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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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there. said last four or five years, it has been one year up. one year down. charles: a little too cute for me. liz: yeah, it rhymes and it's annoying. ashley: it doesn't work. charles: speaking of cute. connell mcshane is in for neil cavuto. >> ashley got her hands on the tel teleprompter again? welcome to cavuto coast to coast, i'm not neil cavuto, i'm connell mcshane, the last mad dash for the indiana. 57 delegates, that's your number. the magic number up for grabs tomorrow on the republican side. just moments senator cruz will be hitting the campaign trail in indiana with the governor, mike pence has endorsed him. so we'll check in on that rally. right now, though, donald trump certainly has the edge in the hoosier state when you look at the polls. and blake burman is covering the whole thing. joins us now on why this may be, blake, an uphill battle for senator cruz the way
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things are looking; right? >> yeah, ted cruz. said earlier this morning that he absolutely believes he is a path to victory even if he loses indiana and he's in the race until the end. the numbers, though, appear to be trending away from cruz in the hoosier state. here's where the polling stands as of this moment the day before election day. latest poll comes from nbc news and the wall street journal. it has trump at 49%, beating cruz by some a15 points. now, that poll has changed the indiana polling average to more than seven points in trump's favor. trump tops the 40% mark at about 40.5%. cruz brushed aside the polling saying there is a 30-point swing. now, the way he gets there, what he's talking about is a poll from last week that had him up 16 points over trump. however, that poll very well could be an outlier at this point. cruz as you mentioned making a bunch of stops today.
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five all across indiana. his first at a restaurant they really morning as you see there. afterwards he took questions from reporters and insinuated that trump would be an embarrassment to the country. listen here. >> do you really want to go through the next four years with a president who if your child came home and simply uttered the words coming out of that president's mouth would make you punish your child? would make you embarrassed for your child? >> now, one more note on the polling, connell, that nbc wall street journal poll showed 58% of likely primary voters disapprove of cruz and kasich teaming up to try to beat trump in indiana. we'll see with the polling tomorrow whether or not that had any affect on votes, final votes there. >> yeah, it doesn't seem like it's working out. blake, thanks. the other thing was ted cruz throwing that hail mary or some on social media called it the hail carly. announcing carly fiorina as
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his vp pick. which also doesn't seem to be working out. and it seemed to have any positive effect for senator cruz, does it, david? i don't know if it hurt him, but that poll as blake said certainly hurt him over the weekend. >> yeah. it doesn't seem to have helped too much. all along the choice of fiorina. there were three reasons. one that you were able to sort of put something else on the front page, get people talking about something other than trump's big victories last tuesday. the second was to get women to give cruz a second look where maybe they might not have otherwise. and the third of course is thinking ahead to california. but if cruz does as badly in the hoosier state as that one poll suggestions, and it's not the only poll certainly. but if he does that badly, then it's hard to imagine certai impossible to imagine him getting to a contested convention if that happens. but, you know, does he continue to campaign? he might.
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he might continue it. if it turns out that badly for him. >> well, that is kind of the question now. it's funny that we found ourselves in this position, all the twists and turns this race has taken. but to your point, this is not the only poll. yeah, the nbc wall street journal poll shows a larger lead than some of the others. but it looks like trump's ahead. so if we get to wednesday morning and trump has won indiana and taken, say, all of the delegates. taken all 57, what odds would you put on cruz moving forward? you think it's 60-40? 50/50? or will he get serious consideration to dropping out? >> i think if trump were to get all of the delegates that cruz would have no chance at all of winning ultimately. wee go on is another question. there are more things concerned here than just the presidential vote at the convention. there are also concerns about what sort of platform is the convention going to produce? what sort of rules is it going to put in place? he might, you know, try to come up with some kind of
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justification to go on beyond that. >> he would almost be like bernie sanders, you know? >> it would start to resemble that situation, yeah. that's what it would look like. i was at a sanders rally yesterday. everyone there was so excited and hopeful right here at the industry center in indiana. and it was just sort of hard to talk to some of them and say, you know, you really think he has a chance to win? that may -- that could well end up being the situation that cruz finds himself in if he really gets killed in indiana. >> or maybe there's another twist in the race. thanks. from the washington examiner. now, to get into these numbers in indiana, deirdre bolton is back to help us break down the race ahead of our coverage tomorrow night. hey, deirdre. >> hey, connell. you said it. you've been talking about these polls which show that donald trump is expected to do well tomorrow night. but let's take a look at where the delegate count stands right now. as you can see donald trump clearly in the lead. 996, followed by cruz, followed by kasich. so here's the thing. according to our in-house map,
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connell, and you know this as well as i do, even if cruz were to win this winner take allstate of indiana, along with nebraska, along with montana, donald trump feasibly could still get to that magic 1237 number. so here we go. is tomorrow night cruz's water? that's the question. 57 delegates up for grabs in the great state of indiana. you've been talking about the polling. i want to show you some of the counties we're going to focus on tomorrow night. if you go right to the middle of state. this is of course where you have indianapolis, in marianne county, you remember this. donald trump there the other night with bobby knight of all people; right? i mean this is the point of trump. he seems to get endorsements from people, from leaders that locals really care about. bobby knight one of them there. southwest as well. we're going to be watching this. this could be very much favorable to trump and also northwest. i'm going to click in. it's sort of three or four
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counties up here. gary, indiana all the way over. and then as you keep moving east with you actually have notre dame here and that in the past at least has been a support for moderate republicans. but essentially in this northwest coast, struggling steel industry, probably going to be very favorable to donald trump. >> all right. good stuff. begins at 6:00 p.m., when neil begins his coverage. let's talk about this campaign and a little bit of detail, i know he's getting set. but facing the possibility of more protests tonight after what we saw last week in california and over the weekend again. bush 41, advisor mark joins us now on all of this kind of thing. and i was out there in california for it. if it maybe helps donald trump in the long run. some people think in a primary, it does. that it, you know, gives them something -- opposing force and something to talk about and say that it actually helps trump. what do you think? >> it does because there's an outrageous ironiy here, connell.
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and that set these leftist activists whose ultimate objective was to get citizenship for illegal aliens, using violence and the rights of american citizens to make their point. and this is why, by the way, we've seen 64% increase in republican turn out in the primaries thursday far. partly because of the way trump has leveraged this issue. >> it is interesting. we were up there as i said covering the one you're looking at now just outside san francisco the airport where the protesters were able to rush largely because the local police officers allowed them to break the barriers and run almost into the hotel where they were scheduled to speak on friday. i wonder, though, if we move to a general election matchup and assuming it's trump and hillary that this thing comes back to haunt mr. trump because it points out how much anger, how much opposition there is on this particularly immigration that is out there that trump will have a hard
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time countering these argument because these people will always be out there. what do you think? >> yeah. i agree, connell. but i don't think woulder going to see much of a difference in the general election. i think there is a great concern for our border security across demographic lines with the electorate. you take a look. we have a fresh example in montgomery county, maryland on friday where an illegal alien was sentenced for the murder of a man in which he stabbed maybe about 89 times and cut out his liver. these reminders among some illegal aliens there are grave criminals have really stirred this fear and anxiety in the electorate, and i believe we're going to see that show in polling once we have the candidates figure out and determined. >> yeah. costa mesa which we're looking at now was actually worse in orange county in terms of the violence and the number of arrests that had to be made out there. it makes you think if trump -- and blake was just reporting. we talked with david about it. if trump wins tomorrow, say,
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in indiana and really does in his mind -- not only in his mind but in actuality clinch that maybe trump and the protesters, you know, as opposed to trump and his primary opponents. >> i think so. but i'm telling you. i believe that what that does is -- >> helps them; right? >> it helps them a lot across the demographics because people are outraged. look, we're talking about an electorate that has struggled for seven years in this economy. their wages are depressed. they're underemployed and, look, then they see an illegal alien, taking some jobs, penetrating our border, there's a complete insecurity. economic insecurity, national insecurity, and that is what's going to cut across these demographics. so i believe you're right. i think these protests ultimately will help them because they'll rowel up and they're going to be thinking wait a minute.
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are they going to show nup cleveland as well with our nominee? i think we're going to see in a general election, this is going to play to trump's advantage. >> i'm sure they will. and pro trump organizers will show up. even if he does have 1237. >> these are america last protesters. they believe in america last. >> yeah. that's it. trump's slogan right there. hillary clinton in the meantime on the other side of it is trying to put her e-mail troubles behind her; right? why the real trouble for mrs. clinton, though, may be just beginning. we'll get into that next show me movies with romance.
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>> i think the fbi is running into a problem that there's too much to investigate. i believe they're going to have to make a summary finding as to violation of the national records act or keeping of the -- taking of the documents and of course the classified portion correctivities and president clinton's activities and the clinton foundation, they're going to have to leave that until after the election. connell: now, a clinton e-mail investigation going beyond the election. said this could be bad news. if it does, why is that, alex? >> well, i think this would be one of the worst-case scenarios clinton being next to criminal indictment or even losing the election. imagine in this scenario that lays out that the fbi does something and makes some announcement about the e-mails but says they're going to continue investigating the clinton foundation and what if she's president when did that going on? that means trying to get
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anything done. she's going to have this whole cloud over her. and even imagine this general election. you're going to have saying talking about the '90s. those were good years for americans. but i think it's going to remind a lot of people. there were a lot of scandals during the on it's and republicans are going to say hillary clinton gets elected president, you're going to see a lot more scandals, that's all we're talking about. connell: all she wants to do, though, is be elected president; right? so to your point, wouldn't it be worse if she were to be indicted, say, people would be speculating now or before the election is solved or the convention in july? isn't that the worst case? you think this would be worse for mrs. clinton? >> well, of course we don't know what the fbi is going to say. in the best case snare she would love for the fbi to say we did a lot of investigating and couldn't find anything. i think they want to get this behind them. connell: yeah. >> they want to be able to say, see, we said from the beginning it's nothing but republicans pushing it.
12:17 pm
which, by the way, it's not just republicans. there was a bernie sanders supporter writing fbi, you're our last hope. connell: right. >> so this is the kind of that we're take her down. connell: i know everybody saying he's sticking around because of the cause, to get his issues heard. that may very well be true. but he has to think part of him says, boy, what if something happens. >> bernie sanders hasn't really talked about it. he said in that debate i'm tired of talking about all of these dam e-mails. he's still in it. he may go all the way to the convention. and just thinking, what we call the fbi e-mail primary. what if something were to happen between now and the convention? that's the what i think bernie sanders is thinking in the back of his head. connell: a lot of it is just showing up, and he would be there. and he would have all of the delegates and where else would they turn but to bernie sanders go i guess; right? i mean people might argue for somebody else, but he's been in the race and won a lot of primaries. so he would have that argument. i mean this is way down the road in a.
12:18 pm
>> well, the former oversight chairman is that there's so much information and the more they look into it, the more stuff out there. saying this is a big deal. we've talked soph about e-mails that they're going to have to do something before this election. but, you know, maybe when they're looking at some of these other clinton foundation stuff, they're saying we still need -- connell: imagine a president hillary clinton dealing with -- still dealing with this. well, thanks, alex, we appreciate you coming on. >> you bet. connell: paul ryan in the meantime the speaker of the house racing to resolve the puerto rican death crisis. puerto rico is a great story. talking about all the speakers in that. what he should do. next
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connell: we are back on cavuto coast to coast. and let's talk about this before everything else. prints hearing -- prince had no will but the estate estimated at around $100 million. a judge with the first hearing taking place there today. and we'll see what comes out of this if anything. but that's beginning at this hour. puerto rico another big story defaulting on 370 million-dollar payment. so that puts pressure on the speaker of the house. paul ryan. gary joins us on where all of this goes from here. gary, good to see you. the speaker wants to do something. the argument that he would make is, hey, let's act on puerto rico now, make it a conservative move that we make. not let the democrats control later on because it will be more painful. what do you say? >> i think he's asinine at this point in time. puerto rico is never going to pay any of this money back.
12:23 pm
to even bail him out with one taxpayer dollar is just getting flushed down the toilet. and what we have to remember here they were 24 billion in debt and couldn't handle it back then. but now 70 billion in debt, look, this is a combination of wall street getting a billion dollars in fees, voicing these bonds upon the public, buying them for extra yield. and knowing that there's going to be promises going and people getting a little bit too greedy. and you've got to deal with the fact that puerto rico is a socialist state where half the people are on welfare, and you have a situation where starting teachers get 24,000. but starting government people get 75,000. until they change that, nothing good is going to come of it. . connell: all right. you're not a supporter necessarily of speaker ryan's plan here. so, gary, what would happen? i assume your ideas are let's do nothing, no bail outs, no nothing. but you're a markets guy. you watch this. and what would happen if puerto rico was allowed to be
12:24 pm
out there with no bail out of any kind. would anything happen? what would the result of that be? >> i don't think so. i think hedge funds are going to lose money. mutual funds are going to lose money and puerto rico is going to have to figure itself out. the markets are loo-loo wearing than what would happen in puerto rico and sometimes you've got to declare bankruptcy. you just can't put a 10-pound salami in a five-pound bag and they don't have revenue to pay today, yesterday, or going forward. and it's amazing anybody would want to continue to kick the can going down road. bill guess what? we're doing in greece and all these other countries and that's the mo right now. connell: just progressive we can do two things at once, showing you live pictures coming in from the state of indiana now. ted cruz is campaigning with the governor, mike pence there in marianne, indiana today. donald trump came out and said
12:25 pm
it seemed like he was endorsing mr. trump because his praise for trump at the beginning of the statement went on to say he will be voting for cruz. but there he is campaigning with ted cruz. gary, to finish up this conversation with puerto rico, and this does relate to politics, we talk about the economic or market risk. what about the political risk for the republicans in your view doing nothing? sometimes, you know, even if they're right. on principles they're right, you get the blame for it. i'm sure that goes into speaker ryan's thinking that down the line these republicans, they'll let these poor people fail again. it's their fault. >> well, two words. election year. and both parties are now trying to position themselves to be whatever we call the savior. but i've got to tell you. in my world, a savior is a person that doesn't continue to swoo the taxpayer by bailing somebody else out by never paying back the money. we'll never, ever get the money back, and i think ryan needs to consider that. but, unfortunately, i think there's going to be a bailout
12:26 pm
in some way, shape, or form. connell: right. because of the politics. thank you very much, gary. >> you've got it. connell: keeping this kind of theme together of money and politics, donald trump has some hints. who might be his treasury secretary where he to be the next president of the united states. and you know who has the scoop. charlie gasparino is next with t ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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>> let's go back to this tag cruz campaign stop. he is campaigning along the governor of indiana. shaking some hands. senator cruz does appear to be in some trouble in this state. five stops across the state today. giving it his all. trying to catch donald trump, of course. some news from, none other, then donald trump. who he may pick as his treasury secretary. >> i do not know who it is going to be. he has been doing this for the past year. several candidates high on the list. saying this much more recently than a few months ago. he keeps mentioning the big private equity executive.
12:31 pm
into these conversations with republican insiders. >> i don't know. let me just give you some context. this speculation started about six months ago. everybody, read my story on fox donald mentioned the potential treasury secretary. he is on the verge of getting it. he said that would be a scary idea. now, we called them over the weekend. exclusive to fox business. he did not say scary, but he likes his current job. i will say this, what is the bigger story here? it seems that don mold has this thing wrapped up. the head of the art when c, donald moved to indiana. he will be unstoppable.
12:32 pm
he is reaching out to the establishment republicans for a lot of reasons. get them on board. also, fundraising. >> if you look at what he put on his disclosure forms, he had seven or $800 million. he will have to sell all that. he will have to raise some significant money. and establishment republican. all-time fundraiser. he will need him in his corner. he is interested in the job. he will help emirates that money. a couple of shoes have to drop. it is interesting. the polls in indiana. just a little insight here. their internal polls. that is what they are saying. i have heard other interpretations that they are blowing that smoke that
12:33 pm
reporters because the internal polls really have him down by nine. >> what i am hearing from certain people, there is a degree of spin. they are saying, they are saying that it is one. you would think that they would be honest, too. i have heard alternative leave. >> the information was, what you came up with. >> non-republican insiders. >> i am just saying, in the past. >> i have never gotten in a fight. >> the worst thing that i did, i went off my diet a little bit and ate some pizza. the food at the correspondents dinner is so horrible.
12:34 pm
the president is great. did not like it. >> i thought that he was okay. what do i know. >> got to go. like eight times. >> healthcare is the next topic. get out of here. enough with gasparino. healthcare is our next topic here. obamacare losses may raise rates just before the election. there may be a november surprise with higher rates before the election. here to talk about that is mr. troy. good to see you again. this would be something.
12:35 pm
higher premiums. a story right before the election. >> that would not be good news for the democrats, whoever that may be. a consistent theme for the last two years. under the latest news, it appears that the premiums would really take a bite. that is when consumers would feel it. >> these reports that we are going on, the united healthcare has already done it. pulling out of the exchanges. $650 million in losses this year. other companies have talked. the companies are up against it. then they have to pass on. >> blue cross, blue shield. heavily involved in the exchanges they are seeing profits going down. you are seeing this across a lot of companies.
12:36 pm
trying to find a subsidize way to keep these changes alive. the problem is, there is a real mess connection. in the exchanges. more sick people than anticipated. that will cost more. >> it is a political question. getting away from politics. talking about expending obamacare and just trying to get people covered. bernie sanders wants to break it down. trump wants to appeal it. this problem that we are talking about now, how would you fix it? could you mix and match? is this just not working? >> it is a really good question. i am skeptical of any take off the shelf government approach. i think we tried a big picture approach. i think that it has a lot of
12:37 pm
problems. there is a lot of technology out there leading to improvements. employer still cover about 171 million people. i would give this a little bit more room for employers to experiment and some of these innovations to take all. not double down as hillary clinton said did. >> that is a new system. it would have to be repeal and replace. >> you really need to focus on what is working in the health care system and not, government that control prices to keep the cost down. that is not working. >> good stuff. thank you very much for coming on. speaking of healthcare, this zika virus continues to be in the news. maybe worse than we thought. what are we going to do about it? some big american cities? that is next.
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anyway you have the dow at 71. s&p up four tenths of 1%. major deal, though. today.rton calling it off. adriana have dug in dollar deal breakup. they will need that to buy back shares. calling antitrust concerns on this one. pharmaceuticals. mentioning warren buffett. the company is in our misleading flawed. off the workload sessions. struggling. off 70% year to date. we will keep an eye on this one for you. ♪
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>> back on cavuto coast to coast. launching a criminal investigation into dole foods. it is over list area. linked to four different deaths. now her report coming out saying that dole knew about it. knew about the problem for a year. white-collar now from orlando. good to see you. hearing this from the company's point of view. this is a tough one for dole foods. >> well, i don't know.
12:43 pm
really focus on the fact that what is at issue is the bacteria that could have been list area. dating back to 2014. the doj, they may be doing an investigation. at this point, they become aware of the list area issues. they were indicated. they shut down their plan. they have done everything that i think they could do at this point. i do not think that there's really anything at issue anymore. >> though one issue from nfpa report is that they have this particular plant. supposedly, they knew that there was a problem with listeria for more than a year.
12:44 pm
that is not a big issue. >> i am not saying that it is not an issue. what i have seen, ultimately, by the fda, there was this bacteria that could have been list area. it was linked to package salads with a number of the patients. they were reported and linked. however, the bacteria that was indicated may have been list area. it may have been something else. it was not clear that it was listeria. >> i wonder if the damage is already done to some of these companies. if you are dole foods here or shuffle today, once it is out there, at you and i are talking about it from a public relations standpoint.
12:45 pm
how much of an effect does that have? trying to keep this out of the news as much as you can. >> right. of course. this is already a done deal. they had to shut down their plan. they did not voluntarily. i don't know if they really had much of a choice. a salad being linked to packages with list area. thank you, whitney. good to see you. the risk of the zika virus is higher than they first taught. it is becoming a bigger story. the search for a vaccine is only in the early stages. you are maybe in the san francisco area out in california. they will be dealing with this over the summer.
12:46 pm
how big of an issue is zika in the united states? >> what we're seeing now is that there is more of a potential. initially, the z got scared, outbreak, there was one that was identified. another mosquito is carrying the virus. the asian tiger mosquito. this is known to more of the northern states. basically, you and i are both out right now. the other mosquito was in the subtropics. the mac okay. how much of a risk is out there for just regular people? >> a lot of this, i know that the unknown is what so scary.
12:47 pm
the old outbreaks, we know that it is transmitted through bites. this other, this asian tiger mosquito is not known to be such a prolific biter. >> it is not funny. one is a more prolific biter. we went through this west nile stuff here in new york. ninety-nine -ish or sometime around there. the new york city health department handling mosquitoes. maybe some of them are already set up for this. is that fair? >> most important information
12:48 pm
that has come out of this research. we originally thought, no big deal. a public health situation. there is an outbreak this summer. >> thank you. we will keep watching this. coming into news on tesla. elon musk. he is saying, and there is a look at the stock down 1%, pre-orders for their new pre-model three has been canceled here it does been reported by tesla. according to the commentary of elon musk. just about 1%. it has been quite volatile. the trend of late has been much higher. above 200. above 230. all of these cancellations. we will have more on that, i would take, coming up here and your peta officials saying limited access to american tech
12:49 pm
firms. hurting in the fight against terror. twitter, facebook, even google. particularly here because of our laws. more on that coming up. ♪ ♪
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> i guess you kind of missed her chance to be on that first cruz to cuba. it left port in miami yesterday. i do not see ashley webster anywhere on that. we should have sent ashley on this. a lot of people are interested now. european officials say american laws are hindering in their counterterrorism investigations.
12:53 pm
trying to gain evidence from social media companies. helicopter pilot. it is kind of a balance question. privacy is important. they want to get information from these companies. what is the right allen's in your view? >> the official complaints are valid. this is the global war on terror. radical islamic terrorism poses a threat to all western nations. that is why right now, it is greater goal for these future terrorist attacks. we see how important social media and intelligence comes into play. preventing some of these attacks. they european officials are meeting some roadblocks when it comes to getting information.
12:54 pm
they are hitting a lot of red tape. >> naming specifically, the likes of facebook and twitter. and what's happened. a messaging app. as opposed to doing it over a cellular network. there is international love. i wonder if we need more standards and wages have not caught up yet. >> they are currently revealing some of the laws. one of them is the mutual assistance treaty. it provides that collaboration of evidence between foreign nations in the united states information. it can take quite a while to get some of that necessary information. we all know that time is of the essence when it comes to
12:55 pm
terrorism. making sure that we stop that prior to it happening. what is most important here is modernizing those laws to make sure we're doing the most that we can to work together and preserve human life. >> whether it is tim cook and apple. you go too far on this kind of thing. a real problem with privacy. >> i think that that is some of the social media type companies in silicon valley looking out. they are very worried about this palace of privacy versus government and national security issues. just as we saw with the apple case in the san bernardino attack. having over $1 million to hack into the apple phone. they would not cooperate even with a court order.
12:56 pm
people are dying. they do not help. they are using their technology. having to find a way to prevent them from our technology. >> this will be an issue we continue to talk about. getting back to indiana in a moment. everyone thinks that it is over if he wins there tomorrow. we are there live in the hoosier state next. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
being that we're you're back here on cavuto coast to coast. we are all watching indiana very, very closely. donald trump is looking for a knockout by his own account. a rally in south bend.
1:00 pm
a famous place in indiana. jeff flock is there. he joins us with the latest. i tell you, this story about 7:00 o'clock this morning. here it is. we even have the trump singers here. the so-called trump train, i think. there you go. trump train rolling down the line. rolling in indiana today. you see some pictures with him and the governor of indiana. that is a big endorsement or him. it will not be for lack of trying. carly feel re- not is out as well. asked if he was in the race even if you lost today here at take a listen. >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to
1:01 pm
victory. >> that gives them a little bit of an out, maybe, if he were to lose today. we will see. it will be a fight. plenty of time to listen to elton john. this is a different kind of musical conference there. the primary caucus. going into state convention. now, deirdre bolton. maybe they are having second thoughts. "new york times" just to name
1:02 pm
two. donald trump clearly ahead at 900. while on the path to 1237. i will pull up in this handy. what you are talking about is the fact that in pennsylvania and south dakota, there is a lot of unbound delegates. we know it means i will vote for somebody, but i get to the convention, i can kind of vote for whoever i want. south dakota as well. these are the 10 states that we have ahead of us. where senator cruz is expected. colorado, montana. nebraska as well. twenty-seven and 36. even if ted crews -- donald
1:03 pm
trump can still get to 1237 at least by our internal calculations. >> watch tonight on risk and reward here it talking more about this with dagen make towel and morgan. >> be had these delegates to do whatever they want. it looks like trump did much better than expect it. none of this looks good for cruz. >> i think that it will be really tough for cruz. fifteen points ahead. that is a washout. he has actually ran a very smart campaign over the last few months. the question is why are some of these delegates reportedly in north dakota starting to switch?
1:04 pm
i think they reason why that cruz campaign has not effectively made the case that they can beat hillary clinton in november. that is likely why you are seeing some of these delegates that are for cruz. going through with clinton and obama. once obama took the lead, all of those superdelegates, on the democratic side, they are going to win. there is no greater average easy at phan winning. it is not that ted crews has proved that he can beat hillary clinton, it is that ted crews has improved that he can be donald trump at new york. five states last week were donald trump got more than 50% of the vote.
1:05 pm
i am not so ideologically tied to this guy. i just want to get behind somebody that can actually win this nomination. roughly, 150 of these unbound delegates. donald trump coming short of that 1237. even after california. he has to lock up those. he is only 68 delegates short of that 1237. you have those days. forty-one before the california primary and the republican convention in july. >> will we see trump go out and make this argument, i think it is listen, if i am close, you have to give it to me. regular people look at that. if he is close and he has the most delegates, he should win
1:06 pm
it. i am wondering if that is affecting the actual delegates. >> people are interested in party unity. this is something i have been preaching for months. this is a really long primary race. i think a lot of the delegates, a lot of the people going into the convention are people interested. that is a great point. the way i see it is, there is still a fraction of the party. they say never trump. i think, the majority of the party unified, likely. the party that does not unify him. i think so. how does that play out in november? >> one stat that is undeniable, donald trump has already got in gotten more than 10 million popular votes.
1:07 pm
>> ted crews talking to a trump supporter of live here and let's listen. >> you know donald trump. had a million dollar judgment. you know what he is doing right now in florida, he brings in hundreds. instead of hiring americans. donald trump is deceiving. ask yourself this question, why does the mainstream media so desperately want down all trump to win? why is it that john boehner supports donald trump bush or mark do you agree with john boehner? do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> i agree with trump. he will put us where we need to be. what are you going to do about it? >> i have defended the second amendment. donald trump supported bill
1:08 pm
clinton. some of the most popular firearms in america here at that is a fact. i agree with bill clinton. i hate guns. that is a quote from donald trump. i will tell you this. if donald trump ever becomes president, he has said he will cut a deal with chuck schumer. it means, he will put a liberal on the supreme court that will take away your second amendment rights. i have defended the second amendment. donald trump is a new york liberal that will take away your second amendment. this man is lying to you and he is taking advantage of you. i appreciate your being out here speaking. if i were donald trump, i would not have come over and talk to you. i would not have shown you that respect. go over and punch those guys in
1:09 pm
the face. i think campaigning to work for you. what word did i say that was a lie? >> about donald trump. >> let me ask you, sir. just go home and google donald punch in the face protesters. standing at the podium sayings punch that guy in the face. i will pay her legal fees when you punch him in the face. donald trump has accused everyone in this race of being a liar. he cannot tell the truth and one minute. >> you will find out tomorrow. we do not want you. chair mac. >> serve, america is a better country -- >> without you.
1:10 pm
>> take you for those fine sentiments. the question that everyone here should ask, do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? would you be proud if your kids were jailing and insulting? let me give you an example of donald's problems with the truth. yesterday, he was on national television. he was asked about his support for mike tyson. his rapunzel is ted says tyson is a rapists, that is why we call him lion ted. three years in prison for rape here in indiana. donald screamed it is alive. he mac women and children. >> that is actually interesting. >> that is what you are going to be doing. >> serve, let me respond to you.
1:11 pm
it is interesting that you added women and children. the wives and children of terrorists. a war crime. what about when soldiers do not want to commit a war crime? women and children. he said i will tell them to do it. a president who thinks he will order soldiers to commit war crime. a president that does not respect the women and men of this country. i said we would target the terrorists. take out their infrastructure. take out their oil refineries. no one will target women and children except for a bully like donald trump. sir, i respect your right to speak, but i will also say, in america we are a nation that is better than anger and insult and cursing. i believe the people of indiana can practice good judgment.
1:12 pm
>> that was in indiana. ted crews come fronted by in speaking back to a donald trump supporter. we watch it here live. >> that was fascinating. >> talking about party unity. >> i think that he is showing his strength. nobody can argue that he is not one of the smartest guys in politics. the passion is asymmetric, if you will. talking to a donald trump supporter. trying to rationalize with him. accusing donald trump supporter a liar. it is like he does not know how to win people over. he saw that right there and it was raw.
1:13 pm
>> started by telling the gentleman that he is trying to play you for trump. it was kind of fascinating to watch. americans would eat better without you. he started to finish his sentence. it does not make him look great. what did you think about the way he handled it? he did confront this guy that was going after him. >> on one hand, that was just so painful. i felt badly four crews. clearly, this guy was a hard-core supporter of donald trump. i do not care if you are on twitter, facebook, it is really difficult to change someone's mind. i commend him. elections are about appealing to people's emotions. when you think back at george w.
1:14 pm
bush, people just like torch w bush a lot more than they liked gore. that is how they voted. you can go through election after election. this is how you win elections. by appealing to their minds, hearts and emotions. that is somewhere where he has struggled. i want to applaud the guy. i agree with him on the second amendment. i agree with them on all these points. he has to capture their emotions. >> it was amazing at how that trump supporter had a command of so many trump talking points. he was throwing them in his face. the fact that donald trump had connected with these voters and resignation with these voters in such an impactful way is astonishing. connell: he brands people. he branded ted as zika.
1:15 pm
that was fascinating to watch. we will get onto another big story today. this merger that has been scrapped. the big story to it. another example of government overreach is next. ♪ [ soft music ]
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1:19 pm
he was confronted by donald trump supporters. discussion back and forth. he is our next guests. doing it live in real-time. i was not surprised by it. it has been a defining element. any motion by the donald trump supporting air up. very little a motion. very full of anger. i think that ted crews very eloquently laid out the principles. using it for 20 years. as a lawyer, a supporter of the constitution. it comes down to a motion versus reason.
1:20 pm
we put those things together. i think the memorable element of something like that is the emotional element. when ted crews says america is a better country and the guy says without you. that is something as we just watch. people remember. that is something that will be remembered. are you canadian? is that something that people remember? sticks in their head? think about that. and a lot of things were said about donald trump. we see it echoed in as reporters. just name-calling. just insults. maybe you can win that way. >> the other one, to your point, also could be remembered. i do not know if he has been forceful enough.
1:21 pm
really plain language. in other words, all of the stuff that trump is telling his supporters, maybe you think that your job has moved overseas. he is telling you he can bring these jobs back. that is nonsense. >> i do not know if that argument has stuck enough. >> it was about the second amendment. a trap supporters saying we're putting out the facts. even back when donald trump was speaking out against the second amendment. people do not think in terms of principles anymore. that is why it think that cruises right. that is why i think that cruz is
1:22 pm
right. connell: that is part of what just happened there. what are you saying? he has branded ted crews. it is a crazy campaign. thank you. talk to you about something else. the fallout. talking more about that conversation. the fallout from the billboards. times square here in new york city. they are collecting data about you, apparently. as you pass by. from your phone. elizabeth macdonald is live with the details. invasion of privacy? that is next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
1:23 pm
but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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>> welcome back. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer will get a nice severance package if she is forced out of the company. if she is terminated within one year, she will get $3 million in
1:26 pm
cash. stock options and grants. yahoo! is currently considering this right now. the stock down just a little bit today. the elephants are no longer in the room. 145 year tradition. animal rights groups are praising this decision. they say more wild animals should be removed as well. a powerball chap but hitting $348 million. the wednesday wednesday drawing more than $200 in cash. the highest since the chap .back in january. connell, are you in it to win it? >> as you know, i have the perfect life here. it would create more problems.
1:27 pm
the fbi beginning an investigation into an ice age hacker. a hit list of seemingly random new yorkers. this list of people investigating. >> the fbi is in the process. notifying these people in the metro area. department of homeland security. their names and personal information were briefly on the world wide web. posted to a messaging app. still behind posting this. the fbi now reaching out to those 2000 people. what they are saying is " potential threats may relate to individuals, institutions or organizations."
1:28 pm
the fbi is on top of it. that list was asking other people to do harm. you would probably want to know about it. adam was talking names and personal information being out there. look at all of these billboards. this is what i called the crossroads of the world. are they more then just advertisements? are they spying on you? elizabeth macdonald is in times square with all of these details. >> hey, connell, you are right. chuck schumer is asking for a federal probe. your cell phone location data.
1:29 pm
you walk by a clear channel billboard. finding out where your location is. whether you are going to a retailer. even if you are an nfl fan. they will target the marketing towards you. we talk to people on the street out here. mixed reaction. take a listen. >> a little bit of privacy. to your liking. to have access to that without your information would be absurd. >> i think i would want their bright to opt in or opt out. >> that is the issue. unbeknownst to the consumer. they only collect anonymous data. at&t is also in the program. facebook and twitter tracks you on their website.
1:30 pm
it is somewhat different when they are following you on your cell phone. finding out where you are and where you are going. >> thank you. elizabeth macdonald. campaign moment. he confronts back. here they are. one-on-one. really interesting. we will have more coming up. ♪
1:31 pm
. . . .
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1:34 pm
>> donald trump is a new york liberal who will take aware your second amendment rights. this man is lying to you and he is taking advantage of you. i would encourage, you sir, i appreciate you're being out here speaking. if i were donald trump, i wouldn't have come over to talk to you. i wouldn't have shown you that respect. in fact you know what i would have done, i would told the folks over there, punch those guys in the face. that is what donald does to protesters. connell: that is the 2016 campaign unplugged as we watch ad few minutes ago on fox business network. shelby holiday from "the wall street journal" i think ted cruz accomplished what he wants to accomplish. get people like you and i talking about this but it was, the donald trump supporter also got some lines in. kind of interesting when things go unscripted. >> it was interesting move on ted cruz's part. he has a day to change the narrative.
1:35 pm
he is facing double-digit deficit according to our latest poll. he needs to change things around. what better to talk to trump supporters. he knows cameras are there. he knows this can be a feisty exchange. he is great debater. why wouldn't you? connell: it is feisty exchange and debater on the facts but this guy is ardent trump supporter, knows all of trump's lines. trump keeps it simple. throws it back at him. i don't know if it helps or hurt. cruz is in desperate spot according to "wall street journal" poll. it is tough in indiana. >> some of the words we're hearing to describe cruz's situation, the alamo, his waterloo, his last stand. it is desperate. almost like we're planning ted cruz's funeral. connell: questioning whether he will drop out of the race if he loses indiana. doesn't seem like it will. >> he will stay in the race if he has a possible path in the nomination. his path is not changing. he can't possibly win delegates before the convention.
1:36 pm
he will not do that after indiana. sounds like he was making point he is in this at least through remaining contests. connell: trump as screen shows almost 1,000 delegates. there is no bath to get the 1237 number but even path stopping trump is tough one. trump if he wins indiana, it would be under 50% of what remains, right? >> right. because indiana is interesting state. they award 30 at large delegates if you win the state. you don't have to hit threshold. you have to win the state. 30 automatically there. you rack up a couple congressional district delegates you have a big lead. connell: trump could win all 57. >> could win all 57. even if cruz beats them narrowly he could win just nine. indiana is interesting state. it will have significant mathematical effect on this race, blocking trump's path, giving him a clearer path to the nomination. connell: it is interesting how cruz even today runs into this guy, how much he is running into, versus similar states,
1:37 pm
people like wisconsin where it was clear sailing for cruz. but i guess they're different. >> not looking great for cruz, his numbers, trump is winning in a lot of polls but it is becoming wider and wider margin. cruz is up against some tough odds. connell: yes. >> in a state where this is one-on-one chance with donald trump. if he can't do it in indiana where will he do it? >> a lot of people are losing faith he can do it anywhere. connell: good to see you. shelby holiday from "wall street journal." more from the discussion we watched moments ago, ted cruz and this trump supporter. >> what are you going to do about the second amendment? >> okay. great question. >> what are you going to do about the second amendment? >> i have defended the second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. do you know that donald trump supported bill clinton's national ban on some. most popular firearms in america. and that is a fact. you can go read his book are we said i agree with bill clinton. he said i hate guns. that is a quote from donald trump. connell: brian wesbury, our next guest. so the argument brian, ted cruz is making there, i'm sure he
1:38 pm
made at rallies, all the stuff trump is saying may sound good in very short sound bites but it is not really true. he is not going to do what he says. he hasn't done what he says in the past, what do you think? >> i don't even think donald trump knows what he is going to do. from an economic point of view, the one thing that really scares me is his bashing of china and trade protectionism. connell: right. >> putting a tariff on, that is like smoot-hawley tariff act back in 1930. that's what scares me. other than that, i think he has been all over the map, depending on what he needed at what time from which politician. i think he used his words over the years as currency, right? and, so, we don't know. and the good news for investors is, if the umpires of baseball game say in the 7th inning we're going to change the rules, home runs will be worth two or a half but we don't know yet, then
1:39 pm
you just play the first six innings the same. this mosh pit of noise is going on. all about how the rules are going to change in the 7th inning. right now we're in the first six and we play baseball the normal way. i want investors to pay attention to the economy and earnings and -- connell: don't get caught up. >> don't get caught up in all this noise. connell: let me ask you -- >> don't get me wrong. connell: come on. let me ask you about it though, the trade issue. i'm actually really glad you brought this up. i don't want to generalize the gentleman we're looking at. i don't know anything about him other than what we saw and views he expressed with ted cruz in that moment. >> right. connell: i've been to a lost trump events and interviewed number of supporters you run into a lot of people who have been wronged. nobody is standing up for them. nobody politician supporting their interests. these trade deals that they see, nafta on down really put them in tough spot. they say their jobs are boeing overseas.
1:40 pm
they see a guy coming along with trump, i will take them pack. he may not say that, that is what he says. nobody else helped me. he will. how would you counter that argument with those people in simple terms without getting economics that you study? >> well, in simple terms, one of the things that happens for us that we pay a lot less for goods that we buy that are produced in lower-cost places. free trade is a good, it raises all our living standards. if we try to bring everything back here, overnight by putting these big tariffs, we all are living standards will fall. the second thing the reason wages are not rising and middle class is being squeezed because government is too big. if we would just shrink the size of government, our economy would do a lot better. i mean france, france has grown 2% a year for 40 years. if we don't shrink the size of our government, we'll be france
1:41 pm
in another five or 10 years. we'll just be used to it. and all blaming other people, when trump blames other people, he almost sounds like the mullahs of iran. it's the great satan and they blame us for everything. and that's what it is. it is looking at wrong thing. the size of government, taxation, regulation, that's what is killing us. not china and free trade. connell: might not hear that argument from anybody in this election. may be completely anti-free trade general election as well. >> that scares me. connell: scares a lot of people in your, same boat with you. thanks for, you know, rolling with the punches with us and talking about this. >> absolutely. connell: it is important. the issue, yes, good tv and all this, and back and forth. think about issues came up there in small exchange between donald trump supporter and candidate for president senator ted cruz. this is what we looked like with we watched it live. woe have former presidential candidate's take on all this ralph nader is next on this.
1:42 pm
>> what are you going to do?
1:43 pm
>> good afternoon from the floor of new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business report. we have a rally this monday morning. dow up 93 points.
1:44 pm
nasdaq up 24 points at moment. some economic data. kind of decent manufacturing came in pretty much in line. construction spending was also strong. that manufacturing report, the employment component was better than expected. that could be adding fuel to the fire here. oil not participating in the rally. oil stokes are down. price of crude oil barrel off a buck 06. now a buck 065. decne on oil. vestourc takg so off e to applanotr dain t red so dn anher her sinc ail 2h eaings call, apple is down 17%. so eighth straight loss in apple. worse in 18 years. that is the status tick. that is it from the new york stock exchange. get you back to connell. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking
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down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. >> i think this entire process, i think anyone that wants to be president owes it to the people of this state to come in front of you to ask for your support. i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me. >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your views >> could the math. you asked case i can to drop out. it is your turn. take your own words. drop it. >> when 1237, doesn't get to 1237. >> he will get more than 1237. connell: that was an exchange as we've been telling you earlier
1:47 pm
this hour. senator ted cruz running for president and donald trump supporter outside after cruz event in indiana. we noticed it was happening. we decided to watch part of it. we were fascinated in many way what is we saw. former presidential candidate ralph nader talks more about this. this particular clip that we're watching, mr. nader, is someone encouraging cruz to drop out of the race. do you think that he either will or should come wednesday morning if trump wins by a lot in indiana? of course you've been in similar positions hey, drop out of the race. so what about cruz? >> not at all. telling somebody to drop out, neil, is like telling them not to exercise their right of free speech. you can oppose him but don't tell him not to drop out. you can see the person who challenged cruz based just like trump. in other words he overtalked. he didn't want to hear any response from cruz. that's the problem with trump. if trump is the nominee, trump is going to be one who will sink
1:48 pm
trump because he can't control his mouth. one thing, slandering and shouting at opponents on primary trail or debates so-called or press trying to question him but he can get away with that when he starts shouting at courts or foreign governments and people that can oppose him pull the rug out from under him should he get to the white us he will be in deep trouble. he is clearly the most, he has the worst temperment for being president of any major candidate i have ever seen in decades. and that is what is going to do him in, even though running against someone like hillary trump and they both have very high unfavorable ratings. connell: hillary clinton is not quite as high maybe trump is on unfavorable side. you're right. both of them do have very high unfavorable ratings. when we got to general election matchup, saying two of them, trump in this hypothetical does
1:49 pm
beat cruz what would you say to somebody approached given your experience, boy, should i run as third party is everybody is against trump i should get in there? the retort, boy all you will do is get hillary clinton elected. what about a third party possibility? >> i don't think this year, neil. first of all it is very late to get on ballots. second, you know what the hurdles are, you heard it from me. huge hurdles, even if you run as a third party coming out of a major presidential primary that you have lost. connell: right. so that es the thing. the there is going to be a lot of -- i think there would be a lot of pressure in some quarters for somebody to do something but if you're a republican, say, mainstream republican, difficult for to you put yourself in shoes like this. but is it better, as i think some argued privately to say, you know what, let whatever happens, happens. if we lose we lose. at least we group in four years. is that kind of lodge schnick. >> it is not that simple. trump is extremely unpredictable, extremely
1:50 pm
temperamental, he likes to counter punch more than the person who challenged him. that is not going to succeed in the white house. i think that, if you don't like the republican party, you want trump to be the nominee and president, he will turn the republican party right down to the local level in races and in congress into a trump dump. that is how dominant and egotistical he is. unwilling to share any alternative views or dialogue. connell: ralph nader there, former presidential candidate joining us today. we'll move and talk about buff here in just a moment. -- warren buffett. warren buffett weighing in race for president, weighing in on the race for president thought we had a story on our hands here for a moment liz claman has a steer on her hands. she will tell you what what she thinks and what he says. liz claman next. ♪
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>> all of this rhetoric that oh, things will be horrible if this candidate gets in or that candidate gets in, what happens to american business? >> american business will do fine over time no matter who is president. obviously makes a difference to the country what kind of policies but this country can't be stopped. connell: yeah, come on, warren. don't make it out like this doesn't matter, this whole election thing. liz claman with berkshire hathaway warren buffett. a little politics over the weekend. liz joins us from omaha not only with that but interesting items mr. buff was talking about. some other things. >> you see that huge crush. it is unbelievable. media and 40,000 shareholders and everybody is moving in. i take that as opportunity to get that microphone in front of
1:55 pm
him and ask him some questions about issues that matter to our viewers. i know on steam cavuto's show they are always "coast to coast" talking about coal what happens to the coal industry. guess what? berkshire hathaway has 11 gigantic energy companies. everything from mid-american to bhe renewables and northern natural gas. he has mix of oil, gas, synthetics all of that. his exposure to coal comes directly through his railroad, burlington-northern which the business is definitely down. he said his railroad will have a bad year due to diminished use of coal. he said do not start planning coal's funeral just yet. >> we'll still be hauling a lot of cold 10 years from now. >> you really believe that? >> it is certainty. you can't rechange the world that fast. i mean trillions and trillions of dollars, yeah. if you shut off all coal today, it would not be a very pleasant world.
1:56 pm
>> look. so is he talking his book? maybe a little bit but he calls things as he sees them. he will not be in a bad investment if it is not going anywhere and he clearly does. in that big crowd we have three fox business photographers. we have one on the ground. two with all difficult angles high above. that is way we make sure you guys get the very best shots. but from there to all the fun that he has, he then goes to what he calls the newspaper talks. he owns "the buffalo news." he owns omaha world herald. he faces off against bill gates. bill gates did not have the a good newspaper talk despite he and warren used to have paper routes back in the day. they had a little fun. you have the big 5 k race in the rain. huge bobbleheads. warren buffett and charlie monger. there is nothing like it on the
1:57 pm
planet coming to shareholder companies. connell: more from liz 3:00 okay more cavuto coast to coast. and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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connell: nihilist back tomorrow with coverage of the indiana time a race. that starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. trish regan takes over now. trish: in indiana any minute from now. in less than 24 hours, indiana voters are hitting the polls. it is a must win for cruz. i am trish regan. welcome back to the intelligence report. donald trump up by a whopping 15 points in indiana. disapproving big-time. so much for that. protesters storming the parliament. a state of emergency is declared. the president strategy depends


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