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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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datafox. >> . thank you for joining us. my colleague charles payne is next on "making money." [♪] charles: breaking news. anti-trump protesters block traffic, then broke down police barricade in an attempt to block donald trump from getting to the gop convention. connell o'connor is in burlingame with the latest. reporter: we are close to the san francisco airport. when this event was put on the campaign schedule you would think it was just your average political event with party favorites and donors. but it turned out to be anything
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but ho-hum because a group of protesters disrupted and closed down the streets and broke through police barricade and did it close to the hotel where trump was giving a lunchtime speech. the challenge of making it there was not lost on him in his remarks. watch this. >> it's not the easiest entrance i have ever made. my wife called and said there are helicopters following you, and then we went under a fence and through a fence. oh, boy, i felt like i was crossing the border. reporter: i know mr. trump is making light of it, but in speaking with some of the local security officials here i have been told that the secret service didn't want to do it that way. they didn't want the leading republican candidate have to walk as he did to make his
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entrance into this ballroom to make his entrance. in terms of the protests, as i come back to you. what made this event different than the other anti-trump protests is they were able to make it so close to the event in which he was speaking and able to get by the police barricade that were set up. the reason that occurred, when the protesters started to pull on those barricade, the police did not stop them right away. by the type they did react the protesters got up to the front door. they were able to move them back, then it happened again. a little too close for comfort some might say. mr. trump has now left. charles: i want you to day there so we can bring in the rest of the panel.
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we have jan morgan, charlie kirk and gina louden. certainly a chaotic scene. we know that this whole thing has been ratcheted up throughout the elect cycle. but the notion of stopping free speech isn't lost on anyone, no matter what your political persuasion. >> this whole thing as much as it make people cringe, i think in the lock run this is good for america. number one, it helps donald trump. any time american citizens see anarchist thugs hitting people and rioting and vandalizing. that gets people off the couches and into the voting booths. it also brings out all the cockroaches. everything wrong with america you are seeing in that video. and donald trump is going to fix this.
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charles: when you see these images, particularly from last night, they were even more violent where a police car was attacked, a trump supporter left on a stretcher with a bloody nose. do you think it helps donald trump more than your guy? >> it's always good to have a healthy dialogue and debate. but when you go to the place where you are destroying property or injuring people or threatening people's lives, it's not good for anyone. i have a collision of emotions. you have donald trump who has tapped into the emotion of the american people saying washington is broke. wait point to is america want leadership. they see a principled conservative with a real concise plan how to turn this country
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back around. charles: gina louden, this is your neck of the wood, do you want to take responsibility for this? >> i live in a predominantly hispanic area and i would have a hard time if you said i want to talk to someone who is not supporting trump. if you sit at the beach or the pier and you look around the tables and say who are you supporting for president. they come to you he single time they say i have to support trump. i'm talking about predominantly legal mexican immigrants. people who are here legally are the most hurt by the crimes that illegals are committing. so when trump talk he's speaking directly to them. charles: you posted on social
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media the picture of the border. donald trump talked about getting into the event was like crossing the bored i are. he probably had a larger obstacle than that photo. is it that simple to troll into california? >> it i. one journalist -- it is. one journalist asked me if i would come with him to see how easy it was to cross the border. he did so with a glowing sombrero on. this is not a hard border to cross. that's why what donald trump is saying is so effective. when people are protesting at mexican flags at an american political event, i don't know what effect they hope to have, but all they are doing is pushing people solidifying donald trump support. charles: i remember when the
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mexican student left school in california. what struck me is they had the mexican flags out. they were upset about thing. but if you are in america, i don't care if you are here legally or illegally. at some point you adopt a culture and embrace this nation. when you walk around with the mexican flag and anarchy break out, how is that helping your case? that's a smack in the face, isn't it? >> you can see the italian flag for the italian parade. we are talking about these kid every single day -- walking out of the schools with these flags, they are being educated in the american school on the american dime. >> they have a right to be prideful about their heritage. what we are seeing on this tape with this live feed with this protest. this is democracy in action.
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people are sick and tired the racism being spewed, the racist actions deployed. >> they attack a police car, that's how you even thing up? >> you are right. that's what trump supporters are doing to protesters. they are punching people in the nose and he's offering to pay their fees. >> the vast majority of trump supporters aren't doing that. we are not saying they don't have the right to have the neck can flag. they are trying to say the american interest are great than the mick can interest. why not have an american flag. charles: in these protests,
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there were a couch arrests. at one point a barricade was broken down. it did get very, very ugly in costa mesa. there were 20 arrests. we have video of it from last night. this is what people are concerned about. it is an american right of passage to protest. but these protesters aren't helping their cause and making a whole lot of people who may have been sympathetic to them think twice. >> i don't know there is anybody sympathetic to that. when you brought up the whole thing about pride in your heritage, i have a problem with that. i'm tired of people talking about being mexican american or african-american. when you are in america you are an americans first and foremost. i'm sick of the flags from mexico.
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you need to be flashing the american flag or be done with it. >> when donald trump talk about america first, the reason it resonates, we are the most generous nation in the world and people make us feel like we are not. in the past people who came here at immigrants. as soon as they touched ground they collapsed on their knees they were so grateful. now they are saying where is my check. now, you owe me. these people protesting trump. he directly attacked these people. he attacked their heritage. that's why they have to be prideful. >> that many completely false. >> you are going to be prideful about your heritage to fight for your rights. i don't see a problem with it. charles: charlie, you were in
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high school two days ago. we see california in particular, it feels like the officials -- some of them even tried to stop donald trump from speaking at a public event. what's going on that these kids feel emboldened, kids who go to american schools feel emboldened by their teachers and what they are learning in school to hate this country. >> you are talking about the university of chicago chicago, i will joi now event. the protesters are trying to get in the way and disrupt from someone's right to say they believe it. this is the new modern left. if you disagree with us we'll try to use force and intimidation to silence you. that's a scary place to be when those weapons are used. >> in leadership we say remove
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emotion and let serious solutions rule the day. that's what ted cruz had. you are seeing emotion on the left and right with donald trump. >> this isn't about the leadership -- we are not talking about leadership. >> we are talking about leadership in the country. >> people are stopping the process of the first amendment, to assemble and voice their opinions. by doing that in the vier lent fashion we have seen, they do themselves a serious injustice. gina, you wanted to jump in a moment ago. >> i don't want to pretend the gentleman offered people who are greek waving their flags and threatening violence. let's examine what would happen if when in trump took the people whose families, they lost family members to illegals in this country. many families suffer from this.
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i hear horrendous story after horrendous story every day. if those people were having a protest outside a hillary clinton event and had pinatas with hillary clinton's likeness, that would be on every network. but it's okay to do it with donald trump. we have to ask ourselves a truth there. charles: you interviewed people on both side. what's your assessment of where we are right now? >> i don't think that the idea of protests in america is a new idea or something suddenly these young people are upset. we have a long history of protests. the last contested primary in this state was 1964 and 1968 and the mess that became the democratic convention.
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this has been going on for a long time. but police allowed the protesters to get too close to an event. san francisco is different than what you will see say when we were in south carolina when we are in other states like the northeastern states. but in pennsylvania there were a lot of protesters there. it only becomes a story when something happened. the reason we are covering this today is because they broke the barriers. the idea that protests have been happening at a donald trump events, it's nothing new. there were three instances. the one in chicago was much worse than this. charles: but it's happening much earlier in the election cycle. and i think it's a preview of things to come. it's going to get a thought worse. we are going to continue to talk about this.
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we are going to come back to this. california is holding the republican convention there throughout the weekend. donald trump has been losing at these conventions, that's one of the reasons he's out there. we'll talk about the protests. the importance of california. this could -- it's the last one to vote and i think donald trump wants to win it big. we'll be right back. siness, she. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. ooh! they got smoothies? with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria
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charles: california's republican party holding its convention this week. governor kasich is speaking tonight followed by ted cruz and carly fiorina.
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the golden state may play a role in choosing the party's nominee. we are bringing back kenmore began, charlie kirk and gina louden. kelly, you posted something i thought was very, very interesting because a lot of times you know these protesters and we don't get a chance to hear what their talking points are. turn it up on trump. goals and talking points. this ways they are circulating to the people who show up at these events. >> i think california is given the fact that it's so large and diverse. you will see how anti-trump forces show up. this is circulated by a black lives matter activist group. we are seeing the democratic registration in the state of california is ticking up. that doesn't spell good news for
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donald trump. a lot of people in the state are mobilizing to vote against him. charles: i don't know that the republicans expect to win the state in a general election. but it may boil down to the state, donald trump conspicuously missing from indiana the last couple days. if it does boil down to this state, how does it work out. >> you have to remember the way the delegates are aproper yaitd it's 53 congressional districts and trump is strategically trying to talk through the the state. for ted cruz to keep this race come gettive, you have to -- competitive, you have to win indiana. charles: gina, you are in
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san diego, you said a lot of people you know are secretly rooting for donald trump and willing to vote for him but maybe intimidated and afraid to say it in public. do you think he would have a shot at turning the state? >> do you known from democrats to republicans? no, because republicans at the moment are quite the minority. in california in my state and my own neighborhood that i told you before is largely hispanic legal immigrants, or at least descendants thereof. it's a large trump contingent. they are doing everything they can to push it. i also speak tomorrow at the california convention, and my message will be, these anti-first amendment free speech events are all funded buyer
6:22 pm
george soros. let's not lose sight of this and think this is organic. california is colorful, i get this. but these are soros-back rolled events. he's trying to threaten our first amendment rights. charles: you can tell it's very, very well organized and funded. they know where the police are. they get their instructions via social media and have professional signs. >> the difference from protests from three years ago to now, social media allows people to transfer organization quickly. it's not as organized as it may appear. they can send out a tweet or go on a facebook group and say this is what you need to bring.
6:23 pm
charles: is it real or is it funded by, oros. they pay someone $15 to show up. >> to go against hate speech. people go out for free, and that's what they are doing. everyone has the right to voice their opinion and speak. >> gina, you don't think this is authentic what's going on? >> this is hate speech. this is the quintessential definition of hate speech. when you are threatening people for going to their own american political convention, and you are protesting with another country's flag and beating one of their candidates in the symbol of a pinata. this is quintessential anti-free speech soros-funded event.
6:24 pm
charles: there were lawmakers in california who tried to get a resolution through that would have stopped donald trump from speaking at a public venue. how much responsibility should some of these local officials take for giving a wink and nod to these protesters to do whatever they want because they have got their back? >> the fact that there is so much fear against what donald trump is going to do and how he's going to make america great again, all those cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork. if it weren't for donald trump, we wouldn't be having this discussion today. by the way -- the anarchist thugs that are not just peaceful protesters. i'm talking about people coming out and committing acts of crime and van daism. >> oh, trump supporters. >> no, not trump supporters.
6:25 pm
you see these congregation of anarchist thugs. but the media doesn't show the 10,000 to 25,000 people inside who are law-abiding citizens who have come to see their candidate speech. and they are going to show up at the polls and he's going to win this ma'am nation. charles: the governor mike pence says he's going to vote for him on tuesday's primary. is it too little. it's polling that gives ted cruz hope. we'll discuss it when we come back. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the...
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charles: governor mike pence of indiana says he will vote for ted cruz in tuesday's primary.
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>> i have admired the way ted cruz has called for and leading on repealing obamacare. it's for those reasons on just as much in support of the principles that always animated my public service, that i'm voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. charles: will it be enough for ted cruz? indiana is a must-win. rejoining me now, i want to start with you, a lot of people were hoping for this, not if you will. i have seen more enthusiasm from people waiting in a dentist waiting room. is he going to get out here and promote your guy? indiana to continue on to be governor.
6:30 pm
don't unde underestimate what he said. this guy offers principled leadership, he's a serious leader and thinker to address the serious issues of the day, and he's a trusted, principled conservative. with donald trump it's built all on emotion. nobody knows what they are going mike pence is well liked in the state of indiana. i think this helps push ted cruz over the top tuesday. charles: it felt somewhat half hearted in my mind. it didn't have the umph that you would have from a scott walker. >> our own governor here in the state of nevada said at one
6:31 pm
point that he wasn't going to endorse anyone, but he was going to caucus for rubio. and he got poked at a little bit for being so tepid. i don't know what the point was. he's more focused on his own race. governor kasich is in another state in indiana. but -- >> i saw a couple smaller polls today that show ted cruz is starting to move up. so maybe that kasich move is working. what if he does win in indiana. how much does that change the dynamic of the race? >> i think ted cruz has to win indiana if he has any hope of changing the shift that has occurred. i believe there has been a shift. following it like i do, there has been a shift from the time
6:32 pm
that he teamed up with kasich, whatever that was, and then all of a sudden brought carly in as his veep choice. a lot of last-minute hail mary passes have made hip less comfortable with him. a lot of people who were in with ted cruz jumped on over. they said i don't think ted cruz is the train to be on. i think the protester in california today pushed that even further. charles: when we come back i'll talk about the agony of being a donald trump delegate. also the happy mary. what about the notion that delegates don't have to vote for donald trump on the first round. even if they may not vote for hip on the first round. that's been floated around. i'm calling it the nuclear option.
6:33 pm
we'll be right back.
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charles: the never trump activists may have found a last resource, i'm calling it the nuclear option to deny trump the nomination. there are delegates who say they don't see where it's legal where they have to vote for donald trump on the first ballot, even if that's what the voters in
6:37 pm
their districts aim for them to do. before we heard everybody was bound to a certain degree, now they are saying they are not bound. if this is true, what would that mean for the gop convention. i want to start with you, adriana. i know you are a huge donald trump fan. i'm not sure if you read this article. one of the guys he talked to from north dakota, he said this was never a steadfast rule. what if donald trump gets 1,237 before the next convention and this is the next option they try. >> just this week donald trump crossed the 50% threshold of pledged delegates. he's got millions more than ted cruz. if we get to the convention where donald trump has earned the 1237 on the first ballot.
6:38 pm
if that's robbed from him all hell will break loose. you will see potentially millions of voters refusing to vote for ted cruz or whoever the party selects. charles: the shadowing figures that we think may exist. i think for them the party is lost anyway. the reman is of it might be more important than blowing it up. >> a lot of d.c. and republican establishment insiders are making peace with trump being the nominee. you heard john boehner saying donald trump is better than ted cruz, saying ted cruz is like lucifer. i spoke to one republican insider saying the option they might have going into the convention is even if trump got the requisite delegates it's
6:39 pm
possible to corral a few dozen delegates to not vote. if they don't vote, and he doesn't make it across that 1,237 number on the first ballot. but the odds of that happening are extremely low. but technically it is possible. charles: republican voters are saying they are okay with the guy with the most votes. more and more we are starting to see people saying even if ted cruz is selected in the second or third round they are never going to vote for him or the ot going to get to 1,237 before cleveland. i think cruz will come out of
6:40 pm
there as the nominee. there is a lot of ebb and flow. i think what cruz is doing, he's running a smart campaign. the snore john boehner can embrace donald trump and call ted cruz ridiculous names like lucifer, the more you will see he's willing to make a deal and that's why you will see him endorse ted cruz. we have got to finish with this segment. we'll talk about the nfl draft and this young kid that was supposed to can the number five draft pick. i don't know if you were watching it. a video came and surfaced on his twitter account smoking weed through a bong and a gas mask and it cost him a lot. we have a former nfl player who knows the ins and outs of all of that. we'll be right back.
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charles: the bong hit everybody is talking about. a top nfl prospect, it will cost him millions.
6:44 pm
charles: laremy tunsil was expected top one of the top nfl draft. but after a twitter video showed him smoking off a bong with a
6:45 pm
gas mask on. i'm concerned about marijuana becoming legal in many places. how do the league and teams and players deal with this? >> we all understand the drug program and it's not toll rated. being in the nfl is a privilege, not a right. i think mr. tunsil learned his lesson. unfortunately in front of nation. charles: a lot of nfl players are saying it's unfair. they dealt are other things like spousal abuse. but something they consider harmless like smoking a joint like having a drink. do you have sympathy for other players that feel this way? it is unfortunate at the time that things unravel. the nfl is a business and they
6:46 pm
want to protect the shield. one of the things the front office might agree to. we might not feel the same way. but at the end of the day it's a business, it's a big stage and we have to be role models in our community. charles: i know around free agent, but i think it last thing you played for was the patriots. news with the court decision on tom brady. i don't know if the team is going to continue to fight it. how do you feel with respect -- i know it would put you in an awkward position with the commissioner having too much power. but do you think the players have enough of a voice now that the decision has been made? >> we have to continue to have balance and authority and rules. we understand that the commissioner has a big job and expanding the brand of football and policing it as well. so whenever the commissioner has the last and final say it's unfortunate for us as a player.
6:47 pm
we like to think we could have a vote and a voice. charles: stephen jackson, i'm a big fan. i want to bring you charlie kirk and kirsten haglund. some of the things i have seen my son put on social media -- whether someone hacked his account or not, just to allow someone to film him doing it. >> it's not thinking about the consequences before you share your life on facebook. what you teach your kid and what you put on your phone. it lasts forever. even though i feel bad for the guy. it shows him and he's learning this lesson now. >> how likely is it the millennials will learn a lesson. >> it's millennials.
6:48 pm
but let's imagine snapchat was around at woodstock. it's not like they were playing card. we are not the first generation to even gang in overly insensitive debauchery. social media make it forever. young people have to realize that. >> i think they are learning. there are a lot more caution. >> i think he's going to be okay. charles: april was on pace to be huge for the market. main street is what's going on here. i'll clear up the confusion when we come back. medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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charles: briefly today the month was in the red column. but why is there so much confusion? what up with main street. before the collapse of oil gasoline prices were north of $3 a gallon. since wages have started to go up, gasoline prices collapsed. the national and was $1.56. still we are saving 5.4%. we have more money and more problems and people are worried about this. i think it's a lack of confidence about the economy and leadership. if we survive this latest pullback, he can speed yeah,
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i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: a new report shows nearly 20,000 illegal immigrant criminals were released back into the streets. how does barack obama justify this? >> i don't know. well, there are rules in place in order to deport people.
6:57 pm
and he was following the rules. they were released. they did their time and they were released back into society just like anyone else has the right to do their time. charles: how can illegal immigrant have the same rights. why should the guys who committed felonies be allowed back on american streets. charles: i'm talking about assault cases. >> people arrested for assault and robbery. they came here illegally. >> there are certain triewls deport people and allow them to come back. these people did their time. they have every right to come back and not be deported and released back into society after they do their time. 12,000 traffic offenses, super minor.
6:58 pm
charles: there are only 3,000 who had a rap sheet for immigration. i if i if you were illegal that should be the first thing you are arrested for. this is screwy that someone can come here illegally, commit a crime, then walk the streets america. we keep talking about the rules. this an obama administration issue, not an i.c.e. issue. that's why the border control council endorsed donald trump. if our federal government spent as much time and energy tracking down and incarcerating and deporting illegal aliens as they do tracking down, illegal immigrants we wouldn't be talking about this issue today. >> did she just bring up cattle rights, billionaires trying to graze cattle for free?
6:59 pm
>> illegal immigrants, do you think it's right for them to commit a crime and stay in this country? >> if they do their time they have a right. in certain cases they have to be deported. but if some person does something, and they do their time -- and a lot of the offenses were minor. charles: they are coming into the country illegally. everything after that is gravy. you committed a crime by coming here illegally. >> that's why we are trying to work out the immigration system to make it beneficial for people who want to be here. charles: guys we have to leave it there. i want to talk about an american success story. this guy started selling pretzels at 11 years old and now has a franchise in 11 states.
7:00 pm
you have got to come here legally. once you committed a crime you should not allowed to come back. >> announcer: hotpots arise around the world. our military is powering down. >> the army is reducing its size. >> i worry about the capability and capacity to win in a major fight. g >> announcer: with the armed forces getting new marchingar orders. >> male cadets were pressured into walking around in women's high heels. i found that bizarre.


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