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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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with xfinity x1. >> the besest way to beat the system is a evenings like thisi with recorord-setttting votes, record-setting delegates. >> together wewe are going to ce togegether and solveve the prob. nicocole: brbreaking news get o the broom. a clean sweep a republican front runner donald trump, he took a l five primary statates up for abs.s. i am lauren simonenetti. >> i am m leah gabriel in fourt
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nicole pallides. hillary clinton also vtotorious although berernie sanders denie are a sweet by taking rhode e island. weave all the primary resusults and the nededelegate count for supertuesday number 3.3. earnings and t f fed meeting in focus today chchecng in on stock market futures ahead o of he opening bebell," dow futures do 27 points, dow futures dn by 42. >> facebook can't liftft t struggling t tech sector postin earnings later today and we e wl tell you what t toffect. >> a bigig deal brewing in hoywood. comcast,t, the maker of films le despicable me and miniononwants to buy dreamworks. the price tag, $3 bibillion. we havthe latest on this ki story. >> big sports blow to the los angeles clippers pyoff hopes, the on ending for their to two players and atlahawks, both ce fr behind to take the lead in their playof series. we have all the highlits. >> it is 5:01.
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it is wednesday, april 27t welcome to "fbm." with what expect with the day ahead. breaking news, a he night for donarump sweeping all five states on supertuesday 3 in pennsylvania p gets 56% ofhe vote, ted cruz getsts 21%. in maryland trump t 54%, john kasich is at 23%. inelaware trump gets 50% beating john kh by 20%. in connectic trump is at 57%, john kasich 28%. rhodisland trump gets 63%, johnasich has 24%. the republican front runner r holding his victorory speech at trtrumump tower in n new yorcit. >> i amm so honored. thisis was to me our bgest night.
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as far as i am cononcerned it i over, these guys cannot win. when a boxer knockout the other bor you don't have to wait around for a desion. th iwhat happened tonight. nicole: trump receed the vote every state, he h 950 delegates increang his c chance to avoid a ctested convention. >> hillary clinton winning fr out of five stes in yesterday'primy, she is 9% ofhe way to claim th nomination. the secretary of stateets s 55% of the vote, bernie sand 43%. in maryland clinton at3%, the vermont nator at 53% and in delaware clinton gets 59% beating sanders who has 39%. sanders nninthe rhode island primary, his rival gs 43%. clinton holdg her victory
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rally in pladelphia. >> we will unify our party to withis election and build an amera where wcan all rise togetheran america where we lived each other uinstead of tearing each other dn. let's go forwa, let's win the nomination a in july let's retuturn. >> senator sananrsaying i congngratulate secretary clinto on her victory and l look forwa to issssue oriented c campaigns the 1414ontests to come. in his victory spepeech donald trump targeting hihilly clinton sayiying he is going to be, quo, easy to be. connell mcshane has more from trump tower. > hillary clinton moves clos to gainining. >> donald trump consididers himself the prpresumptive nomin of the republican party,y, saids much in n a news conference aer
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five n northeastern states, represents a pivivot for the primary to general electn candidates and theosost pointed tatacks essay for t the presumivive nominee on the democratic side. >> if hiarary clinton were a man i don't think she would t t 5% of the vote. the only thing she hasas going the maman card. >> the second phase of the trum pivot will be e to a more serio lilicy oriented candidate,hahat will begegin later when foforeign-policy addssss at the mayflower r hotel led to t question at the news conferencn. are you concnened that you lose yoyour more enthusiastic long-rm supporters who supupported you? > i had many people right in tweet in, call in please don't change, stay t w way you are. i am not changing
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>> reporte i in addition to the dc speech trump will campan n in indiana and he will bjoined on the campaign trail bthe basketball coach bobby kght. laurenmeile in her victo speech hillary cnton firing ck at trump, blake berman ha the latest in pennlvania. >> reporter: hillary clinton is moving closer tohe democratic nomination. her victy in pnsylvania, she cked up more delegateshan bernie sanders. in her victory speh she spoke ofanders in an inclusive tone highlighting his talking pnts and pivot forhe general election, clinton set r sights on donald trump. >> the other day mistetrp accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. if fightg for women's
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healthre and paying fami ave and equal pay is playing the woman card then deal me and. >> next up forhe demts is indiana primarary tuesesday, shg a tighght race between clinton d sanders. lauren: thank you, blake. lea: chris van hollaland has wo marylaland's democratic primary for u.s. senate defeatining representative d donna edwards a heatededace to replace e barba mimikulski. meanwhile dadavid thrown and kathleen matatthews were defeat, and msnbc st chris matthews. the house democratic pmary, to succeed van holland. lauren: a new devepment in the hillary emailontroversy, a
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nservative watchdog for two years thatat expose e interest of t private email server befofore clinton wiped it, and clinton's emailslaims the emaiwas withheld for thehem because it showeththe state departmentnt business. state department officiallalled the lalay and administrative error addining they did not rereceive the email question unl july 15th after the clinton eml address was known. lea: severe weather hihitting parts of the great plains with thunderstorms packg hahail as bibig as gpepefruits and winds approaching hurricane strengtht. the region was spared any major tornadoes but the nationonal weather servicice is 60 million pepeople from the gulf coast to the midwest and eastst to north caroroli and virginia should be alert for r strong storms today. the nastiest weather p predicte in an ararea from houston, hit hard for the past couple weeks to parts of ioiowa. we havave janice dean withth th
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latest forececasts and what we n expect cominup. lauren: investors taking a b bi bite out of apapple stock after ththe company reported its firs ever declinen n iphone sales and its first revenue drop in 13 years, share s stumbling 7% in premarket trading afterer second-quarter results missedd expectations. the company issued a weeeek revenue forecastst. apple is battling percrceptions that is tetest iphone areot much difrent from previous models as overall smartphone sales sl around the wor. tim cookownplayed that concern on the conferenccall with analys. >>e are very optistic that this t shall pass and the marketnd partilarly us will gr again. lauren: ares of twitter mbling 12% after theompany posted dappointing revenue and want on revenue forhe current quarter.
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twitter blaminslowing demand omdvertisers but the compa did report 310 mthly active userup from 305 million a year ago. lauren: wean call it a tech wreck. a: can facebook save the tec wrwrk, after the closing bell today gooe, microsoft, apple and twitter have reported disappointing first-quarte resus but analts expect fabook treport a 48% increase in n revevenuover last ar and a risin profit, mobile advertising is fueling fabook's success from mobile ads in the first qrter, facebook shares are up 33% in thpast year. laurenthe federal reserve wraps up its meeting in th general feeling there will not be an interest re increase. there is no news confence e scheduled, t fed policy statement will bunder close scruny for signals of a rate hike at t the fed next meeting june. the statement will be releleas at 2:00 p.m. eastete time. lea: we arare looking at stock mamarket futures, the us ahead
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the decision on n race and monetary pololicy and in the ra of the tech earnings last night. looking at the nasdaq, i it is 1% decline in ththe premarket a 45 points, lkiki at the dow jonenes it is down 0.2%.. looking at keyey c commodities and gold, oil above $4 yesterday, now is s climbi oser to 45, up 2%,old up $4 to247 a troy ounce. uber lauren: coast is looking to budreamworks amation for $3 billion. comct universal pictures studioio with itsnimated despicable me and minionmovies is still n a major player in hollywood. the al could help comcast compete with walt sney and the fami entertainment business, dreamworks makes t the kung fu pandnda d madagascar movies and others. comcast reports earnings today. lea: big wins for dodonald trum
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and hihilly clinton. inststead of just attacking the paparty rivals they are going after r each other. >> what she did is a dangerouou thing for our cocouny y and he she is runng for president. i think hiy honestlys a flr caidate. lauren: whdidid donald trump do so well? a sense of brayal among republan voters. we will drill downo what drove ters at the polls. u are watching the the fir look at morninrket and breang news, "fbn a.m.".
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♪ action flflo cut! can n i get a smoothie, pleaease? ooh! theyy got oothies? for me. lauren: it is 5:15 in new yoyork welcomome ck to "fbn a.m.". dodonald trump and hillary clinn scored bigig, trump won five ste picking upup half the vote in eh state, clinton losost odode isld to b bernie sanders. stocockso o watch, apple, twitt and facebook, yestererdaapple and ttter reported earnrnings, facebook hopeso o do better r wi its repo "afaftethe bell" todaday d there are reports comcast is in talk to bubuy dreamworksks ananimation, the $ bibilln deal would force comcast into head to head compmpetition with walalt sney and family entertainment t anthat is what
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is happening now. lauren: donald trump w winni five statete sengthening his ot at avoiding a contesteded convention. hillary clinton takingng fr of the fiveve democratic races. wh led to those victories? jo ling kent b breakss i down f us.. jo ling: a big night foror dald trump and d hillary clinton in e eaeast coast primamary top of mind d was the economy, e st important issue across s the board in all f fivstates. think of wall street, , democra across t theoard, the majority in connectcticut, ms. orland an pennsylvania believeve wall strt hurt t the us economy's. th are splitit bween hillary clintoton and bernie sanders. on theepublican side a large amount of voters think wall street hurts the u us economy. and those three stateses 60% to 70% went for donald trtrump. we are looking at who democrats beeve can be trump in novembmber
5:17 am
and many peoeople think hillary clton is that person with 72%. as we head towards thehe geral eleconon, towards the convention we want to looook unity in n th party. what does the pennsylvaniaia republican partyty think of how ththis campaign has affected thr paparty? 58% say itasas dided the partrty. a fferent story on n the decratic s sid 70% sasay they are energized by this campaign, i it lped the mocratic party were 26% say it has divided. as we head to indianana and elsewhere across the countrtry lot of big n numbers indicate wt might beo come.. lauren: bibig trouble in paisle park. ♪ lauren: dogs are not thehe only es crying.
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the musical genius died d witho a will. this leaves him $300 million u for grabs. we have the details. lea: in sports big blow to the ippers playoff hopes, season end chang injuri to their top twplayerand the toronto raptors come fro bind d to take the lead in the playofseries. we have all the highghts, u are wahing "fbn a.m.," your fifirst look at morning maet and breaki news. show me movies with romance.
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deatath prince's sister has fil court docume in miminnesota saying prince did not have a will. he is worth $300 millionon. he was not mriried, had no living children or parents who could potentntially inherit his estate. prince's only fools sibling, , withouout a will nelsonon will inheherit prince's estate and record label whihich includes thousands s of unreleased songsn the vault. nelson requested a spepecial administratotor be appointed to deal with the singer'sssetets, sales upup this past weekend, 16,000% versus the weekendnd beforere, postmortem his earnin continue to grow. lauren: we will see wh happens to all thamoney. les look at the latest from the world sports. los s angeles clippers are witht their top two playerers for r t rest of the plplayfs.
5:23 am
chchripaul had surgery to repai a hand fracture sustainened this play inin the fourth quart monday night's 98-84 lossss in game 4. he appearered to catch his handn gerald heerson's jersey.. blake griffin is o outor the rest o of the e playoffs after activating his quadriceps tendon. poportland evened its first rod sesees with la t two games each. the torontoaptors held for a 102- win over the paces last night. that gives the raptorsrs 3 games to two lead in tir first round playoff series. marcus rosen scored 36 points, they overcame a 13 point dicit for the winter raptors could clinch the first 7-ge e playoff series vtory ifranchise history by beating the pacers s friday night. the atlanta hawks cameme from behind to beat t the boston celtics s 110-83 last night, atlanta trailed 10 through the sesecond quarter but turned it around for the win.. the hawkwks are up 3 games to t
5:24 am
in the series and can clos out thursday in boon. uren: let's do some weather. 50 mon ameriricans in the path ofevere weather, possible tornadoes touchiown in oklaho and southern indiana bringing basebl sed hail, torrential rain. jajanice dean tracking aall for us. >> we are watching t thehreat for severe weaeather t today, wd overer 430 reports of seve weather including hail l and damaging wind d and d 5 reports tornadoes yesterday. this is the system we werere wawatching, now moving a across missisissippi river valley and some earlier reportsts of tornadoes in four ates. a lot of these came e overnight last nigight. we are w walking up potential damage in some big citieies of oklahoma and missouri to the ohio valley. severe thunderstorm wah h in effect f for the next couplele s for texas, l louisiana and
5:25 am
arkansas and within that we hah warningsgs. in eastern texasas we could see the threat for largege hail, damaging w wind and heavy rainfall, in some cases 3 t to inches of rain, an addititional toto 5 5 in oklahoma and texas. your severe threat conontinues across the misississippi river lley, gu coa, oh riv vall, ated tordoes andnd that will cocontinue through th evening. we talked about t the infall. we have e reports of floodin across the south and that wiwil coin,, it will bongoing g through saturday.. this arerea of texas and oklaho has seen inches of rain n in th last week k or so, they don't nd to see anymore rainfall. we will watch all this onon the extrememe weather center. lauren: get national bird and erere y soon
5:26 am
be a national mmmmal. the house has s voted to demotrtrate the bison the national mammal of the unid d states was the bisison also kno t the buffalo were central to many native american cultus s and they were on t the verge of tetension before revival efforts. e e bison legislation nogoes to the senate fofofifinal passa which h is expected later this week before it can go to the president's desk. vote would have been for r the hun n beinbut t i guesss that i the world mammal. lea: a bigig night foror donald trump and d hillary clinton, donald trump sweeping five primary state that h hillary clinton wiwins all but one. nonow she is aiming her sights dona trump.. >> we are going toto imagine a tomorrow where harard work is o it, families are supportrted, streets are e safe and commuties are stro and where love trumps hate. lea: t big story in the market today, the tech git apple an twitter, those sck prices tanking ter the cpany
5:27 am
reported disappointi earnings, disappnting revenue, facebook comes out later toy. can it lift the stggling tech sect. we will tell y what to expect. u are watching "fbn a.m.," your fstook at morning markets and breaking news,pple influencing e tao, down 59 ints. you never want to se"$7.95." [ beep ] but u'll be glad to see it re. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always . if only td delity's active trader pro cd smarteentry and exit pnts and cahelp protect your potenal p pfits. fidelity -whersmarter investors wi always be.
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5:31 am
for ---- uber i am leah gabrieln for nicole pedallides.s. we have hillary clinton victorious and bernie sanders s denies harris we b by taking rhe islaland we have all ththe primary resul and the new delegatate coununt supertuesday number 3. lauren: checking stock mart fufutures, apppplenfluencing th tao. apple shares down 7%, s&p futures down 5, nanasd futures down 47 points. lea:a: apple and twitter stock tanking g after disappointing profit but can facebeboolift the strugglingng th h center? wewe will tell you w whato expe. lauren: cable giant comcast,t, maker of fililmsike despicable me and minions wants to buy y dreamworks animation which makes films like kung fufu pda. the price e tag $3 billilion. wewe have the latest on this breaki news s story.
5:32 am
lea: season ending injieies for thtotoronto raptors and atlanta hawks, both come from behindnd t take the lead d in their playof sees, we have the highlhligs for you. lauren: you made it hahalfy through apriril 27th. welcome toto " "fbn a.m.," your fifirslook at morning rkets, the latest breakiking news and what to o exct for the day ahead. breaking news a huge nigightor donald trump sweepepinall five statates in supertuesday 3, tru gets 56% in pennsylvlvania, ted cruz 21%1%, maryland trump at 51%, john kasich 23%. in delaware trumump t 60%, john kasich 20%. connectiticucut trump is at 57% john kasicatat 28%. finally in r rhode island trumu get 63% of the vote, johohn sich has 24%. the republican front runner holding his victory speechch at trump towewer in new york city. > iant to tell you the five
5:33 am
states,, i a am so honored. it i is er. asar as i am concerned they y cannot win. when a boxer knocked outhe other xer you don't he to wait for aecision. that is what it is. that is what happed night.t. laen: trump receives half the vote in every sta yesterday. heas 950 delegates. at increases his chance to avoia contested cventn july. lea: hillary clinton winni four of five stes in yesterdas primary, she is 90% of the way to the numberhe needs to claim the nonation. former sretary of state gets 59% of the vote as berni sands has 43%. in maryland clintoat 66and the veont senator at 33%. in delaware clininto gets 59 beatinnders who has 39%. in connectut clintonon, sanders
5:34 am
at 46%. sands winning g the rhode island prprimary with 55% of the vovote while his rival g gets 43%. clinton holdlding h her victory rally in philadelphia. >> we will unify our party to win this election and build d a america where we can alall rise together. an america where we lift each other up instead of teararing eh other. lelet'go forward, let's win the nonomination and in july l's return to the unified party. laur: senator sandnders saying, quote, i c congratulate secretay clinton n on her victory tonigh and look forward to isissu oriented campaigns in ee 14 contests to come. lea: trump tarargeted hillary clinton sayiying she is, quote, easy to beat. connell mcshane hass more from trump tower. >> donalald trump considers himself to be the presumumptive nominee of the repeplican party, saidid as much in a news conference in trumtower afterer
5:35 am
sweeeeping five northeaste states winning them all. from geneneral election candidates, th most t pointed attackhehere, and the presumumptive nominee on the democratic side. >> the only card she hass s the woman's card,, she has nothing else going and if hillary ininton were a man i don't think she would get t 5% of ththe te. ththenlnly thing she has going. > repororter: to avoid seriou policyririented candidate in terms of speeches hehe is delivering will begilalater today wi a a foreign-policy address at the mayflower hot in washington dc.. it led to my qststion at last night have news cfeference. are you concncerned that you lo your more enthusiastic long-g-tm supportershoho supported you bebecause you were -- >> interesting question. i d d many people right in and eeeet in and call in, please don'tt change, stay the way you
5:36 am
are.e. i am not changing. >> reporter: in adtition to the dc speecech trump will be cacampaigning today in the key state of indiana and he wiwill joined oththe campaign trailil e famous basketball coacach bobby knight uren: meanwhile in herictory speech hillary clinton firg back at ump. blake bermanas theatest from pennsylvania. >>eporter: hillary clinton is closer to gaining the nomination, her victory pennsylvania w the anchor in election night in which she racked up mo delates than bernie sanders. clinton spoke of sanders in inclusive tone highlighting his talkg points and the potential further pivot towardhe general election cnton set his sights on donal ump. >> mistetrump accused me of playing the, quote, man card.
5:37 am
if figing for women's healre and paid fily lee and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal mand. >> repororr: next up for the democrats,ndiaiana primary on tuesesday. polls show pentially a tigight race betetween c clion and sanderers. lauren: blake berman in philadelphia, ththanyou. some k keyongressional battles taking place with rerepresentate chchrivan holland hason thehe maryland pririma defeating -- reting senator barbara mikulski has held d the e seato 30 years. meanwhile david d trone was defeateded, thleen matthews, former newswoman and the w wifof the msnbc host chris matths.s. and house democratic primary, cceeds van holland. lea: severe weather withth t distance pacacking hail as big apefruit and winds aroacaching
5:38 am
hurrrrice strength. ththe region was spared from an major tornadoebubut thnational weatather service says 60 milli people from the gululf ast to the mimidwest and eastst to the nonorth carolina a and virginia should balalerfor strong ststorms today. the nastiest weatheras predicted from houston n nor into iowa. jajaniceean will have the latest on what we canan expecect comin. at apple stock after t the compy report i itsts first ever decli in iphone sales a its first rerevenue drop in 13 years. look at shshar of apapple, 967676-9680, shares tumbling 7%n premarkett aer t the sececond quarter r relts missed exexpectations of the company suing a warning f for the cucut quartrterweek revenue weakerer than forecast, apple battling perceptions itsts lest ipnes are not much differentnt than their p previous models. this a as erall smartphone sales
5:39 am
are e swelling around the world but tim cook idodownplaying the coconcerns in a conference call with analysts. >> we e very optimistic that this too shaass and the marketnd particularly usill growin. nicole: apple isisaving out $46 billion in market cap. sharf twitter are tumbling also in the premarket. check that out by 12 after twitter poed dippointinvenue and warned revenue for this current quarter. twitteaming slowing demand from aertisers, the promoted tweet for instan the company active users up from 3illion a yeargo. lea: can fack save the tec rick. it is ou with earnings after the close today. goog microsoft and twitt
5:40 am
reported disapinting results analysts expect facebook report a8% increase in revenue over last year to 20% rise in profit. mole advertising is fuelg faok success, 80% of its revenue came from m mobile ads e e foth quarter, facebook shares trading slightly lowein premararket tradg. stock is up 4%o far this year. uren: thfed wrapping up th meeting this aftnoon andhe geral feeling is there will be no interest ratencrease, no news conference scheduled so fed pocy stement wille under very cse scrutiny for any signals about a possible future rate hike, the next meing is in june. todadas statement at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. ead of all of this let's loo ats stock market future looking at down arrows forll three, d jon industrial ave down 0.2%, the s&p dn pointand the nasdaq hit hard
5:41 am
beuse of the tech wreck we haveeen talking abt down a soli1% or 48 points, we will show you key cmodities, oil and gold, up arrows, $.93, $44.97 a brel, gold up $12.47 an ouncece. lauren: comcast buyin dreamworks animaon, comcast animated despicable me a minions moviesut is not a majoplplayer, that could help comcast compete wi walt disney in the family entertainment business. dreamworks mes t theung fu panda and magascar movies among oers, comcast reports rnings today. lea: chip only hurng from the foodafety problems, the mexican chain posting its first loss as a public company last night and said sales at stores en aear, the biggest decli came among its mosyal
5:42 am
customers,oping to win them back with new menu ite like teresa sausage, coupons an perhaps rerds program, chip only shares were dow4% on this earnings repor laurented cruz is looking to the tu. >> do we wantsusupport a campaign based on yellingnd screaming and cursg or do we nt to unite behind a pose optistic forward conservativ campaign. laur: we look at the os r r ted cruz win iindiana. seve wther sparks tornadoes in the plane states, janice de telling is what next. you are watching "fbn a.m.," your first look at morning markets and brkiking news.
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lalauren: let's get you caught on w whais happening now. dodonarump and hillary clinton scoring big, trump won all five stateses pking up half of the vote in eachne, clinton lost just rdede island to bererni saers. stocks to watch applple, twitte and d fabook, apple and twitter porting disappointing earnings, facebook looookio do better a after t the closing be coast in talks to buy dreamworks animation, ththe billion dealal would involve
5:46 am
cocomct and head to head competition with w walt disney company in the family y entertainment ctctor. ecking stock market futures they will be infnfluenced by warnings andnd by the fed this afrnoon, dow futures dow1%1% 49 points. that is look at what is happening now. le the campaign trail goes t to indianana where teded cruz hope ock donald trump but can h he do it? ff flock has the detaiails. jeff: despite e thvictory for dodona trump, ted cruz is giving up eveven fore the polls closos. it is not over until it is ovev and it is s not over until it i over. in indiana 57 delegatetes e week away, ted d cr s speing four t e last five essentially goining live here,wo daughters out to ththe owd here, in indiana, the
5:47 am
place they made the hoosiersrs movie, maybe it t is a half metataph for the come from behihind victory ted cruz needso pull offff he. this is what he t told supporte lalastight. >> this moves back to morere favorable terraiain. >> ted cruz got t the biggest cheer from supporterss w whe he id hillary clinton has picked her r vice p presidential nomin. donanaldrump taking the point they were pretty closese ipolicy from whehere he sits. we wilill e if indidiana votersy thatat. it comes down toiana, 57 letes. lauren: thank you. coming up big trouble in paisley rk. ♪
5:48 am
lauren: doves are not the ones crying,he musical genius ed without a willeaving prince's0 million estate up we have the details straight ahead. in sports a bibig blow to the l angeles players, seasoson endin injurieses for the top two plars and the toronto raptors s and atlanta hawks come from m behin to take ththe lead in the playo series, we have the highghlight. you are wawatching "fbn a.m.," yourur first look at morning markets and breakiking news at 5:40 a a.m. eastern time.
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♪ lauren: a week after his deatht prince's sisr r filed court documements that he did not hava will. princes s worth $300 million, was not married, had no viving children or r parents who c cou inhet t his estate. without a will underer minnesot law nelson will inherit t princs estatendnd record label which includes thousands of unrelelead songs was nelslson requested a spspecial administrator be reported to deal with the singer's assets,s, he will negotiatate his own deals. lea: that is not benenefiting h family. 50 million americans arere in t path of severe weather, possible
5:53 am
tornadoes totouchihing down in oklahohoma and southern indiana bringing baseball sized h hail d potentiaial rain. janice deaean is trackcking at and has the latest. >> we are watchi t the potential for sesevere storms. i i want to show you the temperatatur, that cold air mass and warmer air mass s in front , one of the main ingredieients for the potentntial of severe weatather as this cold front pushes eastwarard. we still have sesevere thunderstormrm watches and a couple tornado storms north of the houston area, doler radar, storms on radar t that cod potentially bring destruructive tornadoes. that is something to watch for a couple severe e thunderstorm warnrnings and potential for flooding, several incheses of rn with the s storm system, the
5:54 am
threat through this evenening wl continue a across the mississip river valley, gulf coast f for e ohio river valley, in won't pack the e punch it did y yesterd bu we could s see hail, damaging wd and isolated tornadoeses throuo this evening, colenenough for snow acrcross the moununtains a another r storm system thursday and friday. this is time we havsevere weatheher and you ow where you have the latest weatherning. lauren: wewe will be keepingn the los angeles clippe are without eir top two players, chris paul had surgery to repa a hand fraursustained on th play in the third quarter of mday ninight's 98-84 loss, he peared to catch his hand on darrell henderson' jersey, and after aggravating his left quadriceps tendo portland evened its first rod sees with la at two games
5:55 am
each. the toronto raptors came fro behind and held for a win overer the indiana pacers last night giving the r raprs or three games to twowo lead inin first round d series. the atlantnta hawks came from bendnd to beat the bosn celtics, 110-83, they y are upu games toto two in the series an can close it o out thursda in boston. steveve kerr is nba coach of t year after leading t the golden state wawarriors to the best regular season n in league history. the first 43 games this s seaso while recocovering from back surgery. chchico cubs held off the milwaukee brewers last night, , the best statart since 1907, th world series winniubs beg 16-4. there may soon be aational mammal. it is us humans. the house voted to designate
5:56 am
bison the natial mammal of the ed states, they were centr to many native acan cultures th were on the verge of extension fore revival efrts. legislation es to o the senate for final passage, thais expected later thiweekend it will go to the preside desk. we will see what hapns. lea: we willo to global market action before handing it oveto "mornings withia," stay with . ♪ you show up. you s. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do wteveit takes to take re o of your family. and when it's time to plan f r your family's future,, we'rhere for you.. we're legalzoooom, and for ovr 10 yearsrs wve helped families just likeke yrs with wills and lilivingrusts. doing the right thinseadydy, never en easier.. legalzoom. legal help is her
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♪ (sic pla♪ throughout) uh oh. what'sp? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turnsign? ♪
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lea: let's look at h how europe stocksks are trading, e ftse in london is down 10 points, the cac c inin paris is up and the in germany is up 0 0.2%. futures, l lots tech earningsgs from apple, twitter, facebook, dow futureres down 39 poin, nasq futures down 1% anwith that, maria barartiro takes us through the nextr of business. over to you. maa: happy wednesday.
6:00 am
i am m maria bartiroma. anand supertuesday 3.0 in the books. donald trump sweepeping all fiv contntests, hillary clinton takg four of five states,s, both candidates l looking at the gegeneral election. >> i consider mysf f the prpresumptive nomine heers and applalause] >> johkakasich should get out of the race. >> we will unifyfy our party to win thisis election because whether you suppor bernie sasanders or me, therere is mu more that itites us and divide us. >> we e will bring you the late delelegate count straightahead. a cloud hanging over h hillary clinto h her email


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