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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ross gerber, gerber kawasaki. the dow had been down 220. today we've seen nasdaq lose nine out of 10 secondses. there is the closing bell. [closing bell rings] david and melissa, pick it up. melissa: dow down triple digits. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman, this is "after the bell." at this hour, high-stakes in the hoosier state. voting is underway in indiana, a few short hours away from the first results. if ted cruz pull off an upset it could be all over. the senator working hard on campaign trail today, in last-ditch effort to get every single vote he can. meanwhile hillary clinton is in hot water, confronted by a former coal worker in west virginia. bo copley, questioned how she could say she would put coal miners out of business and then go there to win their votes. he joins us this hour. melissa: i can't wait for that. most important election day so
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far, we keep saying that but it is true. the outcome could seal the deal for the republican party. fox business's jeff flock at a polling location in butler university in indianapolis with the latest. jeff, what has turn out been like there so far? reporter: melissa we're in a afternoon lull before the evening storm. turnout numbers have been pretty impressive. i'm looking multiple counties around the state. hancock county to east of us here, it is a rural county, had a software problem, but other than that no major problems reported out there. lake county, 55% turnout, would be all-time record. there are six republicans in that county. four of them vote for cruz, you never know how it will turn out. johnson county, big lines at central part of the state. hamilton countdown south. record early turn out. look at early voting numbers. we finally got those now. this is all-time record for indiana in early voting.
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long period of early voting, 280,000 people roughly voted early. in 2008, previous record, 185,000. so a huge jump there. there were 90,000 people that registered to vote, new voters in the last week before the deadline. campaigning today, donald trump's back in new york but ted cruz, leaving nothing on the field, campaigning even this morning down state in evansville. you know a lot of people counting cruz out but he has a very strong ground game here in indiana. that will be important when you get, need to get people out to the polls. so i think you need to buckle in tonight, not, think about too early a result. this may go a awhile. melissa: got to watch every minute is what you're saying. thanks a lot, jeff. david: meanwhile indiana could give front-runner donald trump almost unbeatable edge. the billionaire businessman banking on a big win there. our own connell mcshane
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outside the trump towers with very latest. will holed another presser here, connell? reporter: 9:00 we expect the candidate to speak. we were here week ago, many officials thought the race was all but over and we heard the candidate on campaign trail a victory in indiana in his mind seal the deal. where we look where we are, according to our delegate math, trump going into today including indiana, needs to win 42% of all the debt gates. once they look out after today, the reason they're so confident, look at group of states coming up, next five, nebraska, west virginia, oregon, washington state, throw in the big one california on june 7th. those first four before california, only nebraska is winner-take-all. they're are not very many opportunity for senator ted cruz after tonight. you would think, we heard a lot about this, talked about it, this would be pivot time for donald trump to the general
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election. to some extent it is. today is very strange day, mr. trump has been unable to really ignore his primary opponent ted cruz. there have been insults being hurled on both sides, back and forth they have gone since early morning. gotten personal at times, cruz throwing us all into the mix, media with part of the blame. >> network executives made a decision, to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch and roger ailes at fox news turned fox news into the donald trump network. 24/7. reporter: all right. so you can tell there, that mr. cruz is certainly the man who is trailing in the polls. trump taking it all in throughout the day, fighting back at times. put a statement out as a matter of fact, where he call cruz unhinged. with today's ridiculous outburst what i've been saying for a long
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time, ted cruz does not have temperment to be president of the united states. so much for the pivot to the general election. back and forth continues between these two, david, we think we'll see mr. trump at 9:00 at trump tower. david: for all the craziness, obscure reference to lee harvey oswald. who knows what is coming tomorrow. >> that kind of started whole thing. david: on "fox & friends." thank you, connell. >> here with what to expect from the republican primary, fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor. early voting records, fred, already showing record turnout. that is a good thing. more people are enpaged than ever before, who do you think that favors? >> probably favors trump. he is generating enthusiasm now. last couple of weeks as ever pollster has found, cruz's poll numbers have been cut in half. he has been, he is really collapsed nationally and in indiana. melissa: why do you think that is?
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why do you think we've seen his poll numbers go down so significantly? he added carly fiorina to the ticket. >> yeah. melissa: he has gotten very aggressive. tried to today a partnership with kasich. why is there such a negative response to that? >> one really big reason it hurt him. when you get late in the presidential race, race for nomination winning means everything and you win one place and you more likely to win the next place. voters look at what just happened and are affected by that. here comes trump winning in new york, then winning those five primaries last week by huge numbers, now we're in indiana. it is clear that trump is on a roll and cruz isn't. melissa: so if it comes out the way it feels like it is going to tomorrow, what does that mean for cruz? i want to say that with caveat, there was one poll that showed ted cruz way ahead. rest of them seemed to indicate that trump is way ahead in indiana. what happens if we wake up tomorrow and trump had a victory.
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>> was that a poll showed cruz ahead, taken over two weeks? something like that? melissa: i didn't see details but i thought i would be remiss if i didn't mention it, for all the cruz folks. >> fair enough. here is the meaning of this, for cruz it means that his campaign is worse off than ever and he has no chance of winning nomination, because of this, because now if trump gets anything like 57 total delegates in indiana, and he could get all of them, means if he does well in nebraska next week, it will be up to california and new jersey on june 7th, to put him over the top and actually be at 1237. the majority, meaning wins nomination on first ballot. that becomes much more achievable now as a result of indiana. melissa: ted cruz already obviously announced that carly fiorina would be his running mate. who do you think would be most advantageous choice for trump? >> so many. i believe trim when he said he hasn't thought of it, his
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weakness is in national security and foreign affairs. military guy, david petraeus or somebody like, or bob gates, if he could get him, former defense secretary for george bush and barack obama. those would help. melissa: no, that is interesting because most people respond with either a woman or a minority. those are other areas that he had challenges with but that is interesting, military as well. fred, thanks for coming on. always love having you here. >> i always join it. david: david petraeus with the email controversy, that would be quite interesting. 83 delegates up for grabs on democratic side of indiana primary. hillary clinton looking to finally end bernie sanders's campaign but can the bern flip the script with indiana upset? fox news's mike emanuel with the very latest. hi, mike. reporter: david, fascinating contrast on democratic side with hillary clinton already pivoting to the general election. clinton is here in battleground ohio, in athens, home of ohio u bobcats talking about her vision
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on jobs and the economy. she is trying to connect with voters in appalachia who supported her husband bill clinton back in the day. more inclined to support bernie sanders or donald trump tonight. clinton says she wants to be their partner moving forward. >> i know there are people in this region, i met with some of them yesterday, who find it hard thinking about voting for any democrat or voting for me particularly. but i'm going to keep trying to convince people otherwise but that is not what this trip is about. i'm here because i do want to be your president because i believe that our best years can still be ahead of us. reporter: bernie sanders was out early this morning in indianapolis at breakfast time trying to convince voters there to turn out to vote for him. despite calls to tone down his rhetoric, his attacks on clinton sanders again hit her on trade policy.
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>> i was out on picket lines with workers in opposition to nafta. secretary clinton as you know supported vert allly everyone of these disasterous trade agreements. that is a area of strong disagreement that voters of indiana and america will have to consider. reporter: sanders is still scrapping for his campaign survival in the 2016 cycle while clinton is clearly looking ahead to november. it will be interesting to see if there is impact with indiana voters tonight. david? david: the to -- toll is taken on bernie's voice. you can hear the laryngitis. mike, good stuff. melissa: live analysis of votes from indiana as they come in. it starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. david: stock alert for you. tale of two tech giants, first apple seeing largest one day gain in over a month and it really needed it because it is snapping an eight-day losing
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streak. this is the longest losing streak in nearly 18 years. there is twitter tumbling to all-time low today. the stock ending down more than 2%. wow. david: this coming after weak earnings report. business in current quarter not expected to meet wall street expectations. oh, too bad. melissa: if donald trump wins tonight it may be all over for ted cruz. will the never trump super-pac stick by him? we'll ask club for growth president and former indiana congressman david macintosh. david: that is always interesting. majority of republicans want john kasich to drop out of the race. this as his alliance with ted cruz having him sitting indiana out. we'll have one of his supporters next. melissa: former coal worker bo copley cop fronting hillary clinton in west virginia on her comment killing jobs in the coal industry she is now apologizing.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we're a few hours away from the first results. fox business will bring them to you so stay tuned. david? david: will be exciting evening. is it time for john kasich to exit the presidential race? according to new cnn/orc poll, 53% of ohio republicans feel the governor should get out sooner than later. we have a former gop chairman and john kasich supporter.
4:16 pm
thanks for coming in. what do you say of 63% of the republicans who think the governor should drop out? >> well, certainly, you know, someone gets to 1237, magic number before cleveland, then it's a done deal but until that magic number is achieved, we need to, as a party make sure that we're nominating the candidate with the best opportunity to win in november and to date, in all of the polls, the one candidate who consistently beats both hillary clinton and bernie sanders is john kasich. david: now are you a little -- >> you figure out if we need to win and we really want to win. david: you are the former head of the gop in indiana. are you a little disappointed that the governor decided to sit this one out? >> you know, i'm not the one to tell the governor how to campaign and where his pest campaign strategy is. he has strategists who make those decisions for him.
4:17 pm
he made the decision to exit indiana and rededicate his resources and energies elsewhere and i respect that. david: it doesn't seem to have paid off though, this strategy between him and cruz. >> well, certainly what we, and what i would anticipate will happen when we see the results tonight is a victory by donald trump, at least that is what indications are. david: yeah. >> from polls and intensity of the rallies that we've seen across the state in the last week. david: momentum just seems to be under deniable, trump momentum. it happened after new york and continuing now. now there is this never trump contingent in the republican party. are you part of that? >> i wouldn't say i am a part of never trump. what i'm apart of making sure that we nominate the best candidate who can win in november so that republican ideals can move forward.
4:18 pm
david: but would you work with the gop nominee, would you work with the gop nominee even if that is donald trump? >> we as a partyneed to win this november and if donald trump gets 1237 this summer, we'll be supportive and try to work for him for victory, not only here in indiana but across the country. david: okay. that is straight answer. tim berry, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you bet. david: melissa. melissa: could this be clear sign of failing kasich campaign? alerting public of 15% off sale on all merchandise on team's website. only 50% off. they don't say everything must go or closeout sale but still the kasich campaign perhaps realizing how this might appear to us has since tweeted this response. thanks to all the reporters driving traffic to our online store. our sales, thanks to lots of new available items. david: just cleaning out inventory.
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melissa: yeah, that's amazing. david: what happens in indiana will probably impact the rest of the race no doubt. how ted cruz's campaign will look a lot different tomorrow. plus shot by enemy fire, a u.s. navy seal killed in fight against isis. next lieutenant colonel ralph peters sounding off on white house strategy in iraq. >> shows you the serious fight that we have to wage in iraq. our thoughts and prayers are with that service member's family.
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>> service member is third american soldier to have been killed in iraq in the ground fight against isis.
4:23 pm
joining me is lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. sir, thank you so much for joining us. what do you make of this news? what is your reaction? >> well, objectively speaking our casualties have been very, very low but we value each life. we value each one, beyond the casualty, this navy seal who was killed in ground combat period, what's really painful is listening to the white house try to talk around it and just not say the word combat and deny our troops are in combat. melissa, when you have got soldiers, call them advisors, they're not advisors, got them in one, two, three, 10 miles from the front lines they are in combat. president obama is typical intellectual. he believes that the words are more important than the facts on the ground. melissa: so what harm does it do that he won't say it? because when you talk to military personnel, they say, that those troops that are on the ground there, those forces know they're in combat, whether
4:24 pm
or not the president says is doesn't really matter because they know they are there fighting a war. what difference does it make if he won't name it? >> it insults troops. we have soldiers in combat and we do, navy seals and marines, and you deny combat, more than just a word game, sticking to the line he will never send u.s. troops into combat it is downright insulting but also belies the claims from the white house that we're making great progress against islamic state. now we are making some but when, a picked force of 400 isis shock troops can stage a major breakthrough of kurdish lines, penetrate two to three miles, kill a u.s. advisor, and put up a hell of a firefight, then it tells me that maybe we're not quite as far along as the administration claims. i want isis defeated but let's give isis credit. never underestimate your men my. isis is hanging on the they have
4:25 pm
no airplanes. they have no drones. don't have wealth lavished upon them or u.s. trainers but these guys have grit and determination. they are a tough enemy. melissa: our own leader saying yesterday there were more fighters on the other side, more islamic extremists than ever before in the country both in numbers and how many groups there are, how many at battle. we're definitely further behind. what advice would you give to the next president how they should handle this differently? >> make timely decisions. melissa, there is, there is an old military maxim, proven over centuries a mediocre decision taken promptly and executed violently, trumps a perfect decision made too late. president obama is always pursuing perfect decisions and it is not a perfect world. as we saw with his initial reluctance to admit isis existed the cancer spread to every continent but antartica. melissa: colonel ralph peters,
4:26 pm
thank you very much. david. david: timing is everything. most of detroit public schools are shut down second day in a row as teachers called out sick in protest. hundreds of teachers didn't show up to work about concerns they won't get paid if the struggling school district runs out of money. more than 45,000 student are missing class as a result. melissa: breaking news right now. google joins announcing a first of its kind collaboration. it is self-driving car project is now joining forces with fiat chrysler to integrate google self-driving technology into all new 2017 chrysler pacifica hybrid minivans to expand google's existing self-driving program. david: i don't know about those things. we'll see. they will be out on the road soon. meanwhile could a trump win stop the stop trump movement? the club for growth president talks about had is next steps to
4:27 pm
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ooh! they got smoothies? you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. melissa: hoosiers are at the polls. fox news's mike tobin is at a poll
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polling location they're looking at latest moves from the cruz campaign. joining forces or take on carly fiorina as a running mate before he had nomination, to join forces with governor kasich and divide up the states. those decisions seem to rubbing indiana voters the wrong way. >> probably swung me in opposite direction. i think they're pulling out all the stops to get trump not to win. looks like they're doing things shady and not ethical. >> the thing with carly i thought was little premature. he is not the nominee and presumptuous to name his vice president in my opinion. the thing with kasich i did not care for at all. reporter: here is an interesting one. some voters say it was anti-trump demonstrators themselves, particularly demonstrators in chicago that caused hem to make their to vote
4:32 pm
for trump. >> i was on the fence until the rally in chicago and i wanted to he see what it was all about. i went with my daughter, and how hideous people were us trying tn pace to set records with turnout. seems that indiana voters are excited to be so relevant this time around. melissa? melissa: mike, thank you so much. good stuff. david? david: a lot of money spent trying to prevent donald trump from being where he is today. will that money dry up for good, if trump sweeps indiana primary
4:33 pm
tonight. my next guest hopes not. club for growth david macintosh spent millions of donors funds in ads. david, if trump wins big tonight, what happens to your funders? >> let me say i think they're very pleased with what we have done. we realize donald trump is not economic conservative, doesn't represent the values we think are important to help the country get back on track. and they would say we did the best we could. we're still holding out that ted cruz will win indiana. we'll see what the results are. it is my home state. hoosiers are discerning and i've won some there, i've lost some there and looking forward to see what the results are. david: for those that don't remember, you were congressman from indiana. but i have to take issue the more money spent trying to make trump a terrible candidate the more he rises in polls. your ads seem to have opposite effect.
4:34 pm
>> i would wouldn't say that at all. our ads in the beginning educate ad lot of voters in iowa he really wasn't conservative we thought it was. then trump supporters settled in to we don't care what he says, we're for him. we started educating voters to consolidate to be for cruz if they want not to be for donald trump. david: you're making my head explode. you can't argue the figures. the fact you look at what happened in the new york primary, look what happened with the sweeping primaries, the last set of primaries, last super tuesday. things are not going -- the more advertising that you guys do, the higher trump goes in the polls. that is undeniable. >> david, i would give you some figures. trump brags about 10 million voters, getting 10 million vote so far. there have been over 14 million votes fence him by republicans in the primaries. more than half -- david: a lot of those votes are against him because there were so many candidates that were running and now that it is going down, a lot of people -- >> they didn't want trump.
4:35 pm
david: people saying never trump are not saying it now. brad blakeman, people influential in the party or folks on the street. i talked to former head of indiana gop he said that in fact he would go for nominee if it was trump. let me move on, even erick erickson, you know, the red state guy hates donald trump. he doesn't like donald trump at all but here is what he said about your possible donors. they're not getting on board trump but they are not going to continue to invest in what they perceive as a lost cause. this is from erick erickson. >> so, david, i think what we will do, if trump is the nominee is focus on keeping as many conservative free market senators and house members elected in confess. i'm just sharing with you that until the polls are closed and we see the result, i still think cruz has a chance and as long as he does we're for cruz. david: i got to mention something, for those folks who don't know you personally, and we've been involved in many so of the same issues over the
4:36 pm
years, you're one of the nicest guys i know inside the beltway. i'm just wondering if after this is over, if in fact donald trump is the nominee, very often you have to work with people you don't like whose views on many subjects you don't share in order to get the job done, will that time come if donald trump is the nominee between you and him? >> look, if donald trump actually decided to really push for his tax plan, for example, which i think is a very good tax plan, yeah i would help him do that. i'm for the issues and doing the right thing. david: david macintosh, club for growth. good to see you, david. thanks for coming in appreciate it. melissa. melissa: supreme court decision could leave some voters in limbo this november. highest court in the land is declining to block a texas voter i.d. l present very specific forms of photo i.d. more than a dozen states have new voter i.d. laws could play a role as voters head to the polls. fox news's shannon bream has all
4:37 pm
details. break it down for us, shannon. reporter: good afternoon of the as we led into the fall election, dozen states will have new or newly-beefed up voter i.d. laws first time during presidential election. critics claim the laws are to oppress minority vote. like studies from this unof university of california san diego, the analysis shows that strict identification have differentially negative impact on hispanics, blacks, asian-americans and in primaries and general election. we show that voter i.d. laws skew those on political right. authors went on to say, while they believe voter i.d. laws lead to lower minority turnout or whether minorities see the law as signal they are not wanted at ballot box or simply can't afford necessary i.d. texas attorney general ken packs ton says the latter issue is not issue in his state. >> if you don't have a drivers
4:38 pm
license or military i.d., you can get a free i.d. from the state of texas which allows you to go in and vote just like anybody that has a driver's license or other identified form of photo i.d. that argument doesn't really hold water because we offer up free i.d.s to those that don't have i.d.s. all you have this to do is get one. >> that law is one of many laws in heated. just last week the supreme court refused emergency order to put it on hold but the underlying measure is still at supreme court. david: could affect the election. this won't affect the election but you have to listen up. melissa: it might. david: parental leave going to the dogs and cats. some employers in the u.k. are offering paw-ternity, that is what they call it for workers with new furry friends. 5% of pet owners are offered several days of paid time off to care for their new babies,
4:39 pm
according to pet insurance provider, pet plan. and in case you're wondering could happen here. "new york post," article, new poet owners deserve time off too. this is the nanny state gone mad! gone absolutely crazy. melissa: i love it in the article. she rescued a cat and went to work few days later, felt abandoned. i i got news, it used opportunity to look under your bed to see what is interesting under there. newly discovered earth-size planets. why it might be the key to finding extraterrestrial life way out in space. plus, hillary clinton apologizing to coal country by is it enough for workers that have lost their jobs? we'll talk to bo copley a laid off coal worker about his motional conversation with the presidential candidate. that is coming up next. >> when you make comment we'll put a lot of coal miners out of
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>> i'm the only candidate which has policy how to bring economic opportunity using clean, renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> i want to know how you can say you will put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us, how you're going to be our friend because those people out there, don't see you as friend? >> it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that is what i meant to say. melissa: really? okay. that exchange igniting outrage across the country. the presidential candidate responding to the backlash in the coal country, just a few moments ago. >> bo was really clear.
4:44 pm
he is republican. he is not voting for me. [laughter]. but i really don't care about that. we need to do better for bo and his family and families like his across appalachia and america. melissa: bo copley is the coal worker recently lost his job. confronted clinton about putting coal jobs out of business. he joins us now, sir, thank you very much for joining us. it is quite a journey for you. you are in the national spotlight. what was it like to sit there and confront her like that? were you nervous? >> i was a little bit leading up to it, but like i said before, i spent the day, saturday and then sunday in prayer and fasting for god to give me the right words. as we drew closer to the the time to meet secretary clinton the nerves kind of went away. >> is interesting that you say the right words, i was noting,
4:45 pm
that we were talking about it here, the words you used were so perfect, you say this one thing and you come here you want to act like you're our friend. it doesn't feel to any of us like you are our friend. you saw her response. she said, i missed, kind of taken out of context, that is not what i meant. what did you think of the way she explained it? >> when you make negative comments about people in a certain area or talk about taking their jobs away, when you go into those areas you are prepared for questions about those comments. so she was well-prepared for them. so i think she had a pretty good response. melissa: but did it make you feel any better? i mean she said that you know, i know bo, we have to do better by his family. that is not what i meant. did you believe her words, that she is on your side? >> no, i'm not sure that she is.
4:46 pm
senator manchin tried to convince me otherwise but, you know, i didn't hear her say she would bring -- i didn't hear the first part of that statement where she said she would bring those cleaner energy jobs to the coal fields but i'm hurting now. there is a lot of families that are hurting and going without right now. we're not worried about down the road. we're worried about what we're going to do for our families now. melissa: we mentioned at the beginning you did lose your job. what is going on with you now? what do you see in the future? how are you surviving? >> we're surviving on our faith in god. he has been faithful throughout all this. he has told us not to panic, not to fear. my wife is a professional photographer. what started out as a hobby a few years ago turned into our
4:47 pm
live lie hood now because god ordains our steps. and, sorry. melissa: no that is okay. take as long as you need sir. >> but, she, she is an amazing woman. she is amazing photographer. she is amazing mother. and amazing wife. and she really stepped up her game and taken on a lot and, god has, god has used her and her love and her passion to take care of our family. melissa: what could a candidate do for you? i look at your words and they're really touching. you lived your entire life in west virginia. west virginians are proud people. we take pride in our families and our jobs. you're someone who wants to work and take care of your family. obviously you're so sincere. what could a presidential candidate do to help you? >> just more opportunities. for years people always looked
4:48 pm
at coal and said, eventually we'll have to go away from coal. eventually it will be gone. eventually we'll have to look somewhere else but, eventually is starting to show up and there's nothing else in place. and no matter what words have been spoken by politicians in the past, no one ever secured anything else. so far nothing that has ever come into our area can compete with the money we make in coal mining. it is a dangerous job, so i guess that's one reason why it's a little better-paying job than others but there is nothing in our area to compete with the type of money that we can make and support our families on. and that's what i'm looking for. if someone wants to bring something, something else to our area, then hopefully it is something that can compete pricewise for our livelihoods. melissa: yeah. bo, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your thoughts and your faith. i think you really touched all of us. we wish you the best and our
4:49 pm
thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. thank you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. melissa: david? david: hard to know how to follow that. that was very powerful. holding out for an upset, ted cruz's last stand. if the senator loses tonight, what does tomorrow bring for his campaign? if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
"journal editorial report" on fox news. we should mention. dan, i have to harken back to interview with the coal miner. this guy didn't have bitterness. rancor you saw, cruz confronting a guy shouting at him. this is guy speaking from the heart, saying in this country, i should have a better chance. you shouldn't be out talking, discouraging job creation. isn't that really the heart of what this election is? people saying america should be more? >> well there is a lot -- yeah, the heart is the economic anxiety people feel out there about the lack of opportunity and jobs during the obama presidency and in hillary's case this, goes to the heart of her credibility problem because just last week after new york primary, she gives victory speech she starts to pivot toward economy. i understand people are struggling and there haven't been in -- enough good jobs and she gets in front of this and --
4:54 pm
david: she made it sound like she was misquoting herself. i don't want to get bitter about it but this guy had good way of dealing about it. he expressed anxiety people combined with frustration that america is capable so much more than it is delivering right now. >> president obama certainly inherited financial trouble that was not his doing but one thing that was his doing, the war on coal destroyed jobs with people like gentleman you interviewed. david: which hillary seems to be going on with the same kind of policies not like her husband bill. >> completely incapable on policy, you're right, david, differentiating from obama but to what dan said, authenticity and lack thereof of her all of sudden saying, oh, i really didn't mean it that way, goes to reinforce one of her biggest problems, no one believes her, she is not honest and trustworthy. david: brings us to the "crooked hillary" comment of donald trump bringing it back to primary of indiana, if cruz is creamedtonir
4:55 pm
him? >> i don't think he will believe it's over, david. if he for instance, picks up a few delegates in indiana, he will go on to california starting to microtargetting delegate out there in california believing it is still going to the convention in cleveland. that the delegates in cleveland are the ones who will decide who they want to be their presidential nominee. david: tony, he needs money to do that. i would think, there was article in "politico" today about his donors are beginning to have second thoughts where money should be spent. if he doesn't have money he can't go on? >> that was whole strategic alliance kasich and cruz developed, putting resources in states they thought they had a chance. indiana a state cruz was supposed to win pretty handily. trump can get to 1237 without indiana. now if he wins this especially double digits it is rough going. if you look toward future map, nebraska was another state cruz is supposed to win.
4:56 pm
trump put down $200,000 in tv media. if he starts to take states away from them, really narrows the pathway although i do suspect dan said he will stay through the convention. he wants to make sure if there is second ballot he is on it. david: tony, dan, good to see you both. thank you very much. a group of international astronomers made a discovery, a trio of earth-like planets orbiting a dwarf star. first time planets were found for the white house. how this crucial primary could do next.
4:57 pm
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polls are closing in a few short hours. we have got you covered, folks. neil cavuto, lou dobbs, fox business stars dagen, kennedy, they're all there. up-to-the-minute coverage of the indiana primaries begins six p.m. tonight. "risk & reward" is now. >> did we win in indiana, it is over with, folks. boom, boom, we'll not fold like corn flakes. >> lyin' tedd. >> not screaming and yelling at you. >> you you'll find out tomorrow we don't want you. >> see in indiana, largest voter turnout in history. [cheering] >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense and good judgment of whosers. >> if you vote for me i will stand up and fight for you into this campaign and into the white house! deirdre: there is one hour to go


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