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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  May 1, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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401k. st. joe, lots on dry land. >> what do you think? >> i like it. land portfolios are undervalued. >> dry folks, please. that's all for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. keep it here, the number one business block continues with "cashing in." >>. >> our allies are not paying their fair share. in nato, for instance, only 4 of 28 other member countries besides america spend minimum required 2% of gdp on defense. the countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defense. if not, the u.s. must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves. >> so pay your fair share or you're on your own. donald trump warning other nations they'll have to pitch in more money or fight their own battle if he becomes president. so, should they have to spend
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for us to defend? hi, everyone, i'm eric boling, welcome to the cashing in. welcome, everybody. lisa, is trump right about halting the gravy train when it comes to defending other nations? >> eric, well, donald trump is not out alone on a ledge here. regarding nato, they reiterated after donald trump made the statements saying, look, relationship between u.s. and europe used to be 50/50, and now it's 70/30 with the united states taking the lead there financially. former defense secretary gates made similar statements in the sense there's only a handful of nato members paying the amount they should. however, i'll say that with a caveat that sometimes things are in the united states military interest, and there's not gain with troops and larger presence in the philippines due to china aggression in the south china sea. >> what do you say?
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should more pony up more than the minimum they pay and sometimes they are not even paying? >> i think that lisa is right. others have said it, but it's resinates more profoundly coming from the mouth of donald trump. the inevitable gop and contested president of the united states, i think, really hit on a nerve that made people pay attention to a reality that europe really has been slacking off in many ways, not only its external defenses, but internal defenses. >> when you defend countries that don't have a lot of money to spend on defense, you open up them to trade and economic commerce with the united states. >> there's the money these days, that's what he's getting at, and coming from the business, world, eric, trying to negotiate in a public way. think about these takeover kings
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like carl icahn who puts pressure on, maybe he's not willing to do something, but he wants to communicate something. i think that's in part what we saw from trump. you're on notice, and all the europeans i talk to are nervous about this. >> what is this? is this the one thing -- >> i have to laugh. >> one thing with trump that you agree with? >> john, now, i have to laugh, eric, i mean, when i hear "fair share," that term is straight up obama. i mean, that's straight out of obama's mouth. that's his whole thing. trump is really not being truthful on this one. it's not trouthful the u.s. funs nato, befund 22%, less than a quarter, and it's not too much more than what england funds in terms of nato. because trump is ideological, he doesn't see the purpose of defending, but it's to defend america. north korea is threatening the united states with nuclear war. we don't think we should protect not only our interests helping
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south korea defend against that real threat? >> if they are not paying at all dr. >> fair share. >> whateverment fair share is -- you are trying to -- equate, it's not the same thing. if you're in trump's terms or membership, you have membership dues, and if you don't pay dues, they throw you out typically. >> say in the middle east, you know, a lot of nato is patrolling the middle east. if you don't think that america has a real vested interest in funding the middle east -- >> that's not true. i am a very experienced war correspondent. i did 12 assignments in afghanistan, 12 in iraq, and nigh toe forces are few and far between. the united states carrying the burden, certainly, iraq was not a nato gig, but afghanistan was, and they are -- you see the occasional brit, and there's a couple douutch soldiers here an there, and noncombatant status, but look who sheds the blood, it is the united states, and, you
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know, if the nato budget -- >> do you regret that? >> that we did all the bleeding, yes, i do regret that. if you consider europe and the united states, when you weigh them, about the same size, same clout, but there's nothing like a 50/50 partnership. that's why i say when trump hits this point, he hits a jangling nerve. if you're in nato, then nato is for what? the mutual defense, but first line of defense is europe, and, you know, where is europe to stand up? i don't see that. >> broaden it out more. to you, lisa, isis. how do we fight isis? does the united states have to send 90% of the military might, bombs to fight isis? where are the other arab nations pitching in? >> well, and i think they should. look, i think military relationships, it's complicated, it's con that lewded, and, ultimately, the united states does what's in the best military interest. i agree to a agree with trump on
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the nato premise in the fact that, you know, people should be paying more, you know, in these sort of partnerships, and, too, you look at a relationship where, you know, a lot of people are questioning what is nato do, and looking at maybe reforming that relationship or reforming the importance of nato when nato was formed, obviously, after world war for to defend against the soviets and their aggressions, so -- >> things have changed. we have to have our priorities aligned correctly. yes, we have to do everything we can to fight isis and be all in when it comes to that, but on the other hand, are we going to interfere in ukraine? i mean, those are the questions that we need to be posting right now, and what we herd from trump this week is we have to be selective about our battles and make sure we interfere where we need to interfere and we don't need to be spending resources in terms not just money, but people in things that we shouldn't be involved in. >> there's no question president
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obama has not led the arab nation into the fight against isis. he jus hasn't. >> absolutely right. >> is there a question whether donald trump would? >> i remember willing in paris, eric, where the president was there, the president said, in prompt of a press conference he didn't take any meaningful questions, and there's a gap in the border through which isis sent recruits to europe, getting recross-suits into syria. turkey is a nato power and guilty of treachery and treason. they are dysfunctional and trump has shaken it up. >> trump would hold the torch to the fire. go. >> sure, quick, i think quickly, eric, there's a bigger idea behind this. i mean, trump's whole thing is blame others, right? they are ripping us off on trade, they are going to pay. i think that fits into their
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form of collectivism. trump is app activist. >> that's what a lot of americans feel now, that the united states is taken advantage. look at russia, they feel like the united states is lacking leadership on the world stage so i think that's rhetoric from trump is resinating with americans because of that. >> leaving it there. coming up, calboycotting target over the transgender bathroom rules as the pc policy upsets customers like this guy. >> you're not targeting and being inclusive to transgender people by doing this. they make up .03% of th you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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more than a million people signing a petition, online petition to boycott target ticked off over the company's new transjendser policy allowing people to use restroom of their choice. critics argue this is a predator's dream come true and a potential nightmare for its customers. let's start with you, what do you think, target, should they do this? a good business decision? >> eric, well, listen, they can make any decision they want. i think it's a bad business decision. this is not discrimination saying like blacks or jews or gays can't shop at target. there's a reasonable expectation in most stores that men use the men's room, and given target's avenue customer, a woman over
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the age of 35, i just don't think this is going to do much for the bottom line. >> yeah. bottom line. and can you imagine, not only the restroom, but fitting rooms as well. >> well, i think that people should use whatever restroom they are, you know, presenting themselves to the world as. i think that target is right on the issue. the business call is really, you guys know better than i do, i don't know whether it's good for business or bad for business. i think target should have done it without making a big fuss about it, perhaps, but i don't think a guy dressed up as a girl is going to go in there -- i mean, if there's a pervert that's stalking children in the restroom, he's going find a way to do it, they don't need a transgender bathroom policy. >> i know your wife, i'm not sure she's going to agree with you on this. if a guy's got a beard in the lady's room and says, hey, you know, i'm a 25-year-old girl today, and i want to go in here next to you.
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your thoughts? >> terrible business decision. they are too far ahead of the curve on this. in other words, the country feels one way. look, i think a lot of people would not question, a man dressed as a woman goes into the men's room, that could cause a stir. people don't like the idea it opens a pandora's box. it's okay. eric, if you feel like a woman, you can go to the woman's room. that's not okay with america. i don't think people care. they are not going to ask questions. if you look like a woman, go to the woman's room, look like a man, go to the men's room. women, the core customers, they are shopping with kids. >> eric, i agree with john and trish here and this is target thumbing their nose at the customer base, and that's why there's outrage. i'm sick and tired of the hypocritical selective outrage by those on the left. look at businesses like paypal that pulled out of north carolina as a result of the law, 400 jobs gone.
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they do business in 25 countries where homosexuality is illegal and countries where this is punishable by death. >> posing this question and target's statement. if target does, in fact, change the mind set saying it's a bad business decision, change the policy, what's the transgender, lgbt and whatever letter is there, what will they say? >> if a guy is dress the up as a girl, there's no urinal. he has to go in the stall and shut the door. a woman as a man going to the man's room, she's not going to the urinal. it doesn't mean anything. it's a tempest in a teapot. i agree with the business guys that target should have kept their mouths shut. >> lisa, target's statement, they said this, quote, inclusivity is a core believe of target, something we celebrate
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and stand for equality and equity and strive to make our guests and team members feel accepted, republiced, and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day. go ahead, lisa. >> pointing out the politics at play here. you have the human rights campaign leading the charge against it. they are essentially an arm of the hillary clinton campaign. look at roy cooper, the attorney general, saying i'm not going to do my job and defend this because guess what? he's running against the current governor. there's so much politics and selective outrage. >> businesses can be very influential in terms of socially what we're doing. >> i agree. >> think about the st. patrick's day parade and sam adams saying we're not a sponsor because you're not allowing gays to mar p. look, they can be influential, but it needs to be the right time, place, and subject, and thfrs n this was not the one. >> do you think we should have a boycott? >> i'm against all boycotts.
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>> me too. >> all boycotts. >> anti-american. i agree with that. a one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste...
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a government photo id in order to vote. i'm leland veiter, now back to cashin in. >> what would you do if you woke up and donald trump was president? >> i know everyone's idly threatening this, i'm moving to canada. i love canada. >> dishing the donald, they are joining a growing list of
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celebrities who will move to another country if trump is elected president as is expected, the donald had the response. >> has no mojo. >> we have a list of celebrities. >>. >> i love it. well, now i have to get elected. now i have to get elected because i'll do a great service to the country. >> i know another thing, he's good friends with whoopi goldberg, and maybe you can implore her to move to canada if trump is president. >> just my advice to the actors who threaten that, don't miss -- the country's one thing, the candidate, even the presidency is another. the country is the country. you love the country. the candidate will be fine once it he or she becomes president. the nation will be just fine. don't threaten to leave because people will say they will pay
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your ticket. >> exactly. >> they need to stick to entertaining. stay out of politics. it's not worth it. you got to get a kick out of trump for saying, hey, i got to get elected now because we have to move whoopi out. this may help america. >> what do you say, john, you amused by this? >> i'm not. i think it's really ugly for a candidate to wish the people leave america, to wish that companies go bankrupt and fold. i think it's ugly. truth it, eric, a lot of people are looking into how to move to canada after trump wins, searches on google how to move to canada went up by a thousand percent. it's not just celebrities in hollywood. >> so you take issue with trump saying he's okay with whoopi and -- you really don't like trump, wow. >> your thoughts? >> oh, i think he says that in jest, look, he is looking to rally and coalesce the republican party, and what better cry, if i get elected,
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whoopi is leaving the country. >> i don't know. maybe if, you know, if sanders were president, i'm hard pressed to pay 90% of my income in taxes. >> i think your country is your country. >> people are going to -- >> there's a nationalism -- >> relocate to ireland so they save on u.s. taxes, like, i think that patriotism and taxes -- >> john, you're going to pay 90% in tax if sanders is president? >> well i -- eric, i made the point clear, i'll support senator sanders or clinton if trump's the nominee, better for the country long term if cappism is our future. >> will you do that if he is president? >> i'm going to mexico, over the wall. >> over the wall. from walk of fame to shame, hollywood's plan to poke fun at reagan's battle with reagan's battle with alzheimer's.
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i want to say thanks to the crew for joining us. head over to to see stock picks, and we'll have a special airing next weekend here on fnc calmed "beauty and the beast: when kate met chapo" may 7, 8:00 p.m., and be sure to check it out. absolutely. okay. time to wake up, america.
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man, oh, man, will is a funny dude, probably the funniest man alive. shake and bake. one of the favorite rolls of all time, ron burgundy, just hilarious. i get comedy has to flick your sense of appropriate to be really funny. tight rope, the politically correct line and crossed it sometimes by poking fun of those who are not limousine liberals and conservative limousine liberals. those who would rather drink from a red solo cup, the red next in us is funny. he made fun of the seriousness tv people deliver the mundane news of the day with. that was supposed to be brian william, right? it's funny for me because i try to be as anti-ron burgundy as possible. but he almost went too far. reports said he was considering playing ronald reagan in a film, but the movie's about reagan in the years the al timer years when it was taking his life.
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gently tweaking a subject many are afraid to talk about can be funny, but poking fun that kills literally hundreds of thousands and does it with a slow, deliberate, and extremely painful way is not funny. well, good news looks like will got the message after the outcry from the reagan family and public. his spokesperson saying, quote, the reagan script is one of a number of self-incriminates that had been submitted to will which he considered while it is by no means an al timer comedy as has been suggested, mr. ferrell is not pursuing the project. i'm free speech advocate and that protects the right to make any film, but just because a film can be made, doesn't mean it should be made, and will made the right choice here. he should make fun of something else here, maybe bill clinton's relations in the oval office or maybe just sick to sticking into presidents in skits. george w. bush was one of your
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best. >> i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. the field of republicans out there is so messed up, i figured it makes you miss me, >> i'm bob massi. for 32 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas. i help people with all sorts of real-estate problems, from trying to save their homes to closing major deals. eight years ago, 6,000 people a month moved here, looking for employment and affordable homes. little did anyone know that we would become ground zero for the american real-estate crisis. now, it's a different story. the american dream is back. we're gonna meet real people who faced the same problems as millions across america, and we'll dive deep into a city on the rebound because las vegas was a microcosm of america, and now vegas is back. [ woman vocalizing ]


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