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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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until the internet connected fans that it really took off. as you go about your day the rest of the day, remember may 4th be with you. somehow i don't see lori rothman as a big star wars fan but maybe she has a princess leia outfit. lori: i have two bagels to wear on the side of my head. you make one heckuva jedi. may the force be with you. ashley: and you too. lori: stocks are sinking for a second consecutive session, weakness in the job market and the earnings front hitting the street hard ahead of the april jobs report. let's look at the tao down 109 points, off of the worst levels but down nevertheless and then there was one. donald trump's decisive win in indiana, billionaire businessman now the gop presumptive nominee. senator ted cruz vowing out after trump was declared the
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winner last night, and today, the final straw, john kasich expected to do the same at a news conference in his home state of ohio at 5:00 pm eastern. trump is defeated, 16 others, hillary clinton is having trouble dispatching one, senator bernie sanders surprising many with a win last night in indiana. our political panel put it all in perspective. hillary's call crisis, more tech caught a airbag recalls and tesla reports earnings after the bell. we are one hour from the closing bell. i am lori rothman in for liz claman. let's start the countdown. breaking news, the tao is off the session low, the dow and s&p both trading near three week
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lows, the global slowdown concerns, investors brace for earnings after the bell. gains we are keeping a close eye on, 21 steuben century fox and weight watchers. we bring you the resultant reaction in the market as soon as they cross. home is where the heart is but investors are not feeling the love for homebuilders, they were downgraded in ups dragging with them lennar, and toll brothers. the intercon definition financial continental exchange will not been for the stock exchange after reporting better-than-expected earnings, the operator of the stock exchange of up 7%. politics, in two hours the race for the republican nomination for the president will be down to one. ohio governor john kasich will announce he is suspending his campaign for president. it is not exactly a surprise, he only won one state, his own, he says he was in it for the long run.
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this morning his campaign released an ad saying he was the only candidate who could beat hillary clinton. may 4th be with you. jeff flock, the latest in gary, indiana. >> reporter: winds of change blowing through the political landscape, we are in indiana, if you were surprised at ted cruz's departure, you will be more surprised at john kasich in two hours, as you decca out, putting an ad out there he was all in, he said, anti-trump pax said they were into back him, but last-minute today he says no. could it be that he got a call from the trump campaign saying you are on the list for vp? maybe decide to bow out? some speculation out there. we do know, donald trump, ben
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carson, another presidential candidate, failed one, will be on the committee to vet the vp possible choices and donald trump told fox today that he has had calls and entreaties from a number of folks who would like to be on the ticket. >> i'm getting calls from people who have said such terrible things about me, yesterday i got one, it was only a show and other shows, it was unbelievable, now he says i would like to join your team, is that okay? i asked how do you do that? >> was marco rubio one of the ones that reached out to your? >> he has been very nice. i have had a conversation with him and he has been terrific and a talented young guy with a great future. >> steering him for vp? >> i am considering a lot of people. i will let you know. >> reporter: how do you pivot when you say such terrible
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things? looking at clear politics numbers, trump versus clinton, up 6 points, lori has it up 13 points, there is one outlier poll that shows trump in the lead. that is where we start. where do we go from here? who knows? lori: thanks very much. with ted cruz and john kasich out of the picture how the republican party coalesced around him, can trump unite the gop or will there always be that never trump faction of the party? fox news contributor julie, and kelly, thanks for being here, john kasich was putting out ads as early as this morning and all of a sudden he is out. did someone twist his arm? >> he doesn't strike me as someone who's on can be twisted, he thought reality and people are coalescing behind trump. lori: did the trump campaign itself -- >> i doubt trump would have that
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influence. trump said today or yesterday, washington experience and can deal with washington and a vice presidential candidate could be john kasich. i'm not sure john kasich would want to be vice president to donald trump. john kasich can run again in four years, he is a surprise compared to these other people. he could run again, i am not sure he wants to do that. lori: what do you think about trump's ability to unite the gop? >> i think the gop will be united. you have a lot of people we had a bruising primary season, you got to lick your wounds and move on. the ultimate enemy for the gop is hillary clinton. we need to reclaim the white house. i think when people in this never trump movement are weighing their options, the supreme court justice in the balance, they will ultimately come around to donald trump.
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lori: is it clinton? bernie is not backing down quietly as you know. think about it, this idea of a contested convention was focused on the republican side but democrats are throwing it out there. >> you can't have a contested convention of all the superdelegates are not going to go to his side, leading by 300 delegates, counting 800 or so, there is no reason the superdelegates wouldn't, not like he is winning the popular vote. don't know if he is looking to influence the democratic platform. with respect to the earlier point about the supreme court, a bunch of republicans the last few weeks, the trump thing has become more real they are saying maybe merrick garland is not such a bad idea. lori: that might be the democratic constituency, plenty of republicans -- >> i want to get this question
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into you about trump and the money side. they are saying in the general -- what is going to happen? >> he said next week he will come around to it. he is open to taking contributions toward the party to fund raise and raise money with that. the problem is the rnc can only give so much to the trump campaign, and take donations. >> last word here. >> he will have the money because as kelly pointed the out republicans will coalesce around him, charlie baker in massachusetts, republican governor, i think most people will come around, hillary is public enemy number one, she has a tremendous lead in fund raising not just for herself but the dnc. she will go into it in a strong
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position. lori: what should we watch? we are always flashing polls. what should the next point of reference be, to know how trump versus clinton is going? >> the polls are meaningless although she continues to lead. you need to look at where republican voters are in a month. right now according to the most recent poll 12% said never trump and are sticking to it. that number will move, see how quickly it shifts and how strongly it shifts. if there are still 10% who are never trump he is in trouble. >> got to look at the bernie sanders supporters and how long he stays in this race. if he goes to a contested convention and keeps hitting at hillary, the untrustworthiness, the only establishment candidate left in this race, that will be typical for where voters go. lori: thank you so much. back to the markets, big
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selloff, the adp report showing payroll growth slowing to its slowest pace in three years. coupled with that, week economic data out of china, europe, many investors worried about slowing economic growth so how are the experts trading? let's get to the floor show with traders in the stock exchange, cme group and the nynex. scott joins us before the stock exchange outside my usual post out there. we are blaming concerns about the slowdown in global growth. why now? why selloff today? anything new going on we should be worried about? >> i don't think it is just today but multiple days. a week and a half ago we were talking about lack of momentum near the highs and big tech earnings, pretty disappointed from microsoft, ibm, 2008 was a level a lot of traders reduced risk at and the 50 day moving average hold somewhere in
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between 2037-2043. lori: pretty much a classic flight to safety, treasury yields were down. how did you read the tape? >> over the last couple weeks we have seen treasury yields day lower than it is, equities rising, as we see equities rise we don't have a big selloff or inflationary worry that will coming and make those bonds selloff. that is going to tell you things are not as good, they said that again today but every single economic indicator we are seeing is just barely beating or disappointing, we are not seeing anything scary, or retail sales take off. how do you missed 0.7% expected gdp? we are not doing well. we just run out of steam with equity markets because we have no good news.
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lori: we are not finished with the trading session. pretty key data coming out especially the jobs report on friday. a follow-up to you. >> we were going to that jobs report because the with the campaign started, maybe we could have a flat jobs number. i don't think it will be that bad. we are pretty well over the last 5 or 6 numbers but i will say i don't think it is our job anymore. we have to worry about inflation, jobs number 5% unemployment and we can't get gdp, what are those people making that we are putting back to work. lori: it is staying relatively within the fed's comfort zone. oil is down four days in a row. what is the story with oil, moving in tandem with the equities market but that is falling apart slightly. >> it is getting know help from
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any of the other sectors but we had inventory reports which were neutral at best and the market although it shows some weakness, we end up above a major chart point, 3360, happening in pretty decently, what was a little concerning was gasoline is building inventory and showing tremendous weakness and on the edge, making a big move in either direction, we will see some sideways action, all we have seen, to the high 40s, this is normal gyration. >> scott and jessica, thanks for your time. captain kirk not a happy guy. william shatner, the priceline spokesman watching the stock of the online travel giants get
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slammed after second-quarter earnings will not meet expectations, travel slow down. there is look at priceline shares, 8% in the session. also next forget isis, maybe mitt romney was right, vladimir putin and russia america's biggest threat. admiral james response to fighting words out of moscow. more countdown is on the way. you both have a
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liberty mutual insurance. lori: the identity of the navy seal killed in iraq has been confirmed to be charles keating iv, he died inosine described as an extremely heavy, intense firefight between us troops, kurdish and cashmere forces and isis fighters, he is a graduate of the us naval academy, the
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result in armed conflict. >> i won't jump into politics. and cope to steer, and i believe firmly in what i told president clinton and others, we are not going to kill our way out of the situation. that is why the general who just took over in my old job, great title, the consummate diplomat warrior. need to be able to use the hard power skills, soft power is part of the equation. that is why nato needs to be engaged. lori: the general has challenges, how serious are recent warnings from russia
3:21 pm
about the buildup of nato troops and russia's response, saber rattling with nuclear threats. >> this is part of vladimir putin's day-to-day storyline, remember that russia is a nuclear power. we should all take a deep breath, russia is not about to use nuclear weapons, neither are we. what we could see is more of these incidents where russian jets fly and do barrel rolls over the top of military aircraft where russian jets fly 30 feet over our american destroyers. our forces are in international waters when these occur, we will see threatening behavior on the part of russia, we will hear a lot of bluster out of moscow and the kremlin but in realistic terms the russians do not have a
3:22 pm
strong card to play. we need to reassure our allies in eastern europe because they -- nato will be there if the day comes. >> when you her comments from the fence secretary asked carter saying the most disturbing russian rhetoric about using nuclear weapons is quoted, moscow, nuclear, troubling questions about leaders committed to strategic, is that effective? >> russia doesn't have leaders, russia has one leader, his name is vladimir putin, he is a unitary decisionmaking process. as we go forward we are to do three things as we deal with the russian federation, one is we have got to confront them when they undertake despicable international behavior. example, invading ukraine and annexing crimea, backing the
3:23 pm
horrific regime of assad in syria. we need to confront where we must but we must cooperate where we can, we should fly zones of cooperation with russia, afghanistan, counterterrorism, counter piracy, counter narcotics, areas where we can cooperate, confront where we must, cooperate where we can and above all need to understand we need to deal with russia from the positi that is what they respect. lori: thank you so much for your time, appreciate it, appreciate you talking to me after having a chat with former president clinton. quite a dance card you have. checking markets, a little bit of a selloff, the dow is down 99 points, 100 points on the tao, just about 35 minutes, a little troubling.
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after being defeated in indiana will hillary clinton flip-flop on call? the presidential race is the heart of call country, the west virginia association response to the latest political assault, live on capitol hill with another announcement of regulation nation. the amount of money, expected regulation cost you? what will congress do to stop the race? stay with the countdown. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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lori: 32 minutes till this trading session in the books. big relief to a lot of risk-on long equity market players. look at benchmark averages as they stand. dow off 10. off 140 something at worst level. volatility certainly back in the mix. s&p down .6 of 1%. nasdaq off 35 points. that amounts to 3/4 of 1%. russell down .6.
3:29 pm
transports often leading indicator of growth is down. that is not good sign. chalk it up to the garl lib fries? mcdonald's one bright spot. hit as lifetime high, possibly because investors think the new beta fries being tested in san francisco will have the same positive impact as all-day breakfast. it is the 15 record here this year for the world's food chain. smd, first dow industrial stock first to height lifetime high in two weeks. bucking broader downward trend. a lot big macs or garlic fries or whatever you so choose. as the dust settles following indiana's primary last night the candidates set their sights on appalachia coal country of ahead of tuesday's primary in west virginia. not all candidates received a warm welcome.
3:30 pm
hillary clinton was confronted by a laid off coal worker bo copley, for putting coal miners out of business. he spoke here on "after the bell" yesterday. >> i'm hurting now. there is a lot of families hurting going without right now. we're not worried about down the road. we're worried what we'll do for our families now. lori: joining me now with reaction, more about the industry, west virginia coal association president, william rainy. good to have you. your thoughts -- >> great being here. lori: your thoughts on bo and could not fronting hillary clinton and her comments? where do you think she stands? >> bo hit it exactly on the head talking about the concern is and it is now and been for last eight years. remember obama said he would put the coal business out of business. he has done everything through his agencies to make certain that happened. the suffering and economic devastation is so real and so deep, particularly in southern west virginia, that we got to have a change.
3:31 pm
these people need some hope. lori: hillary clinton too has apologized and backtracked. >> yes, ma'am. lori: what do you think of clinton's position on the coal industry and with west virginia's primary coming up? is it going to hurt her? >> it seems quite hypocritical the way it was accepted. in wisconsin she made statement similar what obama said, would put coal companies out of business and coal miners out of work. backtracking that was not said. people remember that. scares everyone to death not only here in west virginia but across appalachia and east kentucky, southwestern virginia and southeastern ohio and of course pennsylvania. lori: clinton claims she has a plan, mr. rainy, she does have a plan for the coal industry. west virginia governor tomblin has endorsed clinton? are you familiar with this? what are your thoughts? >> yes, i am.
3:32 pm
we're very disappointed with that. the governor adding credibility to her candidacy. hypocritical part of that is they spent eight years putting us out of business, closing coal mines, closing power plants across this country and now they're saying we're going to send money down to save communities, retrain coal miners. we have the best coal miners here in the world in west virginia and they know how to mine the coal. lori: donald trump says he will rescue the coal industry. put people back to work in the industry. politics or is there some substance behind that, do you believe? >> we hope there is substance behind that. we clearly do because, these folks, they really are not interested in being retrained because when they get retrained they have to leave west virginia. and you know these coal miners as i said are best in the world. at the want to stay where their children and grandchildren enjoy same growing up traits that they had. lori: william rainy, thanks for your insights.
3:33 pm
while we have the discussion let's check in on coal mining stocks and how they're performing today. keep in mind that it is a down day across the board. stocks under significant pressure here. you can see those coal companies are falling down in sympathy and because of broader political landscape right now. alliance resource partners taking it on the chin, down 3.25%. cliffs natural worse. combo of big picture and politics. stocks under pressure as we're talking about right now, with about 30 minutes to the close. looking at a loss of 101 points on the dow. he may have sealed the republican nomination, donald trump is facing a new pressure on the campaign trail, self-financing. how long can donald go at it alone? who is willing to support him if he puts his hand out? charlie breaks it down on "countdown."
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♪ lori: okay, donald trump now considered to be the presumptive republican nominee, but there are two big questions left to answer. does the multibillionaire have enough cash on hand to contend with hillary clinton? if not, where is the money going to come from? joining us now charlie gasparino to help us answer the questions. hey, charlie. >> i've been saying for weeks he doesn't. for months he probably doesn't. lori: doesn't he have to sell a building? >> not that easy to sell a building. lori: who is calling you? turn off the ringer. i want your full attention. >> yes, i gotcha. trying not to make a spectacle but it's off. he basically said it today he doesn't know whether he can go out selling ailed about. you look at financial disclosures, fec forms, last i checked he had about $700 million in marketable
3:39 pm
securities, who knows what they are. they're not treasury bills. they're stocks. not that easy. you don't know if it is worth $700 million. lori: what is the magic number? what do i need in the general election? about a billion dollars? >> you need about a billion. he needs to things. get public financing. i don't know how much you can get out of public financing alone. or, he has got to do combination public financing and talking to the rnc which, rnc can give you money as part of campaign building. there are strings attached. other people have to be part of it. they can't hand you money. lori: perfect excuse for me. he has to list the whole party. >> people will run away from him now. lori: good point. >> there are strings attached. so that's where the plan, the third leg comes in and from what i'm hearing from wall street sources that they're talking to him, and in these meetings he seems somewhat open, we'll see what, these were meetings preindiana.
3:40 pm
we'll see what happens post-indiana, for themraise money. which opens him up -- i'll tell you, this will be interesting thing coming out of donald how he spins this. if he goes to public financing, then here is the billionaire taking public money, right? lori: could be seen as hypocritical so critical of hillary's campaign financing. >> if he takes the money from likes of our friends anthony scaramucci, he will be defying his campaign pledge of self-financing. and, basically, taking money from the fat cats. lori: didn't he have a plan in place? how confident was he trump, that he would win nomination. >> depends. i don't think early on he was. early on he will be there in and get his views across and build his brand. then he did something amazing. he won. lori: oh, my gosh, now what? >> it will be interesting. two things i think from financial and economic, just from money standpoint. does he take money? how does that money come from?
3:41 pm
where does it come from? that opens it up, public financing round or takes money from donors, opens him up to sort of hypocrite line. and number two, does he release his tax returns? i've never seen a presidential candidate not release their tax returns. this guy's tax returns have got to be great reading. i don't care, if you're, into money like i am, this has got to be pornography. his, donald trump's tax returns are porn. lori: that is the quote of the hour. >> porn for every financial journalist. we will go nuts over this. we'll will be or gassic. lori: now you have to leave. >> donald trump, want to make this clear. when donald trump releases his tax returns the press corps will be orgasmic. lori: good-bye. i feel a little impure. >> nothing to do with you. talking about me.
3:42 pm
lori: you said the press corps. thanks for that insightful report. new eye-opening report that shows how much money -- >> eye-opening -- lori: 1000 new federal regulations are costing us. it is going to shock you. more than this shocks me. measures in the trillions. get straight to shannon bream with the breakdown. help me, shannon. reporter: i keep this g-rated for you and keep to the facts. federal regulations costing
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lori: 12 minutes from the closing bell. the dow trying hard to claw back last quarter hour of trading. dow off 72 points. just half the lows of the session at its weakest. dow off 141 points. yesterday's april auto sales results put the auto industry back on track for record year. with the exception much gm and volkswagen, most automakers reported year-over-year increase of sales. most of these names are pumping the brakes. could be victims of broader market weakness. dow, s&p, nasdaq making their way back slowly. about -- gm, ford, volkswagen, daimler. takata airbag safety scandal that plagued the auto industry, one behind two dozen recalls
3:50 pm
affects 25 vehicles and 11 deaths. auto parts supplier is set to recall 35 million more faulty airbags. if that doesn't make you feel safe, brace yourself, news today, that google and fiat chrysler are teaming up forming an alliance hopes to bring self-driving vehicles to the market by end of the decade. some deadline. here to tell us should we be worried about faulty airbags or autonomous driving john stall. "wall street journal." tongue-in-cheek question, john. welcome to you. this is serious stuff. can't believe these numbers are staggering. the risks and deaths they caused are jaw-dropping. where are we? >> i don't think we're over the finish line by any stretch the imagination in terms of auto industry exposure to the specific technology that was used in the inflators now, obviously, the regulators are expanding them on call-backs.
3:51 pm
question whether or not you get all the vehicles off the road, and at same time get them fixed with enough replacement parts over long term. challenge for regulators. takata is one company that is limited in its finances. the question whether or not they can even afford this without some outside intervention is one question. the other one, can there be coordinated effort to get these cars off the road. you mentioned 11 deaths are affiliated with this problem. that number is gradually creeped up over last couple years. lori: what is it going on with technology of airbags even if not takata making them which sounds unlikely going forward? age, moisture, is what investigators are pointing to. there is ongoing rom. is work done to improve technology in airbags which is supposed to be the number one safety product in vehicles? >> they believe they effectively taken off market the type of technologies lead to vulnerabilities with the
3:52 pm
humidity. by no means we see ripple effect that the longer this thing stretches on, more vehicles they find. more recent vehicles were made. so by no means, if you're driving a recent model vehicle or vehicle that is even a decade or longer old, it could be vulnerable. lori: john, on brighter note here or something exciting if you're auto guy like yourself what do you think of the announcement between google and fiat chrysler teaming up for driverless car by end of the decade? is it doable? what does it mean about the industry? >> google i would think want to work with bigger automakers than fiat chrysler. fiat chrysler with four million units is drop in the bucket compared to general motors, toyota or ford motor company but it's a step in the right direction. on surface this fiat chrysler getting their products in the hands of google so google can use them testing on open roads. so what is important here is
3:53 pm
that google gets to expand its fleet. fiat chrysler get as little pr value. the endgame for google is supplying and or building a car. but in interim is supplying the brains of the car that will allow it to move down the road autonomously. a lot of this work can be done. google is by most indicators far out in front of most automakers when it comes to understanding how to get cars to do that. finding more auto-makers not just fiat chrysler. lori: hate to cut you off. hate to speak over you. we're watching a crazy market today. we'll have earnings after the bell. tesla is down over 4%. no there are a lot of cancellations to the mass market car, mass market model. what is it going on here with tesla in particular? >> the mass market car is one of two big questions for the day. biggest short-term questions whether they can stand the cash burn that threatens to force them to go back to the markets
3:54 pm
to get more money to keep the company afloat until they get the model 3 on the road. they're trying to fund big capital investments. plant expansions, building battery plant in nevada. eventually if they ramp up fast enough to get the model 3 which is more affordable electric car they may improve top-line growth. that is at least a year away until they do that. the short term focus have they come closer to slowing losses. lori: i can tell you my sources on the floor of the exchange that tesla is pricing $10 implied volatility movement either up or down in wake of its earnings report. highly watched, very volatile stock. john thank you very much. >> typical. thank you. lori: less than hour we get earnings from tesla. the street is expecting a loss of 58 cents a share. we're waiting for 21st century fox. that is coming up after the closing bell. politics is good business when it comes to broadcast
3:55 pm
networks. presidential campaign spending fueled earnings to cbs. to new york stock exchange adam shapiro has that and other media stocks. adam? reporter: we'll pay attention to our parent company's earnings. time warner cable out with earnings. high fees at turner division. hbo revenue up and that stock is up today. cbs announcing that the super bowl ad dollars helped them. cbs is up. fox, 21st century fox is flat waiting for the bell. expecting revenue to increase something like 11%. that is what wall street expecting to 1.18 billion year-over-year. cable operations are expected to be big part. up to 3.88 billion. we'll look for the report in 21st 10 very fox has to do with surprise hit, "deadpool," bit after troublemaker. we'll see what contribution it
3:56 pm
made to the bottom line. lori? lori: i don't want to throw you a curveball. i know you're a car guy. we're talking about tesla. reporter: oh, yeah. lori: i would be remiss if i didn't ask you, and your thoughts on model x? reporter: i want to see more what they have to say about the preorders, the car that they're going so be delivering next two or three years. a change announced in the corporate suite. it has to do with production, the head of production is now out at tesla. are they going to be able to ramp up to deliver all the cars that were preordered in time in huge numbers by delivering them is whole other story? just to give you historical context, studebaker back in the '60s when they delivered avante. people loved it. preorders. couldn't deliver the company went -- lori: weight watchers looking buck 50. implied volatility. joining us is ron weiner. thanks for hanging out with us.
3:57 pm
we're seeing a bid -- bit of a bid at the close. what is coming out today, small picture. >> small picture, looks like the big picture. we've been up and down for a year, little over a year. we're still 4% off our high. still hasn't gone anywhere. markets don't know where to go. i think the reason is it is fairly valued. actually a little bit overvalued as a whole. hard to see the markets go up a lot from here. lori: you could say sentiment is shifting, if you look at individual industries and in terms of best performing industries are kind of weakest industries. technologies, financials, health care, way down. utilities some of more stable you think companies are the more stable companies are leading the markets today. so are people sort of shifting their asset allocation or their view for longer term? >> so, the slightly bigger picture is that central banks have kept interest rates low. reason?
3:58 pm
they want to drive money into risk assets. fine. they're doing it. so money is pouring into the markets. second is, is that companies instead of cap-ex they're buying back stock. what we're not getting is increase in earnings. you can't get, no matter what the sector is, if you don't have earnings you're ultimately not getting a higher stock price. people have predictably when they're a little bit nervous they go to proctor & gamble, they go to clorox. all the staples. that moved up very nice but they are 23 times earnings now. we have to be a little bit careful about going into traditional safe harbors or stable stocks when in fact they are getting expensive. however technology, long-term view, by the way we're long-term bullish. increase in middle class around the globe, maybe not in the united states is just growing leaps and bounds. so we're bullish on the markets long term. lori: i know you like apple in particular.
3:59 pm
boy, it has been stuck in neutral. what a last tough couple of weeks, or since april 27, last earnings call. >> past six months. apple is a cheap stock. we really like apple because of the price and reoccurring revenue. we also own google, facebook and microsoft. we think the basket is a lot safer to own. you don't know which one will come out with positive surprise. kind of next, two, three, four years, they will offset each other. they all will have pretty good return. lori: ron weiner, thank you very much. 30 seconds to the closing bell. look where we are in the dow. selling into the close. showed a little bit of life but the dow is off over 100 points. still off the worst levels of weight watchers, 21st
4:00 pm
century fox. david asman, melissa francis hear for "after the bell." [closing bell rings. melissa: dow ending well off session lows. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we'll take you back to the markets. first this is what else is happening this hour. john kasich is expected to announce the suspension of his campaign. kasich canceling events today leading up to a big announcement taking place in just about an hour. of course we'll cover that live. and while the race goes on for the democrats as they head to condition tuck and west virgini. coal country where coal miners are still reeling from comments hillary clinton made about putting them all out of work. buckle up tesla and 21st century fox, the parent company of this network, among big names reporting quarterly results. we'll give you the numbers when


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