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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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we have a big primary today in indiana. it could go a long way towards deciding this race. we shall see. 6:00 p.m. our coverage starts. a lot more coming up with trish regan right now. trish: thanks again, neil. we will see you tonight. attacking donald trump calling him a pathological liar. a narcissist. should trump be elected? he pays for a miracle in indiana. he may need the miracle. donald trump calling ted cruz desperate. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. indiana. any chance at stopping child from getting the nomination. the authors stacked against him. he said -- >> the mainstream media is doing everything they can to convince.
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trish: is media the really the reason trump is resonating? how we kurds is here. plus, check out this video. shouting profanities to trump supporters. why are the trump supporters always accused of inciting violence and bad behavior? take a look at these protests. both detail is here on white images like this may actually benefit donald trump. we will talk about it. hillary clinton" country. confronted by an angry coal miner. struggling to support his family. why should he support her when she said this? >> we will put a lot of coal miners" companies out of business. trish: her excuse, listen to this. >> it was a mission statement.
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the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. trish: how do you like that? is this really the reason the majority americans do not trust her? later in the show, the latest report on rob lord l -- drug lord el chappo. let's get back to the campaign trail. ted cruz trying to stop donald trump. ted cruz sounding a little desperate today. blasting donald trump. caring the heck out of voters. listen to him here. >> this man is a pathological liar. he does not know the truth between that he does not know the difference between truth and lies. the man cannot tell the truth when you combine that with being a narcissist.
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i have incredible faith. trish: meanwhile, hoping for a big win tonight. would not necessarily lock up the nomination if he got it, it would certainly pave the way. the momentum that he needs. joining me right now is julie and jean allowed in. good to see you guys. >> finally getting that one-on-one. here he is. he still cannot beat them. how come? >> you call somebody a pathological liar, you are talking about a disease process. i doubt that ted cruz really understand that. voters beginning to question, to, whether this would be more effective against hillary. even coming from ted cruz right now. if he were to fire on hillary
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right now, i think it would be more defect have. republican voters view cruz at the establishment. this does not play well for him. trish: speaking volumes of how much the establishment quote unquote really hate trump. you remember the government shutdown? >> amazing. trish: now tables have turned. >> the trump monitor has really been designated. he has to turn this around. he has to establishment. he spent the last year talking about my friend. i'll not i will not say anything negative about my friend donald. this late in the game -- trish: a hail mary play. >> i like him. i will not assault them. all of a sudden he is a
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pathological liar. gina is right. six months ago he was singing a very different tune. trish: i think you are right. that lyin' ted got stuck. he is now trying to come back. how does he, how does he make a comeback when he has lost so many races? it looks like you will lose another one in indiana. >> he has not won a race in over a month now. it is not looking good. looking at the thousand something for trump and 500 something for ted cruz. that does not look good. a lot of people looking at him as a desperate candidate. more importantly, perhaps, a little selfish. damaging the party just so he had this prayer hope that something happens. the indiana primary, i could see donald trump getting, winning the whole thing tonight. sweeping tonight.
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some of these moves do not look very rational at this point. trish: a politician selfish. willing to damage a party for his own good. it has not just happen on the republican side. the democrats do. bernie sanders still hanging in for dear life. >> mathematically eliminated time to go. ted cruz, historically, if you look at what has happened, john mccain was the runner-up to george bush. he got the nomination in 08. the same thing when mitt romney was a runner-up with john mccain. i think ted cruz's looking for years from now. i think he is doing everything he can that when trump loses, the republican party will say we should have nominated ted cruz. and apparatus for the next four years. trish: you think you will not get it, but he will stay in as long as he can to maximize his exposure.
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>> talking about whether or not that ted cruz john kasich deal, donald called it collusion. in politics, it is just fine. here donald trump is. talking about how that collusion, so to speak, his terms, not mine, turns out. >> a stupid deal. anyone in business would not have made the deal. it was stupid. politicians making deals. politicians making deals. trish: did that alliance wind up coming back to bite both john kasich and ted cruz? >> i absolutely think it did. 53%. ted cruz entered this race as an antiestablishment race. he has stood up. against many of the members in his own body.
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for many things, many times. when a candidate's darts to see a race where they cannot win, start doing things that they would not do in their normal minds. i sort of wish that ted cruz would get a grip on this. i would like to see him viable in the future. he will not look like a team player anymore at all. i think he riffs ever being the nominee. trish: being a member of the establishment is just the kiss of death in this election season. that is what really started to cause him to dig and even further. the establishment coming out and supporting mitt romney. instead of coming out and saying do not vote for trump. he just keeps helping. >> the only honest guy in the establishment is john boehner. [laughter] a self appointed leader in the establishment. ted cruz is my guy. are you joking?
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john mccain, lindsey graham who said -- all of a sudden now supporting him. that, i think, to some extent, damage the brand and will going forward. he needs to be the guy that takes over the republican establishment if trump loses. trish: julie, gina, thank you very much. but continue our conversation about politics. victory in indiana would put trump on the path to a nomination. they do not want to take any chances do this. they are bracing themselves. snatching the nomination from trump. as such, they are now launching a stop this deal movement. fighting the republican party if necessary. just how far they prepared to go? money may now is he and morgan. good to see you. looking to be preemptive here. if trump takes indiana today, shunted the establishment start to get the hint?
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>> well, guess. we will not be preemptive. we will be there regardless. a victory rally because donald trump has all the delegates needed to get to the election. or a triumphant rally. you know, trish, the whole thing is, americans want to ensure the integrity of their election system. the process of a brokered election compromises that integrity. the current process, the will of the people, allows a select few people to both their own choice. trish: crazy. you think about our system. we are a democracy. it enables individuals to choose their leaders like this. i think that this year, more than any other election season, a real spotlight has been shown. the democrat and their superdelegates are doing the same kind of thing. what do you think will come oft?
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do you think the country as a whole will be better off because of what we witnessed here? >> the country will be better off in so many areas because of donald trump. donald trump simply is representing the will of the people. that is why he is getting so many votes. he is one guy representing so many things. i think you will see some changes in the election process. those folks need to do some work, too. trish: that would be something. also today, there is this video that have come out of kids. ten or 12 years old. swearing at trump supporters. screaming these of 70s. in spanish. making these vulgar hand gestures. watch it here. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]
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trish: you know, we could not even play the audio for you. it was one big leap because of the language at these children were using. it is very disturbing. anti-protest getting really violent. now you have kids out there with obscene gestures and obscene language. blaming trump for this stuff. clearly, people on the left are being really nasty here. we are looking at more video of protesters. >> yes, they are. donald trump paying someone to produce the commercial that would inspire good law-abiding citizens to get out of boat. this would be millions of dollars worth of advertising. this is what is wrong with
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america. all of these people representing what is gone with america. it makes good while biding citizens. these people, especially illegal aliens do not have a voice. we do not care what they think. the legal people here fighting for this, i do not think you will see any of those folks within those crowds. they are scared to death of all the greatness that donald trumbull bring back to this country. i think i hear the sounds of construction right now. trish: thank you so much. good to see you again. coming up. ted cruz and the movement blaming the media for trump's popularity. they are blaming us. your favorite media critics, the best in the business is here on whether or not ted cruz is making any sense. the biggest threat to hillary clinton outside of being indicted is the legacy that she was part of.
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they say that she is very real, everyone. how was she convinced out of work americans to put another democrat back in the office? i am back into. see you in a minute. ♪ [ soft music ]
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it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. >> blaming his state in indiana on none other than the media. watch this. >> network executives made decisions to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch and roger ailes have turned fox news into donald trump. 247. trish: you see, it is our fault. when you do not like the message, you just lame the messenger. somehow this is a big conspiracy against you. joining me now is how -- howie
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kurts. >> they do not like him. it is all because you want trump to be the nominee so he can lose to hillary. to say that the fox news channel wants don on trump so he can lose to hillary just is not passed the test. trish: talk about conspiracy theory. he has some rough coverage in the last couple days. why? he bound the polls in indiana. doing certain things that are seen as desperate. carly fio three night meal. calling donald trump a serial commander. it helps him explain why, supposedly we are helping donald trump. trish: donald trump gets lots and lots of coverage. then again, donald trump won
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five races last tuesday. we talk about momentum. momentum is an incredibly important day. yes, you will generate a lot of coverage. they go hand-in-hand. the media is covering donald trump. >> donald trump has gotten a lot of coverage since the beginning. there is a new last ditch effort to blame trump. political magazine had the last picture of trump. what have we done is the headline did trump is such a terrible outcome it must be our fault. one of the reasons trump has gotten all this coverage is he has done far more interviews than any other candidate. trish: it was hard to get bush. i would call and call and call and call and call. on the other hand, trump is much more accessible to the media. >> yes.
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it is true. covered too many of his rallies live. that gave him a benefit. we also talk about trump. he is very skilled. growing up in this new york tabloid market. a lot of the coverage, trish, is negative. pundits on the right. pundits on the left did mainstream media has dismissed him as a clown. he is very good as pushing back, as you know. also because the people that love donald trump do not trust the media. they see the media establishment . trish: it has actually totally work to his advantage bernanke has the agility to take advantage of it. some people like trump, some people do not. trish: he helped him win. the viewers helped him win. viewers. voters who are responding to this.
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>> right. he forges connection the way no one else has been able to do with these angry voters. trish: howard, thank you very much. do not forget to watch howie kurtz. every sunday. we are looking at a market that is actually hanging on there. up about three quarters of a percent. more than 130 points there. after eight years under obama, how is the democratic nominee, probably hillary clinton -- they cannot find good jobs. 10 million more americans on food stamps than under obama's tenure. we will give you some clues. right after this. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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126 is a loss on the dow. you have hillary clinton on the campaign trail right now promising to do something to this economy. create more jobs, help the middle class. her economic policies are anything like president obama's, you know we are heading for trouble. an average of 1.3%. how do you like that? 1.3. you'd be. people are on food stamps today. board then when obama started. we have no real way to pay for this. no way to pay this back. they will be stuck with obama's reckless mistakes for decades. that just is not right. will the economy be the issue that threatens hillary's campaign the most? a possible indictment from the e-mail scandal, of course. joining me now is jonah and steve. give me your honest assessment. how would you describe the u.s.
2:26 pm
economy right now? >> i would say that it is clumsily. it has not been horrible. we have had growth, ads you have pointed out. there week is recession. -- the weakest recession. obama gave an interview in the "new york times" this weekend. the problem is, the reason we have not grown is because we did not spend enough money. did not borrow enough. you just showed that trillion dollar number. obama is telling the american people we could have only borrow 10 trillion we would have been a better shape. i do not think that is a good point. what i am seeing from hillary, what is her economic message? how is it any different? trish: and economic message. talking about giving people childcare, time off, preschool, you know, it does not strike me
2:27 pm
as a way to reduce the debt load that we have. how would it affect our country? >> there is no plan to reduce the debt load with her. she is taking in more. more towards a european-style system. her plan is to pay for it by taxing the rich more. that is very different than how, say, norway pays for all the benefits they get from sweden. they have a very high tax to the middle class. this plan that we can keep expanding at, but capital gains is really, obama has already done that. paying for healthcare. i think that hillary would broaden the tax base. not bill clinton even. pay for additional things. trish: she wants to put everyone's taxes up. the wealthy are already pay
2:28 pm
more. perhaps more under her plan. higher taxes. that is something that she does not want to talk about. >> she has made the statement. i think it was under $200,000. absolutely right. do americans want them to be more like europe. no. those countries have not grown at all. they have not seen much increase in incomes. we should be more like europe. what donald trump has to say is we have to rejuvenate the kind of growth that we have. trish: whether sanders will get
2:29 pm
the nomination or not. is this setting up a scenario where red-blooded american capitalism first european -- your take. >> you cannot expend these things. maybe producing low debt to america. you cannot make the growth happen magically. it is possible to keep the deficit from exploding. he wasted his powerful years. doing an fdr expansion. even like china when they get into real central planning. really spend a lot of money and build stuff. we never really got people to work and foodstamp expansion. hillary more of the health care.
2:30 pm
trish: you know what you do, you create more dependency. that is not good for our economy. anyway. jonas and steve, thank you very much. we will stay on hillary. she is an cool country today. confronted by an angry call mine minor struggling to support his family. why should he support her when she said this? >> we will put a lot of coal miners" companies out of business. trish: her comments were taken out of context, she said. killing off call for "green energy." we will have the full story after this. ♪
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>> i am the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunities using clean renewable energy as the key in the cool country. we will put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. trish: ouch. hillary clinton promising to kill old jobs back in march. when she was confronted, she said it was all taken out of context. watch your. >> i just want to know how you can set you want to throw a plot of coal miners out of jobs and they come in here and tell us -- >> i do not know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what
2:35 pm
i meant. i have been talking about helping cool country for a very long time. it was a missed -- this statement. the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. >> we all know president obama's green energy policy which she supports has been killing the coal industry. >> back with me here. i would like you to take a look at the numbers. 30,000 coal jobs have been lost. 422 fewer coal miners. how does she say that she understands what miners are going through? >> she obviously does not. really large for many, many years. for her to say that this was taken out of context is almost laughable. didn't you just played out. met in context.
2:36 pm
it was not taken out of context in any way, shape or form. trying to push this whole environmentalist, very, very expensive, by the way. this would be a great time for someone like donald trump to begin to expose this whole thing for what it is. this environmentalist agenda. expensive. it killed jobs. everything that republicans stand for. trish: julie, how will she sell this? west virginia is a territory that her husband had done quite well in. that was a long time ago. things have changed on the green energy platform. it is not fitting so well they are. >> it is not. they are in the primary or general. i am actually surprised that she is down there. a lot more competitive. trish: she wants to talk to these people.
2:37 pm
>> she is committed to finding a solution for them. she will not convince them. she has a $30 billion plan that takes people that used to work in the coal mine and transition them to green energy jobs. it is something that is incredibly important to the base. down there talking to them and explaining that these are jobs that are not coming back. jobs that she will try to transition to the green economy. i suspect what she was talking about, was when she went down there, these jobs were gone. they are not coming back. they will be re-created in another green energy way. trish: exactly. probably not for those people that are dependent. gina, you know, the trustworthiness is really where it all falls apart for her. i think a lot of americans would say, oh, she is smart. she is this and that.
2:38 pm
she is ambitious. she is not trustworthy. we have seen this poll after poll after poll after poll. when she flips back and forth like this and says one thing in a debate on cnn and then says an entirely different thing from the minors themselves, doesn't that just reinforce her lack of trustworthiness? the top three descriptors. a lack of honesty. you look at that and you take the presumptive nominee. up against her and all of our ability to criticize his being too forthright at times. he does not come across as someone who tries to package himself like hillary does. it makes the american people not trust her. >> one of the reasons her
2:39 pm
husband was so successful is defensive authenticity. obviously, a very flawed percent. the reason he has been so successful is because he resonates. a black wives matter protester. he was going to take that on. what would your advice be? >> should not have gone to west virginia again. i do not understand the purpose that she did it. not running in a vacuum. that person is donald trump. the reality of the majority of american people do not trust her, but they trust him even less. she understands that. trish: i don't know. poll after poll. i will talk about it once the segment is over. she is the lease popular candidate.
2:40 pm
final response and i have to go. >> donald trump is taking the hits from every single candidate. the minute you start to fire back. starting to decline. he is beating her. i think that those will only tend to increase. authenticity. he remains donald trump. it is not one of them. trish: thank you so much. coming up, everyone. new video of kids. children in sombreros. speaking spanish. shouting profanities and making obscene gestures at trump supporters. this after they shut down roads while waving mexican flags. could this backfire? could it actually be a huge benefit to donald trump? one tough cop is here. he will tell you right after this. ♪
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2:43 pm
sharply below wall street estimates. a st. louis jury. ordering johnson & johnson to pay $55 million. cost her to develop covariant cancer. it is also facing 1200 similar lawsuits. come on over. we will be right back with more these anti-trump protesters and how they may actually help donald trump. believe it ornot. ♪
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>> out the top of that hour, you use only talking about this unsettling video of children. they are shouting profanities in spanish. obscene gestures to donald trump supporters. trying to stop donald trump's speech in california. they are the mexican flags. this is what people are asking right now whether or not. may they actually benefit. former nypd detective bo dietl joins me right now. what do you say? >> i am very upset about it. especially that one trump supporter. you know, young kids. they have to be young enough to be influenced by their parents.
2:46 pm
i really believe they are not here legally. i would round them all up and tell them they need to be taken to the station house. request what kind of identification you have. this is disgraceful. whether you like trump or not, you like hillary, we have the right to peacefully protest. you do not smash people in the face. you do not dance on police cars. all that happens is you come across the water. 13 million people illegally. what do we give them? we give them food. we give them water. they will start voting in a country where they are not even citizens. something is wrong with this picture. donald trump is not the perfect guy, but he has the idea of when are we going to stop this? we have a legal people in this country committing crimes.
2:47 pm
they are releasing them. they commit more crimes. let's get rid of people committing crimes. if you want to conduct yourself in peaceful demonstrations, that is what america's about. peaceful demonstrations. you like chocolate. i like vanilla. beat me up because i do not like your flavor? trish: these are kids. they are shouting profanities. ten.t best. where are their parents? why are they allowing this? >> i think that is what we missed on this. there are a lot of good, strong mexican families. mothers and fathers that are very loyal and very good americans trying to become citizens. we are not talking about that. not letting your kids be out on the street with all this garbage. you are reflecting on the mexican-americans. you want to be american someday, i think. that is why you come here.
2:48 pm
why don't you just they in america. stay in mexico. stay there if you want to make america mexican. you get the radical muslims. now the mexicans want to change america. hey, this is our country. we all share here. we have to give everyone the rights that we have. freedom of speech is so blunt without busting everyone up. trish: geraldo rivera's with a special look on his fascinating specialist. on the run after escaping a maximum security prison. his obsession with a beautiful soap opera star. ♪ you're late for work.
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>> remember how we escape to that massive tunnel? how el chappo .session with mexican led to his capture. geraldo rivera interviewed about the secret visit. things, i tell you, they may not be exactly how you thought they would be. watch this. >> in rolling stone magazine, during that ride from the airfield to the hiding spot of el chappo, you pass a mexican army checkpoint with two soldiers in uniform. they looked at you. a feeling of nervousness that was palpable or embarrassment
2:53 pm
kind of wave 23. did that ever happen? >> not at all. why would he say that? i have no idea. you would have to ask him. she says his account in the rolling stone not true. >> she says that trump is a liar. so does the dea. the daa in the mexican authorities created this mexican army roadblock to make it look as if the government of mexico was in on this. it is really an amazing story, trish. the most wanted fugitive on the earth at the time. he could not stop being a penpal. trish: she was going to make a movie on el chappo. she was somehow connected to
2:54 pm
sean penn. >> correct. he adored her. he was obsessed with the character. a drug queen pen. he identified with her character. those profoundly. he brought her the schoolboy letters. i cannot wait to see you. i will protect you more than i protect my own hive. this is the best day of my life. you remember king kong. all of the pilots killed king kong. the promoter called and said, no, it was beauty that killed the beast. that is what happened here. el chappo was captured. the fact that the attorney general of mexico attracted their movement. sean penn led the authorities to help chapel.
2:55 pm
trish: it was much like him. a female version of him. >> a all started. writing a tweet. an extended tweet. el chappo, you are being blamed for everything. i know that you are not all that bad. it was like a love letter to el chappo. they recaptured. imprisoning, he starts writing her back. i love your character. you are a great actress. my goodness. he had a schoolboy crush. a savage murderer responsible for the overdose death of thousands of americans who are indicted in eight different, maybe wrong, seven different districts, federal districts. california, he is indicted all across the united states. mass murder and all the rest of it.
2:56 pm
here he is caught because of his affection. trish: issue still going to make the movie? >> he wrote her after he was recaptured and that you still have all the rights to my story. >> maybe not sean penn, though. we cannot wait. >> saturday and sunday. trish: make sure you catch the special. beauty and the beast. sunday and 9:00 p.m. eastern. you do not want to miss it. we will be right back.e quit w ♪ and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile.
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trish: ted cruz is calling donald trump a pathological liar and promising that america will plunge into the abyss if trump is elected. is he right, or do these comments just show how desperate ted cruz is to stay in the race? tell me what you think on facebook. great conversation. don't forget, voting is underway in indiana for what could be ted cruz's last stand, we're kicking off coverage tonight at six even
3:00 pm
followed by lou dobbs who will bring us the results. i will see you thursday. i'm off to texas for a quick trip. ashley webster will have you covered tomorrow as we continue to watch p this crazy election. in the meantime, the close is happening now. liz: thank you, trish. wall street apparently got the memo. it's may and time to sell, at least at this hour. look at this, somewhat of a comeback right now for the dow jones industrials which is down 1212 points. -- 121 points. shrinking chinese manufacturing and the growing oil glut9 pressure the markets, but in the hoosier state it's primary day. you're looking at a live picture of a polling station in indianapolis. doesn't look a that crowded, but guess what? voters are making their choices in record-breaking numbers for both the democratic and republican races for president. donald trump riding the enforcements of celebrities like


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