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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and we haven't seen her actions back up her words. deirdre: thank you, adriana cohen. thank you for joining me on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles payne starts now. [♪] charles: good evening. i have tons of breaking news. so settle in. we are moments away from a donald trump rally in indianapolis where he will be introduced by former hoosiers basketball coach and legend bob knight. ted cruz named his vice presidential nominee. but first as we await this move from donald trump we want to dig into his foreign policy comment from earlier today when he called for an overhaul of the strategy we have taken abroad. take a listen.
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>> it's time to shake the rust off america's foreign policy. we are getting out of the nation building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world. to our friend and allies, i say america is going to be strong again. america is going to be reliable again. it's going to be a great and reliable ally again. it's going to be a friend again. we are going to finally have a coherent foreign policy. charles: wha charles: wahlid, i know you hae been advising donald trump on foreign policy. everybody had a piece of it, meaning the experience with
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regard to the middle east, europe and russia. all this came to him. but he is the one who decided on which point he wanted to raise and he did. charles: on the middle eastern part he says he want to work with our allies in the middle east but want to keep 1.6 billion people out of this country temporarily. some say there were a few contradictions in this speech. >> with regard to shutting down immigration coming from a number of countries, the missing link is the narrative he has used. now he's zooming on what he means by that. he said we are going to be working with the arab islamic governments around the world so we can designate who are the radicals and fight them. at the same time he want to be in a new administration where the agencies won't be bound by
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the directives of this administration asking them not to focus on the ideology. in the regional he wants to work with allies and coalitions. within the united states, he wants to -- i'm using his own word -- what's going on. charles: we'll know who our friend are outside the country but we won't know who they are as they try to enter the country. >> over the past 7-10 years, this administration and the previous bureaucracy had reservations about talking about ideology. so first identify the ideology and have measurements. this is something the obama administration refused to do. charles: i was watching your time time. when you gave this speech, a lot of compliment. >> i haven't endorsed anyone. i try to critique and compliment as issues come up.
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but i thought the speech was quite good. it's putting america first. there are some issues i think he has 0 iron out. -- he -- he has to iron out, but overall it's a speech that challenges the elites in washington, the status question, the state department and defense department, the way they look at budgeting. zero-based budgeting is what he want to implement. the status question types. the elites in washington will have their hair on fire because they can't control this guy. he's owning the idea of being mega wealthy and being a job creator. he's going to use america's economic strength as a positive tool. let me tell you that mitt romney tried to do that with his economic freedom speech but he didn't stay on that message.
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trump is much more realistic about pounding the message about using america's come nance to help with foreign policy issues. charles: give us an example how that works, for instance, with china. we do the saber rattling, they blink, and we all live happily ever after? >> we keep pushing out press releases to say the chinese should use their pressure to do more. trump wants to use our pressure to pressure the chinese to say do more or you will feel some sort of economic commerce penalty from the united states because this is a priority for us. if he can articulate that message it will make the desk officers at the state department go crazy because they want to look bilaterally at these issues. treasury and commerce will like
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it because it will use their assets in a positive way. charles: byron, what was your overall assessment. >> i have not drank the jewels yet. i will start off with a compliment. i agreed with trump on his positions on iran and the nuclear deal and how we have not been an erstwhile ally of israel. but where i disagree are the seed of isolationism. in his gut he does not think americans should be quote-unquote the policemen of the world. i see america as the glue that holds the world together. when we don't have a clear and consistent vision for how america is going to lead, this is what happens in the middle east. there were points i agree with him on. but overall i disagree with the
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fundamentalist approach to foreign policy. >> we are not going to be in fashion building. but donald trump talked about promoting western values and civilization and its accomplishments. some people say it harks back to an impairialistic period where europeans tried to impose their will and cultures on other folks. how does that work? western values? how can we sell that someone who is in isis and get them to change their mind. >> the criticism is coming from two different quarters. one quarter is saying this is isolationist. he's going to withdraw from america and he's not. he's developing policies to create coalitions and engage with them. the other criticism is he's
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expansionist. and he's not. this is a third box and this is the beginning of a series of speeches. he and his advisers are learning from the last 20 years. they won't repeat the mistake of one or the other, but a third functional policy where we learn from the best. >> the reason why there is criticism from so many different quarter is his speech was contradictory. he does talk about not nation building, but also promoting values. if he's the nominee. it was a decent try. he will have to get a lot better. charles: on china, we have the biggest trading deficit with them. donald trump saying they respect strength. i think that's something they do respect. i think they have a single-minded mission to dominate the world and i trace
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it back to the revolution. after saying that we would negotiate really hard and if it didn't work out, he said we would go our separate ways. that gets back to isolationism and no trade with china. the average american i don't think understands the economic consequences of such victory. >> i think trump does and i don't think he would walk away. i think he would try to get the best deal that he could. i want to touch on something morgan said. the speech did have a little bit of a rub. it h twoiffent pts wre saibudging a b dea we ok athe dgetnd w cat afrd sethi, ou ales an't llinto p, th we ouldind wal away but enn thnext breathis third point is about how our allies need to be able to count on us. i think there will be a point when donald trump does exactly what you are talking about with china. he goes in and tries to
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negotiate. but the consistency of being there for our allies even when for instance we should crush isis but that's not necessarily going to be a fiscal lire responsible thing to do. so he will have to look further than just talking about thesees. charles: walid, no one * can argue we want to take care of our warriors. we should many fight to win. we haven't fought a war to win in so long. vietnam, we did one and it's been like that ever since. and it gets back to what we are talking about here. never enter into an agreement where he lose control over our own affairs. it's happening in europe and the u.k. recognizes that and may get out of the e.u. how do wee unwind the deals we
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are already wed to. >> with regard to nato. he's going to be renegotiating along with his allies and nato. he will attempt to have a summit on nato, then reason with them in the expense nato was designed for the cold war. the threat now is in the south and southeast where isis, al qaeda and iran are developing. it's like an old car he needs to change and repaint and prepare for international relations. let me say one word about walking away from deals or talks. he's not talking about our allies. when we are discussing issues with our allies, we are talking about north korea or iran. and to a certain extent china.
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so there is a little bit more sophistication. charles: morgan? >> what the world is looking for is consistency in an american president. that's what we haven't had in the last 7 years. what i'm look for in trump is a consistent approach to the world and our allies and not leave people guessing. he's totally wrong about russia. i think he is taking the same approach president obama did seven years ago, i'm going to get these dictators on my side. this is not how you play ball with russia. they are one of the biggest threats in the world. that was principally one of the reasons nato was set up. so walid and whoever is coming to his foreign policy. you've brought up the washington
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d.c. and the bureaucracy. donald trump talked about active duty, talking about how our ships are down and the modernization of the nuclear deterrent. defense is 21%. and pensions and social security 25%. where do we find room in in without increasing the debt even more than it is to double size of the military, do nothing to entitlements and still have a functioning economy? >> i think you points out a serious issue and a rub that he will have to iron through. but john mccain would say we have a lot of ways that we can cut. but we should also rebuild some programs. i think it's doable. you just have to listen to your experts. one point on the unpredictability issue with donald trump.
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i worked from the multi lateral field for decades. having a leader that's unpredictable is fantastic. i get what morgan is saying about being predictable and being solid and being there for your allies. but announcing to the enemy exactly when we are going to leave iraq and afghanistan tore we are only going to put 250 more troops inside syria, announcing our plans is not a good idea. >> i agree with you. charles: i don't think anyone will argue, that's one of the dumbest things. fantastic discussion. we are waiting for a donald trump rally. you see the scene. indiana basketball legend bobby knight. ted cruz announces carly fiorina as his vice presidential candidate.
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char already we are await -- charles: we are awaiting a donald trump rolly with hoosiers legend bobby knight. ted cruz announced carly fiorina as his running-mate. but is he getting ahead of himself by picking a vice d suca shaa -- shuch a shellacking. >> you look at the hail mary
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pass of a couple days ago where ted cruz was teaming up with kasich. that's hard to rationalize when he teamed up with carly fiorina. it makes the campaign look desperate and it says to everyone who had hopes he would pick someone else, the marco rubios of the world. the john kasichs of the world and maybe people who weren't one of the original 17 candidates. i'm afraid he loses support over this. charles: i agree the kasich thing was dumb and not well thought out. but you can argue maybe carly helps him with women. she had an infamous run-in with donald trump. she may be able to help him out with california. and she was scene outsider to the race. sometimes we are desperate, we look desperate because we are desperate. >> i think for ted cruz it was important to revitalize his campaign.
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i think that what carly brings is the energy, the driver, the ability to really show one of trump's weaknesses which is the fact he's having unfavorable numbers with women voters and carly can speak to the women voters and she is that thorn on trump's side it allows carly to be the attack dog against donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i think the main problem is, it's the same problem ted cruz had throughout this campaign. he's a base conservative who hasn't been able to expand his outreach. there is -- they are not buying the barbeque ted cruz was selling. he needed to do this earlier. >> i think carly is a more likeable candidate than ted cruz. that's the other part of it, too. >> the key is whether the
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remaining primary voters view this carly-cruz ticket in a more favorable light. but i agree, it's desperation, it's way too late and we'll only know if maybe cruz wins indiana. charles: carly is personable and she'll hit the ground running. so far people think she has been a positive addition. whether it's too little too late remains to be seen. but it's only about california and indiana right now. >> there is a large, large segment of especially republican-based voters who are tired of the gender identity politic. i think that might play better for a presidential candidate once he's nominated. but in the primary, when something is done, it comes off to some women as patronizing. >> you are looking at this as more a cynical move?
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you don't think that there is some sort of ideological kindred spirit between ted cruz and carly fiorina? >> no, he already had her endorsement. she was with him on the campaign trail every day. i think he would have gained more if he thought outside the box. if he wanted to pick a woman maybe he would pick someone else out there who is a woman. to name carly, it says he already had that support. >> i don't see this as a cynical move at all. i see this as a situation where the cruz campaign never identified their biggest problem, and that was getting to other voters. the cruz campaign figured out if everyone drops out and me's me and donald. moderate republicans will come our way. what he didn't realized is donald trump was a candidate with a learning curve. 2/3 of the party says, cruz and
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trump, we are going trump. >> carly has strong ties in california. she did win the primary in the senate race in 2010. she won the general elect there. but that is another interesting factor we need to keep in mind with california coming up and cruz playing for these delegates. carly has a strong base in california. there are different components. the question will be how trump will handle -- we have seen his initial response on carly. but can he contain himself from going after her? let me tell you something. republican women did not appreciate the whole trump-carly debacle. a lot of republican women went on carly's side on that. >> if cruz loses in the end, because indiana means more tore cruz. his resources may dry up.
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charles: if cruz doesn't win indiana, this thing is or and done. but if he does win this, gina, you live in california. maybe it might have been a smart move because carly has some popularity out there and she must have some infrastructure out there. cruz played the ground game well. >> he had before what we have seen the past couple days where he's trending downward and. you have to remember that trump still has to name this vp candidate, and he til has got that card. time will tell what he will do with that. charles: donald trump is starting to go after hillary. mercedes making the point, how will he go after carly? he says of course she is playing
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the woman's card. how does he -- dose have to tiptoe around this or does it hit it head-on like he did with all the men? >> i completely agree with mercedes on that. if he goes after him. i think that would be a huge mistake. and ill-have id to go after her or talk a lot about cruz at this point. once you are winning, i think you stay the course. charles: a lot of people are going to bring up hewlett-packard didn't do well. all technology stocks fell apart. the tech crash left no prisoners. and i know she left under a dark cloud. but i think she left a few seed that some of the management after she was gone were able to work around. how will that play in this whole
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thing as a chief executive? >> that's what ted cruz is trying to sell, saying here is a successful woman who went from secretary to ceo. understand something else about how dire the stakes are for ted cruz. when you are a presidential candidate you have three moment to capture the narrative, the day you announce, the day you win the nomination and the day you announce your vp. ted cruz is telling us he's on life support. >> what do you think? we are talking vp and ted cruz making this move, somewhat unprecedented. i know ronald reagan did at the convention trying to offset his ultra conservative views with a more liberal republican. donald trump, does this underscore the notion or idea that maybe a woman would be a nice fit for him? i think it was hannity or
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o'reilly saying he thought martin ets would be a good pick in new mexico? >> i'm not sure governor martinez would accept that role. but picking a woman would be good for the republican party. and picking governor kasich is a good idea. he does balance out sort of the trump not having the washington experience with someone having the washington experience. so going back to what dr. gina said. having the woman card it drives republican women raisey. we don't want to pick a person because of their gender. we want to pick a person because they are qualified. you have plenty of men who could fill that role. i think for trump the keys is he will need somebody with the washington or executive legislative experience in order to tread the water here in washington. it gets very tricky. having someone like that who is
6:28 pm
able to have the conversations with the senators and house of representatives and work with congress is going to be very important for donald trump. charles: now i want to turn my attention to the democrats. hillary clinton had a great night last night. she reached out to bernie sanders supporters after that landslide victory in northeastern primaries and reassured the voters that she can unite the democratic party. bernie sanders vowed to continue this campaign all the way to the end. and it was the end today fors s. let's go to the panel. eric, bernie sanders rated a lot of money, more than anybody else, but -- but he spent a lot of money. a lot of people are saying it am not surprising a socialist would mismanage the cash. >> it will make him back off
6:29 pm
just a little bit. bernie has waged a fight no one ever thought he would be able to do. everyone counted him out saying he will be out by november, december, january. this man has raised the fight and it helped hillary clinton. what hillary needed was someone that held her to the fire and made her talk about the issues so she'll be ready for the gop nominee. charles: people are saying there is a thing with bernie sanders. on trade he and trump sound just alike. they tapped into the same anxiety and anger. if she doesn't play her card right she'll lose a large chunk of those sanders supporters. >> trump and sanders picked up anti-establishment voters. his role is he will try to push her left to the populist side. he was saying that on everything
6:30 pm
from $15 an hour paychecks to fracking which is an interesting issue in new york. save us from boom-time economic effects. charles: she said $12. she can go to $15, why not make it $20. where is she going to say i'll adopt these on the platform. i need you to bring the enthusiasm. >> she'll need to speak to bernie sanders. charles: what will she cave on? >> probably the minimum wage. they do want free college. but i do expect the minimum wage to come out. charles: i want you to answer me on this thing. the percentage of bernie sanders voters you think perhaps donald trump could capture.
6:31 pm
>> i think it might be surprising because it seems like whatever donald trump has tried to do something, especially as of late. those numbers surprise all of us. so you hesitate to make predictions on donald trump. but we have heard a significant number. i don't know, maybe 20-30% of bernie supporters who say no way in the world am i voting for hillary. they may love the idea of the outsider status of the donald trump and it might work out for him. charles: 30% say they would not vote for hilry. maybe a big chunk of them would. they are awaiting donald trump. he will bring out basketball legend. it was steven miller. he has the crowd pumped up. if you think that was something.
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char alreadcharles: all eyes awg donald trump. there are no superlatives for last night. it was a decisive victory. remember i was saying what if he doesn't get 50% in all states? he got 6 open% in all states.
6:36 pm
indiana will be ted cruz's last chance to stop the trump train. rebecca, you are the reporter outside the studio. set it up for us. where are we now? there are some polls that say the thing is neck-and-neck. the internal indianapolis polls. >> it's hard to know which way indiana is going to go. there hasn't bench polling out of this state at all. there are state laws that prevents some types of polling, automatic calling, which makes it difficult to poll this state accurately. so we don't have the information we would have in advance of most primaries of this kind. buthe larger presidential primary map, there are only two wildcards left, indiana and california. both of those are states where anti-trump forces and ted cruz and john kasich must perform strongly.
6:37 pm
i would call those must-win states for those anti-trump forces. if they lose in california, california almost becomes moot and it becomes very difficult to stop donald trump. charles: you are a big-time donald trump surrogate. you introduced him in connecticut. the ceilings have been broken down. some are saying at this stage of the game mitt romney was getting 75%. how important is it that the momentum continues. could it fade away with a loss in indiana? >> it won't fade away. he won every single county in all five states last night. that's almost never happened before. this is unprecedented. he's going to steamroll indiana. >> i think it's true. he has broken down this talk points on the right and people
6:38 pm
critical of him who were saying he can only get over 30%. now it's 60% in a lot of these states. in terms of comparisons with romney. in terms of people voting for donald trump in the primary season, he already amassed more voters than mitt romney did in the entire primary season. he's broadening the republican tents it's time for the republican leadership to get on board with this. charles: some people are saying he dominates in states where republicans won. in other words, republicans won't win rhode island, delaware and connecticut and the odds are they won't win pennsylvania either. somehow that paints him as democrat or more liberal. is the crowd setting up in they are introducing bobby knight. let's check it out.
6:39 pm
[♪] charles: rinse as donald trump introduces a basketball legend. >> thank you, indiana. oh, do we love indiana. do we have a good surprise for you. you know what the surprise is. this is the worst kept surprise in the history of politics. okay? but first of all want to thank you all. we have thousands of people coming in. but we want to start now. let them fill in and we'll do it as we go. i have never done this before,
6:40 pm
but i'm going to do it. i'm going to make the introduction. do you understand what i'm saying? so listen. normally they come out, they introduce trump. here i'm coming out and i'm going to introduce bobby knight. okay? but listen to this. i said give me something. one of the guys said everybody knows it. three national championships. right? tough. one olympics championship. tough. a pan am games. he won 900 games. that's a lot of games. i didn't even realize this. i'm surprised by it. but it's tough. in 1976 he had a perfect season pnt only one. that's it. there hasn't been one since. i'm surprised. are we surprised. this guy knows how to coach.
6:41 pm
he told me to say this because frankly i said didn't you have another one like the year before. he said no, say it this way and they will -- i won't say it this day -- let me say he had another great season. he lost one game. he said if he didn't screw up he would have had two perfect seasons in a row. i said i can't say that. he said do it, so i will do it. bobby will come out. he's going to talk, then i'll come right back out. i love you, i appreciate it have much. bobby knight. the great bobby knight. [cheers and applause] thank you, bobby. >> thank you.
6:42 pm
you folks are taking a look at the most prepared man in history to step in as president of the united states. that man right there. there has never been a presidential candidate prepared to the length this man is. and let me say something, too. i'm not here to represent the republican party. and i'm not here to represent any organization that deals with politics. i think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job, and you already met him. you know, let me just tell you a
6:43 pm
few things that i think will happen under the trump administration. first of all, let me introduce or let me have -- hold your hand up, all former military people. i don't care what it is, all former military people. [cheers and applause] there will be no president who has ever had a better relationship with our military, nor they with them. let's see a show those hand one more time. now, as you do that, i want all you navy people to please raise your hands. all navy people raise your hands. and i want you to know that i spent 8 years teaching soldiers at the united states military
6:44 pm
academy and we played navy 8 straight years and we beat your ass every time we played you. [cheers and applause] and i love you just as much for your contributions to america as all the other venues of our military. and this man will see that that group of people that we so depend on is really taken care of and treated in the best way possible. you know -- i have always thought -- i had a nice thing i thought i might be able to do. i want to say to you indiana people that i owe you a big, big debt of gratitude because nowhere in the world is a sporting group followed better
6:45 pm
than this state follows basketball. chee[cheers and applause] and i just want to thank you for the opportunity that i had to coach in this state. it will always be something that i will cherish. i think that -- i want you to think about one thing and i appreciate what donald said relative to what our players did, the 900 wins and the long streak of not losing a game. but remember this, those players on their shirt wore one word, and it was "indiana. "indiana."
6:46 pm
now, you folks have a great opportunity here, you folks voting for donald trump and throwing him over the top. if you people will do this, if you will do this, you will be having our government take its first step toward what all of us want america to be like. [cheers and applause] i had these -- you know, they talk in a negative way when they want to about donald, talk about -- he isn't presidential. i don't know what the hell that
6:47 pm
means. and you know, to me, to me, i think of harry truman. they said harry truman wasn't presidential. an went on to be one of the three best presidents in united states history. and he will at some point be one of those also. and i think that -- how many of you have a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a friend in the military of any kind. raise your hands. all of you that have them.
6:48 pm
how many of you have relatives or you yourselves that go overseas, sometimes in sticky situations, sometimes problems can result. how many of you have that in your lives? well, let me tell you something that you can thank this man for. let me tell you something that will make your trips abroad much easier and much more comfortable than ever before. under his administration, there will never be another thing like what happened in benghazi. [cheers and applause] that will never happen in a trump administration. the military of the united states and every branch of that military will get the absolute
6:49 pm
best care that they can possibly get from the next president of the united states. the military will have that. you know, one of the best things to do in this job that in trump is going to undertake is get good people. and he does a great job of finding good people and teaching good people and even as important, he's damn good at getting rid of bad people, too. [cheers and applause] i don't think -- i think you are going to leave here tonight and after you have heard mr. trump talk, and there has never been a
6:50 pm
more honest politician than donald trump. after you have seen him, after you have seen him and listened to him, i think you will be in a hurry to get out there and vote for him. i want you to know that you have this great opportunity as i said to push him over the top by voting for him as soon as you can, and putting us in the best position for you having done that that this country has ever been in, getting going where we all want to be. you people, if you will do that, if you will get us started on the road, i'm going to tell you what's going to happen to you. they are going to take all you people, what you did to give us donald trump, they are going to take all you people and they are going to put you right next to our founding fathers and george washington. that's what the hell they are
6:51 pm
going to do with you people. [cheers and applause] and you will be responsible for the shift that america will make into what we want america to be if you will vote for donald trump. and with that, with that, i simply -- i simply say to you, i'll talk to you one other thing about donald trump and how he operates and how he gets things done. johnny walked into his dad's office one morning and said, dad, did mom tell you i passed the driver's test? well, son, she did tell me that and i'm proud of you. she told me that the trooper that gave the test said you had the best written test and the best driving test of anybody he's ever had.
6:52 pm
i'm so proud of you, son. well, now, dad, will that give me an opportunities maybe to drive your car or mom's car once in a while? well, son, this is the man in charge i'm talking about now, or could be the lady in charge. but this is all about the person that's in charge. and he said to his son, well, sure, son. there will be a time for you to use one of our cars. however * there are some prerequisites. your mother is not real happy with the way you treat your brother and sister. your grades are too below what they should be. and i talked to you, son, about reading and i have never seen you read. and i talked to you about the bible, because there are a lot of good things in the bible that don't have anything to do with religion. then there is one last thing, son. it's that damn long hair of yours. i'd told you to get a haircut
6:53 pm
and you haven't don't. when you think you have done all these things we'll talk about driving the car. three weeks later johnny comes in to talk to his and says, dad, i wanted to talk to you. i think i have done a lot of things you asked me to do. son, i'm proud of you. your grades, the way mom feels, the way you are treating your brother and sister, all those things we talked about. really good in all of them. but there is one thing left. it's that damn long hair of yours. and you haven't done a thing with it. this is the man in charge. and that's this man right here. and that boy looked at him and said, well, dad, you know you got me to read the bible and i did. and when i read the bible i learned a lot of things. but i also learned that matthew, mark, luke, john, jesus himself all had long hair, dad.
6:54 pm
and the man in charge looked at that kid and he said, son, you are absolutely right. and they walked their ass off everywhere they went. [cheers and applause] i again thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach basketball in this state. and now i want to give you the very best choice that's ever been made on the man taking over at his first job as the president, and i give you donald trump. [cheers and applause]
6:55 pm
>> what a winner. what a winner that is. that's a great man. our country doesn't win anymore. that's what we need right there. let me tell you. but i have to tell you, bobby, about a year ago i got a call. i never knew bobby. i knew of bobby. he was great. i loved that attitude. one of his friend is here today, a very good basketball player from the past who said this guy would take a team that wasn't as good and they would beat everybody and nobody understood it. but there was something special. about a year ago i get a call from bobby knight. i didn't know bobby knight. i said wait a minute, the basketball man in indiana?
6:56 pm
and they said yeah. i get on the phone, we checked it out one and it was bobby knight. he said donald, i just want to tell you, i want to you run. this was before i decided. before that big day june 16 coming down the escalator. i want to you run. my friend all want to you run. you will be great and i would like to endorse you. i said coach what an honor that is. do we a favor. give me a number and maybe i'm going to be calling you back. and then we had all these great victories. i think i won 28 states -- big night last night -- we had a big, big night last night. we had five, five. [cheers and applause] we had five landslides, actually last night. that was a biggy, right? so i said thanks a lot, coach.
6:57 pm
i took the number. i wrote it down and put it in a special place. i said let's see what i do. a few months later i said i'm going to run. too much, i couldn't take it anymore. i'm looking at these horrible deals made by politicians. charles: bobby knight, the legendary coach in indiana. everybody who has ever been a hoosier fan. he called donald trump the best presidential candidate in history. then giving us a very long joke but the punch line made it worth it. you are familiar with bobby knight? >> the general william montgomery is knighted a god in the state of indiana. he's a hard nosed blue collar guy and that's who donald trump need to win. the fact that bob knight is a
6:58 pm
throwback will help convince other working class voters in the primary that donald trump is their guy. charles: a lot of pressure on the governor mike pence to step up and endorse ted cruz. >> that could be a continues maker. but i think this is going to end up being much closer than people say. there are two thing i'm look at. two big events in indiana politic. the religious freedom act. ted cruz can tap into that. and the anti-establishment stuff. those are the voters up for grabs. ted cruz has been very aggressive some of trump's comment on abortion. charles: the anti-establishment, donald trump overwhelmingly won that coming up in five states. overwhelmingly. >> this is why donald trump will make the best next president.
6:59 pm
i'll take your carly fiorina and raise you bobby knight. charles: i think it will be an exciting next few days until next tuesday. this is make or break. >> i think he has a lot of momentum going into indiana. how weird is it that this becomes a pivot all state and we have no polling. cruz's effort to put together an alliance with john kasich which didn't look good from the beginning. and now, i don't know anyone who thinks the carly fiorina idea was a good one. it may have stolen the news cycle away from donald trump, but everyone ellis saying wait a minute. california? is that going to be helpful to ted cruz? will this help him in the general election?
7:00 pm
charles: people are saying he has to get to the general elect first. sometimes when you are desperate, it's okay to look desperate. so the kasich move was a mistake. we appreciate you watching every night at 6:00 p.m. right now, lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump says the race for the republican presidential nomination is over. and that he considers himself the presume stiff nominee. trump's confidence the result of what was an indisputably epic night for donald trump. he won he county in all five 8 voting. 109 of the 118 delegates and the vast majority of 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania. he wasn't supposed to be able to


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