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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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top stories right now at 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. candidates holding events across the state fighting for every-vote well, donald trump, he's confident that he will be the nominee, watch. >> cruz has no highway. he's way behind. >> all across the country millions of americans right now are praying, you're being listed up in prayer. maria: we will have the latest polls heading into tomorrow's big votes straight ahead. oil giants halliburton and baker hughes calling off the deal. why they walked away after the justice department filed a suit to block the deal, we are looking at how the regulatory environment is preventing growth. police officers injured at after fireworks and cocktails at
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police. 35 cars involved in a series of crashes at taledega. jfk getting pet friendly so you can walk your dog inside the airport. yeah. nikkei better than 3% as the japanese yen surge against the dollar. markets were closed for holiday. pretty weak showings elsewhere. london markets closed for holiday but you have movie moving into equities. take a look at the u.s. and what futures are telling us this morning. we are expecting a higher opening. at the end we get the big job's number and that will set the market's tone. the dow industrial expect today open 20 points. with me this morning on the program fox business network dagen mcdowell, trading partners
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michael and fox news contributor katherine. we have a can't-miss lineup this morning. supermodel europe kathy ireland on small business and donald trump presidential campaign spokesperson katrina with us. creg fravell. do stay with us for a busy program. i want to kick it up with the campaign trail. ted cruz and the never-trump movement. new poll shows that donald trump with a double-digit lead over the rivals in the state of indiana. trump gets support of 49% likely republican voters and that's followed by cruz, 34% and john kasich at 13%ment on the other side of the aisle, sanders
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considering the margin of error. tomorrow's primary is due or die for sanders and cruz, both candidates still far behind in delegate race. donald trump holding commanding lead. that would put him closer to 1237 number that he needs to secure the party's nomination. hillary clinton, she's aim to go capitalize on momentum following victories in new york and pennsylvania, leaves bernie sand ers by margin even without superdelegates. good to see you both. >> good to see you, maria. maria: indiana is real important for trump but it's critical for cruz, tony. >> the only roadway to prevent him from getting him 237 outright and you can see it. cruz has invested a lot of resources there. spent the whole week there. made announcement of vp pick there in indiana.
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completely targeting most of his conversation toward indiana, manufacturing jobs carrier which is a big company that shut down its factory and left indiana. so for cruz it's is most essential state yet and he does have a shot if he wins indiana to make up ground in california where you have a very active grassroots conservative movement there that he's going to get the support of but if trump gets indiana it's a very difficult roadway for cruz to push it. maria: also for sanders if hillary wins and that's what everybody is expecting. >> and i agree, i think the difference between cruz and sanders is that scanned -- sanders runs away to try to win concessions at the democratic convention. going back to cruz, he walked to indiana with a lot of swagger. he had the announcement and kind of threw hail mary's.
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[laughter] dagen: if that was an endorsement -- >> right. and then you see -- dagen: he didn't say i want the people of indiana to vote for ted cruz. maria: right. dagen: he said, i'm going to vote for him but donald trump has great things. >> trump is going to crush indiana and california. she lost really bad and then she left. i don't understand that at all. maria: you don't think she's going to resinate in california? >> i don't think so at all. she wasn't popular when she was there and she left. >> i do agree with the consensus here, the first 30 seconds sounded like an infomercila for
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donald trump. this stage of grief is acceptance. the more he appears, trump, that is to be ine visitable, the more you're seeing republicans and conservatives to try to get their arms around that notion. dagen: you want bobby knight. [laughter] dagen: that's who trump got. because of trump's wins in the northeast, he had so much psychological momentum. that's where a lot of the support is coming from and it's hard to take it away. maria: that's where he has been in the last couple of weeks. he thought that he had this wrapped up. dagen: it should have gone the other direction, right? it has widen the lead. >> donald trump has overperform
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it had polls by more than 10 points. keep in mind. >> no, no. i totally agree. i think going into california specially it's a really troubling time for cruz. i think if he loses indiana, it's game over. >> nobody is going to admit the game over even when it's game over. maria: how about this, donald trump returning to the ted cruz birther issue. listen. heidi cruz said my husband was an immigrant. it became a big story, because i've been saying that. he can be the run for president. maria: i mean, it's kind of funny. heidi cruz is out there my -- she's talking about getting the hispanic vote, my husband is an immigrant, he's hispanic. trump is all over it. i told you, he's from canada. he's an immigrant.
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>> if i were advising donald trump, do not talk about women, do not talk about immigrant, i mean, his approval numbers with hispanics is 15%, with women is i think 20%, and if you compare that to mitt romney who got killed in those categories in demographics in 2012, he is so far behind and it's just really hard to see him. >> i thought that was funny, to be honest. i thought it was funny -- he's from canada. is that a voting block that we actually measure, like what do -- what do people from canada want? what do the canadians say of who i should vote for? [laughter] >> as long as he keeps it as a joke, that's fine. my fear is donald trump takes a laugh line one step too far and i agree with you liz in this regard, he has to find a way to be able to just talk to women and understand that his unfavorability creates this barrier. it has to be done in a much more savvy way than making jokes
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about a candidate's wife which he has done before, unfortunately. >> in terms of humor, cat and i were live. the president is good at delivering lines. people tried to make the trump-reagan comparison. reagan was amazing and had good sense of humor. that made me laugh. [laughter] maria: good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. tony, it was a pleasure. make sure to tune in to the fox business network. tomorrow starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, at least 5 police officers have been injured as may day protesting turned violence. incredible race at superspeedway, several crashes had some up in arms, one driver
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called it the worst crash of their career. and then the first cruise ship sets sail to cuba from the u.s. in more than half a century. take a look at high seas, back in a minute this just got interesting.
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maria: welcome back, may day protests in seattle turning violence. cheryl casone with the details and the other headlines now, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, maria, good morning. throwing rocks and this is according to authorities there. nine people arrested, five officers injured in the clashes. international may day gatherings in los angeles, paris, istanbul, moscow and london also turning violent. well, washington, d.c. residents should brace through slow commute this morning after derailment sunday that sent 15 cars off the track and spilled potentially hazardous material. no trains going to be running on the amtrak tracks today. well, driver winning a
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demolition derby for the fourth time. a race overshadowed by multiple wrecks, millions of dollars of damages to all teams, basically, one of the most dangerous wrecks of the race when patricks' car sliding and hitting and sailing near full speed into the back stretch and side wall, her chevy bursting into flames, the worst of her career. and finally, this history being made, a cruise ship setting sail to miami to cuba for the first time in 50 years. carnival 7004-passenger left 4:00 p.m. yesterday bound for havana and comes after cuba loosening banning from cuban people arriving to the country by sea. the ship is cede to arrive in havana today.
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they're trying to increase tourism. the most recent cruise back in 1978, maria. so history again being made with cuba today. maria: sure is. a lot of the boat companies, ship operators want to get in there, the transportation companies, airlines, cat, this is big business. >> i have to leave the apartment. probably kind of far. no, i'm not going to go back to cuba. i'm going to detroit and visit my family. maria: on the set -- dagen: we have a collection of cuban glassware that predate the cuban revolution. in miami you can find -- maria: sure, sure. you're in miami a lot. dagen: i don't wanting to but i'm sure the hub.
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>> curran glassware. maria: i get you. the collapse of an oil deal, halliburton and hughes called off merger. the first trading day of the month, what do you plan to do with your money? up next why you don't want to sell and go away, next, stick ad
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maria: welcome back, top story in business this morning. oil field services giant halliburton and baker hughes calling off merger following oppositions of the obama administration. $35billion would hurt competition in the space. halliburton will pay baker hughes a 3 and a half billion dollar breakup fee for compensating from the collapse of the deal. bill kennedy, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. maria: part of the reason to invest in equities has been huge merger backdrop. now, it feels like the administration is coming out with more rules to stop this, to pull it back. is that how you see it? >> i do.
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i think really what's driving the slowdown in mna is saturation of debt. we are seeing the growth of debt and was materially higher than gdp growth. it's difficult to get justification but what's terrible about this is the fact that you have the regulatory environment really burdening corporate america at the time when corporate america cannot grow their top line organically so they are looking ways to grow top line but it's making it difficult out of washington, d.c. maria: the administration doesn't want these companies to grow that way, you know, look at what just happened with pfizer and allergan.
6:22 am
they don't want them to grow that way. >> they've thinking we are going to save jobs. you're going to save jobs long-term. there's so many way that is baker hughes-halliburton could have happen but regulators wouldn't allow it. >> i'm a resident of connecticut and -- maria: that's right. dagen: good for them for having the guts to do that rather than putting up with it. this is not in the abstract of the obama white house. deregulate it had internet and put coal out of business, almost, in terms of economically
6:23 am
sensitive regulations or ones that have impact, 392 in seven years, that's more than the two-year terms of president bush and president clinton. maria: it's true. dagen: this is reality. this is not fiction. maria: absolutely. >> what's going on with the nurrers walking away from aca, they're saying, okay, we give up, see you later. maria: it's too expensive. the cost around regulatory environment in general it's very difficult for companies to grow. having said that, bill, how do you allocate money today in a market that you have companies basically having a real hard time growing? >> so, first of all, there's policy -- everything we just discussed is policy uncertainty, so that puts a higher burden for investors who are trying to make money in this market, but we are at that point in the earning cycle where you are starting to see margins rolling over but epa
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growth is rolling over as well. for that reason we are underweight u.s. equities. there are small pockets where we think there's opportunities. mid-cap and value as oppose to growth style, is another place that should outperform. maria: value outperforms over growth. when you look at the tech and the growth over the last couple of weeks, technology has had a hard time. amazon did really well but other tech names have not. dagen: apple looks more like a value company. [laughter] >> it's been painted as such by that. a lot of folks came into the year, they like value. a lot have to do with the fed hiking reds two to four times. i don't think that's going to happen now. how does the fed factor into the value decision for you?
6:25 am
>> it's really more of a macro thesis. it might be into 2017 and where it transitions into the economy is really through the dollar, so by the fed becoming much more dubbish, the dollar has weakened. should be positive for gdp growth. our base case is is that we can still squeeze out 2 and a half gdp growth for this year. earning growth 7 to 8 for s&p 500. however, if we do see inflation coming up, wages are rising, you're going to see a commodity-base effect, credit is still expanding, we think we could have inflation surprise where the fed does raise rate and that will shoot the dollar back up and the eighth earnings growth will be close to zero. our base case is 2017 will be a recession in the u.s. maria: wow. any expectations for the job's
6:26 am
numbers coming this week? i think the estimate 200,000 jobs for the month of april. >> we think it would be pretty close. i would say 200,000. jobs are a lagging indicator. maria: interesting. the recession have began to recede but you're saying it's still in the table for 2017? >> i think so. maria: thank you for joining us, bill kennedy. firing gulfs in historic cathedral. cable may have another competitor, back in a minute
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a hundred and 1 trillion and
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. monday, may 2nd. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast here to fight for indiana coming down to the wire. candidates holding events for every last though. even bernie sanders who believes he has the path to the nomination. >> 65% is a have declined. these are days that i think we'll do very well in california. maria: will take you live to indiana. a devastating fire at an historic church in new york city hours after parishioners celebrated easter mass. the very latest coming up on this tragedy.
6:30 am
hulu takes on cable and a whole new way. the new streaming service it plans to unveil ahead and jfk getting pet friendly. you can walk your dog inside the airport. markets mixed in asia overnight. down better than 3% of the japanese yen continues to surge against the dollar. in europe this morning uic mixed performances there. markets are closed in london. france and germany pretty strong. dax and germany in three quarters of 1%. in the u.s. looking at a higher opening for the broader averages. the jobs number out this week. the report at the end of the week you had a bad the dow industrial expected to open up to 17 points. the countdown on 24 hours in indiana. that's where. that's where we find our own fox news john roberts. good morning to you. >> maria, good morning to you.
6:31 am
one of five campaign staff said ted cruz is making today. two of the stats of indiana governor with a lukewarm endorsement of ted cruz. between cruz and his surrogates, they have 10 campaign staff say it aren't storming the attempt to stop donald trump were some establishment politicians like utah governor jon huntsman is a enough time to get behind trump and achieve unity in the party. a local poll takers that by 16. the bloke to have donald trump in the league. yesterday yesterday in the yesterday in laporte, indiana commander john boehner called lucifer himself portrayed this contest is a battle between good and evil. listen to this. >> i believe in the american people. i believe in the people of the hoosiers day.
6:32 am
i believe in the men and women gathered here in the goodness of the american people that we will not give into evil but we will remember who we are and we will stand for our values. >> last night something truly bizarre happened. take cruz was tackled. pathetically couldn't have been within 10 or 12 years old. listen to this exchange. [inaudible] apparently there's a young man who's having problems. when a child behaves that way -- [inaudible] the kids parents said to them after that. 57 delegates up for grabs good a winner take all my congressional district. this one really is for all the
6:33 am
marbles. if ted cruz can stop donald trump u. will get to 1237 before the convention. if trump wins come a lot of people saying they could all be over. maria: that they appear that the story. john, thank you and john roberts in indiana. not only trying to appeal to voters the hoosier state for making his case to elected members the republican party primacy to raise money for like that. >> if we win, we want to raise money for the party, for the rational basis. do a lot of things instead of wasting time with these people. they have no path. maria: joining us now is steve chafic, chairman of the business committee. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you.
6:34 am
>> i want to talk about what you're doing because we were talking about the regulatory environment continuing to chip business. obviously tomorrow night is the big night for the entire party. when you expect out of indiana and what would you say is most important to look at the march primary? >> nobody knows for sure what will happen. you've got a pole with one candidate up to 15 and another with the other candidate up by 15. i don't think anybody knows what will happen. it's going to be very interesting to watch. maria: in terms of small business, what is most needed in terms of moving the needle and growth. >> this is national small business week and has chaired the committee i think it's an art to emphasize how important small businesses to our country. 20 million small businesses across the country.
6:35 am
half the people who go to work on work for a small business and most important like seven out of 10 new jobs are created by small business in this country. we meet our politics out of washington hopes will businesses do not hurt them. too often it is hurting them is exactly what's come out of government both at the federal level and local level. maria: that is what we see this morning. halliburton drop in the dealer was going to do with baker hughes. a month after pfizer want to be on the allergan deal. it is small to medium to large business can benefit by the regulatory environment getting worse. dagen: i wanted to ask you a euestion about small business daughter of a small-business owner who got out of the business that can no longer operate it, we've heard politicians say this my entire lifetime that we need to do more
6:36 am
for small business. every administration has problems. how do you roll back back regulations set of crush small business in the last seven years? >> you get a lot of talk are not a whole lot of action. what we need to do is reduce the amount of regulation out of washington every day. i like to use the example if you put all the paperwork that they have to deal with, the new regulations would go the way from great american ball park to the eiffel tower kings island 22 miles up the road. more and more regulations come out. not only do we need new ones but we need to cut back on regulations they're dealing with. simplify the tax code. lower taxes and simplify it. virtually impossible to understand the income tax code nowadays. it would be a viable six and nobody would understand it.
6:37 am
if they are going to expand create what jobs they need money. the legislation passed early in the administration has put a whole new level of bureaucracy on the things and credit union so it's tougher for them to loan money to businesses that they can get started to begin with our expand and create more jobs. we need to turn things around in washington and make it easier in that were difficult. >> we don't hear anybody saying that. the candidates say i'm going to create jobs. i want to hear somebody say i'm going to get out of the way and let businesses conduct themselves. nobody was listening to jeb bush is talking. maria: this is one of the tests of the republican front-runners. donald trump has talked about it.
6:38 am
one of their things that they want to do is roll back regulatory environment. hillary clinton says that she wants to be the small-business president, she says she's talking about this. >> she's talking about it, but both when she was in the united states senate and to a lesser degree as secretary of state, it is more and more regulation. she was four dodd-frank. she was borrowed by medicare and obamacare is the epitome of what is wrong. you took basically a health care system which was the best in the world. not perfect but better than most and make it much worse. you could have gotten more people health care that didn't have it without messing up everybody else's health care. trina to their small businesses right now that will not hire more than 49 employees because
6:39 am
you have to be forced to pay benefits and it's a lot more expensive for a company. that's why you see small-business or full-time jobs and part-time jobs and cut people to wonder 50. >> the job market looks strong. it's also something that shows the quality of jobs going down makes me think wages are going up. i'm hopeful here that once hillary stops running against bernie she will get more pragmatic and move to the center and maybe get something viable from her. maria: willacy. congressman condit timeline on this is what in terms of these bill? >> well, we are pushing to reduce the amount of regulations on a constant basis. we need to get rid of obamacare. the president has vetoed a measure on his desk. we need to make sure the tax
6:40 am
code is simplified. some of the candidates attacked about it but not nearly enough. rivulet interactions they've been just the opposite of what we need to do. let's get attention on the this week since its national small business week and let's not let it stop there. let's push for the rest of the year and hold these candidates to what they are singing the most talk to them. the general election right around the corner. maria: good to have you on the program. thanks so much. make sure to tune into fox business network for coverage of the indiana primaries to earn 96:00 p.m. eastern right here in the fox business network. firefighters battling a massive fire at a new york city cathedral. we will bring you the details. one airport having a pepper leaf area. the new bathrooms available to travel in packs.
6:41 am
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maria: futures point to a higher opening. look at some of the things we watch in the session. and the university of phoenix during this morning. her group has raised the bid for the company acquisition. the deal died of $1.14 billion. there is over the weekend wrote that the stock could double the next three years. it's lying under the radar. gold prices about $1300 an
6:45 am
ounce, gold is up 23% and we are watching gold prices again move higher this morning. fire destroyed the historic church in new york city. cheryl casone was that dori and the other headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria. new york serbian orthodox devastatedevastate d after a huge fire gutted their cathedral last night. the fire broke out powers that are 700 parishioners had celebrated easter mass earlier in the day. the cathedral quickly engulfed by the fire company building caretakers have for minor smoke in relation to excise people did suffer some minor injuries. hulu reportedly plans to launch a cable tv style online service that "the wall street journal" says it's involved in a subscription service that would stream feeds of popular broadcast and cable tv channels. until now, who has offered
6:46 am
on-demand programming on by walt disney, nbc universal in 21st century fox the parent company of the fox business network. for all of us to fly without pads and there's a lot more of this now, we are getting help on the road. a new special bathroom open at jfk international airport is the 70 square foot room allows dogs and other pets if needed to take care of business without having to leave the building to find a place to go outside. the bathroom includes a red fire hydrant on a piece of artificial turf in a doggie bag dispenser. maria come against you in alabama can travel. dagen: more and more people travel with their dogs. and a lot of dogs rescues her ship into jfk from puerto rico
6:47 am
and the organization that rescued them. it is very much a necessity because the only alternative is to go out and on the curb where people get out of their cars to come in the terminal. you don't want your dog going to the bathroom they are. maria: it's good and i'm happy about it obviously for my dog, but at the same time you look at these airports and there is flight after flight delayed. they are too small, too many airport is landing at jfk and la guardia. you would think that there are other things to do to allocate capital that might be more important. i hate to say that because i'm happy to have one more. >> the timing of the departures and landings is out of the control in a lot of ways. i really has to do with air traffic control and the weather. maria: there's an expansion going on.
6:48 am
>> if your dog went to the bathroom in the middle of the terminal, most people wouldn't know because those terminals at jfk are really gross. >> they need to fix the human bathrooms i think. >> why are they always so dirty? why? let's talk about that. maria: cheryl, thanks for bringing it back. one a hundred flowers making the push into e-commerce. the new way you can place your bouquet orders. starbucks but the $5 million lawsuit. we've got the details on that coming up back in a moment. strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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maria: welcome back. when a hundred sales increase coming from mother's day approaching sunday with living arrangements accounted for 66% of spending on the holiday. 1800 flowers made it even easier to place your order. ceo jim mcinnis did the right to talk more about it. good to see you. happy mother's day on the horizon. a big stake in business on mother's day. >> people always wonder is valentine's day bigger or mother's day. mother's day is twice as big. there's more moms than sweeteners. maria: you said overall when you put in food and other things, christmas is still the biggest. >> all her food gifts, popcorn
6:53 am
factories. overall the fourth calendar is by far our biggest. maria: flowers are number one. what do why do people go with for mother's day? >> everyone wants flowers. even if they buy another gift they also want to have flowers, too. 41% of people buying a gift for mother's day will also buy flowers in addition to another gift. it's an important point and logistics leading up to it or crushing. maria: 1800 flowers on the phone but you get into e-commerce. >> 90% of our business is e-commerce. as you saw with the announcement the last couple weeks, the new forms of messaging commerce or conversational commerce as some people call it, really big on the horizon. a big announcement with facebook. place an order and messenger with the new box from facebook
6:54 am
without having to move a finger. you can just speak to messenger and order flowers. that was a hoot to be sitting there watching mark zetterberg so you don't have to call 1800 flowers anymore. we had a big announcement with alexa on the amazon platform. you can now use voice-activated intelligent agency placed ureter that's learning your language. you can order through alexa. that's a really big deal. maria: you have done these partnerships whereas i would've initially thought how are you going to compete with amazon. from flowers to tvs to movies, they are crushing everybody. you actually did a deal. >> we did. it's an amazing company and reported quite effectively last week. we stay close because we admire them. we respect them. we learn from them all the time
6:55 am
and when they came to us saying we want a lead partner on this new service i was very proud of my brother chris and 18 whose work on all these new technologies and we have more to come in the near future. maria: what is going on with your flower or worse. we were talking about it a minute ago whereas sam brower said there could be opportunity elsewhere way from flowers. >> we been pushing for domestic reduction for the last 10 years and having real good success. a few states now we are concerned. i haven't seen it in practice yet. some growers have enormous greenhouse facilities in california or colorado or oregon saying is this the best crop i can grow these flowers around the country. maybe i can switch to cannabis and get the revenue line. that's a big concern of ours. we haven't seen it manifest itself yet.
6:56 am
a lot of people are impressed making a decision. maria: these are the states where it legal? >> the only places we know our legal states. but they also happen to be our best flower producing states. maria: they will do fewer flowers. the thought of the impact did. >> we are working all the time to make sure we do the right analysis. we are more for production. turning to interesting stuff. what are you seeing in terms of the demand story. we have a debate every day about how strong the economy is. has the order but love? >> we are watching the debate you have every day and wondering how come we are protect it. we have broadened our mix of different products, but it seems awfully good of us. don't want a lot of change.
6:57 am
>> if you want to have dinner next sunday. one a hundred flowers and happy mother's day. supermodel turned much for newer kathy ireland is at best. katrina pearson will join me and former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove. also you don't want to miss a minute of it. stay right here. "mornings with maria" continues next.
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. monday, may 2nd. top stories of 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. cannonade holding events across the state cited her every last vote. donald trump and hillary clinton looking ahead to the general. >> if we won indiana, it does hurt. -- it's all there. if we win, most people think they put the race and then we can focus on hillary. please, let's focus on hillary. >> we deserve leaders who will tear down barriers, not the walls between us. we have a saying in my campaign. love tron paid. maria: to mars that goes straight ahead.
7:01 am
off the table, halliburton baker hughes have called off their deal. once valued at $35 billion every locality why they are walking away after the justice department filed a suit to block it. the regulatory environment and whites presenting growth in corporate america. mayday protesters turned violent. police officers injured after demonstrators lit fireworks, threw caught tales. combating the zito virus. one of the worst parts of flying, lost luggage. how you can track your bags love the way during the flight. turning to market this morning, and the nikkei average was the big loser down another 3% of the japanese yen continues to surge against the dollar. markets in hong kong and china close overnight. with guy games in between half a percent in 1%. the market in london is closed for holiday.
7:02 am
u.s. futures for the broader averages. now at the height of the morning with a gain of 30 points on the dow jones industrial average. stories come in not been with me thought business network dagen mcdowell and fox news contributor kathleen can. great show so far. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano with us. supermodel turned entrepreneur kathy ireland shares her secrets to success. katrina pearson yearn for the white house deputy chief of staff, karl rove was ceo craig frankel. don't want to miss a minute of it. stay with us the next couple hours paid kick off the campaign trail this morning. more bad news for ted cruz and the never trump movement. new polls show that donald trump is having a double-digit lead in the winner take all state of indiana. trumka supports from 49% of
7:03 am
voters followed by cruiser 34% and 79 at 13%. leading bernie sanders in the hoosier state. a statistical tie with vendors can do during a margin of error. tomorrow's primaries do or die. both candidates still far behind in the national delegate race. donald trump holding on his commanding lead as he looks to secure a 67 republican delegates tomorrow for grabs in indiana. don't put them closer to the 1237 he needs. hillary clinton aims to capitalize on momentum with it treats in new york and pennsylvania. secretary of state leads by a significant margin without the all-important superdelegates. blake burman has the latest this morning. reporter: good morning to you. entering the fourth quarter and the hoosier state. the latest polling shows donald trump on top in indiana. he spent the weekend campaigning across indiana that tomorrow's primary. yesterday trump arced his
7:04 am
opponent a one his opponent at one point to ease that are hanging on by a thread. >> were used to call them leftovers but that's not respect full. you guys hanging by fingernails. [laughter] don't let me fall. hanging by their fingers. and then rico act terror hillary. reporter: ted cruz appeared on five sunday morning talk shows yesterday. and you indiana as do or die for his campaign but not cruz. >> i agree indiana's incredibly important. regardless of what happens in a donald trump is not getting 1237. no one is getting 1237. traded if trump wins indiana, that keeps it on a path to locking in the nomination in
7:05 am
bernie sanders started talking of the possibility of a contested convention as well. maria: she wants up laughing at the convention for sure. the hill contributed director of the new york state democratic party. good to see you both. the democratic party best friends of president obama. i said what does bernie sanders want? he wants a platform. he could have a platform to push a far left agenda during the democratic convention. >> yes. he will argue he's heard about hillary clinton to the left. the truth of the matter is he wants to have a platform at the convention, but even if he decided already to come out of the race, it's a process for him as a candidate but also for
7:06 am
supporters. i don't know what his fundraising is like in april. curious to see that given what happened in new york in the narrative. i do think he's got to find a way to keep the supporters engage not just at the primary cycle but also at the convention. >> what's your take on the republican side? donald trump this week and said i'm going -- once i get support from republicans and raising money for the republican party. how do you see playing it out in indiana and put on? >> last week in pennsylvania he won 57% of the vote. i'm an elected delegate undeclared before the primary when i saw my district over 50% and supporting donald trump. indiana is do or die for ted cruz and appears in the polls that donald has momentum going into tomorrow and it will be the tories and onto the convention. dagen: i am a nerd for this that.
7:07 am
this was in "the wall street journal" today. trump wins all 57 delegates in indiana. winner take all in the ninth congressional district geared he will have 1012 found delegate, needs 225. that means he would need less than 50% of the remaining delegates to be allocated. the first time they fell below the mark and given what is able to do and all that northeastern states. that looks doable before the convention. maria: she may very well get number, the 1237 and that we won't have a contested convention. >> look at what i'd cruz, they look at that instead he went right into trump's talking point. >> the harder he tries, et cetera gets. his campaign office is so
7:08 am
intense. i picture it like animal house. but it wasn't over when they bombed pearl harbor and everyone is all pumped. if you get pumped up and nothing's happening, that makes it even worse in people less likely to support you. i'll cover productive. >> terribly so. it sounds like we are all same trump could take this uncontested. what's the strategy to combat trump assuming it's hillary or bernie is still in there. but with the democratic bertie be playing up to counter trump? >> every misogynistic comment he's ever made. whether it's a bernie sanders supporter, this whole primary cycle is taught about being more inclusive, bringing more people to the party. we've done that with some republicans that he's done it in a way that i think as i've said
7:09 am
is very misogynistic, racist in many respects and alienated communities and constituencies in this country. i don't think that brings more people into the process. on the democratic side. for hillary clinton, this is where she picks out. >> is alienated people, but is excited people. nobody's excited about hillary. maria: when you look at the numbers on voter turnout, it is down 20% on the democratic side. you don't have the voter turnout you had around barack obama. >> that's very true. i do agree with that, but there's a history of the democratic side of the last turnout in the primary but more turnout in general. i think it changed in the general and i especially think it's true of trump.
7:10 am
dagen: hiller runs the risk that if you turn every criticism of her into a sexist remark from the women don't buy that. you just stop listening. >> that does pretend if you look at what donald trump as saying come at us and not pretend that kind of policies the administration under trump is going to put forth? what voters say okay we are exciting but what policies are going to come out of the administration is where hillary wins. maria: before you go, it some point if it is trump, the republican party would get around 10 and get behind him. did he reach out to you to shoot his due, to get the vote for you and how do you think things change for trump wants the republican party does get behind him if that's mature expect dean? how does this look different? >> he did not reach out to me after was over. i can forward myself to support
7:11 am
donald trump. what i see happening after the season is over his donald trump is smart, charming. he can put the charm on and it's been six months were evasive tempting in the past that offended it report to come he can turn that around when it comes to women. when you have a sarah get coming out from his daughter is so break on this articulable show women donald chung praised the beautiful smart daughter that will turn a lot of folks back on the donald trump. >> his family is one of the most important. >> also if i could, i think you've got to throw the playbook out with donald trump. he's not a traditional republican in the sense donald is a marketing genius. he's tapped into the people you mentioned before are energized, coming out to vote and i think donald trump if he gets the nomination, which i think he i think you will, he'll be the next president of the united
7:12 am
states. maria: congressman bill shuster there. i suspect you take issue with that last comment there. you think hillary will be the next president. >> are absolutely do. maria: tune into the next fox business network. beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight on the business network could stay with us. starbucks out of the $5 million lawsuit with the amount of i suppose it is cold beverage. more details coming out. travel nightmares, delta can use technology can make the chances of losing luggage much less. follow your luggage all around the country of. back in a minute. ♪
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: welcome back. a silent mayday protests. cheryl casone on the headlines. transfer good morning, maria. anti-capitalists protesters in seattle throughout molotov cocktails that police officers. authorities arrested at least nine people, five officers injured. police used pepper spray to disperse protesters.
7:16 am
the demonstration took place in los angeles, san francisco and portland, oregon. a starbucks customer from chicago has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the coffee chain saying if there's too much much a sense tiebreaks cold drinks. a 29 page complaint claims that starbucks customers are misled because the high strings contain half the drink they are paying for. starbucks called the lawsuit absurd. for all you travelers out there, delta airlines with a $50 million program and an app that will help you keep track of your bags. delta will use radiofrequency identification to track your back from check-in to baggage belt whether it's going to be there. sometimes you're in florida in your bag is in chicago. they plan to have a system at 340 airports by the end of august and the action we have by the end of the year. nowhere near the record that the powerball job pot is growing. the drawing result in an overall
7:17 am
winner's bid to jack potter $348 million. tickets sold in california and they didn't have the powerball which you have to have so there were only a million dollars for those guys pick the next time is wednesday. here we go again. we remember the frenzy four months ago when powerball went to 1.5 billion. some states you have to come out and they will out you. some states you can hide. i'm for the hiding portion on wednesday. >> i don't even know. dagen: i'm laughing i've been able to track your bags. trade to my bag is still in new york. >> let's not forget the starbucks thing here. a $5 million lawsuit. hey flappy, less space this
7:18 am
time. i'll make it for you. >> you know how much ice is in the drink because you can see a period [laughter] >> my wife amanda has come up with this trip. order it dark roast all coffee, asked for a big cup of ice. you pay much less than the ice coffee tastes better. maria: then you have two copies. or $5 million. either way. maria: they are smiling all the way to the bank, the lawyers. good stories today. officials scrambling for answers that are the first saturday belated death in the u.s. how to use technology to fight mosquitoes carrying the disease in the open. plus, saying i.t. was the most magical place on earth. how they plan to bring mickey and minnie to your wedding. back in a minute.
7:19 am
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. maria: welcome back to the struggle to contain zika in the first death related to this disease reported on u.s. soil. our next guest aims to calm escalating fares is fighting zika using billboards for the chart, capture and kill mosquitoes featured in a mess right now is the year the larkin, creator of the device. thanks for joining us. explain how these billboards were. >> essentially we designed a
7:23 am
billboard that attracts and kills mosquitoes. it attracts them based on simulating the sweat of a human being. we did this because we wanted to inspire people to take action around the world. we wanted to stop talking about zika but inspire people to think about how they can take action to bring attention to the epidemic. trade to the billboards smell like sweat and it attracts mosquitoes. >> yeah, exactly. we essentially build technology into the billboard that has co2 like the café which comes across the human bean and the smell of the human person attracting the billboard -- the mosquitoes to and kills them inside. dagen: how many of the billboards have been deployed already and how many of mosquitoes could do a predicate potentially with that number deployed? >> it's killing 100 mosquitoes today. there's two locations and reelect the moment.
7:24 am
it's not to eradicate mosquitoes. we wish we could do that. it was to bring attention to the fact we need to find ways to develop ways we can eradicate this and drive action around the world. we develop it as an open-source platform available to anybody who wants to take this concept to their part of the world. that's really objective of the campaign to drive that conversation and inspire action. >> has anyone taken up another is billboards -- what other applications have people mentioned? >> at the moment we've had a flat all of the world of inquiries from u.k., the u.s., philippines, panama. the response has been phenomenal and that's really the advertising that it's doing good. right now we are dealing with the inquiries and trying to help people bring it to their location and take action.
7:25 am
>> it's a really untapped market. i didn't know you could do that. >> we call it outdoor advertising. you can really have it do anything. we do this for brains every day. a lot of money coming back because it is a point canvas you can do a lot with and it can drive conversation into television. it's other forms of media and that's really the peril of it. true into going into the real olympics, is that where these are being sold right now. how concerned should people be if they want to go to the olympics in rio? >> well, at the moment we have two locations and where folks and those in areas that will attract the most attention to this than a third one will be going up quite soon. i'm round the olympics, some other folks comment on if i was
7:26 am
a doctor they would have been proud. maria: it's an opportunity for you. >> we are doing our part in bringing attention to how it can be solved in the immediate terms and address before the olympics. dagen: do you use -- i call it smell of vision. the sense in these billboards, do you use that with your other customers or clients? >> lots of different allocations. we've experimented with lots of different things. now technology cometh on technology, as i said before, -- >> can only mosquitoemosquitoe s smaller billboards? i would hate it if i could. >> this is definitely only attracted to the mosquito in particular. maria: where else to small technology?
7:27 am
>> different brands to incite different actions would be curious about something or go online to check something also. lots of different applications for a call to action similar within technology to scan your phone and pick up different sounds from outdoor advertising. things you could do. things you could necessarily do in your computer or mobile phone. that's why the industry is seeing growth again coming back in. one of the traditional media format is staying strong. maria: that's interesting if you smell a stake. you could smell anything. >> i'm convinced cheesecake fact or redoes this. there's always lines out the door. dagen: stake is the sizzle of a stake for sound. maria: good stuff. brings as a whole new opportunity. we like it. >> is a great phone industry to
7:28 am
work in nsi said that demand is treat that scrubbing. our clients come to us with lots of tricky challenges and lots of names in technology out what we put the core out of it. maria: thank you. president clinton running to heller's defense as pressure mounts on the fbi to speed up the classified e-mail investigation. see where he's placing the blame next. for models of local, on the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue 13 years in a row. kathy ireland is joining us coming out. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits.
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. it is monday, may 2nd. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast that the fight for indiana down to the wire. events across the state fighting for every last vote. donald trump and ted cruz still going on the attack. >> i'm not that 17 people. they are hanging by their fingertips. they are choking. don't let me fall. >> reason donald is so frantic to say the race is over and get his acolytes to say it is over is because donald knows he cannot earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. maria: the latest direct from the campaign trail the program. hillary clinton to find out
7:32 am
whether she'll face an indictment over her purse the e-mail server. or has been calling the investigation a political game. john brennan weighing in on the possible release of the classified pages of the 9/11 report. by the 20 eight pages include inaccuracies and hearsay. confirmed up to $3.5 billion breakup fee, baker hughes will buy back stock and pay down debt. the deal was terminated. pressure to the berkshire hathaway meeting, kathy ireland is your time to session with from model to model goal. features indicate a higher opening. look at the numbers. the jobs number for the month of april coming out at the end of the week. construction spending, isn report today. the market seen strength today despite the fact that japan saw the nikkei average down 3% overnight. cia director john brennan warning president obama
7:33 am
releasing the 28 redacted pages on "meet the press" "meet the press" yesterday brendan said the pages were kept secret because the agency was not comfortable with the origin of the information or how it was acquired. >> this chapter was kept out because of concerns about methods and investigative action in the investigation was still under way in late 2002. >> the information is inaccurate. everything in their false good >> it's a combination of things accurate and inaccurate. maria: joining us this reaction is judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. >> good morning. it's highly unusual in almost unheard of for the head of the cia to give the president did i about the release of classified materials on national television and to criticize that the president has intimated he's going to do. it's dangerous for him to be characterizing it as he's seen it. we have not.
7:34 am
he cannot reveal what is in there. he said with questions about its accuracy. that device would be shaved for the oval office. i don't know why he would do this in public. he could not have done that without the white house knowing about it ahead of time because this looks like a rebuff to the president. dagen: doesn't give the white house cover for not releasing? >> yes. remember, there's two report in two groups pages not released. as for tom kimberly hamilton independent commission report. they had materials held back about saudi arabia. the joint congressional investigation report with former senator graham of florida was on. i've read the stuff that has got to come out. they've had the material held back because president bush pursuant to authority under the statutes declared both sections
7:35 am
of both reports top-secret. the president could have declared them top-secret with the stroke of a pen. >> he's never going to do that. we can't say he's a big fan of what's going on with hillary here, but it doesn't matter this fall into chaos from where he's sitting. >> affair as i know this doesn't have anything to do with hillary. this has to do with the opinion of the investigators as to the origin of the funds to pay the people that perpetrated 9/11 and the information is these people are high-ranking individuals in saudi culture society and government to use their own money, not saudi government running. that's the information for people who seem to drop hints to those of us who follow these things. maria: let me switch gears. go ahead, michael. finish your thought. >> the last thing you want to do
7:36 am
is cause more chaos than his art he created. >> there's a lot of pressure by families of people killed. 3000 people dead 15 years ago. a lot of pressure on the part of those people to know the truth and allow them to sue if the targets are wealthy the people who perpetrated. maria: that clinton did not investigation. though clinton for former secretary of state said that this inquiry is nothing more than a political game. i want to get your reaction, judge. >> some of them should have been secret. you think about this when you go home. if you're driving 50 miles an hour at a police officer pulls you over driving 40, says i'm sorry it got to give a ticket because his reason it is 50 and you should have known.
7:37 am
[laughter] look, this is a game. maria: this is a game. >> it is very telling that should have happened over the weekend. two events happen that are related to each other. president though clinton for the first time discussing in public the criminal investigation of his wife and attempting to say it is again. friday afternoon and a freedom of information act case in which a reporter asked for letters from the justice department to mrs. clinton about this, the justice department said we can't release letters because they pertain to a line first batter. mrs. clinton has referred to this as a game. she's referred to it as a security review. this is the first time the justice department has acknowledged including to a federal judge that this is not a game and not a security review. i don't think it's a coincidence bill clinton said what he said on saturday knowing it would've been filed filed by doj on
7:38 am
friday. >> she keeps same thing she might not be able to say because you're not taking it seriously enough. in march he was saying -- attacking obama's horrible legacy. she can't really say that. she keeps supplying him to attack people. >> were you saying about the speed limit being changed as mrs. clinton's allegation that materials are made top-secret. maria: she made them top-secret. she is diplomat. she's obliged to know what is top secret and confidential when she looks at it, whether it's spam or not. maria: congressman darrell isaac came on sunday morning futures, my sunday show on fox news channel yesterday. he says it's not a game. it's actually illegal. >> what she did was wrong. she knew it was wrong. though clinton was wrong. staff who was wrong and they did
7:39 am
it anyway and now there's at least one a highly classified, top secret and above document and over 2000 classified at the confidential level. that is not going to do under the speed limit. it is breaking the law. >> is exactly correct. there's 2200 the category of confidential secret or top secret that she exposed to hackers by removing them from a secret secure state department venue to her own servers. of that, and 20 are top-secret. of those four wonders called the light asset privilege, so secret the fbi is investigating her. >> you can't compare her her level involvement of someone driving over the road. she's the secretary of state say you should have some idea of what should be secured. >> all manner has been fertile mind can you make this comparison.
7:40 am
no one thinks he thinks that. no one thinks this is okay. it's not okay. this is albeit obfuscated. >> they are making matters worse in my view when they do need to when they demean and moxie fbi agents. >> i don't want to sound crass, but every time i hear him speak like that, i only think of them wagging his finger saying i did not have relations with that woman. such a dismissive tone about how dare you question me and it was a lie. >> yet here we are. he got a wherewithal he got up there with all that. he's like a hero to everybody. here is hillary odds-on favorite to win the white house. what we do. >> shiga parted herself if she wins the white house. maria: another thing darrell isa cinema sunday shows they want to wrap up the investigations unit but they are not going to be able to wrap up the
7:41 am
investigation. they may wrap it up and then continued the investigation and that could be after the election. >> are hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. the fbi didn't acquire them until january. it is now may. the e-mail investigation is nearing the end. whichever way it goes. >> it is basically she was doing business. she was secretary of state and heads of state countries were giving money to the foundation. >> in return for governmental favors from her. maria: judge napolitano covered thank you so much. she built her company to $30 billion business. how she went from swimsuit model to one of america's most successful entrepreneurs. several were taken flight overseas. the latest film in the franchise already proving to be a box office pot buster. the movie starring robert downey
7:42 am
junior and chris evans has built $200 million is set to premiere in the u.s. on friday. >> final morning. >> i could do this all day. this
7:43 am
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maria: welcome back. the first probate hearing that for princes of state today. cheryl casone what that story in the headlines. cheryl: this'll be some kind of family reunion to say the least. prince's family is attending a court hearing to determine what will happen with the singer's estate. princes fortune has been estimated at $300 million. expected to be divided between his sister and five half siblings. tragic weather in texas leaving six people dead following flash floods over the weekend in the eastern part of the state. police say a 64-year-old woman and her four great-grandchildren
7:46 am
died after trying to escape their flooded home. some people had to seek safety on their roofs after seven inches of rain fell less than an hour. all this happening right in night. finally, based on a little bit of a lighter note. disney world in florida leading the disney people get carried inside the theme park. brides who want to feel like cinderella get the chance to exchange vows with her castle as a backdrop. to completely customize ceremony plus a reception for 100 guests starting at $75,000. there are some cheaper locations, but if you want to go big, you can get the carriage with the horses. it will drop you off. some brides two years in advance because they are really into it. it's not private. ceremonies begin at 9:30 a.m. during park hours. get the kids at the strollers involved in your wedding. maria: still a beautiful backdrop. dagen: except someone will
7:47 am
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>> welcome back. my next guest is a great 13 consecutive sports illustrated swimsuit issues in the 25th anniversary cover from 1989 is still the best-selling issue of all time. the model turned entrepreneur started kathy ireland worldwide which "forbes" estimates of the business now worth $2.6 billion a year. kathy ireland joins me right now. good to see you. >> good morning, marbury. maria: always a pleasure to see you in happy one. watching your success over the years has been so extraordinary. if there's one thing to attribute to how you've been able to seamlessly go through different times in your life from model to entrepreneur, what do you think it is? >> learned from great people.
7:52 am
you are an extraordinary example how you've navigated wall street in so many lessons for us there. coming here to new york from berkshire hathaway, shareholders meetings, participated in the newspaper with bill gates and warren buffett. maria, not warrant, but bill gates in the top. listening to great people, great advice, being a lawyer. in life and business it's all about people. maria: let's talk about the annual shareholders convention. it's always like the woodstock of business. coming out of the meeting, what were the highlights? >> for me personally education is a passion and hearing mr. buffett speak to the challenges in education and throwing money at it is that necessarily the answer and i support that. i agree with that wholeheartedly. i appreciated comments when he was asked by "the new york times" about diet coke and does
7:53 am
he feel guilty and his responses it makes him happy. a lot of people say the $420 million fortune comes from the value of your licensing company that your name, taste marketing to 17,000 products. >> we are a conglomerate of small businesses. much inspiration from mr. buffett, berkshire hathaway. it's working with great businesses. and in new york with diamonds by kathy ireland in association with all wraps new york's soft launch this year, full launch this year. patented in bringing people great quality. our intimates, which are wonderful people and great quality. i enjoy working with people.
7:54 am
different businesses that weren't directly weren't named accordingly. level beauty coupons beauty and pinups. we've got a spokes model who i absolutely adore. she's fantastic. name is katie made pitches the first special olympian to be a spokes model for a major cosmetics campaign in association with best buddies and anthony scheiber. maria: fantastic. is that one you are wearing today? this is relatively new. >> is relatively new. it is who you work with. all wraps of new york has spent his life in the industry. it could be a corrupt industry. from mind to finger to having integrity that these are true quality and they are done with the utmost --
7:55 am
maria: when you look at distances across the board whether it's home goods, some of the beautiful dish where you have right now that you've licensed or the diamonds, how would you care to write a demand story right now? the customer out there today. >> the customer is looking for value. also the quality. the customer wants that instant gratification. really working on many different channels of distribution to get that delivered the way she demanded. >> in a slow economy, people want to make sure they either get a deal or will die you. and they will spend it selectively. >> absolutely. they want to make every dollar count. it's something you can pass on that's lasting. that's important. whatever it is come if you spend money and intimates come you want to feel good to know you're getting good quality.
7:56 am
you want a great value in c. where can you make your dollar go the furthest. maria: i know i ask you this a lot because you are a mentor for so many women trying to get the room businesses ahead. how difficult was it to make the transition from being a fantastic supermodel, 13 "sports illustrated" to go integrating the empire you have. >> difficult. but as you know what you believe in something, when you're passionate, it doesn't stop you. maria: getting funding, moving forward. >> was the non-rowing challenge. people say it's easy for you you have this modeling background. if you have anonymity that's a great gift because people do not preconceived notions about you. maria: that's a great point. i'm sure is the model they have lots of preconceived notions. >> some doors open. they weren't necessarily the right doors.
7:57 am
one door did not open because of the modeling background. if anything, that was a hand turns. mr. blog consisted of cap consisted of cap the notes are satisfied by and if i'm not i'm not your eye like those tough doors. maria: is a by your performance is why you always want. congratulations. check out diamonds by kathy ireland. another beautiful part of the empire. still to come, donald trump and katrina pearson is with me. karl rove and the top ceo. you don't want to miss a moment of it. back right here.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. monday, may 2nd. cap stirs 8:00 a.m. on the east coast and the pressure indiana down to the wire. events across the state item for every last vote. donald trump confident he will be the for the republican party. >> crews cannot win. if that no highway. it's got nothing. >> all across this country millions of americans right now are praying for you. you're been lifted up in prayer right now. maria: will take you live to indiana. more trouble for the state of michigan. nearly every detroit public school closed today after the
8:01 am
teachers union called for a stick out. the latest issue coming out. this years olympics, white team u.s.a. is getting knocked on twitter. countdown to the kentucky derby. everything you need to know ahead of the race for the roses turn into markets this morning that the nikkei average was down 3% of the japanese yen continues to surge against the dollar. markets in china and hong kong closed. economic data this morning dictating markets in europe, france and germany rising. london is closed for holiday but the markets in europe are higher. the u.s. broader averages and that around the height of the morning expected to open up 42 points. later in the late the jobs report for the month of april. with me this morning, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor catherine
8:02 am
him. true brand of kathy ireland. maria: she's an inspiration and has done such a great job with her and either. true to ask of you. maria: right back at you, girlfriend. the countdown is on in indiana. 57 winner take all delegates up for grabs on the republican side. 83 delegates available for democrats. a commanding lead with a tie for bernie sanders. standing by in indiana, i know we're expecting trump to be in the lead, but was anybody expecting this close of a race between clinton and bernie sanders? >> you know, i don't think so. that's the reason bernie sanders said this will go to the convention. a little bit of a pipe dream when you look at account of
8:03 am
superdelegates and how many are supporting hillary clinton. sanders thinks he has an outside chance here. we were at the bravo café in osceola not too far away from south bend. this is one of five can paint stops that ted cruises going to make today. he will be appearing by 9:00 this morning. he will overturn the polls in indiana and come out with a win in the hoosier state. the paul has donald trump of 15 points but a poll from purdue out at the end of last week has screws up by 16 points. completely opposite air. the preponderance does have donald trump in the league. ted cruz had a rally in the port not too far west of where we are today. when john boehner caught him lucifer in the flesh, ted cruz kind of take the narrative around but they battle for indiana as a fight between good and evil. listen to this. >> i believe in the american
8:04 am
people. i believe in the people of the hoosier state. i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that we will not give in to evil, but we will remember who we are and we will stand for our values. reporter: donald trump was a big rally in fort wayne, indiana last night where he said ted cruises no-caps of it or at least not before the convention. john kasich as well. clearing the way for ted cruz. john suggested nobody will vote for cruz because nobody likes him. here is trump. >> crews is hated here to discuss such a rotten personality that they can't stand this guy. remember this. he'll never be able to make a deal. he doesn't get along with everybody on trade anybody. >> 37 delegates up for grabs. winner take all state wide for the at-large delegates and at-large delegates and then it is winner take her nine
8:05 am
congressional districts. there is a chance if you can run the table you can win all the delegates here. had crews hoping if he stops donald trump who will help him get 1237. trump hoping if he went zero to fall over. we'll find out in 48 hours. maria: thank you and watching john roberts on the ground this morning in indiana. seems to be the last stand for cruz. carly c. arena. this is it. >> "lord of the rings" were you said the battle between good and evil in a primary. that is so strange. could you imagine if 30 or hillary were saying this is between good and evil. nobody is going to vote based on that. i didn't know the other guy was evil. they really better get out and vote. it's cheesy. the harder you try to bring in things that are not voting issues currently evil versus not evil, nobody looks at elections that way.
8:06 am
his message and has been consistently off. >> is surprising the horsemen of not going over. maria: it wasn't an endorsement. dagen: said i'm voting for ted cruz gave her a complementary donald trump. if you get behind somebody and say i'm campaigning for the sky, maybe you don't need to see about the guy or not voting for. >> this is that wisconsin where you have these influential personalities coming out for cruz. indiana was crickets. i don't think they count. dagen: i can appreciate ted cruz doing his best preacher. my father is a minister, so he was really getting his bible on. at least there is passion. it does resonate and he does a better job than hillary clinton.
8:07 am
when she gets in the southern states, she starts sounding like a fake senator that she is. >> it was quite the act. you will atone. maria: by the way, trump went back to the ted cruz birth or issue over the weekend. but he was thrown a lot to do it. he responded to a speech given by cruz's wife, heidi. she addressed cruz heritage. listen to this. >> i.d. cruz is a very nice woman at my house and was an immigrant. became a big story. true to your thought on this. obviously i.d. cruz said my husband is an immigrant who she was trying to appeal to hispanic voter. it blew up in her face.
8:08 am
>> absolutely. legal experts on the whole agrees eligible to be president. they're saying he's hispanic. did he want -- he's from canada. i really didn't understand anything about it. it's exactly what trump was saying. that same positive about it. nobody heard that it didn't think wait a minute, either eastern canada or wait a minute, can immigrants run for president? no. maria: on trade and trade through the senate you camp. however, i've got no dog in this hunt. i'm being completely object to. cruise this problem is an event himself anymore. it was the fact he lost so badly not just in new york but in those five states on the east coast. that's why people have moved
8:09 am
away from him. he didn't even come close. >> he's put himself. good and evil like angels in the outfield. maria: what about the violence? more violent protesters at the rally including more tonight. we don't think that this is the trump supporters doing this, but why so much violence around trump rallies and is this going to come back to bite us? >> people looking for an excuse here. we talked about this earlier in the show. one thing that trump needs to do a skinny to do is give you enough supportive people put off by perhaps the misogynistic message, anti-immigrant passage. if they interpreted that way has to get folks back. dagen: "the wall street journal" has and not that same day may as well vote for trump.
8:10 am
every protester who breaks the law airwaves the mexican line in favor of illegal immigration might as well be voting for trump. maria: explained to him that much. >> they are shutting down roads. they don't make yourselves look like rational people. >> whatever it is. you don't like him, fine. what he want people to do? maria: i went to the white house correspondent dinner this weekend. walking into a hotel, all these protesters and i'm thinking, what do you want? do you want president obama to come write you a check? what are you doing? just trying to create anarchy. dagen: if anything, it's going to have the opposite effect. this does not justify the random acts of violence. they are saying that the collective if you don't want donald trump elected come your
8:11 am
elected come you're helping him, not hurting him. maria: make sure to tune into the fox business network tomorrow night beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern. all the players. straightahead, are they competing in the lab takes over our preppy fashion show in hampton. by team u.s.a. is not a mind for its new row for red uniforms for rio de janeiro. no secret that internships pay big money but what if we told you that positions pay as much as an average american salary. back in a minute.
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. maria: welcome back. most of detroit public schools closed today. cheryl: officials said 90 of 100 public schools in detroit have been closed after the teachers union urged its members to call out the this follows the announcement the district wouldn't have been a minute to pay teachers for the summer. over 6000 students are enrolled in the school. puerto rico's government will not make a $370 million bond payment after failing to restructure the political solution to the debt crisis.
8:15 am
new dishes puerto rican league islands for the united states and historic rewrite now. 84,000 people move from puerto rico to the essen 2014 will of the 20,000 moved back to the island. are you ready for this? sony has come up with intelligent contact lessons capable of recording and playing video with the click. following a application revealing how the smart ones that use movement to activate various function. they include a camera, wireless processing unit and storage unit. think about getting dizzy while wearing these. ralph lorenz of the u.s. olympic team during this year's summer jam but it's controversial. the collars, button-down, but thousands of critics say that
8:16 am
this is to preppy. this has become a huge internet conversation. take that away. in my opinion i think it's silly. they are fine. maria: ralph lorenz always does uniforms for different sporting event. >> i wouldn't. to preppy for what? but who would have the mob tossed out. they look good it did make america look classy. dagen: i don't wear white for two reasons and it makes me look wide. i just don't do it. what about marker come from? >> weight i had chinese -- what is this?
8:17 am
maria: the japanese yen continues to be a story. some in stock down in japan did not spend the time for wall street but the high rope again. what are your headlines for markets and investors? >> again keeps rally. the bank of japan should be an easy mode renamed it is going down. in late january they try to make the end of the lower nfl to do it. everything confounded. they came out in bed we realized that policies take effect, which is a nice way of saying we don't know what were doing anymore. maria: one of our guests had corroded needs to go. >> i don't know who's going to do better. >> other central bankers are struggling. >> i'm not sure what anyone else could do. the young ms. rowling and yet we have the market that doesn't come in. everyone still shooting for the market to go down.
8:18 am
this is a little game we are in right now. maria: it's quite today because a lot of markets close. taiwan close, hong kong. but still it is the week when we get the jobs number up later in the week. >> the flipside is the dollar is weaker and not giving a little tail wind to commodities and industrials and some other site there's that could do well with the weaker dollar. maria: on this panel has had in turn ship? dagen: i did in college. maria: college internships art notorious for taking advantage of students. how silicon valley is changing the intern game straight ahead. the kentucky derby one week away. the ceo will join us to talk about what it takes to raise the champion horse. you are watching "mornings with
8:19 am
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8:23 am
siebert lee. it's no secret that internships at top companies pay huge amounts of money. according to a survey conducted by bert undergrad, this are many interns will approach with the average american makes annually in three months. students report the offer they received here. snapshot $10,000 a month come up interest $9000 a month, plus housing and twitter page $8.4000 a month. group on, a struggling company with.doing very poorly $7.7000 a month. that might be met with skepticism. linked in paying $7.5000 a month. google $6600 for four weeks am faced with putting $8000 a month is $3000 in benefits and microsoft $7200 plus $3000 in housing. to give you a sense of how this compares, look at the national average wage about $46,000
8:24 am
according to the social security administration. the data from 2014 but still stacks that. of course this is all self-reported data with 500 students who reported what offers they received from companies for this coming summer. maria: that's good. good competition. and how about the experience of those well. >> i had him paid internships and i worked at austin market so i could live there. not nice to clean those bathrooms. it's all about what she put into the internship. you can sit around and do nothing or you can make it worth it. that would've been nice. >> i hope he got plenty of chicken. >> i had a lot of chicken and macaroni and cheese. >> the stuff we learn on this show. these companies are competing for talent spread the top schools and students want to bring them in.
8:25 am
tuesday night to bring the flies in and say we are going to find the next leadership of the company and pay a lot of money to kids who do something else. this is what the market is the taking.etitive landscape. maria: we interned at the southeast center for contemporary art for years during college and i've nothing to do with what i wound up doing for a living. i got to work on controversial artists like sally mann and interest toronto when the scandals were blowing up. i have really fond memories, even though i honestly don't work there anymore. i learned a terrific amount. >> undergrads know even if the internship itself doesn't pay, the university will pony up the cash for scholarship in the summer. when i interned at abc news and the fund paid by caller said here's some living expenses money to make it through. goldman sachs is paying $7000 a month for internships, so come
8:26 am
back to the nine, 10 grand a snapshot, twitter and group on. the choices are pretty obvious. it would make sense but interns know more than anybody else because they're younger. maria: my first job was cnn. i was in an turn and i did it for free. i didn't get paid at all. i wanted to get my foot in the door. >> is totally worth it. >> amazon stock going higher. the cloud services is profitable. the retail business not so much. these companies say we get to throw money at things and still enrich ourselves as key shareholders here. maria: would you buy amazon? >> lusciously if he on growth stocks come you'll go for a company is still showing growth. in a perverse way, amazon seems to fit in the bucket.
8:27 am
maria: jo ling kent. it is that time of year again. the kentucky derby coming this weekend. the ceo will join a straight ahead with a preview. you don't want to miss it. back in a minute. ♪ when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? ...
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good monday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it's monday, may 2nd. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the fight for indiana back to the fire and candidates fighting for every last vote. but donald trump and hillary clinton are looking ahead to the general election. >> if we win indiana, it's over, okay? if we win indiana, then we could focus on crooked hillary, please, let's focus on hillary. >> we deserve leaders to tear down barriers, not build walls between us. we have a saying in my campaign, love trump hate. >> 40,000 people descending on the area this weekend.
8:31 am
speaking with warren buffett after this weekend. the kentucky derby, everything you need to know including the favorite horse ahead of the roses. and the broader averages, dow industrials by 36. that's off the highs of the day and certainly the international markets were a big story. the nikkei average down 3% on the strength of the japanese yen once again. onto the campaign trail. more bad news for ted cruz and the never trump movement. donald trump is having a double digit leave over rivals in the winner take allstate of indiana. 40% of the likely voters, cruz at 34% and john kasich. and hillary clinton leads bernie sand,by 4 points. a statistical tie with sanders are considering the margin of area. i want to bring in chief of staff under george w. bush, karl rove.
8:32 am
>> thanks for having me. maria: navigating into indiana. how important is it? is it that critical for ted cruz? >> yeah, even he admitted it on friday and a fund raising appeal. if i lose indiana, trump wins it, it's his. it was more artful, but if the nbc maris poll is correct, and he wins, then he has it. but effectively he'sen 0 the path to 1,237, the majority on the first ballot. if he loses it, there is a contradictory roll. we trust the wall street journal poll and there's a poll that has the opposite. if the real clear politics average is trump by 2. this is why politics has been so exciting this year, that the
8:33 am
decline of the reliability of public polling has led us to have lots of different numbers, take the number you like and run with it, but tomorrow night we'll know. dagen: tomorrow night, carl, it's dagen. what should we watch in terms of the congressional districts in indiana for an indication that neighbor cruz has got mojo? >> yeah, well, southern indiana, i think, is probably likely to be good for him. it's more, it's settled more from people from the south. northeastern indiana is catholic and then, of course, you have indianapolis, which is a-- which is the not only the capital, but the population center of the state in which my suspicion is we're likely to see trump do well wherever there are catholics, which would be the northeast and then it will be interesting to see how several congressional districts that dip into or comprised of marion county break out. i'd say trump in the south and-- excuse me, cruz in the south,
8:34 am
trump in the northeast and the winner takes the center swath of the state. >> let's suppose the polls are right and trump wins indiana handily, what does trump focus on now, more focus on the general election and if so, how does his message change? >> well, he should be focused on the general election, that's been his best thing all along. he's spent in my opinion way too much time, even this weekend and appearance on fox news sunday, you know, he basically said i've got two more to push out of the race. earlier in the an interview with "the washington post," bob woodward said to him, don't you think you need some unity? and he said unity is overrated. haven't you broken too many eggs? i've got two more eggs to break. he should be focusing on the general election more and i suspect we'll see it. maria: why does the republican party-- if they do get behind them. how does it change the way it looks like. we'll say the establishment is going to get behind trump once he has 1237.
8:35 am
let's say hypothetically speaking he gets it and the establishment gets behind him. how does this change? >> well, look, first of all, this is not the normal election, so, trump can't count on the automatic enthusiasm of republicans, all republicans for him as most candidates even after heated primaries have been able to do. he's never labored in the vinyards. ronald reagan and gerald ford, united and both were life long republicans and reagan and george h.w. bush, they united. they get the is ens, you care about the party. this guy has not been a life long republican. and this race is losing a fair amount of races. he can't be gracious or conciliatory. basically on fox news sunday, jeb bush, i got him out, that was easy to do. this is not a guy who is unifying in 2004. he voted for john kerry for president.
8:36 am
he gave four checks to hillary clinton and finally endorsed john mccain something like in late september or early october of 2008. you know, this is a-- this is not a guy who is kind to find it easy and he needs to spend time on this because the base united. maria: i did not know he endorsed and voted for john kerry for president. >> called for the impeachment of george w. bush so this is not exactly the background of a guy who is able to say you owe me unity. >> and john kasich, we see him at the bottom at the polls and i forget he's in it. which is it because republicans a lot of them. the never trump people, he's staying in because of that. he won't go? don: his home state is ohio and that's where the convention is? what is that, karl. >> candidates when they're capable of creating their realitiment if he thinks if it
8:37 am
gets to the convention and there's a deadlock between cruz and trump, that the party will turn to him. as long as he's got enough to pay the aircraft bill and show up in the next state and pay his hotel bill, he'll stay in the race. we can disagree with what his reality is, but at this point in 2012. we still had ron paul sticking around, thinking there might be something good to be achieved campaigning longer. >> good to see you, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> karl rove there. and despite trailing double digits in the polls, ted cruz is campaigning in indiana, urging voters to not give in to evil. >> all across this country, millions of americans right now are praying for you. you're being listed up in prayer right now. across this nation, americans are asking that indiana bring common sense and good judgment to save this country from the
8:38 am
path that we are barrelling down, to pull us back and bring us to the free market principles, bring us to the constitutional liberties that built our great nation. maria: joining us right now is trump presidential campaign national spokesperson. kat peerson. thank you for joining us. >> that was sort of like a preacher, what do you think of that, the cruz comments? >> i'm beginning to think that this type of discussion is a little more disturbing than any other considering how senator cruz is now implying that millions of people, millions of republican voters, including those in the south are somewhat evil and i find that a little disturbing. >> evil. maria: well, we've got reaction here on the set. >> evil. i can't watch it without laughing and the big bummer is, it's not a joke. this is real and he's saying anyone who supports trump is also evil.
8:39 am
is that what you're saying? >> anyone who is not supporting him, essentially, is evil and lacks common sense and i find it disturbing. maria: and some people might say, i find it disturbing the recent string of violent protests at the trump rally and more planned for tonight. what do you say to the people, yes, he says whatever he wants and he's resonating because of that style, that brashness to him, but at the same time it's also triggering unrest? >> well, you're right. that is disturbing and those are anti-trump people. so we need to figure out who they're supporting and where those leaders stand on those types of issues. i would say, yes, the truth is inherently belligerent. and i don't think that anybody misses the minute you fix the problems, there would be pushback.
8:40 am
these are people who want the status quo and the outrageous notion that the country have survive without borders, without laws and without restraint. dagen: to your point, basically the protesters are voting for trump because they're pushing people in their direction. i want to talk about something that karl rove said, that he should have weeks ago been focusing on the general election because he's still going off ted cruz and john kasich and act being like he's got to get them out of the race, if he wants to unite the party start talking more hillary clinton. >> i think that's right when we're using traditional wisdom for a campaign, we're not there anymore, but he mentioned for voting for democrats in the past and et cetera and et cetera. he supported rick perry who served as one of al gore's campaign chairman.
8:41 am
this is a different campaign. it's a different time. mr. trump does want to unite the party. but this is not about the party anymore and that's what people are missing. so many new people are coming in, so many independents are coming over, even democrats are coming over to the trump campaign because he's not giving his party identity, he's doing an american identity, the justice of the financial system and for the people who are on the ground here, when these other two candidates are out, and remember, there are still millions of dollars of attack ads going against him in indiana as we speak, he's responding to those ads. maria: i guess so. good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. maria: fox business network, liz claman joins us next for a preview of her interview with berkshire hathaway ceo warren buffett. she's there in the thick of things this weekend and later, big hats, strong drinks and kentucky derby, a man who stood
8:42 am
in the winner's circle at churchill downs. we'll be right back. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough ♪ ♪ ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe ♪ when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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>> well, it's that time of the year more than 40,000 shareholders descending on the berkshire hathaway business meeting this weekend. and liz claman caught up with the billionaire investor and joins us live from omaha, nebraska. good morning liz: good morning, i know you've been to the shareholder meeting, but this year was unlike any other. as you mentioned 40,000 people crushed into omaha and of course, the media madness began almost immediately. you can see us in the middle of what we call the massive mad media scrum. yes, people were just charging around him, but now millions
8:46 am
more with able to actually see him due to the fact that it's live streamed on yahoo! finance. so, we don't know the final numbers, but it was also screamed not just in initial, but in mandarin. unbelievable. yeah, why? because the chinese and one of the chinese business reporters and boy they were out in force, they were telling me that warren buffett is considered an investment god, pretty unbelievable. they were also interested in not just how he sees the economy, but particularly in light of what has been a contentious election season and the fact that he's a hillary clinton supporter. he basically was asked, you know, you who he sees the economy and what the election is going to look like. everybody wanted to know about that, but he told me, he is not, not, not worried about america, no matter who moves into the white house. >> so now, no matter who becomes president, all of this rhetoric that, oh, things will be horrible if this candidate gets in or that candidate gets
8:47 am
in, what happens to american business? >> american business will do fine no matter who the president is. it makes a difference what the policies are, but this country can't be stopped. we tried herbert hoover, you name it, the country can't be stopped liz: you name it, and he said, doesn't matter, this country cannot be stopped no matter who is in the white house. coming up, maria, 3 p.m. eastern right down on countdown to the closing bell. i'll talk with warren buffett for an hour and we'll be joined by bill gates. and we'll talk to things in puerto rico and they'll focus on a massive amount of debt, the economy, all other cautious that are interesting. valeant, boy, did he take a swipe at valeant over the weekend he doesn't even the company, but he has a rng with a for investors about investing
8:48 am
in companies that turn out to be dangerous. that and more on the fox business network. maria: it sounds to me like it's one of your can't-miss interviews, we'll be there at 3:00. and for the first time ever the meeting was live streamed, something that people were talking about liz: absolutely, we are waiting on the numbers. maria: thank you, liz claman is it in omaha. the kentucky derby, the owner is looking at a $2 million purse. there is a luxury apartment, and moving an suv with a forklift to free up space for construction workers. the incident was caught on cell phone video by a neighbor dearborn. the repairs to the car could cost $2600.
8:49 am
$2600 to fix this thing. they lifted it up with a forklift and it wasn't their property, they just wanted it out of their way. âi
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> welcome back. all you horse racing fans, this saturday, the 142nd running of the kentucky derby. the first leg of the triple crown. remember, it was just one year ago when the world saw the first triple crown winner, american pharaoh took the titlement and what to expect this year, joining me now is the ceo of the breeders cup and kentucky derby winning jockey john valasquez. it's an exciting week going
8:53 am
into the big race. craig, what are you expecting? >> this week makes everyone's heartbeat faster. we are expecting big crowdsment this is a week i should have woke up in kentucky instead of new york, everybody is wondering who is going to win. maria: the first leg of the triple crown and 20 horses will compete in this year's race. >> 20 horses pretty much every year now. there's a qualifying system for the derby and we expect a full field. maria: john, what is it like when you go into the kentucky derby. as obviously, an award derby winning jockey, what do you think about going into the derby. >> it's very intense, one of the best races in the country and it's important for the triple crown. you go with a lot of expectations and with a lot of hope and hopefully you can get
8:54 am
your horse and the things you like to do. maria: i love horses and love horse racing. grew up on it, my parents with big fans. and last year, we met bartiromo, a horse named after me. one thing when i went to shoot bartiromo, there she is, so beautiful. it's as a jockey, you have to make sure that you're a certain weight. you can't, you know, gain weight because it's all about how heavy you are on the horse, isn't that right? >> that's right. it's really, you have to have a very strict diet. you have to watch your weight and every horse in a different race that they carry different weights. for the derby everybody is a thin weight, but everyday business, yes, different weights on different horse. maria: craig, does that handicap the race, you're not only looking at the horse, but the jockey.
8:55 am
>> there's a lot, johnnie is looking at what horse he wants to ride. and jockeys are handicapping. you're looking for the best jockey and the best trainer. maria: and the purse is $2 million, that's the win. who are you betting on? >> you know, i'm from california originally so you've got to go for nyquist ar -- who is a top one. and there's a lot of choices, pretty wide open this year. maria: the long shot is a big win. >> if that wins, got to call me up and pay me half of it. maria: exhibit is a -- exactly. >> as you prepare, john as a jockey. >> you look at the preparations and leading to the derby. so you get to see the horses before you get to the derby and then i do a lot of homework and
8:56 am
right spot at the right time. maria: good to see you both. i'm going to trojan nation, i like a long shot. that sounds good. good to see you both. still to come, highlights from the white house's correspondent's dinner. back in a moment.
8:57 am
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♪ i want to love you pyt, pretty young thing ♪ ♪ you need tomorrow t.l.c., tender loving care ♪ ♪ i'll take you there, yes, i will ♪ ♪ i want to love you ♪ e. stuart: . maria: big day from indiana. we had fun at the white house correspondent's dinner. we were at the fox table. sandra smith, absolutely gorgeous. dagen: as do you. maria: cheryl ladd was at our table. next to chris wallace, our table which was so fun and i wanted to show you one other picture i took outside. we had fun inside and the protesters were there trying to disrupt. i don't know what they were protesting. what do you want, president obama to come out and write you a check? i don't know what you're protesting. dagen: i think that president
9:00 am
obama will eventually host a late night show and he knows to deliver and bombed like i don't know how many bombed before. >> a good analogy, the audience was served gin and butter milk cocktails. maria: kat, good to see you and michael block. charles in for stuart. over to you. >> i'm charles payne. stuart will be back. the latest polls shows donald trump ahead of ted cruz. it's do or die for ted cruz. bernie is not going away. in fact, now he's talking about a contested convention. more violent protests from the left.


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