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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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trading. maria: good morning, happy friday. i am maria bartiroma, it is april 29th, top stories at 6 am on the east coast, violence erupting outside a donald trump rally, protesters, many waving mexican flags, filling streets, blocking traffic, smashing cop cars, during the rally trump kept up his attacks on ted cruz. >> for the first time in the history of american politics, a man who is totally mathematically dead, cannot win, has appointed a vice president. first time in history, lying i. he is the only one. lying ted. he is one lying son of a gun. maria: the war of words between john boehner and ted cruz, boehner not holding back calling ted cruz lucifer in the flesh,
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ted cruz took on his words with megan kelly last night. >> i don't know john boehner. i would be surprised if we said 50 words to each other and everything we said has been pleasantries. maria: the latest from the campaign trail coming up including hillary clinton's woman card that looks like a us new york city subway car. criminals on the street, backlash, immigration and customs enforcement facing for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with records including records for murder. devastating flooding in mississippi to report, one official calling it the worst since katrina, a stranded driver rescued from floodwaters on live television. a first round of the nfl draft has been wild, la rams taking jared goff with an overall pick, controversial video costing a different nfl prospect, we are
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looking at last night's winners and losers, those stories coming up friday morning, first one turning to markets declined in asia overnight following yesterday's selloff in the us, the nikkei closed for a holiday, the rest of the markets blue out asia under pressure, in europe across the board disappointing earnings for the european market, the region seems stronger than expected, economic growth in the first quarter of 0.6% in the euro zone. in the us futures little changed, the gdp here out yesterday which was below expectations, looking at a mixed market, dow industrial looking up, later this morning we will get earnings from exxon mobil and chevron. that will dictate the tao's move because they are dow component. those stories coming up, joining me dagan mcdowell, kevin kelly and kings college business and economics professor, good to see you, thank you for joining us. tgif.
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dagen: watching the draft. maria: a can't miss lineup, former reagan national campaign director ed rollins joins us, herman cain is with us, ted cruz's running mate and for republican candidates carly fiorina joining us this morning. chief economic advisor mohammed with us this morning, former new york giants defensive end just in tough joining us to talk about the draft, while bite last night, stay with us. we kick it off with our top stories, violence erupting outside a trump rally in california last night, look at these pictures, 20 people were arrested in this couple, hundreds of protesters clashed with pro-trump supporters smashing windows and police cars, several people waved mexican and american flags, blocked traffic chanting. latino contributor rick sanchez and republican strategist laura epstein. thank you for joining us, your
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observations from last night. >> i don't disagree in one small way with how those people in los angeles feel. i disagree completely with the way they comported themselves. if you are a hispanic or latino in america you have to feel offended by what donald trump has represented every time he sits there and stands in front of so-called white people and essentially continues his rhetoric, that we got to get rid of these people coming over the border, hispanics, latinos who cross the border tend to be racists and criminals. anytime you make that kind of statement about people you can expect they will be angry. the that give them to act like idiots as these people did in this disturbance? absolutely not, but i can't stand this man for what he said. as a hispanic in the united
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states he stands against every fiber in my being, he insulted my father and my mother and my grandparents, insulted what hispanics represent in the united states. that is a fact and we can't get away from it and too bed there are not more rick sanchezes on tv and cable news to say this instead of the apologists for donald trump who keeps saying that is not really what he meant, that is what he meant, that is what he said. maria: the sentiment that is the big concern for donald trump, he could not get the vote of rick sanchez, he is not resonating with a number of groups and isn't that the issue the republicans are worried about? he need the hispanic vote and the woman vote. >> if you look at the numbers that is not the case. trump is doing very well with white male voters, much better with female voters and will do in nevada. >> he did not do well with hispanics. >> i let you talk. rick went on and talked about how he disagrees with the way
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people acted and said trump -- nobody insulted his father. >> coming over the border illegally, he doesn't want -- >> he said they are rapists and criminals. >> if you look at what happened last night, these are right we don't want happening. maria: it is happening because of what rick is talking about. >> riot happen at rallies all the time. these people -- to comport themselves in that way are doing it. maria: it is personal for rick sanchez. >> rick sanchez cannot vote for donald trump than. >> neither can -- look, let's look at -- he is lying and that is great. he can cite one poll in nevada, 25 republican -- maria: in the election -- hispanics in nevada.
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>> 87% to 97% of hispanics in every poll that have been taken have been saying they would never vote -- let's stop pretending -- >> florida has a lot of hispanics, trump rushed in florida. >> we are talking about general election and hispanics, not one particular race. he doesn't -- he doesn't have the numbers to be able to pull off a general election win especially with this sentiment being felt like maria said not only by hispanics but by others. the latest measures i have seen of asians, hispanics, women, muslims, they all say we can never vote for this man. he brought it on himself. maria: may i be clear about something? dagen: i don't care how much anybody dislikes what donald trump has said or how much anybody dislikes the man himself, that violence is not justified period.
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there are people who bloodied a trump supported, trump supported pulled out of the car whose face was bloodied. property was damaged. if you want to do something about donald trump's candidacy go out and vote and rally peacefully. this is not peaceful, and stupid and dangerous. >> shutdown traffic in new york to get people to be sympathetic to them. dagen: the black lives matter protest was peaceful and a lot of that has been organized in new york city. i lived at the epicenter of it. this is dangerous, this is violence, this is damaging people's property. maria: who is behind this? >> damaging public property, damaging police cars, we should be getting behind them, not having their cars be damaged, trump supported go donald trump has to stand on illegal immigration, very similar to others in the republican party.
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everybody has gotten behind the same stand trump has, stop illegal immigration. >> wait a minute. there is nobody, i am hispanic and against illegal immigration. i'm for securing the borders. but that doesn't give me the right to say everybody coming over the borders a rapist and a criminal. >> did you not listen? he said there are a few of them. inciting the kind of violence you saw. >> i am quoting the man directly, those are his words. >> check the records. >> it is exactly what he said. tell me what he said. >> a lot of people coming over illegally are committing those crimes. is that incorrect? go ahead and prove it. >> that is not what he said. >> talking about illegal immigrants. i am a legal immigrant, i came here when i was 11. i do not sympathize with illegal
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immigrants. maria: there are immigrants in this country who feel i came here and did it legally and want to make sure others do it legally, even if they are hispanic there is that sentiment that there is a problem here and because i did it right i want to make sure it is done right by others. >> there is a problem because american corporations go to mexico and recruit these people, bring them here and the us government give them attacks id number so they can work in the united states. completely broken. >> if you disagree with trump and republicans what should happen to illegal immigration? >> you don't paint an entire group of people with a broad brush, they are rapists and criminals. can we start their?
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he probably -- this is really important to me as a hispanic in the united states. i know what happens to other people in this country. can i finished? can i finished? >> you don't have a solution and you don't like it. >> can i finish what i want to say? just as other people in this country are often castigated for criticizing certain groups, i want you to tell me that you think perhaps donald trump may have overstated or even been offensive when he used the words rapists and criminals when referring to -- >> i asked the question that is important to america, how do you solve the illegal immigration problem? you want me to give you -- maria: the answer is not this violence either. it is not this violence either. last night was horrendous, they are knocking on windows, cracking police cars. >> if anything it furthered
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donald trump's image, they were committing criminal -- viewing this type of behavior reinforces and reinvigorate his voting base. dagen: people get justifiably upset when random incidents of violence at a trump rally were that old man hit that young man in the face. people get rightfully upset about that. it has to be metric outrage, where is the outrage about all the violence in the street? >> from the mainstream media, they are so anti-trump. i will tell you on tuesday's election in indiana, into trump's hands, trump is up eight points on the last poll, he will win larger than that because california, ted cruz's huge missteps over the last week, this is a terrible situation and all i am saying is republicans and americans going out saying donald trump is doing these horrible things, solutions,
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someone who is the only candidate. >> why would you do this in california? trump in the general election, having this type of behavior is reinforcing this. >> is displaying into trump's it? >> absolutely. the first words out of my mouth when you asked me a question was i think these people, this disturbance in la were acting like morons and idiots and were absolutely wrong to do it but i followed it up, these people were angry because they were incited by a man who called them and their relatives rapists and criminals. i know boris doesn't here and a lot of people don't hear it or appreciate what latinos have done in the united states. nobody is telling that story. >> you have no idea what i do in my business dealings, i deal with people who are here legally. i don't disrespect latinos but i
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follow the law. >> a healthy rich conversation. >> sound like you have no imperfections, congratulations. >> i have plenty. maria: we will leave it there. it was a pleasure. appreciate your time this morning. outrage over new government numbers over us immigration and customs enforcement agency released 19,000 criminal aliens instead of deporting them. we have these alarming details. senator ted cruz fires back at john boehner after the speaker called him, quote, lucifer in the flesh. >> what boehner is angry about is the american people holding him accountable. that is what the anger is.
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maria: the gulf coast underwater in the worst flooding since katrina. cheryl casone he has the headlines. cheryl: 10 inches of torrential rain drenched southern mississippi in a few hours was this triggered heavy flooding, swamped homes and roadways was one stranded driver rescued on live television after the flooding around his vehicle became overwhelming. you can see that video. the mayor of gulfport declared a state of emergency and close schools in the area with the sun not yet up in mississippi. immigration and customs enforcement under fire for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with rap sheets. the obama administration
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criticized for failing to deport 19,000 undocumented aliens who committed crimes on us soil including 200 murders. house oversight and government reform committee chairman blasted the administration at a healthcare. >> these are people that were here illegally, got caught committing a crime, were convicted of that crime and instead of deporting them they were just released back into the united states of america. maria: the director defended the agency saying ice didn't have a choice. finally caterpillar scaling back its production of workforce in response to falling demand. the construction equipment maker says the proposed plants cut 800 jobs in manufacturing in country. maria: another sign the economy is bumping along the bottom, kevin kelly with us this morning, what do you make of
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these job cutting caterpillar? i feel like it is not anything different, seeing a consistency in terms of caterpillar and the impact in china. >> if anything this reinforces what is happening globally, seeing growth at record lows around 2%. if you look at the labor participation rate in the united states, it is at a terrible level. not many people are participating in that way. wall street keeps cutting jobs. the only jobs that are hiring is compliance for regulation purposes so we are in this tough environment with slow global growth which caterpillar depends on and other large multinationals the keep cutting costs and need to keep doing that. maria: the economy is growing below expectations, the gdp around 2.6% basically says president barack obama will leave office with the fourth worst economic record in us
6:20 am
history. the president has been unable in eight years of this administration, no year has had 3% -- >> that is after $1 trillion in stimulus and record low interest rates. we haven't gotten growth. the caterpillar stuff is the mining business killing caterpillar. dagen: one quote from the new york times interview with president obama. i will paraphrase, our economic reform if you look back historically to countries that come out of wrenching financial crises. by that measure we probably managed this better than any other large economy on earth in modern history. >> there was no fiscal policy, it was all monetary policy. look what happened to the fed. it was not the government that did this. maria: i don't understand how he can say that and defend the regulatory environment. he is the worst president ever to not see 3-d -- 3% gdp growth.
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>> what he did is he took jobs and put them in the government all and not the private sector. maria: we will tell you about highs for the year when we come back, stay with us. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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maria: working on big oil, working on exxon mobil, philips 66, before "the opening bell," the dow jones industrial average, gasoline prices, steady decline of $.30 a gallon. what will it mean today, phil flynn is looking at energy this morning. >> reporter: good morning. because of big oil, the historic
6:25 am
drop in energy prices gave one of the biggest hits almost in history. exxon mobil, 70%, earnings-per-share year over year, and one of the biggest downgrades, the world has changed for big oil. maria: talking about a big oil, what can we expect in these earnings. obviously the price of oil has come down. but we see a big rally. >> it hasn't mattered much, looking for consumers to pull out the gdp number, oil price coming back, that will help on the -- they have not done enough for the economy, overseeing 5% growth. and oil going from 20 to 45.
6:26 am
>> the lowest margin producer, and the equity value got pushed down. and $4.20 a share, and energy interests. what we need to think about is listening closely from these companies and guidance on where they see oil modeled up to $50 a barrel and made it through the last couple quarters, so we have to see what happens there. and oil at 46, they fall into the future now in the curve around 50, 55 to keep selling these barrels for more. dagen: looking at oil at what point does it hurt the consumer and higher oil become negative and not positive? maria: we are up 1% this morning. a short break coming up, john
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boehner slamming ted cruz, he called the gop hopeful, quote, lucifer in the flesh. a young man becoming an instant millionaire last night but not without controversy. highlights from wild nfl draft next. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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outside of donald trump's trump. smashing cop cars, even attacking a trump supporter leaving him bloody, war of words. boehner not holding back culling him lucifer in the flesh. we can't forget about kasich. he says he will keep on fighting for votes. >> well, aye decide today keep going and there are going to be people who are going to criticize me for that. and it's not always an easy road. i'm going to do my very best. maria: hillary clinton meanwhile takes on donald trump's comments on her using the so called women card. now she's issuing cards. she's calling them the women card. there it is. it looks like a subway card.
6:31 am
a first round of draft, controversial video cost different nfl prospect, millions of dollars, we are going to take a look at last night's winners and losers. first, we want to turn to markets, declining asia overnight u.s. a third from a percent to better than 1%. region, however, also saw stronger than expected economic growth in the first quarter. gdp out in europe that up. right now we are looking at a mixmarket futures, little change so we are not seeing much of an indication for the open, we are expecting weakness.
6:32 am
former spaiker john boehner have words for senator ted cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh. [laughter] [inaudible] >> but i have never worked -- maria: wow. senator cruz responding, boehner let out his, quote, inner trump. >> i don't know the man. i met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner i would be surprised and every one has been good to see you mr. speaker. maria: pastor jefers, what do you make of this back and forth? obviously john boehner told everybody how he feels and ted
6:33 am
cruz is responding. [laughter] >> you know, your producer called me say when we heard boehner say lucifer. [laughter] >> look, maria, i happen to be preaching about the real lucifer in my church on sunday. but i think seriously that -- i think ted cruz is going to wear this as a badge of honor showing that he's an outsider. trump will show, look, he can't get along with anybody. the trajectory headed toward trump nomination. maria: ted cruz has been
6:34 am
fighting the establishment the entire time. dagen: you couldn't hit even a republican that likes john boehner at this point. maria: you're right. >> dagen: not to talk about hitting people with softballs. when anybody starts name calling, i always feel they're trying to be relevant. i don't think it even puts a red mark on ted cruz. kevin: this goes back to the complete party being in disarray . right now you have john boehner, an establishment member. maria: speculation of of paul ryan. kevin: so it's looking like there's going to be chaos in cleveland so hopefully the republican party can rally around each other and try to do something to salvage whatever is going on right now.
6:35 am
>> you know, we are talking about this in the context of the primary, the riots and california and lucifer primaries. what does this look like in a general election? republicans are unelect nbl this election, doesn't it? kevin: they should be attacking hillary clinton and not each other. maria: let's talk about pastor, we all want to look ahead of indiana. ted cruz is taking donald trump head-to-head in indiana. latest fox news poll show that the demographic is favoring trump by a wide margin. what can you tell us about the evangelical vote, do you think they're going to go for trump or cruz. >> interestingly, maria, evangelical is indiana. there's been the nontrump
6:36 am
evangelical trump help against trump and deprive him of a win there. i don't think that is happening in indiana and perhaps one reason is because there's just an ineitability. kevin: john kasich is from ohio. dagen: he was born in pennsylvania and he lost horribly in pennsylvania. the reason that trump -- i will point out, an article in "the new york times" yesterday, the reason trump may not have to win indiana is because he got so many of the unbound delegates. he got 40 of 54. that gives him mojo. kevin: john kasich did so well
6:37 am
in ohio you figured it would resinate in the midwest. dagen: no, he's just a governor. people like trump. that's just it and not gravitating towards john kasich. can we ask the question, why is john kasich still this the race. >> well, i can't explain. he resinates not at all with evangelical voters, and you know, there's a number, i think we all need to keep in mind that's number 10 million, that's how many votes donald trump has received so far in the republican primaries, that is more than mitt romney, john mccain and even ronald reagan won in all primaries put together. he is on track to win the largest republican vote in modern history. evangelicals like many are going for donald trump because he's an outsider and true leader and they sense he can beat hillary clinton which in many ways is
6:38 am
the holy grail for evangelical voters. maria: we will see what happens in indiana in terms of evangelicals and the broader vote. pastor, good to see you. thanks so much. we will see you soon. robert jefers there. make sure you stay tune tuesday may third, it all kicks at 7:00 p.m. eastern. bewill have all the last votes for you on the fox business network live. coming up next, job well done, earnings to top street expectations, we will bring you more of that. top nfl prospect seeing millions of dollars literal i will go off in smoke. the controversial bond video that cost jeremy manziel. back in a minute
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note ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, we are opening a lower opening from the broader averages this morning. linkedin. comcast, announcing it is teaming up with dream works. the deal is confirmed. $3.8billion merger, comcast will receive $41 of cash per stock. the deal will help comcast in china. comcast acquiring dream works. expedia likely to have a good year. $1.9billion. lynn has gone to be a savior to target of regulators.
6:43 am
she's hope to go rebuild manufacturing and save jobs in america. key in this year's presidential election. i asked why she is taking legal fight head on and whether she's cooperating with authorities. >> we have have handed over all books and records. i mean, that lawsuit is nonsense, it's noise, it's part and parcel again lynn tilton, we followed the rules of management agreement. we used the lawyers, we provided over 10,000 pages of documents and hundreds of pages of documents, so i can't pay attention to claims that are without merit. maria: do you think you were attacked because you were a woman? you founded this company in 2000. you've been among suit your
6:44 am
entire career. is that one of the reasons you feel you were attacked? >> i think that i've been -- there's been a pile effect, i think when there's a shank in the armor, it makes me vulnerable and interesting in the media, constant rumor that's not true and allows men to circle around to pick up what i built. maria: we are seeing all merger activity this week or month and the last couple of years and the reason is because there's no growth out there, no economic growth, companies are going to acquire other companies to acquire growth basically, and that's part of the issue here but you're saying you see what the value is in that company. i mean, you've been an investment banker for a long time. >> over 35 years.
6:45 am
we have very little ddp, if anything. we say we are a perfect employment, we say that there's consumer spending, we say there's a growth in consumer confidence and yet it doesn't equal no gdp. so there's a definite problem in this country and that's why we left hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people behind in 2009 when we saw this crisis and we let small and mid-size companies disappear. there's no natural growth in the market. and we've seen even the market value of this nation sort of divide into all of these new innovative companies like uber and facebook and amazon and apple, and you've seen so much of the industrial base lose all of its value. maria: you're talking about jobs in engineering, jobs in technology, these are jobs that require a certain skill set, require schooling and education, that's what you're talking about
6:46 am
in terms of some policy required to get these people back to work because we are not equipped right now? >> no, we are not. we need to turn to community colleges into smart manufacturing schools to give dignity to blue-collar work again. the internet of things, 3d design and printing. we can prepare people for this. why are we not sending people to school to code? we have to first face the problem and then find a solution, but we need to take people along with us on this ride or you're going to have the anger and the violence in the streets. jobs are the greatest -- maria: for sure. you can see my full interview at in case you missed, great moments from the show.
6:47 am
>> if donald trump is the nominee he is going to have to convince me he can make a good president. right now i don't believe that. >> you elect the candidate who can really do the job. maria: i feel the same way about that. >> so many people are at disadvantage and he says, let's bring back jobs to the country. >> the problem he'll have is if he get it is nomination, he's got to come back to the center. if he does not come back to the center he will get whooped because americans do not elect extremists. >> donald trump will lead the republican party to unpress depthed disaster in modern times. >> i don't believe there will be excitement around hillary clinton. these unexciting, she's disliked and mistrusted but i agree that there will be a massive mobilization against trump.
6:48 am
maria: you would like to see ted cruz in scalia seat? >> at the end of the day, he and donald trump have to come together for the good of the country. >> i think it's real a hail harley than hail mary. >> we've got supply and demand. the second half of this year, that'll get better, but we actually prepared for in america. dagen: needs more. >> the thing about it is -- maria: can i try. [laughter] dagen: something very delicious about his hair, right? [laughter] >> it's thin there. >> brooklyn.
6:49 am
maria: that's what i'm talking about, brooklyn
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>> the first pick of 2016 nfl draft the los angeles rams select jared goth, quarterback, california. [cheers and applause] maria: it was a wild night for the nfl, jared max with all the details right now. exciting in sports, jared. jared: this is one fact i don't need to check before, never before had a guy named jared been picked. >> dagen: make it about you. [laughter] maria: come on, jared. you want it to be jared max. jared: you never had a jared.
6:53 am
back in the days i could never go to a stop and find my name. one season ago he would have earned more money because the income tax rate in missouri is lower than in california. jared goth would have earned more in they-home pay, eagles selected second and went with quarterback from north dakota and pennsylvania 3.7% in income tax percent. in california 13.3% income tax. 12 and a half million dollars in wages. second picks 2.8 million and running back elliot that was taken by the dallas cowboys will
6:54 am
also take more. let's call this the most expensive in history. or anywhere, maybe. jeremy broke down in tears last night at the draft moments before the draft begin. the video was leaked from instruct the twitter account. he didn't deny it was him. some nfl teams removed him from draft boards. possible overall pick, he dropped all the way to 13 dropped by miami dolphins. $12million in lost salary. it claimed that it shows conversations with him and assistant coach where tonsil
6:55 am
asked for money to pay for his rent. he has his own issues going on. it's not going to get any easier. dagen: i can tell you why it's bad for tunsil, according to pete that reports for fox sports, he goes to miami from day one, he's not going to be the top dog. he has camp wade and mario williams every day. it puts him in a tough spot. kevin: there are a lot of issues happening here and he's the only one blamed for the bong video. maria: why would he post-- dagen: somebody clearly had access to his account. he didn't deny that it was him so, you know, not smart from making it in the first place but he was not responsible for posting that video.
6:56 am
i think we can agree on that. jared: one person that they suspect. he's going to go to any nfl city and people are going to be breaking his chops about this. randy moss, greatest receivers, you don't want to take moss because of issues of pot and college and became one of the greatest ever. so maybe this means nothing. >> could be a value play for the miami dolphins. what about college when students come in, we will do audit of everything you have on your phone -- dagen: violation of your privacy. >> but they owe it to the student to protect you we -- from losing $12 million in the future. maria: dagen is on that right now. dagen: speaking of gold, how people made money in the past. top-performing etf is the market gold miners.
6:57 am
7 and a half percent since friday. also best performer for the month. up more than 21% in the month of april. the metal with a 14-month high. federal reserve not in a hurry to raise rates. they come up with reasons to buy these things. more mornings with maria after the break
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good friday morning, tgif. welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday april 29th. chaos in california, violence erupting outside a donald trump rally last night. protestors, many of whom were holding mexican flags, filling the streets, blocking traffic, smashing cop cars, even attacking a trump supporter, but trump has sight set on indiana. just four day away. >> we are doing the same thing, we are winning by millions of votes. in fact, today with a long way to go, although we don't have a lopping way fi can win in indiana. if i win it's over. i have now broken the all-time record in the history of the republican party for votes.
7:01 am
maria: meanwhile war of words with boehner and ted cruz. boehner not holding back, he called cruz lucifer in the flesh. >> that reveals everything that's wrong with washington. i don't know john boehner, he and i never have worked together. maria: new developments this morning in san bernardino attack investigation, why members of the shotter's family has been arrested, jeff, how much money he made in just minutes. trying to plan your next vacation, uber looking to expand its business into yachts, what it will cost you coming up. going to markets overieght. the nikkei this morning in japan closed for a holiday, however, we are seeing selling elsewhere. in europe weakness across the morning. that set the tone there. the region saw stronger than
7:02 am
expected economic growth. the gdp was out. in the u.s. futures with little changes. we too are expecting weakness. here with me this morning fox business dagen mcdowell, recon capital kevin kelly and jack otter joining us. good to see you. jack: good to see you. dagen: i got a sneak peak. kevin: i've been waiting in so many docks waiting for one. maria: ed rollins is with us, herman cain and carly fiorina, mohamed also joining us in the studio and former new york giants defensive end justin tuck .
7:03 am
violence erupting outside of trump rally in california last night. at least 20 people were arrested. hundreds of others protestors clashed with protump supporters, they smash it had windows of a police car, several people waved mexican flags, whose streets, our streets. blake berman with the latest on this. blake: chaos erupting outside of a donald trump rally as protest turned violence, costa mesa. rocks and debris while vanned alizing police vehicle. one trump supporter left in a stretcher and face bloody after punches started flying. i knew that was going to happen, it was going to be awry yacht. now the crowds grew to its largest size as trump's rally was concluding inside the
7:04 am
pacific theater, a completely different field where trump once again declared his events as safe. >> hey, folks, i will tell you, our -- and i said it, our rallies are the safest place to be on earth, believe me. [cheers and applause] >> 31,000 people tonight and we have thousands of people outside where they can't get in. bake blake shust before that transpired, police in new york to trump tower, the new york police department says the letter was discovered on fifth floor which is trump's national campaign is located. no one injured and the letter will undergo testing. maria: wow. blake berman with the latest there. former regan-bush director. >> good morning. maria: what do you make this
7:05 am
ongoing violence at trump rallies? >> he has people on the other side that's polarized. this is very preliminary of what's going to happen. i've never seen -- i've begun around the game for 50 years, i have never seen the name calling on our own party. emotions are very high. kevin said earlier, i don't know why boehner is calling ted cruz lucifer, the party should be focused on hillary clinton not on each other. >> that's absolutely right. at the end of the day here, you just don't make those kinds of calls, to a certain extent -- trump has the nomination pretty much wrapped up and at this point in time focus on hillary and focus on holding the senate and the more name calling, to a certain extent, boehner
7:06 am
aelianates. dagen: how much is trump going to be get away with? does her campaign fear because he can push the envelop in a way that other candidates cannot? >> i'm going to tell you a very important statistic this morning, we can win the presidency if we don't lose women by more than a single digit. right now it's more significant with that. you can attack her on the substance, you can attack her on her leadership or lack thereof but when you get into this women stuff and start insulting women you're going to alineate women. dagen: that she would get 5% of the vote if she wasn't a women was that fair? >> hillary is a very significant person if you like her and not like her.
7:07 am
he's been selected twice senate in new york and viewed as a very substantial senator. maria: it's not because she's a woman. >> at the end of the day, you weaken your stance, what you have to do is treat her with the respect that she deserves, check her on issues, that's not trump's particular style and my sense at this point in time, if this thing gets to the point that every event is something like this and we do this for the next seven months, this country is going to be so polarized that maybe elected president may not be worth the job. kevin: do you think he'll get votes before cleveland. looking at the math it's reasonable. >> you know, he's on a roll. he had an extraordinary tuesday. i mean, he won everything everywhere and to a certain extent he's become acceptable to republicans, not establishment but to most republicans it's okay i'm for trump.
7:08 am
today i'm a trump, it's okay to say in the street and not get blast at. i think his campaign has been effective. i think obviously california is a state that obviously goes with much momentum, it's a media state and expect him to have the delegates. maria: let me ask you about this movie reagan, i'm sorry, jack, i want to ask about after will ferrell. the story begins in second term when he falls into dementia. the movie sparking because will fer lel -- ferrell mentioned dementia and alzheimer's. >> he suffered privacy with his beautiful wife and to a certain extent made the people awareness of the seriousness of dementia
7:09 am
and humiliate a president to try and have humor is outrageous. we would be outraged if somebody tried to play obama in black-type drill. reagan, whether you liked him or didn't like him, today he was viewed as one of the presidents of all time and to republicans and conservatives it's an extraordinary man. to humiliate him at the end of his life -- maria: i spoke to the doctors about this, the fact is if you live until 85, one and two people will develop alzheimer's. and it is horrible. >> it's a horrible disease. both she and he carried on and educated a lot of people agent the issue and died with great grace and great class and she had a very lonely life and did more for the research and what have you you than anybody.
7:10 am
dagen: i will predict that this movie doesn't get made not in the way that they're explaining it. i don't think that it will get made where will ferrrell. intern has to convince the dementia-suffering president that he is an actor playing the president. it's the front wage in the new york post today. at least there's outrage and it's in the front of the paper. kevin: mocking fdr, you don't do this specially for someone who has served the country well and did everything for the better, benefit for the country and think about ending the cold war and what he did with the economy. maria: unbelievable economic policies and amazing accomplishments that he had. where is that in the film? kevin: contrary to what is happening now. think about jobs created from
7:11 am
what is happening now. it's just disparaging. >> like saturday night live does president, that's one thing when the president is in office, but to take shots at a great history -- great figure of history is a totally different thing. >> as chaotic as the republican party is today one man that every republican in this country and still a lot of republicans in this country who adore and that's ronald reagan. maria: exactly. >> they'll be outrage against him. just like if you would try to attack jfk on the democratic side. maria: thank you. we will see you sunday on sunday morning futures on sunday. big payday, after his earnings last night, uber ready to hit
7:12 am
the high seas, how it's plan to go hit the yacht market. back in a minute i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh.
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andok, so, what would youts fuwhat do you need?pany? i need problem solving skills. i got through high school without a car, a phone, or a computer. no college degree though. not yet, but life's taught me a lot, and i'm ready for more. well, you're not the typical kind of candidate that i hire, but you are exactly what i'm looking for. [narrator] your company could be missing out on the candidates it needs most. learn how to find a great pool of untapped talent at maria: welcome back, three people with connections to the san bernardino terrorist have been arrested. cheryl casone with the story and that headlines, cheryl.
7:15 am
cheryl: this is quite a story, maria. the three include the brother of farook. farook and his wife wounded four people. the three each entered not guilty charges. allowed to pay wife of enrique márquez, marquez the only person charged in the san bernardino shooting thus far. well, a law enforcement official saying investigators are looking as to whether prince died of drug overdosed and a doctor was prescribing. autopsy results expected for at
7:16 am
least three to four weeks. finally this, uber finding a way to move people a to b. uber yacht is going to be launching in dubai tomorrow. yes, residents able to join a deluxe party, boat rides, helicopters and yachts and, of course, regular uber and i think it's awesome. [laughter] kevin: finally. maria: you're trying to get on the yacht. kevin: exactly, heading to the docks. let's go catch a helicopter. that's what we are going to need to do to head out to the hamptons to fight out the crowds. maria: uber has been incredible, you have to say. jack otter. jack: i was talking to south african guys who had gotten a boat from dubai that had driven
7:17 am
up from the beach because the oil filter was clogged. the owner rather than dealing with that, drove it up to the sand and bought a new one. with uber you don't have to worry about that stuff. dagen: they only wait for you two minutes. you know what they do in new york city, they don't come pick you up where you are, they'll park down the street and then say that that's the wait time starts then and they start charging you. they'll park across the secrete and down the street. it's a bare trying to get a refund. kevin: it's done a tremendous job and it's hurt the car rental companies. so you have to be looking at -- maria: i want to talk about one other darling right now. can we talk about amazon for a second?
7:18 am
amazon numbers blow the quarter, blow it out of the water. i know we have a story making all that money but amazon continues to be -- kevin: they're expelling in cloud computing and that is there are strength right now. they have 30% of market share and that's in contrast to actually microsoft as well as google. they are doing tremendously well on that front as well as prime membership. you have to be very conscientious because last quarter they disappointed and this time they did really well. dagen: more profitable even than their holiday quarter. maria: look at the stock this morning. jack: how many companies have managed to win on both the enterprise level and consumer level. eco is going to be even bigger than we think it is. maria: we have more on this
7:19 am
because there's lots to the story after this. targeting 3,000 new yorkers. we will tell you about it. the winner of strong earnings is jeff besos, how much money he has made in just the few minutes, we will tell you aboutt show me movies with romance.
7:20 am
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love.
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. maria: nobody is happy than that. jo ling kent with the story.
7:23 am
jo ling: the stock is responding, a dollar seven cents a share. basically double. revenues 29 billion. company ceo josh bezos is very happy. fortune is 18% stake at the retailer added more than 6 billion bucks when earnings were released the grand total $60 billion. now, taking a closer look at the earnings. the two keys that were driving the growth, north american sales. they made up 58% of total revenue. bezos is saying that he wants so valuable that it would be irresponsible not to join. the cloud unit as kevin was references earlier, amazon crushed it, $2.5 billion. that's 64%. companies that you use every day, instagram, netflix. all the tv shows and movie,
7:24 am
amazon is saying that the studios has acquired the rights to several big high-profile films that will run in theaters and will be on amazon prime. a big play to compete with hbo, hulu and netflix. it doesn't stop there. they expect sales between 28 and $30.5 billion. maria: unbelievable. first of all, what a good day to have for jeff bezos. this company is content company, this company is a retail company, a cloud company. it's amazing. would you buy the stock today? kevin: absolutely. you are seeing it in the strength of the numbers and they continue to execute. it happens to own an e-commerce platform. they are the uberization of cloud services. as joe alluded to earlier,
7:25 am
instagram uses them as well as snapchat. they provide services needed by every company and that's why they are growing to well. jack: i would agree with everything that you just said. everything is going right. when everything is going right, i always want to pull back and say, okay, what's the risk reward here, is all the greatness -- believe me, i'm not saying that this is not extraordinary. how many companies are able to do both enterprise and on the retail level to win it both? kevin: they're the one company that can do that and they have done it well. ibm has not done well. maria: it's hard to grow with the size of ibm. we see that. they're just not growing. they were just focused on revenue. jo ling: exactly. maria: now we see the best, most profitable quarter ever. jo ling: they're able to move the numbers a lit bit on that front.
7:26 am
they are able to post the revenue. it hasn't changed that much either. it's interest to go see what bezos is doing from investor's perspective. kevin: this company isn't focused on financial engineer to go drive results. they are focused on growing revenue for shareholders and that's the best management you want. maria: hollywood stars and executives have enjoyed premium screening rooms. new ways to watch movies. we will tell you about the hotels with in-house movie theaters. the fbi investigating after isis released a list of new yorkers that it plans to attack. up next [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade.
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i grew up in the housing projects of cleveland. i didn't even know that life could be any better than it was. education for me has been a way to get away from the agony of what was normal life. i want to be able to impact a community. not just look back on where i came from but to reach back to where i came from
7:29 am
and pull some people up with me. my name is david, and i am your dividend. >> good friday morning april 29th your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in california violation outside a donald trump rally last night. protesters waving mexico cane flags filled streets. smashed cop cars, attacked a trurp sporter leaving him bloodies. more words boehner not holding back. he called cruz, quote, lucifer in the flesh. he's fighting back and we can't forget john kasich down but not out despite calls for him to get out of the race and keep fighting for votes. >> at end of the day it is extremely difficult for donald
7:30 am
trump to get to the convention with a required number of delegates and it will be best day he walks in anding support. hackers linked to 3,000 new yorkers hacking in the corporate world u.s. steel alleging chinese government stole information from us steel. bringing movie theater to you. qeerl looking at why are hotels want to get into the movie business coming up, and market this is morning are el ising pressure. that selloff yesterday continues this morning, for the u.s. we're expecting lower opening from broader average and earnings standouts on upside. for the most part we're looking at pressure on stocks after a 200 plus selloff. former house speaker having choice words for texas senator ted cruz yesterday. listen. in the flesh --
7:31 am
[inaudible] senator cruz is responding this morning. he said that boehner lay out his, quote, inner trump. >> i've never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is i don't know the man. i've met him two or three times in my life. if i have said 50 words i would be surprised and every one of them is pleasantry, good to see you mr. speaker. >> joining me now is presidential capability herman cain. good to see you my friend. thanks for joining us. let me ask you what is wrong with republican party sir that they cannot just get out of the way of each other and basically go against the opponent who is hillary clinton. if they have any feet they would shoot other than the two they've been doing. >> unbelievable. >> yeah, as if the republicans
7:32 am
don't have a big enough problem with the anti-trump movement and the division within the republican party. this doesn't happen. now, as to john boehner's statement it's just political noise in my opinion. there are things that you might say backstage or in back of the camera. and there are some things that you might say in front of an audience but not in front of a camera. but when you are a former speaker of the house anything you say is going to be picked up and it's beginning to be played. but it's political noise that has nothing to do with the substance that they ought to be focusing on. account absolutely right. i mentioned to dagen a minute ago this from john boehner arguably the face of the establishment. the establishment which basically brought us here dagen. >> right, and i wonder and herman can answer this is, does john boehner who was essentially deposed by his own party -- is he unhappy being out of the spotlight?
7:33 am
he's speaking in stanford in northern california to a probably nonrepublican audience and east playing to them he's going for the jugular. right? >> that's right. you're reeght. >> any time you've been in the spotlight in a high profile leadership position for a long time, yeah. you do miss it. if you don't have something else to fall back on that allows you to be engaged and active so i think that's part it have. but other part of this is since he no longer has the responsibility of watching carefully what he has he's decided whatever he want, how he feels in front of whatever audience. all they're doing is creating a distraction for the republicans because he represents the face of the republican establishment as you pointed out. >>can we talk about one of the best things simplifying loophole it is do you think it could ever happen had in our lifetime that the government would actually do
7:34 am
this considering that the irs, so big and such a big part of our -- government now. >> the answer is absolutely yes. and here's why. you have to have a leader in the white house who believes that it can be done, secondly, then they exert the necessary political capital to lead the charge. and the way you get it done with the right person in the white house is to engage the american people. maria has been talking about the report relative to the gdp growth this morning. .05% that is pathetic. when this economy has the capacity to 5.0. you want to know why it's down at a pathetic .05 because this administration with its policies for the last 7 and a half years want people to belief that this is the new normal. secondly, they have no intentions of doing the biggest thing that they can do to spur
7:35 am
economic growth which is do something about the tax rates, i would replace the whole code as you all know, and that's what ought to be done but this administration refuses to acknowledge that its tax policies, that its intimidation or o threats towards businesses when they have profits overseas, discouraging inversions. look they ought to be encouraging. ought to be encouraging money to come back. >> herman so glad you brought this up. do you know that this presidency is going to go down as the fourth worst presidency on record when it comes to economy? get this, i'm looking at the numbers right now. the rate of real economic growth this single great and wealth of the american people. barack obama will be the only president in history who did not deliver one year of 3% growth. okay. and we're averaging one and a half percent over eight year, herman. >> yeah, yes, reason goes back
7:36 am
to sneaker taxes embedded in obamacare. e p on steroids, and all that relations, unsernts created by this administration that causes businesses not want to grow. i'm sure you're reported on, you know, corporate profits are the first quarter are going to be down 6%. we have seen the signs that this was coming maria. you and dagen and rest of the people on your panel and follows business. talked about it on my radio show we saw the sign but the federal reserve has been giving false signals that the economy might turn around. you don't raise interest rates unless the economy is overheating. overheating -- right they can't raise rates so they have -- can't get out. >> will trump be able to turn it around or hillary that's what we're looking at in november. who will turn it around? >> donald trump is only one that will turn it around. hillary is on record of continue policies of barack obama.
7:37 am
she has said it several times so if you get a hillary in the white house, nothing is going to change and probably get worse. you get a donald trump in the white house, since he's now leading i know he hasn't shown it and you have establishment continuing to say if he doesn't get the 1,237 he's probably not going to get it. maria that's what their supposed to say. but i have to tell you, the man is on a roll. all you have 250d is look at not just the fact that he won all five states on tuesday, look at how he beat the polls. by such a large margin that says -- >> look to indiana. he thinks he takes indiana it's over. that, you know, that that's whae said last night we'll see. herman cain a pleasure. wonderful to have you. thank you so much. >> sorry i got so worked up. >> we love your passion come back soon. really god to see you.
7:38 am
herman cain joining us. for special coverage on the indiana primary tuesday night may 3rd. kicks off at 7 p.m. here on the fox business network. stay with us for that. presidential candidate carly fiorina will join me on the other side of this break after named ted cruz's vice presidential running mate. we'll be right back. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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>> welcome back a new threat from an isis related group cheryl on that story and headlines now. cheryl. flght that's right hack percent released a random list of new yorkers named as intended target and fbi is now involved with as many as 3,000 names on it that contains information of government employee as and american citizens including people living in new york area. well, the families of two missing florida teenagers suspect foul play may have involved in their disappearance. court documents show that had authorities have taken the suspicion seriously for several months.
7:42 am
the teenagers remain missing after they vanished in july while on a fishing trip. u.s. seal claiming chinese government hackers stole plan for go new steel technology. in a complaipt filed with international trade commission, u.s. steel has said it happened when a computer belonging it a research hacked in 2011. pittsburgh calling on regulators to investigate chinese producers for allegedly conspiring maria to fix prices. back to you. >> all right cheryl thanks so much. ted cruz naming carly fiorina as running mate. presidential candidate herself and hewlett-packard ceo joining me now on the telephone. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> congratulations, it was a proud moment watching you up there when ted cruz first made this announcement. but i want to get from you is, what's in it for you? i mean, we're going back and forth about ted cruz and where
7:43 am
he is in the campaign, we hear all of this name calling. which i'm gong to get to in a moment. what are you gong to bring to his campaign and what's in it for you? >> well, you know, honestly maria, i am doing this because ink it is not an exaggeration to say that soul of our party and future of our nation are at stake. i have said from the moment donald trump announced his kawnt city he doesn't represent me, and he doesn't represent my party. he is almost liberal as hillary clinton is. hillary clinton cannot be our president. i think it's critically important that we have a real conservative as or nominee and in the white house who will stand up to i thought too the system that is corrupt and works for some but doesn't work for most of us and i'm stand with ted cruz and i'm going to fight hard had i think that's at stake now.
7:44 am
>> we're going toward the end we're looking at, you know, next couple of week being critical here. so if not now then never. right, you've got to do this now. so let me ask you about that. because we're talking about strategy this morning. what will be your strategy to sort of cut through the noise? carly we've been talking about all morning how john boehner spoke about ted cruz had choice words for texas senator yesterday. listen to this for a second. i want to get your reaction. i've never worked -- [inaudible] >> it is extraordinary to me that republicans do not stick together, and you hear this kind of men tear from the former speaker of the house. what was your take away about ted cruz from john boehner? >> well first of all about i think druch has reduced the tone
7:45 am
of this campaign for too many people. secondly one of the things that i admire about ted cruz is he's focused on policy. third, john boehner lost speakership because he accomplished nothing with a republican majority in the house. those comments were completely inappropriate. but here's everything you need to know about both john boehner an donald trump. john boehner said that he and donald trump are texting and golfing buddies. i rest my case. when i say donald trump is the system, he will not challenge the system. all you need to know is that donald trump is texting and golfing buddies with john boehner he's given to hillary clinton both the presidential and senate campaign a total of 7 times. how do you do that? how do you give money and be buddies with both folks on two sides of the aisle? you know how and why you do that because you're gaining the system. for your own personal enrichment
7:46 am
and advancement and that is pat pattern he can not be our nominee. >> everything you put forward, and then there's sentiment carly. what's the strategy to cut through the noise to make sure that messages that u you've just shared with us res gnat with american people in the next couple of weeks as we come down to the wire? how are you goinged to this? >> first i think that message resonate with american people when they get to hear had them. unfortunately too much of the media never allows poem to hear them because it's the donald trump show all the time. that's too bad. it's been that way ever since he got into that race that had is factually correct, and every analysis demonstrates that. on the other hand i can tell you i'm here in indiana fighting hard in indiana and to your are point indiana matters now. u wow, the whole -- state of california is really going to matter now. in a presidential primary.
7:47 am
here's an analogy when poem get to hear this message, they respond to this message so i'm going to be out here pooghting as hard as i know how. we're drawing enormous crowds in indiana. indiana votes on tuesday. but you know nfl draft pick was last night. let's use analogy from football. drumple likes to say well i'm close so that's iti'm the no, nominee close to those delegates. 1,1037 delegateses represents those in the republican party. but in football 30 yard touchdown ain't. donald trump is going to have to get a touchdown and he's not going to get one. and so we're going to i end in cleveland and when he doesn't win on that first ballot, he doesn't win.
7:48 am
>> so that's the strategy. what are you hearing from voters in indiana right now. what's important to them? what are you doing in indiana to really make sure to own indiana come tuesday night? >> it's interesting indiana is a place where carrier just took all his job and sent them to mexico and many of the jobs and a donald trump points that out. you know he stappedz up in his typical rally. but unfortunately, if you look at the pattern of trump's business life what you'll see is a guy who has played that system. that's why so much of his clothing line, an rest is manufactured in china is hishing foreign workers when american work rs are standing in line trying to get those jobs. he's talking about raising taxes not lowering taxes and never talks about rolling back regularring la story overreach and ted cruz understands the way to get the economy growing again is to restore entrepreneur,
7:49 am
innovation and make sure small businesses thrive that's why you have to refeel repeal obamacare and wants to force more jobs overseas. so ted cruz understands that a simple flat tax brings jobs back and roll back regulatory overreach that drives out of the country in the first place. in other words that people in indiana care about their jobs. they care about their liberty and freedom, right to bear arm, practice their religion freely and secure of this nation and we're talking about what you actually have to do to bring jobs back to secure our liberts and to make sure that we lead again in the world so that we're safe in our neighborhood. >> a message that should resonate thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks maria have a great day. smg we're watching you in indiana. bringing movie threat or to you next. we're looking at holings it ishi
7:50 am
business next and then later super bowl champ justin tuck in the studio and breaking down the nfl draft. back in a minute. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere.
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7:53 am
>> how about some luxury more hotels upping ante when it comes to luxury are but offerings are becoming accessible to broad or public from paris and across the fond to chicago. boutique and high end hotels alike offering in house movie threat rs. for film enthusiasts you don't have to stay at the hotel to take advantage of them joining us from los angeles is senior editor at in touch weekly. kim good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> why do you have to go to the movie threat where you have high end theaters in your home and now in hotels?
7:54 am
>> yeah, exactly. i mean talking about all of these boutique hotels that have these screening rooms and they do special screenings maybe with some themes with gourmet food and artisan popcorn and free popcorn and seeing at boutique hotels but, obviously, a lot of movie theater offer this to people like i pick for example with leather reclining seats. gourmet food and bringing cocktails in your seat and all it be getting people back to theaters because as you know when you have netflix hulu you want to stay home and with option with screening rooms this is why people go to theater. >> but how obvious is this? you know, seriously over last couple of years, you go into a theater, and it's an absolute mess. they should have doing this years ago. making theaters actually nice to go to. >> expensive reeght so a family of four paying 15 a head.
7:55 am
it does add up and that's just for ticket sales alone. >> once of the finances for this for person going to threat or is more a ticket. less, do they want to gets pacemakers to give us a free soda pop. >> you know best. >> yeah, well at some of these boutique hotel it is offer screening not movies that are out this weekend for example. so not going to see captain america when it opens next weekend but more classic films for example. so prices range at one of the hotels in oregon it's $2 for children. $4 for if adults but then pay for food. then in pars there's a hotel that -- is up to there are 9 o and getting champagne again gourmet food so it's a range of different prices. but again you're right when you're going to see captain america when it opens or o the jungle book this weekend number one again forked third weekend in a row you buy popcorn and drinks, and that's why something like this screening room shawn parker u new service is getting
7:56 am
traction because people want to stay at home and pay $50 to sit at home and have their own food and drinks. >> but with sha shawn parker service suspect that production company going to fight him on that? aren't they pushing back? you have steen spielberg a supporter and james cameron not with four avatar sequels coming out and there's a reason to go to theaters. you want to see it in threat or. batman versus superman in theater that's again jungle book third weekend in a row number one again. s there's movies that you really want to see in theater and that's why services are great when you can go to theater to sit in a nice reclining chair and gourmetted to and not worry about people texting that was a bad idea people were talking about. >> movie makers aren't going to
7:57 am
give it away so that's why you see upset in directors. kim god good to see you thank you for oning us there. first round of the nl draft in the books. two time football winning is ahead with us. back in a minute. i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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>> good friday morning everybody. welcome back i'm maria bartiromo friday april 29 t on east coast.
8:00 am
protesters many wave withing mexican flags filled streets blocked traffic. smashing cop cars. during the rally stepped up his attack on ted cruz. for the first time in the history of american politics, a man who is totally mathematically dead cannot win has appointed a vice president. [cheering] so first time in history. and war of words between former house speaker john boehner and ted cruz boehner called cruz, quote, lucifer in the flesh. but cruz took on his claim as megyn kelly last night. >> i don't know john boehner we have never worked together. i'd be surprised if we have said 50 words to each other andering we've been said has been empty pleasantries. hillary clinton takes on donald trump comments about her using the woman card. she's actually issuing actual
8:01 am
woman cards. they look look this, xect like a in metro card criminal on the street. immigration enforcement releasing thousands of imrapts with words including murders of murder. we'll tell you about it. wild first round l.a. riles taking quarterback jared goff but cost millions of dollars. we'll show you winner and losers with nfl star tuck. selloff yesterday dow industrial will open extending 200 point selloff yesterday about weakness in europe and overnight in asia as well. all of those stories this hour, an with me this morning mcdowel and online editor jack. good to see everybody great show so far. >> great friday. our top story this morning violence erupted outside a trump rally in california last night.
8:02 am
at least 20 people were arrested. hundreds clashed with supporters. they smashed windows of a police car, several overs waved mexican flag. they blocked traffic. chanting, quote, who's streets, our streets blake berman with the latest right now. blake. >> maria, chaos erupting outside a donald trump rally in southern california last night as protest turned violent. theme costa mesa south of los angeles, hundreds of protesters overwhelm police some hurl hadding rocks and debris, even vandalizing police vehicles. one trump supporter left in a stretcher. his face bandaged and bloodied after punches started fly. within protester quoted as saying i knew this was going to happen. it was beginning it be a riot. crowds grew to largest size as trump rally concluding inside pacific amphitheater a completely different feel where trump once again declared his events are safe.
8:03 am
>> hey, folks -- i won't judge you. i said it, our safest place to be on earth. believe me. 31,000 people tonight. and we have thousands of people outside when they can't get in. before that tehran spired police in new york scramble to truch tower to investigate a letter con intaying a white powder substance. new york police department says that letter was discovered on the fifth floor which is where trump's national campaign office is located. six people evacuated mario, though, no one was injured, and in that letter undergo further testing. back to you. >> blake berman with the latest there from protest in the street it a battle on capitol hill. former house speak or john boehner with choice words for ted cruz yesterday. listen. >> republican president --
8:04 am
lost everybody but i've never worked with a more -- [bleep] [inaudible] >> senator cruz responded he said boehner let out, quote, his inner trump. listen. >> identify i've neverred worked with donald trump. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner i'd be surprised and every one is pleasantry good to speak to you. >> alan good to see you so you are ted cruz's former law profess, at harvard. what do you think about ted cruz? >> well, you know, i think what boehner said yesterday tells us more about boehner than it does cruz he was getting laugh lines anyone can by using sob and lewisser. it is beneath him. i can tell you cruz was not the
8:05 am
devil he was the devil's advocate in my class he took the most contrary position never put his right hand down. he was a pleasure to have as a student because professors love to have students who take opposing points of u view. >> and that's one of the reasons i think ted cruz resonates with some because he's constantly been pushing become. he's pushing back against the establishment yet you see polls people are afraid of him. they don't like him. >> crown, he's a serious intellectual and a very principled man and i won't vote for him. i'm a liberal detective who will vote for hillary clinton. but i think that calling him names and they're substantive positions and they're right ring positions and they deserve to be addressed by republican and democrats alike. >> talk about his likability, though, alan. why -- is it just his -- sound of his voice, because so many people you talk to people in congress who have worked with
8:06 am
him who know him. people in the state of texas they don't particularly care for him. >> students, many in the class department it like him. and i had to defend him sometimes against some of the students. because he's smart, a little bit smug. and he is the smartest guy in the room and he wants you probably to know it but in the end he's very, very smart. he had a lot of very close friends. david sat next to him his room in african-american jamaican -- a guy that two of them were inseparable with a close group of friends conserve teff friends from the federal society. whod a hired him. he's a guy who is a lightning rod. people either like him or don't like him, and one can understand creating that conflict tbhaws true of politicians. i like hillary clinton a lot and you hear many who don't know her saying they don't like her. she's extremely likable when you know her in person.
8:07 am
>> shep doesn't like to campaign. maybe that's what -- not a good campaigner. >> well barack obama didn't like the campaign and doesn't like people. he's preferring to sits up you know in oval office with a group of friends watching basketball and making policy. >> hanging with e beyoncé. there's nobody like bill clinton. bill clinton loved -- he wouldn't leave an event. >> like to chat it up with everybody. two or three in the morning. >> ahead of that tenure. [laughter] back to the point so you need to be really smart to be a good president. you also need people skills to be effective politician to boehner thing he said i never intoak to him but ted cruz shut down government you would think you would give him a phone call if you were going to do that. doesn't he have people skills as well as intellectual fact. >> second rate intellect but
8:08 am
first rate ability with people. look, i think we want people with first rate intellect first rateability, and it's been hard and coming in this election particularly on republican side. he republicans have enough problems without each each other in flick. public. >> i have to get your take on this with steve on the program. number two guy in the house, he 15eud said that ted cruz should not get -- if he did you want get the nomination he should be named to the supreme court i want to get your take on that. listen. fnght if he's not our nominee ting he would be a great replacement for scalia there's a form whether he's nominee but at the end of the day i think he and donald trump have to come together for good of the country because that's the only way wii going to beat hillary clinton and i feel confident it will happen. >> scalia was a big conservative with ted cruz, that fit the bill?
8:09 am
>> he left out one role and that is they've got to elect a republican president first and no supreme court for the supreme court. i don't think a president trump is beginning to nominate him either and interesting supreme court justice. supreme court needs to have one or o two conservatives like that. and i -- like to see more diverse supreme court. i'd like to see on supreme court more practicing lawyers, more people with political experience, he has political experience and that would give him a leg up. but i think he's going to stay in the senate. >> alan you told us you're supporting hillary clinton and a great legal knowledge, what's your take on this issue around her e-mail scandal, foundation scandal. are you not worried as hillary clinton supporter how do you look at what's going on around her on legal basis? >> i'm not worried about any legal consequences because you have to do that was against the lawed a time you did it and no
8:10 am
classification and she's free of any possibility. >> did he change e-mails to nonclassified. j you need evidence of that. i don't see she would want to do that but in the end cleared legally and people have a right to make judgments about her judgment opinion and look i've never voted for a perfect candidate for any office. i'm looking for the best candidate all around, and all around i like hillary clinton. >> what do you think about investigation into her e-mail scandal saying that she'll be probably cleared. >> i would wish that the president wouldn't comment on ongoing investigations i think that doses compromise the integrity of the justice department. the justice department is not supposed to taked orders from te president when it comes to specific investigation. there are rules within the justice department that prohibit that. now -- >> is this --
8:11 am
>> every president has tried to influence the justice department one way or another and that is not a good thing. in most countries in the world we have minister of justice works for the president second is director of prosecution independent completely independent. i wish we can break that down but we have one independent when it comes to criminal investigation. >> we will leave it there. great to have your insight good to see you sir. thanks so much. a suspect in custody after threatening to blow up a baltimore tv station with a fake bomb. it was all a talk we have details. and then a flash flood emergency declared along east coast after torrential downpours that force military vehicles deployed for water rescues. we'll be right back.
8:12 am
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p?p?h narrator: of all the things you've done with your bike, donating it to goodwill may be the most incredible of all. your donations help fund job placement and training for people in your community. which means your stuff can be more powerful than you think. goodwill. donate stuff. create jobs. >> welcome back the obama administration is being criticized this morning for releasing thousands of illegal immigrant with rap sheets. more on that and other headlines. >> immigration custom enforcement under fire this morning at a health scare yesterday morning for releasing 20,000 illegal immigrants last
8:15 am
year let go instead of being deported. isis director defending her agency yesterday saying that specific work and improvement while claiming they were being politically manipulated. this morning a lot of folks coming up. very angry about that testimony yesterdays. well some scary moments outside was baltimore of it station, a police sniper shot a man wearing animal costume in surgical mask who claim to have a bomb it all started after guy walks into a lobby of a fox affiliate and made a complaint about the government. the suspect was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. his father says he has mdges problems. a cash drop could land a bond payment that's due on sunday. it would make city the first new jersey municipality to default on debt since the great depression. atlantic city worst rating of any american city, and finally this, top pick in last night's nfl draft was quarterback jared goff who played for california
8:16 am
and wept to l.a. rams. one with of the top names in the draft dropped down the in picking order becausemens before start of the draft a video posted on his twitter account. that allegedly featured smoking marijuana from a bong. there's the video. and then the mask comes off it's him. he became 13th pick of -- the 13th pick was for dolphins that's where he went. he said to his account maria was hacked and does admit he borrowed money to pay bills for him. dagen was hot on story but certainly a big controversy last night for the draft. >> astonishing but expected to go higher and he left by -- rough estimates 7-10 million on the table. unbelievable. on what he got going from instead of like the fifth pack going 13th. up 12 million. >> his personal life -- this account wases hacked, and
8:17 am
they shut the twitter account down, and then speaking of the problems of taking money from the team there were two screen shots that were posted about 10 p.m. last night that e shod a text message between him and who appears to be -- those asked about rental and personal life is such a mess and it had been a mess but for this to happen right before the draft, the team backed at -- backed off and said we can't vet this video. >> he threw it all away. >> i think this is -- an important lesson says a big deal for this guy but people need to take away lesson if you're parents keep this in mind anything you to on facebook, twitter, instagram whatever next social media thing will come back to boy, the you. bite you. . this is not him who posted
8:18 am
this. what are you filming. somebody is going to post it. what will happen to the video? >> he didn't deny it happened to him. admitted it on tv. >> i feel for him and dolphin because they have a handsful. >> what a night. what a night breaking down first night of the nfl drft with super bowl champion justin tuck in studio. bronx zoo man taking creative approach to fundraising. have an ex that you hate? what about naming a cockroach after them. details next. [laughter]
8:19 am
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♪ >> welcome back new outrage this morning over a proposalled comedy about president ronald reagan backed by will ferrell. ted cruz gets a new nickname on social media and hillary clinton is really playing the woman card. really? jo ling kent with the election media buzz. >> so much going on this morning maria. will ferrell may be good at playing bush but he may not take on the role of president reagan. pushing become on news that farrell may play their father in a screen play about the onset of dementia. patti davis saying you portray my father in throws of alzheimer's for a comedy. perhaps you would not find the subject humorous.
8:23 am
i watch fore in my father's eyes a man never afraid of anything. perhaps for your comedy you would like to visit a dementia facility, i have, and i didn't find anything comedic there. michael rey began tweeting alzheimer's is not a come candyh 5 million sufficient from the disease and robs you of your mind and then kills you. script is titled reagan that call blast list and have not been made but there's no director or studio attached to this one. after negative response it may never get made. >> that's what i'm betting. and meanwhile on twitter presidential candidate ted cruz getting new name. creating a meme call him the cruzfer after he said he thinking texas senator is lucifer in the flesh coming from a member of the, quote, washington cartel, it was a ringing endorsement. and hillary clinton's campaign cashing in on up trump's accusation but playing woman
8:24 am
card. campaign created a new pink card this one right here on the screen that supporters can get for a donation on her website. other trump critics have joked that the benefits of play the woman card include being paid less had than men, politically marginalized and getting cat called on the street. >> i guess resemblance to a subway card is by design. >> yeah. but that time getting through new york subways. so i mean if she's -- >> rusty. exactly. >> i don't need a card for people to know i'm a woman. that's all tiff to say maybe -- >> classic campaign. right you take advantage of a moment and donald trump is getting ton of traffic on it. they take advantage of it online people who support hillary are having a field day with it. fun. >> and social media reaction in the last i don't know 24 minutes or so i would say there's at least some cruz supporters ugly and nasty on twitter as some
8:25 am
donald trump supporters based on what some of the hideous names of god fearing people who are on twitter poem who on their twitter bio say that, you know, they go about their faith in god and christ and then they'll call you something that even worst enemy won't call you to your face. >> i'm going to criticize all of the candidates. and i'm going to praise all of the candidates and has a likability problem. but name calling it really over the top and it's what bothers me. you know, why would john boehner come up with this for ted cruz? in you know, in the -- they're the same party. they have to start recognizing that -- need to go after the other o side and stop creating the chaos yourself. >> talking to ellen about it. he was talking to group of stiewndz at stanford and that's what politicians and people are doing these daises but they need
8:26 am
to be more conscientious. same with mitt romney back in the day so everybody needs to be careful in the new technological environment about how you say it and who you say it to. >> wasn't getting a sense that he was worried -- >> if we have the audio, in fact, look all of this says to me is that 2016 general election is bloody, ugly --ut it being literally bloody with trump it could -- >> it was bloody last night with protest terse they left one supporter bloodied up thank you for bringing that to us. we have futures pointing to lower open for the stock market. ripple effect from slowing global growth story weighing on earnings. corporate profits showing longest slides since the financial crisis. mow happened is with us weighing in on earnings, economy and a whole lot more. if you hate your ex enough enough you can name a coke roach
8:27 am
after him or her and help at the bronx zoo. that's where u you've been. [laughter]
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> good friday morning, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's friday, april 29th. your top stories right now at
8:30 am
8:30 a.m. on the east coast. chaos in california to report violence erupted outside a donald trump rally last night. protesters, many of whom were waving mexican flags, filled the streets, blocked traffic. they smashed cop cars and even attacked a trump supporter leaving him bloody. and war of words between john boehner and ted cruz. boehner not holding back, calling cruz lucifer in the flesh. cruz is fighting back. and john kasich despite calls for him to get out of the race, he says he'll keep fighting on for votes. i decided to keep going and there are going to be people who are going to criticize me for that. and it's not always an easy road. i'm going to do my very best. maria: meanwhile, devastating flooding in mississippi, one official calling it the worst since hurricane katrina. a stranded driver rescued from flood waters on live television.
8:31 am
isis no longer in line on just oil to make money. it's now turning to selling cars and selling fish. we will tell you their strategy. earnings season rolls on this morning, exxonmobil reporting a 63% decline in profits from a year earlier. the numbers coming in better than expected, nonetheless. and the stock is up as oil prices hover around $46 a barrel. checking the broader markets this morning, we're expecting a lower opening from the dow industrials, but it's a fractional move, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all in negative territory as we see earnings set the tone for markets. futures are looking weaker this morning and of course, that's an extension of yesterday's selloff. all ending the week in the red. yesterday the industrials down 200 points. as corporate earnings are set to decline for the third quarter in a row. this is the longest and broader since the financial crisis. weakness in the energy sector, slowing economic growth.
8:32 am
joining us is a financial advisor. >> the central bank meetings this week, let me start on earnings. is what pressuring earnings? how do you characterize the earnings season so far? >> so no growth and low growth are starting to have a major toll and for those sectors badly hit by price tliens, energy. but it's the continuation of the story, which is that the global economy and the u.s. economy aren't able to escape velocity. we're continuing a slow level growth. maria: in fact, we had christine lagarde from the imf two weeks ago and says the economy has worsened in the last six months. do you see in the last six months a change? >> the six months has been a head wind change from the u.s. we worry about china much more than we did a year ago and what's happening, the longer you persist in low growth, the bigger pressure on the system as a whole. it's hard to be a good house in a difficult neighborhood.
8:33 am
even a good house starts to suffer and that's what's happening in the global economy. maria: you look at central banks and a lot of people say look, they're out of ammunition, look at japan, that they're going to be there with stimulus, they say we're watching things, no stimulus. they've got negative interest rates. >> it's understandable to why. when he went negative interest rates he hoped to weaken the currency and people were telling him, be careful you've come too far. and now he decides not to do anything and gets the wrong results and it speaks that central banks are less able to produce financial outcomes. we know they haven't been able to have economic outcome on their own-- >> what's going to move the needle on economic growth, whether it be japan, europe, and the united states? >> so, whether you look at
8:34 am
japan or the united states, there are four common errors, we need to invest in real growth engines, that's tax reform, infrastructure, labor market retraining. secondly, we need to better match the ability and willingness to spend. that speaks to fiscal policy. third, we need to deal with excessive indebtedness in greece, student loans here and policy coordination. and it's not an engineering problem, it's a political implementation problem. maria: you make a good point. i'm glad you mentioned debt. 19 trillion in debt is going to bite us if we don't do something about it. >> not only does it crush the debtor directly, but stops the capital from coming in. there's no way that greece can grow unless there's debt forgiveness. no one likes it, it's unfair and beyond a certain point it's the only solution. maria: let he me ask you about the u.s. a lot of things indicate what
8:35 am
we've been thinking, that's that the central bankers are out of ammunition. we need something on a government level. since president obama took office, the u.s. economy has grown at an annualized rate at 11.7%. this is going to go down, mohammad, as the first president ever not to see a single year of 3% economic growth. that's pretty extraordinary. >> it is, and it speaks to us having invested in the wrong growth model 10, 15 years ago. go back and we started investigating in finance as a growth engine and believing that finance was the next level of capitalism. agriculture, industry, manufacturing, service, if you get ready, and we start investing in promoting the economic growth. since then the political system has been so polarized. maria: and that continues. >> yeah. maria: so where should we be investing now? >> i think that investors should realize one thing. we're in a huge range bound market and simply investigating
8:36 am
and doing nothing at all is not going to put you to results. you're going to have to be tactical and name selection is going to be critical and look at apple and amazon to give you an example how extreme that can be. >> yeah. maria: so, be more tactical, name selection and then keep some cash because there's going to be a lot more opportunities down the road. >> you think this market sells off before it comes back? maybe we can get better prices if we invest in the stock market. maria: correct, we're on a big range and toward the top of the range, let's not forget where we were on february 10th. not so long ago that we were 10 to 12% lower than here, right? >> let's not forget t the beginning of the year. the global story. >> that was the same thing last november, in the summer, we have been in a wide rollercoaster and investors realize that's the world we live in. >> you answered the question, where should we invest, i was going there anyway, but coming off your comment that we
8:37 am
invested wrongly 15 years ago. so in terms of what kind of policy you would like to see to move the needle on growth. is it tax policy? is that what you want to see? for example, from the next president? >> tax reform is absolutely key and we haven't done that since the made 80's and had a tax system that's anti-growth. secondly, at such low interest rates and certainly at negative interest rates in in your opinion we should be investing in infrastructure. if you do a couple of these things, you can unleash the massive cash that's on the balance sheets of companies and the private sector will do heavy lifting. we had an absurd situation where financial risk taking it here and economic risk taking is down here and companies need just a little bit more clarity on the environment and they can do a lot of the heavy lifting. maria: i'm hearing food things about europe. would you put money in europe and japan given the negative interest rates? >> so, in terms of the economy, the u.s. is still the better economy. it's a 2% economy whereas
8:38 am
europe is 1 to 1 is 1/2% and japan is at best 1% economy. in terms of valuation the u.s. has outperformed so much of the rest of the world. maria: it's expensive now. >> it's relatively expensive. maria: so wait? >> so, i would wait for the u.s. i think you're going to have lots of entry points and just remember, we are in this range-bound world and no need to rush. maria: great to have you on the program. >> thank you. maria: always wonderful insights. and jeff bezos, the amazon ceo made about $6 billion in 20 minutes. doesn't get much better than that. we've got the details. then, do you want it take out anger on your ex? for $10 you can name a cockroach for your ex-lover and send them a certificate. we'll be back. ♪ when it comes to small business, she's in the know.
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>> welcome back. a powerful storm dumping heavy rain in mississippi. causing major flooding. cheryl casone has the headlines. cheryl: that's righting the mayor much gulfport has declared a state of emergency after widespread flooding and hail reported along the mississippi gulf coast. today storms are expected in parts of oklahoma and texas and houston area again, arkansas and louisiana. well, isis now running car dealerships and fish farms in iraq to make money. i'm not kidding. after the territory output has declined significantly the past year, the group is now panicking. the terror group reportedly earnings millions a month from new businesses. reports are that isis oil revenues have fallen by a third. 56 million a month. amazon ceo jeff bezos richer on paper after shares soared after
8:43 am
hours on better than expected earnings, made $6 billion bringing his fortune to nearly $60 billion. makes him the fourth richest person after bill gates, warren buffett and finally, a new wonderful way to display your anger at your ex. the bronx zoo will allow to name a madagascar cockroach for $10. and you get a digital certificate to cherish for years to come. for $25 you'll get mailed a certificate. let the fun begin. maria: so worth it. dagen: i've got a better one, i put a curse, or a hex, everything you touch will fail and years later he called me up and said i'm sorry. maria: well, you got your apology.
8:44 am
and on the cover of barron's this weekend, tell us what's on the cover. >> we're going to a different direction. we have a deep dive into isis and our view is fairly optimistic. barron's is saying by the end of 2017 we think that isis will be defeated militarily. that doesn't mean they will cease to exist. they will be out there on the computer and trying to send terrorists all over the free world, but we think that they will lose their territory. that will be a huge blow and will hurt them recruiting recruits from all around the world as they're doing now. maria: i know, there's a list of new yorkers that isis is after right now. they're targeting thousands of >> and that sort of thing will definitely continue. we're not saying they're gone. maria: you think this'll be defeated in 2017. >> if you read the story, dagen is taking a look. dagen: i just saw the photo, didn't see the article. >> they pull together different things, we're starting to degrade their ability to sell oil.
8:45 am
they're losing territory, ramadi, tikrit and slowly collapsing on themselves and this is the right way to go. maria: and real quick, you're usually doing money making ideas. is there a money making investment around this? >> the reason we're doing it is because this is extraordinarily destabilizing. >> and especially what's happening with turkey as well. >> and in europe the refugees. if we can defeat isis. maria: check out barron's this weekend. the first nfl draft in the back with the rams picking cal quarterback goff in the first round. next, a look at what we can expect tonight. justin is on his way in.
8:46 am
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>> welcome back. the first night of the nfl draft in the brooks. college football fans with smiling. cal quarterback jared goff not going far, selected by the los angeles rams. philadelphia eagles taking carson wentz with the second pick in the draft. joining us now with his analysis of the first round, a look what to expect tonight is two-time super bowl winning defensive end, justin, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> i don't know if expert analysis is expect, i'll do my best. maria: give us your sense of last night and the overall importance of the draft in this cycle? >> well, i think the first -- it wasn't any surprise in the first three to five picks,
8:50 am
everyone knew the two quarterbacks was going first. i think the only surprise for me personally was how the old miss tackle because of the social media post right before the draft and things like that. but it's the draft. the nfl does a great job of pumping this up and making it exciting for the nfl fan who hasn't had football since february and everybody's looking forward to it. maria: yeah, that's true. >> the nfl didn't, you know, disappoint last night. it was exciting. not for me because, you know, i don't think nfl players already in the league or have played get excited for the draft as much as the fan or the guys coming into it, but, yeah, it was exciting. dagen: you mentioned tunsil who went 13th to miami and the social media posts and it was, again, this was an account that was hacked. it is him in the video, but you've got to talk about what are these young men doing these
8:51 am
days that you would even let somebody film you doing that? make sense of it, talk to us. >> i have no clue, as far as why. and listen, everyone, everyone who has ever walked on this earth made mistake, it ain't me judging shouldn't be anybody judging the decision he's made. dagen: generationally. >> hopefully he learns from it. that's the thing i would love for him to do become a better person and better football player, he's going to have a great opportunity. and drafted 13th in miami. obviously knows as high as he should have went. but it's not a bad gig. maria: you don't think this ruins his career? >> no, i don't think so. he still got drafted first pick 13 13th, 8 million dollars of guaranteed money, not bad to be in florida without the state tax and he gets the opportunity. he gets an opportunity and it
8:52 am
should be a chip on his shoulder now because he knows, you know, he's in strike one and goodell, like it or love it or hate it, whatever you want to say, he's made a precedent not giving too many second chances to guy that continue to mess up. so he doesn't have, you know, his rope isn't as long as some of the other guys. maria: no more wiggle room. >> and so the eye is going to be on him and he should know that and hopefully he goes out of miami and continues to develop and have a great career. maria: you're going to be honored by columbia university for your work promoting literacy. we're all big fans of that, through your rush program. r-u-s-. r- r-u-s-h program. athletes make a lot of money and you need to understand and have financial literacy. >> by columbia and the teacher's college, the
8:53 am
financial literacy program there, it was not eye-opening because you know, but it was fun, good to be there because you see it from a different perspective. i see it from the locker room where guys say, you know, i'm making 5, $10 million a year, 23, 24 years old. i don't have anything to worry about. and you know, people call me in the locker room called me daddy tuck, i'm always the guy that goes, well, listen, it's a little different, nfl stands for not for long. maria: wow, not for long. >> you and your wife started this a long time ago, helping to provide financial literacy not only to guys in the locker room, but providing books, right, for elementary school, middle school kids. >> we sponsor schools throughout the tri state area in my home state of alabama and areas and promote literacy by after school programs, reading
8:54 am
materials and grand making and we also picked up financial literacy to our campaign where we partnered with college-- the society, sidney foundation and cfdd to provide grant making as far as college savings accounts for kindergarteners throughout the tri-state area and matching every donor up to $100 for the kids to hopefully start them on the path of saving for college. maria: very cool stuff. and it's not like eat your vegetables, it resonates with them. >> we've done a good job, small kids, getting them excited about it and hopefully picks up and more conscious about it going forward. dagen: you walk in a room, i think that people will listen. >> i hope so. >> a quarterback question. maria: go ahead. >> quick quarterback questions, coming from the college teams that made them hard to go into
8:55 am
the nfl. you made their lives miserable. and what are they going to be done. >> if i was a gm, nfl coach, i would love to have the opportunity to have a young quarterback that doesn't have to start right away. he can come in, adjust, get more acclimated to the nfl situation, not thrown in a situation where he has to be the guy right now. maria: a lot of pressure. >> hopefully the two quarterbacks get a veteran quarterback. the talent level is there, you don't want guys beat up and kind of, you know, a little behind the eight ball before they get started. maria: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. maria: justin tuck there, final thoughts from our panel. stay with us. ♪
8:56 am
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8:59 am
>> a guy that would come into this state and think that we played with rings instead of baskets is not a guy that's very well-prepared to do a hell of a lot. [laughter] >> when you hear something like that-- >> a good law student not a basketball fan. dagen: growing up to be with the acc, and hated bobby knight, that makes me like him. >> he wants to run the company and dribble the basketball. maria: we loved having you yesterday. this is an exciting moment. what are your thoughts right now in terms of the draft. what did you take away last night? >> you know, there's a lot-- the bosa pick threw everything off. dagen: good looking man by the way, very handsome gentleman. >> yeah, yeah, i know the father so it's funny, but i think a lot of teams that are left with picks that they wanted that they didn't get and
9:00 am
i'm not going to point out those teams, but i know there's some disappointments out there. today is round two. maria: and it goes on. big daddy, justin, thank you so much. dagen mcdowell and kevin kelly. that will do it for us. tune into fox news sunday. chris wallace, 20 years on the program. congratulations. stuart varney over to you. stuart: i'll take it. this one is very hard to take. president obama trashes ronald reagan. the economy is sliding, but president obama says it is the best managed recovery in the history of the world. hard to take. good morning, everyone. can you say arrogance? in an interview with the new york times, mr. obama compares himself favorably with other presidents the equal of lbj, fdr and yes, abraham lincoln. don't believe that reagan tax cuts created growth and prosperity. that's a myth. we've got a few things to say


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