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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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best. >> i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. the field of republicans out there is so messed up, i figured it makes you miss me, good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump is conceding nothing in his drive for the republican presidential nomination, and he's campaigning hard in indiana tonight. the republican front runner today, again, campaigning with legendary basketball coach bobby knight and both men seem dto be enjoying their battle for votes in the indiana state. he referred to cruz campaigning throughout the state as well and why he turned to knight for help. >> if i win, we win. it's over. i didn't want to take too much time because i know he's lying,
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so i said, i better get back to indiana fast, and i said, get my bobby knight really fast, please. >> and bobby knight, obviously, likes trump a lot. giving him not only his endorsement, but getting out on the campaign trail and indiana with trump and raising hell. >> as i step away from this podium, i hope as i do that, you people will think for just a moment and you'll say to yourselves each and every one of you, how soon can i vote for that guy? i hope that's what you all have to say. >> we pick up the fight for indiana with the chairman of the indiana republican party, jeff cardwell joining us tonight. also among my guests, former reagan white house political director ed rollins, republican strategist, tony, and also tonight, the insult heard around the country, former house speaker john boehner blasting
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senator cruz as, quote, lucifer in the flesh. and the most miserable s.o.b., that's in quotes, that he's ever met. looks like that honesty is rubbing off on the establishment. the mainstream liberal media says the trump university lawsuit could pose a big political problem for trump this fall. well, tonight, we tell you why we believe the facts align with trump. and after we show you more than a few coincidences in the matter, see whether you think it's a political hit job by a hillary clinton supporter. we take up that case with the attorneys here tonight. donald trump is going to california tonight for a campaign event, but the presumetive nominee was in indiana campaigning all day with the famed basketball coach bobby knight ahead of next week's primary, and, well, i just have
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to tell you, i really like the way bobby knight endorsed the anti-establishment, donald trump. >> i'm not here to represent the republican party. you know, quite frankly, i don't give a damn about the republicans. and then on the other hand, i don't give a damn about the democrats either. [ cheers and applause ] this man's not a republican. he's not a democrat. at heart, he's just a great american. >> you know, if you don't p love bobby knight, you just have not been paying attention to him. joining us tonight, political director republican strategist ed rollins, republican campaign strategist, tony, and both fox news contributors, great to have you both here. >> pleased to see you. >> ed, i have to start with you. five races, five calls by rollins, five victories for trump and five for rollins. well done. >> well, easy for me, he had to campaign. all i'm doing is reading where it is.
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i mean, it's obvious at this point in time he's building momentum. i predict he's going to win indiana next week, and, of course, the guy who is the mild, gentle, just basically wants to be the national security adviser, i don't like anybody. i don't like democrats, republicans, that's only enhancing -- >> didn't say he didn't like them but doesn't give a damn about them. >> like he doesn't like them. i'm glad he's mellowed, not throwing chairs. >> mellowed to he said, you know, referring to donald trump, said, he could have played for me. that's -- that's just about, i would -- i don't know how many hundreds of thousands of votes that's worth, but quite a few. >> only difference is, trump doesn't lin to anybody, and if you didn't listen to knight, you got your ass kicked. >> tall enough to play trump and
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has the wingspan, certainly. momentum is important, and people suggest, well, this late in the game, it's not a big factor. i completely disagree, it's a gravitational pull, especially when you keep winning with the margins trump has won by. the five states won every county, and four or five states, won by larger margins. look, bobby knight said something critical, in my opinion, revealed how trump wins a general election. if this is a partisan strick structural race, republican versus democrat, we're going to lose. let's face it, right? if this becomes in us, we the people, against them, the ruling class, and you have hillary clinton as the ruling class as the poster child and trump as the us, and there's a crossover support, that's his road map. >> tony, i don't want to say you're late to the party, but on this broadcast, we've been talking about this very issue for years. >> where did i learn it, lou? watching you. >> in june, in june, when he
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announced, it was clear at least, i think, to those of us on this broadcast, at least, that that's precisely why he's running. he's remitti inrepresenting the middle class and those who aspire to it. he could be called, as far as i know, i have not referred to this, but he's a traitor to his class, and there's a lot of people occupant there cheering his guts, his courage to do that. do you disagree? >> no. he's a maverick in the industry he's in, doing things his own way all his life. he lives a lifestyle people are envious of, and to a certain extent, he took the reality tv show no one thought he'd have success with making it a no. 1 show for 14 years. >> 14 years, those who call him a reality tv star, as though he's not a multibill naer. >> many would love to be a tv reality star. i will say this, lou, it's bigger than just middle class.
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up until i think the last results, you saw trump win in pennsylvania, for example, affluent suburbs of philadelphia and the rural western part of the state, the idea was that the people supporting trump were part of the populist diaspora whites. no. it's larger. >> be clear. >> larger than that. >> that was the left wing liberal view and the gop. >> correct, correct. the elitist view from the right as well, and he's proving that his appeal goes broader to the point you made for a long time, that i'm subscribing to for sure, i think the people ho do not feel the benefit of the ruling class in washington, regardless of of party, will give a look to donald trump. >> and what is the most fascinating revelations from all of the exit polling that's been done, in the last five races before that, new york in particular. >> in new york, the seat of the financial world and world markets, half of democrats, half
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of republicans believe those markets, wall street, do more to harm the economy of this country than to help it. and that's extraordinary. >> the one thing i think business has found out, and certainly wall street found out, there's no friends. there's no parties for them anymore. my sense, is there's a rough ride the rest of the way here unless they make major -- >> they had good parties at the clinton initiative, i believe. they have been warmly embraced. >> campaign is still to come. they will be a target, i'm sure. the key thing here going to the point of momentum, it's acceptable for ordinary people to say i'm for trump where early on people, you know, kind of the outsiders did not, they were for him, and now people everywhere now say k it's okay, i'm used to it. the establishment is getting used to it, which could be a detriment, but at the end of the day, boehner says i endorse you, that's a liability, but -- >> i don't know if he could have made a more effective endorsement than calling donald
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trump's opponent the what is it, lucifer in the flesh. that's powerful stuff. >> some of us wish boehner was as critical of barak obama as ted cruz. >> golfing buddy, you don't want to do that. >> i agree with the idea that polling doesn't accurately reflect trump's support because there is this kind of browbeating of people to think that if you support trump or talk about it, you are antiintellectual and antiprogress, antiminority, and trump's slowly, but surely, i'm telling you, i think he's changing minds of a lot of folks, and even if you didn't support him, i'm an example of it, you are taking him more seriously the closer he is to clenching this. >> i embrace intelligence. i want to be clear about that. >> that's why we're here. >> what i find offensive in the country is so many people who think they are intellectuals,
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and pose as such. you know, i think we are starting to reduce them. >> we do need to be stopping the name calling. both sides. >> you don't approve of of lucifer -- >> i just think we're in too many personal attacks, and we have to bring it together and have a real policy campaign in the future. >> all right. you want me to sing hallelujah? >> i don't -- >> i can't wait, lou. >> i heard you want to end the that way, lou. >> if i did sing, that would end the show. [ laughter ] thanks so much. appreciate it, tony. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, lou. up next, the pc police, oh, my goodness, they are back! they forgot what they are messing with. they went off trump for saying this. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. america first will be the major and overriding theme of my
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administration. >> that's right, some people going after him for saying "america first," america first, america first, america first. we'll take that up next with clarence mason weaver. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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joining us tonight is author and president of mason media, clarence, great to have you with us on the show. president obama today saying that the "new york times" is not projecting correctly the state of the u.s. economy saying that he personally believes it's far better than the numbers and reporting indicate. in your judgment, is he right? is he delusional? what? >> well, it is better for him and his cronies. it is much better. they prosper. liberal democrats prosper in mise misery. the job is to manage misery in your life. they have victims, never victorious, always make money. he's empowered off his friends, but not the people. >> you know, it is interesting in counter -- i think, certainly counterintuitive what one would have expected of this president
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when he stepped into office in 2009. we see high minority unemployment. we see an economy that is intractably facing bare yours to historic growth levels, 3% and 4%. as reverend jesse jackson used to say, a rising tide rises all boats, and he is right, but there is seemingly no imptous in the white house to create growth and create that tide that lifts all boats. >> well, first, you have to have a boat. why are you surprised that obama has created chaos? he was a community disorganizer. his whole focus in life, he told you, looked in the eye, and said i will fundamentally change america. he was determined -- >> you didn't say that until after he was elected, clarence. not until after. >> how can you be surprised? >> i didn't say i was surprised,
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my friend, but i said what he said, and the fact it was counter intuitive he would not reach to one group or another to one seat of people and say, you know what, we're not red or blue states, but the united states. that's what he said in 2004 and what everybody bought into. >> we're broke states. we're broke states. we have a broken economy. a broken health care system. a broken border, broken promises, obama is a dismal failure in our nation. all he does is bring people against each other. it's white against black. rich against poor. east coast against west coast. muslim against christians. his job in life is to divide the nation and destroy it. >> what do you think about the pc police coming after the far left because donald trump is using the slogan which i think is magnificent and i can't imagine another construction of american interest thing to say "america first", and they say,
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oh, you shouldn't use that expression because 70 years ago it was an isolationist slogan, and it is not now. trump, to his credit, clarence, has said, basically, to hell with you, this is the way it is. >> you know, i like to know who is first then? if not america, who? >> amen. >> north korea? china? who is first? the whole world is better off with america's strong. there's only two kind of european nations, those behinds we've kicked and those we've saved. the whole world owes us a debt of gratitude. i'm tired of apologizing for being great and for being america and looking at the world as we're a bully. we are americans. if you mess with us, you're going to lose your nation. donald trump said to the world, we have woken up, we are no longer tested by words. we are not going to be hurt
4:19 am
feelings. we don't care if you think we hate you. we don't care. we'll make america great making the whole world great. >> i think the expression is make america great again. clarence, great to have you with us. out of time, and i have to tell you, i have not had so much fun over the span of such a short few minutes of conversation -- >> i'll be back. >> come on back. >> we'll do that. take care. >> thank you, you too. >> and perhaps we should all think twice the next time we take a nice walk through the park. watch what happens in this beautiful day in alabama. uh-oh. the aircraft plunged to the ground in that alabama park, hit a free, burst into flames. the high lot, jumped out of the plane as it caught fire, brush himself off. incredibly, he escaped with only minor burns. >> up next, ted cruz cruz not happy, not happy at all with john boehner.
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if you're happy with john boehner as speaker of the house, then you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. >> thoughts about the cruz-boehner, well, departure coming up next in the commentary. stay with us.
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a few thoughts now on what is certainly the most entertaining political battle of the day between former house speaker boehner and senator cruz. boehner's feelings about cruz, no credit before this. he's previously call the presidential candidate a jack ass and a false prophet, but the former speaker went more than a little further last night in a for forum, boehner making it clear there's nothing but contempt for senator cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh.
4:25 am
i have democrat friends and republican friends, i get along with almost everybody, but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ] in my life. >> well, cruz today fired back at the former speaker, sort of, saying that he allowed his, quote, inner trump to come out. >> he said something like he's the worst sob i've ever worked with, something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> well, there was that too. but the interesting thing is he said "i've ever worked with". i never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is, i don't know the man. i met boehner two or three times in my life. >> never worked with him. here we go again. the senator apparently forgot he once worked as an attorney on a ka case for boehner two decades ago. the cruz campaign said cruz never actually talked with boehner while on that case, but i believe that boehner's sharp
4:26 am
shots against cruz signal something bigger at work here. there are signs now, just signs, that the republican establishment may be coming around to donald trump, and their responsibility, in fact, their duty to respect and honor the will of the people, the voters. god knows they have been fighting him hard enough. boehner made a point of calling trump a friend, adding they play a lot of golf together, but he said it looks like he's going to be the nominee, and that he ought to be president. it's now becoming apparent to even the establishment that donald trump is the presumptive nominee and made trump earn every ounce of their acknowledgement, and soon, i hope, their enthusiastic support as well. support that will be commerce rat with the immense opportunity
4:27 am
that trump remits for the kbgop future of the country. the quotation of the evening and thinking of the language of donald trump, even bobby nooikn, now we take a quote from twain talking about language. he said this, quote, a man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversations. words like it seems to me, great, beautiful, tremendous come to mind. those have become trump words, very presidential, i think, as well. don't you? up next, california nuns lash out at katie perry saying she was wrongly given permission to buy their convent. we take up the case with our attorneys. here next, stay with us. we'll be right back. sweetheart, think about your future.
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feed the pig!
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questionable motives swirling around civil litigation concerning trump university. you heard donald trump say it's a bunch of stuff. in california, a federal judge appointed by president obama has set a hearing date for the first day of what? the republican national convention. that's just a coincidence, folks, honestly. when you hear about the lawsuit, let's give you a little count. a total of five students, five of them, are suing trump
4:32 am
university, and this week in new york, a judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by the notoriously left wing attorney general may go to trial. joining us now to kind of assess this for us is, well, two of the best attorneys in the business. arthur is getting married saturday, congratulations. >> but i'm here to talk about trump university because that's just as important as my nuptials. >> oh, i would have done anything to see having made that mistake. let's start with -- >> well, here's the bottom line. there have been many people who have taken the trump course, the trump university course. if you go online -- >> how many have sued? >> right. trump has a lot -- >> let me show the camera. how many? >> five. five. trump has evidence of positive reviews of other students saying i had a great time, so dwsh.
4:33 am
>> the attorney general of new york -- >> well, i'm not a fan. >> you're not a fan? >> i'm not a fan. >> this guy, are you a fan in. >> no. >> so i think it's over. >> well -- >> he's done. >> the problem is it's a pain in the neck for trump, not him personally, but his team. it's something they have to deal with. it's something they have -- i don't think trump is going to spend one minute of his life worried about this, and it's a joke it's on the day of the gop convention, but his team has to dismiss it without going forward. the judge said, no, we'll hear it. >> obama appointed too many judges. >> yeah, well -- >> well, you know, what they are going to do is give everyone their day in court so that there is fairness and trump can say, i offer university, people went to the course, paid money. people might my understand, it's not as if he offered courses and when people got there there was
4:34 am
a closed door. >> no. >> people went and had courses. >> right. he advertised it, saying i hand picked the professors. >> he claims that. >> he also, lou, just to add that trump drama to this, he made a statement that the judge who is presiding over this in california is, i believe, hispanic dissent, and trump says he doesn't like me because of my immigration policy so the judge is against me the whole time. it's trump drama, love it. >> he was already against him before. >> yeah. now he's that much more against him. >> all you litigators like to keep the chain in -- >> correct. >> he's already asserting the possibility there may be something unfair so he's going to ask for the court to move it to a different judge. will that happen? i doubt it. >> i don't think the case goes far. >> trump can afford to deal with
4:35 am
the nonsense, talking about the politics of destruction that grips this country. this is litigation of destruction. you got five students, they could bury somebody who was just an entrepreneur who had no capital, no nothing because of the legal fees. >> right. >> why the heck don't we make it loser pays and then end a lot of the -- >> i would need to defer to my esteemed cle eed colleague here. that's the world she lives in, more of a plaintiff attorney than i am, but a great idea to start off with. >> we know each other, practice together in brooklyn. we're very, very close friends. >> counselor? >> yes. with respect, with all do respect, lou -- >> i'm not going to like what you're going to say. >> no. because the underdog sometimes needs to be able to have the opportunity to sue. >> i like the underdog. >> i understand that. >> but the underdog also gets sued. >> yes, they do, but in our constitution, we have to allow for people to come in -- >> so -- >> who may be scared or underprivileged.
4:36 am
>> i want to be the tie breaker. i want to be the tie breaker. >> 30 seconds. >> i think in the beginning of the process, at some point a judge should make a ruling whether this is lose or pay all case, get out what you are saying or not. >> that's a good point. >> they dismissed nonsense, but they don't have the stuff because they -- >> you're using guts. i use other words. >> they want -- >> plural things. >> let me say the profession liquid. great to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. well, the russian military engaging in more provocation. defense officials confirmed to fox news a russian fighter jet flew within 50 feet of a u.s. surveillance plane in northeast asia last week. that incident two weeks after two russian jet fighters conducted flyovers of a navy destroyer in the baltic sea. days after that, a russian fighter jet conducted a barrel roll over one of our spy planes
4:37 am
testifying before the senate yesterday, defense secretary ash carter said, it is time for those provocations to stop. >> whether it's encouraged from the top, whether it was encouraged from higher up or not, i can't say, but we do expect it to be discouraged from higher up from now on. these pilots need to get the word, hey, knock it off. >> the obama administration has not in any way retaliated other than to say the actions are repeatedly they have said this, unsafe and unprofessional. so far, vladimir putin is unmoved by the obama administration's timid response. tense moments on capitol hill today as lawmakers question the director of immigration of customs enforcement. at issue? why over a three-year period more than 86,000 criminal illegal imgrants have been released by i.c.e. into the
4:38 am
american public? here is the heated exchange between house oversight committee member jim senior deny and i.c.e. director sarah today. >> again, when you break it down, people came here illegally, did a crime, many cases violent crime, were in your custody, the law says they are supposed to be deported, and at your discretion, not because they their country wouldn't take them back, no travel documents, no notwithstanding other reasons, but half of the 80,000, you decided you were not going to follow the law, but release them. >> i disagree with that. we follow the law. >> the fact remains, you release them? >> after a careful analysis of each case. >> careful analysis, my guess is the families who are here also want to express condolences disagree with your careful analysis. >> i.c.e.'s statistics reveals
4:39 am
last year alone they released 20,000 illegal criminal immigrants who committed 64,000 crimes including 196 related to homicide, 216 kidnappings, 614 sex ovffenses, and more than 80 robberies. president obama's open borpd borders policy does not comply to his own residents. raise the feet by five feet? that comes after a series of high profile security breaches including fence jumper just earlier this week which put the white house on lockdown. one particular candidate finds the development amusing. donald trump, writing on facebook, quote, president obama understands that you build strong, tall, beautiful walls to keep people out who don't belong, end quote. people who get permission can enter the white house legally.
4:40 am
a reminder to obey the rules of the road. this biker is speeding in the narrow space between cars on a georgia highway. that was not good, was it? it's illegally for precisely this reason. the biker escaped with just a broken wrist. we'll come back with trump spending more time attacking, what does he call her -- >> crooked hillary. >> hillary clinton also refuses to say the words "radical islam" as she pushes for a massive increase of refugees coming into our country. >> we take up trump's big foreign policy speech today with the u.n. ambassador bolten next. stay with us, please.
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4:44 am
joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, and as you guess, my first question is, what did you think of the trump speech? with prompter, by the way? >> well, i thought it was a very strong and impressive speech. i think it was something i wish the campaign had him do six months ago, but i think he laid out prince it was a lengthy speech. it didn't cover every detale, as
4:45 am
you might expect. it's a complex issue, but he established principles of foreign policy, american national interest. >> america first, we can say it out loud, america first, what a novel damn idea, if i may. >> well, back in 2008, john mccain's slogan, as i recall, was country first, and i know what the association with america first from the 1930s is, but -- >> can you imagine people thought they were so high bound high pcs they decided they would not use that slogan because it was tied to an isolationist group in the '30s for crying out loud? >> look. the trump speech today was an internationalist speech. he correctly identified everything that was wrong with the obama foreign policy. i thought he advanced his position. let's put it that way, on a number of issues on the iran nuclear deal for example. there was nothing about how --
4:46 am
>> how about no, no bomb for iran. >> yeah. >> how about that. >> that's exactly the right position, and i believe it shows he's prepared to do what's necessary. this may upset some trump supporters, but i think it put trump in the broad main stream of republican foreign policy. there are disagreements to be sure. it was a good speech. >> it was a good speech, and i have to ask you this. have you really heard him say anything utterly wrong in terms of values and direction when talking about u.s. foreign policy and policies that he would prescribe? whether it's nato, whether it is dealing with the middle east and specifically radical islamist terrorism, whether it is israel, china, or russia? have you heard him say something utterly wrong? >> well, yes, i have to say on iraq, i'd like to visit with him on what he thinks the administration policy was, but, again -- >> no, no, no, i'm talking about
4:47 am
his policy prescriptions, not history or a differing -- i know that you wouldn't like the idea of criticizing your former boss. i got that. it goes prescription. >> right. it goes to looking forward because when he then turns to the subject of isis, as you point out, his position is exactly right, that isis is going to be destroyed, and not ultimately as obama says, but i think quite quickly, and i think when you combine that with his views on iran, i do want to argue history with him at some point, but looking forward, i'm okay with that. >> you're an intellectual, john. you want to argue the damn history. he's about the future. >> well, i think, as they say, those who forget the past are going to repeat it. >> like the series of the folks of the past two administrations who did just that? forget the lessons of history, the lessons of -- for example, the british empire, the lessons, our own in vietnam, you mean
4:48 am
those lessons? the ones -- >> there you go talking about history again. >> i know. you duped me for the last time. because we're out of time, but you get the last word. >> no, look, i think it was a speech that now gets into the debate. it gives him a platform to do a lot of other things. it's a plus for the trump campaign. >> john bolltton, a delight. >> any thyime, lou. >> kt, great to see you. i made fun of the dispatch of two f22s to romania -- >> oh, oh, everybody's scared. >> to slow down the russian military, make putin think twice. what in the world are we doing? >> we're not doing any of it. president obama wants to buy time so he's got a problem with russia, he's got a problem with iran, he's got a problem with isis, and he has a problem with china. what's he doing? he's going to kick the can down
4:49 am
the road and let the next president worry about those problems so that barak obama can say, i didn't start this war in iraq. that was george bush. i didn't lose these wars. that was the next guy. >> it's a little frightening. >> yeah. >> disturbing. a little -- makes me worry a lot to think that we've got people in the military dispatched two aircraft to romania for even if it's for one element of a general response to a strategic threat. that is preposterous on its base. >> well, it encourages putin to take advantage. if this is all we can muster to stand up aggression in the baltics, the u.s. ships, ukraine, and advantages he's taking and provocations, and all we do is send airplanes? >> and we have a secretary of state whining about a russian jet fighter that does barrel rolls over a surveillance plane
4:50 am
instead of saying, well, you know, our fellas show them how to do a barrel roll in 30 days. stand by for that. that is not the u.s. military. that is not the state department. that is not the way to react. these are a group -- this administration seems to me is a group of defeated, hallow, caricatures of something that we don't want to possess longer than the constitutional deadline. >> well, peace and strength. we're not getting peace. we're not strong. carry a big stick -- walk softly and carry a big stick. we're not doing that. we should be quiet about it, reenforce nato. reinstitute strategic defense. the missile shield, increase defense spending. >> in that regard, north korea now launching missiles from submarines. russia, china working together. they are creating a critical
4:51 am
mass for a strategic threat, and there does not seem to be in the response on the part of this administration or cry from our pentagon. >> well, the president's response to that is the great tide of history is going to help him, that he's on the right side of history, and whether it's china, whether it's russia, isis, or whether -- they are on the wrong side of history, so he lets history take care of it. >> well, it's nice he has that kind of presence and knows where the demarcation line is between national success and, well, failure. kt, great to have you here. >> thanks, lou. >> thanks so much. celebrities threatening to move to canada if trump wins. oh, please, please, we have taken up the lighter side of what seems like a very serious period of american politics. we'll see what andy thinks about don trump's amazing historic,
4:52 am
epic, extraordinary victories last night. stay with us. we'll be right back. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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oh, you can just see he's rocking to it. he's in that trump mode now. andy levy, the co-host of "red
4:56 am
eye," former miss usa, and andy, we did that just for you. >> you got to be thrilled. >> i could not be more thrilled. look, it's over. i've been saying it's over since south carolina. >> right. >> it's not like i said, well, there's a chance. no, it's trump. it's going to be trump. >> did you come to better know the man and understand his policy, and -- >> i'm sorry, his what? his what? >> value structure -- you watched the foreign policy speech today? >> no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to give you -- >> i was watching "lethal weapon." >> cliff notes, america first. what an incredible idea. >> lou, i heard that before, and it was not good. >> it was not good. >> well, this time, partner, it's great. just like the country's going to be. >> uh-huh. >> great to have you here. >> thanks, lou. >> it's been so long. start with the trump claim that
4:57 am
all hillary's got is the woman card which she is playing so ineffectively. >> all women have a card. i use mine sparingly, and when you do, it needs to be done in a way that gives you power and makes you likabllikable. she's using it to become a victim. what trumps a woman kwacard is trump card, and he has that. >> first of all, that makes perfect sense, and brings sort of a trump view to this. >> yes. >> and not like crooked hillary as trump calls her. >> the woman card sounds like what the 4-year-old calls the queen. >> what? >> like, it's the woman's card? >> i don't know. >> i understand. >> i understand what it means, lou. look, we all know hillary's -- >> i didn't think you were being obtuse. >> so obtuse.
4:58 am
>> i understand. >> we all know hillary's going to bring up the war on women, portray all attacks -- >> you think she will? >> i have a hunch. i have a hunch. >> she has a freight train of baggage on that one. >> the problem with nominating trump is she's not completely wrong. >> yeah. and this warms your heart? >> no. not at all. >> because, basically, if it's her standard to not be completely wrong, that's going to be, well, not what we call an aspirational candidate, is it? >> no. as much as i do want to see a trump and hillary clinton matchup, if it were cruz, now with carly fiorina as a vp, she wouldn't be able to use that woman card. >> oh. >> because there's another woman there. cruz used his woman card, damn. >> what happens when trump is the nominee and she's out there as the vice president -- it's a little confusining what cruz is achieving here.
4:59 am
>> carly fiorina really doesn't want to be vice president. >> apparently. >> you said i didn't like your jokes. amazing. celebrities going to canada, i mean, threatening to leave the united states of america, what would we do? >> i never heard this before. >> yeah. >> i have never -- this is shocking. trump is really moving people. i love that trump said this is another way i'm making america great again, encouraging them to follow through. >> but that's why -- >> i heard more cheers than dr. >> no, definitely. nothing dumber than this because mainly as she put it, there's no follow through. they threaten. never leave. >> baldwin moved out immediately. >> yeah. >> the other reason it's dumb is it makes me root for trump. >> yeah. well, you know what i think, folks, you're about to watch a metamorphos metamorphosis. this is him not pivoting, but
5:00 am
beginning to survey and adapt. >> yes. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks, lou. >> andy? lou? >> right on, brother. >> that's all for us tonight, thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow, good night from new


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