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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: hadley heath manning, jonah goldberg. thank you very much. i don't know if this is historic. i don't know if earlier point in campaign a candidate came out with vp pick. it is historic day. melissa: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states, that i will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee, carly fiorina. [cheers and applause] >> the major announcement just moments ago. you are seeing right now, gop presidential candidates, of course senator cruz picking former republican presidential candidate and former hp ceo carly fiorina as his vp. you can see fiorina on screen. part of that address still
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addressing crowd there in indiana. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. ted cruz campaigning today ahead of next tuesday's contest in the hoosier state. fox business's jeff flock is on the ground. he is in indianapolis. that is where donald trump will also be holding an event. so, jeff, you are sandwiched between cruz and trump. how is it all going? reporter: you know, deirdre, the funny thing is i'm old enough to have covered in 1984 the event when walter mondale named a, the first woman vice-presidential nominee. that was geraldine ferraro. i don't know if this quite as historical impact of that, but may just have the impact of switching the narrative today on a day after donald trump had such a tremendous victory and made an important speech. now we're all talking about ted cruz again and that is what he needs. he has got to get people here in indiana to, you know, keep him
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or keep trump from having won this state, to keep his bid alive. i am at a trump rally though, the impact here is not that great. these guys are sticking with their guy. i would also point out this is an opportunity though to focus with a woman back on the front burner after yesterday's comment by trump that hillary clinton is playing the woman card. ted cruz played his woman card today. there is the famous statement trump made in "rolling stone" interview when carly fiorina was in the race. i think the quote was, be sure i got it right, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? that may come back to haunt him as well. but something coming back to haunt fiorina and cruz, a tweet, donald trump put out today with some video of a appearance that carly fiorina made on cnn when she was still in the race talking about ted cruz. listen to what she said.
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>> ted cruz is just like any other politician. he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. reporter: i have a feeling, deirdre, in this campaign before it's done we'll see a lot of people's previous statements played back for them, to some chagrin perhaps. deirdre? deirdre: jeff, thank you very much. we appreciate the coverage. many are wondering what senator cruz is doing, announcing a running mate after he lost so badly last night. now senator cruz, he had to field that question. here are the reasons. >> she is careful. she is measured. she is serious. she doesn't get overly excited, she doesn't get rattled by whatever is getting thrown at her. [applause] you know, we all saw that. when in one of the earliest debates carly confronted donald
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trump. deirdre: our political power panel is here. from the "national review," katherine timpf, and democratic strategist chuck rocha. welcome to you both. kat, i want to start with you, first and foremost what do you make of the strategy? normally vp picks are announced at convention and normally when you are a true presumptive nominee. ted cruz has a long way to go. >> absolutely but there is nothing normal about this election. there never has been. so this doesn't surprise me because nothing does. we're talking a little bit more about carly fiorina now than we are about ted cruz. so even though, her popularity, her favorability peaked around 30%, who knows whether she will help or not, but we're not talking as much about why he failed so bad last night. we're talking about the fact that this could, this is proof of that. but at least drawing some. focus today. i don't know what choice he has at this point but other than do something maybe a little bit crazy. deirdre: maybe a little bit
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crazy. to your point, sucked up some oxygen from donald trump's five-state win last evening. chuck, i want to bring you in, the gop side not only happening last night t was a good night as well for hillary clinton. to the extent "politico" is actually reporting that sanders campaign staff, there are some members being let go as we speak. so, what is your take on where the democratic side goes next? >> i think it's a smart move by sand is. i read the same thing. seems like that he will refocus all the efforts on california. a big state with wealth of delegates. smart move for him. he created a movement within the democratic party. hillary clinton and democrats need one thing to make sure they win in november, that is bernie sanders supporters. if she does win the nomination she can not get that without his supporters around momentum and all the young people who showed up. they have to be much like republicans with donald trump watch how you treat bernie sanders. he remaininged field how you run campaigns with grassroots fund-raising. deirdre: chuck, i like what you
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said there. it is true if you look at hillary clinton with all exit data, she is not popular at all with millenials. most millenials clearly dislike her regard let's of party. that is interesting point you feel like, she can't be too harsh on sanders because she does want those votes. ted, getting back to you, as we look ahead to indiana, we at fox news at least put out a poll showing fox news is in the lead in indiana. if trump wins indiana is that cruz's waterloo? is he finished? >> i don't know. a lot of people who don't like -- there are a lot of people who don't like donald trump and really don't like donald trump. never trump people are really never trump just as much as the trump supporters are super pro-trump. he is the best bet they see as anybody potentially maybe somehow stop him even though looking less and less likely every day. more than just about cruz. he has all the people and this entire movement kind of backing him up to an extent. even though maybe he should get
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out, there is argument he should get out if that happens, i don't think he will. deirdre: well as you have both said, rightly so, this is a unique cycle. thank you both. kat timpf and chuck rocha there. >> thank you. big news for the cruz campaign but donald trump dismissed cruz's vp pick. >> he is millions of votes behind. he is hundreds of delegates behind. what is he, four or 500 delegates behind. he has got no path to victory and he is naming a vice-presidential candidate. i guess that is cute. his whole campaign has been based on psychology. but psychology is no good and it's a not working because, you know what happened yesterday was a disaster for them. it showed weakness. it showed how weak they were. and shouldn't be naming anybody now. to me it looks ridiculous. he will not get the nomination. deirdre: former presidential candidate, one who has endorsed donald trump is with me now, dr. ben carson. it is great to see you again.
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thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. deirdre: what does this strategic move a lot of people calling senator cruz's pick just move to make a pick this early, a hail mary pass? what does that mean for donald trump's strategy? >> well, i'm not sure that it is going to have. of an impact on donald trump's strategy. obviously he's going to be considering very carefully his vice-presidential possibilities as well as many other cabinet positions rushed into anything. the position of chief seng tiff this country is one going to require cooperation of these people and talent from a lot of people. he has no intention of being an emperor. but he wants to treat this very much like he is treated his businesses. if you look at trump businesses
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around the world, what he has done is appointed very competent people. he doesn't try to micromanage them. deirdre: which as people say -- >> make sure the jobs are being done well. deirdre: a true sign of leadership. i want to come back to that, especially in reference to this speech, the first foreign policy speech at least on a national platform that donald trump gave earlier today. but i have to ask you, dr. carson, there are numerous people who wish strongly that you would be donald trump's vp. will you consider it? >> i have heard that. you know, i would much rather be outside of the government as an advisor. able to speak extremely freely, like i do now. i love that. to continue to work with the american people making american
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people understand what is going on because they have wisdom if given the right information. deirdre: i'm sure you can write your own ticket, who is the best vp pick? a lot of people say a trump-rubio ticket would be great. for those perhaps have forgotten, senator rubio has a lot of delegates. >> he has a large number of possibilities. i think the real key is making sure that you get somebody who shares the same kinds of values. you know, he is very interested in saving this country. so somebody who actually recognizes that we are in a enormous amount of trouble somebody who understands the financial danger that we're in right now, that is one of the things likely to knock us off most readily. somebody who understands isis is really existential threat to us and begins to do the right kinds of things. if you have a alignment on those kinds of things, you know, the
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other things will come along. deirdre: i feel like you just gave as you hint there with the financial aspects. so i'm going to absorb that, but i want to mention because you mentioned isis, what did you make of trump's foreign policy speech. they say this looks great. he is looking more presidential. on the flip side, critics say he still did not offer a lot of details and there were numerous contradictions? >> well he was very presidential, there is no question about it. very much like with the israel speech. but, people will criticize no matter what you say. you could give the most detailed speech ever, he spent to so much time on that and didn't talk about this you don't worry about stuff like that. he does demonstrate there is significant grasp of major issues going on. bearing in mind, there are
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incredible people on his policy team and who will be coming to his policy team. people, we have a lot of confidence in. and he understands that i is not going to be a monarch. he will listen and he will set the right tone and direction for those who are working with him. deirdre: dr. carson, do you have any insight that you can share on the timing? because i think if he began to name more cabinet member, potential cabinet members that could change conversation for him too? >> well, you know, those conversations are ongoing. people are looked at very carefully right now and considerations and vetting is all going on. so, i don't think it is going to be terribly long. i think you will also hear very soon about people who will be considered for the supreme court. i think many conservatives will be very pleased when they see that list. deirdre: dr. carson, we thank you as always for the time. glad you're with us. dr. ben carson. >> thank you, my pleasure.
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deirdre: with us, former presidential candidate and supporter of donald trump. so speaking of donald trump, you are looking at, you can see a bit of a dark podium but his crowd is there nonetheless. he will be speaking at a rally at indiana famed college basketball coach bobby knight expected to appear with the republican presidential candidate. obviously huge endorsement in that hotly-contested state. we'll bring you there as soon as both people appear at the podium. meantime, willie robertson was at the trump event. if you watched our coverage you saw him right alongside of donald trump. the "duck dynasty" star will be there to share what the meeting was like last night. a member of cruz campaign will be with me to talk about the donald trump foreign policy. >> my foreign policy will put
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deirdre: senator cruz came in third place last night out of three candidates. so in five northeastern states he finished behind donald trump and behind governor john kasich. tea party nation founder, cruz supporter justin phillips is with me. welcome, judson, glad you're here. senator cruz lost a lot of ground last night, in fact worst by most estimates. so to what extent is this vice-presidential announcement pick just a desire to keep the attention off of last night's rout? >> look, last night was expected. anybody you asked, particularly
5:18 pm
from the cruz campaign, would tell you april 26th would be a bad day. that is very friendly territory for donald trump. and this was expected. this has been factored into a lot of numbers that people are talking about for the convention. so this is not a big surprise. now, talking today about adding carly fiorina as vice president, brilliant choice. fiorina is good choice, great campaigner and makes a great contrast with donald trump. 70% of the women in america have unfavorable feeling of donald trump. they don't just dislike him, they despise him. he sue commercials people talking about the things donald trump said about women. this sets up beautiful contrast between donald trump and cruz-free rena campaign. deirdre: judson, carly fiorina is guest on this show. she is amazingly accomplished women. i want to ask you with he refere to idea okays again campaign play. this statement was attributable
5:19 pm
to donald trump on vp announcement from senator cruz. i will quote here. given the fact that senator cruz has millions of votes less than me, is being clobbered about on the delegate front, this is a pure waste of time. cruz has no path to victory. he is only trying to stay relevant. so, what is your reaction to that, judson? >> let's face it, the first casualty in a trump campaign is the truth. donald trump has got a huge problem. he is not getting to 1237. we're going into indiana where cruz will do very well. you have washington, montana, california where cruz will do well. trump has no viable path to 1237. finally about a month ago donald trump woke up and realized, oh, wait a minute, choosing a republican nominee is about the delegates. it is not just about having these massive events where his ego can be stroked. it is about the delegates. deirdre: judson let me stop you there, i don't mean to cut you off, when you speak about
5:20 pm
delegates, there are very few polls for indiana. fox news did do one. it shows that donald trump is tracking ahead, right now, of senator cruz. so if indiana does not go the way that senator cruz expects or hopes, what happens then? >> well, i think it is going to go the way he expects it will. but this is all the way to california and to the convention. because no matter how you, even the most favorable projections donald trump still doesn't get to 1237. and, you know, i'm sorry, donald, you need to understand the rules. you need 1237 to win. if you don't get that, it is up to delegates. if he can't win on first round, second ballot, senator cruz is going to win. deirdre: the point, donald trump is only candidate who actually could win in that first round but i take your point, judson. i thank you for your time. we're glad you're with us. >> deirdre, thank you so much. deirdre: with me there, founder
5:21 pm
of tea party nation and cruz supporter. if you saw our coverage last night are and watched donald trump's victory speech along with us, you saw our next guest right beside donald trump. "duck dynasty"'s willie robertson what it is look to be there and share his thought on today's first foreign policy speech. >> we laughed at all over the world as we have been many, many times. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile.
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♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. deirdre: donald trump swept all five northeastern states. he is only candidate in the republican race who can legitimately get to required number of delegates before the convention. last night if you were watching our coverage you saw donald trump's victory speech, but by his side you saw new jersey governor chris christie and celebrity willie robertson. now donald trump, jr. tweeted
5:25 pm
out a photo with willie and his wife corey robertson. you're looking at that photo right now. with me, "duck dynasty" star and host of willie robertson podcast on, willie robertson. welcome. i imagine it was pretty celebber to? >> you don't know how these things will turn out, but when it turns out in your favor, the family was excited. to be joyful and excited. just a night to celebrate. i just happened to be in new york. deirdre: so it worked out. >> he invited me over, you want to come hang out, i said sure. deirdre: when you're not sure how thee events go, was there tension? >> for wisconsin, there are other places, even iowa i guess you feel like you have a lead and go in it doesn't turn out. you never know. when the vote comes out you never know what the span of victory will be. certainly you want to win. deirdre: a lot of drama. >> with it being such a sweep,
5:26 pm
it was a good time to be there. deirdre: willie, let me ask you this, you obviously support donald trump. we know your dad supports senator cruz. are you having family political fights? >> we have interesting conversations about politics. we don't all think alike. we're on the right side of things. different candidates we have different opinions of. i have been able to spend time with mr. trump. talk to him off-camara and hear his ideas. he won me over. i liked him immediately he came out. i wanted something in the system to change, really on both sides. there is so much gridlock. i think a lot of people are fed up with politics as usual. mr. trump certainly offers something different. deirdre: willie, let me ask you this, you have this political life but you're obviously a celebrity in your own life. we've had guests on the show, celebrities from hollywood who support donald trump but there are numerous others who don't. for example, lena dunham. she said, actually if trump wins, she is going to move to
5:27 pm
canada. sherr, samuel l. jackson, whoopi goldberg say they will leave the u.s. if trump becomes president. i want to get your take something that happened last night. donald trump was on the way to be with you guys. go to the victory speech. nick at this minaj time 100 dinner and incorporated donald trump's name and vp joe biden essentially into the lyrics saying it was dedicated to both of them. as a celebrity how do you see this cross between a celebrity and being political? >> well, i think it is always, it is always tricky because, you have a fan base wherever that fan basis. they're made up of all kind of different people. kind of like college football. if i say who i like and who i am pulling against someone will be upset. deirdre: someone will be offended. >> right. someone will be upset. i'm drawn to this because i want the country to change. i want it to be good.
5:28 pm
i'm okay, with, if someone else wins the nomination on the republican side, i would be fine supporting them as well. certainly want some change. from the democratic side i don't see anything that attracts me, you know, from mrs. clinton or bernie sanders not where i'm at. even if that happens i'm not leaving our country. i'm not just bailing out. i'm not leaving this country. it is a great country. there is reason why we're here. i hate that. i think they're trying to say this is so bad i'm going to leave the country, i guess they're trying to warn people of how upset they are. i heard it from the other side as well. i heard people say, if we get one more democrat president i'm leaving the country. we'll see if they really do that. and if they want to do that, i guess it is their right. deirdre: one thing weave learned this year, democracy requires participation. we are seeing record numbers in some places come out and -- >> that's a good thing. deirdre: that's a great thing. >> that's a great thing.
5:29 pm
people are interested. certainly been entertaining. watching as much as i can and we'll see. voters will decide. i will go with the american people. not the one i want. i will stay here to fight for change and keep doing what i'm doing. deirdre: rather mature view of things, enlightened view. we're glad to have you here. thank you for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: willie robertson a trump supporter, "duck dynasty" star. you knew that catch him with the willie robertson podcast, on fox news we're moments away from donald trump speaking at a rally in indiana. famed basketball coach bobby knight will be appearing with donald trump. that is a huge endorsement from the hoosier state. we'll take you there as soon as it starts. hollywood celebrities such as george clooney openly criticized trump. his wife is entering the conversation.
5:30 pm
find out why. trump giving first foreign policy speech today. former reagan defense official kt mcfarland with me next. we'll go through it. >> after losing thousands of lives and spending trillions of dollars, we are far worse shape in the middle east than ever, ever, ever before.
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5:34 pm
said his theme would be make america first. and shake off the rust from american foreign policy. some people thought trump was presidential. >> this was a different speech from donald trump, there were teleprompters there, this was prepared, only 125 people or so in the room, a suit and tie kind of crowd. it was a 40 minute speech on world affairs and public foreign policy. how he sees american foreign policy. this is a more broad view, not specific details or numbers. donald trump is candidate who talks about how he likes to have flexibility and unpredictability.
5:35 pm
he said if he were to be elected commander in chief, isis' days are numbers from there on after. and he would try to ease tensions between u.s. and russia, but he would know when to walk away from the table. and he would have a better respect from china because they respect his strength. several points he went after hillary clinton trying to tie back, clinton with president obama. here was trump from today. >> i challenge anyone to explain this strategic foreign policy vision of obama-clinton, it has been a complete and total disaster. reporter: just afterwards, ted cruz, his campaign realized a statement, said, i am quoting the speech, few speeches in campaign history have raised graver problems of public
5:36 pm
disclosure and accountability by a presidential candidate, they say, this speech is the most dramatic evidence thus far that donald trump fails the presidential test. more speeches like this from trump are planned down the line, this is one of the pivots that we'll see from here on out. as trump potentially moves forward to the general election. deirdre: blake, i appreciate coverage on both sides. with us from dc . >> donald trump said if he is in white house he will chart a different course from the post cold war order that lacked a coherent policy, with me now, former deputy assistance secretary of defense under president reagan, kt mcfarland, what did you make of the speech, you are a defense expert, have you served 4 presidents, your take? >> okay, i think that donald
5:37 pm
trump broke a lot of china today, you would exec -- expect he would be critical of hillary clinton and barack obama but he was critical of george w. bush's foreign policy as well, that is the big difference, he is charting a very different course. he is not same old, george w. bush, interventionist, big spending government republican, he is a different kind of republican, she really channel -- he is really channeling back to reagan years even kissinger and nixon, a strong foreign policy with a defense build up, not because we use it to intervene in civil wars but use it as an exam told others -- exacter e charge el t -- as an example to others, you afact us, you pick a fight with us be we will beat you. >> if harkens back to republican party when republicans president won
5:38 pm
wars, we had a golden era of american foreign policy, i thought it was pretty good. i can tell you one thing, not only are democrats going to panic but a lot of conservative republicans are going to panic a lot of george w. bush republicans are not go to like it. deirdre: i hear what you said, or all you liked it, but there were some inconsistencies, i heard reagannesque language as well, but, are lay this message was important to become a ally, but he argued in favor of unpredictability. how do you do both? >> if you talk about no coherent foreign policy, if you look at last 15 years issue yes, we toppled dictators but we did not stick around to encor encourage new
5:39 pm
governments, and then you have toppling of dictators, and trying to nation build but that was not successful. they caused a lot of instability in these countries they got involved with. from has not been any coher renher herrance -- coherence and we have been unsuccessful, and nato, we're not getting our allies too contribute enough. the nato treaty of written on a time that europe was -- its knees in world war ii, we never renegotiating that treaty with them, they don't even keep that contribution they are pledged to do, i did not find inconsent stancey, it was understanding that it is a more complicated topic than just a couple of sound bites. >> thank you, kt . >> thank you. deirdre: kt mcfarland there.
5:40 pm
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>> when you listen to what leading candidate on the republican side has been saying about building walls and excluding mexicans, saying that there has to be a shut down, and you look at what he says, in that infamous speech. he kept saying, they only one jihad. they don't believe in our way of life, they don't respect our system. when he says they, you watch media coverage, people think have been saying do you mean 1.5 billion people in the
5:44 pm
world who fit that description? deirdre: george clooney said that donald trump -- does not scott brown is with me now. thank you for being here. what do you make of so many celebrities weighing in whether for or against politicians? is it part of the processor do they go too far. but once again they represent one vote, i think they think they have more clout than they actually do, i don't know why they pick canada, to move, why not mexico or someplace else.
5:45 pm
deirdre: at least in place warm, show your good judgment. >> i don't think that her comments or his comments have any relevance in this election, especially after that had this outrageous fundraiser, saying it is terrible that money part of the process. deirdre: 300,000 dollars for >> that is obscene. deirdre: later on, even george clooney, even though he hosted it, admitted it was obscene. >> so what, you know, it is hypocritical.
5:46 pm
we need to make keep and make america first that and i get it, he has been saying that. deirdre: because when you are a senator, you served on a few different committees. again you agree with kt on this idea that foreign policy speech of pretty good, also his first we should note. a continued failed attachment
5:47 pm
with benghazi and libya. >> it better to have limited foreign policy and be willing to learn versus bad foreign policy, senator scott bowen thanbrown thank you. >> great thank you. deirdre: donald trump will be speaking amendment momentarily at a rally in indiana, john kasich not spending money campaigns in the state, famed college basketball coach bobby knight will be appearing with donald trump, that is a live shot there, we'll bring you to the podium when they appear. deirdre: facebook shatters estimates skyrocketing after hours, our stock expert will tell you whether you should buy if you don't already own.
5:48 pm
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deirdre: facebook soaring almost 9% in this after hour session, reporting 5 billion in revenue, up more than 50% from a year ag ago. so lee, what do facebook results tell you about the strength of the company? >> you know, there are two things that viewers care about when they look at facebook. are we're seeing increase growth in mobile ad sales, why, because if you are not selling on line, hit the bricks and go home, as long as that accelerates, which we are, this is golden, valuations are getting higher. sector they spending on capax, spending same amount of money on servers so we go on app, we do this. the load time is nothing, as
5:52 pm
long as they do though two things, i don't care how many eyeballs or anything else. only matters on one thing, are they capturing ad dollars from companies that are selling on-line. and are they make sure the experience is seamless, people forget how expensive it is to make that load, right now you have to hold your nose if you want to buy, i prefer to buy on sale, i would rather have something about trump or election bring market down a few before going into it, if you hold it -- if you own it, hold it. >> i like what you said, lee, if you own it, hold it. and if you can afford to pay up a little bit for shares, 82% of company total ad revenue from mobile, your point is big. >> incredible. >> deirdre: thank you lee.
5:53 pm
short, sweet, to the point on target. lee munson with me, portfolio wealth adviser president. deirdre: trump saying that hillary clinton plays the gender card to no avail. radio host said that trump is right, find out why. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. >>
5:54 pm
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deirdre: donald trump will be speak momentarily in indiana. john kasich decided not to spend any money in that state. famed basketball coach bobby knight will be at that event. after a five-state sweep, donald trump says he considers himself to be the presumptive nominee. on that note, it seems he is anticipating a general election
5:57 pm
between him and hillary clinton. >> i think the on the card she has is the woman's card. if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman's card. the thing is, women don't like her. deare * here is hillary clinton's response. >> the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the women's card, then deal me in! deirdre: she says trump is right. on which level? >> hillary clinton is playing the women's card.
5:58 pm
let's look at her tenure when she was united states nor from new york. she didn't even engage in equal pay. she only paid her female staffers 72 cent on the man's dollar. hillary clinton knows how to talk a big game, but she doesn't follow up with her actions. the clinton foundation has accepted millions of dollars from middle eastern nations that engage in heinous actions toward women. i think smart women will look at donald trump and say here is a guy who has created thousands of jobs for women. he's engaging in equal pay. even his own lawyer says there are more women in executive positions, or at least as many as men in the trump organization.
5:59 pm
women voters are smart. they can look at hillary clinton and ask themselves, are they pandering for the female vote. deirdre: hillary clinton says if she were elected, half her cabinet would be women. governor huckabee says that's insulting to women because that's implying they have to be chosen because they are womb inand not because they are the best candidate. >> hillary clinton's top six campaign staffers are all white men. i don't see women at the top. so even if we look at a current circumstance which is her race for president. the top six campaign officials are men. so if she want to champion women she could have done it. and we haven't seen her actions
6:00 pm
back up her words. deirdre: thank you, adriana cohen. thank you for joining me on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles payne starts now. [♪] charles: good evening. i have tons of breaking news. so settle in. we are moments away from a donald trump rally in indianapolis where he will be introduced by former hoosiers basketball coach and legend bob knight. ted cruz named his vice presidential nominee. but first as we await this move from donald trump we want to dig into his foreign policy comment from earlier today when he called for an overhaul of the strategy we have taken abroad. take a listen.


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