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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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show, in my ten secoconds, show ququick what it looks like so far. > got the eyes right. >> you do. maria: oh, michael, meghan mccain, scottrown, dagen mcdowell. ththanyofor that. "varney & company" begeginright now anand stuart over to youthe latt right now, st stuart: thank you ve much indeed. now, look, this is big day for the reican party and this is donald trump's day. good morning, evyone. toda he's likely toweep five states. he leads in indiana and california, he the only guy whcan get the delegates needed. as of today, he's t clear path to win the republic nomination. the cruz-kasich stgy alliance h weakened. it was designed to concentra the anti-trump vot but kasich now says his suprters should still vote forim, even in states he is ved kw the to ntest.
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onhe democratic side, bill clton has been talking about the rise of the ouiders, he does not like them he says people need a pa raise. was th a critici preside obama? is he putting distanceetween hillary and the white use? questions that we wi answer. here is thheadline f us. apple the mostuccessful technolo compa in the world, withihin n urs we'll fin out how it's'sng with iphone sales and what it plans for the future, it had better no- >> jet yell enhad interest rates and stocks areoing up a half hour om now. and "varney & compan" yes, we're abt to begin. ♪ ♪ do you cognize the music? i do. i .
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aughter] >>donald and hilla both have the eye of the tigeet it? a reference to rocky i, get it? rocky a philadelelia icon, get it? and pennlvania one o of the states, both are loong to sweep the e ates. i' have your coverage on the fox business network, , we kick off at 7:00. watch the results come in, shou be good. we'll get to politics s in a second, but i want to start t with apple reporting p profits this afternoon. now, the stock i is down 20% since last april. liz macdcdonald is here, these reresults, this is more than jut iphone sales a and how they're doing in china. it's also a lot to do with newe products. >> yeah, jimmy carter seemtoto be malaise here, that ththe iphone salal hit a wall. they're looking at pototentiall talking ababout wall street analysts about this, first, , revenue drop i in years. so, in other wordsds, the sales
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drdrop overall. >> less money coming into applpe in 13 3 years, and the first drp in iphone sales, in nine yeaear. and they've spenent 130 million inin market cap, sitting a high last year. what is the nextxt thing? ththe lead, kgs security, , thee bearish more than ever. the e iphones are coming down ad settling. stuart: now, if one of the b bi name techs, if they rereport down, lolook at netflix, google. >> shedding market cap last t week andnd report didisappointi earnings. stuart: apple is a bigig deal fr the market? >> we'll be watching that afaftr the clos stuart: t's get toto politics, shalall we? therere are five states that voe today. they are c connecticut, rhode island, delaware, m maryland, ad pennsysylvania. i said at the top of the s show liliz, trump's got it.
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he's go the a a clear path to victory, ts is hisis day when he looks like he's goingng to b the guy, am i wronong?ght. he hasas a commanding lead in those five states. hillary hahas a lead in two to three states. she's hahaving trouble in rhode islaland and delaware, it looks like. the strategicryry of kasich and cruz to collude like after the fifth bottttle of wine, against trump p is not working. stuart: if n not trump, if the estatablisent puts forward a cruz, a kasich or ananybody, tht other person is going to l le. that p puropinion onon my part. >> it seems ththat way, in the head to head matchup. kasich seems to do betteter tha cruz against hillary and hilly when shehe's pulling out the stopto go after her opponent b time. between her and rnie sanders, it's more like a pilw figh now,nd with bill clinton
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weighing in onhe poor u.s. economperfrformance, hillary, you could e a victy if it's not trump going after he called her coked hillary. stuart: beliliit or not, liz, we are now gng to talk about table machine manns, they made their appearance in the presidentialalampan. you're abobout to see vernor john kasich ting breakfast. he enjs his food and eats th relish. he'sating, he likes it, likes the food and eatg big time. he is whatald trump d to say aboasich eating. >> he has a news cference all thtime when he's eating. i have never seen auman being eat in such a dissting shio i'm always tling my young son baron and with mkids, all of themi'd say, children, small little bites, small. this guy takes a panca and he's shovi it his mouth. it's dgusting.
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do you want that f your presiden don't think so. stuarti never ever thought i'd see this in a presidtial elecon campaign we saw it there. and kat is here, trump is finally attacking kasich. this is w he does it. he attacks hisable manners. idential? no. is it nny? yeah. 's definitely funny and that will really hurt somebody, t. right? if he would ha said this policy and that policythat's, okaywe disagree, saying babasically you're a disgugustg pig, if somemebo called me that when i ate, , whh i have before, , i uld take it persononal and that's the kind of thing that can hurt, , like demoralize s somody. stuart: he lowerers e code of the e campaign. >> he goes for the demoralizationon of them as humn beingsgs. stuart: bu a low rent campaign, anyway, lo what we've got alreadannow eating habs and tae manners?
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we had little marco and low energy j and now we have little pig johnnie. stuart: no, no, didn't say that don't words in trump's mouth. >> bically he did in so many words. hoout bill clinton, he's going afthe obama economy and he says wewe've goese outsiders in race because le are tired of low wages. watch is. >> the cou-- e some of the country-- we can't retur-- [inaudible] didifficult to understand there, but i think that bibill clinton is b being used by hillary as a wayay of putting distance betetween hillary and the white e house. he's able to criticizeze the white house through hillarary a this pointnt. >> yeah,h, and i agree with everything he said. he does look a little tired. i agree e that obama has led to
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the rise of trump and sanderers not jujust because othe economy, butut also if you look at the way obama entered offffie with the apology toursrs and political correctness s obsession, that t opens the doo for somemeone like trump who is aggressively anti-a-apologetic. i i think it's true in a lot of ways. the ececonomy and things we've been promised by obama, , but a the same time hillllary is so similar to o obama, how is that going to make feel anany better if i am somebody who o i sayiying, hey, this didn't woro. ststuart: there's something els going on o one of the five stats holding primary today. that would be mamaryland. it's voting today. ththey are voting there. for ththe first time, in that state's historory. ex-cons are allowed to v vote, about 40,00000 of them. judge andrew napolino making a very early appearancwith us this morng. 40,000 getting into th election for timg? >>ou know, this is radically different from vginia where e goveor two days ago on
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his own sign a proclamation relieving 210,000 convis of the disability, that part of their punishment, ich prevents them from voting. the virgin constitution, he can do that. did he fruf-- frustre the law? maryland legislati enacted by a democratic legistu, veto by a republican gornor, e veto was overridden and so itit's a state and brings marand in line with 38 other ates. stuart: where they'vbeen voting for aontime. >> votg for long time and it's the policy of state and three quarters of th country, you've done t crime, you did the time, you don' desee this lifetime nishment. now, the marylancase is slightly different. stuart: yes. >> because while you have do
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all the time, you n't necessarily hao have completed parole orestution before the abilityo vo comes back. stuart: there are other states whi a allow ex-felelons o vote. it seems to me like ththe prohibition on felons votiting hahas completely fallen down, lilikely to be wip away entirely. >> i don't t think it would be big issue, but fororhe timing and manner in whicich the governrnor mccauliffe of virgina did it and his close and personal financial relationsnshp to thelintons and virginia being a swing ste that both republicanans and democrats nee in their columumn. inin terms of the constitutionalality and if i ma, the morality of it, the concepet of a a lifetime punishment, othr than for a crime that t is horrific,, wre you'd be incarcerated for life. the concepept of punishment aftr you get out of jail is ver
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unamerican and arguaa olation of the 8th amendndment stuartrt: : unamerican? >>narican, is that a word d that resonated with you now? he r renounced me. stuart: wel see yoyou in the 11 hourur and you'll discuss tom brady. >> yeses. stuauart: we'll wait for that. donald trump p poised to sweep fifive states? and has he got it t pretty much wrapped ? ? that's my opinion, newt gingrich, what does he thinknk about it. he's next. oror mouth breather. allergrgies? stuffy n nose? can't slsleep? take that. a a eathe right nasal stripe upup to 38% more thn alley y medicine alone. take that. shut youour mouth and say goodghght, mouthbreathers. breathe righght.
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>> let's call this the shotf the rng at the u.s. navy's elite blue angels. they puld off, what a stunt. two pilo performing in an air ow in fort worth texas comin within feeof each other. heaven kno howow fast they're going. it's their 70th anniversary this year, should say. back to litics, five states voting today. coecticut and rhode island,
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delaware, maryland, pennsylvia. an aste politic guy, nenewt ngrich is with us. i say i think trump's t it and also saying if thegang up on tmp and deny him the nomination, whoever th choose, thinththey're going to lose. i don't ink i'm too far out on aimb, am i? >> n b but i tnk your first commens more important than the second one. if trump has it, hhas it. they'rnot gogoing to be able to block him. d i think that tonight's victories argoing to be so decisive cing on top of new york that it's's very ha to see both in terms of raising mon and in terms ohaving credie campaigns, h cruz and kasich are going from herto indiana and nd, and d make the case that they're-- you ow, notice what's happed to their language. increasingly the guys o stop trump. well, whatoes that do for you as a party. they're nosaying they're the guys with tter programs or ststopped trump and i thk that
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it's a sign of how domint he's become, tt it's reduced to this narrow blocking the campaign. stuart: what does it do the republican party if ump has it pretty muchewn up, the rest of the party hato decide whose side they're gng to be on. >> the cice is pretty simple. ifou want hillary clinton and a dical supreme court tt wants to eliminate your rits, don't be for the republican. but if you wt to stop hillary clinton and stop t court from bein radical y be r the republic nominee. and i thinas you do, that trump is probably the nonee. trump, kasich or cruz is betr for america than hilla clinton. stuartwho do y think would win, trump and hillarylinton the latest matchup,oll from george washington university
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three points art. hihillary is three poiahead of him and that's it. you're smiling and noddi your head. you don't tell me whyou think is going to win? no, what i'm intrigued by is, nody has made any money since june 16t when he announced byeing, byt willing-- telling you, that trp can't do something. a guy y who is phenomenon, republicans up andhink of this, % over four years, think of t market penetration. that says to me ere's a lo of interest in the repubublin nomination, knowing ump, he's going to have an extranary coention, and fascinating. the goo i who put on the prentice and miss universe will now, you knowow, begin to think about what wou a a trump-like convention be. and think you're going tsesee a campaign unlike anything you'u've evever seen before, ani think he has a faishshot, frankly of winning by decisive margin.
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shshe is a very weak candidate wiwith a lot of problems. stuart: newt, , i want to bring in one more subject, thehe european migrant crisis. we've followed this very, ryry closely on "varn & company" because we think, i think 's's going to l lead to the breakup f europe. that's how extraordinary crisiss it is. i bebelieve you're in agreement with me on that? > absololutely. mymy newsletter at gingrich, i did onen n the five crisis in europe. if youou look at the vote that cucurredn n the first round in austria where the hardrdline anti-immignt person came i in rsrst with 37%, the left winger was s second with 20. the two major r parties, by the way, disappeared. fofor the first time in modern times, the two majajor parartie neither one de the runoff so you're seeing verofound changein europe and i think the migrant crisis is major factor in at. stuart: people keep asng me, why do you keep bout the europeanrisis, what does it me for america?
9:19 am
i think it hasrofound consequences for america do you, too? >> absolely. you know, whene looked at the cold war in the la 1940's, we reached the conclusion tt if you st western europe, you would losehe war in the long run. and face nazi germany, we undetand that western germany is central to stable system. so, i think toust shrug your shoulds ansay we're going to allow iamic spremmists to domina thehe european continent would be aenormous mistake. stuart: newt gingrich, tnk you for giving intwi he can actualeight and heft to my predictions. [laughter] >>oh, bo strt: look what we've got coming up for you. we've got the apple storthat could move the market inhat stock and mae mo this whole rket, too. we've gothe dow which is going to open a littleigher today anmaybe get back to 18,000 and we' got this for you as well.
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shld transgender people be alloweto use whichever bathroom thed like, it's an issue in the campan. 's gotten e woman banned from facebook. doou b believe that? more varney afteter this. welcome town iminutes2116,you cs or across thglobe in under an hour. whole communits are living on mars and lar satellites provide earth wiobe iunlimited clean power. in less than a centu, boboeing took the w world fm seaplanes space planes, across the iverse and beyond. and if you thoht that was amazing, you ju waiai ♪
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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>>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >>get this, a a woman in washington state posted on
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facebook about the ctroversy around the north colina bathroom l. now,w, s's for that law. use the bathroom of your biological gender, that's wh the law says. she was babanned by facebook fo r po abo thalaw. and kat is still here,e, welcom. and what do you makef this? >> personanally don't like the law, however, for r to get kicked off facebook for an opinion that lot of people share is insane. and the's all kinds of hypocrisy surrounding th issue. paypal removing jobs fm north carolinabut they have offices in countes where you're beaten a imprisoned r being gay. i thk it becanssue wherop tryo ga politicapoints on one side or the other rather than anyone has anything meanifuful to say about. stuart: my question is w why dos everybody have to chanange woword protocol. >> yeah, prototoco
9:25 am
ststuart: why does everybody hae to change because ofof t nsitivity a tiny, tiny-- sensitivity what's goingn here. pple who struggle with the sues, it's very difficult, i'm sure and theshouould be able to express needs they have. at the same time if u have somebody who disagrees kke offacebook, that's not fair either. d there's stuff like isis an the economy not doin hot as it cound i think we should talk about ta little more. i am so sick of lking abou where people go he bathroom. rt: a lot of people are talking about it >> they sure are. ststuart: it's out there. and that iue is out there. you het all t time. >> picy as w well-- >> we raiseded that t issue yestererday. we didn't get a straig a answer out of you.. >> i t think it's complicated. stuart: what's the namame of tht movie, "it's complicated", andn the womaman who voiced her opinion anand kicked off facebook, she's on t today. and live video from kansas, that is dramatic.
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stuart: before the market ens come in e kansas city area. it got to see driving around just looking ae weather and coming outs. extrememe vere weather, we are talking blindingng rain, wind, tornadoess winind come exextraordinary stuff. itit is 9:30 eastern time. wewe are now in trading momode. it is s tuesday mornining. wewe'd like it to be just t a le bit higher. 10, 20oioints. 17 poioints, 24 points higher.r. at the vidal back 18,000. pleaease takake a look at apple. that is the company y that is vy mumuch front and center in the nenews today. to report profits afafter the closing trarading. that stock is in the news alll day and certrtainly y all day tomomorrow. cheryl casonone here. so was listening donald, tod horvitz,z, mike e murphy right t to me in new york. first of all, , let's deal with apple, mike murphphy.
9:31 am
if it cocomes out with a disappointining earnings report, the stocock could get shellacke, just like google, just l like microsoft last wee >> andnd most certainly could. if the bargain felt well e enou. they are talkingng down these numbers. we know sales argoing toto be weak so are e ththere any other products in the pipeline? any reasonon to go out because m a fundental basis, apple is s a cheap p stock traded at 11 times earnings.. ththat would tell you that you should buy it.t. >> i is that the bar so low that even motorola or catererpillar could walk over. how mumuch lower is apple goingo be talked abouout before they realized they had a a wall. what is the next new t thing? trade for one positive. they could have good c china sas bid stuartrtthere are two things i'm looking for. new-paragraph for the futurere d how they are doing inn china. that is s wh we're looking for.
9:32 am
china,a, a new product. i y be exaggerating. how abo facebook. here's something i don't unders in. 's developing a camera app which will encouragesers to create and share more photos. trim for you have anpp on your iphone now. it would be separate, b this not out there. is supposedly developed b by faith book where you would u that pticular camera. they want opopleore involved inacacebooook. they may go on the site. u say? >> that is t one thing.
9:33 am
its a pricey stock of my capital that is fundentally a chcheap stock. e differences you have facebook's growth rnings up over 5 year-over-year over the last five years. the next f five years. it's to go after snapshot. ththe thing with the kids. i don't know if it's goingng to wowork. stuart: we've dealt with facebook. we have dealt with apple. the fed isis also a big or the market. theyey are starting totoday wite two-day meeting. tomorrowow afternoon we'e'll fid out when j janet yellen her thig and if we find out exactlyly wht she's thinking aboutut intereret rarates. yesterday, a famous s and importanant i went ouout there t is probably going to be a ratete hike in june. todd, come on and from chicagog. you agree with mohammed area in, a rate hike e in june.
9:34 am
what do you say? > good morning, stuart. i would not t be surprised if ty might do something tomorrow. we a are being held hostage by e fed. totomorrowow or june i would noe surprised if they don't do it tomorrow. you might see a more hawkwkish statemenent out of bed. overall, the entirire economy, e entire stock market is heleld hostage by j janet yellen of the federal reseserve. stuart: on the one hand anand on thee other. > you thehe buzzer. cheryl: i gott buzzed?d? drink you order, o ord.. i want to use the word. todd, i asked you a spspecific question. doouou thinkhe fed will raise interest rates in junene? is that a yes oror a no question rkrk >> yeses, sirir. stuart: watch ththat mararket f.
9:35 am
moving on here t to pick names r you. hershey, the chocolalate people have a downbeat outlook down 2 . jetblue, n night profit game because of cheap jet fuel. the stock k is up 26 centsts. now look a at this one. whwhole foooods, do you realizet dow almost 40% since lasast apr? tell me what's goioing on. liz: they can't geget a grip of their administrative costs.. this has been an o ongoing narratative for about five yeaes now. it's very expensive. they've got orgaganic product sales comi out of wawal-mart orr kroger or cosco appeared rered and it c cheaper elsewewhere. stuart: : is full of obama vote. do you likee o food -- whole foods? >> stockck concerns me because f the way the a american public sp is different today than n it was
9:36 am
five years ago or 10 years ago and whe foods are now coming out with a new store conpt to cater moreo the lineal speared lower-priced concept that works, the stock again chereryl: they are competing w h online g grocery delivery.y. ststuart: : chipotle, not a rept profits after the bell today. mike, are chipotleroroblems behind it? thetotock two appears to have bottomed. >> the pblems are gonene, but this is the e earningseport we are e going to hear about how bd things got, how w bad re sales last quaerer. looking backckward likely with e company says. they have to regain wall streetet's trust and investors stress. beuse whwhen they said it was overer, actually came out there were more cases. stuauart: i ep making the coarison between whole f foods do 40% for m mh appalled by alall the way down, all that stuff. and mcdonald's, hamamburger, she
9:37 am
and frieies goes out. good stuff goes s down. mcdonald's tododay 727. >> love to buy chihipotle in soe donald speared stuart: that dow c component, dupont have raised theirlook for the year. adam shapiro othe exchange toda the stock is dng what? >> the stock is going up he here going up ur year to date e stk has been negative, b with the gns this month, it is posited. let's look at wh the investors even though les fell 5.5%, stuart, venue came in at 7. billion which be fostered a spot among investo that they on track for their merger with dow chemical to regulory proval. they eect to complete that by october, november. theyill brbreak this u up, but it's on ack with a $130 blion deal. investors ke what they see here.
9:38 am
the otheing is to share repurchase. stuathat doesn't hurt. thks,dam. velopments in the cae tv industry. time warner gettg together with another private cpany and charr communications. they are indeed tting together. when they get togeth, i think they wl be the second-largest cae operator in the nati behind -- cheryl: at $55 billiodeal ththey were really toughn this deal, probably t toughest racingn a cable company because they don't want to s the likes of netix and h hulu gets knocked out and cshed by big cable companyecause they had the internet as well. i cannotime wner cable and using all the bawiwidth. titime warner can hit me on n th otheridide to stuart: the regulators a are alo all of thehe debates, demanding the banks hold about more e mony in r reserve in case of emergencies. cheryl: : catareququirements, too big to fail,l, let's make se ththe banks are safe.
9:39 am
stuart: just this has been profofits, todd horowitztz? >> i thinknk they will be hit ta number of reasons. they're really n not making enoh money. if by holdlding serves and not being able to let that outut, ty are not creating morore and come which h is going to eventually hurt symymptomatic late and it wiwill be too big to fl. stuart: theyre also under nstant political attack. student.surpassed $1,000,000,000,000 years ago. still growing $1.3 trillion now. mike mury, political question. is that the basis of new bailout? ke murphy, that is you. >> it may. i want to make sure i aner corrtly because i don't want to sound pitical in the answer it's a bigisk re people are talking about 2008 allver again. i i will say now, 2000 it isis a
9:40 am
oncen-a-lifefetime occurrence. >> so o will it be a feder bailout. they are missing t the marar they are asking u.s. govovernmet to do something wh it's a something when at the unersity and fatc academics or gaza and middlele-class families. strt: todd, come on in. i you >> train aloan in student loans bigger than the hog bubblewe think that the ney is going to read oare we going to p our way back out again use it's too big to fail. whether wead the same reaction to iis a different story. the overall debt servicing way bier than a pleasant 2008. bigger than the housing bubble. rt: okay. what is this student debth is in the fall, t the link win. a use proportio liz: about 25%.
9:41 am
stuart: that's why we use the word a l. the big board 10 mines and we are up 31.18008. lots obig names report rngs today. athe close of trading after the bout ware going to hear from apple, twitr, chipotle, ebay among a lotf others. box business h the doll after the bell with melissarancis. at will be 4:00 p.m. eastern time today. tch it all. a scary new terrorarning from the cia dictor james clapper says isis hasales throughout europe ready to attack. john boln, former ambassador to the u.n. coming unext on th subject and that will be in thnext hour. donald tmp poised for another big day likelyo sweep all five states ago today tt as of today pass the nomination i think 'sretty clear. the next we're talking to on his former apprentices. she knows that wle and thinks he is the best person to bea
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our company. ♪
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stuart: alright. 20 minines into the session ran at 18,0 points in the very early going. yet we are back above 1000. neyork city's althiest residentwill get another perk swimming in the sky. you are looking at it. >> this is a 3ye bridge. the lastolwill have hot tubs. th is basically we haven't seen thi in 1936 a sky bridge buillike this on first avenue. these apartments wld be copper plated. >> i don't tnk you'd like it.
9:46 am
r next guest new donald trump bere he was a politician. she wawas a contestant on one of the early seasons s of his hit shshow, the apprerentice. erin elmore e is with us. how long ago weree youou one the apprentice? >> is . stuart: 10ears ago. you t close to the final event, right? >> i did a pretty good j if f i say so myself to i had a lot off fun. stuart: you got toto know donald trump p quite well. >> absololutely did. >> i am a huge fan a and i highy have beeeen. he treateded me well on the sho. it is a great mentor, helpeded e out. he knew what my career aspirationons were and he lettes ofof recommendation. he was a a big supupporter of or relationship so i'm jujust rereturning the favavor. ststuart: were you one of hihis favorites. ththat is the true. picking on a beautiful y young
9:47 am
woman at the port in h. you thoht of as the person for the job. i am an attory. did he ultimely say you're fired? i was kind of beinreally rich right now. i think it is theest person fothe job. also biness leaders s showed me so much iththrepublican party broken. 's areath of fresh air andnd a broken system d tisfy the voters areominout of voting fohim like crazy because they want to see changen th republicanar. stuart: heas made unfortunate comments about women. >> some would s. stuart: he he has erd the iraqi tree covered equally, black,hite, men, women, american, not american if y do run my hands, he
9:48 am
going to come ouout and say howe fefeels. stuartwhen you run the show, dgc and geget really nasty with one of thethther contestants?? he's been really nasty t to the other pelele in the campaign. low-energy jeb bush and d little marcoo a and that is really contemptuous stuffff. >> is that, thouough? stuart: gas. >> is the same person on the campaign trailil. his cacat what you get. stuart: whatat do pepeople say o you when you admitit i am a trup supppporr. what do ththey say?? there's a t of trump shame in going on that make peoe keep qut if they support donald trump. >> that is true. i try to keep my opinion -what the old adage, never talk about religion, politics or not. unless i'm here with youff course.
9:49 am
stuart: u live in new york? yououldn't- i had to make america great again. mrhahas been a trump supporter? >> no comment he's just not sure yet. stuart: he's a a republican? > he is not her i i am. i'm a republicic and i am voting her charm. he's t the ceo. hi, honey. he is supportivof me. stuarttrump rsus hillary, yoare still for trump. >> you got it. >> i am burned out. stuart: if those c crews as rerepublicanan candidate, wod yu vote for him? trememper nobody? >> yeah. stuart: you made your poin you got an extrahree minutes.
9:50 am
>> tnk you are having me. let's do it agai stuart: erin elme, thanks for joining us. an art exhibit at rutgers university inew jery is playing a stat of jesus on the oss mounted on a dart board. freeech? what if it were a atue of mohammed? we are going to discusthis. dot forget election night, , it alstartst 7:00 eastern right primaries. we will ve those results f you tonight.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: picking up a lite ground up 5ints at a couple of big stories in the news. wh is genocide was going to do about interestates? what about apple, ip sales, china bess. wel find out thisfternoon. thursd morning the big one. the gross domestic produ reportill nd out how much the economy is slowing down. the dow is now at ps. let'setack to the exhibitor wreckersversity display and a small statuef jesus mounted on a dart toward. he's got thetory for us. obviouthings that occucur as soon as they see thihis.
9:55 am
what would be the rction ifif mohammed w was on n a dartt boa? >> theeaear ofop lock prevents that from happenening in the sts a lot of artistry let's bebe hohonest here. no one wants to geget own to ithereen attack the islamic faith.t a sc supported by tax dollar thage of the mother mary's and submerged. these kindnds of things happen l the time. we wanted toriring this to peop w who say this is what happens on a publiununiversity campus stuart: why e eyey doing this? what is the point of a dart board d with jesus on it? >> there's's no point except to cause hostility and outragee among cistians.
9:56 am
the university won't tell us who is responsible forutting up the exhibit. that's one thing ty will not ll us. this us. this is what you wilere are going ain't about it andt was on after media attention was raed that something happened. i want to post anoer theory. not on are they afraid of beg blown up after goingfter the god of t islamic radicals, i beeve they do it out of mutual respect. what theare doing, the islamist radics and people reachinghiite with a paintbsh. stuart: do y drive parallel tween the actual jihadist an thperson who put that art exhihibiout there. >> figurativively, not literall. it is same c can have. i believe e they hate chchristiy that much anand at's they're doing. stuart: this lds free speech christians, but you cat do th with islam.
9:57 am
or i would suspect it's open season on christians. we kw that. nothing new about that. i suspect more of outrageous behavr in the fure a we will let people know about it whent's haening in a facility paid for by american tax doars. stuart: you' got a good story. glad y b brought ito her attention. one of ouropicic officials, john clapper ru t cia. warning isis. i'm not sure if this is e cia director, at he is a senior curity official. he is warning their iscells waitintottack, poised to attack in three mar european capitals. justuppose tt have been. if there were such an attackdo you think it wld afft our eltion here? ye it was. wee got the sty in the second hour. "varney & coany" two minutes away before i switchedd saves
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10:00 am
stuart: five states vote tay. they include pennsvania, maryland. you are looking at polling statn in maryland right now. trump is poised to sweepll five of these ests. here is at newt gingrich had to say about that hour.r. >> ton's victories will be so decisive coming on of new york thait is very hard to see both in terms ofof raisingoney and inin terms of having campaied hruzan kasich wio from here to i indiana and dion and make the case. noticehat is happening i in that language. they are increasiningly the guys to stoprying. what does that do for yois a party? the guy's a ererrogram, idea. stuart: at was newt gingrich con as a thing or two about pocs. i will go further than new gingrich. i will say if they deny e nomination to donald trump and ve it to anyone else in the republican party tt anybody else loses.
10:01 am
mypinion. all will break ose at t gop convention because ty are writthe rules ad hoc on-the-fly. pele will be really madbout this. rs don't vote the way the guys thought whin terms of colluding toy child. they don't go in thinkinwe are g to dy trump. theyally misread the voting blic on this o. 15 minut fro n jonah goldberg will be wit us. i say trump has a clpapath to victory after tonight. 10:15 this morning. to the market, 50-point me as we speak. a look at e ing to be the stock of the day and trow very probably is down just little bit right n th come out with their sales, earnings, projons for the re. 4: this afternoon, let's see what ttock does. world hold down at the moment.
10:02 am
lower sales, lower proand sale how about herey? down% they. 10:00 eastern te, two minutes away ago i should say the latest read on consu confidence. the numbers. >> this is coming across right now. i'llet ito you in a second. stua: i don't believe it's had any impact on the maet. we a still up 55, 60 poi >> s abo t that. forgive me. earlier in the yea was a disappointing six momonth w. the mood on main st matters. federal reserve decisi on whether tose rates ine. stuart: actly. that's w there's no downside reaction. the market is staying up 5 60 ints. likely if you've gots
10:03 am
disappointin if they. do this hour,irector of national intelligence,es clapper sayisis as terror cells ready to strike in t u.k., gey and italy. justatch this. >> we cont to see evidence on the part of isiatic, very upsetscious, meaning operation securi conious. th are very mindful of that. they have taken advantag some extent, the migrarant c crs in e europe. stuart: they've takeken advantae of thehe migrant crisis. they are ready to statart. john bolton is the bestst. i'm advavanced w with a little y apart fr a director clclapper is same.
10:04 am
if there werere an attack in the next six months, would h have a profound impact t on our electin year. >> i think it could. obviously more s so of such an attack took place in theninited states. i don't think there's a any dout that isis has cells s in the countries that dni clapper mentioioned in other countries n europe as well. the question is what thehey have he. th whole point is that isisis ss trying to do this in a clandestine manner. theyey succeeded in seveveral ds and we just don'n't know as much as w we should frankly about thr capabilities in this country. but it is one e reason i agree with your point that thihis coud be a national security electctin very quickly i if we have an attack. new mexico back to directctor clapapper, david tererrorist hae tatakeadvantage of the migrant crisis. he's admitting publicly that terrorists are comining in with the migraines.. that again has profound imimpact for america bebecae e we want to bring some as well.
10:05 am
>> you know, t truth always has an impact with a high official says it. mistakenen they are inadvertenty in this case. that's exactly right. eupeans have blinded us. whwhen chanclor merck whole of germany last year inviteted 800,000 refugeeses fm the seing conflict come a cabinet minister in lebabanosaid he esmamated 2% of that number were terrorists. th is 16,000.0. obviously, the number r whhave come i into europe is well above 800,000 rising e eve day. wewe fe at this point on a smaller scale e thsame problem. stuart: : the way to wreck your clclapper was s talking, it sous alst inevitable ththere will b e a a significant attack relativil so almost inevitable t wayay i read it. >> yeah, well we are s stillll trying to u understanthe sttegy. they wanant have the maximum effect, but givivenhe work that goes into traini individuals,,
10:06 am
whwhile they may be prepared to commit suicide in n the course f thatat, is would also like to have them saved onon oer days that they are going to pickk theieir rgets were carefully. they wilill y to get some of their people outut. i i thk they will be lookingtt targetets in the united states d honestly, we are a m mucmore open socieiety. in that sense, more vulnlnerle to a attks yet we've had success here in preventing t the but we've also seenen t san bernardino wherere we failed. we are rigightor you. stuauart: ank you for joining us as usual. i says hackers have stolen the names, phonene numbers and personal information oststate departmentnt empmployees. calling ththis a a catalyst? >> distribibuting a so-called calyst of dons of u.s. government p personnel named, phone numbers,s, other personal
10:07 am
information. meland secururity, energy and commerce department coming through h an app called telegram and the pro-isis group calllled the uniteded c cybercaliphate. ststrt: once they are into the department officiaials, once thy are into theirir computer they o other places? >> they are just trying toto shw the world wewe have t the powero hacker threat and the soso-calld kill list. the informrmation was our duty t there. they seem to have updadated offe numbers.s. as a threat toto show we are hee and watching. stuart: back t to domestic popolitics. bill clinton b blames the obama economy for the rise of popolitical outsisiders like dod trump and bernie sananders. watch this. i am back audio mac --
10:08 am
[inaudible] stuart: i'm glade had the subtits they are to see exactly what he said. aryou with us? >> why are you laughing? why y am i far left? i went to be cterleft. stuart: what i heaeard from bill clinton was a a subtlele wayay f dividing hillaryrom the white house, a way of allowing hiary toriticize the whi house peormance and economics >> tre are two parts. it is no secreth clinton has had -- both of the contes have been critical of the obama administration. that being said, i don'think whate was saying was in reference to mr. obama or present obama. from whai heard, he was being critical of the republics desire to blolog presidedent oba
10:09 am
from doing anyththing in the pat eieight years. i don't nenessarily agree with that. rt: to me, it sounded like what he said was device of t the writiter of the left, trump and bernie sandersrs because since e crash, 80% of the populationon s not had a payy raise. the obama yeforven sake re that the criticism the obamaears. >> not necessarily true. you can raise t minimum wage in space. i believe new yorkt had a pay rae. california other states have done it as well. yocan't blame obama for everything. to live point earlier, the establishment on the lefound the right is failing has failed ame and the multiple ways. not pay, but many ways. that is why see the e rise of trump and the rise o of sanders for the same reason.n. stuart: i do t think hillary wod
10:10 am
lilike to put didistance between herself and the obamyears s than obama's polilici. i think shwould d like to. she esn't want to be too locked in with preside obama because th narrows the voterss who would go for her she can't pa the party like at. she could hold onto what ey've got whh mamay not be enough to beat the republican oppont. >> i don think so. a lot obama voters will vote for hillary clinton. a lot of people who are e upset and otrsrs who are going to vote for somebody likike donald trump who is a complete -- i donon't know wt t to s.. stuart: cat got your tone?e? >> i do want to say anythi that would get me e in tro >> i want to move ono something right upour street. an appeals court. you kn the story. reinstate tom brady fo-game suspension you're a big time sport. >> i wasor s show. the only sports show. >> that's exciting.
10:11 am
i thought we were ne with this. i thought that deflategate -- i thought that was done. but it is baback aga. it goeso show when you through the crt -- i said this on twitter yesrday and people freaked outut. ey make the argument that he won ter the factso therefore he is no cater. stuart: yoare just one of the patriot haters. that is wh you are. >> yes. t i also respect the court a a federal court overturnedr 80 suspension or the overtug of his suspensisi. which means thathe fachow that brady is a eater. stuart: st don't like the involvement of lawyers allhe ti, constantly referring to the courts.
10:12 am
why dot we just play a game o football a seeho wins. how about that? >> i like e that idea. st don't avoid the -- just don't deflflate the. if you are thahat great, don't cheat. stuart: that was a lot of n. thanks for being with us. you thre for a loo don't worry. we've got a lot pitics for u this hour. next, donald trump could ve a binight tonig. in the fprimaries. looks like it'soing to sweep despite his latettack on john kasich. watch this. he news conference all the time. i have never seen human being eat in sh a disgusting fashion. if denture were to be
10:13 am
puunder a microscope, we can see all the bteria thattill exist polident's uninique micro clean formula works in jusust 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for r a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every dayay.
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10:16 am
stuart: i tried to finstock mark winne for a bitf dow compent dupont has raised its outlook for the futu with the marketike that is a dow coonent at 2%. jab loo, cheap jet fuel has produc much better profits for that and theare up nearly 3%. jelue anotherinner. potics. fivetates vote today. dona tru expected to sweep them on the republic side despite kasich andrews tteam upinst it. here's mopinio i can't e anybody stopping trump. jonah goldberg righthere. i want to see if he agre with me. i think he's got a cle path to victory. i thk he gets the nominatio you are going to tell me i'm dead wrong?>> i don't take ur d.
10:17 am
well, he's definitely thfront runner. it is definitely reasonae t say he's got a pass to i but it's not a saight path. first of all there's indiana, which have trumpoes not w, the primarietoday, including the primary an youromment the bawagon effect and the sense that imakes trump look evitable. in terms of delegate count they've all been priced to the projections. indiana and a couple wrn a a couple wesrn statates and of course cifornia. my sense is if you look at the consens among the experts going straig on a dedelicate time, trump comes up short about 1170, 1190 beforthe convention. the e estion becomes whether or not he could hurthe rest of thys to decide before the first ballot.
10:18 am
stuart: here is my secon contention, my sond point of view tod. ift is not trump and the reblicans go with somedy else, whher it is crews were kasich or somebody else, tt anybody that says. >> i ctainly think that is a reasonable guess or projtion. the probleis i alsthink trposes. look, this thing endin tears to matter why. if trump is e nonee, repuans go on to historic it's very possible thathey go on to an hisric loss, which is why they m up and take aside.. anything like what t the crent climate looks like, he loses in a landslide. will se part ofhe redwall for deces. he makes mississippi competitive. if youou take it away fromrump, a lot of people will walk out.
10:19 am
it ends in tea. stuartyou are saying trump loses to hillary and a landslide. u are basing that on the states which wouldo for hillary or trump. there is a new grge washington university poll at says that hillary versusus trumpcolored overlays by three pnts. aryou totally discounting the popular ve? >> one othe things i am scounting this one outlier poll. the real clear politicaverage goinback to six, eight, 10, 12 months. trump issually close to double digits behin if democratsin every state nce 1992 plus florida, they automatically when. i hearard ericrump on fox news this morni talking about how trump can win in places li new rk. that is insa. gegeorge w. bush got more vos in
10:20 am
the republin primary in donald trp p and still loves new yo state by 15-point. you can n the campaigand beat hillary clint i in the fall. stuart: homany times the ndits like yoursf. on tevision with a rush projection since trumpet othe ra last june. you justaid that trump is going to lose in a landsli. you sir are on videotape. >> @. i'm thfirst to admit i've been wrong about a lot of tngs. i may be wrong about ts, t. my opposition is much oader in principle than it did go look at the polls. most pple do this stuff for a ving think thahat trump is not the bebest candidate to face hillary clinton in the fall.l. stuart: you are right about one. thank k you very much. question, , if hillary clinton gets the nomination, will sanders supporters j jump on
10:21 am
board? >> qaeda by name because of f wt i stand for and what ieone. you're late for work.
10:22 am
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customized just for you. which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the hoteoperator wyndham rldwide, d disappointing sales and it is thbiggest loser of all the 500 stock i the s&p 500 down 6.6%. are you woing where ashley webster is? the other y with the british at thahat? we found h him. he is in atria.. this was in thdanube r river in a joins ususow. why don't you t tell us -- d da. why don't you tell us exactltly what you are up to, ashley.
10:25 am
>> y you know what, i've had a t ofof tough assignment for "varny & company." i'm putting a avave face on the sun.n. we are rolling down the e danube in ausustria. is is the veryry lest r river cruiuise boaoat to be added to n ever-growing fleet bececause m e people are fininding no-ace-on thing to do. they are goingng to do it this year in europe, take a cruruise has twtwice as many as just eiet years ago. of course we know the e headlins thatf f europe have been about terror attacks and also about the e migrant crisis but it hast apparently frightened d away the tourists.. at least when it c comes to ing down the river. >> when you look at the risks,si undederstand september 11 didn't stop livining in new york. i think terrorists winin if you stay away.
10:26 am
i don't think that the threatats are really that largege. same in b brussels. i think thsafest place t to be. that m myy o opionon. stuart: : weost the signal. he is stilill cruising theananu, by the way. half a million americacans takea ver cruise i in europe each year and the numberer is s going up,t down. ashley will be reportingng from his cruise a assignment all throughout the day, fox news network. next case. the university o of missouri profesessor, you remember her, fired after blocking a stutude journalist from filming a campus protest. campusus protest. shshe said she lost her position because she is a whihite lady. more on that i in a moment. >> youeed to get out. >> no i don't. >> you need get out. the >> i aually don't. >> at isis reporter out of here.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: i woullike to pick winners for you. higher profit and salethat ethan allen. the coaine stotore. listen to this. they will cut thr payroll and frze wages. investors ve it. it is up 17%. the stock straight up. all of the support tt bernie sander getting. listen to this. >> i he 10.4 million votes. i have 2.7 miion more votes.
10:31 am
people swing up to cast their vote to express their opions and senator sanders. i am winning. i winning because of what i std for. >> we e joined now by the most articulate sposperson. she is with us aut hillary and nie. i wa to get to pack at some point. that is what i am doinere. pporting the winner. >> going a the way to the end. she was closer to ama than sanders is to her he is a movement candidate. he hasis goals.
10:32 am
pocy goals different than what hilly may have. goining further to the lef >> i do not inink that he quite puput it that w.. sosome of the values that his supporters have. reflected in t the democratic cp form. >> wherere do you stand on this? i do nhink she can afford to go any further lt. spiethth back spng more money. >> what therere under her husband. we are ready have deficit. we are maybe goinga recess
10:33 am
shshe nts to spend more. >> tax rates o of the 1990s. >> think about raising taxes.. spending more money. going further r into debt as we approach a posossible first session. >> i do n not think that. i think that bernie sanders isis acactually, i know in your mind, he i is this crazy far left pern did he i is pretty unthinkab as democratic v voters. a lot of h hillary clinton suppters wouould support. i i think he wants to see that rereflect it in her campaign w . >> alike that candida didid amera has come that far to elect a neo- socialist. >> rlly is not.
10:34 am
stuartreallyanting to make america more like europe.e. >> i do not think thatat that is true. i see her as a mododerate democrat. she has been trying to appeaealo the demomocratic party. much more e liberal than it used to be. i think k that she herself is a very modatate democrat. ststuart: the background. the backdropf the fbi investigation ds not matter. she will get o it. i wouldn't say it doesn't matter, but she will get or it. i ink she could over come it. stuart: if she is incted, very fficult for her to overercome. >>ery difficult for her to overercome. i am one of the people t that ds not think she will getet indict. stuauartokay.
10:35 am
when you come back? >> yeah. ststua: hello riley, i think. there e you go.o. i will never getet ooverride late again.. thank you very much. economic a advisor to president obama.a. his name i is austin goolsby. he was on the show yesterday. he said we should not rurule oua recession.n. watch this. >f you look around the world that what is happeng in china, whats happening in the emerging market, iis like a triple crownightmare. i do not t think y can rule out recession inhe u.s. stuart: let's bring in peterborough receive what say you? >> it is about a 25% chanc 25%. if you look at some of the financial indicars that they
10:36 am
usr these e things, it is abt 25%. goolsby is pying aamame. a sisituation where barack oba saves us from this inevitabl catastrophe. the only way forward is to continue the good ardship thillary clinton did goolsby is the economic. that is what is goinon here. stuart: what ithis, insult? hold oa second, i have another one. rnie sanders. the socialis. new harvard poll. prefer citalism to socialism. 42 capitism. there is hopin our universy. rning a ving and paying taxes here a my son is going to work inew yornext year. clinton andbama and belgio.
10:37 am
ey have figured out that the system does t work for them if they are successful. that hf is doingell like capitalism. the other half is convced that despite the fact they udied femism anti-americanism in general the pondhe in college, they have to belly uto sanders and say they like socialism. very few extsion they are. stuart: list to this one. the university prorofessor at missouri. the lady in the shot rht there. she ys she wasired bause of racial pitics. are you buying that, peter? >> s was fired because she never had anbusiss to be on thuniversity faculty in th first place. fired the next dayven if she was stripe uart: okay did listen to this
10:38 am
one. the yogurtompany got a new poli. full-time employees given ownership stakin theompany. some of them couldecome millionaires. >> i it could happen if it goes public or it is sold. it is really rare to s see thisn e food industry. 10% stakee in t the company. due to the apped evaluation. stuart: who you make a back, peter? soundse a pretty good idea to meet. >> i aee w with you. a grt way to incentivize ople. noat it is ready for public ofring, it is a great way to award their hard word enurage them totay o on even afteitit ipublicly traded, which es change the wo environmtt a lot. stuart: thank yovevery much for joining us. >> thank you. take care. stuart: a food fight happengng at atock mararket.
10:39 am
adam schapiro. these are some ry pulular brbrands. let's lo a at what is going on with stocks. only mcdonald's seems toto have some g green here. up about hala a percent right now. joe pulte they wl l report later today.y. downwn, as you know. $748. the health scares bebecause of e illness of people and ee cleaning up the stores. they are still tryrying to get back on top of tha chipolte reptiting today. they do o say that they are back on track. poporting earnings next week. they are tradi d down today as well. stuart: thank you very muc adam. several companieies porting their profits. apple,e, twitter, twitter, chipolte, ebay and a wholele lot mo..
10:40 am
those stococks could move dendining on those earnings resusults. we have it all covovered. after the belell. david asn and melissa fncncis. watctch those numbers cocome in. prident obama was to ld d in muslim migrants. a governor of the stete c changg his tune on letting themn. >> us versus them. trying t to blame our problems n the enenemy. someone who does not looook ke or does n not pray like us. whether it is immigrants o muslim ♪ os, withmiosoft cloud, we can enable a nker to travel to t t most remote locations with nothing b a phone and a tablet. everywhere wre there's a phone, y have a bank. now a rson is able to startusiness, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helpeded us to bring g banking to tenililon people in just t two years. it's transforming ouwoworld.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> remember "varne& company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eaern time. you do not wanto miss the heart i jusot mket action and breaking news weave for yoevery day. the latest. a piece of art. rutgers university. >> t university wiot tell us whos responsible for puttg up that exhibit. the student who first ough this to a oth attention of alerted authorities. they told her they we not going to do anythi aboutt. only afteredia attention was raised that mething happened. want to pose another tory. i believe ey are doingt out of respect to the enemy.
10:43 am
whatheare ing is you have e islamic radicals. you have people lik this. ♪ unmetanimal alth needs in the 70 bon dollar pet market. we have core competences in dru scovery and developmpmen regulatory filings, we havour own fda approv mananufacturing facility a we have a sle comund that we've beennce imarking in australia zydaxur affeively regenerates cartilaganand can literally save lives.e had one of our sales execives tell us a story of sing a dog in a clinic that st four weeks eaearlier had be brought ino be eutnized. the pet parents had carry the dog in, it cldn't even walk. after ju four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing arod in the clinic. we will so launch in, that drug in the unitefter ju states and also europe.x parnell pharmaceicals, parn on nasdaq. for the full ierviewew go online.
10:44 am
♪ stuart: if you notice, we e turd around. we w were up 60 points just a fw minutes ago.
10:45 am
there has been a tururnaround, obobviously. a fresh h look at the state of e onomy. nunumbers on there is day.. a slide towards recession. it i is not going w well. below 18,000 againin. ththeyosost money. ththeir sales areown. one of the biggest losers of all the 50in the s. our next guest is not hay with president obama's fugee resettlement rob him. coulput his state at risk. welcome om kansas, republican governor. except in some were pled theory and refees coming to america. you are going to withdw from the progr?
10:46 am
>> a long timearticipated. ev when i was in the sene, i chairethe cmittee. we cannot make sure th the security conrns -- i tried and tried and tried thth are just not having u on. a new paper traith these refugees.. yes, we are safe. we arekay guys. >> t thahas be very hard for ththem to pruce. any of them come from iled states. eris n not a paper trail. they are unreliable sources. five now in thunited s stes. peoplehat have cleared as refuge. charts with criminal oses in the ited state looked at in saying whawe have probm with this one.
10:47 am
it soundlike you a moving a littlele b closer to donald trump'p's sition. no more pple. no more muslslimcoming in. i am not suggesting thatat you e a trump supporter. >> i d disagree with that. ththe department has identifieds state-sponsored terrorismsm. we will not take refugees. there is too high of a likelihoodhat this individual may radicalize. one of those three c countries s theoeory up. you cannot vouch foror the security concecerns. wewe have a already had two lone wolf operationinin the state of kansas of people that hahave sef radicalized and werere c caught. i will not risk ththe security f the people. i am very openo o the refugee prprogram. other placeththan those sponsor
10:48 am
teterrorism. >> there are millions of genenue refugees thahat have genuinely sufferered. >> absolutely. why not send in refugegees froms fromom those countries. not the ones from the statate department. stuart: why can't we take e bush and refugees? >> have said, we wtake dole the number of refugees. other places t than t those thae state e department have said are state sponsors of terrororism. we wouldld do it. stuart: sure you are aware of the news th wrote yrdayay fr james clapper. he say look, isis has used the european migrant crisis bring inin tears into europe. there now sells in germany and the ukch are poised to at. >> what is t surprise here?
10:49 am
one hundreerican people and asked them, dyou k k that this is the prct of happenin 90% would say y. really slowed down on this. the bush ainistration after 9/11, they really duce the nu of refugees. until they could get bter handle on the situation. that is the udent approach. hurting the refugeogram. seing and thosese that could potentialllly radicicale. we have seen some ofof tm ought up allies. >> replican from kansas breaking some ne for us. he broke it right he. gornor, thank you for joining us. actressena done him, unapologetic leftis, said she would move to canada if dona trumwas president. we have donald trump'sesesponse at the topf f the next hour. ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
rt: five states voting today. a political god. newt gich is withs. i think thatrump has it. ganging upn trump in the
10:54 am
nomination, they w wil lose. i do notnk i am too far out >> he has n. i think that tonight's viories ll be soso decisive. it is very hard to seehis in terms of having cred campaigns. ma the casthat it happened in their language. well, what is t they are the better progra thbetteras. i think it is how donant he ha become. >> what does this do to th republanarty?
10:55 am
the rest oe party has to. much decide whose side they e going to be on. they are limiting it a othe rights. stopping the core from g vevery radical. thkey here for the historic purposes, wher you think of trump or cruis kasich, therefore america. win?: who do you think would the matchup in november. the latest poll, just abt thpoints apart. the points ahead of him, that is it. you are not going tol me who you ink is going to win.
10:56 am
at trump cannot do something. you know, republican primap 60%. think about that. at says to me that the is a lot t of interest inhe republican nominat he whave an extraordinary nominatiti. it will be fascinangng. what would a tmp like convention be. i think yowill see a campaign unlike anything you havever seen before. a fair shoin the margin. a very weak candidate with a lot of proems. >> another celrity says she will move toanada if donald
10:57 am
trump becomes psident. you do not want mismister trums respons weigng in on the trump brady case. the third hour of lenining is jujust 30 nutes ay. ♪ the e-class has 11 intligent it recogninizes pedestrians and alertsts you. warns s yoabout incomingross-t-traffic. cameras and dadar detect dangers you don'n't. and it can even stop by itself. so in isrash test, one thing's ssing: a crash. e 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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stuart: ththat is s what these celebrities will be singing will they really g more on that in a minute. the stock market.. down aut 30 points. there is concern that are gointowards recession. if thoseesul are not real good, goes apple and down goes t whole market.
11:01 am
after the bell, messa francis. amam i right about apple? if t they put in a disappointing reportrt, down comes the stock d down comomes the market. this is the first t time we will e ipiphone sales drop ever. the ononly caveat that i would w in there i is apple is famous fr sandbagging. they always mamanage down everyo's expectations. they managed t to do a little better than what they warned. that i ithe e only c caveat thai woulthrow in there. it does showow that this caveats nonot as strong as the lefeft wd want y you to believe. >> look at this. e e last thing. coming out with meme innovation fofor the future. >> aar famous san baggers.
11:02 am
>> i would le that. >> let's be serious. whole foods. i ha always made fun of full foods. thstock is down 40%. theyad a hard time reining in theieir costs. people dnot li the numbers there. you can get ornic foods elsewhe. trader joe's that is a very good point. lot of organic subances. in my neighborhood, others. doing almost the same exacact a.
11:03 am
a lot of people have crowded into that same exact market. someme organic things at a bettr price. i jujust think that it is too tough of a busininesess for the. >> i never belieieve those labes anyway. i am n not even sure that that s regulateted. stuart: look. thesese are the lows on the dow. downwn 36 poioints. down to 1717940. a 100-point reversal. ththats because of the consumerr confence numbers. concerned about apple. there is considederate on. worrrries about what janet e eln willll do with interest rates. a wall of worries s they say.
11:04 am
i do want to get back k to the celebrities. the latest t to in the gupup. listen to how trump respondededo the celebrities. > that would be a great, gret thing g for our country. >> rosie o'd'donnell. >> n i h have to get a life it. why y canada? i would d go to napa or the bahamas. why canada? > prime minister.
11:05 am
promises promises. connecticut rhode island. pennsylvania. how about this poll. 40% of republicans say t that ty aree not sure tt they w wld tete if trp were the nomininee. 1515% say they've all for trump over hilla. ho abouthat. >> it is interesting. when push cos to shove. they go out d they vote for >> i am intrigued the number of republilins. >> i do not believe tt. a loof wor-class
11:06 am
publicans. talkg about the last eight ars of a dismal economic performance. he said it again. >> his economic policies. a way r bill to separate hillary from oma. there is no way to thrd that needle. stuart: austin goolsby was o on this programam. watch this. >> y you look around the world that what is happepening in chi. what is happening g in emerging marketets. it was lika triple cro nightmare. >> we have numbers on thursday. they couould show and other slie towawards recession. what is s your take?
11:07 am
>> i absutely agree with austin goolsby. i think it is definitely a strong posossisibility. based on t the things that are going on araround thehe world. >> callingt a recession in this count. sometimes s a year to say, yes,e are in a recession did. >> 2% growth last fall. what would hillary clintonon dif shshe s a democratic candidate. a bigger defeficit as are iding towards recession. she has to change it. thats my opion. >> s you out for a clock. after the bell.
11:08 am
david asman. absoluly. meli we will see you out for. ruling committee membe though oncted cruz is mathematically elinating is the money dryingp for him. florida delete and former jet bush cochair is here. it eliminated the fit-round winner. do you disage with that? >> do not disagree with that. one hundred pluslla gets. i think you will come fully close to tt237. >> you are basical in agement with me.
11:09 am
this is the day where trp opens up andooks like he has that very clear shoto vivictory. >> i totally agree ese five primaries played in th strength. you have indiana. ask your viewers to ok a indian 1237 or over en, parof the deal will have to close the deal between th end of therimary season and the ginning of the conventio >> expressing another opinion on the prram tay. giving the nomination to someone el. that somebody else willose. that is my pition. you say what? >> not donald trump t cruz, i think that you are rig. amoral shot at winning t
11:10 am
nomination. the way this is situatedow on e last month, see it gets tougr and tougher for d cruz. >> do you rely think that he cacan win? you take it aw from him and at guy that takes itit away shortly cannot win. >> donald trumverwhelmed both marco rubio, t cruz an everyone ee here in florida. florida is a necessarytage. that wou be devastating to the end to the state crowd. extranthusiasmith voters coming out. agree with that. stuart: you us to be with jeb bush. okay. i've gothat. now you supportrews.
11:11 am
would you suppt him? >> let me stop you. i woulgo for donald trump if he were the nominee. absolutely. >> i am cutting is short because i have breakgs. a grand juryas indicteted then zell on domeic violence charges. cup by the clevela browns last season. that is just coming in us. uk policies. the former strategy on joining us next. he inot a fan of what our esident had to say over the. some strong wordrds for our esident. ♪ poouth breather.
11:12 am
alrgs? stuffye?e? can't p? take that. breathe right nasal stristantly opens your nose to 38% more than allergdicine alone. shut ymomouth and say goodnit, mouthbreathers. breathe ri
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11:15 am
being that we continue to sesee evidence. they are fanatic. they are very mindful ofof that. theyey had taken advantage of f- to s some extent -- to the migrt pric in europe. ststua: you heard it rig therere. jamess clapper. he warned isis has s terror cels rey to strtrik what that wowould do to our election here. president obama. wawarng the prints.s.
11:16 am
the former record for prprim nister david cameron and t the author the book k more h human. he joins us rightt now. what was a reaction britain to our psident going over there and telling the printto st in europe? >> was in london last week. a willing stge for the remainder in that you campaign. strt: a winning stooge. that is a very strong wd. >> thehe perrmance interventio. a hily contested date.
11:17 am
ey look at that interventn. obama is either ignorant. e eu dominatethat and causes people to really hate that you. he'd doeknowll of that. above the politics figure. did he enhance the reaction against him. th actua vote, i think at is resting is howany people have said this is it. british people do not ke being toldhat to do by anyone else, justst like americans do not. even buying their closestt
11:18 am
allies. > if you leave europe, you wl nonot get a trade deal with america. guy that u used to be in polititics. now you arare in americaca. it can become too o big and bureaucratatic. this whole system iththat sense, more. just completely outdat a and bureaucraticic. doing something g about t this. yoyou re with davidd cameron. they he t time for trump.
11:19 am
undergoing the policics. an argument that is atat is going wrong. in government, in ee uk, one off the things that i argrgued for s reforming government. i i would not s say. have a go. if y you like the versn n of th, it is free froththe constraints of briritish politics. what i would like to see are t combatation. making government more human. even though you probabably do nt haveve a vote. i do not think that i wodd righ now.
11:20 am
i need to see e evidence of the real plan. i think atat hillary clinton, to me, represents the oldiuiura craddick big government apprproh that i tnknk it's at the heart ofof all this frustration we are seseeing. stua: : stick around, become a citizen and vote. f follow in your footsteps.s. >> exactly. stuart: remember melissalilick. thprprofessor at the university of missouri.i. jujudge napolitano. he has a l t to say about that. he is next. u u need to get out. you need to get ou >> no, i don't. >> i need some muscle e over he. ♪
11:21 am
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11:25 am
next week's indiana priry. plenty of mtum. a lead in the polls very rich to but delegates. winng is all. they know, deep down, if they gang up on trump, a y with the stat to vote for the degates, whosoever they choosethey may not like it. trump is thenly chance of puing a republican in the white house. ening up a very big question did at happens to the republic party? that will do a book management shake up big time.
11:26 am
now, ty do not have to do this. what support they may giveor ensurgent shifti. it is now e disbanding party. it is a anestablishment par. what a switch. all of these changes wl ly beco me andpparent. the publblican party's ndidate. it is obous. ♪ thousands ofeople came out today to run the race e for retiremen. soso wasked them... are you completelyly ppared for retirement?? okay, mostly prepapared? could you saveve 1% more it doesn't sound like ch, but savi an additional 1% now, cocoululd make a big differene over time. i'm ing to be even better abt saving. you can do it, ihelps in the long run.
11:27 am
prudential bring your challllenges ..
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11:30 am
tree into a modete loss down 11 points. that appeared woied about a recession, maybe what thfeis going to do. mo as approach tonight's apple rerterer. after the closing be today apple gives thlastinancial situation depending on how that is received, the stock cld go up or way down and it would affect the entire market. whirlpl,ow profit, lower sales dodown 4 4.8%. hershey a wnatutlook. demand for chocole north america. that t tiggest market and it's down abt%. disappointing sal of wyndham rldwide. it ithe biggest loserf a
11:31 am
500 stocks in the s&p down 7%. ford motor c is going to invest $1.6 billion in two u.s. factories. hold on second. donald trump because hwasn toppy when they built a plant in mexico. it comes three weekser donald trumpeally lasted for a decision of 6 billion on a fay in mexico. howe the highly critical of the mbefore it could build in mexic building factories he accordinto aagreement with the uaw. stuart: they put it out and make a big dedeal of it. melissa click, professor f from the ununiversisity of missouri o was s fired after blocking a student jojournalist from so may protest. she says she was firired because of r raciall pololitics. judge andrew napapolitano is he.
11:32 am
>> you know, i don't know what-based therapypy for her saying that. but the allegations thathought any bells and whistles in academic context which wosubstantially delay any actigainst her. itould delay efforts to remove her or she fired a gun. it would delay effor to get back in use of the procures through which the academy has to go after the tential involvement of the eeoc. uld hope our lawyers befor they would ler make that wod have some solid evidence of that. how could she say she w fired because she used or threaten to usese violence against stent for standing his ground and a blicic place where he hahd a right to stand his gund. remotest racial implication.e stuart: i el almost a little bad for missa click
11:33 am
enrollment is down.. $32 million in the hole.e. ththey haven't got the studentso fill them. there's beenen a wholesale retrt atat that university because of thatat incident. > she had a reputation as a good professor, , at least in hr field. she e injected herself into public c controversy and threatened to ususe violence, which he referred to as mumuscl, you reremember that, in o ordero affect the outcome. stuartrt: i think we run that videotape at least a dozen as an appeals appeals ururt and 's reinstate tom brady's four-game suspension. you say thisappepened becau of a quir i say give lawyers messing ar witthe all all over ain, sticking fingers in com the screen of the game. >> tom bradydy brought this on himself. i know you s say this with a little bit ofongue-e-in-cheek.
11:34 am
you should actlly li t d here is why. tom bradywhen he became a ayer, signed a collective bargaing agreement and of thereby agreeing on arbitrat rather than trial whenever there is a dispute. arbitration is f faster,ier, far less eensive. the wyers earn far l less money and you didn't ar a lot quker. it is s a trerend today and a lf commercial contractsts to a grad arbitrtration. the arbitrator herere was the commisissioner of the allll, ror caddell. lot of us know roger. the commissionener m made e ruls after examing the evidence. tom brady wawas involved in thi. he knew w about it, cause it to happen and d destroyed evidence along the way number thawe will suspend himim for four day. he is the one who mixed it up. he's's the one who's that i'm gogoing to substitute my judgmet
11:35 am
for roger goodelell deniable roe as if f i were the comommission. that decision was appealed yesterday the appepellate court came down and said you can't't o that bececause it's arbitration. it's not a c criminal trial. as l long as the arbitrator was not corrupt, dididn't have an ininterestn the outcome, d didnt apply ththe wrong lot, didn't me a profound mistake, the arbitrator's decisiowill be held. tom, take thfour weeks off. uart: took you a lifetime to tell me i wa wrong. >> probably new england patrts fan. that i don't know. >> i want you toto lten to this. wewe do get quite a few questios from viewers. got one today and i'i'm going to answer i it. this c came from rick d. he asked, what real-world business experieience to ihop? you call me mr. tv pepersonalit. the jordan affair.
11:36 am
> i do have hands-on business exrience. i n and operate aa commercial commercial -- i have a wonderirg operation. an investotor in t their hotel a residential real estate. and d let's not forget, i start out as a waiter in connenecticu. i know t that is not strictly business experience, thayoyou lelearn very quickly how to mapy ear tips, espspecially when you ararrive at the newly arrrriv immigrant who would stve i if theyidn't t learn how to extract tips.. i've got b businesess experienc. true. i have ft t as an investor and boston markets, people expressss and seseveral other companies nw long forgotten. to answewer question, i know how businesess works and i know how tough it can be to make aa business word.d. that is why i am for limimiteded government, less regulation, lower taxes. that iwhwhy i asked the judge to stick around becau i i knew he wod likeut i had to say.
11:37 am
>> how can i posbly add to that. now, a lot opeople thinkhose ofs on televisioion do nothi but blather away. well had careers. almostll of usad careers hands- in the fields abo which areommenting. you are one and am o. quite frankly co a as little as i ow y and as close as we are, i did not know out all of your businsix. until sitting he listening to a few moments ago. stuart: that a fact? >> i know you know b business, t i didn't know yourur hands-on experienence. stuart: listenen to this. you'llll be ininterested in this one. exxoxonmobil losing its aaa rati. what's w with that? >> ursine since the e great depression a and the unsecured dedebt. this is a d dl, a big movove by s&p. they are worries aboutut rising operating costs, t the oil price downturn. remember that 16 attorneys
11:38 am
gegeneral removing against exxonmobil for their clilimate change reseaearch, saying ththee suppppressing climate e change discscussision, misleading the public and taking g racketeering charges equivalent to what thehy do with itit tobacco. exxonmobil is not a chchicken to prucer. ee i it as rating cut out this timen the oil markets a big ock to the market. > ionder if there'll be a lawsuit. it's a an o opinion. i protected opopinion, a first amendment issue asas it is clime change is a firsrst amendment. ststuart: the state of new yorks trying to criminalalize that opinion n from exxon. >> he seems to f forget he tookn oa to uphold the constitution which ovides for freedom of speech which according to thee supreme court as well as individual >> they are eking a federal criminal exxonmobil in that
11:39 am
rega. >> is anotr issue,e, a sharp ine in oil prices which is throrown into probl area and the financesf a lot of energ companies. o would've thought that exxonmobil of all people wou lose the aaa ratin i think it's a big deal. >> i agree. vladimir putin is ering well. sitting u -next year twice a day for l these years. strt: thank you, judge. a new study shows that m grandchildren gemore welfare mone money from the government and poor american children. the story next. . . 32 yearst t this place and i've got 9 9 days left before retiremenent. look jim, we've beenen planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving t things. so don't worry. knowing what's o on your mind and acting accccordingly.
11:40 am
multiplieded by 13,000 financial advivisors. itit's aig deal. d it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. .
11:41 am
>> i am not and d should appearn ththe flr of the new york stockk exchange. e dow has been enough inin the early morning gainsns low 1 18,. the s&p 500 ststill mimiss sarah torry trading done as well rigit now. some of the losers on the s&s&pp 500. whirlpool down a abo 9%. they repororted earlier today revenue was dodown something lie 4.7%.. they did announcee 1 billion-dollar s share. alsoso mining and oil company trd to sell their oil and gagas business. they fail to do that they will cut ququarter of their workforce in that unit. theyey reported a loss in ththe first quarter will take e a $30 million charge in the sesecd
11:42 am
quarter. price tatargets s read some of e reresources at the top or noon. back to o "vary" right after this.
11:43 am
stuart: : there is a new study that finds childn n of refugees get more taxpayer-funded help pn the chilenen of poor u.s. citizens. liz: the iss is the chdrdren r refugees can immmmediately gt
11:44 am
food stamps, cash wee,e, even medicaid assssistance whereas legal immigrants can't geget the benefits for more e an five year soso that is the issue. 941,000 children of refugees comimi and found that they actually areetetting more in the way of 30% of hoeholds get fo stamps versus 27% of the others u.s. lel immigrants get food fans. stuaua: we areery generous wards children of refugees. moreenerous than we are towards the children of po american citizens. and legal immigrants. a new poll showing hillary clinton is just twpoints ahead of bernie sands in california. the california race very importt because of the huge number of legate involved. come on board, please, brad shma frequent guest on the program a democrat fro lifornia. you ara hillary supporter i
11:45 am
believe. you haveome out and endorse what bere sanders two points behind. >> look, iould like to think california is going to matter. the fact isheace is already overnd over and already over his hair iseally starting to like herershe would go have a significant edge ang the pledged legate, the overelming edge among superdelegates and she would be the nominee. but tonight she is going to n a lot t of state she is going to n states by 20 points andhen e comes to california she is gointo -- he did in 2008. ether she wins by two points or loses by two pointsayelp your ratingsut will have no effect in philelphia. stuart: up won't help ththe ratings. bring it up because th is an awfuy close thingnd bernie sanders i think is stang in and maining so close to
11:46 am
hillar nike race wants to drive her rther to t left me convention time. am i wrong? >> well,hat is what many supporters are nam. hillary has c core prcipl andnd the principles a solid progressivprinciples or i wouldn't have endors her. i n't think she is being ged to the left. i think she is a sid progressive anwill continue to . california hashe thought of delegates but they are all proportionate. if you win b by 1.0 is lifornia by one point, and ththat is fewer delegatethan blonde times. three delegates one way or the other is the repepublica who will drive your ratings beuse they hava contest stuart: at's true. i want to geba to bernie nders supporters. i've got a poll "usa
11:47 am
today" -- shows 13% of demra could vote foronald trump. theyay they would vo for donald trump or hilry clinton. at is quite a number. u surprised? >>o, because that th stage, people in a imary get so hyped up that they'd jt say i am for myon in the primary and i will tell a polter that i will be the for the other candidate and then they me home during the process. or when you look athe polls about dold trump a a how many republans would not vote for him, the koch brothers m not voteor him. stuart: i think 40% of republicans say in thel they would novote for donald trump. you are right. that is at they say. >> iouldn'be happy to lose 13% of our vote, but he afford a a pernt of their vote retty good shape. stuart: fore you go, do you think that in my lifeti, i'm in my 60s, i will ever see t republican alike d to
11:48 am
california? >> you know, keep gointo the gym and you've got ahot. because we havquite a number of statewide offices tt you don't focuon,, lieutenant governor, elected insurance commissioner ding your mile-aged ears and we may -- we could have ended with a californ state controller whose republican. so the answer is if you ep ing to the gym, you willee it. but you wi see a governor. you will see a sator. if you really care a about ithe treasurer of california, keep working now. >> i do care about it. cocongressn ad sherman, thanks for joining us. always pas breaking news, rsia has resud b bombing merate position fhters in t this area.
11:49 am
i thoughght there was a cease-fire. coming from the pentagon.n. al qaeda lininked militants have been systematically showing aleppo forhe last t three days. the questionon is what these groups that russiaia is going after, we don't know if they are moderate or not accordingg to reututers, but we know al qaed linked groups are purprposely going after civivilians and bombing them in the last thrhree days in the cityty of aleppo in the area. stuart: i wantnt to repeat the breaeaking news who brought youa few moments ago anand that is exxonmobil losing itits aaa ratg from the s&p, the ratings people. i find that a bigg surprise. liz: they've held thatat rating since the e great depression. it's a big deal. stua: the stock isis 2cents baseonon a negative. next case, a lady who is bnened om faith that proposes the north carolina bathroom li. she joins us next. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. stuartcontroversial new bot in north caroli says yomust use the bathom of your gender bih, meaning if you were born a boy, you use theen's room and vi versa for women. i next gas is chris merck, supports the lot a she
11:54 am
suppted the law by using a facebook post. she dressed up as a pite and shsays, does this make me a pirate? dress like a football player and does thima me russell wilson. facebook banned her fo week. christy merrick is witus now. welcomto the program. >> hi, t thanks fohaving me. stuartas a a possible facebook banned you because y cld be accused of making fun of people? >>ell, i didn't know there was a blot against that. stuart: that's true. did thetell you why they banned y? >> they actually st me some notifition saying there was in my photos. they sent about nine photos and told me i needed to move e, but some of those photos were picture of cs and me at e republican convention, things like that. no.
11:55 am
stuart: explain at youere doing dressed up as airate and pain i am dressed like pirate, do this make me a pirate? what is the relence to the north li bathroom issue >> i was ting to show the vas dedefere between jusinking you're something or idtifying a und game versus actually be not found in. stuart: you support e north carolina bathroom law? >> i support but theovernor is ing. stuart: which isf you were born aoy you guard the boys room. bo a girl, go to the girls room. >> absolutely. that what i support. i want to ask the start of rhetoric question. y is it that everybody in america has to chae their publathroom habit because of the sensivityf one very small group of ople.
11:56 am
that is what is happenin >> yeah, that is absolutelwhat is happening they are ting to force women to give up our rights to pvacy and safety and also the laws washington a going as far as to send their our speech. it is encroachinon our religious freedoms. stuart: out there in washingtshingtn state there's another ruler ruling or bot that you disagree with. explain that one. >> yes, our human rights commissions well broht up as rulen washington. one of theubdivisions of the rule that they made actually says that we violate -- it is a violation if wquestion a man that iin the bathroom or if we used the wrong prouns when describing or adsing him or r.
11:57 am
stuart: do you see yourselas kindf f a startup activist protester who arrives out nowhe, get some a spoken tevisi and starts a vement? >> well, yh, i actually wasn't inteing or even thought would go viral. i've been a litt bit getting re involved as this came out in our local area re kind of fighting agast our ymca change their policies. it h been a growing tng that i never anticipated beg part of my life. stuart: are you going tmake for a post of a similar tu? >> absutely, absolutely. stuauartthink serbian on the show. we areciate it. we wl have more "varney" for you in just a moment.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: look athis. now this is the story aboutt celebrities who havehreatened to movto canada if donald trump becomes the esident of united native amera. guess what, liz ys that with
12:00 pm
the most intriguing d interesting sty today. back it up. liz: not russia bombg syria agagain. these e celebrities are saying reddening to move e toanada. islet altmanever left when he threatened grge neil cavwill take a pitch for me. is yours. >> don't you just n't go, go. inible things very muchstuart. in the mime, voting underway in thee crucial as datefor considering the batch andhat pennsylvan will go as an unitted slate to cleveland. evenllowing for thahehe betting seems to me thatald trump cod be looking at picking up 80, 90,00 of those deles. anyone's guess connmcshane on donald trump playing delicate game.


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