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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: people are saying he has to get to the general elect first. sometimes when you are desperate, it's okay to look desperate. so the kasich move was a mistake. we appreciate you watching every night at 6:00 p.m. right now, lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump says the race for the republican presidential nomination is over. and that he considers himself the presume stiff nominee. trump's confidence the result of what was an indisputably epic night for donald trump. he won he county in all five 8 voting. 109 of the 118 delegates and the vast majority of 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania. he wasn't supposed to be able to do any of that.
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but senator cruz is doing everything in his power to come back from a major shellacking. cruz is taking the step of naming a vice president. he chose carly fiorina. >> it's unusual to make the announcement as early as we are doing. i think all would acknowledge this race if anything is unusual. the new york media executives and washington lobbyists are trying to tell the american people the race is over. but let me tell where you we are right now. where we are right now, nobody is getting to 1,237 delegates. lou: how does he know that? the announcement coming despite the fact cruz has no mathematical opportunity at becoming the republican nominee on the first ballot.
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we take all that out tonight, we'll be talking about radio talk show host and best-selling author laura ingraham. the weekly standard's editor fred barns. and ambassador john bolton. 's hillary clinton has 90% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. ted cruz's desperate attempt to steal the spotlight from donald trump after cruz was beaten up last night. cruz tapping fiorina as his choice for vice president despite the fact she failed on her bid to run for senate in 2010 and was polling at% when she ended her bid for president. as for trump, he's talking at a campaign event tonight. there is if anything, great
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enthusiasm, and he has obviously been wowing the crowd, talking and introducing the legendary basketball coach bobby night. and he's having a lot of fun. let's bring in fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report on the evening's proceedings. reporter: ted cruz is throwing a hail mary, telling republicans if they nominate him who his running-mate will be even before the primaries are over. >> i have come to the conclusion if i am nominated to be president of the united states, i will run on a particular wet my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. reporter: hoping to shift attention away from donald trump's five-state sweep.
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former rival turned supporter, he tapped carly fiorina as his running-mate. >> over and over again carly statistic shattered glass ceilings. >> people all across the great hoosier state, people across this nation know that donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. reporter: carly fiorina quit the gop race after taking tough shots at cruz. >> he says one thing in manhattan, he says another thing in iowa. he says what he needs to to get elected. reporter: a new suffolk university hole shows john kasich beating clinton by 7%.
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despite trump's problem with tbhoanl the polls, his victories make it mathematically imposter cruz to win the republican nomination. >> there is isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered, i won't tell them where, and i won't tell them how. we must -- >> having mocked others for using a teleprompter, he still managed to mispronounce the east african nation of tanzania. >> look at what happened in the 1990s, our embassies in tanzania. >> why would i change?
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if you have a football team and you are wing and you get to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going. reporter: fiorina can ramp up attacks against trump as a sexist. lou: i want to point out, in winning all of the counties in five states, mr. trump also won the women's vote in all five states. joining us now, the editor-in-chief of "the laura ingraham show, the ever popular laura ingraham. would you have ever imagined a win with the scope and power of what he pulled off last night? >> yes. i would.
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i think, lou, the issues that you have been championing for so many years and i have of course, people like jeff sessions, pat buchanan, trade, immigration, american renewal, smart foreign policy that doesn't necessarily engage us in far-flung places with murky plans leaving chaos in its wake. these are the issues that have been -- people have been begging to have debate and discussed. and they haven't had a lot of options. at least republican voters haven't had a lot of alternatives. they have had mostly establishment candidates. so i think when trump came along with an unconventional style and a little bit brash at times, i think people, they didn't care about that. they cared about the fact, he gets it.
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he's criticizing republicans and democrats because there is plenty of blame to go around. blue collar america and blue collar workers in new england. both parties are to blame and he called him out on it. lou: i thought donald trump would win from the outset. but to see this win last night in which he wins every county in five states. >> every demographic group. lou: he's now poitds. he has legitimate without reservation claim to a movement, and he's rolling. >> lou, isn't it funny to go back and look at the headlines from just a few months ago going back to the late summer when the headlines like will trump quit after iowa loss? or are we at peak trump. or trump ceiling at 35%. that was just in february.
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lou: i don't think anything wore me out the last 10 months more than hearing one idiot after another telling me his ceiling was maybe 25%. there are 16 candidates in the field. >> all the political consultants and ad buyers, the people who write the political commercials. they are used to living off the stupidity and disconnectedness of candidates. one after the other came along and offered an uninspiring view of america's future. either the same old pablum we heard before pore warmed over, lame attempt at being somewhat populace. trump was who is. he's an authentic guy. people who support him believe he loves america. he will fight for the american people.
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not just fight for big donors or woofer they want. >> i think most people are used to at this point in a campaign. everybody is talking about pivoting and all this other nonsense. this is a guy not changing his positions. he has taken his fundamental positions, they are a bedrock for everything he says and does. most people when they talk about pivot, have we got bobby knight appearing with donald trump? here is bobby knight as he's talking --'s a demagogue in the basketball world and certainly indiana. this is bobby knight's take on being presidential. >> they talk in a negative way when they want to about donald and they talk about don. you know, he isn't presidential.
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i don't know what the hell that means. lou: did you love that? >> think about bobby knight. bobby knight leaves indiana with the political correctness controversy. e takes the media on at every turn and says you don't even understand basketball. he has a problem with a foul mouth. he knows what he's talking about when it comes to basketball. unconventional. the leaves indiana and goes out of texas. the indiana basketball program is somewhat recovered but it's not what it was under bobby knight. people in indiana feel was unfairly tarnished by a left wing press who didn't much like what he stood for. it's interesting to see trump who took on the media in an unabashed fashion, knight took on the media and rejected political correctness.
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they seem like a match made in heaven for the endorsement game. lou: i always liked and profoundly respected bob knight. it's great to see that respect, the love for the man in indiana is still intact. >> when they have all the reunions, the players -- i always listen to what the players said about him. he was tough but he was fair. and he loved us. he loved this game. the players loved knight. and so that symbiosis, it seems like endorsements don't matter that much, but this one is bigger than mike pence, the governor. lou: i think this endorsement is a billing, big -- is a big, big deal. laura ingraham thanks so as much.
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we are coming right back. we have a lot more straight ahead. donald trump's blowout win that leaves his last opponents gasping. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's over. >> the media is going to say, the race is over. the media is going to say, donald trump is the republican nominee. lou: what is the senator's point? we'll be take it up with "weekly standard"'s fred barns. we have the eye popping video after these very brief messages. stay with us. we'll be right back. kennedy: all eyes turn to indiana. we'll have full analysis coming
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. lou: there is donald trump. we are going to go to him for just a moment. he's talk at a campaign event in indianapolis. 57 delegate are at stake. according to real clear politic polling average, trump has an average-point lead.
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he's at the indiana farmers' coliseum. let's listen in. >> they said he just ran. he just announced. then they said he will never sign form-a. that's where you are signing your life away. then they said he will never show his financials. i'm a private company. i showed my if d myify my p my. but i gave the financials and the press was like a feeding frenzy. they found out i built a great, great company. i bor yesterday a billion dollars not too long ago and now it's worth $10 billion. lou: this is part of what donald
7:19 pm
trump talks about each time. he hasek pressed what is more than a visceral contempt if you will for the national political media. and we are going to naturally talk about as he addressed with the folks in indianapolis, the media and more with the executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor, fred barnes. he doesn't like the national media. >> he uses them as a whipping boy, and why not. lou, i have been covering presidential politics in these races for the nominations since 1976. i don't think any candidate in a contested race has ever done better than donald trump did yesterday. you mentioned all the things he did. he won all the counties and won women.
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he also beat the polls that showed where he was going to finish. lou: they were ou outlandish numbers. everything he did last night throughout the election day was as you say, historic. winning every demographic. we have people talking about, he can't win women, he has a problem with women. tell that to the women in delaware and pennsylvania and a connecticut and maryland and rhode island. he won women and every category. >> the category that was most telling was the most conservative voters. these are the voters that had been going for ted cruz in many primaries around the country. this time they went overwhelmingly for donald trump. that means he's broadening his base, which is what he has to
7:21 pm
do. he wanted to win the nomination. lou: a lot of people want to argue with him. he said i'm bringing in millions of people. the fact is, he's bringing in millions of people to the republican party, and you have got people who -- i mean, i don't know how many votes the speaker paul ryan has gotten in his career, and he's sitting there criticizing and attacking as are many members of the establishment and capitol hill leadership, attacking this man who is right now, he's promising the republican party an expansion of their tent and the white house incidentally if only they will stop the self-destructive nonsense that seems to have been their penchant over the course of the past two presidential cycles which they have lost.
7:22 pm
>> i don't think paul ryan the house speaker is a problem for trump. he's someone who will get along with trump. but you have to remember that trump is -- and we saw it in his foreign policy speech today. he's changing the policies republicans have been following on a number of issues. lou: he's changing two things. trade, you have got 40 years of consecutive trade deficits. and no one can contest his case because the facts support his views on the principle issues whether it's illegal immigration, foreign policy, terrorism. whether it is a middle class that has had their wages stagnant for 30 years. or which has shrunk by 11%. >> i'm not trying to argue with you. but on foreign policy, he's not a reaganite. lou: who says he has to be a
7:23 pm
reaganite. he's not a neocon either. he's a social conservative. >> what i'm trying to say is he will as the nominee change the party's position. lou: what is the party's party spend $2 trillion on wars that have been abandoned under this administration but not one under the previous. what is the position that is so supremely to the benefit of this nation that the republicans should hold -- clutch the past to their breasts? i just don't see it. >> i'll make a distinct here. based on the very good speech by trump today, he sounded more like a foreign policy that was favored by president eisenhower more than a foreign policy of ronald reagan. i think it's an important distinct. eisenhower wanted a strong military but was less interventionist.
7:24 pm
donald trump doesn't want to be as interventionist as american policy has been since ronald reagan. lou: you know what else he described? he described the foreign policy that george w. bush wanted to put in place as he ran in 2000, if you will remember. a modest foreign policy. it was one of the most intelligent aspects of the bush agenda and plan for the next 8 years. unfortunately -- we have gone over. as always, appreciate. thanks for being with us. are you and bill kristol still talking to each other? >> every day. lou: is he going to be all right in is he dealing with the victory of donald trump? is he handling it okay? >> he's handling it. but i would like to see donald trump reach out to bill kristol.
7:25 pm
lou: i think bill kristol should reach out to him. appreciate it. fred barnes who wrote a wonderful article today. i wanted to compliment you on that. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. which alliance are you most excited about, cruz-kasich, cruz-fiorina. none of the above. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. if you have a fear of heights you may want to look away right now. heart-stopping drone video showing these two daredevils. look at that. this is not a good idea. they are in russia. they are treating a skyscraper crane like a jungle gym. and no harness and no fear. i just -- isn't it great when
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7:31 pm
including his most ardent supporters. he won at least 39 of those pennsylvania 54 unbound delegates, because he won so many congressional districts as well, he won every county in the state. trump has won a record number of republican voters period. more than 10 million of them so far. 10.1 million votes have gone to vote in this primary season. he has 320,000 more votes than romney received in the entire 2012 primary season. 227,000 more than mccain in 2008. more than 25 million votes have been cast for all republican presidential candidates so far this election season, compared to less than 20 million in all of 2012, less than 21 million in the entire primary season of 2008. and there are still ten primary
7:32 pm
contests left for the republicans, including california, with its monster numbers of voters. and now looks as though the most enthusiastic supporters of senator cruz and governor kasich of coming around, all but the hardest of the hard heads already working to bring the party together behind donald trump, who's already expanded dramatically that gop tent as we get ready for the cleveland convention in july. now, the quotation of the evening. this from rudy giuliani who makes up the republican party. that is now primarily because of trump, is growing dramatically every day. giuliani said -- we're coming right back. donald trump says he's the
7:33 pm
presumptive nominee, and he set his sights on the one he likes to call crooked hillary. >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. lou: not just women, a lot of people don't like hillary clinton, and trump has a more than a few detractors himself. radio hosts mike gallagher and don giordano join us next. this motorcyclist decides to go for it, and it happens. we'll have the video showing you what happens when we come right back after these very short messages. stay with us. for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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. lou: donald trump, let's go to donald trump right now, he's in indianapolis. >> but i would do this, i would speak with the folks at carrier and i would say, if you leave, there are consequences. and here are the consequences. for five years, this country has been working on extremely complex formulas, and i went to the wharton school of finance, i know formulas better than anybody. they've worked on formulas that nobody knows. we're going to give them a little here, low interest loans. you don't have to do any of that. too complicated. too much corruption could be involved. how about this? the government giving low interest loans, that would be fun, right in the government is our banker. too complicated. what do you is say the following. carrier, here's what's going to happen, you're going to leave
7:38 pm
indiana, you're going to leave indianapolis, i wish you a lot of luck in mexico. enjoy the heat. enjoy the heat. and i hope you build a really beautiful factory. but here's what's going to happen, every single air conditioning unit that you make that's going to go right now over an extremely strong border. no longer swiss cheese, folks, won't be swiss cheese. we will have the walls. [applause] >> we will be charging you a 35% tax, every single unit. lou: there it is. and there you hear the reaction. carrier, obviously, is also based in indiana. and to react to this, in philadelphia, wpht radio talk show host don giordano and fox news contributor mike gallagher, great to have you. your reaction to the reaction of the crowd, he's been talking about this from jump street in this campaign.
7:39 pm
>> isn't a new message for trump, and tonight no teleprompters in indianapolis. unlike the foreign policy speech which is where he's best. off the cuff and sounds spontaneous. the carrier story is something he was on for many, many months, and the timing seems -- all the stars seem to be aligning. lou: don't they seem to always, whatever the issue, whatever the topic, whatever the event. >> i had a listener say it's like he did a foustian deal, a deal with the devil, he falls on this stuff and comes smelling out like a rose. lou: what do you think? >> that was perfect timing for you to go right there to the carrier thing in indiana. stars seem to align. i'm not a fan of the tariff but i don't think people are hearing the policy, they're hearing that somebody is going to do something about what you've been talking about, and others have talked about forever, and that people feel there is some hope here,
7:40 pm
pushback on the companies. lou: well, when you say you're not a fan of the tariff. the fact is every one of our partners have obstacles, hurtles that have to be cleared. it's not free trade. it's managed trade and managed not in our interest and not in every instance but generally, we have consecutive years of trade deficits. 40 years. four, zero! and donald trump is the first politician to stand up with a national audience and say it's got to stop. what do you think, mike? >> they hear more than tariffs, jobs going to mexico, and when you've got a jobs economy where jobs are lost to other countries, this is something that seems to be in trump's wheel house because he's the candidate who's employed thousands of people. lou: you suggested forever, that kind of hurt that you would think i've been talking about these issues forever. it's only been maybe 12 years or so. [ laughter ]
7:41 pm
>> but we've got a middle class that's in deep pain, the people who aspire that middle class, working men and women and their families. they're getting murdered here, and let's be honest. >> their wages are stagnant. >> the middle class is shrinking, i don't understand why everyone, everyone on national television isn't saying to a person, you can't treat working men in this country and working women in this country and their families in this country like you've done. why not? what is going on? why aren't the churches talking about it? why isn't every religion talking about it? >> i would agree with you, lou, that's why we see sanders on the other side, that's where religionists go. trump brings a fresh eyes approach. not the same old, same old, he's identified things that people like mike and myself have pointed to that no politician has taken to in this unvarnished way. that's a large one.
7:42 pm
yesterday in philadelphia, donald trump won philadelphia convincingly on. the head of the republican party in philadelphia, philadelphia is huge democrats, last 65 years. he thinks that trump would keep the vote total down in a place like philadelphia. that opens up pennsylvania, which is a game-changer. lou: you and i both know that that means he has put pennsylvania in play. >> and by the way, to be clear here, you talk about bernie sanders, this is a consistent message from all the republican candidates and a big area that helps define the republican party from the democrat party as we get into november. lou: one thing the republican party is going to be a much bigger party as i said now, 25 million votes in this election. it's 20% to 25% more than for either romney or mccain throughout the entire primary campaign. ten more events to go. don and mike, thanks for being with us. >> thanks so much, guys.
7:43 pm
>> a reminder to obey the rules of the road. watch as this biker is speeding in the narrow space between cars on the georgia highway. that wasn't good, was it? crashes into a car changing lanes, that is known as lane-splitting. it is illegal in every state, believe it or not, except state of california. and it's illegal for precisely this reason. surprisingly, the biker escapes with only a broken wrist. we're coming back with donald trump spending more time attacking, what does he call her? >> crooked hillary. lou: yeah, crooked hillary. >> hillary clinton also refuses to say the words radical islam, even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees coming into our country. lou: we take up trump's foreign policy speech with former u.n. ambassador john bolton next, stay with us, please. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy
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7:48 pm
prompter, by the way? >> a strong and impressive speech. i think it was something i wish the campaign had him do six or eight months ago, he laid out principles, it was a lengthy speech. it didn't cover every detail, as you might expect. it's a complex issue, but he established the principles that american foreign policy should be based on american national interests. lou: america first! we can say it out loud! america first! what a novel, damn idea, if i may. >> back in 2008, john mccain's slogan as i recall was country first, and i know what the association with america first from the 1930s is. lou: yeah, but can you imagine a bunch of people decided they were such high-bound pc ignoramuses they decided they wouldn't use the slogan because it was tied to an isolationist group in the 30s for crying out loud!
7:49 pm
>> look, the trump speech today was an internationalist's speech, he correctly identified everything that was wrong with the obama foreign policy. i thought he advanced his position, let's put it that way on a number of issues, on the iran nuclear deal, for example. lou: how about no bombs for iran? how about that? >> exactly the right position, and i believe it shows he's prepares to do what's necessary. so this may upset some trump supporters but i think it put trump in the broad mainstream of republican foreign policy. there are disagreements to be sure, it was a good speech. lou: it was a good speech, and i've got to ask you this, have you really heard him say anything utterly wrong in terms of values and direction when talking about u.s. foreign policy and policies that he would proscribe, whether it's nato? whether it's dealing with the middle east, and specifically radical islamist terrorism.
7:50 pm
whether it is israel. whether it is china or russia. have you heard him say something utterly wrong? >> on iraq, i'd like to visit with him what he thinks the bush administration policy was -- lou: no, no, no, no, i'm talking about his policy prescriptions not history or -- i know you wouldn't like the idea of criticizing your former boss, i got that. >> but it goes look forward because when he then turns to the subject of isis, as you point out, his position is exactly right, that isis is going to be destroyed, and not ultimately as obama says, but i think quite quickly. when you combine that with views on iran, do i want to argue the history with him at some point, but in terms of looking for it. lou: you're such an intellectual, john, you want to argue the damn history, he's about the future! >> well, i think as they say, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.
7:51 pm
lou: you mean like the series of folks over the course of the past two administrations who did just that? forget the lessons of history, the lessons of -- for example, the british empire, the lessons, our own in vietnam. you mean those lessons? >> there you go, talking about history again. lou: you have duped me for the last time! [laughter]. lou: we're out of time, but you get the last word. >> no, look, i think it was a speech that now gets into the debate, gives him a platform to do other things, it's a plus for the trump campaign. lou: john bolton, a delight, good to have you with us. >> any time, lou. lou: up next, celebrities threaten to move to canada if trump wins. don't leave! please! red eye's andy levy, joanne nosuchinsky take up the lighter side of a very serious period
7:52 pm
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7:56 pm
andy levy, he is the co-host of red eye, correspondent for the greg gutfeld show, former miss usa, joanne nosuchinsky, and andy, we did that just for you. you've got to be thrilled, five incredible victories? >> could not be more thrilled. i've been saying it's over since south carolina, not like i'm saying there's a chance, no, it's trump. it's going to be trump. lou: as you come to better know the man and to understand his policies. >> i'm sorry, his what? his what? lou: you were watching the foreign policy speech today were you not? >> no. no. lou: i'm going to give you -- >> i was watching a lethal weapon movie. lou: america first. >> i've heard that before, it wasn't good. lou: it wasn't good? this time partner, it's great. just like the country's gonna be. joanne, great to have you here, it's been so long.
7:57 pm
let's start with the trumpian claim that all hillary's got is the woman card which he is playing so ineffectively. >> that's the thing, all women have a card, i like to use mine sparingly, and when you do, it needs to be done in a way that gives you more power, that makes you likable, but she's using it to become a victim, and i don't think that's the point of the woman card and the thing that trumps a woman card is a trump card, and he has that. lou: andy, i think first of all it makes perfect sense of that, and brings a trump view to this. not like crooked hillary as donald trump calls her. >> the woman card sounds like something a four-year-old calls the queen. it's the woman card. you understand what i'm saying? lou: like the race card. >> i understand what you're
7:58 pm
saying. lou: you don't like my jokes. >> i understand. we all know hillary is going to bring up the war on women, portray all the attacks. lou: you really think she will? she's got a freight train of baggage on that. >> the problem with nominating trump is she won't be completely wrong. lou: yeah, and this warms your heart? >> not at all. lou: because basically if it becomes her standard to not be completely wrong, that's going to be, well, not what we call an aspirational candidate, is it joanne? >> no, as much as i want to see a trump and hillary matchup, if it were cruz now with carly fiorina as vp, she wouldn't be able to use that woman card. lou: ah! >> there's another woman there. cruz used his woman card. bam! >> what happens when trump is the nominee and she's out there as the vice president.
7:59 pm
>> all i can tell you is carly fiorina really doesn't want to be vice president. >> yeah, apparently! [laughter]. lou: now you said i didn't like your jokes. celebs going to canada? i mean threatening to leave the united states of america. what would we do? >> never heard this before. i have never -- this is shocking, trump isn't really moving people. i love that trump said this is another way i'm make america great again. he is encouraging them to follow through. lou: and i heard more cheers than i did -- >> definitely, there's nothing dumber than this, mainly because as joanne any follow through, they always threaten and never leave. lou: alec baldwin moved out almost immediately. >> the other reason it's dumb is it kind of makes me root for trump. lou: you're about to watch a metamorphosis. this is andy levy preparing to
8:00 pm
pivot, not pivoting, i'm not suggesting that, he's beginning to survey and adapt. joanne nosuchinsky, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, lou. lou: andy? >> lou. lou: thank you for joining us, join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: oh! mercy! i'm watching the aftermath of donald trump's decisive super tuesday sweep hit and burn hollywood like flaming burning napalm and packing maple syrup and heading to the great white north. if donald trump is elected president terrified narcissists are moving to canada, guess who put herself to the front of the visa line, hipster lena dunham who said i know people have been threatening to do this. i really will. i know a lovely place in vancouver and i can get my work done from there. plastic surgery?


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