have likike a ton of dollars. but how arare they savining you those dollars? a lot of companinies might answ "um..." " "no comment". then trere's esurance - born onle,e, raised by technolology and majors in effiency.
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so whatever they save, yosave: hassle, , time, paper rk, hair tearing out an yes, e especially dollars.s. thatat's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by altatate. click or call. kennedy: millennialsls ft the be more than any timime ever. but they have no t tru in the governrnment. she sasays the generation shades big brother and loves s invidual freedom.m.
12:57 am
but is that happening? krten tayloror ithe author of a nebook "gogovernment gone wild." let's talk about thi millennials are a differt generation than some of th libertararian-loving presented saysor some first-wave lib tear yants were influenceced ayn rand, but millennials are a paradoxox. >> there is a lot of a apath weren't millenennial generation. the job market sucks.. we are all liviving in our mom anand dad's basements, a recordd number of us, anand we are in horrrrible d debt from student loans. idid this horrible suckfest. bernrnie sanders comes riding on his unicorn sasaying i want to giveouou free stuff, it sounds
12:58 am
awesome. kennedy: is that whyhy people le him baififs's s sasanta claus? >> he's goodod at making young people feel exciteted about ther fututures. the way he deliverered his messages is uplifting and inspiring. kennedy:y: he points out how bad your le e . it's like an abusisive rerelationship. and sayiying i'll make it so muh better. > thiss policies areesestruce bust way' messaging is brbrilliant. kennedy: howyou convince em thahat limited governments actually better path? >> i thi lertaris and conservatives needo howow their poes lead to prosrity. and they nto do it in snpy, fun what is that get people excited abo the fut ey are failing terribly. so often is so depressing to
12:59 am
hear republicans tal about hohorrible everything is. it's just a loof negative jargon fly around. kennededy: they are saying it's negatitive, but it's like they e embabaassed by wealth creation. >> when i i say the right, i men libertarians and conservrvative. they need to talk to young peoplele in a way ththat will gb their attentioanand t them excited.d. we need morere people like you n tv who are funny and relelaxed. instead of just spoutiting out repuicican talking points and are e not authentic. kennedy: nre talking points. vernmentas turned into a joe francis video. thank you for watcng the show tonit. tomorrow i'll be rt of fbn's corage of super tuesday 3. then we'll break dn the
1:00 am
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