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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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quite frankly, the obama administration has done with a hatchet, i doubt that either one of them would do that, but you never know. maria: dagen, have a great day and great show today. dagen: thank you. maria: that will do it for us. "varney & company" is next, stay with fox business network for the latest out of indiana and the primary there today. stuart varney back in his seat. stuart: here i am again, maria. thanks indeed. this is still the video that had the whole country talking, kids, on -- obscenity and the mexican flag as the left goes off donald trump. if you missed it, we think you should see this. children making obscene gestures to trump supporters, flat-out all over the country, they've resorted to violence and we're not letting go of that. ted cruz, desperate to stay in contention, he takes on a
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sharp-edged questioner and says trump is bigoted. hillary says that husband bill would work hard in the white house, nothing he wants more, she says. the indiana primary is a very close race. to the markets, what's with apple? worst losing streak in 18 years? it opens around 93 today. we will ask if facebook is maybe the next apple? bear with us, please. what you're looking at is not a riot in a lunatic asylum. it's the english championship, 5,000 to 1 and they won. don't worry, ashley and i will not spend too much time on the greatest soccer upset in two centuries. [laughter] >> "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ a u.s. service member has been
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killed in northern iraq. isis fighters breached defensive lines and shot him. defense secretary ash carter said it happened in the neighborhood of irbil. air strikes from drones and airplanes tried to combat isis. ashley: they've been reticent, if you like, to give more details on this. one u.s. service member killed in this action. stuart: and i think the defense department used expression combat. ashley: yes. stuart: we're not supposed to have combat there. ashley: we're to advise in technical training. stuart: this person was killed in combat. there are other developments, iraq seems close to being taken over by iran. a top shiite cleric organized the invasion of baghdad's green zone and parliament and he is now in iran. later this hour, we'll ask this
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question, is iraq about to fall? pete will have an answer moments from now. the dow jones industrial average went up, what, 117 yesterday, looks like it will lose about the same amount when the market opens today. the dollar is down again, there's more weakness in china for manufacturers there, here is my opinion. a lot of opinions today. and investors are getting worried about recession here. we're on the story, of course. how about apple coming off eight straight losses. the longest losing streak in 18 years. it would be fractionally higher at the opening bell and still at 93. ash, it seems the company has two problems, declining iphone sales and no innovation. ashley: don't forget china, sales down 26% in the fiscal second quarter. that is supposed to be a major market for apple as it looks for new customers. they're also blaming the strong dollar and also tough year over year comparisons. you could make that argument.
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and it certainly doesn't happen when carl icahn-- >> a terrible chart. to 93 as of today. not good. indiana big vote today, this is all important. and this video, this is kind of the back drop for the whole election story. look at it. kids swearing at trump supporters and vulgar hand gestures. just watch this. (bleep), (bleep), (bleep). okay. look, we could talk-- today we can talk all day about the indiana primaries, i think the trend of anti-trump violence is more.
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i'm pinning the blame on the left. am i being fair? >> i think from my perspective you are. what we're seeing on this frustration on both sides, obviously, but the frustration that i think you're seeing with a lot of the trump supporters, you know, is about the fact that they don't have jobs. that they had all of these government promises that haven't come to fruition and it's frustrating. what we saw there is, you know, these children, you know, who is teaching them this stuff? and the sense of entitlement that they're displaying here. and then the vulgarity. it's just absolutely-- somebody should talk to their parents about this. it's disgusting and it's sad and these children are going to grow up to-- what are they going to be like when they grow up? >> that's a fair question, charles. a very fair question. tamara, if you're with us today. i see a mexican flag in the background being waved against an american presidential candidate by youngsters making obscene gestures against trump.
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are you prepared to condemn this hands down, flat-out? that's wrong. >> i'm not prepared to condemn it. i think that in the united states-- >> you don't? >> no, in the united states we have freedom of speech something that donald trump doesn't necessarily agree with. he recently said that he thinks that generals should not be able to go on tv and punished for saying anything on tv. he wants to punish everybody, punish everyone from the beginning of his campaign, mexicans, to not allowing muslims into the country, to generals, people in the military, to people who have disabilities, who ask him questions. donald trump wants to punish everyone and there's something called freedom of speech in america that's a free thing whether you like it or not. stuart: yes, but i just hope that you understand what this does for democrats. when children use obscene gestures and wave the mexican flag in america in opposition to an american presidential candidate.
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i hope you're prepared to stand by that as a democrat because i don't think it works for you. >> well, this is nothing to do with being a democrat. stuart: yes, it does. no, it doesn't. stuart: yes, it does. >> donald trump is anti-every country except america. he doesn't even believe-- he doesn't believe in staying part of nato. this is a guy-- >> and that justifies that, does it? that justifies that? >> just because it's the mexican flag didn't mean that mexicans are part of america. stuart: you don't think it's inflammatory? >> yes, it's inflammatory to you. stuart: why don't we ask our audiences, you don't think that's inflammatory to americans? >> your audience, the people on the right are going to be upset by donald trump's-- anti-trump supporters. stuart: this is some video of ted cruz confronting a trump supporter. just show you the video. there's a give and take that goes on for eight minutes here. charles, come back in, please.
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ted cruz knew what he was doing, went out to engage the crowd. do you think it worked for him in indiana? >> well, you know, it's -- the harvard debater, the trained classically debater versus the working guy and i haven't talked to a single person who saw that who thought that ted cruz won. kudos to him for engaging, i guess, but you know, and this is sort of the problem with ted cruz throughout the entire campaign. you know, he's right on so many of the issues for conservatives and people love the positions that he takes on so many things. he's articulate and thought of things, but at the end of the day they don't like him. they don't like his style, the preachy tone that he uses on the stump. they don't like him invoking god all the time. he just, he's-- there's something off with him. and people don't like him and we saw, it was a perfectly displayed right there in that face-off and i think that, i don't think it did him any good. i think that the protester got the best of him by far.
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stuart: okay, charles, things so much for joining us, it's a big deal and we kept it short. you know how we are. charles, appreciate it. >> sure thing. moving on to hillary clinton. she has an idea of how to keep her husband bill busy if she wins the white house. roll tape. >> i told my husband that if i'm so fortunate enough to be president i want him to do nothing, but to work as hard as he can, he worked hard when he was president and created jobs, i want him to take this on, you'll get sick of seeing him. stuart: tamara, that sounds a little desperate, the idea well, bill will help me in the white house, he's got a lot of work to do and nothing he wants to do more than get back in the white house. ashley: we know what kind of work. stuart: stop it, ashley. terrible. >> and saying something inappropriate and-- >> it's the truth, he uses the white house as a pickup joint, i've said it before and i'll say it again.
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>> i'll be busy working, you know what mean. stuart: does it help her? does it hurt her? >> of course, donald trump-- donald trump? where am i? bill clinton was the president for eight years so he was reeject leichted and -- elected and brings the deficit down and president in more ways than one. you're not listening, you're laughing. stuart: you say that bill clinton brought the deficit down, he produced a surplus, do you think that hillary can do the same thing now, with the policies she's got there? >> depends if the republicans in both the house and senate actually want to go to work, then maybe she can. [laughter] but she probably won't be successful with obstructionist ins office like we've had with obama. stuart: i think we got to you and irritated the hell out of you. >> then you win like you always do. i'm going home and have a martini. stuart: actually, this is our
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story because it's our story because you were a special soccer player. ashley: i was hoping to be. stuart: almost were. leicester city won their first title in years, the most unlikely ever. some say it's a bit like the u.s. men's hockey team winning over the soviet union in the olympics, some say, but i'm not so sure. when when buster douglas knocked out then undefeated champion mike tyson. ashley: it's those stories and a whole lot more. this is incredible. a team of unknown players from semi pro teams, electricians and plumbers who became professional footballers, and footballers, journeymen, tried and had a point to prove. one player for say a team like manchester city is worth more
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than the entire team, 5,000 to one. and some had money on them at the beginning of the season. >> they had jobs though, what are they doing not working? >> that's at night. stuart: in the british pub. ashley: way to go, tamara. the bookies in england paid for $36 1/2 million u.s. dollars on the leicester win. stuart: really? we're trying to find somebody who bet 5,000 to one. ashley: and there will be interesting stories. stuart: that's enough. . ashley: done. stuart: you're done with it. tamara. here is a good one for you, a breast cancer break through, what scientists are hailing as a milestone moment. it's hope for a lot of people. more on that during our 10:00 hour. next, iran muscling its way into iraq while an american soldier is killed there by isis. in my opinion, iraq is lost.
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the news out of iraq is not good. a u.s. soldier killed there by isis fighters. now, if you couple that event with what i'm calling the ongoing difficulties that the iraqi government, because of iran, i'm saying essentially that iraq eye pierce to be falling, certainly failing. joining us is pete hegset, author of "in the arena", obama's failed policy, good for today. maybe i'm out on a limb, but i'm saying that iraq is lost. >> unfortunately, you may not be all that far out on a limb. first of all, i would want to clarify, our troops didn't lose it, george w. bush and the surge didn't lose it. this president and his abandonment on the battlefield and through diplomacy what he's doing at baghdad is a failure of leadership and shepparding
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of what would have been a difficult premise and promise, but it was won by february 2010. joe biden said this will be a success of our administration and today this failed because they abandoned it. stuart: and al sadr, he leads the shiites in iraq and led the invasion of the green zone. >> he killed a lot of americans. stuart: he killed a lot of americans and it seems like iran is telling muqtadaal sadder ruin iraq. >> we saw a manifestcation-- manifestcation, he had a ton of sway in iraqi politics. whether it's a coup or a physical coup, what you saw in the green zone was a take over of iranian backed. stuart: more details on the u.s. serviceman killed in iraq today. he with as killed by small arms
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fire directly from isis fighters. and forgive me, now about that. that's hand-to-hand combat. >> 1, 2, 300 meters and usually iraqis are not as good with it so it's usually closer. they said it was in friendly lines, it wasn't on the front line which means potentially there was a breach of that security or a sleeper cell inside what was controlled territory. you can never know. this is an asymmetric battlefield where the enemy doesn't always wear uniforms. tragic and i honor all of these guys that give so much for this country and do it with a commander-in-chief that doesn't give them the tools to get it done. stuart: progressive elitists like barack obama are eventually forced to emerge from their utopian cocoons, who find there were not a lot who wanted to co-exist with a progressive america. the modern american left is
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incapable of confronting such inspeakable evil. the really threat to america and the west. you're detailing the failure of barack obama's foreign policy. >> indeed, it's laid bare before us, unfortunately. i went to princeton, i went to harvard, i know how these folks think. they want to fight for something, but they like to fight enemies without faces, the weather, health, safety, things like that as opposed to the vicious enemies of radical islam or despots redrawing the lines of western europe. they feel like it's 19th century, aren't we past this geopolitical strategic game? america should be just like everybody else in the world, just co-exist. if we engage with everybody, then everything will be fine. we tried to engage with iran, they still want to bomb and engage with isis, and they want to cut our heads off. you have clear eyes or you don't and the book wants to make the case. stuart: i think you made the case. pete, thanks for joining us.
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stuart: we're getting numbers from the big car companies and sales. ford april vehicle sales. ashley: we do, they're up 4% year over year and sold just over a quarter of a million vehicles last month. of course, the big one for ford is those pickup trucks, the f-150 and the suv's, we're waiting for a breakdown on that, they're 4% year over year. stuart: okay, curt schilling fired from espn for his conservative political views. now espn has edited his iconic bloody sock performance out of the documentary about the boston red sox. how can you do that? we'll deal with it next. you're late for work.
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which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> espn has reportedly cut curt schilling's bloody sock from a film. and after his comment about the barls, he was cut from the documentary. tamara, you can't erase history. he did that in the game, the blood why i sock game. he can't erase it for political reasons, you cannot do that.
9:25 am
>> espn did not erase him. he's angry because he's out of work. and comparing muslims to nazis, if you work for espn you can't do that. and-- >> you can't change history. he was in that game, he was in the game for the red sox and you can't erase history. you can't do that. >> and the espn response, the previous game went over and head to cut one segment. they weren't erasing, they had to cut something. one of the editors tweeted and deleted that what was done was intentional, which is very interesting. so we'll see. stuart: very much so. >> there were many things to do rather than watch the documentary. ashley: we didn't have the time--
9:26 am
>> cut the cord in my opinion. the opening bell is moments away. you'll watch the market drop. and apple, the video of the new headquarters, 13,000 workers moving in next year and this cost $5 billion. however, apple stock, the biggest losing streak in 18 years. we'll be watching it when it opens, it should be around 93. watch your money move next.
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♪ ♪ stuart: all right. cue the applause, and we're about to ring that bell. we've got three seconds to go. we'll be off and running this tuesday morning. it's 9:30, here we go. we're down 20. we are down 30. probably down 100 plus by the time we all open up and get rolling. but you've got to start with apple. where is that stock this morning? it's at $93.97. that's up about 30 cents. remember, please, it's coming off eight straight days of losses, that's the longest losing streak in 18 years. here to analyze all that's going on, ashley webster, liz macdonald, todd horowitz and mike murphy. mike, to you first. at 93, is apple on your buy list? >> it's getting there. i'd like to see it under 90, but i'll go out on a limb, apple's not going down forever. it's been down for eight straight days.
9:31 am
it's a value stock. maybe it's not a growth stock anymore, but somewhere in the $88 range it gets very interesting to me. stuart: todd, all our viewers -- a lot of people own a piece of apple either through a mutual fund or directly themselves. would you be putting your two cents worth in at $93, $94 a share? would you buy it at this price? >> i like mike's level of 88, but i certainly would not be ashamed to buy it here. i think it's going to make a bounce. as a trader, i want it to come a little lower. stuart: got it. two other big names, facebook and amazon. now, facebook is near an all-time high. i think it hit 120 last week. and amazon is up 13% in the last two trading sessions. mike, which one of them would you rather own? >> facebook. i own facebook, it's my largest holding. i don't own amazon, but i think facebook has a lot more growth in front of them with advertising. i think people are realizing that's how to reach the
9:32 am
consumer, through facebook. so i think facebook's still in the very early innings. stuart: some people think facebook is the next apple or the next amazon, that it could just flat out zoom straight up. could it? >> i think it could actually do better because, remember, apple's selling hardware, so you can only get 100% of the phone market, but facebook has almost two billion people worldwide on their sites. so i think there's a lot more room for facebook. i've said it on this program -- stuart: yep. >> i think it'll be the first trillion dollar company. stuart: first trillion dollar company, may the 3rd, 2016. [laughter] all right. check the big board, we're down 109 points as we speak. the dollar is down, there's reportedly more weakness in china's manufacturers. i'm beginning to think that investors are getting worried about the possibility of a recession in america. is that -- that's just my opinion. is that a factor in the market, mike? >> i don't think it is. [laughter] slow growth, we don't have great growth, but i don't see anything
9:33 am
out there showing a recession. i hear todd yelling from chicago, as he has been -- [laughter] but i still don't see. the fed is data dependent right now, there's nothing out there that tells me we're in a recession. earnings could have been better -- stuart: going towards it, that's my point. >> tough to predict the future. right now we're not in a recession. look at ford's numbers this morning. i don't see signs of recession. you want to talk about not great growth, i'll give you that. stuart: todd, i'm going to give give -- get to you in a second, general motors -- >> they are down 3.5%. ford, a as we reported earlier, was upoverall 4% year-over-year. ford explorer in april up 22 percent. sufficients, sales -- suvs, sales best april ever, the ford f series, up 13%. so you've got your trucks and your suvs for ford doing very well. stuart: and car sales down, and general motors' sales down overall, 31. let's looking look at mcdonald'y very well be the turn-around
9:34 am
story of the year. we have a market watcher. he walks into mcdonald's at 5:00 in the afternoon. everybody -- or, actually, precisely, he said, half the people in there were eating breakfast. so he wonders, is the all-day breakfast the reason for mcdonald's turn around? >> actually, yes. stuart: really? >> today's hours, people work different hours, consumers expect bigger menus, longer hours, and the concept of all-day breakfast, it's been around for a long time, but it really is, it's brought new people into mcdonald's. and, in fact, i think overall consumers are returning to the fast food chains. stuart: i just find it hard to believe. >> i would love to take the other side of that because mcdonald's, all-day breakfast has been a great gimmick, but this is a hamburger company. their core business is down, and it's not improving. it's not coming back. with my kids on sunday i said to them in the car, do you want to go to mcdonald's? they said, ew, i don't want to go to mcdonald's. stuart: where do they go? >> chipotle. they will go.
9:35 am
they will. they don't want -- >> you still going there for your $1.50 coffee? >> 53 cents for a senior's black coffee to go. [laughter] stuart: are we done with this? yes. i think. cue the organ music. >> no. no -- stuart: no, no, we're not done with it. >> we cued it. stuart: i'm very sorry, todd. get back in later. you know why we're playing the organ music, aeropostal, on the verge of bankruptcy, nicole? >> i heard it. on the eventual of bankruptcy. the company has now, is seeking chapter 11 protection. next few days they're doing this, trying to get it in before all the may rent payments are due. they're rushing to close about 100 of their 800 stores. and when you look since way back in 2005, 55% of the retailers that actually filed for bankruptcy went into bankruptcy and closed versus other businesses that try and stay alive.
9:36 am
but they go the way of pac sun, cache, wet seal, quicksiller, and so now -- quicksilver, now you can put them in there. the retailers are struggling. stuart: i think there's one more retailer that a lot of people know may be on the way out. e. mac, sports authority? >> just a decade ago a $3 billion company, now it's going to shut 463 stores. get this, the liquidation costs don't even -- basically, swamp the takeover offers. they've got more than a billion dollars in debt. they've been in trouble. the space because of amazon. stuart: they're very big stores. >> they're gigantic. stuart: they're going to close 400 of them. >> 463. stuart: that doesn't come cheap. >> what replaces them in those stores? who comes in and takes that retail space? is it amazon? >> no bids yet. >> amazon would be good. stuart: okay, todd, i want to get you back in. you want to talk about all-day breakfast at mcdonald's or sports authority? which is it? >> i want to talk about ford.
9:37 am
i want to talk about the mortgage of the future, getting 10-year loans on cars, where's that going to go? mcdonald's, value menu is driving sales. people are not surviving as well, so they're going to mcdonald's to buy cheaper food. where else can you feed a family of four for $10? and sports authority, dick's and amazon is wiping them out because they've lost their edge a long time ago. stuart: actually, i tried hard to feed a family of six for -- >> 50 cent coffee. stuart: black coffee for all of them, and that's it. [laughter] no, that's a joke. gun maker, stern ruger, higher profits. they're looking good again. we call president obama the best gun salesman in the world, and i think hillary's vying for second place, mike. i think that's the case. >> absolutely. people want to own their guns so, again, talk about earnings recessions, but you look at the gunmakers, they're putting up good numbers. look in this sector, the smith & wessons, you have real growth
9:38 am
there. stuart: they've pulled back a little, but it's on the upside. the dow jones industrial average is at the low of the day, we're now down 130-odd points. that's where we are, 17,7 is the level. take a look at tesla. elon musk says many of those preorders for the model 3 are being canceled. explain. >> well, the rule is you can only order two, but there was a report last week that one individual had ordered 20 of these things. and elon musk tweeting out saying the duplicates will be canceled, but less than 5% of all the total orders involved multipreorders. you put $1,000 down, and you get this car that's supposed to come out at the end of next year. mike murphy has a theory that people were putting the money down because they know they'll get their thousand dollars back in two years, and it's a hedge against negative interest rates. >> there were people talking about actually going out, giving
9:39 am
their money to elon musk to hold at zero if, in fact, ford six weeks ago when this was first announced, a lot of talks that rates were going to go zero. but he's a phenomenal marketer, he's put together a great product. some orders being canceled doesn't change the model 3's a huge hit for tesla. stuart: he does live and enjoy government tax credits -- >> yes, he does. >> he's done a great job with it. stuart: okay. a jury in st. louis orders johnson & johnson to pay $55 million to a woman who claimed the company's talcum powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. what's that? >> so this is the second straight jury trial loss for johnson & johnson as it faces over 1200 lawsuits. when you see jury trials giving now $55 million to a woman who said she developed ovarian cancer from the powder, this fast on the heels of a verdict earlier this year, $72 million awarded. so the question is, j&j sticking fast saying there is no proven
9:40 am
link here, shower to shower, baby powder, you know, whether it causes ovarian cancers and the like. 1200 lawsuits, the tort bar is now piling on. stuart: i'll bet. >> you know, to liz's point, j&j says 30 years of research still cannot claim they can find a link between the talcum powder and the cancer. >> yeah, but the juries are not buying it so far, two juries right now. stuart: okay. president obama says do not believe that reagan tax cuts created growth and prosperity. the president says that is mythology. i'm dying to hear what mike murphy has to say about that. [laughter] >> so president obama wants to come out, and he wants to create his own legacy right now. but going back and knocking president reagan, to me, just kind of shows what we've been through for the last eight years. the proof is in the pudding. you saw what reagan did. and for obama to kind of massage it using his school-type, you know, textbook theories, i think it just really speaks to exactly the type of president we've had
9:41 am
for the last eight years. and i'd take reagan over obama any day of the week can and twice on sundays. stuart: todd, last word to you. >> i agree. obama, the worst president that we've ever had. lousy economic policies, has not done one thing to really generate and become the most antagonistic guy. reagan did a good job trying to get growth. we need something to start the growth, and then we can grow from there, but until we get it started, it's not going to happen under obama nor clinton if she gets in. stuart: thank you, one and all. check out the big board, low of the day, down about 133 points as we speak. hillary clinton confronted on the campaign trail in west virginia. back in march she said, yeah, she wanted to kill the coal industry. well, coal people in west virginia coming right after her. we've got fresh sound on that at 10:00 this morning. meanwhile, indiana votes today. trump says the election's over. he's going to win. katrina pierson from the trump
9:42 am
campaign will be with us at 11 eastern this morning. you remember this guy, martin shkreli, smirking on capitol hill. he's back. now he's back in court. more "varney" in a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ stuart: you know, our music selection's been right on today. i think it's alex that did this. alex -- [laughter] well done, son. that's pretty good. today's the day. indiana heading to the polls. donald trump hoping a win will solidify his path to 1237 delegates.
9:46 am
he thinks he's going to win. hillary clinton hoping to hold off bernie sanders, but it will be a very, very tight democrat race in indiana today. ted cruz perhaps showing signs of desperation, that's my word, confronting a trump supporter on the streets of indiana yesterday. roll that tape. >> well, sir, you know, actually -- >> [inaudible] >> civilized people don't just scream and yell at each other. donald trump is deceiving you. he is playing you for a chump. sir, america is a better country without you -- whether thank you for those kind sentiments. stuart: nice timing on the comeback there, without you. >> set it up though. stuart: rich lowery with us. >> how you doing? stuart: i'm saying ted cruz a little desperate there, going out to meet the people and engaging in this kind of discussion. desperate, do you think? >> this is ted cruz, the
9:47 am
harvard-educated lawyer, thinking he can engage in an argument with anyone. stuart: did it work? >> and most candidates, once someone is yelling lyin' ted at you would back off slowly, maybe call in secret service. but cruz stood toe to toe and engaged in an argument for eight minutes and made it clear this guy didn't really know very much, but it's a sign of just the amazing saturation of the trump message that this guy, what does he know? he knows lyin' e ted, he knows the wall, he knows that trump has constantly repeated in every single media interview and every single rally, and all of his supporters know those core messages. and that, i don't particularly like trump, as you know, stuart -- stuart: yep. >> many -- but it's very potent political messaging. and ted cruz can have the best arguments in the world, and i do think he has much better arguments than donald trump does, but is it going to convince that guy? no.
9:48 am
stuart: cruz lashed out at trump yesterday really about his tone and some of the things that he has said. roll that tape. >> i believe in america. i believe in the american people. we are not a bitter, angry, petty, big olded people. -- bigoted people. that is not america. i reject that vision of america. stuart: now, i'm picking on the word "bigoted." he used it and applied it to trump and his supporters. you say he is, incooled, bigoted, right? -- indeed. >> it's not the word i would use. it's been a low politics on a certain level, on a lot of levels, and that's what cruz is picking up on. you know, you've had trump supporters punch people in these rallies, and donald trump encouraged them to punch people and saying i'm going to maybe pay the legal bills of this guy who sucker punched a black protester. that is a kind of politics that a lot of people find very distasteful, and trump has managed to light up about 40% of
9:49 am
the republican primary electorate, and that's why he's on the cusp of being a productive nominee, but it's made him radioactive among the general public. stuart: okay, okay. come on. you know what i'm getting at here. national review wrote the article a couple months back saying trump is not the guy, must not have trump. well, it's going to be trump. will the national review at some point turn around and say, o.k., it's trump, we'll support him? >> i have the same answer i had for you last week. do you remember it? stuart: tell me again. >> we'll let the dust settle. but the problem, stuart, for us, we are reagan conservatives, and this is if not the end, at least a severe blow to ray a began conservativism. reagan conservativism. you have a guy who's on the cusp of being the presumptive republican nominee talking about how he's going to win over the supporters of a socialist because they have similar positions. you have a guy who's on the cusp of being the republican nominee who's going to hit hillary clinton from the left on her iraq war vote.
9:50 am
so it's going to make -- if he's the nominee, it's going to make for a fascinating general election but one where conservatives are going to be at the very least highly irritated. stuart: are you back on the show next week? >> i haven't heard from your producers yet. [laughter] you're the boss, you're the kingmaker. [laughter] stuart: i'm just fascinated. can you see at some point getting behind donald trump? >> this is one in a continuing series -- [laughter] stuart: rich lowry, thank you very much, sir. >> go good seeing you. stuart: now we're down 173 points, 17,7 is where we are now. we do have higher profits at pfizer, it's raised its outlook. i think pfizer is one of the very, very few gaining stocks in the dow 30. how about this? look at this video, please. an all-out brawl. this is the turkish parliament. punches thrown, you can see them. this is all about plans to strip military police officers of their immunity from prosecution. that is a brawl. >> wwe-level brawl.
9:51 am
stuart: indeed. next, apple no longer the leading innovator in technology. where is the innovation? i want to know what's in the pipeline. a market watcher, tech watcher next. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
9:52 am
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: all right. now we're down 167 points on the
9:55 am
dow, and apple is at 94, up just a fraction. please remember apple has lost in value, the value of the company, the equivalent of ireland in the last, what is it, liz? >> since february of last year. yeah, no product category killer that'll be in your daily routine, that's the issue. stuart: so the gdp of ireland -- >> and google could overtake it. stuart: christina warren is the senior tech fellow at mashable. the big problem with apple seems to be innovation. >> yeah. stuart: where is it? what have they got in the pipeline? >> we keep hearing rumors about a car. and that could be very big. stuart: could be. >> it could be. we see what they did with the smartphone, everyone said they can't make the smartphone work. they did. stuart: how far away -- >> that's the problem, it's probably at least five years away. stuart: that's far too long to make any impact on the company who is the great innovator? >> i would actually say facebook. stuart: what have they got? >> they're doing a lot of
9:56 am
interesting things with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. stuart: hold on a second. artificial intelligence, what is facebook doing with artificial intelligence that's going to hit or affect me in the relatively near future? >> well, they're developing this virtual assistant that will basically be able to kind of predict what you need and let you know based on what you type into it. so you can be in facebook messenger and say i want to order something for lunch, and it'll be able to anticipate what you want, help you order it, pay for it. stuart: you think that's big? >> i think that is big -- stuart: maybe i'm old-fashioned, i just can't imagine asking a computer for suggestions about what i should have for lunch. >> or saying order this for me and it does it automatically, you don't have to think about it, you're about to order a car, order me car, have it arrive at this time. and if you think about that, if they can anticipate what wwant able to do some really interesting things on the ad and products side. but they're also doing interesting things with virtual
9:57 am
reality. they bought oculus last year. this is just starting with virtual reality, they're one of the few companies that has already their six planted. stuart: they still haven't solved the seasickness problem. [laughter] >> they probably will. i think one of the most important things they did, they hired away regina dugan, she used to run darpa, she now works at facebook. think about that. where is she? she's working at facebook. to me, that says they're innovating a ton. stuart: she's selling dramamine. christina, thank you so much. >> thank you. stuart: remember martin shkreli? he's appearing in court in the next hour. now, this guy's known for his i theatrics, so we're going to follow what he does. plus, contestants on "the biggest loser," you remember that? gaining the weight back. yeah. their stories and the reasons for the re-weight gain next hour
9:58 am
with doc segal. yes, "varney & company," hour two, is two minutes away.
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: new this hour, hillary flip-flops on coal after a coal worker confronts her. some say she's now all for it. we'll figure that one out. [laughter] we'll play you that exchange. we'll play it for you. moments ago martin shkreli -- he's the ceo who smirked his way through a contentious congressional hearing, he pleaded the fifth -- he walked into a new york court. he's charged with fraud over his hedge fund. nothing to do with raising the price of drugs. we're looking for fireworks, of course. we're also monitoring the situation in iraq, a u.s. service member killed in small arms fired by a member of -- fire by a member of isis. but first, check the big board, we are just a half hour into trading, and down we go. it's a triple-digit loss. i suggest that maybe recession fears are partly to blame.
10:01 am
we do actually have a much weaker dollar. that's playing a role and so is weakness in chinese manufacturing, okay? so lots of factors involved -- >> i think oil is an issue too. i think the fear that the glut is building again is also putting -- >> it's an eight-decade high. eight-decade high of inventory -- stuart: of the amount of oil in storage? thank you for getting that in there, because that's important. check out apple. maybe it'll break an eight-day losing streak. fingers crossed because right now it's up just 30 cents. it is at $94. we're looking at that stock very closely because it was the best performer for years and years and years. how about sturm ruger? higher profits, higher sales. we're talking more about president obama's impact on the gunmakers in just a few moments, but that stock keeps on going up. first, martin shkreli, america's most hated pharmaceutical chief, he's in court this hour. not for raising the price of drugs, no. he's there for fraud charges about his hedge fund, i think.
10:02 am
>> siphoning money from one company to cover bad market bets in another. also telling investors he had so much money under management, assets under management is the official term, that didn't exist. so they're, basically, saying a real con man. nothing to do, as you say, with the raising of a drug price in particular by 5,000% overnight. >> right. >> this is how he conducted himself -- >> fears of running a ponzi scheme. stuart: okay. he's unpopular for what he did with drugs, also for what he's eye -- accused of doing. all right. indiana votes today. donald trump is already setting his sights on hillary clinton. here's trump in south bend, indiana. roll tape. >> now the biggie is going to be indiana, because if we win in indiana, it's over with, folks, it's over with. [cheers and applause] and then we focus on hillary clinton. stuart: all right. with us now is the chair of the suffolk county republican committee and a trump surrogate, john lavalle is with us.
10:03 am
>> how are you? stuart: i'm pretty well. no complaints. what is a trump surrogate? >> like a spokesperson for mr. trump. we advocate and defend him. stuart: you're on his side. you guys say trump's the guy. >> absolutely, he is. for the entire united states of america, not just long island. stuart: okay. why do you think he's going to beat hillary in november? >> well, the reality is this country's moving in the wrong direction, and you see individuals -- in this past primary, for instance, in new york state, i've never seen so many democrats and independently-registered voters trying to vote for donald trump. they didn't want to vote for hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they wanted donald trump. he has a message about -- it's not just rhetoric, making america great again. the reality is if we want to be the positive world force that we've always been, we need to be healthy again. we need to get this economy going. we need to bring jobs back to america. americans first. that's what this is all about. stuart: i want to get your take on the anti-trump protests in
10:04 am
fort wayne, indiana. children -- i'm thinking they may be 10 or 12 years old -- they're giving obscene gestures to a car that drives by -- you're seeing it right there with a trump sign in the window. they're yelling vulgarities, they're waving the mexican flag. i'm not sure this was in fort wayne, was that where it was? i thought this was in california. if you tell me it's in indiana, i'll take your word for it. [laughter] what do you think of this? a, it's disgusting -- >> absolutely. stuart: b, is this setting the tone for what we're going to see all the way through til november? >> what we're seeing -- stuart: and what are you going to do about this? i'm incensed about this. >> it's upsetting, but, you know, what can we dosome we can keep moving forward with a positive message. americans are hurting. this is exactly what i was talking about. people are frustrated, they're desperate right now. ted cruz isn't the only one who's desperate right now. the reality is the american public's desperate, and this is
10:05 am
what donald trump is focusing on, make america great again. this is despicable, you're 100% correct. stuart stewart i think it drives people to trump. obscene gestures from children against a trump rally, to me, drives people to trump. i don't see -- how could it possibly drive people towards hillary or bernie? >> when i go to a donald trump rally, i see people waving american flags. when i look at the sanders and clinton supporters, i see them waving mexican flags. that's the difference. donald trump is putting america first, and the only way to do that is putting americans first. stuart: okay. now, wait a second. you're from long island, you represent the conservative -- the republican party on long island. >> republican party. stuart: okay. that's hillary territory. long island is for hillary, largely for hillary. did you think that long island -- i'm just picking on long island -- do you think trump beats hillary on long island? >> absolutely. absolutely, donald trump will win long island. stuart: well, who's -- which hillary voters are you taking
10:06 am
away from her and delivering to donald trump? >> well, our base is going to be strong, their base is going to be depressed x. the reality is -- and the reality is the independent-registered voters are coming to donald trump. they believe in his message. you know, he's not so much a candidate -- yes, he is the republican, he's going to be the republican nominee for president. but the reality is he is going to be the people's president. he is speaking on multiple levels. that's why the republican establishment has some pause with him. stuart: john, do you find it interesting or extraordinary that voters and supporters of donald trump are overlooking what he said about mexicans as rapists and murderers, overlooking what he said about women which is kind of nasty stuff? are you surprised that they're overlooking that? >> well, first of all, if you follow anyone around 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they're going to say some things you might not like. the reality is what donald trump's talking about with regards to mexico is the reality that everyone's saying, you know, denying that the drugs are
10:07 am
coming across the border. we have a karen epidemic -- heroin, epidemic, on long island. whether it's affecting your family, your friends or your coworkers, that needs to stop. we talk about securing our borders, it's about making our families safe once again. you know, his message is a strong message -- stuart: okay. >> you know, listen, he -- does he say extraordinary things? absolutely. but these are extraordinary times, and we need someone who's going to talk straight. stuart: okay. >> tell the truth. whether or not it's politically correct. that's what's going to make america great again. stuart: a trump surrogate as in supporter, spokesperson. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me. stuart: tonight on fox business, special coverage on the primary in indiana, i'm going to be part of the cover average, it's a big night in politics, big night for fbn. we, as in all those people, will be there tonight. look at sturm ruger. yeah, it is a gun company.
10:08 am
revenue up 26% in the first quarter. in part that's because of president obama, the best gun salesman in america. katie pavlich is with us now. katie, welcome to the program again. good to see you. >> good to see you. happy tuesday. stuart: indeed. [laughter] now, president obama, he might use executive orders to push for smart guns. what do you make of this? >> well, the problem with smart guns is they're actually very dumb, and there are a lot of federal law enforcement agencies and local police departments and sheriffs' departments that are pushing back on president obama's idea that smart guns should be used not only in law enforcement, but across the country. the fact is that smart gun technology has been on the market for years now, and people don't buy them because they're not reliable. the prime minister's argument is -- president's argument is, look, you have to be guns that can only be fired by their owners, but when you're talking about a life or death self-defense situation, people aren't going to racic it with
10:09 am
the -- risk it with the smart gun technology. stuart: another industry under attack from the left, that's coal, of course. but hillary clinton kind of flip-flopped after she was confronted on the issue. roll that tape. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant, because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say. stuart: okay, katie, what do you make of this? in march she said that she's going to put a lot of coal mining companies and miners out of business, now she says she misspoke. i'm not quite sure where she's going with this, but i'm not
10:10 am
quite sure how well that will work in coal country. >> well, good for that man for bringing up this question and for confronting her about it, because she did, in fact, say that she was going to mutt miners -- which are regular, everyday people trying to make a living -- and the companies they work for out of business. now she's trying to backtrack by saying it was somehow out of context. she meant what she said, and when she said it in march, she was trying to appease her far-left base on the anti-coal, anti-fracking, anti-fossil fuel industry movement. so she can't have it both ways, and i think it's going to be very difficult for her to go into places like appalachia and to states like pennsylvania and ohio and convince these people who are seeing their industry destroyed by president obama, hillary clinton has said that she's going to continue president obama's legacy and then argue that, you know, maybe they just didn't understand it because it was out of context. they heard exactly what she said, and she has every intention of continuing president obama's anti-coal, anti-fossil fuel rampage which has destroyed people's lives and
10:11 am
destroyed the industry. stuart: real fast, katie, what intrigues me was the tone of the man asking the question to hillary clinton. what a complete difference between that tone of voice asking her that question and the demonstrators, the children with obscene gestures outside a trump rally waving mexican flags. i thought there was a real difference there in how you pose a question to the candidate. >> yeah. absolutely. and for the record, i have no tolerance for people who wave the flags of any country at rallies that are taking place in the united states that are anti-american. there's no place for that. if you want to rally in the united states, you should be, you know, flying the american flag. that's for sure. stuart: well said. how would you feel if i were to wave the british flag? >> you're pro-american though, stuart, you're not asking for america to be like mexico. there's a difference. [laughter] stuart: thanks for pointing that out, katie pavlich. thank you very much. we appreciate that. [laughter] you can come back again later. >> okay, great. stuart: serious stuff now.
10:12 am
we've got breaking news from singapore. terror arrests? >> yeah. an unusual location. eight people have been taken into custody in singapore. these are people from bangladesh, they are suspected of trying to carry out some deadly bomb attacks in their home country of bangladesh. apparently, they had planned to go to syria to try and join isis. when that, they believed, was too hard, they wanted to return to their home country, have some sort of coup and take over the government of bangladesh, so we have eight of these workers in singapore in custody. stuart: thank, ash. the dow jones average is at another low of the day, 188, 189 points down. touching right there at 17,7. it's a down day today. now this. many con testaments on the reality show "the biggest loser" end up regaining the weight they lost, and it's revealing some shocking discoveries about obesity. doc segal on that next. ♪ ♪
10:13 am
if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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10:16 am
stuart: this is the low of the day, we're off close to 200 points now. we were down about 196 a moment ago, close enough to 200 down, it's a selloff today. how about chlorox? we look for stocks in the s&p 500 that are doing well, we found this one. it's up 3%. it is one of the biggest gainers in the s&p 500. that is chlorox. now this, a new study explains why contestants on nbc's "the biggest loser," like the gentleman there on your screen, danny cahill, they often gain the weight back that they lost on the shoe. fox news medical a-team's
10:17 am
dr. marc siegel is with us now. 13 of 14 contestants gained it all back. why? >> you know, danny cahill lost 239 pounds, and he gained back 100. you know why? because the way they're losing weight, stuart, is by a lot of exercise, which i approve of, but a tremendous restriction of calories which i think is a big stress on the system, and nobody can live with that 800-calorie-a-day business. so as soon as the spotlight is off you, you start eating anything. stuart: wait, wait, wait -- >> bang, 100 pounds come back. stuart: is it just a lack of discipline? you can't keep the weight off because you can't stop eating calories, or is it something to do with your metabolism? >> it's both. a, you can't keep that up, because of the lack of discipline, b, your body is going to rebel and not live in that starvation mode. i have to tell you, this may be good for tv ratings, it is not healthy to lose that much in seven months. if you have an underlying risk
10:18 am
of heart disease or stroke, any of that, those ratings are going to drop tremendously if anyone ever has a heart attack -- it's not healthy. stuart: are you saying that you lose a lot of weight, you're going to regain it, and you're going to be stuck with the body you were born with, is that it? >> not entirely. stuart: almost. [laughter] >> you and i could lose a few pounds -- stuart: isn't that the truth? >> almost. i don't believe in drastic dieting. i believe you exercise more and eat less carbs and, yes, you could lose 50, 100 pounds, yes, it could stick, but it's going to take longer than seven months. your body does rebel, and it wants to push you back to where you were. stuart: this is very important, here's the new one. scientists now say they've got a near perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer. they call this study a milestone. tell me about it. >> it's from your homeland, from the u.k., from cambridge, sanger institute. this is a home run. you know, i say sometimes it's a single or a double here? this is really exciting.
10:19 am
it was published in a major journal, "nature." they looked at 560 breast cancers, and they found 93 sets of genes that can mutate and cause breast cancer. and you know what? they found the ten genes, and genes are genetic makeup, dna, okay? they found the ten ones that cause 60% of the cancers. you know what this is going to mean? they're turning this information over to the universities now. this is going to mean that we're going to have drugs for individuals, and we're going to say, hey, you're at risk of breast cancer, you're not as as much risk, take this pill, and someone that gets breast cancer, we're going to immediately know the genetic signature, and we're going to have a pill that treats one person, not the other. you can see the problem. insurance is never going to cover this. this is so far advanced from what insurance think thinks abo. it's about individual, precision medicine that will help a single woman say here's my risk of breast cancer, this is the gene that's going to go awry here, let me give you this pill that will prevent you or treat you.
10:20 am
we have the beginning of this, stuart -- stuart: but we're years away. >> we have the beginning of it, we have one drug on the market that already does that for 20% of women with breast cancer. this is going to be another hundred drugs. very exciting. stuart: stay there, please. i've got more for you. scientists capture the moment that human life begins. there's a burst of light, the sperm hits the egg. question for the good doctor, who will be with us in the next block, is the flash you see just a chemical reaction, or is it human life beginning? does dr. siegel have a spiritual element to him? [laughter] the doctor will reveal it all in a moment. ♪ ♪ you're late for work.
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stuart: all right. we are now down 176 points, that is almost exactly 1%. oh, but please, look at twitter. this is a new 52-week lowe, it's below $14 per share. cvs, there's one on every corner in florida, higher profits, more prescription volume is good, and they're up 2.5%. we like to find winners, we've got one. have you seen this? we love it. that flash of bright light as scientists at northwestern say that's the moment of conception when the sperm meets the human egg. doc siegel is with us. are you going to dismiss that as a mere chemical reaction, or is it the creation of a human being? >> i vote b on that. i do have a spiritual side, and i think god is in charge of hydrogen ions and in charge of zinc, that's a flash of zinc you're seeing. they're not using a real sperm, but of course there's light at the moment of conception,
10:25 am
because god said "let there be light." at that moment of conception, life is created x it's a reaction. it's a chemical reaction. but chemical reactions are the sign of god. they're not instead of god. this is not an either/or, and we make a huge mistake in our society thinking it's an either/or. it's connected. stuart: thank you, doctor. >> god is in every moment, stuart. stuart: we've been running that a video for the best part of a week, and suddenly you've got the right interpretation, shall i say. >> thank you. stuart: well done, doctor. you'll come back. now this, a woman turning the tables on a convicted peeping tom. he's caught on camera, he runs away, i think that's a target store -- >> it is, it's in florida, and she's chasing him. he comes up with, hey, i want to get this yes, sir for my wife. could you try it on? she says, but the irony in this -- as she continues to chase him into -- he did the same thing to her two years ago and recognized him. he's already been convicted of
10:26 am
voyeurism, video voyeurism. she continues to chase him -- stuart: she does. >> in her sandals. >> he ends up, basically, in a mcdonald's. he hides in there, jumps in his car, screams away and runs straight into a police car. stuart: breaking news, live pictures from detroit. teachers are protesting, doing what's called a sick-out. this is detroit. all but three of the 97 schools in detroit are closed. the issue is detroit only had enough money to pay those teachers through june 30th. that's it. after that no more pay. they're on strike. schools closed in detroit. it's happening now. the administration pushing new overtime rules. 12.5 million people could get more pay. caution: this means management people are now on the clock. and that's different. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem,
10:27 am
pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems, stomach ulcers, a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment.
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10:30 am
>> down 167 points for the dow industrials. how about the price of gold. where are we now? we are at 1288. how about oil. it was getting close to $50 a barrel. that is part of the problem for stocks. oil down. stocks down. hillary clinton is campaigning now. charleston west virginia. a primary payor. not until may 10. remember, she faces witticisms for flip-flopping on call. she suggested that she would put coal companies out of business.
10:31 am
we are monitoring all that she has to say. we will bring it to you when anything happens. twelve and a half million workers could be in line for overtime pay this month. this is according to a report from president obama. i did not think that salaried people got overtime pay. that implies that salaried people are now on the clock. what is going on? >> this is going to extended to young lawyers. young professors. it will make it difficult to hire young people. we have played our university. those folks will turn three jobs and it too. the two that remain will work very intensively. stuart: in some way, ordering
10:32 am
around and stopping management, entry level management positions. they will be wiped out i would've thought, right push of mark. >> people are not busy all the time. we do not send them home. they take long lunches. frankly, they gossip with their neighbors, they go on the internet. well, a lot of employers that have people in the 35-$55,000 range simply cannot afford overtime pay. this is like a $15 an hour minimum wage. it will churn a lot of young professionals into clerks at starbucks. stuart: you cannot legislate wages. i have another one for you professor. president obama budgeting
10:33 am
$17,600 for every new coming into america. i think that that is more than social retirees get. >> as the numbers grow exponentially, so have the cost per child. the fact that the obama administration has essentially an open door to folks that may come here and vote democratic, young people know if they get to america, they are likely to stay long time. stay per minute wait. stuart: i you put your finger on it. you are all right. i am glad that you are tenured. stuart: handling men that go off the reservation. donald trump took offense to that. watch this.
10:34 am
>> the first statement about the reservation is being put down by native americans. it was a very derogatory statement. no, she will just tell us what to do. tell men what to do. i thought it was a very derogatory statement. if i would have made that statement, it would have been a big headline. >> i have not seen that before. i have not heard a major politician come to the defense of men. we always hear them come to the defense of women. minorities. whatever. not men. trump is out there saying that men are all right. >> this is all coming from hillary saying that he is sexist. hillary's record with women is not good. just because she is a woman does not mean that she has a good
10:35 am
record. she was a brutal to them. she was awful to them. she harassed them. hey, vote for me. i am a woman just like you. stuart: have you ever seen a politician play the man card? i have never seen that. >> turning up her face that this one. >> you should only get fired for some of the votes. did not accomplish anything? it is because she was a woman. stuart: interpreting it as the rocker tori to men. any response? [laughter] >> there is a difference between men and women. i do not really think that men are being oppressed right now. standing up to all of these oppressed men.
10:36 am
every criticism against hillary does not make you a sexist. >> i have in my time felt somewhat repressed. next case. still there. senator ted cruz confronting a trump supporter. this is my word. desperation. >> better things to do. he goes out and meets the people face-to-face. >> sometimes if somebody is on twitter, they are really going after me. i will sometimes hit back. you start to look kind of weak or yourself by even bothering to engage with people like this. >> barely articulate.
10:37 am
>> exactly. to go down in there with people that you know will be saying those kinds of names to you. he was articulate. exactly. what good was going to come of it. stuart: i am not going to let this one though. i will run that video again. a trump supporter driving by with a trump signed in their car. a mexican flag were to in the background there. what is your take on this? >> i got grounded for much, much less as a kid. stuart: what is left doing this? >> the only thing that make headlines if it was a trump supporters kid. that would be everywhere. >> we do not hear bernie sanders or mrs. clinton denouncing any of the protests. >> both of them should've turned around and said we do not want
10:38 am
this. stop it. stuart: that is not america. well, it is, unfortunately. thank you for being with us. nicole, the sector report, please. reporting sales today. i am interested in forward. what do you have? some test series in 11 years. they have recently gotten a very great award. the top pick award from the insurance institute. this really helps with sales. pickup trucks. helping auto sales across the board. they did well. the stocks are all to the downside now. we did see sales pick up before. fiat chrysler same thing.
10:39 am
nissan did well. general motors sales up three and a half percent. they will have to figure out how to cut the incentive. that f150 series continuing to do so well. >> iraq chaos. killed by isis today. a parliament in baghdad overran by protesters. looking to us. president obama's agenda. general jack keane on that. next. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company.
10:40 am
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10:41 am
>> i am adam shapiro live outside the federal court in brooklyn. a status hearing on the federal fraud charges. in other status hearing that may turn into an arraignment. the indictment adding additional fraud charges in relation. allege fraud. more varney after this. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features
10:42 am
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10:43 am
the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online.
10:44 am
stuart: news this morning. the second u.s. combat deaths in iraq this year. an american service member has been killed in northern iraq. shot him with small arms fire. that is import tens. one of the most religious import of coleaders is visiting iran again. he is a leading shiite cleric in iraq. this comes a day after hundreds of supporters stormed the parliament in the 45 dreams on. jack keane is with us. it looks to me like iraq is almost lost to iran. am i way out there? far too now? >> we have major problems here. the obama administration's main
10:45 am
effort was to embody the government. this government is not only weak, it is about crippled. it is very difficult to conduct a military campaign on behalf of a government that is as crippled as this one. what is in jeopardy now is the military campaign supported by the united states and a coalition air power to take back what isis is sitting on. all of those plans that we have are now in jeopardy because of the weakness of this government. also, truly empowering them as we suggest. putting in general pitch radius and former ambassador who worked so effectively with the mala key government. put them back in doing that. we chose not to do that. having significant influence at the time.
10:46 am
whenever our hand is getting weaker, you can rest assured that iran's hand is getting stronger. stuart: we could be ran out of iraq. that is possible. >> we will not be ran out. we could leave. there is nothing to build on their. if the iraqi argued army does not have the will to fight because they have of no loyalty to a government, then there is not much purpose in us being there. we are not to that point yet. clearly, we are in a serious situation. stuart: what is the feeling within our armed forces. navy, air force, marines. they pacified iraq until six years ago. seven years ago. now, we are on the verge of
10:47 am
flat-out deceits. what is morale like in our armed forces? >> having to use the skills that our troops have. you draw back and suggest the point that you just made. it is dining stunning what just happened to us. by 2008 when obama administration was elect it, president bush had handed the obama administration a victory. the first time an iranian proxy had ever been defeated was defeated in iraq. the administration came in in early 2009. they began to disengage politically from iraq. the political system was in desperate need of help. in 2011, we pulled out all the troops. our leaders were unbelievably
10:48 am
frustrated by that. no reason to abandon iraq. we stayed there to help stabilize the situation and make the piecework. the obama administration has failed. that is why we have isis. charleston west virginia. a panel going on right now at the moment. the story is drug abuse. the big stories surrounding hillary clinton is her flip-flop on call. out of work. now she says that being taken out of contests.
10:49 am
does not have a primary until may 10. ohio, west virginia and pennsylvania. have to be careful. stuart: that was nasty. new video for you. a confrontation in a checkout line. food stamps. there is lots of talk about this. trump spokesperson on hillary clinton insulting men. can that work for donald trump? ♪ blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: ted cruz showing signs of desperation. that is my word. a trump supporter on the streets of indiana guest today. >> donald trump is deceiving. he is playing you. thank you for that kind
10:54 am
sentiment. >> a nice come back there. rich lowry is with us. ted cruz is a little desperate they are. going out to meet the people and engaging that kind of discussion. >> this is the harvard educated lawyer thinking he can engage in an argument with anyone. once someone is yelling lyin' ted at you would back off slowly. he gave him an argument for eight minutes. this guy did not really know very much. a sign of an amazing saturation. what does he know? he knows lyin' ted. he knows the law. trump is constantly repeating. every single rally. all of the supporters know those
10:55 am
corporation topper sticker messages. very potent clinical messaging. ted cruz has much better arguments than donald trump does. will he convince that guy? no. >> trump is not the guy. must not have trump. it will be trump. the national review at some point turned around and said, okay. it is trump. we will support him. >> i have the same answer for you last week. we will let the dust settle. a severe blow. a presumptive republican nominee. talking about how he will win over the supporters of the socialist because they have similar positions.
10:56 am
hitting hillary clinton from the left. a general election. one where conservatives will be. >> you will hear that. can you see getting behind donald trump? >> one of the continuing. stuart: thank you very much, sir. >> stuart does not give up. catrina pearson. attacking men with her off the reservation comments. this video from a supermarket checkout line. a parent using food stamps called out by an other customer. it got ugly. we will play up for you. the third hour is just minutes away.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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11:00 am
♪ stuart: that is fly me to the moon. it does not sound like it. three earthlike landed. okay. only 14 light years away. ashley webster and elizabeth macdonald. the possibility of life elsewhere. >> very exciting. what are the ought that we are alone. there has to be someone out there. if there is life out there elsewhere, very subtle. you cannot detect them so far. fascinating. i love it. may 4 is star wars day.
11:01 am
may 4 be with you. i don't know. stuart: get on with it. we have a triple digit selloff. we do not like that. below 177. how about twitter. 1399. i want to talk this big picture selloff. there is a possibility that investors are reacting to a recession coming in america. >> i wholeheartedly agree with you. that is absolutely true. the economy is slowing down. people can feel the drag. >> it is not a profile encouraged. taxpayer government spending. the president was about economic
11:02 am
stuart: that is mythology, he says. how about apple? trying to break a and eight day losing streak. a basic problem. >> slowing down. where is the next big product? they blame the strong dollar. year over year comparisons. people want to know what the next biggest thing coming from apple is. >> the next product category killer that you will use in your daily lives. >> we have apple everything. i try to resist it. my kids love apple everything. tim cook is fantastic.
11:03 am
he quietly dumped all of his shares and revealed he was out. i do not buy individual stocks. they have an ecosystem that has taken over. >> i will stay on apple. i have news on it. a federal judge has ordered her to unlock your iphone. the mac a girlfriend of a drug gang member. you have to use your fingerprint to unlock the phone. this has have lawyers in a tailspin. protecting spoken words or even thoughts. police can get your fingerprint without a warrant. they can build a model of a fingerprint to unlock phones. >> that is whole new legal
11:04 am
territory. >> knew this hour. the fda launched a $36 million campaign to stop smoking. anti-smoking campaigns. why spending so much money on what may be a relatively small group of people? >> you are going to hate my opinion on this one. a lot of it had to do with the way they pitched it. they talked about how it makes your hair :-). wrinkles in your complexion. discouraging smoking at a young age. it is fine with me. i think that it works. >> hammering the votes. >> probably. >> i don't know. you are really cynical this morning.
11:05 am
[laughter] in other news stories. new video shows a woman confronting a man in a checkout line about food stamps. watch them listen to this. >> issue a complaint. >> oh, trust me. stuart: well, there is an example of cameras are everywhere. they sometimes catch you at your worst. >> i don't know. they are yelling at each other. they each had a small child
11:06 am
watching. she may have had some good points that she did not want to pay for food stamps, but his son was right there. >> the lady had the food stamps, right? >> no. why don't you go support your family. she made a lot of points of this is coming out of my paycheck. he had a little boy watching him as he sat there trying to defend himself. you can say what you want. they both saw their parents stooped pretty low. stuart: yes. another video. young kids. we have seen this a lot. we will see it again. young kids protesting donald trump. you are a mom. what do you make of this? >> where are their parents. who taught this.
11:07 am
it is a disgrace. >> these young kids acting out like that. >> fair to mention the mexican flag. what is going on here. this is the united states of america. a presidential candidate that may be one of the next two people waving a mexican flag. >> that is free speech. you can do what you like. >> you would rebound against those people that are protesting and for donald trump. >> you will win american votes without? are you kidding? get out of here. i am in a pretty good mood. 4:00 p.m. on after the bell. >> it is fantastic.
11:08 am
[laughter] >> free speech. donald trump accusing hillary clinton of being derogatory towards men after she said she has experienced taking on men who are off the reservation. here is trump's response to that. >> first of all, aside from being put down by native americans, forgetting about that, it was a very derogatory statement to man. as if she will tell us what to do. tell men what to do. a very derogatory statement. if i would have made that statement, it would have been a big headline. stuart: come on in, katrina pierson. i have not heard a significant politician defend men like that before. have you? >> no. what an opportunity to point out
11:09 am
this double standard. mr. trump is right. are men supposed to be in a certain place and say certain things. it is absurd. i thought the exact same thing that mister trump did when hillary clinton said she had experience with men who left the reservation. i thought she was talking about her husband. >> i would expect donald trump to exploit that in the future. >> i am sure any time this topic comes up, of course this will. she is apologizing for going off the reservation which is something i understood as very off on a different topic. it is disturbing that this is a politically incorrect monster that the left has created.
11:10 am
i cannot imagine anything more unpopular and very incorrect politically. using obscene gestures to trump supporters. we have been running a bot of this because i think everyone should see it. it is a disgrace. it is disgusting. these have no idea what is happening. they are just doing what they're told at this point. this goes to show what americans are facing today. this is where we are in this country. pro- america versus anti-america. people wearing bernie sanders t-shirts. people that support hillary clinton. funded with federal tax dollars. this is an indicated over where we are. we have a candidate that,
11:11 am
despite all of that in donald trump. donald trump will be able to fight act against the media. exposing them for who they are in today support. these were anti-trump protesters >> have you heard anything from hillary clinton's campaign or bernie sanders campaign about what happened with those kids? >> no, not at all. i have not seen one media person that has interacted with hillary clinton or bernie sanders. we do see there their sign that these anti-protest rallies. no one in the media is asking them if they condone this behavior. if they support this behavior. or even if they will tell their supporters to stop behaving like animals. stuart: thank you very much indeed. we will see you soon. >> think you. a u.s. service member killed in
11:12 am
iraq. fighting in northern iraq. a navy seal. >> a navy seal? stuart: yes. close combat. >> exactly. combat. we are not supposed to have combat troops in iraq. after the break that is coming up, we have an update on the violent anti-trump protesting california. more on that in just a moment. ♪ innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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11:15 am
>> we have news of a sick cruz ship. it is a disney ship. >> that is exactly right. left last wednesday from miami to the bahamas. 150 people got sick. fourteen crew members.
11:16 am
cdc, the center for disease control looking into it to see exactly what it is. it can be extremely contagious in a contained area like this. stuart: next case. iran. chevy cars. >> they are saying, continuing any u.s. presence anywhere in the area. this comes after a nuclear deal. yes, some u.s. cars will come into iran. we want more iranian reduce cars. not u.s. cars. really slamming u.s. cars right now. >> i want to get back to the violent anti-trump road test
11:17 am
that we have seen in california. a 19 euros young man has been arrested and charged with felony vandalism. brad sherman. democrat from california is with us right now. many democrats in california. >> they are, sir, democrats. peace and freedom. democrats. libertarians. not alan stand share. you are showing anti-trump supporters. temporarily accepting. you realize that there is one thing we can agree upon donald trump. showing the worst of what it is to be in america.
11:18 am
>> the violence has been from the left, congressman he had. >> weighted minute. though bloodied and battered bodies of those. do not ignore the planned violence. they have lynched. they have killed. they have tortured. you have a plan supporter. you do not show that on your network. stuart: you disown those protesters. >> first you ought to disown the clue klutz clan supporters. i would say those that are protesting. >> donald trump did. any association with the ku klux klan. >> endorsing trump. you are asking what i am going
11:19 am
to do. >> talking to those demonstrators, they should put their efforts into effective means to defeat donald trump at the polls. it is harder. it is much more fun to scream and yell. people who do not want donald trump to be president should be registering voters in nevada. we all agree with you that those votes out there demonstrating are doing it for themselves. not just part of a well organized anti-trump effort. >> young children. ten or 12 years old. a car that drives by with a trump sign in the window. let me call the attention to that.
11:20 am
mexican flags in the background. do you think that that is legitimate use to the foreign flag? >> when they endorse a candidate , you will not talk about it. you will not put it up on the air. stuart: congressman, donald trump has disavowed any connection with the ku klux klan. that is not the equivalent to what we saw in california. >> the clan kills people. they kill people today. they kill people throughout our history. if you want to equate an american flag to wearing uniforms -- stuart: you think that they are equivalent. a trump supporter. that is the equivalent of these kids. waving mexican flags.
11:21 am
all of this stuff is going on. you think that there is an equivalency there? i do not. >> wizard on television. trump accepting for a while, temporarily. i would say, yes, there is no equivalency. waving a mexican flag is not a way to beat donald trump. not a way to bring this country together. >> always appreciate you. >> we appreciate you being on the show. i think that it is apples and oranges. congressman, thanks a lot. we have a guess that was on the road with donald trump. back in a moment.
11:22 am
♪ the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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11:26 am
start with the economy. way too stagnant. the middle-class shrinking. almost doubled in the obama years. if you want to build and higher, you have to go through a democratic nightmare. we are not your up. we have gotten used to hearing about russia's aggression. now, we are watching iran take over iraq. the shiite cleric is now intel ran country. president obama inherited a largely pacified iraq. now, it appears to be lost. climate change. mr. obama being on the right track. the policy is failing. it does not go far enough according to scientists.far say.
11:27 am
supreme court. obamacare unraveling. add it up. it is not the legacy that the president wanted. those of us old enough to remember, today feels like 1979. a weak economy. jimmy carter fresh out of ideas. if history is to repeat itself, donald trump is the next president. ♪ poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers.
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stuart: senator ted cruz along with stops around indiana. residents had to the polls not today. we will listen and come up report any breaking news for you. still in indiana, donald trump has been the front-runner there, but senator ted cruz still hoping to pull out a win. come on in, mercedes shallot. mercedes, most people say trump is going to win. and if he wins, the primary race could be the delegate everywhere . >> trumbull has been the jury. we won't know it will be 30 delegates for the winner and 27 distributed through the congressional districts.
11:32 am
trump is going to have a strong night. it could be still in the single digits. but he's really spent and invested a lot of time. over 9000 -- $900,000, something trump doesn't firmly do. he's not personally a lot of time in indiana. the stakes are high. he realizes this is the one area that you've got a knockout ted cruz and he is in it to win in the state of indiana. stuart: if he wins, i don't care what the margin is, but if he wins, that his efforts had cruz. >> i think what we are starting to see you in the republican party is less and less of an appetite for a contested convention. if ted cruz loses indiana, it is sending a very clear message that it will be very hard for him to gain a man to man the rest the state that remain. the fact is the number is mathematically eliminated and
11:33 am
momentum dramatically shifted. stuart: let me interrupt you. if he wins tonight, do you expect a really strong movement of non-trump republicans to move towards an come and jump on his bandwagon. >> i don't think it will be a tidal wave are heard to donald trump. what is happening is there's a sense of resignation by many republicans that note and feel trump will be the eventual nominee. and then there is this process of healing. this sounds like a psychological analysis, but it's really important to understand part of the process and he talks about delegates and he's going to need to court the same delegate. those are the grassroots activists who make the phone call to knock on the doors and he's going to have to support the conservative base of the party.
11:34 am
since then he hasn't done effectively. key components of the campaign that he has to do to really start the process for the gop. >> it will be easier after tonight, this healing process reaching out a lot easier after tonight if indeed he wins. thank you for joining us. i'm sure we'll be watching results with the rest of us tonight. martin should probably do. today not because he raised the price of a life-saving drug 5000% overnight. a securities fraud charge including alleged fund transfers within his hedge fund. judge andrew napolitano made it here with us now. i've got a suspicion this may be a bit of a political prosecution because he raised his head about the ground by raising the drug price and people started to take a look at it. stuart: i am aware that few of
11:35 am
the legal community. the government would argue vociferously that is not the case. the government argues documentary evidence that he raised money for this project and to raise money and used it to pay off debt on that project. that is called fraud. a material misrepresentation. you tell the investors the investor money will go to any and he be. if that is what happened, that is an independent act of fraud. that has nothing to do with the drug company and raising of prices and he's got some serious explaining to do otherwise he's going to be good. he claims he could justify all this is ordinary bookkeeping expenses and the jury will probably decide. stuart: but now he's in court and he can't play defense. >> yes, he is a end in a criminal case so he doesn't have to answer anything. the government can put the case beyond a reasonable doubt.
11:36 am
you didn't learn the fifth at the london school of economics. stuart: can we move on. last night johnson & johnson ordered to pay $55 million after woman claimed she got ovarian cancer after using johnson & johnson talcum powder. i don't think the court ever proved a direct causal link to talcum powder and ovarian cancer. >> i don't know how she could have gotten the judgment. i'm not personally familiar with the facts on this case. i no talcum powder has been used for 40 or 50 years in this country. all of a sudden there are at least 1200 cases against johnson & johnson. the standard of proof in a case like this is scientific evidence, you can't say just because i use talcum powder for all these years it developed ovarian cancer, therefore you
11:37 am
must produce physicians or scientists who can explain to the jury the scientific causal relationship between the regular systematic use of the talcum powder and the cancer and you must prove johnson & johnson knew about it and you must prove johnson & johnson didn't warn you of it. apparently these proofs are laid down two cases. $140 million between the two cases and just against johnson & johnson with 1200 or cases out there. this might be a serious blow to their standing. stuart: if that was the case, the stock will be down more than the 30, 40 cents. >> vary interesting it is down so low. you can tell me more than i can tell you about the significance going down. if the market is not worried, jay and jay is ensured. his courses don't represent the 1200. i don't know what the answer is. it is something that definitely needs to be watched because of jay and jay size and market
11:38 am
share. stuart: if there's a relationship between talcum powder and a varied cancer, there goes the talcum powder. i'm not trying to make light of it, but there's a dead market. >> if so when and why didn't they warn anybody? you can put a dangerous product on the market but you must warn of the dangers. stuart: got it. i'm going to digress a moment. earlier this hour come a few minutes ago, congressman brad sherman appeared on this program talking about the violent protests from the left at trump rallies. he refused to disavow the violence, particular the use of children's spewing vulgarity that supporters. instead, congressman brad sherman said imf network should disavow this. what you're looking at is the imperial on a local nbc affiliate in richmond, virginia commanders in donald trump. he is seen here talking to the tv station.
11:39 am
congressman sherman is comparing back, what you're looking not in our lack of coverage of it to this. children 10 to 12 years old giving the middle finger, cursing supporters and also the violence we saw, the young man dancing on top of a police car in southern california. i say it is apples and oranges. i want to know what you're in the audience think about this. is there a comparison between one supporting donald trump and mass violence of these things? >> i reject the comparison profoundly. i don't know congressman sherman. this is a typical tactic of the left when confronted with behavior on your part to compare it to something irrelevant. it is profoundly repellent to use children to express profanity in the public marketplace of ideas.
11:40 am
it's a different story. it is also profoundly repellent for anyone to expect the endorsement of an organization filled with hate and violence as the. that is for donald trump to pronounce. that is not for fox news. you cannot compare fox news with addressing these children as profanities to donald trump not renouncing the support of the. >> it is argumentative but the congressman is doing. everybody knows the is this execrable. the behavior which hillary clinton and bernie sanders have yet to denounce of the protesters is also -- >> the behavior we saw those kids to be honest with you. >> those parents are inducing their children to do. >> it didn't justify it. he said i will condemn it when you condemn the. >> up against a heartbreak.
11:41 am
judge, thank you indeed. on the road with donald trump, the inside story on who asked that you showing up at the trump rallies. other clinton flip-flopping on coal. more on that in a moment. listen to bill maher praising president obama for winning the war on coal. >> the coal industry has gone from a market cap of 69 billion to 4.8 billion, a 94% drop. in other words, obama won the war on coal. ange every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that.
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that's how i own it. >> i have a nicole petallides with your fox business prepared to average is down 190 points down over 220. you are still seen selling across the board. all three major averages losing more than 1% each for the dow, nasdaq and the s&p. the dow jones industrial average, 26 have down arrows did many financials, jpmorgan, goldman sachs down 2.5, 3%. the united technologies, the big loser after gaining 2.5% yesterday. here are some of the lacquers including chesapeake down 6%. marathon down 5% and murphy also a loser. bucking the trend, cbs came out with better than expected numbers. more prescription volumes.
11:44 am
you can see sprint also despite some losses. start your day at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there fbn a.m.
11:45 am
>> i just want to know how you can say he will put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us those people out there. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said that
11:46 am
was totally out of context because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. it was a misstatement because what i was saying is the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say. >> that was hillary clinton. she seems to be slipping her position. in march she said she would put it out of business. now she was mistakenly quoted there. why is she in west virginia? >> that's a good question. she's since mid-march trying to walk that comments say what she just said that you misunderstood me. her statement we are going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business to cheer at a town hall debate. i'm sorry if this doesn't ring true. she's trying to gain back some goodwill. train for the west virginia primaries a week away.
11:47 am
she does tout a $30 billion plan to help out of for coal miners in the area. stuart: giving them help for keeping their jobs. next case. our next guests recently traveled with donald trump to indianapolis with trump on his private jet. ed kline, author of the book unlikable, that refers to hillary clinton is with us now. first of all, you are on trump's plan for a couple days. and then you saw him at the rallies, several rallies. i want you to tell her audience who is at the rally. >> that is what really struck more than anything else. i expected to see all white older men. what i saw was 50% women, children, and teenagers, men, some well-dressed, some not so well dressed.
11:48 am
it was a mixed crowd. it was an all white guys. he has been drawing for the time he announced june 162 now a larger and larger proportion of the middle-class families be not call for rallies. >> there were thousands of people. every single one of them. what was the mood among the crowd? was it belligerent? >> that is the other thing i was really struck by. i expected kind of an angry crowd. not at all. they were in a very good mood. they were laughing at a lot of his jokes. they were cheering him. they had smiles on their face. i do want to leave the impression that i am a donald trump supporter. i'm a journalist so i will try to be what i saw.
11:49 am
i did not see an angry crowd. i saw a crowd where he made fun of ted cruz. he's a wonderful entertainer and in fact he said to me, these people don't want to be bored. this is before he went on. they had a good time. he said he was like a rock star without a guitar. he was up there entertaining them and they enjoyed it. stuart: you saw him at times that he was not in front of the cameras, when he was in his plan are talking to family. you saw that. how does he relate to people? is he an ordinary kind of guy? >> it's not easy to answer. it's a pile of newspapers in the plane. there's a pilot $3, printouts from all kinds of stuff that are going on. he's really constantly in front of him with this huge television
11:50 am
set in his private cabin where i was sitting. blasting as loud as they could possibly be. you could hardly hear anybody talk. and he is watching ted cruz. he is watching fox news. he is watching geraldo rivera, whoever is on and he is talking to the tv set. he said wait, that is not true. he's a good guy. so he is constantly involved and engaged in what he's reading and what is looking at, what he is saying and is talking to me, do you see that? it's amazing. there is no governor on this guy. stuart: ed kline, stay there. after the break, donald trump says ted cruz father was with jfk assassin shortly before he murdered the president. this is bizarre stuff, but we
11:51 am
will deal with it.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
train to you know, it really has been entertaining and frankly unprecedented election so far, hasn't it? lee harvey oswald has been brought into it.
11:55 am
donald trump says ted cruz's father was with jfk's assassin shortly before he murdered the person. roll tape. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. what is this prior to his being shot? nobody brings it out. they don't even talk about it. that was reported and i think it's horrible. it's absolutely horrible that a man can go and do that. stuart: there is a picture of jack ruby before we get the donald trump sound bite. should've been lee harvey oswald obviously. now listen to what ted cruz said about all of this. >> donald trump went on national television, attacked my father. donald trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating jfk. now let's be clear. this is nuts.
11:56 am
this is not a reasonable position. while i am not, i should go ahead and admit yeah, my dad killed jfk, he is secretly a list of jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. bizarre and extreme, is it not? i want to know, why would donald trump over there in the first place? >> i often think that hillary says what she doesn't need and the problem with donald as he says what he does need. in the sense that donald is like somebody sometimes in times square shouting the world is coming to an end. it's lunatic stuff. why does he do it? you don't get a straight answer. i think it is because he has been watching ted cruz on tv, knocking the unit went out of him and that anger sent and then he just blurts the stuff out what she should do, doesn't do him any good. he doesn't seem to understand
11:57 am
that. stuart: i think it is the most bizarre moment of the election campaign so far. he said crazy things before, but this is bizarre. >> it's not going to do them any good. he's ahead in indiana and why would he say something like this. stuart: thanks very much. just an extraordinary election. we will be back after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: yes i do like it. explanations as to why the dow industrial average is closed on 190 points. >> the energy sector is getting hit. slow growth in china. economic outlook for the eurozone. australia without altogether. >> jpmorgan chase warning that the u.s. economy to stall speed
12:00 pm
work economy loses momentum and flies into recession. stuart: double get you every time. how is that it's very close out? closing out to you. >> where were you on november 22nd, 1963? i'm shifting here. thank you very, very much. we are going to get a little bit more into the comments. a lot of comments to respond to donald trump's comments. we are going to get into that first. stuart just outlined as well. a lot of this has to do with selling in china but in manufacturing slowdown is weak numbers out of europe. what a lot of people are getting to is maybe the global economy itself should be shifting into much, much lower recession here. effectively wiped out in the process.


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