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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the fa everybody who tries to make a statement againstrump in this way, partilarly from the entertaient community they always end up beg used by ump for another line. melissa: there you go. david: stay tuneto fox business f full super tuesday 3 election coverage he at 7:00. deirdre: "risk &eward" -- melissa: "risk rewd" starts now. deirdre: ale's stock down 7% in the after-hrsrs ssion. it posted its firsevever decline in iphone sales. this i"r"risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. tetech giant apple, earnings out momes s ago, posting the first quarteterly sales drop since 20. the ststock poised to shave almt 50 points off the w tomorrowow. with me now w an apple bull and apple bear. the bull, jason rotman, , apple bearar gary kaltbaum. gladado have you both here. i feel likike i should start wih the bullish sideo we're contri. jason what do you ma of the numbers?
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the. >> listen, fst of all, deirdre, contraria relative. i'm a corariann 24 hour period becse apple is down but in multidecade period ink i'm with trend here. apple lost 80%. 1991 to 1997 next 18 years its market p went up 2700%. this ito be expected. this inot surprise, okay? the marketoverbought in neral. i thinifou own apple, you shou not sell it. i think that wou be foolish. ple has iphone 7 coming ou in the fall. 200 milliousers have not upgraded to biggcreen. there are some reaso to be a bull over the long h haul fo apple. not in the next weekut next several ars it is a hold. deirdr i hear what you're saying, jason it n being a surprise tim cook told "t wall street joual" weee in the middle a challenging quter. ga i want to bring you in as the bear. are ape'e's best days behind it?
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>> it real depends if they come out with somereat category kilr. it happenein theast. ain't happing right no here are my big, big issues. mber one, they lowered guidce throughout the quarter. theyouldn't even beat the lolowered guidanceand they missed. if athing is great at, apple is beating lowered guidanc thughout the years. the other part of thequation is guidance. idance is worse than this previous qrter. i'm not so sure that wl drive things. i think only thing thetock has going for right now, it is tring 11 or 12 times earnings. wh earnings are dropping 15%, that is why yoget a cheap stoc i ink maybe, i don't know if its going tank big-time, bui do believe you see low 90s, mid0s, , somethg like at. -- 80s. if market gettinin trouble i ththink a little bit worse i think grth days for ape are over. deirdre: jason i want to bri
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you back in. u here gary say the growth days are ove one ar w whehere ale saw phenomenal success was china greateter china whh includes taiwan andong kong down 26%. that was really toughmp. that was down 71% growth. to what extent apple's fate hinging on thehe chinese consum? >> very good questn, a and especially relevant becaus m m cook has now i guess infamously really play u u apapple's presence in china. soso how i would really like to respond to that is, first t and foremost, plple's services are w w its game-changer really. apple music is psesed to possibly beat spototify and othr services athe wod'd's number one ditatal streaming music servrvice. apple's music growth has mpmpletely trump the pace of spotify's.
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furtheore ththere is 26% increase in the serviceseveven in q1. sollll tt t apple naysayers saying apple's hararare days are overi i thinapple is being smarart focusing on n their services. it is a buy. deirdre: it's a a buy. gary don't wanto let youou go without lettining you at least defend the selell position. what do you ththink about the pricicing? if it goeses to the 80s or 90s is that enoughf f a bargain. i know you d don't think best ds are inin front o of it but is it still l a bargain? >> i'm a grorowth guy and my worry, i know they have musisic and d other things but their big driver is the iphone a and t iphone is not what it used t t be. something titim cook said was thatwewe're in the early innings of the iphonone. i'm sosorry that is a wrong statement. that we already have tonons and zillions of f smartphones out ththere. we're not early ininnings. they will have to come up wiwith something new. they startrted with the ipod, then the phone and then thee ipad, iwiwatch isn't working.
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they will need sething e else. byby the way, onother thing. they are a vicictim of their own grgreatness. once you bececome so gargantuant is very totough to continue to beat your growth r rate. i ththink they're in the rea now of walmarts and d inintels thatt so big you can't grow w the business a anymore. you end upup being value in dormant stock. deirirdre: although h to the otr two examples, those e are momore companies and tys of comompanies that have bebeen disrupted by leaner, meaner, and d different models. we'l'll ta about apple another day.y. meanantime thank you both very much. points well-argued. jason roan, our apple bull, angary kaltbaum our apple bear. nt to turn your attention to polits because tonight is huge night. candides making last minute pitches. delawareo maryland to rhode island to connectito pennsyania. >> how man you are registero vote? heering]
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how many of yoe ming out toote tomorrow? [cering] >> if you vo f for me tomorrow i will stand up anght for you and for our fure through thispaign into the white house. let's go! seizthe future together. >> i wilnot take the low road to t highest office in the land. i sa it all along, i'm not changing. that's it. thats as far as it goes. >> this is thehe only campaign that cannd will beat donald trump and hillary clinton. [cheering] >> promise you 100%,will makerica great again. we will ma it better than ever before. deirdre: polls closeless than threeours. we have reporters in key ss for you. we have you covered at fox business all night. so for grabs, 118 delega on the gop sid 384 for the democrats. tonight could be a turnini point foboth party's front-runners. so donalump and hillary
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clinton in leaving their competits behind. we takyou now to the trump wer new york city. olleague connell mcshane is there. connell, trump is e only gop candidwho actually can mathematically get to 12ut he is ill needs to sweep states tonight, right? he can't justarginally win? >> yh. he wouldove . i dot know if a sweep is requiredut certainly w would help. i think thmore delates the better. indiana will obvious be a big one. that is s r next week. in terms of nit, y yeah, it is not ether trump will have big night. most peoe expect he will but how big wi that night be? deirdre,ou and i were speaking about this yesterday. i showed you flyer trumpas handinto supporters telling them which degat to vote for because of t strange delegate location rules in that state that is just an exple of that, he knows now but whether it too little too latin terms of organization but he kns now every delete matters.
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he talked about that himself a later ray. didn't seem so thrilled by t press but here's trump. >> you have a rigg system. we have a corrupt system. this wle thing with the delegates is ridiculous. and you have to go out and you have to get your beautif delegate card you have to vote for your delegates, the degates. [cheering] thank you. reporter: theryou . as trump getseset t to watch returns me in. he will have deles ohis nd, he has de e par for the course, tweeting, cluding cop men terri on agreement betwe governor john kasich a senator ted uz. trump tweeting earlierhe cruz-kasich pact is unr grt strain. this jokof a deal not ing follow. almost dead. very dumsays donald trump. one piece of trump related ns tomorrow. you might remember he d big foreign po speech in washington d. it has a time anvenue, noon eastern tomorrow at th mayflower hotel.
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we expect it tbe more formal, teleprompter wle thing. not at national press club the demand was overwhelminin they need ad bigger nue.e. filly as we get set, deirdre to head inside of ump tower to ar from the candate metime around 9:00 p.m. we're td, let me shoyoyou a picture of one of trump's biest supporters spotted on fifth avenue, enring building moments ago, gornor chris christie. early arrival for gornor chris christ. will be one of vips on hand r his good friend donald trump. toto all expected to your pot, deirdre,t is not how many states he winsut how my delegates he will pick up. deirdre: how many dedegate you d i will be here all night. coell mcshane in front of trump tower in manhatt. hillary clinton poised to tend her lead and hing to celebrate a strong showing ts evening. senator sanders has hope ofof
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claiming a w winn rhode island. blake burmrman with me now. blake, we were talkiking about w pennsyanania is really unique out of the 50 states. you are there. you're coverining the democratic siside what are your sources tetelling you? >> hi, there, deirirdr at least h heron democratic side things have broken dodown proportiononally. bernie sanande has a chance here. the other four stas as welell because e ofhat proportional allotment. one of reasons sanders camampan fefeels best, those unaffiliated voters are allllow to vote in rhode island, the other r fo states are closedd pmaries. sanders if history says anything, he doesn't't do as wel in closed prprimaries as he does in open primaries. tells yoyou a lot where candidas spent election night. bernie sanders was i in philadadelphia but left for st virginia. hillarary clinton was in indiana but will come to pins vaiain ghter tonigight
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she e didn't mention bernie sandnderby name in far rthwestern part of the statate. indiana isexext ate on the schehedule. this probably a littttleit of a pivot as things take shapepe f hillllary clinton as she gets clososero the magic number of 2083 delegegat. he h hado tamp down comments that he might drdroput of the racece. he said it was absururd questio. hihis top strategist, tad devine quoting herere, no reassessmentf his canada s sirspeaking sanderers. after r thresults today we will determine if we can cocoinn to win on path of w winning more plededged delegates than hillary clintoton. we believeve wcan. theyey think they can. sults might pontially tetell a diffffert story. deirdrdre. deirdre: blake, thank yoyou ry much. wewe'ltalk later. blake buburm in meantime there withth ufrom philadelphia. in jt t the hours polls close for five n northeastern states. we'll haveve first exit poll ming out this hour, in thehe
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next 40 minutes. so s statuned to see which candidates are taking earlrly leads. also later tonight, fox business wall-to-wall c coverage. super tuesday 3. neil cavuto,o, l dobbs, myself, rest of the team, we'll l be hee and brbrinyoyou all relevant informrmation starting at 7:00 p.m. eaerern time. governor kasich said peoeope don't really understand d what e saidid about indiana. we're going to put s some contet around it r r you. former presidential candndide mike huckabee will help usus ou. >> i have nonot told anybody to not vote for me. i'm just not there campaigningn. you know what? when you don't c campaigign in certain areas inin kind of a ra, guguess what? your turnout goeoes downwn. ♪ ggaviscon is a proven heartburn r remyy that giveves you fast-acting, longasasting relief.
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>> the pin indiana who are wang this program right now, your ere is to vote r?r? > i don't tell my voters what to do. first ofllll, i don't have voters.. deirdre: governor kachch sent mixed messages to diana voteters t one thing is clear, d did not dedicate any money too campaignininin the hoosier state.e. former republilican governor, former presisidential candidate mike huckabee is with me now.. governor, welcome back. we love h have you here to make sense of what is going on. how do y you see kasich's, i'm n the pa w with cruz, i'm not in the pact w with cruz. okay, vote d do what you want kind of stance?? >> i thinkohohn kasich is really regrtiting that any kind of a deal wasade. the reas john kasich is nott campaigning in indiana right n w because he doesn't h have enough money to campaign ththere d some otr r states. you know, the fact this whole deal, tweenhehe campaigns went
5:17 pm
pupublic, i think has reallyly t both cruz and kasich. neitr r one of them could afford a bruisese rht now, much less sa majoblbleeding. but it looks like the actff candides w who are desperately not trying to win but justst trying tststop donald trump from winning, and all the talk ouout i can win, i c w win and this rtrt of says, i really can't. deirirdre: because donald trump eeted out and my colleagueue connell mcshane whoyoyou know well, tweeted or rather quotedd donaldrurump's tweet talking ababout it being a joke deal. i mean that is bluntananguage but it does seseem to be the ca? >> well it is s not much of a dl that is lplping either one of them. lolook, there is nothing really about it. there e is nothing really unit call f for that matter. trump tried to makake it as if t was scandalous. it is rawest fm m of politics, and in polits s you do what you catoto win but in this case really isn't going thehelp cruz. i heard hihis press conference e other day and one of thingss
5:18 pm
hurtincrcruz is not that donald trump has, you know laee crowds, isis that cruz hasn't bn able tchchange anything in his memessage. he sounds robotic. ifif you listen his answer,ee didn't respond to a a question. he gave ve s stock, very llll-rehearsed, off the-repeated phrases. he talkeked about how the consvavatives are coalescing around his campaign. yoyou scratch your head and sa not really. you're losing g states. i'm onlynene that can beat hillllary. you sasay, not really. that hast t been told f cruz wants toonontinue to bebe a plar in this he will have to shohow spontaneitity. that he is not s t theatrical ad veryry programmed. i inink that is hurting him mome than donald trump isigight now. deirdre: t that is an interestig point. you mentioned hillary clinn.n. so i want to ask you this.s. she says thawowomen would make up hf of her cabinet. here's her cment.
5:19 pm
>> canada has a new ime minister, juin trudeau. he promised when he to office that he would ha aabinet that was 50% womomen. >> right. >> and tn he did it. he made on hisromise. pplause] wod you make that sameledge. >> i will ha a cabinet looks li america and 5 of the erica is women,, right? [applae] so that's yes? deirdre: governor, i iave nothing against women fovery obobvious reasons but enou choose a cabet, you just want e best people, right? then everythg else falls after that? >> i think this is an insulto women to say i going to pick you cause of your gender. i think beer thing is to say i will pick e very best people i can possibly fine anwhen i do that, mo likely i will find at least half who wl be women. as gerernor who had more women appointe in my cabinet than bill clinton did, i can te you, i didn't go ito make sure we had a quota.
5:20 pm
we didn't ve one. we looked for gd people and we acted irregardless of thei gender. i think it is an insult to a rson's gender, the reason yo t the job because biological you fit the profile we nded. >> that hurts that person' credibility and her abily to do the job actuay. bsolutely. byhe way, dedeirdre, when i hear hillary in some of tho speeches, onyou played a mome ago, i got to tell you it reminds me of a dyn my nehborhood grow up, the neighborhoodcold, that would scream at us. honestly, she just needso learn, get a speech coach, take it down a notch because it i veryreating on the nerves when she raises thapitch way up there, jusa little speech unseli for her. but, oh, my goss. deirdre:ow many baseballs did yohit through your n neighbors windows? at is what we need to know. i'm just teasing,.
5:21 pm
>> truthlllly, deirdre, not enough. i earned every basall i hit througher window hearing that voice. deirdre: we'll be loing for fi of that, you know that, right? governor huckabee with me ere. thank you,ir. > in threeours the polls are closing in five noheastern states. we'll have firstt polls s for this hr, in the next 40 minus. stay with us. we'll let yoknow which candides are ting early succs. also allight we're here, wall-to-wall. super tuesday neil cavo, lou dobbs, myself, the restf the team, we start for you seven m. eastern time. take a look right w at ape stock. almost lower by . a big dropor apple. this is the after-hours ssion of course but the dow m lose 50 points at torrow's open just based othe waiting of apple alone. apple reported firstecli er in iphone sales. twitter stock down as well
5:22 pm
wn more so, down 12% in the after-hours sessio social media company reporting mixed results but ses really disaointed wall street. focasting as well, the stock down 20% thisear. lingering ncerns about exactly hohow to get money out of ers. deal or deal, cruz is telling people not to te for kasin a radio interview today. wel play the soundnd. trtrump uveversity is in troubl, a judge decled the racketeering lawsuitill go to trial. a cruz supporter with s ta. >> we'll have profsors, adjunct profesrs, that are absolutely terfic,c, terrific people, terrific bras, successf. ♪
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>> so if you d don't want to had e elelection to hillary clinton, do not vote, i ask you, forr donald trump. but if you want to beat donald trump, don't vote e for john kasasich either because if
5:26 pm
you vote f for john kasich, as mitt romney saidid a c couple ws ago, a vote for john kash h is a votete f donald trump. deirdre: senator cruruz and gogovernor kasich made a pact to stop trurump. senatotor cruz says, don't vote for jojohn kasich though. with me now,w, cruz's new jersey campgn chairn steve loneg. steve, glad you are re. what do you make of is pact? seems like both candidates, your candidatete and governor kasich have gone bacack and forh about exactly what t this means. >> well it is goodod husbandry about reresources. what is important in politicicss coalition building. donanaldrump uses the word collususion. what you're seeing a collectinig bebest candidate to beat hillary clinton inin the f fall and dond trump doesn't undersrstand this. deire:e: didt somehow make both candidates cruz andnd kasih look weaker? >> no i don't thinso. i ththink what happened ted cruz
5:27 pm
came out winner here. he i is clearlyly best at "art f the deal." deirdre: you m mean because of e ground game? >> thehe ground game. his managent of the ground game. ability to go o across the country.y. over thehe weekend while donald trump was compmplaining, cruz kruse wawas picking up all dedelegates in maine. no one reported on that. after r utah, wyoming, wisconsi, colorado. caroline, georgia.a. ted cruz has been n like a one-mandel gaat harvesting combine. this is really s shaking up dond trtrump. now look, donanald trump will he a good nigight tonight in the northeast. everybody expecteded that. then he has reallyly big proble, deirdre, huge proboblem. >> indianana? >> no, haste to go to o cafornia and explaiain the voters of cafornia w he donated tensns of thousands of f dollars most r left l liberal s state attorney, attotorn general in the state, camilla harris, who is thehe qen of sanctuary c cities.s. leading g effort to indict and o sue those who exposed plananned parenthood w with their great video expose'. he paiaid r her campaign.
5:28 pm
she is going to bebe running millions odollllarof ads going into the primary because s she wants s to be a s. senator. dodonald trump, republican is oe of her b bigst supporters. deirdre: stetevei'm playing devil's advocate, lilist as businessman i suppppord candidates obothth sideses of te aislsle. that is the part of f my deal-making ability. >> attorney general in california? ththats deal-making ability? he can't cut a deaeal r delegates. here is another dealal he made. has to comome to new jersey on e 7th, expxplain to all tea party leers anand pro-lifers, , ha been shshoved f the dedelegate explain and replaced witith beral lobbiest delegates. big story jujustroke two days ago. armymy olobbyists, manning his new w jersey delegates. he is establishment candidatete. ted cruz is true oututsider. wheventually ted cruz wins o on second ballot. deirdre: in new jers, your candidate, senatorruz, the governor chris chrtie clearly
5:29 pm
backedhe dald trump. govern has right to his opinion. i don'n't think his populari numbers in newersey are very go now. the big questi is, what is this trial we learneabout, keteering trial on trump iversity, what will that mea in newersey come general election. >> is true ayou mentioned this is going to trial. of course donald trump says,e is sure he will prevai the univerty will be cleared. i agree gointo trial is clearla black eye. >> in the middle of a neral election, this wl be centerpiece, we have cdidate on republican pay? look, i think itas bill o'reilly that sd there woulbe hill toay -- deirdre:e did indeed. >>hat real hell to p. that is nor price to pay after the convtion deirdre: he ll to pay if trump is denied degates. >> no. e real hell to if trump comes nonominee with hillary clinand leads the republan party to catacsmic failure. deirdre: there are peoe whwho are worried about themem. i know you are one of them. >> i'm absololutely one of them.
5:30 pm
> thank you very much.. cruz's new j jersey campaign chaiairman. steve e n began with me there. three hours to go until poss close in five statates. in case you can't wait, , we hae the first exit p polls coming ot ththisour. stay tuned to see e how the candndidates are going in these ve, very early moments. former "apprentice contestants are speaking o ainst nald trump. we wl tell you why. our own "arentice" finalist, geraldo o vera is with me next. bubut your totaled new car isn'n't totally replaced. with new car repcement,, we'll reace the full value of ur car plus depreciation. bubut your totaled new car isn'n't totally replaced. libey mutual insurance. a dry mouth can a common meside effect. that's why the's biotene. it comes in oralse, spray or gel so t's moisturizing reli for everyone. otene, for people who sufrr om a dry mouth.
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>> donald trump has id many racist things that, u know, i think really are out theren the medialready. there's a pronderance of comments, whether it'shat he saidbout mexicans being rape itselfs, what heaid about ther - movement. trish: one of severaformer aparen tills conteants w who are agagainst trump saying he apals to the lowest common denomator of phoix racism and disiveness. former finalist,aloe rera is withe now. >> you didmention my dan moves. trish: i kw. i ran out of tim you've done so mh. [laughter] so, first and remost, full disclosure, wee alsoad apprentice stars on who thk the world of dald trump. so tre is clearly a range as there would be with anyb but when youarticipated, how did yothink it went? >> i certainly don't agree i n't believe donald trump has
5:35 pm
a racione in his body. i think he'se some very umsy things. e david duke, you know, dey was, i think, thst egregious. the fact that, you know,rump protestelugged a black guy anenyoyou know, went, you know, lauded bdonald trump instead of criticize think he made misstep, but i think ill correct those, a and i totalldisa. think trump is a family man, good, a patriot, and i have a different ew of f him having spent everday for six week with him during celebr >>prentice. trish: obviously, you had one-on-o-one interaction, but you're a superstar, , and you we there as part of a cast t of supersta. so maybe he e acted differently because you're very llll established as were the otheher participants >> well, i guess, u u know, theoretically, deirere, th is true.. but i stst don't see it. i've known him sin 1 197 trish: okay. >> you kno t there's all kinds ofof black people and brown peoe around t that building, you kno? i sehihim interacting, i don't
5:36 pm
see any kind of, you k kno racism, even a hint of it. ani i don't -- you know, i think that he's t t -- i think the republican party gerally, , let me say somethingerery serious anand, you know, a big t though. the publican p party with its sosouthe strategy has made n bones ababout the fact that ey are appealing or have bebe for decades now to whi resentment er the civil rigs vement and the aftermat of the vil rights movent particularly in the deep south a the united stat. thats the strategy devised by richard nixon. the party hasn't sweed very much from that to its, i think, its shame. they have to move pa that. t at is a structural probl within the republican pay, and i'm a registered rublican, that has to be crected in the poli statement, in the platform and i tnk going forward. but i think of all the candidates, i can te you donald trump ias integratnist as anyone. trh: okay. well, we take at your word. 76 --
5:37 pm
>> that's a ng time. ght.t. trish: i want to ask y, ough, about a separate side matterand it seems that this case concerning ump university will go to trial. and one of the premises is t tht fraud was commmmitted or potentially committed at l least enough for a j to say, you kn what? i'd li to hear more. >> first of al deirdre, as a wyer, let me say that the ba for a motion to smiss -- which is what was ruleon -- today is high. and particularly when 's a political case le this. trump is in the -- he hates e attoey generalf the state of new york, and think the feelinings are mutua the person bngg the action agait him. or fir jge to dismiss the ac against trump on a moon dismiss prior to trial woul have been tremely unusual. irdre: okay. so, basically, if yofollow the patterns of procedure, this normal. >> it was a big hurdle for t defee to get over. it is, at s heart, a commeral dispute. there are plenty of ople, i am told, that have takethe course from trump universitand written laudatory notes to
5:38 pm
trump, and he has the evidce. so i think that, y know, peoplead a a bad experience, and they are bringing this a actionf it is, indeed, fraraud proven in thatrial, then he'll pay you up. he cld have settled earlier as he said. there are plen of customers who are satisfd. so i thi that at its heart this is a one-day sty. i don't ink it is any y -- i disagree totally th the mayor about this d i also thinkhat trump wi rout the rals in new jersey. california, the la poll i saw, he was up by0 ints. i don't know whaththe cruz pepeople are looking at. they must be using my rose-colored g glasses because i think new jersey a andalifornia wi b be sownly in trump's corner. deirdre: allll right. whenou come back next t time, we'll talk about the dancingng. [laughter] >> i'll te you some of my good moves. deirdre: tt is promise, geraldo, as alwa, great to see yo ju underwo hours -- over two
5:39 pm
hohour that is, in case you cannot wait, we do h havexit polls in the next 20 minutes, ,o we'll tellll you who's taking a vevery early lead. after teaming up with cruzuz, trump is on the attack c calng john kasich a bibig baby. one of kasich'susupporters is th m me next. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a lot of plass you never want to see e "$7.9" [ beep ] buyoyou'll be glad to see it hehere. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always bebe. if only the signs wewere asbvious when you trade. and can help ptect your potential prots. fideli -- where e smarter investors willll always be.
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>> he'sust a stubborn guy, that's a he is. he's like if youave a child whjust says i want it, mommy -- [laughter] i dot care,my! i want it, ddy, i don't care, i want it. that's all he is. trish: donald ump on the attack against golf john kasich -- governor john sich. beforeenatorruz and john kasich madade a pact to lit the delegate votes, so to speak, donald trurump had attacked crua lot morere than kasich. former republin n congressman and kasich supporter tom c colen with me n now. congressman, welcocome.
5:43 pm
is trump targeting kasich inin retataliation of this cruz/causc pact? kasasich pact? >> well, deirdre, it's's typical trump, not talking about t the jobs that t we need in this country, our ecoconomy getting back on track, our defefending r nation.. he wants to naname-call, he wans to use his c cde language, he wants toto lower the level of te race so we can a all talk about it.. but, no, i'm not goioing to respspond those kinds of things. people need to know exactlwhwhy they need to v vote for john kakasich, not against donald trump. deirdre: okay. soso if you are concerned that your c candidate somehow hasas t gotten the oxygegen that he deserveses, what is the e one ththing that you would say to voters, to people who perhapss are heading to primaries tonigit that maybe they haven'tt considered? >> well, f first of all, he's indicated that he will nerer take the low road to the higight office in the e land. and i thinink this year of all titimes we need to recognize we have a person here who hasas ben
5:44 pm
a two-term governor of ohio, , e seventh largrgest state in the nati, he h has innovated in ohohio. he's created jobs. he's creatated a balanced budge. he has put people to work, a and he a also has helped train peope for new jobs if you rook at h his entire -- look at his entire rececord and also strtrong on national defene having s served on the armed services committee in congngress for 18 years, i think you'll find somebody who cocould represent us we'll be e proud of and somebodydyho will be able to deal with the nation p problems. dedeirdre: so, congressman, thee are people who a agree with you. there are also oththers who sayf he's s such a great candidate, w come he ly won his own s state? >> i think there's's a lot of blame to go around. he wasn't gegetting the attentin en w we had 17 people running for office, and now he's's becoming more d more k known. he recognizes that, and he sayay that, he k knows what ppens wh you dodon't get coverage on televivision or inin the media. he's gettiting it now.
5:45 pm
and i thk ththe more people see, ththe more reasons why he should be o our nomominee. deirdrdre: congrsman, what is his goal for t tonight? donaldldrump is expected to do very well in these five northeastern statates. he does have big name recognition, no other way toto y it. what is a win for johnhn kasich? >> well, first of all,l, i think he's doing to do welell in -- going to do wewell many marylan. anand where he grew up was pennsylvania, mckeeee's rocks outside pittsburgh. so i t think those areas will be helpful to john n tonight. pennsylvania was the biggest nunumber of delegates here tonight. a lot of those p people are not goining to be bound or p pledgeo any particular candididate, theyey'll be up for grabs. and realistically, john kakasics avenue to the presidency a and e nominatition has to be some sort of convevention that's an open convenention, a contested convention. so thahat's why we have entered into this cooperation with senator cruz. cruz will be strong in indiaian, johnhn kasich will be strong in oregon andnd newexexico.
5:46 pm
and then we go on n to californ. i think makes a lot of f sense, and the voteters are s smart enh to understand what's happeningn. deirdre: alligight. >> the fact that j john kasich's not going to be campaigning in indiana is a reaeal tipoff to them.. deirirdrdre: allight, congressm, wehank you for your r time. we're gladado have youou here, congressman tom cocoleman withte there. >> thank you. deirdrdre: c chitle stock to watch, first quartly l loss in history repopog just m moments ago in ts after-r-hours session, the stock down around 5%5%. as you recall, the comompany fad a huge e. coli/norovirus food safefety crisis last year and, n fact, same-stotore sales were dn 29%. a lot more than evenen analysts expecteded. apple's s stock as well a big mover to the d downside in this popost-market session. thdow may lose 50 points a att the open tomomorrow just based o apple's weigighting. apple reported itsts first decle in iphone sales ev. twititter stock also falling araround 12%, a major miss for
5:47 pm
revenue forecacasting as well. salegoing foforwrward very questionable a and missing a lot of alyst expectations. when we come back, hollywood celebrities atening to move to canada if truinins. u nt to hear trump's also hollywood actor a model tued t trump supporter with me next to weigh in. th two hours to goil polls close, there are e early e exita points. we'll l bring them to you. ♪ ♪ poor mouth brereatr. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take thahat. a breathe riright nasal strip instantly y ops your nose can't sleep? upo 38% momore than allergy medicine a alo. shut your mouth d say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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5:51 pm
has early exitit data. what are you seeing? repororte brand new data from pennsylvania, deirdrere, ad i want to show you the f first thing. one of the questions that t was asked was if therere's no majory heading into cleveveland, how would voters in pepennsylvania n the republican side wantnt the paparty -- what would they want the candidate, o or the party to do.. and 70% say at whoever hasas the most votes going in n to the coconvention should get the nonomination whereas only 28% sy they shohould allow delegates to choose who they ththink is the best. this i is pretty much in lineneh what we've seen before. another ququestion here, how wou you feel if trump is e elected president,t, basically winning e general l election. 36% say y they're excited, 26% y ththey're e optimistic, but a whopping 37% say they wowould be either concerned or scarared if trump p is elected president. again, these a are p penylvania repupublicans, early exit poll data. another question i want to s she
5:52 pm
with you r right now, people hae bebeen asked who is best to beat trump inin november on the democratic sidide, and this is republicans being asked this question. and 64%4% say clinton and 32% sy sanders. excuse me, correction there, pennsylvania demococrats here in thisis fox news exit poll, 64% y it would be clinton.n. so we're going through allll of this early data righght now, but we'll beringing yoyou u more on what voters think about t wall street coming up next hourso stay tun for that. deirdre: jo o ling kent, thanknu very much. we arere worer. thank you. another hollllywood celebriy threreatening to move to canadaf trump wins. you will want to hear what t trp said in response. hollywood actor and model l turd trump susupporter with me nextxo respond. ♪ >> i will ararter a mane for them, and they're mo than ---- a plane for them, and they're more than h happy to leave. i dodon'care. my couountry is everything to m. but, again, if they want too leave, go. it's okay.
5:53 pm
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deirirdre: lena dunham sayshehel move to canada if trumwiwins. she saysys i know a lovely place in have, and i canan g my work done there. hehere is trump responding. >> she is s a " actor and has no mojo. i heard whoopi goldberg s sai that, too. that would be veryry gd for our cocouny. now i have to get ected because i will be doingrt seservice to our cntry. deirdre: antonio sabato jris
5:57 pm
with me. lot of celebrities say they will me to canada or somewhere else if trump wins. we he photos up on the screen but you know their names wel arthey empty threats or puicity stunts? >> you have to love is country and d apprecte this country no maer who is in charge. you have goto be passionate about this countr i would have left 7 ars ago because of barack obama. i don't know if theyre saying this becsese they are mad or scared that donald trump will do it. but at thend of the day it doesn't matter. dedre: your mom came froaa commist country, and the fact
5:58 pm
your familis grateful to be here. >>'m vy grateful to be here and thankful the count has given the opportunities i have. have been here since the mid-80s, and i have seen presidents cominanand going. it's a crucial time for all these peop saying they are going to go to canad if you go, just stay thereor a little b. we'll see you in 8 yea.. if donald trump becomes president,he next 8 years is his. deirdre: normally people on th east coa think of cifornia, espely in l.a., as being liberal. is it a club that'hard to work with people if you are open about your supportf donald trum >> don't know.
5:59 pm
it's about comn see. there is nothing else on a other si. his own cntry is against him. he wanto stand for this country and erybody is against him. i don't t it. buin my business you would be surprised. there is a wilthe people fodonald t trump and wll have this guy in e houset january. deirdre: california is 172 delegates. >> he will winoday and he ll win lifornia he the candidate, and i think it'sisgraceful what kasich and cruz have done the pack against trump. they are ungrateful anthey should stand forim and with him.
6:00 pm
actor, mod. antrump supporter antonio sabato, , jr. cleague charles payne i here. "making money" starts now.w. we a are here all night with ful team coverage. charles: apple repororting revee earnings. invevestors bracing for bad new. but this is woworse than expect, and no silver lining. the keyey support number that mt hold tomorrow. it's's already trading at 95. vovoting is under way inifify states. everyone has their eyes onon pennsylvania. it's the bigiggest but it's the most compliceded delegate syststem. donald tmp on the p.


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