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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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as candidates are speaking, we cap out in motion stocks are showing weakness out of asia. the gdp growth, corporate earnings, not all, but most that are lower than estimates, lower certainly than the year before. we've seen such a contraption and then sort of an icing to the worrisome care. 156,000 new jobs according to the adp folks. these are largely service sector jobs in the latest month we were expecting about 40,000 more. sometimes, not all the time without the granddaddy of all
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these reports come these reports, today's employment report report that comes out on friday. that of course they've been arguing their control and improving economy. and now we see more that is not the case. donald trump has been saying i am your savior appeared and now focusing on everything. he is beyond the bubble of the state recovery. he keeps pounding that same and saying he is the guy to fix it. in a word right, bad economic news helps them. and with crews already having the presumptive nominee at the time when the backdrop economically and financial market is not great. the status quo bad news ipposed.
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that's always how the theory goes. to get back to your point about jobs. friday morning will be interesting because he will be out of the campaign trail by then. we'll see how the jobs report comes in. the private sector report is only a 150 jobs and they're looking for 200. stock market today found again over the rough go so it is the exact timing of the news at the time when mr. trump takes over a presumptive nominee if he will. already last night at trump tower looking to pounce on all of this. as he did, it was clear he was making a shift to the general election candidate going after hillary clinton. watch. >> we are not going to beat hillary clinton. i watch her three or four weeks ago and she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers. she was talking about she wants the mines closed. she will not be a good
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president. she will be a poor president. she doesn't understand trade. her husband perhaps in the history of the world, and the single worst trade deal ever done. it is called nafta. the first obviously focused directly on jobs and trying to capitalize on what mrs. clinton herself said was a misstatement about the coal mining industry. he will go and talk presumably more about that. the second is straight and he has really made trade the centerpiece of his economic agenda. talking to wall street analysts and economists, they want more questions to be answered from trump going forward here. with his solutions here, you know, make things worse? would it spark a trade war? all of those things will come up in the coming months. trade and jobs will be the focus after hillary clinton and donald trump. neil: by the way, even kind of
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working herculean hours. he's up at the crack of dawn flight donald trump all over the country. not a word of complaint. no sleep it is like jerry lewis at the end of the telethon. we admire that. great job, connell. we will be getting updates throughout the day. either way, we are getting a double, triple quadruple that he is going to step out of the race in about five hours. talking to folks in virginia today. that is not happening. this will come the day after 10 crews, who will probably have the most realistic chance of stopping donald trump and even that would be an uphill author. the sole surviving candidate in this race is taking himself out. enter all of these today dismissing donald trump and they
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now that is the inevitable nominee will go nowhere fast. rent is the same people who trump at the outset. then i want you to see just a show. we did not do that. to those of you who are going to dismiss the real estate developer who says he's worth north of $9 billion, do so at your own peril. because whether you like it or not, dispute the messenger, do not dispute his message because donald trump is writing a topmost false. >> all of you guys have realized the persona donald trump is going to be a bigger than expected threat. the mainstream media kept laughing them off. that was then. donald trump now, the leading republican candidate for president of the united states. i only point that out because as
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many of you know as i said on the show, donald trump doesn't think we treat him fairly. i think it's a nonsensical point. my only point in saying this is early on may be the fact is i covered in more than 30 years ago when he was building his casino real estate empire. i never dismiss that part. this is long before he became a social media thinker and of course sort of a media new star appeared long before that i realized more people were dismissing in the day. and he would get blown out of the waters by hillary clinton. i usually like to bring up history on the show because many in the mainstream media were saying that about ronald reagan in 1980, including the carter folks who thought they could mop the floor with him. someone mopped the floor, but it wasn't then. the real clear politics reporter and what to make of the donald trump situation now whether he can carry it forward.
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he took out 16, 17 candidates one by one and a surgical, almost ruthless fashion. who is to say he can do the same to hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> you are right. underestimate him at your own peril. the republican primary provided democrats with a roadmap of how to approach this. a republican candidate underestimated trump. they didn't take him seriously and they didn't take his message seriously until it was almost too late. what trump was able to do was really see an opening that it kind of existed for several years. kind of disaffection with government, the satisfaction with government and the republican party. he was able to get his opponents off their own brand and rebrand them and a way that was on appealing to voters. we saw that most recently with ted cruz. he was able to portray ted cruz
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is a creature of the republican establishment, which was not his message going in. the clinton campaign and democrats in various races across the country are certainly taking note of this and are preparing for the day. they know that donald trump is a tough opponent. they might have rather run against someone like cruz who is very overt in his strategy, very proud to stand traditional. trump is not that way. he can throw opponents off their game plans and we've seen that in the republican race. neil: is also a long time. when you call someone low energy jeb bush or y yang -- why you ted cruz. bygones are bygones. i'm going to be presidential now. people don't forget the stuff you were saying before. you think they can? >> certainly his negatives are
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high and that high and that is tough to rebound. hillary clinton is doing with a high negative, too. there is recent polling that suggests both of them have high negatives among independent voters. hillary clinton's negatives increased over the primary with independent voters. the other thing they are looking not is history. a party hasn't won a third term at the white house in three decades really. it is hard to overcome. another thing that republican strategists have been pointing out to me over and over again is nothing unites republicans quietly the clintons. and so, you are seeing some republicans who are anti-trump kind of morphine into this matter hillary clinton type of campaign. that's where the unity will matter. i think this is going to be a
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base election and an election in which forces are galvanized against the opponent. neil: it is one thing to be grudgingly accept a nominee because he's the nominee for republican electoral want to stick with our chosen leader. but it's quite another to do so with great zeal. if you don't have the veal, that's it. >> with ted cruz, he was trying to emerge as the alternative to trump, but nobody could get excited about his candidacy. republicans weren't enthusiastic about him and didn't turn out for him to help him overcome trompe. of course enthusiasm matters a lot. i think democrats are counting on the negativity towards trump as a way to galvanize their own forces and the same on the other side. again come to independent voters who pay a key role and have high negatives. neil: caitlyn hughley burns, real clear politics. just to update you, besides the
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kasich announcement coming up five hours presumably to drop out of the race, we also your donald trump has good been person in charge of finding the brightest president candidate, one that will be decided on before the july convention and most likely ben carson could be going through a list that includes all the people he ran against. remember when dick cheney had this job, dick cheney came to the conclusion i can find no one better than me. he didn't say that, but that was my dick cheney impression. it is right up there with my scottish. okay, fine. his candidate might be on the short list. governor dan patrick. >> good to be back with you. neil: same here. you think tucker should be on the shortlist? >> ted cruz should be the replacement for antonin scalia.
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doris kerwin wrote a book on the team of rivals about lincoln and trump was said during the campaign that i can be as good as anyone except to be lincoln. well, he has a chance. he can take his friends like rudy giuliani. he would make great homeland security or defense or writ or he could fill of those spots. chris walker ought to come in. ted cruz said he was then going to nominate him to the supreme court, they would bring in the cruz people. he has a chance to build an all-star team. to be great for a country of great for our party. imagine rick peary, chris christie as attorney general. ted cruz i think would be a slam dunk. he's the young man. from the white house. the supreme court justice can
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reverse. he actually prefers that on his tombstone to never having in president of the united states. rarely does it go the other way. >> i have not talked to ted since last day but he did the patriotic thing, the right thing for the party. i travel with him around the country. he and heidi were 12, 15, 18 hours a day. they ran a great campaign. i would disagree with your former guest. his supporters like myself are very enthusiastic. i said on your show many times the nominee should be cruz are trump. i've already read an editorial today at the texas tribunal why we should rally around donald trump. it is the issues, the issues that hillary wants about the border, he wants to close it. hillary wants to expand upon the care. trump wants to end it. he will create jobs, she will send jobs away. neil: you will let bygones be bygones? >> absolutely. i ran a very tough race.
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i've seen a lot of other races run. at the end of the day, the truth is a lot of things are said and just the fatigue of a long ways. if you are really running for the right thing, which would be to represent the people and as a republican to do the right thing for this country, you have to come together. i don't know if ted wants to become a supreme court justice but he could be there for 40 years and be the greatest supreme court justice has ever had. donald trump now i'm all in whatever i need to do to help him when. he needs to rate the book and the reader's digest version and surround himself with lincoln. the lincoln model work. people who oppose and an sad things about making it about trump. they cried at his funeral. he can do that. neil: lieutenant governor, thank you very, very much. and the meantime, we are now
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told within seconds of looking like donald trump was going to be the republican nominee, hillary clinton is fund raising off about. look at the big word right now. what if i told you donald trump will be fund-raising both of these.
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neil: let me look at them they. maybe a positive political angle on this. just for the sake of argument, the market has been getting out of their own way. take a look at what is going on right now at or near a seven week low. it is still appreciable event. certainly since barack obama became president.
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the economy is better when they became president. the air is coming out of the balloon. a slowdown in china, slowdown in europe are assertive puncturing this thing at the worst time for hillary clinton. former california state treasurer. so what do you of that argument as donald trump is tossed into a bubble, one that was falsely put in place by easy money and a very accommodating reserve. he goes on to say that goes back to the bush years, but that he is a business best suited to deal with that. what you see? >> well, he's given a hyperbole is reckless. he makes that assertion is geared neil: the republican nomination. >> is winning the republican nomination a long way from there to the white house.
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neil: taking a 16 the party has to offer. the arrogance i hear it in the drama of party. >> lamantia say this. he has to say someone like hillary clinton who was at assault on her for 25 years. neil: probably and -- >> well, nice to be with you again, but let me say this. i see her primary very much like 2008. it has been spirited by building the party you deal in california and reaction to trump and because of the excitement of our primary. 850,000 registration the first few months of this year doubled in 2012. we are seen at 2008 model. neil: way below 2000.
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>> not in california. there's been a surge of registrations in reaction to donald trump's assault on his success was. they come up very united and they will be a very clear choice in this election. neil: he is not insulting. consulting legal hispanics. >> you have to be very careful about how you speak. neil: the enthusiasm, at least the numbers participating in the republican side. that's not explicitly donald trump. but it is a lot donald trump. hold on. i will let you talk. it's hard to make a fair comparison in 2008 because that was a unique year with the rise of senator barack obama. the enthusiasm is much more so on the right and their registrations on the right than
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it is on the left. that can change, but how do you think the party should deal with that? >> first of all, neil, let me go back to your initial premise. the economy is in recovery. but most people want is a steady hand. i'm in business and donald trump makes a big egg about unpredictability. you may be able to account for that in a business deal, but people want someone with a steady hand when you have polls showing one out of four republicans are scared, that is the word of donald trump for half the voters are scared here that's not a good formula. not here just in the united states, but when you have someone like david cameron was a conservative leader of our closest ally spain if he came to england he would unite the people of england against him. you have here and instability factor both in foreign affairs in economics. i think it will be very frightening. neil: if i had a dime for
12:24 pm
everyone who doubted donald trump along the way, i would have a lot of times. you could be proven right in general election. a lot of people thought -- >> i don't underestimate at all. he will be the first nominee of a major party since dwight eisenhower never to have been in government. he didn't win world war ii. if you want a story -- historical analysis, go back to john davis who got clobbered coming out of a divided democratic party. tree until i urge you to follow -- seriously, thank you very much. >> it's good to be with you. we are in for a heck of a choice in november. neil: the media stock ,-com,-com ma maybe because we're little territorial we do as well. we have noticed some name. something that is a particular trend. something that is raining on this. we report.
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very methodical. he is not going to be super animated about it. can you imagine how those interviews go? you want to be vice president. these are the things that .me and my tracks.
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neil: when it rains, it pours.
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about four and a half hours. it clears the view for donald trump. also going to west virginia tomorrow. even when nobody is in the field. he will still go to one of the key states. going to all of this. the economy for mister trump. >> very much, neil. the public in the primaries go. it is donald trump, right? fewer and simple. we have been talking so much in the past 48 hours about hillary clinton flip-flopping on the industry. coal, more than likely, going to appreciate donald trump's message. bring a manufacturing and jobs back to the u.s. kind of highlighting. these are the states that we have left to go. the larger context of which industries are most important to which states. in november, if it ends up being
12:36 pm
donald trump versus hillary clinton, this will matter. how well for neyo, the of them all. california, in and of itself, such a large tdp. the top 10. agriculture and entertainment. already, the energy industry been pivotal in west virginia. even kind of forecasting out. ending up being trump versus clinton. it would have to be florida. we have seen donald trump do very well in the past. always a track record. he has to hold arizona and north carolina. back to you. neil: going to west virginia is smart. they are getting the shorter end of the stick. i am going there even if the field is cleared.
12:37 pm
>> indeed. we were talking about this last evening on the democratic side. we were all somewhat surprised that sanders beat hillary clinton. the thing that sanders and trump have in common, talking about jobs and respecting, essentially, the common worker, if you like. they identify with these candidates. neil: in the meantime, that economic edge that donald trump has, preparing hillary clinton by double digits. when hailing the economy, a five-point edge. that could be a secret weapon. why democrats may want to think about that before they quickly dismissed mister trump. we also have some headwind here for the market and the global economy. he may be this global recovery
12:38 pm
running out of steam at the worst time for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. what do you think? >> we definitely do. not much further then that consumer confidence numbers. the business confidence numbers. the evidence of an economy that is very fragile, at best. possibly heading into recession. you mentioned the timing. the federal reserve raised interest rates last december. the market reacted poorly. yes, it rounds back. interest rates that what the fed does going forward. i had of a very big election for the democrats. given that they are in the white house right now. web zero people pass when they go in november. neil: from the earliest time, he kept referring. they are bad. high-paying jobs that they were before. the argument always was in donald trump's mind.
12:39 pm
this is a fueled recovery. always along under 1% type of growth. we would be seeing this and adjusting for inflation. recessionary type growth. that is a sweet spot. making people forget all the others. >> big-time. in large part, the definition of why he succeeded. you and i both know that real wagesed since the 1970s. donald trump has snapped into these people across the country. average americans who feel like not much has changed for me. washington has gotten richer. the general election becomes a contract. donald is talking about bringing jobs back. remember the glory days? i will bring that back again.
12:40 pm
why did hillary clinton think that she had any competitive advantage against a guy like donald trump. she and bernie sanders had been doing the same thing. the democratic already cares about the jobs in the united states. that is why she split the vote in indiana with bernie sanders. that is why trump is a substantial threat to hillary clinton in the election. neil: having a new winning streak with this. the messenger and not the message. mitt romney had a powerful message. they made a big deal out of mitt romney 47% remark. how incredibly accurate that was. the people that do not pay the taxes. we all know what happens. they will play the messenger theme off of donald trump and all the other controversial things. >> i do not think that it will work. you have the choice in donald trump. someone who has created this in welfare for himself.
12:41 pm
someone who has created tens of thousands of jobs. someone who has a legitimate private sector experience. being dead broke when they left the white house. i do not think that she has much to offer. with regard to the situation in the value that trump has on that spot, to me, is really the difference maker here in a few months. >> you know politics more than i ever will. i do not know if it is donald trump that you want to do that with. >> right. donald trump is so exceptional. we talked about this. everyone who has ever done politics in a historical way. they will never tell you how donald trump is going to perform in the primaries. nobody that will be able to accurately access what a pleasure go campaign looks like against this guy.
12:42 pm
her campaign was accused of being racist and all these other things. she is now trying to do the same thing for donald trump. my sense is, the american public will do this very differently. literally it has not worked to this point. >> i want to thank you. hillary clinton will be the democratic, need. with his unexpected and comfortable win. it does not look very good for him. hey, guys, i am still here. jane sanders convinced. not hillary. she is my special guest. ♪ you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> after a 104-point loss yesterday, we are looking at another triple digit loss. down 102 points. 17,648. a loss over half of a percent. the s&p 500 down 13 points. or then they a half of a person as well. the nasdaq more than three quarters of 1%. under armour shares down about six. coming to a whole from a buy. chief marketing office is. this could bring some forward on execution. they did recently signed with a
12:45 pm
major league baseball star from the washington nationals. travel stocks. looking at these under pressure. priceline. expecting lower growth. looking out priceline. it is down today. 10%. trip advisor down as well. your today, both bloggers.vo more cavuto. ♪ s on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it.
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is in they are in a world of
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hurt. why don't you serve breakfast all day? i said to not be afraid. afraid of the franchise starting garlic fries. they will start trying garlic fries. a stock at an all-time low. by the way, what did i do? you are welcome. we have congressmen right now. the fine state of utah. it did not really pan out for the presidency. you left us right now with donald trump. are you going to join the trump bandwagon? >> he should be very careful with my track record. [laughter] neil: you are. i am hearing from most folks. he is very good. >> that is a good that. neil: okay. okay.
12:48 pm
do you wonder, i said to an extent that the standard folks has portrayed mister trump has much more for his delivery of what he says and how he says it began his remarks. they will focus on his style. he is crude. turning a lot of key voting groups off. if you are were to offer him advice, what would you say? >> people have said the same thing about me. i want a president that will work with us. i am ready to make some bold changes and moves. a president that continues. it will be like guerrilla warfare and it will be a very miserable for years. neil: what you think happened to ted cruz?
12:49 pm
>> to be honest, i really do not know. i find this year to be politically interesting and strange. i have to look back. after eight years of this administration, if it pushes the choice of sanders or trump, it says something significant about this administration. i just hope that the future will be brighter. i think that it can be. if we can get someone in here who is seriously willing to work with congress. not just giving lip service about it. neil: the issues that you are dealing with right now, this potential of puerto rico bankruptcy and how you do what the bailout, donald trump is saying no bailout for puerto rico. all but assumes puerto rico financial company put. it extends pass puerto rico. >> they will be paid back. that is what they want.
12:50 pm
they do not want to bail on puerto rico. the bill that would be introduced in the house, a established process by which we can put the stability to the chaos that is taking place. i actually think people can get their interest back. they can be successful without having to bail out. without threatening taxpayer to do it. they can do it again. we just need to make sure we put this plan in action. i feel good about what the house may be suggesting. neil: we will be watching very closely. thank you very, very much. we are going to be hearing from john kasich later today. 5:00 p.m. eastern time. another four hours or so. leaving the field clear. donald trump becomes the presumptive nominee. a great deal of a debate over what it means.
12:51 pm
likely, you do not have anyone opposing you. you are all but the nominee. the next race or so, he gathers up the delegates to make unofficial. the same crowd for every turn. no. not holding. donald trump will be their standardbearer. we will have more after this. ♪ mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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12:55 pm
they are already just inundated. how that factors in to, to money they will make is anyone's guess. that is one of the close ones we are following today. keeping a close eye on apple. an eight-day selloff. the likes of which we have not seen since 1998. tesla tried to remind folks that there are still some diamonds in our rough here. chilling kent. >> that is right. reports that apple will revamp. only 13 million paying subscribers. that pales in comparison to spot a five. they have dirty -- they have 30 million. it happened in san francisco every single year. a big list of competitors.
12:56 pm
youtube, pandora. it does not look so good for the iphone. they're looking for new ways to make money to drive inspector confidence. we are also seeing this smart phone shipments out of china. falling 30% according to strategy analytics. it does not bode well globally four apple. they are looking for new ways to generate revenue in the services division. looking at a potential overhaul of apple music, neil. neil: thank you very much. getting some news. detailing the final hours of the entertainer prints. he was apparently found dead a day before he was supposed to meet with a doctor. opioid addiction treatment. it was called by representatives
12:57 pm
because prince was dealing with a grave medical emergency. hours later he would be dead. we will have more after this. ♪
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neil: we have been monitoring this press conference going on right now in minneapolis. a representative from a doctor from who prince was slated to see. apparently for drug addiction. that never happens. apparently, he had been notified, repeatedly of problems at the print compounds. the entertaining or was seeking out help to deal with prince's reported addiction to painkillers.
1:01 pm
that meeting never happened. all of this happened on april 20 when they called the doctor. that meeting never took place. prince died. we will keep you posted. meanwhile, to politics and what is next. other alternative candidates. presumably last. john kasich. making it formal bid he, too, is out of this race. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. you cannot stop the whole trump movement, as it was called. flushing down a whole lot of money down the toilet in terms of return on investment. as to how much these groups actually put out. as to what this stop trump movement ended up spending.
1:02 pm
we came up with at least $34 million worth during this campaign. i would know that that does not include the individual campaigns and the millions that they spent that was directed specifically towards donald trump in many of these states. giving you a little bit of a breakdown here. here is how it goes. our principal pack, the biggest spender, a little more than $17 million trying to stop him a slowdown donald trump. one of the big names here in d.c., almost $10 million. american future fund, a little shy of $7 million. the question now is what happens from here on out. some of these organizations may try to focus their attention on the down how late races. if they will not support the top, they may give their attention to the groups running in the house and senate. i will read this too quickly, critical to protect the
1:03 pm
republican income it and candidates by establishing their balance and principles and protect them from a wave election. neil: thank you, my friend. donald trump is reaching out there. looking for a billionaire that need some money in a general election. a fundraiser. first to say that. i think paraphrasing. i do not care which guided, everyone needs help in the general election. assuming he gets that, how does he explain that? >> he will need to money. neil: was big money? >> it will be, you know, over $2 billion. i think it will be historical. you have a lot of people with -- there is just so much of it. there is a lot of business.
1:04 pm
in order for him to get money, especially four establishment donors, he will have to talk to the candidates that represent those donors. let them work for the deal. neil: much of it, i do not need these guys. he has a lot of free tv. just showing up. everything changes in the general election because either party will get free tv. >> there is two ways to look at it. number one he does need the money. he has not written a check. or too much of this his campaign. neil: how much has he spent? >> i really do not know offhand. the other thing is, do you want to bridge a gap? what better to bridge the gap by having some of the big money people involved in your campaign. not only your money, but some of
1:05 pm
their support. it really screams loudly that your party is unifying. neil: is he unifying? you know these guys. it is like no praise. is that the same? [laughter] >> no. it is not the same. it looks better for the party on the outside. if you want to look at joining the gop or the democratic party or whatever, you want to go to a party where everyone is at least together or appears together. democrats always have a leg up on that. they always appeared to rally around the nominee. we need to see some of the establishment donors. you know, you have people like robert mercer. i cannot even imagine him writing a check words drop, but it is worth a shot.
1:06 pm
what about the big donors in texas? you have so many establishment donors. what are they going to do? >> a hate hillary more. >> the deal that someone will have. the candidate that these big donors supported, they will have to go back and represent. neil: you may have to play the secretary of state role. thank you very much. early on when everyone is debating about the prospects for donald trump, our charlie gasparino was focus on the democratic leader, hillary clinton. they have a far bigger concern. a far bigger worry. that would be the state of the economy. it may not be in great shape, election day. >> that is always been their number one focus. if the economy falls out, donald trouble not need to raise $2 billion. he may be able to make it with him, you know, some building.
1:07 pm
i am serious. he does not have a lot of liquid cash. the economy falls out, this will be a referendum on obama. hillary clinton has not embraced during the campaign. he has a real problem. if the economy falls out, there's a real problem. here is the difference. this is where it gets to be a complicated argument. you can see the debate between me and ben stein. he is on your show. he will give you statistics that the economy is pretty good. 5% unemployment. he will point to better economic growth in the rest of the world. >> compared to what it was. that is true. the quality of that. charlie: that is right. they do not look bad when you pick up 5% unemployment. she can make that conceptual case. it really is not that bad. we have a lot to go.
1:08 pm
the real question is, does it get dramatically worse? do we get negative gdp? i think that that is the real question for donald. though money, i do not know if it is necessarily the money. it is the money in a different way. the economy staying where it is right now, he will have to raise a lot of money. he will have to make a different case. neil: he has also been lucky. id. owns trouble at the border. we are not winning the fight against isis. isis attacks in paris and brussels. weird things happened that seemed to solidify what he was talking about. now this latest talk about a bubble in the economy imploding. charlie: he had his polls on some really good issues. smart enough to go there. i had been very critical. i am not appeasing or trying to downplay it.
1:09 pm
donald trump, the last i saw, $30 million. maybe i saw that number twice. maybe 60 million. that is not a lot of money. i do not believe he has a lot of liquid cash. if this does not become an economic referendum, he will have to go to some people that do not like him to raise money. it becomes an economic referendum. all bets are off. he could take this to the bank, i believe. i am talking to people, that is what you are telling me. neil: out of the race. maybe this one as well. charlie, thank you very much. the cruz campaign is with us right now. ron, good to have you. >> good afternoon. neil: were you surprised that ted cruz packed it up as quickly as he did? >> i was not surprised. i was disappointed, of course. all of us on the cruz campaign,
1:10 pm
1.2 million donors and a great staff, we were ready to go all the way to the end. that is a decision that ended her cruz made yesterday. neil: how did he explain it? >> i think he explained that to the american people yesterday. he said he would remain in the contest as long as he believed there was a viable path to victory. after the results yesterday, his decision was final. that avenue had been closed. he made his decision. i think he was very, very clear. the fight continues. the campaign does not, but the fight continues for all those issues that brought so many people do this wonderful campaign. neil: you know, in the end he was kind of avoiding the show. not you, the candidate. tactical error. you may pass that along. he gets -- prompted very well.
1:11 pm
do you think, in retrospect, that he did not appreciate the magnitude of donald trump early on? none of the other 16 candidates did. maybe they had taken trump on earlier, and a lot of them .that he would be a fleeting candidate. >> there were a lot of people that speculated that. on and on in american politics. for better or worse. how different campaigns approach that varies. any candidate could have approached for this nomination. going forward, senator cruz has built a formidable organization. the mayor of the conservative movement. i think that will give him a them a platform to continue to fight for those issues that brought so many different people to this campaign. >> could use the him on this list?
1:12 pm
donald trump's running mate. >> i think that that would be something of a stretch. senator cruz was very plain spoken throughout the entire campaign all the way until the end. even when all the things were laid out yesterday. those things are true. going forward, senator cruz will have the opportunity. neil: will he support donald trump? >> i will leave that for senator cruz to discuss firsthand. i will stick with him. someone who has really impressed me a great deal. someone who i think need to have an important voice in the future of the country. neil: would you advise them? if the trump people call, how they do these queries with possible running mates? >> no. i think that is a lot of speculation.
1:13 pm
it is your job to ask and it is my job to not answer that. neil: you know, ron, in your case, what you -- out of nowhere, it was remarkable. i imagine your phone will be ringing off the look. would you ever entertain, i know what you said about helping senator cruz, joining the trump campaign? helping him close the deal. >> no. i think what i want to do most going forward is continue to work for senator cruz and his team regardless what the particular issues. i joined senator cruz is cruises campaign first. volunteering as a california state chairman. i became the national spokesman. the more i got to know him and this wonderful team, to see so many great supporters, that is the team i want to continue to be on. i want to support him. neil: always been a very calm professional.
1:14 pm
i am sure. a great future yourself. >> thank you very much. the airbag maker. remember, we have 6 million we will have to work all. then it was 12. then it was 18. then it was 20. it is now 40 million airbag. wow. stick around. ♪ ♪
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1:17 pm
yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> i just want to know how you can say you would put coal miners out of jobs and they come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friends. we do not see u.s. family.
1:18 pm
>> totally out of context from what i meant. i have been talking about helping cool countries for a very long time. neil: asking how i got to that table to talk to hillary clinton. more, whether he was satisfied with the answers. >> you say what? >> i am wanting to wait till the general election is over and someone comes in to talk to us. talk about some industry to our region. i will be out of work for the near future as far as i can see. i am actually anxious to see what someone can bring out. neil: charles payne with me right now. here is a coal miner out of a job. the whole sect or. he is not convinced that anyone is going to help.
1:19 pm
>> the rhetoric is out there. everyone will come to the rescue. to your point, there are a couple of driving forces. president obama made it clear. electricity prices will go up. fossil fuels. it is pollution. it is dirty. he was very successful. >> powered by coal. >> powered by coal. coal was about 49% of the power behind the electricity. now it is 33%. in a few years it will be less than that. we are talking much less. he has all of these things in the cleaner air act. worlds about mercury. are they clean? everything one after another. essentially, he just made it to tell for these polls. these power plants to continue to use coal. the other problem for these minors is the fracking.
1:20 pm
it has been amazing where natural gas has come down. the light, the political life. hillary clinton did say that we should take care of these. those jobs would be replaced by clean -- neil: it is interesting that donald trump last opponent could drop out today. still going to west virginia next week. i think he wants to make a bigger statement on this issue. when will it help? >> it will help him. more to that guy's point. what will happen with him, his family, immediately, in the longer run? a great economy. more demand. coal for energy, though, is in trouble. it will be in trouble for a long time.
1:21 pm
it did not have to be this bad this quickly. the obama administration made it quicker. you think about this, neil. the biggest solar panel. topaz, solar star, they have billions and billions and billions of dollars. either in loan guarantees or direct investments from the obama administration. do you know how many permanent jobs they have created? eighty-six. twelve. funny six permanent jobs. thousands and thousands and thousands out of work. we put billions into this. we make something happened that would have happened over a couple of decades. trying to force it overnight. neil: so much of this stuff here. so much crazy. we have all of our energy.
1:22 pm
everything here. >> gas stations right now. guess what they need. natural gas. we can research. we can rejuvenate our entire fossil fuel industry. >> everything that we have. go for it. charles payne. thank you very, very much. one step closer to driverless cars. where i would leave. after this. ♪
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1:25 pm
>> welcome back. i have business headlines from coast-to-coast. a major milestone. a billion dollars in revenues. his first year of operations. every day on why.
1:26 pm
an executive says amazon marketplace has grown by nearly 20% every single month since it wants. amazon stock just about even on the news. shares are surging by almost 3% on a very strong first quarter. earnings beat expectations. posting the first prophet since going public a year ago. a penny a share. revenue was up 40%. sulu confirming plans to launch a live streaming podcast. you can do it without a cable subscription. fox, abc and the disney channel are in talks according to the "wall street journal." they are slowing down despite hitting 12 million users. compare that to netflix 81 million users and beyond. expected to hit 100 million subscribers by next year, neil. neil: thank you very, very much. we always see more.
1:27 pm
google the latest to work with fiat chrysler. self driving cars. apparently a lot sooner than what was supposed to be the case. what does that future look like right now? a finance ceo. thank you for joining us right now. what do you think of this? how close is this to reality. >> pretty close. we have cars breaking on command or breaking when they are too close to cars ahead. there is this notion of self driving. it depends on how far you want to take it. i do not think that it is a long time. three years before a standard part of car to get this "self driving" or self driving technology. what is not close is you just came back in the car and letting
1:28 pm
it do whatever you want for you. that is more of a lab concept manages commercial. neil: i heard that same debate, too. what is self driving? doing most of the driving? it sounds like there will always be a human role here. i guess they have done tests. the self driving car performs better than the human driver behind the wheel of the car. i know that that is true, but that is obviously the selling point. google and fiat have been pushing that. >> self driving is one of these names they have been throwing around. it means two different things. fully economist driving where you are literally in the back here seen taking a nap and then there is semi- where you are used to. even now as standard, it will pray for you. it will tell you if someone is on your left or right.
1:29 pm
there are legal issues that are very complex in this situation when there is no human that is driving. it is just a computer driving. think of it as the liability question. neil: who gets the ticket? if you are speeding? >> exactly. that has gone gotten all of these insurance companies in a half. god knows how long of a delay. it is not just an insurance issue. technologically speaking, it is still a big deal to have no human driving the car, even reacting in the drivers seat. i do not want to make it down like this is something that has happened because one car in mountain view and google's campus is doing it. it is not available yet. there is still a lot of technology to go. neil: always good seeing you. thank you, my friends. a lot of people scratching their
1:30 pm
heads. how did he do it? how did donald trump do it. one of my theories is he relied on endorsements from not your typical political boats. like former notre dame football coach. who would not want him in their corner? done deal. he is next. ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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neil: here's a typical candidates do. they get others to back them. if you think about it, jeb bushs running habit everywhere. but donald trump with seeking out a different one because maybe he was getting resistance from the establishment. so he got it back a former notre dame folk of coach early on. i would think that's pretty important. lou holtz is with us right now. good to have you. >> always pleasure to be here. neil: did you see donald trump out? >> well, you know, we started out with 17 great candidates. but what happened to the other six if the republicans elected the senate, the house and nothing happened. he had no donald trump did a
1:35 pm
first-class and our economy -- don't tell me about the unemployment rate deal when we have less people working today than we did 40 years ago. we had four people on welfare and over the last eight years we doubt that the budget. so i just had you look at it and say there's just the time for an outsider. neil: to know, obviously was perfect timing given your popularity. you are pretty well known internationally. but obviously, this would bobby knight as well. for donald trump going forward, please get in more time now the establishment guys and even those who resisted him and the party a rally behind them. some grudgingly. you are a pretty good coach and that worries me when some do so grudgingly. how would you advise republicans
1:36 pm
now and how they rally around donald trump? >> i think what everybody has to do is say okay, i can vote or wants. my alternative is either hillary clinton or donald trump. and you have to like that this wants to answer this and this would stand for that. the thing is political correctness. he is not politically correct and everybody in the country is just tired of everybody having to be an say the right thing. that's not what made this country great. neil: someone is controversial to you if you have said some choice things did you get the point across without going to extremes are cursing people out. maybe you have referred to by their coaches at the little marco and things like that. that is what will come back to bite donald trump, that demeanor that it's got a very good
1:37 pm
message, the democrats will make a big deal of the messenger. i think you have to look at it, voters and players i have in my team. number one, can i trust donald trump? can i trust hillary clinton. who really wants this country to be great? who generally cares about the people? those are the brief questions that will be answered. i don't believe you have to be little people. humility is not yourself. it is thinking more about their people. i don't agree with that. then again -- >> years the guy. any advice going forward, what would you say? >> i would ap presidential and care about people.
1:38 pm
the president of the united states represents all people. not just the board, not just immigrants. it represents all people, successful people as well and shows people kindness. but by the same token, and you don't have to pepper coated all the way along the line. when you talk about immigration, here is the fact. you don't have a country if you don't have borders. my dad went to work in world war ii paper went to live with my mother's parents. i want them to teach the ukraine. he lives in the united states. just to get basic fact that what supports the people. neil: well put. let me know when you're running for office. >> i am running away from it. i'm not running to anything. neil: you are a good man. louisville, kitimat area, very much. >> thank you for having me.
1:39 pm
neil: and he is the guy who is soon to generating huge responses from across current of the community. not only republicans and and democrats come independence, young, old. mark cuban but that will not only as the owner of the dallas mavericks, but it's got this silly show on cnbc are sent in. the guy is brilliant and he is a billionaire pretty shrewd business person. good to have you. donald trump, what do you make of this? >> i think it's great. i like donald. i think it just shows how tribal the united states has become. i don't think her partisan anymore. i ain't we are tribal. donald has that what about me tried running behind him and is excited to come and vote for him and would make for an interesting election. neil: everyone to be saying on
1:40 pm
the left that he is going to be dead meat, that is going to get annihilated. republicans are saying they feared not only will he go down to a blaze in defeat, the senate will go down as well. what do you say? >> no, not at all. i am not here to handicap it and say it's a sure thing by a long shot. what has happened to us for a while people got turned onto the tea party and they were asking what about me? what can you do for me? a tea party set up, conservatives stood up and we can take care of you. that fell apart. donald recognized early on that it's not about issues at all. a lot of people could care less. all they care about is what are you going to do for me? donald address immigration. the address trade. he addressed all these things. no substance whatsoever. but he said the people who are concerned about themselves, i can fix it.
1:41 pm
neil: eventually you have to spell out your plan. >> i don't think you do. this is going to be -- donald trump is going to run the "seinfeld" campaign. it will be the campaign about nothing. it is what it is. i'm okay with it. neil: will you support him? >> i don't know who i'm going to vote for yet at this point in time. i want. i wanted to play out. there's no reason is no reason to make a decision now. neil: you've been very frank in the beginning. you've had your tonsils with trump kidman is the last time you talk to them? >> probably three weeks ago. neil: did you mind, what did you talk about? >> various things to donald is a sports fan. two weeks ago they had a big win until call and congratulate me and talk about things. i told him i don't support a lot of his policies, but i like the way he's energized people and i really think he taps into the fact that this is not about issues anymore.
1:42 pm
there are people out there that want to know what are you going to do for them. they don't trust government. if they are denoted government is not going to do what they need to help them get jobs or help protect them, let's turn to somebody who may not get into any detail whatsoever, but at least it sounds like he is going to try to answer the what about me question. like i said, it is going to be a "seinfeld" campaign, a campaign about nothing did the more donald talks about issues, the more it plays right today handed hillary and the more is what about me tried places over. they don't pay attention to it. he picked up on that early on and that was brilliant by him. neil: you know, you're a maverick and an opponent tended with your team, but you have to get deals done. you have to keep moving. i can't believe i'm saying all these clichés. the rap against donald trump a successful businessman, but they
1:43 pm
will throw that back in his face. but i'll go by how rich you are. we're not quite sure about the bankruptcy filing that everything you say is what you say. he say. his mother about republican primaries and taken out 16 of the credits. is that a big deal? >> no, no. the american dream is not about how many times you fail. your brain to know how many times they failed. every gray dodge premiere has failed. they talk about all the 50,000 times you failed less than the times you succeeded. we expect entrepreneurial failure because it shows he got back up and ended up getting it done and been successful. you can argue in the margin how much, but it doesn't really matter. >> i agree with that. it's safe to say the guy is rich. we will leave it at that. are you surprised as a fairly wealthy guy in your own right at
1:44 pm
donald trump has tapped his nerve with democrats a disparagingly flannel flyover country with the common man, with the coal miners. explain that. neil: like i was saying earlier, we are and what about a time. what about me at the meals after they are very tribal. i keep on going back to that word as well. millennial student care about bernie sanders did they cared about the fact that other millennial supported them when they were part of the crew. like supporting a basketball team. mavericks fans hate fans of so-and-so. look at twitter to see how bad it is. so when donald -- what donald realized early on, i think he lived at how the republicans treated hillary. she's a criminal. she's a liar. whatever you want to call her, every game in the boat. it wasn't about issues.
1:45 pm
i can call anybody anything and not deal with issues as long as i can get people excited. that's exactly what he did. i'm tired of government as usual. i'm tired of politicians, business as usual. i've trusted them. i have voted for them. make no difference. they did nothing for me. i'm struggling for a job. i haven't really had wage increases. that middle america is not going to look at donald trump and say wow, what about his policies any more than i care what type of play the dallas cowboys are under common law play we ran, we just want to know did we win or lose and will win or lose. they're saying, you know what, i would rather trust him because everything that happened with traditional politics, traditional government has been a failure when it comes to what is in it for me. let's go to donald. as far as opposing hillary, it's going to come down to who turns
1:46 pm
out the vote. if he can continue to say look, i'm going to make your life better. i'm going to stop trade. i'm going to build a wall and impact immigrations that people don't take your job. if he can get people out, he's got a real chance and none of that has to do with anything at all with actual issues. neil: he has changed his demeanor. uic or curses of people trying to get people to join him. it's hard if you call a guy "little marco" or "lyin' ted." he's been very presidential. >> it doesn't matter. neil: what do you do like some i want to take the business and bring it to the next level? how do you bring them into the pole? >> just do. donald and i have had our battles good people talk about
1:47 pm
donald e. and sexist. there's nothing he said about a woman that he hasn't said to me. he's called me ugly, he's called me short off the tees. he's called me all these ridiculous things and that is just how he combats this. i think what a lot of people fail to realize his look at every condemnation of hillary clinton today. she is lying. she's a criminal. it's all about name calling. >> they will be reduced to that. >> hillary strategy. attila tries to force them into policy issues, then it won't work. he will go another way. he's got to have a "seinfeld" campaign, the campaign about nothing. >> does it make a difference if there is a lot of people who say the economy could be with him in the global slowdown. with that, how would donald trump handled that. i would imagine given his
1:48 pm
credentials he might say i am a guy to deal with a bubble bursting or an economy or recovery. >> is just going to blame obama. whatever it is, it is obama's fault. he will not touch -- my guess is he will never catch on any details because there's no upside. there is so much -- they have done such a great job on the right, just putting down hillary so it's anybody but hillary. cruz was anybody but hillary. he was dogmatic. he was full of on this program. i'll give you one perfect example. so he wanted to change to a value added tax. more later, he wanted to eliminate the irs day one. that's 90,000 people. that would be the largest left in the history of the world on day one get on the flipside we
1:49 pm
are going to go out and because we're cutting taxes, every graduate is going to have not two, not three, four or five job offers. it was just as crazy. neil: you are not a big fan of his. do you think it's important i like you pays attention to who a candidate takes as her running mate. >> it depends that there's balance. neil: for donald trump, who was that balance be? >> i would tell him to pick a politician. paul ryan is not going to do it. john boehner would be great. but i don't know enough of the details and i don't know enough about the intricacies. neil: would you like to see ted cruz? >> no. i know donald won't either. neil: if you're had your choice between hillary clinton and an donald trump, where would she go? >> i don't know yet. that's the honest answer.
1:50 pm
i really don't know yet. are things positive about donald. there were things positive about hillary and the same on the negative side. i think there's a lot of basketball to be played yet and it is going to be really interesting how hillary responds to donald. hillary stays hillary i think you really hurt during early helps donald. hillary can really take it tough on donald to just do the "seinfeld" campaign. i think she's got a better chance. neil: that is remarkable. the "seinfeld" campaign. >> a campaign about nothing. neil: yeah, right. you might have a future of this whole money thing. >> you never know. i just try to follow your lead. neil: that's fascinating. always good to catch up. thank you. mark cuban, "seinfeld" campaign. isn't that remarkable? [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
1:51 pm
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>> what is happening coming out, for a while people got turned onto the tea party and they were asking what about me? the tea party stood up and conservative stood up and we think we can take care of you. donald recognized early on it not about issues at all. a lot of people could care less. all they care about is what are you going to do for me. neil: a campaign about nothing. what do you think of that? >> i think he's on the money with that. we saw 17 with the original field at gop. a lot of them try to harp on these issues than these platforms. their long extensive histories of governors and never quite caught fire. you have to look at what mark cuban is saying it and consider the relevancy of it.
1:55 pm
neil: what you make of a you make of a cuban was saying, don't give bob down on these issues, keep it about nothing. >> that may be the best strategy for trump went forward. certain way we could word it another way. we are in an era of identity politics and unfortunately the issues that impact our lives are getting in the cycle. i hope the primary season is coming to close a little humor about these issues and people will consider how wishes olympic wages, job opportunities, economic freedom or that so people consider contrast between the two parties. neil: if we could assume hillary clinton the nominee is going to go after trump, there's no specific spare. mark cuban is right. it's fine that he should get in that sandbox is >> that the likely right. we've are you saying that playbook trying to get him when he's missing and really nobody landed in here. i don't think hillary will plant them there either. herder can't will say that's not
1:56 pm
going to take. that would need to get at who he is as a person of rep that a car. he is winning on who is a monopoly message. neil: i am looking at this and wondering can not work? can he keep control of his demeanor, not get too personal. most voters -- a good many of them on the messenger. how does the control that? >> this to get back to what cuban is saying. it will come down to people voting emotionally the cycle with their tribe or against another tribe in many cases. it will be a very personal election. i expect personal insults to only get worse from here on out when really they should be considering when we ask a voter. neil: you are a loser if you think it's going to get personal. i purchased going to say, the facts trickle down to the supporters. >> not like this.
1:57 pm
if you support trump you are an. if you support hillary, you are crooked. neil: is going to be a fundraiser. ratings juggernaut. we will see what happens. ashley webster will be taking it in to the next hour and for trish regan. bottom line, the race about nothing will be some in. -- something.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
>> donald trump today the last man standing after ted cruz and john kasich bowed out of the race after trump racked up a big win in indiana. welcome. i am ashley webster. i am here for trish regan. donald trump the nominee. rnc chairman sending out this sweet after trump's big win last night. donald trump will be presumptive gop nominee. we focus on defeating hillary clinton. he signed off with the hash tag


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