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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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protests heating up in california right now. here is what i will predict, a lot of coverage of trump protesters engage trump folks, right? if other way around, trump folks are simply trying to go to event, no coverage of that. no coverage of that i think. trish regan. trish: we'll stay on this, thank you so much, neil. protesters outside of a hotel where trump is scheduled to speak to the california republican party in one hour. california primary isn't held that much and it is held in june and usually wrapped up by then but this year california is very important. you have 172 delegates that may give trump magic number of 1237 he may need to get the nomination. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." let's go back to the pictures. people were forming there. earlier they created a blockade and human chain as they wanted to block effectively traffic and
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they went from hearing donald trump speak at this event there in california. as neil said, as we went into this, the problem here you don't have enough people talking about the need, the importance of free speech. why is it that these liberal, progressive leftists think they can shut down free speech? we're going to talk about all of that. but also breaking right now, indiana governor mike pence endorsing ted cruz just five days before the state's critical primary. victory in indiana critical for the cruz campaign if he has any chance of becoming republican nominee. the pence announcement coming on heels of violins that erupted outside after trump rally in california last night when you had again protesters. get back to what is happening right now in burr link game, california, anti-trump protesters blocking traffic. they are destroying police cars. or at least last night. they attacked donald trump supporters and libbals say donald trump is inciting all the
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violence. we'll be all over this as you see pictures coming in now. donald trump accusing hillary clinton of playing the woman card. the campaign issued what they call a actual woman card to supporters. maybe we ought to call it for what it is, right, everyone? the victim card. our political a-team is here. president vowing to speed up process to take in 10,000 syrian migrants in our country. he says it is our duty to take them in. think of all the problems europe is having with muslims well welcoming that into europe. tragic story, a migrant raping a 10-year-old boy because it was quote sexual emergency. rapes are rampant. terrorism is out of control there and we want to bring migrants, syrian ones to this country you know can not possibly be vetted? we'll talk about all of it with colonel peters. cnn analyst, hardcore liberals
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trump supporters openly like him because trump is a white guy. how offensive and racist. clarence weaver is here pretty fired up about it. fresh reports that the zika virus is more dangerous than we thought. officials now predicting it could reach epidemic stat news in florida and could reach much further north than previously thought. let's get back to this video. again protesters in california gathering, trying to block, trying to block, donald trump's ability to speak freely there to california republican party. meantime you got ted cruz getting the backing of indiana governor mike pence. just moments ago, watch him here. >> i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz. trish: of course indiana voters, they will head to the polls on tuesday. does this endorsement really matter? joining me democratic strategist
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sasha burns, ned ryan, former presidential writer for president george w. bush. before we tackle that question, ned. take a look at those protesters. they are trying to prevent a presidential candidate, the one with the most delegates right now, from exercising his ability to speak. >> free speech. exactly right. i think this is highly ironic and bit hypocritical that the left champions free speech, right to free speech until they deem it hate speech. until they deem sitting they don't agree with. they want to suppress it. they want to take away donald trump's right to free speech. so it is interesting to watch what took place last night, what is it taking place today. and understanding that they are really trying to suppress donald trump. there are two interesting things to note here, trish. one is, suppose protests took place when pro-lifers were protesting planned parenthood centers? very peaceful. very calm. no violence, no vandalism. versus smashing police cars. versus everything we saw last
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night. the other thing too is, i would really love to know how much is truly authentic and how much is astroturf by radical progressive leftist groups paying people out to protest. trish: sure. >> exactly ironic champion free speech until they don't agree with it and want to suppress it. let's have this debate. it looks like donald trump will be the nominee in the general election. let's have the debate and let american people decide who they want to see win the white house come november. trish: here, here. this is gotten too crazy. sasha, not just the trump rally. we've seen this universities across the country where the left increasingly is trying to suppress other views. instead of exchange of ideas. instead of opportunity to hear someone speak, they want to shut him down, why? >> you're talking about the left as if that is me or hillary clinton or bernie sanders. this political protests are absolutely a part of our country like free speech is. these are rioters. >> absolutely. >> i've got no sympathy for them.
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i don't want to see anybody harming a police car, doing this kind of violence. i would say the one thing i would respond with is, we're not saying it is trump's fault but it is telling that is it only at trump rallies where this occurs. trish: that is what i think get back to ned's point though. this may be engineered. we've gotten some evidence, ned of that already. these protesters are engineered by people that want to see this violence incited. >> not by hillary or bernie. trish: to tarnish donald trump. >> we saw some of this in chicago. we realized it was not completely authentic. it was astroturf. i appreciate the fact there is some admitting this is not the right way to go about it. i truly believe obviously political protest is right to free speech. vandalism is not. rioting is not. this is absurd. trish: talk a little bit about what is happening in in indiana. this is be-all-end-all, right? if cruz takes indiana, he has a shot at seeing contested election.
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>> maybe. trish: maybe? you don't think so? >> no, honestly, if the fat lady is humming. the fat lady is warming up. i think this thing is over. the last six states cruz one won delegate. trump in the last six states literally won every county except for one in those six states. indiana is crucial for cruz to try to continue making the argument should be brokered convention. i think it is terrible idea. i think brokered convention is terrible. donald trump will be in the lead. might get 1237 mark. might walk in with 1150, 115. some. rules committees members are saying if he 1100 or more he likely nominee. trish: devastating for the party if they don't give it to him, because -- >> they will walk away. they will walk away. trish: look, if you wind up with the nomination and you're the guy they pick on second or third or fourth ballot, you're not going to have. of a shot in terms of winning against hillary.
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and that is, ultimately what they need to try to do, right? the republican party wants to win against hillary, better unite sooner rather than later. >> exactly. trish: turn to the democrats right now. hillary clinton accused trump of you know, rather i have should say trump accused her of playing the woman card and her campaign is now handing out, embracing that idea, these pink cards saying if women, is playing women card means fighting for equal rights, deal her in. that is what she said. this is again after trump accused her of playing that card. and said it is only reason she is doing well. maybe he shouldn't have said that. he was kind of going along the good path and he kind of veered off by saying that, but nonetheless he said it. i'm asking embracing it way she is, to some extent is she embracing the women's card, the victim's card? she does really well, sasha as victim. you think become to her whole
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lewinsky situation, that is when women actually felt for her. you think back to her crying in new hampshire at that portsmouth diner when barack obama looked like he was going to win. and that is again, when people related to her. she won new hampshire. after that. is she trying to do a little bit of that here again? victim seems to do well for her? >> hillary doesn't see women hood as being a victim. 70% of the women who hate trump, he doesn't need hellory. trish: you think that as being -- but her whole platform i'm a woman we need to elect a woman. woman -- >> no. trish: that seems as though you are putting yourself in that victim spot. you are making your entire identity about being a woman and instead of being qualified. >> she is two-term senator. secretary of state. trump -- >> run on those. >> hold on. qualification being women that is absolutely being ridiculous. so beyond qualified. what is brilliant bit it is schoolgy.
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what you do you take your own weaknesses and you impose them on your opposition. he has no qualifications. puts them on her. trish: what he should have said, ned, i wonder where she would be instead of saying she is woman, i wonder where she would be if she hadn't been may have rid to the president of the united states. as woman i think that is kind of sad. >> i think that is revolting. trish: she was married to the guy who was president of the united states and launched her entire political career. she is not there because she initially was involved in politics. ned. >> that is not true. so offensive. >> her last name was not clinton, right would she have gotten start on political career. >> that's ridiculous. >> if we think she is qualified as individual, regardless of gender, run on qualifications. we knew this was coming. we knew she was going to pull the gender card out. trish: she had name recognition. she had name recognition because her husband was president.
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with kirkers in in argentina. she got elected because her husband was president. i guarranty she is extremely intelligent woman, as woman myself i want to see someone devoted from the very beginning had their own career path, not married to the president of the united states. >> she has been involved in this since college the, in her job. she always fought for women. yes, family leave matters. the reason on the little card -- trish: victim card? >> you use trump's, it is not a victim. crybaby donald is the victim. everything is unfair. the media is mean. megyn kelly is against me. all you do, you use his own words against him. that is why0% of the women hate him. has -- 70% of women hate him. nothing to do with hillary. trish: your response. >> my response, if she thinks is qualified run on substance what she has done who she is. not about what gender you are. i'm a realist. there will be people voting in the general election for hillary because she is woman. that is fine. i understand that.
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we knew this was coming. we knew she would play the gender card. trish: vote for her because she is woman? what about young women? she is not winning over young women. i think that is in part because women, have gotten to the point where they are don't identify themselves as simply being a woman. they don't see the glass ceiling -- >> whole point of feminism. trish: frankly my mom generation did she had to fight so much to get ahead in the work place. women have tremendous opportunities now. >> exactly. trish: women graduating from college at rates higher than men. that is yes, a certain amount of difficulties exist and part of that is ju you get certain realities. as a woman, you want to have kids. you want to be there for them. and you may have to think about your career choices as a result. but you don't see the same kind of blockade that you probably legitimately i know had in the '70s. >> tell me, other than when trump brought up this no
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qualifications other than being a woman, what's the last thing you can think of you should vote for me because i'm a woman? that is not what hillary talks about. totally negates the argument. trish: but it does. it does. i wish i had sound we play night it is fantastic. >> cue the sound. >> i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president. all these mothers and fathers bring me place mats with all the presidents and bring their daughters. my daughter has question for you. the daughter says, how come there are no girls on this placemat. finally, fathers will be able to say to their daughters, you too, can grow up to be president. trish: how do you like that? so don't say she is not playing the woman card. there you go. just saw it. >> absolutely playing woman card. >> if someone doesn't run on evangelical card or -- trish: you told me she wasn't play in the card. >> does this mean nothing? that barack obama was the first african-american president?
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that is not why he was elected but is it significant. absolutely. hillary clinton will not be elected because she is woman but is it significant that she would be the first woman president? absolutely. trish: my only point though she is playing this in a way, that look, she is politician. i don't blame her, right? she is going to try to bring in certain number of people, women based on the fact that she's woman herself. >> she is a woman. trish: i just question how much that matters especially with younger women who look at things very difficultly and may also see the fact she simply married to the man who was president of the united states and that is what launched her political career. sasha, ned, thank you very much. >> absolutely false. trish: voters, everyone are heading to polls on tuesday in indiana, what could be ted cruz les stand. we have breaking news aspects coverage with lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. at 10:00 p.m. we join neil and lou, fix political al stars.
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a big night. president obama wants to speed in process taking in 10,000 syrian refugees why when they're having so many problems in europe. story of migrant raping a 10-year-old at public pool because it was sexual emergency. 1000 women sexually assaulted in cologne on new year's eve. all kinds of problems in europe. we're talking about bringing 10,000 syrians we can not vet to this country? we'll talk about it after this. ♪ i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire?
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california republican party. there it is. on the runway, having just landed. but you have got protesters blocking traffic, trying to prevent him from actually speaking today there in burlingame, california, outside of san francisco. formerly a san francisco resident myself, i can tell you they love to protest there. they love it. they have them out in droves in burr link -- burlingame trying to prevent his right of free speech and speaking today. president obama vowing speed up efforts to bring in 10,000 migrants into our country from syria saying it is our duty. >> the refugee process generally is much more rigorous in its screening and its vetting than the average tourist who comes in here as, you know, most powerful nation on earth, it is important for us to do our duty as well here, our humanitarian
2:20 pm
obligation. trish: our duty? really? i mean, wasn't it just this week that america's top intelligence official admitted that terrorists are posing as refugees and taking advantage of migrant crisis in europe? we have seen and i reported extensively for you here on "intel." this has been disaster for the europeans. they can't control the flood of migrants flooding their own shores. we have fox news strategic analyst colonel ralph peters. colonel, i'm just a realist here. i'm looking what is transpiring in europe. i look what our top intelligence officials are telling us over and over again. they can not possibly vet these people and already isis infiltrated europe as a result of this welcoming of refugees and migrants. and i question what about the duty, the president has to our own people, to our own country and to keep us safe?
2:21 pm
>> well he's, president obama takes some duties considerably more seriously than others and i think, first of all, trish, if these were real refugees, the christians of the middle east who seen their civilization destroyed i would senator taking in more than 10,000. that is not what this is about. when obama talks about refugees, the another piece in overall effort of administration literally changing face of america. because it is a deep, deep belief on the part of obama and his supporters that the less the united states looks, sounds or acts like the founding fathers, the better we are. an attempt to build a multicultural america. they believe in their heart that that is the right thing to do. trish: colonel, one of the things that has made us great as a nation is the fact that we have had people come here from some different place. >> yes.
2:22 pm
trish: part of our foundation. yes, yet, what is different about muslims -- we see it happening in europe right now. they're not integrating. in part because this religion has taken on such a political tone in terms of this extreme itch. so they're living there in communities embraceing these isis ideas and consequently, not becoming members of western society. and so i just think it's a huge risk when our own intelligence officers are telling us we can't vet these people to say, come on on. come on in! >> trish, you're absolutely right. of course you are, but just recently in europe, some of the serious mainstream politicians have begun to ask the tough questions. they're actually getting ahead of us on this. questions such as is
2:23 pm
middle-eastern style islam today compatible with western civilization? is it it a mistake to let these people in large numbers. they're beginning to discuss things because we are not allowed to talk about. trish: they have had to, colonel peters. they have to have women-only train cars in germany because women are being fearful of raped by migrants. when children are being raped by migrants. you have to start talking about these issues, saying goodness, we haven't had as many challenges on that front, not yet anyway. >> not yet. of course the, we're talking about, you were talking about the trump protesters denying him free speech. we deny ourselves free speech every day when we refuse to talk about these issues of critical national importance honestly. if you try to discuss islam's problems, you're automatically an islamophobia. unless we watch and you watched and reported on very, very well what is going on in europe today, as you watch that, you think my god, how could they
2:24 pm
have let this happen? and we know one thing for certain, it is not going to end well. trish: look i'm on the side of women, i'm on the side of children and i i want to protect all of them and it's clear, colonel, they haven't been able to do that in europe. what do we need to takeaway from europe's problems as we think about our own immigration strategies here? >> well, the first thing you need to do is stop pretending this great lie that all cultures are compatible, all civilizations are equal. they're not. you talked about what made this country great. it was our values and contract law, respect for law, values of hard work, of education. and frankly -- trish: american values. >> and middle-eastern islam and what were once european values and middle-eastern islam today is simply not compatible. individuals may adapt but when
2:25 pm
you have them importing their civilization to ours, look they burned down their own house. we're not obliged to take them into our house and give them a box of matches. >> good to have you here. i have got to take a quick break. we'll be right back with more trump coverage after this. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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.... zero when it comes to
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donald trump, the liberal left loves playing the race card. talking about it. listen to what she says. >> it is a white guy. if he were a woman. he is stoked. if he were any of those, i don't think it would be that way either. >> because he is a white guy. former black panther leader and conservative commentator clarence. welcome back.
2:29 pm
>> i guess bernie sanders is a white female. supported the white house of obama. trish: i think that one of the things that you have made clear over and over again, defined. you'll live through that. you were a former black panther. you spent some time thinking about this. you came to the realization that that was all nonsense. none of us need to be labeled. >> the fear of a racist. so what. i hate black people. how is that going to stop me from earning my living and taking care of high family? they are never victorious. always victims. white, black, muslims.
2:30 pm
we are waking up and we know that there are liars. >> why do you think that they are there real racist? >> everything has to do with color. muslims. mexicans. always talking about programs. black people need programs. taking care of their slaves. republicans do not care about what color you are. they care if you are pro-life or pro-choice. they care about the issues. they do not even see your colors. democratic people. i say nothing. you do not own any. >> this is actually playing a role in the campaign. hillary clinton has used it to try to accuse bernie sanders of not being understanding enough of the black community. touted on the polluter cult
2:31 pm
camping trail. >> restorations. this one did 50,000 white men dying. i believe that three trillion. our welfare programs. a reparations. we need freedom from the liberals. >> i think that you are onto something. i look at some of the welfare programs, for example. you are a single mom with a couple of kids living in hawaii did you can make, off often the government, more than $50,000. why not just a home with your kids and live off the government. you are making a logical choice. your kids are probably better off if you are home. at the same time, you are preventing that woman from moving forward did from getting a job.
2:32 pm
from taking care of herself. a kind of dependency, clarence. i think that that is the danger. >> it is on purpose. on the plantation. did not have to take on the babies he made. securing the safety of the woman. raising the kids and man making babies for the plantation. demanding more treatment. they on nothing. they burnt.
2:33 pm
they belong the master. >> the welfare program we have created. just thinking people further and further into poverty. >> having the same slave. >> everyone should have economic opportunity. president obama. bragging to the "new york times." he does not get the credit he deserves. let's think about this for a second. the economy has grown an average of 1.3%. how is that anything to write home about? talking about it right after born. ♪ happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
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trish: all right. looking at a live picture coming into us. just moments ago. trying to prevent donald trump from speaking their. they just love protesting in california. and other opportunity for them to do so. preventing donald trump to exercise his ability of spree speech. let's turn to the story coming
2:38 pm
on the "new york times." you have the president bragging about his economic record. calling it a legacy. he is not a great communicator like the great president reagan. >> i am just a realist. i will tell you these numbers tell more. you ask them how will they feel. they do not feel good. just look at the consumer sentiment numbers that came in. we are walking through this chart here. under president obama, the economy has grown 1.8%. come on. under president reagan. obama took office. the labor participation rate was about 56%. a number of people willing to work. guess what, they do not want to work anymore. it is 63%. how do you like this?
2:39 pm
it has gone up from 46 million. 13 million more americans are on food stamps now. here is the national debt he had 19 trillion. climbing every day. how delusional is this president? fox news economic analysts. good to see you guys. i look at this. trying to tell us. president reagan. economic policy. these numbers do not lie. the president wants to make a statement. how awful and sad and this trail is. we sit numbers last week.
2:40 pm
life expectancy for people declining. they are so depressed about not finding work. they are getting into alcohol, drugs and suicide did looking at people getting out of college. can't find jobs. moving into mom and dad's basement. one bad indicator after each other. i don't care what kind of a beautiful golden voice that you have. >> people know if they have a job. they know what their neighbor has a job. kids just graduated from college. for him to try to put some lipstick on this pig. >> a good communicator. being a good speech giver.
2:41 pm
that is why. i do not buy that. this may be as good as it gets. it is better than most countries. that is true. the economy has changed. the worker that did well under the administration, that career path is not valuable anymore. only so much that the government can do to make that situation better. it looks pretty good. the growth rate to be expected. that is the reality of it. i am not speaking about it well. >> not so believable excuse. as you pointed out, he is a heck of a communicator. okay. let's not that out of the table. a new kind of economy.
2:42 pm
you cannot expect any kind of growth. i do not believe it. looking forward to the future. i am an optimist. i believe we can grow. we need the right policies. we need fiscal and monetary policy working together to actually create an economic environment. >> you are absolutely correct. we had the highest corporate taxes. 35%. they would build gangbusters. pulling out of the obamacare exchange. shooting up the obamacare. creating an enormous incentive for companies to hire people and so on. there is a lot that we can do. you must implement all of these. these are matters of choice.
2:43 pm
somebody will get this. trish: i will talk about this. living on fixed income. in an effort to try to generate some growth. as i said, fiscal monetary policy. they need to work together. we have not had it for eight years. >> the federal reserve has done all the heavy lifting in this recovery. unusual practices of creating money. we have not had a really good fiscal effort. there was a period, it was a couple years ago. putting it away on a healthcare fund. that would have been the time to do the fdr type infrastructure. people that were out of work in
2:44 pm
the housing crash. part of the things coming back. we have low corporate. we have two high corporate tax rates. you will not have an economy go 5% again. >> real quick. people are feeling there is no economic opportunity out there. they will not grow more than 1.3%. they want to return a high prosperity type growth environment. >> parts of the economy that are doing very well. there is a regular administration by a wide margin. that is the part that will be hard to change. the wealth being created by uber. trish: i know that uber drivers do not make much.
2:45 pm
right back after this. ♪ i'm definitely able to see savings
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through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow. if i can save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. >> selling going on on wall street. off the lows of the session. still down 100 urdu points. yesterday's gdp report of the overall economy .5% world. pretty lousy. shares of apple are down again today.
2:47 pm
karl icahn says he is getting out. selling every lash share of apple. causing the stock to tank. you can see that it is down $1.59 right now. shares soaring after the world's biggest retailer to reported a big jump in revenue. consumers a bit more pessimistic about our economy this month. climbing to the lowest level since september. rising gas prices. barely. a lot of uncertainty out there. we will be right back. ♪
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2:49 pm
>> we have news today. $400 million of debt this weekend. a lot of everyday investors will be affected. having some exposure. how on earth do this many mutual funds wind up with this? ending up with puerto rican debt. low interest rates for far too long. creating a culture risk that is just not healthy. the other reason, president obama. he has failed to come up with a real economic policies. his inability to reach out across the aisle to get stuff done. constant antibusiness rhetoric.
2:50 pm
take a look at these numbers. we saw our economy grew. just one half a percent. easily turned negative. the fed has kept rates low for a record amount of time. let me ask you, if you are a retiree living on a fixed income, what are you supposed to do? you cannot live off of interest rates this low. if you are in investor, you need to put this money to work. double-digit yields. they are so enticing. they are so sexy. the fundamentals are not good. people did not accept that. hopefully they will understand economic policy a little bit that are.
2:51 pm
that is today's intel. hitting epidemic status in florida. a much further reach in the northern part of the country than previously believed. that is next. ♪
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. to go house officials. the first zika related death in the united states. it could reach further into the north and anyone previously believed. >> good happy friday to you. a lot of alarming news.
2:55 pm
using its astronomical and climatology of cold knowledge contributing now. local communities as well as health officials. studying cities as well as socio- economic patterns. central and south america. it took layers that southern florida am most likely, will see zika hit epidemic status sometime this summer. miami-dade county leaving all counties in the nation. trish: i actually have to cut you off. forgive me, sir. thank you for that report. we have breaking news. breaking through barricades there. these are the protesters trying to prevent donald trump from speaking before the republican party. police officers. they had just been breaking through the barricades.
2:56 pm
this spy lens ratchets up. a lot of problems. with protesters becoming increasingly violent. if we watch these pictures coming in to us, it is clear. they want to do everything they can to prevent him from seeking it. they have a right to be out there. engaging in these kinds of riot. for them to be clashing with police like that. that is where it takes a turn. this is just free speech. now, they are trying to prevent his right to free speech. hundreds and hundreds of protesters. you can see an aerial shot. the affiliate. california. near san francisco.
2:57 pm
they absolutely love to protest. part of the culture, very liberal sense of politics there. they liked to be out there protesting. they see the protesters they are gathered outside. expected to speak before. we will see just what happens. how this stakes out. not a very good time. we saw it earlier in the campaign cycle. ted cruz came out and said this is donald trump. he is the one inside. you have to do more to try and stop this kind of behavior at
2:58 pm
the rally. others saying, look, this is his opportunity to engage in free speech. when these protesters turned violent, that is the real problem. i want to go to connell mcshane. he is there live right now. connell, what can you tell us? connell: this is only a few minutes before donald trump is expected to speak here. there was a barricade just outside of the hotel entrance. where you would come in to drop someone off. you can just show them right over here. the protesters started to pull the barricade that. starting to pull it back towards them. thinking that is all they were going to do. once they were able to unlink the police barricades, they started to storm through. the police came running in from the side. it took them a while to get there. a group of about dirty of them
2:59 pm
able to make their way all the way up to the front of the hotel. only a few more steps down to the ballroom. donald trump will be addressing a crowd. i do not know that he is here get. all of these republican party officials are here. they have been able to back them up. physically pushing the protesters back. there are dogs here. twenty other local police to get this set. the uniform secret service is lined up at the back, largely observing what is going on. watching the local police department deal with it for now. order seems to be restored, but we will wait for donald trump to start their speech and see if they can keep these protesters where they are supposed to be. trish: we will continue checking in with you to see
3:00 pm
whether or not donald trump is able to speak and get through that barricade in california. it should be an interesting afternoon. cheryl is in for liz klayman and will walk you through it today. have a terrific weekend, everyone. cheryl: thank you very much. i am in for liz claman. markets may be getting an early start on the old adage. the dow jones industrial average down 133 points, well below that 18,000 mark. poor earnings reports to blame and weak economic data today. meanwhile, a busy day on the campaign trail. senator ted cruz is moving ahead. a major endorsement from a governor.


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