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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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thanks for joining us here, "risk & reward." my colleague charles payne is hire. making money starts right now. ♪ charles: major averages extending losses today after huge disappointsment in jobs jobs and manufacturing. president obama's war on coal, it will hit industry really hard? will hillary clinton continue his efforts and cost thousands more people their jobs. elizabeth warren taking on donald trump, tweeting series of comments about the presumptive nominee. she will do whatever she can to keep him out. white house but the question will never trump conservatives be allies. ohio governor john kasich announcing moments ago that he is suspending his presidential campaign. >> i have always said that the lord has a purpose for me as he
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has for everyone. and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. thank you, and god bless. [applause] charles: so now with kasich and cruz officially out of the race, donald trump and his decisive win in indiana has made him the presumptive nominee but the big question now, what is the next move? the postmortem if you will. joining me, van hipp, mercedes schlapp. talk of contested all the other stuff, we don't have to worry about the establishment or maybe we do. what will happen here on out, how does donald trump weave back pieces together. >> john kasich, what a class act. i've known him for years.
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he is good and decent man. we saw a real class act there this afternoon. charles: van, if he had said in beyond today would you have felt the same way? it had gotten a little crazy. >> last night, i think cruz's announcement last night to be perfectly candidate caught governor kasich flat-footed and surprised him. they were sending out email financial appeals last night. reality sunk in this morning. he did the right thing. he is good and decent man of the these next few weeks are so critical for donald trump. has to be magnanimous in victory. trying to bring the party together. he has a shot because hillary still has got to deal with bernie. he has pathway to the general election. what he does these next few weeks getting his house in order, raising money, getting campaign infrastructure in place, looking at technology. let me say this, independents will be more important to this general election than ever before in history. 40% of democrats, republicans, don't like their nominee.
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looking for someone else. maybe going to sit home. whoever can identify independents to to get them to vote will win election. charles: mercedes, donald trump was magnanimous. a lot of people said he made so-called pivot towards being presidential. a little more time before he has to go very hard and heavy with hillary clinton, giving him a chance to build upon momentum. not just winning momentum but image momentum. >> that's right. i think for donald trump it is going to be critical to be able to receive the support of a ted cruz, of a john kasich, of a marco rubio. i know governor nikki haley was endorsing donald trump. that is a big shift from what we saw several months ago when she was very critical of "the donald." getting establishment times on board, we're going forward with this but i think these establishment types are expecting a lot from donald trump. they want to make sure he can deliver and stay disciplined and
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stay focused on message and he is able to provide like with the foreign policy speech a couple weeks ago, that was very effective. if we see more of calm donald trump. at same time he can throw a punch here and there for hillary clinton, i know we'll see a lot of in the future, having those elements in place plus campaign structure, plus fund-raising component, ground game, all components he is far behind on that, he nodes to build it up very quickly. charles: there is some time to develop a new nickname in case the first one doesn't stick. >> will have a number of nicknames. charles: cathy, mercedes talks about the what the establishment may want. we know everyone now is going to be pulling at donald trump. announced a vp committee headed by ben carson. interesting enough, neil cavuto talked a lot how dick cheney was in charge of vp committee, said ultimately, why not me? before kasich and ted cruz go all the way in, there is healing process particularly with ted cruz. also what they want of the we
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keep talking what bernie sanders may want and what do these guys want to get them on board and do they have to be completely on board? >> i'm not sure they have to be perfectly honest. month ago we said he had to play the delegate game and bring establishment in. charles: a lot of people voted for ted cruz said they would never vote for donald trump. he may be the bridge. he is gop nominee. >> i think he said that he talked about unbound optimism last night in his concession speech. so i think he started that process. we're seeing a lot of politicians. mercedes talked about nikki haley, governor haley coming over. it is time to come together. we talked a lot about unify. we should not set expectations. when you go to party not everybody wears a pink dress or purple tie. we don't all have to wear same thing to go to the party. it is same thing. party is about exchange of ideas. we don't all have to be unified. we all have to have mission, we all have to message and same values. that is what we should be
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talking about. that makes us powerful, differences among republicans and americans. that is what makes this country great. charles: van, the ability to respect each other's differences to certain degree let bygones be bygones, cathy talking about the mission and ultimate mission is the white house and you can't get there unless everyone is carrying that battery ram and going same direction. >> you're absolutely right. there is healing now. there is a lot of frustration. people have to take a deep breath. people have to realize it is most important election of about our lifetime. this is about keeping country safe and secure. look what happened last eight years. it is miracle we survived last eight years of this administration. electing commander-in-chief to keep the country safe and secure so we remain free is what 2016 is all about. we need to remind ourselves of that. as time goes on, i think it is going to sink in. we're seeing that. we'll see more and more establishment types.
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i'm surprised getting on board with trump already. i think they understand it. charles: is there someone in particular you want to see? >> look for example, i was pleasantly surprised to see ron kaufman, for example, mitt romney's right-hand man, 2012 campaign. he came out and endorsed donald trump i think it was yesterday or day before. was even comparing him as a populist conservative to ronald reagan. i couldn't believe it. you see people like that getting on board, i think they see donald trump, he is bringing a new people. he has chance to expand that electoral base which we've got to do because it is very narrow pathway for republicans. charles: right. >> these next few weeks are critical for donald trump. how he brings it all together. these are probably most critical next few weeks of the campaign. charles: mercedes, populism certainly a word used to describe donald trump. at least some policies he put out there. not purely conservative. knitting together a new platform for the party and getting
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everyone to accept it, it is not a small challenge. last night was overwhelming victory for him. it gives him a mandate but serious uphill battle to get everyone on board. >> when you start seeing conservative purists, erick erickson, some conserve at thises might need new home, that is type of division we don't need to see happen in the party. there is split in the party between economic populism that donald trump is delivering, very effective message to millions of gop voters out there, who have been, felt they had been left behind and to the fact of, sort of his practical message to the fact do we want conservative purist ideology that sounds great, it is wonderful, but how do you get it to be results oriented. i think trump will need be able
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to bridge the two together. court the conservative movement, looking for new home, look i can follow the conservative principles. i will work to get conservative supreme court justices. i think, as well as at same time pushing forward his economic populist message. some of it will jell, charles. some of those two are going to conflict. that is the challenge for donald trump, how he bridges it, bring it together and try to insure conservative principles are in place. charles: give me one second here. we have breaking news i want to share with the audience. in fox news exclusive, infamous romanian hacker "gucifer" says he breached hillary clinton's private server. by the way he says, it was easy. cathy taylor i want to ask you about this. you understand this area, this is bombshell. this is something judge napolitano said was possible. he was convinced this would happen. now we've got to it has happened. what do you think this does with respect to the legal aspect of
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this and also what could he have seen? 22 top secret items at least, right? >> i have said all along hillary clinton's behavior on this and her actions have been a real slap in the face to anybody that served and american public because when you work at the highest level of governments like we've been privileged to do you take an oath and make a promise to uphold the information and keep it extremely safe on behalf of your fellow citizens. this is major, major bombshell, no pun intended first-hand knowledge, unfortunately, first-hand knowledge that way. it makes the case for bernie sanders to stay in and raises the possibility, that you know if she is indicted, which she very well may be, if there is first-hand evidence like this, i'm not a lawyer, but if you look at the path, what happens? does joe biden jump in at convention time? how does this play out? >> right. >> that throws whole race up into the air. charles: van hipp, you wrote a book on terrorism and you understand the vulnerabilities
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here. i think this is not necessarily news that knows this guy was world class hacker and private email server on a farm somewhere. now that it is officially out there, what do you see happening? >> it will be very concerning to hillary clinton campaign right now. she still, i agree with what was just said, she has to get through the fbi primary. bernie still staying in. while we think it's a big difference between clinton and sanders right now in the delegate count, when you look at superdelegates, let me tell you the superdelegates are same superdelegates did cut and run back on hillary clinton in 2008. that can happen again. this is like i said, earlier, these next few weeks it is clear pathway for donald trump but hillary clinton still has to deal with bernie and deal with the fbi primary. charles: ford o'connell, want to bring you in. hillary dealing with bernie, so far he has given her a free pass on email situation. this is huge item. i don't know how he will be able
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to resist not talking about it, particularly to the american public? >> his whole goal is to sway superdelegates continues to win and get more pledged delegates. i think he needs to use it to his advantage. superdelegates, as van pointed out, are very pragmatic. should she get nomination and fbi primary this, is telling when it comes to trustworthiness. it will be open game for donald trump not only are you not credible but you put nation's security at risk at very troubling time. charles: here we are, mercedes. news is coming out. bernie sanders in it to win it. he won last night. i don't know that he was favorite. i think he was a slight underdog there. he is polling well ahead of hillary and some key states coming up. could this be the knockout blow? if he decides to go heat and break glass and use email, could he get delegates that flip for barack obama in tate to flip for him? >> there is a chance, charles.
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i think for superdelegates that are feeling more comfortable staying with hillary. obviously more of the establishment types that would fall more in line with her. i think for bernie sanders he is looking straight through to california which is open primary. he does well in the open primaries where independents can vote. really he feels like he owes it to the small donor voters. those people have been giving donations, he has been able to accumulate millions of dollars. i think there is a chance that it can sway superdelegates. this will be interesting how the fbi uses information of the hacking in their investigation, what the results come out from the investigation itself for hillary clinton. you know, again this story has plagued her from the beginning and it's not going anywhere. she tries to keep it underneath the rug and it keeps popping up. charles: it keeps popping up and popped up big time. by the way couple earnings alerts for audience.
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fox's parent company, twenty-first century fox, reporting earnings after the bell. they were in line with expectations. 47 cents a share. revenues beat expectations. shares of 21st century are flat. slightly higher. relatively flat. electric carmaker tesla outperforming expectations. analysts looking for a loss of 58 cents. they beat by a penny. only lost 57 cents. revenues in line as well. they gave pretty solid guidance that had the stock up significantly although some people wonder how they will pull it off. we have more breaking news, infamous romanian hacker "gucifer," said he did breach hillary clinton's private server. we have a panel coming up on this next. ♪
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charles: got breaking news for you in a fox news exclusive. infamous romanian hacker "gucifer," said he breached hillary clinton's private email server and he said it was easy. it was first reported on fox news last month. the hack claimed he was able to access the server and provided extensive details how he did it and what he found. over course of half an hour jailhouse interview in series of recorded phone calls. joining me to discuss, carl higbie, pete hegseth and bob barr. let me start with you. it is floating out there. we must caution the audience this is one person said he did it, but if he did it what are the ram if i dyings. >> we're basing on limited information we're getting in
6:19 pm
real time, if he does have them all, including ones he said destroyed which were about yoga class and really about growing today class or benghazi or substantial issues, she already has a massive problem on her hands but you can only imagine where this could lead, depending on if he has them, what he can prove and what gets out there. could be complete game-changer. charles: carl, how do you see it? >> pete's is absolutely right on this. we can definitely agree on this the fact of the matter will this contradict what she told and released already? a lot of things on there, if he has them as he alleges we'll see what's on there and what is going to be classify and also is there anything disclosed that should not be disclosed on there. charles: on that note, article with catherine herridge, one of the things he says he had access to clinton's server, twice and described contents not interesting to him at the time. quote, i was not paying attention. for me it was not like hillary clinton server.
6:20 pm
it was like email server she and others were using with political voting stuff. bob barr, what do you make of that? >> what i make of this, this makes a very, very serious problem or creates a very serious problem for hillary. her problem is really two pronged. on one hand she has legal problem being candidate for presidency while underactive fbi investigation. we still don't know where that is going. on other hand, perhaps even more damaging politically we have very real possibility that her actions have damaged national security. you know, she has been telling us for well over a year now, oh, there was nothing on there. it was just personal stuff and i didn't know anything was classified. this revelation today, if it plays out, which it probably will as being accurate, shows her to be exactly what mr. trump is claims she is and not only a crook but a liar. charles: all right, guys.
6:21 pm
also we should let the audience know, "gucifer" was extradited last month from romania to the united states to face charges that he has hacked a lot of political elites, including general colin powell, a member of the bush family, also former clinton advisor sidney blumenthal, a lot people how he eventually got to hillary clinton's email. ford o'connell remember that interview with chris wallace, that he said there is classified and there is classified. sounds like a defense he did see the things, but innocuous, not kind of classified like you see when you see it in the movies. do you think it provides political cover? >> i'm not sure it does. gentlemen, we know doj will not prosecute hillary clinton. because obama wants to carry on legacy. this could have them take the investigation seriously. we know the fbi will take it seriously. the pressure does it put
6:22 pm
pressure on doj to decide whether or not the fbi's findings are true. if they don't, depending what was actually found, donald trump could have a very serious general election ace in his hand. charles: but, guys, we already heard the attorney general say there is no deadline to this thing. they won't be forced politically to do it but do you think it adds pressure? in the court of public opinion they want answers now not later. >> this guy extradited to the united states. is this cry to potentially sell data or think he is selling data, something released might not be that sensitive. charles: we know democrats will say again, this is guy to your point, carl, has been extradited. he will say anything for any kind of favor right now, but, will this put some pressure, pete on the justice department to take action quicker rather than later? >> no doubt they already do. whether there is timeline there is decision point, if they choose to indiet or not, fbi will present information. if they indict that is terrible for hillary clinton. if they don't, we have on good
6:23 pm
information from a lot of people that are plenty of fbi agents are prepared to come clean. this has become political. she should be indicted but isn't. not -- just a matter of when. charles: she flip-flopped on coal. blaming downtrend on coal on the overall market. take a listen. >> the market is making this decision. the market has driven down the costs of coal. so you have companies going bankrupt. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance.
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so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> i've been very clear we've got to make a transition to clean, renewable energy. i've also been very clear for this campaign we can't do it in a way that totally leaves behind people who dug out the coal to turn on the lights and to power our factories but the market is making this decision. the market has driven down the costs of coal. so you have companies going bankrupt. charles: well that was hillary
6:27 pm
clinton earlier blaming coal companies going bankrupt. there has been a lot of them on the markets. yesterday, the u.s. justice department dismissed murray energy lawsuit that held up obama clean air act. obama's agenda always has been to crush coal. let's face it, he succeeded. in 2008, coal was responsible for 50% of electricity. now it is down to 33%. look at those charts, guys. arch coal, patriot, with those bankruptcies tens of thousands of jobs. joining us to discuss eric and tom and -- i will let the professor talk about the economic angle because i at this this -- i think eric will refute what you say. talk about the economic angle. electricity prices as president obama promised gone to a record. >> yep. charles: coal companies have gone bankrupt and thousands of people lost their jobs.
6:28 pm
a lot of this has to be sourced back to the fact obama administration made it tough to use coal in this country. >> absolutely. 30,000 jobs wiped out since 2000. pensions retirement funds. absolutely regulations plays a huge role. this is market issue. market actors look ahead, coal will die. we'll not put our capital here. that is killing these businesses. charles: in other words, she was able tom to play loose and fancy with this. i will admit there is natural gas component here which is miracle of fracking played a role. but only, it was expounded upon because you were the guy who pointed out this was happening this is all going to happen. >> charles, it was driving force was the regulations. go to the videotape before president obama was president, he promised to rise energy prices to make them skyrocket. talked about bankruptcies of the it is slew of regulations. clean buffer rule. utility rule.
6:29 pm
ire pollution rule. rule, rule. ozone rule. made it coming and too expensive to use coal. look at arch coal bankruptcy statement. 400 power plants will coal because of epa regulations, not the market. the market will evolve slowly. maybe this would happen anyway but the boot of government is driving these poor people out of their jobs. it shows how cruel democrat policies are. charles: eric, how does hillary, she struggled yesterday to explain this i will in fairness if you play the tape longer, it is incumbent to find people jobs. took a certain amount of glee putting folks out of work? >> she didn't take glee putting people out of work. what she was talking about to provide for clean energy. what the government has to do, come in retrain workers to find jobs. like what tom said, a lot of people became unemployed.
6:30 pm
this is changing time people want clean energy. we want to make sure we're good citizens of this earth. we have responsibility to make sure we take these people, retrain them, give them benefits where they know how to do this. >> take people making $60,000 a year who were paying into the system, let's put them on the bankrupt, put them on unemployment line and use federal dollars to retrain them. how twisted is that? that is democrat liberal policies. >> that taking care of people. >> no it is not. it is sick. charles: retraining people? >> oh absolutely, by the boot of government by boost the government. going after fracking next. she is going after fracking next. >> nope. that is why it is important to retrain people. >> with billions of dollars in her pocket. >> auto industry we went to computerized people. we retrained people you. you can't -- charles: to tom's point we saw the evolution. we know things evolve. i think if you allow the natural
6:31 pm
evolution of this it would have happened over maybe two decades. the fact it was crammed in, artificially mandated, it left a trail of broken bodies and broken spirits and a lot of people who don't have any hope. >> change will happen in the marketplace. certainly the natural gas revolution will have impact, no question. the energy future of the globe is actually still in coal. if you look at china, electricity usage will triple over the next 20 years. that will be fueled by coal. same thing in india. u.s. wants to be positioned for leadership role. you can't kill an industry to expect to have leadership. you can't kill a industry to have transtoyings to coal. >> look at how. president obama wanted cap-and-trade legislation. congress did not approve it because of will of people. he went backdoor. he is using executive branch through the epa to do it. none of these people had a say because we have bureaucrats that just don't care. charles: eric, the idea we want clean air, some of these rules,
6:32 pm
particles, the dust an some of the things they're going is so, it is so minute, it really is. i've seen administration say, well this will stop 3900 more death as year or 30,000 asthma case as year. seems like real flimsy science to back up an agenda based on green ideology and nothing else. no compassion. >> as civil trial lawyer, when you look into eyes of someone dying from inhaling these inhalants and harmful chemicals it is not a very slim, very narrow issue. charles: you're from birmingham, right? >> i'm from alabama. charles: big coal area. >> absolutely. charles: i have a lot of relatives in birmingham, uncles who worked there. there are industrial hazards. but difference between them putting their kids in college and kids having a life of poverty. we understand where these people are, but how about looking, tom -- i took your job because the greenies asked me to. >> because of regulation, exactly. >> this is overregulation. this is bankruptcy by design. >> it it is not.
6:33 pm
>> go to videotape. president obama said he would bankrupt coal companies. >> go to areas where they impact environment and people's lungs. gotten cancer. >> how people are on oxycontin because they don't have jobs or alcohol? charles: over 50 years ago, lyndon johnson started war on poverty. where did he start it? walking tour of appalachia. the democrats had gameplan to give transition and give people better jobs. they had 50 years to do it. hillary is talking about flimsy, phony retraining program. what do families do tomorrow? >> i agree with one small point, that we have to make sure we give these people jobs. that is part of what the government has to do. that is part of it. when we give people opportunities they transition into another job. charles: unfortunately, guys, at this very, very moment we have a lot of people hopeless.
6:34 pm
whoever had the grand scheme botched it big time. very spirited. appreciate it. all eyes towards the general election. kasich, cruz, they're out. hillary and donald next. we'll lay out general election campaign for you when we come back.
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charles: all right, guys, all eyes turning now to the general election with donald trump and hillary clinton as your likely presidential candidates. well, in the latest poll, hillary beating donald trump
6:38 pm
pretty easy, 54-41%. it is long way between now and november. one of the big questions is, what role will #nevertrump movement play? we have pete hegseth, ford o'connell, van hipp. social media abuzz with the never trump movement. most of them doubling down. we know still in the throes of emotional part of this, but some going as far as using sort of the tame talking point as elizabeth warren and others. >> elizabeth warren, i don't know if you saw some tweets she was sending. charles: oh, yeah. >> prospect of twitter war between donald trump and elizabeth warren? charles: buy the stock tomorrow. >> if i am donald trump get in the twitter war with elizabeth warren. that will help you solidify the conservative base and unite the republican party. it will be a food thing. charles: eric, ask you about that, elizabeth warren going crazy.
6:39 pm
she said trump is vitriolic, brought up kkk we know of course these will be used over and over again. i guess idea that the mainstream media will pick up on it. is this even smart on her part? feels like those kind of tactics backfire? >> they do. when you attract trump with things like that, his respondents get stronger and stronger. you have to be careful how you deal with trump. you have to make sure you establish to not so i love trump base that, he lacks policy, that he is very shallow with policy and has very little plans. he hasn't released tax returns and other things. we have to concentrate on those things. charles: people, you were not a big donald trump fan. how do you feel now? do you think others who particularly conservatives who are saying still never will come around? >> we shall see. conservatives are going to watch trillion trump closely.
6:40 pm
if he -- donald trump closely, if he moves to the middle an further from conservative sector will be troublesome. this is overreaction of american left you see right here. every conservative when they watch protesters trying to shut down speech makes me want to write trump in chalk on sidewalk, saying try to shut that down. that will motivate. common enemy hillary clinton and left might gal van nate conservative is, when we see cinderblocks going through police windows and kids cursing people that galvanizes the base but is that enough to lure the never trump crowd? >> here is the problem with trump with party unity, much of problems will be solved if he is competitive for hillary clinton. we'll talk about 270 electoral votes. he starts out as 60-40 underdog. most important part of the campaign, 10 weeks, now to the convention set up a campaign and
6:41 pm
make sure the left can't label him dangerous and scary. if he solves that problem, trust me i'm bullish on his general election. charles: how does hillary take advantage? things in the polls. she has big lead over donald trump in key areas. lacking big time with white men but otherwise how does she not fumble the ball? >> the democratic party will unite. bernie will bring young voters into hillary's camp. i'm disappointed kasich quit and cruz quit. charles: i bet you are. >> they are quitters. charles: breaking news for you. fox news exclusive. infamous romanian hacker "gucifer" said he breached hillary clinton's private email server. he said it was easy. we have more coverage on this tomorrow 6:00 a.m. in the morning with maria. a big fox news exclusive. equity futures under pressure all day long. we have worries about the global economy and even our own economy. a real, real punk job number.
6:42 pm
the big one is on friday. we'll be right back.
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charles: guys we know all about jobs. how about this? according to adc, only 168 were created last month. we thought 200,000. manufacturing lost 13,000 jobs. details next. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. charles: not rhetorical. is the trade war too late? equities future started this morning on a ton of pressure because of growing worries about the global economic growth and considering this election season, some may actually cheer. the trade deficit actually slumped down to who billion in march. -- 40 billion in march. it was 47 billion in february. exrts wn aost oilli. imrts,mpor, 21billn. wn 8 bilon. ason exrts th cna soned
6:46 pm
imptedhis,6 billn less of stuff. $34 billion. i'm not sure what that is all about. more economic than political. big shocker, adp, the jobs report, 156 jobs created last month. street was looking for 196,000. remember we have big, big number on friday. this unnerved market today. bernie sanders beat hillary in indiana. they say still uphill battle for him. the dems it's a battle and maybe superdelegates do come to the rescue. we'll discuss it next. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk.
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and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. charles: tell you what, he did it again. senator bernie sanders pulled up another upset this time in the hoosier state last night,
6:50 pm
beating former secretary of state, 53% to her 41%. the problem he needs more delegates to win -- 47%. that leaves those superdelegates. donald trump slammed hillary clinton for her bad judgment. that was earlier today. >> you look at the email scandals. she shipment be allowed to run. you know that joe knows that, and everybody knows that. she is only being protected by the democrats. she should not be allowed to run in the election. she should not be, she should suffer like other people who have suffered have done far less than she has. charles: turning now to discuss eric, mercedes and cathy. mercedes, we all know who donald trump is talking about. of course with the revelations that we broke tonight, this email thing will be pretty tough. maybe sanders finally plays that card? >> i think it would be wise for bernie sanders to move forward on the card. "huffington post" columnist said
6:51 pm
hillary clinton should concede to bernie sanders due to the potential fbi findings. it is true. when you look at it, mere fact that the fbi is investigating hillary clinton, now we have these findings from this hack, from "gucifer." it is really interesting to find out the fact for hillary clinton, she is in a very tough bind. she will have to do more explaining. what she was hoping to get away with. charles, i think it will be very difficult for her. this story keeps haunting her campaign and gives bernie the opportunity to make the case, especially to superdelegates. i'm winning these states. give me a shot. it should be handed over to me and not just go forward with hillary clinton. charles: what do you make of that, eric? it is so interesting, wouldn't it be ironic, that democrat establishment establish superdelegates to keep one of their open in and it could kick them out. >> that is what barack obama did. he flipped superdelegates.
6:52 pm
bernie sanders message against clinton it will not be strong as several weeks ago. what he wants to do, democratic party wants to make sure they have a against lyin' trump, pin nokia yo trump. whether jfk's assassination. charles: hold on one second, bernie is in it to win it. he is reluctant to talke-mails, even if he doesn't, the news is the news, whatever happens it will talk about, happen to hillary. she is losing these contest. >> talk about something. who would have thought a-- 74-year-old white male politician look first female candidate of the president of the united states look tired and out of touch? bernie sanders has run solid campaign and consistent in his tactics. that is providing a foil to hillary clinton.
6:53 pm
absolutely, i don't think it is quite so easy, weil see, we'll see. to your point, eric though, barack obama was able to flip some of those superdelegates despite losing new york, new jersey and california. u.s. navy seal was killed by isis. he has been identified. and defense secretary ash carter says that the war on isis is quote, far from over. we'll bring back pete hegseth and carl higbie to discuss next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. ct oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! >>
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charles: the u.s. navy seal killed in an intense firefight with isis has been identified.
6:57 pm
is barack obama's piecemling of this strategy putting more lives in danger? and what is the right way to approach this. we brought back carl higby and pete hegseth. 50 elite soldiers here. 250 there. it doesn't sounds like enough. it sounds like to they are squandering great people. >> you are absolutely right. the slow drip won't get it done. until we unleash total war and are willing to do what is necessary to crush isis which obama won't do. he has more fighters out there with a commander-in-chief who doesn't have their back. charles: he talked about 30,000 fighters to go in there and annihilate isis.
6:58 pm
>> we need to commit the necessary resources. at the end of the day, this is a bad scenario. we were there as an advisory role, and a lost people said at what point does it become a combat role? when they get contacted, what do we do? charles: is there such a thing as a safe place to perform this training? >> the obama administration has deemed this an advisory role. they are declaring the war's over. the enemy is saying no it's not. >> they are playing games and guys like kawrl higby and other navy seals are over ther there e are not giving them what they need.
6:59 pm
charles: the peshmerga and the kurds. are there enough of them to help us beat back this isis threat? >> you can't do it all on the backs of the peshmerga. when you want to talk about taking raqqa and mosul. >> they are not intelligent enough, capable enough and not well funded enough to do this by themselves. we need to do this or it won't get done. >> local help won't come until we leave. charles: and they won't come if we keep giving timelines and dates. >> we destroyed an entire government. charles: you don't think they have the will to fight? >> they could. it's a sustained commitment. charles: i heard the will has been completely broken.
7:00 pm
there are two great books by these two great warriors. you have got to pick these up. we weren't trying to politicize the guys. it's sad and we salute him and his family. we salute the audience as well. now the man himself, lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump is the one. he did it against all odds running for election in his first ever race running against 16 primary opponents and against the republican establishment, the national media and the conservative media to boot. in winning the indiana primary trump took all the states, ran his total delegate count to


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