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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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that is it for fbn:am, handing it over to mornings with mar, maria, i will seyou in a few minutes. maria: hpy tueuesday, i'm maria baom it t is super tuesday, we've got your toptories right now, 6:00 a.m. on e east coast. the bale for the east ununderway. polls opening right noin conneccut. donald trump andillary clinton holdg strong leads and hope forking a sweep of tod's contest. candidates on e defensive fightingor votes up for grabs. >>hey are coming together because they are gting beaten badly. >> negive is what works, people want to bhopeful, we are just going tkeep plugging ani ed your support tomoow, after we finish this, hopefully i won'scw this up. >> if you're a conservative, there's only one conservative in this state.
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maria: we will take yothere live. e paris terrorist attack n video captures t ments a terrorist blblew himlf up in a reaunt. re othe war on terror co up. heavy winds, torna and h hail, bracing fosevere weather. forest straight ahead. out of florida all plane crhing into a home injuring three people, the latest on is crasinvestigation. and marks this morning in asia overnigh stock mostly higher, higher openingngn thu.s., ahead of the bank in japan that's being jached this thursday, nk of japan meeting for any stimulusn japan. take a look at. up frks, althoh the cac parisray lower. a lot economic data out there morning and earnings, e dow
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industrials pected to open up out 20 points, earnings for the rst arter driving the action ahead of e opening. we will hear from dupo. me this morning fox business network dag mcdowell, former sator and donald trump's suppter scott brown and reblic pollster lee carter. good to see you, everybody. thk you so much for joining us. senator, weave a can't-miss lineup. legendy talk show host talking about thinterviews that he has had with tru, clinton, et cera. have to get his take on whe oiis this morning and trump organization vicpresident eric trump joing us allhe. don'miss a minute of it. were kicking it off right now with the stories. the polls openn ntucky and will open in fouremaining statesn under an hour.
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donald trump hold e commanding adith 118 up for grabs. on the other side ofhe aisle, hilly clinton and bernie sanders beat lout for the 462 candidates. kasicis doing worst than many of the peoplehat left months ago. i mean, if you lk at marco rubio he did mucbett than kasich. he h -- he to this day has more delegates. this is just auy, who is a stubbo, who eats like a solo boxeo and shouldn't have press conference while he's stufng himself. >> leang this as a direct one-on-one choice or i -- for the people of indian 's been 46 days sincthe last republan date.
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[laughte >> it's hard tdispute that. at some point if you want be preside of the united stes you have to get familiar with the united stes. u have to spend with america of all sorts and backgrods. >> i've chosen to ta a path of tellg people, yes, the problems are real, bute can solve these probms a i'm trying to peddle hop now hope in the short-term don't get you a lot of attention bececause hohope is too positive, negative is what works. >>he reason that i think wee have d done so well is that we e doing something verynunusual inn modern american politics witith telling the truth. [cheers anapplause] maria: j joining us right now democratic strategist alonong th republican strategist lisasa booth. d to see you both.let kick it u
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whatat's the biggest surprise, mostst important state on the democratic side?e? >> on the e decratic side i think the racece is pretty much bibig. hillary lead, i am m now turning my attttention from that side of the aisle toto the republican siside. i'm a democratic strategist and i think ththat hillary's track record of f lies, dedeceit and fraud, her 30 yeyears of scands from, you know, , benghazi to te e-mail scandal, itit just memeas that she's unattainable candidate. i'm looking at my republicican options. maria: and the are? >> donald trump. >> i'm in shock. >> i'm not the only one.e. >> i think that't's appropriate because e that's what i'm hearig from my democratic friendsds. anybody but hiary and whwhen you're talking aboutut trump. you may not lilike what he says and how he says it a and what he is doing he's talking about
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things that evererybody is talki about maybybe doing it not in a smooth way b but b bringing out things thahat people are really concerned out. maria: what was the strawhat broke the camel's back? >> feel so stry that she should not bin the white house that i wasilling to vote for him. with sanders comes things like higher taxes and lot of socialist ograms that i'm not rely happy with. i nsideryself a reagan decrat, we are not a dying d, there's still a lot of us out there. and so when it bece clears at sanders had no chance, i oking aty other options. [laughter] dage i'm just like, harle how realistic that beie
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nders' suppoers go and vote r donald trump? biggest ise is the fact that they've not taking mey from superacs. >> h we take on the ruling ass in the country. ria: isn't that interesting lisaooth in dc?c? how do you s the race today? harlen basically giving ushis explation in terms of why he has given up oe democratic side. >> i know, this interesting, it's a a lot of persctive that e americans share right now. they belie government has iled. that's why you have seen thain polling th distrust in govement is so high. he's talking about blowingp thsystem. same thingo be saifor donald trump. he's tking about blowing up the system.
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i think that also why you see this narratiti that he's been driving of a riggeged and rrupt system, why is resinating with voters. we s on the most recent wall street poll that 62%f th republican voters that the candidatwith the most votes should be the nominee, he s en uptake in califnia and i believe it a stems from belief and ing from all voters that the systems broken. let me asyou a question, when you look at berni for examplple, i serd with him, he's been there, he's been politician qui frankly forever to thinkhat he's an outsider is really not true. he d nothing, all the ings at he's talking about, quarteacking inequality, dealining with a l of the issues at youere drawn towards, he dinothing, how is it working that people are sayingoh, my gogosh, he's knew, vibrant and dierent when, in fa, he's
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part of the system? >> he's not truly establishment candidate. you can make the same gument for cruz. he has beethere fofor a little while and not established much. he and kasich e really colluding not to winut to underme donald trump. and so we've seen e former --mey antiestablishment from sanders to cruz are par e problem. ultimately help trump? >> absolutely. >> i don'tnk you're alone this. is not bernie, i'm going trump, and if it's t trump i'm gog to go for bernie, they'r're so, soso dferent and yet the sentiments u underneath h its te same. > it's cacausthey are talking about the same issues.s. everything from campaign f finae reform, ththey are tking about itn different ways, they have differensolutions.
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if trump can recalibrate his message, i tnk he can appeal a lot of democrats. i'm m thinking of stting a pack, mocrats for trump. maria: of urse, jobs -- go ahead, lis to reiterate ththat point, to drivthat a little bit furtr, i think they'rboth appealing ton electorate and individuals th feel left behind by ts economy. you ok at bernie sandershoho going so well among millenals anand you look at student loan bt. $35,000, y're looking at millennials who are leingg college facing mountaiof debt who can't findobs in the economy oronald trp who is appeal to go blue-coll wkers who have been left behind to technology jobs anjobs overseas. you see democrats, the demoatic party talking abo issu like income inequaly, when you look at theich that
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have gotten richer uer prprident obama's policy, you have individuals like hilly clinton and rnie sanders who only exacerbate those proble. ria:a: which is why we we want to show you the unemployment rates in all of e states that we a talki about this morning. ifou look at connecticut rhe island, those are the two stes that are above the nation average. tional average 4.9%. at's why we are looking at t situatn in pennsylvania, even lower in marylanand -- and delaware, but connecticut 5.7%, rhode island 5.4% unemment. that is why this issss is resinati and the jobs and the bunessman is resinating. dagen: right, and hillary clinton is essentially rning on barack obama's econom people are voting for her expect the polici to continued in the administration. at's what so perplexing so many vots.
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the reason that sanders an trump are findg the support that they are is because bobo people on thright and the left feel that the economy things a d the government is s the problem and not the solution. >> you know what thehe cziest thing that the ececony has been worsfor r thpepeople of color. maria: yeah. >> and yetet smany of my friends -- maria: no acknowlwledgment of that. >> shocking. >> i have frieiends that are graduating with quarter millioin dollars in debt d nonoob prpect maria: you'reight. lisa, finaword. >> i think that highlits the difference between perceptn of a voter d a reality, you look atomeone like governor kasich d he's talking about i've do all of the thing buthat rely matters foroters is gut-lel reaction to candidate,e, how does theandidate make me feeldo i believe them even though somof the evidence is
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not nececessary to support the argument, it's perption, it a gut feeling. maria: it sure. good to see yoboth. we will see yosoon. make sure to tune in tonht for special covege. all of the coveragof super bowl-uper tuesday, do join us. [laughter] maria: forget monoly money. day's primary choicehave y isted, you might hit snas after hittg th polls. honor of natial pretzel day. nationalretzel day. is that cruzr nixon
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maria: welcome back, t the april iningredient's coming coming coming i into play as part of central united states is gting ready for severe tnderstorms. janice bn with at the weather center witthe latest. we could see the potetential
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you mentioned for severe stos inuding tornadoes, l's take a look at it. we have e current temperatures, you casee where we have e cold air, north ananwest of the cold front where we have ist unable air ahead oft. those e the main ingredient's that we ne for the potential of severe storms. we alrea have a severe thunderstorm watch in fe for parts of kansas d nebraska and we have seen some of these thunderstorms turn seve right on the bder between kansas and nebraska. ouset up will start this afternoon and continue into e overnight and intoomorrow atmospheric conditionsill come togeer for hail, damaging winds and possibly tornado outbreak. very concerning. not only threafor severe storms but heavy raiall in areas at don't need to see more rain. it's so coldn the backside of the rain we are going toee snow on the back.
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we could see showers a and thunderstos, we don't thinwe will seeevere storms but showers late i in the y today. you're going out to vote, take yr umbrlala with you and we will keep you posted rougughout the day, maria, bac to you. maria: thanks so much, jane dean. the moment of the attackers blew himself up. cheryl with the headline cheryl: good morningmaria, the circuit videshowing terrorists cond for he detonated t suicicide bombed in the coffee. french authorities rejecteted an israeli's effort t to provide software that cocould help flag before november 2015 attacks. eight months after two t teenags disappeared while on a fish in
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florida, o officials accessed phone. apple has been with i informati. the e new zealand 5-dollar bill was crownwned bake note of the area. ththe front siside of the bill,e of the f first climbers to reach the top and yellow-eyed pengugu. it wasas a tight race, m maria. there's an award for everyththi. [laughter]r] maria: they all l look pretty, b the way. thanks, cheryl fr apple to facebook, all eyes onechnology this m morning. what to expect from ththe big names rereported this week? that's going to affe t the tono. we will take you therere, back n momoment. wow
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. maria: welcome back, first-t-quarter earning season, this is the peek weak. all reporting before the belell. after the e market closes tonigt we will hear frorom tenology heavy weights, apple, twitter and ebay. i want t to bring investor senir vice presidedentnd senior portfolio mamager rj, thank you so much for r joining us. >> good morning, thahank you for having me. maria: what t do you do in the
6:24 am
this is a peak week k of third p 50500 companies reporting this week. at 8:30 a.m.m. wget durable goods out. pmi's an c conmer report, what'sour take on in terms of econy and how it drives markets? >> well, youe right. it's a really hey week. as far as rket is concerned, the first quarter that's behind was a slowdown. that said, ware expecting gdp to be positi, sounds like allow standard but sll positive, we a lookingor a recory as we look forward to the rest of 2016the earni season pararticularly importt, obviousl they are up shaly from the febary lows, we don't want earningto dispoint too much bause we won't want to see maets like we had a few eks or months back. as far as gdp is concern,
6:25 am
that's a key loong backwards and want to see to suggest whether or not we havetrenhs going forward, in particul the consumer and what's ppening on the inventories front mig give light as to where we are ading. maria: we bacally have seen what happened in the first quarter. noneeless the gdp is expected to be six nths of a percent. wow.w. talking about anemic situatio here. >> you have recalibration, it gets refocused down to . .6, .7, i'm hopethat we are going to sta talking -- candidates a going to start talking about thonomy because don't forget hlary clinton wi actually be coinuing on, dagen, as you saidith barack obama's policies, u can sein a peectly timed storm that all the earnings are cing out and growth i is anemic and ty are talking about everhing except the economy. dagen: she wants to makehe tax code complicated.
6:26 am
>> raise taxes. yeah, that will help. dagen: i want to ask aut the valuluation of the market. as of miday yesterday, months earnings d that's premiuto what we have seen in recent history. does the market rely look like a buy here? >> well, my eqty colleagues have been a bit cautio about the u.s. stock mket for significant portions of recent weeks, obvusly we are quite a bit off the lo as i mentioned fore. i think the equiti guy would agree that the market don't look cheap, wen the fixed income side we areocusing on the valuatn and d rates and cred spread sectors, we think rates should back up from whe theyre. we are seen thatn recent weeks. the growth that we just diussed shouldop them off at a ty moderate level. spreads we continue to rema positive on thfiincome
6:27 am
mark. the equityarkets are obviously relate the earning season very important for both. maria: you have the fed meing and the nk of f japan meeting, hodoes that play rj, the federal reserve kicking f the twday meeting toda are you expecting a moven interest rat and what do you expect out of jan on thursday? >> we n't expect to change interest rates. we will gethe results tomoow. the improvements frothe crazy start of the year have beeto tentate, t momentum has clearly slowed even if ware expanding at margina rates. all ey will be on the tone of the d's statement. that firstaragraph in the statement describes w they see the economy, h will they assess the first-quarter slowowdown, how are they gng to assess the irovement of nditions.
6:28 am
i think they're onold. over recenyears, they've been arply declining the expecte level the feds ra. maria: we will lea it there. no exptaon from the japan meeting. rj, good to see yo sir, thank you muc >> thank you very ch. rj gallo. weill have this unbelievable photos and t details of this new pool rig here in new york city. e primary lines might not be the only ones whigh in today, retlers giving out free pretl in hor of ptzel day. wee some in the studio. they broughtough in the shape predential fac.
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when they thout they should westart savior retirement.ople th we asked somelder p people whenhey actually did starart sa. this gap betetweenn we should start savi and when wactually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren'n't prepared for retirement. just start as eay as y can. it's gng to pay off in the fute. if we alstart saving a little mortoday, we'll all better prepared tomorro prudential bring your challenges. maria: welcome back in a tueay morning. i am maria bartiromo 6: a. on the east coast this morning. the east underwentalse claim. lls have been open in
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connecticut about 30 min. donald trumpnd hillary clinton holding on his strongly. >> had the greatest rerespect to senatorr sande.. but real w what he and his supporters are now saying stst esn't matter. i had to .7 7 million were bot i have more than 200 timor pledgedd delegates. of crsrse we are going to work together. as i said, i i share a lot of te same goals. > reach out not only to my suororters, but the american people with an agenda eyey believe will repreresent the interests of working famamilies comenn lower income llll. ththose of us concerned about te environment anand not just money interest. >> we will take a direrect to a polling ple e coming out that good professor at the nenew x te nation why she was terminate dramatic videoor a smalllalane
6:33 am
crasheininto a home injungng reree people appeared the latest on the crash invtitigatition coe in a bid sooinin the sky. the new paul said to grace the new yorkitity skyline. asouou can seeee it is at 300 fc level and we are g going to show ito o you and tell you exactly where its.s. markets mixed in asia. stocks mostly highe the nikkeiei average is down abt half of 1%. the bank of papan closely fo any stimulus comg g out of japan. makeperforormances in early tradade. alouough perez and dax germany and x are both lower this morning. features indicate a ghgher opening for the averages. a a lot coming out. tell invesrsrs to open up 30oint. purchasing managers index x in durable goodcocoming out in about t two hours. first-t-quarteter earnings.
6:34 am
ellililly reported earnings that met expectations. that is when tooucuch. apple is repteted after the close. twitteisis well reported eaearnings may. a five state mararathohon on the east coaoa. gop front runner donald d trump slamming rivals afafter they jon forcrces to blocock his path toe republican nomominion. rick leveventhal with the very latest where polls wilopopen in 3030 minutes. >> just under 30 minutes. tuturnout expected to be strong here in pennsylvaniaia and fou other states will take i is t t. donald trump to o do very well possibly sweweeping offenense they've been inching closer toto ththe magical number a1200 or defend delicate e and we saw h support in west chesr, pennlvia where he spoke in an auditorium filled toapacy with about 3000eoe and tside line of roughly 3000
6:35 am
moreeople who couldn't get i the lilinetrching for severa city blos. 700 protesters turned outith police keepinghe peace. trump dinot disappoint pporters. he came up firing at senat uz and governor kasich suggestinghey are playing against him.g to collude governor kich neededo learn theanne.. >> i have nevereen a human bebeing eain such a disgusting fashion. i am always ie mae y young andnd , alwa with my kids, all of them. say children, smal little bites. this guy tes a pancake and a oving it in his mouth. it is disstin do you want that for your president? i don't think so. hostly, it is disgusting. reporter: there's clearly right way and wronway to eat pancakes.
6:36 am
how do you eat yours? mari fork and kni. watching that crackingp on the side. heust says that the way it is. we we all just died lauing. but it resonates. he's eating and d it's rooted in truth. i lolove by the way. everybody is watched said what are you doing, but outside the bed but t the noodles come the noodles, spaghetti. maria: oweweall by design. hehe wanted to be one of the people and eat. it was all by design. >> there is nolliance here. ju whater. dagen: i havonly one rule with my family.
6:37 am
i haveeen photographed at christmas records even wi showing up for the nex10 years. do not phohotograph me when i am eating. i don'cacare if it's video or still photo. maria: cruz and kasich c came together. trump is calngng a collusion.. >>s s not pollution. it's's a badge of honor. you shldld be flattered. two people tt t can get the required d delates to get the nomination team ouough. it is cleaear what they are doi. they a obviously joiningng forces. i think it backfires. i thk it emboln n noonly ranking democratbut others decide if th's'shat they're gointoto do, if they don't have e e to show up for my sake, i am vinfor trump. i i think will backfe. yoyo take indiana, i'll ta oregon. >> it was an interesti strategy and poorlrly e execute.
6:38 am
we are gngng to frame it as the peopleasas broken. between us we hahave this nyny thth. it's an alliancece for the peop. ststeait was like sort of an alliancece conservative be.e. and then it's just p played into the whole narrative of thihis politician icontrol and doing backroom deals. there are reports right now thatald trump with adrtg assured delegates in theeyoneriry. this h has hillarylinton releasing an aaround. she stragies tribes were thick and thin. watch this. >> they are inging drugs. they are bringing c crime. th is a country where we speak english,ot vanish.
6:39 am
i'm going to have a depoation force. the >> is th a a pro-donald trump at? those are the thingse said, but t a lot of folks don't disagree with what h he's sayin. ththose were talking about earlier. >> this is an ad that will energize h base e in her base. this is likeke the very thing tt peoplele that are hillary supportersrs saying i would nevr want this. i wowould never want donald trup and the sellout go out andd support t her. the thing g that energize hihillary's antitrust. it's a an interesting game becae what it suggests is hillllary dismissing ted cruzan kasi a and sayiying i'mffff to november and i'm saying mversus t them. some sense.dismissing the votern this is why he's populular >> but i f finfascinating is the
6:40 am
total amount of delegates s trp has right nonow, he is more than kach from rubio and crews combined. to continue to unite the partyt. i'veve bn asking people right now at w whapoint do we say here's the guide. at what point. >> in indiana, trump h haspepent $800,000 on a so o faas to indicate trump super p pacs have said that. the has e still throwing ney. the >> let take a look adonald trump becae this is one called my dad. >> growing up: my bther and sister and i have to know what we're talking about before bringing a new proposa mayay be less tough on his grandchildren righnow, but it is that tohness that i walked renenegotiating trade does chi and mexico. my father would maken incredible president.
6:41 am
tree io one the best things about donald trumps his kids, his family. >> think it's absolutely going to wor one of the biggest engrom can do is sh the other side of himsf to the associationon. his children spe volumes. so many voters sayinit's got to have something ifhis is house kids turned out. but its error, donald junior, a speaks volumumes. to see the softer side is realay he's also a tough guy d that's what i want in a leader. ma eric trump is coming nice paper will talk wiwith one of hs sons.. >> when i saw bernie sanders getting arsted, itit was poweul. dr. rtin luther king wer blks, whites, latinos, asn-americans have come
6:42 am
togetherround economic justice. that is what berniis trying to dodo today. bernie is with us. >> i think t thiad is really ininteresting because it might t resonate with h usbut it does sonate with younger peoplele who are saying i want somebodydy whs a fighter. all l along has been a b-bravo t there. it sorort of shows is always ben on the o outde. he's been in the senate forevev. is is same look isot thehere protestingn the civil rights mont on the edge. he is fighting for us now. i think it's a rllcompelling ad for people trying to jo the movement. is it gog to make a difference at this t? no its suggesting i'm in for the long haul. >>ilillaryill have the mind of delegas she needanand i think this is s too little too late. he's been t f forever. d d they hava supermajority, he had t the oorortunity to do l these wonderful t things.
6:43 am
they havave a supermajority. >> i likike reaganan's question rlier. that was howow fungible are thee people, the supporters. are they going to go too trump? hillary y clinton look at all te delegates. the sanders closowown tonight? immaculate makake demands and ty stard making them. dagen: the yououngeople stay in their garments and note e whever th smoke. >> n nurng 20% to 30% mit flip over to trump and the st of themtay home. 50% would rather vote r nobody. you're going to to be some flip over. maria: t rh and famous. see new yorkers to take a dive in a cement pools suspended 300 feet into the ai check is out. this is going toe gorgeous. we've got to takyou there
6:44 am
ve. ononsilly pretzel factory is given yoa taste of the caidate. presidential pretzels arre in ours to dl. it is all coming o. back in m moment.
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maria: the b sries super tuesda a lot of mket action as well. eli lilly reported firstrtrter earnings a halan hour ago. shadeggaid tititian's revee tidbit estimateshat the drugmaker putting in line with wall stet expectations. analysts will atching the iphone sales get t ticket toecline. the iphoneccouounts or to accounts forwo thirds of b duponteported earnings unexpected last night t after the presess release was se out. the chemical gia raised its outlook or6 team. i'm a big expectationsnd upopon.
6:48 am
an infamamous professor back in the news. cheryl casone with t that story. > you remember her coming ararena. suggested in a newspaper pfifile published over t the weekend tht she was fired because of herer race. telling ththe chroniclcle of hir education i am a white lady y an easy target.t. after video footage trying t to cor campus protest in novembmber what i wrote. >> you n neeto get out. > no i don't. >> you need to g o out. >> i actually donon't transfer thehe real of decisions back in march. look at t this dramatic scene in florida. a a sml plane crashing into a housuse. all three people on board thee plane in critical conditition wh severe bururns. no one inside the house e was injured. the national transrtrtation safety brdrd trying to determine the cause of this crash.
6:49 am
fifinally, some of new york's richest people hava a very unusual perk i in a new building set for mpmpletion next year. american building on first avenenue and 35th street are going to fearere a cement pools between twtwo towers, 300 feet n the a.. that a at the pos going to be. ththe towers has been n accusedf vampires they building trying to spend that. i don'n't know. i'd love to swim but i t tnk that would freak me out. maria: because you a are swimmig and d looking down 300 ft.t. >> i don't want t to be e the ft to do it. cheryl will be there.. we will do it t together. maria: of really looks beauautiful. gen: howow long before somebody skinny dipped?
6:50 am
[laughter] maria: really? i i mean, reaeally? dagen: who wasn't thinking off thatat? i framed it t in the way that i thought was friendly at 6:50 i n the e morning. maria: presidential primimary landing on the same day'y' nanational prerep of day. a special place to snag at the presidenential pretzels and judo nextxt. you don't want tmiss i it. back in a moment. > these pretzelels are makine ththirsty. >> no. these pretzels a are making me thirsty. >> these pretzelare making me thirsty.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
maria: welcome back. not onlys it a presidential primary five states, but ao national pretz day. all the more reasoto celebrate by creating pretzels. uble jump from hillary clion and ted cruz gavphilly pretzel some prep those. us now with ese look delicious. tells about the excitement around a primary and howou came up with this ea. >> i worked up perfect because it'sririmary day n national przel day which is to bud holiday byhe way. "-begin-quote free preels on alof our locations all day long. we we excited this morning because every store has had coupon for the fir 100 customers. they each get free pretzs for e whole month of may. look a coupon and me every day and give free pretzels. maria: awesome.
6:55 am
are you a pretzel l rl? dagen: bigig-t-time. maria: me, t.. dagen: do you sell t the in the storeses? ted cruz looks like richard nixon. >> wdo sell some o of ese in stores. people order them with a all differerencustom ptzels. dert to other like one storere and timimeserver stores. theyey worked on this yesterday. maria: t this isis sposed to be buburning? some of them are tougher.r. donald realllly stands out. it's exciting forr us. look about a ce hundred pretls today throughout our storeshat we are really exted.d. maria: is is t tir cdidate you thk isetter for small business over other candite? >> the same, basic we would to say that donald seeme to be e the businessuy.
6:56 am
it's impnt right now with everything going on. liticians have to say ght now. we will see. dage what is your biggest head when intns that e vernment? >> obvbvioly the minimum wage is a concern. we respect for his coming from. we understand th want fair wages everybody but it comes at a dagen: the regulatory environment everybodlks about. are there barriers? >> is no doubt en getting money has be difficult rather than a few years back. weave people putting up their life savings to buy to this franchise company 's impoant to make sure they are succes. true--
6:57 am
maria: best candida? dagen: there's somhing very delicious about his hai maria:nonother. that is eat. good to e you. thanks so much. philadphiaretzel. goet one today free. we'll be r back. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? xerox helps hospitaluse electronic health h rdrds so doctors provivide more personalizeded ce.e. chcheese?
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from icy your wild-ckitchen cor. mon.ents fully mobilele... get yourirst two meals free atee inible meals. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning.
7:00 am
is super tuesday part 3. butter is addeto polls and now 7:00 a.m. on the et coast go bate for the east is underway. connecticut,hode island, maryland andaware bright now. ld trump and h hillary clint hoping for say that toy's candidates figing foevery last delegatup for grabs. >> i never saw athing like it. itouring out of his mouth when t cameras are wrongheaded. that is not presidential. >>on't have late daddy were bugsind me giving the office monday. the reas'm in this race is siing on to its hillary clinton. beginning of may, the indna primary wi have even greer and if and when we win them a featurlike the indy 500 campaign crag and burning and catching on fire.
7:01 am
mariennsylvania the biggest prize. comiming up april as attac are they singi attackers are li nam and informamation of state department eyees. details anyerror threat ead. tomradyaxes working suensionnstated. how how much it ll c cost him coming up. the ice tag for the pet baby ne. whxpectant parents are paying money for somebelse to name their child. market futures poio a game with a sof earnings today as well as economic data. dow inrial to open up 21 points. nasdaq s&p00 i positiv territory and consumer confidencet the beginning of a two-day federal reserve meing. all of that this morning. fox business network den mcdowell, scott brdan fox news ws contributor megyn mccai to see you come the makin did you li tha pretzel?
7:02 am
dagen: i want the mustard. >> i would've needed a. it's tooarly. i'm going to take it home tohe tell tonightht. maria: cruz campaign spokesperson ron aarons at best a legendary tk showosts joinus. ceo haroldam, got to get his ta on oil pric these days. trump organizati executive vice president and donald ump signed eric trp wi join us. you don't want to mi a moment. thbattle for the et is underw. delegates in concticut, delawarepennsylvania, maryland, rhode island up for grabs. the polls ose at 8:00 p.m. tonight. donald trump holding a commanding lead with 8 delegates for gra in e gop side rick levthal is life with the latest from the other si of the ais. good morng to you >> good mornin mark appeared minutes ago this retirement community and expeed to be
7:03 am
strong herand across the ste were as y mentioned donald trump expected to do very welel. hiary clinton expected to do veryell today, too. this is a time in this racin the state wereelicate matter at this point e the first time in some 40 yrs especially for republicans. this is a clo primary so they registered democratsan vote, but unlike repubcans in pesylvania, democratic delegates are bound m at the nvention f the candidate w wins hillary will be the democratic wier. 189 democraticegates up for grabs in pennsylvaa today. 384 total including 21 in delaware, 95 in maland and 20 foreign rhode island. hillary pricted to win the majority of delegate multistate. rhode island could be the knockout punch to nders and she spokat a town hall last
7:04 am
nigh >> though, thereatest respect for senator sanders. what he and hisuppters are now sang jusis not that. i have 2.7 millione votes than he has. i have more t tha25250 more pledged delegates. >> meanwhilele senator sanders makingng hisitch for support by means of spressing people if he's goi to have any shot at the nomination did lastight he was the st candidate to make her aggressor in washington. the polls close at 8:00onight. we could sta seeg relts in delare as early as 9:00 in pennsylvania around 10:00. ria: an exciting night we will bebe watching. rick leventhal live. republicican side of the race, donald trump criticizing thehe alliancece between ted cruz and john kasich is a a kasich is the
7:05 am
diva of the path to >> if you colllluded in business for thihis type of data, they pt you in j jail. inin politics because it is a great system, because e it is a cobra enterprise,n n politics you are allowewed to pollute. mariria: meanwhile, the billionaire rival is t too afrad to d debate had. >> h hillary clinton and bernie sanders think enough of the voters to bebeilling to subject themselves to t the pplple and have a debate inin their scheduling a second debate. and dona h here in the back round? maria: i want toto bringng in cz campaign or send ron married this morning. good to see you. ththanks for joining us.s. >> you betet, good morning. >> was specifically designened under hers wt to get o out of the debate o one-on-one with donald trumpmp?
7:06 am
>> the nature of the camampaign has change could restart off the 17 candidates in the e exciting repupublican fight for the nomination. thdiscussion has change. it is now narrowowed down at reretailerer would l love to haa one-on-one debate and the amount of depth in n terms of the issus that we haven't seen before. earlier debates s where you have 10 more people upon the stage, 302nd responseses. it's not getting to the heheartf these issues that are e so important right t now sleep at e country on a path to recovery after seveyears of little democratic learsrship. maria: you are a t trump supporter. whatat about that? will he e debate at cruz? >> first of all, unlikike other candidateses. what has changed alslso is the fafact thahat ted and kasich are mathematalally eliminated yeyet that's the difference why w we would debate somomeone who can't mathemematically win.
7:07 am
it is over after tonight. he's done a remamarkable job. but it's over. hillary is going to be the nominee after tonighght and dond is goioi to al be the nominee, much cloloser after today and especially after indiana. maria: what abobout that? if it's mathematatically impossible to get to 1237, whaht is the want to do? what does he thihink happened tt ththe contested convention? >> i like e senator brown. it's wrong on ththis issue invented that no candidate i is going to get the majajority of vote t to clear it on the first ballot. we will l have been h historic t that will go more than o one ballot and therere does deserveo be a debate among the reaealistc pathway come out toto the convention altlternately as a repupublican nominee. both will have been is t the f t ballot don't look at two o d momost of the delegates are free to vote theieir conscience.
7:08 am
theyey would leave the rublican party to an unprecededented disastster in modern t times, nt onlyly ling the white house by demomocratic and the supupreme t in the nexext 25 years with so much at stake e and it's only tt it will go t to a contested convention. the voters of indianana deserveo having a substantive debebate. the democrdedemocrat s don't seemem to be afraid to debate on their side. why isis donald trump so afraido debate takers > ilec thank you. veryry t thoughtful. the sky is falliling, we're goig to losthe senate. all senate. alalbeit it senate. alall e other things as a falsee premise. ght now the polling g comingng closer hillary and donald h have high negatives you donald has a a chance to work on n his negativs versus hillary's.. once again, getting back to thte basics, if you can't getet the numberers you should d get out.
7:09 am
now he c can't get the numbers stand that is why she a k kasich are joining forces andnd that's why users in a shift away y from both of them to donald tmp. would yoyou say? >> a shot good look. as we go forward here, donald trtrump is n not able to console the republican base bebehind hi. normally at this stagege if youo back the last t several cycles. the repupublican front runner ages usually ablto consolidate the repupublican ba. double charm can't d do that because number two t the guy kes on insulting the plalanninand as a result of that dememonstratese cannot build coalition. the reason it causes y you to jacqueline behind ted crcruz and john mccain -- i'm sorry, johohn
7:10 am
kasich is because he doeoesn't understand pololitics and he doesn'n't undersnd the importance of cocoalition ilding. he doesn't know what he's talking about. at the end of the day whwhen we have a clear st between n donald trump and ted cruz, we knonow tt most republicanototers overwhelmingly to that onene donald trurump is the republican nominee. >> to o have a one-on-one contet because john kasich didid not sy my voterers and supporters in indiana vovo for ted cruz. he said i never ldld them not to vote f for me. they ought to vote for me. hohow much good does it do youo? >> is helpfuful because it gives us a c clear shot in indiana. everyone i is john kasich is a fact or the ste e of indiana. that is coming out. going forwrwareveveryone knows that's important that asas we go forwrward. whwhen we have a one-on-one contest in the state thahat are out there, w we know we will do well. maria: that me ask you a aboutut
7:11 am
narrowing the list because ass they come down to the e wire, ,e conversation a about theice presidential pick good m multipe reports suggest that cruz z is betttting parlay. is that is paid for vp? >> she is onone of the fivive fr presididential candidate two has endorsed senator cruz z as these cacan validate it to base going forward. she'e's been tererfic. senanator cruz thinks very highy of herer. but the same time,e, senatator z is going to the ococess of vetting vicece presidential candidate and he w will announce to the person has s bebeen as ry to announce it. mariri mccain, thehe cruz cacary fiorina take it. >> i personally love c carly fiorina. i hope that't's what is going f. donald trump is bleeding femalae voters feaeare what is is
7:12 am
planannining on doing to reach t to women and young millelennialt to pick upup the slack we're lolosing right n now? >> one of f the challenges has never won a tremendous amount tf college debt t that they were taken on as a result of f a variety thatat policies p put in place that accelerated t the oba administratition and having the worst economic recovovery postrecession since world war ii and that the knitting g of opportununities this really havg the most negative effect o on te people enterering the job market are aspiring to enter the e job are concecerned. at the centerpiece of ththe economic reform m plans is that those simplele flat tax which hs been w widely praised that would spur econonomic growth that make it simplpler for the paperwork stanandpoint. hehe alsotakes skepeptical view towards regulalations that it st ballned under the obama administration a and recognize e negative impact t it has on economic growth an opporornity.
7:13 am
maria: w we've been covering it. itooks good. good tsesee you. thanks s so much. mamake sure you tune in r special coveragege tonight. all the action tonight for supur tuesday three all starts at 7:00 p.m. eaeastern tonight in e fox staffer. joinin us at 7:00 for coverage. can't think of a babyy name? a new service that will makeke naming your kid but it wilill ct you. as wtake a b break, check out the reststart artist michael breach with a new twist on thehe term campaign posteter. too babad the e campaign is not getting out of the rally. we will come rightht out with delicious coffee. back in n mininute. when it comes toto small business, shshe's in the kno.
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♪ he's the plan. y you're a fincial company y that cares, but yoyour logo isis old and a littlele pointy. soso you evolve. you simplify. you u haven't changed. you still l help people li theirb. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decidede the perfect time to showhehe world is right... now. maria: welcome back. a nenew list you do not want toe on. cheryl casasone with the story. cheryl: i'll t tell you what, yu do not want to be in t theun. hackers ofof a hackers of the protesters g gro calling themselves the unid d ceerer caliphate hahas come out with a kill l list that appears to clude dozens of u.s. government personnelel. the list of his 43 gamames to peoplele lkeked to the state department. the e dertment of homeland security a o other federalal departments. the hackers s list phone n numbs
7:17 am
for eachch pson for instititutis to be correct, currerent office lines for the governrnme employees. beautiful have you heard o of this? a dadating wsitete wch only allolows attractive people to sn up. sensitive infoformation inclului addresses, telephone numumrs and prefererences from 1 mimillion people is being sold onlnline. why are u pointitingtt againin? she was happily married.. more parents trying to find unique games f for children. many b babname consulting firms are getting very busy. you cacan buy your baby's name r several hundred dollars s fr a new york based c company. also assist companany arges $3000 to name the chihild >>ill do it for 15.
7:18 am
maria: i donon't understand what you're buying. cherylyl: eyey do a trademark search. dagegen: at jessica parker. big letttters, small letters. ththat's how desperate people of god and to make their chin'n's names unusual. is like ey are selling them in such a way. if you can't grow up and be ceo or rockstar r depending on what y your name is, probably te wrong namame. onof my friends named her child a pretty trashy me. i'm not going to say it on r. maria: i never knowhat i'm going to learn on the show.
7:19 am
>> by which he paimoy to have somody name your kid. it's the most importanthing at a mary koppel or anyone together does together. it's amazingo me that someone would give that up. it's almost like giving cutting the cord why would you nodo that? comi up ne come the teor tacks takingonontrol on the instry. ould sayay what is at stakake. the six seasonremiere may not have had among pirates. the alarming amounts of coes u' want to hear this one. back in a moment. ♪
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7:23 am
mari welcomeack. time to ke center plans to close to 13 million that the madness of the europn vacation la year. g siness with a lot of competition. ashley webster standing byrom the banks of the riv with the detail tough job, but somody's got to t. training uwell, i was ing to whine about the weather. it 30 mis an hour wind, uring with rain. yesterdaday it snowed. m actually on the sun deck here. ven you a shot down thehe danube. u're a actually inustria. this iactually southern
7:24 am
germany. as you said, becoming increangly popular, the amount of people on the cruz hahas doubled in the last eighyears and it's becoming incrsing popular. it's a great way to se europe end quote ride. this partilar vote w w just chriened yesterday it 442 feet long and only takes 16passengers which is very common r a lot of people don't like to go on ocean cruis for its 12 stories high and 00 people. this is the complete oppite of that. by the way, eryrye gs one. there are many you c te all can take all that upn amsterdam, all the way tough tnr budapestalthough it to the black sea. therare many options and odically this isheun jail.d it's now started to
7:25 am
again i know you don'tave any sympathyor me at all, but i ha to throw back to you because m about to keelver. maa: you are all wet. you are all but good idea guys ev taken a river cruise? senatown says drink ily. gen: i just thought -- that was rst hiring heavily. maria: does a great shot. that looks really beautif. u can agine business gets impactedhen you have a slow economy, peoplple worried out terrorism. >> have lot of friends and i myself lovove to go backo eueurope. maybe e we will go another direction.n.
7:26 am
trade to taka a short break. another year of f the same old stuff. why does sla t table go away for the new england d patriots surstar. pl w who could forget this? >> disgusting blob. i told them myself. maria: debris bootot of ghostbusters preparing t to hit the big street. one popular kids is making comeback a alongside yvette. back in a minute. ♪
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7:29 am
maria: welcome back. it is super tuesda part 3. top stories right no7:30 a.m. the east coasto post up in a connecticut to rort iraq, pennsylvania, maryla and delaware. donald trump and hilry clinton holding onto strongly. caidates othe offensive. also beyond today's contest. >> john kasich h decided to callt to give us a head-to-head ctest. that goes for the men and wen to have a clear and direct choice.
7:30 am
> look, this is a matter of resources. we are rning a national campaign [inaible] >> don't worry. i'll give it up after impresve that. not presidential. maa: turkey deported 3000 next jihadist no details on whe those people headed n now. more on thiseveloping sto. m brady sacked his four-game suspension rent da. how ch it will coshim coming out. a huge hit especially with the show illegally dnloaded more than a million times. checkingutures. big day for economics and earnin. we are wting on consumer coidence, durable goods. bank ojapan meeting on thursday may have appeared marks excted to open higher. the peak week in termsf this is
7:31 am
first-quarter earnings. a new law w in maryland allowing convicteted felons to vote in today's primary for the e firstt time. peter duducey lab in rockville, maryland with the details.s. good m morning toou. >> good morning. as m many as 40,000 salads may vote in maryrylaland fororhe fit time including some e on parole and probation because of t the w law that lets ex-c-cons cacast baballots immediately as soon as they get outut of jail l even if victims are recocovering from injuries andnd if they've not oy paid restititution is ordered ba court. if you're trying to forececast o thisis will benefit politically, llary clinton and bebernie sanders hahave expressed desires to see marcel at thehe ballot bx is the outcome of that none ofof the remaining republicanan candidates s still running our pitching this as part ofof their platforms s ansome have asked me why just a after virginia did somethg similar.
7:32 am
>> you allowhem to go. they will vote democrat anand tt isis up to balance totally. i think it is s really unfair ad not a good thingng. i don'tnonow any reasonable person whoho looks at democracy and says the thing we need i is more murdederers codenamed, more by the criminals votining. i dodon't if that makes a whole lot ofensese. >> brand is the 14th state that lets felons to o have it finished and does s so. there are e 20 that restore votg rights. lawmakers think itit's a good ia to let felons vo that they have repaid their debt to ciy, so does the right to go back though. mars tactil marylanders say that it's going to be the standard that they p their debt to society, whyan't t ct pond at convicted felons also buy firearms cause they still can't do there in ryland. maria: pretty ununbelievable story. peter ducecey with the latest y
7:33 am
talk show w host, larry king. larry, good to see you. answer joining us. you u have been interviewing the candidates for soo many years, o we wanted to get your observion on this ection. how many times have you intervrviewed ld trump? >> probably 30. going back a lot of years.. maria: you have seen h him and s emempire o of falsese goododnight donald trump, theres no one like him. got to say tha he has been threatatening g many years to run f for gernor, run for president anand i would alws chchallenging, are you really gog to run? i'm seriously thinking aboutut . this aid w wld come on and say hehe will run. he wouldn' run and then it would be seen asas a man promotg his business development.. said this year, last sumummer i ran into the at crcraig's restaurant i l.a. i think about rununning. he s said that inking i'm runnig
7:34 am
and then they enended the race d he didn't just entered. he boomed d into the racace and afaffected t race immediatel caring not almost all of the debate wheit pushed bushsh's side of the nonenergy, , madeun of t this guy i is small and he racked up the field.. maria: and it worked er o of sticky nicknames on peopl >> he's mber one. he's ahead i the polls thahe an incredible are e a bit ke him dislike him, he's an incredible story. he is the story of theear. win or lose he would be kindnd d of the a air maria: but about hilillary clinton? > inow her almost as much. hihilly is formidable. the thing shshe has going for hr is she's probably the e most asd to p person ever to run for prident. she has all the e right qualificatatio. she has a greattesesume.
7:35 am
she's a better leaeadethan she is a campaigner sinince bill stridedent she will getet the democratic nominanation and tn it will pend on how the election flows. maria: you thinkhe election favors democra? >> dinitely. ria: have anything away maria: changinin t way hillary clinintoas the ball. what about donal trump? >> w we never discussed d inur politics. i thought he more libeberal than certainly a cial issues.s. hehe is much -- much more out of that area ofof the right wing tn he washen i knew him. but he says is a r republican, o he's a republican. the campaign, the further ririgh you go, the more chan o of at denomiminaon. the problelem he will have to sk
7:36 am
it thehe nination,n, he's got to come back to the centete if he does notot come back to te center, you will get works bebecause americans do not elect extrememists. hillary has s gone my left becae of sananders and she will pull back. of all of f them, this may surprprise you. hillary is the hardest. hillary would be most t kely to pick upn n go into a country than another candidate. shs s very, vy y -- maria: we kn b bernie sanders is not there. we w were taing eaier and bernie sanders is out tonighin hillary went, she gets number of delicat do the supporters code trump? extrists. >> he wod be the opposite of bad luck. maria: they go to hillar chissano? >> that ll be a bernie. he would have to lk at his conscience and say've got to
7:37 am
go. i n't want trump or whoever to be president. the young people flow hi along. he asked at a good rationale ich is the lesser of two evil wewe need the supreme court. we are goi to have a better thing. if bernie e do that, hillary's farite. maria: we willll see about that. you've got such an illustrtrious career. you've gone into busineseswith yoyour wife, shawn. sleep like a king isis the namef thbubusiness. thmamac this is wonderful line that big compa maria: luxurusus collection. >> they keke sheets andd pillowcases and towels byome of the great h hotelels of the woworld. when sean and i travel werere lucky to get in one t those hotels. sean would always say to e e the sheets and p pillowcases? are these th b best? whenen y get out of the shohowe maria: comfy,ozy.
7:38 am
>> ecologists tried sof we got together thm. sean did mosof the business i just love e product. i dotnowbout tupac of the three pipe from three pipe f the can a xed pie, but it's a great line of products. shee andillolowcases and beautiful rooms, candles. is all exclusive to you. race tonht at midnigh maria:re-order on sleep like a king. i like them a lot. >> it's a a od idea. we are v vy happy about i sean will beoing around d qvc th it will be selling omhe bsite. i think it's goingo be a great prprodt. i think the puic needs us to set a fairce and there is noththlikehe cherry price. you travel.
7:39 am
maria: that's why travel. >> was initiato come initiated toou, pull the cover er. maria: luxy. i love it. rry king reinvented himsel what a career. >> sleep like a king goe at midnight. mari our audience survey. all the super tuesday acti tonight i'll s 7:00 p.m. turn on the fox busininess network. join us tonight. the u.s.eals court reinstated tomrady suspension of her deflate. jared max anthher adlines coming up. also come in the 80s 90s. geady for when the her favorite drinks. -cola drink back at joe koler. we wbe right back. ♪ the heheirloom tomato.
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maria: welcome back to turkey deportedozens of undesirables to cheryl casone witthe headlines. transfer good rning, maria. acrding to a top official, turk h has depted foreigners suspecd of having links to differt herbs, particularly islamic state militants. turkey has also gred foigners frorom entering the country adopted a spokesman n fr the presesident of the turkish profiling teams haveve intervied 9500 people when thearrived in turkeybout 2000 of those evented from entering. there have been fodeadly bomb tacks since july, all of the blamed on says. the new season of "game of thros," a huge hit in australia, particularly if y
7:44 am
are downloading the first epode illegally. according to the blog, t hbo show h been downloaded more than 1 million tim. australia making up more than 12% of all legalownloads. finally, see ecto cooler is coming back. ecto cooler wi reaear as a reappear at 830 at theeaof the mythos dusters movie. with all women as the ghostbusters the drinking shelv in 1997 as the gh end for the original film and contie to be filled through 2001. by theay, the new movise to hitheatersuly 15th and i'll actually go to a thear and theer. rare fore. maria: rare foalall of us. when t the last time you went to a movie? >> day before yesterday. i a all the time. my wife anannette love it. riria: me, too. "star war"
7:45 am
as aan of this? >> flashback to my chihood. i love this new m movie. direct danr dave rides meantnt then it's just hilariousus tt i'm exexcid. >> iove her. maria: i saw her lastt night. >> she's onef f the funniest people i've ever seen. leslie j jones bothn snl. >> she's so good. maria: absbsute way. straight a ahead of him in a sesecret and of wearing the name of the f favorite players on thr back. a quiet ttle for the top selling nfl jersey i on. whdo you thi it wise? we will ll you who tops the . late brand-new way to feel the bern with a nice hot bath day adned with not only a jolt of caffeine to we you up, but with the ver senator's face
7:46 am
right on it. teresa a ae coming up in just a nt. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:49 am
ria: wcome back. tom bry back on the bench. instating his deflate suspension. talkbout breaking even. by two key entri may change
7:50 am
the e face of the playoffs theyd shared macs at the detaiail spad >> mariaia, front page of "the w york posost" tododay says a abou qbneak. softballs loses, b but still wis with contract.t. >> season-ticket holder. >> it isompletely deflate i had to do one but yestday, federa appealsourt dided tom brady will id have to serve a four-game suspension for patriots using foot ofthe underilated duri the 2015 championsh game against the indianapolis colts. pretty can appeal to thcircuit orring his case to the supreme court. how bad is this for the patrts quterback? he fures for the first four games this sean he's only thrown two passes -- 2passes
7:51 am
hifirst two seasons for th firsfour weeks to make the playoffsast season. the odds to win the champiship next sean. odds before and afr the ruling theatriot had been an all-out favorite. five to 19621 and the steelers 281 or en with the patriots as the favori to win the afc. brons anthen go saw an uptick in their odds. another sports boosays fans n bet on howany they win the first four games ten over underlinedf brady is spended. overnderotals have gone down from 10 and a half wt 10 for e season. thsports book operator says brady isorth about 3.5 to four pots in this thread the first four wks of the season but fore and after the first fou games so tom braealldoes have an effect on the int spread. if you think tom bradynd the paiots were shocked by the ruling, can do this.
7:52 am
great tookok pay cut on the surface for the 16 season. only $1 million. faster as 8 million. so if bradserved the suspenon last season, he would've losa whe lot of money. close to $2 milln as close to $235,000 good the fronpa of the st break wins with contract. ma contract a few weeks ago when he restructed his. it all comes iin the 3 miion in signing bones. he has protected it so they can't take too mucuch away. they knew it was coming. >> the whole belicichick system where you can takake pieces a put them i in i don't think affectcts the patath. they go three and one. >> what does it do forhe golden stearriors.s. >> i saw him wring a spongebob.hack. you know why he can wear a spongebob bapack? becae he is six-foosix and
7:53 am
weighs 265 pounds. >> 2 260 of it is muscle. > he's going to miss at least two weeks. a sprain. of these to the e extent is reevaluated. chris s ball of the clippers bre bobone in his hand. he sent for the yearar, but the odds to win the e nba chpionship. golden state it the favorite ymore. the spurs said they favorite to withe championship good golden state second followed the caliers. maria: they are just unbelievable the way they play. one of the best playern the lead. >> a thoughts never seen a better shooter than says cry. how do goln state pull thugh this? you realize before ththe ruling
7:54 am
yesterday. the nfl pa said n number one. >> is gogoing to appeal it. maa: you mentioned about the jersey facing spension. but the top-seing jersey for the nfl. >> merchandise 80 licse is that combines everytng from m march until february. it might've been like fothee jersey but wn you combine everything we see the grand ideaand also number one in to. maria: aunbelievable season last year. i thk they are still the team to bea listen, i am biased. they were the long vorite until yesterday. dagen: pity all the men who have gone in.brady jersey archers is in genera
7:55 am
when a grown man wears a jersey. are you kidding me, every ma-- i've got brady jseys. maria:a: u. r. scott brown. >> i l love tom bra.. 's talking in terms of me, is. >> everyone in our familhas brady or you namame it. i love you till men. i lo everybody. maria: coming up, next hour, "mornings with maria." eric tmpmp, donald trump song along thth the chairman and ceo in tru supporter harold had. join us for thought business exclusive. don't t miss it. the art of coffee.e. it will l clamber reset drawing faceatat the presidentl candidates. how perfect for sctt brown. there is one of sesenator scott brn n right.
7:56 am
he just madet t in the green room. see e what else 'sakaking.
7:57 am
7:58 am
maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. super tuesday three-point w. 8:00 a.mon the east coast had battle for the east der ways. an hour to two urs. now in five ates. donald trump and hillarylinton hopingor a sweeping today's contest. candates on the offensive fighting for every last legate
7:59 am
up for grabs. >> collusiont businessss you go to jail for that. coalition comingogether because ey're gettining beat badly. >> negative ishat works. but ov the long haul, people want to be hopul. we are going to keep pgging a manager support tomorr. hopelly i won't screw this up. >> if you're a cservative commenten the one proven conservative. the difference betweene and donald tmp are night and d. donald pretends to be an outsider. ria: the biggest prize on bo sides of the re. and then the par terror attacks. startling new videcaptures the moment the terrosts blew hielf up in a restaurant. mo on the war on terror coming upn the program. other events come sential part ofhe u.s. bracing for severe weather this morning. will have thforecast coming t. how ch would you pay for a secure smartone? starting at $10,000, proming
8:00 am
military gra security. weill bring it to you. features indice a higher ening for broader averages today. economic data out this morning. 've got a lot coming up including the peak weefor first-quarteearnings. all ofhose in tt this hour. donald trump supporter scott brown wiwiths in the studio at fox news contributor of memegyn mccain. good to see you both. la to talk a abo coming out here to supeper tuesday has the right that t theolollsre now op in connecticut a and they are open in all l but five states. they will remain open until 8:0000 p.m. this evening. donald trump s still holds a commandiding lead with 118 delegates up for grarabs on the gogop side today. on thehe oer side, hillary clinton and bernie sandeders battling it out fofor the 462 delegagates. candidates d debe the campaign trail in a last-diditch effort o securere vototes
8:01 am
>> kasich is doing worsese than manyny people who left a month ago. if y you look at marco rubio, he did much better an kasich. key to t this day has more delegates. this i is st a guy who i stubborn guy who eats s like a slob a andhouldn't have a press conferencehihile he is stuffing stuffed down his thrhroa >> t to john kasichampaign announced theyey are pulling out of indiana, leaving g this is a dict one-on-one choice for t the people of inindiana betrayed our campaign and donald trump hadd the chchois important for the country and i will tell you u it been 46 days s since the last republican debate. it's hard to dispute that. >> at some point if you wawant o be presidentnt of the united statates, you've got to get famimiliar with the united stat. you'veve g to spend time with
8:02 am
amerericans of all sorts of backgrounds. >> i i'vchosen to take a path of telling people the p proemems ae rereal but we can solve these problems. i am trying toto peddleope. hope ithe ort term doesn't get a lot of attention bause it's too positive. gative is wt works is >> the reason we have do so well is th we are doing something very u unusual in modn amererican politics tell a pcher is. maria: joining us s right now ia ststinguished viting fellow at contributor stevmomoore poliliticalnanalyst, anthony willlliams. goodo o see you both. let's talk about where we e in the race at is point. this ian important set of contest tay. >> a few weeks ago i saidn your shothat the lady was close to singing. i do think if john mccain sweeps thestate does all the
8:03 am
polls indicate -- >> i don't understan >> y just said john mccain. megyn mccain itting right nenext to you. >> if he went for by the w, i don't have aorse in this race. i lovell these guys. i like kasi and crews. the point here is that what point do the senators say he's their nomimine that's very behind in. start spending money to attack hillary. >> we brought it up ththis morng anand you have followed these as we stillo o after indiana, spending hundreds s of thousands miioions at what point do we fifigured ot and shifted to hillary?
8:04 am
>> hdid figure it out a lo time ago. donald trump is one ini want to be on t winning ticket. th was another freudians let. nning ticket. let's eat pretze. at the day, when you looat this race d this new strategy, ted cr teaming up wi john kasich donald trump calling it rich what do you think? >> not rich. sperate times call for desperate measures. there's only so many more moves collectively the two c make. afraid to tell them it's w too little and far too late. if they were seriousbout geing in front of th candidacy, they uld've had to makeke some type of move over tt summer a decide we recognize this is something that'soing to be realnd very plausible moving forward. >> i think f the last nine mohs, everyone has undestimated donald trump.
8:05 am
that's why did not b belve for one minunute these polls as they donald trump cannot beat h hilly clininton. maria: you think d donald trump will b beat hihillary? >> athe competitive race. this ia co flip righ now. >> key is the typical dococra was like a docrats democrarat congng o ove maria: h he cacame on first thin the morninanand basically said lookok, ve been doing electis for 30 years and i've beenen a longtime docratic strategist. buatat done with hillary's lies. >> i thinke e shouldt live in a vacuum where everyone is supporting dalald trump. the lendale is -- if you want to make it to the white house about the hispanic vote from thehe london abo, , it's not a foreseeable pathway. >> you're exactly right. the fifirst thing he has to do s win back republican women.
8:06 am
>> you make an excellent pnt. the coalition areredictably would support hillary woulbe strong. she's got in the voter tnout. that's going to be a big deaea you are brave. trump is unfavable but there is more enthuasm. the reblican party is more tud d into the race right now. >> her negativives are six or seven points behinind. >> the biggest voting g bloc rit now a sisile women in america is upup for grabs. if you are insnsulting everyone leftft a right in doing the thingsgs, turns people like me off. >> at the exact right. what has been the theme ofof ths election f from the very start?? change, chahange. data want more of back obama. i don't undersnd how hillary carun the issues feel to the status quo candidate. >> you are rigight. he needs a l lot of work.
8:07 am
>> we know thessues. can he do it? would you think. >> i think this. donanald trump has said very outlandish t things that have turned a lot of people off. but i thinink donald trump has experienced the television. he representnts e intersection of media and politics s and if e can conncingly move f forward in a geneneral -- a different messenger. >> the familily was always donad junior and i thought it. people that wowo better than others and take away public persona versus who he rereally . >> people keep talking about t e gender gap in theirs no question. trtrump has a huge gender gap issue, but so does hilillary. 35% % of white males. that status. >> clinton iss takg g a donald trump. the billionae gop fronont-runner
8:08 am
is out of f touch with the amererican people. watch this. >>hey don't just buy the bigig jet in and landed. don't make a b big speech and insult everybodydy you can think of and then go back, get o on te big jet and go back toour country club hsese in florida or your p penthouse in new york. i sometimeses don't think that puts you in touch with what t is going on. mari wow, wow, wow. >> issue for real? >> s's not a natural born politician likher husband of barack obama she's lking about how donald trump does she rember when she touts abouitit in the white house broke in half itite house broke d how white house broke in half and sent out oe or many of thisountry >> give me a bak. she spends about 2 milli ades. nth d slide herself on prive planes herself.
8:09 am
she is just out tou unfortunatelbut the american people. >> she's not self reflt, mamaria. maria: and the speeches. $225,000 a speech on average. > i know you've been to tru rallies. i've been to several of them. the e interesting thing is that the slicice americana. >> are there a lot o minorities >> there are. it looks like e widest rally in the history of repubns. >> but with all his bill he renates. >>'ve not seen any politician last 25 years he resosonas with working-g-class amicans. >> i think you make a a very god point. you probably will put thee
8:10 am
minorities who h have seen on ts day is out of this primary. i tnk h he's i thihink this is good or bad, e either reappeared at a debate is gooood you get there fifirs there's no rhyme or reason too read. it really isis the massive rallieies. >> i've hearard that talk. >> is close toto donald trump.. >> t that's ridiculous. >> i thi herman n cain is a. donald trumpmp wts to reach out. yoyou want me to take him seriously? herman caihahad many scandals ththat he was running. i remember covering that. i then remember his miststress' name, ginger w way i want to take t this man seriously.y. u should have a running mate. >> is not what everyone wanan. ria: good to see you. make sure to tune in.
8:11 am
all ththe action right he on the x business nwork. all starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern on f business network. heavy winds, tornadoes, hail as large a softball. we would ge e it to you next.t. he claims to be the most conservativeandididate in the ra.. this morning he isis one of the most caffeinated. barbara risa ndndition of ted cruz taking shape. back in a minute. cocoffee, lott case, back in a miminute. ♪
8:12 am
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maria: welcome back to chill itt in a video of the paris attackc. cheryl casonone with that storyn the headlines now.w. transferred d this footage playd on french television show inin e of the bombersrs blowing himself upup during last year's attacksn paris. the man detonated a suicicide ge atat a restaurant on november 13th. the only person to die in n the restaurant bomombing because the suicide bebelt didn't detonate prpropoperly. about 37 million people e are bracing for ththe possibility of severe weather today. nasa starts to bring heavy winds, torornadoes and hail as much as baseballs toto the great plains.
8:15 am
ththe most dangerous weather expected from soututhern oklahoa to southern nebraska. ononce again, texas may be in te wrath of the storm. ukraine mamarking the 30th anniversary of t the world's wot nuclclear accidentith h flowers, candles and tears. the chernobyl saster killed 20 ople, thousands were project to die fm radiation sickness. meanwhile, workers are fishing an enclosure that will cer that. finall put their rort undeder the foot out today. apple expected the first year-over-year decline. 60% of the revenue. both earnings and revenu expectedo drive compared to theear ago and investors looking at twitter watchingor the number of users. anysts looking for active users the fourth quaer for three days of a million.
8:16 am
did they monetize that. that's what analystsre looking up. >> that's always thessue. how do you m monetize the business? waiting on sustained profitability for the e company and ththe whole speculation that has taken over. i'm more i interested in apple quarter. dagen: absolutely. double-digit decline in venue and the number of iphone sold. en apple smingly in the last three months if t even lonr than that habe focused on fighting the fbi. i think is shaholder, there was so much phasis from tim cook and people at t very top of t contrary on battling the government on the sabernardino terrorist iphone tt i think ithines in the event greer pot which is going to be lousy. the stock is flat. there's not ough side factors into i ifesults don't snkoo much.
8:17 am
maria: itells us about the consumer. apple is really a good winw if two peop are speing more money. far, what are we lookinat e g? >> we talked earli is supposedly tt's good. i amot full text older for full disclosure. once again they have tget back tooing what they do well. raised an historic $7.3 million for the repubnn establishmen w he is weighed in on the controversl congre call center for donations. house majority whip and congressman steve police will join a straight ead. don't miss it. that is coming out tthose of you worrabout hackers can get the highest level of all the extra privacy wi come with a hefty priceag. p-level executis heading to the polls in maryland ghnow. backn a moment. ♪
8:18 am
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8:21 am
maria: wcome back to t house diciary committee house judiy committee approved a billhat will provide protections for the prate innocent amecans. marketing ep forward for o of the most wide supported lls for joinining us right a house maty whip congressman steve scully steered thedio. good to see you. suchn important bill. u support this bill. explain it becse i don't know at people understand that government can accesyour e-mail without a warra if r six -moh-old. >> any e-ml anybody has been a private server older than x months, e federal government
8:22 am
can do anygency can access it today thout a warrant and they do. agents have been getng e-mails r years havbeen been working to defeat this, overturn this. i'm a cospsor of the bill to say that they cano longer do this you need to gea rrant that you cannot jusust go and ask if somebodydy e-mail. byby the way, they don't have to notify you. if they pued youour data, if they found something they wantnt to go with a criminal investigatation agency.y. we are going to vote t this week review will see a strong v vote, somethining that can get signed into law. >> bullet go through? there is a log jam and wilill te president sign it. > this is a bill ththat if it does e end u i iff this is on barack obama stats, , he will he a hahardrdime vetoing it, even though the federal agencncie accessing privivate e-mails rigt w want to kekeep being able e to
8:23 am
do it. coconsers would go iratate they knew this was going o on but if there is a bill to stop itrom happening.g. he will have to sisignt. >> especially after whatat we wt throrougfor more than half americans wanted privacy ovever e security with the apee phone. dadage why is this happening?? why arare federal government encies allowed to do this s in the first place? >> they fall back k on the leftn the e 19s. he dididn't have e-mail withhe understanding that had t ticked knowowlee he works. the law is oututdated in terms f how it proros consumer privacy. fefedel agencies abuse the law to access data. courts have backed a method that e surprising thing. courts woulde said you can't do a buffet of f ld said to get it whout a warrant. ria: and pleledge your support in this. this is iornt. we've got to move on to the
8:24 am
election. po aired on n monday said the majority a ask -- and you raised a record amount of cacas. tell us about that and wherere e money went and how you see t the electition. >> the repeport is inaccccate. mostst are a a time is spent wog on buildin coalitions the housue majoririty whip to work with members anand we've got 246 houe repuicans. not all ofof us think alikeke. we've got to be e made in all te time during l lunch. every monday we aree talking about ththe detailed policy discusussions about howo o get spending underonontrol. those are the things we ta about. you do fdrdraiser in the afternoon most elite. the e number one primary o objee that i have in all o of my colleagues havave is t to repret coconstituents that elected us d
8:25 am
get the untry back on track. mamari tell us about thatat. where's the leadership see t ths election goingng? >> i s still think it's a very winnable race between donanald trp p and ted cruz and i don't think anybody elelse will be our nominee out of cleveland. it wouldld be a mistake for anye beyond the bululk of the electotorate. they have voted for either tremper grooooves and that would be our nomininee going up againt hillary clinton who nobobody truststs. if you look at b bernie sanders supporters, yet supporterers dot even trust her. it is a racee e are gog to win and we have toto win bse so much is take. not just the white housee the supreme court the directn our country solomon line. that's why you seeuch record turnout. maria: deseeded ump cruz tick? >> i think it'possible whether it itrump and crue brokers can be fiscally replacent. at the end of the day we wi
8:26 am
win this race againsnst hillary clinton.n. people know w were heading in the righght direction. that is later seen it. dagen: at its 15,000 contributions of $33,400. can you do it? >> y you've seen in the primaris ababout as much money as has ben bent in the past to o candidates do really well. in thehe end that money will be there. the question is s simply going o have to come togogether, unifi t the end of the clevelaland primy and the e convention. i think we will. people knonow what is at stake. the people are rning because they want to tn the country arnd. they are not going to lethis gein a personality site at the end. we will walk out with one nominee. oncee e are unified, we will do in the race and atillary clinto maria: we alwaysalk about policynd try to get the substance of the issues. before you go,ou would like to
8:27 am
see ted cruzn the ully a se? >> it isotot a nomee he would be a gat replacement whether he's t nomin. athe end of the daday, he and donald trump have come gether for the good of the country. i feel thaway we beat hillary and then i feel l confident it will happen. >> remember r he was the best shshe's ever had when he was teaching ted c cruz. , spend, to see you. straight ahead, and one company watching the device focused on priv that'll st you ts of thnds of dollars. is it woh it? one marriage proposal with w meing to up in their. this firefiger hung in there e he waited for his girlfriend to ponder speg the rest of her life with hi he ded othe side of the building. nice proposal. we will be right back.k. ♪
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8:30 am
>> welcome back. happy tutuesday, everybody. i'i'm maria bartiromo. it's super tueuesday, 3.0. your top stories. the baballot for the east, rho island, pennsylvlvania, marylan, delalaware, the voting has begu. donald trump and hilillary clton holding strong leadsment candidates goingng on
8:31 am
ththoffensive and also looking beyond. >> john kasisich decided to pul out to give us s a head to head against donald trump, it's g god for the men anand women of the country toto have a direrect an clear choice. >> look, i meaean, this is a mamatter of resources. you know, runng a a natational campaign campmpaign, to stop hillary clininton from becoming prident. >> you donon't solve them, don' worry, i'l'll give it up after i'm president. we won't tweetet amore-- not presididential. maria: meanwhile, , how much wowould you pay for a secure smartphone. one company selling a phonone starting at $10,000, but it's promising military grade security. eli lilly reportrting first quarter earninings, profit the came in n shy of expectations. sales of new drugs dririving, bt
8:32 am
sales would have beeeen higher f not for the strongollar.r. the stock is trading dowown thi morning. setting the tone for the markets. we're waititing on economic datament durable goodsds orders crosngng the tape right now.w. itit's shy of expectations. we've got the gdp p out this week, coconsumer confidence 10 a.m. a a d meeting, a bank of japan meeting and of course,e, f firs quarter earnrninings, apple aft the close tonight. super tuesday is here and pollls are e now open in all five northeasterntatates, costing primimary votes today. donald trump is holdlding a commanding lead in the delegegae race. he's g got 1 118 delegates up f grabs right now on the g.o.p. side. that's what he wanants to add o to his already 84545 delegates. joining us now in n a fox siness exclusive is the trtrump organizatition executive vice-president, and dodonald trump's son eric trump, inining us. good to see you. >> good to be here. maria: thank you for joinining
8:33 am
us, big da supeper tuesday 3.0. hohow are you feeling? i was wi m my father yesterday, rhode island, pennsylvania, , three different rallies, ty y were packeked and massive and i was truly one of t g great days on the campaign. he h had so much fun, it was all over t p place and the crowds and energy. h s such an amazing day a i thk k we'll have a great night tonight. maria: i see it, i'm watatching him at these rallies and h he gets people so pumped . . meghan mccain was ititical earlier and said, look, dodonal trumhas a jojor problem with women and with hispanics. i know he won n the jojority of women in new york d d he won hispspanics in nevevada, but wh about natitionallyly? >> i it's such an easy sound bie to throw around. you said it t was with new york right? we wonon 59% of women voters in new york, it's incrcredible. look at nevada as you mentioned, the hisispanic vote and floridida and so many other states. we are a a winning these cateries of people they likeke the messagage. so many of these catategories o people a are at a disadvantage job-wise i in this country whic
8:34 am
is really, really sasad and he says listeten, l's's bring jobs back to the country and may stanand to benefit the most fro his messssage and people realiz that. it's someone w with a grudge e go out and say thahat, it's not substatantiated. maria: youou think that he coul beatillaryry on the women vote? >> listen, there's's quite franklkly many, many, many wome i spoke to ery single e day who really don't like heher, don't like her messa, , dodon't like o many things that she stands s fr and certainlwiwill come over. i really feel positiveve aut that. maria: what do youou think is te most important state t today? ? and obviously, a l lot of delegates in pennsnsylnia. there areas of t races today that you're ubling down on more than others? because it's so importan >> we have such a great lead in the stat. knock on wood, i'm a superstitious person. we had the arena solout. in 40 years of existence,
8:35 am
hockey arenas theye never had crowds the size what they had yestery. 15,000eople with another 10,000 people outside. it w electric. that's the only word to use, it'seally, really electric. pesylvania is amazing state and unfortunat pennsylvania, mins of people go t to vo, but only voting for 17 delegas and at's why it's important for people tvote for the legates. maria: and bring in e coidential resources ceo and trump supporter ll join the coersation. thanks foroining us. >> i'mlad, maria. maria: eric trump is sitng he. we want hear fr a business person like yourself whos so, you know, informed in erms i of thesss that are important b business and job creaon andnd tell us why you're supporting donald trp. >> well, he's an entrepreur like the rest of us and he made t hard w himself. and i think also, there'just
8:36 am
a basibelief that he's tapped ininto here in america that america can be strong again d grt again and american peoplethey're reacting to that and i beeve e that, you know, we all suld stand up for him. he's doing right stutuff. 's word ve hard. it's been a l race, but, you know, he'sersevering. m here for him. maria: it's trueeric, busisiness people get it wit your father because ey know what he's done in teterms of employees, in terms of creatatig jobs and that's atat harold is talking about. >> surure, and harold is an amazing guy and my f father ha so much respect fofor you, harold, i hahave to say, but whn he came ouout, i really looked t that and i it epitomizes everythi that t my father said, let's get the bebestst, smartes pepeopople and harold's that person. let's get the bestst, smarst people out t tre and let's have ththose people make the deals fr this countryry and let's get those ople invololved in the movemement and letet's not just have politicical hacks as my father likes to say rurunning
8:37 am
this country. and really, when he came outut, harold, we have e to thank you and the e family, you've been a amazing friends, butut when he came out it epitomized thehe message e my father has been sasaying since day one of the campaign. maria:a: what do you think, harold, when therere are groups who perhaps hasn't gone e all i. eric makes obviously t the righ point and that's that trump gogt more than the majority of wowomn in new yor gotot the na majority of hispanics in vada, but on a national level, some people a qutioning whether he can beat hiary on those groups. what do yothink? >> i tnk he will. obviouy, thas what's going on today. a lot of peoe arare so discouraged th what they've seen with h is administration and basically hillarclinton would brre of the same. anso, you know, they're ready for r a change. th're ready for somebo that has thcourage anthe willpower toto makake e changes necessssy to do what's right for this cou.
8:38 am
and so that's wh he'e's tabbed in. maria: you in, peoe feel like the couny needs a business person at this pnt. we're looking at live ctures of peoplvoting and eric, they are voting becse of f the econom th are voting because they want to knowhere is my econic opptunity right now. >> you know,here's a chart i saw a coup of days ago that showed manacturing jobs in the s.ince 2000. the chart goes le this. with a downwarangle at a 45 degree, it was so, so sad. we're losing o jobs. wee losing our economy, it's gog overseas, worse and worse and worse. anthey're talking more taxes and mo regulation and more this and morthat. maria: rig. >> and no drling for oil and nooing this. and i mean, you know, 're on importing, we're not expoing. we're onlyuying things from overseas, it's so, so sad.d. it's a sf-perpetuating problem and we have to x that problem. maria: your fathther mentis a t they're manipulating t currency.
8:39 am
harold fropennsylvania, obviously, big manufacturing state and they've got l. how would you characteze t the vironmentoday in terms of the the economy in tms of manufacturg? we've got data out ts mornin durable goods is weaker than pected or, you kn, we're lookingng a thesese under pressure. wh a are you seeing out there?e? well, i think that eric p put his finger rigight on the hot button and that't's gulations. i mean, we've bebeenegulated to death inin ts industry. we call it death by y a thousan cuts and, you know, , that's ke to -- you can't reregulate all f business, you know, out of business herere in the u.s. you know? ? and that makes us more dependent on the middle eastst and everything else. pennsylvlvania is a big part of ththatndnd realize that marsali is a great p play, you know, clean,n, abundant, natural g gaa 20year supply and it's been n brought on by entrepreneur yeah, we need to s stop, y you
8:40 am
knowow, overregulating industry today in america. maria: the o p prices are at $4a baelnd obvusly th has -- 's aot bter an wt weaw earli in e ye. ouhinkhihileveis aible ven at y're dema?theren tes of >> wl, yno w whave increasedendecau of w pres. this year, we've got that 1.3 million baels of new oil demand in the world. maria: yeah. >> and also, we've sn this go down. th price is unsustainable. we know that. the price is rebounding and we've gonbounds e seco half of this year. theyill get better, but we have to be prepared foit here in a america and our industry i prepareded for it. wewe've toughed it out. maria: harold, you were mimitt roromney's energy advisor in 2012. eric, , this is a big endorsemet frfrom the guy who was an advisr to romney who bacally came out and trieied to undo your fafather.
8:41 am
>> yeah, thawawas him playing a popolitical move. and harold, we've knowown him foforever and my father justst thinks of world of you, anand yu knknow that, hold. again, ispeaeaks to the message ofof having ththe best people making our deaeals for this country and i think that haharod would be amazingng no one knows the energrgy secto better thahan he does and truly means a lot to the family. maria: harold, do you want a a position in trumump's administraonon? >> well, no, , it's totally unsosolicited. i thought ifif i can help out here by bebeing supportive, that's's what i want t to do an thatat's why i endorse. maria: because youdvdvised mitt romney, but you also p previousy donated to marcoububio's campaign. so what happen? ? what wast,t, what was the sort straw that broke the camel' ck that send you onto the trump ain? well, i didn't -- i wasn't
8:42 am
big supporteof anybody in n this cpaign atll. i digogoo the event tha volved, you know, with t hicks there dallas, i went downo that andhepicked it up thai was a bisupporter of rio. but we've been agnostiup until now in this racend we wanto come out at this time thgh and support donald trump. maria: and final qion, eric, when youee things like cruz and kasich gett together, saying, look, 're going to have a stragy to take down donald trumpw do you pushack? >> i'm not a polital guy, but when you s a failed candidate, meaningne that's 1 and 42 versus another ed candidate us another fai candidate, it couldn't e a winning caidate. if you take their legates and t it together, they don't equal what we have it's. we should be turning our attention tolary. we'll get 237, no question
8:43 am
about it. and we're into win five stat cruz is probaboing to come in lost in at all of the i wishhe leadership would say we've got to pa pony, he's mill ovotes ahead. and more so tonight and afte california, let's get hind him and start that mison against beating llary. we have amazing polls s yesterdy that show us neck and neck w wih her and that's before we s star on her. i wish we coululd get going andi really c call on the republican leadership, you know, to finally y make the call. you know, to finalally p pressusure on people who can't win this to o geout of the rarace. maria: we had steve on t the majority whip and he seemed d like he was moving in ththat direction. he s says it's clear this is th path. we'll see what happensns. you're expecting a conontested conventionon? >> no, i really think wewe get o the 1237. . almost no quesestion about it. when i i see the passion of the people t that reinforces it. maria: eric trump, harolold, god to see youou
8:44 am
donald trump is set to be ththe guest on megynyn kelly presents may 17th. . join megyn and y you donald trtrump. anand on the kelly file may 181. one marriage proroposal has a couple up in the a. first check out barista artisis bringing hillary clint t life in a cup the city's best latte. st with us. the e-class has 11elligent driver-as. it recnizes pedestrians and alts you. was you about incoming croraffic. cameras and dar dect dangers you n't. and it can even stop bself.
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>> we're just abo 40 minutes away from the opening be for a tuesday. expect the higheopening for the broader averages. a uple of stocks on the move. surging premart. sales up bettethan 10% in the recent quarter and raised e ll year outlook for 20. a luxu hand bag maker coach, a 11% increarising demand in china and eurand struggling with a planutting
8:48 am
back on pmotions and an unspecifd am of job cuts. a new $10,000 smart one set to be veiled. cheryl casonwith the headlis. cheryl: geing you this for christmas, maria, maybnot. an israeli company pla to introduce the $10,000 art phonin london next mon. the devi targets executives at hhest level of privacy. thsmartphone is based on google's androroid operating syststem. erin a andrews settled her lawsuit with the nionanal hotel under confidentialal terms. she sued the hotel at vanderbilt, after a stalker r filmed here through a peephohole in 2008. she e was awarded a 55 million dollarar verdict in march. the owner of the hotel appppeald annow, andrews is satisfied d with that settlemement. and talk about taking a marriage proposal to newew heights, pun intended, a and a new york firirefighter popping e question to his girlfrieiend ov the weekend, whwhile
8:49 am
suspendd in full gear by the side of a building. . higirlrlfrnd did not leave them h hanng, she said yes. itit w part of training and then h he t a proposal out of it as well. maria: that was swsweet. what a shot. eryl, ahead, baristata artist is at it again and t thitime donald trump in a latttte. back in n a nute. âi
8:50 am
8:51 am
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nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash. next, i apply it to my wet skin and rinse. i get 24 hour moisture, with no sticky feel. then, i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion. in the body lotion aisle. >> welcome e ba. my next guest is great. he's carved out a ninichfor himself in t the art world. on dubbed the da vinci ofof coffee art, michchael breach is making a name for r hielf,
8:53 am
esprsond steamed milk, and it making the presidtial candidates. he's made a couple and y've woed all three hours. wow. >>es, it's been an interesting morning. maria:ou made a latte and then i walkeover here and you re doing it and it was done like in ten mites. five minut. >> yeah, it's veryquick process,ouou know, i just kind of just turn 0f my-- off mind and i'm able to do it. mari how? using the stick? >> i use a skewer thing here anand techniques i've develope over time.e. >> i i think his hair neededs me zazz. >> you can add ext. mari can i try? make h his hair changes here. >> who is the hardest--
8:54 am
>> k kind of elvis. just woke up. >> who has theardest face to d do don: a you latte drinkers? yes. nothing with if you have caffeine in generally. oh, yeah, i'm pure caffeine all the . mari you're hired for private events, right? anhow does your business work? >> so basically ople just contact nd say, hey, let's do my party, ce overnd talk to my guests and dportraits of them and ve se laughsment and doing a of trade shows. dagen: has anybody hir you to do psidential art yet, like a burgeoning business for yo >> actlly, i did an event for facebook, it wasind of a political themed eve and people were-- >> was that your most popular nels mandela? >> the most popur art. >> nothing fixed here.
8:55 am
>>ook at thahat, that's perfect. that like an old school one, i did that lika couple of yes ago, so, you yeah, i've been sent there li almost once a year now so they rely, they reay g that one. maria: that's very cool. >> how the heck do y figure out u're good at this? >> trial by fire. >>our latte, oh, that looks like-- >> yeah, my phe tried to tag in it when i d it. and they've word with t snapat facial recognition and that's the best part aut it. maria: if i have a sip of it ill a me it up. >> depends, if you fl like messing it up. maria: drinkt up. we've got more caffeed works of art in terms of your small business, i asked r pretzel maker earlier, is there candidate you think is goofor small buness now?
8:56 am
>> when it com to coffee, trump,e wants to make americanos great ain. >> i like that. maria: more of this art. great, this is fantaststic. xerox personalized e employee poals help comompaes make benefefits simple and accessiblele..... from anywh. hula dancing? cliff f jumping! human resoururces can work better. with x xerox. which allergy? eees. bebees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospititals use electronic healtlth records so doctotors provide more cheese?rsonizized care. cheese! patient care can work bter. with xerox that's it. sotrap yourselvevein for action flo! smsmall business edition. oh, no! i'm upup to my nek in operatiting cos! i'll save the day! r plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's gocustomized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now yoyou're g gonna pay! not t so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ aion flo
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with all thehe gd years ahead, look forhe experiencee and commitment to go the didistance with yo. call now to request your free decision guide.. >> and wewe're back again with barista artist, who o has anothr master piecece for us. this one looksks quite familiar to me.
8:59 am
>> pieiece redesistance.. maria: and he's now drawing mym face in ththe latte. >> how long does it take to dod. i don'n't want to interrupt. >> no, i used to not be ablele o talk and now i i've learned how toto. mamaria: takes like e five minu. >> four and a half, five miminutes, a lot of people-- >> really gentle with that thing. maria:a: so cool. >> thank you, , the foaoam brin out your eyes. maria: are you aatterinker? >> don't drink caffeine, but ths cool, very cool. maria: it's good becse he can do the presidential candides and it srt of creates a lot of euphoria ound the electi. >> i wld hire you to like do a rty. it's amazing >> tt's what he does, goes to events, weddin and bar mitzva mitzhs. >> i don tnk you can p bourbon in it, we're d drinking it. mamaria: we're about to end the
9:00 am
show, in my ten secoconds, show ququick what it looks like so far. > got the eyes right. >> you do. maria: oh, michael, meghan mccain, scottrown, dagen mcdowell. ththanyofor that. "varney & company" begeginright now anand stuart over to youthe latt right now, st stuart: thank you ve much indeed. now, look, this is big day for the reican party and this is donald trump's day. good morning, evyone. toda he's likely toweep five states. he leads in indiana and california, he the only guy whcan get the delegates needed. as of today, he's t clear path to win the republic nomination. the cruz-kasich stgy alliance h weakened. it was designed to concentra the anti-trump vot but kasich now says his suprters should still vote forim, even in states he is ved


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