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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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campaigning -- >> "risk & reward" starts right now. [laughter] >> my wife called, said there are helicopters following you. we did. we went under a fence and through a fence and, oh, boy, felt like i was crossing the border. they said mr. trump, would be really much easier sir if you just didn't speak today and jess left to go back immediately to indiana. i said, i know, we can't let these people down, right? do we agree? deirdre: that was donald trump, moments ago speaking in california. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. police officers in riot gear faced off with protesters in front of the hyatt regency san fan airport hotel. some activists broke through barriers and rushed the building where trump spoke. leaving that very same event donald trump's motorcade had to take an alternative route.
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he actually had to walk up a grassy knoll with secret service, secret agents, secret service agents, there we to, in tow. the primary is in june. number of delegates up for grabs, 172. all three candidates will be there. senator cruz tomorrow and governor kasich having dinner tonight. connell seems like intense scene there today. judging by your shot, a lot of people still there. reporter: deirdre, we have protesters hanging around. not as many as were. pretty good way to explain it or describe it even for donald trump rally or event as this was at republican party convention. the first of three major republican candidates to make appearance at the party convention, would be your normal political event in any other political year. but as we know from covering it
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this is more than your average political season. protesters with barricade set up at the san francisco hyatt hotel. they repeatedly pulled on until the links came undone. they made a run for building. police in riot gear were slow to react and stopped them quite frankly from getting to the front door of the hotel. after that, this was before donald trump arrived to speak. protesters regrouped. they went around to the back side of the hotel not far from where i am at parking lot, made another run for it. almost making it to the side door, a few hundred feet from where trump was speaking. trump not far from here made his wear here. that was not easy as secret service motorcade had to be moved. as you heard trump alluded to it in sound bite played a little moment ago. this was not his average
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entrance or average event for donald trump. he spoke about the issues he always speaks about. some staff members said he shouldn't come to the event. unlike chicago where he canceled the event. for time being things have appeared to calm down. protesters are still here but numbers are far fewer than they were here earlier today, deirdre. back to you. deirdre: connell, we heard donald trump say in some respects i should have canceled and i wanted to be here and wanted to speak. i imagine you're speaking to protesters and speaking with people there who to support donald trump. do they feel reassured or believe in him more because he took a physical risk to speak? reporter: supporters would feel to your point candidate came through this and wasn't going to be deterred by this but the fact of matter is, these protesters, many of whom who are voicing displeasure with mr. trump's immigration plans and policies,
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these protesters attending event had number of clashes. we showed video of man in suit with bright red make america great trump hat, walking from his car, parked fairly far, a distance here where he had to walk through the protest area to get to the hotel. he clashed with them. they were pushing him. almost knocked him down. he got to a row of shrubbery, trying to climb over the shrubbery, ended up falling into it. trump in similar circumstance as he had to navigate his way in here. protesters between the support is and protesters. i was outside most of the speech. he was received well by people came to see him. that is always the way it is. outside what make this is a little bit different, protesters got much closer to the event and almost disrupted the event. it went on, but they were able to disrupt people coming in and make it difficult for people to get out. even changing way donald trump under secret service protection would normally enter the event. that made it different than
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other trump rallies we covered in various cities. deirdre: it definitely looks a little bit more intense. connell, thank you as always. connell mcshane there on the ground in california. with his take on these events we bring in former reagan senior advisor ed rollins. he is right here beside me here in new york. great to see you. >> always a pleasure. deirdre: you're watching as i am all of these events unfold. you have seen some pretty crazy times, some pretty intense times. does this match those? >> it doesn't match the intense ones in the sense of big war protesters what have you, but i get concerned early in campaign this is starting up. there is pattern developing and crowds were not massive but they will become massive as you get further on. think it is not reality show here. almost new survival how do you survive -- i never seen candidate go through barriers. this did nothing but enhance him. this is two-day conference, one in the north, one in the south,
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twice a year. party operatives. thousand people will attend. they will talk about nothing about this event the whole time. this helped trump in california i promise you. deirdre: certainly did, in the sense that he didn't leave. he took whatever physical risk he needed to take to be there to speak. >> he didn't flinch. the critical thing, at this period of time of time people fighting isis or terror he has been enhanced since san bernanadino on that front. to certain extent they're playing into his hand. i feel badly for other candidates have to talk to the forum after this date today. trump has momentum. this will help him even more so. deirdre: ed, let me ask you, you alluded to it, donald trump is going to face these kinds of crowds, people who are protesting his presence equally as people who support him. but this is what every event is going to look like for him, right? >> amplified. this is not an easy place to get to. it is right near the airport.
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this is not big urban city. burlingame is not. as we get closer and closer to cleveland, urban city, heavy democrat city, heavy union city, it is going to get, it will be fierce and rough. every group normally comes to convention to protest. if trump is nominee, i sense he will be, he will have this all the way through. they have to increase security for him for his own protection. deirdre: this is rare. i don't think i've seen a candidate walk up a hill and under a tunnel to just get to the a speaking event. >> they shouldn't have to. they shouldn't have too. deirdre: exactly. speaking of the math, in california, obviously before california there is the indiana primary on thursday. two endorsements, one per candidate. indiana governor mike pence backing senator cruz. on other hand, legendary basketball coach bobby knight endorsing donald trump.
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>> let me say i come to my decision about who i am supporting. i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz in upcoming republican primary. >> i'm not here to represent the republican party. you know quite frankly i don't give a damn about the republicans. [cheers and applause] and on the other hand i don't give a damn about the democrats either. [cheers and applause] deirdre: all right, now, senator cruz needs this win in indiana a lot more than donald trump. we have a new poll released today. you can see neck-and-neck if you want to call it that but nine percentage points of a difference. who resonates more when we speak about endorsements, bobby knight or governor? >> bobby knight clearly does. his endorsement is what every candidate would want. i have great respect for governor. governor has tough rye election race. he basically waffled a little bit. i will vote for him but not endorse him. deirdre: i was going to say during the endorsements, senator
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cruz he spoke more about donald trump. >> we're obviously, knight is -- deirdre: he is a hero. >> he is a hero. so my sense is again, it will be close race. i think trump's probably got momentum out there. deirdre: what do you think about donald trump as his appeal? that is to say he seems to get support from people that everyday people care about? this is a great example. >> a great example. the reality is, he is from multibillionaire who has great success and as you sit there, getting in his big airplane, bigger than air force one he is not every man butp a he will pooing to every man. that is important thing at this point in time. deirdre: sounds like as far as you're concerned, we heard donald trump say on tuesday night i consider myself the presumptive nominee. sounds like you agree? >> i totally agree. i tried to stay neutral and give best analysis i can. at this point in time if you try to take away from him with all
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the wins all over the country, he will continue to win you will destroy the party. deirdre: we did the math, even if senator cruz wins three, winner-take-all states, donald trump still has the delegate math to get to that number, in which case nobody can -- >> state he is in, my home state california, california is media state. obviously he will have a big run there. this weekend is all about him and protesters. certainly by the time they get to the actual -- deirdre: july convention. >> it is going to be him, so. deirdre: ed rollins, wonderful to see you. >> my pleasure always. deirdre: thank you, ed roll inches with me there, former senior advisor to president reagan. actress susan sarandon gave us insights whether she would support trump or hillary. we'll tell you what she said. hillary clinton hitting back at trump with her own woman's card. it is real thing. exactly what it looks like. we'll give you more details.
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>> i'm not just running i would be the first woman president. senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying establishment. enough is enough. we are still living with a double-standard. sometimes i talk soft. sometimes i get passionate and i get a little bit excited. i don't know any man who doesn't do the same thing.
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>> i think only card she has is the women's card. she has nothing else going. frankly if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. deirdre: donald trump says hillary clinton plays the gender card. hillary's team literally offering what you're looking at
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right there, a woman card. pink and orange, to supporters. political analyst kurt schlicter with me right now. hillary clinton appealing to women voters but many see her as establishment. do you see this potentially diverse appeal as lost in her case? >> i think it is completely lost. it is a joke. the only reason hillary clinton is even on our radar because of man she married. she was handed new york senate seat. she was handed the secretary of state as consolation prize. she is absolutely unaccomplished as an individual. it is really pathetic. it is embarrassing. it is insult to women like carly fiorina who earned their position by working, rather than hitching their wagon to a political star. deirdre: so, kurt, let me ask you, speaking of stars, hollywood known for being liberal. this comment from celebrity
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susan sarandon may surprise some in hollywood and beyond. here it is. >> i have to break up with her. >> why did you -- such a beautiful couple. why did you break up? >> i'm more afraid of actually hillary clinton's war record and her hawkishness than i am of building a wall. deirdre: that is pretty clear. i'm more afraid of walkerness than donald trump implication. there is building the wall. what is your take. >> wow. deirdre: that is surprising. >> someone lives near hollywood and entertainment industry i try not to look for anyone from hollywood for any kind of political guidance but i think it is really interesting that hillary using her core constituency, left-wing lunatics and they're flocking to trump, to be fair was a democrat until last week. so i think it is kind of an interesting phenomenon. deirdre: i hear what you're saying but people are actually switching parties to be able to
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vote for donald trump. love him or hate i am. it was 20,000 in massachusetts. and similar numbers in other states. but getting back to women, from one well-known one to another, jane sanders telling neil cavuto that the fbi should move forward with the hillary clinton email investigation. here is senator sanders's wife. >> this is fbi investigation. we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we'll find out what the situation is. deirdre: essentially saying the fbi should do its job which i think everybody agrees on. this is predictable politically because sanders and clinton are competing but from your point of view as a lawyer, what do you think will happen? >> well, deirdre, not just as a lawyer. i'm a retired army colonel who held the top secret clearance for years. i handled classified material and i understand how it is supposed to be handled and if i had done 1/1,000th of hillary clinton did i would be
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in leavenworth right now. there is no question. this is more than just a violations of, about half dozen federal laws. this is about the rule of law, deirdre. are there different laws for you know, establishment figures like hillary clinton and for the rest of us? i thought there was supposed to be one law, one law for everybody that is applied equally and that is not happening here. this is dangerous, not only to the security of our country by her absolutely negligent, even criminally negligent actions, but, because it undermines the rule of law, that means everything. that keeps our country what it is. it is scary. deirdre: it is scary. and speaking of rule of law, the idea that they're the same for everybody, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch saying that she won't give a deadline for hillary's email investigation saying, department can't rush it. but can the ag, loretta lynch, act truly independently? i mean she is appointed -- she
5:19 pm
is are tricky positions, because she was personally appointed by president obama? >> well, look, i don't trust the attorney general as far as i can throw her. i'm sorry to have to say that. i defended this country for many, many years in the military. and i want our government to work the way the founders intended. and it's not doing that right now because people are not, doing what their office and their oath compels them to do, but they're taking political positions. the simple fact if this was anyone else besides hillary clinton she would have been indicted and probably in trial long ago. this is ridiculous. it's a joke. you simply can not trust this corrupt department of justice. deirdre: kurt, we leave it there. thank you thank you. kurt scliter, lawyer, service man and overall good thinker. thanks, kurt. donald trump left the california he event.
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we are monitoring situation on the ground. that is what it looks likes. we'll bring you back as news warrant. a lot of you are telling what you thought of our interview with millenial journalist. >> we don't respect our elders. we don't even respect our country. we're stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer. deirdre: more on millenials coming your way. president obama blasting president reagan's legacy in part due to his tax policies. former reagan economist steve moore on the specifics.
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one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. deirdre: u.s. economy expanded at a tepid 0.5%. so almost no growth. last quarter's growth the weakest in two years. data points show that this administration is first one to
5:24 pm
miss a 3% growth rate in its eight-year tenure. former reagan economist steve moore is with me now. so, steve, when you look at the past eight years, what is the worst offense from an economic standpoint? >> well, really goes back the last 10 years, frankly. the mean the american worker hasn't had a job, that covers last two years of bush administration and first seven years for obama there has been no pay raise for workers. we've seen flat growth rate. it was growing at 2%, deirdre for the first six years or so of the recovery. what is really worrisome, the president is right. we're not in recession but we're growing at at microscopic rate. business ares no the spending, we're not investing. i'm worried about the future. voters are too. i was looking at statistics on people, question about, is america going in the right direction or wrong direction on
5:25 pm
the economy? 22% say right direction. only, something like 62% say wrong direction. deirdre: well, steve, to your point, we're seeing outlyers succeed, whether it is senator sanders, whether it is donald trump. it just seems if people are so frustrated. they want something to become easier for them. i want to ask you about interview president obama gave to "the new york times," telling "new york times" we need to puncture some of the mythology around austerity and tax cuts and mythology that has been built up around the reagan revolution, saying somehow people genuinely think reagan slashed government and slashed the deficit and the recovery was all because of these massive tax cuts. as a former reagan advisor, why, i just want to ask you from a political standpoint why is president obama criticizing president reagan now? just a legacy concern for obama?
5:26 pm
>> well, deirdre, i served in the second term of ronald reagan's administration because i'm way too young to serve in the first one. deirdre: i knew that steve. >> i think this is really important for the left. they don't have a narrative why the economy has performed so miserably over the last seven or eight years, compared to the big boom we saw in the 1980s under reagan. so they're coming up with all sorts of excuses. we had quarters under ronald reagan, you will not believe this, deirdre, we had quarters where the economy grew 7, 8%. which had 0.5% under obama. 7 or 8% growth quarters under ronald reagan. something happened in early '80s. was combination of i believe reduction in the tax rates. at that time the highest tax rate was 70%. reagan brought it down to the 28%. by the way we had increase in tax revenues rates went down, and economy did so well. we deregulated key industries in the economy. reagan got control of inflation pulling back on money supply.
5:27 pm
what ronald reagan's theme was he said in 1980 and 1984, government is not the solution. government is the problem. that is exactly the opposite philosophy that barack obama is at. barack obama and his economists believe that whatever the problem is in the united states around the world, there is a government solution for it. it just hasn't worked out very well. deirdre: they're also expensive. former reagan economist steve moore. >> you know what the? that's a great point. the democrats used to criticize for requiring began increasing debt $2 trillion over eight years. obama increased debt by 9 trillion. deirdre: those numbers a few trillion between friends adds up. steve, thank you as always. steve moore. >> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: donald trump left his event in california. we're monitoring the situation on the ground for you. you can see live shot there. we do have police confirming there was one arrest. no details on that at this time. no major injuries. reports of scuffles but no damage to the property.
5:28 pm
we will continue to monitor what is going on there for you. meantime, immigration authorities are under fire on capitol hill for releasing thousands of illegal immigrants, some with criminal rap sheets. we'll give you some statistics. your reaction to our interview yesterday with the millennial journalist who had tough love to share for her generation. my next guest says a few stories from today are good examples why millenials need to change their act. >> we don't respect our elders. we don't even respect our country. we're stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer. >> driving through the woods when your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> it showed me that people did have a problem with what was going on. i think overall it's definitely been more in support of it than against it. i can't say that i'm perfectly any means, but there are millennials that are being proactive for the community, but there's a lot of them too that aren't necessarily contributing much. a lot of them are entitled, so it was kind of a call to action telling them, guys, we need to prove them wrong. let's do this together and be better for society. deirdre: alexis shows some views on her fellow millennials. that view has been -- video has been viewed more than 40 million times. kristin tate is with me now.
5:33 pm
kristin, great to see you. >> so glad to be here. deirdre: were you one of the 40 million who watched that video? >> yes.e: and or -- and what are your thoughts? >> i thought she was on point. look at what's going on with bernie sanders. you have tens of thousands of rabid, passionate millennials showing up because they want free stuff without working for it. so i totally think she was on point here. deirdre: i hate to interrupt you, hold that thought. we need to go out to california. connell mcshane on the ground there. connell, what's going on? >> reporter: well, we thought things had wrapped up, but then a scuffle broke out, and two men are being handcuffed now by police, one of them down here with the jeans in front of me had been yelling moments ago that they were, quote-unquote, breaking his arm. but he seems to be fine. another man had been dragged off and has already been brought back towards the hyatt regency hotel. i don't know what led up to this, but the protesters who were in the building there had
5:34 pm
been, had been coming towards the street, and they had moved the perimeter back towards the street. it almost was as if they were dispersing and going to leave. at least two arrests have been made, it would appear. much smaller crowd here, deirdre, than there was earlier when we were covering the breaking protests before mr. trump came here to speak, and even after he wrapped up his speech, they stayed for a good hour after that. but now they had just about disbursed with the -- disbursed. we'll keep you up-to-date. i depress it's not over yet -- guess it's not over yet. deirdre: we're obviously watching the video, there seems to be a very large police presence, so i am assuming that local forces were prepared for these protesters. >> reporter: well, they were prepared in numbers, without a doubt. i think as we said earlier there was the one instance that turned into two really instances earlier in the day where that
5:35 pm
preparation was tested because the barricades that were set up with the perimeter outside the hotel, that theoretically would have kept all these protesters out for the entire day were broken, and the police did allow that to happen, at least for the first time that they came through. the protesters were pulling repeatedly at the barricades, and the police stood back for that time. that made, it caused some extra work for them, because then they had to scramble to get around and were barely able to stop the protesters from going inside. yes, they were prepared. the local lieutenant told me they were prepared for as many as 5,000 protesters, i don't think there were anywhere close to that, but there were protesters that were doing more here than chanting, there were people who wanted to get inside the building. they didn't do that, but they probably got a little closer than many people would have liked, and they certainly disrupted the day for donald trump. as we've said many times, he had to travel into this building than he normally would in that he had to walk a great distance from his motorcade to get inside
5:36 pm
to give his speech leaving him -- it appeared at least -- from what the video was described exposed for a certain period of time. so, yes, the long answer to the short question is that they were prepared in number but that preparation was challenged a number of times by these protesters today. deirdre: connell mcshane, thank you very much, loy on the ground. great -- live on the ground. great reporting from california. as we were speaking about with ed rollins, former senior adviser to president reagan, unusual to see a candidate, donald trump in this case, have to have a secret service, have to, basically, secret service agents walk with him over a grassy knoll basically, go into an unplanned entrance and exit to avoid the protesters. he did stay there and give his speech nonetheless. i am rejoined right now by kristin tate who has been sitting beside he here -- me here, conservative columnist. when you talk about this fervor, there is fervor, certainly, for bernie sanders as you mentioned,
5:37 pm
but in these instances, people willing to get arrested, i suppose out of frustration. >> right. i think a lot of what you're seeing in california has nothing to do with politics. i think these are a lot of hoodlums who just like to riot and want to have an opportunity to do that. and i think this all kind of does go back to the entitlement culture that has been created by our leaders and by our policies where there are no consequences for bad actions. i mean, you have the media calling these folks protesters, but what was happening last night? a lot of violation, people were throwing rocks, smashing police car windows. that's a riot. deirdre: and as people have said, some of these so-called protesters are on craig's list, there's an outreach to, let's just say, incite trouble when possible. i want to ask you, though, getting back to millennials for anybody who's a football fan, you know, the draft was last night. we're going to show a video, because there was a prospect who lost close to perhaps $7 million for this. we're watching this video right
5:38 pm
now. so as a player, obviously, smoking from a mask which was equipped with a bong. and this, he says, his own account was hacked and then just leaked minutes before the draft was supposed to start. so, essentially, he was supposed to be, like, a top three draft pick. it really pushed him down the line. and yeah, some people saying it probably cost him millions of dollars and a credibility/branding issue for him going forward. but why do millennials -- let's leave aside doing illegal things, but hen film themselves doing illegal things and not think it's going to hurt them. >> right. well, i don't know anything about sports or nfl, but i know stupid when i see it. this guy, laramie, was double stupid because he filmed hims doing it, and it was posted -- deirdre: he says his account was hacked, but in essence, he allowed the video at some point to be taken. >> right.
5:39 pm
and millennials need to realize anything you're presidenting online -- putting online, you have to expect anyone will get access to that, your parents, bower bosses and, in this case sometimes your net worth is the consequence, and sometimes it has to do with your job. i hope millennials will take this as a lesson. that's how you have to be very careful about what you post online and your actions have consequences. deirdre: for him, million dollar ones. kristin tate with me there, conservative columnist. deirdre: border sheriff -- [inaudible] is going to be joining us with his reaction. >> you released them back out into public, and they commit more crimes. how do you look those people in the eye? how do you go back to a family and say, you know, they were in our detention, and we just thought it would be better to let them out into the united states of america? ♪ ♪ when it comes to small business, she's in the know.
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>> in a three-year period, immigrations and customs enforcement has released more than 86,000 criminal aliens into the, into the american public. these are people that were here illegally, got caught committing a crime, were convicted of that crime, and then instead of deporting them, they were just released back out into the united states of america. deirdre: a new report shows that in 2015 the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency let more than 19,000 illegals go free into virtually every state and territory of america. among them there were a total of 64,000 convictions including murder, sex crimes and drunk driving. here's the government's response: >> over two-thirds of the criminal releases were as a result of the supreme court telling us we had to release someone.
5:44 pm
it wasn't i.c.e. choosing to do so. so to sit there and say that the proud women and men of law enforcement and i.c.e. are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable. deirdre: with me now, arizona county sheriff paul babeu. paul, thank you so much for being with us. >> absolutely, deirdre. deirdre: what is your take as somebody who's on the front lines? were you surprised at all by these statistics. >> for the common citizen are shocking? >> i'm not surprised, because we've been living in it. at the same time, president obama has put a target on the back of our heroes in law enforcement across the country. and yet they're releasing these violent criminals who are not even citizens into our communities. they've released 500 right here in my county in arizona alone. these aren't just regular criminals from america, these are criminals from foreign countries, 208 of the number you just gave are convicted of
5:45 pm
murder. 900 are convicted of rape, sexual assault, child molestation. and they release them into our communities, and you don't have to be the sheriff to figure out bad things are going to happen because of this. and the president has to be directly held accountable for these actions and for the crimes that are occur because of this. deirdre: so, sheriff, i want to get your take on one of these kind of unintended consequences or something that's developed, these sanctuary cities. because when i read these stats, i thought of that poor girl in san francisco, beautiful girl, this great family. she was by all accounts an amazing citizen. outreach, local commitment -- >> yes. deirdre: -- and murdered. and how did these sanctuary cities, how are they allowed to still function even when citizens are killed as in her case? >> well, and that's kate steinle. and there's thousands of her with a different name. the sons and daughters of our families, americans, and this
5:46 pm
saldana, this lady who you just had on on that videotape defending the actions of this government and trying to use the shield, this shield of law enforcement to protect their actions. it's hot the cops, it's not -- it's not the cops, it's not i.c.e., it's not our heroes in the border patrol, it's president obama and this administration by their policies. this is absolute lawlessness. with a wave of their hand, it's the continuation of this executive action and orders. and through rulemaking, they're having the same impact as law. and they're handcuffing all of us in law enforcement across america. and this is where we need to put america, our families, our interests first for once, not illegals, not criminal illegals from foreign countries. these people that have been released should be deported never to return to america again. yet this president will never do so, and that's why he should be fired and all his cohorts should be replaced with americans who
5:47 pm
are going to do their job, enforce the laws that are on the books and put america first. absolutely. deirdre: so, sheriff, hold that thought, because we have this video of an arrest moments ago. donald trump, of course, leaving this event in california. we are still monitoring the situation there on the ground. my colleague is there, connell mcshane. so, connell, we watched with you two people get arrested. are there more? >> reporter: no, there's not. and i think finally, deirdre, this wave of protests is coming to an end because the police basically came up to the last remaining group of protesters -- a few dozen -- and said if you don't disburse now, you'll be arrested. many of them chose to disperse now. when we spoke, there were two men who got into a direct confrontation with the police officers. i don't know if something was said or it was a physical altercation, but a scuffle had broken out between police officers and two men. both men were quickly thrown the
5:48 pm
ground, and the arrests were made, and they were both taken away. it was at that point that the other officers came up and had that forceful conversation with the remaining protesters and said, this is it. we've let you have your say, we've protected your first amendment rights all day long, quite frankly, they let them have too much of a say in terms of the geography, letting them get so close to the event where a leading candidate running for president in a major political party was speaking. so this was quite a day, and it's not over yet, by the way. i should just point out that governor john kasich will be here this evening, i think it's fair to say that things will be calmer when he arrives. kasich spokes at dinner. dever deerecom, thank you very much. when we come back, more from sheriff babeu, his reaction to what we just saw there and heard from connell mcshane. we are back in just two minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪
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deirdre: we do want to show you right now what is happening in california. you can see that line of police officers that is at the bottom half of the screen. as we have been reporting, donald trump did make a speech there earlier, but because of protesters, he actually had to change the car's route that he was in and, in fact, he had to get out of the car and walk over a field with agents very chose to him -- very close to him to protect him. he did end up making his speech, chose to go ahead and do can it, but you can see there are still protesters live on the ground. want to bring back sheriff babeu, he is joining me from arizona. so, sheriff, this is obviously happening in california. you are in arizona -- >> right. deirdre: but it seems as if everywhere that donald trump
5:53 pm
dose, this is going to be the norm for him. what do you make of this current situation? >> well, it happened here in arizona as well. and what i find ironic is that a lot of these protesters or who are all for peaceful assemblies and respecting everyone else's opinion, suddenly they're the ones that are jumping on police cars and vandalizing police vehicles. last night 20 were arrested in the anti-trump protests, and then they get in scuffles with the cops. their first amendment rights end once you start to disobey lawful commands from cops and you start to fight the police. and donald trump is going to california, he's going to win in california clearly. and, yes, there's a lot of hispanics and latinos, and people are trying to make this about race and color, and this is not. this is about the law. this is about the laws that are on the books that the president, barack obama, has refused to enforce for illegal immigrants. what donald trump is saying is,
5:54 pm
finally, you have a very vocal majority of the people of america who are saying, enough. enough of this lawlessness. we want leaders in our country who are going to put america first and enforce the laws. and if you're going to take action, you've got to do it with congress. the very thing president obama, who said 20-plus times that he would never take this action of deferred action and de facto amnesty, he said this publicly, said he'd be a dictator or a despot ruler if he did. and we were reminded as to how he's a constitutional lawyer. and then sure enough he goes ahead and does it. so we want a restoration of the constitution and the enforcement of the law. deirdre: well, that seems -- [laughter] fair and clear to, sheriff. we thank you for your time. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: sheriff babeu joining us there from arizona. when we come back, the protests against target. we'll tell you why. ♪
5:55 pm
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deirdre: despite worries about a technology slowdown, many silicon valley businesses are datafox director is joining me. >> it's interesting to see the bifurcation between companies slashing their workforce or cutting their hiring rate down, and companies that are still hiring in full force. deirdre: what do you think is the difference? >> it depend on how much capital a company has raised.
5:59 pm
it is, it comes down to business models. suddenly it's more important than before that the company has an approved business model. dewere amazon -- deirdre: amazon knocked it out of the park. >> from a job seeker's perspective you see great engineers wanting to work at facebook. and microcost is back in the mix. you have got a lot more autonomy. you can bet your career on a company and you want to know it will be around. deirdre: found earen ceo of
6:00 pm
datafox. >> . thank you for joining us. my colleague charles payne is next on "making money." [♪] charles: breaking news. anti-trump protesters block traffic, then broke down police barricade in an attempt to block donald trump from getting to the gop convention. connell o'connor is in burlingame with the latest. reporter: we are close to the san francisco airport. when this event was put on the campaign schedule you would think it was just your average political event with party favorites and donors. but it turned out to be anything


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