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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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whether or not donald trump is able to speak and get through that barricade in california. it should be an interesting afternoon. cheryl is in for liz klayman and will walk you through it today. have a terrific weekend, everyone. cheryl: thank you very much. i am in for liz claman. markets may be getting an early start on the old adage. the dow jones industrial average down 133 points, well below that 18,000 mark. poor earnings reports to blame and weak economic data today. meanwhile, a busy day on the campaign trail. senator ted cruz is moving ahead. a major endorsement from a governor.
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showing you those live pictures from california. out west, one day after protesters disrupted aa speech. that was the scene last night in orange county. this is live pictures right now coming in. moments ago, you saw this happening on fox business, protesters trying to break through, this is an burlingame, california. mr. trump is standing by at the airport and about to come to that scene. he is supposed to address a kickoff luncheon for the california gop convention. protesters have been orderly until the last few moments, guys. the pushing, shoving, they are blocking traffic along old bayshore driveway. that is where the
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congressman is standing by. then we have this, liz claman also standing by. politicsby. politics and business merging at the berkshire hathaway annual shareholder meeting. a busy day. take it away. >> no fisticuffs year. the investor world is happily descending upon omaha, nebraska to hear from the man known as the most successful investor of all time, warren buffett and his berkshire hathaway meeting. take one company and turned it in the 19. warren buffett owns it. people are coming to hear what he has to say about the economy in the world. can you imagine what these people are bringing to the state of nebraska? eighty-one exclusive coming up, only here on fox business, the governor of
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nebraska here with us live. it is one thing to come to this meeting many times, a whole other story when you come every year of your life. growing up buffett joining us live once again in a fox business exclusive. yes, there god is a rockstar. we have your front row seat right here. let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ cheryl: all over the map. we will get right back out to liz claman in just a moment. she has the kickoff to the warren buffett annual shareholder meeting. now, as far as the general markets, investors are selling in mae and going away a day early.
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the dow down 129 points, s&p, nasdaq, russell 2,000, everything in the red. major market averages are in negative territory for the month of april. here are the numbers you need to watch. we're trying to get this to happen. those are the numbers that we need, 17,685. the trouble month for technology. the nasdaq down about 2 percent. down 50 points right now. there is your one month chart. a bright spot. i don't want to depress you yet. look at amazon. this company, the stock is really moving today, a gain of more than 9 percent. this company blew past analyst expectations with money going into pockets. we begin with politics.
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team foxbusiness coverage. we are in the thick of it in teeeight, california burlingame, california where donald trump is expected to address the california gop at any moment. we also have liz claman in omaha, nebraska. and exclusive interview. all right. live pictures from the chopper of ktvu, the local fox affiliate in the san francisco bay area. this is south of san francisco, north of san jose , protesters are waiting for donald trump and are trying to and have blocked old bayshore highway. donald trump is at the airport and the plane has landed, but he has not arrived at the site yet. 172 delegates up for grabs in the golden state. this is big.
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even though primary voting in california is not until early june, you have all of the candidates eyeing california, and the california republican party is holding the election year state convention now. donald trump is on the way, and protesters are on the ground. talk about what is happening right now. we saw a few moments ago when protesters busted through. the chopper shot going in. what is it like right now? >> what happened was, there is a barricade right behind us year.year. we are inside the barricade, closer to the hotel. just your normal police barricade linked together. about ten or 15 minutes ago a group of protesters started to pull back on the barricade and just pull it toward him, in other words, towards the right side of
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your screen. it looks like that was all there were going to do, but then the links came undone, and once that happened they could get in. the police did not react right away. then a mad rush started. they ran straight up here, just like you would drop someone off if they were a guest at the hotel. they came up and into the hyatt regency. just through those doors there, that is where donald trump will be speaking. so they got pretty close to the doors, and then the police and riot gear were able to stop them, and they had to forcefully push them back. now, we havenow, we have been covering two stories all day long, inside and outside. you have a large banquet room with a number of party officials, donors and the like.
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on the outside it will be a challenge logistically for mr. trump to get in this building. the secret service is good at this, but you were describing the road. there is what essentially amounts to a sit in where they blocked the road. if you want to come in the side entrance, that is tough. it will be a challenge logistically. we will see how they handle it. john kasich will be here, and so will ted cruz. the highly anticipated political speech to begin with, but now you add this political protest outside. cheryl: i want to stay with you for a moment because we are looking at a chopper shot coming from our fox affiliate. mr. trump is on the way. basically the plane landed at ff zero, and they are actually pulling in. about a 20 minute drive, and they have got a police escort, about five vehicles
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that are just pulling up. they have arrived on site where you are. it looks like also the secret service is getting out of the vehicles. you can see him in the middle of the screen. he has secret service all around him. they are going to lead the path for him to get into the hyatt regency. i am following one of my colleagues i used to work with in san francisco. he says that you have protesters that are trying to incite violence from his vantage point, and i am sure you are seeing the same thing. is it calms down a little bit? >> for the time being, but there are a group of protesters marching from the right side of the screen and we will come to the left as they make their way toward the hotel.
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a lot of pro- immigration groups and the like. it has on a relative basis, down a little bit. if we have the video earlier, i could show you what happened, i guy in full suit in the red make america great again donald trump had. he arrived here and had to park and walk his way in. as she was walking he got physical, pushed around, ended up cornered by some shrubbery and ended up falling in. but that is the kind of thing you have. on one hand because they blocked the street, the people coming here to the attendees are trying to get in. when they do that they have to make their way from aa parking lot down there was a 101 back here. people literally sat down and block the minimum of the road. cheryl: i would not say this too loud, but w just
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watched from that chopper shot from ktvu, that donald trump went in the back entrance. >> we figured that would happen eventually. like i said earlier, a logistical challenge. cheryl: surrounded by secret service, and protesters waiting. the big concern now is the worry about violence. seventeen arrests in orange county. police car smashed. wewe are hoping that is not the scene today in northern california. standing by and give us a live report in just a few moments. all right. now let's switch gears. gears.gears. i want to head to omaha, nebraska. liz claman patiently waiting , a mystic for a different type of crowd, the largest shareholder meeting on the planet. she is with a very special guest. please take it away.
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liz: listen, we have got breaking news. look, here is the crowd here in omaha, nebraska where in 1981 only 12 people showed up. today 40,000, and you can imagine people are wanting to hear warren buffett not only on investing but politics. we have the top republican in an entire state, governor pete ricketts. >> thank you and welcome. liz: we have a tense situationa tense situation in california going on at the gop discussion and luncheon. suddenly, it seemssuddenly, it seems that there is tension swirling around the republican party. donald trump is certainly someone who is polarizing. is this the party you would like to see as far as republican attitude is concerned? >> we have to remember, this is a contested primary. the other thing is that at
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the end of the day when we have a nominee, we all have to come together. we need someone who pulls people together. liz: you guys are a weekend a half away from the nebraska primary. thirty-six delegates at stake, a republican only primary. where do you feel the state of nebraska is going on the republican side? >> a tough competition between senator ted cruz and donald trump. it will be very contested. liz: but senator ted cruz did make an appearance when you were running. >> yes, he did. liz: are you prepared to endorse him? >> i have not endorsed anyone yet, but there is still a week and a half to go. liz: you have it kind attitude. donald trump had taken on your parents.
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td ameritrade. set some rather negative things in your family. could you still, if he is the nominee, love for him? >> the republican party stands for ideals about increasing opportunity, and that is why will support the nominee. we are working to unleash that full potential. that is what republican ideals are about. whoever our nominee is, we will be behind that person. liz: even if it is donald trump. >> i will be behind the nomination. liz: looking at what the economy is doing, important to point out to our viewers, the unemployment rate in nebraska's 3 percent. >> the 4th lowest unemployment in the century, top ten healthiest, top ten for volunteerism. liz: listen, i have been
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many times, but we are looking at an entire nation. what do you think is needed? i guy like warren buffett who brings 44 million into the state from the shareholder meeting alone. there is no other company that does that. how important is each of the state? >> it is important having this meeting here because it allows us to highlight what we have going on. you mentioned unemployment rates, the great companies we have. this is a chance to highlight that. it has been estimated there will be two or 3,000 people coming from china which is a a great way to open up the doors for foreign investment liz: streaming live in english and mandarin. we want to thank you very busy newsday. one last word about how you want the world to see the republican party as it is superimposed against things like violence and protests. >> this is a contested
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primary. we need to work together again. cheryl: a t-1 exclusive. coming up comeau we will be speaking with the buffett kids, but important to note that with these crowds behind me, they are politically and investor savvy. we will be focusing on all of that. it matters to the viewers in the country. cheryl: we will come back to you in a moment. we want to go back to breaking news, live pictures, burlingame, california coming from ktvu, the fox affiliate there. this is the gop luncheon. the primary is not until june. donald trump is there, and so are protesters. donald trump just arrived about seven minutes ago escorted by local police and surrounded by secret service.
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you are looking at an interior shot. in that quiet room is where he will be giving his speech on the outside, this is escalating. but we have seen is protesters converging, hundreds, at least 500, maybe more buy now more by now converting on the hyatt regency, things like women's rights, the lg bt community, they are there. we are seeing a mexican flag flying, similar to southern california which happened last night. waiting on him to speak and keeping a close eye on what is happening in burlingame, california. we want to bring you back to the market. we have about 42 minutes until the closing bell. what is happening with the dow, s&p, and nasdaq, well
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below 18,000, triple digit losses, down 102 points. you have us oil falling for the six consecutive weeks. oil coming in at 4542 today. incredible. how should investors be setting up? when you hear the old adage, sell in may and go away. traders are standing by patiently at the stock exchange, cme, andexchange, cme, and imax. thank you. a lot of breaking news. then willis, may see, let's talk about oil, 45 and change, good for energy companies. is there a boost in that sector? >> oil has been one of those great indicators. there is very little participation. that is being driven by the central banks of the world.
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continue to bull run. the market has been overextended from a position on a technical basis. we could not get through 2100, but oil continues to be the focus of whatever trading is happening. the equity market has become detached from oil. the fact of the matter is, we think the stress of the market will cause this pullback coming from commodities because the commodities is what led these markets higher. cheryl: 45 and change is different from 35 and change not that long ago. over to the cme on that exact point. they are watching gold as well and then you have to look at the different comments with regard to agriculture. >> exactly. gold made a tremendous move catching everyone off guard.
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looking for a reason intuitively as the dollar is facing uncertainty. the bank of japan not moving so let's keep in mind, as quickly as they flat out of gold in 2015, their flooding back in keeping a good, solid demand support in the market. it will be fascinating to see. the dollar right now does have a valuation problem. so markets tend to be overextended, and gold is no exception. i would not keep it out of the portfolio. cheryl: just a couple of moments. what is your call on oil? >> aa big rally on the close. i think we have a little higher, but that is it. forty-seven and a half, 48. i'm covered back at 50.
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getting all the way down to 35 and 32 in the next month or two. cheryl: luckily we have seen the dow come under that triple digit loss than the last few moments. gentlemen, thank you. i want to once again go back to california because we have this breaking news situation. donald trump going in the back door of the hyatt regency escorted by secret service, hundreds of protesters standing outside live of the hyatt regency in burlingame. we are told by her producer on the ground, he is in the vip room right now. give us a sense of the mood. it seems like it is getting a little bit louder. >> well, this is why. there was another perimeter set up on the other side of this where there is a 2nd
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entrance to the hotel. the protesters a few minutes ago broke through the entrance and started to make a run to the entrance. where lands and by our standing as a matter of feet from the front entrance. you show them real quick. the police officials going in that door, that is the main entrance. go down the steps, through the double doors, and you are in the room where donald trump is speaking. these protesters, they are moving them away. i'm not sure where there going from over there making a run toward the back of the hotel. it is a fluid situation. they went to the other side. we will try to go over there and see why they are running. do you know why they are going over they're? i'm not sure why. [inaudible] >> there just trying to get
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around the back of the hotel apparently. elsa's inside and texted us about this vip room they are holding trump in. the event was supposed to start about 20 minutes ago. you watched him arriving live. a different avenue to get in or close to the hotel. they made a pretty good run for it here. a few eggs thrown at us, lost a suit jacket in the mix, but that was about the end of it. a group of protesters are hanging behind the shrubbery at the front. we will see what is going on and report back in a few minutes. meantime, we are waiting for trump to speak just down the steps in that banquet room. cheryl: some advice, i was a local street reporter in san francisco, and those protesters can get violent. i had molotov cocktails thrown at me as a junior
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reporter. watch your back. the other shot you are seeing is this aerial shot we are getting from ktvu, showing us the overall scene. really quick, and inside picture. quiet in the ballroom. our fox business producer elsa warner is inside, and she is being told the gop chairman is telling her we will see trump take to the stage in a few minutes. as we are waiting in monitoring what is happening in burlingame, i want to bring in our political panel to assess the politics of all of this. i have to start with you, brad. if you are a gop leader nationally, if you are a gop leader in california, what do you make of this?
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this is escalating in the golden state. >> it is, but trump is leading. he will probably be the nominee, either outright before the convention were on the 1st ballot. you are seeing both sides, republicans are coming together, and democrats are coming apart. they cannot stomach the fact that dimmick -- that trump will be the nominee. and they are acting out violently. just an election in california, it is deplorable for democrats not to speak up and speak out against the kind of violence we are seeing today and yesterday in california. cheryl: really quick, carly fiorino was on this morning and said, it will be a contested convention. we are challenging donald trump. on and on. if this is what we are seeing now in a state where
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the primary isn't until june, but will see had a contested convention? >> i guarantee you there will be must-see tv because it is going to be a sideshow that is going to be unparalleled that we have not seen in modern times. times. i hope it does not get to that point. donald trump to be denied the nomination when he has come this far in this close, and i believe she will only have more delegates in his pocket after california, it would be disgraceful not to give it to donald trump. cheryl: i tell you what, things are exactly, you know, peaceful on the democratic side. certainly looks like he is in trouble, but at least in indianapolis today. does this sideshow, i guess, if you want to call it that in california, does that benefit the democrats? can they use this to their advantage to say, well, the
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gop is fractured. >> there are so many parts of this to unpack. one, i think liz claman made some news where she had the governor of nebraska whom donald trump had threatened his parents, said to his parents you better be careful if you spend money that will come against me. and yet he is falling in line. it tells you hear, the parents are concerned about a nominee being someone like this and the sun is like by guns. there going to let it go. i think that is fascinating. look, there is free speech and freedom of assembly. donald trump is threatening to throw out of the country millions and millions of people who forceful deportation.
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the gop autopsy so we need to do a better job appealing to hispanics, women command young people command that is exactly who you are seeing out there. cheryl: i have toi have to stop you. i'm sorry, the protesters last outing costa mesa and orange county waving the mexican flag and smashing police cars, 17 arrests, that is not exactly helping there cause against trump. it only emboldens trump supporters. this is where the violence is ensuing. they are taking advantage of that ended last night. >> i agree, there is no way to countenance violence like that, whether it is to property or people, just like there is no way for donald trump to say i want to punch him in the nose when i guy speaks up at one of his rallies. cheryl: he has come down. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> are we going to forgive donald trump mocking handicap people, basically saying that mexicans, most of them are racist and some may be get people? over you going to act like that didn't happen? cheryl: stay with me, butme, but i want to let our viewers know what they were seeing on the screen. we are seeing a lot of these protesters going into the sides of the hyatt regency, looking for a way to infiltrate the hyatt regency were donald trump is inside. there is concern now, as there was last night that we were going to see violence. our camera just showed you a few moments ago,, protesters going into the parking garage underneath. i just want to let our viewers know what we are seeing. i want to let our viewers know what they are watching. brad, you are trying to get in.
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>> donald trump has said some things i disagree with, but i came out and said that is not appropriate. on the other side of the coin hillary clinton is under serious criminal consideration by the fbi for felonies. how is it possible the democrats can unite against someone with 150 agents and by her own admission that classified information on our server as secretary of state. it is a little disingenuous to attack republicans and democrats are rallying behind someone who may not be the nominee because of criminal exposure. cheryl: ten by for a moment. an escalation it looks like. trying to get in. it looks like they might be succeeding. i don't know if you can see it. on the side of the building. >> that shot
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lance and i are still out front. protesters, last time we spoke a few minutes ago. they were right on this side by the hotel restaurant, and trying to make their way into the front door. this whole group of local police officials, san mateo police department, burlingame, they stopped them in a line. on top of the parking barrage you see a group of protesters up on the steps there, i'm assuming what you're telling me from the other camera location you're looking at, those are groups from chopper up above. we can see trying to make a rush into the door. if i have my geography of building, that would be the back entrance of the banquet hall where donald trump is speaking. i'm guessing, banquet hall through the doors is down through a groups of steps. goes on angle to the right. that is exactly where the protesters are. they probably knew that.
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made an run for area they thought speech was taking place. now i can't tell from my vantage point if they had any success getting in. i can tell you here in the front of the building it was little too close for comfort. they came close to coming through a police barrier. give local official, san mateo police department, burr link -- burlingame police. there are 20 departments coordinating effort. they made a run for it. set up human barrier, just stopped them in time before they got through. when i said earlier, screaming and chanting, throwing eggs, quite frankly what they were doing. they were able to stop, once they realized they couldn't get in at some point, then somebody made a call and protest group leaders. hey, let's go this way. that's when they all ran in unison to the right side of the building to the back or on the side. they have the drums going and chants. tough for to us bet past that,
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cheryl. we'll try to report back to you what is going on. cheryl: connell, stay with me, the second camera shot we're pulling in coming from ktvu on the ground there. a photographer from ktv our fox affiliate in the bay area was getting that shot. i thought it was lance. my apologize. showing the protesters heading into the parking garage to infiltrate the building, whoever the camera person in was following in. we have chopper shot above you. i know you can see the chopper from our affiliate showing top shot. there it is folks, these protesters filled up balcony space connell said he could see. they're trying -- what are they trying to do? they're trying to get to the ballroom, any which way they can, they want to get to the ballroom, do god knows what at this point. so much violence in costa mesa and southern california. the fear from san mateo police department and from secret service agents accompany donald trump right now and of course from the delegates that are
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there to sit down and actually listen to their potential candidate give a speech, you know this is what they're dealing with right now. this one hotel south of san francisco airport along the 101. here is the question, folks. what is donald trump going to say when he finally takes to the stage showed you? our producer from fox business telling us inside he will take to that stage at any moment. he is waiting in a vip room. if you're donald trump, do you wait? are you concerned that there is going to be breaking into this building? one of our tvu local reporters right now going in. we're monitoring shots out of our affiliate. this is camera we showed you earlier trying to find out what is going on. what you just say, this is good. we saw police inside of building. state troopers, there you go, keeping, at this point the protesters are not inside from this particular camera angle that i'm watching.
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look, they, authorities knew in san francisco after what happened last night, they knew what they were going to get. because you know, as connell probably knows by now, people love to protest in the bay area. i saw it as local reporter when i was there when the iraq war started in early 2000s. it was very violent. our news truck was attacked. i was attacked. what you're seeing right now anyway, is what happens you've got polarizing situation and political views, this is california. let's be honest here. northern california, a lot of folks disagree. there is hatred against donald trump and some of things whether he said about mexican immigrants or lgbt community or about women. there is a lot of anger and they're voicing that anger today. also whatteer seeing, in one of our camera shots, also we're seeing again, like we did last night, mexican flags being waved. donald trump made a lot of you know, comments about mexican
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immigrants and building a wall along mexico. even though he is explained over and over in the last few months that he made comments which by the way last year when he announced he was going to run for president, even now we're seeing the fact that donald trump tried to back off, saying he does have support of hispanic community whether in nevada or california. so i want to show you some pictures from a few moments ago. we brought these to you live. i want to go back what donald trump had to do in, this is his motorcade just come from the airport from san francisco international. they came down the 101. went on a side road, on the side of hyatt regency, old bayshore highway, was blocked by protesters, donald trump came off the 101. these are pictures they saw 20 minutes ago. this is how he entered into the hyatt regency. connell knew they were supposed to come through the front door. that wasn't happening. they made a decision, california
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highway patrol is there in front. escorted him down from the airport. donald trump there he was 20 minutes ago, come into the side, walk in. i will stay on pictures and show you, it was pretty interesting as we're watching it live, donald trump literally, entire detail, secret service, had to cross over the grass just to get into the backdoor of the hyatt regency. donald trump, there he is, actually not to sneak in, go a different way to avoid what could have been a, could have become violent. again, there is a lot of hatred for donald trump in this particular part of the nation. you know, i still pot my political panel with me. they have been so gracious to stand by, follow what is really erupting in california. brad, come back in, describe to me. i think that look, this is california, let's be clear. northern california in
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particular, but when you see this type of violence, i don't think we've seen this really, brad, since chicago, vi lence against donald trump. correct me if i'm wrong? >> there has been violence unfortunately in many instances when candidates were running for president. i worked for three presidents. when you're the president, or you're a candidate you have to say that there are a few super minority who get all the attention. they don't speak for the vast majority. and nor do these protesters speak for people of california. the majority of people in california deplore what we're seeing on camera right now. and they don't sanction it, whether republican or democrat. they think it is deplorable. anytime you act out in way that infringes on other people's rights. that is part of the game. donald trump, i guarranty you will speak before the state gop today. he may wait 20 minutes but he is going to appear there. cheryl: what does he say? what do you say, you know, if you're donald trump?
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you don't just brush it off. you will address it i'm assuming. i hope it is not too inflammatory. >> he may not say it directly to gop or but take questions from the press. i would advise him, do not give credence for the few that do not speak for many. carry on schedule as you prepared it. maybe a little delayed. i would address this with the press, not with the state gop. cheryl: all right. richard, i don't know you're -- at same time this isn't good for either party. this isn't good to watch this is our political system this is our country, what we're watching evolution of candidate running for president. >> right. look, i don't think these are organized democrats. these people have not been like sent out by the democratic party to disrupt trump's event. and i do disagree with brad a little bit. think back to the 2012 campaign. the romney and obama campaigns didn't have protests like this.
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in '08, the obama and mccain campaigns didn't or 04. we really haven't seen this for decades. and i think attributable to one thing and one thing only. we haven't seen as inflammatory a general election candidate, maybe in our lifetime, that donald trump is. so, you know, would people be better off sitting back and saying, hey, if my family and everybody i know gets deported whatever. or actually is this the time to kind of make vary views heard? should they resort to violence? no. should they obstruct commerce. absolutely not. but again that is the tension. the fact is, in media world we're in unless they get attention of people like we're talking about them now, they haven't accomplished their mission. that is the challenge. >> they heard hurt themselves people see this, trump supporters. they will like trump more. by this kind of violence. >> no question. cheryl: want to show you real
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quick, gentlemen. let our viewers know we're 20 minutes away from the closing bell. dow made a nice come back. we'll watch trading week come to a close in the month of april as a month comes to the close. dow down only 60 points. we're still below 18,000. markets made a little bit of a come back. brad, this has to be tough for donald trump. he has a message and has a platform. when you do become president, you will have the opposition. maybe he is ready to handle that. >> sure he is. this comes with the territory. when you are a controversial figure, when you pushed the buttons that americans have felt and we've seen democrats come over to donald trump. we've seen, look at all the rallies that donald trump has had, in every part of the country. literally hundreds of thousands people come out to see this guy. they left peacefully. they're not doing kind of acting out we're seeing from the opposition. quite the contrary. they're using energies in
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positive way. we can never accept the kind of infringement on somebody's rights as we're seeing now with donald trump the donald trump, if anything will double down now, richard, he will make sure that he speaks every place he is scheduled to speak and not let happen what happened in chicago. cheryl: again, you know, the violence we saw last night and then what we're watching on our screens today, these are not trump supporters. these are trump protesters. this is the other side. i have to say, richard, i mean, if you're on democratic side, you don't want to see this because it is going to do nothing but embolden trump supporters. he has got support right now. a lot of americans are behind donald trump. his message is resonating. whether it is about trade policies that he disagrees with. whether in loss particular manufacturing jobs in this country. donald trump made some very valid points. a lot of people in it country agree with. >> you know, that's true to this
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extent. he has won 40% of the republican vote so far. so the republicans are minority party. there are fewer republicans than democrats. he has won who% of those people. when -- 40%. people extrapolate, we have most reviled public figure we've seen in our lifetime if these favorable, unfavorable polls are accurate. we have never seen anybody that is as disliked as donald trump. now, are there republicans that like him? you bet. and as brad said, are they going to double down and kind of like him even more, particularly because of protesters? absolutely. you know what, the country and world are changing. we don't have the crime rates we had in the '60s, that richard nixon ran on. we don't have -- trump's kind os different than it is. the economy, the fabric of our country and i just think the fact is, it's changed. there are not enough down-scale white voters to basically rally behind donald trump. too many people are put off,
3:44 pm
when you run the list of people that he has offended, hispanics -- cheryl: richard, again i will bring brad back in. a lot of people in this country support donald trump. that is why he has more delegates than ted cruz or john kasich because people finally feeling like their voice is being heard. these people, i'm sorry, you know, they're, it's a people that are lock -- looking for trouble. this is northern california. they're looking for trouble. they have come to a place where donald trump come to talk politics and foreign policy, immigration policy, what you will, these are folks like, they want this, they want cameras on them. want to incite violence. this isn't donald trump's fault, brad. >> it is not his fault. i disagree with richard. i happen to think a lot of protesters you saw in chicago and seeing now in california and southern and northern are organized protesters. there is no question that these
3:45 pm
people, look at their signage. look at buses they come in. trump has identified the fact that a lot of this is organized protesters. it is not organic. not that people, rank-and-file in these towns are upset. they're being organized because they know that it makes television. they think they're able to disrupt his schedule enough to get him off the air. it is not going to happen. if anything, donald trump is going to make sure that he appears in places the republicans don't necessarily appear at. why? because donald trump is trying to reach out to broader audience. you will see it more and more and more. cheryl: richard, let's be fair here. this is, this is what we see in, around the world, you know when it comes to political protests. we hope it is peaceful political protests. maybe today will be that same story, richard but you know, people want to be heard. >> i think there is bit after false equivalency, cheryl. again to suggest that somehow or
3:46 pm
other, like saying well white supremacists rallied behind donald trump. do i think it is because trump has organized white supremacists. cheryl: no. >> exactly. no, because they have. and when brad is saying these people, are quote organized, to say that the democratic party is theying them out there, that is nonsense, right? that is utter nonsense. cheryl: brad you, what i heard, brad from you, these people organized in bay area. they're representing certain groups that disagree with what they feel has been a slight by donald trump whether it comes to immigration or lgbt rights. >> not necessarily the dnc but there are other groups that certainly support the dnc, third parties that organize these people. this is what they do for a living. is fame must for it. >> white supremacists groups support trump. >> white supremacists groups, there are not organizations of white supremacists in third
3:47 pm
party groups that are coming out and supporting these violent protests. that pales in comparison to what we're seeing play out before our eyes. cheryl: richard to be fair that is not something that donald trump invited or wanted whatsoever. >> you're right. a, he didn't invite it. b when asked, which white supremacists groups do you reject? which ones are you talking about. he didn't say them i reject them all. he said which ones to your talking about. there are actually some that would invite support. >> richard he rejected it out of hand. >> no, brad, that was his answer. his answer tell my one u.s. talking about. >> he challenged reporter. >> it would be rue mill eighting from my candidate -- humiliating, my candidate for president mocked handicap people, said every mexican a rapist exempt for few who weren't that would be highly embraer rationing but not act
3:48 pm
like it is legitimate. >> the we're bringing up a lot of issues that happened in the past we've been through it. richard, we have been through what is looking more and more like contested gop convention, donald trump in burlingame look, california, brad, this is a lot of delegates for him. >> it is. cheryl: he has a lot on the line. putting what you're seeing on television screen aside, i know there is a lot of support for donald trump. southern california certainly much more conservative than northern california where he is today but his stance on immigration, does have, there is a lot of positive support for his stance on immigration in california. in southern california they live it, like they do in arizona. >> absolutely. >> i grew up in arizona. you live with the issues of illegal immigration and what that sometimes can mean. i want to let our viewers know really what you're seeing, head of gop.
3:49 pm
they're beginning the program. donald trump is expected to speak at any moment. we'll listen in to see what he has to say and whether or not he addresses what he is seeing outside. this is nothing new for mr. trump. this is frankly where we're at politically a little bit in this country at this point is people people have a lot of poll passion for politics and maybe that is good thing at a national level and both of you are bringing up. richard, real quick -- let me bring in connell mcshane back. he is standing by once again. we saw you earlier following the protesters around. what are you hearing? reporter: what happened now, cheryl, they have gone to the side of the building. i think you can see they moved back towards the front. lance and i made our way over to that side last time we spoke. they were up against the parking garage, almost like trying to get into the building right where the ballroom would be as donald trump is about to speak
3:50 pm
in. now they made it way to the front. they made it back to where the police set up -- and now every few minutes they will shift, almost like trying another angle. goal seems to be get themselves in the building, right? so far they have been unsuccessful. we had tense moments. a few minutes ago -- [no audio] cheryl: connell, i don't know if you can't still hear me. your mic is cutting out a little bit. i want to come back to you. we need to re-establish your microphone. it was cutting out. may be technical issue, because you have so many live news trucks and cameras in the bay area market and national media which is live picture of hyatt regency. this is burlingame, california,
3:51 pm
south of san frond -- san francisco and north of san jose. we saw 35 minutes ago trump arriving from the san francisco international airport. hundreds of protesters blocked old bayshore highway which is main entrance to get into the hyatt regency in burlingame. a lot of conferences happen here. this is site of the california gop convention,/luncheon. this is donald trump coming here to speak to supporters, california supporters to talk about the issues that are important to him and likely important to those in the room as well. our producers by the way is inside of the hyatt reason sy. she is monitor what we're going to see. what i'm showing you is about 35 minutes ago when donald trump actually had to get off the 101. they had to park on the side and then that group right there is secret service, his security detail and then donald trump himself. and they had to go through that,
3:52 pm
those concrete barricades there i believe are permanent. he had to cross the grass right there. then go into the back entrance of the hyatt regency because -- there is the news trucks as i mentioned. because he had no choice. they wanted to avoid protests in the front of the hotel. initially this was happening, protesters didn't know. they were still awaiting on his arrival. they quickly figured out at some point ten minutes later as connell was reporting that he had actually arrived. so they started to run to the side and to the back of the hotel. then what we saw from our live picture from ktvu, our fox affiliate chopper there in the bay area, was these protesters jumping on top of bridges or, excuse me, wachaways from thed-- walkways from the parking garage as far as we know, we're covering ktv's coverage they have not gotten inside of
3:53 pm
building. from the live picture inside of the ballroom, donald trump will speak as planned. there we go. things are on the move as you can see right there. and there is a picture of ivanka. i don't know if she is there. i don't know if she is there. donald trump is standing by. our fox business producer is in inside. giving us indication when we see donald trump. he was supposed to speak a a half hour ago, as we're waiting there. is megyn kelly. do you address what is happening outside? or do you stick to the issues? this is life on the campaign trail. for a lot of candidates, when they're going to these stops throughout the country, you have to keel with, you know, opposing views. that is what mr. trump is dealing with today. want to point your attention as we await mr. trump, these are pictures from kgo, still i can't think in san francisco.
3:54 pm
market closes six minutes. dow made a comeback for the markets on this friday. again kind of a rough month, april was. we'll see if selling picks up on monday. just a few minutes ago. we've seen a reversal. down triple digits earlier. cruz has been a big story. commodities space. earnings coming out unless you're amazon. let you know, keep you up to speed what we're watching here. what is happening over last few moments. brad, have we got connell back? this is video from earlier. we're trying to re-establish communication with connell mcshane. his microphone went out. these are pictures from earlier that connell and his cameraman lance actually shot. this is before donald trump arrived in burlingame to give this speech. connell in the thick of this as
3:55 pm
these protesters were 20 minutes before mr. trump even arrived. this altercation with california police state troopers and connell has been keeping in touch with state troopers. as far as we know from connell's reporting. they're keeping surrounding building safe. we've got connell back. connell, we lost you earlier. please continue with your reporting from a few moments ago >> hey, cheryl. i think i can hear you now. we're at the side of this barricade as drums are playing. i lost lance a little bit. i see him over there. i see the shot you're looking at with the protesters. they're not far from the entrance to this hotel as we look in. just a few more steps to get down into the inside. police seem to have handle on this, keeping them where they are. letting them voice their displeasure, against the chance of -- this continues. in terms of confrontations with police officers, you've seen
3:56 pm
that, thank you, guys. just getting inside of barrier. we come back outside of the barrier. we see the confrontations diminish a little bit. i'm coming in front where lance is now. if anything, not going to use the word best. this thing turned into one of typical protests of city, and other large cities. singing and chanting all that kind of thing. before, i know you showed a lot of this live. it was anything but calm. because protesters had barricades. they started originally pulling it towards them. were able to unlink the chain-link barriers that got dicey. they made run for the front doors. police officers trampling both sides were able to stop them before they got there. they recorralled protesters. made another run around perimeter.
3:57 pm
police moved quickly to get in front of them. that's when they stopped and eggs started to be thrown, that kind of thing. we have your typical san francisco or any other large city protest. drums and singing and chanting with the police now in position to stop them from going any further. hopefully that is way it will stay. credit local officials for not letting this get any worse than it could have been. it was a little bit dicey for a while as they made runs towards the hotel. cheryl: connell, i'm being show you this live picture. donald trump just walked on to the stage. here he goes. let's listen, donald trump, southern california. >> that was not easiest entrance i ever made. my wife called. there are helicopters following you. we went under a fence and through a fence. oh, boy. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. you know? [laughter] i was crossing the border. and i got here. they said, mr. trump, would be
3:58 pm
really much easier, sir, if you just didn't speak today and just left and go back immediately to indiana. and i said, you know, we can't let these people down, right? do we agree? we can't do it! [applause] but i appreciate it. but it was fun. it was a little different. that was a difficult kind of a thing. here is "washington post" today, the time has come to admit republican voters want donald trump as their nominee. you see that? [cheering] chris, good writer. good writer. that's pretty good. you know, we're making amazing progress all over. it has been incredible. last night, as you know, we had 31,000 people. it was, by the way, no protesters inside. i saw protesting this morning. there were no protesters inside. we had 31,000 people t was rockin'. was anybody there last night? it was so incredible. we're pretty far away.
3:59 pm
but i tell you what, it was just an incredible evening. so what's happened is we started this journey on june 16th. it was all about trade because we make the worst trade deals probably ever in the history of any country. it got down to other things that i talked about. i talked about illegal immigration. which was very important subject and has been and because of the fact that brought it up, now people are talking about it. they don't talk about it the way i do. we got, last week as you know, border patrol, 16,500 agents, border patrol agents, phenomenal people who want to do their jobs, they're told to stand back, stand back. they're standing there, these great looking people. strong, in shape. all the best equipment and they're told to stand back, just let everybody come right through the border. and they endorsed me, 16,500. they have never endorse ad presidential candidate.
4:00 pm
[applause] then sheriff joe as you know from arizona endorsed trump. he knows what he's doing. he really knows. we've had so many incredible endorsements. now they're coming. i'll tell you, over the last two weeks, took place really even before that. people see what's happening. we have far more votes than anybody else. far more delegates than anybody else. we'll hit the number i think quite easily. because i watch, i watch the very dishonest media. they say, oh, cruz is -- he is not getting delegates. they say he is getting delegates. he is getting second, third, forth, fifth round. he won't be there. we'll win it on first round. we don't even compete for them. we're so far -- as of today we have 1001. we just broke the 1000 mark. [cheers and applause] we did fight hard actually in pennsylvania because in pennsylvania i won in a landslide. we got. we got over 60% of the vot


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