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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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the attention docrats. closing the deal. trh regan i think, tonight, , it wilill be very iereresting. trisish: it will be interesting will b fun. thank you very much, n neil cavuto. itit seems to be following up r. i am tshsh regan. heading to polls t today. getting closerer to the delegats he needs. you knknow that one,totopping donald tmpmp. united todayay.
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what kasich said t this morning. e people in indiana watching this proam right now. your message,, voting for -- >> io not tell my voters what too. being that tedruz. voting for him. chief strategist for t our wednesday. what it might mean t party. the system is rigged. just how f the republican party is willing to goo keep trump from getting the nodod. hillary clion lasting trump for his lavish lifesty. earning over $20 million. and for the first ti, americans top lllligence offici. isis doesave terr cells in englanand germany. yes, inermany.
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inging in 1 million plus migrants. russ retired four-star genal is here. let'get back to politics. 172 delegates. the llionaire is the only one leftn the race. mathematicallyeach that number. this is thalliance between rvivors. backtracking ts morning. backing g ted cruz in indiana. here is more from th interview. >> have not told anybody not to ve fo me. gus what. it goesown. >> y can taste it. keeping donald trump. joining me right now
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is ts an alliance between ted cruz and john kasich session mark. >> i don't know. after psychic see whtheyey were dog it. their hail mary task becse ey have no her avenue to viory. it imaki them look a ltle bi disorganized. their ground game nobeing good. frankly, a little mag, if you well. >> walso heard john k sent telling reporters yestday how it all came tether. you an, you did not ck up the one and call ted himself or ted did not calall u. th wasll decided, a last ditch effort. i wonder if this will backfire. they m be on the edge right now.
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feeling like they should support. kindf the odd man out on this. this ugly tical world. i will not go to iiana anymore. you make a very blic statement. that is where u should be running. that mes it wise, no. that iwhy they did it so much out inhe public. kasich in th oer one just throwing rocks at train that just continu to go by. it wililnot op therain. >> we saw him speaking to repoers in rhode island. colluding together. >> it is collusion. you go to jail for that. coming together.
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being beatenadly. cruz is geg absolutely killed. redu to nothing last wk. doug i had practicallyothing. no deleges. kasich is doing terriblbl >>hiis collusion. in businesyou go to jajail for this. essentially playing the violin. this is e rigged system. >> i thinkhat goes straight to his blame. as to e resources. oh, the way, this is what we are doing. i thk it plays right into the hands of dald trump. not just like the victim, at there rely authentic victim in all of this. u cannot bme to campaigns that are looking athe end of
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e ropeere. trying to do whatevethey can, desperately. what h has begun to look likaa pretty inevitable history. >> inevitable, i do t know. trish: they want that send ballot. it is alabout trying to keep trump out with this nomination. that aows public polling. givet to trump. i want to give it. yes, wlove to have that. they shod not keep the people's vote ay from them. how can this corru system, let e people vote. those guys against tse guys. it is rates against tm.
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>> you see a l of this happen on the democratic side. have been a bernie sders supporter for quite some time. it is nd of rigged. it is clear that the republicans have their own iues. >> i have nevever seen thenxiety that you he today. you u have peoplthat a are sick and tired of being sk and tired. they feel that their v vces are nobeing heard. old joand old mary that are going to work every day try to provide f their kids. you saw thatith donald trump and bernieanders. bad news for bot parties. >> tnk you. i will see youn a little bit. holding primies today we just heard that.
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seventy-one legates altogether up for grabs. on 17 of them will be balanced to whomever wins t state primy. how do you like that. th could ve for whatever they want. pennsylvania here to lagarde lilist of who wins today primamy vote. ry powerful delegates. you have to win these gu.. not th voters. byron, gooto have you here. >> tha you. you n a district, but you don't get the deletes from that disict. >> it does not make whole lot of sense. mo states require delegates, at least on the firsballet, to vo for whoever one. nnsylvania is very unusual. senty-one total delegates.
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it is pretty big ste. fifty-four can dwhatever ty want. trish: if i am listeng to you tell mthisthe delegates are not boundy what people in my community decide, what is my te really worth? >> i tnk tt there is a practical thing we ought to reme here. they have actually gone d lk to these peoplthat were runninfor delegate saying, what would y do?o? the majority of them wou say i would voteor the person that wins. they have to go home after t coention and talk to people. i think at it is likely you will see a large number ofhem voting the way voterin t their districthose. trish: how does th come aut?
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look at this as an outsider. this is the way theyry to control pele. try to ctrol theirotes. ultimately, it is the delegas that he thr final say. >> over e past it in her 20 year the stateartiesal state parties making these decions. see a bigger primaries. actual open primaries. even non-republica have vote in t primary otrs keeping it a more closed matttter. have seen in colorado. a system where people hahato be electeteas delegates. in a county caucusnd a district caucus anthen to a state caucus. that attractpele that are veterans, active is, people th are really deeply invoed in the party. >> i ast a simple girl from new hampshire.
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you go into a voting booth. you pass your vo in privacy. that is the vote that, hopefully, the delegat do. pennlvania,olorado,hey are giving some e ammunition to believe this is a rieded sysm. greatoto have you here. thank you, sir. coming up teter on the show. sean fife llll be joining me. all about thisis cruz and kasich allicece. how he plans to o bring the pary togeth to fight the democratic nominee. stay witme. you not want to miss it. a warning for e first time that isiha terror cells in ital england and germa. yes, in germamany. i want knohat is taking what i would say is obvio.
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retid four-star general jack keane is here. paul ryan talking t whether or not this ll be -- givi a very interesting answer. ...... [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> -- brucand john kasich liance. showing few cracks tod.
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focusing on indiana. focusing on new mexico a oregon. donald trump. the needed delegate to canse isomination. >> a ve for johnasich is a voteor donaldrump. the only way to at be trump, the only candidate is ou campaign. trish: what is really goinon here? what a grass rooat state. more evidee that we have a rigged stem? dan morgan. dan, good to see you. your thos about this alliance. what iyour reactn? >> i am hearing this a across te nation.. let me hear whwhat they are sayingng. very revevealing about the personal c cracter.
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what is s saying to the people? the people have made theheir voices loud d and clear. this is interesting. it is not st who thehey want. disenfranchise those v votes. doing back too work delegate manipulation is not sittining to well. here is what they arare thinkin, trish. my well, my y ambition is more importrtant. i am wling to do whahatever it takes to get thatt nomination. you saidid to me, h he believesn the second amendment.. someining that you are very papassionate about. dedefending the constitution and ththe rights of americans. though brighghts to citizens. you u saw how he reacted when those prototes s shot donald trump down. opposed to a man w who really
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seems to believe in a certain foundatition. >> more evididence o of that. as you m may or may not kw, i have beeside view of the cruz campaign. i was seeing things along that werindicative of the that we're se right a very big way, trish. it is already happeni. failing from his campaign. i thk that you will see that tonight. >> i think that it is que possible that he have a hard time. so people that are on the edge and mayb undecided. i do not like th. this is more shenaniga i wiotfrom the outsider. a -called soled white
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knight candidate comin to sitting down with all gh yesterday. asking him point-bnk, could you be that guy? >> i do not think should be somebo i think should be somebody that ran f president. not somebody that unning for president. keeps hoping that it i is somee that was previously the game welcom back. >> i think that the blican establishment isling to lose this election to hilry clinton beforehey are willing to let donald trump total revamped the r republin party. >> it is a scary thought. they do not wanto lose that. business as usual. fighting the things ke the send amendment iue.
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you know, thats why it is so great. a brokered convention is bador america. no way anyone will lea a winnerere. they will walk away an say never d cruz, never john. trish: theepublican party for short. oneoree thing. ted cruz is a man of intrity li he says he is now, theres no mathematical possible wayor ted to win the nomination. suld line up behind donald trp so that the republican party caunite and move forward and win is election. trh: thank you for coming on. comi up. warning for the fifirst time tht isisis has terror cells in england, italy and germanyny. the firsrst timime. whwhere has the u.s. intelligene agency been?
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stay with me. i am back into. ♪
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ish: america's top intelligence official acknowledging -- for t first time. isis has cells i the u italy and germany. we have all been heang that these terrorists a clong the refugees to get into europe. take listen. >> they ve taken advantage, to some extent, over the miant crisis i europe. sothing in which the nations, i think,reware. trish: germanyndtaly. overrun now by migrants. now we know thathere are isis cells there.
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what has happenein paris and brussels the president is stillticking to his plan to bring in 100,000 migrants to the united state from places likeyria this year. w rried should we be? let's ask next guest. a great friend to the intelligence report d general jack keane. general, welme back. >>reat to be here, trishsh. trh: obviously, they are there. we have own that they are there.e. wl, first of all, respond to a qstion about these countrs. obviously, there areumererous cells in nerous countries that is just an tablished fact. 5000 europeans fled syr.
2:26 pm
2000 havcome home. that is a problem that theare dealing with. they watch the bssels in the paris successful aacks, trish. they know that tho attacks were successl. they know that the organizion conductedhem. operational security. enypt it on phone apps, numbe on theyere able to hide in plain sight and sically muzzled claves in those commities. that ithe danger that the agencies a law enforcement is really tryg. >> we have ssome very distng studies that were repoed here on this show. beinwaived i into many of these. being able to li amongst their peers in these communities. members of theseommunities, believe it or not, they would
2:27 pm
not report to authorits if they had any intellince about a poteial terrorist. you have these communies that are just hboring these terrorists. allong them exist to pn. these are european communities. these are musls that are european. do they just simply idenfy more with their religion a their nationality? >> they ke decions about 20 years ago. their homogeoupopopulations that ty have. they screw up whe people are able to mamaintain the languag pretty much stayed to themselves. they were nothe simulated. they were not le t to access the me school systems in the sam job oortunities.
2:28 pm
the secondeneratiowho was tching this growing up as their parents open it, built up this animosity. on tf that, the relatiships between the police and these communities not veryry good at all. that is why you gethis sympathetic support fromeopl that suspecthem of doing wrong. even though they know they a doing someing wrong, they don't. >> unbelievable. asking you about the newthat is coming out this week. fiting is.s. i heard this news. 250, that does not seem likeke whole we need more. >>bsolely. this will helpful, ough. make no miake aboutt. they wilbe able to train. they wilnow operate in the eastern part of c-reactive you
2:29 pm
know, have had this problem ing all the way back to 2014 the deal is the stand. that iwhere thsafeaven is. that is where the communicatns are. theyotivate others to in the organization the center of gravity is sious safe haven. >> absoluty. here's wtappened. we know we hava problem. they are fighting aside. we are willing to put some troops on the groundith our fellow ara allies. was you lead thisffort? b obama administtion took that off the tabl immediately. that is why we are doi these her things to to stitch together aarmy which will take time.
2:30 pm
oh well into 2017. this has buried his head in the sand. >> good talking to youou, trish. >> hillaryry clinton lasting trt courtntney beacham is lavish listyle. >> not a billionaire. 20 m milli. this is kikind of what bernie sanders got. it is all relative. willll it work? will people believe it? we are on it. back in two.
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>> if you wantnt to be president ofof the united states, you have to be famililiar with the united states. don't just fly that jet in andnd landnded. do not just make a big s speech and insult e everyone that you n think of.
2:35 pm
>> youour country house in flora or your penthouse. ththat kind of puts yoyou in toh with what isis going on. >> hlary clinton. blasasting donald trump for beig out t of touch and too rich. everery day americans. like to flfly around in his big famous jet. $19 million in the last elelectn cycle. the are all of those properties.. along with the manhattanan apartments. part of me -- i bet that t after eight years with thehe first lay anand secretary of state, not quite as in touch she maybe wants to s she has. hereto reactive economt steve moore.
2:36 pm
eve, here she trying to forecast hself as a regular gal. divorcesillionaire donald trp. she haa very good job. like theilliaire next door. what is wrong with hers dory line here? she is in front of the wking class societ the iron age is reflected inhe polls. donald trump, he ibest constituency. his blue-clar, worng-class. making america great again. >> being ablto do that successfully. this is the guy who is worth much mthan any oth candidatthat runs for office on a republican ticket. kind of like, you know, the guy
2:37 pm
you meet on the street. >> i think psychological, it is goingn here. inadvertently,eople like llary has been helping donal ump. shsays things like that and everyone knows. gin pieces twall street pele. terally, millions ofollars. nald trump is self made of some ieritance that i think he s. i think automatilly, sitting arou. having fun with it. he will do thifor america. i think that that messag resonates with america. he saks in such a wathat, also, you know presidential should s. would you have it?
2:38 pm
ng yesterday, talking about how john kasich eats pcakes. i am watching that as i'm getting ready for e show. i am le, really? really? what happened to being more presidential. he is taking that rategy to the curve. it smed disingenuous. i do respe his campaign as a candidate. guess wt, he will run away for hang a private jet. >> that romney couldave used that.
2:39 pm
trish:e are america, right? >> with llary,y, how does she make her money? on the democrac and republican side. just q quickly. maybe otherwe would haveeen sandersupporters. th like the personali. >> suggesting that thewill. i mind eryrybody. noou have trump up in his own plane. >> indeed. deed here it all right. thank you so much. g news. coming out about that san berndino terrosts.
2:40 pm
the fbnow saying it knows so little about the hking tool used. it is t ab to provide apple with the hacking necessary to prove. allowing t hking. how diffict apple was. coming up, eryone. john francis her direor for t ronc. donaldrumpmp. a rigged system. it? will see what he ss. eping donaldld trump from his nod. a perfect conventn. stock prices a are next. liberty mutual insurance. poallergies?s?reather. stuffy nose?e? can't sleep?p?
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trish: take a lookok at these markets s now,veryryon now we are down. big earnings report coming outut today. the technology giant said to report its first dececline. this morning's iphphone sales. kind of an intereresting econom. just exaxactly where the world economy is. please stay with fox. we have alall of that breaking news for earnings. exxon mobil. aaa ratings for r the first time since the depressioion.
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over thehe company doubling itit that in the st few y years. a quarter of a percent. oil alsoso higher. switching out the day upn the 40s. we will be rightack. the ros and see. ♪
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> it is a scam. it is absosolutely a rigged sysystem. we will go back to the old ways. >> we have to n n by big numbers. we have a stem tt t is absolutely rigged up. >> i guess you see that ememe, right? fired up what hehe is calling a rigged, corrupt and d dirty system. you have t believe that it will get more and m more. joining me right n now is chief strategist. good to have you here. >>hank you. good to be in ne york. you probab heard it on the phone. what are you saying in response? >> is a compliteted syststem. no question out it. e of them devise a plan.
2:46 pm
the differences we as a state influence each ste territory. thopposite they tried to institute a superdelegate. the most grassroot. pennsylvania m making some bad decisions. e idea that 71 delegates and onlyactually wanting them to. that does not em fair. >> voting on a congressial distct everybody understas the process by which those d delates are selected. some of them are not ver hard.
2:47 pm
maki it very clear. no matter how it votes, i ll te for the candida. trish: why can'tse it them down? they want to know that when n ty go to the ballllot box and the cast their ballot that i it will really count. >> in colorado, the process waws three. it started at the basisic level. thosose people elected delegate. i know that only the attttention was paid to o the very end of te process. the process was also a lot off pepeople. fofor junior had a primary. why would weant tha >> can't youo in and say, maybe you should retnk this. being more quo unquote democrat. >> wshould not have eight top washingtonpproach. we should let the statef a
2:48 pm
figu out how to allocate its own. that activists a grassroots. wanting to change the system. we should have that.t. >> make it your choice. the e mac a financial caucu intoto kentucky. driving that positio not annene in washington. pppporters and the activists. sesee how it works. one stst thihing. for the fitt time, 50tatates. atat has been happening. we wilhahave more people. more states involved in ee cycl >> totally legit. it does not sisit well with a lt of people.
2:49 pm
wh i is your reaction toto thih? >> shares this alliance. they didide what is best for just ththey pursued the delegates. other mpaigns s where figure more mathematilllly challenging. tryingdecicide what is best for thes candidate. >> what you thinof donald trott a nominee? >> it does notatter what i think. any of those three indiduals seeking ouomination. >> y yes. you will. >> you wind up in n a contested conventionon in july.
2:50 pm
>> 2008, obama and clintonon had to call each other namames. they had an titity and is using as him. isn't ththis going to hurt youo, isisn't that going to hurt you. everyoyonef them had a record. hoththe republan bill right now. cleveland. we can show people how to democratic roste w works. can show them.m. the c we can get that. the opportunity to show nonot jt america is t theorld what a papartcan be. how often do carare from donald trump? peanut per dayust daily communication with the campaign. >> wt do you hear from him? sometimes they cck in. sometimeit is after a particular race.
2:51 pm
again, it is nothing diffent in you see f from the other campmpais. the staff is involved.d. it is simple. lologiicical questions.. sosometimes it is a process. trish: i havave to take a quick eak. good to haveve you here. be right back k after this quick rate. ♪ you both have a
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cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! >> wanting to get the e nod. seller i ilisted wanting to win. great relatitions between them. trish: that is true. >> donald trump haa lot of
2:55 pm
good practicin the media. some of the mainstreamedia pundits. said this guyore than the last we said at he was a clown. >> a littlt frankly. you feel like the daily ws cover. showsing him in a bad lht. a potical candidate caing it entertaining. leaving him in the entininment seion. w are th so divorced from the rest of th country? >> there was a certaubbl i said that that is part of e problem. trump, in particul. bernie sanders. packed into ananger and frustration withhe syste they talked th the same operatives. no way he cawin the nomination with those. >> despite the hig negativ.
2:56 pm
hillary also with high negatives. i think trump says tany crazy this. there is an intensit four people likeou that do show up for the polls. lolot of women do think that s is ararailblazer. >> people will not gettt sighted enough to o vote for yo. >> it is better to have lowerr nenegative andigher negativives. the fact is s that trump is a gy who makekes a lot of ways. pipicks on the eststabablishmen. >> watching the campaign rigight now.w. talking about t older seniors. coming to the center. the heckck with that. anyway, ank you so much. do n not forget to watch how a. be right back. ♪
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trish: you know, we e talked earlier how hillary clinintois slamming donalald ump for his lavish lifestylele, t is hillary clinton beining hypocritical? join my page and telell me what you u thk. liz, over to you. liz: super tueuesday 3.0, the nenews is developing fast and furiously. donald trump eing bernrnie sanders on to dump t the dems ad go independedent at this hour. hillary sayiying whatever sandes does, shshe'got enough to blast past bernie. anthe kasich-cruz alliance mabe developing stress fractures riright now. trump spokespersonon kririna piererson and robert wolf join s live how their candidadates are preparing g for the primary crcrus stocks bussesed by 18,000, not there at t the moment as wal streetet sticks to the samame o portfolio allocatition, the bullish guy with a billilion to invest says time to o shake it up.


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