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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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trump in every which way he could imagine, he did just that. in just moments we'll be joined by form reagan white house political director ed rollins, republican strategist as well, and pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin. 7:00 in the east and polls have closed throughout indiana. where fox news can now project that donald trump will beat texas senator ted cruz in the hoosier state's republican presidential primary. according to fox exit polls and early vote tally, the victory significantly improving trump's chances of gathering up the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination this primary season before we get on cleveland. in fact, on the democratic side, it's too early to project a winner in that contest between clinton and sanders. so we are watching and beginning what will be an
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evening long watch over what is happening between those two, the early numbers, as you see there, projected to remain tight for sometime. joining us now, as i said, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins. pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin. good to have you with us. trump win. we, of course we do not know our margin, our decision room is falling down on their jobs, they can't project a precise margin. he has a significant lead right now. your thoughts, ed? >> the momentum has changed and to a certain extent a month ago, this is a race cruz thought he was going to win, and the key thing is this campaign has grown and posperked for the trump people and i think he is at a point that the others need to get out and let him go after hillary. and he's going to do that anyways.
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that's a good thing. lou: what are the odds, michael, that ted cruz, after we listen to some of the most vicious attacks of this primary season, if not the most vicious by any candidate, what are the odds he's going to drop out and start talking about healing, a party he is at this moment, tearing apart? >> i don't see how he plays role in healing the party. those comments to call trump a pathological liar, amoral, no morals whatsoever. i don't know how you ever join the fold. i don't think there's any place for cruz as a third-party candidate. i think he's just isolating himself at this point. i think that's the only answer. nobody can invite him in, he's toxic now. lou: trump pointed out in a statement following those remarks, the man has lost all but one of the last seven
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contests and ran third in those. it's remarkable to me. >> literally his campaign team has been better than he has. they've gone back and cleaned up the places and won some of the caucuses. he has not performed well in at least a month, and he's kind of, i think these are all self-inflicted wounds. the carly appointment, the merger with kasich, none of this worked out for him. this rhetoric, he has an opportunity not this political cycle but to be the conservative leader of this party, and he's diminishing himself by the day, and to a certain extent he has to go up against the guy that's the nominee and not be in good graces. lou: this is obviously trump's night as was expected to be. a 15-point lead in the most recent polling. >> right. lou: and perhaps shouldn't spend too much time focusing on ted cruz, but it does call into question whether he has a future at all in the republican party? he is absolutely alienated
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within the united states senate, he is reviled by so many of the establishment leaders, it is hard to imagine him overcoming that for even a run in the next cycle or the cycle after that. his future looks very much in doubt because of the way in which, one, he's failed to gain traction, and secondly, his comportment, demeanor, his language has been simply here in the final stretch beyond the pale. >> i think what we're getting is a lesson as to why he was so unpopular in the senate. i'm struck, lou, by losing so badly, losing this would be seven in a row by large margins. he's basically calling trump's voters stupid and fools and blinded and being hoodwinked. lou: chumps. >> yeah. you want to go after the candidate? you want to win, but to start diminishing and demonizing the supporters of the republican
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party's nominee seems to me extremely unusual. >> i think we can say with some sense of irony as well as the republican establishment itself has been doing for months now, that is demeaning the voters and supporters of donald trump. >> the only recollection i have back to '64 when goldwater and rockefeller battled it out, and at the end of the day, rockefeller -- goldwater had a big win in the convention and rockefeller was booed off the stage. my sense that the point in time is cruz is not going to have a very warm audience and i think the quicker he gets out of the race, the better he'll be. lou: it becomes also an issue of the party, and the party right now does not seem poised to heal itself to come together. but we have seen other examples where that seemed to be the case, and success awaited.
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what awaits a republican party right now in your best judgment? >> look, i think -- lou: in november, to be precise? >> look, i think the first challenge for donald trump is to unite the party, and i think some of that will happen as a result of tonight. people will give up the idea there's an alternative. there is no alternative to donald trump. no viable alternative, no fanciful alternative. to the extent he can bring this party together, that the never-trump people can get on board and say he is our candidate, it's either him or hillary clinton. lou: hashtag never hillary overtake hashtag never trump? >> doesn't matter. >> i know you're a social media maven. >> what's a hashtag? >> what's a hashtag? >> where is my 21-year-old daughter to fix it for me. [laughter] >> at the end of the day there is another element here. trump, everyone predicts he's not a viable candidate predicted everything wrong so far this year.
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he's going to be a very strong candidate, he's going to give hillary all she wants. they're the ones who get hurt the worst. lou: but race is a question, will the nominee, if it's trump, be blamed for the failures of the republican incumbents who do lose in those senate races, let's be very candid here, the republicans have very vulnerable senators not because of anything to do with the national ticket, but to do with the makeup of the constituency of the states which they've been elected and shifting rapidly, and secondly, the rather, well, disappointing performance of many of the senators. >> it depends on the campaign he runs. my sense is a strong campaign and that campaign is going to bring out a lot of the people who voted in the primaries here. that will make a difference in the senate races. if you lose, you lose, and you get blamed for everything. my sense is the best thing is win and win the senate races with you. lou: did you hear that?
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[laughter] >> as a strategist, that's my best counsel. lou: he makes big money for that! michael, thank you so much. ed, thank you, and michael and ed will be rejoining us later in the hour. breaking news right now -- we're getting new exit poll information tonight that shows what indiana voters are thinking and what motivated their votes. fox business reporter jo ling kent at our virtual studio. good evening, jo? >> reporter: good evening, lou, breaking news on the exit polls. i want to show you how donald trump won the indiana primary. take a look at voters with no college degree and how did they vote? they went for donald trump as expected. 57% of them going for donald trump. 35% going for cruz. only 5% to kasich, that was not enough, even if the kasich voters had gone to cruz to make up for the trump majority there. take a look at women voters in
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the indiana republican primary. 46% went for trump. 42% went for ted cruz, 10% for kasich, that did split the vote. so 50-50 when it comes to cruz and trump. the late deciders, those actually broke for senator ted cruz. this is where you see stepping up of the anti-trump attacks may have worked for the texas senator. look at this. 46% of late deciders went for ted cruz. 40% for trump. and a key 11% went for kasich, even though he didn't have a very active campaign there. so interesting numbers as we look ahead to the california primary. you see trump winning a lot of the categories he's been winning throughout the entire race, lou? lou: jo, what's very clear there is at least the categories we've looked at in the exit polls among all the demographics. trump is winning all of them. we'll be checking back with you. jo ling kent, throughout the broadcast and the evening. turn to the democratic race in indiana next and to do that,
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if you would, stay with us, we're going to pause for a few quick messages. indiana voters making their voices heard in these extraordinary primary elections. so what does donald trump do now? >> i'm different because i'm going to win states that nobody else can. lou: tough choices ahead for senator cruz and governor kasich. syndicated talk radio host mike gallagher and real clear politics rebecca berg join me next. we're coming right back. stay with us. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula
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the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. . lou: if you're just joining us, shame on you. but to bring you up to date, donald trump won the indiana republican primary, the polls closed 14 minutes ago, trump is expected to address the media, the beloved media, his people might say. at 9:00 p.m. eastern from trump tower here in new york city. it is still too early to project a winner on the democratic side. we will be bringing you the numbers as they are produced, and we will share all of the updates of course, with you throughout the hour and the evening. trump today railing against hillary clinton and her announcement that her husband will have an active role in her administration as a job czar. >> all i say is here we go
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again. if you remember all of the scandal that they had. all of the problems with not only monica. that was one, but whitewater and all of the things that went wrong. it was a mess. lou: it was a mess. joining us tonight, political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca berg, and host of the mike gallagher show, fox news contributor, mike gallagher. start with a win, nothing surprising here, mike. is there something profoundly shocking because two weeks ago a lot of folks were saying this is the stop trump state and that cruz was going to win it? >> there was so much emphasis placed on indiana, lou, and what you're hearing is a giant reckoning now. the never trumpers have to come to terms with the likelihood that mr. trump is going to be the gop nominee, and the trump supporters have to show a little grace because there's a huge riff right now in the
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middle of the republican party, and if there's any chance at all for a gop nominee to beat hillary clinton, it will be under the umbrella of some sort of unity, and right now we're way, way away from that, lou. lou: the smell of cordite and napalm in the air, may be asking too much to call for unity at this point. rebecca, you wrote a terrific article talking about the clear path awaiting donald trump. is it clearer to you and closer? >> much clearer after tonight, lou, and thank you for that. this was a must-win state in indiana for never-trump forces and ted cruz for a reason. when you looked at the primary map, the remaining states, there were only two wild card states, two states where we didn't have a good sense which way they were going to go, that is indiana and california on june 7th. what ted cruz needed was to make a dent in the delegates by
7:17 pm
winning indiana, and make it easier for him in california. and he didn't do that tonight. he would need to sweep the delegates in california to give the never-trump forces a chance of stopping donald trump at this point. it's a clear and relatively easy path for donald trump. he only needs to win 40% of the delegates from here on out. lou: and holds a sizable lead, mike, in california, as you well know. there is something else going on here and that is the cruz campaign is devolved into such name calling. talking about the trump people and trump as evil and pathological and you couldn't go much lower than cruz has gone. what's it going to do to those voting in california and other primaries. >> how much of the percentage
7:18 pm
of the vote trump gets. if you're talking well over 50%, that's a more convincing argument for senator cruz to consider how far he goes. i mean, i don't know, listen, donald trump is a candidate unlike anything we've ever seen, and i'm sure senator cruz who's a smart guy says listen, i got to throw whatever i can against the wall and see what stick, not much stuck in indiana tonight. lou: not much at all. numbers are significant. 20% margin. that is very early, and the margins are expected to change to narrow considerably. rebecca, thanks for being with us. mike gallagher, we appreciate it. rebecca berg, real clear politics. mike, good to see you. >> take care. lou: more results from the indiana primary where senator cruz will be addressing the media from indianapolis. we're watching that. earlier today, the senator, well, of course he blamed the national media for his lack of success. >> maybe executives are trying
7:19 pm
to convince hoosiers, trying to convince americans, the race is decided, you have no choice, you are stuck between donald trump or hillary clinton. either one of which is a horrific choice for this nation. lou: we take up that with the host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howie kurtz joins me next, stay with us, we're coming right back. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours.
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. lou: at 7:00 eastern, fox calling the race in indiana for the gop nomination for donald trump, and on the democratic side remains too -- much too close to call between hillary clinton and senator sanders. on wall street today, stocks moving lower again on global concerns about global growth. the dow fell 140 points, the s&p down 18, the nasdaq fell 54, and volume picking up 4.1 billion shares.
7:24 pm
crude oil down 2.5%, settling below $44 a barrel, right now in asia, the nikkei down 3% at open. australian stocks set to open lower wednesday morning there. breaking news now we finally heard from governor john kasich. the kasich campaign released a statement saying governor kasich will remain in the race unless a candidate acquires 1237 delegates before the convention. kasich did not campaign under indiana under a deal he made with ted cruz. some people called it alliance. some people called it utter confusion. senator cruz lost in indiana and now fighting for his political life, according to the senator, it is the national media's fault. >> i will note that the mainstream media is doing everything they can to convince hoosiers that this race is over. they only reported the polls
7:25 pm
showing donald. you don't report in the polls showing me. indiana does not act, this country could plunge into the abyss. i don't believe that's who we are. we are not a proud, boastful, self-centered, mean-spirited, hateful, bullying nation. lou: we are that nation if you eliminate the last three adjectives, seems to me. joining me is the host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howie kurtz. >> hi, lou. lou: senator cruz has gone somewhere new. he suggested who is it who discovered his inner trump, john boehner as he called him lucipher in the flesh. it looks like cruz has discovered something in himself that is very ugly indeed. >> beating up on the media.
7:26 pm
called lap dogs for trump. today he went further saying the fox news channel was the trump network. looks like he was flailing when you combine it with 11th hour trump, pathological liar, venereal disease, it did not help him in indiana as we see with the early call. lou: your assessment of the media. we talked about that, both privately and on this broadcast, i mean, the national media is pretty much in the loop, the national liberal media for one hillary clinton, in a tip of the hat occasionally to bernie sanders. i missed the part where the national media became trumpian. >> donald trump has gotten a huge amount of air time. he does more interviews than anyone else. he also drives the campaign dialogue. i understand that debate. if you look at negative coverage that trump has gotten from commentators on the right as well as the left.
7:27 pm
the daily news in new york that called him a clown, it actually helps him but hardly shows the media in the tank for the donald. lou: charles krauthammer and columnists on fox have written and said some of the most devastating, if not the most devastating things about donald trump of anyone in the national media. >> and rich lowry and karl rove and steve hays and others that appear on fox. lou: i consider them relatively generous of spirit by comparison to will. >> right. trump has turned that to his advantage. one he punches back. two, he runs against the media establishment, as he has run against the political establishment. i think the attacks haven't hurt him. i understand cruz is frustrated. seems to be slipping away. some of the rhetoric is a little too far. lou: i can't help but think as i watch this and listen to these candidates across -- we're ten months into the
7:28 pm
primary process, thank god we've got this process because it does reveal ultimately who is seeking our vote and who we're dealing with, and sometimes unsettleingly so. >> some people love him, don't like him, he forged a connection with millions of republican voters who felt angry and disgusted and disaffected from the system, that's why he's getting closer to the magic number of 1237. lou: i'll throw out one other element for you to consider. i believe that he also understands that there is great fear in this country among people who should not be afraid. our middle class. those who aspire to it, who are getting a raw deal, and who have done so for the past 20 years, and it's time to take this country back to its foundation, which is, we are, without question, an exceptional nation of exceptional people but for some reason, after seven years of
7:29 pm
brow-beating and some of the most lamentable essays on our weaknesses and flaws, we need to regain our footing and our courage and our vision, and we need somebody with significant power to do that. >> trump's challenge now is to unite a very fractured party, many whose members voted for other candidates or don't like him. that's part of his pivot against the election toward hillary clinton. >> you think the national media will pivot with him? >> i'd like tong they'll be fair to both candidates, if not i'll talk to you about it. lou: he will do so on media buzz with great eloquence. howie kurtz. we're still awaiting further results from indiana, senator cruz could address his loss in the hoosier state within the hour. stay with us, we're going to have full coverage as we continue. stay with us. bernie sanders trying to keep hope alive.
7:30 pm
>> we believe that we are in a very strong position to win many of these remaining contests. >> i'm 3 million votes ahead of him. lou: does sanders know something the democratic establishment doesn't? joining us indiana state representative alan morrison and the former head of the south carolina republican party, van hipp. we have a lot more after these messages. stay with us, we'll be right back. ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i klooks easy...the neighborhood speed record but i wouldn't be able to burn rubber without optum.
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. lou: breaking news now -- fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron reporting that the trump campaign is meeting its top senior staff, beginning a general election build out of the campaign structure and staff. senior staffers in the trump camp holding at least two formal meetings today, they'll meet again tomorrow to discuss retooling and expanding the campaign to prepare for that general election. they admit their voter data operations, in their words, are not as successful as they would like, and they would of course like to see very successful data operations as they meet head-to-head with hillary clinton and the democratic organization. the trump senior staffers are stressing they're addressing their needs to hire many more people to fill a number and variety of swing states and regional staff positions. joining us indiana state
7:35 pm
representative alan morrison. alan, great to have you with us. >> thank you, mr. dobbs. lou: is there any surprise in the trump victory as far as you're concerned? >> no, no, absolutely not. i've been telling people all week i think it's going to be closer to pennsylvania than wisconsin, and we were right. very excited for the news tonight here. lou: now, why in your judgment, are the indiana voters, republican voters, identifying with the trump message? >> sure, he's real and authentic. when he talks to people, he was in terre haute this past weekend, and he has a message that really resonates with hoosiers, especially people from west central indiana. he's a real person, and i think hoosiers are very drawn to him. lou: and have you spent any time with him, you sound utterly convinced and persuaded
7:36 pm
by both the man's appeal and ability? >> yes, i shook his hand and looked him in the eye, and you know, you can get a good feel from somebody like that from doing that, and couldn't be happier for what's happened tonight. it's a great evening in the hoosier state. lou: give us a sense of the collision between cruz and trump, dividing the evangelical voter, and senator cruz resorting to talking about a battle between good and evil, staying -- without any question -- vile things about donald trump in the waning hours of what turned out to be a losing campaign. >> yeah, this past week really seemed to be a turn towards desperation for senator cruz, and i understand. you know, to use a football term, he was fourth and forever from his own ten-yard line and figured he had to do something. so whether it was the pact that backfired on him that he had with governor kasich or naming
7:37 pm
a running mate when he had no chance of that nomination to what we heard out of him today. it was an act of desperation. i think what mr. trump was able to do was really to bring people together, republicans together, in this hoosier state, and i think it's interesting to hear the media has spoken over and over about how he is tearing our party apart, and i don't think that's true. i think he is going to really solidify this nomination tonight and he's going to bring people with him. i really do feel that way. lou: even though about half of the folks voting say that they're going not support trump in exit polling. you think that once, well, the nerves settle and a little -- the salv of time soaks in, everybody will come together? >> it's an emotional thing. when you have a candidate you are pushing for that, you
7:38 pm
volunteered, when you sent $5 or $50 or whatever, you have an attachment to the candidate. people went in for senator cruz or governor kasich, you have to turn around and the next time you vote for the person you were voting against or did not vote for. that's tough to take sometime. i really truly do think that people will get behind them because ultimately at the end of the day, we cannot let hillary clinton be our next president. lou: you would be one of the hashtags never hillary, then? >> absolutely. absolutely. lou: alan morrison, appreciate you being with us, thank you so much and congratulations on your victory. >> appreciate it. lou: for more how the day's primary could affect the battle for the nomination and ultimately the general election, joined by former chairman of the south carolina republican party, chairman of the american defense international, we're joined by van hipp. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: looks like another impressive victory. it looks like, as we're
7:39 pm
watching this thing skinny down a bit, it's below 20%, the margin, with about 30% of the votes coming in, but this looks like it will be a double-digit victory for donald trump. your thoughts. >> yep, the trump train has rolled through indiana with lou holtz and bobby knight in the locomotive. i think the people of indiana told you something, they want the race to be over with. i sat here on fox business a couple weeks ago if the trump momentum could carry through to new york to the primaries, and he's going to get a double-digit win tonight. if he wins indiana, i don't see how ted cruz gets up off the canvas. the reality of tonight, lou, is donald trump will be the 2016 republican presidential nominee. lou: you won't be arguing with donald trump after he announced last week that he was the presumptive nominee, you believe that he is that, in
7:40 pm
fact, and rebecca berg of real clear politics, i was talking with earlier, she wrote an article which the path is now close and widening for him to secure the 1237 delegates necessary for the nomination before the convention. so let's assume that that is indeed the case, that he has those delegates. he becomes the nominee, presumptive nominee going into cleveland, how does he start putting humpty-dumpty back together again. i've always wanted to use the metaphor and i found a way? >> you did it. my mentor was jim edwards, ronald reagan secretary of energy. he said van, be magnanimous in victory. i think it's important for donald trump to reach out to these people and show a pathway back. we need to be on the same team. the republican party needs to come together and i look at the example of marco rubio. look at the grace and dignity
7:41 pm
he showed when he exited the race, now talking about the need for the republican party to come together. that's an example we can learn from. be magnanimous in victory, reach out, bring the republican party together. it's going to be a tough road against hillary clinton, the most important election of our lifetime. lou: speaking of marco rubio, also there was, if you will, elegant silence on the part of the senator, whether it is because he was nursing his wounds from the campaign, or because he was doing what he believed to be the right and appropriate thing at the time. it'sed if to hear from him, talking about the issues that you're suggesting, which is coming together and getting ready for the general election. van hipp, we've got time for one quick answer here, so i'm going to ask a quick question. >> sure. lou: you have been concerned about the data gathering, the data mining, and the get out the vote technology and systems of the republican party.
7:42 pm
are you any, anymore confident that the rnc has it put together? >> not with the rnc, more confident with what you said, lou, that donald trump's campaign announced they are beginning to look at data analytics. they realize independents are going to be the key between trump and clinton and who has the best technology, data analytics and get out the vote technology is going to make the difference in identifying the independents, getting them out to vote. it's going to make the difference in the general election. lou: for not only the presidency, but also the house and the senate. van, good to see you always. >> thanks, lou. lou: up next, awaiting more numbers out of indiana. the democratic race remains too close to call. we have called a race for donald trump in indiana, now we're waiting to see how many of those delegates, 30 at-large delegates, 27 congressional district-pledge delegates, he'll be able to add to his total. senator cruz will be addressing
7:43 pm
the media from indianapolis tonight. we're told. we're watching it carefully and bringing it to you as soon as he steps in front of cameras and microphones. former presidential candidate herman cain has a message for the republican establishment. >> donald trump represents the voice of a whole lot of people, accept it. lou: herman cain, our guest here next, stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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. lou: joining us tonight, 2012 presidential candidate, radio talk show host, herman cain, also the former ceo of godfather's pizza. all-around great entrepreneur, great american, great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou, mr. dobbs, that's what i told you, you should be called. lou: well, you know -- and i'm telling you now that since you have said that on this air, we have the audio track, and we're going to roll that as our intro from now on. >> you can use it. lou: thank you, sir. herman, as i said, it's good fun and great to have you with us and get your insight into what is happening here. the guy who is supposed to be the evangelical and relatively
7:48 pm
aloof candidate from all of the mud and hogwash that was being slung now there seems to be no invective he won't hurl, there seems to be no insult he will not try to spew. this is stunning stuff. your reaction? >> my reaction is ted cruz, he threw a hail mary with the so-called kasich's alliance, that didn't work. he threw a hail mary with the carly fiorina as the vp candidate and didn't have the nomination. his third hail mary, quite frankly is nasty. it's not working. labels that the media and other people try to put out simply are not working. so the hail mary of ted cruz being as nasty as he can toward donald trump is simply not working. i believe that indiana, as you
7:49 pm
all have called it, sends a very strong message. voice of the people is being heard and they're not listening to all of the noise that's out there. lou: yeah, and donald trump with, his what some people call a populist message, but far more than that, talking about the economy, restoring prosperity to this country and to all of its citizens has been appealing across the board. we have been treated as a result of the nastiness on the part of personally, i believe, ted cruz. the senator chose to take away all of the important issues in discussion from indiana in three days and talk about school yard language that's utterly inappropriate. >> and it's not working. i don't think donald trump's message has been populist as much as it has been a leadership message. lou: yeah. >> the american people are saying loud and clear, they want a leader, they want a
7:50 pm
fighter and they want a winner, and they're looking past all of this noise out there, and so as a result of what's happening in indiana tonight, the message to the establishment is real simple. get over it and stop denying the voice of the people. help to unite the republican party so you can win in november. that ought to be the biggest message that comes out of tonight's results in indiana. lou: herman cain, always good to talk to you, appreciate it very much. and i'll be back to you later. >> thank you very much. lou: back for the voice-over. herman cain. great guy. thanks for being with us. ted cruz says trump is a pathological liar. he says lots of other things that are unbecoming. he says, on the part of trump, well, he says that cruz is just unhinged. tensions running a little high. what will cruz say when he talks to the media in indianapolis?
7:51 pm
before those very flags and that very picture will appear, we're told, senator cruz. we take all of that up next with our a-team political panel. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? >>
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lou: let's update where we are in indiana. trump has won the republican primary. the margin right now trump 53.34%. cruz 35.7%. the democratic race is much too close to call. as you see you, just about 2% separating them. we are awaiting remarks from donald trump in new york. donald trump we are told will be talking to the media at 9:00 eastern from the trump tower in new york city. and senator cruz coming to the national media from indianapolis. returning now former reagan white house director ed rollins. michael goodwin, and i'm joined
7:56 pm
by monica crowley. all three can tell you how lucky we are. no one gets luckier than ed rollins when he thinks about politics and that's why we are pleased to be associated with him, calling correctly the indiana race for trump. >> i thought cruz would get one district and he didn't get it. 30 days ago cruz was favored to win this state. this is a crushing defeat for him. old fighters want to keep fighting on. somebody should throw the towel in. lou: my strategy was to cry as well. >> this is going nowhere and it will only get worse.
7:57 pm
the ugliness of the cam paint last few days diminishes cruz and the whole process. >> i think cruz is hurting himself now. he's had a remarkable rise, and he ran a long, hard race and played it early on very smart. he danced around trump, took all the blows and survived to be the last alternative standing. but it's clearly over. i think his comments today should be the last we hear of that from him. >> it's quite a contrast. the first few months cruz and trump circled one another like fighters trying to figure out who was who and who would have the upper hand. the last few months have been amongst the ugliest of the campaign. >> cruz made a wise strategic move early on to ride in trump's
7:58 pm
backdraft for a while and he allowed the other opponents absorb trump's blows. but it's clear he won't be the nominee. if he can't win in indiana which is tailor made for him, he can't win anywhere. > lou: how could people get indiana so wrong? is it that the sophisticated pundits didn't realize trump hadn't campaigned in indiana yet? >> that's part of it. indiana was a swing state. it had good governor dozen, mitch daniels and governor pence. but it's a swing state and they underestimated that to a certain extent. lou: mike pence gave the most poisonous diverse endorsement i ever heard. i want you to know ted cruz is
7:59 pm
the man i'm endorsing but i like trump * a lot better. >> he's running for reelection, i hope this doesn't affect his victory. >> trump having won six straight contests before indiana, clearly he was on a roll. winning begets winning. i think it will impact those unbound delegates who will see there is no sense anymore. i think you will see a flocking to trump even before the convention. >> there seems to be some of that under way. it's more than a whisper campaign amongst the establishment. it's moving to a position. >> people like winners and he's a winner in real term. he's perceived as a winner who says on offense. and now it's clear he's the presumptive nominee, you watch a
8:00 pm
lot of people now start sucking up to donald trump. >> hillary is still having a hard time getting rid of sanders. she'll be the nominee but it's tight. lou: the democratic race remains too tight to call. thank you for being with us. fox business' neil cavuto take or now. -- takes over now. >> announcer: this is fox business coverage of the indiana primaries. here is neil cavuto. neil: we still cannot call this thing for the democrats. polls have been closed for the better part of an hour in indiana. most were closed for two hours. donald trump has easily won on the republican side but way too close to call on the democratic side. separately we are awaiting ted


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