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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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hathaway, charlie monger, 92 years old. warren buffett 85 the young pup of this group. >> i'm the kid. liz: you're the kid. great to have you both. don't sell first day of day. market set for nice gains. here is the closing bell. [closing bell rings] melissa, dave asman pick it up from here. melissa: stocks climbing this afternoon. the dow ending the day up triple digits. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman, this is "after the bell." at this hour, we are one day away from crucial voting in indiana. the candidates barnstorming across the state, marking their final pitches to voters there. donald trump is expected to take the stage any moment in carmel, indiana. meanwh an animated exchange with one of donald trump's supporters in marion, indiana. cruz fighting to keep his composure as protesters shout insults. we'll play some of that coming up. melissa: donald trump is aiming for knockout.
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the gop front-runner is hoping to eliminate his competition with a big win in indiana tomorrow. "the donald" make a final pitch in the hoosier state. any moment, fox business's jeff flock south bend, indiana with latest on campaign trail. jeff? reporter: he has two final pitches to make, melissa. this will be last one of the day. look at the people lined up here. this is south bend, indiana. we have a live picture for you from the town of, hate to correct you, david, carmel. in indiana they say things different. carmel, indiana. he only has two stops. ted cruz has 10 different campaign stops across indiana today. pretty amazing. he and carly fiorina, both sometimes splitting up. sometimes coming with senator mike lee, louie gohmert from texas. governor pence has been out campaigning with him. i tell you, i don't know it looks like desperation but ted cruz wading into the crowd of trump protesters at one of his rallies and kind of debating
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with them. take a listen to one of the exchanges. >> you the man. >> i appreciate you coming out. i appreciate you coming out and standing up. i think this entire process, anyone that wants to be president owes it to the people of this state to come in front of you to ask for your support. i'm running to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your views. i will respect it. >> do the math. >> you asked kasich to drop out it is your turn. take your own words. time to drop out, sir. >> when donald doesn't get to 1237 will you call him to drop out. >> donald definitely gets to 1237. >> no he -- reporter: speaking of protesters across from where we are, right across the street this is area for protests at trump rally. these are anti-trump percent over there. i've been to a lot of rallies. usually protesters are farther away from the actual rally itself. maybe in laurie spins around
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this is were the people are. this is where the pro-trumpers are and these are the aren't at this trumpers. we presume they will stay on their side of the street but we'll see. melissa: jeff, thank you very much. david: ted cruz is trying to win over critics in indiana. one trump supporter isn't easily swayed. >> what do you like about donald. >> everything. >> give me one. >> anything. >> the wall. >> okay the wall. >> that is the main thing. immigration. >> hold on a second. do you know on the wall, that donald told "the new york times" editorial board he is not going to build the wall and deport anyone. >> once again, "lyin' ted"! >> sir, actually. a lot of people, don't just scream and yell at each other. david: joining me david drucker, washton examiner senior correspondent.
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i wonder if there is anything to be gained confronted protester. that is not debate format. you know you will get somebody shouting back at you, rather than being reasonable so what do you gain? >> you gain tv time. we're talking about ted cruz talking to a donald trump supporter. ted cruz is thing if his message out. look, he knows he will not change mind of somebody takes time to come out to one of his rallies to protest in favor of donald trump. ted cruz isn't a fool. what he is trying to do, gain ground and come back and upset donald trump in indiana. this is one of the ways you do that, by gaining tv time and airtime. it is a creative way. something that actually ted cruz does quite well is debating people that disagree with him in very civil sort of reasoned manner. it is one of the, there is a lot not to like about ted cruz from a political standpoint. but think this is one of the things that can help him -- david: you're saying his being reasonable in front of somebody who is shouting at him makes him look even more reasonable? >> yes, it does.
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look, he is being called "lyin' ted." you're talking with people that are not necessarily having an issue, by issue debate per se. ted cruz just, keeps calm and, resolute and that is one of the things, one of the areas of this campaign we've seen over the many months where he has looked his best. david: there is another sort of tactic that is being used by not cruz directly but by the anti-trump republicans. that is these ads. they have another million dollar, multimillion-dollar buy order on ads. they didn't work the last time. according to recent polls it doesn't seem to be working this time either? >> yeah, that's correct. it's been an issue in indiana. david, i look at indiana is sort of mixture between wisconsin and michigan and right now it is looking more like michigan which is good for donald trump ted cruz i think is suffering in new york and then in the mid-atlantic and northeast trump won big and voter psychology had
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bigger effect in indiana even i had predicted it would. it is something that ted cruz has been fighting through. you know we'll see if he can pull it out tomorrow. david: is it because of fact it is industrial state? that message that they're stealing our jobs really resonates? >> well i think that there is a portion of indiana, particularly southern indiana, where you have a lot of disaffected white working class vote. you also have the issue, like we know with company carrier where companies have pulled out of indiana for various reasons to go manufacture elsewhere where it is less expensive. and so you have this sort of mixture of really stalwart conservative vote which is really good for cruz, a religious conservative vote which is good for cruz. then people really upset about the economy, really angry, frustrated with the federal government, i don't think anger is the right word. that is really good for donald trump. also look, donald trump is winning. david: david i have to ask you one more question because we're really out of time. >> sure. david: newt gingrich said if
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cruz loses indiana, trump is not presumptive but is the nominee. do you agree? >> i believe he is the like nominee at that point. when he hits 1237 he will be the nominee. david: david drucker, "washington examiner." thank you. >> thanks, david. david: melissa. melissa: on other side of the aisle bernie sanders says there will be a contested democratic convention. he said it will be virtually impossible for hillary clinton to win majority of regular delegates, he is not giving up without a fight. >> there are 10 states left. and we have to earn over 50% of those delegates. that is what the importance of indiana is. [cheers and applause] and we're going to fight as hard as we can for every vote. david: her opponent, hillary clinton is in coal country today, choosing to campaign in kentucky and west virginia in
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she is on her way to west virginia. a lot of folks turned out here to give her an earful about what she thinks about coal companies and coal jobs. she tried to clean that up. she is in favor of putting people back to work. she is in favor of coal mining and should continue on. but she has been trying to walk a fine line if you will. making segue to green energy and future energy jobs.
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a lot of folks turn out for her visit. they want to talk with her. let her know what they think about it, with coal being bread and butter for rural part of west virginia. bottom line she is expected to hear from them when she shows up a short time from now. interesting contrast is that bernie sanders is fighting for his political life if you will, in terms of the 2016 campaign. he is in indiana ahead of tomorrow's primary there. every vote is critical for him at this stage. the latest "wall street journal/nbc news" poll showing he is trailing hillary clinton 50-46.ural, white working class
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voters, david? david: mike emanuel. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: keep it tuned to fox business. we'll bring you full coverage and analysis as key votes from indiana are reported. it saul starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a last-ditch effort to sway indiana. he says this race is battle between food and evil. melissa: it was five years ago u.s. navy seals called osama bin laden at his pakistani compound. what have we gained? how far have we come in the fight against terrorism? david: that is evil. former -- senator and former republican candidate lindsey graham slamming america's america first policy plan.
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>> donald trump's isolation plan will lead to another 9/11. you both have a
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: it's been five years since al qaeda leader osama bin laden was killed in a covert military operation. so where do we stand in the war against terror years after the death of what was then public enemy number one? joining me, david sears, retired u.s. navy seal. thanks so much for joining us. i was looking at a comment from director of national intelligence james clapper who said, there are now more sunni violent extremist groups, members and safe havens than at any other time in history. it seems like we're worse off now. >> right. we haven't gotten that much better if you're looking at it as a report card. i would say right now we're in the d, f range in terms of fighting islamic radical terrorism. melissa: d, f? that is terrible.
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why such a low-grade? i was pretty pessimistic but that's terrible. >> just like general clapper said, we have more violent extreme it groups around. they have spread wider. islamic state has spread wide. they have at least eight provinces spread across all the way from syria, iraq, all the way to west africa. now they're talking about bangladesh being in there. they're in afghanistan. al qaeda, also, has expanded. they're overshadowed by isis. they're still a huge threat. they had had an attack in bangladesh. they're in pakistan, afghanistan. they have movesments in somalia and yemen. doesn't look good. >> i was listening to one recently, said al qaeda is the big tent, if you think about it in political terms, u.s. terms people can understand. they kind of bring everybody under the tent. then, at the same time isis is so much more intense. what do you think the biggest thing we've done wrong that has gotten us to this point?
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>> looking at this from a leadership centric targeting perspective where we try to constantly target, number one, number two, i lost track of number ones and number twos we gone through killed with drone strikes or bombs. that seems to be sole line of effort. you have to get broader than that. it has to be embraced by the islamic community to stop this radical ideology. melissa: yeah, that is a challenge. senator lindsey graham, you probably heard it, slamming donald trump's foreign policy position. >> i believe donald trump's foreign policy is isolationism. it will lead to another 9/11. trump doesn't understand the obama-clinton mistakes. they didn't intervene in iraq. they withdrew from iraq. melissa: a a lot to unpack ther, david. first of all do you think the trump policies as we heard from would lead to another 9/11? >> no. i don't think, as we've heard them, there is not enough substance there right now to say this would lead to another 9/11. i think he is trying to be thoughtful as all candidates are
4:17 pm
and to use 9/11, a very tragic and emotional event in our history and politicize it this way, really unhelpful. melissa: yeah. he has talked about, so lindsey graham said his foreign policy is isolationism. listen to what he had to say it didn't really sound like that. you look at president obama who didn't necessarily reach out as much a lot of people would have liked with france and elsewhere after terror attacks to embrace those leaders like francois hollande to lend support. look what happened to our relationship with israel. trump talking about trying to build a bridge to russia. when you look at all the enemies around the world maybe that is not the best enemy to have right now. what do you think of those ideas? >> i agree. i don't think it is possibility in today's day and age to have possibility of isolationism. i don't know what that will look like. we'll sit in the united states not to talk to anybody? it is physically impossible these days. we'll wait to see how it comes out. it is not helpful to politicize 9/11. melissa: david sears, thank you
4:18 pm
so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: david. david: we have got a business alert. more proof that government bureaucracy clogging the gears of business. 35 billion-dollar merger between oil giants halliburton and baker hughes is off. regulators here and in europe put so many roadblocks, the two companies decided it wasn't worth it. preventing consolidation in ailing oil industry, halliburton is stuck paying a $3.5 billion breakup fee to baker hughes. it is a good thing to talk about on the campaign trail i hope. melissa: yeah. crashing the party. why the anyone but trump movement is having a change of heart ahead of the general election. plus deadly flooding in texas as severe storms slam the south. >> when i arrived, water levels up to the roof. within 15 minutes, water was 18 feet high.
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david: as donald trump and hillary clinton shift focus to the general election the never trump movement may have a new target and goal faced with possibility of a clinton presidency, trump's critics could be switching to anyone but trump to anyone but hillary. we have jackky cushman. good to see you. some of the never trump folks have not changed. i got my cop piv of "the weekly standard." bill kristol never trump as always. "national review," we mentioned in the past segment, lindsey graham. these are people maybe heretofore had been influenced by them. they're pulling back, maybe trump if not hillary? >> well, absolutely. if you look at reality, donald trump has 996 delegates to 1237. ted cruz who is his closest rival has a little less than half of that. he is long way to the nomination. what is happening, if you listen to donald trump last tuesday after he was very successful in those five primary elections, he
4:23 pm
started talking about the general election and comparing and contrasting himself with hillary clinton. and think he will be very formidable candidate in the general election. david: i talked to people at "national review." i've been friends with these people for 40 years or at least that much. and some of them say, look, we're not never trump. when it comes down, we're putting up a tough fence in front of trump. we're trying to. if he jumps over that fence, we'll not prevent him from trying to beat hillary. so when push comes to shove, won't they join the anti-hillary crowd? >> i think most of them will. if you look at gallup just released a poll today. looked at both ted cruz and donald trump. and last week, ted cruz flipped from favorable, only 39% favorable to 45% unfavorable for republicans. what this is showing. people are getting tired of the primary. last few weeks announce his vp pick and try to make deals on
4:24 pm
the side in terms of primaries hat no the not worn well with primary voters. people understand in the end the republican nominee has beat the democratic nominee. and at this point it looks like trump is strongest candidate to do that. david: a member of your family, jackie, spoke out second on ticket, former speaker newt gingrich, weighing possibility of a trump-gingrich ticket. >> somebody asked me about vice president. i said i didn't know disney was looking but i always loved going to disney world. if they call i will certainly consider it. david: jackie, i will consider the idea. it is almost political speak for saying yes. and has he spoken to the family at all about this? >> i didn't see him this weekend. i was up in washington d.c. we had brunch together. reality he was very clear in the "new york times." if the nominee calls and says i would like for you to come with me and serve our country, i think it is very hard for any patriot to turn
4:25 pm
that down. but again, he also noted first you have to lock up the nomination. trump is it not there yet. he is very close to doing that. until the nomination is locked up, a little premature to talk about vice president. david: he would be perfect candidate for total outsider like trump who wants an insider to negotiate deals to do that. i mean this would be a nice pairing, wouldn't it? >> i would argue that even though my father was in politics a long time and served speaker of the house and balanced the last budget he is much more of an outsider than insider. he knows how to get things done, a absolutely. david: all right. >> absolutely. david: jackie, we'll be watching. thank you very much for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. melissa: billionaire warren buffett holding his annual beaker beaker meeting -- berkshe hathaway holding his annual meeting in omaha, nebraska. how it plays out for businesses. >> i think our election sets wonderful example for rest of the world. i'm being sarcastic.
4:26 pm
[laughter]. >> no matter who becomes president, all this rhetoric, oh things will be horrible if that candidate gets in, if this candidate gets in, what happens to american business? >> american business will do fine over time no matter who is president. obviously makes a difference to the country what kind of policies but this country can't be stopped. melissa: watch the whole entire thing, liz's interview with warren buffett on david: ted cruz delegates are some getting cold feet? we'll talk to one unbound delegate remaining firmly uncommitted. melissa: plus the battle between good and evil? the message ted cruz is pushing to indiana voters. that is next. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here and the goodness of the american people that will not give in to evil.
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david: donald trump in carmel, indiana, making final push for hoosier voters. trump responded about that exchange with one of his supporters and ted cruz. listen. >> cruz was like, you know, oh, this guy is a liar. why we, we call him "lyin' ted." we call him "lyin' ted." i never saw, did you know that donald trump wants to raise your taxes by 40%? and the guy said, no, he doesn't. did you know that he is in favor of obamacare? no he is not. but i mean, when he said it, he meant it.
4:31 pm
this guy knew. he actually said, how is your loan doing at goldman sachs? that was i thought. is that guy here with the sunglasses. i don't know if he is here or in seven. but whoever he is, i thought he was very cool. i thought him and his friends. because they're not going to be buffaloed by lies, by lies. you know,. [applause] i wrote down some of the guy was saying, cruz. it was just unbelievable. that i was going to raise taxes. i have the biggest tax cut of anybody running for office by far. in fact, if there was one criticism of my tax plan, and policy, it was that i lowered taxes too much, okay? and he said, it's true. that was one, "wall street journal" said, we can't afford that much of a tax decrease. and i have cruz saying, he is going to raise your taxes 40%. unbelievable. "lyin' ted." it is unbelievable.
4:32 pm
it is unbelievable. he made a statement that donald trump doesn't intend to build a wall. believe me, folks, we're building the wall. believe me. believe me. we're building the wall. [cheering] melissa: is it battle between good and evil? you heard ted cruz urging voters not to give in to evil as indiana voters gear up for tomorrow's primary. he doesn't call out trump by name i think message is clear. >> that evil you're talking about was that, donald trump or what was that? >> you know what? i trust the good people of indiana to differentiate. we are not a country built on hatred. we are not a country built on anger, on pettiness. we are not a country built on bullying. melissa: all right. here now is erick erickson, editor of the resurgent. he is cruz supporter. fox news contributor. betsy woodruff of "the daily beast."
4:33 pm
boris epstein former aide to john mccain and trump supporter. we're getting down to the wire. you have to have it all covered. erick, let me start with you, don't give in to evil? is that a little strong? you think donald trump is evil? >> one of the criticisms i think about ted cruz he often sounded like he is campaigning for preacher in chief instead of commander-in-chief. if i were cruz i would stay away from good versus evil theme on eve of indiana. melissa: boris, you know talk radio is a huge force in wisconsin. we saw that conservative radio really went against trump and they were very successful. what is going on in indiana now on that front? it seems like radio isn't having the same impact? >> it is not. indiana is a mix of wisconsin and michigan as something said earlier in your program but also with other states in it. very interesting state. unlike others. hoosiers think for themselves. they do like people like bobby knight that supported trump. cruz's game has gotten tired. he is tired. you can see it in him.
4:34 pm
he pulling things out like good versus evil. he couldn't even say he was talking about trump. if you're attacking somebody. say i'm attacking him. i'm talking about trump. don't say it and try to walk it backwards. melissa: get betsy in here. the name-calling and repetitive nature of this thing is equal on all sides at this point. you watch donald trump, "lyin' ted," "lyin' ted." that is repetitive as well. you get people like john boehner in there calling cruz lucifer. betsy, who is winning name-calling war? is it working? to be honest these things stick. it really pops when you label someone the devil or a liar. it gets a lot of press. people think about it. it is effective. >> seems like cruz is currently losing the name-calling war. reality he had more success when he took high road. the way he campaigned in wisconsin. the way he campaigned in iowa was very different how he is talking now in indiana. he was very positive.
4:35 pm
very forward thinking. his surrogates talked about how great he was. not how evil some unnamed monster his opponent was. he changed. it is different now. that is a risk for him that may not necessarily pay off. melissa: erick, if trump sweeps indiana how does cruz make the case to go on from here? and how does he build more strength? >> right. it will be very difficult for him if trump does very well in indiana. i think case that cruz make is on delegates. because delegates will build platform and build the rules committee and frankly a lot of republicans would prefer cruz delegates to trump delegates when it comes to those. so he has that case. i don't know how persuadable it will be particularly so many in the establishment are lining up against him. as cruz supporter i would tell him continue on given ground game in california. frankly he has a full delegate slate in california, thus far, trump doesn't. he can field delegates in all the congressional districts. melissa: guys, thanks so much. david? david: fight for delegates in north dakota.
4:36 pm
cruz campaign winning vast majority of the 28 unbound delegates. as texas senator struggles to slow down the trump train some delegates might be getting cold feet. joining me by phone, north dakota state senator cruz after approved unbound delegate. david, cruz-after proved. what does that mean? >> i don't know know what that means. i can tell you that there were folks around our state convention asking whether we support cruz and, i mean, there were people who gave responses from anything to yes, i support him, to yes, i'm leaning yeah, i think i support him at this point. so, i don't know what cruz-approved means. there were lists circulated by various candidates. david: he of course is promoting the cruz-approved delegates pretty much everywhere he goes but you are not sure where you're going to vote, are you? you told "the national review"
4:37 pm
you've been vacillating? >> yeah. well, i, i am not committed to any candidate at this point. i'm from a state that rules say that we make up our minds we get to the convention in cleveland in july. and there is no reason for us to make our decision earlier. david: would trump's successes, his recent successes and perhaps if he is very successful tomorrow night, at least over 50% in indiana, would that affect your vote? >> yes, it would affect my vote because my view of national convention, you go to the convention, the convention is deliberative process. not a place to coronate or have a party. you're to pick a candidate from your party who matches your ideology and has reasonable chance of winning in the fall. so, trump has been winning past
4:38 pm
five states. you have to look at his chances versus cruz. david: david, let me give you specific number. some people say if trump has 1100 delegates going into the convention, if he doesn't get the nomination, there would be a huge split in the party. if he has over 1100 delegates going into the convention, but not 1237, would you vote for him? >> that wouldn't affect my thinking. david: really? >> no. i mean i don't care that donald trump wins new york or delaware. i mean those states are going for hillary clinton in the fall. why should i care how many delegates he got out of those states? i'm paying attention to the states that are going to pick our next president. that will be florida, ohio, virginia, let's face it. those are the people that are going to pick our president. david: by the way he says, he might pick up new york if he is the nominee. you don't buy it? >> not at all. not at all.
4:39 pm
i mean that's, that's hyperbole. david: david, good talking to you. thank you very much. please stay in touch. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: melissa? melissa: deadly storms slamming texas. at least six people are dead of a series of severe tornadoes, hail and rain caused widespread flooding in the lone star state. fox news's casey stiegel joins us from dallas with all the latest. casey. reporter: yeah, melissa, palestine, texas is the area hardest hit here. not far, 115 miles or so to the southeast of dallas to give people some perspective. boy, was it inundated with water over the weekend. some local forecasters say more than seven inches of rain fell in one hour. six people have died. among them a 64-year-old woman and her four great grandchildren, all under the age of nine. they were swept away by floodwaters that filled up homes and businesses very quickly.
4:40 pm
>> after the water receded, we found the kids, two of the boys floating in the yard and, we went out there and got them, covered them up. reporter: major flooding problems reported in neighboring louisiana as well. more than six inches of rainfalling in southwest louisiana as the system moved out of texas. several roads had to be closed. homes were flooded in places like lake charles and henderson, louisiana. state police reporting several high water rescues around the region but no injuries. wicked weather impacting new orleans famed jazz fest, several acts like stevie wonder, snoop dogg and beck, had to be canceled. more flooding is possible for the region as swollen creation and rivers continued to rise. melissa? melissa: wow, tough stories,
4:41 pm
thank you, casey very much. david? >> puerto rico missing another round of debt payments. it is biggest default yet and could get worse. indiana, talking about it all day tomorrow. big day could determine path for rest of the race to the republican nomination. >> if you win indiana, tuesday, is this race over? >> yes, it's over. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years.
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melissa: donald trump adding another famed coach to the rosters of supporters. just announcing received endorsement of college football legend, former notre dame coach lou holtz. i'm sure a great guy. always says that after he gets endorsed. >> what word did i say was lie. >> not telling people -- >> let me ask you, sir. go home and google donald punch in the face protesters. at his rallies, look this is on national television. you can watch the facts of him
4:45 pm
standing at podium say punch that guy in the face. he will ayour legal fees when you punch him in the face. there is a problem -- listen donald trump is accused everyone in this race of being a liar. donald can not tell the truth in one minute. >> you will find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. david: that was just part after very animated exchange between donald trump supporter and ted cruz. earlier in marion, indiana. this is ahead of tomorrow's very important primary there. melissa: whoa, tempers flaring. joining me with more what we expect from indiana voters, jeff cardwell, indiana gop chair. thanks for joining us. i want to drill down a little bit. this is year we learn about everybody's delegate roles and they are intricate and somewhat bizarre. tell me how it works in your state. how are the delegates allocated? >> here in indiana, 57 delegates. 30 will go with the popular vote
4:46 pm
of the state. 27 delegates will vote with the district. so there is nine congressional districts. there is three delegates in each district. so those delegates will be allocated according to the vote within that district. so basically you've got 30 votes that will be kind of winner take all. melissa: okay. how are they leaning so far? because when i look, it sounds like they have to go with how their district vote, but then i've been reading in couple places that somehow saying they will support up with candidate or the other. >> 30 at large delegates. 27 at large, three automatic. which is rnc committeeman and rnc committee woman and myself as chairman. we will vote with the overall population of the state but the ones in districts will vote with the vote of each one of those districts. but as far as how people are leaning, a lot of that, the delegates that talk to on
4:47 pm
regular basis, they're really neutral at this particular time. they're really wanting to hear the voice of the people across indiana. we'll get to do that tomorrow. i think it will be very important to where you will see a lot of these delegates line up. a lot are undecided at this particular moment. melissa: yeah. we noticed in a lot of states, the most important thing is jobs and economy. would you say that that is number one to your voters? >> i would say it is. jobs is very important. we've had record-setting levels of job creation by our current governor, mike pence, with more than 100,000 net new jobs coming to indiana since he has been in office but what really he needs is partner in the white house. melissa: okay. and who do the people of your state think likely that partner will be? >> we think it is a republican. anybody but hillary or bernie. melissa: jeff cardwell, thank you so much for coming on. we look forward to see how your state turns out tomorrow.
4:48 pm
>> thank you very much. david: something weighing on the economy and u.s. as well as puerto rico. puerto rico plunging further into its debt crisis today. u.s. territory defaulting on a $442 million payment, marking this its third missed payment. the obama administration is pushing congress to restructure the island's authority to give it access to chapter nine bankruptcy ahead of its next payment due date which is on july 1st. a lot of people, worry, melissa, illinois and other states would do the same. melissa: exactly. that is the real problem. they look for bailout. they look for help. they get bankruptcy. who is next after that. >> art laffer says turn it into hong kong, tax-free, regulatory free zone. melissa: interesting. controversy on the high seas. u.s. cruise makes historic trip to cuba but not without protests. free your mind and your luggage will follow. how you will never have to worry about losing another bag when you're flying!
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ melissa: donald trump speaking to supporters in carmel, indiana, speaking moments ago about super-pacs that tried to take him down. listen. >> they formed alliance, in order to never trump because you know what? because the people putting up money own companies and they do business with china and they do business with mexico and they want to keep it the way it is, folks. we're getting killed in these deals, okay? so they're putting up all this money. one guy put up $3 million. one guys owns the chicago cubs. i'm rooting against that team now. no, think of it. [applause] this guy, ricketts or something, never met him.
4:53 pm
he owns the chicago cubs. he is putting up millions of dollars. i don't even know the guy. can you imagine how badly i would do if he knew me? i would do even worse i guess. i don't even know him. i have no idea who he is. i still like them to win. they're a nice team. he is putting up millions, three or four million. i said three or four million for what? i will do a better job than anybody else? why are they doing this? the only reason people have interests you will never know about. they do bet against the country. they don't mind when the country loses its jobs. they don't mind when carrier lets 1400 people go and who are great people. move to mexico. no tax, no nothing. makes more money, okay? air conditioners will not sell for more money. they will sell for the same price. they have to compete with train. boy, i buy a lot of air conditioners. i buy televisions and air conditioners. they have to keep this competitive. david: we're keeping eye on a
4:54 pm
trump rally. we'll bring you more, little snippet as it warrant. meanwhile history in the making. first u.s. cruz ship in more than 50 years arriving in cuba. not everybody is happy about the new route. fox news's phil keating is at the port of miami with the latest. phil? reporter: david. american cruisers on the ship with plenty of dollars to burn as well as hundreds of cubans on the ground in communist havana. just amazed this day is actually happening. but in fact it is. year-and-a-half after president obama and raul castro of cuba ended cold war status and improved relations the first cruise ship entered bay of havana in decades. carnal cruise pulled into port, all day long. they have been exploring old havana. the plaza revolution, and meeting with cubans on this state department sanction people
4:55 pm
to people visits. regular free tourism as we typically think of a vacation remains illegal for u.s. citizens in cuba under the terms of the u.s. embargo. this cruise to cuba, controversial from the start, protest vote yesterday. a federal lawsuit last month. once cuba changed its rules, once cuba changed its rules after the lawsuit was filed, and then carnival threatened toses g money coming into the cuba with them, cuba changed rules, allowing any cuing ban born on island to reenter that island. that is the way it is going to be for future as long as we see it. yesterday as the ship departed miami. great pictures of that. a water cannon salute from the water. and up on the deck, champagne toasts for everybody. cruisers spent 3 to $10,000 for this week-long cruise. >> i'm not here to change the island or change the cuban government. i'm an american citizen and i'm
4:56 pm
proud to be an american and i'm just going to learn a little more about my heritage. reporter: now, after this, every two weeks the carnal cruise to cuba will depart here at port miami. you can expect by the end of the year norwegian cruise lines to get in on the action. they see potential. they hope to have their own cuba cruise from miami to havana by the end. year. estimates are, this will bring in tens and tens of millions of dollars to the ailing cuban economy. david: phil keating in miami. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: no more lost luggage? oops, nope. no more lost scripts. go ahead, david. david: we'll take a short break. we'll be right back. th have driving record.
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4:59 pm
. deirdre: delta airlines tractorring travel. the program uses a kind of new technology, rfid, tracks your bags through radio signals to prevent them from being lost or misdirected.
5:00 pm
>> most airlines use tags. delta expects the rate to hit 99.9%. don't bet on it, ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah. i want to see an update on that math. here's risk and reward. >> cruz was, like -- this guy's a liar. that's why we call him lying ted. we call him lying ted. did you know that donald trump wants to raise your taxes by 40% and the guy is saying, no, he doesn't. did you know that he's in favor of obamacare? no, he's not. >> tomorrow, indiana don't want you. >> well, sir, you're entitled to have your rights. but i'll tell you this. sir, america is a better country -- >> without you -- >> thank you for those kind sentiments. deirdre: senator cruz approached a trump supporter and got an earful.


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