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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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work economy loses momentum and flies into recession. stuart: double get you every time. how is that it's very close out? closing out to you. >> where were you on november 22nd, 1963? i'm shifting here. thank you very, very much. we are going to get a little bit more into the comments. a lot of comments to respond to donald trump's comments. we are going to get into that first. stuart just outlined as well. a lot of this has to do with selling in china but in manufacturing slowdown is weak numbers out of europe. what a lot of people are getting to is maybe the global economy itself should be shifting into much, much lower recession here. effectively wiped out in the process. we told you would donald trump
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had to say about ted cruz. did you hear what ted cruz has to say about his state of the race? >> to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch and turned fox news into the donald trump network. 24/7. neil: they were in cobol was made by extension to fix this election with donald trump. this is the same donald trump who does not like to come on the show because he feels he has intruded fairly. he had the big lead and i know that can be very frustrating. sometimes you go into the mirror. the sense of anyone making here performing in the polls. having said all of that, hope springs eternal you pull out in indiana.
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the notion that network executives just might want to see a donald trump that are read. usually if you buy the cynical view that networks and cable concerns love a drawnout battle, then that would be laughable if this value. much more on that. the first, the battle of indianapolis and indiana more to the point where it will find jeff flock. reporter: interest in ted cruz says voters saw about ready at the polls like this one behind me. ted cruz is still campaigning. that's pretty extraordinary in itself. everything from the kasich alliance to step three with all the stops here waiting into the protesters yesterday. to campaign appearances this morning. one in evansville, indiana. another one north of indianapolis. he is still working hard.
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i know you're going to get to the whole rafael cruz assassination of jfk which couldn't get any crazier. ted cruz also happens things to say about donald trump this morning. narcissist is the word here take a listen. >> whatever he does, he chooses everyone else. the man cannot tell the truth that he combines it with you in a a narcissist at a level he's never seen. donald trump that barack obama looks at it and says what is your problem. >> lots of early voting. if ted cruz is going to win, it will because of a stronger ground game in the state, nonstop campaigning. got a lot of volunteers doing a lot of one-on-one politicking. the poll numbers say no, but ted
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cruz still in there fighting. neil: you know, there is the outlier polling that shows someone doing well. how reliable is that? it does stand out. >> yeah, stands pretty far out. it is a polling organization that has not done a lot of other polling and it was done over a long period of time, but not recently. so i don't know about that one. we could all be wrong. donald trump doesn't do any retail politicking. he does all big rallies. ted cruz has done nothing but one-on-one stuff. neil: thank you, my friend. jeff flock. ted cruz seals that whatever happened he's got not only donald trump, but the establishment media by extension its network and greater thoughts. the family research president. do you buy that?
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>> not necessarily. i don't know what executives at fox have decided, but i do know when you look at the amount of coverage donald trump has gotten, it is actually more than what ted cruz gets. i think trump knows how to play the media. he's done very good from taking his reality tv show to the reality of politics and he makes news. neil: i know he thinks a great deal of view. whatever the points of view. do you ever get ahead to say even with the cynical view would be in their interest in this race now. the drama is good for them, good for ratings. a contested convention would be dramatic and very good for ratings. we've even talked about being out in cleveland a week earlier to deal with the rules committee so obviously attention would turn i'm not the into the drawnout prospect.
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on face value, does it not seem laughable? >> well, when you are in the heat of the campaign and there is so much going on, sometimes you look at things then you may say things you don't mean. when you look at what happened in the last week or so were donald trump has turned his attacks, more than a week or two where he's attacked the family of ted cruz. that remains personal and suggesting that his father was involved with the jfk assassination. >> that was totally out of the blue. i've added no chance opportunity to see any connection whether he even knew lee harvey oswald. having said that, why now and how does this fit in? >> intrude donald trump fashion, it doesn't fit in. indiana is not his bay of pigs. the voters in indiana actually are conservatives. they are resonating with ted
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cruz message about the future of america, not about the politics of running for president, but about their family and future, and we live in a very dangerous time. this president and his policies have put america on the edge. i think americans are waking up. that is why we see such strong turnout in the republican primary. neil: i'm sorry, did you think if your candidate loses today, back it up is over? >> no, actually i don't because that does not secure the nomination for donald trump. the pats gets much narrower for ted cruz. you still have to get 1237. republicans don't buy this thing where you get a thing for showing up. you still have to win a majority of the delegates. that won't happen after tonight. >> always a pleasure. thanks for taking time. in the meantime, ted cruz on the
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thyroid. anyway, gianna caldwell with me on this. out of the blue we have this development where he goes around and says the media and donald trump -- i don't know about that. i always think if he thinks cynically the love of reading and selling magazines or newspapers, you would want to keep this going as long and as far as possible, wouldn't you? >> no question about it. to me i see this as ted cruz either being delusional or a great actor. i don't see how he can tell us he is a viable path to the nomination unless is literally about to freeze over and donald trump is more likely person to get that 1237. i am finding a hard time trying to believe what he is saying here, especially considering the fact that he lost every county
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within those five states. this is hard for me to believe. >> regardless of what he said about donald trump, sort of a secret satanic pact among sort of walking cruz out. the fact of the matter is he is the one trailing right now and he's the one i would think a newer better than i am, got to win indiana. he's got to get those 57 delegates. it is a hail mary pass. but i think you've got to win indiana. what about you? >> he does. a lot of people thought it would be the next wisconsin and the cruz is a major upset to donald trump isn't then, trump has become more quiet, more of a candidate so to speak until today when he made some of those comments about jfk and how those will play out. at the same time, cruz does need to win because the next option if he doesn't win is california, where he is now down 30 points
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to donald trump. that is not looking well for him either. it becomes very narrow to have a viable path forward. he is focusing its sights on california, but that doesn't and that is going to be able to pull off anything there other than wrangle a few delicate which is not going to matter unless it goes to a contested convention which if he gets 1237 is all over. neil: you have to make sure that donald trump doesn't get 1237. wendy indiana at the other guy wins, he gets all those delegates and he needs about 44% of the remaining delegates to seal the deal. how likely is that? how likely do you think donald trump has this nomination at hand before cleveland? >> i think it's very likely. we saw numerous polls that show donald trump was going to win indiana, whereas last week at some point they were showing to ted cruz by 10 points in the totally reversed maybe two days
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later in a very favorable position. i think what we have going forward, especially can do during the attack that ted cruz and john kasich meet together to prevent donald trump for a these remaining states were as there may be a certain area within the state where one candidate a farewell as the other and they would support each other. we see that it's not working out. voters are absolutely reject the map. they are absolutely reject and ted cruz as the republican nominee. i think what is really interesting is we are seeing can serve it is moderate and more of the left -- to the left republican voters are rejecting them as well. so he is not winning in any way shape or form at this point. i don't know what he's doing anymore. >> i think at this point he has been the one all along who has had a base of supporters were as trump has really been able to appeal to a broad base.
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cruz at this point does need to evaluate whether you can mathematically get there rather than hope for a rules change at the convention where he could win on the first ballot, which again is highly unlikely and plays right into trump's hand about how the system is rigged and out to get him if he is denied the nomination. he needs to be careful here if he wants to respect his political future. neil: unwanted thank you both. meanwhile, back to this stuff, when it comes to this show them what we do, both candidates hate us mutually. win or lose tonight, bernie sanders says i'm coming all the way to philadelphia with the convention. so he is not quitting. bad news for hillary clinton who hopes he just goes away.
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neil: in case you are wondering, the global economy is slowing down could be what it is. going in the safety of the treasury security, which is paid off and that is what happens. down nine basis points on the growing belief that the slowdown is that the federal reserve is less likely to raise interest rates next month at all this year. that is just the view for today, but you never know. meanwhile, how does this affect various races if all of a sudden we could be looking at a slowdown? bernie sanders has talked about that and staying in the race and stay in front and center. the daily caller on that. you could argue that he's basing
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his time, but you could also say bernie sanders does have a point. there is quite competitive and can roll the superdelegates. he could be changing things. what do you think? >> you stuff like going to be changing things but not because he's the nominee. bernie sanders has come across as a ron paul revolution where he started to win and get a lot of backing. his supporters definitely come to this convention. also in the last few weeks, the clintons we now have a cold anger that they hold out for people who get in their way. that is not going to win against bernie and his supporters. his supporters are fired up in here to change the democratic party. you will see them on the floor, even if he's not the candidate and the speech that they have to give them. >> she has not liked the treatment of the party itself, particularly superdelegates. at a greater point, this rush
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out the door you hear from leadership, including debbie wasserman schultz has gone so far to say bernie sanders has criticized the very system trying to utilize it out so he can't have it both ways. if that didn't tip for the party stands on bernie bernie sanders, nothing will. >> debbie wasserman schultz can be pretty brutal pitch you will go where the winters are and she's made it clear she's been a clinton loyalist is the beginning. >> she is ripping him a new one. defines previous did the same thing, the media would be all over this. >> yes, reince priebus learned what the gop sees on their side does the result of grassroots at noorda not being paid attention to an openly dismissed. if you do that for long enough, you will see real repercussions. i would suggest the democratic platform is going to have almost
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no resemblance to the democratic farm under president bill clinton. neil: i think that is a safe bet chris bedford, thank you, my friend. eight days in a row it has been down. today, apple is up. of course we haven't seen a streak like that since 1998. trying to reverse that today. what if it does? what is the big deal?
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neil: we are keeping a close eye on apple because the first one has seen in eight trading days. that is a losing streak goes back to 1998. but what does this portend a bigger sense about the new shakeup among the technology?
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now. it doesn't surprise me what's going on here. earning come out and unlike facebook within the giant tax base. it didn't deliver and therefore gets to be sold apparently. one investor off handily said a few days ago i don't own the stock anymore. that was coral. of course overnight we had david einhorn and his quarterly letter saying we still think this is a great stock. so there it is. we have to ask ourselves what's going on here. my tuition? probably not. measures if you accept the cash it is still looking attractive to investors on a multiple. in this instant gratification market and this dysfunctional market, you have things happen for apple goes down eight days in a row or a metal stock was up 14 days in the road even though they don't make money.
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crazy things happen and it makes me very nervous. neil: what makes me nervous and maybe this notion is maybe eight as part of the concern today in running to the security of the treasury bonds is that the federal reserve's isn't going to hike rates next month. i don't know if that's the case, but that is not the stuff of wall street guys. that could factor into a political race. >> it could factor in. here's the thing. this marking going up every day. it is a gift to hillary rodham clinton. it's a look at the big things going off the market. everyone is happy tapping their toes. consumer confidence is higher. they are not going down the commode like in august. that bodes well for the democrats. let's keep this going. unfortunately for the democrats,
12:25 pm
the problem is all these things happen. if i go back and look at it and if i want to give an answer rather than because, i look at the overnight news and the reserve bank of australia can't raise surprising move, maybe shouldn't have been surprising during their inflation numbers. they cut rates. that kind of messes up everybody in the currency market. that means the yen goes higher and kept going, hit key level and everything fell out. neil: let's say everything were to fall out right now. the argument we vote in november as things are. i don't know if it's exactly that. we learn in retrospect in 1992 the economy was coming out of the recession. unfortunately too little too late for him to realize their benefit run it. how do you think it plays out for november? whether it's the market or the
12:26 pm
slowdown was on the first quarter, the half% gain in gdp was a preview of coming attractions, but we don't appreciate the magnitude of that. >> if we get a sustained selloff, more than like last august or worse that plays right into the hands of donald trump to say i'm a business guy. i am the outsider. i am the one who's going to bring jobs back and go into this whole spiel of wonderful things he can do. he convinces everyone though they may wobble boost the stock market. it would play really well. this may bode well because when you have all these event going on, chaotic movement talks. same stock eight days in a row. it is almost like you are walking past a backyard and there is no fence and a doberman on the chain. the doberman sees you and doesn't like you because he's a doberman, runs at you in the chain holds. and then the next day we are back up in the doberman, we are
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safe. one of these days that doberman is pretty strong and it's a lot of healthy food. it is going to break or the dog is going to get you. neil: but i have a german shepherd. >> i have issued through. she is tough. a little weight advantage here. neil: michael block, he is the best. i'm telling you. a good sense of humor. when we come back, our son cruz delegates wavering, are they telling their guys don't? this might look like a zero-gravity drop... but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics. because of optum. through population health data, they provide insights so doctors and hospitals can identify high-risk patients.
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neil: welcome back everyone. fifty-seven delegates and that winner take all state like that. peter, what are you finding out? >> which candidates need what. a magic number. we know it well. here is what each one needs. this doesn't include these unbound delegates. some to senator cruz. maybe in the midst of changing their minds and going to trial. here we go. 1237. donald trump only needs 42% of the outstanding delegates. very mathematically impossible.
12:32 pm
kasich here at 190. what donald trump has to do to reach this before may 24, this is the earliest date that he couldn't even get close to this. i will go through to the states where he would have to get everything. a clean sweep in indiana, nebraska, west virginia, oregon and washington. he would have to win everything including the unbound. dagen: that. june 7. we have been talking about california. grand daddy of them all. 172 delegates up for grabs. this is when he will likely hit that number. you know this, i know this. the only candidate that has a mathematical chance of getting there before the convention. back to you. neil: dierdre, thank you very much. do not forget to watch the special coverage beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.
12:33 pm
maybe ted cruz will be arguing between donald trump in the media. he may have problems within his own ranks. on the floor with state senator. he supports ted cruz. i understand that it is not as if you hate donald trump. explain. >> i do not hate donald trump. i do prefer senator cruz. it is all about the numbers. at this point, it is not looking good for senator cruz. >> not getting it on a first ballot did would you be inclined to support ted cruz on the second ballot here it. >> i would be inclined to support ted cruz on the second. i would be inclined on the first ballot if donald trump is still some distance away at 1237. >> you are close to the fire.
12:34 pm
many of these unbound delegates are assumed to be all ted cruz supporters. talking in pennsylvania that them vast majority. they said that they would go for donald trump. they would go to the winner. not all of them. more than what ted cruz thought. what say you? >> in north kona, we did not have a primary caucus. we are not committed. i think some of what they thought were commitments were not necessarily so. >> do you think that those, fewer and fewer of those as time goes on. making the difference or just enough to prevent, for the time being. presenting donald trump from getting it on the first valid years. >> donald trump only needs 42% of the delegate.
12:35 pm
if he does not get it, it will be between now and the convention. crews will have shifted the momentum again. i am more interested in where the mood of the country is where it was in february. >> we will watch closely. thank you for taking the time. new york history. bringing down a giant. you remember that. another candidate ringing down the party. donald trump. that candidate would not be ted cruz, john kasich. >> the senator that dagen just interviewed did rather realistic. john kasich. the reality of the situation, the numbers. the way they stack up, donald is going to this. before the convention.
12:36 pm
oh, absolutely. you know, i guess kasich is thinking maybe he will not. maybe because he does better than any of the other candidates pulling against hillary. they will turn to him. >> knowing, you could say the same thing about ted cruz on multiple ballot. the rules stand now. he would not even get on those ballots. leaving that aside. >> a hope that there was a deadlocked convention. people turn to them. the reality of the situation is it is virtually impossible for a republican to win without carrying ohio. >> trump should look into him as a running mate? >> i do. >> you did not. early on. you did not dismiss.
12:37 pm
>> the reality of the situation is if kasich wins, would come on the ticket, it makes it a very powerful ticket. >> you are not on the camp that trump would need a woman. >> no, i am not. doing very well in florida. florida and ohio. a key to a republican victory. >> so many republican colleagues. a trump nomination is a guarantee for annihilation. >> i do not subscribe to that theory. it would be perceived as a slap in the face and disenfranchising millions of voters who supported him. neil: a lot of party types were going to convention.
12:38 pm
>> fewer and fewer speaking out against him. now there is a grudging acknowledgment on their part that he will be our candidate. neil: that is not a good one. >> i think that things can change. if he goes on the attack, he will make it. great to be with you, neil. neil: thank you very much. neil: a wonderful combination. making history in this fine state. getting more details on that u.s. soldier that was killed by isis. turns out he was a navy seal. it turns out it was small arms fire. advisors in that neck of the woods. advisors can be killed as well. there are stories that you are not hearing here. not hearing here. you will. ♪ oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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100 billion in market cap. coming back today. up $1. looking at twitter. an all-time low today. down 2%. concerns on weak revenue that they gave last week. there is much more cavuto coast-to-coast coming up after the break. ♪ these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke.
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neil: all right. as i said before, we are learning about the soldier killed by isis. a navy seal. technically just an advisor. when you are getting shot out, you are a soldier, you are in harms way, you are at war. a lot of advisors there. no less immune to the violence. right? >> no less immune. obviously, they will be killed from time to time. the question is, is it worth it? i frankly do not think so. talking for a decade now about why nationbuilding cannot be done, should not be done yet another 60 days or 60 years and the results will be the same. i do not think we should be wasting these guys lives over there. i would pull out from the fight that they are in right now. go in with both feet.
12:44 pm
we have been fiddling with them for a year and a half now. results are just very pitiful. we need to go in and do it right. the iraqi army will not stand up. go ahead and support him and work with him. it is falling apart. we need to just do it and get the heck out. the threat of isis coming forward. declining all the revenue and money to keep it afloat. a pinpointed attack on the part of ourselves and others. there is not much left in that neck of the woods. something that you brought up. it is in a lot of other necks of the woods. the cockroaches have spread worldwide. >> it is like squeezing a balloon. use these part of it and the rest pops out somewhere else. a lot of different places.
12:45 pm
is that enough? the soldiers and the lieutenants are now all over the world. >> you are going to have to get away. killing the right people. the basic point. that is what we have. neil: let's say you do get the latest. many have finally moved out. bad guys. the worldwide threat. >> well, the sad part, neil, we have never really tried to tackled the real center. george bush refused to fight the war. iraq has surrendered. no matter how may times that we kill unless we defeat the
12:46 pm
ideology, we will be doing this 4000 years. neil: until we get a handle on it. >> i do not think that mister trump has it right. trump has initial security. this will be the case. my objective at this point -- neil: that is the kind of thing that we give. are they accountable. >> when hillary is a candidate for the democrats, i will do anything in my power to defeat her. having her in the president the is an enemy. she is corrupt. the way she treated our national secrets is polonius conduct.
12:47 pm
no question in my mind. neil: always good seeing you, my friend. the selloff going. 152 points right now. maybe you hate the whole planet. good news. discovered three earthlike limits that are less than 40 light-years away. ♪ many people clean their dentures
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>> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. nobody even brings it up. they do not even talk about that. neil: they are not saying anything about cruises grandfather. i am just saying. i do not know where that hold talk will go and whether it affects indiana primary voters. it is getting pretty nasty. including this quick response from ted cruz on that. take a listen. >> donald trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating jfk. let's be clear. this is not a reasonable position. while i'm at it, i guess i should say, yes, my dad killed jfk. he is secretly --
12:52 pm
neil: well, i thought so. i don't know. where to go with any of this. you can leave the planet is what you can do. apparently, they discovered three very earthlike planets orbiting a dwarf star. the galaxy at south stands 10,000 light years. i guess it is like right next door. sophia bush on the significance on that. sophie, how big of a deal with this? the mac this is a really big deal. able to look at other planets that they found. a lot of issues are looking at stars. the sun. stars that are large and e-mail light. telescope looking at ultracool were stars. keeping the size of our son and they are much cooler.
12:53 pm
they are invisible to george traditional telescope. they are looking at the brightness of this start to see whether there are planets crossed in front. they found three planets. two of them are very close to the star. all three of them have the potential to support life. neil: how do you know that they have the potential to support life? >> they are in the right temperature zone. liquid water could exist on the surface. only 40 light-years away. easier for scientist to look at their atmosphere to say whether they could support life and whether there is life there. >> i have watched a lot of old star trek episodes, though i know. [laughter] i have always wondered about
12:54 pm
this notion to support life here. one of those systems that is nothing like ours. somehow support life. the mac right. searching for life. they are searching for life that would require at liquid water. that is the kind that we are used to here on earth. that is what we are looking for. we are not sure what to look for. it makes sense though to start with what we know. neil: i know that captain kirk had this one system that had life. i digress. what i found was 40 light-years away. that is just a skip in the park. whatever images that we are getting now are really years ago. >> it is like looking into the
12:55 pm
past. neil: even if we wanted to pursue this, we have a long mission ahead of us. >> right. forty years is not that long in the life time of a planet. pretty much 40 years ago. yes, there is potential that we could be looking at a snapshot of the planet that is now gone or changed. neil: they are looking at us. they are looking at the ronald reagan, gerald ford battle for the party's nomination. >> fine details that they can pick up from that distance. neil: i urge you to watch more these star trek episodes. very interesting stuff. all the sudden we discover not just us. i wonder if we just think bigger. everyone gets along.
12:56 pm
we start coup by eyeing because we now know that there is life. we will always be the same. we will have more after this. ♪
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i will
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neil: all right. did cruz getting a little out in the press run. a nice indication having all those 57 delegates. holding a poker a lot. including this sacrifice. >> there is a broader dynamic. making a decision. to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch outfoxed news have turned fox news into donald trump. 247.
1:00 pm
used to thinking world leaders we are seeing it here at home. >> i want to to think that through. no one in the corner office are ever talking about any candidate. being fair to all. leave a bad that aside, this is the same donald trump that returned. an organization of, you know, a candidate. on the money issue in all of this, you know, donald trump, it is ratings for anyone covering it. would you want to keep that going? a contested convention.
1:01 pm
a contested convention. wanting to drag it out. just saying. that kind of argument is like me saying it is a thyroid issue. it is not. all right. trump tower. connell mcshane. both of these guys. he is unloaded. that is donald trump. cruz and his father. it is crazy time. facing the mood there. >> well, you know, the third week in a row. waiting for these primary results to come in. the stories surrounding mr. trump. the northeastern states. not expected to win.
1:02 pm
trump has put himself in a good position going in. you look at our calculations on the delegate map. 42% of all the remaining delegates. that does not even include indiana here at the trump camp, certainly building some momentum. it has been shifting. seeing less and less of a primary campaign for mister trump. more and more of a set up for a campaign. if we win in indiana, it is over with, folks. it is over with. then we focus on hillary clinton. >> with that, we are waiting here in new york. we will have for marks a little later on. claiming he may win in the general election.
1:03 pm
no doubt ba talk task. demographics or anything else. trump is quite confident. not only for tonight, but moving forward get his remarks are supposed to be from 9:00 p.m. eastern time. two hours after the holes close in you. >> it was going to be just as safe. the week before. we thought it would be a news conference and they did not take questions. rub marks in the indiana primary. set up like it is. hopefully we will get a few questions. neil: meanwhile, waiting for the inevitable. the establishment of the party. i do not know if former governor is in that camp here it still supports john k said.
1:04 pm
mathematically. each step of the way. what keeps you convinced your guy can do? >> donald trump on a superhighway. others on the dirt road. the inside track here. he does very well in indiana. you know, it is like a baseball game. you never do it. a lot of things can happen in the ninth inning. they can happen in politics, to. >> trying to stop donald trott before he gets to the convention it is fair to say his path to that 1237 gets a whole lot better. >> absolutely. you have to be realistic about it. if he wins in indiana and wins big, that is a huge step forward
1:05 pm
for him. getting him to the place where he needs to be. if he goes to the convention within 50 votes, i think he probably gets the nomination. i think it becomes an open convention. neil: will you support donald trump? >> i am not going to rule that out. a little erratic. i am a policy guy. tried to get our debt under control. he gets to a point where he wants to put out these specific bozos. i do think he brings to the party some assets. he is bringing into the party a lot of folks. he is a believer in the market economy. leaning heavily over. their party splinting very badly.
1:06 pm
seeing their party move towards a socialist agenda. bernie on a number of those types of issues. damaging to our governors. we are a market-based economy. the economy still very much speaks to that. >> dank you very, very much. donald trump has responded to some of these allegations. cruise talking about the media. only what i have been saying for a long time. does not have the temperament to be president. getting to read from brad lakeman. president bush. you have not endorsed any candidate formally. this latest back-and-forth. the media is working in concert. making sure donald trump -- what
1:07 pm
do you think of that? an old mob same. it is probably because of the top of the ticket. almost in crisis. the vice presidential pick. carly fiorina. why? it is a desperation play. the nominee is good for the elect are all strength. not a primary victory. she has no relationship with the state. why in the world would he pick her? hoping to get publicity. the kind of support from bobby knight and the crowds.
1:08 pm
neil: the last of my knowledge. ted cruz. obviously, a fairer and balanced news for us. do you think that the party ultimately rallied around donald trump? what i am hearing it's a lot of grudging support her memoir the backers of other candidates that may not flip over trump. going into a fault campaign drudging way backing your guy. >> we have to have a united base in order to win. battleground states coming up in registration. by democrats. we have to rely on independents and conservative democrats to win. you just heard from senator gray. he needs to be convinced that donald trump is going to be able
1:09 pm
to unite the party. that means the burden is on donald trump starting tomorrow. after his victory tonight to start that process. it will take some time. people will come grudging way to trump. that is not a surprise in the contested season that we have had. we believe that the republican choices are much better than what lies ahead with the hillary or bernie. >> you need the candidates to load trump during the race. like marco rubio. he seems to now be saying that nobody but trump thing only applies to the primaries. maybe he is softening his stance. what do you think of that? >> i think the marco rubio party puts it above himself. maybe the former candidates will do the same. trump is not my first or second choice, if he is the nominee, i
1:10 pm
will support him. it will be a reflection of what the bottom ticket will do. we have to win state elections. we have to win federal elections. we have to get the white house back. neil: we will watch closely. thank you very much. whatever money is out there, it is going to the state security of a 10 year treasury note. you always see this. getting a little nervous about what is happening. talk of a local slowdown. the federal reserve and our country is left to raise rates. all of a sudden they start looking to treasury securities. a good place to put money under the matters. all right. hillary clinton, a flip-flop. flipping up a lot. voters. ♪
1:11 pm
>> out of jobs. calming in here and telling us. ♪ show me movies with romance.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> we are going to put a bot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> i want to know how you can say we will put coal miners out of jobs. come here and say -- those people out there. >> i do not know how to explain it other than what i have said. i have been talking about helping coal country's word very long time. it was a misstatement. the way things are going now
1:15 pm
will continue to lose jobs. that is what i meant to say. neil: that is not what you said. all right. the guy was very doubtful. we will be joining today. he is worried today about how hillary clinton may get even more on the coal industry's case. of grain. having the original contest for hillary clinton's remarks. she left you on to believe. explain. >> in a sense, she has taken out of context. what she said was, well, i will give you green jobs. what that means is i will take you from a productive job that benefits the country to an unproductive job that hurts everybody. what she is promising is much worse. we all have to live with the expense of en -- unreliable green energy. neil: trying to satisfy bernie
1:16 pm
sanders factors to have anything to do with fossil fuel, coal, etc. dramatically cleaning up its act over the last few decades. even bowing to that industry would hurt her. here she was caught with that very other crowd that says you . there is no way she can reconcile those two things. >> supposedly, when you are running for president, you are supposed to think about what is good for human life am i human progress and results. she, obviously, is not doing that. it is forcibly restrict ting us from her source of energy. every person in the country. >> what i am worried about, this former coal industry. today with me on fox news. his notion that that industry, that group feels that they have
1:17 pm
this prefer girl in all of their heads. the message is they are all dead women and men walking. yesterday's energy needs, not today's. if you have one of those battery operated cars and these others, you plug them in. largely from a coal powered utility. it is weird. is it not? >> the tesla is a -- from his own twitter. i want to make a point about jobs. we should not just make a point about cold jobs. they should be out of business if they were out competed. they were not outcompeted. they were coerced out of existence. that is the problem. it is forcing us to have inferior junk energy.
1:18 pm
all in on all energy. whatever you want. the more we do over here is the less we rely on anyone over there. finding all options here. >> i say only the best. you can just have the kind of energy that consumers want. whether that is coal, oil or nuclear gas. let us choose. it is our life at stake. >> dairy good having you. thank you very much. puerto rico has tech ugly default it on debt payments again. if puerto rico goes belly up, it is not only bad for puerto rico, but horrible for the municipal bond market. what if it is all misplaced? what if puerto rico is puerto rico? the scare tactics is just that, scare tactics.
1:19 pm
who says you need to calm to the rescue. after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> welcome back. i have your business headlines from coast-to-coast. those of detroit public schools are shut down for a second day in a row. hundreds of teachers not showing up to work over concerns that they will not get paid if the struggling school district runs out of money. growing debt that the state legislature made need restructured. students missing classes today. twitter shares are hitting an all-time low today. the stock dropped as much as 3%. down 1.7 for now. a week after a very weak earnings report last week. slow revenue.
1:23 pm
revenue mix. is not expected to meet wall street expectations. right now it is down almost 52%. alexander hamilton probably celebrating today. here on broadway in new york city. sixteen tony nominations. hamilton recently won the pulitzer prize as well. the hottest ticket in town just got hotter. i think your party seen this. not once, but twice. >> yes. it is phenomenal. they wrapped back in those days. i would have never known. >> that surprised me. holy cow. it gets people interested in history. one that has been overlooked. >> why not. it sounds good. old broadway show. hamilton on the $10 bill. exactly. news you can use. right now, we have pfizer.
1:24 pm
also a big winner today. this certainly has to stand out. better than expected first-quarter results. raising guidance for next year. they always love it when you do that. one of the rare success stories in an otherwise downmarket. this continues to cast a cloud over our markets as a whole. does it have to when it comes to bailing out puerto rico? maybe we are missing something here. a negative effect on the overall municipal bond market. puerto rico is that chilly wind -- anyone investing in anything public would go they -- would go that way as well. what you see as the extreme fallout here if puerto rico goes belly up? >> well, obviously, there would be implications. a lot of people that lose money. i have a new sympathy for people that do lose money.
1:25 pm
look at the hedge fund managers. private investors. they basically took advantage of a% interest rates. no federal state or local taxes. they took a risk mail. they bet on the commonwealth of puerto rico. unfortunately, their bed did not pay off. they need to sit down with their creditors and figure out how they will work out a bailout. , on, neil. congress can mess up a one piece puzzle. now we will have them manage puerto rico, for pete's sakes. this is insanity at its max. neil: what a lot of u.s. companies do. it is harder these days. claim bankruptcy. prior ties. if you are out, you are out. is that something that taxpayers would not be on for? >> exactly right.
1:26 pm
especially in the political season. this is suicide for paul ryan. puerto rico is a commonwealth. they do not have access to the federal bankruptcy courts. however, why doesn't paul ryan put together a quick bill and allow them access? that way they can do what most people do when this happens. use it down with hedge fund managers. all the mutual fund managers. you sit down and you say, hey, how will we work this out? how will we be the revenues we have? how will we reduce our spending? how will we reduce the benefits. these people that live in puerto rico, 60% of them get some sort of government goody every month. maybe that needs to be looked at. this is a great petri dish. porter reiko is a great petri dish for an experiment in free markets.
1:27 pm
when they happen, they work, neil. look. we saw detroit file bankruptcy in 2013. they are still around. you saw orange county do it in 2009. san bernardino county. jefferson county louisiana. the list goes on and on. if congress gets involved, there is $3.7 trillion of municipal bonds that potentially could all be looking for the government. during this political season, does paul ryan really want to send the schedule to the american people that are -- congress will bail out investors again from wall street and puerto rico? i think not. neil: very good point. when push comes to shove, every investor takes that risk. it sounds too good to be true. a% order rican debt. it is a larger tax rate than it is. you will sooner protect those
1:28 pm
investors. you are in the tank for the wrong folks. >> they will keep in mind, keep in mind a lot talking about this the last week. not on a general obligation bond, but on the other bonds. $0.30, $0.20 on the dollar. knowing if the government came to the rescue, they would be made whole. it should not work that way. >> anything that does that is to investors. thank you very, very much. you have seen this before. ted cruz telling you all you need to know about the state of the race right now. >> america is a better country without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out, i was respectful to you the entire time. a question that everyone here should ask, do you want --
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
. .
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
>> i think this entire process, i think anyone that wants to be president owes it to the people of this state to come in front of you and ask for your support and i'm running to be everyone's president. those that vote for me -- >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your views, sir. i will respect it. >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out it's your turn. take your own words.
1:33 pm
time to do out, sir. >> when donald gets to 1237 while you ask him to drop out. he. >> he will definitely get more than 1237. neil: that went well and went viral. a representative from the fine state of indiana. he is indiana delegate. sir, where are you? who are you leaning towards? >> well, as a congressman i was supporting marco rubio. now i don't have that choice anymore. since then i've become a dell -- delegate to the convention. i've taken a neutral stance. i'm bound by the rules to vote for who has popular vote and after that i'm unbound. i take information directly from the candidates and doing my duty on the floor of the convention at the time. neil: it is winner-take-all state for republicans. if donald trump for example, to win the state outright you would be at least on first ballot committed to donald trump, correct? >> absolutely. indiana's former secretary of
1:34 pm
state, i will make sure everyone else on the convention floor follows rules too best i can. i think it is imperative that this process, as american people watch it, believe in it and understand it and there is a lot of miss nothings and misunderstanding going on what a convention is and process all of that. one of the main reasons i decided to run tore delegate and get appointed as a delegate to make sure rules are followed. neil: a lot of people scratch their heads at rules. they were well-stated and etched in stone pri but people, average voter can win popular vote of a state and lose delegates in the state. i'm not saying ted cruz has done or anything nefarious in some states where he picked up uncommitted states. >> no. neil: sometimes in states donald trump won, hence trump coming back at him saying it is rigged. >> yeah. neil: do you think nationally, sir, the system is rigged? by extension i would include the democrats with superdelegates?
1:35 pm
>> right. neil: the average on looker, average voter, he or she democrat or republican doesn't look like one vote one delegate? >> neil, i understand what you're saying, and i share some of that frustration but what we have to remember this is not an election at all. the american people, we the people, as americans and citizens we will vote in november. what is happening now is a nomination process. the parties are, an organization and association like many others are picking who they want to send to the american voter this fall. so these are not nomination processes. back in the day they were all done by convention. there was no primary. neil: you're right about that. >> rarely were there caucuses. so what we're doing we're picking nominee right now, just like any other organization or association might. then we will, send that person to the american people this fall. neil: all right. we should say that process has actually been quite good to
1:36 pm
donald trump. he has gotten about 38% of popular vote and 42 plus percent of delegates. it served him well as well. good having you. >> good having you, neil. neil: ted cruz busy hitting back at donald trump by the way. take a look at this. >> he is lying to his supporters. donald will betray his supporters on every issue. if you care about immigration, donald is laughing at you. and he is telling the moneyed elites he doesn't believe what he is saying. he will not build a wall. that is what he told "the new york times." he will betray you on every issue. neil: all right. well that got donald trump to respond it was ridiculous, almost childish outburst, paraphrasing. former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzales. always good to have you. even if they somehow find some closure to all of this tonight, let's say after indiana, and
1:37 pm
there is no guarranty of that as you know, do you think republicans can come back together, coalesce around in this case, donald trump? >> i do. i really do. because at the end of the day i think they will look at certain important decisions that the next president has to make, for example, supreme court appointments. i think that prevailing view amongst republicans is that donald trump will make a better supreme court appointment than hillary clinton would. neil: how do you know? how do you know? >> how do you know about anyone quite honestly? sort of a leap of faith to some degree. obviously listen to the candidate. you look at candidate's record and you make a judgment who you think will do the best job in that position but you can't have certainty, neil. if that is what people are expecting from the commander-in-chief, that is, unrealistic. circumstances change. once you get into that office, you have more information. based on that new information you may make different decisions. things are often said on campaign trail.
1:38 pm
once you assume a position or an office, you know, those things that you may have said or promised, those things don't come to pass. neil: do you think that would extend to someone like marco rubio, who was almost card-carrying leader of the, you know, anybody but trump movement? now he says that applied only to the primaries. maybe, some say, readying himself to be potential running mate for donald trump? >> well, i can't speak to the motivation behind senator rubio. obviously he is well-qualified, very talented young man, but i think, his comments may also reflect the realization that in fact we need a to elect a republican to the white house because of very important decisions that confront this country. we're better off having a republican in the white house. neil: as someone known to be cool, level-headed guy, whether they agree or disagree with your
1:39 pm
days as attorney general, do they get concerned both candidates the wheels are coming up, whether ted cruz said his father might have been behind the jfk assassination or cruz calling him narcissist or incompetent or out of control? hard to pick up pieces after something like that. >> for some of us, it is amusing, some of us get tired of this, some of us turn off the tv this is really unimportant, this is not what i care about. i think for much of the american people that is true. you have what appear to be both front-runners with pretty high negatives, so maybe all that will cancel each other out. at end of the day american people will make a decision who they believe is the most qualified to serve in that position, what i believe will be pretty tough times for this country, both here domestically and internationally. neil: all right, judge. always good having you. thank you very much. >> good to be with you.
1:40 pm
neil: alberto alberto gonzales r attorney general of these united states. donald trump says when it comes to weakness turn it into a strength and critics say he has no foreign policy experience, saying you have more foreign policy experience than any of the others. he said that, after this.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business previous. stocks off the lows of the day. we had been down 220 points on dow jones industrial average. now down 94. loss of half of 1%. nasdaq composite down 30. seeing 10-year treasury bond at 1.79%. looking at big movers today, watching apple after eight days of losses, still remains most valuable company. lost 100 billion in market cap over the eight days but bouncing back up about 2%. that actually is biggest move here in about five weeks to the upside for apple, currently at 95.54. watching valeant closely. obviously the battered pharmaceutical company down 50% this week but bill ackman, on the board of pershing, continues to talk about its great
1:43 pm
prospects going forward. joseph pop taking over as role of chairman and chief executive. more cavuto --
1:44 pm
neil: all right. they say timing is everything but reading this story in "barron's" over the weekend how isis is dying on the vine. then i get this report that isis apparently killed an american soldier, not just any american soldier, a navy seal. indicating even if you're
1:45 pm
advisor in that neck of the woods you are still a target and still subject to all rules of engagements of war. walid phares, donald trump's foreign policy advisor. walid, it begs the obvious question what would donald trump do to stop this sort of thing where advisors, they're still targets? >> absolutely. number one, you don't broadcast to hostile forces and enemy who you are sending and when are you sending them. number two, he would actually look at the whole picture, if those individual military we're sending to kurdistan in this case to help kurds push back against isis what is the strategy? many, many questions will be asked by the next administration if mr. trump wins the presidency. neil: so, how woulder rad kate isis? without sending a, committing a lot more troops which he ruled out, how woulder rad kate it? >> first of all, as he said over the past weeks in his speech as well, he would not rule out anything. he would not say i would not do
1:46 pm
this. that is very important, disorient enemy strategy. number two with isis on ground we're talking about two countries. we have iraq and syria and liking at libya. we do what we need to do right now. we need allies. he said 24 hours ago we need allies on the ground. when we say allies, not just the kurds or some sunni tribes in the sunni triangle and in syria some militias. this is arab countries. we're talking about the gulf, jordan, saudi arabia and he egypt. these countries have not been reached out for that purpose. neil: they say the obama administration, have been reached out to, shrug their shoulders or don't do much waiting for american help. it is like a catch 22. how would a president trump deal with that? >> first of all to your first point, we are in touch with diplomats and decisionmakers, and if you read editorials in
1:47 pm
arabic and in that region you will see them complaining that the administration came to us. when we suggested to them the administration we are ready to do so the answer was don't do anything at this point in time. why? because we have iran deal. we don't want to perturb iran. that is the actual answer. nevertheless i think trump administration will meet with them, having summits with them. when we have deals with iran, first thing we do we consult and review that deal with our closest allies. should it be jordan, should be the gulf or israel which was not done. neil: walid, what i'm hearing from you obviously nothing is on the table or off the table. so there is no indication how trump administration or you playing a foreign policy role in it would be different from anything we've seen now? >> oh, it will be absolutely different. number one, we will be having strategy not to contain isis which is what is happening right now but to dismantle isis. more important than that, not just destruction of isis. that is probably easier part, not easy, but easier part, what
1:48 pm
would you do after that? you would seize mosul and raqqa. what troops are on the ground? what political architecture you have. 100 miles away what administration so far achieved. neil: walid, we'll see what happens. thank you very, very much. >> thank thank you for having m. neil: we're keeping eye on these markets and what apple investors hope a come back. going into today, apple down eight days in a row. haven't seen a long losing streak since 1998, when bill clinton was president. trying to change things around on this day. after this. ♪
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1:51 pm
neil: call him the norman bates of financial world. that hated, that loathed. u.s. prosecutors are considering
1:52 pm
additional charges expense the ex-ceo martin shkreli. next hear something june 6th. think about that date. june 6th. there will be a quiz at end of the show. last time it had such a streak when bill clinton was president but this stock is in and out of 52-week lows. jo ling kent, deirdre bolton on all of that, wow. there was a time, when apple was the bell of the ball, no longer. >> huge amount of market cap shaved off. we're up 2%, a lot might be trinitiable ceo tim cook went on media tour. >> not that bad. not that bad. >> i've got this.ok the long-ter apple is really challenging. you have 16% down in terms of sales of iphones. greater china market down 26%. neil: heard from china today. >> exactly.
1:53 pm
india, they're suffering from your point, china, india, the government essentially rejected apple selling these refurbished iphones there. tim cook is part of that interview said, india will be the biggest populated country by 2022 or something. india is important to them as is china. jo ling, you mentioned whole selloff. because of first revenue decline, that they reported nine days ago. that sent the stock tanking. a lot of analysts say, apple is fine. don't worry. neil: maybe not coolest kid in the class now. maybe replaced by googles and facebooks. it is not it company. >> it is about the idea of you underpromise and overdeliver. tim cook kind of miss the boat on that one. neil: the media rounds tim cooked talked about this fall, iphone 7 didn't spill
1:54 pm
the beans too much. that could be a turn around time. a lot of analysts look that that full and gives predictable lift to the phone. neil: latest phone didn't do it. >> the fall didn't come until the spring quart ir. a lot of people still use iphone 5 and iphone 4, who are due for upgrades. they haven't made a upgrade waiting for the iphone 7. we're watching apple watch clearly. it hasn't been doing poorly as originally forecasted. neil: but they never break out the sales. >> there were a lot of analysts and also investors, carl icon one of them, waiting for apple tv. >> he bailed. neil: he bailed. is there any, you talk about political headwinds, might be nothing, donald trump railed against apple outsourcing jobs. all saying jobs better come back here. it is not the type --
1:55 pm
>> not only one that does that as a contextual point. neil: president trump, worst guy in the white house for an apple could be donald trump? >> it could be indeed. but if you go after apple, i think there is a list of no less than 150 companies that have manufacturing, have the jobs overseas. is any president going after all 150? by the way, making shareholders pretty rich here. neil: very rich here. >> we can't forget the elephant in the room, samsung. they had really strong sales numbers. this has done very well globally. has a foot in virtual reality. investing a ton of money there. that companies look like facebook and google where apple is still the one-trick company for time being until we find out about apple watch sales. neil: galaxy is superior camera. >> i have seen great photos on the galaxy, i give you that. neil: still complaining how cold it is in the studio. >> we love you. we think you're part penguin. neil: you haven't heard from the
1:56 pm
trump and cruz campaigns. when we come back, we'll turn it up degree warmer so the two come back. i desperately need them. they will join our special coverage of all of this. more from the penguin after this.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
>> we still have that a couple hours ago. i do like to remind you who is making money in this environment. boring and dole. gives you less than 2% on your money. that is a 10 year treasury note. people would rather take that and protect the cash that they have been risk it in stocks on a day like this. namely, an indication that things could be slowing down. things could get in the way of the federal reserve. that is what we have today.
2:00 pm
we have a big primary today in indiana. it could go a long way towards deciding this race. we shall see. 6:00 p.m. our coverage starts. a lot more coming up with trish regan right now. trish: thanks again, neil. we will see you tonight. attacking donald trump calling him a pathological liar. a narcissist. should trump be elected? he pays for a miracle in indiana. he may need the miracle. donald trump calling ted cruz desperate. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. indiana. any chance at stopping child from getting the nomination. the authors stacked against him. he said -- >> the mainstream media is doing everything they can to convince.


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