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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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weekend. closing bell comes now. david asman, gerri willis pick it up for after the bell. [closing bell rings] >> stocks diving into the close. dow is down over 200 points, i'm gerri willis in for melissa francis. >> i'm david asman, this is "after the bell." it is a must-win for ted cruz if he has any chance to stop donald trump from clinching the nomination. cruz will make his case to south bend, indiana at this hour. former republican speaker of the house, back from the past, slamming the candidate cruz, calling him lucifer in the flesh! and vowing never to vote for him. will this have impact? get ready for amazon. within the hour online retail giant out with it is first
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quarter report. could come out any minute. if history is our guide we'll see the stock move up or down as much as 10% based on what happens. first let's get you back to these stocks, dropping into the close. let's go right to adam shapiro at new york stock exchange. adam, it was about 2:30 when the market really began to slide. what happened? the. reporter: i asked some of the traders down here and they said it is just algorithms, computerized trading started the selloff. when we broke below 2095 on s&p 500, those computers kicked in and down we went. look at stocks that sold off big, ibm was down close to something 2.1%. home depot was down over 2%. apple, we keep talking about apple after they missed on earnings, look at that apple down 3%. goldman sachs down what, 1 1/2%? boeing was down close to 1 1/2% as well. what is surprising after we got
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the bank of japan news this morning which surprised everybody, we started to pull back from the selloff. we were one point down only 12 points on the dow. i asked a trader what is going on here? he said a lot of positive news on earnings. a lot of companies, ford, for instance, beating on revenue. that was not enough to sustain it. we had to sell off. david: apple, we should mention, carl icahn used to be biggest booster of apple sto that didn't help the stock at all. adam shapiro, thank you very much. gerri: first donald trump wrapping up his latest pitch to the hoosier state. fox business's jeff flock in evansville, indiana, with the latest on the campaign trail. jeff? reporter: it has been quite a week here, gerri, and there is more to come. arena took place behind me, big donald trump rally, big overflow crowd, thousands of people. this on a day when elsewhere in the state carly fiorina was being trotted out by ted cruz as his running mate, quote, unquote
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running mate i guess you might want to say. of course donald trump had stuff to say about that. you can perhaps what he had to say. he said, essentially, all it was about, naming of carly fiorina, was taking the focus off the drubbing that ted cruz got in the northeast primaries earlier this week. take a listen. >> what does he do to recover? he gets carly fiorina, she is very nice. everything's fine. [booing] carly got out. she had no standing, i mean there was, she had one good debate on the children's stage, she was not on our stage, she was on the children's stage. remember, she didn't debate against me. reporter: donald trump had other things to say about carly fiorina in the campaign. none of that today. he was a little bit more presidential. it was a presidential-looking arena. although what he had to say was pretty much vintage donald trump. gerri: not sure -- surprising
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there, jeff, thanks for that. amazon out with first quarter results. jo ling kent with numbers in the newsroom. hey, jo. reporter: gerri, stock popping 11, 12% in after-hours trading. it had preet serious beat of the 27.98 billion the street was looking for. looking at earnings per share, profit per share coming in at 1.0. street was forecasting mere 58 cents. pretty big jump there. second quarter sales moving the stock. expecting 28 to $35 billion. going through numbers right now. gerri: amazing story. jo, thank you for that. let's bring in the senior editor of mobile nations and we have the editor of point view wealth. amazing numbers. daniel, what did you make of them? >> these numbers are an indication that amazon is firing on all cylinders. they have aws outperforming even
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though google and microsoft are both gunning for that business. they have consumer electronics sales just skyrocketing. they have amazing and exciting technologies like the echo that are, for first time in a long time really getting, you know, tech consumers excited. they didn't have a great success with their fire phone. a lot of people wrote them off for that. i think this is finally seeing amazon coming back into the consumer electronics space. gerri: i'm totally blown away by this the rap on amazon, can't get earnings, well look at this, my friend. john, what do you say about this? >> yeah, amazon is proving to be extremely volatile on quarterly basis. they missed analyst expectations in first quarter. now they blow out the numbers. the fact of the matter amazon may be the most disruptive company all time. not a boardroom out there, walmart, tech storage company, even amal reit out there right
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now sitting around discussing amazon and disruption they cows to their business and everything they touch. clearly phenomenal quarter. gerri: do thesethese result not speak to the broader economy or are they apple's problems? >> apple's problems have something to do with a slowdown in the chinese economy and they're still earning $50 billion revenue in a quarter. what amazon is doing, finally taking some of that profit, they're moving past that investment stock exchange and they're finally seeing prime which has grown several quarters in a row now, becoming one of their most important products as they add more services to that 100-dollars a year subscription,
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they launched food delivery in san francisco this week. that is another part of the whole puzzle. gerri: amazon prime, 54 million members in the u.s. spending $1100 a year. that is amazing. big story for you, amazon web services. what are you seeing out of this report? >> i haven't gone through the quarter yet. but that is clearly the big growth story because the margins are so high. tagging back on apple here, what you're seeing here is the loss of steve jobs and you don't have the visionary ceo where with amazon, jeff bezos's vision as ceo carry through and you had facebook last night with mark zuckerberg's vision of the company, with the acquisition done over the years really carry through. you see visionary ceos, where they take their companies to the next apple. i think that is what apple is look lacking right now. gerri: i'm embarassed to say our family has three different echoes. at that's where i stand. david: shoutout to charlie
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brady, if they beat the numbers they will go up 10%. they're now at 11, so charlie, good working with you. even before this week's five-state blowout, cruz was trailing trump by 8 percentage points so isn't the mow men all all in trump's favor. we have steve dynan, political correspondent for the washington sometimes. i want to get to the market story. market went down 200 points. we had great numbers from amazon but the general trend take in gdp numbers which are only half a percent are not in the economy's favor. who can make the most of this particularly in indiana, donald trump or ted cruz? >> well both of them certainly have an opportunity. obviously the argument there, look this is the obama economy and no matter who you are,
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you're probably in indiana, you have a lot of blue-collar voters. those are donald trump voters. if you had to choose edge between trump and cruz, john kasich not really competing in indiana. if you choose edge between other two, it would go to donald trump. he started off the campaign talking about trade and immigration for him and much of the country are economic issues. just as donald trump businessman, he obviously brings a, an edge into this race. i think bigger question is -- david: by the way. hold on a second. i think you really nailed it on that one point. none of other candidates said before, have create ad single job. trump can say i created thousands jobs. i needed to create jobs. i know how to grow businesses. some of his companies have done poorly. the fact he is only candidate running who actually created jobs in the private sector. >> no question. the worst the economy does better for donald trump right now. there is no question because it
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plays into message and americans become more receptive immigration parts of the message and trade parts message the worst the economy does. whether the economics underlying what he says are correct or not resonates to americans. that is valuable to candidate. david: understood. momentum is key here, we've seen it all through the campaign, how momentum pushes candidates in various direction. i think momentum is in trump's favor after the five-state blowout. doesn't that mean the 8% lead trump hasn't yana, might just grow aren't getting smaller? >> sure, absolutely. trump pass ad key marker tuesday night. he now has 50%, slightly more than 50% of all of the delegates that have been awarded to date. that means he is now for first time in this campaign officially on track to win the nomination on the first ballot, come the convention in july. that is real momentum. he is showing he can organize and showing he continues to win these key primaries, not just
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caucuses and some smaller organizational battles ted cruz has won, he wins big things when voters show up at polls. indiana obviously is another one of those. there is a lot riding on this. this is ted cruz's last chance to stop the donald trump momentum. also ted cruz's last chance to sort of prove that he can go further, that he can win big contests. fairly to medium-sized state. he needs to do something here or else his campaign, he may continue fighting but this will be his big last stand. david: steve dinan of "washington times." good to see you. >> my pleasure. gerri: trump's key strategists wooing congressman in the washington establishment. could the tide be turning? david: no such love for trump's rival, one of the biggest congressional leaders of the past decade, slamming ted cruz equating him with the devil. gerri: will farrell play ronald reagan with dementia as a comedy?
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. gerri: bad news on the economy today. the u.s. economy grew at slowest pace in two years in first quarter of the year but president obama is painting a much rosier sy picture, touting improvement of the economy and jobs growth under his administration. here so weigh in, steve moore, distinguished visiting fellow of heritage foundation and fox news contributor. steve, what do you make of this 0.05% growth? >> pretty abysmal and we had 1.4% growth in the fourth quarter of 2015.
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so that means essentially the economy is growing at 1% for the last six months with real little sign of improvement. and so, what that means is, we decelerated from a kind of 2% growth which is not fast growth at all to 1% this is bad news for hillary clinton by the way. she has been running essentially on four more years. gerri: so that half percent growth, i got that news this morning, just as that news was crossing "the new york times" was putting out its big interview for the weekend with president barack obama. he is summing up his view of how the economy went, talking about how great it was. i want you to hear this. listen, this is from the story from this weekend. he said i actually compare our economic performance to how historically countries that have wrenching financial crises perform. by that measure we probably managed this better than any large economy on earth in modern history. and i'm thinking where, what,
4:17 pm
seven years out of the great recession and we can't get past stall speed. we haven't had 3% growth in 10 years. where do you think he gets this idea that everything is wonderful? >> well this is going to be liberal spin. they have to put some kind of spin on abysmal economy last seven or eight years. it was financial crisis. we couldn't done any better than this. by the way their own numbers, you go back to january, february of 2009, they put out a report saying that if we had done nothing, if we had done none interventions stimulus plan, minimum wage increase the economy would have grown faster if we had done nothing, than borrow $8 trillion. american people don't buy it this is the worst recovery, this kills obama and hillary. worst recovery from a recession since the great depression. hard stop, period. what is your response to that, mr. president? gerri: he is not answering that question. you mentioned before that hillary clinton would have a hard time defending this number.
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she is on obama's side, right? who benefits from this number? seems to me donald trump has been saying all along this recovery is not what the experts said it was? >> i'm frustrated with republicans too. by the way, first on hillary, look at her economic program, what is it? her economic program is more infrastructure, public works spending. does anybody believe that will stop the economic malaise we're in right now? i don't think it is very saleable. the problem with the republicans they're not talking about economy. they have debates -- gerri: donald trump is always been talking about. >> starting to. gerri: make america great. jobs are not there. income is not there. >> that's true. he is supposed give major speech on economy in next two weeks. i don't hear enough, even from donald trump how will you make america great again? what are the specific steps? how are we doing that on energy policy? gerri: looking about the economy, talk to the american people.
4:19 pm
>> that's all they talk about. so i just think they should be talking about it more. i harken back to debates that were had you have a two-hour debate and spend ten minutes talking about economy. if i'm republicans i talk about how obama put coal workers out of work and going after gas industry. all those things. gerri: we'll have to leave it there. thanks for being on the show. david: whoever is elected hire that man as treasury secretary. gerri: i agree. i love steve. david: shares of amazon soaring after hours as our chief economist charlie brady said they would. it is up over 12% after the online retail giant beat the street reporting first quarter sales up 28%. give you some idea a year ago, they had negative profit of 12 cents. gerri: turnaround, you call that a turnaround, my friend. trump putting america first. what the gop front-runner is promising and what it could mean for the u.s. and our allies next. plus defense secretary ash carter getting grilled on capitol hill. what he had to say about the fight against isis.
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that's coming up. >> we always seem to be a step behind, a day late and a dollar short.
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david: defense secretary ash carter and chairman of the joints chiefs appearing on capitol hill testifying in front of senate armed services committee on the war against isis as they stepped up efforts against the terrorist group. fox news's jennifer griffin has details that emerged from today's hearing. hi, jennifer. reporter: hi, david. this is the first time the senate armed services committee heard from ash carter and general dunn ford after they traveled to iraq. president obama ordered 250 special operations forces to syria on top of 200 troops to iraq. armed services chairman john mccain called it move long overdue and ultimately insufficient. >> the u.s. response has
4:24 pm
appeared confused, reactive and inadequate. none of this is happening because our adversaries are 10 feet tall or somehow more capable than us. instead, as sophisticated and ruthless as isil is, it has major strategic vulnerabilities. reporter: lawmakers are frustrated at inability to defeat isis in their power centers of mosul and raqqa, isis capital of syria. general dunford admitted he has concerns about the u.s. partner on the ground in syria made up of mostly kurds. >> are they going to be able to take rao's can, syria, and hold it? >> they will no in of themselves. reporter: there has been some good news lately, number of foreign fighters joining isis has reduced thanks to effect of u.s. deadly airstrikes. the head of the operations for u.s.-led coalition told reporters this week that
4:25 pm
airstrikes destroyed up to $800 million in isis cash. >> we have done a lot of bank strikes in the past, bulk storage and bulk cash facilities have been completely destroyed. their ability to finance their war through oil refineries has been destroyed. their ability to keep track of their taxes and to oppress their people has been destroyed. reporter: general gersten added the number of foreign fighters joining isis decreased 90%. about 200 foreign fight is enter iraq and syria each month to fight with isis, down from 2,000 a year ago. david: at least the direction is right. jennifer, their very much. appreciate it. gerri? gerri: shares of linkedin soaring over 4% after better than expected first results. jo ling kent is standing by in the newsroom. with more. >> the company posted really good earnings report but that as you said is tapering off, up about 4 1/2%.
4:26 pm
their losses widened in the first quarter. we saw a serious beat on profit, coming in 74 cents a share versus what the street was looking for at 60 cents. revenue coming in at 860 point 7 million -- $860.7 million. what moved stock early on, back in february they issued a warning and lowering their outlook back then. that sent the stock plunging 40 some%. the reason you're seeing a pop now, outlook for the current quarter was actually raised. you also had some pretty good news in cumulative membership. that is up 19%. sponsored contracts up 80%. pretty good growth is coming out of linkedin. they believe that can continue in current quarter. gerri? gerri: jo, thanks for that. david: lucifer in the flesh, that battle erupting between ted cruz and former speaker of the house john boehner. gerri: bobby knight hitting
4:27 pm
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gerri: wooing the establishment. donald trump is racking up more endorsements from members of congress. fox business's blake burman is in d.c. with the latest. reporter: more washington support keeps on trickling in for donald trump. earlier today trump's campaign announced more congressional endorsements. congressman bill shoeser of pennsylvania, the head of house transportation and infrastructure committee and jeff miller of florida, the chairman of the veterans affairs committee revealed their support after a meeting with other trump congressional backers here in d.c. congressman chris collins, one of the first on the hill to throw his support behind the front-runner, said more endorsements like this are coming. >> you will hear different terminology. you will hear the word strongly support. as our nominee the key issue is support. reporter: i spoke with top aide for trump who told me they feel really encouraged about past several days with five-day sweet
4:32 pm
and wednesday's foreign policy speech. they feel this will bring more republicans into the fold on their side. we saw some of that earlier today. back to you, in new york. gerri: blake, thank you for that. david? david: well looked like ted cruz was beginning to get a little support from the gop establishment but today, one of the key figures of that establishment, former speaker john boehner had this to say about ted cruz. i have democratic friends and republican friends, i get along with almost everyone but i have never worked with a more miserable son after you know what in my life. boehner has this to say, cruz claims he has no idea why boehner would say that. >> what matters i don't know the man. i have met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i had said 50 words in my life to john boehner i would be surprised. and everyone of them has consisted of pleasantries. good to see you, mr. speaker. david: joining me brad blakeman,
4:33 pm
former president george w. bush senior staff, and adam goodman. democratic strategist. he said he didn't know boehner, but at one point he was actually boehner's lawyer in 1998 when he was 27 years old. he does know boehner. he worked with boehner. he was boehner's lawyer. was he caught in another lie? >> i'm not going to say he was lying but maybe he had a little bit of amnesia when it came to john boehner but having said that, even if he did meet him couple times because he must have made a he can had after impression on speaker in order for them him to exact that way. among his own colleagues he is not getting kind of support expected this far into the race with only u.s. senator in the race at this point in time. he is not seeing support of his peers. i'm not going out he was lying to the people but he certainly may have some problems with memory. david: he mid i have never worked with john boehner and that is just not true. he was boehner's lawyer. that is factually incorrect.
4:34 pm
whether it was conscious lie or not is sort irrelevant but i suspect donald trump will make it relevant. adam, boehner is mr. establishment. donald trump has sort of fashioned himself as the anti-establishment candidate, even more so, i would think than ted cruz. doesn't this belie that characterization? okay, we can't hear you. your mic is not working. we'll go back to brad for that question. what do you think, brad? >> mic's not working? >> i think ted cruz has got a real problem on a day where he should be celebrating his announcement of his vp, he is on defense with john boehner. and the fact is, that john boehner, even though in retirement, he still is a leading figure within the republican party. so i think ted's not having a good day at all and especially did he not want only to tout carly fiorina but how important that is to indiana and most importantly california.
4:35 pm
david: adam's speakers or his microphone is working. adam, what about that? could boehner's sort of endorsement of donald trump become a albatross around trump's neck? >> you could argue that but by the way i am glad i'm back. david: thank you. >> basically ted cruz is at c letter week, catastrophe, collusion and contempt. catastrophe of primary losses, collusion argument, banning together with kasich and contempt. he is trying to counter that with a word that begins with c, carly. it is not going to work. what he you are learning in this you doesn't have to be persona non-grat at that to be outsider and popular. look for person in history that plays to that it is ronald reagan. david: that's right. thank you very much. brad and adam. we appreciate it. got some breaking news. gerri? gerri: to a story we've been covering for you this afternoon.
4:36 pm
unidentified man threatening to blow up fox affiliate television station in baltimore. he has been apprehended and placed in ambulance after being shot by police sniper. we'll bring you more of the story as it develops. the pact between ted cruz and john kasich may be over. less than a week after he announced he and kasich are pooling resources to deny trump to win the nomination, cruz took about face. >> i recognize that the media is all eager to talk about an alliance. there is no alliance. kasich and i made a determination where to focus our energies, where to focus our assets, where to focus our resources. gerri: here to weigh in, charlie black, kasich campaign advisor and former reagan senior advisor. what is it, is there an agreement or is there not an agreement? >> well, for once senator cruz is right. all he and governor kasich agreed to was that kasich would
4:37 pm
not campaign in or run ads in indiana and cruz would not run in or campaign in or run ads in oregon and new mexico. that is all it was. it wasn't anymore than that they're sticking to that just fine. gerri: seems odd to me that kasich would agree not to run ads in indiana since it is next door to ohio and presumably people in indiana would be familiar with his background, familiar with his track record? why would he make that kind of a deal? >> obviously you have polling, survey research and you know who has got the best chance to defeat trump in each state. it turns out that kasich has the best chance to defeat trump in oregon and new mexico and cruz had the best chance to defeat him one-on-one in indiana. there is obviously a lot of consideration that goes into these things. one quick thing if i could mention to david, john boehner is for john kasich. he is not endorsing trump in any way. gerri: let me get you back to this story for just a second. i think it is important
4:38 pm
particularly to voters. some who are switching over to trump because of this deal they see being made. listen to this. >> i switched from kasich being my number one to probably leaning to trump because kasich decided not to come to indiana campaign as though we're not important. him and cruz combined together for each other's benefit and not for ours. >> but he did that for to you support cruz here. >> i was never going to support cruise as my first choice. gerri: so interesting reaction from the public, voting public here, charlie. what do you say? maybe this is actually hurting your candidate? >> well i think you will find a few cases like that gentleman but, by and large, voters don't care about process and tactics questions. if anybody was really dedicated to kasich, they will go ahead and vote for kasich. i do believe that cruz will end up netting more votes out of o defeat donald trump in indiana. the goal here is to deny donald trump 1237 votes, majority going into the convention. we have a good chance to do
4:39 pm
that. gerri: well, we've got a long way to go and anything can happen. charlie, thank you for that. >> thank you, gerri. david: it is true boehner has not endorsed trump but he said he would have no trouble voting for trump which is something a lot of republicans won't say. just to put it in context. putting america first. donald trump unveiling his plan to keep our country safe. ambassador john bolton sounding off whether "the donald's" plan is a step in the right direction. >> then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered. i won't tell them where, and i won't tell them how. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix,
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4:43 pm
american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision, that i will make. david: ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor. first of all the phrase, america first, he has been ridiculed for using that phrase. it was use used about a lot of folks around world war ii, they didn't want us to get in because they thought the nazis were europe's problem, not ours. what do you think of that ridicule? >> i think that is diversion. i hate these bumper sticker arguments. i recalled everybody in 2008, john mccain quite rightly, quite rightly used the slogan, country first. what country did people think he was talking about. so much for that argument. david: my takeaway was, we're
4:44 pm
not going to put america's interests behind the sort of global intentions that president obama is so fond of and that very often he is able, or he is willing to put america in the back seat to the so-called global interests like global warming? >> right. look, if you're asking why some overseas might be alarmed that there is fundamental change projected by donald trump or ted cruz for that matter, from the obama administration, foreign policy, i say it can't come a moment too soon. i don't know what else the american president is supposed to put first, other than the safety of america and it is people. if that is shocking, to friends or adversaries overseas, all i can say, life is hard. david: i know you're very upset that he said about nuclear threat that the nuclear threat is the biggest because of course you believe the global warming is bigger threat to america's existence than anything else, right?
4:45 pm
>> right. no, look i thought that the trump speech reflected changes in things that he has said before, but i thought it put him right in the mainstream of american foreign policy there are a lot of people who are unhappy with this part of it or the other part of it. at least now, we can have a debate between senator cruz and donald trump on what their differences are. i think -- david: we didn't actually hear the specifics of those differences yesterday. that is to say, when he was saying that china, for example, should do more to stop north korea's nuclear ambitions he didn't explain exactly how he would force china to do that? >> no. and you know, from what i've seen the of the criticism of the speech in the last 24 hours, a lot of it centers around the complaint that there aren't any details. all i can tell you, as somebody who gives a lot of speeches and has written by my count 500
4:46 pm
op-ed articles since i left the government. you can say only so much in period of time, and being criticized what somebody else wants you to address, that is unfair criticism. there is plenty of more time for a lot of speeches on foreign policy and there is a should be a lot of speeches on national security and that is the president's most important duty. david: the theme, that we don't put america's interests second to the globalists. that is the main theme you and i would agree on? >> right. i've worked on so-called global governance issues last 20 years. i want an american president who cares about american governance and american security before global governance. david: john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. thank you very much. >> thank you, david. gerri: coming up will ferrell is set to play president reagan in a movie. not everybody is laughing. the controversy behind the latest film. the moment football fans are waiting for, the nfl draft. break down millions nfl teams are about to give to unproven college football players. ♪
4:47 pm
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. david: look at shares of amazon. $673. look where it closed. 602 to 673 because of that pop on earnings. we'll see what happens tomorrow. gerri: great stock. will ferrell taking on new comedic role but not everyone is laughing. actor will star as ronald reagan in upcoming comedy at beginning of former president's second term as he falls into dementia. is hollywood going too far? here is guy benson, political editor, fox news contributor. answer that question, guy, is hollywood going too far. >> first of all, hi, gerri, good to see you. gerri: good to see you. >> i'm not type of person who
4:51 pm
bangs on the table angrily about stuff. my guess based on premise of the flim and the star it will be in poor taste. i probably won't plan on seeing it. my family has a history of alzheimer's. i don't think it is a laughing matter. although generally look, we as americans could and laugh at everything. i don't understand why would you specifically pick on reagan as a person? why not write a comedy about this situation if you think it is funny? my guess is a lot of people are going to have a bad feeling about it. gerri: well, and you make an interesting. michael reagan, ronald reagan's son, said this in a tweet today. what an outrage he says. alzheimer's is not a joke. it kills. you should be ashamed of yourself. how do you react to that? i think that is a natural reaction from a family member, right? >> sure, yeah, he feels like his family is being attacked and ridiculed in this film. gerri, you know what i was
4:52 pm
thinking about, as i was considering this topic before the show, one movie i saw a couple years ago was the iron lady, meryl streep who portrayed margaret thatcher. i don't know if you saw it. gerri: sure. >> there was significant element of the film developed to lady thatcher's later years she was suffering like dementia. i think it was done in respectful way. it was humanizing. there were flashbacks. i was very moved by that portrayal. and some people thought it was inappropriate and unfair. i had no problem with it, she was treated with great dignity and respect. this however, is sort of a rip-roaring will ferrell comedy. it is a different type of film. gerri: right. you can do it respectfully. i saw that movie. it was amazing and made you feel for her as a person because you saw her with dementia though. i just wonder is this liberal hollywood getting back at ronald reagan just in time for the election? >> sure. i mean the liberals in hollywood
4:53 pm
do not like conservatives or republicans for the most part and so they will ridicule and mock them whenever possible. i think that if it were revered, beloved former -- would will ferrell, for example, make a big old hilarious comedy about the jfk assassination? gerri: no. >> there are some sacred cows can not be touched but reagan and his deteriorating state, there is controversy even when it started and onset. that's fair game because, will ferrell will do what will ferrell is going to do. gerri: guy, a personal note, i have alzheimer's in my family as well, as do some families. thanks for coming on to talk about this. >> gerri, thank you. david: great points. donald trump pulling a sports legend into his campaign. indiana coach bobby knight on the campaign for the front-runner. we have michael ozanian to break
4:54 pm
that down and nfl draft as well. is bobby knight still revered in indiana? will he sway votes? >> i don't think you get bigger than bobby knight in indiana. this is bigger coup when he got france, the guy who runs nascar. david: this is tantrum where throws one of the chairs on the court which he was famous for. some people didn't like that. might that emphasize the wrong side of donald trump? >> no, i don't think so. you know what? the guy is still someone, when you ask people, who would you have liked your son to go play for? you know what? it is bobby knight. some of the things he did were sort of outdated and outlived but at that time his kids all graduated, david. david: good point. good point. they knew how to win. can't take that away at all. nfl, big deal these drafts particularly there are some huge
4:55 pm
gambles being made including by the newly-minted los angeles rams. explain. >> well i think what the rams are trying to do as you know, they moved from st. louis, in a year or two they will have a new stadium. so they have to make a big splash, right? they want sponsors to advertise all over stadium. they want people to buy season tickets. they made a big trade. this is quarter back league as we've seen with the patriots and tom brady. they will probably draft goff number one and wentz number two goes to the eagles. irony, the salaries are slotted because of the new collective bargaining agreement. even though goff will have higher gross pay, higher state taxes for california wentz will make more. david: bottom line, people sacrificing bunch of people for one person because everybody is being looking for the star, right.
4:56 pm
>> it backfired years ago as you and i recall when the vikings made trade for herschel walker. all the draft picks cowboys got led them to three super bowls. david: doesn't always work. mike, appreciate it. >> thank you, thanks, david. gerri: you love talking about sports. coming up, born to dance, chris christie stealing show from bruce springsteen. look at video. we'll show you all the moves. i'm sure you want to see them. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
david: bruce springsteen may have been one performing but chris christie came a little close to upstaging the rockledge end. well, not really. the new jersey governor caught rocking out so-called at barclays center, showing off some of his moves. >> can't miss him in white shirt. few fans love bruce more than christie. he began idolizing the boss
5:00 pm
around age 13 and claims to see him close to 150 times. david: dancing in a concert, don't wear white shirt and tie. doesn't even loosen his tie! >> this guy has born in the usa and this guy hasn't lost a step. david: that does it for us. this is "risk & reward." >> only one that will beat hillary and beat her so badly. these others will not. [cheers and applause] the others are just cookie cutters. i watched ted cruz this morning. oh, i can't listen. so dramatic. can't watch. deirdre: donald trump and senator cruz facing off in indiana on tuesday. now our research shows that donald trump is on the way so get number of delegates needed before the convention in july to beat the pub -- be the be pub nominee. this is "risk & reward." this is deirdre bolton. we want to update you on a


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