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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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libertarian politicians will get out of our way. that's our show for tonight. good night until next time and . kennedy: well, i personally am watching, how are you? welcome to thursday. watching the curious transformation of donald trump. and to quote dickens as i often do in regards to the odd political season, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the spring of hope, the winter of despair. this is the tale of two trumps. donald desperately wants the presidency looming within his grasp, there is the wand that wants to hurl swears and insults and to drag anyone down
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who taunts him into a pit of shirtless jell-o wrestling. the side he needs is the presidential donald who can deliver a slow foreign policy speech and teleprompters in every bathroom. here is donald's test run in the new tiara. >> we're going to finally have a coherent foreign policy, based upon american interests, and the shared interests of our allies. kennedy: and we know old patterns die hard. or they burst through like a punch-drunk jack-in-the-box at rallies where donald's authenticity can't be contained. >> i want to run against crooked hillary clinton. >> lyin' ted, lies, oh, he lies. >> i've never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. this guy takes a pancake and shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting! >> that's the donald we've all
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grown to resentfully love. do we really want a president who is so verbally castrated, he won't rely on the timeless feel good insults? >> i don't know what i said, i don't remember. he's in a bicycle race, he falls and breaks his leg. this is our chief negotiator, they're look at him like what a schmuck. >> who is uma married to? one of the great sleazebags of our time. >> reporter: donald trump is going to refrain from blathering donaldisms in favor of speechwriter, strategists, teleprompters, baby kissing and corn dog huffing. i don't like it one bit. he's not becoming presidential, he's turning into jeb bush. what's next? low energy? and don't forget his fickle media mood swings. >> i've met the worst reporters. i've met, you know, some of the media is among the worst i've met. >> i want to thank the media,
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the media covered me very fair for the last two hours. very fair over the last few weeks. kennedy: as donald swings back and forth for what he thinks is necessary and the real donald that people want to see, he'll be torn by the duality he can't overcome. why? because he's a gemini. as donald tries to suppress his truths. death maybe get life but oppression can beget nothing other than itself. how should you feel about a newly emasculated awkwardly oppressed donald trump? like any and other authentic politician, it should scare the dickens out of you! on the show tonight, prince has been dead for a week and the irs is gearing up for afterdeath taxes. judge napolitano is here to tell why you that is theft. cover yesterday's foreign policy speech from donald trump and answer does it put america first.
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the third party can finally make a difference. libertarian candidate gary johnson joins me to discuss. glad you're here! i'm kennedy. . kennedy: yes, all eyes on indiana, where donald trump is trying to knock ted cruz out of contention. he's fluctuating between the bombastic trump and the teleprompter friendly trump. what should we make of this? catherine maggie ward, michael malice, author of "dear, reader," and look who it is, tom shillue in a snappy navy sweater, the host of red eye on the fox news channel. so, let's talk about this, welcome, everyone. yeah! seersucker! you win. let's talk about this. presidential donald, he's actually kind of boring. >> he is scomboerg not good at the teleprompter.
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he's not good at reading it. here's my advice for donald trump. go old school, back to the tablet of paper. i always thought it was dignified watching a politician look at the paper and back up again and look down, it reminded you they were reading. i think it's much more dignified. i don't like the teleprompter, this staring off and switching sides every once in a while. it's weird. kennedy: my problem is he mispronounced tanzania and said tanzania. >> i do stuff like that all ken. >> that's what's hard about reading a teleprompter which i do all the time. kennedy: very easy to mispronounce words, you start at the beginning of the word and you go down, tanzania, i pronounced it wrong, move on. seemed like he was reading someone else's words. >> he was trying to get more presidential and more on point. he's clearing 50% in all the recent primaries so there's no point for him to beat a dead
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horse or beat a dead candidate in the case of cruz and kasich and needs to show he can manage a nomination because the gop is going to try to steal it away at convention. they would do anything in their power, he's given them the finger and insulted their moms. you want to do what you can to burn this guy. kennedy: let's talk about this a little bit. i think it's very interesting. the trump worshippers rationalize there are two trumps working here, there's the donald trump who's got to be presidential and paul manafort goes before republican leaders like come on, he was projecting an image. this guy is about being serious and running everything, but is it all hogwash? the best-case scenario for trump is people believe he's crazy like a fox. he's unpredictable, doing it in the service of making america seem strong in the world or defeating unworthy allies.
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and i feel that in some leaders like vladimir putin. but ideally trump is not the model for the u.s. president. it's so transparent, he goes to the mayflower, carefully vets the crowd including journalists and gives the speech that's like a cartoon eighth grade foreign policy speech. and, you know, i wasn't buying it, i thinks had supporters weren't buying it. maybe he's telegraphing to them, i'm doing this for the suits but you know the real me. >> donald trump is the first presidential candidate who told his child he is batman, being a cartoon is perfectly appropriate especially when he's trying to a super hero. >> i feel obama is telling kids he's batman. >> he goes on trump's helicopter, and the kid goes are you batman? yes, i am batman. why would you reveal his identity like that. that's a separate issue? kennedy: he can buy whatever he
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needs to craft himself into the image of super hero. >> and lives in a cave. kennedy: if you're going to live with any cave dweller. woo! donald trump has doubled down on gender war with hillary clinton saying the only card she can play is the woman's card, which i love. >> the only thing she's got going is the fact she's a woman. she has done a terrible job in so many different ways. you look at some of the things she's done, just absolutely disastrous. no, i would say the primary thing that she has going she's a woman and she's playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it before. kennedy: yeah, lady parts and a lady card. ted cruz has chosen carly fiorina as running mate. little early, ted! does donald have lady problems? let's discuss here because carly fiorina, i thought this was kind of an odd choice. that's the play you make to
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fight hillary clinton but he's still in a death match or at least a battle to keep from dying with donald trump and indiana is his last stand? >> it's an okay choice. everyone was talk about it yesterday instead of talking about how dominant trump is. i love when she sings on the stump. i think it's fantastic. kennedy: we heard. >> barber shop, that's his thing. >> yeah, it is a -- it's weird because it's a little early and it's a little late at the same time. you know, it's late for him to be pulling the tricks out late in the campaign but way early to be choosing a vice president. kennedy: it was such a gimmick, he made his concession speech tuesday night before any of the polls on the east coast had closed and had this already planned. >> here's the biggest electoral triumph in the last couple of days. not hillary playing the woman card, it's carly refusing the ted cruz hug during the announcement. did you see that maneuver? she comes out.
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he's supposed to hold up her hand, he clearly goes in for the hug, and she's like, nope! >> like his daughter. >> i have a candidate. kennedy: the party panel returns, yesterday donald trump called for america's first foreign policy, is donald onto something or on something? is there anything for liberty in the mix? we will discuss. plus is uncle sam grave robbing prince's estate. judge napolitano joins me on the shocking way they will tax prince even in death. stay here. i have asthma...
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. kennedy: all right, welcome back. yesterday donald trump, you've heard of him. he gave a big speech detailing america first foreign policy, largely condemning foreign entanglements and pushed america's free trade policies. take a look. >> to our friends and allies, i say america is going to be strong again. america is going to be reliable again. it's going to be a great and reliable ally again. it's going to be a friend again. kennedy: so coherent! so what do we make of mr. trump's global outlook. why not ask my carbon loaded
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party panel. it's katherine mangu-ward, michael malice and tom shillue. they're all back. he made good points, was there anything in there for libertarians? >> no. kennedy: when he talked about getting out of some of these -- >> sometimes he says nice things about trade, which i like, he says horrible wrong things about trade. we're going to punish them if they're mean us to. i like he suggested that maybe all the wars all the time were not the best thing ever. kennedy: maybe shouldn't be paying for everyone's militaries. >> fine, all fine. these are pathetcally low standards we're asking of our candidate. and secondly, this phrase america first, which he's trotting out, like he knows we use that before, right? kennedy: i don't think he does know we use it before. >> these are people who are generally vilified. sort of fairly strong isolationists will say maybe
5:15 am
world war ii was justified. america first did not have a great brand and trump is saying i'm making it mine. >> almost no one knows, when you say america first almost no one associates it. kennedy: that's nice and simple. me want big. >> i don't think this was that cartoonish of a speech. it is kind of nativist. kennedy: but not as bad as some of the other speeches he's made especially when he makes extemporaneous comments. >> the weird thing about it for me is he's saying we're going to get isis, i'm going to knock them out, be really tough. but there's the no nation building thing, and isn't that the complaint about obama. we drone people and don't follow it up with anything substantive. isn't that what we're doing? kennedy: i think his main complaint was we caused this and now cleans up our mess, so we're essentially paying twice.
5:16 am
and i'm wondering is he talking about blowback when he's saying that the united states caused the rise of isis by getting involved in syria and iraq. >> what he's doing is destigmatizing concepts whether the progressives are republican or democrat. if my house got broken into i'm not going to buy a burglar alarm and send it to syria. the idea that we keep our forces safe, that's the conflict with the neocons and the democrats for decades. if i want to keep people safe, i want to keep them here and wringing my hands like a case of munchousen proxy. >> she's a war hawk. she told obama has boots on the ground in syria. >> insults donald trump anywhere in the world. he's going to be we're up. kennedy: that's a question of
5:17 am
temperament. the one thing he exercised consistently is having restrained involvement in the middle east but talks about increasing the size of the military. >> i rather they be increased and kept here, as long as they're not killing people overseas and putting more in harm's way. kennedy: more a little later. we're talking about donald trump, not the only one calling cruz names. walking tear ducts john boehner had terrible things to say about ted cruz. they all need to be bleeped out. potty mouth. judge napolitano talks about the irs taxing prince's about the irs taxing prince's estate and taxing him a lot. innovative sonicare technology about the irs taxing prince's estate and taxing him a lot. with up to 27%
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. kennedy: this story keeps getting crazier, the legal implications more stark, prince's sister says the rock star did not leave a will where his money and unpublished songs should go and who should be in charge of them? it will be split between his sister and five surviving half siblings, and tax the estate accordingly. seems like a sneaky way to stick it to a dead genius, and here to shed light is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. welcome back, judge. >> kennedy, always a pleasure. thank you. kennedy: this is a crazy story, i said this last night, i cannot believe the guy did not have a will. the guy did have health problems he had an o.d. the week before he died and the $300 million estate he was fiercely protective of copyrights, music and image,
5:22 am
how could someone like that not have a will? >> well, i don't know what was going on in his head. he was obviously so protective of these things he wouldn't share them with lawyers and accountants but beyond a will he needed very sophisticated estate planning. kennedy: that's right. >> which would have allowed him to shelter some of the assets from the voracious, rapacious grasp of federal and state tax collectors. his estate if it's near the $300 million estimated is good for about 56% going to the tax collectors. about 40% of the feds and about 16% to the state of minnesota. there is a deductible. that is, there is a part of the estate that is immune, but it's very, very small. less than 1% in the case of estate of this magnitude. but he has a lot of interesting problems. one of which no one really knows what the value of some of the unpublished songs might be. kennedy: yeah.
5:23 am
>> so the government will say what it thinks it is worth, if those who are about to receive anything under the estate disagree they'll have to hire lawyers and there's going to have to be a trial and it's going to cost money and eat into their inheritance. most people particularly when they are not the spouse or child. kennedy: he didn't have a spouse, child or surviving parents. >> right. most people would not go through the expense of challenging the government because they consider whatever comes to them a gift to them and they accept whatever the government says it's worth. this is really a scheme and a gimmick, kennedy, if you will, for the government to acquire massive amounts of wealth by doing nothing for the people from whom the n. the property has already been taxed. it was taxed when he earned it. so it's a double taxation, and you will barely hear a peep of complaint about it except from
5:24 am
people like you and me who think the behavior of the government is immoral. kennedy: it is immoral grab, and stunning, the fact that the federal government was going to get 35%. the state of minnesota can get 16%. they're the ones who can estimate the worth of that unpublished song collection, and that seems like such an arbitrary number, and to put this in contrast. michael jackson did have a carefully planned estate. he did have a will. he had directives all over the place. every aspect of his fortune which has since grown after his passing, and he passed in 2009, they're still fighting over his estate seven years later. how long can the prince thing drag out? >> there's no limit to how long it can drag out. there is the famous case called -- famous novel by charles dickens called bleak house,
5:25 am
about a 120-year dispute over the value of an estate. there is literally no limit to how long this can go on depending on the ease with which the government can estimate the value and whether those who are about to receive money from the government's representations. i predict because these people who are about to receive are neither spouse or offspring they'll accept what the government says and really just get a check for what's left over, their portion of what's left over after the tax collectors grab all theirs. kennedy: if they say that will be $150 million, please. how do you liquidate an estate like that to pay a bill of that magnitude? how do you do it? >> that's not easy. the government could very well end up owning the copyright and then looking for a purchaser for it. this could be a very unique situation where the tax bill exceeds the liquid assets in
5:26 am
the estate. meaning, before you can collect anything, you've got to sell pieces of paper which no one has seen. in order to do that, you got to find a buyer. kennedy: my gosh. >> only in america. kennedy: only in america, and my goodness, this story gets more complex. thank you very much, judge, appreciate it. >> you're welcome. kennedy: coming up, a daredevil poised with death atop a skyscraper. is that the most extreme yoga you can do without dynamite in your parts? if you ride ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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. kennedy: when your house is filled with ghosts, the annoying ghosts who keep leaving the toilet seat up and drinking the last of the milk, come with me and we will murder ghost busters and ghosts will kill the ghosts we don't like and we can watch the news. those are the "topical storm." problem solved.
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topic number one -- scottish dad john tierney is not quite ready for his daughter to get a boyfriend. watch this amazing, extremely scottish exchange between the two. >> why i cannot get a boyfriend? >> because i don't want you to get a boyfriend. >> why not? >> because you're not getting one. daddy will break his legs. if you get a boyfriend, you're getting one from jesus. end of story. [ laughter ] >> of course, so amazing, if she does grow up to be a nun, she'll be a scottish nun, and they're not exactly like other nuns. told you. so much cardio. topic number two -- why do action sports videos
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big wave surfers. he got munched by that thick, greasy wave in tahiti. i bet he took one in his shorts, if you know what i'm saying. i know, a little subtle. topic number three. what? what happens when a grown woman is trying to clean up the backyard, just wheeling that teeny tricycle and the place so everything looks just right. exactly what you would expect when a rude lawnchair trips are and censor oblivious keister into the drink. [laughter] kennedy: i love watching it over and over again. it is so fun. and she goes, just wet. can you imagine if that pool were filled with starving
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alligators? that would have ended so differently. >> that's a crocodile. crickets, a daredevil who enjoy sites and applied equal measures of dexterity and insanity in his latest video. >> man . come on. kennedy: what is he doing? that is just not smart. this is what happens when
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play in my favorite film, air bud six, this time he is a quarterback where all odds are against him, but he manages to score a touchdown in the big game. ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: it is the dinosaurs on snowmobiles that i love. they eventually catch him and eat him, and he was delicious. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm", you better believe you can tweet me. use #"topical storm". big ups.
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my panel returns and moments. should women get maternity leave even if they are not pregnant or planning on having children? one lady says company should have mandated me time to give ladies a little self reflection. they were, libertarian candidate larry johnson in the house. why he thinks he can harness the dissatisfaction with 2016's choices and make a real difference. you owned your car for four years,
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♪ >> lovely. welcome back. this week in an interview former speaker of the house calling senator ted crews lucifer in the flesh. democrat and republican friends.
5:40 am
i never worked with the more miserable son of a in my life. no, you didn't. >> when he called me lucifer , he is not directing that at me. he is directing that it you. standing with the american people. kennedy: there you are, standing. the panel is back. does this actually help ted crews? >> well, when someone calls you lucifer you don't hold a press conference in fact like lucifer. [laughter] kennedy: he is not inside me. he is insulting you, minions. >> my giant force field. >> if you were lucifer he
5:41 am
would be better looking and more charismatic. kennedy: he looks like jude law. >> the rest of those remarks were all equally insane. >> how john kasich, he's friends with them, but he is one of those friends you have to work hard to be friends with. ii mean, he is just reveling and having no responsibilities. >> the moderate establishment. >> i think he lost his mind when the pope came. he went nuts and was never able to recover, and that is why he quit. >> well, ted made his life miserable. >> that's true. >> to that extent, this is a job recommendation for sure. if he hates you because you made his life hard, that's the 1st time. >> and to the extent that obama made his life hard, that was frequent. >> i think all of this is searing flesh.
5:42 am
kennedy: what is the motivation for boehner? >> i can't even say it on camera what i imagine he is on at this point. i don't think he gives a damn and likes that paul ryan is humiliating him. i'm sure that does not sit well with him. >> he may be just trying to help. the only time. people attack him. when ted was rallying against his colleagues, we all kind of thought, that guy is kind of cool. >> cool? >> i thought he was rand paul light. it was an embarrassment. >> i agree. a minute there, one of those liberty caucus guys. kennedy: rabble-rouser. don't get me wrong. now let's move on to a non- mother named megan 40, calling for me turn it in
5:43 am
saying women should be entitled to maternity leave even if they don't have children. many have returned from maternity with fresh goals and outlooks. could it be a clever way of saying extra vacation time or perhaps sabbatical? this is one of the dumbest things i've ever heard in my life. people don't return from maternity leave with fresh goals, they return knowing that they can nap under the desk, and it is the only time they will be able to sleep. you have kids. >> i do. on one hand, they deserve to burn forever along with the reputation of ted cruz. on the other hand, this is just a repackaging of the conflict of sabbatical. maybe longer. we just need to take a little bit of time to think
5:44 am
about things. kennedy: nothing wrong with that. don't compare it to maternity. >> i am preemptively against i am preemptively against all of the blog imam or sue are about to lose their mind over this. it is not a vacation. >> but it is also not the day-to-day grind of your job. you take a couple of months off. kennedy: when you return, you are profoundly grateful. >> yes, you are. even babies. >> yes, but i think that this is a great thing and women should demand. if all women get maternity, then guys will follow and we will be entitled to take time off and say, i have to go in the other room and pump my breasts. really all be taking a nap. i am for -- if she wants it mandated by government not for businesses to allow -- >> no evidence that she does >> she said that in an article. >> which is ridiculous.
5:45 am
>> it could be mandated if you agree you have to go to the gym or therapist every day. let's see how many sign up. >> i don't buy it. women somehow need time off because -- >> paid time off. >> that's like hillary clinton saying and anytime someone says something mean about nana it sexism. you don't need time off because you're a woman. there is no correlation. thank you. he is here and is going to tell me why 2016 will be very, very different from previous presidential elections. a big impact on the race this time.
5:46 am
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♪ kennedy: many of you are not happy, and i will tell you why. in the latest fox news poll, 58 percent of polled voters have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton, 65 percent have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump. meanwhile a hypothetical matchup between gary johnson , hillary clinton, and donald trump, 11 percent went to governor johnson. his 2016 the year of the 3rd party? welcome back, governor johnson. >> it should be, and thank you for having me on. the two most polarizing figures in american politics today. i think the majority of people in this country are libertarian, it is just that they don't know it.
5:50 am
there is justification for including my name in the poll because the libertarian party nominee will be the only third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. kennedy: donald trump proposed to bernie sanders that he should launch an independent bid for the presidency. do you agree? >> ii think he has gotten a fair shake when it comes to the democrats. kennedy: he raised a lot of money, inspire people, generated passion. >> no matter who it is, if he were to enter the race tomorrow is no independent, he would not be on the ballot in all 50 states. he might be enough states to mathematically the elected president, but not all 50 states. talking about the third-party, take the next half step and recognize that is the libertarian party in the next half step, arguably on the presumptive nominee.
5:51 am
kennedy: let's do that is bernie sanders is a socialist. his programs don't make sense, and he is giving hillary clinton the fighter for life. why has libertarianism failed to excite more people and a group of people as big as sanders supporters? >> kennedy, bernie sanders is like libertarian on three quarters of what it is he talks about. kennedy: kind of libertarian on some things. >> the i side with quiz, i always bring this up. i side with .com. the next politician i align with outside of myself is bernie sanders at 73 percent. when it comes to economics we do this. kennedy: economics are incredibly important when you have slow gdp growth and people are still underemployed and lots of people are not participating anyway. how can you get libertarianism to be a
5:52 am
stronger, more cohesive movement that people glom onto in the way they are supporting socialism? >> it has everything to do with just getting heard. this is a message that is not being heard, and now i am back to the chicken and egg. media says, we are not going to give you coverage because you are not showing up that well in the polls. the polls say, you are not getting in the media. i think being in the polls will generate the attention and bring focus to the fact that three quarters of what bernie is saying is libertarian. economics, it's a stretch. kennedy: unfortunately that is the biggest piece of pie for people voting right now. >> i don't know if it is, kennedy. i don't know if it isn't just social, marriage equality, legalize marijuana. kennedy: obviously you and i know how important those things are. is that what is resonating
5:53 am
with voters right now? >> it could be. kennedy: you get into presidential debates, how do you take on clinton and trump? trump is so vitriolic, and clinton has become this nitpicky student of foreign-policy. how do you survive in a debate like that? >> how can you get any more status quo than hillary clinton, anymore establishment than hillary clinton? is anything going to change? is government going to get bigger? she will advocate for it. kennedy: are you ready to debate both of them? >> yes, absolutely. and with a broad brush stroke offering libertarianism, fiscally responsible social liberal. democrats cannot balance a checkbook, i don't think, if, if it was during them in the face. when it comes to the social agenda i think it is a turnoff. kennedy: you have to unpopular people who are both authoritarian big government stooges, and a
5:54 am
great case to make. i hope you get to make it. keep fighting the good fight. thank you for coming back. >> always. kennedy: always and forever and liberty. coming up, it is your mail day. i will respond to that critique you wrote in that bathroom a starbucks. i will pass, kennedy has only dumb things to say. you are dumb, and s welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests,
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♪ kennedy: when the fbi is about to caesar private server, it is best to clear out the good stuff before they get a hold ofa hold of anything. let's sort through the glorious gatherings together. here comes your mail. what a terrible show you have. are you trying to be funny? you are bad.
5:58 am
i guess that answer michael -- that answers michael jackson's question, who is bad. you have reached unbelievable levels of wickets asked. you are not real. totally real. you are just like my dog, much smarter than a lot of people think. yesterday's show opened with a discussion of the possibility that some celebrities will take a permanent trip up north and live in canada mr. donald trump is elected president. a couple of connects had something to say about this. we don't want them in canada. has anyone asked if we would take them? asked 1st. next up, things that don't make sense. donald trump is the cat litter of vegetables. very good. i think you have a crush on the donald. in fact, how do ii get my
5:59 am
question asked in your shows male segment? keep trying. they just might work out for you one day. let's in the show on a high note. kennedy, i like you, but sometimes you need to shut up. you mtv reject. you shut up. you're ugly. what? thank you for watching the show tonight. i just want to take a moment to say goodbye to my lovely senior producer, tim. there we are looking at a bright light. it does not have to make sense. he was my segment producer and was promoted all the way up to captain of the ship. we had a lovely farewell dinner last week. there we are touring the wall between us and mexico. we snuck under it and had margaritas. now because of that and a legal proceeding he is
6:00 am
leaving us for greener pastures. he is my hero and will already be my friend. by, tim. ia great week, we haveo go. tim. ia great week, we haveo as hot spots arise around the world, our military is powering down. >> most of you in the army know is that the army is reducing its size. >> i worry about the capability and capacity to win in a major fight. >> with the armed forces getting new marching orders -- >> male rotc cadets were pressured by the military to walk around in women's high heels. >> i found that entire incident just kind of bizarre. >> is the new u.s. military ready to face new threats? >> you're sending the message to the rest of the world you're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threat


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