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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thank you so much. 83% of you say on our online poll that carly fiorina is a liability to the campaign. and thank you for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: hooray for a new week and you are here. i watched the last few days of the ted cruz campaign web's get be a boot up the back side. for tomorrow's indiana primary he needed a big, meaningful and passionate endorsement, bigger than mike pence, like the one he got from scott walker. he need a meticulous ground game which has always been his
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strongest campaign point, and ted cruz needs donald trump to keep fromness firing -- to keep misfiring. in the "wall street journal" marist poll it looks like nothing but air ball for cruz. >> it gives me great comfort that this primary is going to be decided by the midwestern common sense of the hoosier state. kennedy: if those thoughtful hoosiers give donald the lyin' ted share of the delegates, cruz is out. it's the inflection point where the seesaw may fling the senator back to washington to ask that peperpetual nagging question, wt weren't wrong.
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it's an odd cycle at at times favors his dramatic turn. what seems to be missing is the things that his cohort has an embarrassing drove. bernie sanders is authentic. he makes even the most adamant socialist want to bite into his nougat center. midwesterners are uninspired by miss metaphors. naming carly fiorina as veep seemed like a gimmick as did his deal with kasich. that seemed like a last-minute act of desperation. there are just two more ploys that take us further away from finding the real ted. cruz will have to seriously consider whether to pull the plug on a dying one or keep the
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fantasy alive of a contested convention that all all the viability of a weekend at bernie's. if donald trump takes the republican nomination can he win in a. kennedy: donald trump leading in the indiana polls. hillary clintonout a nose behind bernie, 4 point behind. is tomorrow the nail in the coffin for ted and sanders?
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let's act my high impact panel. brian morgan stern. if bernie can squeak this one out, let's talk about cruz or lose. is game over if cruz losses by 5 point in indiana? >> i think the odd of trump getting,237 before the -- getting 1,237 before the convention go up to 50%. i have pulled those numbers from my bum. kennedy: that's how they do it in the new york republican party.
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great job, buddy. cruz delegates are getting worried and fickled. these are people he thought he had locked up. and his big fancy pants promises. do you think they will leave him in favor of greener trump pastures. >> there is a piece in the "new york times" about the people cruz has wooed, there were 150 people pledged to him in the second round. those people are starting to get cold feet. kennedy: they can change their mind anywhere between now and the second ballot. imagine the scenario where donald trump has 1,236 before the convention. imagine a load roger stone weirdoes before the convention. donald trump will say the party was making a back-room deal
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against me. but look at how the polling treated the kasich-cruz deal in indiana. indiana is a no, we don't like that at all. kennedy: 58% of respondents say they don't like the deal john kasich and ted cruz made. they don't want to be told how to vote by the person they are supporting. they are not voting for mind control. control. >> it's already done. it's nice we pretend maybe there is a possibility. it's been done and we have known this. even trump and hillary know this because they have been going after each other. trump will continue to use that word once he learns what it means.
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he's doing all these things pulling carly in and last ditch efforts that are make him look not good. kennedy: it doesn't tell you what kind of president he's going to be. earlier ted cruz was confront by a trump supporter who called him lyin' ted at a campaign stop. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you. >> i respect your views. kasich dropped out. now it's your turn. donald is definitely going to get to 1,237. he will get more than 1,237. kennedy: wherever donald speaks, are they actually helping him? the "wall street journal" made
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the case that the protesters are giving him more attention and inspiring counter protesters. >> how could it be more effective than someone waving a mexican flag at a trump campaign, forcing him to jump over a wall to get into the california convention. kennedy: wasn't it beautiful? >> like in burlingame, california. kennedy: beautiful walls for everyone. do they help hillary clinton in the same way? >> do the trump protesters help hillary clinton? no. in the primary there is no evidence to bear that out. every time there is a protest in a trump rall live he gets the chance to be like a wrestling heel. then he walks around in a circle behind the podium then gets back
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up to the podium and acts strong and his supporters love him more. kennedy: have you been a trump protester? >> no, by a lot of emotions, too. that's what we are seeing, it's a lot of young people and old people, people who have feelings. they don't even know what they are protesting half the time. but donald trump gives them the opportunity to air their grievances and i would rather have them do that on the streets than in their homes. donald trump is doing a service to america. kennedy: he's taking emotional shutins and bringing them out of the shadows and sprinkling light and pixie dust.
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i'll be in with team cavuto. all the coverage starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern. the republicans aren't the only ones who might have a contested convention if bernie sanders has anything to say about it. he says he has enough delegates to fight it out. later donald trump, he's ahead in the gop polls. he's also very unpopular. jonah goldberg joins me to tell us why he thinks trump can never win in a 2016 election.
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kennedy: bernie sanders is lagging behind hillary clinton in total delegates. but not enough to concede the fight. >> it's virtually impossible for hillary clinton to reach majority of convention delegates by june 14 with pledged delegates alone. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. kennedy: you revolt at the revolution. is the democratic convention still competitive? i hope so. so, why is bernie so bad at getting the superdelegates?
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all these people so excited. the young people and crazy people. why are the superdelegates out of that passion pit. >> they are trying to have the democratic party win the presidential race which mostly explains it. i think people generally have the willies about a northeastern commune kickoff as he is a socialist flying the banner in november. i think bernie is great to keep going on. he's the on guy talking about legalizing drug. hillary clinton hates competition. this has bent least competitive democratic race in a heck of a long time. there should be a contest on these ideas. even though bernie sanders is wrong about half of them, he's interesting on others. kennedy: debbie wasserman-shultz
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said we have our contest in this fashion to keep grassroots activists from choosing our candidates. is it jim comey? does he have a hotline? >> whenever bernie is on, i want some. his confidence is amazing. he should be a life coach. he's taken it all the way. he's not given up. i guess' popular. he knows a popular vote is a big deal. but the superdelegates are popular, before it' not going to work that way. kennedy: i wasn't popular in high school. emails hillary clinton sent from her private server. 2,000 have pen retroactively but bill clinton says it's not a security breach. it's just politics.
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>> they said we want to see all your email. so she said fine. so she dumped them. she said they don't belong to me, they belong to the state department. kennedy: what about the ones she deleted. don't those belong to the state department? do you think the f.b.i. likes hearing the focus of their work is a game? >> i can't imagine they would. but we know that the vast right wing conspiracy has extended to the f.b.i. now. obama's f.b.i. and he has this weird metaphor about how they changed the speed limit and it's like getting a ticket for the old speed limit. kennedy: someone on twitter made the proper analogy that she owns the dmv. she is making the speed limit. this is such a 90s play,
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having her husband go out there and be more aggressive. >> it will work with the intended audience which is the media. they are trying to say don't treat it seriously otherwise you will be a pawn in the evil nasty republicans' vast right-wing conspiracy. that came to say monica lewinsky was lying. that didn't work out so well. it has been used over and over again. but republicans contribute by overreaching and overhoping this will be the one to help them out. kennedy: malia is going to harvard, but after a gap year. is the new daughter kicking off a trend? he will add red states over a
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. kennedy: donald trump gal extra mid new blocks of voters in blue states. >> i'm different because i'm going to win states that nobody else can. when i can focus on hillary as i say, crooked hillary, when i focus on hillary she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. kennedy: oh, mercy. jonah goldberg begs to differ with the donald on his electoral prowess.
8:22 pm
he's the editor of the national review. jonah, let me get your take. you say there is no way donald trump can win a general elect. why? >> i don't there is no way he can win. it's been an unpredictable year. a lot of people including me have been wrong. hillary clinton could lose the f.b.i. primary. but a reasonable person look at data and polling would conclude, i think that donald trump had no chance to win in a general election, or very little chance. eric trump, donald trump's kid was on air saying how, well, trump's victory in new york shows he can win new york in a general elect. some republican always wins new york in the new york primary. that happens he time.
8:23 pm
george w. bush got more votes in 2000 than donald trump did in 2016 and he still lost new york state by something hike 15 point to al gore. so the national electorate is very different than the republican electorate. donald trump's polling among hispanic is -- he polls -- kennedy: i think you said, your word were among hispanics generally trump polls on slightly better than [bleep] cancer. >> only slightly better. he's 86 net disapproval among hispanics. verien likely to see that happen. he polls terribly among women. they fall back and say, well,
8:24 pm
trump does well with white men. but he would need to do much better than ronald reagan when there were more white men in the electorate. kennedy: there are two thing republicans hoping to beat hillary hope for and won. the ago on the gop side which has been lopsided compared to democratic turnout, it's bench higher. maybe you will see that translate to better numbers in the fall. i think it's true that trump turned out a lot of new voters. but he's also turned out a lot of voters voting against him. he's the most popular guy in the republican party and he has bent most unpopular guy in the republican party. you can't say all i pro trump. a lot is antitrump, too.
8:25 pm
>> i guess the on thing he can hope for is more email stumbles from hillary and she does lose the f.b.i. primary. i tend to agree with you that these voting blocs to him are so fatal they are almost insurmountable. the on thing that flies in the face of that is this has been an elect year so strange that no past patterns and no on i can apply to his candidacy at all. therefore there are so many variables up for grabs that i guess that's what make it exciting? >> yes, and there i this weird thing, this reality show thing going on where people want to see what happens. what's going to happen next? i think that helped donald trump enormously. i just want to see what he does next. that could help him in a general elect. hillary clinton is an incredibly boring person.
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[♪] kennedy: welcome back. wonderful to have you. president obama's oldest daughter malia has been accepted to harvard. but will have a gap year following high school. gap years are popular in europe and increasingly in america. i had a gap decade. i went to college for 10 years air graduated from high school. >> did you graduate from high school. >> i don't have a diploma, but i did get to walk in commencement. how do you feel about the gap year in general? >> i usually don't like them. i think it wreaks of privilege
8:40 pm
and laziness. it will probably be just chilling out. in her case, i'm all for it. she has had 8 years no free will. she has been under lock and key. i think it would help her adjust for the time she does go to college if she takes that year. >> i hope she grabs a bag full of weed and hangs out in greece. kennedy: i think we put so much pressure on high schoolers to go to college and force them on this path. if you are not ready, it doesn't make any sense. she gets to go to a college where she gets to defer for a year. maybe people should be earning money before they spend all that cash on a college degree. >> kids are put on the treadmill from the time they are 4 or 5 years old. kennedy: you have know what else is absurd. the university of southern california.
8:41 pm
they were set to hold an event about video games. but when its lone female par is pants dropped out they canceled the nerd gathering because there was a lack of diversity. a spokesperson said in the interest of promoting diversity in the game industry, tonight's game legends event have been canceled. brian, you say you are outraged. >> this is so dumb. it's great that they originally were going to have a female on the video game panel. do it anyway. if you can't have a sausagefest about video games what can you have a sausagefest about? kennedy: is there something outrageous about an all-male event that excludes the ladies? >> no.
8:42 pm
it was voluntary if a woman wanted to do it. but they should have looked at why this woman dropped out and encouraged her. kennedy: last week former house speaker john boehner called ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. that's not nice. but it turns out that comparison is offensive to satanists. a spokesman says christians can't push cruz off and satanists. we don't expletive want him. >> his strategy in this campaign has been brilliant up to the end. he's always going to be the guy your second least favorite. the fact that he's hated. he has been using it.
8:43 pm
it shows he's authentic and against the establishment. but you need someone to affirmatively like you. >> it's been very difficult. was satan besmirched by the comparison as a satanist claims? >> apparently. remember that show "everybody hates chris" on chris rock? even poll advertises who are like he's not trump. they are like to wet noodles. kennedy: ted cruz is awesome. do you think it was an unfair comparison. >> you don't want to be compared to lucifer forever. his flesh that's burning is quite thick.
8:44 pm
kennedy: coming up. warren buffet says he's not worried about what the next president can and cannot do to wreck the economy.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
kennedy: over the weekend billionaire warren buffet says in the long term he's not worried about whether it will be president trump or hillary. >> it makes no difference who's president. it makes a difference what kind of policies are. but this country can't be stopped. kennedy: he was talking to liz claman.
8:48 pm
how much damage can a president actually do during their term? let's ask brian brenberg. a president really can't do much. >> in the short term, the system is set up to make sure presidents with bad ideas are limited in what they can do. i think it's unlikely he will be able to do that. the congress won't allow it. the system is set up to keep them from doing that. that doesn't mean over the long term we don't see damage. you can do things that are bad for the economy or not doing things that are good for the economy. kennedy: obamacare is a new entitlement and you can make the argument that has hurt the economy and will continue to hurt the economy. >> that went through congress.
8:49 pm
congress helped him with that. kennedy: so did the supreme court. >> the system is set up not to allow that. it was completely a partisan issue. but the beauty of the system is that's not supposed to happen if you have the branches of government doing their job. i don't think in a short term you see a lot of risk with a 45% tariff on chinese goods. kennedy: hillary clinton want to tax wealth, specifically wall street. >> she need partners to do it. but the problem i see isn't that these things pass, the problem is we spend a lot of time and effort fighting over them and we don't figure the thing that have to be fixed. regulation. taxation. entitlements. i disagree with buffet. that's the kind of stuff that wrecks the economy. kennedy: that's something
8:50 pm
first-term presidents never tackle. they never get to the heart of the tax problems and the tax code and regulations and all the other thing that hurt small business owners and hurt individual and families. >> that's why we have seen the slow slide over time. it look like nobody is going to do anything about it. we are going to fight about a wall and terror and minimum wage. not' is going to happen. we won't get closer to solving the deficit problems. all that will continue into perpetuity, that's a problem. kennedy: george w. bush cut taxes but increased spending. can you possibly have economic dwreet while doing one and not the other. >> we have 19 trillion in debt. we are talking in 2021 we are talking about the interest on the debt exceeding spending on defense and next year we are talking about exceeding all defense non-discretionary spending.
8:51 pm
that hurt business investment and job growth and wages. the future is closer now than it was when george bush made those tax cuts. you have to have a responsible plan to cut taxes and reform the tax code or to cut spending. plenty of examples around the world where nobody made the tough choices and that's where they ended up. kennedy: he need to sit down with brian brenberg. coming up, and a little later. grammy-winning hip hop artist lacrae, he went from gangster to christian rapper. he sold millions of record. he join me right here. take a listen. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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[♪] kennedy: no guns, no crack, just stet scopes, maybe. that's lacrae. he sold over 2 million albums. he has a brand-new memoir. he describes the lessons he learned from adversity. unsuccessful suicide attempt, and through that struggle he found his faith and his voice. lacrae joins me now. what an intense life he has had. how old are you? >> i'm 36. kennedy: you are very tall. if you head 23 i wouldn't have been surprised. you have taken care of yourself despite the times you fell into pretty dark places.
8:56 pm
even after you had your conversion experience you found yourself using drugs again. at that point were you ashamed in. >> it take a lifetime to get the slavery out of a bern. id out of a person. kennedy: when you think you find the path, then you fall off the it, and finding your way back to your faith, was it harder the second time? >> a lot of times i think faith create a self-righteous, pretentious attitude that i have it all together and i'm better than everyone else. you think, i already used my second chance. it wasn't about that one chance to get it right. it was a journey. like learning how to walk.
8:57 pm
and i have been doing it ever since. kennedy: we saw prince and his untimely death. here is another person who apparently by what we are hearing now, had a drug overdose. this is someone who had everything. a $300 million dollar estate. all the talent in the world. what happened with prince? he made the ultimate stumble that didn't happen to you? >> i think -- i couldn't speak to specifically what happened to him. i think there is all sorts of pressures and different things -- especially being a celebrity. kennedy: why is it easier for celebrities to have overdose deaths? >> i think it's the consistent dough manned on time, on life, on running, running, running a million miles an hour. it's knowing how to weigh that and wrestle with all those
8:58 pm
pressures and the use of time. you don't have a regular life anymore. as soon as you walk outside there are demand placed on you. kennedy: how do you insulate yourself from that? >> for me it's having a great group of people who surround me and love and care about me that i can always turn to and depend on. trying to have a sober perspective on people i have seen when i walk outside. these people know me from what they experienced via music or interviews, so they may have had some life-changing experience with me. honor them, love them. but don't get too caught up with what social media is saying. kennedy: that's easy for kid in middle school to do, not just someone with 2 million followers. kennedy: was there any time when you got sober that you were worried you wouldn't be able to
8:59 pm
make the same quality of music? >> i was more concerned about who i was. this is a trajectory of family lineage from a father and on down the line. so for me it was kind of like -- am i just -- so is this me or is this just who i'm supposed to be? or is there a different route i can take. i had to learn that i can break cycles and be a complete new version of what i'm supposed to be. kennedy: that's one of the most important lessons anyone can learn. thank you for being here. lecrae. congratulations. the book comes out tomorrow. thank you for watching the show tonight. tomorrow night while be part of fbn's live coverage of the indiana primary. make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram@twitter
9:00 pm
nation. email good night. >> they're cars you never heard of. >> he liked to buy unique cars -- kissels, grahams, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high spin mode up there. >> it's just money. can't take it with you.


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