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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> most airlines use tags. delta expects the rate to hit 99.9%. don't bet on it, ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah. i want to see an update on that math. here's risk and reward. >> cruz was, like -- this guy's a liar. that's why we call him lying ted. we call him lying ted. did you know that donald trump wants to raise your taxes by 40% and the guy is saying, no, he doesn't. did you know that he's in favor of obamacare? no, he's not. >> tomorrow, indiana don't want you. >> well, sir, you're entitled to have your rights. but i'll tell you this. sir, america is a better country -- >> without you -- >> thank you for those kind sentiments. deirdre: senator cruz approached a trump supporter and got an earful.
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this is risk and reward. i'm deirdre bolton. indiana front and center ahead of tuesday's primary. donald trump is speaking right now. we will take you there. all right. we'll take you there in a minute. in the meantime senator cruz also in the states. he's going to be stopping at a store later this hour. but here's a reminder with what is at stake. so on the gop side, 57 delegates in a winner take most contest, right now donald trump pulling ahead of senator cruz. so if you look at the delegate count, trump has the most, he only needs to pick up less than half of the remaining ones to hit the nomination number of 1237. my colleague jeff flock is in south bend, indiana. so, jeff, you have the read on the tone on the ground. what are you seeing and hearing? >> well, this is donald trump's last appearance today in indiana. you can see the people lined up. you also see protesters right here as well. and, you know, i'll tell you. it's -- you know, although
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there are a lot of protesters here and there are a lot of trump supporters here, everything has been very calm. in fact, the lady in the green, right there. see that lady in the green? she is a -- she's a protester here to protest against trump. but a very calm reasoned protest. people just sharing their opinions. you decided to come out and be here because you want to make your voice heard. >> absolutely. i have eight grandchildren, and i've taught them not to be bullies, and i don't want a bully to be our president. >> and you're not bullying everyone else in the line there. >> absolutely not. >> there we go. this is america. we like that. donald trump as you point out, deirdre, speaking in carmel that he comes here to south bend. he did address ted cruz. you know, ted cruz today kind of weighed into the protesters and debated with them, a little bit like what's going on here. here's some of what he said with ted cruz. what donald trump said about that and ted cruz. >> he set a record. first candidate in the history of this country who has no
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path to victory who can't win, and he picked a vice presidential candidate. that's hard. and you've got to give her credit for accepting it. >> so there you have it. this is the line of trump supporters going into the rally. and then i leave you with a shot of perhaps the protesters across the street. and they've, you know -- people have come back and forth across the street and so far all is calm and that's always a good thing on this last day of campaigning. in the all important state of indiana. deirdre. deirdre: 67 gop delegates up for grabs. thank you very much, jeff flock. we also want to show you the results of a new poll. this is from the wall street journal for indiana. trump showing at 49%. a 15-point lead over senator cruz at 34%. the tension between the two candidates is mounting. earlier today, senator cruz told a protester that donald trump is lying about building a wall.
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>> what do you like about donald? >> everything. >> give me one. >> everything. >> donald trump -- the wall. >> okay. the wall. that's the main thing. >> hold on a second. now, do you know on the wall that donald told "the new york times" the editorial board that he's not going to not going to build the wall? >> you're lying. once again lying ted. deirdre: spokesperson katrina pearson here with me now. first of all, i have to ask you about that exchange. that was really intense. but obviously donald trump supporters remain very loyal to him. >> hi, deirdre. you know, i'm not quite sure what the purpose was in walking in to a crowd of trump supporters and trying to insult their intelligence and to tell them where their candidate stands, considering how they already know. but i will say that this is very much another sign of desperation by the cruz campaign. donald trump did not tell the
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new york times that he was not going to build a wall, nor deport anyone, and they know this. but, again, this is one of the reasons why sop many people are getting frustrated with the cruz campaign. . deirdre: well, katrina, my guess -- i don't know, is that senator cruz wanted to debate. even people who don't like him say, listen, he has argued cases brit highest court in the land. he is not afraid of debate, certainly not one-on-one. but he did ask for an ear full, and he got it. what do you make of the fact that he says that donald trump is lying about building the wall? >> well, again, this is just another -- another instance where senator cruz is lying about mr. trump's position, which earned him the nickname. but this is also interesting. simply because all the numbers shown here, deirdre, you've seen the polls. since the beginning. trump supporters are committed. in some polls 80 to 90% of trump supporters are committed to him no matter what. so this idea that a candidate
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wants to go into a crowd of voters to debate the actual voter just doesn't make any sense at all whatsoever. and he did get an earful because he was misrepresenting trump's positions, which makes him look even worse. deirdre: so let me ask you then about these reports that are switching sides. i read both. there are delegates going from senator cruz to donald trump. but i have also read in arizona some are apparently going from donald trump to senator cruz. but how are you feeling about the ground game preindiana? >> look, we feel great about the ground game. we are going to get to 1237 prior to the convention. and even if it goes to the convention, we will have the votes. donald trump has the momentum, he has the excitement, and as far as the delegates go, we are going to have the delegates -- whether or not delegates are switching over, we do know this. we do know a new poll came out today showing that donald trump is leading hillary clinton nationally with 15% of democrats getting in his
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corner. that is telling -- and delegates are going to be looking at who can win at this particular time. and by that time, deirdre, we will have broken the record of republican primary voter turnout. we will have the excitement. we will have the momentum. he's the only candidate that cannot only take on the clinton machine, but can take on the media because it's going to take both to be successful in november. deirdre: katrina, i'm so glad you mentioned hillary clinton because there's a lot of people saying, listen, i was in the never trump campaign, but i really want to be in the never hillary campaign and trump may be the best person to answer that idea. are you feeling confident? it sounds like you are if the general election ends up being trump versus clinton? >> oh, absolutely. and, you know, we are seeing a lot of those folks that were supporting other candidates looking at the trump campaign. again, because of what he has been able to accomplish in such a short time. because at the end of the day, this is about hillary clinton. this is about the future of
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our country and donald trump is the only candidate with a pro america agenda, pro-family agenda when it comes to the economy, jobs, and national security. everything is up for grabs in november. yes, we are very confident that donald trump is going to beat hillary clinton in november. it's why she's running on the gender card. she does not want to run on her record. but donald trump is not going to let the media get away with holding all of that back. deirdre: so, katrina, speaking of this potential matchup between trump and clinton, trump's protesters sometimes blamed as instigators. we're going to show you some video, though, that's very shocking of democratic voters and their children essentially screaming and harassing trump supporters. we're showing that video right now. what did mr. trump say about this? >> well, you know, for the longest time, it has been mr. trump's voters and supporters who have been at the receiving end of all the
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negativity, all the bigotry and racism and violence for that matter. but what we've seen is that it's not trump supporters. this is the left. this is bernie sanders supporters. if you look at these protesters and their signs, it's very telling that these are not republican voters. some of them aren't even american citizens. these are people who want to keep the status quo, they are anti-america, which is exactly why we need donald trump at the top of the ticket to fight this once and for all. deirdre: and some people say they've been hired or organize by other people on craigslist and to your point are not critical at all. but just want to make some noise. >> absolutely. deirdre: katrina, thanks as always. >> but this is what they do, deirdre, and it's going to continue until we can make those other candidates like hillary clinton and bernie sanders be accountable to their own supporters, and we have yet to see that. deirdre: all right, katrina, always good to have you with us. thank you. >> great to be here. thank you. deirdre: trump campaign spokesperson katrina pearson. well, some say senator cruz
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should drop out of the race if he doesn't win indiana. tomorrow night we have full coverage, neil cavuto, lou dobbs, the entire fox business all-star team, myself included. you will see us here 7:00 p.m. eastern time. well, be careful what you wish for. senator cruz challenging donald trump to another debate. and he's certainly found one on the campaign trail in indiana. texas senator confronting a trump supporter earlier today. we're going to bring you more. >> you are the problem. >> let me ask you. >> you are the problem with politician. >> can i ask you something? >> no. you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you.
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>> thank you for this kind sentiments. let me point you the respectfully the entire time and a question here everyone should ask -- >> are you canadian? are you canadian? . deirdre: senator cruz exchanging heated words with donald trump supporters outside a rally in indiana. so the topic, trump's record and principles, trump supporters loyal to their candidates. >> and i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me -- >> we don't want you. >> well, you're entitled to your view, sir, and i will -- >> do the math. do the math. kasich should drop out. it's your turn. >> now i'm curious, sir. when donald -- deirdre: former congressman and cruz supporter, bob with me now. congressman, welcome back. we're glad to see you. >> thank you. deirdre: so cruz under a lot of pressure to win indiana is engaging with trump supporters that he thinks he has nothing
5:15 pm
to lose as a juncture. >> i don't think he feels it's a sign he has nothing to lose. i think it's really a sign that senator cruz enjoys dealing with these issues. he's not afraid to take on people who disagree with him obviously. he enjoys debating. he enjoys talking about the facts. and he always does it in a very measured, respectful way. unlike some candidates. deirdre: okay. but that being said, he clearly has a big challenge ahead of him tomorrow night. is indiana potentially senator cruz's water -- meaning if he loses, is that it? >> no. that's not it. senator cruz certainly is realistic. he has indicated, you know, a number of times that indiana is a pivotal state. it's a very important state. not only in terms of the number of delegates who are at stake but also in terms of the timing leading nah into a number of western primaries with california. so it's a very important state.
5:16 pm
it's going to be close. but senator cruz as he has shown in a number of other states compounds the pollsters and relies very much on grassroots voter id and voter interaction and grassroots organization. and that is what will make the difference we believe tomorro t. deirdre: okay. now, the senator also doing more tv, for example, this weekend. chuck todd challenged him talking about media conspiracy. so here's part of the conversation. i want to get your thoughts after. >> can you support him? can you tell your delegates -- >> what i'm going to do is -- >> support donald trump. >> well, you may not. >> i recognize -- i recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to donald trump. >> not the media -- senator it's about the numbers. it's about the numbers. he may win. republican voters are the ones rejecting you. this is not a media conspiracy, senator. >> well, actually with all due
5:17 pm
respect, the media has given $2 billion of free advertising to donald. deirdre: okay. pointing out the fact that donald trump has appeared on more tv shows as many journalists say. he is the one who accepts the first where others cruz and kasich in the past were slower to accept invitations. but bottom line is senator cruz lost as we know the nost eastern states last tuesday. are republican voters rejecting him? >> certainly in some states, they have shown a predisposition or preference for mr. trump, and we saw that recently in new york and several other more liberal states. but by the same token, senator cruz has won a number of western states. a number of other states. one could pose the same question to donald trump. are the voters in texas? are the voters in other states that wisconsin, for example,
5:18 pm
that senator cruz are they rejecting you, mr. trump? this is very much an ongoing -- an ongoing battle as it were, an ongoing fight for delegates and votes. it's going to continue up to and certainly after the start of the republican convention in cleveland in july. . deirdre: so, congressman, let me ask you. speaking of the convention, which many people say is likely to be fraught, those rallies are as well. senator cruz more or less consolidated a child at a rally earlier today. here's that. >> and when we do that -- [shouting] >> all right. apparently there's a young man who's having some problems. thank you, son. children should actually speak with respect. imagine what a different world it would be if someone had told donald trump that years ago. you know, in my household when a child behaves that way, they get a
5:19 pm
spanking. . deirdre: all right. so the crowd liked that one. but this is tricky because at this point in many ways, it has become a personality contest; right? >> it certainly is in many ways. what we witnessed with that child is the same sort of attitude and predisposition to degrade and say nasty things to people, which is the way mr. trump operates. so it's really not surprising that people who support him and may not support senator cruz behave in the same very disrespectful almost vulgar manor that that young man did. deirdre: all right, congressman. we are glad for your thoughts. we thank you. former congressman. >> always a pleasure. deirdre: former congressman and cruz supporter. congressman bob bar with me there. well, some say senator cruz should drop out if he doesn't win indiana. joining lou dobbs, the fox business all-star team. starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. candidates making their last
5:20 pm
wish in indiana. we are monitoring an event right now. you can see donald trump on your screens there speaking. we'll bring you any new information that comes from his comments. in the meantime senator cruz also moments away from speaking. as you know he was confronted earlier. he actually sought that confrontation during one of his previous stops. we'll bring you back if it continues. big trouble for big oil in the meantime baker hues scrapping a 28 billion-dollar deal after major opposition from u.s. regulators. the deal would have brought together the number two and three oil service companies and may have saved consumers at the pump. both companies say they are struggling to cope with the impact that lower energy prices are having on their clients if you look at the stocks right now, you will see them closing higher, baker hues closing lower. well, a tough reception for bill clinton in coal can you be. the former president was
5:21 pm
confronted about the obama administration's policies. >> what? [shouting] >> that's good. that's a fair question. deirdre: coal company chief executive bob murray is my guest next. he's going to tell us how he sees it. also he's going to tell us what he thinks on hillary clinton flip-flopping on coal. >> so, for example, i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.
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up his event in indiana. of course you have donald trump and senator cruz there ahead of tomorrow's primary with 57 gop delegates at stake. senator cruz also moments away from speaking. as you know he went towards a group of supporters. donald trump supporters. you can see them there holding up their sign engaging in a dialogue that ended up him -- that is to say mr. cruz -- clearly an earful. hillary clinton campaigning today in coal country. seems to be flip-flopping her take on the industry. >> we've got to do a lot more on carbon capture and try to see how we can get coal to be a fuel that can be continued to be sold and continue to be mind. deirdre: last month hillary clinton said she would put coal miners out of business.
5:26 pm
>> so, for example, i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as a key in the coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. deirdre: with me now, murray energy founder and chairman bob murray. welcome, bob, we're glad you're here. as the head of an energy company, how do you hear and process hillary clinton's comments? >> good afternoon, deirdre. she's a liar. . deirdre: well, she's on the campaign trail. so. >> on march 13th in columbus, ohio, and, unfortunately, for all electric rate pairs in the united states of america, and everybody that pays the electric bill in this country said, listen, she said i'm going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. mr. clinton said over the
5:27 pm
weekend that she will make good on what she has said. those are direct quotes. it is very unfortunate she supports the obama clean power plan, which will cost americans $3 billion in 48 states and increased electric rates. she is flip-flopping, she's lying because when she said she would put us out of business, she said it gleefully, she was boasting and with a huge smile. deirdre: and, bob, what recourse did you have? because it's tough if the government goes after your industry. >> i have no recourse. there are 50 bankrupt coal companies today, deirdre. there are only four of us that are not bankrupt. this is bad for america because the wind and solar power that hillary clinton advocates cost 26 cents a kilowatt hour, and gets 4 cents from the taxpayer, or it wouldn't even exist. coal fire electricity is 4 cents a kilowatt hour. this woman is going to
5:28 pm
continue the destruction of jobs and the economy in america just as her predecessor, mr. obama, has done. deirdre: so i hear what you're saying. a clean energy is not only not ready, but it would not even exist if not for government subsidies. and in general, going after coal attacks the united states and its goal for energy independence. >> that is correct, ma'am. carbon capture and sequestration is not technologically ready. when she says we're going to have clean energy or carbon capture, that he does a pseudonym for no coal, ma'am. that's what she means. no coal. i'm an expert in the industry. i understand the technology in the industry. she does not understand what she's saying. but this power grab of the clintons is very scary to me. and she is lying. . deirdre: so do you see her -- you said it, though. just this continuation of the
5:29 pm
obama administration's policies if she is elected? >> deirdre, she is obama number two. she will continue every one of his policies. and as i said, they will cost rate pairs in 48 states $300 billion in the next several years. she is another obama follower. . deirdre: all right. bob, we are grateful and happy that you spent the time with us. thank you for sharing your insight and your expertise. bob murray with us there. he is the founder and chairman of murray energy. we are watching other commodity prices as well. gold futures if you look up for a sixth straight session. so above 1,300 dollars an ounce. this is the first time in 15 months you have the dollar of course affecting that trade. gold, by the way, up 22% this year. so if you were long gold, if you own gold, you beat out so far everything that stocks have done, everything that bonds have done. on the fifth anniversary of
5:30 pm
the u.s. killing of 9/11 mastermind osama bin laden, liberal critics are calling out the cia for live tweeting how the raid went down. captain chuck nash is with me next. says it's not something we should be applied of. >> the united states the operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al-qaea equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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. deirdre: facing backlash for
5:34 pm
posting a series of tweets that recreated the raid on osama bin laden. as if it were happening in real time. now, one twitter user called the move unprofessional and not be fitting the mission of the agency. the claim? it disrespects the serious work done by everyone involved. another twitter user said it was a totally unnecessary move to celebrate. retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash is with me now. captain, welcome back. >> thanks, deirdre. deirdre: do you think these complaints on twitter are about safety and security? how do you see it? >> they have nothing to do with that. look, this was a legacy item for the obama administration. and the cia and the director of the cia, who was appointed by president obama. you know, i doubt many people are going to look at it anyway. it's one of the agency's successes. everyone beats them up over their failures. so it's a little chest thumping, but i think it's overreaction here. deirdre: okay. overreaction because some also say, you
5:35 pm
know, treasuries are all about pr. so maybe the u.s. should be today. >> right. and we've got -- we have so many people in this country who are trying to obliterate our history. maybe it's time to remind some kids who are 10 years old who were now 15 and, you know, what i'm saying going back and bringing them up to date was at the surrender of japan or surrender of nazi germany during world war ii? no, but it was a crucial event in people's minds because he was the head of the whole operation that brought havoc to the united states in 2001. deirdre: yeah, the biggest attack on our soil since world war ii. >> and everything that has happened since quite frankly. deirdre: that is a great point indeed. i want to ask you captain on the subject 9/11 cia director says that the missing 9/11 reports contained inaccurate information. so here's his comment. i want to get your thoughts. >> okay.
5:36 pm
>> i think there's a combination of things that are accurate and inaccurate. it was a preliminary review that put information in there that was not corroborated. deirdre: so information that was not corroborated. what is your take on this reading between the lines because you know the system better than we do? >> what i've got to say is you've got to think there's inaccurate information in there. senator gram doesn't think there's inaccurate information in there. and, as a matter of fact, the saudi government has for years wanted that 28 pages released. and the former foreign minister of saudi arabia just described the situation is here we've got 28 pages of blank, nothing, and yet people are using that to could yo accuse us, friends and allies of the united states of working against you and fighting against you, and it's not true. so, you know, it just gets to the point where if there's bad
5:37 pm
information in there, fine. get with the 9/11 commission people. figure it out. but somebody has got to come out with this because hiding it for two administrations does nothing but increase the level of mistrust and there's already more of that than we need in this government. deirdre: well, said, indeed. i want to ask you, captain, european officials are saying u.s. laws and corporate policies of overseas information. all but tech companies are essentially hurting europe as it tries to prevent another terrorist attack. so this is google. this is facebook. are these all twitter. all the names we know. how do you see it? >> foreign governments and our own government would lo have to monitor those networks. our government, we are a country with pretty much the rule of law. and we're trying to maintain the privacy rights guaranteed in the fourth amendment. foreign countries do not have this same privacy rights. they don't have the fourth amendment.
5:38 pm
so therefore our companies have to operate under u.s. law. there are international agreements, there are law enforcement agreements where this countries can apply to get that information. but i take their point on one thing and that is some of those things, even the military -- excuse me, the law enforcement liaison procedures can take up to a year. and when you look taphouse-moving terrorist thing, not going to cut it. deirdre: all right. we're sod is on glad you're here. retired u.s. naval captain chuck nash with me there. senator cruz moments away from speaking in indiana. as you know earlier today, he went towards trump supporters. he engaged them in a dialogue. we are going to be following senator cruz as he continues to stump in indiana ahead of tomorrow's primary. union members joining demonstrators to cause destruction. my next guest is a union expert. he said the union may have
5:39 pm
been paid to participate. >> unfortunately, tonight we had some violence. we had some property damage. we had officers attacked. we put the demonstrators put some innocent people in jeopardy. so we had to take action. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked
5:40 pm
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deirdre: seattle's may day march turning violent. so demonstrators railed against donald trump for his remarks about immigrants, workers, and women. a lot of damage was caused in that city.
5:43 pm
one police officer suffered a head laceration. he was struck by a rock. another was hit by a molotov cocktail and another was b bitten. union expert with me now. most union members you say are paid hands who actually support trump. if that is true, why are they out on the streets? >> well, deirdre, thank you for having me on. not sure what's going on with they're actually being paid in seattle. we'll find out in a year when the union financials come out. but we've seen this time and time again where union stage these massive protesters. and, hey, it turns out the way they're getting all of these people out there, is they're actually paying us. and really shows, though, a disconnect between the union executives on one hand and the file on the other. there's been articles from the huffington post saying union executives are worried because they're actually supporting trump. . deirdre: so you said when they're paid, and i heard what you said.
5:44 pm
we have to wait for a while to go through the paperwork. but do you think i say as simple as a union boss saying, listen, if you don't show up, we're going to have a problem. >> well, they definitely try to get their members out any way they can. and they're all -- we've seen it time and again. unions there is a lot of peer pressure and saying that we need people out in the streets and you have to be a good union member and we would like to see you there. now, i don't want to make any accusations without proof. but i'm saying in the past and, in fact, some of the stories we've actually broken here on fox business, "varney & company" did a great couple about protesters in dc a while back. now, we've seen, yeah, they do what they can to get people out there. whether it's peer pressure or paying them. deirdre: so teachers calling out sick, a massive teacher sick out shut down 94 schools in detroit public schools today. so teachers protesting saturday's news won't be able to pay them past june 30th.
5:45 pm
what do you make of this as it relates to unions sending messages to kids? >> this is all about politics. i mean they're putting politics in front of the education of kids. and you look at the detroit school. massive financial mismanagement. state had to bail them out. you had principles that have been getting illegal kickbacks, taking money away from the kids that needed their education. you have all of this with the backdrop of the national head of this union randy, railing against charter schools, which are -- is the only hope that a lot of these poor detroit kids have and parents had for a decent and keep the monopoly and keep them in failing schools instead of giving them the choice and the opportunity to succeed without school choice. deirdre: yeah, charter schools have proven to be in many
5:46 pm
cities a great resolution. we're glad on your insight on all of this. verne joining me there. he is joining me from detroit. well, they are calling it a digital version of oceans 11. $81million gone swept by hackers. find out if your money states and billboards will be spying on you. your cell phone location data. we're going to find out and tell you how to protect yourself. >> your personal cell phone should not become a gadget that's used against you by some company. it's your phone, it's your privacy, you should have to gif them permission to follow you when you drive by or walk by a building. ♪
5:47 pm
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>> it's a short step from trac holding it to teaching your name to it. and this type of data is so pervasive they ought to get your information. even if they say they don't have your name attached, who knows. deirdre: senator chuck schumer calling for a federal investigation into an ad's company latest effort to target billboard ads to consumers as they pass by. here's the creepy part. it taps personal cell phones without customer knowledge. clear channel outdoor america operates on more than 675,000 billboards worldwide. the company says that senator schumer's characterization of the program is, quote, unquote, inaccurate. with me now cyber experts david kennedy. david, glad you're here. the company says the data is anonymous. it's more or less what we know happens online. but at least if you're on a site, you get warned about cookies; right? do you see a difference with this? >> it's essentially the same thing.
5:51 pm
so what is actually happening here is these billboards companies are partnering with at&t and verizon and allow certain information like information or browser that would be used from a cookie, for example, to track what your spending habits are. so definitely creepy, but it is essentially anonymous in a lot of cases. deirdre: okay. because it feels a lot like minority court with tom cruise; right? >> it sure do z. deirdre: so travel patterns, your behaviors, browser history, so including more or less where you shop. >> right. deirdre: through the phone number. what if a consumer shuts off his or her gps? does that give that person a little bit more privacy or not? >> no. unfortunately, not. so the way that this works, there's a couple of techniques that they can use. one is pretty shady, which i don't think that they would actually use. to use all towers to intercept these types of phones. but what they're doing is when your phone connects to, you know, actually use the
5:52 pm
internet or to make phone calls, they actually communicate to cell towers. and this can triangulate roughly where you're at as far as information goes. so even with gps turned off, the gps isn't used in this type of case. so that information is rerouted to the billboards and this can then present things of what you might be doing or shopping for as you're driving through. so effectively turning off the gps won't help you out. deirdre: okay. david, i want to ask you about a hack. this is under the digital scene. tens of millions of dollars siphoned off from the federal bank of new york. now, apparently there was a attack on the program that connects the global banking system he. so $81 million for the new york fed. not a lot but it still sets a very dangerous precedent. >> what these hackers were able to do is infiltrate the organization. it was a bank initially $81 million. and it turned out that the hackers were able to infiltrate this bank and kind of look at what the hackers -- or what the company did to transfer money in and out of the company. deirdre: to learn the system. >> exactly.
5:53 pm
and then they transfer all out, and they covered their tracks. . deirdre: so those people, chances of them getting caught? high or low? >> slim to none. deirdre: slim to none. and what does it mean for the future? i'm assuming bank of new york or rather the fed bank changing its patterns as quickly as possible? >> the problem is the way that swift is used by millions of organizations across the globe. and it's what's typically used for international wire transfer funds and transferring money in and out. so, unfortunately, this is a very difficult and complex situation to fix. and if any hacker breaks into a bank just by identifying where they can hack the swift infrastructure, is relatively simple. is we'll see this from here out for a little bit longer. deirdre: all right. and we know this is considered the rolls-royce of systems. so have to be sharper on the good side. cyberexperts david kennedy. >> thanks, deirdre, appreciate it. deirdre: more than one million people protesting against target pro transgender policy.
5:54 pm
the stocks finished higher today but supporters say it is lower than said announcement. when we come back the organizer. his reaction on that. and to this pastor's video.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> deirdre: more than one million americans have signed a pledge to boycott target. the reason, the new transgender bathroom policies. the person who organized the boycott is with me now. he's from the american family association. you represent concerned parents who don't want grown men sharing restrooms with young girls. are you surprised you got more
5:58 pm
than a million pledges or did you expect even more? >> thank you for having us. we did not anticipate a particular quantity of pledges to boycott target, but we saw target's policy concerning its bathrooms and dressing rooms to be unnecessarily dangerous because it puts our women and daughters, girls and children at risk of sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. there is no one at the foundation that believes the transgender community is synonymous with sexual predatory behavior. these predators will stop at nothing to apply their disaster cardly trade -- their dsatardly
5:59 pm
trade. dear you are saying it gives a cover to people who would wanted to hit kids. >> you hit the nail on the head. there are more registered sex offenders in america than entrance gender individuals. that underscores the reality that the risk is heightened when sexual predators can take the guise of transgeneral --ism top gain access to women's bathrooms and dressing rooms. we plan to continue to press this issue. this is not a matter of public or political concern. this is a matter of safety. we don't want young girls and
6:00 pm
young boys and women to be abused as a result of this policy. i have had the unfortunate experience of attempting to restore a family after their children have suffered sexual abuse. and you can imagine it's not a pretty sight. deirdre: sorry to cut you off. our time is up. please come back, abraham hamilton. charles: voters in indiana heading to the polls. donald trump ahead of ted cruz by 18 points. will ted cruz be able to stop the trump train? senator cruz confronting a line of trump supporters a day after he was heckled by a kid. bernie sanders is neck-and-neck


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