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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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polls are closing in a few short hours. we have got you covered, folks. neil cavuto, lou dobbs, fox business stars dagen, kennedy, they're all there. up-to-the-minute coverage of the indiana primaries begins six p.m. tonight. "risk & reward" is now. >> did we win in indiana, it is over with, folks. boom, boom, we'll not fold like corn flakes. >> lyin' tedd. >> not screaming and yelling at you. >> you you'll find out tomorrow we don't want you. >> see in indiana, largest voter turnout in history. [cheering] >> this primary is coming down to the midwestern common sense and good judgment of whosers. >> if you vote for me i will stand up and fight for you into this campaign and into the white house! deirdre: there is one hour to go until most polls in indiana
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close. this "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. 57 delegates up for grabs in the hoosier state. with a strong showing donald trump can get one step closer to the nomination. he needs 42% of the outstanding delegates to get to 1237. senator cruz needs 118%. donald trump is the only candidate with a chance to lock down delegates prior to the convention. with me at this hour, representatives from two competing campaigns. cruz campaign national chairman, chad sweet, trump's campaign manager corey lewandoski. well have -- we'll have exit poll data very shortly. first up jeff flock at polling location, butler university to be precise in indianapolis. jeff, what's the tone there? reporter: well, those who know or claim to know, deirdre, think on republican side it will be a big night for donald trump. you know voters got to vote and
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right now ticking down some of the counties,0 counties shut down in an hour, 12 of them in the central time zone. 12 shut down after that. give you indication what is happening in the counties, hancock county, there was problem with software. people had difficulty voting. lake county, apparently big turnout. that is democratic county outside of chicago. 55% predicted turnout there. johnson county, central part. state, big lines expected. overall a lot of people voted early, record number of people asking for early voting ballots. almost 300,000. lion's share of those republicans, almost two to one. as for ted cruz, in extraordinary move today, decided to campaign on the day of the election. how many times do you see that? and if it sounds like a bit of a desperate campaign, only report to you that cruz in space of just a few short minutes called donald trump everything from a quote, serial philanderer to
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narcissist to utterly immoral. if it sounds like desperate campaign, those who know inside of the republican party, say on monday morning quarterbacking kind of way, maybe when cruz and kasich divided up those states maybe you should have given kasich indiana. kasich had real strong support here from the establishment. could have been helpful. we'll see where this goes. voters still got to vote, deirdre. we're going to be on the case. deirdre: not over until it is over. jeff flock, we're coming back to you for coverage next hour. thank you, sir. jeff flock with me there. from indiana to new york, home of the current front-runner donald trump, trump told a group that indiana will put him over the top and we can, quote, focus on hillary clinton. my colleague connell mcshane in new york city. donald trump already back in new york city. some say he is so confident of his chances he could leave indiana while senator cruz still there campaigning to the last
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second. what are people there telling you? >> first item they're talking about, pivot and focus on hillary clinton in general election. i don't think there is many people reading into mr. trump's location. after all this is the third straight week he has been to election results at trump tower. the candidate and way things are set up, they know how important indiana is to this race. in fact he talked about at his last rally there last night. >> usually by this time it's over and doesn't matter. but this time you folks belong where you belong. it is called importantville. reporter: importantville, how about that? importantville. david: indiana. the reason for that, not only because you have 57 delegates in the race, as you win indiana as you talk about, you mentioned a few minutes ago, take all or majority of those delegates. look out to states coming up after this, people get ahead all
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the way to california, coming up next five, we'll include california on june 7th along with other states, nebraska, oregon, nebraska, and south dakota there are not a lot of opportunities for senator cruz to catch up. nebraska is winner-take-all but others are proportional allocation of delegates. this is seen many people's minds last chance for senator cruz. people in the trump campaign telling us they considered the race to be all but over. with that said after polls close in indiana, which they will at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, at least all of polls, deirdre mr. trump waits for couple hours. we'll see him at trump tower for postelection remarks at 9:00. deirdre: connell, thank you. we'll chat all night. connell mcshane live in front of trump tower in new york city. a new report shows that some of senator cruz's delegates are waiverring as trump's campaign gains momentum.
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he is a state senator. he said he is reconsidering his support for snort cruz. you want to stay with us to find out why. pivotal for republican side. potential waterloo moment for senator cruz. he talked about what he sees as unfair media advantage for donald trump. senator cruz called out fox news. >> there is broader dynamic at work, which network executives made a decision to get behind donald trump. rupert murdoch and roger ailes at fox news have turned fox news into the donald trump network. 24/7. rupert murdoch is used to picking world leaders in australia and united kingdom, returning tabloids. we're seeing it here at home and consequences for this nation. deirdre: my political power panel is here. republican strategist ford o'connell.
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democratic national committee member nomiki konst. welcome to you both. some say cruz is showing desperation, swinging at any and all, what is your take? >> he absolutely is. this is do-or-die moment for him. if he loses indiana it will be psychological dagger because it is signal trump momentum is not confined to geographic northeast, it is expanding all over the math. if you're republican or conservative, if all else fails scream about bias in mainstream media. that is all you have left. one thing conservatives don't like is mainstream media. ted cruz got a lot lot of love from rush limbaugh and mark levine. that is disingenuous. deirdre: i don't know that i heard that said before so i'm glad you made it. nomiki, want to bring you in implying that former husband president bill clinton will have a role in her administration if she is elected.
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here is her comments and trump's reaction to it. >> i told my husband if i'm fortunate enough to be president i want him to do something to work as hard as he can, he did a pretty good job when president, created a lot of jobs. i want to see him take it on. you will be sick of seeing him. >> here we go again, remember all the scandal they had, all the problems not only with monica, but whitewater, and all of the things that went wrong, it was a mess. deirdre: so, nomiki, trump is willing to be tough on clintons, frankly why a lot of people support him but how does the clinton side see a general election of trump versus clinton? >> there is a lot of very legitimate arguments to be made against bill clinton's legacy. hillary clinton is running against bill clinton and a lot of his policies the past 20 years. trump is not making arguments.
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making cheap attacks talking about monica lewinsky, scandals, some legitimate, not so much. that will not influence swing voters. if he thinks hillary clinton will be opponent, which i'm not ruling out bernie sanders at this point as supporter of his, i think that donald trump needs to start articulating actual policy problems from the clinton administration and linking them, tying them to hillary clinton as bernie sanders has. that is part of the reason why bernie sanders momentum has grown. deirdre: hold on. want to come back to you. >> i could do that right now for you. i could do that right now for you. deirdre: i want to hear you out but i have to ask you something first, ford. i'm looking at oil prices. down for the third straight session. we heard hillary clinton, i'm saying hundred other purposefully, ford, flip-flopping on coal. wondering what your take is, ford as we head into the states in indiana, those northwest territories very much recuperating if you like from a steel slowdown, speaking of
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commodities. and a lot of people saying that is just going to help trump, ford? >> it absolutely is going to help trump because hillary clinton wants to kill the coal industry. she is not big on basic fossil fuels which indiana depends on and wants to push tpp through. now she wants her husband to be the job czar, who pushed through nafta? shows how tone deaf she is about angry electorate and instability out there. deirdre: nomiki, i want to get into sanders if you don't mind because he has to stop the free-fall. there is a lot against him now. he says he is staying in no matter what. his fund-raising fallen. >> a little bit. deirdre: i think 30%. something like 45 million down to about 26 million. he lost four out of five primaries last tuesday evening. on the flip side, listen, it is an open primary. normally he does well with that. he did do well in michigan and wisconsin. so what is your prediction for
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tonight. >> i love how media, not blaming you, the narrative, hillary clinton has 450 surrogates punching out their talking points all day long. easy to talk about hillary clinton's path forward when he was winning eight out of 10 last week's primary. nobody was talking about her obituary. the reality, neither candidate, as former dnc councilmember, i know the rules you have to reach magic number of 2383 pledged delegates before the convention. based on margins, because we have this proportional system, she had to win 150 more pledged delegates than bernie sanders in new york, her best bet to make it, to that magic number. unfortunately the margins are not wide enough. it might be she won the last four out of five states but margins were not huge. she did not pick up number of pledged delegates she needs to get to that nomination. so it will come down to superdelegates.
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i can bet you and guarranty you that there will be very big fight on convention floor about the future democratic party, values of democratic party, how debbie wasserman-schultz, our chair, ignoring 43% of new register voters are -- deirdre: ford? >> i am about you guys having fight. >> you have it too. >> i'm all about bernie sanders talking about how rigged the process is, taking a page out donald trump's book. the more you guys bang up and less people that will support hillary clinton when she does become the general election nominee the better off it is for republicans. this is going to be a very strange election. might be a base election but donald trump does have a chance. deirdre: all right. i love having you both. ford o'connell, nomiki konst, thank you both. we'll check in after tomorrow. until convention time. ford o'connell with me and nomiki konst. donald trump projecting confidence about his chances in indiana. >> now that the biggie is going
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to be indiana because if we win in indiana, it is over with, folkses, it is over with and we focus on hillary clinton. [cheering] deirdre: in less than half hour, we have new information, neil cavuto, lou dobbs, myself and tire fox business team bring you the latest we'll start at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you look at stock markets, losses across the board. you can see that there. the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq on these concerns about slowing global growth, chinese manufacturing, coming in much weaker-than-expected. concerns about the eurozone. so essentially today's losses wiping out yesterday's gains. we're going to have more on the road ahead for investors when we come back. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social.
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deirdre: want to give you a wrap-up, recap what happened in the markets. if you look losses across the board, red on the screens. in fact nasdaq is down 1%. all across. there it is, dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq lower. all of today's losses wiping out yesterday's gains. a lot of concern about global growth. weaker than forecast chinese manufacturing. you have slowing in europe that is showing up and you had oil down for the third straight session. a link to what politicians are about. back to ford o'connell, nomiki konst. ford, you and i touched on this about energy, at that the fact hillary clinton was flip-flopping about coal. tonight in indiana, steel, what happened to the steel industry will be very important for the outcome. most people will say it is going to favor trump. are you still with me, ford?
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>> oh, yes i am. i absolutely thing this will favor trump. this is the type of narrative he is looking for across the midwest, not only in primary but general election. we're talking about white, working class voters. they want to make sure they have their jobs. that is the lifeblood, whether it is manufacturing or fossil fuels. one thing democrats miss, we want to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. well these people don't care about that when they don't have a wage whatsoever. this is why trump's message is resonating with these folks. deirdre: okay, so speaking of that wage, so glad you brought it up, nomiki, this is why so many people support sanders. whether people are supporting senator sanders or donald trump, it's funny, if you look at all exit poll data for both those candidates it is all about jobs and which candidate people feel like is more likely to help the economy and therefore help them get a job or even help them get a raise. so when you speak to supporters as you are one for senator
5:19 pm
sanders is that what you hear most? >> oh absolutely and i think that is something, hillary clinton could take the old line from james carville, her husband's former strategist, it is the economy, stupid. like she forgot about that. she is so focused on protecting her interests and hitting certain demographics she is -- whether young people who don't have jobs or blue-collar workers the reason they don't have jobs in in the midwest because of trade policies of her husband and herself, there is a connection of the dots. people understand that policy positions affect their livelihood. we are in new age where pandering doesn't work anymore. for hillary clinton if she were to become the nominee which i don't bet on all together right now, if show, she has to worry. this might be why she is trying to push sanders out of the race. she has to get blue-collar working voter support before it goes to donald trump. she knows right now they're choosing sanders first and then trump. she comes in pretty much at last in place. this is going to be big problem for her in indiana, especially
5:20 pm
because of an open primary. i think her momentum will be slowed down a little bit after this race tonight. deirdre: so, nomiki and ford stay with me. i want to bring in jonas max ferris. jonas, i'm looking at the dollar. this is little bit of a rebound after six days of decline. something the donald trump talked about, implying changes in manufacturing are coming if he is elected, bringing those manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. but as far as you see the dollar, i meantimes weaker dollar is better for u.s. manufacturing companies, right? >> right. in general, you don't want too strong of a currency. that is the problem they have in like switzerland. in fact this is why germany wanted to be under the euro -- that is primary export-driven economy more so than america. it benefits you as exporter, you don't have to have really weak currency but don't want it so strong that foreigners can't buy
5:21 pm
your airplanes cars, et cetera. deirdre: jonas, i like to make the distinction for people, every single politician out there, every single treasury secretary says we want a strong dollar, we want a strong dollar, but really it is better if it's a little weaker? >> one of the reasons earnings have been bad, essentially relatively bad for corporations. they're bringing in money and it is converting badly basically. also, i will say that the bets have been on our currency continuing to strengthen as it has in recent years. that basically ended in november and it has been weakening ever since which is head scratcher, and cost a lot of hedge funds and currency is negative interest rates in europe and japan. it ruined a lot of trades. deirdre: all central banks essentially in the race to the bottom, trying to almost devalue as quickly as possible. jonas, from macro standpoint, one thing i've heard, and i'm sure you have too, with china
5:22 pm
slowing, europe is not quite steady and u.s. isn't where it needs to be, again we're talking about economic strength, where can new money go? >> well that is the other thing, this has been recent drag. recovery off the collapse earlier this year, it was built largely on not collapsing, on oil coming back in price and mid 40s and commodities not bottoming out and coming back. all that story built on china. , when you get negative news out china, oil prices are heading back into the 30s soon. commodities go back down, makes whole recovery that happened in the last few months seem on shaky feet essentially. so you do have that problem, whether we need, chinese economy not to just collapse in a engineered program of building stuff that is not going to work out and commodity prices are going to keep falling. deirdre: jonas max ferris, nomiki konst, ford o'connell all with plea there. a very quick break to take.
5:23 pm
with we come back, more on the markets.
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deirdre: quick recap for the markets, down across the board. nasdaq down by the most in percentage terms, down 1%, dow and s&p 500 lower as well. worth noting if you're tracking commodities. gold slightly higher but bouncing off a 15-month low. oil down for the third straight session. with me now, david asman and charlie gasparino. this is such a big markets day so glad to see you both by the way. >> good to be here. deirdre: handsome in pink, both people. charlie, i come to you first. you cover hedge funds, watch them the way i do. b-of-a maryland, said investors pulled $2.8 billion just in five day stretch alone from markets. chinese manufacturing, weaker, europe looking weaker. we're not knocking it out of the park. >> the scary thing for the number, we should put it in context, have we had similar weeks like that?
5:27 pm
i bet we have. the small investor has been out of this market a long time and it has been out of this market largely since 2008, 2009, during the financial crisis. here is the scary thing about it -- >> sounds like he is describing me. >> and me too. deirdre: wait a minute. you both let go stocks of you owned in favor of cash? >> not cash. >> i have a little bit in stock. >> i like muni bonds. deirdre: they're tax break. i. >> i can't influence. deirdre: maybe your accountant -- >> so i can sleep at night. remember what that meant for me. i had exact conversation with kyle bass, big hedge fund investor. deirdre: yeah. >> i missed out from dow 6,000 to 18,000, even though the market's off. a lot of average people did because we were so worried about all these externalities and didn't use our common sense. i would say this, ask kyle bass.
5:28 pm
you have to admit, he is know tort russ bear because he missed it. how would i know that the fed would have zero interest rates and print money? how would you not know it? deirdre: the fed's hand is supposed to be invisible. in this round, not just us fed. it is every other central bank in the world cutting like crazy. >> think of who is into negative interest rates like nobody else? japan and certain parts of europe that are now getting hammered. why are they getting hammered? because the central bank trade, trading on low or negative interest rates is dying out. that is, it is sort of a pyramid scheme. people who get in early make out like bandits. they pull out and now -- the point is you can only do so much with monetary policy eventually you need fiscal policy to get economies moving again. stocks are great and but they depend, eventually on people buying what the companies make. if the people aren't buying, the stocks eventually will go bad. >> here is the thing, david. we have to point this out, we've
5:29 pm
been, i've been wrong about this the logic has been -- >> you and 100% of economists were wrong on interest rates. so you're in good economy. >> we're saying economy is slow, slower than, we have very nominal gdp growth yet the stock market keeps going up. here is what i would say, okay? the fed will keep rates pretty low. will yellen raise rates? >> not the before the election. >> why don't you buy the market then logically? i don't know. i'm not saying buy it. just why? >> a good question. a lot of people couple weeks ago were saying with me. go long the market until the election. because whatever happens, if it is hillary, they're going to have to raise rates and let hillary live wit for first year of presidency. if it is donald trump they want to dump on trump because janet yellen wants hillary to win. deirdre: bottom line, with rates so low where do you get paid? what makes me nervous of rates being so low, puts people in riskier assets.
5:30 pm
can't get paid from bonds or simple level at bank -- >> you're it getting killed. deirdre: looking for more aggressive things you don't understand maybe you don't. >> mortgage-backed securities? deirdre: there you go. >> double-edged sword. for example, stocks should we be, should you be investing in apple right now is a big question. is apple overvalued. deirdre: not at 95. >> i know you probably own some. do you own some? deirdre: i actually don't. >> but that was, i was making a joke. deirdre: no, i wish i did. i wish i did. >> but the real question is, do you buy equities right now in this environment? i would just say this. if janet yellen is not raising rates -- >> i understand what you're saying. >> what is the rationale that we're going to? >> that is a trade. what you laid out before was exactly janet yellen es point. janet yellen said eventually people have to put money it stocks or riskier assets that helps economy. but it hasn't happened. as charlie said at beginning,
5:31 pm
people are save money in cash. people are stuffing their mattresses. >> you just made the argument for muni bonds. i'm not saying puerto rican muni bonds. i'm just saying, i go, if i have a few bucks i go and buy a new york state municipal bond. i don't think the state's going bankrupt just yet. >> well if they bail out puerto rico maybe illinois is next. so muni bonds could go bad. >> new york state, but i'm just saying, you get income, it is tax-free. deirdre: you're accountant is happy. >> you don't have this theological conversation about equities, right? >> we'll bring it back down to earth. charlie gasparino, david asman, staying with me. we have a quick break to take. what you need to know, stocks sold off across the board as did oil. we're back in two minutes. ♪ in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on.
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deirdre: stocks down across the board. oil fell for the third straight session. adam shapiro is with me. hillary clinton flip-flopping on what is your view. >> the latest numbers from the
5:36 pm
eia show in 2016 we are only to mine 252 million short tons of coal. two years ago it was a billion tons. we dropped 250 million tons in two years because natural gas has surpassed coal. it costs roughly $1.73 for every million btu with natural gas and $3 for coal. the problem col advertises won't address is that the epa just announced that we leaked more methane gients atmosphere than we ever have before. that's natural gas. methane gals is worse than carbon dioxide which is the byproduct of burning coal.
5:37 pm
so we are putting coal out of business and returning to a fuel source that is a worse green house gas. go figure. deirdre: oil closing lower for the third straight day. i'm spree joined by charlie gasparino and david asman. we were speaking earlier about the interest rates. i was looking at the 10-eer, 1.8%. it seems everybody is a little bit panicky. i want to play the sound bite and get both of your takes on it. hillary is going to get the nomination. but bernie sanders is short of 3% or something like that. millions and millions of particularly young people.
5:38 pm
>> would you if you were running the fed today tighten rates again in june? >> i probably wouldn't. deirdre: on the phone with me now, economist ben stein. glad you could join us. his take on interest rates, what do you do, how do you see u.s. economy? >> the economy is extremely strong. it's the strongest developed economy in the world by a long, long way. i don't think there is need to change interest rates one way or another. there is no sign of inflation or a bubble except maybe stocks and it's not exactly a commodity. deirdre: when you say the u.s. economy is strong, do you think the traders on the floor are
5:39 pm
saying the cleanest dirty shirt in the closet? >> we are very strong. we have below 5% unemployment. corporate profits are a little weaker than past quarters. but the economy is very, very strong. mr. obama gave an interview to the "new york times" in which he bragged about how well he handled the recession. though i'm not a fan of mr. obama, i think he's right. his administration is doing better than previous administrations. i'm not a fan of his, but they are doing well. the economy is doing well. where is the money going? it's just circulating around the world. it doesn't have to go any particular place. it's circulating around and around.
5:40 pm
deirdre: as far as labor market participation rate it's still at the lowest since the 1970s, which means people have stopped look for jobs. even for people who have jobs, they haven't gotten raises. if you look at adjusted for inflation. so people don't have any muscle like extra earnings muscle. i just wanted to point out those two stats. >> we have enough extra muscle to keep the economy running at a very high level. we have enough extra money if you include government benefits, they are living at a much higher standard of life. it's true we have a lot of people not engaged in labor that are labor age. the government bribes people not to work.
5:41 pm
they give lavish benefits to people who don't work. david: ben stein and i used to work together at the "journal." but ben,.5% is the growth of the economy. we came out of a great recession, but so did ronald reagan, his average gdp growth was 3.5%. how can you possibly say it's a strong economy? >> it's not as strong as it was under reagan. david: half as strong. charlie: my family lives in italy. to compare us to them is like -- >> northern italy is pretty
5:42 pm
developed. southern italy is a bit of a hole. deirdre: charlie is going to get kicked out of all kind of restaurants. >> all the countries i mentioned are considered strong advanced western countries. we have a large number of people joining labor force age who have no particular skills or training and a poor attitude about work ethic and that's a problem. how mr. obama addresses that, i don't know. charlie: under president obama we have had the slowest economic growth ever since the 1930s. this is the on recession in my
5:43 pm
lifetime, ben, that we have come out of where instead of lowering tax rates and regulations to stimulate the economy, we have done the exact opposite. >> there are way too many regulations especially in the carbon area. but there is no conclusive data that shows lowering taxes stimulates the economy. david: lowering tax rates didn't do anything in the 1980s. >> for the next 6 1/2 years he had substantial tax increases every year. deirdre: i have got to break up the fight. david: he just wants me to pay higher taxes. deirdre: we have a quick break.
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deirdre: stocks down across the world. asia sold off, as did europe. the dow, the s & p500 and the nasdaq lower. apple up better than 1%. it had an 8-day losing streak it hadn't seen the equivalent since 1998. apple reported it first quarter of revenue contraction. gary, great to see you. despite my colleagues being envious of your location, let's get down to brass tacks. is apple a buy or sell at 95 and change.
5:48 pm
>> i think for apple the go-go days are over. they can't even keep up iphone and ipad sales. they are kind of flat. it reminds me of ibm post 60s. it what you a great company and they still did good thing. but it was in the mature stain. i think the stock is going to go lower. and i have better places to park my money. i still like google. they are still doing innovative thing. they are growing as a company. they have their hands on a lot of different thing. what else are they doing? maybe they have some product announcements coming down the road and they will wow us. deirdre: are you calling it a
5:49 pm
monopoly? >> god bless, i like month no is. i wish we had more googles and comcast. they are great places to have your money. charlie: that 1998 number scares me. was this '98 when jobs comes back? the great innovator start innovating. tim cook was a key member of that team. jobs actually said in that book, tim cook was never a product guy. he is a brilliant operations guy. deirdre: and the apple watch is a flop. david: google speaks to a point,
5:50 pm
the cost of regulation. you think all the regulators in the world. not only have we had huge increase regulations in the united states, but europe is controlled by international regulators who control all of europe and very often have an influence of what happens in asia as well. the cost of regulations and google is in the cross hairs of some of these. >> the point for an investor, you think where am i going to put my money? google or apple? apple is not innovating right now. google faces the same regulatory pressures and is constantly figuring out how to make a dollar out of a dime. david: how about facebook? >> i like facebook. i soured on them a few years ago. a lot of millennials have
5:51 pm
withdrawn from facebook, but our crowd here are in facebook. i think the need for connect amongst us old farts is growing. charlie: don't put me in that category. deirdre: we are going to take a quick break. we are talking tech with google, facebook and apple and whether they might be a good investment pick for you.
5:52 pm
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: we are back. with markets down across the board, the nasdaq down the most. we have been talking techs.
5:55 pm
and david asman. >> i don't give stock recommendations. i like google because they are constantly innovating, and apple is in an eastbound of innovation right now. david: i have to say facebook because they have one of those leaders doing what amazon is doing. consistently changing, evolving and providing new product and interfaces, their company with other companies. deirdre: when you talk about google and apple it's more mine share. charlie: apple is so contingent on innovation because they are a closed system. they have to get more product.
5:56 pm
steve jobs was obviously a huge loss. deirdre: we'll continue the conversation after a quick break. we mig we are back in just 2. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. cloud to visualize informationcatn the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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deirdre: a quick recap on the day. you will see red on your screen. this of course followed a sell-off in say shah and europe. the nasdaq in percentage point terms is count most at 1%. we have been talking about google, facebook, and apple rebounding closing up better than 1%. noting oil closed lower for the third straight session. people who watch commodities
6:00 pm
focusing in on that drop. indiana primary coverage starts very soon. neil cavuto is with you in just 10 seconds. [♪] brown, fox business coverage of the indiana primary. here is neil cavuto. neil: coming to you a little bit earlier. my good buddy charles payne has afforded us this hour to get started. stocks are selling off just as voters are at the polls in indiana. 12 counties part of the eastern time zone are closing. and we are providing a


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