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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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american democracy, so many people involved and paying attention, and we're learning things. sometimes we don't like what we learn. we're learning things, thank you guys appreciate it. at home thank you so much, here is lou. lou: good evening, i am lou don'ts, 1 -- lou dobbs, 11 hours to go before polls open in indiana, suggestioning that tomorrow could be a very good day for donald trump, a new "wall street journal" nbc news merit poll shows trump ahead of senator cruz by 15 point, 49% support compared to cruz's 34%. and cruz himself not helping his chances today. senator confronted a trump supporter, verbally sparred with him for about 7 minute, unfortunately, for cruz, the trump supporter one each of -- won each of those 7 minutes. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you.
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>> you are entitled to your view sir. >> do the math. >> you asked kasich to drop out, it is your time, take your own words. >> when donald does not get to 1237. >> donald is getting to 1237, he is getting more. >> no let me ask you something -- >> you know the trump signs stayed in place. we take up republican race tonight with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, michael goodwin, also, tonight national co-chair of trump's presidential campaign, sam clovis. a lot to talk about. trump will be holding a rally this hour, in south bend, indiana, we'll go there live when he does take the stage. and center bernie sanders -- senator bernie sanders said he is taking his campaign to what he says will be a contested democratic convention in philadelphia. but hillary clinton, leads
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sanders by average of 7 points in indiana and has a substantial lead nationaly in fledged delegates and superdelegates. our top story, the do-or-die primary in indiana, at least for senator cruz. cruz is fighting for what may be his political life, making 5 stops across hoosier state today, trump is leading in polls in prime position to win all of indiana a 57 delegates, as for governor kasich, he has taken the day off in what appears to be a very slim hope to might help cruz stop trump. carl cameron in south bend with our report. reporter: donald trump led in 6 of last 7 polls in indiana, ted cruz knows it will be tough to win, he has thrown just about everything at trump but kitchen sink. >> i trust the good people of
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to difference yeah differentiate we're not a country built on hatred. or anger or pettiness, we're not a better angry petty bigoted people, that is not america. reporter: every one of those adjectives was aim at trump. >> i have been doing it for 9 months, these other guys have been doing it for 35 years. reporter: cruz said he will continue to battle regardless of indiana a out come. >> i am in for distance as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am competing to the end. reporter: dueling with pro-trump demonstrators today. >> you will find out tomorrow, indiana down want you. >> you are -- don't want you. >> you are entitled. >> sir, america is a better country. without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments, i have treated you respectfully the entire time. reporter: cruz, his wife, and
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would be running mate carly fiorina are making 10 stops in indiana today and tomorrow, his delegate chasers fine unfledged and -- unpledged and cruz delegates leading the g.o.p. party. >> seriously, i don't think it matters it would be nice to have the republican party come together with that said, i think i will win anyway. reporter: bobby knight has been reving up crowds. >> trump leads average of polls by 9.3. if results tuesday. trump could get close to a theser sweep, 30 delegates to state wide winner, and 3 at a time to winner in open of 9 conditional congressional districts. -- he cut a deal with kasich.
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if trump wins in indiana his opponents know it will be very hard to stop him. >> carl cameron thank you very much. lou: on democratic side issue senator sanders hoping to pull off a win in indiana after a tough week of losses in northeast and campaign layoff, hillary clinton, is looking ahead to west virginia, next tuesday. but she is struggling to connection with a voter group that trump won over with ease, working men and women of our middle class. mike emanuel with our report. reporter: with general election in mind, hillary clinton is on a two day swing through appalachia trying to connection with rural white working class voters.
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>> taken a huge hit, it is something that i am really worried about, because it talk about a ripple effect it is decimating communities. reporter: clinton also trying to clean up a mess she made in march with folks here in coal country. >> i'm only candidate with a policy that brings economy opportunity using clean renewable energy as key to cold country we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of business. >> that was a horrible statement, she has apologize z but there are signs that residents here have not forgotten, clinton may need to apologize to native americans after this attempted swipe at donald trump. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave. reporter: her political director said that clinton
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meant no disrespect, on cash front, campaign release april fundraising numbers with clinton beating sanders 26.4 million to 25.8 million. and while if not a huge gap, sanders has been ahead in months that's a big drop off from 43 million in march, sanders taken something from trump playbook saying that system on democratic side is rigged. >> we have won at-this-point 45% of pledged delegates, but we have only earned 7% of superdelegates. so the way that system works, is you have establishment candidates, who win virtually all of the super delicates. reporter: sanders promises trauma for democrats in philadelphia in july. >> the convention will be a contested contest.
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reporter: clinton is now hinting at who her hous husband a role would be. a manufacturing job renaissance czar to putting people back to work. lou: thank you. >> 28 pages of a congressional report on september 11 terrorist attack, some have claimed those pages could implicate saudi arabia in the attack but cia director john brebrennan on nbc's meet the press yesterday said releasing those pages would be a mistake. >> some people may seize upon that uncooperated, unvetted information was this there that a coalition of that information that came out of fbi files. and to point to saudi involvement that would be very, very inaccuracies. lou: congressional report, is
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from 2002, begging the question, what has the cia done doing for the last 14 years, if there are parts of it that remain unvetted? so much for the administration's claims it is the most transparent in history, if that claim can even been asserted at all by the administration. for first time in 40 years an american cruise chip docked in havana, 700 passengers aboard the ship from miami to cuba. we're coming right back a lot to cover here. stay with us. >> donald trump looking to indiana voters to secure the republican nomination. >> i want to win because i know how great our country can be. lou: pressure on cruz, his delegates defect to trump. ed rollins, michael foo
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lou: let's look at the venue and in south bend, indiana.
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where donald trump is going to be speaking here in just a matter of moments. donald trump always complaints about fact that media does not show the crowd. so we can tell you, i am not sure why pool does not top breakaway to show you people. there are 12 thousand people by our producer's estimates waiting for donald trump to show up there. another even today provoking a rough moment on the campaign trail, in indiana for ted cruz, texas senator coming out on a losing end of a confrontation with a trump supporters watch. >> donald trump -- cannot tell the truth in one minute. >> you will find out tomorrow, indiana don't want you.
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>> sir, you are entitled -- >> i tell you this. >> sir. america is a better country. >> >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments, i have treated you respectfully the entire time, a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? >> do you want your -- >> are you canadian. >> do you want your kids repeating words of donald trump? would you be proud if your kids -- >> joining me now, former reagan white house political director, and republican strategist ed rollins, and michael goodwin, fox news contributors. michael, what was cruz thinking? >> hard to say, but he is feeling desperate. i think that has been pattern ever since trump won big in new york then two weeks later,
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those 5 states, so, the carly fiorina move, i think was an act of des pierin -- despair. i think that cruz sees it slipping away, he is getting desperate that was foolish. lou: ed? >> if it was his crowd, it was supposed to be, you don't walk up to the guy with a trump sign, and have an argument with him, that guy is never going to have to buy a beer gain in indiana, he will take that blip all over. cruz is having a tough time, a bad tactic. lou: i think amongst worst the worst, the worst of the optics here, is the resolute way in which those folks held their trump sign, but other is idea of engaging with him, he brought with him that
7:17 pm
condescending air could like this fellow, probably could not be as smart as mr. cruz. senator cruz, and this fellow demonstrated, you know, there isn't that big a difference of the iq, there is a ryan wh reason that we salute citizens. >> i watched whole sequence, and read the transcript, one thing that is interesting is that cruz said to him about you know, he told he -- meaning trump, he told "new york times" he was not going to build a wall, and not going to deport anyone that is not true. but, cruz goes around saying those things, this idea he is a great debater, he just says things are not true, and then argue they are, he has been saying for weeks the republican party is uniting. lou: he sounds like a damn politician. >> but a hucks -- hucks ter
7:18 pm
itcterrish call fee quality to it. >> you see this at college campus you should not see it at a presidential campaign. against this was miss audience, he made a point to go that way. >> i still don't believe that. >> a big undecided? lou: your record has been impressive, very impressive. as mr. rollins has -- >> i will -- >> prognosticated, we'll give you another amazing opportunity. >> there are person 57 delegates tomorrow, 30 to winner of state, trump gettings that one, there are 9
7:19 pm
congressional districts, he gets at least 8, or maybe all 90. lou: giving cruz one? >> i'm with him. i may be wrong, but it will be over 45, and i think it could go all of the way, momentum is breaking his way, if he gets near poll numbers he will win them all. lou: have you very good company wherever you go, michael and i made judgment we'll let you do the calling and we'll do will following. >> thank you. lou: michael goodwin, and ed rollins. >> vote in our poll tonight, should cruz and kasich in interest of republican unity withdraw from the race if trump wins indiana? cast your vote on twitter, at lou dobbs and follow ha twitter at lou dobbs, and facebook, and instagram "lou dobbs tonight," links to all found on a.
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>> a texas man, may have had a worst morning, the flood is pushing the road away after the man crossed it seconds previously, he got out of his car, to film this amazing video. water cleared the road away, and two large trainage pipes with it. he was late to work, as might guess but used that tro video to prove he was notlying when he said he had problem on the way to work, you talk about nature a power. up next. cruz refusing to drop out of the race. >> we're neck-and-neck right now in indiana, for anyone here, hoosiers this an opportunity country is looking to the state of indiana. >> that is a subject of my commentary, coming up here next, much more straight ahead,. please stay with us. ♪
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lou: a few thoughts on the state of the republican race, going into tomorrow's indiana primary. >> one is thrives, one is desperate, one is nowhere to be found. senator cruz struggling to make a play for the state, declaring a so-called alliance with kasich, followed by announcing carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick. then a feeble contradictory endorsement from indiana governor mike pence. donald trump now holds a 15 point lead over cruz in the
7:26 pm
hoosier state, and 58% of indiana voters disapprove of cruz and kasich, and their design to team up to beat trump. but unperturbed, cruz plunges to. >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am competing to the end, this not about me, it is not about donald trump. it is not about any of the candidates. this is about our country and our future. lou: well, viable path? cruz has to have more delegates than remain. he needs 120% of all those remaining. compared to trump who needs just 42% of delegates including unbound. and cruz reportedly is losing support among will det gatz he has -- delegates he has courted. but cruz is right he said this about our country and our future, it appears
7:27 pm
establishment republicans are beginning to understand that, and turn to trump to lead the party. and perhaps the nation. i strongly believe that pastime for cruz and caseic to do the right thing. for the party for the country, also, assur assurance they will damage themselves no further and help trump brin together the republican party. our quotation of the evening in spirit of coming together by john f. kennedy -- should be able to unite, regardless of party of politics. >> we're coming right back stay with us. lou: g.o.p. presumptive
7:28 pm
nominee, a handful of g.o.p. elites and billionaires are trying to stop him. >> this is a rigged system, terrible and corrupt, and rigged. run by party leaders, so very capable outsiders cannot get in the party. lou: co-chair, sam clovis will join me here next. , this bicycle rice in brooklyn off to an unforgettable start, we have the finish for you right after these short messages, stay with us. i have asthma...
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us. lou: senator cruz, who trails trump by more than 400 delegates, asked if there was a potential for violence in cleveland if he were able to somehow, every throw trump's nomination. >> no, it won't e although, donald may encourage everything he can to encourage riots, the test is to win a majority, donald cannot win a majority, majorities matter. lou: joining us now to assess senator cruz's remarks, trump campaign national co-chair, and chief policy advisor sam clovis. great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: your reaction when you heard senator cruz say those words? >> i think we'll get a majority before the convention, and then a lot of
7:33 pm
this nonsense will go away. i think we'll have an opportunity to amass number of delegates necessary to win on first ballot, then all this you know talk that we have going on out here, becomes moot. lou: and how about talk following tomorrow's election in indiana? how well do you expect donald trump to perform? with a 15 point lead, in the nbc "wall street journal" meris poll that is striking. >> it is striking, it take a look at way that delegates are distributed you look at last tuesday, we won every county in all 5 states that are up, if we to the same in indiana we'll end up winning all 57 there. that say remarkable feat. if we do that even at the outside if we split, with
7:34 pm
senator cruz, it never allows him to gain single delegate on us, i think that even math does not add up for him, and i think it is difficult for him to continue the narrative he has a legitimate chance to be the nominee or should be the nominee. lou: it was interesting today, senator cruz was saying to the covering media, that he and trump were running neck-and-neck in indiana, which is about a 15 point swing in what seems to be the reality. what do you expect in the way of performance by your candid -- candidate tomorrow? >> i we'll do well, i think we're going to win, that is the big issue, ven if we win 1%age point or a vote that is a significant difference for us we. we pick up 30 delegates then across state, for 9
7:35 pm
congressional delegations, we pick up those, as well, i think that we put a cork in all of this, and i think if we win tomorrow, in particular if we win decidively in -- decisively, you have to ask yourself why governor kasich and senator cruz would' to continue this. when we have an opportunity to unify the party start the process of healing then make a full mad dash, we pick up two months of able to campaign against the presumptive candidate of the democrat party. lou: and the issues that have resonated. we have watched numbers rise, between trump and in second place, cruz, what have been the issues, that folks in indiana have aribad to, strong -- reacted to most strongest to, to donald trump. >> indiana has a relatively good economy. come beared to the rest of the -- compared to the rest of the
7:36 pm
nation, it is still the economy, and comes back to tax reform, and trade reform, and putting money in people's pockets issue we have been flat since 2000. and we had 1.38% gdp growth since 2005. this is the longest recovery, if i use those words in quotes, that we've ever had. and yet if we were able to get our growth, our gdp growth up to 4% for a sustained period we'd bring back millions of jobs, trillions of dollars of capital that is what people of indiana and all over the country, they think they finally have a champion, a leadership and will and political will that is important to go ahead, and push these forward. and i think that this is what we've seen everywhere we have gone, i don't think a lot of establishment, a lot of donor class or media, i don't think they are picking up to pack that there is a dwp set of
7:37 pm
unern -- deep set of uncertainty and anger and fear among american people, i think when they see a natural leader like donald trump it makes it a natural connection with him. lou: i am glad you use that word fear, i don't think too often we hear media talk about it they talk about angry voters, we have millions of americans who are afraid for their future, and future of their children. it is -- this is a critical campaign. and election, sam clovis good to talk with you, we appreciate it. >> always an an hor, -- honor lou, thank you. lou: thank you. >> be sure to vote in our poll tonight. we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote on twitter, a bike race in new york had to restart after it started over weekend. this video shows you a like is
7:38 pm
-- cyclist racing down. oh, a lead motorcycle stalled out causing a massive collision. a lead motorcycle, good news that there were no motorcycles following the pace bike. there were no life-threatening injuries, but a lot of pain, nonetheless. up next, ted cruz, finally getting media coverage he wanted. but for all of the wrong reasons, in the most cases. >> so you like rich people. >> where is your goldman sachs jacket at, we know your wife works there. >> with all due respect, donald trump is deceiving you, he is playing you for a chump. lou: stay here, we'll be right back.
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lou: trump targets republican elites at an indiana rally earlier today. >> the egg heads you watch on television, i am smarter than they are so you understand, they call them the elite.
7:43 pm
the elite. i have a nicer apartment than they do, i have a nicer plane, they are elite, why are they elite. we're elite, folks, they are not earningly the 92 tha -- not elite. lou: that is my favorite line of the campaign, he says we, american citizens, they are the elite. >> great to be here. lou: a great. >> absolutely, i love it, what a great moment you try too bring people together, you say they want to try to keep me out, i am bringing you in. we're a timin team together, who do they know the elites. lou: and a terrible moment for senator cruz, he sees those folks holding trump placards and he decides to engagement and well, show them what is what.
7:44 pm
>> there you see the damage, he could not help himself, he wanted to go over there i don't know what his goal was to get this moment he thought would be great, and people would run on television later to get media, tension because carly endorsement did not work, fumbling about the ring in basketball, and indiana bobby knight, they have not helped, he is trying it take this guy on, he names specific things he like, he is a path at is up -- passionate supporters he not going to flip him. lou: looks to his face, and says, lyin'ted. >> it has been running all day today. lou: delegates now. cruz continues to narrative that people, kasich and cruz ganged up to go after trump, thor trump supporters say even that would not add up to a
7:45 pm
fair fight, but there is a -- widespread criticism of almost everything he is doing. >> he can't seem to be able to win, he is getting in the way of himself over and over today was another day. look he is trying to do everything and anything he can to stay viable in it. he thinks he can continue on to california because he has someone from there with carly fiorina, but this is not good enough, with the way that polls are looking, there a strong prob bill tie trump -- prob bil -- probability that trump is taking indiana. he has not been able to build momentum even evangelicals in indiana support trump, that tells you something. lou: almost of state they have split, and have gone with trump. i just, to me, the issue is, he pivots toward general
7:46 pm
election. all she has, we all know she has more than that. and a for -- for mid -- mor formidable as very sear. >> bernie sanders has said she is not qualified by virtue of lack of competence. just because someone can put a resume does not mean they are entitled tor the job, then you should say she should be considered as any other candidate, evaluated on her competency, and ethics and et cetera, when you go through that and eliminate male or female check the box, what do you see, who do you like.
7:47 pm
sure i would love to see a female president but someone like condoleezza rice who is highly capable and competent, and an outstanding record of someone you can trust. lou: as we watch this unfolded, bernie sanders talking about a contested convention. that is is not a good sign for the democrats. to the degree he could pull it off. >> because people were expecting he would take his home depot tent, and fold it up, and make nice for picnic for the dems, not happening, someone opened the honey and bees are swarming, we still have life left we're just not going to roll over and play dead, you have to really get after us to get us to get out. worse case, he has a huge progressive flat prom, and a following and a strong voice in party going forward. he does not really need to get out right now, some say, okay, just for goodwill of the party, but, does not seem that
7:48 pm
he is interested in, that it seems he is in interested in movement of the we the people who support him. >> thank you. >> great to be here. lou: on wall street, stocks closed higher dow up 118. and volume picking up 3.8 billion shares, listen to my report 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> weekend box office. disney's the jungle book topping box office for a third straight week. bringing in $42 million more, i have to say that was a amazing movie. warner brothers, keanu in second. following in third, universal's the huntsman. winter's war. >> and donald trump is now onstage, holding a rally in south bend, indiana, let's listen, 12,000 people listening with us.
7:49 pm
>> the press they don't get it. folks, so i'm listening to fox on the way over. and i heard greta she said, thousands and thousands of people there. you know, i don't know if you know but we have two other room like this outside. you are the bet location. -- you people have the best location. we love the people in other two rooms, there are 3,000 to 4,000 people in here,2000 and 2000 in other two. we have anywhere from 6 to 8,000, they don't know. and greta said they have thousands, carl cameron a nice guy, said, no they only have 1500 people here. let me tell you, start counting them up, carl, have you a lot of people here. >> this -- we're making trump campaign history, based on the
7:50 pm
numbers our estimate was higher than trump's of 12,000. and he is talking 6 to 8 thous, we'll get a final number here. and we'll return to the trump who says this cruz kasich alliance has backfired. let's listen to it. >> set is straight, right. i want to thank you all for coming, this has been an amazing experience, i know so many people in indiana. i think we're really doing well. that doesn't mean you don't go vote, you have to go vote tomorrow. ibut i think we're really do well, we have caught ted cruz in so mainlies, he is lyin'ted. he is. almost worse than the press. almost, and i don't know if you heard, because press will not tell you, a new poll just
7:51 pm
came out, a few hours ago, rasmussen poll, i am beating hillary clinton, that is good, that is good. we're beating her. and i have not even started yesterday. you know we started with 17 people. and they are all senators, you know accomplished people, governors, tremendous people like dr. ben carson, who is a great guy. who really did well. he endorsed me, a great guy, ris criss chris, a great guy. -- and chris christie who endorsed me a great guy, a lot of people are endorsing a lot of people. but, jerry falwell jr. came in, from liberty university, so many ministers and pastors, that is why we're winning the evangelicals vote, and we have been consistently. we're winning everything, i don't know if you saw but we -- in new york they did exit polls we won with women.
7:52 pm
we won with men. but especially the women made me feel good, the women. we didn't only win with women, we really won with the women, so. and we won with highly educated, and less than highly educated. lou: he cannot stand the hillary -- women card, he is very proud of winning every category. we're going to take this up, with mark simon they will join me here as we listen to donald trump, on the other side of these quick messages. stay with us, we'll be right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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7:56 pm
lee carter. good to have you both here. cruz had a terrible day today. your thoughts? >> ed rollins is always right. he could be wiped out tomorrow. he will have to win tomorrow. that's why he put carly fiorina on the ticket, he will need someone to lay off the entire staff for him. lou: she fell down introducing the cruz family.
7:57 pm
apparently she is fine. >> you saw cruz snap into action. >> i don't think cruz is going anywhere. lou: mark simone was referencing the senator just kept going. >> i think he thinks he has carly on the ticket because she is a woman, he will get the woman's vote. she's on the ticket and she'll help in california somehow. he is putting his eggs in every basket he's trying. and he's not going to back out tomorrow. lou: when you look at the cruz-kasich alliance. carly today falling down as she introduces -- >> it's one way to drop out of the race.
7:58 pm
lou: and the crazy confrontation with those folks on the trump line. >> i think it's fascinating. here is the guy who is the harvard debating champion. >> he should not have stopped and addressed this guy. i don't know what he was thinking. to sit there for 11 minutes and talk to this guy, i don't know what he was thinking. to think the strategy is by the end of the conversation he says with respect, you are delusional or whatever he was honestly saying, i think that's what people heard. how do you think you are going to win somebody over which saying you are being hoodwinked? >> there is an old expression if you are at a poker table and you can't find the chump, you just
7:59 pm
found the chump. your thoughts on tomorrow. >> i always go with ed rollins. he wins big. cruz has to drop out. he won't. why leave the spotlight if he doesn't have to. watch out for cruz, he could be the third party guy. >> i don't think there will be a third party gave any kind or woman, what do you think? >> i think trump will win very big tomorrow by larger margins. he's always outperformed in open primaries, he will do very well and cruz will stick with it. lou: kasich? >> i forgot about him. he's not campaigning in indiana. lou: i do remember. >> i saw his picture on a milk carton today. lou: mark simone, lee carter.
8:00 pm
thank you so much. 83% of you say on our online poll that carly fiorina is a liability to the campaign. and thank you for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: hooray for a new week and you are here. i watched the last few days of the ted cruz campaign web's get be a boot up the back side. for tomorrow's indiana primary he needed a big, meaningful and passionate endorsement, bigger than mike pence, like the one he got from scott walker. he need a meticulous ground game which has always been his


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