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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  April 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> what the hell is going on? john: it' it's donald trump tim. >> you are going to get sick of winning. >> we'll have people sue you like you have never been sued before. john: a trump presidency may not be so good at all for the rule of law. >> i hate the concept of guns. who said that? >> hillary. >> you would be wrong.
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john: it's hard to know what trump believes. we'll try to find out tonight. and we'll show never before seen video of my confrontations. i say thank goodness for donald trump. because of donald trump i can stay here because trump got done when government couldn't. still trump for president? that's our show tonight. this presidential race, one candidate has been the show stopper. he's won people over by promising wonderful things. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. we are going to have win after win after win. you people are going to get sicf and tired of winning.u
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john: i can't wait, i want to win.n. maybe trump will make us all winners? but i doubt it. i have to admire the art of the author of the art of the deal.rt he just sloughs off criticism when told he polls poorly among women he says i'll be the best thing that ever happened to women. when his opponents say evangelicals won't support you trump said the same thing. told he wasn't acting fltd act g acting presidential, he said this. >> i will be moral presidential except for the great abe lincoln. t john: what does that mean? growing my my mother told me, don't brag, don't exaggerate. people won't like you. but lots of people love donald trump even though he brags and says things like this.s.
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>> my people are so smart? you know what else they say about peoplep my people in the polls.he i could expand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. john: he could shoot someone? monica crowly covers politics for fox. you will vote for donald trump over hillary? >> if donald trump is the nominee i will vote for him. john: he doesn't believe he can shoot someone and not lose voters. >> that was hyperbole.ut the presidency is a personification of how most of the american people want the country to act at home and abroad. every presidential election is a direct result of the presidential i that came before it. what you are seeing with donald trump is less about him and more about what he represents. and his style is brash,
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flamboyant, and tough. barack obama is seen as relatively weak at home and abroad. people want somebody who will lead and restore america. his slogan, make america great again, there is a reason it has such resonance. >> yes, we have the hats. but i don't want to be led. we are not cheap. this talk of strength frightens me. strength often means tyrants. >> don't want a strong president who will lead the united states, the beacon of fleement world? john: we are going to bully everyone and put up tariffs so everything costs more. >> we'll stand up for american interests. >> freedom, democracy in the world. making sure christians are released.
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john: we are going to attack more? >> nobody is saying that. but when the united states is perceived as strong arounded the world. our adversaries, the bad guys around the world take their foot off the break or think before they act. john: or they get mad and want to kill us more. is percei >> you have major cataclysmseelm like world war i and world war ii when the united states doesn't act. john: republican primary voters are clearly buying this. but odds are he won't become president. he's way behind ing election-betting odds. hillary is 60%. trump is down at 20%. he turns people off.
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>> that's the assumption she'll be the democratic nominee. which is another issue. john: even worrying about that, she is still way ahead of trump because he's a bad bully. >> there is a reason yes is wing. it's about projecting strength. he's projecting authority and confidence. john: he admires dictators. in china when the students poured into tienanmen square,ed the chinese government almostle blight. thin they were vicious and horrible. they put it down with strength.e that shows you the power of strength. >> there is a different between a democratic leader exhibiting strength and protecting the constitution.
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when he said nice things about putin or the communist leadership, he says what i'm trying to say is there is a virtue in being a strong leader. because it's about protecting the american people. that's why his stance on illegai immigration or the wall, and the trade deals negotiated by both sides. what he's saying is i'll be a strong champion of the american worker. john: how is being a champion of americans to put a 35% tariff on things and make americans pay for for things. >> i understand the phenomenon. but when it comes to nuts and bolts issues like this i have a problem with what he's talking about. john: the carrier air-conditioning company
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announced they will build a factory in mexico. so trump said he will impose a 35% tariff on anything they make. >> within 24 hours the head of carrier will call me and say,to mr. president, we decided to stay in the united states. john: the bully will intimidate business. this is another issue i have. this protectionist instinct you see in donald trump. if you want to know why he's winning -- john: people don't understand economics. >> people still have pride in made in america. to produce a product here it will cost more than it does in mexico tore china. and this impacts poorer folks because it end up being a tax on goods and services they need every day.
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but from a strictly political standpoint you are airing i'm going to make sure the american worker is protected. they felt raped, neglected, abused, neglected, ignored, silenced for a very long time. john: if trump takes power let's change subject. part of trump's authoritarianism that bothers me the most is when he threatens the press. >> i'll open up our libel laws so when they write horrible untrue articles we can sue them and get lots of money. john: lept not take the time to try to defend the free press, but he's a bad bully who threatens to sue everybody. he sued a miss
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stossel: donald trump is now the overwhelming favorite to win the republican nomination. shown way ahead of every other republican. his success however is helps hillary clinton. she is the overwhelming favorite to become president. that's one reason the trump success has some republicans freaking out. >> it's the end of their public and party as we know it pays pakistan to the republican party. >> it would be the end of the republican party. >> the end of the party? probably not. people on tv often exaggerate
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but even if that's true says nick lsb of it wouldn't be a bad thing. why? >> i absolutely don't worry about the end of the republican party. in fact i welcome it, john. in the 21st century at least the republican party has been a disaster for freedom, for prosperity and peace. when george bush was president he launches into a budget badly conceived and terribly executed wars. he signed a ton of regulation. increased medicare by giving free drugs to seniors who didn't need them. he federalized education, creative surveillance programs. he was terrible and the republicans even after they lost control of congress they were incapable of reeling in obama in any meaningful way. they couldn't beat obama and now you have people, the major two candidates in the republican
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party are talking about deporting up to 12 million people in 4 million kids who are actually u.s. citizens. we don't need this party anymore if we are interested in individual liberty and freedom. stossel: but they are better than the democrats and most of the republicans candidates, you are no trump fan, right? >> up silly not to them not trump fan at all but i'm also not a fan of their public and party which is currently trying to regiment us in the bedroom and taking us into war and talking about creating a police state. how was to get rid of 12 million people if you are not going to create some kind of bearing basis system where the government is checking out out papers all the time? we need to understand what is good about trump kind of cramping up third republican party is it creates an opportunity for reorganization that is more libertarian like to the vast amount of people are fiscally conservative.
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stossel: there is a state called the libertarian party but it doesn't get much support. >> no, that's true and i suspect they will do well this year simply because people are appalled at the republican and democrats. for decades people than running away from identifying as either of those options so this is the place f libertarian party to do well but that's not what i'm talking about really. for several decades we have seen a lot of things traditional authorities losing their way whether your priest or a professor of stockbrokers certainly a politician. what the trump insurgency is doing into a certain degree the sanders insurgencies during the democratic party is how stable these establishments are. they no longer have much energy for the power to control their own people and the vast majority of people don't want to be part of either. stossel: they have the power to elect hillary hewitt pass laws
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that would smother economic activity and make us all poor. i don't think donald trump -- let me bring up this other point. are we being driven from the party? trump was told that debate that he is scaring hispanic subway from the republican party and he said this. >> i'm bringing people, democrats over and bringing independents over and we are building a much bigger much stronger republican party. stossel: is bringing democrats. a lot of people who voted for him say he's going to win. >> that seems highly unlikely and that's true hillary clinton and donald trump are the two most detested presidential candidates in recent memory. one of them will have to win unfortunately but neither of them will win with any kind of mandate. the republican party has scared away hispanics. george bush because he was god on immigration and because he
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actually at a time spoke spanish and was comfortable around latinos that he drew 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004. mitt romney got 27% because he said mexicans should self deport. the republican party already has lost the hispanic vote. you can't blame donald trump for taking that down to see were really. stossel: thank you nick gillaspy at next my fight with donald trump. you are bullying these people out. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't.
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stossel: something donald trump has taken great force of tourtelotte called eminent domain. it lets the government takes in people's private property. trump is tried to use that power for his own gain. he got new jersey politicians who approved taking his ladies
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have said he could turn her property and to limousine parking lot near his casino. i once confronted trump about that raid you are bullying these people out. >> excuse me, that's wrong. using the word bullying is very unfair. this is not donald trump. stossel: it's you and your cronies in government working together. >> to call these people cronies is unfair. to be calling public servants cronies. stossel: baftas what happening here? >> not at all and i think it's a sick assumption and jaded freedom make it. stossel: in the old days developers came in like bugs with clubs. now you go to court and force people out. >> other people use thugs but today i don't. i've done this very nicely. stossel: nicely? force isn't nice and the court denying him his property. trump is at a point when he says this.
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>> eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country, for our country. without it you would never rode scummy would have hospitals, you wouldn't have anything. stossel: anything is an exaggeration but many railroads and airports exist because government had the power of eminent domain and allowed them to get the property so they could build those sorts of things. that's my understanding anyway but trevor burse of the cato institute say trump and i are wrong about this. how? >> well a man once said donald trump is a hopeless idea for rich person. if they idea that rich person is someone who kicks around poor people and takes their property. he tried to take this woman's house for his limousine parking that pretty said this helps with letting creates jobs and of course in 2014 trump casino in atlantic city shut down. stossel: but that happens. bet g
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centers, that raises the tax base and were over as get built. >> go shopping centers and umbrellas were not built with eminent domain so you can clearly do the stuff about imminent domain. witnesses in the constitution as you can do for public use. it's not a general welfare clause. you do it further public to use it. stossel: what do you mean it can be done without eminent domain? >> or example disney world in florida went to buy up all the property for that rate they did it by asking people to sell their property and it ought it all up and created disney world. stossel: why don't they go around and buy the stuff? some people won't sell. this lady wouldn't sell. >> that's an important point too he said i gave her a ton of money, going to give her a ton of money. stossel: let's bring that up. donald trumps up. donald trump says property owners can make a lot of money from eminent domain. >> when it imminent domain is
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used on somebody's property that person gets a fortune. they can get at least fair market value if they are smart they will get two or three times the value of their property. stossel: had to make constitution. what was tricking atlantic city case people offered her a million dollars and she said no. trump that the politicians to force her to sell it for a quarter of that. that was bad. >> if i wanted to you and said i have her grandmother's wedding ring and i will give a just compensation board and to you it's worth a million dollars that would be a good deal for you. to some people that's what their property is worth. that's why private property works because people have different valuation. if they won't sell they won't sell. stossel: how do you build a roadwork? >> you can still build the row wrote by building around them. pipelines can go around properties and if you don't respect property rights, what happened in the k case attack
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space that lets you take someone's property as there is no limit to that. in looking come around with the motel six -- motel six. what creates wealth is when you have stable property rights and people like donald trump his cronies make copyrights and stable and make us all poor. stossel: and people say what about pipelines, the keystone pipeline? >> keystone type and without eminent domain wouldn't go 10 feet. you need eminent domain. >> like so many things that he says is just factually incorrect and koch brothers make sure everyone can get together. the problem is if you don't have strong property rights -- stossel: they have pipelines over the country and they have never used imminent domain even the koch brothers? >> they advocate for keystone pipeline. public uses a public park not a casino like trump wants to build
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our huge thing is world-class. as cronyism and not respecting property rights. stossel: thank you trevor burris. next, something good about trump. donald trump made it possible for me to stay here after city government wasted millions trump many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. stossel: one reason some people support donald trump is his business success. they say it would be good to finally have a president who knows how to run a business and run it well. >> i'm really rich. stossel: trump brags about as well. >> my whole life is about money. it was greedy. i wanted more money, more money. stossel: but now he says he wants to be greedy for united
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states. he's going to make a country rich again. actually america's richer now more than ever but that's another story. the story want to focus on al is whether he really is a good businessman. he was when he rebuilt his skating rink. >> new york city's government spent six years and $30 million trying to fix this skating rink but they couldn't get it done. one point high with 6 inches lower than the other side. that's government work for you. recently can stay your days because trump stepped in pretty said i will finish the rank that he finished it ahead of schedule and under budget. good for trump. but what is it really mean? his critics point out that most of the work was already done by the time trump stepped in. still he got it done when government was as incompetent as my ice-skating and trump has had other big successes. >> these people are total winners.
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>> his tv show was a success. it got great ratings, encouraged entrepreneurs and trump need a million dollars per episode. trump does some property around the world like the trump tower said to be worth almost half a billion dollars. his magazine in chicago the best large city hotel in north america. trump says he is worth billions. people dispute the total but he has gotten rich. however how much business building skill does it take to get rich in real estate of time when real estate prices have gone up-and-up? trump got a big head start. his father loaned him a million dollars. others say was 40 million or 200 million. no one knows but trump but if you start with billions or millions, apparo money and invest in real estate in the market you get rich. it doesn't make trump an amazing job creator. what others me is how basic trump is about his failures to
9:40 pm
carly fiorina confronted him about his bankruptcies. soon the. >> you ran up mountains of debts as well as losses using other people's money and you are forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice, four times, record for time so why should we trust you to do the financing of this nation any differently than you manage the audiences of your business is? stossel: you can't have free enterprise without failure but trump is being tricky where he said i have never filed for bankruptcy. he personally hasn't but his businesses have gone broke. often people who loaned him money trusted him got stiffed. he bought a small airline which he named trump airline and of course it no longer exists. he defaulted on his loan. he started trump magazine with his daughter on the cover. it failed grade he said trump
9:41 pm
vodka would outdo his friends a grey goose. four years later and trump vodka stop production. go trump luxury travel search engine shut down. so the trump mortgage company. the new jersey generals football team and trump called the world's greatest spirit anderson cooper confronted him about recent recently applying trumps stakes for business. >> those stakes aren't actually trump steaks. >> i'm not going to kill the cow. >> we sell the stakes. we have many clubs and hotels. >> but they are not sold at sharper image. that business is gone. stossel: trump steaks is out of business. trump started trump university.
9:42 pm
>> is going to be a tremendous venture. it's going to really help a lot of people which is what we really want to do. stossel: cannot trump university is closed and accused of deceiving students but trump said it was tremendous, and big success. >> we have an a from the better business bureau and people -- stossel: and now it is out of business. this doesn't make me confident that donald trump is the guy that will do great things for america. but next we'll look at some of my old on aired interviews with donald trump. there are some things trump gets exactly right. >> look i have to be careful with the spending. spending is out of control in this country.
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stossel: hear something about donald trump that i like. he speaks like a normal person. it's refreshing and so unlike many politicians. i watched greta van susteren's show they pay nikki haley in -- greta asked. spadea think you can persuade the south carolinians good right now denigrates you to vote for senator rubio? stossel: this point she could just say sure or maybe or i will
9:47 pm
try but no she says this. >> will let me talk about south carolinians. they are very independent. stossel: blog, blah and rubio was just as evasive. trump at least answers the questions, we. he is often totally wrong but that was a cheap shot because there are some things trump gets right. this week i dug through my old on-air interviews with trump and found he was sharp about lots of things like the government's unsustainable debt and how welfare encourages freeloading. >> the people that produce and lots of people that don't produce. that can only go so long. stossel: it can only goes along and then what happens? >> it all implodes. stossel: what does implode mean? he's right when the welfare state runs out of other people's money society will implode.
9:48 pm
one interview ciampi also wanted tax cuts. you once proposed a 14% tax, one-time tax on rich people. >> i think rich people can afford a certain tax but oncetho above a certain limit. what they're doing now is going above the limit in that limit will drive people away. what happens is you get to a point you leave coming move to florida move someplace. stossel: you haven't left. >> i haven't left yet. if i leave new york that's the big story. you end up with lots of people that issues they don't produce and that's the spiral. that's the end. stossel: esso. stossel: yes ozar they want the politicians to spend less. >> look they have to be careful at the spending. the spending is out of control this country. stossel: yes it is and cutting spending is a big part of the key parties batted key party co-founder debbie dooley
9:49 pm
supports trump. >> i sure do. how are you doing today? stossel: i'm never such a candidate because he said we have to cut spending in his proposed tax cuts but he is proposed no spending cuts pretty won't touch entitlements which are bankrupting us. >> while i do believe mr. trump will surround himself with the brightest minds much like ronald reagan did and i do believe that we do need entitlement reform. i do like his tax cut plan. for years, people have been, conservatives have been talking about the need to cut our corporate tax rate which was one of the highest in the world. stossel: you think he doesn't talk about entitlement because it's on popular with voters but once he's in office he would cut it? >> i do believe you would cut entitlements. i think there would be some kind of reform. stossel: an age limit? >> i believe there would have to be. i would like to see more referee market solution as far as
9:50 pm
entitlements like social security reform but i do believe he will have the brightest minds and like i said as a conservative, and i believe he will make the cut and he will not touch entitlements but i believe he will help reform. stossel: that's where the big spending is. how do you make cuts without touching entitlements that one area that i agreed he gets the issue right is global warming. trump does not freak out about that. >> i think there'll be little change here. you will get a little cooler in the get a little warmer like it always has for millions of years. i think it's a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money. stossel: it is a big scam. >> that's something i don't agree about. stossel: you will both for him? >> i will because of course global warming i believe we are damaging the environment.
9:51 pm
i do not believe catastrophic global warming doom and gloom that we are hearing. i do believe we should be looking at innovation, not regulation and i definitely agree with mr. trump about that. stossel: he opposes raising the minimum wage. >> i do too. i oppose raising the minimum wage. i believe the market should set the wages. i believe if we raise the minimum wage will cost a lot of young people jobs. when i was in high school -- stossel i have to interrupt you because we are out of town -- time. he roughly where the think he debbie pay coming up what uggs me the most about donald trump. >> make america great again. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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9:56 pm
his delirious fans acted as if barack obama's election would fix everything they didn't like. that's why rove know, they can't. government can't fix most things but free individuals can and we do read free people acting without government coercion accomplished almost all of the things that made america great. that's why trump also ticks me off when he says. >> we are going to make america great again, make america great again. >> his fans love that. they buy these hats but what does this mean exactly make america great again? when were we great in trump's eyes? when we won world war ii? yeah that was great but that wasn't great at the time we locked up americans with japanese ancestry.
9:57 pm
>> japanese-americans were rounded up and taken to interment camps where they would spend the duration of the war. >> it wasn't great but at that time blacks were not allowed to vote or use the same drinking fountains are right on the same buses as whites. or people were beaten by police merely for being and they could work for government or hold hands in public. was america great when women were not allowed to hold credit cards without their fathers or husbands permission or when women were basically owned by their husbands and had no legal right to say no if the husband wanted sex? was america great and? by the end of world war ii america had the strongest military in the world and the strongest economy. we still do, the strongest military and economy. i resent this make america great again and stuff. trump makes it sound like everything is gone bad. he's not alone.
9:58 pm
other politicians do it too. >> we are looking at an economy in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. >> the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer. stossel: that's just a lie. the poor having gotten poorer. the income of 20% of americans has risen 40% rate middle-class incomes, 40%. everybody got richer. that happened because of the free markets and relatively free trade that we have had, to think that democrats and donald trump want to kill. politicians and the media spread so much false bad news that americans are getting depressed. for the first time in history the majority people say that their children will be worse off than they are but it's bunk. warren buffett gets this one right when he wrote babies born in america today are the luckiest crop in history. they will live far better than their parents do.
9:59 pm
he says because of america's economic magic in that magic comes from individuals, not politicians or presidents. if that magic continues it will be in spite of people like trump and their magical promises. >> make america great again. >> this is a bad slogan. i have a new one, get rid of him. donald trump about presidential candidates get out of our way. don't impose your destructive tariffs or immigrations libel laws property grabs, just get out of her way and lets have a government that allows us to make our own individual choices. if you presidential candidates definitely have the right idea about this. there are the libertarian candidates to go find out which ones we like best on april 1 when the toppling candidates debate on our libertarian presidential form here on the stossel show. i look forward to that.
10:00 pm
libertarian politicians will get out of our way. that's our show for tonight. good night until next time and . let not your heart be troubled.. have a good weekend. see you back here monday. >> winning the presidency, what does that take? a strong debate. >> i'm paying for this microphone. >> this is all theatre. it's theatre and politics. it's trying to get people to come in to the theatre and take a look, see if they like your play. >> yes, we can. >> you have to learn to see campaigns through the lens of the camera. >> campaigns are made of moments that everyone remembers. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> there you go again. >> where's the beef? >> senator, you're no kennedy. >> commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? oops. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes. >> see if they can do this


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