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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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candidates. >> and no delegates s that's wht a thd party candidate es for you. maria: "varney & cpany" begins rig now and stuart, take it an w way. stuarthere is my headline. thearth moved last night. and good morning, everyone yes,t did. it was a huge sweeping vicry for donald ump. he won every cnty in all five ates. he took north of 50% of th vote everywhere. and heres where the earth moved. he called hielf e presumptive minee, translation, he'the republican'suy. senator cruz came in trd in four state he only got 10% of the vot two of thosetas. hilly won pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland d laware, her r margin of victor thghgh nothing like trump's. delegate-wise, she is the presumptive nomiminefor the democrat bernie won rhode island and says he will reevaluat don't no w what that means, but
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iture looks li donald trump rsus hillarylinton in novemb. look at this. you arare abt to see the rld's top technology comny lose about $50 bilon worth of valu apple is sliding. but wait, he comes facebook. ter a string of misses, we'r going to find out if a social network can rescue big th. polics and money, that's what we do. a big show for you. "varney & company" iabout to gin. ♪ ♪ ♪ t e of the road ♪ ♪ >> thwords, i think i've got it, that's right. oks like we've come to the d of the road. od, the political road of urse, that's what we're talking about. donald t trump and hilla clinn, yes, they are the esumptivnominees. and they're both pivotg toward that general eltiononn november.
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they're going after ch other. our coverage othe stunning primaries in jt a moment. fit, this. ththend of the road for apple's 13-yeawinning stak, what a run it had and that stock will be down big today a drop in sas, a drop in revenue, no innotion, so here the question, at 95 or 6 a share, is it a b or are we ending much of the show asking that qution. liz is here, give mehe nuts and lt >> let's go through the number apple had 61 saight quarters of growing sales and thawould stop when they rort th numbers. >> iphone e shipmes down 16% to 51.2 millionrom more than 61 billion a year ago. sales in the quarter dow15%. they're talkg lower sales and in the june arter they lost the equivalent oa netflix in market value yesterday that a big deal. still, they have a sizle cash and securitiile, 2 billion dollar
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they could buy a ube lyft, yahoo!. that could be doing in the fure is more acquisitions, d made 15 deals in the last. stuartwith20 odd billion, you cod raise the dividend. >> that's whathey're pushing to do. the cash pile is about theize of finland. stuart: you're looking at e close yeerda 104. it will open this momorning around 96. liz peek i is here and i want t talk about t tim cook. if i use the word failurure as ceo, taking g over f from steve jobsbs, is that too strong a word? >> i think it't's a little strongng. he's not steve jobs, that't's hs failure, rigight? i mean, really, he is a veryry at d managerer, eryone credits afloat. the problem is he's s not an innovator anand honestly, i thik that a apple is having a mid lie crisis. one of the problblems in the release was not t just that ipments were down, it's thatat the announcement of what's coming along in n the next iphoe is not verery wowing. so people are not gogoing to be
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upgradining with the fervor tha they have in past titimes. so, ththat, i think, is actuall the most impmportant thing thats going on. apapple was behind samsung goin to thehe bigger phones. wh, , is is no longer the innovavator in the industry. they have to prove thehey're still onon the cutting edge and that's not his stronong suit. stuart: also, think he's sitioned apple as a liberal, liberal, leaning company doesn't want youbusiness if you're notn bod with global warming. >> and hwants to appeal to young people surveys showed that young people who are the major purchasers of iphonewas beginning to t think this was nt the coolest thining earth and i think k hifight with the f was along the same lines. . he wanted to shohow at he was kind o of the anti-establishmen, willlling to stand up to t vernment ceo, to appeal toto yoyounpeople, but that's not ththe y to do it. the way y too it is to have the coolest iphone.
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> a stay out of politics. stuart: please do.o. all right. i am still absolutely asaston h astoninish by the scopope donald trump's winin lt night. there was a shift t last night. he is no longer r thoutsider, he i is,s he says,he presumptive nominee fofor the republicans.s. just look k athe numbers, he pupulled in 63% of the vote in rhode island, 60% % delaware, 5% connecticut,t, 56% pennsylvania % maryland. a resounding five e victories ad won every y county in all of the states. lolook at jeff dewitt, he's a trump guy,y, hs smiling. i i don't blame him. i don't blame e yoat all. why not? itit w an extraordinarnight. go on,n, take your victory lap. [laughte >> well-beieing -- well, obviously, a greatat, gret ninighfor mr. trump better thann the polls showed. blowout victory. it's cle thahat the republican party is consosolidating around
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dodona trump. ted cruz as yoyou saw got about 10of the vote in many of thehe states, and d you know, i think that t thadeal he made with kachch ht him and everyone realaliz that donald trump is goining win, the only one with mathematical chance and wewe have to come a around him. stuart: you had d 20 seconds fo the victory lap. now let's get serious. [laughter] >> itit's going to be trump versus hillary in novembmber that's my opinion, l looks like it andrump is very d definitely takiking aim at hillary. watch this from last n nig. >> hillary will l be h horrible ababsotely horrible on economicc development. she will be terrible on jobsbs. she knows nothing ababoujobs except f for jobs for herself. when it came to answering g th phphone at 3:00 in the morning, she was sleeping, okay? she wasn't, with benghazazi d the other prproblems. yoyou ok at what she did with syria. look at what she's done inin so mamany different ways. shshe ll not be a go president. she doesn't have thehe sength, she doesn't have the stamimina.
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stuart: you kn, jeff, , if th's the new look presidential donald trumump, he hasn't changed very much, has s he? he gone right at her. >> well, you know, there is s a motto that like veryry much, whicich let trump be trump. he's the guy we want, , he unfiltered. . hehe'sot one of these, you know, polishededpolititicianans where they give them talkiking points. wiwith politics these days, the will look atat every phrase and say free m marts, not capipitalism and give you the e ll tested phases. obviously he doeoesn't buy into that which is what we lolove. we're sick of the e polished politicicianthat don't mean what they y say. he obviously says what is on his s mi. strt: one e quick word of adce, have his makeup artistst fix his eyeyes i'telling you u yocan't have owl l eyeyes on tv, as a esidentitialal candidate. jujust a small point.
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[laughter] congralations, young man. we'll see you soon. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: you're welme. listen to wh else donald trump had toay about hillary. now, before you e this, let me tell you that it's being called wildly sexis roll tape. >> i think the only rd she has is the woman's card. shs got nothing else going. ankly, if hillary clinton re a man i don't think she would get 5% of the vote and the only tng she's gotot it the women's card and womenen don't t like her. stuart: and when i say wildly sexist, that's what some are saying. >> it may bebe sist, but it's fair hillary clclinton's campaign mae it clear from y y one they were going to play the gendnder card and she has beenen playinghehe ndnder card all alg. is i it about her sex, yes, doe it make it unfnfair, no. stuart: it's notot a pejorative. >> i totally agree.
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stuart: xism, that not a pejorati form of sexm. >> n at all. he's on very sol ground here. think 5% is a little bit of an exaggeration ssibly, but the truth is, that's wherehe is winning -- she's not winng me she's winning with women. stuart: this is so mh fun. >> i know it is. stuart: aying on hillary clinton, she wins s fo of five stateses, s, she did. now, liz, what wilbernie do now? he only n rhode island what's he going do? >> he has enormous amount of money, enoous amount o persuasive influen in terms of what the platform's goingo look like and soorth, an he's lovg this. havi more fun than he's ha in his life, irantee it. y should he drop out? he aomplishing something at democrats are very comfortable withwhere they should be,e, whichs pushing hillary anthe party left and ft and more le. and i think in the g general elelection, that's whe they're going toto hurt r. that's w she wants him out. >> and j ben has not come
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out now and supports sosome of sanders statements. stuauart: the dark horse. and apple is a d dow stock, cause apapple is down so much, that's dragging the dow industrials down. acactually apple contributes 5 down points toto the dow industririals. so without apppple, maybe we'd e brking even. a cocouple of big names we'd be moving. chipotle. they're going to be dodown this morning, report the first evever quarterly lossss, sales down 29, thatat's the e. li for you. of crsrse, that's looking backward, but t the stock is don big time. how about twititter, same story not making any moneyey, revenue and user growth not t good, dow she gogoes. . facebook, now there's a stock k for you. reporting g after the bell toda. with apple stock, kind of, maybybe facebook is the great hopepe for technology, maybe whn ththe market opens in 20 minute' time. the contntroversy offer target'
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new bathroomom picy continues to g grow thanks to an on-line petition. laururen simonetti makes a welcome return i in case you missed the stotory >> american family assssociatio isis calling for boycott of rget after i it said it would allow men to u use women's bathomoms and dressing rooms. that they can n use facililitie thatre to ththeir gender r identy. signing the petition s says thi, target store pololicy endangers women and children by y allowin men to frequenent women's facilities, enend que.e. target p poised to open at abou 81.52, and a mega a merger to compete with disneney. comcast rerepoedly in reports to buy dreamworks animation,n, inincluding shrek and kung fu papand. and comcmcasowns the studio
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behindnd minions and despicable me. and they m may look for more chararacrs for the theme parks. mcast surging, but dreamwoworks isis t big story. on this report, dreamworksks shares, that's about 18% t to e upupside, stuart. stuauanot bad. >> not bad at all. we'll ke that, welcome back, good to see you again. all right, wve another delopment in the hillary clinton e-maaga. judge napolino calls it ruction of justice. i'm ng so what? all hese developments and nothing ever happens. i'll tackle the dge on that. late this hour,ililly robi, duck dynasty, big trumsupporter. that him standing behihind. >> if you'reoi to put a small child in fnt of me, i'm pr s sure it's child abuse in every stin america to acally pun or kick a small child. what am i supp to do? >> let'so in a fighting ce.
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>> all right. let's get to it. the hillary clinton mail scandal. judicial watch reports thathe state departmeeld back a clinton e-mail that would exposed her private rver use years ago. napotano is here. fore you explode, i know you're going to say th is typical-- obstruction of jusce and i say so what? how many times do we hthe incremtalittle movements which yosay are really a big deal and nothing ever happs? >> youquestion is the $64,000 questionnd t today, even though you' elegant and wellducated you're every-man because evyone wants to know whwhy is notng happening or what is happenin if the evidee as bad as you say it is, i i'm talking about in the plic c arena, anyone can acquire what i' acquiredrom the internet or
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the researchhat we do. the fbi mustnow a lot more an wt is in the public arena. but the fbi so thorough, it must tify what it knows. from two sourceso make sure it's song enough to withstand cross examination. stuart: that's the excususe? >> it takes time to do that. they just began interviewingng the roninianecret service agenent who o hacked into sid blumenthal's server. it took them mononths to get h fromomania to here because ey can't go there. >> i thi this trump is right. i think at the democrats are protecting hillary cnt. >> let mtell you what came ouyesterday. what came out yeyesterday is th fact that the state dedepartmen knew two years before it admitted it knewf f the exexistence of mrs. clinton's secret server. what's the significance of that theyertied under oath to a
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federal judge th tha- that they did not know aut it. so, somedy in the state departmentto protect mrs. clinton ed under oath to a federal judge. what is that? peperjury. that's anotherarget for the fb that's someone the f can get an indict for like that and then ask that pers to turn state'evidence. that's why thiis bad for mrs. clinton, evevethouough it's not direrectly against her. her former state deparartment buddies cocovering up for her i such a w way that they're lied under oath to a federal jujudge. stuart: what you've done f for the viewewers and myself made i clearer for myseself howow seri it is. what goes on and on d d on is the ti f frame. >> i i can't answerxcxcept i knw they are very thorouou a they want to blble to ratify and confirm the accuracy of alall te evidencehehey have. evenhohough they have many people workingn it, it takes me. strt: as of last night she is the esumpte dedemocrat nomie. >> she is.
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stuart: one of twoeople who woulbe the next president of the united states ofmerica. >> i agree with yoyou, it's ve, veryritical, for the democrats and american publi that thithing come to a head. thathehey say there's not enough to chge her or we're ing to a grand jury or we have enough toonvict her and ey won't let us go to a gran jury. stuarti'm lding my breath, but-- >> don't hd your breath, you'll turn the lor of that beautiful tie. [laughter] >> i'm esperated. >> a lot of pepeople are exasperarated. it's notot that they disbelief what we're saying,g, they're losingatience how long it's taking to bring this to head. stua: judge, you're right. come back at 11:00. dow futures, how the markeis going to ope lower this mornin down 40-odd points. apple is goi to be a drag. 's a dow stock, it's a drag onhe dow. very b day coming for your money. we're on it. you're late for work.
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gadgets, garmin is intohat. didn't know it how about oil,lose to $45 a bael. ththat a new 2016 high. nonow is. "vanity fair" magazinei i was thinking of f liberal intelligence that t leads that. they've got an editorial, that the democrats have become t the uber ririch, not ththe republic, the e democrats. do you agree with hat? >> let's think about whoho are making mononey, techand hollywood,he backersf hillary clton. anthis story is about the upheaval of alliances. the republican par under donald trurump is r the working man and theemocratsts have ceded at turf.
9:25 am
d evyone is scratching their heads how he do so well amongst wte men, and now it's alswhite women and norities. hillary clinton isalking to the very poorest in the untry and the wealthiest andhat's, i think what "vanity fr" want today say, the mide ground liz:z: this is heresy to say something like this. >> it's true. stuart: whwhat a switch. i ththink it's been apparent fo someme time, but now it's out there. it's an isissue in ts s elon. >> tt't's right. that's what republican vototers are angrgry about, basically th reblicican party lost track ofo the middle class a and now they've found ththem again. stuartrt: at was a great opening show. that was good, liziz. we're moments aw f from the opening bell and the futures pointingng lowerer and apple ise reason a and apple is a dow stk. check that, it's g going to fal all the way to 96 a sharare. the next obvious question, a at 96s it a buy? we'll have answers for you i moment.
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him and trimmed - -- and to welcome back to "vary y & company." 30 seconds until t the opening bell. o huge stories this mornrning. numberer one politics.s. donald trurump is now the presesumptive nominee for e
9:30 am
republican pararty and hillarys the delegate preresusumptive nominee. ththe other big s story apple, t a lousy earninrereports last night. let's see how they open now. here is where you go thihis wedndnesday morning. we a g going to be down.n. we are down 56 pointnts. pleasese show me applele. i'm looking at about $95 a share n/a% drop. w out that. shark alumni, plse make donald, jo ling kent. ninety-five dollars share. i could make aase to buy that ing. it's not a correction. it'sown 20% from the high. the numberwewere a abominable. i wanted to buy m me to go.
9:31 am
the market is going weigh on the maet in the market will weigh it. this is a dangerou draw. stuart: greate decade, don't they have 223 -- 233 billion. >> they could do mor acquisitio. the dividend increase. >> it did raisee 10%. ththeyhould raise the 50% or 100%0%. they've got t enough cash. stuart: ththey listen to you. i want to go to jo lininkent. i had a call last night. >> ceo tim cook kept r repting his optimistic about the futuru. what we see is not anything terribly bright at t the moment. you don't have themem up in the mamarket. iphone s sales are down for r te first time year-over-year. the reasonon you should care as there is no otheher product rigt now able to makeke up for that.
9:32 am
enen you have a huge amount of sales that are declining.. stuart: and innovaon f from anytng on the horizonon. it seems that trere is no concncrete acknowledgment. that was back to apple bngng a a secretive companany as well. th a are the same way about the watch. d does mean that they are keeping it very mu u under wraps. it doesn't create coididen among a lot ofof investors as yu seinin the stock price. stuart: if it wasn't f for appl, e e dow industrial average shoulde e up this wednesday morning. liz: we are going in an historicallyocky may may. it's tough for investors ca that comes out with numbers this afternoon. it is possible that ifhe nunumbers are good, theyill bail out thtechnolo sector and proded the first winner of all the big stocks. >> i love facebook.
9:33 am
it is holding up theech ctor if it es well and expectations arexceptionally high. stuart: exptations are exceioionally high. >> for the renue and net ofit. >> that's hugexpection. stua: okay, i'll deal with expectations. 50% and revenues? >> that's righ $5.25 llion from a year ago 3.5 biio stuartit seems like a setup. if you don't maka 50% increase, the stock goes dow >> expectations are soigh. stuart: i hate expections. ito gre. i hate it. coast drew marks animation for mo than $3 billion. transfer cab company i h. remarks -- popopping cmpagne
9:34 am
there. minions, despicable meaired with universal studios. this could ba big win for the $3 billion merger. stuart: kulaks up anher billion? i don't knowowut i'm speculating. chipotle pted its first-ever quarterlyoss. sales down9%. at ilooking backwards at the e. col stuff. it is wn $20 at $4.25. sure the? i don't like the company. still way overpriced. legacy iues that they crop up agaifull text we'll get hit again. there's enty of other great, bett scks to own. >>hen none of seven customers go into pane bread. ere areather. strt: it is expensive beans and rice. >> y have a very quick to the
9:35 am
audience. once you have any concern any concern at skiand move on. stuart: $20 an hou chipotle. at&t. i'll use the word pert patients. ey beat expectations but noneeless ey are down 15 cents. expectationsns will get yoevery time. panera bread maybchipotle customers go to panera bread. e market is discountin not. down a bucket $2.11. trading for moving on a scorching ce. stua: thhealth care company and done, higher prits. life is down $3? somethinto do with obacare? >> i don't follow hing that'sown that much. i'm not interested. stuart: eing stock is down. it not disappointing profits come i didn't me expectations, but it's up 30 cts. what you think wall reet iss dog with expectations?
9:36 am
>> d't look at me. bume. thgh again the next dictations >> lower salales is a fense ntractornd it is that the dollar. what is going o northrop grumman raiseit forecast. it is upcecents at 204. how abou ebay? hardly ever meion them. adam shahapiro at th exchang tell me why it sai >> debuted orevenue revenue, earnings and revenue was 2.1 billion expect to b 2.08 billion. theyre d pretty ll. e quarterly merchandise at t buzzer ready. that's a metric theyse. that essentially everything of lue with 20.5 billion where there is growth,ith the marketplace business extent off tickets, 816 million quartrter gross merandise volume is 177 million renue. 34% year-ovover-yea
9:37 am
torap this up they have 909 differt things for sale. everything from thdinky toys, thunderbird at she played as a farmer child all the way of a twwarrior princess posters. that is what iat sale at ebeb. uart: 900 million items for sale at ay. my goodness that is some eugh. what do you want? arms. >> was thinking about ay d the coetition we are seeing. i've been downust a little bit to 4.86%. uart: e's trying to avoid the buzzer. exnmobil does in its aaa rating from s&p. nompact on the stock above. no impact 87 on exxonmobil. the downgrad by the way leaves justwo companies that are aaa rated in america. that will be microso. i have some of it. johnson & johnso whdid exxon get the cut in the
9:38 am
rating? train for a trbled in recent years. ovcast overshadowing the entire sector. the straightforward s. energy policy in this count. stuart: we like to finh up what we ca the 9:30 [-open-bracket blog. to date the issue is politics. i say donald trump and hilla clinton have gotten so now. arare going to get t m seems like theyre well underway. but i foundhat how people feel about wall stree how much distss there is in the exit polling data. whare they voting for? those who say the u.s. enomyis beg hurt by wall strt. they a evenly split betwee llary andernie. it's a verinteresting piece of information as wnavigate the inteection. stuart: interesting as to who is voting for term. thworking class working guyuy.
9:39 am
liz: and now a a majoror foreign policy spepeech right after hillary's wheelhouse t to stuart: that's right. it's the elites o vo demomocrat. >> will actually help ththe economy on the r republican sid? ththey also go for donald trump. how inteteresting is that. >> everybodyants t to pick on wall street. this will come and g go. >> let'see about that. i don't think the election results have had any impact. >> wall street is getting hammmmer right now. stuart: a near r record high. check the big board. we are already dowown 10 p poin. it w wasn't for appleby than 7%, we will be w way up. there is a newew movie coming ot soon. it is called a a congressman. the true story of a disillusioione lawmaker.
9:40 am
we are talking to ththe stars. george hamilton isis one of the. he's on the e set with me.dadayt withe this morning at 11:45 here became the e stars, e have one for you next. that dynasties w willie robertsn isis a big trump supporter. his fathther is backing ted cru. makes for an interesesting dinnr conversation i i suggest. morere "varney" after this. ♪ here's the plan. you grow up wanting g toee a lawyer, because e yoyo dad's a lawyer. and eventually you l lana grown-up job with h a 40 and you meet yr r wi.
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stuart: video from californinia. the anahm m city council want to denounce donald trump. trump supporter show. as y you can see, r right theren southern california asas susurrnding donald trump on thee protesters agastst them. thfufull story for you at 10:00 this morning a abobout 15 minutes away. apple e is dow component and that is whwhat is striking the w down. if it wasn't for apple, , we wod be at 30, 40 points onon the dow industrials. the decline in iphphone sales by two apple's first revenunue drop in 13 yearsrs. that takakes us backo 2003. i do want toto dress for too lolong. liz: would've been k key of phone. if y youan show an image, is thisis bing brick of its own. it shows y youow far apple has come down. the dallas traradiding aroroun hundred back then in the pricice
9:45 am
of gold was at $324 an ounce. stuart: we've gone up p 10,000 points on the dodow since 2003 d we've gone up a thouousa dollars in the price of gold since 2003 and phphones are like this and t a break. i i never had a break. liz: i had a flip. stuart: enough abobout this. let's move on.n. politics a andhe big night for term. he's the presumptive n nomeeor republblics. he won everyiningle county in alall those fivetates. start in right behind him,m, y know who he isis. willie robertsonon fm the hit show one unique that dynasties. he iserere. >> i look like a crazy s stalker back the.. is that security footage? i'm surpd d secret service dididn't t take me down right t.
9:46 am
when a guy l looks like me is coming up behind mr. trout. the li t that guy? stuart: why do you like trump so mumuch? >> i le e trump because he's different. i liked hihim last summer. i was on fox than i sa i i think thisis guy is making senense. do you really think he c can wi? stuart: if the guy, the way speaks. >> we don' what we've seen over and over and over. for peopike me, once you sayay i'm going to get behind th guy, som the things that he says, you knhere was going e baggage. you knewe was going to say things. it'sot like zero no,o, what did he say. my father might. stuart: your dad is a cruz guy. would have guy. what happens when the nner table? >> right now i doing a lot of smiling atheinner table.
9:47 am
is is totally not planned out. stuart: if you don't md my asking, last night donald trp became the premptive nominee for the replins. cruz lt big-time. and at phone conversation, but it's your dad say? >> my mother sayhis dirty went to bed. maybe they'll ow it again tomorrow. uart: a lot of people say it's time to dr out now. >> a dabase m mistake. it lksks desperate. it looks weak.k. stuart: i think it arrived.. a lot of hollywoodod celebebrits have come out and said t they ae going to flee the couountry if s presidident tram. there's a list o of them right there. indidividual names.ookok at the you're a hollywowood star. a tv star.
9:48 am
>> yeaeah, i think you s should- i'veeen to other c countries. there isis no country y like ths country. i love this coununtry good and bad. there'e's been people elected president but i didndn't agree with but i i didn't lead the cocountry. we tried to find what u unites s ththanhat is great about our country. we are so bad we are goioing to leave,e, to try and scare people to vote inn. stuauart: you stole the authentc american ground. you look like a guy from america appepeared you've got a bandanna with a flag. >> i've bebe in new york. i haven't seen anybodydy that looks like m me. stuart: you d decidin s some was what is an a american. i think. >> where we came from f from whe we a are now is truly an amerirn story. we didn'n't t have a lot of mon. we made that calalls one at a te
9:49 am
and then ended up on televisioio it's a great a american story ad hopefully my kids and grandkidis will have the sasame opportunit. > he built an empire around that calls. that's ameririca. >> that's amamerica, baby. stuartrt: ted cruz was campaigng in indiana lt night.. he was beingng shorted by the w. i want to tatake you to him life because he is there in indiana. he is campaigning g hard. it's got to do well in indianan. he's got to wi it. we are t taking you tear down jt toto tell you he will l be comig up. will take a few bitefromom what it got to say. he's outut there right now in indiana looking kind o of grim r the man. nonethelesess, we will bring you to him i in just a few moments. we will be back in just t ap ton momement. and the urinary symptotoms of b, like n needing to go frequently, day y or night. tell youour doctor about all your mededical conditions
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9:53 am
uauart: ui looking at ted cruz. just ememergfrom this campaign last. he has b beensked, what announcement are you goingng to make tonight because he says he's going to make a big announcement. obviously his not telling reporters that the a announcemet willll be. hehe is trying to o avd that estion and avoid an answerer i should ban that isis what he sad to right n. indianapolis hast right t now. willie robtstsons still wi usus right here in the studio.
9:54 am
i want to talk to you ababout hillary y clintoton cause she hs said many tim that the gun manufacturers should be held countable, that they should liable for bad injuries in gun deaths. before you answer, show e audience what llary has been sang. roll te. >> a lawas passed a few years ago immunizing e g companies and sellers from liabilit voted against i my oont vod for it. the's not another dustry in america that has that kindf fr pass. i'll do erything i can to make sure gun makers and sellers are accountable just l like any othr business in our country. stuart: your busininess, your empire is built t around guns ce at a cal, , hunting. you are obviously an o opponentf hihillary. > yh, i am an opponent of that.
9:55 am
she moves back and fororth. according to wherere sheat. stuart: yoyou' a cynic.. >> i've seen thihis er and over. guns are vital for us forr hunting, for protetection. i am pro-second amend it and i'm not going toet u upset. i thinink r country was based on thatnd i'm happyo o ke preaching thatat message. it works well where i i am from. stuart: : look, there is a miste made by t cruz last night. hehe w campaigning in indiana. hehe me a mistake. can you spot theisistake. listen to this.s. >> it's alwaysys something. how tall is that basasketball r? 10 feeeet. yoyou know, the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in
9:56 am
indiana is the samheight as it is in new york city and ever other place in this cotry. stuartwhat was the mistake? know. >> stuart, i'm going ttell you somethin under ted d cruz ainistration, every home wilhave a basketball ring and a hock puck. stuart: thatery goo you didn't spot the mtake. i can see that. that's jusbecause of my southern accent. stuart: if you are cpaigning in indiana, even i know that theyove their basketball. it's not a rib or aaid bu-- >> aho. she went tprinceton. apparent ty don't teach that. stuart: donald trumpas the baing of bobby knight. >> i know it. this is going to play perft. 's going to be great.
9:57 am
stuart: hillary and trump november. would you want to make a prediction o this? >> trump h it. hillary is aad candidate. she was abt candidate in a y. she's even worseow. i think mr. trump is goingo prevail. stuart: will roberts, a pleasure to have you on e show. i enjoyed it and ie you did too. fresh videout of califnia. new at 10:. protesters cla outside of anahm city hall. the city counc voted a measure to publicly denounceonald trump. free speech under attack ain. this time southernalifornia. plus black les matter late ran for e mayor of baltimore. heost t big time. the second hour o of "varney & coany" is twminutes awaway.
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: with you are looking at.
10:00 am
[shouting] stuart: let me explain wt isis going on. that is the scene tside anaheim city hall, a clh between protesrs. the citcouncil in anaheim voted on a measu that would denounce donald trump as divisi, divisive rhetoric. trump supportersutside clashing with ump opponents. according to reports, one anti-trump protesterired pepper snto the crowd, five people in tooting twooung girls we hit. a measure was not psed by the city cncil but you saw the violence right there. more on that in a mont. first to thearket, down the street leverage down 10 points, it would be positiveerritory t were not for apple. apple is a dow stock down gettgg hit very hard dgging wn theow industrial averag
10:01 am
jo ling kentnt is here, wead newsws last night about a decli in iphone sales, lacack of innovation but the reaeally big problem was c china. jo ling: sales were down 26%. if you l look atxactly a year ago ththey were up by 17% and there are two reasons, whehen t chinese mamarket is slowing dow and smartphonone sales overall plplateauing in china as saturation gets clcloser to reality. stuart: which was ththe bigger issue? no innovation? declining ipho sales w with a big p problem in china? jo ling: all three but youan't forget the frth when we havet talked about yet. they are forecasng slower sales rse than expected in ththis current quarter. ththe trend lines are going do.. stuart: that will l get you eve meme and it is down 7% as we speak, thas veryucuch. more breaking nenews on individl cocompany that will be ford mor company, recalngng some pickup trucks, not just any old truckc but the ver popular f150.
10:02 am
liz: 2002 f1s s and cars, suddenly downsftininto first arthe lincoln navitor, expedition along wh a popular pick truck. of the ohe markeket does not rerdrd that as a particularly serious recall. stock is up 13. thanyou. let's get to the election. that was the newews for a long time. trump domiminated flat out. look at t these e numbmbers. he got 50% of the vote in mosts states, more than 60% in rhoded island and delaware. he is ththe presumptivnominee. that means he is the republblicans's's guy. geraldo rivera is he. u are with this? he is the presumptive nonee, ted cruz should be ashamed to ctinue thi whimsical procs just dividing
10:03 am
the gop, imposossible for him t win. the goveorors up for reelecon but she should have the courage of his convictio or at least hipotical experice and announce to the people of indianahat this is over the hoosier statshould get on board. just a matter of t tim why is the publ divided? they should unite agait hillary clinton. of the one surprised to hear you sathat. i think yoknow him personally anu know he does good stf espeallyly in new york but you don't support e guy. stuart: >> i could never vote fofor himf his immigrgration policy is not moderated but i suspect the e pivot has already y begun, you e a much more centrist republicac inhe traditional m mold, more romney like candidate withth th charisma of a movivie ar. stuartrt: ththat wouldn't win h e election. > let me put it this way. i predicted it was goingng to b hillary clclinn against donald trump last july.
10:04 am
inin dember i said when donald trump got the nomimination it would lead to a histotoric defe of thehe g. i thdraw that statement havivi seen him use the amamazing powe of persononaly, the magnetic, entertaining, h he has this nomination and the ability in states like new york to be competitive. he clearly can win the s state florida, h he s demonstrated that andnd i think he llll reac out to theheinority community and the visive language and will be a poul candidate against hillary clinton. stuart: at is fascinating. you, pragmatic? i don't think of you as pragmatic. >> impassioned. strt: those protests in anaheim m u saw ment ago, pepper spray used, pro trurump protestersrorotesting, a proposalal tdenounce trump.
10:05 am
firsrst of all, the city counci sosolid california, and whaarar ththey doing denouing trump in a city council meetingng? >> this is a a temempest in a teapot, , chking the law in california it is legal for c cit council to denouncnc or r renou anybododat here to. it is not very sububstanve.. i ththinthe debate itself, this is a mini versrsion of what wil happen in cleveland. if by some terrible e peerted chance t trump is denied, you he crazy white people demonstrating. of trump is the nominee yoyou wl have crazy n nonite people dedemonstrating. there e wi be plenty y of passi hielection but ultimely things wl settle down and there will be a clear choice between hillary inton and donaldrom. stuart: you e so pragmatic this morning. >> i alaying out the roadmap r the united states in this election cycle. it is not so extraorry. you have aerson who is
10:06 am
different but it will settle down to traditional eltion, you ve right/lef anabortion, pro-choice, classic vision and a lot will dend on the hispanic vote and trump wi have to extend a helpinhand and say i am not supporting americafamies am citizen, children volved, lelet him build a wall, the wl is nuisance too many but not a substante issue, but will be very pgmic going forward. stuart: one more small issue there was a voten baltimore yestday, t blackives matt activist was crushed finished sixth iline to be the next mayor of baltimore, heot under 3% of the vote. what do you make of thahat? >> i give a ananding ovation to ththe voters in baltimore for their third see.e. i covever the riots in the kekef
10:07 am
ththe pret graray death in poli custody. what i thought was a bunch of trouememakers in a town that needs urban renewal. troublemerers burning the assets of those poor opop, burning access to drugstores, burniningn the facilieses, making a lot of isise, attracting a lot of attention to themsmselves. ifif you go through baltimore,ou see swap of the city in ruruins the city needs a lot of tender love, doesn't need troublemamaks running for mamayor. the people off baltitire show their od sense and rejected scott. stuartgeraldo rivera went far this morning. as always, thankyou. appreciate it. back to the gop race donald trump she is the presumptiv favorite, the prumptive nominee,hat is what he said. calls on ted cruz and john kasich to drop o. let's bring in john kasich supporter, two questio, when does he op out is the first one.
10:08 am
when does he drop out? he e doesn't. sticks it out through the convention.. that is the pn this entire ti. stuart: he can win. >> sure he can. stuart: how can he win? if donald trumhit doesn't hit e 1237 mark which is looking like he might, butf he doesn't both ted cruz d john kasich, that has been their plan th tire time, they arnoas close in theelegate counas dona trump but thais their pl and their strategy. stuart: wait a minute. i am flabbersted can you imagine donald trump is denied the nomination wh he has althese states, all these vote all these delegates, incredible momenm and you deny him and you tnk i if john kasich were the guy he could win? do you really? >> it is not a matter of denying him. if he hits that 1 1237 mark why
10:09 am
not?t? stuart: if dond d trump is not the e nominee and john kasich is do youou seriously think john kasich could win? >> yes i do. there haveve been 15 to 16 nationwide polls thahat have sa so. stuart: where do youou think donaldtrump's voteters would go? yoththink they would vote for john kasich? > that is left to be -- it i unanswered. it allepepends w who he is goin to p pick for vp you hear mar r rubio, scott walkerer, is interesting because i used to be a carlyly fiorina suppteter and now she is with ted cruz and ted cruz, , tt will be interesting if johohn kachch vets marco rubio w i i like m marco rubio, tt t will b interestining so if donald trum doesn't make the ballot anand h the 1237arark you will have a lot of people with scott wkeker as theheir first, carly fiorinas their first, marco rububio as theififirst, thinknking about w eyey will support the second ballot.
10:10 am
ststuart: don't you think the delegates are amassed by john kasich in the event, where osose delegates go?? who do they suppt?t? >> delegates who a f for john kasich? i can't speak foalall of them but i know myself, i will go ahead and if i g to become a delegate, state convtition in may, i am going to go for a nominee, we go for trump john kasichets one delegate in n nevada, that wl l be up for grabs. stuart: you woulgogo for donald trump p if he gets the nominati? >> absolutely. stuart: thanks for joining u us. sorry i presrered you on this. >> y youou didn't pressure me, enjoyed talklkininwith you. uauart: i just don't see how on eaearth a repuicican other than trumump could possibly win. >> it will be tough. stuart: itouould be very tough. ththank you very much, come agn soon, good to see e you. dodonald trump said the only advantage hillary clinton s s on
10:11 am
him is playing t the woman card. up nextonone of trump's first supppporters in congressss on h beats hillary inonovember. >> the onlnly card she has is t woman's card. he has notothi e ee going. franankly of hillary clinton wer a man i don't think k she would get o of the vote. the ononly thing she has got gog is the woman cd.d. and the beautiful thining is won n'n't like her. this weeks b spototlight features parnell phararmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq.. parnrnell is focused on delivering
10:12 am
ininnovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in thte 70 bilillion dollar pet market.e have core competences in drugg discovery and development,t, regulatory filings, we have e or own fda approveded manufacturig facility andnd we have a significant commercicial presene in 14 countrieies. zydax is our lead compopound that we've been marketeting inin australia zyx affectctively regenerates cartilage e and can literally se lives. w we had one of our sales execututives tell us a sty of seeeeing a dog in a clinic tt jujust four weeks earlier had bn brought in to be euthahanized. e pet parents had toto carry the g in, it cououldn't even walk. afr justst four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing arounund n the clinic. we will soononaunch that drug the unitedd states and also europe. parnell pharmamaceututicals, parn on nasdaq. for the full intntview go online.
10:13 am
10:14 am
stuart: not great deal of moment for the dow indudustrials, we are off 30 points, we would bflat if it werefor apple. thattock is down 7%. s a dow stock. firsvenue dropping 13 years, the company has been hit hd and thats tang the tao down i have a winner,lthy demand r their fitness gadgets, i ght they were all about g but thranched out and are
10:15 am
doing we. >> tre are lower cost ternatives for apple wates. stuart: how about chipotledown $21, just reportedirhird quarrly loss down 29%, sales down 29%. is the fallout from e. coli. the question for investorw w is is that the botto we will see aboutut that. drdramatic video, video from s louis. a ane sitting on t tarc c struck by lightnining. can we see iagagain? not sure we sasaw that. there. and woe! i i amlad we waited for that. the midwesseei m majajor storms acrossss the entire area. tornadoes, severe thundederstor. >> youot to be careful.. > i have been in a plane hiby lightning, it is t terrifying. stuart: so have i.
10:16 am
moving o a after last night's fiveve decisive wins, four wins for hillary in those f five stes, los s like they are goininto face eachthther in november, , trump versus hillar oks like in november. new york's republican congressman chris collinisis here, one ofhehe first members ofof congress to come out and y i am for trump. welcome back. take a victory lap if yoyou lik looks keke he is the guy. > good to be with you. for very 24th, eieight weeks ag enen i i endorsed donald trump, been a proud suppoerer ever since. we look back a week o o and thought he didid great in new rkrkhe won 61 of 62 counties, last night he won 100%, hehe w every cotyty on alt why 5 statates. he is blowing past 60% in a three person race whicich is th equivalent o of getting 75% or % in a we 2-peon rac hillary is limping a along agait bernie sders, getting 50inin my county in n western new w yo
10:17 am
just barely wowon by c couple huhundred votes. stuart: gointoto looook forwrwao the noveerer election. donald t trump's negatives are extraordinary,y, two out of 3 voters say not going to o vote r him. i'm told in some polls 7 o of women say not gogoing to vote f ththe guy. 40% of repubublicans say not gog to vote for the guy. how does he turn that ouound in november? >> it comes backo o hillary, the greatt uniter of our partyty. hillary's netitives are skyhigh, chcharacter and negatives, she can't beat trump, shshe put our nati a at risk, makes bad decisions, those are charaerer negatives that a are only goingo bebe multiplied when we point o that she is a ogogressive liberal sosocialist who is goin to destroy the america we e kno and foll t the template of grgreece. atat fight has not yet begun. strt: that is thhillarsiside of t the aumument. what is trtrump going to do to t rid of those negatis?s?
10:18 am
> the hillary negatives will push people back towards trump esespecially the conservative americans who want b better ture for their children n and grandchildren.n. in new york he wononhe women's votete overwhelmingly. hehe won the women's vote overwhelmingly last night.t. so people saying what t they ar saying -- - stuart: most repubublicans. how ise e going to correct his overall negative position n wit women overalall? >> it t comes back to women wana brighter future for ththeir children to lilive the american drdream in the land of opportuny that more jobs, bringing ourur jobs back, when n they realize e future of their r chdren and grandchildldren and generations not yet born, a republican in n the white house, d donald trump versus a socialist progressive liberal agendada whichch is the template of puererto rico and greecece, they are going to see that they must vote for donald trump for the kids's future. that debate hasn't begun in
10:19 am
earnest. donald m mada a big step last nighght to securing the nomination. once that nomimination is locke eveven starting today with foren policy s speech he will see aa presidential dononald trump win backck the supporters the care about america. stua: a presidential -- - he will be makingng a speecon the issue of foreign policy. i believe he will use a a teleleprompter, a speechwriter. he will be therere. and -- > i was the first one on the show. stuart: ththanks very much for joining us. if you arere ready for this, driviverless cars on public car it will be a reaealityext year. will story after this. you're late for work.
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10:23 am
call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> what makes us different is no american is required too take a pledge of allegiance to a kikin or dictator or even a flagag. wewe are a free people. stuart: that was a c clip om the w movie the congressman. a life imitate art politicacal drama. we have the starart of the film treat williams, geororge hamilt on the show in the nexext hour. you got to look at amazon, dow $13. what werere they found liable f? >> amazon was found liable for billing parents for unauthorizid
10:24 am
charges by their childreren. stuartrt: order something from amazon, not the parerents who he to pay, but amazonon. >> t there aren't engh safeguards to prevent againsnst that. not enough confirmation of y yo credit card secucurity code. stuart: theyey want to slow dow the buying process. >> an internal ema s says the house is on fire e kind of film happening, talkiking about 32, , amazazon couldld be forced to refundnd. that doesn't thehe stock price. >> earnings s coming out tomorr. >> a huge 2015, what did 201016 look like i in n this retail envivironment. stuart: $6$600 a share on amazo down 12.
10:25 am
how about ththis? volvo, they are going to statar sting self driving cars in london. whenen are they going to do thi? >> on london publicic rds inside these vehicles, they want to gather data on h there in dient directions >> i wouldn't ta theidids. >> i will goith you. liz: lood like it was a conduiroad. stuart: the whole thing reallyhe wave of the fute? it is already happening. stuart: especiallyn urban n environments because dsity of traffific, ease of ming arou quickly, jump in, go. nonologicacally adnced uber. >> uber is t testing the
10:26 am
technonology, google is, tesla , if you look at the data, they argue it reduces traraffic accidents anand deaths. we will l see how it plays outu. liz: keep the steering wheheel their. of the one look at apple, downw $7, 7%, inin part because theres no mention on e call abobout the apple r. >> serious shakinessss about th iphonene year over year sales dn for the vevery first time. two o thirds of the money apple makes, thehere is concern whata innovationanan come next. stuartrt: why didn't i hear anything abobout apple tv or t apple cacar? not t a word. jo ling: s secretive company abt new w invation, there is no surpririse there but weakness i new categorieie like thple watch dagen: vocal aboutues not relateto the company. rt: the apple watch is a failure. it pulls more units than e iphone did.
10:27 am
stuartam a nastyd of guy. apple turned in its t perfnce since 2003, steve jobs vision is gone from the company. what if anything is in t pipeline that t bring it ba? we will be bac poor mouth breather. allergies? poorstuffy nose?her. can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasasal strip instantly opens your n ne up to 38% more than ley medicine alone. shut your r mouth and say gogoodnight, mouthbrehehers. breaeathe right. ♪ (sic play♪ hroughout) uh oh. what'sp?
10:28 am
♪ ♪ ....
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10:30 am
>> i just got the latestumbers from the oil mket for you the amount of oil went up i 2 million barrs. before the nbers came out, oil t 4480. a build of $2 milon. 444466 ththatoes not move the market. stayinon oil. ed. there e is a smiling face.e.
10:31 am
yoyou are based in texas. >> y yes. >> what do youou make of that beie sanders that would ban fracking a and hillary clinton thatat wld vastly reduce fracking? what do you think of this? >>aying anything that they c can toto appeal to their basase. it makes no sensee whahatsver. fracacki is absolutely the way to go. therere so much supply. eveven in upstate new york, stuauart people j jusput their politics aside. they do not undetand that fracking is the way ill get this economy and country goi quit qckly. speak to the principal beficiaries of frackin keeping energy f pr people. cheap naral gaas well. it just runs against the gra
10:32 am
fo democrats. no more frking in the name o of climate cnge. >> natal gasas prices will remain lowor a long te. as soon as theces get up to a point, people will usit and they wildrive ose prices down. sanders and clan just do n have this right atll. >>ou cover bonds, youcover commodity. a lot of peoplare saying, wait secon $230 bibillion in cash just sitting there ising g the dividend. why not buy e stock at 97. what is your take? >> iwill go lower. wewe are alws looking forward to the next great big they t you wi do.
10:33 am
this is losing gunall the time. $162. lower and lower anower. they have nothing in the pipeline. rigor mortist this moment. i bought oneor my wife for chstmas. she still is n using it. there is nothing new on the horizon. 70% heir revenues come from outside e u.s there ara lot of cheap phones outhere that are comparable to the iphone. i just would not b this stock. do not buy apple rightow. stuartrt: stayhere for second. she is a tecology watcher. where is t innovion at apple?
10:34 am
i did not hear anying about it on that big call. >> incmental innovation. apple has not shown moonshine innovation. incrental, i can prove on the iphone. the next big thing. that is what you a seein novation ithe futurere would have to come from othekis of services. stuart: what about apple tv? i have been hearing about or years. >> aot of improvements around the gaming ability. earlier th year. nothing about it last night. there is something elsthat theyre planning. stuart: the apple car. that was mentioned las nig.
10:35 am
>> a halfhrtedumber of industry experts. reports arthat apple is finding it a lot harr th they eected to create that applcar. that has also stalled. we arere seeing in the next uple months, a biinnovation fromm apple. >> it may sound rathe harsh if i we to say that tim cook looks to be a failuras a successor to steve jobs. am ieing a bit too harsh? >> i do not thk that he is a failure. i think some of these innovations take yrs to bring arket. hopefully innovaons that they are going to announce is year. i do not thinke can quite classify tim cook failure today.
10:36 am
les give him another yr. >> thank you very much for joining us. i wa to ta to you about twter. that stock is wadownoday. $15 ahare. i do not know whetr u u buy this or touch itit with a 10-foot pole. whwhere are you on twitter? >> it is a tough one. it srted to get some revenue. they will not go out andtart selling subscriptions twitter. the way they will make tir money is through advertising. one orwo days. increase that. they will start toookround. a little bitight n. better choices like facebooknd liedin. probably go towards tho.
10:37 am
stuartu would hope somebody would come along and b417, $18 share >> sometimes, esese things sell they may drop a littleit lower from thi point.. stuart: goodbye to shea not. that was a mistake she is still here. innovation or otherwise. whatgoing on there? >> twitterade a lot of improvements to its products over the year. they have done nothi to expand thappeal to a broader space. continued segnts. user growth numbers. noasuch engagement. the platforms not as easy to e. you ar seeing some recognitn there as well. stuart: i just do not likell
10:38 am
of the negativit i just do not want to do wh that, quite frkly. to politics,lelease. donald trump will de aajor speech. wiluse a telepmpter. ed, i wantnt your take on donald trump and what l looks like he s the nominee. your takake on tru, p please. >e will be the nominee and di will support himim. he sure embarrasassed is me evey titime he ened his mouth. i do not know what will l co out. i will support him. i i will probably be at the ronc coconvention. i think he neeeeds to start listening to people e around h . i live down here in texas. they are repubublicans. they j just shake their headd sangng, what are we going to do. my goodness, can s somebody hardness and tried to o lower it
10:39 am
down. >> about to make a a major foreign-policy speech. maybe take your r advice. it is great t see you back. we will see you again n real so. jeffffrey sachs. a big name at goldman sasachs resigned becauause of a possible conflict of interest.. he was h hillary is a attacked. ththe full story in ju a m mome. this is the momoment that life begins. w about that. it could beginin a serious politica debate. wewe will have that for you newn our 11:00 o'clock hour. ♪ i did not think chantix uld work as well as d did. along with supupport, chantix (varenicliline) is provn to help people quit smokinin. chantix reduced my urge e to smoke. some p people had changes in behahavior, thinking or r mood, hostilit, agitatioion, deprpressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or afteter stopopping chantix. some had seizures whilile taking chantix.
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10:41 am
♪ >> remember "varney & compan starts at 9:00 a. eastern time. here is .dynasn the show earlier. stuart: why do you like trso much? >> i like trial because he different. he juslays it outhere. i liked him st summer. stuart: his policies, inin particular. >> not like whatat we have seen over a and over andd over. once you get behind this guy, someme of the things that he sa, he knew. he knenew he was going to say
10:42 am
things. ♪
10:43 am
stuart: cebook reported prits after the bellll today. a lot of peoplhohoping that
10:44 am
facebook will recognize e sect are. how about twter? same old same old. user growth not goo mcdold's. it is announcing plans to test new chicken mcngets. back up again for mcnald's. and now this. bernie sanders advisor. resigning beuse of a possible conflict is a poible hillary attack. >> un nationthe un nations wo with socialist progressive nd of economic development plans for the world. thatas a conflict of interest. he has been a major tack dog. i saido be preresident. a th to rlrld p peace. she e is responsible for the bombings a p problems in theory up.
10:45 am
stuart: hehe has resigned from e prressive. gmac frorom sandersrs. that is correct. >> let's move on to donald trump. look who is here.. klein. an excelnt s source. is that corr you have five thingsgs about trp that the aveverage person may nt know. >> number fiveve. trump tower. meatloafaf recipipe. >> okay. >> number four. despite e his reputation. number three. trtrump has an extraordinary memory. he c remember. mo than 5000 contntacts and his one list. >> really? now that i is a g deal.
10:46 am
>> he can memorize the all. donald 10-year-old sonarre walks into hisffice frequently and saysi nt to do business. and numr one. number one. ump was asked back in 19, 2012, what a advice he would giv to the next president. people and couries better respect our nation. >> you are traveling. freqequently over theast t 35 years. stuart: you know him thatelell? >> know hihim perersonally..
10:47 am
quick crowds waving hi arms. >> he does notot take anything r granted. he is a very y smart savvy bubusinessman. i do not think of f you as a trp supppporter. that is nonot the point. you know h him personally.y. i think thahat that is a questin that a lotot of people a areski. >> once donald trurump and hilly clinton are on the same stage, ththe answer to that is more and morere pple will say, hey, i can see e hiin the oval office.e.
10:48 am
>> barack obama backck in008. she is goingng t drill hillaryrn her eatest vulnerabityty which is a trust issue.. >> owing right at them. bernie sanders sofned very much on e e-mail issue. u do not take trouble e do that? >> 35 yes on a personal basisis. teresting. thank you,u, sir. anotother incremental developme. we have had ththes b before. nothing everer happensns. despe e constant revelations about what is gogoin on. judge napolitano next. a a new movie called the ngressman. a fictional lawmakeker.
10:49 am
nonot anding during the pledge of aegiance.e. george hamilton. alall here during the next hour. ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
napolitano is here. okokay i know you will say this.s. obstruction of jususti. how may times do w we have these incremental littttle movovemts. nonothing ever happepens today, evethough you are well educated, everyone was to know why is nothing happening? the evidence is as d as you say it is, what in the publ aren anyone can acquire what i have acquire the i must know a lot more than what is in the public arena. the fbi is so thoroh that it must ratify at itnows. strong enoh to withstand.
10:54 am
>> they just began interviewinig the romanian secret service agent that h hacked into the rver. from romania to hear. them >> i think tt trump is right the demoare protecting hillary clinton. >> iewf the existence of mrs. clinton'sret serer somebody in state department to protect mrs. clinton ed that is perjury. another target to thee fbi.
10:55 am
ask that p person to turn state evidence. her foer state d department bodidies covering up for h. >> what you have donone for my viewers and our self, youou have made howlear this is. >> youre right. i know that they are very thorough. they want to be able to ratify all the e evence that they have. >>t takes time. >> they will be e the next president of the uninited stes. they either say therere is not enough to char herer or we are >> i am holding my breath.
10:56 am
you are e a free man. a a t of people. they are losing patienence with how w long it is t taking. ststuart: judge, you are all right. > george hamilt is here. we have amamazing images s of te very seconond. the third hour is s just three minutes away.. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ dennis: i really wanto take a ok at this.
11:00 am
this issemarkable. that is the moment that n life begins. captured by scientis at northwestern university. that is e moment that the sperm meets the egg. i call tt flat-out amazing you will see a lot of thatn "varney &ompany." check out this. e whitite house is on lot down. >> we havead whi house, people jumping the fence there. we will tracack thdeveloping story as it come i in. >> we are now down0 0 points. it would bee apple. that cost t the d dow, it cost t 50 points.
11:01 am
flat. twelve minutes f from now, we wl brbring you somebody that said y that stock. check this out. a drop i reven. april 2003. paying more e than $4 n now. actually going oananic, which i raraly do. etchen carlson is with us.s. tim cook at a apple. i wanto her opinion, if i can get i look at apple as a company >> i havapple products, some of them. i also believe that they have made a huge mo into this market. semomore and more peop tha are liking the devicesore than
11:02 am
apple. it is like a g growing presencen social media. you nnnnot necesrily replace steve jobs. we talkbout weakness in china. no innovation. you pointed ou competition. i see itit all over the place. >> a lot of people ourur age. looking in samsung now is an alternative. >> how about facebook? facebookreaking theold. the big-name technologstocks. who else have we had? very weak eaings reports. coulfacebook be the breakout?
11:03 am
>> facebook is really beatin its way on h to keep people from long periods time. an hour r day in some market at some people spend on facebook google is atock that could dila apple as the world's mo valuable company. >> how about mcdonald's. her innovation. mcdonald's has bn very successful with aly breakfast. would yoed these, what ist , to the kids? >> kare learning to noto cdonald's. that is at is being taught in the schos and such. my kids used to lo mcdonald's. ismazing that appear
11:04 am
pressure and howhe schoolsre teachingng that things are not healthy. this is a veryry smart move for beck donald. it is now healthier to gthere. it is crazy. stuart: s a good move. >> i think it is a v very good moveve. stuart: practitice all day has d to a 3 30%ump in the mcdald stock in the l last year. >> all day comfort food. you u cannot eat that p plan. stuart: all r right. target s stores. boycotts. a boycott petition, , i ould say, that is circulatingng about target transnsgender bathroom polilicy. 50,000 people haveve sigigned up petition. a few nunutes ago it was
11:05 am
840,0,000. how do you feel about thee bathro issueue at tgeget? >> this is a really difficultt issue. we have fami bathrooooms that are single s stall. people that fe uncomfortable, theyey can go to it. they are saking to people who feel uncomfortable tt transgenr people may be in the men or women's bathroom. >> go to the mdle wororld. the family bathroom. >>hey believe that people have to use restrooms based owhat their fit certificate says. that has created a hug uproar of people thatre for it and against i it. they will no go. walmt or home depot. still maining silent. they are watching.
11:06 am
>> ser schools and so are every otr eity. >> extreme importance. model to be followed b others. we shall see. i wantnt to geget tohihis. this is scinating video. we showewed it to you at the t p of the hour.r. the exacact moment that a sperm met and egg. the momoment when lifeegins. i find thihis fantastic. there is a political elementnt o itit. >> this will be e up for great debate. the first time that they havee been able toto do this with a human analyzed a. there are obviously reworks going on a little bit bere that. i think thathis alsoelps.
11:07 am
the stroest fertilized eggs basedn what they are seeing right on their screeght now. thill know the strongest embryos to implantor pregnancy. we are seeing itight there on the screen. itill also help the medical fid moving forward. >> that, to me, is creion righthere. a fraction o light. >> i just love that. you wiwillee lot of fat on this program. watctch out. all right.t. are you ready for this? polics. donald trump sweepeping all primy states yesterday. dominated. look at those e mbers that he racked up. one every countyty in all five states. now,e e is setting his sights on
11:08 am
hillary. world that tape. >> the o only car that she has s a woman'n's card.d. she has nothing elsese going. if hilillary clinton were a mani do not think that she woululd gt 5% o of the vote. the only thing that she is g gog is the woman side. women do not like her. >> i i reaead politico thisorni. they call ba comment wildly sest. >> it is not sexist.t. it issrue. shhabeen struggling more with the female vote. you can thk bernie sanders for that, i guess. a precursor of wt t weill see if dononald trump is the nomine. he is just getting warmemed up with his neck and a for hillalay clintoton and this issue. don't you see ththathis is an issusue. she has a weakness right now. we have heard d fr famous women
11:09 am
like susan sarandon at suprt rnie sanders. just because we are a won es not mean tt we necessarily want tlike hillary clint. i think th it would make for a verynteresting date. speaking o firewor. i think that somebody ould fix donald tmp's makeup. did you see his eyeyes? there is no makeup there. >> he had on n goggles. stuart: i do not think so. >> i am just kiddiding, stu. stuart: : e will use a teleprompter. fox business will l carry it lie on meals show. twtwelve noon t today. that is therefore our rapipidfie brown today. we will see you 2:0:00 o'clock on the fox news chnel. >> thank you, stu. strt: : now, this.
11:10 am
$800 million in sh held by isis. reportedly being dtroyed in airsikes. 800 millionn. generalackeane is with us now. $800 milli. >> absoluty. we have been conduct inumerouous strikes. soalled cash warehouse is. it ibeginning to hurt isis. vi some financial impact on at. we have to give someredit hehe. the mitary for chairman and joint cef. he has pushed rd for a much more efftive air campaign.
11:11 am
he is also pushi for a policy if. he canithin the restrais. also, credit our inteluys who are guring out where this is in t people that actually conduct the rikes being so effective with it. is is losing groundn various eas. pushing t of a couple cities. that p piece of territotory, ey look to be under a lot o essure. they look to be losing. amam i going too far? >> i think tt the momentum has moved againsthem.
11:12 am
that is a goodhing. we believe that this could have ppened sooner. eventual, tting there the safe haven is still tre. thats a a source of average name. that iwhwhere they command the ntrol. that is where they do e internet operations thate are very mh aware of. the 250 that theresident has ordered in their will of help. they deal wi stitching together a sunni army in eastern ria. that will also take me te. new president wi have to dl th it. is tre anything more that we should do?
11:13 am
i ink the pentagon will probably have some answers. >> thank you very mu,ndeed.d. >> good talking to you. have to t back to apple. do not buy it now. it hasurther down too. have someone on the sho saying that stock has gone to $1 a share e sts of the new movie, th congressman. they are here. talking politics. and llywood. ♪ someash back cards are, shal say, unnecessarily compx.
11:14 am
then those places changery few months...... plea. it time you got the quicilver card fromcapionone. quicksilver earns youunlimited k it time you got the on every purchasverywhere. n't get much simpler thanhat.
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> it has come down o much. more than 20% frfrom its h h nono reason to buyuy it.
11:17 am
i am now waiting until 90. s somhere around $110 around this stock. theicreativity is in rig mortis at this point. >> those were our ysayers. do not tch it, they said. ill under $100 a sre. nity-seven to be precise. he says, i that paying. one hundred urs a share. very strict on time on this program. convinci me to buy apple at 97. >> absolutely. backwardooking data. a user be. they can monetiz
11:18 am
yes,ot 15-20% lower anymore. giving 2% d dividend. the is a potential. the iphone seven cycle. we thinkhe cycle is s one toward$20. stuart: okay. that was good. watching the stock on a send by second basis weppreciate you being with us, sir. thank you very much, indeed. doldld trump won almost 60% of the vote inn pennsylvania. he only took 17 of the delegates. the remainder at 5 57. trumump, however, not worried.
11:19 am
rld tapape. twtwenty-six orr something. the rest of them, we will be able to g get. >> 50 delegates. we have momost of them signenedp and d done. trump won so easasily. he won every single county.y. fifty-four or fiftfth to sevene. >> that isis a great question. very clearlyly. wanting to be the president.
11:20 am
if you're goining to vote your conscious, you vote your didiststrict. >> you h have not endorsed anyby for ththis race. i believe that that accurate. will you, nowow, will you now tl us, that you, sir, are a bacackr for donald trump. >> 1 1237 delegates is the key.. whoever gets to be ourur nominee is whoho gets endorsed. whoever our nominee e will be is who we will endorse. look where we are. look where we e need to be. i ow the 1237 is very impoportt. wewe have to win.
11:21 am
we have to refuse toto lose. that is the y right nowow. stuart: take a rest. have a breaklready. >> thanknk you, stuart. the new tvtv movieie. it is called the congrsman. you both have a
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:25 am
>> walking tough the crowd. tk the mike and said, i a the presumptive nominee. ted cruz, john kasich. he knew it. the crowd knew i he is that g who could wl be the prededent. politics are very important. ump was perceived be a possible president. not a politicaldyssey. he is now one of oy two people that will beitting in the oval office. to some, that is horrifyin their contpt k knows no bounds.
11:26 am
ye a serious contender. go with e winner. jump on that bandwagon. now, the only ga in town. that is what hpened last nit. hiwin was so decisive. he changed from outsidero prumptive nominee. ey were thinking iterms of a president. an astonisng night and pull it up: history and he right. a whole neelection b because of that o moment last night.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: and now, if it wasn'tt for apple, that ourur iustrial average would be on the upside.. apple is a dow stotock looking t the biggest drop in twoo years. at the moment, apple is only down five bucks. the e analyst a few moments ago said it was goining to 120. i think demand of ththe mararke. now it's 9850. hohow about that. is one, too. r block handling fewer tax returns in the latatest tax season. that stock a at a 52 week low earlier of 1975.
11:31 am
still down three bucksks at 20. mcmcdonald's to test chickenen mcnuggets without t preservativs apappeared up it goes again. alalways going up that stock. donaldld trump is scheduled to deliliver a major foreign policy addresess in d.c. very shortrtl. ble burba and life from thth mayflowehotel rates there. what is this aut being more pridential? a telepmpter, sticking to the script. that what this is all about reporter: the are a couple teprompters in a vy nice ballroom in the middlef washington d.cwerere donald trump will be ging this script is speech just about a hf an hourromow. i wajust speaking with one of trump's foreign poli advisers wh told me the gener theme will be how there eds to be a change in terms ch in the foreign policy of the st 20 years. not necessarily the la seven year the obama administstraon. a upuple of thememes.
11:32 am
there shld be a shift fr nationbuilding tt we need to stick wiwith our allies and also of course the racal islamist threat. were also told not to expect fineumbers and detls here rather geral tmes. also the aid told me that the foreigpolicy team or the adviser told me thr foreign policy team has been expanding. donald trump said he would outle some of ose names here at the speech. back to you. stuart: thstyle and looking for. thank you indeed. the justice departmentill now callonvicted criminals jticece involved individuals. lo w who's bacack. judgdge e andrew napolitano. >> it's interestining because everery once in whilthe justice departmentnt will create a freee and it w will leave its way into the legagal system like person f
11:33 am
ininterest or a phrase justade up by john ashcrofoft as a attny geneneral and never heard of ths phrase befor a convict is a pererson who has been f found guilty or pleaded guilty to a felelonony, meaninge maximumum sentence of the minimu sentntence that exceeds one year they are not going t to change that. they can't water it down no matter what orwellian newspeakak ey wantoto use. onofof yr folks. e governrnment would change because it wldldhange the lauage. stua: well-done, judge. next case ntroversy surrounding targets n bathroom licy. the contversis growing clearly. i wa your ke on the north carolina bathroom law is that the whole ing inotion. very difficult situation. the north carolina l was
11:34 am
written reverse a local l. the local law, i bieve, in charlotteforced private have common bathroom.ness to the north carolina law basicayy says youan do what youant. you can houslike we e have that foxy bathroom thatays male, female and a syml for th who are challenged andeed a walking device to get . or you can have a common bathroom. a bathroom that can fit people at on come a bathroom thatan fit five k-kilo plans for men. the noh carolina law has been misreprese into suggesting that t government is forcing prive pele to buss ownerso o put people togher that don't want to be together. reality says it's privat property, do what you nt. stuart: at petition to boycott
11:35 am
target i not 881,0 nig on a 20,000. >> would think they would be concerned. i applaud their big heartedns and their opness b but it's good to have an effect on the botm li uart: watch this. a est in california a getting vient. the cityf anaheim voted on whether to denounce oicially dold trump. judge, there is violence outside between pro-trump people apppper but are they doioingassing motis s of denunciation. >> a agree with you. what the supreme c court opinion lastst year with freedom of spch like i individuals. freedom of speech is a natalal right. natural living human beingngs he this. who cares what the governmentt opinion and.. who cares what the city cocouncl of anaheim thihinks about donald trtrump. it a waste of taxpayer money
11:36 am
and reurs to be pain and not it. >> i've been there frequently. > they shou do it as individuals.s. it did not pass.s. >> whahatever it says it shouldt pass because governmenents shoud be in ththe business of expressg an opinion. that's not whye e have a government. stuart: i wawas trigued to see violence outside. i'm nonot making judgmenent re, but it looked to me lilikehe antitrust prprototesters who std e ruckus by spraying somee rain. >> stuff wasn't even there.. protest over a resesolution that was proposednd defeated peer stuart: this is a ild up to november 2016 which ll be writ lae across our cntry. judge, youid well tod. >> stuart, tnk you. thanks for your approval.
11:37 am
>> you aays gemymy seal of approval. stuartrt: working on a financial program, youou might be surprisd to hear most of the wsws i see rerevolves around business and policies. occasionally there's a weatherer story th c catches my eye. this one day. grapefruit sizedaiail hit the midwest. e aforementioned fox news weather machine and meteorologist is here. have y you ever se nothing like that? those are grapefefruit size hai. >> i've never seenen a grapefrft size hail, butut i know some of ththe meteorology books they use that to memeasure like ping-pong ball sized hail, dime size, that kind of thing. that will hurt you.. you have to be i inside when it comes to severe weatather. stuart: it is not normal. grapapefruit is another story.. >> i mean, you can havave been. these are raindrops that g go in the atmosphere and come e down e atmospherere can fantasize fantastic and d updraft and keep getting rings infoforming the ce
11:38 am
dodown. hail is actually fascicinating o see how it formsms. stuart: stop thehe presses becae that was interesesting. down comes precipipitation. >> scooped u up in and updraft d gravity takes ltpeter cocome down again andnd it agagain andt wiwill get scooped sometimes bak into an abstract a andnother ananother lalayeof ice.. if you actctually splice a hailstone, you can seehehe layers, just like nenes in a trtree. stuart: you could get kieded with one of thosththings >> absololutely. they've ruined your cars. insuranccompanies go crazy over hl. stuart: your descriptionas good. >> i'm so glad fabulous. forget the broadcaster needs t have a hailstone. stuart: she's got a new book called fredd the frog caster seeses. rt of the forecaster the terrible tornado. ere's more than this.
11:39 am
you haven app. >> i do. sten, the book serie very exciting i went to thank for having n for everyingladdition. it is becaus you i'm here today. i would love to hear you s this segme brought to you by freddy the fg caster. can we gett tape? i love it. >> show to me. >> maybe twill help apple le this is a weather apfor kids. th would gll. > if iet this for my grandchildre they press a click and get the weather foforecast. stua: and then my goodness, take a look at ts. we have little gamesesweather pans. and thent little coloring ok. one more thingefore we get to
11:40 am
the prize. look how cool that is. your grandkids will love this. the main thing is i wawanted to t ds excited about wther. i am a bnd now. i'm a businesswom, stuart vaey. strta happy ending. >> is always happy endgsgs because of the skikillet ready that wou b be a bill o'reilly book. not that i'm giving him yy ideas. everything ends well in n a lily pad. thanks very much ieeeed. the new tv movie thehe congressn premieres s friday. the stars of the mieie are treat williamsms and george hamilton d they are meet them in a moment. because my denturefifit well. berere those little pieces would geget in between my dentures anmy gum and it ss uncomfortable. evenelell fitttting dentures let in fooood particles. just a few dabs of peper poligrip free
11:41 am
is clinically proven to sealal out more food particles so you're e more comfortable and confidenent while you eat. so it's not abouout keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the f food particles out. trtry super poligrip free.
11:42 am
>> i aadadam shapiro on the floor than eric c stk exchange. ththe dow crossed into positive territory withth rghly two pointsts. nasdaq is negatitive. oil actually started trading positive begeganan. gold is up as well. so of the losers on the doww this afternonoon. united health care groroup down 1%. they were leavining the e obama carrotshanges. they are lososin$50,600,000,000. is down as of microsoft. some of f thwinners verizon
11:43 am
communications to report eaearnings next week. verizon is up p today roughly 1. unitedechnologies corp. are well and chevron will report on friday. more "varney" afterr this. you do a this research on a perfectar, then smash iintoto a tree. maybe you shou've doneany . more research onm. for ivers with accent forgiveness, liberty mutual wonon't raise your rates due to your first t accident. liliberty mutual insurance. the ususaa car buying app iwas realally helpful.aa all ththe information was laid oututight there. it makeses your life so much easier when you have to p purchase e a, so i've been t telling everybod. save on your next cacar with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar..
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a million dollars a montonce you get throh the revolving or. arlie, think about it. stua: theris something about at clip that tells you it's about polics. it is the new moe called the congssman. it premier this friday. bring in the stars of the movie. treat williams andeorge hamilton. what a pleasure toave you guys withs. yoay the conongressman. as i understand d that come you failil to stand up for the plede of allegiance caught on camera. >> well, i'm gettiting divorced. i have my feet up whwhile i'm rkin i get in a fistfight with anotr r congressman during a basketball game and the nenext y i actually demonstratete the
11:46 am
bellamy salute which kids outt gave foror 50 years with the pledge of allegiance whihich is e not the e salute. most ameriricans don't know tha, but that's how y you give it. if you go onlinene, you'll see . he demonstratess that to a certain news, we don't know w wo and ththey see it as a clip. stuart: with thebjective of e movie to be semi-humorous or link ito the reality of politics tod. >> the forme wouldn't you say, geor? >>eah, i think so. veve old-fashioned with the cap are kind of feel t it. they use that as t jurto them to tar and feather them. >> you see wt the press is dog. >> is at your view of politics? i'm not in politics. >> i is that the way yououhink politics is s prticed?
11:47 am
>> i don't think it really thehe story of the guy who's goingng through h trsition it happens to be theongressman. it's about time not so mucuch e prize, but h how informationan be manipulated o on cell phones and editing. part othat is that. >> do u think politics in general, anydy a around power finds theelves the target of real problems. i mean, ju the way it is. politics is such pow and people are after that powed it splashes veryone. he is an amazingly -- i b in h his l life is very dedicatd and devoted. the politicacal ideas that h hes are e about being a statesman. unfortunately the press views best to destroy you. also, the way thworld is
11:48 am
depressed and made him not had the idea withh vieietnam. >> i felbad guy. you played the monititor, the wickeded l lobobbyists. uart: what i'm picking up is the dang inherent in a politician when erybody's got a cara and the camera can always be turn on at the worst possible moment. that's rlity today. >> this is an example ofhat happens when that ours. stuartall you do is fail to and up to the pledge of legiance. >> one of the mo comedic things wn i do demonstrate the pledge is to put out athe sounite and mention it looks like i'm not the only sympathize
11:49 am
there. i'm really takakenown. stuart: i'i'm not spoiling anytythi, but you are the good guy. yowant to be atatesman. doesn't have a h happy ending in any way, shape o or form? >> yeses. you've got to have a happy enng. stuart: which you gentlelemen ny there? i want to talk polititics in jut a moment. by thehe way, and whehen you lot that, ladies and gentlemen? 18,000 on the dow induststrial avagage. it would be much higigher were t not t for apple. stay there. hahamilton and treat williams, more o of them next.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
stuart: treat williams, george hahamilton, t t get rid of them. ststt the set. all of these a celebrities who will save america if dalald trump is elected. heayays he is doing the country a favor if h he gets them all. look, you guys are hollywood.. you are hollywood >> no, i'm not. stuart: why is everybody in hollywood or aararge proportion of bunch of ecoconomists?
11:54 am
>> well, mr. mccarthy is at a dinner the other nigightnd i was quite an interesngng dinner. all pitcng, jon voight, warren beatty, and it was aery interesting diussion. it was evenly divided. the idea was i decided thai would not answer a queion d i didn't reay want to talk about polics. i ve very deep views. stuart: do you t talk k about politi? is tt your way of avoidi the question? yojust eight of 30 seconds of very iortant time. viewer from rmont. >> i a i'm from connecticut stuatherefore, you are weighed out there on the l >> because iive in vermont doesn't i'm a burn a guy. i would vote for ben anderry ght awaway.
11:55 am
i spent a nighinin the lincoln bedroom. stuart: eseshat make you a liberal? >> c collected a lot of cicigarettes and cigars and no paper and realized w was one of the few w ac ever to be in the lincoln bedroom. and i ththought to myself i'll o take a shower. i i thought there were n actors here and as i looked at s sad to jack and jackie frometeter lawforord and it ruined it for . i got out of thower thinking this is a specplace i love, buthe idea that he was the heactor that stayed in the lincoln b bedroom -- >>s going to ask if lincoln was ale when you stayed there. stuart: can i have thi interview ba, please? by mac stuart: treat lliams, you live in vermont andou're going to tell me whether you suppor
11:56 am
bernie sders. >> i will voteor whoever i want. you are not going toeny the hollywooturns left aost all the time. >> hollywoods this group -- uart: james woods, jon voit. there's s two. there's a bunch gs. they are good frnds of mine. stuart: th republican -- >> i was ieresting. >> i think the t trick is to die t t on the mason-dixon line. to go with their par.. i n't want to get in polics. one thg i remeer. you remember colonelarker in august p psley. cocolonel parker was asked b impoant man in the democratic caaign and he saidbsolutely. i was designed to do it, but he's doing i it for repepublica.
11:57 am
tears are nonot supposed to be n politics. mayb reagan. but you know, yoyou're an entertainener. they may just take off all every veins s d stuff when we came. whwhen i went to schooool, and t mgm they me me take off my religiouous meda, not that i carea lot of them. m just grateful that they still actorsote. when they take the vote away om us all stand up. that really all we he. stuart: you knowomome you talked throughout thentntire second blblog, didn't answer any questions. i ththink our audience was tetertned. we are o outf time. >> we wawant to talk to you. ststuart: we've got to go. do you know ththe heartbreakak ? it's here. thank you very much indeed more "vavarn" in a moment.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: you've got to watctch this. moments from nowow, donald trump will deliver a majajor speech on foreigign licy. we are told he will l use a teleprompterer. it is yours.. >> that is going to be w wor seeing. thank you very, very much,h, stuart. mayflower hotel isis whihin you. albeit a speech on foreigngn policy doubled detetainot only have the u.s. resumemes that wod leleading g ro which the cacandidates that we lost some time ago. also to o addresess terrorism, , you name it.t. ble burman with what we might be hearing from the reblican front runn. reporter: hi t, neal. this is ctainly a different event r donald trump.. all a lot of suit and tie 0 different guesses at the


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