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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> good morning to you, nicole. good morning to everyone. and sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is thursday, may 5th. top stories for you at 6:00 a.m. eastern. hillary clinton's private e-mail server hack by victorious hacker guccifer claims it was easy. we will tell you what he says he found. john that meant calling it quits. suspending the campaign he reflected on his future. meantime, donald trump focusing on the general election, what his administration might look like. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> that would certainly consider him. he is somebody has gotten a lot during the debates. we have a lot of candidates that would be -- marco and i have gotten along really well.
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>> just ahead, flying friendly skies this summer make it a little easier. we will tell you about the tsa controversial plan to shorten wait times at the airport. an entire city in flames. the catastrophic wildfire showing no signs of slowing down. the details on this continued fire. just ahead in the state of emergency. tesla focused this morning reported earnings last night still losing money and production of concern. ceo elon musk is watching closely. he keeps a sleeping bag at his fact jury. those stories and more coming up. looking in a show where we see the market pretty much muted trading session in opposite directions. the nikkei is still closed as well. markets in korea -close-brace holiday. markets edging higher in the u.s. are also looking up what might be a higher open.
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the ftse in london, caci france or higher. this is what we've got now. dow futures at 55 points, nasdaq futures training to the upside as well up 16-point. here is our lovely panel this morning. with me for the show this morning, fox business network transport. matt murray is here. and fox news contributor, mr. pete, always good to have you. let's get right to it. we've got a camera sign up your blackstone chairman and ceo steve schwartzman will be joining us. hartman globetrotter howard smith. former presidential candidate ralph nader will be here. murray -- bob murray. and jim wilkinson. it will be a great show. meanwhile, in donald jay trump now the presumptive nominee for the president of the united states of america.
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texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich after yesterday after his suspending both their campaigns, making trumped a new leader of the republican party. looking ahead to the general election can the billionaire businessman is when cap nitpicks should he be elected president. >> i believe before you get to cleveland, you are going to try to consolidate the republican establishment report by doing the following, appointing rudy giuliani the homeland security chief, but appointing governor christie the attorney general and then person in charge of health and human services. i said i think trump is going to do that. would i be wrong? >> well, i have not made that decision, but certainly they would be three very white choices. they be popular and do a phenomenal job all three of them. i haven't thought about that, but i will tell you all three would be good choices in good
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positions. we are still left wondering. joining ms. kelley ann conway along with talkshow host john phillips. we are talking about all these potential candidates for donald trump. who will it be? >> who knows. i actually think those who are saying yesterday governor nikki haley said my plate is full. i'm sure she can handle being vp. i think people don't like to answer hypothetical questions. >> this is what kills me about politics and nikki haley is nikki haley is no think you have no interest but i would not rule out that tomorrow she will say should be happy to do it. what is your pet? >> and one los angeles claims they've turned on "dancing with the stars." they don't have too many people. it's easy to say you're washing your hair when you haven't been offered any thing. it would be great to go outside the beltway. the establishment in washington
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clearly doesn't like. if you look at successful republican to run the country, they are doing things in the states and cities. republicans have done to us with things outside of washington in a cabinet situation would be a good thing. dagen: one of the issues that we talk about governor nikki haley or marco rubio and ted cruz, they are really gone and they see a very long road ahead of them potentially and a lot of opportunities out there. if you get locked into a vp pick, you know, it's a tough fight for donald trump regardless of how you look at it. you are really kind of locking yourself in the last vice president who got elected to the white house was bush 41 and he only lasted four years. even al gore couldn't win the president. >> on ryan became speaker of the house. vice presidential candidate mary young communist taker of the house. dagen: a job he didn't want.
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>> out of the trump phenomenon change it? you are taking an extra risk if you are trump state. he's going to reshape the party or is going to fall short and start over again. that's a much different calculus. >> i think the race will be closer than people or predict. nothings been aired and then you have the wild-card of an unpredictable donald trump versus the non-resilient hillary clinton. she just hasn't proven herself to be nimble against senator obama 2008, certainly against bernie sanders in indiana where she will lose next week. that is a much better pairing than people give it credit for. the women's vote or the racial vote right now, hillary clinton has an advantage. that's not the way the election is that going to care. trade to the question is how far center will we see.trump while discussing the federal minimum wage on cnn last night, donald
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trump said his first priority is bringing jobs back to america. listed to what he said. >> i'm looking to get people great job so they make much more money than the $15. sandra: are we looking at the republican nominee talking about raising the minimum wage question asked to make is that on this right when he needs to shore up who are still incredibly skeptical that he can't afford to lose even 5%. yet he will come to the center. he's a dealmaker, talking about things like the minimum wage. uses people whether the vice president a poor candidate to seduce conservatives and say you know i like john bolton as secretaries nader alan westin secretary of defense. you know you like me in that context. i don't know what you think of that chance as possible how he does that. >> it is possible but it's early. even this discussion will kasich intent cruiser hitting the stage to talk about how his cabinet would look, he is an outsider
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and we don't have a view into what his administration would look like. but it also shows is operating from a position of strength for hillary clinton is battling in the primary. she hasn't been able to put it away yet. he was the 17th choice of 17 candidates for many people in here is the nominee. >> i think that's true. right now should be the moment for donald trump has the nomination of republicans are on the fed or should have an opportunity to pick off all the republicans, but instead she spent enough -- >> 70 for socialists. dagen: talking about raising the minimum wage to job phillips point proves that he's got travolta moves. trump feels like he can talk about anything. yeah, because he's working from the place of a businessman. certainly higher than seven and a quarter. sandra: look at the words he's
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using to describe what was once "lyin' ted." he was so complementary the other evening and night have john kasich stepping out of the race in donald trump is talking about how they were buddies on the debate stage. >> keyes beat him now so you can be gracious. he needs them to be part of the coalition. as donald trump loses attack from ted cruz and john k. victor hillary clinton he would unify the party because nothing gets people together like having a common enemy. he needs to remind republican that hillary clinton is their common enemy, not each other. sandra: that is where we are going on the show next big is big news on hilary clinton as well. thank you for joining us bright and early this morning very good to have you both. the state of emergency declared as a raging wildfire has forced 100 people out of their homes. the incredible images next to it plus the tsa looking at short in security lines ahead of the ever
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sandra: tsa asking congress for money to pay security screeners in order to shirt long airport lines claiming the nx that can increase taking travels even longer. jo ling kent has the details on that story and hopefully will tell us a line a heck of a lot shorter. >> definitely not unfortunately. good morning to you. the department of homeland security requesting more money for tsa in congress not taking action. a senate panel approving transferring between tsa bank accounts at the agency can hire and train and pay overtime ahead of the summer travel rush. house representative john carter who heads the house appropriations subcommittee for homeland security says tsa to travel with spikes this summer and said simply failed to play responsibly. canadian officials declared a state of emergency in the province of alberta after a wildfire forced 88,000 people at
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fort mcmurray to evacuate. the fire could destroy even more of the city. it is already destroyed 1600 buildings including a new school. oil companies operating in the area have been forced to cut their output. tesla reported first-quarter earnings last night, nearly doubling losses euro per year. the company saying it plans to produce $500,000 or cars every year starting in 2018. that is two years earlier than planned. the company also says to executives involved with production have left will soon be leaving after major delays on the model suv have played their deliveries. sandra: thank you. your take on the future. everybody is watching this. >> it's kind of an elon musk moments, especially apple has been tarnished a little bit. sandra: i thought you meant the other night when he got rejected from the after party. that really happened. >> will, he's taking on that he
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can produce 500,000 cars in two years and take on a war debt to do that. it will really be a make or break model. the company has to ramp up really quickly here so there's a lot of excitement that they will be with a lot of questions. sandra: our president next per. a bright future? dagen: i've pooh-poohed the company. but i think some of their design innovations will influence the way that automobiles look for future generation. i still wind up thinking that this company gets bought by somebody. it could be a technology company. you have apple sitting around with a cash hoard that is unparalleled. apple has to buy at netflix or tesla potentially. a lot of car people do not think he could ramp up production. >> it is him. they lost a lot of executives in the last year. he is the secret to the com to me. you wonder how deep it goes.
6:16 am
transfer and biased because i was getting ready to do an interview with him in houston in front of the camera and he took his microphone off and that i have a meeting that goldman sachs. i have a little bit of a personal issue with him. big ego that one. sandra: you know what, when you look at the guy running a company, they have a lot going on. elon musk has been a risk maker. he this come nation at this point. >> that's right. we'll test the viability of the technology and the free market in whether it can sustain itself. that's the question altogether in this space. they are making a massive back. >> i suspect they will lose a massive amount of money on those cheaper cars. some of them have the suv look. sandra: they do make you stop and look when you see them on the street. the economy, one of the hottest
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issues we've seen on the 2016 campaign trail. chief executive of the largest asset manager in the world. steve schwarzman weighs in on global growth in what is looking for any presidential candidate. plus a notorious hacker breaks into hillary clinton's private e-mail server saying it was a piece of cake. we have much more on this story straight ahead. ♪ every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost.
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sandra: concerns of the global economy weighed on investors in the second half of this year. steve schwarzman, chief executive of the black strobe are. but manager of more than
6:21 am
$300 billion management. pinning down with maria at the conference in los angeles with its outlook for the global economy as well as what is looking forward in a presidential candidate. >> thanks so much vietnam-era steve schwarzman, chairman and ceo of the blackstone group, largest asset manager in the world. good to see you again. thank you for joining us today. i know you're busy here at the conference. we've been having this debate about where we are in the global economy given the fact we started the year at the worst beginning for markets on any year ever. how would you characterize things in the u.s. and then i want you to take us around the world. the >> with the u.s., the first-quarter announcement gdp i don't think it's on the mark any more than it was the previous year and the previous year before that. i don't know what set of numbers they are using companies are not reflect the bout one half of 1%. we will probably be somewhere
6:22 am
around 2% this year in terms of growth. maybe a little bit higher. that's about half of the global economy. china will report 6.5, 6.3. everyone has what the number actually might be. is it lower. if it is, it'll probably be around five. even if there were four and a half compared to the rest of the world. still very good. >> can you identify industries. we've talked about energy in the past. do you think were oil prices are going to supply out there in terms of oil is an opportunity and where the opportunities right now?
6:23 am
>> to death about energy briefly, we talk about bankruptcies. despite the fact the oil price is now gone up from around 26245. so there will be opportunities to put money in the situations. there will be opportunities to buy properties. and existing oil companies usually midsized or shell companies need to drill if they don't have the money. there will be opportunities to do that. we are looking at several of those now. >> how is the regulatory or event that hasn't been an issue for growth? >> it's been an issue for growth in the united states. people are putting regulations have good attention. sometimes there is no evaluation of what the caustics of those
6:24 am
rules. if we build sort of a pipeline or do anything to the environment, we have environmental studies for 10 years. when we put in a regulation, typically there is no evaluation of cost. i believe that this sort of heavy burden of regulation, which has accelerated dramatically since the crisis. i'm not talking about financial perception, has resulted in a significant decrease in growth. >> let me ask you about the industry in general. it's obviously an election year. i know you don't have a candidate and i'm not going to ask you that. in terms of a potential cabinet, there is speculation that one of your colleagues in the industry is being hacked by donald trump to be as treasury secretary. do you think henry travis to be a good treasury secretary?
6:25 am
>> that would be a good thing for henry. a good thing for the country. henry is a smart guy and has a lot of experience. there are a lot of people who could be good at that job and it's important to fill it with somebody who is really good. >> would you want to see from the next president terms of the type to move the needle on economic growth. >> of the surveys and polls, about 62% of americans believe we are on the wrong track. at some point it was 70%. so i think there's a generalized view that something needs to change in a whole variety of areas. we could simplify taxes. we can debug the economy. we can look at regulations and keep what is necessary and deep
6:26 am
bottleneck the economy. >> good to see you. steve schwarzman, chairman year. back to you. >> gets to pay thank you very much. an infamous hacker claims he got into hillary clinton's primary e-mail server easily. judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano will be here early to weigh in on all of that. a little bit later on, one north carolina man blessed to be part of the same name as the man himself on the show. we will be right back. on. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo
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sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it is 6:30 a.m. hillary clinton's private e-mail hacked and it was easy. john kasich calling it quits. republican national chairman preubs says now that the party is narrow, it can shift the focus. >> we are going to expose her for who she is. sandra: later this hour we will hear from donald trump. now not that donald trump, i got your attention.
6:30 am
[laughter] sandra: we will find out of someone who has the same name of presumptive nominee. president obama dranked the water in flint, michigan. he did it. he visited the city and we got more on that. shares plunging in the premarket, the company's spending did weigh on profits, however, and it is taking a toll. checking u.s. stock market futures, dow futures up 41 points, s&p up 5, nasdaq up the most 7% basis trending higher by 12 points. gucifer was able to gain access to hillary's e-mail server. she spoke with gucifer on the phone while in prison, take a listen.
6:31 am
>> sandra he wrote and we met with him in alexander, virginia, after that we did a series of calls. >> romania hacker hacking e-mail from secretary of state and he also compromised hillary clinton's e-mail server. claimed it happened in early 2013. >> you accessed a lot of accounts, marcel, is the clinton server easy? >> no, for me it was easy. for me. -- everybody -- >> face trial in alexander, virginia for cyber climbs. after researching target, he
6:32 am
accessed the account but correctly guessing security question and he sent content to account to the media and publicly exposed clinton e-mail address. >> it's not an atall that works well-defended systems. once inside he gathered information about the clinton server's ip address, a numeric code like a phone address. >> how many times did you access to clinton server marcel? >> i said like twice. [inaudible] >> if a little romanian country boy can get into this, this thing could have gotten into of anybody.
6:33 am
lacar came to evidence that everybody was there. [inaudible] but you can tell by the number. >> while the claims cannot be identified, computer security specialist told fox that clinton server in fbi hands has electronic that can prove stories. this week mrs. clinton was asked about security. >> any indication that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> clinton campaign, lacar
6:34 am
cooperates it would be advantageous. sandra: judge andrew napolitano. wow, what do you make of the revelations? >> we have known of enindictment by the fbi, he was extradited lastmont, the ease of which mrs. clinton e-mail was directly hack. he revealed that he was able and he said he saw evidence from ten others from different parts of the world to attack her directly. sandra: the guy is in prison. he could be making this up. >> the relationship from the american government and romanian government, he's serving seven years in a romanian prison and
6:35 am
the u.s. requests his extraition, normal response, you can have him after he finishes the seven years, not this time, they sent him over immediately. sandra: are you saying there's a coincidence. he's charged with enough crimes in the u.s., to send him away for 100 years. hes has a tremendous incentive to negotiate with the fbi to be a witness against ms. clinton. espionage is the removal of secrets from a secured location to a nonse secured location. if they can show she was hacked, that would enhance punishment and be easy for the jury to understand the case that she was, in fact, hacked and this is the hacker. sandra: they are saying it will
6:36 am
be able to be proved? >> yes, experts can prove if he was where he said he was. dagen: fbi should be able to pick up. >> he saw the fingerprint. >> no, it was not hacked. could she know, would she know that. >> she does not know. she really needs to stop being in a state of denial because her legal situation is paralis. >> it would make it nearly impossible for them not the charge her. another point ran the cia and at other point the cia, it was
6:37 am
given that she was hacked by chinese, russian and even our friends and that's how vulnerable she was. dagen: just in terms of her changing her language when she's asked about this now, does that get her into a legal predic predicament. politically she has to go. she's been saying i can't wait many times to go in. they've going to change what -- challenged what she said. sandra: the clinton respond, we have received no indication from any government agency to support these claims. security logs from secretary clinton's e-mail server does not
6:38 am
show any evidence of foreign hacking. >> misleading. campaign is not going to receive any communication from the fbi. mrs. clinton's lawyer. >> does this say anything about the timing, it's critical? >> there's two investigations, this e-mail one we are talking about and the public corruption one. the public corruption is probably going to go beyond november. this one is nearing an end. the interviews are taking place as we speak. there's one major interview left, that's with her. now they've decided they have this gucifer evidence in there. the fbi will be essentially finished with its investigation and prepare to suggest to the justice department when and where we are going in a grand jury in the next couple of weeks. sandra: he said it was easy for me and everybody. judge, what was put at risk what we are talking about in the
6:39 am
server? >> she had 60,000 emails, 2200 of them had confidential secrete or top secret. 20 had top secret, four had sap, i don't know you had an sap. >> no. [laughter] >> the fbi agents did not have sap. she said, i did not know it was secret. photographs of north korea nuclear facility, yemen intelligence phone calls, i itenirary and names of intelligence agents, there's no credible way that she didn't know that was secret. >> gucifer could have had access to the one she deleted. >> we also know she doesn't know how to delete. sandra: nobody than you judge.
6:40 am
great to have you, judge andrew napolitano. president obama in flint, michigan, reassuring that the contaminating water is now safe, but did he actually take a drink of that water. [laughter] sandra: details on that. powerball, how much you can win ahead of this weekend's drawing. that straight ahead
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sandra: on the cinco de mayo, a
6:44 am
couple of stocks to watch in today's trading session. twenty-first century fox reporting third quarter results, the company's cable business driving revenue and profit growth. after the close today news cooperation does result as well. likely to be a big winner today. reporting better than expected first-quarter earnings increased add revenue but on the downside, fitbit, wearable devises, came below expectations. anybody have a fitbit on. dagen: i know that i don't sleep a lot. >> yes, i know i've been sitting all day, i know. sandra: president obama visiting
6:45 am
flint, michigan attempting to reassure residents whether or not he dranked the water. jo ling: well, he did, obama calling a man-made disaster that was a complete screw-up. >> part of what contributed to this crisis was a broader mind set, a bigger attitude, a a corosive attitude that exists in our politics and too many levels of our government. [cheers and applause] jo ling: safe for consumption but said it would probably take two years to fix the city's pipe. and check out these new zealand police officers busting a move.
6:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ jo ling: officers joining in on the new dance trend. the running challenge in recruit ment, challenged police departments departments around the world and you want the new york department responded yesterday dancing right after the brooklyn bridge. sandra: i love it. jo ling: pretty good moves for police officers. dagen: that's the headlines right there. [laughter] sandra: i watched all of them repeatedly. dagen: she has never seen star wars but she has seen police academy. sandra: can you please continue? jo ling: no winner in the power ball last night.
6:47 am
it's now ninth largest potential payout in u.s. history. powerball has been growing. remember a 64-year-old man in florida claimed jackpot, you're still on the line. sandra: anybody? dagen: my mom gives us scratch tickets in our stockings. >> i'm not going to stand in the line to buy the ticket. >> there's no line. you go to the gas station. dagen: it's early, you can go buy one right now. >> i know it's early. dagen: take a break and go downstairs. sandra: we have to get to this one. two trumps better than one.
6:48 am
the other donald trump, he's telling us why he sports the potential front runner and what it's like to have the same name.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ sandra: presumptive nominee with both ted cruz and john kasich
6:52 am
suspending campaign this week. joining us right now the man with the same name, north carolina voter and donald trump supporter. donald trump, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, sandra. sandra: i think i should make this an exclusive. we have donald trump this morning. what is it like these days to bear the same name? >> it's a lot of fun at times. quite interesting. sandra: is there a drawback? >> depends on where i am and who i am talking to. sometimes i get negative reaction but not too bad. sandra: you decide that had you're going to support the presumptive nominee, why do you like him? >> first and foremost i've always gone republican. i think either way i would have gone with a republican nominee either way, but, you know, i think he's, i i believe him more
6:53 am
and he's more believable in what he says he's going to do. sandra: have you ever met him? >> yes, i have. sandra: what was your experience. obviously you told him your name. >> yeah, we first met on the oprah winfrey show in new york, we spent some time with him there. he was a very nice individual, very gracious and so we had some time and discussed actually there about his potential for running in 2012, and so we did discuss that there at his office. sandra: you are in business, you're a manager of a company there in greenboro, north carolina, the other donald trump is a businessman. do you think he has the right ideas to grow business in this country? >> well, first of all i'm not the manager of a company, i'm a
6:54 am
manager of an i, the -- it group. however, i think he's doing the right things to at least show what's inside, you know, i would rather see for many years or wished myself that we could get a candidate that at least would tell us what they think, not what i want to hear then we can at least work with that to judge accordingly. sandra: i have some others sitting with me and they would like to ask you some questions, mr. donald. >> first, are you wearing one of your ties, indeed? i mean, what's it like -- >> actually, this is a donald trump tie. [laughter] >> i didn't even know that. i love that. very fitting, sir. do people say you're lying to me. i looked at the photos, there could be a long-lost relative.
6:55 am
have you ever checked it out? >> family historians have looked at it, maybe 200 years back but nothing recent. dagen: what's the coolest thing has ever happened to you, the people in the gas station that donald trump is filling outside and they're running out to greet you? >> yeah, you know, i used to travel every major city and most of the minor cities in this country and business, hundreds of flights per year in excess of 100 flights per year and hotels, i could write an entire book on those experiences. dagen: i think you should, actually. now is the time to sell. sandra: obviously your family have all trumps. i can only imagine where this goes. have you ever considered going donnie or don?
6:56 am
>> i use nickname rick. >> sandra: you go to rick trump. >> my middle name is richard, so narrow it down to the rick. sandra: well, it was fun. there's another donald trump in the world and he supports donald trump. and he's wearing a trump tie. go ahead, last words. >> well, actually they're like 20 donald trumps in the country. two of them are close relatives of mine so i'm not the only one out there. there's like 20. sandra: it's like smith, right? >> yes, right. thanks. all right. sandra: before we head to break we are celebrating cinco de mayo right here in mornings with maria all morning focusing on one small business bringing authentic mexican food to
6:57 am
midtown manhattan. we will be sampling some of the dishes and talking about anders of their support for donald trump for president, but first ateca, take us to break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment. sandra: good morning, everybody, i'm sandra smith, maria bartiromo has the morning off. hillary clinton private e-mail server hacked. that's what notorious hacker gucifer says and he says it was easy. john kasich calling it quits, the ohio governor suspending campaign and then in speech he explained why he didn't resinate. donald trump, the real donald trump focusing on the general election. >> the spirit, the essence of america lies in the hearts and souls of us.
7:01 am
you see, some missed this message. it wasn't sexy, it wasn't a great sound bite. >> if he wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. if she wants to go the high road, i'm probably find with that. we know where the noise is coming from. sandra: president obama facing lawsuit, the president doesn't have authority for this battle. health insurance companies offset costs by raising premiums. california raising smoking age from 18 to 21. the legislation expanding no smoking areas in the state. the world's largest diamond up for auctionment i loaned it for a little while. look at that diamond. checking market this is morning. we are looking at gains at the open. future pointing to a higher open.
7:02 am
dow futures up and nasdaq futures currently up 7 points. looks like technology is leading in early trade. with me fox business dagen mcdowell, wall street matt murray is here and fox news contributor pete is here this morning. dagen: we are some good-looking people. [laughter] >> yeah, yeah. sandra: the mariachi band just makes you want to stop and have a tortilla chip. dagen: that's not the first thing i was thinking about having. sandra: morning television, dagen mcdowell. dagen: we are not allowed to drink alcohol. sandra: happy cinco de mayo, everyone. we've got goldman sachs cohead of investment, howard smith, former presidential candidate and murray energy ceo bob murray.
7:03 am
also alibaba vice president jim wilkinson. back to our top story this morning, romanian gucifer hacked hillary clinton's personal e-mail server in early 2013. blake berman is in washington, d.c. with all of the latest on this story, what it means for the 2016 race. good morning to you blake. blake: good morning to you as well. it was easy, that is the claim of a romanian hacker who says he accessed hillary clinton's personal e-mail server, marcel breached server like twice and he says others were snooping around as well. >> you could see other people looking at her server; is that correct? >> not exactly, but yes, there was up to ten ip's from other
7:04 am
parts of the world. you can tell by the numbers the origin. blake: clinton campaign dismissing allegation and i'm quoting here, there is absolutely no basis to believe that the claims made by this criminal from the prison cell. you mention it had potential ramifications, this can become more throttle for donald trump after john kasich announced withdrawal from the race. focus now for trump is who he might select as his running mate, he said yesterday that kasich is someone he would consider, sandra. sandra: all right, blake berman, thank you. let's bring strategist and jackie. jackie, good to have you and angela you're here onset. first let's get to your response
7:05 am
of romanian hacker saying he got into her private e-mail server. it was unbelievable what was put at risk and what may have been compromised but it's yet to be confirmed. >> a lie will never stand and the bottom line is this, the truth is coming out and if she's indicted i really believe they will recruit biden to come in. if they can see the fingerprints to show and demonstrate that she really put this country at risk, then i think that she will have to step down. sandra: wow. jackie, the story continues to get bigger. >> it's true. you to caution that that hasn't been confirmed. we have seen donald trump talk about things that aren't unconfirmed. for goodness sake, he said ted cruz's was on grassy knoll days
7:06 am
ago. sandra: we will wait to hear more on that story. jackie, i want to get to you on the republican side here and now donald trump is the presumptive nominee, the republican party, we are start to go think who his running mate might be. there were rumors, john kasich, someone who has interviewed john kasich several times i find it far-fetched. when you talk about them kind of chuckle at the idea. since he's an executive and running the state for two consecutive terms and it's not really in his personality. i don't know if y'all talk to john kasich a lot, but he's sort of a lone-wolf sort of figure. nikki haley, i believe, yesterday took her name off the list so you already have people falling by the waist side and
7:07 am
say they want to be on their position. sandra: ben carson who has been on his side, he wouldn't rule himself out. >> i think carson would be great as secretary of hhs. as for kasich, i see that democrats are scared of kasich. he has a grate personality but great executive and that's what donald trump needs. he balanced the budget. he brought the state from the red to the black. this would be a balance. >> donald trump needs ohio? >> not necessarily just this state. this would help out because the republicans can't win if she doesn't get ohio. having said that, though, people like donald trump because he's a washington, d.c. outsider. now donald trump needs a washington, d.c. insider to balance it out. i think rubio will be great. >> why not pick an outside and really drive that home?
7:08 am
john kasich, even though the establishment loves didn't shoe popularity. >> very good question, it was democrats that -- republicans that beat barack obama. it's all about messaging and i think that with donald trump he will pull independents, i think he will pull some democrats, but insanity is doing something over and republicans have got to get out to vote. >> you have to wonder if he's going to chose a woman. >> i think it's a big statement, i think it's a mistake to chose a person of color. that's why donald trump is so popular, he can say anything but everybody loves success and we've had a lot of failure. >> women and minority can't do that? >> i'm not going to vote for a
7:09 am
woman just because she's a woman. ihe needs the women vote or hispanic vote. sandra: i have to get to this occurrence while bill clinton was campaigning. bill clinton saying that it's been a long time that a girl told him he was great. >> i still feel young but i know this -- >> you look great. >> it's been a long time since a girl said that to me. i usually get you look good for a man your age. [laughter] sandra: angela. >> bill clinton just keeps on giving and giving, but i think he's destroying her. subconsciously he doesn't want her to be -- dagen: that's the real bill,
7:10 am
angela. that's campaign bill and people -- he's back on the trail and he is loving it. sandra: seriously, is he helping or hurting hillary by campaigning with her? >> i mean, what day is it? [laughter] >> we can go back and forth. some days he hurts. bill clinton is always bill clinton. what you see is what you get. sandra: thank you. >> thank you. sandra: good to have you both this morning. still to come, it's not just alcohol anymore, one state is raising the legal smoking age to 21. and later, 2.5 billion-year-old diamond, you're looking at it. it's expected to fetch a lot of money. we'll have the price tag next
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
sandra: u.s. army captain suing president obama. jo ling kent has the story and some other big headlines this morning. that's a hint. jo ling: nathan smith is alleging the president does not have the proper congressional authority to wage isis, the
7:14 am
president must ask congress for use of military force. and craifl raising the smoking age, governor jerry brown signed a series of bills raising the smoking age from 18 to 21 for most of the state. he's placing new reconvictions on where people can smoke as well. new laws ban electronic cigarettes to anyone under 21 and restrict where they can be used in public places. a stipulation was added to active duty military personnel 18 and over. take a look at this, a diamond-size of a tennis ball can set a record price at auction. the largest discovered diamond in over a century could sell for more than $70 million. the 1100 plus karat was found.
7:15 am
i know all of you will be bidding on it. sandra: wow, $70 million. that's unbelievable. dagen: are they going to cut it to smaller diamonds or will they cut it as one -- >> one big ring, dagen. sandra: you don't find that. jo ling: it's rare and expensive and someone is about to make a whole lot of money, the mining company. sandra: how many tours have you done by the way? >> three. sandra: as u.s. army and sergeant, the army captain suing president obama over legality of the fight against isis. >> it's like easy, cappian. i didn't know it was a thing. i didn't know the captain could sue commander in chief over authority of war.
7:16 am
he's in a bit of hot water. he should probably take off the uniform and run for congress if he wants to challenge. >> he can file to be a conscientious objector or whatever he wants to do. i don't know what courses have been taken against him but there's other ways to do it. jo ling: is this a one-off situation. >> the moral is low in the military. rules of engagement all of that. that happens below the surface and conversations. if you don't want to put up, you hang the uniform and speak out. sandra: captain nathan michael smith, he's vowed to hold the constitution, he believed that the mission lacked proper authorization. >> he may be right. maybe like edward snowden where he's going to take it on himself, but with congress and
7:17 am
the president, the relations, it's not that this was an issue that people in congress would have been claiming, they're even shown that they're willing to sue the president on this. sandra: coming up, danger at the grocery store, what one man in michigan is accused of doing, food that has cause for concern. i guess this is a story at the grocery store. highlights from a record-breaking performance by lebron james and company thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand,
7:18 am
can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ ♪ ♪ sandra: welcome back on this thursday morning, sluggish start of the year, drop in first quarter. maria sat down with goldman sachs david at the milken conference to get his take on what sect objection, nonresponsive are prime for a comeback. maria: good to see you. i would love to see you and get a check on what's going on in the markets and i know early in the year, it was the worst beginning of the year in any year for markets and the deal flow really slowed down. how would you characterize deals and opportunities today? >> there's no question that the volatility we saw right off the bat in january slowed down deal
7:22 am
activity. we need confidence, ceo's need to be confident in order to keep moment uiment in -- momentum in m&a activity. they're very active in terms of talking about targets and things they want to the strategically and now that markets have settled we see picking up again. maria: what sectors to see best consolidation? >> in health care and you saw it last week. there's a lot going on in media, tech, a lot of disruption there. the fact that industrial businesses have been more pressured for growth i think is really having an impact on ceo's in that space. maria: what is it going to take to move the needle in economic growth? you're talking about an economy that's bumping along the better.
7:23 am
we certainly are seeing better numbers when it comes to jobs. for the most part, you are not seeing a vibrant story for the u.s. economy, what do you think changes that? >> i think the u.s. economy is doing -- is doing fine, and i think that it's a complicated picture but there's no questions some of the things that we have just been talking about heavy regulatory hand, political volatility u all of that contribute -- maria: high taxes. >> all that contributes to confidence with respect to investment and i think we've got to get to a point in time where investment is more encouraged, more support from the regulatory framework for some of the things we have been talking about and that's going to take some time. maria: perhaps the election. >> the election could, but, you know, we will see. elections always create uncertainty, another thing they're talking about is after you go throw process and know what you have on the other side, it's hard to understand how it's
7:24 am
going to effect markets. we live in a global world and it's easy to move money around the world. we are in definitely need of corporate tax reform, and all this is complicated and the political landscape further complicates. maria: let me get your take on valuations. first on the private, for a little while there the valuations were coming down because people thought, these companies can't be worth like uber being worth $60 billion, what's your take on valuations in the private sector and what that's telling us about investing today in markets today? >> there's no question over the last six months private-market valuation have cooled. i think that's been healthy. i think investors were very willing to give private companies capital to fund growth without really holding those companies accountable for delivering on metrics other than just top-line growth. when can you translate top-line
7:25 am
growth with some sort of return, and i think now venture capital and private investors are getting more disciplined about and i think that's generally helping. the valuations still robust, sure, but certainly they've come in and it's getting a lot harder to raise that private capital. venture capital is saying to companies, hey, i want to plan that assumes that you can't raise more capital and assumes that with the capital you have, you can get to a point where we are going to see turn in the business. you know, i think that's something that will continue through this year. maria: valuation questions and also questions about the overall demand story, china, europe, merging markets, what's your take on what's going on in the back-drop of all of this in. >> as you kind of move around the world, there's no question that when we were talking about sluggish growth in the u.s., the u.s. seems to be more attractive economy in terms of what's happening. china is growing. there's going to be volatility in that growth and to put it in
7:26 am
broader context, i've got a lot that china grows quite a bit. during the growth there could be volatility along the way, things can go wrong, from here to there, i think china is going to continue to grow and really important in global growth overall. investors are starting to recognize that in some of the new emerging companies there are risks and in the more developed economies even though the growth is slower, there's certainly greater sense of stability through that cycle. maria: is there a candidate that would be better for business than any other candidates? >> there's a lot of uncertainty for candidates around the election. we will all adjust and adapt accordingly. maria: david, great to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me. maria: sandra,ly send it back to you. sandra: a man allegedly arrested for spraying poisonous chemicals
7:27 am
on food at three grocery stores. record-setting night for lebron james and cleveland cavaliers, have jared max with highlights coming up. we will be right back. when it comes to small business, she's in the know. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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sandra: i am sandra smith, your top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, hillary clinton's private email server hacked. he says it was easy. we will tell you what he says he found. john kasich calling it quits, the ohio governor suspending his campaign, donald trump looking ahead to the general election. so is bernie sanders. >> i know there is a lot of nervousness around this country, that donald trump may become president. not going to happen. sandra: the latest from the campaign trail coming up. another hurdle for obamacare, health insurance company looking to offset costs by raising
7:31 am
premiums. one man allegedly poisoning food at a grocery store. details just ahead. the cleveland cavaliers setting a record of in the playoff game. checking markets, futures edging higher, higher open on wall street. you will see dow futures up 49, s&p up 6, nasdaq futures up 13. donald trump refusing to back down from his immigration policies that thrust his presidential campaign into the national spotlight. my next guest is a major supporter of trump's stand on the issues frequently joining him on stage. to tell the story of his son's tragic death at the hands of an illegal alien in 2008. >> he was on one of the big shows on fox, cnn the other day. he was talking about trump. i said oh no, not more. how much can you take?
7:32 am
he was talking me. i turned on the sound. there is nobody that has helped us, we have been forgotten. the parents of children that have been killed by illegal immigrants. sandra: that man joins us now. good morning. always difficult to relive your story. jamil sean ii was murdered by a gang member from mexico who was in the us illegally. a difficult story, acknowledged by the now republican nominee for the presidency. what do you now feel about donald trump after he has been running for many months? >> it is awesome. we see a really good -- i remember when i heard ted cruz had dropped out and trump was the presumptive nominee i raised my hand to my son, we did it, we are halfway there. this is all for you.
7:33 am
sandra: it was an emotional moment. how do you feel knowing your story, how do you feel about those who say donald trump is just saying these things, he says he will do these things that he won't follow through, he doesn't mean it? >> that is the same thing they said when he said he wanted to be president for the first time, he is going to drop out, people won't support him, he won't get the vote. and on and on and on, the same people spent the whole since july saying he would never make it and now he is there. i don't care what they say now. sandra: i want to get to this, the former mexican president fox is changing his tune on donald trump. he has been on this program very critical of donald trump, but now he using the presumptive
7:34 am
republican nominee should take a trip south of the border, he is apologizing. >> it is important to invite donald trump to come to mexico to learn about the real mexico that is totally different. sandra: what do you think? a trip to mexico by donald trump will change his mind? >> no. they want him to come to get him to do something, to believe -- everything happening in america is not who we really are but we know it is, it happened to my son. how do you fix that when you have american citizens murdered by people from mexico, come and see, i go to the cemetery to see
7:35 am
my son. i wouldn't even go but if he has to, do what he has got to do but shouldn't change anything. >>'s killer was released from prison the day before the shooting without immigration authorities putting a hold on him. pete to the left has a question. >> powerful story, appreciate you speaking up about it. so many opponents of donald trump criticized him and called him a racist, racist for talking about illegal immigration. would you say to folks who say this is all for him being anti-immigrant, anti-mexican? >> people tell me i am a racist. why am i a racist because i'm pissed off that my son was shot dead in the street, weiss trump a racist because he wants something done? trump doesn't want people to be shot dead in the street by anybody, especially somebody from another country. it is unacceptable, like putting a stop sign in front of you, we
7:36 am
go around the stop sign. sandra: i want to get to this, new reports showing possibility of donald trump, the presidency of donald trump has immigrants rushing to apply for us citizenship, your take on that? >> according to donald trump no matter what happens they will be deported, going after gangs and criminals in jails but that is one little step but they -- this is a big picture, bigger than me, bigger than my son. my son is dead. i have another son, i have nieces and nephews and grandkids, this is about american scourge, you can't allow illegal aliens to murder anybody. one is too many and we are into the thousands. it is unacceptable and we will keep pushing and we hope trump will do what he says he is going to do, we believe it, we have real hope and real change. sandra: with your story, do you
7:37 am
feel you have had success bringing people over, family members, friends to trump to support trump? >> oh yes. people call me every day, twitter, facebook, email, phone calls, people support trump, some people are scared because they have careers, people in the movie industry talk to me. they have to work and it is sad but everybody behind the scenes says i'm going to go into the voting booth and vote for trump but i can't talk about it but i am going to do it. >> thanks for sharing your story with us. now that you are seeing mister trump as the presumptive nominee and it is still controversial in the republican party, what do you say to other republicans debating whether they should join mister trump, some of them have dealt including over this issue. have you reached out to any of them and talk to them? what is your message for the
7:38 am
rest of the gop? >> they don't talk to me. i have been to washington dc, they know about me and understand what we are trying to do, they understand they have a job to do, we have gotten so much from the republicans and obama came in. if you give obama a chance give trump a chance. it will be better, he is talking about doing good things, not hurting anybody, talking about making people follow the laws already on the books, you coming to the country, that is a crime but they want to ignore that part but we don't, first time you come into the country no matter what your motives, to get a job, help your family, it is still against the law. sandra: in the news this morning as we continue to talk about whether political correctness has gone too far the oakland police department has been
7:39 am
forced to issue an apology over a press release urging people to drive -- not drive drunk on cinco they mayo which is today. we are asking you do you think people are taking political correctness too far in this country? >> oh yes. it is way out of control, can't even talk, talk about illegal aliens around my neighborhood, they start whispering, everybody scared like they are going to get in trouble if they stand up for themselves. i'm here to say listen, i am a regular joe, i am not a millionaire or a celebrity but look, this is what i am doing, time to stand up, we have to live in this world right now. we are entitled for our chance to live here without being oppressed by illegal immigration. the black community is decimated. there is no black community. where is it? where is the black community. it is not black anymore.
7:40 am
sandra: good for you for speaking out and joining us this morning. those unfamiliar with your story your son's killer was convicted of first-degree murder in 2012 and sentenced to death. you are a brave man for speaking out about it, thank you. >> thank you for having me and keep up the good work, i watched you guys all the time like everybody. dagen: thank you. sandra: coming up, get out your dollar bills, channing tatum going to las vegas. dagen: that is not magic mike one. he turned away from that. the facebook post taking the internet by storm is next. check out these police officers on the new trance trend, the running challenge, trying to
7:41 am
boost and improve relations within the community, challenged police departments around the world. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started.
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sandra: health insurance premiums expected to rise again. >> health insurers bracing for big premium hikes under the affordable care act according to the wall street journal, analysts expect insurers to raise prices as they cover their costs as they go up and make some money. humana is a good example posting only a small profit on
7:45 am
individual plans, customer exchange plunged 21% at that hurt profits by 46%, announcing it will leave certain states as a result is a michigan man has been arrested for spraying mice poison on an open food bar at three grocery stores in ann arbor, michigan. according to the detroit free press no one has reported getting sick from the contaminated food but authorities believe the suspect targeted at these three places in the last two week then recommends shoppers throw out food from hot bars, salad bars and any prepared food, get rid of it. the hit movie franchise magic mike live is going to las vegas. actor channing tatum making the announcement on facebook, previews of the classy male stripper at the hard rock hotel and casino set to start in march of next year. tatum will not be one of the seven to star in the show but will appear on stage once or
7:46 am
twice if ever in shape enough. >> i was watching this video. she is beautiful. dagen: aren't you happy i know about this? dagen: the first magic mike, the film directed by steven soderbergh was phenomenal, the second one was not as good. >> i agree with you. it was really interesting and a good story line. >> no idea what you guys are talking about. dagen: there is magic mike and the sql. magic mike x x l was the sql. a steven soderbergh movie. >> celine dion, britney spears, magic mike, tons of shows the ability to make money. this is something that sells. dagen: you already have these mail dance reviews in las vegas
7:47 am
like the thunder from down under. big money makers when it comes to that. >> i have never been to vegas. i had no idea. >> a big couples night out. >> you would be surprised, you get certain kind of couples or enough food and the guy will go anywhere with you. that line of the morning. and pete perhaps, the harlem globet turning 90 years old. next, how to keep the brand fresh and continues to sell out shows. we will be right back.
7:48 am
7:49 am
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7:51 am
sandra: a record-setting night for lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. we turn to jared mack with highlights, we will try to pay attention but there is something going on over here. >> i will trade you 25 for 75, anybody got it? the cleveland cavaliers, nba record books rewritten last night for the chapter on, game 2 wasn't even close, cavaliers took a numtwo-0 series lead winning the game 123-98, the game was all about 3-pointers, jr smith led the charge hitting 7 from long
7:52 am
range, cavaliers shattered two nba playoff records and rewrote the books one week after the golden state warriors had done the same, the warriors who doesn't 3s in one half, last night the warriors nailed 18 in the first half and 7 more after halftime to break the warrior record of 21, the new mark 25, 3-pointers, lebron james scored 27 points including four, 3-pointers and something else happened last night in this basketball game. what do you do when your team is trailing by 38 points in the third quarter and you are on the bench? if you are ted of the atlanta hawks you play it all, the 7 dwarfs. dagen: why sleeping? maybe he is meditating. >> you are just being an instigator. dagen: that is my job. >> george costanza had the know it all, build a special desk and sleep underneath.
7:53 am
dagen: i do that upstairs. sandra: you have lost my attention. awesome to have you. the globetrotters are clearly here, president smith, along with firefly is his name, you guys are celebrating 90 years with the harlem globetrotters. >> 2016 is our 90th anniversary, founded in 1926 an amazing year. dagen: a resident basketball player on site, very humble. a little experience. >> my dad was a basketball -- >> fireflies coming to challenge you a little bit here. >> can use been on top of my head? >> you are in this too clean. sandra: the most amazing thing to see these talented guys.
7:54 am
i and most people on the said -- dagen: i know meadowlark lemon died recently and he was an icon for me and my whole family when i was growing up because globetrotters had an animated tv show that aired in the 70s. i thought they were the coolest guys ever. sandra: social media was a huge presence, running the globetrotters. >> we invested heavily in social media because the globetrotters are perfect, the brand comes to life in meaningful ways, we are about to celebrate our 1 millionth facebook fan. if you are a fan of the globetrotters go online. >> will this be the general season? >> haven't won since the 70s. sandra:what is your demographic like? you think it is something fun to bring your family to but everybody loves the
7:55 am
globetrotters. >> go down the street, walking down the street this morning everybody -- >> what is your background, how did you get into it? >> everybody is different. i was in the ncaa tournament in 2008 beating vanderbilt and the globetrotters did that. >> my favorite moment, perfect three point game. >> call it quits right there. >> what is it like to be on globetrotter? >> it is awesome. we have won 1960, throwback uniforms, we are on the verge of hitting 1 million facebook followers and 60 box office records so it is pretty amazing to be part of an organization that has been around so long, we are happy to have howard along. sandra: congratulations, this
7:56 am
big tour will tip off in germany tonight. >> we are playing in germany, italy, spain and europe. this is a game ball from the harlem globetrotters, you can only get these in games, on our website. >> i am so honored, thank you. i came in to tell you behind you, a mariotti band. a fun morning. all right, harlem globetrotters, thank you, congratulations on 90 years and spin that beautiful ball. all right. back to business before we head to break, we are celebrating cinco they mayo all morning long and still to come, when small business brings authentic mexican food right here to the studio a little taste test coming up and why the owners say they are voting for donald trump, special thanks for providing this morning's food and entertainment.
7:57 am
take it away. ♪ ..
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8:00 am
sandra: good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. maria has a morning off. top stories at 8:00 on the east coast. hillary clinton's private e-mail server hacked. notorious hacker guccifer claims it was easy. john kasich: it quits. the ohio governor reflected on his future. donald trump focusing on the general election and what his administration might look like. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, and deeper faith that the lord will show me the way for and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> he is somebody i've gotten a lot with during the debate. a lot of candidate should be very -- we've gotten along very well. >> the latest on the campaign trail just ahead.
8:01 am
this summer may get a little easier. we will tell you about the tsa controversial plan to shorten wait times at the airport. a new recall over listeria. find out which products arafat did buy the contamination. earnings season rolls on. alibaba out with result that the chinese retailer posting strong sales and the next big patients. of about $4. we will break down the numbers this hour. what cannot the broader market this morning, futures pointed to gain from the open. s&p futures at seven. with me this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell here, matt murray and radio talkshow host richard fowler. did that pabulum that. >> matt very reminded me that the globetrotters and the animated version solve mysteries in addition to playing basketball, which i completely left out.
8:02 am
sandra: they truly are heroes. a lot of fun this morning. a lot to get to this morning. the infamous romanian hacker known as guccifer easily hacked hillary clinton's e-mail server in early 2013. blake irvin in washington d.c. with batman what this means there could mean for the 2016 race. good morning, blake. >> good morning to you as well. but if the claim affirmative hacker who says the excess hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. marcel lazar who goes by the name guccifer told fox news from a virginia jail that he breached the secretary of state server twice and he said others were snooping around as well. >> you could see other people looking at her server.
8:03 am
>> yes, i did. but you can clarify the numbers. >> the clinton campaign dismissed the allegatioallegatio n and i'm quoting here, there is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell. nonetheless, a story gaining attention as it was among the top trends on twitter. this could become more for donald trump who became the republican presumptive nominee yesterday after john kasich announced his withdrawal from the race. the focus now most of who trump like as his running mate and he said kasich is someone he would consider. sandra appeared sandra: thank you, blake irvin. joining us now is former presidential candidate and author and return to sender, unanswered letters to the
8:04 am
president 2001, 2015 strategist and hillary clinton supporter tom bair. so much going on this morning. i would ask you first, we are now seeing crews dropped out of the race, bernie sanders. would he soon follow suit? >> is going to go to the convention because that is when he will have a stronger hand. if he drops out now he won't did he will go all the way to california. he will get more delegates and he will make his demands. they will give him a primetime slot but i don't think the corporate democrats supporting hillary are going to give many in this platform including a full medicare for all or new york stock exchange transaction tax or anything like that. sandra: where do you see all this going? >> i disagree with what senator sanders is doing all because while the campaign has not asked
8:05 am
him to drop out, there's a big difference between running on principle and continuing to motivate democrats and being obstinate sane rule or ruin i'm going to go to the convention and i'm going to be obstinate. i don't think that is constructive because first of all it costs money. it delays unity. with respect to mr. nader's comments on the platform, i respectfully disagree and he is a genuine american hero. i think that the campaign and the democrats will agree to give mr. sanders some of the positions he wants. i think you've really got to be careful here not to make this it really doesn't work. dagen: of hillary clinton with a better candidate they would be a fight and bernie sanders wouldn't be bringing a $20 million a month.
8:06 am
>> she is a good candidate. she has gotten more votes than he has. as each barrier seems to be fair, he's now got another one he will try to overcome, which is the superdelegates and he is going to go to the end. dagen: they turned on her in a way. is that what they are counting on? if his momentum continues? >> who turned on her? dagen: the superdelegates but for barack obama when his popularity picked up your >> the fact that the matter that is a situation which he had more votes than she did. she's got millions of those more. >> there's a lot of discussion over donald trump. he's been very complimentary as they exited the race. i want to get to you because not a lot of chat yet about who hillary clinton may pave. >> i think we've heard some of the names, the former governor of virginia now in the senate.
8:07 am
they've heard elizabeth warren, al franken who is the farmer comedian and fred minnesota appeared i think hillary clinton will pick somebody who would not be historic. taking a latino might not be the right move because she's the historic candidate you never want. you never want to much energy at the bottom of your ticket, especially when she's not the most exciting person in the world. even she admits that. sandra: i want to get you back in here to comment on that. you is that hillary clinton is wall street's first choice, too unpredictable for the big things. your take on hillary clinton and who should make it to run on her ticket. >> i've no idea. and now he has to be very careful not to alienate a bernie sanders follower. that could be very disastrous for campaign. she's going to have to do within, let him do what he's doing. he may well begin to support
8:08 am
congressional candidates around the country as his role. i don't think he's going to be supporting daily for hillary clinton because i don't think he can lend his credibility to hillary's and credibility, but it can help progressive candidates for the senate especially to recover the senate for the democrats. but he's going to go into a civic mobilization. that is he will take a progressive agenda that doesn't necessarily be excessively partisan and say against trump. it'll be very damaging for the republican party win or lose because it's uncontrollable. >> i don't agree that she's an incredible candidate and i think she's a very credible candidate. i do believe that both sanders and clinton had the same object is. i don't think there's a lot of difference. i think this sanders problem is
8:09 am
he is pie-in-the-sky. he's saying he's going to do all these things without thinking about the congress of the united states and hillary's position is much more practical. he has to let the democrats. >> i hear you on that. don't get me wrong. hillary will be the nominee did i most likely will vote for her. with that being said, what bernie sanders speaks to is business idea from millennial to feel for years and years the system has failed them. they be boomers have failed them. they are looking for real lasting change. they voted for donald trump and not the democratic side they voted for bernie sanders. they are looking for revolutionary changes. let's change the system. >> i think sanders has to be a last. he opposes as an outsider.
8:10 am
35 years at the public trough in the congress of the united states is about as inside as you can get. >> the question for hillary right now at this point in time donald trump is already the presumptive nominee ahead of democrats. is that smart strategy to unmask bernie sanders? more broadly, given hillary's strengths, how hard of a job to get them excited? >> at the big job. the fact of the matter she has to deal bush is facing. she's not asking him to drop out for principled approach for people who support him without saying he's going to outbid the convention. we really can't have that. sandra: i want to get your take. we've asked everybody entire to throw in their joe mansion,
8:11 am
claire mccaskill, could even be bernie sanders or elizabeth warren? >> i don't know the short list. i think that's a matter for hillary. our shortlist for hillary is a lot longer than trumps. i don't think that's a great job running for vice president of donald trump. we have a great many candidates in the democratic party. many people you mentioned would be very good. the castro brothers -- fidel castro and his brother, but the actual active american castro brothers. during many people who will be good and she's going to make a principled choice of a person who can be president of the united states. we have seen what happened when you get sarah palin, which thank senator mccain. sandra: will wrap up -- dagen: you can debate that. to go back into the financial crisis and there's nancy pelosi
8:12 am
standing next to hank paulson. that probably sink his candidacy. >> there was another hole in the hole. sandra: mr. nader come we've got to leave it there. the exciting changes in this race. >> bernie sanders is to try to recover the senate and get more votes in the house. leading a civic mobilization, big rallies all over the country on the progressive agenda. that is what we are trying to do at constitution hall in may may 23456. people should go to breaking beneath all politics is the quality of the civil society. the citizens are not at it, they get that pollack takes. if their active go get better politics. that is the bernie sanders value is with millions of young people. sandra: thank you for all of you for joining us. great insight from all of you. millions of americans now are briskly or being told of listeria contamination.
8:13 am
a recall of frozen vegetables that now includes 42 different brands. we'll have what you need to know on that experience florida governor rick scott trying to bring more business into the sunshine state. his plan to steal california small businesses and bring them back to florida. that is straightahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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8:16 am
trained to the tsa is asking congress for more money to ask for overtime to help shorten airport lines that annoy so many of his good jo ling kent is here. >> good morning, sandra. the summer travel season kicking into high gear. the tsa needs more money as long winds threatened to overwhelm airport. the senate subcommittee probing shipping one tsa bank account to another and now the another and not a house and it will carefully consider this request. it would allow the agency to hire and train 768 new officers and pay overtime for 42,000 employees. thousands of customers have reported missing flights because of long security lines. president obama wasn't like michigan yesterday attempting to reassure worried residents. the president calling both flat water crisis and man-made disaster that was a complete screwup. >> part of what contributed to
8:17 am
this was a broader mindset, a bigger attitude, a corrosive attitude that exists in our politics and eggs this into many levels of government. >> the president said he wanted to show it's safe for consumption but he will probably take two years to fix the city's old pipes. children will be fine but urged families to test for lead. crs is expanding a voluntary recall of it frozen fruits and vegetables because of a possible listeria contamination. 42 different brands like signature kitchen, panda express and farmer's bounty at costco, safely and trader joe's affect products have passed my salad days between april 26, 2016 april 26, 2018. check your fridge and freezer. in sports, johnny mandel the 10
8:18 am
posted on two to 20 throughout quarterback presented himself to police after he was indicted by a grand jury last month after his ex-girlfriend said he had turned threatened to kill her during a night out in january. his newly released mug shot sailed just wide of the shirt this time. he quickly deleted that post. check out this new video. french jet franky supplied a setting a new guinness world record for the longest hoverboards flight. flying nearly 74 feet last month in southern france. the hoverboards is a jet engine from a joystick for control and you can control the direction, hide. pretty cool. sandra: very, very cool. >> would you do it? sandra: no. >> time you. i would do it. dagen: i'm a redneck and i would
8:19 am
be on that in a heartbeat. sandra: allow parties to get to this morning. florida governor rick scott looking to steal jobs away from california. the golden state not going down without a fight. california governor jerry brown's response straight ahead. plus online shopping is all the rage. alibaba sales surging as more people turn to the internet for their shopping needs. a complete breakdown of the latest quarterly numbers looking pretty good coming up. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need
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sandra: panelists are rocking out on the site this morning. florida governor rick scott taken on the state of california telling the mrs. that a new $15 minimum wage will kill their companies. his solution? move to florida. california officials say not so fast. elizabeth mcdonald with everything we need to know. >> good morning. happy cinco de mayo. stop with the silly stunts. what is going on is florida governor rick scott has been controlling high tags regulating states to steal businesses. tax-free florida. he went into california to try to talk to businesses to commence them to move to florida. back i jerry brown really upset and guard as they knock it off with the silly political stunts. he is saying jerry brown said in response to cutte change
8:24 am
tearing down on florida. $69 billion worth of coastal assets under threat by 2030. florida's governor scott said 700,000 jobs will be lost in the next 11 years in california through the california tax and regulatory state. it is a fight between the dueling studies. whose study is right? the overarching problem is that this economic recovery has not been so state-of-the-art. i can't believe we are talking about raising families on minimum wage jobs when we're losing manufacturing jobs come on household income is below what it was in 1997, 96. that is what is happening right now. the ke restaurant gave us although shot to jerry brown. he said essentially like a jerry brown signed off on this. by the way, jerry brown was against the minimum wage hike earlier this year. he said it will cost low skill jobs. he is saying jerry brown signed off of the hike to $15.50
8:25 am
increments at the end of his term. sandra: richard, doesn't florida have all the right in the world to control the states appearing to be business unfriendly? >> i'm from florida, so yes. it's completely multicultural. >> i agree there. it's problematic for the florida governor. maybe he hates himself. we'll figure that out soon. be on that point, what is missing in the state of florida, the reason they can't think of high-tech jobs of the skills i'd dare. the skills are there because they're educating folks, finding their state college and saying cuts, cuts, slash, slash. >> the san francisco fed said 200,000 jobs could be lost nationwide with minimum-wage increases. the cbo did half a million. you lose jobs that have higher wages. that's where the debate is.
8:26 am
even the san francisco side and governor jerry brown said job loss could happen with minimum-wage hikes. >> another problem is he's got states fighting over jobs and an economy that's not growing enough jobs. we will create companies and mistakes. the good question for any governor is what are you doing to create jobs? >> the $15 minimum wage hits localize jobs because that is your retail worker, your fast food worker. the essential value agricultural worker which will lose their job. dagen: not the job that can be exported. sandra: lives make donald, thank you for joining us to the democratic presidential candidate speaking out on how to create jobs in a battered industry. the chief executive of one of the giants weighs in on that just ahead. check out these new zealand police officers have been a little fun, join in on the dance trend.
8:27 am
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>> welcome back, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo as the morning off. it's wednesday, your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern. hillary clinton's private e-mail server hacked. that's what notorious hacker claims, he said it was easy. we'll tell you what he says he found. and john kasich calling it quits. the ohio governor has suspended his campaign as of yesterday. and republican national committee chairman says that now they can focus. >> the focus is off of each other and the focus is on hillary and we're going to expose her for what she is. sandra: all day we're highlighting the business of small business and later this hour, we'll speak to the owner of the mexican restaurant thinks about donald trump. and beating expectations, the stock is up about $5 in the premarket.
8:31 am
all right, we'll break do you know the numbers for you in a bit. checking in on the broader markets right now, you're looking at the dow futures currently up 46 points, we've got initial jobless claims coming in. what was the number, guys? are we-- 274, 274,000 was the number there and that was better than expected. this is coming off the adp report that was a miss. the markets where they've been, not a lot of reaction there, but ahead of the jobs report coming out tomorrow. dow futures, s&p, nasdaq pointing to a higher open an hour from now. a quick look at oil. prices are jumping in early trading up more than 4% at 45.64 a barrel and a massive wildfire in canada is now -- we've been showing you the images all morning. it's now threatening oil output from the region there in canada where we're seeing the fire spread. and we've seen wild swings in
8:32 am
the oil market and now the wildfire is causing a spike that we're seeing in early trading. >> yeah, there's a lot of uncertainty in the market now. ironically oil is going back up and may get up to 50 and now the pain is coming home for a lot of companies and producers we saw it in the first quarter, took a while for that pain to play out, even if oil price comes back and this-- >> according to the federal reserve bank, 20,000 jobs cut in the first quarter alone. >> for a while, as the companies held on. they held on, held on, thought they could last it out and now it's coming home. just as the oil price is starting to go up. >> the sense you get for oil. a couple of years ago they were really, really high, was that boom or what do you think. a lot of people are saying, couple weeks ago, 100 barrel
8:33 am
and now 45 and change. >> the supply increased rapidly as the u.s. rapidly increased the output and now we're feeding the global energy markets and saudis renewed to cut and rode the price down despite pressure, there's too much supply. >> due to fracking and oil shales. dagen: u.s., baby, usa, usa. >> or canada, north america, everybody. [laughter] >> from oil to coal, we want to get to this. democrat democratic candidates continuing to pressure, and hillary clinton placing the blame elsewhere. >> i've been very clear we've got to make it to renewable energy and made it clear that we can't do it to leave behind the people who dug out coal to power our factories, but the market is making this decision.
8:34 am
the market has driven down the cost of coal. so you have companies going bankrupt. sandra: wow, and vermont senator bernie sanders pushing for climate legislation, but promises he will take care of the laid off workers. >> i understand that when you do that, he when you make that transformation of our energy system, there will be workers who will be hurt. that is why in the climate change legislation that i've introduced, we have 41 billion dollars to protect the coal miners and the other workers to make sure that they get the job training and the jobs and the education and the extended unemployment that they need. sandra: all right. joining us now is bob murray, the murray energy founder, ceo and president. good to have you this morning, sir. >> good morning, sandra. sandra: what do you make of the political environment around coal right now?
8:35 am
>> it's disastrous and it's disastrous for every american. hillary clinton has vowed to continue the destructive policies relative to energy of the obama administration. sandra: bob, now i want to interrupt you and make sure her words, what she has said during that town hall that everybody has talked about are made clear. she said she was going to quote, put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. since she made those comments she said those were out of context and she didn't exactly mean it that way. >> hillary clinton is untruthful there. she said it and this past weekend bill clinton said she will do what she says she wants to do. she has destroyed so many lives. obama's policies will continue. it will drive electric rates in this country up by $300 billion.
8:36 am
she wants to substitute 4 cent a kilowatt hour, coal fired generation for 26 cent a kilowatt hour wind and solar, which is unreliable, depending on whether the wind blows and the sun shines and it will destroy low cost electric in america, for every mother listening to support a family for people on fixed incomes and for people who manufacture a product for the global marketplace. she has no knowledge of the electric power industry and what she is doing will be a continuance of the disaster of the obama administration relative to energy with no environmental benefit whatsoever. sandra: all right. she has certainly been on the campaign trail. she has been targeted and challenged by some of those laid off coal workers and matt murray from the wall street journal is sitting next to me, a question. >> great name for the company, by the way.
8:37 am
what specific one or two policies would you like to see changed that would make the biggest difference for your industry, whoever the next president is. >> number one, we must stop the regulatory rampage of the obama administration. >> what does it mean, specific regulations, policies, you'd like repealed or changed? >> there are policies relative to the utilization of coal and relative to the mining of coal. the strain production rule will destroy the coal industry. the dutch standards they've come out with are unachievable with no environmental benefit at all. on utilization of coal i have six lawsuits against the epa won a stay of the supreme court of one of them that would destroy the utilization coal and increase the price of electricity. there are new regulations, the use of natural gas has affected the use of coal somewhat, but it's primarily the obama
8:38 am
administration regulations which hillary said she will continue. sandra: all right. bob, over the past few months, fox business got the story that coal miners themselves. take a listen to their take on what's happening in this industry. listen. >> i've got hundreds of friends that have been laid off and hopefully it will come back. if not i don't know what the future is for our kids or community or what it's going to turn into. >> i got laid off this past december, just the times right now. i mean, no -- the coal demand has just been crippled. >> right now, a little nerve wracking. you finish out your work week and you don't know on friday if you're coming back next week or not. >> it's not looking real good with the administration's policies, you know, keep hammering down on us. it's not good for this area. sandra: it's tough to hear how difficult it is for some of our fellow americans, bob. as ceo, what is your message to these workers that have been affected by the decline of the coal industry?
8:39 am
>> sandra, this entire matter is a human issue to me. i know the names of the coal miners and their families whose lives are being destroyed and i can say, sandra, they don't want hillary clinton's welfare or sanders' welfare, they want jobs and they have destroyed the lives of these people who i know by name. these are very evil people, but all americans should wake up to this because they're destroying 4 cent a kilowatt an hour electricity and substituting wind and solar at 26 cents and it's going to affect every family in this country, including you ladies out there that are trying to make ends meet this morning. hillary clinton will continue obama's policies, she is evil. she is destructive and she is-- >> bob, i want to bring in richard fowler on site with us as well. >> mr. murray, i appreciate your passion. the question, do you really blame this on regulation or
8:40 am
blame it on the fact that the industry over time has had to compete against complimentary goods or clean coal-- not clean coal, natural gas, decrease in the price of oil, things that made it harder for coal. >> i answered that question by saying it's partly the increased use of natural gas and also the regulations, it is both. it is both. it's mostly the regulations. hillary clinton has advocated carbon capture and sequestration. that's a pseudonym for no coal. it's not economically feasible. so it's both the increased use of natural gas and regulation, but it's not the markets as hillary clinton would like to pass off. sandra: and bob, we're going to have to leave it there. i'm sorry, i never got to donald trump, but a few seconds, is he going to be good for the coal industry?
8:41 am
>> i really hope so. he has indicated he will be. he must be if this country's going to remain strong and if we're going to have stable supplies of electricity in this country. sandra: all right. good to have you, bob murray, thank you. all right, still to come the owner of an authentic mexican food restaurant is weighing in on doing business in manhattan and why donald trump has been his choice for president of the united states. and video game maker zen ziga, how the maker turns it around. when it comes to small business, she's in the know.
8:42 am
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ooh! [ that's a good thing, got smeligible for medicare? but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that
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accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >> shares of alibaba jumping in the premarket after reporting better than expected results in the fourth quarter. earlier this morning you're
8:45 am
looking at it just under 80 a share. nearly five bucks in trading. reporting revenues of 3.5 billion with adjusted earnings per share of 47 cents in the first three months ending in march. that boosted by increased on-line spending. ji joining me now, jim wilkinson and jo ling kent. congratulations on the quarter, sir. looking pretty good. your stock is up significantly ahead of the opening bell just a few minutes away from now. >> thanks so much. we are very proud of the quarter. there are three things which we're seeing, the first is the power of the chinese consumer. the savings rate and liquidity of the chinese customer continues to be a very powerful drive in that economy. i think the second is obviously our eco system is very strong, our business is diverse from our cloud business to our revenue which is up 40%. i think the third is just the power of the internet.
8:46 am
there are 688 million, 688 million internet users in china. 620 million of the 688 use a mobile device and 75% of that base is under 40. so the power of mobile in the internet is really driving that economy and we're the leader there without a doubt. we feel good. >> you have this growth according to your rural release in the landscape in china. what are you doing there? it sounds like you've been able to attract a whole new customer. >> the first thing is with the power of mobile in those rural areas in china, which i visited and it's quite spectacular what is there, they're investing in goods and products and services. our logistics is unrivaled, we can get where no one else can because of our strong logistic network. consumers are demanding the best and we can get it to them.
8:47 am
it's simple, if you're a brand selling inside china, you have to actually get the products to these peoples and we're unable to do that-- excuse me, we're able to do that unlike anyone else. there are little villages across china where the farmers and local citizens can now get the best products and services and apparel and food for our families. jo: jim, i've been to some of those villages, but the increased competition from and the economy is sagging in china despite you were able to perform this quarter. analysts are not necessarily bullish on alibaba's growth potential. >> you look at this morning's report, people are bullish on us. you're actually able to see the competition. frankly, if you look at just lodge gist --
8:48 am
logistics, you're not able to. we're stronger, we are a strong influence and a strong port of safety, frankly, in this chinese economy which is being powered by mobile, powered by internet and powered by these consumers who have liquidity. in large parts of the world where the economy is slowing down, a lot of people have a lot of debt. in china, the citizens are different because they have a lot of cash and-- >> as far as the stocks go, jim. >> that's very, very strong. at the end of the day the big question you need to ask, our business model continues to be successful, you know, our competition, frankly can't-- >> excuse me if i could get the last question in here. >> simply because of failures and logistics and a business model. sandra: okay, i think we have lost ifb with you, sir. jim wilkinson and jo ling kent. thank you for joining us from alibaba. i think there's a little bit of
8:49 am
a communication problem there. we thank jim for joining us though. to your point, joe, if i'm trying to get to him on, what analysts are writing on this morning is the stagnant stock. although the company has continually beat earnings estimates since the ipo, the stock has really not budged. i'm looking at a one year chart. the stock is down 7% and there's some frustration that the company is doing so well and it is, according to what jim is reporting and earnings reporting, why isn't the stock moving. jo: you see a concern right now how alibaba is able to do business and the rate of growth is so high. how can they continue to meet the expectations. and part of it's an expectations game. and i would wager that even though alibaba is the behemoth. on the internet they're not just going to buy from the amazon of china general more, they're going to a lot of places. sandra: our thanks to jim alibaba.
8:50 am
and look at elon musk, he's sleeping in a sleeping bag next to tesla production line. that's dedication. from music to presidential candidates, we have a guest that brings authentic mexican fo food. you don't want to miss it. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at appointments available now.
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>> welcome back. we're about 37 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. take a look at stocks we're watching this morning. zynga looking to be a big winner. the game developer reporting better than expected first quarter earnings. increased ad revenue and cost cutting help to boost results. tesla shares, the auto maker ramping up production and looking to make 500,000 vehicles a year, and that has
8:54 am
elon musk on close watch. so much so he sleeps in a sleeping bag at the factory. that's dedication. coming up, it's cinco de mayo celebration from food to music, we're got it all happening next. ♪ wild-caught alaskan salmon. from icy ocean your kitchen counter. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at
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>> how much fun is that? we're celebrating cinco de mayo on mornings with maria. and who doesn't like avacado. americans, it's a fact, eat more than 87 million pounds of avacados on cinco de mayo every year. it's not just avacados. thanks to one family-owned small business here in new york city, we are enjoying an entire mexican feast right here onset complete with music, as you heard. dancers and by the way, these are virgin margaritas, it's not even 9:00 in the morning yet. joining me the face of the business, sam, you are the son-- this is the son and father. >> right. sandra: the family run business, it's amazing to have you here.
8:58 am
we're having a party. what is your business going to do? with avacados, how much do you sell for us? >> the bidsiest -- busiest day of the year, it's packed from noon to 4:00 in the morning. it's an intense-- >> you have not been shy about your political support and views, you support donald trump, why? >> since we have three locations it's important for us to manage our finances as well as possible and a lot of his stances since us since we're running small businesses. a $15 minimum wage, it sounds pretty in concept, it's one of those things that will hurt a lot of the small businesses because we can't afford to staff and we do it at throw locations, and $15 an hour, he opposes.
8:59 am
sandra: the recent word is he is considering us. >> not 15, but escalating to a certain, 15 is less than what's papped at the moment. sandra: what are we serving? >> the mole enchilada. it has 40 different ingredients, 15 different types of chili, it's an arduous process to make it and it's a delicious outstanding dish. sandra: it looks spectacular. you're going to be packed wall to wall in the restaurant? >> yes, we have brought in extra seats and outdoor seating and it's going to be a spectacle. sandra: i secretly want today make some guacamole. i've seen it in the rescue. i want to thank you for joining us, good luck with your big day in the restaurant today and their restaurants, selena rosa
9:00 am
mexicana, and thank you for everyone. [applause]. ♪ >> thanks, guys, good luck. all right, stuart varney, i'm going to keep making guacamole. happy cinco de mayo.stuart: tha i'm not sure how to segue out of it. i like the music and dancing and also like the guacamole. all right. is this the straw that breaks the camel's back. hillary was hacked. the hacker says he and others did get inside her server. what was she thinking? good morning, everyone, it's a question of judgment, surely. she knew her computer could be hacked, but set up a private system anyway. a romanian got inside and others did, too.


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