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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> donald trump today the last man standing after ted cruz and john kasich bowed out of the race after trump racked up a big win in indiana. welcome. i am ashley webster. i am here for trish regan. donald trump the nominee. rnc chairman sending out this sweet after trump's big win last night. donald trump will be presumptive gop nominee. we focus on defeating hillary clinton. he signed off with the hash tag never clinton.
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what does this mean for the drop movement? spend about $34 million trying to stop him. our political all-star panel is here to break it down. bernie sanders with a big upset win. who would have thought that it would be the democrats think it may be that contested convention did maybe we will see. medical errors, screwup, basically are the third leading cause of death in america. talking about what we can do to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. regulation nation. a new -- about $15,000 a year. who is to blame? unelected bureaucrats. unbelievable. we will explain later in the show. first, to our big story. john k fick will announce he is suspending his campaign later today. ted cruz bowed out of the race.
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donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee. he says it is time to unite the party. >> we will unify the party. we will get people the together. i think we will beat hillary clinton. she is horrible with jobs. she is really horrible with the military. ashley: will she be the democratic nominee? bernie sanders is vowing to go all the way to the nomination. >> i sent some great victories coming. i think that while the path is now, and i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the greatest political upsets in the history of the united states and in fact become the nominee for the democratic hardy. ashley: are we headed for a contested convention on the democratic side? can trump unite the republican party? what a political campaign this
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has been. a gift that keeps on giving. joining me now is republican strategist boris epstein. epstein. it is there. let me begin with you, boris. big-time drug supporter. nothing but a headache today. am i right? >> it is great to move ahead. ashley: now is the big question. can after all the bruising and purple comments and the down in the mud fight that went on in this process, can the gop unite behind donald trump? >> absolutely. look at 2000. mccain versus bush. it very tough fight. the gop nominated around the nominee. some people for republicans. all of these young screaming networks. sure.
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the overwhelming majority will be behind trump. hillary or maybe bernie. ashley: what are their response of the democrats? did you watch donald trump to be the nominee? >> i do not know if it is what the democrats wanted. they are a better candidate. i would certainly say that we are not afraid of them. i understand that. he is certainly bradford and the name part of the establishment that does not have a voice. the question is, who do these voters at the end of the day trust. leading them to a place where this anger had come from. i do not see, if i look at any of the republican candidates, certainly not donald trump, a way out. as hillary clinton is campaigning in the fall, i think
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that will voters -- the nine how worried are you? women. whites. the young vote. the longer this goes on, why can't hillary clinton shakeup bernie sanders? what does it say about her campaign? >> i will tell you what it does say. enthusiasm and a willingness to support her and the her go up against, now, donald trump. raising $30 million a month. how do you tell that guy to step out of the race. we are not in a position to say it is time for you to go. the truth of the matter is, we will prepare for that. >> he could be hurting hillary clinton. >> it certainly is not coming from us. he can stand as long as he wants. she will be the nominee.
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>> it is good for us as republicans to have him stay in. hillary stayed in a long time against obama. getting the establishment of the democrats to back obama. $14 million a month. for bernie, that is not coming in million dollar checks. it comes in small amounts. it is difficult to get them to go back hillary. >> she has been around for 40 years. she has not offered anything new in a long time. a contested convention. >> we're not going to a contested convention. listen. she ran in new york. she was able to go around to all parts of the state and talk about all the things that she has done. last friday, she was talking to
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latino american boys. talking about getting them college, from high school to college. she could point to something. the minorities. ashley: are you worried? those that support bernie sanders will not vote for hillary click it and go for the other anti-establishment? >> i am not worried about that. i think hillary clinton will do the work that needs to get done. i think that you will see bernie sanders, in the same way that folks are on the republican side getting behind trump. i think bernie sanders will say we have to get behind hillary. >> now we have to. >> what does that mean?
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>> going behind bernie to backing hillary. the issue is trouble do well in new york. michigan. maybe california. a different map than ever before. ashley: and interesting poll. basil smikle, boris epshteyn, thank you. stay right there. what is next for the never trump movement? $34 million to try to stop the real estate mogul. thus far this is not working. let's go out to plate bergman in d.c. >> the next move for those involved for the whole stop movement. month and millions in the effort. that ultimately failed. we dug up some numbers that showed $34 million had that is probably on the lower end of the spectrum. spent by a handful of groups.
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that does not even include the campaign themselves or outside groups. one of the catalyst was club for growth. a group. d.c. where donald trump has had a very public spat with. roughly $10 million against trump in the primary. they will no longer pursue that fight. they will not help trump, they say, in the general election. they do not view him as a progrowth economic conservative. they will focus on down ballot races. i am quoting here, club for growth tack and club for growth action. we will do what we have always done, fight hard to win. that club for growth also bred candidates a couple months ago. they could withhold support for funding. four funding, rather. now, that group says it is no longer the case.
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the active days, as they put it, of the primary is over. ashley: the donald lives on. they queue, -- thank you. can he rally the republican rights. writing for the national review, by the way. it has been decidedly nevertrump. the gop convention. pushing past police. blocking roads. you can see it on the screen now. do you think that we will see more of these protests now that trump is the presumptive nominee? >> i think so. the concerns that they have, in some ways, those protests really kind of feet into trump's narrative. many of the protesters are, themselves, frankly, so
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obnoxious. waving the flag of other countries. it goes into the trump make america great again message. ashley: we have seen youngsters waving mexican flags. it is a free country. they can do that. the more that goes on, the more people are pushed towards the donald trump ticket. do you agree? >> i agree. you know, identifying, a negative thing that is out there. trump has been smart politically to exploit that. ashley: you can hear the video of the bleeping in the background. it was an ugly scene. can they get trump behind him? >> i am very skeptical. the senator from nebraska, governor charlie baker from massachusetts, two very different wings from the
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republican party. they are never trump. this is not just a normal top primary fight. i think that there are a lot of people, a lot of conservatives where trump is just beyond. earned by not getting behind ted cruz in this race. i think that conservatives have a few that we will not be held responsible for it. ashley: thing would be happy, or, i guess, not happy, but they would rather see hillary clinton? >> i think that it all depends on the person. some of them are absolutely never trump. others, sort of take a more open-minded view. want to see how the process will play out. more than likely get behind trump with any enthusiasm.
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get behind trump eventually, i think it is possible. right now, emotions are at their peak. trump has made it difficult for himself. he will have to win conservative support and i do not know if he is able to do that. ashley: based on his success, those in the republican party that are never trump, are with the voters and constituents is actually believe. >> i think that donald trump has gotten more votes than anyone else. that is by 40% of the gop voters. they wanted somebody besides trump. i think of those, a lot of them were never trump. you know, the party has obviously split. it has various fashions. i am very sympathetic to a more popular approach to the republican party then trump wants to bring.
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i think there are things about his style and substance that art rave, grave concerns. i do not think that that will go away easily. ashley: jeremy, thank you very much for talking with us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much be not coming up. defense secretary say the word gets isis is far from over. how can we shut down these guys. plus, a shocking new report reveals medical errors, screw ups, are the third leading cause of death in america. what can you do to keep you and your loved ones okay. we will have that answer coming up later in the broadcast. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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tonight the government identify today the navy seal killed by
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isis in iraq. killed by gunfire on tuesday. dying at the hands of the terror group. this as asked harder warns of more risks to u.s. troops in iraq. acknowledging the war against isis as he says is "far from over." a different assessment then what than what we had to hearing from the white house. joining us now is sebastian gorka. it seems to me that the situation in iraq is falling apart, and quickly. would you agree? >> absolutely. it is going from bad to worse. topping with special forces. special forces guys there. this country is falling apart. withdrawing our troops in 2011. the enemy is serious, iraq and libya.
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ashley: if we continue with the policy that we have adopted, the non-policy, essentially, where does this go? the mac a lot of people make big noise about it. they lost this territory here. they lost that territory there. they are the new jihad. no one talks about al qaeda. it is isis. they will continue to destabilize our time. especially the jordanians. we know that they want to take down saudi arabia. they will not give up. ashley: what should we be doing? should we be talking about troops? troops on the ground? >> it should be our muslim allies. people like general cc. ashley: egypt. >> yes. they should be the face. they will not do that unless they trust us. ashley: do they have the appetite for that?
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is it a direct response to the obama administration and its handling? >> i worked very closely with our muslim allies in the region. basically, having gone in there, broken all the china china in the china store and said, by, guys, we're out of here. they do not trust the washington elite. it will really be the next modern chief that has to solve this problem. ashley: what kind of a reaction, i guess, actions speak louder than words? >> absolutely. if he can sell that to our allies, then he has a chance. all of these bridges have been burned. he will have to rebuild them one by one. ashley: i want to talk about your book group quickly. "defeating jihad." friendly to the u.s. wanting to get these people out. what kind of a role should the united states play here?
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>> defeating jihad is jihad is about getting politics out of the predecessor and did no political process. second, support our allies that need to be the face of this war by rebuilding those bridges and sending our guys in as trainers to the brigade level. across the region so there is a real coalition. it is just a village. lastly, like a cold war. the long-term victory is not body bags. it is julep to -- counter propaganda. we have to do the same thing with our muslim allies. ashley: the presidential race wraps up. we will find out a winner in november. we have the swearing in the following january. a lot of time between now and then. you really see this situation continuing to get worse?
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>> the administration is kicking the can down the road by knowing the real threat. let's just talk about one data point. since i set the layer the caliphate, we have killed or arrested 98 american people. most people do not know that. it is already here. we're going to see, i think, a delaying tactic for the next few months. their real hardware, heavy lifting for the next commander in chief. ashley: fascinating stuff. thank you very much for being here. funny accent and all. [laughter] coming up, hundreds of thousands of americans die in the hospital each year because of medical errors. the third leading cause of death in this country. what you can do to protect yourself right after the break. shuttle ♪ ♪
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♪ ashley: we have all heard of the hospitals were stories. the surgeon operates on the wrong audio part. lease equipment inside the body. those stories, maybe not that rare. 250,000 americans die every year from medical errors. in 2014, heart disease and cancer took about 600,000 lives combined. joining me now with the story is jonathan. jonathan. >> hi, ashley. this team of researchers believe that medical errors are a major cause of death here in the u.s. they say that the problem is grossly underreported. they blame this on an antiquated system. the old paper records of the 1940s. >> the government tallies our sin is that is a matter not just a thought.
2:27 pm
people do not just died from building codes. just like they do from bacteria and from cancer. >> researchers analyze individual studies on medical error to come up with a nationwide estimate that commits more than a quarter million deaths in a given year. if accurate, that would place medical error as the third leading cause. more lethal than one disease and car crashes. they published their analysis along with recommendations. those recommendations include adding an extra box on death certificates to ask whether a preventable complication from medical care was a contributing factor in the patient's death. they also want a standardized math to pay more accurate national pictures of that so that medical providers can learn from their mistakes. this is one area where the healthcare industry could learn from aviation.
2:28 pm
crash investigations. the conclusions are shared publicly and mistakes are rarely repeated again. ashley: fascinating stuff. jonathan, thank you very much. appreciate it. joining me now with more on this story is doctor dimitri aldon. thank you for joining us. are you surprised by these numbers? >> i'm absolutely not surprised by these numbers. despite these numbers, american healthcare is the most advanced, most progressive and safest in the world. i know that for a fact because i traveled around the world. i worked in different systems. i worked in soviet russia. ent toed in europe. me from around the world. when you compare the advancement of american record systems and american safety systems, we are
2:29 pm
years ahead of the rest of the world. ashley: even so, even so, over 200,000 is 200,000 too many. we think of ourselves as very advanced. how could something like this happen? >> the most common error is medication errors. massive steps have been taken by healthcare in the recent years to prevent that from happening. ashley: these numbers are fairly recent. it is still going on. you say medication. a doctor or nurse ms. subscribing or putting the wrong medication into someone. >> that is exactly right. >> that is not that common. >> it is not that common, but it is happening. it can take a lot from aviation. as an amateur pilot, i can relate to that.
2:30 pm
in the 80s, a concept paul. it identifies the trap and prevents the trap. it also teaches people to avoid for a massive cingulate in. how do i keep myself, my loved ones safe? >> would you come to the hospital, be open. communicate with your doctor. to mitigate with your nurse. please. up about your diseases. talk about medications. talk about substance abuse. talk about alcohol. talk about smoking. talk about everything that could make an impact. supplements. talk to us about supplements. some of them cause bleeding. some of them cause other complications. interactions with other medications. ashley: we have to get this sorted out among your family. i may not be in the condition
2:31 pm
where i can do those kinds of things. you have to have a family member, have fun questions, staying in the room when the doctors are there. >> it is a good thing to have. this health care proxy. do this in advance. right now, when you are healthy at home, you can contact an attorney. they are responsible for your care. ashley: very interesting. doctor, thank you very much for being here. senator elizabeth warren. blasting donald trump. if this the term we can expect from here until november? that is next. ♪
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elizabeth warren taking aim at donald trump. she tweets.
2:36 pm
enthusiasm for donald trump. among leaders of the kkk. here is what else is real. donald called has built his campaign on racism, sexism and xenophobia. they have a fear. joining me now is his negative director basil smikle and auras epshteyn. thank you for joining me. a liberal senator from massachusetts. endorsing everyone among hillary clinton. hillary clinton did retreat those, by the way. she is jumping on that. >> they did open game for the question about donald trump and the kind of support that he is
2:37 pm
getting. where it is from. individuals who are part of the kkk. he has ran a campaign that many have said are xenophobic. having said that, having said that, i think that it is fair game to say that, well, mr. trump, this is the kind of campaign you have ran. to be clear, she is not talking about trump supporters that have gone to the poll and supported him. what elizabeth warren is saying, look, the anger and angst among the electorate is real. we need to pay attention to that. that is not indicative to the kind of campaign that donald trump has ran. ashley: your response? >> not a member of the kkk. second of all, for her, let's talk about it, she can do whatever she wants. this is america.
2:38 pm
we are a free country. it does not work well in the gop primary. it will not work well for the general. those kinds of statements are simply stupid. a jewish immigrant from russia. i am a foreigner and minority. donald trump this allowed. time and time again. it was a headpiece that came and came against them. it will not work. ashley: rejected the kkk to your liking? >> not to my liking. there are supporters that have made incredibly xenophobic statements. he has not said, do not have a place in this race. what elizabeth warren is saying, if donald trump is now the presumptive head of the republican party, what kind of race will he run?
2:39 pm
ashley: do we have the sound bite? >> i rejected hearing the kkk. from the time he was five years old, i rejected them. i do not like any group of hate. hate groups are not good for me. i put out a tweet and i put on facebook that i totally disembowel. the mac how long after did that come out? >> time and time again. losing arguments. >> it is not a losing argument. >> telling me what kind of campaign he has actually ran. >> not running a campaign. >> it is not about whether or not i like it.
2:40 pm
not been focused on every racial and ethnic group in this country. >> so many more republicans -- >> here is why. ashley: guys, stop. i will ask you this, basil. young kids waving mexican flags. giving the finger to trump supporters driving by. saying all sorts of horrible things. i have not heard anyone on the left announced that. that kind of behavior. >> it is not thing. i have set a thousand times. it is not necessarily what i would do. i do not want any protest to become violent. i do not want any protest to attack anyone. what i have said is that protest is a rich history. in our country. i also want to see a trump rally where people be punched out who our protesters.
2:41 pm
i do not want to see that. i am just saying. >> and we have both sides? can't we have both sides say this is unacceptable behavior. carry on like a civilized country that we are in sick to the issues. >> one thing that basil was right. it happens. now, it is up to the two candidates. figuring out who there's this. it will probably be clinton. conducted in a way that is most important. we, as republicans have 2 billion more people showing up for trump in any year. the democrats are only -- >> that is not happening. >> what is insulting the voters that went out and supported donald trump? what the focus is on and should
2:42 pm
be on is the kind of campaign that donald trump is running. >> there are no policies that seem at all plausible coming from there. >> 1% on that. >> what i have heard, all i have heard is what elizabeth warren is talking about. calming from, any of the national security and foreign politics. ashley: we have to leave it there or we could be here all night. that is what is beautiful. it was born right here. gentlemen, we appreciate it. the true meaning of regulation nation. every single household. thousands of dollars a year. per pair. next. ♪ that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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2:45 pm
investors do not like that. stock was down nearly 10%. now only a present. trip advisor and expedia. some airlines are taking a hit right now. american airlines is down right now roughly 4%. delta is down almost 1%. we will have more cavuto coast-to-coast in just a minute. ♪
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been prepared to get mad. a new report showing just how crushing our regulation nation are to each and every one of us. costing every single household $15,000 a year. who is to blame? unelected bureaucrats, of course. shannon brain joins us now. a first look at this report. >> the authors from the libertarian enterprises. if you do not like paying taxes, you should be more worried about federal regulation. that is because they estimate the cost of federal regulations. more than all the corporate and individual taxes the irs is said to collect. the total estimated cost of those regulatory burdens, $1.88 trillion. when you break that down into real-world cost to everything,
2:48 pm
the food you eat to the gas in your vehicle, it comes to you, as you said, $50,000 per u.s. household. >> you have these unelected bureaucrats in agencies that are doing most of the lawmaking in america. it really does not stop there. i called the regulatory dark matter. it is a bold sentence. the notices. the memoranda. telling companies what they need to do. working beyond the normal lawmaking process. >> critics of the heavy regulatory burden are pointing the finger at capitol hill. lawmakers are happy to talk about the law they thought to pass. they then pass the burden of deciding exactly how it will work. often complained that what those agencies windup inch hundred issuing. money 15, they pass those laws. government agencies to 8410 rows and regulations. nearly 30 times the number of flaws that actually got through a vote in congress.
2:49 pm
the administration is supposed to do a cost-benefit analysis on any regulation expected to have an impact of more than $100 million. they rarely do. there is no penalty for not doing it. ashley? >> a lot of costs. little benefit. we appreciate it. we will be right back. ♪ you both have a
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been in the european union wants nations to pay up big time. a new proposal would find companies $287,000 for every migrant they refuse. this as the eu is set to allow turkish citizens to travel freely throughout europe. here with analysis, fox news contributor to my judy miller. thank you for being here.
2:53 pm
the eu saying, all right, you know, if you do not take your quota, that is an awful lot of money, this is a proposal, it does speak a bit to the desperation of a situation that remains chaotic. >> right. i think what is really going on here, ashley, the future of the german government and angela merkel and several of the rulers in europe right now deep end on this deal with turkey that they have made being implemented. part of that deal calls for these fines. more specifically, turkey gets $2 billion to take care of the migrant and takes back people, but, also, turks get free travel in europe. ashley: why is that a big deal, do you think? >> it is a big security challenge for our european law-enforcement which is already overwhelmed.
2:54 pm
just keeping track of the number of expected islam is that have traveled to syria or iraq. returning to europe. they do not coordinate well together even though we are trying to encourage them. beyond that, it is a challenge because there are 3 million turks in germany. these people have wanted, for decades, the right to move freely and have their relatives come freely. if turkey cannot pull this off, the premier, that is the prime minister, not the odious president. this is the prime minister's deal. everything rides on this for him. this is so complicated. what you have here is a situation in which politics is trumping security. >> pushing to that refugees coming to this country and three-month instead of the
2:55 pm
current. in rms sympathy for these people coming from dreadful war-torn cities. fears that terrorists can mix among the crowds. >> the fbi director saying we cannot accurately, totally with confidence, that people that are coming from syria. they have no papers. also james clapper, the director of national intelligence has warned that isis has already said it will try to use some of these people to infiltrate its own people. with that being said, the people that will be coming here are from camp. they have already been vetted. we know a lot about them. they pose less as a threat than people wandering all over europe without people knowing who we are in getting on an airplane and coming here. they may be tourists veered that
2:56 pm
is more of a challenge to me. it is very concerning. this is a terribly destabilizing time. getting worse. ashley: judy, thank you very much. stocks are seeking on fears of a global slowdown. up 106-point. the s&p also losing ground. we will be right back. ♪
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ashley: happy star wars day, today, 4 may is the unofficial holiday when star wars fans around the world celebrate all things star wars am even big companies like walmart and target are cooperating, offering specials and promotions, star wars's official websites is the so-called holiday has been celebrated since 1979 but not
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until the internet connected fans that it really took off. as you go about your day the rest of the day, remember may 4th be with you. somehow i don't see lori rothman as a big star wars fan but maybe she has a princess leia outfit. lori: i have two bagels to wear on the side of my head. you make one heckuva jedi. may the force be with you. ashley: and you too. lori: stocks are sinking for a second consecutive session, weakness in the job market and the earnings front hitting the street hard ahead of the april jobs report. let's look at the tao down 109 points, off of the worst levels but down nevertheless and then there was one. donald trump's decisive win in indiana, billionaire businessman now the gop presumptive nominee. senator ted cruz vowing out after trump was


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