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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail, or go to our website -- the world tore leverage. everything donald trump talks about in terms of world leadership is using economics. >> the debate goes on and the network goes on. thank you for watching. now, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump is conceding nothing in his drive for the republican presidential nomination. and he's campaigning hard in indiana tonight. the republican frontrunner again campaigning with legendary basketball coach bobby knight and both men seemed to be even jaying their battle for votes in the hoosier state. trump referred to senator cruz who's campaigning throughout the state as well and why he turned
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to bobby knight for help. >> we don't have a long way if i can win in indiana. if i win, it's over. i didn't want to take too much time because i know you have got him back here lyin' like hell. i said i better get back to indiana fast. i said get me bobby knight fast, please. lou: bobby knight obviously likes trump a lot. giving him his endorsement and getting out on the campaign trail with trump and raising >> as i step away from this podium, i hope as i do that you people will think for just a moment and you will say to yourselves, each and every one of you, damn it, how soon can i go out and vote for that guy? i hope that's what you all have to say. lou: we take up the fight for indiana with the chairman of the indiana republican party.
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also among my guests, ed rollins, republican strategist. tony sayegh. and the insult heard around the world. former house speaker john brainer blasting ted cruz as lucifer in the flesh and the most miserable s.o.b. he's vert met. it looks like -- he's ever met. it looks like donald trump's plain spoken way is rubbing off. some say why some think the lawsuit against trump university will hurt trump. we'll see whether you believe it's a political hit job by a hillary clinton supporter. we take up that case with arthur aidala and rebecca roseman tonight.
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donald trump having the best week ever. tuesday he won five primaries by hic margins. and cruz chose a running-mate who can't seem to win elections. and john boehner attacks cruz with brutal directness. reporter: ted cruz's with would-be running-mate carly fiorina in indiana, a must-win state if they hope to stop donald trump. he slammed the frontrunner for sexist criticism of hillary clinton. >> it's not surprising donald trump attacks hillary for being a woman. donald has a problem with strong women. this is not subtle or complicated. i has a real problem with strong women. >> but icy opposition to trump may be melting on capitol hill.
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senator john cornyn of texas had been chilly with trump but now says trump may be able to expand the gop. cruz and voters got a blunt reminder of the senator's unpopularity from speaker john boehner who got laughs and applause for trashing cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh. i get along with everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable on of a [bleep]. reporter: cruz said boehner is letting his inner trump out. >> john boehner in his remarks cribbed donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. donald trump gave john boehner's super pac $100,000 a few years ago. house conservatives let a budget shutdown go forward in 2013.
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cruz said he offered to negotiate with john boehner and got shot down. >> john boehner's respond was i will not have a conversation with you. case up withdrew in indiana to give cruz a better thought there. kasich and cruz's donations have slumped as trump's have grown. hillary clinton has been careful to say she'll not take bernie sanders or his voters for granted. her campaign decided they will not spend money on tv ad in self states where sanders continues to advertise. many think trump could blow a golden opportunity. if he wins in indiana, his odd of becoming the gop nominee go way up.
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lou: defense officials confirm to fox news that a russian fighter jet flew within 50 feet of a u.s. surveillance plane in northeast asia. that comes two week after two russian jet fighters conducted flyovers of a navy destroyer in the baltic sea. testifying before the senate yesterday, defense secretary ash carter said it's time for those provocations to stop. >> whether it's encouraged from the top, whether it was encouraged from higher up or not, i can't say. but we do expect it to be discouraged from higher up from now on. these pilots need to get the word, knock it off. lou: the obama administration has not retaliated other than to say the actions are repeatedly unsafe and unprofessional.
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so far vladimir putin is unmoved by the obama administration's timid response. tense moments on capitol hill as lawmakers question the director immigration and customs enforcement. at issue, why over a three-year period, 86,000 criminal illegal immigrants have been released by i.c.e. into the american public. here is the heated exchange between congressman jim jordan and i.c.e. director earlier today. >> when you break it down, people came here illegally, did a crime, in many cases violent crime, were in your custody, the law says they are suppose to be deported, and your discretion, not because their country wouldn't take them back, notwithstanding other reasons, but over half those 86,000 you
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just decided you were not going to follow the law, you were going to release them. >> i disagree with that. we do follow the law. >> but the fact remains you released them. >> after careful tea mall is of each case. >> the families here i would like to express my condolences to would disagree with you are why careful analysis. lou: last year alone sighs * released 19,000 illegal immigrants that committed 64,000 crimes. including homicide, kidnappings and 614 sex offenses and 800 robberies. president obama's' borders policy doesn't apply to his own residence. the secret service announcing a proposal to raise the white house fence by five feet after a series of high-profile security
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breaches including a fence jumper earlier this week that put the white house on lockdown. one particular candidate find the development aamusing. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. a lot to cover. donald trump is on track to win the most primary votes of any republican presidential candidate in history. donald trump we are going to break the record by millions of votes by the time it end. >> will the gop join the presumptive nominee in victory or continue their senseless resistance. republican campaign strategist republican campaign strategist and former i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade
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lou: donald trump is going to
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california today for a campaign event. but he was in indiana today with bobby knight. i like the way bobby knight endorsed the anti-establishment donald trump. >> i'm not here to represent the republican party. you know, quite frankly i don't give a damn about the republicans. and then on the other hand i don't give a damn about the democrats either. this man is not a republican, he's not a democrat at heart. he's just a great american. lou: if you don't love bobby knight, you just haven't been paying attention to him. joining us, ed rollins and tony sayegh. i have got to start with you, ed. five races, five calls by rollins. five victories for trump. five victories for rollins.
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>> it was easy for me. he had to campaign. it's pretty obvious at this point in time he's building momentum. i predict he's going to win indiana next week. the guy who is the mild, gentle who wants to be his national security adviser. i don't like anybody, democrats tore republicans. that is only going to enhance. lou: he didn't say he didn't like them. he just said he didn't give a damn. >> but i'm glad he mellowed web's not throwing chairs. lou: he said referring to donald trump he said, the son of a bitch could have played for me. i don't know how many hundreds of thousands of votes that's worth in indiana. >> the on difference is trump doesn't listen to anybody. if you listened to knight you
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would have gone the your ass kicked from one end of the field to the other. >> he's taller than trump and has a wider wing span. it creates a gravitational pull when you can keep winning with the margins trump has won by. in four of the five states he one by larger margins. bobby knight revealed how donald trump potentially wins a general election. if this is a republican versus democrat we'll probably lose. but if this becomes an us, we the people against them, the ruling class, and you have hillary clinton as the ruling class poster child and donald trump as the us, and you get this controlsover support. that's his roadmap. lou: i don't want to say you are late to this party.
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but on this broadcast we have been talking about this issue for years. in june when he announced, it was clear at least to those of us on this broadcast that that's precisely how he's running. he's representing the middle class. he could be called -- and no one -- he's a traitor to his class. and i mean, there are a lot of people cheering his guts and courage to do that. do you disagree? >> he's a manufacture next industry. he's done things his own way all his life. in a way he lives a lifestyle a lot of people are envious of. to a certain extent he went on to the reality tv show no one those would have success with for 14 years which is a long time. lou: i love the people who call him a reality tv star as if he's not a multi-billion air.
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but i will tell you this, it's bigger than just the middle class. up until the last results when you saw trump winning in pennsylvania. affluent suburbs of philadelphia and the rural western part of the stated, the idea was the people supporting trump were part of this populace diaspora and low-education whites. it's much larger. lou: that was the left in wing liberal view. >> and the elitist view from the right. >> i think the people who do not feel the benefit of the ruling class in washington regardless of party will give a look to donald trump. lou: one of the most fascinating revelations from all of the exit polling that's been done in the last five races, before that new york in particular. in new york, the seat of the financial world and world
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markets, half democrats, half of republicans believe that those markets, wall street, do more to harm the economy of this country than to help it. and that's extraordinary. >> one thing business has found out and wall street found out is there are no friends. there is no parties for them anymore. my sense is they will have a rough ride the rest of the way here. lou: they have had good parties at the clinton initiative. >> the campaign is still to come and they will be a big target, i'm sure. the key thing here, it's now acceptable for ordinary people to say i'm for trump. early on people kind o outsiders did, now people everywhere are saying it's okay, i'm getting used to it. the establishment is even getting used to it. at the end of the day when john boehner says i'm going to endorse you it's kinds of a liability.
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>> i don't know if he could have made a more effective endorsement than calling donald trump temperatures opponent lucifer in the flesh. >> some of us wish john boehner was as critical of obama as he has been of ted cruz and others. i will tell you this. i completely agree with the idea that polling doesn't accurately reflect trump's support. there is this kinds of browf beating of people to think if you support him you are anti-intellectual and progress and million anti-minority. trump, slowly but surely is change minds of a lot of folks. even if you didn't initially support him, i'm a perfect example of that. lou: i embrace intellectualism. i want to be clear about that.
11:21 pm
>> that's why you have the show. lou: but what i finds offensive is so many people in this country think they are intellectuals and pose as such. but i think we are starting to reduce them in number. >> we need to stop the name calling on both sides. lou: you don't approve of son bitch and lucifer. >> we need a policy discussion in the future. lou: i heard you sing, i don't think i want to end the show that way, lou. lou: if i did sing within that would end the show. appreciate, tony. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. is carly fiorina an asset or liability for ted cruz? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs.
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follow me on twitter and facebook. and perhaps we should all think twice the next time we take a nice walk through the park. watch what happens in this beautiful day in alabama. the aircraft plunged to the ground in that alabama park. lit a tree and burst into flames. the pilot believe it or not jumped out of the plane as it caught fire. brushed himself off, which you can't see there. he returned to the airport from which he had taken off to pick up his car. incredibly he escaped with only minor burns on his hand. man, everybody is so lucky in that one. up next, ted cruz not happy, not happy at all with john boehner. >> if you are happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, and i want a president like john
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know the man. i met john boehner two or three times in my life. lou: never worked with him? here we go again. the senator apparently forgot he once worked as an attorney on a case for john boehner nearly two decades ago. the cruz campaign tried to downplay the lapse by saying cruz never talked with boehner while on that case, but i believe the boehner sharp shots against cruz signals something much bigger at work here. there are signs, just signs, that the republican establishment may be coming around to donald trump, and their responsibility, in fact,
11:29 pm
their duty to respect and honor the will of the people. the voters. god knows they've been fighting them hard enough. boehner made a point of calling trump a friend, adding they've played a lot of golf together, but he also said it looks like he's going to be the nominee and that he ought to be president. it's now becoming apparent to even the establishment that donald trump is the presumptive nominee, and they have made trump earn every scintilla of their acknowledgment, and soon, i hope, their enthusiastic support as well. support that will be commensurate with the immense political opportunity that donald trump represents for the gop's future, and for of the country. our quotation of the evening, and i've been thinking about the language of donald trump even bobby knight, i thought tonight we should take a quote from mark twain talking about language.
11:30 pm
he said this -- great, beautiful, come to mind, trump words, very presidential as well. don't you? we're coming right back. excitement is building all across indiana as trump looks to deliver a slam-dunk. and why wouldn't he? with none other than legendary coach bobby knight at his side. >> i was very, very selective with players during the time i was here, and i'll tell you, one man that was just up here a moment ago, that son of a bitch could play for me! >> will the hoosier state assist trump's drive to the gop nomination? the chair of the indiana republican party jeff cardwell with us next. and this monstrous
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. . lou: donald trump on the campaign trail, as we said, railing against the cruz-kasich combination, or whatever you want to call it, and what hoosiers may perceive as another example of insider establishment politics. >> what happens is cruz called
11:35 pm
or kasich called or somebody called and because it's a rigged business and because it's a dishonest business, they say, hey, listen, trump is beating us badly. we got to do something. we got to do something. and let's start with the people of indiana because they probably think you're stupid or foolish or something, and boy, do i know the opposite. so they form an alliance which is collusion, in business, when you collude like that, they throw you in jail. only in politics are you allowed collusion. lou: the "real clear politics poll"ing average shows trump right now with a six-point lead in indiana. the average. joining us tonight is the chairman of the indiana republican party, jeff cardwell. good of you to be here. jeff, welcome to the show. >> thank you. lou: how much excitement is there in the republican party? how much excitement is there in indiana about this race that pits cruz against trump?
11:36 pm
>> well, i can tell you the excitement is incredible. i've never seen anything like this in my entire lifetime. i can tell you at our indiana gop headquarters, phones are ringing off the hook, there's a lot of excitement. people want to be involved and they're very anxious to have the opportunity to meet both of the candidates, all three of the candidates eye on eye. lou: yeah, three candidates, i'm sorry, which three? i know about cruz and i know about trump. you said three? >> well, john kasich -- lou: oh! >> john kasich has visited our area this week. he did make a stop in indiana. lou: he must have forgotten about the alliance, he can't do that to cruz. what's going on there? what kind of collusion is that if you forget about the collusion? >> it was a private fund-raising event. lou: oh, he just wanted the money. he just wanted the money, is that what you're saying? >> i'm not sure about that, but we've made sure to make it an
11:37 pm
open field for all three of the candidates. this is a historic time for the people in indiana. we're very excited. typically at this time of the year, the decision has already been made for us, and this time is a historic opportunity for voters all across our great state of indiana to really have a say in who's going to be the nominee for the g.o.p. >> give us a sense, and i know you've got to stay neutral. i want to get a sense from you there representing indiana and the republican party, was the cruz-kasich combination helpful to cruz, or do you think it was hurtful? >> well, i can tell you, i know hoosiers really like the opportunity to meet candidates one on one, and i think the people that spend the time on the ground. we've had trump crisscrossing the state making numerous stops here in our state along with cruz, meeting with the voters. casting their vision for what they see for america. lou: sure. >> i really think that makes a difference.
11:38 pm
when you have a candidate not casting that vision or take the opportunity to meet the voters one on one, i think that's going to have an impact on the outcome of the election. lou: how important would you say, and i will confess to you, i think getting bobby knight's endorsement was a wonderful piece of great fortune for donald trump, because i happen to think great things of bobby knight. what are the folks in indiana -- do you think it was great choice for an endorsement are? they responding to bobby knight's endorsement of trump? >> i don't know how the people are responding to it, i can tell you bobby knight is the gold standard for indiana. you're in basketball country, and coach knight is a hero all across our state, if not across the country. he's highly respected and i think his endorsement will matter, but most importantly what it's done, it's engaged a lot of people that's been on the sideline for many years, engaged a lot of people into the process.
11:39 pm
in my daily job in the real world private sector, i'm in old-fashioned hardware business, i have mom and pop lumber company. lou: that's a great combination? >> it's a great business, but a great place to do polls as well. you meet everyday americans every single day, and i can tell you people have been talking about this election since last fall. typically in this time of the year, you'll have people talk about elections maybe two weeks before, maybe 30 days but in conversation is going on since last summer, or last fall, and i think it's very healthy. this competitive environment starting out with 17 candidates now down to three, this is very healthy for america and going to make the nominee a much better candidate. it's going to be stronger and ready to serve. >> i think you're exactly right. i want to ask you this, are you seeing significant registration of republicans as a result of the trump factor, which we've seen, of course, throughout the
11:40 pm
most recent races in rhode island and delaware and connecticut and maryland and pennsylvania? >> just like everyone else, we're preparing for record turnouts. i mean, this is at historic levels for all of the people participating in indiana, and i expect, on election day to see historic leveling turning out to cast their vote and let their voice be heard. lou: it is a big state, if i may say. jeff cardwell, great to have you with us. hardware and a lumber company business, you throw in excavating and trucking, and i want to be a partner in that business. that's a big boy's fun. appreciate it. good luck tuesday. >> thank you very much. lou: a louisiana home owner getting the shock of his life. area flooding brought in more than he bargained for. look at this son of a gun in
11:41 pm
the living room in the house he's building. not a friendly fella. he squatted in the house that was under construction, the alligator wrangled the powerful animal who wasn't being happy or too happy about being forced to get out of his home. the alligator wrangler. no one was hurdand the alligator, you know, some people have said to me, this is a nine foot alligator. that's not. that's about a six-foot alligator. just a little baby! up next, the pc police are back! they forget who they're messing with. they went after donald trump for saying this. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. lou: now that's right. some people going after him for saying america first. here's what i want to do. america first, america first,
11:42 pm
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. lou: joining us tonight is author and president of mason media, clarence mason weaver, and clarence, great to have you
11:46 pm
with us on the show. president obama today saying that the "new york times" is not projecting correctly the state of the u.s. economy, saying that he personally believes it's far better than the numbers and reporting indicates. in your judgment, is he right? delusional or what? >> it is better for him and his cronies. much better. they have prospered. liberal democrats always prosper in misery, their job is to manage the misery in your life so they will always have victims, never victorius and always make money. he's empowered all of his friends but not the people. lou: it is interesting, and certainly counterintuitive what one would have expected of this president when he stepped into office in 2009. we see high minority unemployment.
11:47 pm
we see an economy that is intractably facing barriers to historic growth levels. 3 and 4%, as reverend jesse jackson used to say, rising tide, let's all boats. it is seemingly no impetus in the white house to create growth and to drive that tide that would lift all boats. >> you first have to have a boat. why are you surprised that obama has created chaos? he was a community disorganizer. his own focus in life, he told you, he looked you in the eye and said i will fundamentally change america. he was determined to take it. lou: he didn't say that until he was elected. >> absolutely. how can you be surprised what he's doing. lou: i didn't say i was surprised, my friend. i'm just saying what he said, and the fact that it was counterintuitive he would not
11:48 pm
reach to one group or another to one set of people and say we're not red states, we're not blue states, we're the united states. that's what everybody bought into. >> we're broke states, we're broke states. we have a broken economy, a broken health care system, a broken border. we have nothing but broken promises. obama is a dismal failure in our nation. all he does is bring people against each other. it's white against black. rich against poor. east coast against west coast. muslims against christians, his whole job in life is to divide this nation and destroy it. lou: what do you think about the pc police, coming at him, particularly the far left because donald trump is using the slogan, which i think is magnificent and can't imagine another construction of american interests than to say america first. they're saying you shouldn't use that expression because 70 years ago it was an
11:49 pm
isolationist slogan, and it is not now, and trump to his credit, i think, clarence, has said, basically the hell with you. this is the way it is. >> you know, i'd like to know who should be first, then? if not america, who? north korea? china? who should be first. the whole world is better off when america is strong. the kinds who is behinds we've kicked and the kinds whose behinds we have saved. the whole world owes us a debt of gratitude. i am tired of apologizing for being great, i am tired of apologizing for being american. we are americans. if you mess with us, you're going lose your nation and donald trump is saying to the world, we have woken up, we are no longer going to be chastised by words. we don't care if your feelings are hurt or you think we hate you. we're going to make america great and make the whole world
11:50 pm
great. lou: i think the expression is make america great again. clarence, great to have you with us. i haven't had so much fun over a short span of few minutes of conversation. come on back. >> we'll do that. take care. lou: thank you, you, too. something for space enthusiasts. dashcam video capturing a bright green meteor shooting through the sky as meteors are want to do. here it comes. are you ready? are you ready? here we go! here you go. there it is. there it is. you have to look quick. there it is. seen from mexico to los angeles. nasa releasing incredible images of a solar flare erupting on the surface of the sun this past weekend. the mid-level solar flare caused brief radio blackouts here on earth, and by the way, the sun still staying very quiet in terms of sun spot activity. that meteor, by the way, they
11:51 pm
say space junk falling to earth. we'll see. do you believe? yeah, me too. up next, california nuns lash out at katy perry saying she was wrongly given permission to buy their convent. we take up the case with we take up the case with attorneys arthur aidala and thank you for calling. we take up the case with attorneys arthur aidala and we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience.
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lou: questionable motives swirling around the civil litigation concerning trump university. you've heard donald trump say it's a bunch of stuff. in california, a federal judge appointed by president obama has set a hearing date for the first day of, what? the republican national convention. that's just a coincidence, folks, honest, it's a coincidence. and by the way, when you hear about this lawsuit, let's give you a little count. a total of five students. five of them, are suing trump university, and this week in new york, a judge ruled that a fraud suit filed by the notoriously left wing attorney general eric schneiderman may go to trial. joining us to assess this for us is two of the best attorneys, rebecca rose woodland and arthur aidala, and arthur is getting married saturday. congratulations, partner!
11:56 pm
>> but i'm here to talk about trump university because that is just as important as my impending nuptials. lou: i would do anything to not have the pain of that. >> there are many, many people who haven't taken the trump university course. lou: how many have sued? >> right. lou: let me show the cameras. >> five people have sued. five people. and trump had the evidence of these positive reduce of other students saying i had a great time. lou: eric schneiderman, the attorney general of new york. >> not a fan. lou: you're not a fan? >> i'm not a fan. lou: rebecca, are you a fan? >> no. lou: so i think it's over for schneiderman. >> it's not over for schneiderman, it's a pain in the neck for trump. not him personally but his team. something they have to deal with. i don't think donald trump is going to spend one minute of his life worried about these lawsuits. and i think it's a joke they
11:57 pm
put it on the day of the gop convention. but his lawyers, legal team have to address they tried to get summary judgments saying dismiss this without going forward, and the judge said no, we're going to hear this. lou: obama has obviously appointed too many judges. >> yeah, well. they're going to give everyone their day in court so that there is fairness here and that donald trump can come back and say i offered a university, people went to the courses, they paid money. look, people might misunderstand, it's not as if he offered courses and when people got there, there was a closed-door. people went and had courses, right? >> he said i hand picked the professors and he admitted it. he also just to add the trump drama to all this. lou: yeah? >> trump made a statement that the judge presiding over this in california is of hispanic descent. and trump said he's not going to like me because he's not
11:58 pm
going to like my strong immigration policy. he's going to be against me. it's trump drama. lou: he was already against him before. >> now that much more against him. lou: i know you litigators like to keep the causal chain in correct sequence. >> right. >> he's asserting the possibility there may be something unfair. he's going to ask the court to move it to a different judge. will that happen? i doubt it. i don't think the case is going to go that far. people paid and took classes, that's it. lou: to deal with the nonsense, we talk about the politics of destruction in this country. this is the litigation of destruction, and you've got five students. they could bury somebody who is just an entrepreneur who had no capital, no nothing because of the legal fees, and why the heck don't we make it loser pays and then end a lot of the nonsense. >> i would need to defer to my esteemed colleague. she's more of a plaintiff's attorney than i am.
11:59 pm
i think it's a great idea to start off with. >> as you know, arthur and i know each other, we practiced together in brooklyn. lou: so stipulated, counselor. >> with respect, with all due respect, lou. lou: i'm not going to like what she has to say. >> no, because the underdog needs to able to have the opportunity to sue. lou: i like the underdog? >> i understand that. lou: but the underdog also gets sued. >> yes, they do. but in our constitution, we have to allow for people to come in who may be scared or underprivileged. >> i want to be the tie breaker. lou: you got 30 seconds to break the. >> i at beginning of the process, at some point a judge should make a ruling that this is a loser pay all case. lou: they dismiss nonsense but don't have the stuff. >> you're using guts, not other words.
12:00 am
lou: the profession liquid. arthur, great to see you, rebecca, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> arthur, congratulations. that's it for us tonight. and good night from new york. . kennedy: well, i personally am watching, how are you? welcome to thursday. watching the curious transformation of donald trump. and to quote dickens as i often do in regards to the odd political season, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the spring of hope, the winter of despair. this is the tale of two trumps. donald desperately wants the presidency looming within his grasp, there is the wand that wants to hurl swears and insults and to drag anyone down


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