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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 1, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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i done it. >> jonas. >> super good out of amazon this year. still good for the -- after they deployed the drone. up 15% for year. ♪ well before anti-trump protesters turned violent in the golden state. public officials tried blocking trump from even getting a chance to speak in the golden state. think about this. if you can't beat them, muzzle them? because before these trump protesters in california a number of top public officials there were doing their darnedest to make sure trump never got the chance to speak at all in california. at least not at a public facility. now bernie sanders or hillary clinton using such public
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venues. that's fine. the donald, not so fine. my point here is not to really get a judgment on donald trump. i don't really care what you think. but is it the taxpayers who were the ones ultimately getting trumped? ben stein off this week. we have charles on all of these developments here. we pick and choose our battles, huh? >> we pick and choose our battles. but apparently the tolerant left always appears to be so intolerant at some point. and glen shapiro. they wanted to talk to college kids and they blocked him. california is a hot bed for this anti-constitutional and anti-rights. but they want you to tolerate everything on their agenda. the hypocrisy amazing. it really is aaamazing.
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>> who are they to decide? >> exactly right. they were angry about divisive receiptic. that is what they defines at hi. that is what they defines at his such and such. >> what do you think? >> i think they essentially incited this riot. i've been critical of donald and his demeanor. i'll still be critical of that. but when you get public officials out there saying we don't want trump in our backyard that is a clarion call to these lunatics you see on the stage to show up and start a riot. and i believe these california officials should be held responsible and maybe there should be some charge. maybe they should be charged with something. you can't just yell fire in a crowd -- >> -- [inaudible]. >> no. you cannot yell fire in a crowded movie theater. and that is what they are doing
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here. they are inciting a riot. that is a crime. >> people in protest, they can do whatever they want. what bothers me about some of these public officials that wanted to deep donald trump from this location is that they were perfectly fine with others going to the same venues. i would admire their consistency if they said at any public fairgrounds, say indianapolis fairgrounds you won't allow any candidate to go there. no one step further, no just this particular candidate. that is offensive. >> and i think everyone on the right and left should come out and say that. freedom of speech is incredibly important protected right here. and donald trump has the right to speak as well. e also could end up being our president. so people are going to have to get used to the fact that he's gonna have to speak and the protests have been problematic. i would also say donald trump
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has paid a role in this saying things like "i'll pay legal fees." he's kind of the king maker of the divisive language right now. >> -- say divisive things and tick off a lot of people. some of them don't have sort of mail order protests. >> he's very special. >> -- i think there is an agenda here sort of beyond manufacturing a protest real or fake. and that is this notion that if you vote for that guy, this is what you are going to get. in other words, a 1968, do you really want to be associated with that party when this is the type of stuff that is happening in that party? i think it is under the surface as layer of doute. >> they are trying to coax voters. they are taking away the right for trump and his ralliers to come and say they are message or
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peace yet allowing the protesters to go and do what they don't want trump to do which is actually speak out. i think charlie is right. i think this actually incites the riots and legacies them to cause more trouble. >> it is a public fairground. that is illegal. it is not like we're forcing facebook or apple, cupertino to listen to donald trump's spiel about building a i wall. this is a public fairground. like every public official they should open it up. and by basically doing this, that public official is -- >> -- [inaudible]. >> yeah. but they have done on a wider range than what donald did in some cases at his own rallies, which is incite violence. >> i can guarantee the type of coverage that will ensue, that we'll get plenty of shots of
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trump people going after these who are protesting. nevertheless when the protesters going after the trump people, zero coverage. >> zero coverage or ambiguous as to what exactly. all we know are two things dona. >> and this is the idea. anything donald trump's in town. >> if you want casual observer of the political scene. >> not everyone is into the way we are. not everybody studies this stuff. >> donald trump incites violence. >> even though in these cases there's been a lot of -- >> not only do they do the set up but they are famous for enabling this kind of stuff. >> and -- like the minimum wage protesters and stuff -- where are those workers? >> you always have to ask that question and the best way to figure is to go to the event and see who is responssponsoring it?
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>> who backed up occupy wall street. the only thing i would say in response is, you know, donald asked for some of this. the way he comported himself at some of his rallies, i just don't think that is right. and when you put the red flag in front of the bull, he's gonna come. >> i think you got to get to a point where we can say okay donald trump and how divisive he might have been particularly early on. but his supporters, regular people who want to hear this, they shouldn't be targeted. and this is the point i was trying to make. the officials understood this was a powder keg. they allowed it to get out of hand. >> they incited it. they manipulated it. . they allowed it to get out of hand. >> if you truly believe his speech is so offensive. let him say it. the world can figure it out. >> and that's my point with all of this. and i should positi here that donald trump won't come on my
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shows. thinks i'm unfair. and doesn't like me. that's fine. many don't. my only point in saying that's not fair, that's not balanced, that's not right. and when you ignore the stuff we've seen with the black lives matters crowd and how to they disrupt bernie sanders events and hillary clinton events and give that a fraction of the coverage, even that can be a little scary as wellality that is not fair to all candidates. >> i agree with you little there. especially with the super predator term and the back and forth. >> what did he do the very next day? he was so bulled over by the reaction it was getting among liberals that he had to apologize to the very people who were treating him like he was pond scum. >> i understand but that is politics today. i think we all know where bill clinton stands on that issue. >> and the same understanding with donald trump and his events and whether he gets a chance to comment on any issue? >> well he takes -- he takes
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hours of coverage a day to comment on every issue. if donald trump wants to say something, he does say it. he kaulsz a press conference and says hey bring the attention back to me -- >> sounds like -- >> -- especially back to thick about the chicago process -- >> we're not seeing -- >> -- that it's right. >> -- not seeing riots at the john kasich rally. [ laughter ] >> not seeing riots at anybody else's. i would just say this. i think these california people should be charged with a crime for inciting a riot. that said donald bears some responsibility for this. he has stoked anger at his rallies. there is no doubt about it. >> -- necessarily mean people shut crow down in the process. the one thing i'm looking at going forward is the message,
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maybe not so subliminal that america, this guy trump that you guys are close to nominating and i think somebody is going filet split screen with 1968. i guarantee it. maybe i and charles are the only ones here who can can remember that but you might -- but this is what happens every day in his administration. what do you think? >> to that point it may backfire. that may stoke the interest, may stoke is it actual reason to come out and vote for this guy because the. >> nixon was elected, right? >> he was. took advantage of that. >> in a landslide. >> not the landslide the first time. >> second time he was. >> that convention, that summer for democrats didn't help hubert humphr humphrey. or george wallace. but i digress. meanwhile the whole thing is rigged.
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secrets. last september a college student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. it's donald trump alone feeling the burn.
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and some other stuff. >> do you think they should just do away with the super delegates. because if you look at pledge delegates it is a lot closer race. if you look at super delegate, hillary clinton is just a couple of hundred away from closing this thing. >> yeah it doesn't seem fair that super delegates can play such an outsized role. you know, we learned in a democracy it is one person, one vote. evidently not in the primary system. we don't like the concept of the super delegates. it is pretty much an insurance policy for the establishment that they can make sure that the primary doesn't go awry. and i think probably the republicans over the last few months have beenishi the had its dond trp h med forwd. bu nowt loo ke, u kn, bo pties wl havto dl withhe will of the people. >> i got a lot of e-mail on her. and it went something like this from the hillary clinton
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supporters. "wawa wa." deal with it. >> -- mostly because of the donald trump. but the delegates are actually voted for and system they neat to articulate but the super delegates who are directly hand picked by the establishment itself, it is so crazy. it boggles the mind. the one mistake she made. and the one mistake i guess a lot of americans are finding out is it is not a democr the hard way. it is not one person, one vote. >> i know in pledge delegates hillary clinton has a nice lead but with the super delegates it is like insurmountable. and i think they have been saying we've got to get rid of that because there is no value to a system that disproportionately goes way beyond the allocation. new hampshire. bernie sanders won by 22 points. the two of them split the delegates in the state, that is
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weird. >> that is weird. that is not a super delegate issue. but yes it is weird. >> do you know you have agreed with me three types today. >> i know. kick me off the show. to her point in the super delegates in the last 40 years there is only one time where people didn't go with the super delegate asks that was in '80 when hillary clinton lost to obama. >> -- switch sides then? >> -- [ slow down, please ] >> when bernie sanders campaign makes this argument about this particular race i think it is really unfair. she's winning by 3.1 million votes right now. >> i think the super delegates magnifies what's happening here. but it does magnify it it. does make the task more difficult. >> it does make the task more difficult. really the guy's been in office for 45 years. he's been on the hill for 26
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years. why didn't he know the rules? there are rules to the game. -- [inaudible] -- cry about it now. spilled milk i think. >> scott martin. >> if it doesn't work for you i guess you don't like it. the super delegates are created to prevent a candidate like bernie sanders so they are actually working the way they are supposed to be working. -- >> by and large they stick to them. >> i'm going let you in on a secret. this is not a pure democracy. this is a representative democracy. these are parties. these parties have rules. all these guys know it. if the republican party who aren't a bunch of hedge fund guys. if they don't like donald trump and the stuff that he pulls, they have every right to rebel against the plurality, not the majority of people. >> and that's what's happening. >> the american people have a
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short window now. they don't like this to force these parties to change. >> in the meantime, illegal immigrants on our streets committing a lot of serious crimes on our streets. so what happens when we nab them? >> you
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released 19,720 criminal aliens with combined 64, 197 convictions including 934 sex
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offenses, 200 rob byes, 216 kidnappings and 196 homicide related convictions, and that's on your watch. >> what do you say? woah. anyway, i.c.e. director getting grilled on the immigration hearing this week. saying she deserved it. keeps happening though, right? >> oh, my gosh, 86,000 of these criminals put out on the streets over the last three years. that's the total number. what he said, homicide, kidnappings, sex offenses. it's apaling. part of the problem, though, is the countries will not accept the people if you try to send them back. they don't want them. >> they don't want their convicts back. i'm surprised. i thought, scott martin, when you have this, you don't release if there's any sign of criminal activity or prior arrests or incidents. i mean, you're there until we clear this up, and we just release them now? >> yeah. you release them and over 60% are likely to commit another crime subsequent to what they
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did already. >> now we don't know where the heck they are. >> you lose track of them. if you're an illegal immigrant and commit a crime in the united states, you are treated with more leniency than a criminal who is a legal american. come on, come all, nobody's going to deport you or find you. >> how do you get that -- explain the leniency part. they don't send you back. they just let you go? >> yeah. >> they lose track of them. >> jessica, as ahere, i hope you're proud of yourself. >> i single handsedly released them all. >> they are going to test that, but to a serious appointment, apparently this has been going on for a long, long time because we don't have the means, manpow manpower, whatever it is, to deal with it and we let them out and not deporting anybody. >> that's not true. president obama deported more illegals than any other president 23% more than george bush. >> and more coming here to dwarf the numbers. >> i thought it was the other
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way to mexico. just one second, scott, and i totally take your point. what i would say here is that we need to figure out exactly why it is that i.c.s letting theas e orders, we have to address it. >> overwhelmed. they what they say. >> that's what they say, 19,700, ironically, only 3,000 convicted of breaking immigration laws. i thought instantaneously they were all guilty of that. >> we are going back on that. >> it is worrisomworrisome, tho. >> put the illegals, put them in gitmo, get them out of the country. >> bottom line, they keep releasing them. i thank charlie, jessica, and "rich is a four letter word," i finished this a couple nights ago, fantastic. >> did you feel guilty? >> only in the end because she thought of it before i did. it's brilliant. you step back and think even if you're a liberal and you hate capitalism, there's nothing wrong with having money.
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jessica even loved it. >> the book and the money. totally. yeah. >> seriously, good to have you all, look forward to talking more about that. >> thank you. >> all right. here's something that's not a four-letter word, facebook. you just hit an i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in
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all right, stocks reds di to hit new highs. >> expedia, think it's on its way. >> wow.
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we'll be traveling here. scott? >> look in the wallet, cash is 2015, visa, charge it up. >> visa. interesting. >> everywhere you want to be. i think. >> i hope my wife's not watching. >> and here. >> we continue now with david asman on thee place for business, fox. everything else is just -- . after big wins this week ahead of indiana's primary, next week the donald and hillary clinton saying they are the party's nominee. not one big republican donor would say which party would fight big government the best. listen. >> as far as the growth of government, increase in spending on restrictive regulations, it was two and a half times under bush that it was under clinton. >> it it possible another clinton could be better than another republican. >> it's possible. >> next time around. >> it's possible. >> wow. hi, everybody, i'm david


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