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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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trish: breaking right now, donald trump speaking in a key state of indiana. it is political center of unforce, pretty much a must-win if he stands any shot blocking nomination of donald trump. let's take a moment. donald trump live from evansville, indiana. >> this is interesting. so now cruz is getting clobbered. we win new york. that's right, "lyin' ted". [applause] he is one dishonest guy. here is what happens. i win new york, incredible victory. we go to the five states. these are very different.
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you have delaware and rhode island, maryland, connecticut and you have pennsylvania, big, big. so you have three big ones, two beauties on each end, very diverse, very different. one thing they have in common they're all losing a lot of jobs to other countries. tremendous, 45, 50%. used to be i say to my statisticians, give me the information, like on delaware. and then give me pennsylvania the next day and give me maryland. almost like, 45% loss, 50% loss. 55% loss. manufacturing gone. i almost didn't need it. i just go up, i have to say, got about 50% of your jobs are being lost, every place, all over the country. like a disaster t they're being taken away from us. the politicians don't know how to do anything about it. so cruz is getting absolutely killed. kasich is absolutely killed. think of it, kasich is now one
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for 38 or 42 or something. he won one. if i campaigned there for two days more, i would have won. two days more. i left florida, i was all set to go to ohio, and i had a dirty poll put out by the media. you know what that is? a phony poll. and it said, because i was going to win florida easily. and florida was set up so that it was meant for jeb or marco, good guy, marco. i have to tell you. jeb will come around. i really believe that. but it was meant for the establishment, not for me. winner-take-all. when they heard i was in the race, winner-take-all. meaning the establishment will get 100% of the 99 delegates. that is one of the biggest, florida is a great place. great governor, rick scott. great guy. great governor, doing a great job. a lot of jobs coming in. florida is doing great. so 99 delegates, winner-take-all. and then two weeks after they formally did that, a poll comes out. they were like six people, seven people.
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donald trump had almost 50% of the vote. they said whoa, we have to go back, this is no good! then i won into big. i wouldn't let them change. [cheers and applause] it is a rigged deal. you see it is rigged. what happened is with louisiana, i was down, like four or five mints but i know people in louisiana, like i know people here, the hilberts, i have so many friend here. they're unbelievable people. let's go to louisiana. i got three days, let's go around and campaign. i never done it, so it is fun for me. i've been doing this for nine months. am i doing a good job for nine months? [cheers and applause] you know it is funny, when the results came out, couple days ago, the results came out and it was trump wins in landslide, all of those five states. trump wins in landslide new york the week before. one. pundits who actually hates me which is interesting, he said amazing thing he is only doing
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this nine months and beating senators and governors been there like 20 years 30 years, been doing this nine months. but you can be smart. you can be smart. and i've been dealing in politics for a long time. nobody knows politicians, nobody knows politicians i know politicians. with louisiana, i go and campaign. they have their election different from you. yours is tuesday. you have got to vote. is everybody voting on tuesday, please? [cheers and applause] so the different, they have their election on saturday. and i go friday night. i say i'm going to be there. i land and they have this massive, massive hangar. and the place is packed, thousands and thousands and thousands of people and it is brimming outside of the hangar, through the doors, practically include the windows. i mean the people were all over the place, going back into the runways. and i say i think they like me here. just like outside. do you know how many people, you're in this room. we have another room that is bigger, that is packed.
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then outside, we have thousands of people listening to what i'm saying. do you believe it? [cheers and applause] do you believe it? it's amazing. and it is like that all over. we have movement, everyone is talking about it. everyone is talking about it. so i go to louisiana and i campaign for a few days and i see there is something going on because they want jobs. they want strong military and want to get rid of obamacare. want things we all right. trump figured it out. there is nothing to figure out. people are making less money now in real wages than they made 20 years ago and they're working harder and some of them are working two jobs and they're making less. it is supposed to be the other way around as we get older, right? [applause] supposed to be. don't feel bad. i'm working harder also. i am working hard. but the truth is look, i go to louisiana, i have this big crowd. the next day he have this the election on a saturday. the results are announced that
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night, trump wins! i wasn't supposed to be. it was supposed to be lyin' ted cruz wins. i do great with evangelicals. they really brought me over the top. i win louisiana, two weeks later they're showing me everything and showing how well i'm doing because i'm winning south carolina, i'm winning so many places. i won the south. i wasn't supposed to win the south. alabama, arkansas, we win kentucky, we win florida, we're winning all these places some of which i was not supposed to be winning. win by landslides. win in massachusetts, win alabama, massachusetts, that is quite diverse, right? they're showing me how well i'm doing and i see louisiana. then i see delegates. i win by a lot of votes. louisiana, here right-hand column says delegates. wait a minute. what's wrong. they said what's wrong, sir? i won the state of louisiana why do i have less delegates than cruz, who i beat? oh, well, he went there and he
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started whining and -- wining and dining all delegates, bringing them out for steak dinners, for steak, for hotels, for maybe cruises, maybe they went fishing with all these people he is paying. i said, wait a minute, i don't understand. this is my first, don't forget. i realized it is a crooked system. wait a minute, so i won the state but i get less delegates than this guy? that was my first, who the hell would ever think this could happen? so then i hear about colorado, right? where they're wining and dining, they were having people protesting on streets. they took the vote away from, they didn't even have a vote because they weren't out to a poll, and i did great in the poll in colorado, and i was going to win colorado like i won florida and other places, so they gave the vote to the bosses and you go out and you wine and dine the delegates. all of sudden i say, when are we going to colorado?
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no reason to go, sir. what do you mean no reason to go? colorado is all delegates. they get wined and dined. you can almost buy the election. put $100 million of freebies in the bag, buy an election. then i said it is rigged system. i realized, here is the good news, colorado is really unfair, so is wyoming, very, very bad. they have to change that. that counts on the front row, because cruz can't win when you have to get a vote. he can do it because they have this team of very good experts, i could get much better, got much more money than he does, it is unfair, unfair deal. [applause] it is unfair deal. so here's the story. so now we start our streak. and we win in arizona and we win, we're winning all over the place. and only way it's working for me, i'm still not happy, we're going to do it on first ballot. when you hear he signed all these delegates, they're signing up for second, third, fourth.
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first ballot, fortunately they're locked in. they're all locked in. pennsylvania had same thing. i won in massive, massive landslide. and they have a great republican chairman and really a great guy, mr. gleason, great guy. but he's a fair guy. with pennsylvania they have moral obligation -- trish: you're listening to donald trump rare form, blasting "lyin' ted" as he calls him as he speaks to supporters in indiana, a critical state for him right now. this is a big rally he has going on. he is crisscrossing the state. trying to get support here because cruz in the meantime is hoping that indiana is his ticket to getting a contested convention. i want to get to the news coming out of cruz today, he is facing harsh words from former house speaker john boehner, he called ted cruz, this is pretty good, lucifer in the flesh. i have quote, democrat friends and republican friends i get along with most everyone but i
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have never worked with a more miserable son of a b, said the wording, fick that out. cruz is firing back. listen to what he told the media. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. john boehner in remarks described as donald trump as texting and golfing buddy. if you like what john boehner, nancy pelosi, harry reid have done, donald trump is your guy. when john boehner calls me lucifer, he is not directing that at me. he is directing that at you. trish: more on this strange turn of events, joined by republican strategist, ford o'connell, and a strategist from new heights communication. we monitor donald trump speaking in indiana, speak headlines that come from him. ford, what do you make of john boehner accusing ted cruz of effectively being the devil himself? >> well, i thought i had seen it
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all this election cycle. chalk that one up as something new. we have to understand something, ted cruz is same problem throughout the election, he is base conservative, hasn't been expanded his base. 2/3 of the republican party are moderate republicans and conservative republicans. they're not buying barbecue everyone setting down. he thought when he knocked everyone out they would pick me but they're picking trump. trish: john boehner is the guy who does deals with nancy pelosi. >> right. trish: he is part of the establishment. why are you going to go for more. same? do you think voters respond to that, has that ship just sailed. >> to some extent they do, why he gotten traction in this cycle which is clearly about outsiders. trish: let me be clear. he is trying to make donald trump, who has never worked in politics before, we just heard from him over and over again, only been in the game nine
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months, trying to make donald trump seem as though he is insider who plays golf with his buddies and donated to john boehner, that he, ted cruz is the outsider. >> sure. trish: when realistically -- >> look, if he has any shot at all, ted cruz he will have to make exactly that argument. actually, let's be clear he doesn't have a shot. we've been talking about ted cruz in indiana as sort of his hail mary pass but in fact, no that is reserved for people who already still have a shot. he does not. is mathematically eliminated. we're still talking about this guy. trish: he is trying, certainly trying. coming out and nominateing your vp when you don't have a prayer for getting the actual nomination. ford is he just delusional? is carly fiorina just delusional at this point. >> you have to understand something, that is two hail marys in three days. this is less about him picking carly fiorina but how dire stakes are for ted cruz. presidential campaign you control the narratives three
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times. the day you announce. the day you win nomination. the day you fact ted cruz had to use one of his get out of jail free cards tells you a lot. he is on life-support. if he loses indiana. he did so well in pennsylvania he might still not need a delegate from indiana. >> the trump hailed effectively nominee next day. won some states and, it seemed as though as he gave that speech on foreign policy, ted cruz was desperate to get the limelight back on him. and this was one way to do it. i mean it succeeded all of us on cable were talking about it yesterday as this news crossed. i wonder if it will come back to bite him? your thoughts, ford? >> i think it could come back to bite him if he has to make deal on convention floor. the question isn't making deal on convention floor.
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can ted cruz get to convention floor? permutations are out the window. save yourself. find a way to capture momentum. right now donald trump has momentum. say one thing about idea says cruz trump is working with pelosi and boehner. problem for ted cruz, donald trump defined him. he is playing chess and trying to look presidential to get to the general election. trish: not a good one. my favorite moment of the rally last night from ted cruz and carly fiorina was carly's moment where she took to doing a little singing to sing her praises of his two little girls. i think we can run it for you. watch this. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore -- [laughter] ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more, because we travel on the bus all day, we get to play, we get to play ♪ trish: got a good voice. christie, one of ted cruz's
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thoughts she will be able to be effectively the attack dog to go up against hillary clinton. she has been thought all along to be potentially vp candidate for whoever is nominee. that moment that we saw from her last night, was that an attempt, do you think to show a little bit of a softer side of herself? >> it was awkward, is what it was. and i think we can add, singing ability to the list of reasons why it was a poor strategy for ted cruz to quote, choose carly fiorina as his running mate. trish: no. no. no look, i was singer. she can hold a tune. boy, oh, boy, i would rather listen to her sing than hillary clinton any day. >> strategy was terrible. can i finish here? the strategy choosing carly fiorina i think really poor one. doesn't bring anything to the table in terms she will not get california. she doesn't help him in indiana. she is someone who not only beaten by donald trump but beaten really early on. unclear -- trish: i can tell the left,
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they're going up for a fight. carly, she can be dangerous. anyway, thank you so much guys. good to have you here. ford and christie we'll take a quick break. we're back with more from donald trump live from indiana after this.
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>> what happens, cruz called, kasich called, somebody called, because it is rigged business, dishonest business, listen, trump is beating us badly. we've got to do something. we've got to do something. start with the people of indiana because they think you're stupid, foolish or something. boy, i know the opposite. as soon as i heard that, i said, the people of indiana are not going to put up with this one. so they form an alliance, which
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is collusion. in business, when you collude like that they throw you in jail. only in politics are you allowed collusion. so they formed this phony alliance. kasich is difficult guy. he pretends like he nicest guy. you know why he is nice guy? because -- trish: listening to donald trump. by the way. while we were in commercial break he went after john kasich's eating habits. earlier in rhode island he talks about john kasich and eats pancakes and shoves them all in his mouth. got a repeat of that. kind of eating disgustingly. i was always taught not to talk with food in my mouth. anyway, donald trump, back to true form despite the campaign attempt to make him more presidential. senior campaign advisor, paul
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manafort said is is going to act more presidential, meeting with does republican lawmakers today. does this mean the gop is thinking about getting behind the front-runner? joining me right now, evan siegfried, and trump spokesperson, katrina pierson. great to have you guys here. we hear donald trump speak in indiana and talking about kasich's eating habits, what is happening with the whole philosophy to get him to be more presidential? >> this is something we experienced and mentioned this whole time. donald trump is going to be donald trump. at the rallies this is opportunity to engage with supporters. they love him. back and forth, give-and-take, when he talks like that crowd goes wild. trish: they do. >> they have a good time at rallies. you see speeches and interviews where you see more presidential, whatever that is supposed to
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mean donald trump but he is not going to change that. trish: i think about him. trish: when i hear him speak he is very, very smart man, extraordinarily successful, but he has not lost the street fighter mentality from queens. i think that is in fact, evan, whether you like it or not, and i'm guessing you don't because i heard you talk about him before, that is what people respect. >> that is his supporters respect. looking at rest of electorate, swing voters, they don't like it. millenials rejecting him. women rejecting him. establishment is even rejecting him. meeting with establishment, i will play nice now. when you're attacking people because of their eating habits and that is crossing a line then some. almost like serial abuser and going to your victim, hey -- trish: whoa, whoa. john kasich is the victim?
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by the way, john kasich and ted cruz with no mat mat possibility much getting nomination, why on earth don't they get out, evan? >> at this point the voters have not completely decided it. i think california voters are eager to cast their ballot. when was the last time california actually had a voice in presidential primary? >> the katrina i want to get reaction to what ted cruz said about john boehner. john boehner saying devil himself. called him louis officer. never worked with miserable s.o.b., in his life. ted cruz turned that on his heels. look, if you want the establishment, if you want john boehner and those types, fine, elect donald trump. donald trump is his good golfing buddy. they are, effectively, one in the same. and trump is part of the establishment. what do you say to that? >> i would say that john boehner is no longer in office but you can look at who has supported senator ted cruz.
2:24 pm
look at lindsey graham. lindsey graham is the epit my of the establishment. hasn't met a war he didn't want to go into. he is the one said ted cruz could be killed on senate floor and no one would care. he wants to turn the john boehner thing into -- >> wait a minute. wait a minute. are you saying donald trump is not a part of the establishment. >> lindsey graham supporting ted cruz. that is the establishment. that is the current establishment. >> that is most ridiculous things ever. >> all of them done that if you have done that -- >> all businessmen have done that. if you're successful in business. go to open secret. >> he is successful businessman. trump wine, trump steaks. i doubt it -- [both talking at once. trish: a little little bit after stretch to call donald trump establishment. >> look at every corporation, trish. go to open secrets, every major corporation gives money down party lines. trish: we need to give money to politics.
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that is reality. we don't need corporations donating lining pockets of these campaigns and these campaigns having bad intentions and corporate intentions. katrina, evan, thank you so much. we'll be right back after this. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. .
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trish: all right. donald trump's five-state sweep on tuesday putting him well on his path to victory. we're watching him live in evansville, indiana, right now. my next guest says trump's momentum? it's actually a whole lot more than that. and whether you love him or you hate him, many believe he's already got this nomination in the bag. howard kurtz joins me with more on all this momentum. howie, how much does it matter? >> it matters a lot psychologically, and i like to talk psychologically because i didn't do that well in math. [laughter] i think we've gone a little too deep into the delegate math scenarios. when trump rolled up the win in new york, the fave states on tuesday with 60% margins in most
2:29 pm
those states, suddenly most of his skeptics in the press said he's probably going to be the nominee, most voters, and 66% of connecticut republicans in our exit poll said the person with the most votes at cleveland -- even if he hasn't reached the number -- should be the nominee. that's huge. trish: all right. momentum's on his side, but cruz is very good on the ground game. i was just talking with evan as he left the set, and he said one of the things that hasn't come up a lot is the lack of digital analysis that trump has. he doesn't have any. whereas you think about one of the keys to obama's success in winning the nomination against hillary eight years ago was that he had all that data, big data. he's relying, evan said, on tweets and social media and the impact of these rallies. is this going to come back to bite him? because cruz is, you know, doing all the hard stuff. >> it's already come back to have bitten him, but it started to change with the hiring of veteran strategist paul manafort. for example, pennsylvania had
2:30 pm
those 54 unbound delegates. reports are because they paid more attention to who would be on the slates that trump will get 35, 40 of those delegates, so it actually matters in the math. and i think also, you know, cruz is trying a whole bunch of things, attacking the media, naming carly fiorina, the shaky alliance with john kasich, anything to change the storyline from the fact that he's gotten clobbered in the last six contests. trish: that's the reality of it. so this is a hail mary, turning to teen that? >> sure, but i don't blame him for doing it. he needed to get the focus back on him. carly fiorina is a plausible pick. the problem is he's 400 delegates behind, so he may not be in a position to name a vice presidential running mate, but he's got nothing left to lose. trish: a little premature, just a little. thanks, howie. tune in to media buzz at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern every single sunday, fox news channel.
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we're going to be right back. ♪ ♪ eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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trish: all right. breaking right now, everyone, news station wbff, this is fox 45 news in baltimore, it has been evacuated. we have learned after a man set his car on fire in the parking lot, went into the building and said he had a bomb. that's pretty much all we know at this point. we are going to continue following this story, and we will bring you breaking details as soon as we have them. but we're hearing that fox 45 in
2:35 pm
baltimore has been evacuated after this threat of a bomb. house lawmakers taking a close look today at a very serious problem. the obama administration is releasing -- releasing -- thousands of criminal aliens eligible for deportation. why is this happening? fox news' chief correspondent, congressional correspondent mike emanuel is in washington with the latest for us. mike? >> reporter: well, some truly stunning numbers as lawmakers are asking why immigrations and customs enforcement, or i.c.e., has released more than 86,000 criminal aliens over a three-year period back into the american public. >> there's a whole list of categories that are harm to public safety including those that commit homicide that you went ahead and released anyway. so that law is crystal clear. you are making these discretionary choices in releasing these people out into the public, and they're committing more crimes. and i don't understand why you don't deport them. >> reporter: immigrations and customs enforcement says in
2:36 pm
fiscal year 2015 it released 9,723 criminal aliens who committed approximately 64,000197 crimes -- 64,197 crimes including homicides, kidnapping, sex offenses and robberies. the i.c.e. director says it is a very complicated problem. >> to sit there and say that the proud women and men of law enforcement and i.c.e. are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable. and they do not go around trying to put criminals on the streets. >> reporter: lawmakers are also hearing from the family members of victims killed by criminal aliens who are expressing both their frustration and heartbreak. >> if the obama administration position on this is not to enforce immigration law, what is the purpose of i.c.e. and our tax dollars being wasted?
2:37 pm
>> something has to be done to fix this horrible problem. i would never want any family to have to go through this. the pain is always with me. my heart is broken. >> reporter: some really tough stuff when you consider that these victims are dealing with the reality that these people who are responsible for the death of their loved ones were actually known by law enforcement, held by government authorities and then ultimately released only to kill these young people. some really devastating stuff here on capitol hill. trish? trish: devastating, and it's got to make people extremely angry at this whole process. mike, thank you so much. joining me now, former nypd detective bo dietl. you know, bo, i'm sure president obama's failed immigration policy is taking its toll, right, on law enforcement. but i just look at this, and i feel that frustration, and i wonder why, why on earth we have people that are committing crimes, 196 murders, for
2:38 pm
example, 214 -- 216 kid yappings, rapes -- kid yappings, rapes, rob robberies, and they stay in the country? >> the thing that's so unbelievable, i talk about the amount there's a rash of rapes of young girls across this country by illegal aliens. and what's happening is now they get arrested, and they release them back into the public. give them a piece of paper, i.c.e., report back. what a joke it is. it's a damn joke, and i'm angry about it. trish: i'm confused. be you're arrested for rape and you're an american citizen, you don't get to go free. >> yeah. well, they'll give them some sort of a stupid bail, and all of a sudden they'll tell them to return to -- trish: yeah, as if they're going to return, right? >> my problem here is, and trump is hitting it on the head. let's be real about this thing. you can't sweep it under the rug. there's a large majority of criminal element here. the gangs that are coming across, they're committing murders, they're committing rapes, they're committing robberies, and then when we catch them, they release them. why the heck aren't they
2:39 pm
deported? trish: why aren't they? >> because all these people worry about -- i love good immigrants that work hard. i'm talking about -- trish: so they want the profits. is that the thing? we don't know that you're guilty of this crime until -- >> well, we have here -- trish: right? >> in 2013 of 61,000 criminal cases, right? 24,000, 24,000 of 'em were convicted on other cases, convicted already. and they had just let them out again. look at the guy in san francisco that killed that young girl. he was arrested five times, sent back? no. they released him, sanctuary cities have to be stopped. and you know what? isis has to really say, look, you're not doing your job. if you're supposed to be looking at illegal immigrants there who are committing crimes, you get them the heck out of this country. do not have them in this country. as it is, we've got to deal with the criminal element. look, crime went down a lot, you know why? because of a lot of
2:40 pm
incarceration, but when you're releasing illegal immigrants and they're not going to come back to court or i.c.e., they're going to commit more crimes. it's very common sense. no one's dealing with it, everyone shuffles it under the rug, oh, we have to take care of these people. trish: no, we don't have to take care of those people, absolutely not. they're here illegally, and they hurt our people, why do we feel responsible? >> you know what the issue is again? we have trump who's saying things, but it's resonating. you don't have to be a republican or democrat to understand which way the country's going to go. if trump gets in, i guarantee he's going to change things. but if we have hillary getting in there, she thinks this is all kumbaya. this ain't -- trish: no, it certainly is not. bo, always good to see you. quick update for everyone. that fox 45 station in baltimore, it turns out that was a hoax. everyone is safe. you recall we said the station had been evacuated after a man set a car on fire and made a bomb threat.
2:41 pm
the threat was not real. we're going to take a quick break, and we're back right after this. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. [martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup
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2:43 pm
causing growth to drop to its slowest pace in two years. comcast is buying dreamworks for about $3.8 billion, the deal was expected to be to done by the end of the year. part of the strategy with disney. facebook soaring after earnings surpassed wall street expectations, quarterly revenue jumped more than 50% because of surging ad sales. i'm going to be right back with your intel after this.
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trish: all right, everyone. vice president joe biden making a surprise visit to iraq today. you're looking at the video, in an effort to encourage leaders there to work together to defeat isis. meanwhile, back in the states secretary of defense ash carter getting grilled on capitol hill about the progress, or lack thereof, of our war with isis, and he seemed a little concerned. >> well, the military momentum is gathering strength, and isil is struggling to resist our multifacet pressure. i am increasingly concerned about political, economic and diplomatic challenges in both iraq and syria affecting the pace of the military campaign. trish: concerned, why biden is in iraq today. is this just one big photo op?
2:46 pm
joining me right now fox news contributor and author of "the story: a reporter's journey," which is now available in paperback, judith miller. good to see you again. is this one big photoop, or is he going to accomplish anything this time? >> well, look, this is a large photo op and an opportunity for the obama administration to prove that it is still trying to degrade and destroy isis. but what we heard from secretary carter this morning was a lot of degrading and not much destroying. i mean, yes, we're making some progress. recruitments are down, their ability to maneuver is down because air attacks are up. but basically, until you get the political act together in baghdad, until these countries start working with one another, until the syria peace talks stop being stalled and there is no indication of any progress there, we are not going to make progress -- trish: is it, i mean, there's a lot of things, right? identify your enemy, for one, we're not willing to do that.
2:47 pm
identify the enemy and then commit the actual wherewithal to get this accomplished. i mean, we're sending 250 troops. >> right. trish: special forces, all right, to syria. but it seems as though it's going to take a whole lot more than that to defeat isis which in europe alone has 5,000 fighters living amongst the current population. >> right, exactly. look, the estimate is that there are 36,500 isis fighters all over the world, ten different countries, tentacles in ten different countries. but we are making inroads in terms of lowering their ability to pay those fighters. their pay is now down -- trish: you know, i don't know that this is all about pay though. [laughter] this is an ideology. these people are willing to kill themselves because they want to kill us. let me turn to donald trump because he made the big foreign policy speech there in d.c. yesterday. and he talked about various things including, you know, his intention to just annihilate
2:48 pm
isis altogether, just get rid of it for good. >> yeah. they'll be gone, he says. [laughter] trish: they'll be gone. >> very quickly. trish: you wrote a piece saying what's interesting, there are things that he didn't mention. what's an example? >> well, he didn't mention his previous gaffe which was he was thinking of letting south korea and japan defend themselves with nuclear weapons. there was no talk of that. there was no talk of some of the other mistakes he's made in foreign policy. trish: such as? >> oh, well, look, when you talk about the need to work with our allies and get them to do more, and then you talk about withdrawing from nato if people don't pay more to support that organization? that's what we call a contradiction. trish: isn't this a negotiating tactic? one of the things we haven't done in the world of diplomacy is negotiated hard enough, and he's saying, look, you don't pay your way, you're out. >> he doesn't understand how much people are paying. let me give you one example. we have 28,000 troops in south
2:49 pm
korea, and it would be cheaper to, some people say -- he's suggesting to bring them home -- but it wouldn't. it's cheaper to keep them there, and the south koreans are now paying half. so there's just a whole bunch of things that he's saying that happen not to be true. trish: yeah, but he's saying them, and they're resonating -- >> because people are so frustrated with the lack of change and progress. trish: thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break, i'll see you back here. you both have a
2:50 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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trish: breaking news right now, we are getting more details on that bomb threat at fox 45 news in baltimore. earlier today a man set his car on fire in the station parking lot, went into the building, claimed he had a bomb. the station was evacuated, of course, and now we're getting reports that the man had come into the station, he handed a security guard a flash drive and said he had information on the
2:53 pm
panama papers. remember, those papers that were recently released included all those details about offshore accounts of many world leaders? we're now getting further report that is the station's security guard said the man was dressed in a strange manner, get a load of this, dressed as a panda and perhaps with a surgical mask. he claimed that he was wearing a bomb, so you've got the bomb squad now on the scene along with atf but reports are, fortunately, everyone at the station safe. officials don't know if this was a hoax, but the police are going through all the proper steps. witnesses are saying that the man is still in the building. all right, coming up, we have some very, very special guests for you. up next, my big, exclusive interview with these three mystery guests. i have a great job. [laughter] you've got to see these guys.
2:54 pm
trust me, it is worth it! stay with me, i'll see you back here in two.
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2:57 pm
. trish: welcome back, everyone! all across america today, it is bring your child to work today. here on "the intelligence report," we did just that. i'm here with my superstar producer jenna cox, who works so hard with me and my amazing team to bring you greatsteries every day. we have very special guests, jenna's daughter, rosemary and my little ones, elizabeth and alexander, twins. are you guys having fun, today? >> yes. trish: you got to do all kinds of activities, right, rosemary? elizabeth, what did you do today? >> we had lunch. we had two cupcakes and there was french fries, pizza and hot dogs. trish: i told you working at fox was fun. >> the best job in tv. trish: alexandra, you got to
2:58 pm
godaddy's work nearby, what was that like? >> it was fun, and i got to go to a kid's club. trish: were there cupcakes? >> no. trish: fox is better. >> but there were ice cream sundaes. trish: ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, there you go. we are working moms and have a lot of women in the newsroom on our team. it's nice, girls are here in the workplace and they get to see the working women. >> it was such a great treat to see the amazing producers and on-air talent working altath. no place better to be a working mom, i think. trish: i think i saw elizabeth and rosemary earlier practicing their best "american idol." they had an "american idol" machine and you could sing with it. do you remember what you sang? >> yeah. trish: what was it?
2:59 pm
>> the cheerleader song. trish: alexandra, you were at daddy's work, it is a bank, not quite "american idol," but they have good calculators there. alexandra having fun with daddy at work today. what do you want to be when you grow up? can i ask you that? elizabeth? >> a scientist, a pop star, the president, there's a lot more in case you want to know. trish: you have quite a lot of ambitions you want to fulfill. rosemary, what do you want to be? >> i want to be a -- i want to be a -- i want to make tv's. trish: you get to see how it's all made here, you get to watch your mom who makes it every day and see what we're doing in the newsroom and how we get the stories on the air. alexandra, what do you want to be? >> i don't know. i don't know. trish: it's okay! you don't have to figure it out.
3:00 pm
you can think about it for a good long time, honey bun. it was fun. great day. and great to have you here. >> i don't want this day to end. trish: neither do i, elizabeth, neither do i. good to have my little pumpkins here, have a great day, everyone. liz: trish, thank you very much. major breaking news on the markets, we have suddenly taken a dip considerably lower. a lot of this is apple. there are developments as one of the top investors in apple has run for the exits. in the meantime, no sympathy for the devil on the campaign trail, republican presidential candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz taking a white house 2016 race to new lows today. the bitter rivals blast each other, comments coming in the last couple of minutes. former house speaker john boehner who was quoted as calling senator cruz, quote, lucipher in the flesh and a


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