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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i am senator smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is one day, may 4th in top stories that takes a.m. eastern time. indiana was a make or break state and it did just that. ted cruz has been in his run for the white house. trump the presumptive nominee taken a different tone as he looks towards the general election. >> together we left it on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he is one of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. [applause] and he has got an amazing future. he's got an amazing future so i want to congratulate ted.
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>> and upset, bernie sanders on bernie sanders on him last night's primary and issuing a warning to front runner hillary clinton. >> i said great fit jury is coming and i think that while the path is now and i do not deny that for a moment, i have absolute confidence that we are going to be donald trump in the general election. >> where breaking down results straight ahead as president dibona visiting flint, michigan today taking a closer look at the water crisis. he will meet with governor snyder who want the president to bird drink the water. they seem more recalls another 35 million airbag inflators reportedly deemed a safety risk. donald's taking more steps to try and customers. find out what it is looking to add to its famous french fries. turning to market this morning, stocks finished mostly lower overnight. the nikkei is still closed for holiday in europe. weakness across the board good
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investors weighing a mixed bag of earnings. they can see most markets trading to the downside. the u.s. looking at a lower open. features down up 116-point. s&p futures up 15. all of that coming up with me this hour. we've got fox business network dagen mcdowell, distinguished fellow steve moore and lenore hawkins is here. great to have all of you. but a big morning. and the late night for you. dagen: i would've missed out for the world. come on now. i didn't think he was going to drop out. i didn't see it coming. apparently a lot of people did. sandra: everybody wondering where the compliment came from. a lot of fun. we would get to that in just a second. this campus lineup. former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson will be joining us.
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family research council tony perkins, new york republican congressman peter king will be here. former texas congressman and presidential candidate ron paul and former yahoo! executive dan was in sway. you do not want to miss. this is all happening this morning. a lot of solid reaction to last night's big news. turning back to politics. ted cruz suspended his bid for the presidency last night that the texas senator failing to pull off a win in the indiana primary listening to front runner in presumptive nominee, donald trump. trump winning 53% of the vote taking 51 of the state's 57 delegates so far. ted cruz coming in second with 37% and john kasich receiving less than 10% of indiana's republican voters support but still remains in the race for the nomination. on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders coming up with the major upset over hillary
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clinton but is unlikely to content to clinton's large delegate lead that has her on track with the nomination. jet black is in indianapolis. -- jeff flock is in indianapolis. reporter: there it is. one word. indeed it was a decisive 83 last night. i didn't necessarily see it coming either until ted cruz entire family came out on the stage last night any new something was up. he hugged his family and then he stepped to the microphones and said well, a lot of people in the audience did not want to hear last night. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the
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long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our camp pain. reporter: donald trump has said before he hates the guys when he rants against them and a lesson after they drop out. they view as no surprise trumps reaction last night to ted cruz withdraw. >> just so you understand, ted cruz -- i don't know if he likes or doesn't like me, but he is one of a can editor. he is a tough, smart guy. clap back after that, trump said that he thinks ted cruz has an extremely bright future whether the man who he said was the worst liar he is ever worst liar he is ever not saying that now has a bright future. kind of calls at the question of whether we've all been watching the show, whether the general election voters will be okay with that show remains to be seen. for futures, bernie sanders does
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have a future after indiana with a surprise victory over hillary clinton. he says he still has the path to the nomination includes slipping around superdelegates. we'll see how that works. almost done with indiana. it came down to this. sandra: jeff flock, decisive. thank you. thank you pitcher dennis dallas "washtington examiner" correspondent david drucker. thank you for joining us write in early. david, your response in your reaction to the big news. the presumptive nominee of the republican party. >> donald trump got a gun everywhere he needed to. it would come down to indiana because he was supposed to be his favorite ted cruz and john kasich got out of the way. ted cruz had an open field against donald trump in the state is sort of described as a mixture between wisconsin and michigan. as it turned out, it was much for michigan yesterday than in. sandra: well.
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donald trump passing along comments saying that he's got a bright future. i don't know if he likes it or not talking about ted cruz, but he says he's a very solid competitor. >> this is not surprising. donald trump needs people to fall in line behind him. he needs a unified party. sandra: what ted cruz followed linux support donald trump? >> remains to be seen. usually i would say yes of course. afterwards everybody get together because there's a main goal of making the democrats were beating republicans. but i've never seen a primary where the criticism was so personal, where the insults were so crude. it really remains to be seen whether some of these candidates that donald trump be conjoined with him in a very public way. not because of politics, but
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this wasn't just a matter of color not ted cruz policies as corrupt or bankrupt. he basically called ted cruz a liar and that was his nickname. it is going to make this more unusual than he has in the past campaigns. >> he didn't just beat the field. he trampled them, bruise them. he's got to rebuild almost all of these candidates from bush to rubio to cruz to bring all these candidates together. sandra: he doesn't want bush's endorsement. >> well, he does. he's wrong about that. if he's going to win, he has to bring the entire element, all the elements are resold. >> he needs about half a billion dollars to run. >> 15,000 donations of $33,400 to 20 days is the max mumble out under party rules. you have to look at mitt romney.
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what are these other establishment republicans going to say and do? they probably treated last night nothing about donald trump, only thanks to ted cruz for making a fight for conservatism, american leadership in freedom. >> all of these endorsements by all these political people whether john mccain or mitt romney did make a bit of difference. they truly want an outsider. do you agree with that? >> i think it's pretty clear that voters are paying attention to endorsements. this is not a year were the so-called establishment of the party are big respect names within the party mattered. i talked to a lot of voters who have respect for people giving out the endorsement that said it wasn't enough for them. such i think donald trump is going to need fundraising and is going to need the support of the party because of that.
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he starts out at a deep disadvantage in that regard because this is going to cost them more than the primary date. there's a question of whether or not his liquid enough are willing to spend liquidity talking at least a quarter billion, probably half a billion. by bet hillary clinton raises $2 billion. it's not that it can't be overcome, but it's an advantage for the democratic the out. sandra: i want to get to the fox news exit polls because of interesting things we're learning here. we want to know what was on voters minds. dagen: the economy of course. this is the first thing. the most important issue facing this country was the economy. 40% economy and jobs on the republican side. this is what we have seen in exit polls in almost every primary contest in recent months. how worried are you if you are a republican in vienna about the direction of the economy? 67% said very worried.
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that was only 7% down there. on the flipside, had democrats feel about the direction of the economy? only 40% were very worried among democrats. i've got a couple more. not too worried or not worried at all was 15%. some people feeling comfortable there and it was still a top issue at democrats. 43% was their number one issue. sandra: still a shocker that the economy is number one. that just keeps going month after month, keeps going down. trump comes out and says we'll fix the economy. it's going to be great. that sounds great. i like that. but how appeared when you talk about how he needs to go back and repair some of these bridges he's burned, that's a difficult branding issue because part of what has been so attractive to
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many people is these very forceful. you are a liar. you are not good if you are terrible. i'm going to win. it's going to be great. dagen: i make it -- think it makes it easier because there's so much there that are defenders of touch. he won't go after the e-mail. the american people are sick and tired. >> he has to be careful not to alienate the women voters. sandra: what do women care about at the end of the day? the economy. david drucker, thank you for joining us. a huge step in the quest for self driving cars. the major partnership that could soon have been hitting the road in style. plus forget all-day breakfast nearby mcdonald's is picket on a shakeup to bring customers back to the table. when it comes to small business, she's in the know.
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true to the u.s. navy seal killed by direct fire during a crisis led fusion iraq has been identified. jo ling kent has the details on that another headlines. >> good morning, sandra. the navy seal has been identified as 31-year-old charlie keating mick ford. the grandson of the financier who was involved in the night duty savings amount candle. the announcement was made tuesday evening and has been confirmed by his family. meanwhile, to cod occurring to recall at least 35 million more airbags. the u.s. u.s. regulators to the safety risk reporting to "the wall street journal." more than double what is already the largest automotive recall in american history bringing the total to 63 million just here in the united states and possibly affect the nearly one in four of the 250 million vehicles on american roads. in super had find tangram for
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finding a bug in the comment features. he's the youngest person to ever get this award. instead program is of course part of the facebook bug bounty program are people whose problem or abilities in the code are compensated for reporting on the boycott he could delete other people's comments by inserting some problematic code into the comment section and he could've been able to execute an attack against justin beaver's against justin beepers account if they wanted to. but of course he's 10 years old and he wants to use the big money for a bike and soccer ball. sandra: so you can basically say a 10-year-old was able to hack and sticker in. >> exactly. but i love about it is their compensation there, all about white hat hacking, making sure people on your side helps the company prevent hires the issues have been exploited. this kid also has ambitions.
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dagen: apple famously doesn't pay people for hacks which is what that apple into trouble with the fbi. the fbi does pay and they were able to get into the phone. sandra: facebook is paid over $4 million to bug bounty recipients. >> imagine over the last five years, so much more. sandra: and he wants a football and a bike. >> a soccer ball i believe. sandra: silicon, the other election this year that could have a major in fact on the economy. plus turn text into gaming, it teams don't go anywhere without their mobile phones. parents to stepdad. that is coming out. ♪
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sandra: as you heard point out earlier, the top issues on the 2016 campaign trail, republican for under donald trump has said he will be one of the greatest job producing presidents in american history, read it a rating last night that he will bring jobs back into this
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country. >> we are going to bring back our jobs and save her job and people will have great jobs again. this country, which is very divided so many different ways is going to become one beautiful, loving country. sandra: trump's comments come ahead of a steady stream of economic data highlighted by the april employment report on friday. economists call it are 201,000 jobs added last month. that is down from 215 in march. the employment rate expected to hold steady at 5%. but of course the big question here, while donald trump if elected be to greatest -- what you see he is playing out that voters like so much? to his credit he has been touting this from the very beginning. >> one of the things he's been strong on his protectionism. the probably have with american jobs is there too much going on overseas and so would need to
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block things from overseas and we will have our jobs here which sounds really great because of the terrified thing when you've lost your job because the steel manufacturing is much cheaper than it is here. but it's a lot more difficult to implement it because the detail is solace where the devil lives. half of what america imports actually goes into the manufacturing of new things we produce. if we restrict what we bring in, talking about 35%, we make our cause 40% more than the stuff we make is more expensive and would've a tougher time selling our stuff to the rest of the world. >> i think these poll numbers are very problematic for hillary clinton because mostly republican candidates, a lot of democrat voters are saying the economy isn't really worrisome shade. hillary doesn't have a message different from what her up obama has done. the democrat message has been
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mystified, doing as well as we can. i don't think that's a winning message for democrats. trump has to basically say i'm going to bring these voters back. the other interesting thing is we are going to unite the country. that has to be his new theme because he's seen as divisive. i'm going to unite the country. sandra: we haven't even had much time to talk about the fact that bernie sanders just one last night. his message on the economy is winning. dagen: a new poll done last week that came out that a third of the millennialist, a third of young people were socialists. a third support socialism, but a larger percentage reject capitalism. i think one of the major things donald trump could do if he wins in november is target regulation because the massive upheaval that you've seen in giant parts
6:26 am
of the economy, health care, financial regulations, colby put out of business, re-regulating student loans and about the right relation that the white house has imposed on businesses. i think that is one easy way to try to dismantle some of that. a lot of top for decades about how we help small business. there hasn't been a politician that's come along in decades they really understood. >> they report the taxes and red tape are the two biggest problems facing our businesses and month after month they report that is what is causing the business. dagen: 70 to 75% of this country work for small to medium-sized business. >> it's interesting to pull his government spending be a problem. conservative republican voters is a huge issue. which candidate has a government downsizing agenda. sandra: grade-point.
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dagen: he is talking about spending a lot of money. sandra: but he also promises to pay down the debt in how many years? more to come. the minivan is going driver list. we'll tell you you about the nature deal in the software they minivan will go on sale. plus the changes coming to make dolls french fries. wait until you hear about the branding flavor coming to a mcdonald's near you. we will be right back. is ♪
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is wednesday may fourth. top stories 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the trump train rolls on. donald trump scoring a diesive -- decisive win last night. >> we will make america great again, we will start winning again. you will be so proud of this country very soon. >> i am not suspending our life for liberty. our movement will continue and i give you my word that i will continue this fight with all of my strength and all of my
6:31 am
ability. >> sandra: meantime on the democratic side, also an excite -- exciting side. he is vowing to stay in the race and keep on going. the presidential election not the only race to watch, however, how the union election could affect the economy, that's ahead. president obama is visiting flint, michigan to get a close look at the water crisis there. a wild fire forcing an entire city to evacuate. details on what caused this fire coming up. mcdonalds taking more steps to draw in customers. find out what it's now looking to do to its famous french fries. dare they touch them.
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from french fries to stocks. nikkei still closed for holiday. over in europe weakness across the board there. we are looking at the ftse down 75 points. cac down 30. investors with mixed bag of earnings and that's weighing on shares, over here in the u.s., lower opens as well. 1114. loss there and s&p down 15. texas ted cruz is suspending bid for presidency after fail to go pull a win in the state of indiana. donald trump taking the state winning 53% of the vote taking 57 delegates so far. on the other side of the aisle vermont senator bernie sanders with major upset with nearly 53% of the vote there. fox news matt is in indiana covering the results. matt, good morning. matt: good morning, sand ray, we
6:33 am
-- sandra, most of them heading into the primary yesterday understood that bernie and hillary were neck and neck in the polls and accepted that could have gone either way. hillary had not campaigned in the state here for six days prior to the primary yesterday. she thought she had it in the bag and bernie took it last night. this is adding to the fire that there's room for ideas in the democratic party. bernie sanders won majority of the white vote 45 and under and majority of male vote and independence and bernie's message of economic equality has resinated with blue-collar union workers here. his path to victory is narrow, he plans on campaigning into california and beyond and he is not backing off.
6:34 am
>> nobody, i think, would have dreamed that here at this particular point in may of 2016, not only would we be here but would be winning elections, but we are. so i sense a great deal of momentum. matt: now, we have not heard much from hillary clinton yesterday, however, her twitter account did send out this tweet saying that donald trump is the presumptivive gop nominee, asking supporters to chip in now if you degree that we cannot let him become president. now most analysts agree that bernie sanders' path is very narrow, he's mathematically eliminated, however, he plans to fight on and hillary is not acknowledging and as her site on donald trump and the general election. sandra: new exit poll data, almost 60% they want president
6:35 am
to be outside from the politicar donald trump, let's bring in political analysts scott, good to have you here this morning. i guess the question we want to ask you, both cruz and trump claim to be political outsiders but voters overwhelming say that trump is the true outsider. >> of course, he has never held office and say things that politicians say. this is a guy who refuse head would stay in the republican party in the very first debate unless things went his way. he is an outsider and people in the political world have missed, totally and completely missed -- sandra: they have missed a lot. [laughter] >> they say the same of bernie sanders. and voters are saying, nobody could do any worse than the gang
6:36 am
that's been running things for the last 20 years. sandra: fair enough. >> there's a lot of reasons to believe that. skepticism from outside the system had to happen this way. six months i was on with everybody else that donald trump couldn't do it. i thought me might make ted cruz acceptable to the establishment. he made cruz part of the establishment. sandra: you were looking at the data more closely than anybody sitting here. what are you looking as far as general election matchup, donald trump-hillary clinton because the polls up to now show that hillary clinton has a better chance of beating donald trump. >> the polls right now do not mean anything. sandra: whoa. [laughter] >> but we are in a situation -- we are in unchartered waters. i can make the case that donald trump as the nominee will get beat by 15 points, i could make
6:37 am
a case that it will be close. sandra: wait, you're not putting a third option that he beats hillary. >> actually he could or it could be bernie by 15 points. it is so unsettled right now. sandra: is it realistic to continue a potential bernie sanders nomination? >> i would say 10% chance. look, superdelegates can switch depending on what happens and last night was a surprise. >> dagen: just really quickly, one poll that's valid is now voters view trump as a stnd-alone individual and clinton. his unfavorable among voters are at 65%. hers at 56%. it's high but again, when his are already 10 percentage points higher, that's notable. >> absolutely.
6:38 am
this is a new jersey-style election. we have governors elected all the time that we don't like. chris christie number's were under water because that's part of what you expect. people are rejecting the political system. the biggest danger other than the fact that she's a lousy campaigner, she's the wrong person for the wrong person in time. sandra: you mentioned chris christie, at this point in the game everybody is wondering, everybody is start to go wonder who a vp candidate might be, who donald trump might be tapping for that, any ideas? >> no idea. i think the bigger question is who will be willing to accept. i thought kasich was playing to be vice president but he made the comments where he said i don't want no part of this. here is the interesting thing about this.
6:39 am
this election last night in indiana on the democratic side i think is important. you have the presumptive democratic nominee that's losing , voters don't really want hillary. she has big problems of her own. i disagree with you. trump has huge negatives but hillary, what is the message? >> last column i voted people are looking to throw all 345 members of congress. dagen: the thing that helps trump, who would have thought that he's the presumptive nominee. hillary unfavorable could get worse because she has sanders on the trail and all supporters who don't like her. >> dagen, we are missing something about primary process.
6:40 am
does it help trump and ends up winning a majority? >> he can't win 50%. sandra: by the way, as far as vp pick for donald trump, we have dr. ben carson coming up in the next hour and we will essential ask him if he has any ideas. maybe it's him. >> ask him if he would take it. sandra: thank you. >> thank you. sandra: president obama will arrive in flint, michigan today comes amid investigation of flint's contaminated water. the question on everybody's mind, will the president drink water. mcdonalds looking to change its beloved french fries recipe, that's coming up
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sandra: stock index few schuirs lower on this wednesday morning but there are some individual names to watch. cvs shares trumping on strong earnings, 10% rise in revenue and better than expected first-quarter earnings. sharp increase in ad revenue thanks to the presidential campaign and the super bowl giving the company a big boost. the shares are up a few bucks. tesla also in focus this morning. the company reporting earnings after the closing bell last night and investors -- i'm sorry, after the bell today.
6:45 am
comments on production of the model in the new vehicle, model three, also a lot of anticipation there. well, speaking of stocks, google and fiat chrysler on a self-driving minivan, first auto maker to sign the deal that would integrate google's technology, i don't know, people are warming up to the self-driving car let alone a minivan. you want a kid driving around in a -- >> they are. most accidents -- i've spent time with engineers, most accidents are human errors and they're finding that this reduces accidents by able half. sandra: what do you mean when women are putting on mascara?
6:46 am
dagen: particularly with minivans for the use of people who are handicap, even the elderly, elderly because of vision problems who can no longer drive, this gives them a life and mobility. i think that that -- i used to poopoo this technology and the more i think about it -- >> the amount of lives that would be saved. >> people are going to drive driferless -- driverless cars. >> you don't need that many cars. we can use a lot let cars. if you think about how many cars we have, 250 million cars. dagen: i'm not car pooling with anybody. >> it's going to revolutionize transportation. sandra: i'm still a little skeptical. i'm not opposed to the idea.
6:47 am
president obama visiting flint, michigan. jo ling: the president is arriving in flint, michigan. obama is meeting with rick snyder and giving a speech at north western high school and in a statement abc news governor snyder is calling on the president to drink the water in flint in a show of solidarity. forcing the largest evacuation in history of canadian province, whole entire neighborhoods have been destroyed, more than 80, 000 residents to leave. they're addict today their smartphone and i might be to with most checking their devices at least every hour. that's according to new survey which has the majority of parents agreed.
6:48 am
59% of those say their kids can't give up their phones and certainly i am right in that path. would you like some garlic fries with that. mcdonalds is testing garlic on its french fries in four restaurants in the bay area. the garlic capital of the world. also olive oil and if they're a hit, they'll be available at 250 restaurants in the san francisco area this august and, of course, sandra this is going to cost you adding 59 cents each depending on the size, which for me is always large. sandra: i don't get it. jo ling: i love it. [laughter] sandra: thank you. dagen: it's genius if they can start rolling items on menus.
6:49 am
you know, mayonnaise in the south, maybe. restaurants have overdone with the truffle french fries. dagen: there's nothing wrong with garlic and truffle. they smell kind of like rotting earth, right. sandra: wow. thank you. tweet us. people have opinion. >> strong opinion. sandra: thank you for that. with the fight of white house, we lose fight of the other election that's happening in october, teamsters will vote on whether or not to reelect their president, we discuss that coming up. before we go to break, may the force be with you, marking the celebration of all things, star wars, news is expected today,
6:50 am
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sandra: with all the focus on the white house this fall we lose fight of the teamster' election following in october following years of description and violating law, 1.2 million members will determine whether 18 year incumbent john of jimmy hoffa will be reelected. the teamsters nominate
6:54 am
democratic hillary clinton. good to have you here, sir. >> thanks so much. sandra: as far as it relates to the teamsters, the outcome of the election last night, donald trump the presumptive nominee for the republican party and bernie sanders beating hillary clinton. >> i think sanders is still going to lose to hillary clinton but it just points out her inherent weakness as a candidate. she can't put him away. as for donald trump he has surprised. it is going to be a presidential in which the winning candidate is going to have a coalition a little different from the previous ones. you're not going to see everybody from cookie-cutter modes. sandra: let's talk teamsters and james hoff ark, jr. and the reelection. >> are the largest private sector union country.
6:55 am
they not only have truck drivers but workers that work for them and whoever run it is teamsters runs a massive political machine because in most states they collect union dues and most of the money goes out the door for political contributions and that's why the teamster, even though membership is down, they're still powerful. >> didn't the teamsters endorse ronald reagan in 1980? >> i think one time they did. of course, that was when they were under federally closed supervision. so who knows. >> any chance that teamsters could endorse donald trump? trump does well with teamsters and union leaders -- >> i think donald trump could do very well with the membership. as for the leadership, remember about fourth of the teamsters now work for the government. except for things on the excel
6:56 am
pipeline. they have disputes with democrats. sandra: what impact could election have on corruption? >> it was only last year that the teamsters ended 25-year of corruption and mafia ties and two or three of their presidents went to jail and one went missing. only last year that the teamsters have come up from that supervision. there's still corruption of the teamsters and the race is people opposed by president hoffa, you haven't cleaned up the union, this is a battle as to whether or not inside the teamsters people are satisfied with current leadership or reform need to come within the union. sandra: will there be change, president hoffa has been there 18 years. >> you never want to vote
6:57 am
against an incumbent. sandra: good stuff. good to get your insight on that. all right, we will be right back . the heirloom tomato.
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7:00 am
cruz suspending run for the white house and trump presumptive nominee and taking a different tone as he looks towards the general election. >> from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory, i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> what ted did is a brave thing to do and great thing to do because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. sandra: meantime on the democratic side another exciting night as well, a major upset, bernie sanders winning last night's primary and issuing a warning to front runner hillary clinton. >> i understand that secretary clint open thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her and we are going to another -- a bunch of other states that
7:01 am
culminating in the largest state with the most delegates and that is the state of california. sandra: we are breaking down the results for you straight ahead. a scary scene in washington, d.c. a man hijacking a bus and killing one person. the latest on that just ahead. a big deal for harper, national's outfielder to strike a deal with under armor. major milestone, 14 million-barrel of bourbon. all right, from bourbon to the markets this morning, we might need some, nikkei still closed for a holiday. in europe investors looking at a mixed bag for earnings and lead to go more than a 1% loss on the ftse in london.
7:02 am
in the u.s., futures off 100 points, s&p futures off 13, nasdaq off about 30. all of that coming up and joining me this hour and for the whole show fox business dagen mcdowell, heritage founder steve moore, let's not add anymore to that title, steve and leanor hopkins. dagen: i like watching the speeches live because i wasn't expect the ted cruz. i saw it after ted cruz's daddy about oswald thing. he's out. >> i have to say on this show i said for the last eight to ten weeks that the republicans are not going to go to the nomination and trump would get this locked up and last night he did it. sandra: a complementary donald trump.
7:03 am
we have dr. ben carson coming up. we want to get right to him. and republican congressman peter king is going to weigh in on all of this and former texas congressman and former presidential candidate ron paul will be joining us and former yahoo executive, that is a can't-miss lineup. stay right here. turning back to politics this morning and top stories. ted cruz suspending his bid for the white house. the texas senator failing to pull off a win in the indiana primary losing to front runner and now presumptive nominee donald trump. here are the results. trump winning 53% of the vote taking 51 of the states 57 delegates so far. ted cruz coming in second with 37% and john kasich receiving less than 10% of indiana's voters support. on the other side of the aisle bernie sanders come up -- coming
7:04 am
up with a major upset on hillary clinton but unlikely to cut her lead that has her on the path to democratic nomination. jeff flock also has had a long night. always good to see a smiling face. what a nice it was, good morning? jeff: dagen has a lot more energy. she has a lot more energy than i do here in indianapolis. the headlines who would appear that republicans had nominee before democrats. sanders, you know, said, don't do what the rest of the mainstream media. >> it's going to give us momentum because there's many
7:05 am
like you and others that there's no victory. >> the people in indiana agreed that it's over for ted cruz, he left it all on the field but apparently not last night. his whole family came out, father, mother and kids. it was clear that-going to be the end for ted cruz. >> from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. i'm sorry to say -- [shouting] >> it appears that path has been foreclosed and so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.
7:06 am
jeff: ted cruz buttons by the way, $5 throughout the campaign, last night after the announcement, a dollar a piece, that's why i've got one. sandra. sandra: you waited till they went on sail, huh? jeff: that's the story of my life. [laughter] sandra: donald trump just tweeting a few moments ago, so interesting that bernie sanders beat crooked hillary. bernie sanders won. he then tweets, i would run against crooked hillary clinton than bernie sanders and that will happen because the books are cooked against hillary. he will say on the following day that hillary has a bright future in the democratic party. [laughter] sandra: good to see you, jeff flock, thank you. during victory speech last night
7:07 am
donald trump praising his former republican rivals as jeff flock was hinting at specifically giving a big shotout to dr. ben carson. >> i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against right here on the republican party. dr. ben carson who was right up there, one of the first, he just called me and said, it's a movement you've got going, we have to do something because it's an incredible movement and dr. ben carson endorsed me, and i want to tell you that's an incredible man. sandra: let's just bring him right in, donald trump supporter, dr. ben carson. >> good morning, sandra. sandra: what did you make of donald trump's very complementary words about you last night?
7:08 am
>> well, not only about me but about a lot of people which means that he's moving in the direction of trying to unify the party and i think that is an extremely positive finding. you know, i know donald trump and i've had a chance to talk to him in private on a number of occasions and he's a very reasonable and accommodating person and all you have to do is talk to the people who know him and who have worked with him for a long period of time, you see, he's not the monster that many people try to portray him. sandra: clearly your endorsement of him is still there and still strong and you have met with donald trump, are there any discussions about a potential vice president pick on your part? >> certainly we've talked about who might be a good people to place -- sandra: has he asked you, sir? >> i don't like to discloses
7:09 am
private conversations. sandra: all right. so that's not a no. i will take it at that. what does donald trump do now? where does he take the campaign now as he's going to focus on hillary? >> well, there's a lot to focus on. there's no question about it. not only will he expose some of the weaknesses of hillary clinton and help people to understand that we don't have to settle for that, but i think he will also be talking about the divisiveness that's going in our country when we have isis and others trying to destroy us and the fiscal responsibility that compromise its the future generation, he probably understands that than any other people that are running. >> by the way, first of all, you
7:10 am
were really one of the national figures in the republican party to endorse donald trump. i think it made a big difference and i know that you have been working with him for the last several months. hillary does very well with black americans, she's won decisive victories with black americans. the middle class is the strike zone for donald trump, can he win over black voters to the republican side of the aisle? >> well, yeah, we've been talking about, you know, a lot of the people who traditionally have not voted republican and i think the messaging has been lacking for republicans. we are going to be talking about how do you provide ladders of opportunities so that people can climb that ladder and become highly success, portions of the fabric of america. this has not been emphasized
7:11 am
correctly. and what democrats have done is handouts and pat people on the head, and you know, it's been effective, i admit but i think we have a far more effective way of doing things, emphasizing education and giving people on choice, you write your own ticket. you look at the big inner cities, 50% high school dropout rates, not because people don't want to be educated, because they look around, we are noting. so they drop out. those are things that we have to fix. sandra: we have to look at the new exit polls. dagen mcdowell is joining us right now and she's got a look at what is on voters' minds. dagen: leave it to the math nerd. i was refer to go -- referring to myself. [laughter] dagen: among indiana republicans, 59% wanted somebody
7:12 am
outside of the political establishment, experience, it only it came at 35%. those wanted outsider 78% went to donald trump. pretty incredible there. you can see that. did the party -- did the campaign and the gop energize the party or divide it? 56% of them believe that the gop campaign has divided it and 40% that it has energized the party. it's the exact opposite. 73% of them believe that the party has been energized rather than divided, just 23% believe that it has been divided. there's a big divide there between republicans and democrats. i'm curious about how dr. carson feels about that. >> yeah, there's no question
7:13 am
that we had a very rocus process and people were very mean to each other and you would have thought that after 2012 we would have learned the lesson but we didn't. the ointment and when people think about her and how it's going to destroy our financial underpinnings and empower our enemies, i think that would be enough for people to start saying, you know what, we have to start thinking about chirp -- children and grandchildren. your reaction to bernie sanders beating hillary clinton. >> i fully expected him to beat her and if they didn't have such
7:14 am
a crooked system, i think that he would win. sandra: all right, good to have you. thank you. >> thank you. sandra: all right. we will be right back.
7:15 am
7:16 am
sandra: a hijacked bus killing a pedestrian in washington, d.c. jo ling kent is here and has the headlines, good morning, jo. jo ling: a man hijacked a bus,
7:17 am
the driver and passenger were able to flee the vehicle. police surrounded the bus and arrested the suspect. and former secretary hillary clinton say it is fbi has not yet contacted her to set up an interview as part of investigation into her private e-mail server. clinton respond to go a question from nbc's andrea mitchell just said one word, no. there's no evidence that her server was hacked while secretary of state. this is a fun one, jim beam, 15 million-barrels of bourbon. seventh generation and kentucky governor sealed the record in kentucky. economy news, chinese companies buying foreign business at a record pace.
7:18 am
chinese businesses have announced more than $108 billion in foreign deals so far. about $2 billion more than all of last year and this comes when there are reports that chinese officials have warned commentators whose public remarks are not in line. that's certainly nothing new. the chinese government specialty. sand sand sandra: that's the question. the chinese have been buying international companies for a long time. what's changing now? is it picking up pace? jo ling: on the personal side maybe slowing up, we have seen a downtake. dagen: chinese owners in the apartment that i live in, they
7:19 am
just bought apartments from related and have spent an awful amount of money converting them into condos. hold your nose. they are expecting the chinese to buy them. sandra: steve moore, you look thrilled. [laughter] sandra: thank you. warriors with a victory last night over the trail blazers. another headlines even though politics are dominating. ted cruz wins among republican church goers in our grand new fox exit polls. we will be right back
7:20 am
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> sandra: from record endorsement deal to finishes. a wild night in sports, jared. jared: well, night in sports. have you ever gone to a supporting event, late in the game say let's get out of here and let's beat traffic. last night was the wrong day to do that. trailing by 11 points, but the defense was in a golden state, the warriors held portland to only 12 points in the final
7:24 am
quarter, they win game number 2. 110-99. steph curry hopeful to return from knee injury saturday in portland. toronto raptors' fans same thing. bad decision because they did this. >> a prayerer at -- prayer at the buzzer. [cheers and applause] >> overtime and toronto -- jared: shot from behind court. dwayne wade scored and heat held onto win 102-96. sandra: wow. jared: baseball's version of air force one. coming to stores in july.
7:25 am
under armour, signed to what is believed to be the largest endorsement in history. that includes steve curry, golfer jordan speith, this is an extension from five-year contract. dagen: shoes have been doing very well, steph curry shoes have been doing very well. >> they're doing well with the women's line. jared: i think to the next level. serious people that work out and athletes, people does wear it because it's pretty cool. [laughter] jared: great stuff. how about under armour of the states. this is a scary story, nfl and
7:26 am
player's association sent a letter, if you're going to be traveling in méxico or china, be careful what you eat because apparently stakes, ranchers put something called clembuterol, nfl players can test positive. dagen: the meat -- the beef has been treated in steroid. jared: we thought ped's was a problem. dagen: even in this country you have to eat the antibiotic free animal ifs you're going to eat at all. jared: i still say whatever looks delicious. >> i can't give up my burger.
7:27 am
>> the last few nights have had amazing games. the ratings have been pretty good? jared: i vice i haven't even thought about the numbers. sandra: i want to know the numbers on the endorsement deal. jared: a whole lot of money, sandra. sandra: a scary survey is out. the top causes of deaths in the united states. well, this model may have you thinking twice about your next tv purchase.
7:28 am
.. when it comes to small business, she's in the know.
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so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay!
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not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. sandra: maria bartiroma has the morning off, it is wednesday, may 4th, your top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, the trump train rolls on, donald trump scoring a decisive win in indiana. as a result ted cruz dropping out of the race, but both candidates now looking ahead. >> we will continue to fight next weekend next month and next year and together we will continue as long as god grants us the strength to fight on.
7:31 am
>> he will not be a great president, she will not be a good president, she will be a poor president, perhaps in the history of the world, the single worst trade deal ever done, it is called nafta. sandra: on the democratic side a major upset depending how you look at it, bernie sanders winning last night's primary, facing a tough path to the democratic nomination. but he is vowing to keep going. new details in a devastating fire at a new york city church caused this blaze. we have more on this coming a. a startling new study on healthcare in america, we will tell you the cause of death in this country, it left all our jobs dropped. the revolution among key details when buying a television, we have got one tv that may have you picking design over anything else. turning to market stocks in asia mostly lower overnight, the nikkei closed for a holiday. the shanghai and the hang seng
7:32 am
and cosby all lower in europe, weakness across the board as well. investors weighing a mixed bag of earnings, the 40 in london down 1%. in the us looking at lower open, potentially a lower open with stock index futures down across the board, dow futures currently off 91 points off of their lows of the session. our top story this morning, texas senator ted cruz ending his bid for the presidency last night after failing to pull off a win in the indiana primary, donald trump taking the state winning 53% of the vote, taking 50 one of the state's 57 delegates so far on the other side of the aisle, vermont senator bernie sanders coming up with a major upset over hillary clinton with 53% of the vote. matt thin is on the ground in indiana covering the results. >> reporter: we have been in
7:33 am
indiana a few days talking to voters of all ages in places ranging from the grocery store to the library and going into the primary yesterday most voters told us they arrived at the conclusion this could have gone either way because the polls were indicating bernie and hillary were neck and neck but now bernie pulled it off and this is being called a major upset and one of the biggest reasons is hillary clinton had stopped campaigning in indiana for nearly a week heading into the primary yesterday. she thought she had it in the bag. now that bernie has won indiana it is adding fuel to the fire that there is a place in the democratic party for his ideas. in indiana as expected sanders won the young vote 45 and under and won the majority of white votes, clinton took 75% of the black vote. it seems bernie's message of economic equality for all resonated with the voters and he says he will carry that message and momentum into california. take a listen. >> a pretty good chance to win. i think as more and more
7:34 am
delegates to the democratic convention take a hard look at which candidate is generating the enthusiasm, excitement and voter turnout we need, is not become president. >> reporter: we have not heard much from hillary clinton. her twitter account sent this tweet last night saying donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee. if you agree we can't let him be president, bernie and hillary have their sights on donald trump and all three candidates have their eyes on the general election. sandra: donald trump is tweeting away in the last hour, he is targeting what he is referring to her as. progressive hillary. despite texas senator ted cruz dropping out of the presidential race fox news indiana primary exit polling results show he won
7:35 am
a majority of the republican churchgoer vote with 47% and donald trump trailing by four points. joining us is family research council president and ted cruz supporter perkins. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? sandra: what do you think of ted cruz dropping out of the race at this point? >> obviously very disappointed in the outcome of indiana and concerned about the future of our country, more importantly my children's future, the country they may inherit. it is a different election cycle, a lot of decisions made, i feel like a lot of evangelicals elevated 1-way highway, just got word the bridges, a lot of people deciding what to do from here. sandra: donald trump is on a mission to win over religious voters including your self. will you be able to support
7:36 am
donald trump? >> i hope he will try to win those voters. evidence as you decca at the polls in indiana suggest he does not have them in the bag as he would like to hold like he has suggested. not his style, his personality, it comes down to his policies, his running mate. who is going to vet his judicial nominees? what type of policies will he advance as president. those evangelical conservative voters and weekend churchgoers are very concerned about the moral climate, not just trade deals but the moral climate of the country and -- sandra: the tail end of the question, will you be able to support donald trump? >> i am not ready to say that. the jury is open. going back to 2008-2012 the republican candidate was unable to close the deal, all of the party especially the conservative voters, i hope he has taken note of that and we
7:37 am
will not only campaign on issues and throw a bone to conservatives but truly make the integrated into his platform, his vision for america. >> steve moore here, if you look at the last 10 or 12 primaries donald trump has done surprisingly well with evangelical voters. in many states he beat ted cruz with evangelicals but doesn't seem like it is a huge weekend for him. the religious conservatives in the country, what does donald trump have to do specifically? what issues for people like you to come out? we need enthusiastic support to beat hillary clinton? someone like you, donald trump will need your support? >> it is correct we have to have a unified party to beat hillary clinton. i want to take issue, don't take issue with you often but if you look at the definition of evangelical, there is a division
7:38 am
in that term. this is consistent throughout the time, those who take their faith seriously have not been with donald trump. for me personally it will come down to who is his running mate. who is going to vet his judicial nominee? we now know how important the court has become in shaping big cultural and political landscape of the country. sandra: i was looking up earlier in the campaign cycle, evangelical leader was quoted saying in support of supporting donald trump at this point, we are lucky for someone who doesn't hate us. would you support the same spot? >> that is a good start. i would prefer to have someone who likes you. they don't have to be exactly like us. we are not looking for the creature in chief, someone who
7:39 am
is going to campaign and have revivals for the nation but we want someone who understands the moral component, what makes the civil society work and the importance of the role of religion so hostility we have seen in the last 7 years from the obama administration, we want that to be gone but more than that, we want someone who will say yes, we understand the religion plays a key role in our society and not just within the church but within society. sandra: sound like you are not willing to endorse him or say you support him at this point but do you believe donald trump would fulfill that need? >> in the past, so evangelical leaders in tune to respond to the first appeal and thomas said this, one thing i agree with him, evangelicals, christian
7:40 am
leaders have sought access over accountability. the church, evangelicals, we are not here -- we are here to be the moral conscience of the republican party and provide influence to government. that is what i am doing. i am not going to fall in line just because he is the gop nominee. sandra: we really appreciate you coming on this morning, thank you. still to come, what may be to blame for the devastating fire at a historic new york city church on greek easter. thinking about going stag to your prime? consider this, taking a presidential candidate cut out. we will have that next. the pursuit of healthier.
7:41 am
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side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment.
7:44 am
sandra: medical errors may the the third leading cause of death in this country, scary details from jo ling kent. >> reporter: a new study by the johns hopkins university school of medicine shows medical errors claiming 251,000 lives a year in the united states. that means medical errors may kill more people than respiratory disease, accidents and stroke. researchers believe the number could be much higher because nursing home death are not involved. a fire that destroyed a historic church in new york city sunday was caused by a smoldering box of candles. a caretaker placed candles that were not properly extinguished into a box and this fire was accidental. the fire at the serbian orthodox cathedral started just after a greek easter service this past
7:45 am
sunday. incredible pictures there. and apple music may soon be getting a makeover, report say the prescription service will be revamped to make streaming and downloading more streamlined and may relaunch at next month's worldwide developer conference after apple music launched a new marketing campaign factoring taylor swift. apple music has 13 million subscribers, less than half of spotify's users. it is not easy to use. dagen: the worst service ever. they pitch music to me, i pay for it, i own every our bum and they pitch to me introductory introduction, how do you not know that i own -- i don't need an introduction to the allman brothers. their algorithms are the worst algorithms in terms of pushing music at you that you might like that you don't already own.
7:46 am
you ask anybody in technology, one of the biggest foulups on apple's behalf. >> the entire library got wiped out by a bug, they admitted it was their problem and basically said you are screwed, you need a new id, wouldn't even give him a refund so almost $1000 he spent on apple, gone, your problem. sandra: another story to look at, one high school senior bringing an interesting date to her from. chloe brought a life-sized cardboard cutout of bernie sanders instead of bringing one of her classmates. she hadn't been asked to the prom so she thought bringing the cardboard bernie would be the best option. you know what?
7:47 am
dagen: of all the boys i knew in high school, a fake, aging politician, would be a better date than any guy i knew in high school. you one to talk about self-centered and boring and aren't they -- you are not. now they are all fat, bald. >> when we were kids, two teenagers, don't have to have a date. >> losing the disney princess where he asks me, my whole life has changed. if you ask a cardboard cutout they can't say no. no awkward kisses at the end of
7:48 am
the night. dagen: girls taking charge, not do you want to go, you are going with me. i hope for her sake it didn't rain. up close look at samson's new television, will the new design have you replacing your tv? we will show it to you next. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking,
7:49 am
but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
7:50 am
7:51 am
sandra: samsung looking to replace a television with a
7:52 am
piece of art. this model hdtv was designed by famous french designers and is currently on the market for $1700. to get a better understanding i am joined by keith barry, editor in chief of home and auto. described by samsung executives, the iphone version of the television, why describe it like that? >> taking the tv to its purest form, if you remember early phones they felt like phones, the iphone felt like a piece of art or something, something you would like to have in your pocket. this is freestanding like a piece of furniture. >> the larger version, legs in the middle of the room.
7:53 am
sandra: there are different colors and sizes. >> the largest size is 40 inches. this won't be what you put in your home theater, your flat screen taking over, this is supposed to be an accent piece but also a television. sandra: is this a game changer? are we going back to the days of television being a piece of furniture? in the 1960s and 70s it was a piece of furniture, surrounded by wood, freestanding, are we going back to that? >> yes. i think this is the midcentury modern look that is popular now. this is the version of the old zenith console tv. sandra: what is the imagery? $1700? similar quality of the display? >> the tv display itself, i work for, we haven't
7:54 am
actually tested this one yet, it is not actually available in the us. later this year is what samsung told me at the price will be $1500, the highest definition you can get. just a little less of a tv look. sandra: will of the competitors followed? >> i am sure. the margins are thin in all the tvs right now. they are not making a ton of money. sandra: samsung has to find a way to get a new tv, you can't get any flatter, they can't get any bigger. everyone has got their tv. something that makes you have to go to buy a new one. >> especially for people who don't like the thing in the living room, a big giant tv. you are redoing your house and
7:55 am
redo your television at the time. sandra: this is what you look at, you like this product. >> design week in milan, this tv was mobbed, the kitchen, the home and bath, this lines up at the door to see this television. sandra: it is coming, there are a few different colors. how is it doing, it just hit the market. it is on sale on samsung's website, from the look of it i imagine it is priced down a little bit, once the buzz dies down, maybe not this particular look but a tv that has its own
7:56 am
distinctive look. sandra: thanks for bringing it to us, good to see something new. next hour we are taking a closer look at last night's big indiana primary results with congressman peter king and former presidential candidate ron paul will be here, keep it here on foxbusiness.
7:57 am
7:58 am
sandra: good morning, everyone. i am senator smith good maria bartiromo has a morning off.
7:59 am
it is wednesday, may 4. your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern. a make or break state for ted cruz did just that. ted cruz has been in his run for the white house bid taken a different tone of the bookstores the general election. >> to gather, we lasted all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he is one of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. [applause] and he is god an amazing future. he has got an amazing future. i want to congratulate ted. >> i want to talk to congressman peter king and the little bay. the democratic side of the race, and upset.
8:00 am
when in last night's primary in issuing a warning to hillary clinton. >> i sense a great big tree coming. i think that while the path is now on i do not deny that for a moment, i have absolute confidence that we are going to be donald trump in the general election. sandra: breaking down the results of the game change a the game changing that the game change a night last night straight ahead. meanwhile, president obama visiting flint michigan with a look at the city's water crisis. he will meet with governor snyder who want the president to drink the water. a wildfire forcing an entire city to evacuate. details on what caused this fire coming out. and make donalds taking more steps to draw in customers. we are still getting them.
8:01 am
we will tell you how one company can help you fly in style. turning to markets, stocks lower overnight with the nikkei closed for holiday. markets trading to the downside. off more than a full percent and 78 points. investors with a mixed bag of their names. and here in the u.s., which also same rockets trendy lover, pointing to a lower open on wall street. i will note that we are well off session lows. the dow coming off of triple digit losses now off 84 points ahead of the open. in just a few minutes a few minutes, the april adp report. this of course coming before the big government jobs report on friday. all of that coming up here with me this hour, fox business network dagen mcdowell. visiting fellow steve moore and
8:02 am
meredith advisor lenore hawkins is here to the start another great hour. our top story this morning, ted cruz suspended his bid for the presidency last night. the texas senator feeling to pull off a win in the indiana primary losing to front runner assumptive nominees. here are yesterday's results. trump winning 53% of the votes. taking 51 of the 57 delegates so far. ted cruz coming in second and 37% and john kasich with less than 10% of indiana's voter support. but he has decided to remain in the race. bernie sanders it is unlikely to cut into clinton's large delegate lead that has their on track for the democratic nomination. jeff flock has been joining us bright and early life on the ground in indianapolis. jeff, everybody still taking it
8:03 am
in and digesting the news this morning. >> what a difference a big remake spirit donald trump earlier in the day type two taipei cruised to the jfk assassination and the system i called cruise the biggest liar he's ever met. just hours later was calling cruz a guy with an amazing feature. i am not making this up. listen. >> he has got an amazing future. he's got an amazing future. i want to congratulate ted. >> i guess he didn't say an amazing feature. bernie sanders has an amazing future. another state where the poll said he was going to win in another state where bernie sanders wins. he says that it's just a start.
8:04 am
>> i sent some great victories coming. i think while the path is now on i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states and back become the nominee for the democratic party and once we secure the position i have absolute confidence that we are going to defeat donald trump in the general election. >> speaking of the general election, let's not forget john kasich who just after ted cruz pulled out that hey, guys i'm the only guy who can win the general election against hillary clinton. the memo that rigas said it is down to us now. it ain't over till it's over. and again over. >> well said. thank you. let's get right to them. join us as new york republican congressman peter king. good morning.
8:05 am
first up, your reaction to the victory for donald trump last night. he is now the presumptive nominee. >> it was a great victory for donald trump. i've not been supporting them. the fact is he's overcome all the odds and last night was a solid indecisiveness jury. it's important to party find a way to get behind donald trump. i still have a number of issues with it. sandra: what are those issues, congressman? >> maybe national security trade policy to me by being so anti-trade, especially with asian countries because for instance we can in effect block out china and force china to fund two s. for negotiations. as far as pulling troops out of japan in korea, that also burns that china's position in the pacific. making deals with food without abolishing.
8:06 am
it could be substance to what hl policy. sandra: so you have been rather supportive of donald trump, congressman and ted cruz now out of the race. should i say you have shared your disgust for senator cruz. natocruzow out. >> yeah, listen. i'm honestly not a fan of ted cruz. but he won the race, boss, withdrew. it speaks for itself and i hope that ted cruz can find a way to work within the republican party. sandra: what you make of donald trump's complementary words in his thick tree species said he was a competitor and actually complimented him in many ways saying he's got a bright future. i really came at a for him question or >> i don't think that. i think if he goes for vp, maybe hnicenug s
8:07 am
ertoch bad blood. i know that donald reached out last night but it would be very hard to put those two on the same ticket. anything can happen. >> reince priebus tweets this out, congressman. he said donald trump will be the presumptive gop nominee. we need to reunite them focus on defeating hillary clinton. #never clinton. will the party of night? >> it mostly well. also the democrats i think a lot of the reagan democrats will come to donald trump. that is a strong point that trump has coming into the working-class, blue-collar democratic vote. he has to worry about losing the more moderate -- the republican
8:08 am
women, for instance, some of the republicans in the suburbs. trump can still win this. he has the energy and again the democratic base and hopefully get as much as he can. he's got to stop talking about george bush lied about 9/11 and line about the iraq war and we have to pull troops back. sandra: congressman, i went to get steve mori on here as well but the bit of breaking news. elizabeth's reaction to last night's victory continues to pour in. now we hear from senator elizabeth war in. she just took to facebook making comments about donald trump's the very last night. she says this. trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism and data phobia. there's more enthusiasm for him among leaders of the than leaders of the political party he now controls. she also went on to say he praises putin and a columnist
8:09 am
who recently interviewed tennis court was being called an authoritarian and doesn't mind associations with history or taters. congressman king, your reaction to that. >> that's going to do more to unite the republican party. elizabeth warren is over the top. people choose donald trump. she's basically implying he's a racist, but somehow she gets away with it. that is wrong. donald trump is a tough guy, but he is out there. i'm not a child fan, but i don't know anyone in new york who instead of calling donald trump are racist. as a liberal card once they are on the run right away they come back. do it confuses me when you say you are not a trump fan pages that many will not support the gop nominee? >> i endorse marco rubio and i think i have some real issues with donald trump. but he's the nominee. i will vote for him. the extent of my support will be
8:10 am
how much he modifies, not modifies, salvages positions. i have real issues on trade. sandra: steve moore has a question or >> first of all, i have to get this off my chest. this is an historic moment. we just heard the statement said i'm going to pulp the biggest political upsets in the country. this is a period with donald trump has done to win the nomination, none of us would've thought this possible year ago. the question i have for the congressman, great to be with you this morning, is this. how does trump do this? he has to start by bringing the party back together because it is so fractured right now as you know. is his biggest problem the conservative priority, or is it the more moderate who i think you sort of put yourself in the more moderate camp. what does he have to do to bring the party together questioned arc i think he can beat hillary clinton. i don't believe these polls for one minute the session will be
8:11 am
10 by 14 points. the thing he's done that's really impressive and you touched on this as he has brought millions of new voters into the republican party. how does he capitalize on that? >> first of all, i 100% pro-life. i believe in strong national defense. i would hope he could sit hope he gets it done, good solid foreign-policy people around him and show how he can tie his america first policy to policies which will not weaken america's national defense. his heart is in the right place, in digs in the right place, but he has to realize it's not as simple as you make it sound. we can't be pulling troops out of japan. >> what about his point that maybe nato should pay a bigger share of the burden of defending europe. >> first of all, the countries in europe have not done a good job at all. but on the other hand you do have lapped it up or lithuania and we can expect to pay. the other country should be.
8:12 am
i wouldn't be doing it in a way that is weakening nato. you have to walk and chew gum at the same time. the campy show showing any signs of weakness because that could encourage him to move into the baltic state. sandra: congressman king, thanks for joining us. good to have you. still to come the entire city evacuated because of an out-of-control wildfire. a third is fighting this but it is still spreading as we speak. details on that straight ahead good president obama traveling today. authorities want him to drink the water. those stories and much more. stay tuned. ♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
train to the devastating wildfire forced the entire city canada to evacuate. trans states has the latest on the story. jo: good morning, sandra. the largest evacuation in the province of alberta. entire neighborhoods have now been destroyed. more than 80,000 resident had been ordered to burn not have control of the city. the city is asking the military to pitch in and help fight these fires. president obama arrived in flint, michigan as president
8:16 am
cause for increased involvement in the water crisis. the president would meet with rick snyder holding around table with resident and giving a speech at northwestern high school. in a statement, governor snyder calling on the president to drink the water today as well in a show of solidarity. some big news in the car industry. google and fiat chrysler to work together to build 100 dr. in advance. the driverless technology will be integrated into the 2017th chrysler pacifica hybrid and the first google has worked to wreck it with the company selling software and sensors and software. financial terms were not disclosed. would you be willing to show your living space with others? old oak opening next week in london. the building features 550 small unit along with shared kitchen, a roof deck, shared library, public restaurant and rent
8:17 am
ranges from $327 to 582 bucks a week. that does include utilities, internet, full-time concierge and twice a month cleaning service. compare that to rent in london. 2100 bucks a month. it could be slightly cheaper. >> i have two toddlers. i have nowhere to go in my house. >> you are to share your living space. sandra: no private space. report just out 156,000 was the number. 40,000 lives than the 196,000 estimate. right now, not much movement of stock index futures ahead of the opening bell. so don't 88 points. s&p and 12 points pretty much where we were out before the report came out. a muted response to what is otherwise seen as a negative report for adp payrolls.
8:18 am
coming up, good news for anyone who loves the sun. getting rays will make your life healthier, longer and could even make you thinner. there's got to be a catch to this study. we will have a straight ahead. you may not be fine with the likes of president obama, the pope or donald trump. we talked to a company is trying to change how you take to the skies with a few uber like approach. we will be right back.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
sandra: welcome back. looking at the technology sector this morning. tessa morning. tessa will report earnings after the closing bell today. results one month after the automaker revealed the mass-market electric car. the tesla model three. shares of twitter hitting a new lifetime low during yesterday's trading session after the social media company issued revenue guidance for the quarter that were sharply below wall street estimate. joining me now is chad ceo and wall street ceo of dan rosensweig. good to have you. where is technology going? here we are with the halfway point of the year. >> the technology itself. sandra: broadly speaking, yeah. >> i think silicon valley right now is in an interesting
8:23 am
transition guide you got the old guard traveling. some of these companies we talked about that twitter is much as five, six, seven, eight, 10 years old. obviously dominated the market rate now, they have uncontested runway for the next couple years. it got interesting companies like paypal which are college kids absolutely love in this huge with a spectacular job. you've got a dichotomy of large companies with paypal breaking away, face the coming up in a lot of companies struggling to transition in their business models in the rapid change of technology -- sandra: we have twitter. >> twitter is an interesting situation that's just come back. there's a lot of structural issues. jack dorsey, the chairman role will be a longer term play. the question really comes down
8:24 am
to whether or not the 300 million users can become a billion users or whether or not its 300 million users. it is 300 alien users, that is something not really what the investors want. sandra: we have got trans exon that. but the continued story about who is going to acquire yahoo!.e former ceo of yahoo!, you must have some special and toys "r" us. >> i definitely have waited years. we will know more than a month. there is a vast timeline now. it went very slow because they had the investors. this sort of agreed that the shareholder meeting is in june. they are going to want all of that before june. honestly, it's difficult to know where it's going to fall. there's not that many participants in the process. there's real structural questions about what it's worth five years from now.
8:25 am
>> what happened when marissa mayer's come to ceo who secured a windfall if she does leave the company within a year of any change. what did she do here? >> i don't know that it's in her hands at this point. i think she's doing exactly what she is supposed to do now, which is running the sales process. she is actively engaged providing all that is is a meeting with the players and i think it's in the board's hand. she is doing with the see how is supposed to do. all the other stuff is noise and won't impact whatsoever whether or not this transaction. sandra: i want to get to your company's earnings. quickly the political environment. your take. donald trump the presumptive nominee of the republican party. >> they always say america gets what it deserves. we have trump versus clinton
8:26 am
likely. indianapolis or indiana that there's no way for him to get the nomination. from the perspective of a student's perspective, early on in the process, student club trump and then they didn't. and and then they didn't. now there will be her blow me. >> is better for the technologies that are? >> it is actually unknown because hillary is more familiar with the technology sector because she spent her entire career out there. dagen: is giving her money hand over fist. >> they've given a lot of money to burn it. nobody is giving money to trump because he has been asked for any money. i think there is a general business -- split. there's a lot of romney people
8:27 am
and a lot of paul ryan people and i think people will reluctantly support hillary. wilber and his supporters support hillary or trump or do they just not though? >> we don't know because the interesting thing is the 18-year-old and the night tina and 21-year-olds who came out for obama, they came out big. this is a whole different generation of people and they went heavily towards bernie. sandra: you beat first-quarter earnings expectations will you also made a big announcement, an internet acquisition. >> look, we've been going through multiyear transition to an online screening hub. by the end of this year we will be 100% digital 30% a year. we went from the same $18,000,000.3 years ago to this year making $20 million to use the hundred billion dollars to produce and free cash flow. this is a whole new come in a
8:28 am
focus on the student. if any of you have college kids, i promise you they are all using it. american kids can't write. 73% of employers tell you that the students graduating don't have the capability to write. only high school students have submitted a paper this year had. imagine easy helps that was writing, writing structure, bibliographies with citations. >> asic communication skills. >> this will blow you away. 20 million students a year use this product. over 60% of college kids who doubled our reach with high growth, high margin business. is a small company people haven't been focused on it but now we are high-growth, high margin, high cash flow company. the most important come in a focus in on this. sandra: hillary clinton is known for being more than the technology industry.
8:29 am
do you remember when she was asked if she wiped her server cleaner she said what, like what they cost? i'm inserting an editorial there. i just had to do it. >> the thing is neither one of them have a great track record on technology. and trade and immigration. it's going to be really interesting to see the technology. sandra: good to have you. >> thanks for having me. sandra: donalds out with a brand-new flavor for its iconic wedge fries. will this bring more customers to mickey d's? we will discuss straight ahead. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
8:30 am
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>> welcome back, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. wednesday, may 4th. the trump train rolls on. as a result, ted cruz dropping out of the race. both candidates now looking ahead. >> we will make america great again. we will start winning again. you will be so proud of this country very, very soon. >> i am not suspending our fight for liberty. our movement will continue and i give you my word that i will continue this fight with all of my strength and all of my abili ability. sandra: meantime, on the democratic side of the race, an upset. ban winning last night's
8:33 am
primary, and faces a tough path to the nomination, however, but he's vowing to keep going. takata facing more recalls. 35 million air bag inflaters deemed a safety risk. mcdonald's taking more steps to draw in customers. big news this morning, and what it's going to add to the famous french fries. to continue loving the sun getting rays will make your life healthier longer and could make you thinner. that study, that very important study straight ahead. travelling like a celebrity. we'll tell you how one company will help you fly in style, but at a more reasonable price. futures markets this morning are down. looking to a lower open on wall street. the selling has picked up after that adp report, a disappointment by 40,000, coming in 156,000, job futures up 93. s&p futures off 13.
8:34 am
top stories, bernie sanders taking indiana and the majority of delegates in the primaries. texas senator ted cruz coming in second to donald trump, announcing he is suspending his campaign. kasich vowing to fight on in future primaries. let's bring in former presidential candidate and host of the ron paul liberty report, former texas congressman ron paul. good to have you, sir. good morning to you. >> thank you, nice to be with you today. sandra: first up, your take on last night? >> well, i guess it didn't surprise a lot of people, but i don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. people anticipated it, but i -- depending on who wins, it makes a big difference in the future because it seems like most of our policies are locked in place. if you expect one of the individuals on the republican side or the democratic side to change what is inevitable with our economy, i don't think that's likely to happen. so, i think it's more of the same and i don't expect much to come out of the election, even through november.
8:35 am
i think we have serious problems that are not being addressed. sandra: congressman, reis prebus says that we have to focus on defeating hillary clinton. do you support donald trump? where do you stand now? >> no, i don't think he offers anything and hardly do i think that hillary offers anything, but ultimately, i think the policies stay the same. i've looked at this for so many years. we were so hopeful there would be a fiscal conservative in the office when reagan was in, but the deficit tripled during his eight years, nothing changes. control of the system is much bigger than the political parties and i like to talk about the deep state, those people in charge of the military industrial complex, the medical industries, the fda and all of these groups are so powerful, they control what happens, not the political parties. sandra: congressman, this is
8:36 am
the fear though, that if donald trump is now the presumptive nominee, that republicans, like yourself, don't support donald trump, i wonder if you're going to vote for about you is this just handing the election to hillary clinton? >> well, i don't think it matters. see, trump had his problems and hillary has hers. most people know hillary better because of his track record. republicans if they'd watch her closer. and-- . dagen: congressman, you're essentially saying it doesn't matter who the president of the united states is. that's what i'm hearing. >> well, no, i think it would, it's secondary to what the american people think about economics, whether they believe in socialism, whether they believe in preemptive war, that's the only thing that counts. so, yes, it makes a little bit of difference, but not between the two of them. i mean, we're not going to-- who is going to bring the troops home. dagen: are you not going to vote in november?
8:37 am
>> i'll vote and i'll make my vote count. i'll vote for an alternative party. dagen: gary johnson. >> it makes no difference so i'll vote for an alternative. there's bound to be somebody that believes in somebody that comes closer to what the american tradition is all about and free markets. i'm not going to vote for tariffs. it would be pretty hard for me to do that. >> steve moore here. >> hi, steve. >> i was a big supporter of rand paul my first choice and i want to challenge you on this. i'm not sure i agree with you-- i think there's a huge difference between what hillary clinton stands for and what donald trump stands for. donald trump wants one of the biggest tax cuts, he wants to repeal obamacare, he wants to reduce our military presence all over the world, many things that you have favored yourself. i just kind of don't get how you don't see a big difference between these two candidates
8:38 am
and the stakes here? >> so you like bashing china and putting on tariffs on-- >> no, i don't like it. >> how about you talk about backing off on the military. he's a big champion of, you know, massively increasing military spending. and here we have more military spending than almost everybody else in the world and yet, we have to rebuild the military. who is going to attack us? it's part of the system. what about the president's working group on financial markets, will he attack that or the next bailout will wall street be protected. i think it will be. whether it's hillary who has a close tie and trump is not going to disappear and not protect wall street because the crash is coming and trump will bail them out just like hillary because people who pull the strings and say, you know, do they have control of the federal reserve? well, not really. sandra: congressman, let's talk coal because this has been a big one the past couple of
8:39 am
days, i want your take on hillary clinton's comments, flip-flopping on her position to kill the industry. listen. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, and we are going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time and i did put out a plan last summer. and it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs, that's what i meant to say. sandra: okay, that was her responding, congressman to a coal worker who was put out of work and it gets worse from there. he went on the air with fox
8:40 am
business and here is what he had to say. his name is bo copley, a laid off coal worker and told melissa and david after the bell. what he said about meeting with her. >> i'm hurting now. there's a lot of families that are hurting and going without right now. we're not worried about down the road. we're worried about what we're going to do for our families now. sandra: congressman, your take on that? >> well, i think it's more arrogance. she certainly sounded very arrogant. i did this, i'll do this. but you know what they fail to see the big picture. it's not popular to look at in politics. because you have involvement with lower than market rates of interest. then we subsidize and encourage alternative fuels, then we go and we allow fracking to occur because it's free money, and at the same time, what they shouldn't argue is a pro coal industry or pro natural gas or pro-energy. we need pro-freedom. we need to short it out because
8:41 am
we don't know what the value is of coal. i happen to think it's very valuable and would be, but with much interference and interest rate. you get distortions and unemployment. why don't we care about the unemployment in the fracking industry? that was a creature in many ways of government and now they're laid off. they're just as destitute as the coal people, but i want freedom of choice, it will not be perfect, but it's so much better than a managed economy. we live with a managed economy and neither hillary or sanders or trump offered an unmanaged economy because they want be to involved because they're not ready to say no more interest rate rigging by the fed. if you want to look to distortions, look to the fed. sandra: congressman ron paul, we appreciate you coming on with us this morning. >> thank you. sandra: well, coming up, fresh concerns over takata, the japanese air bag maker facing additional recalls due to ongoing safety concerns.
8:42 am
we've got all you need to know on that just ahead.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> one of the biggest recalls in u.s. history about to get bigger. good morning, jo. >> good morning, sandra, the recall of takata air bags is growing dramatically. regulators expected to announce as early as today that 35 million additional air bags made by takata have to be fixed more than double than what is already the largest automotive recall in american history. the air bags can explode and at least 11 deaths worldwide have been linked to the defects. on a lighter note, mcdonald's testing garlic on fries, they're seasoned by garlic in gilroy, california, the garlic capital of the world. olive oil, parsley and a pinch of salt.
8:46 am
if they're a hit they will be available in the san francisco area come this august. compared to our mornings with maria poll, 26% of you say don't change the fries. keep the originals. 24% say, yes, make the changes, but just so you know, mcdonald's not planning to replace the originals, this will be new on the menu. a new study finding you're likely to live longer and lose weight if you're out in the sun. it's linked to a decrease in cardiovascular diseases and other conditions, such as obesity. the study looked at nearly 30,000 swedish women whose sun bathing habits were recorded for 20 years and sandra, may-- yea yeah. [laughter] . dagen: it's so critical vitamin d. because people bare heavy duty sunscreen, we're not getting the vitamin d from the sun that we need. sandra: the world is getting to
8:47 am
be a better place. chocolate is good for me and wine, and-- people are more physically fit when they live near the ocean and eat healthier foods, i'm just saying, is it just about the sun? >> it's so cold in sweden, by the way. >> they don't get-- >> they've studied people who use tanning beds in country like in scandinavia where it's dark for much of the year and it's beneficial. >> we've been told that the sun is bad for you, because it causes skin cancer. dagen: everything in moderation. sandra: do you wants to travel in style? private jet travel is expensive and associated with the rich and famous. now this celebrity perk could be yours, with a company that is making private travel more affordable. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> the day has finally arrived. taking private plane is just as easy as a uber car. our maria bartiromo sat down at the milken conference. maria: thanks, sandra. coming from the milken conference, i'm sitting with the founder and ceo of wheels up and it's truly changing private planes aviation. private aviation. good to see you. >> thanks, maria. maria: thank you for joining us. you've launched new products and you've seen your audience double, the number of members double in the last year. characterize what you're seeing now, are more and more people getting access to private travel?
8:52 am
>> well, the key for us is to democratize the space. you need a bigger addressable market and with the offering, we've broadened the space and taken it to a much larger customer base. there's millions of people, the way we're set up, that can interface and join us with wheels up. maria: this is a smaller plane and more affordable? >> the interesting thing, it's not smaller has relates to the light jet that i sold my whole career, it's more like a flying suv. eight seats, eight golf bags, that gives you how much luggage you carry. maria: interesting, increasing i will people want that and they want to spend their money on, you know what? instead of spending my money here? i'm going to spend my money on a private plane and make my trip the best it can be. >> no doubt. maria: you mentioned the price and you were able to launch new products and you mentioned the 8760 membership tier, but also, you've got different products
8:53 am
where you could use it like a shuttle. >> yes, listen, we have three memberships here, just to simplify the offering to bring it to a bigger base. we have a corporate membership, 29,500. individual membership, 17,500 and the new tier, 8760 tier, 5950 to be in the club. so, those are really understandable numbers for folks, and then again, the average flight being less than two hours in north america, the king lear is perfect. and we also have the best selling jet of all time citation xl, when you have a three or four hour flight. we can address that as well. when relates to new products, ride sharing. if you wanted to put a flight on and go from here to d.c., you could put that flight up on the app, if you have six extra seats that you're not using and membership in the club can fill that in. you're the beneficiary of the savings, not us.
8:54 am
we charge a little bit of an administration fee to put it together. you propose that flight and other members can join in. that dramatically can lower the cost of your travel. >> you're with perhaps people you don't know or maybe with people you do know, but it's only eight people. >> it's less than eight or eight, you're with like-minded folks already members of the club, they've been vetted and verified. and less than two hours of flight you might meet somebody and do some business. maria: unbelievable. >> and any closed fleet like wheels up that owns its own airplanes, 70% of the time we're flying revenue flights. 30% of the times we're moving airplanes to get in position for the revenue flights. we're giving that 30%, that empty-- those empty legs to our members through the app, called the hot flight, for $295, if you have flexibility. you can take any hot flight that wheels up offer. any member it take it, first come, first serve anywhere in the country.
8:55 am
>> how do you monetize to make money on this? this seems like really good value. >> it's great value and being a member of the club you should feel like there's great value. i look at three business models when i think of my business and how we monetize and create stake holder value. first is old school costco, their membership fees make up a great part of what they do and basically pass on services at a reasonable markup to members. so that's one. we want to go a little, let's talk about amazon prime. bezos and company have done a wonderful job and add members every day to the service. and netflix, amazing what you can do with a membership model if you're able to retain the members and we're having great retention hear. maria: this is the sharing economy once again. >> no doubt. maria: so you're expanding the business so much, what's your vision in terms of the next three to five years? i mean, you're getting younger people who you're making private jets accessible to
8:56 am
them. >> yes. maria: where do you see this going? >> we see ourselves doubling the whole private aviation pyramid. there's probably 50 to 100,000 players that play in the private aviation pyramid. we see on our tier one business, our corporate and our individual, we see doubling the whole space. so we can have tens of thousands of people ultimately five years out can be part of the club there. the 8760 model, that's hundreds of thousands of people if you get it right. the ride sharing, the hot flights, the shuttles, that, you know, it's 795, the shuttle from new york to nantucket, or san francisco to l.a., for 795 a seat, how big is that market? it's open to everybody. we're creating american jobs. wichita, kansas is the detroit of the aviation business. cessna and beechcraft, and every job-- unbelievable. maria: kenny, congratulations,
8:57 am
nothing to say other than incredible success and i can see, i can see the growth and r runway ahead. >> runway-- >> founder of wheels up. i'll send it back to you. sandra: thanks, maria. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
[ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >> our many thanks to steve moore, dagen-- >> i told you that that lady is saying, the republican candidate, it's going to be a
9:00 am
hell of a race. >> drink wine and have chocolates. sandra: now, that was a good show. good to have all of you. that's it for us. "varney & company" is next. is he there? stuart varney. stuart: i'm here. sandra: can't wait to watch your show. stuart: let's sum it up like this. trump's the republican guy, cruz is out. bernie, the socialist, wins indiana. big trouble for hillary. i think that just about does it. good morning, everyone. unity, please. both the party leader and trump himself want to pull the republicans together. that's the effort now. no unity for democrats. hillary has all, but sewn up the nomination and bernie won't quit and after winning the women's vote in indiana, he's in no mood to quit. and this could be a problem for hillary, dead stop and stocks


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